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Wich is the origin of the word LAME?
Does toothpaste actually clear up bumps or acne if you put it on your face?
In the 1800's people died from "billions Fever". What is billions fever??
how to treat anthrax?
Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine 16th Editionin CD?
Is Down Syndrome hereditatry?
Why do some people feel grumpy in the mornings???
has anybody experienced a real life case who was administered banked "cord-blood"?
To know about a treatment for knee arthritis, replacing cartilage with some gel injections practiced in Spain?
help my ears ring all the time?
dear sir ,please send to me web sites dealing with upper gastro-intestinal endoscopic comlications?
how i can know about the vaccancies of Ayurvedic therapists?
All Healthcare Professionals - Advil vs. Liver - Quick Question?
where can i find a store where i can buy subliminal tapes?
what is collapsed corpus luteum?
can this be an std? i need help?
HIV in Africa!? HELP!?
eye exam prices in south jersey?
how cam my eyesight get better?
I've been puking too much?
How to get rid of a 3 month stye? (Read Description)?
Acne Queston!!?
Blackheads EEK D:?
feeling nauseous after eating?
Does AFLAC Cover Claims for HIV patient under Sickness Plan?
Help on clearing all acne?
I now have scars from acne. This is serious. Is there anything that will help?
How do i get rid of htese acne type bumps on my chest?
Can you explain to me what a VRE infection is?
do squirrels have to be bitten by a rabid animal to have rabies?
I'm sick and I don't understand what I have.. help?
Does anyone know what these are?
Some strange rash?
the tip of my nail is dead and the skin at the tip under the nail is dead and hard and it hurts whats wrong?
What is the proper way to remove a tick?
I get a rash in summer on my ankles, feet, hands, & arms. They often look like rings and itch. For 30 yrs.?
How do i get rid of this...? help!?
What causes acne on your back?
I can't find Katie Geraci?
i have odd feelings in the dark like someone os watching me and when i look at the mirror i see somone else?
What are the 20 different parts of the brain and their functions?
Isin't there any shortcut to having food?
why does my intestines get swollen after my runs?
how to nutrilizer fructose corn syrup in your boddy?
Can allergies to pollen cause a dry stuffy nose?
My head cold is gone, but my ears will not drain. they are plugged. Any OTC drugs/home remedies to open them?
what are the 3 classes of respiratory poisons?
Rheumatoid Arthritis?
what is pedicare liq cgh/cold?
Um Im just wondering?
Why do my ankles,elbows,kness,and shoulders crack all the time?
My skin is turning yellow and my eyes are a light shade of it also, my family is noticing?
is there a connection between winter and itchy skin?
Other than Salicylic acid, what are some ways to remove a plantar wart?
helppp whats on my bum?
whats the best thing 4 acne?
What's wrong with my skin?
what are the little brown wart looking things people have on their necks?
has anyone ever heard of giving catnip to a baby for "baby acne"?
how to get rid of dry skin?
what is the name of michael jackson's skin disease?
am i healthy?- im 5'3" and 105lbs.?
Going to one of the best dermatologists in the world..... keep reading :)?
my baby girl has severe eczema all over but especially on her head shes constantly itching.help?
I need help with acne?
Back Acne. PLEASE HELP?!?
Redness on nose. Hurts when I push on it.?
Sunbeds---how long is too long?
How to get rid of dry skin in winter?
Ive been gettig cysts under my arm. What would cause them?
what is NC in blood group?
Why do my elbows hurt and what can I do about the pain.?
There is a new cold making its rounds in the Mid Atlantic.?
In India what does a "health supervisor" do?
Does coffee or caffeine make one agitated??
I am looking for an equal medication to nexium but low cost.?
what is the best over the counter chest decongestant? (that doesn't make you sleepy at work).?
Why do we have to sleep so much of our lives away when there's so much to be done?
any new technologies being used to better healthcare?
Are Brown Recluse Spiders common in Detroit, Michigan?
How do i get rid of fleas fast easy and safe?
allergies-will a steamer help out with the dry throat?
do you think that doctors are intimidated by the "dea" for prescribing certain drugs?
does our strong religion affect our health?
What is Microsia?
i am trying to find out about muscle and tissue diseases any one know any sites thanks?
How do people with Parkinson's disease finally die?
Does a MRI done while lying on your back show everything??
How much risk of parasitic infestation (worms) is there in eating a small plate of raw sushi twice a week?
what are the treatments for anopthalmus?
why? after 3days lasik enhancement i still find it difficult to read text it looks like ghosting text?
Can u help my friend with multiple sculrosis to get medical aid in a developed country who is presently in pak
anybody know about bio lab or quick slim fat blocker, has apple pectin in it.?
what stimulates peristalsic waves?
what can cause somebody to be stretching all the time, if i want to stand up i need to stretcu my body, if i?
Concerned about bone growth on old healed fracture?
I Have a "Blister" on my finger and it won't go away!?
I want to make a Bio Energy detox system for home. Any ideas?
Does anyone know what chlor tabs are? they were prescribed for a friend?
Horrible Headaches with blurred vision, nausea, and numbness on hands and face??
Is Meth ruining our country? Is the Gov't doing enough to stop it?
Why do some people bruise more easily than others?
Whats the best way to "cure" hickups?
what do you do if you have yellow, crooked teeth? not saying that i have some!!?
I have red bumps on the back of my arms that wont go away. How do i get rid of them?
why i cant find clear care contact solution in stores? and what should i use now that i cant find that?
should you where deodorant to sleep?
where can i get the one-touch ultra strips for a glucometer?
who much money does a neurologist make a year?
why do people sneeze sometimes when they look into the sun?
how do you get rid of blackheads right above the upper lip?
what is the procedure for caring for a post op hip replacement patient?
best site for identifing pills?
what yoga exercise may help to control blood pressure?
i have a varying bp some times it is 140/90 max some times it is 120/80 ,do iam a bp patient?
does anyone knows of any herbal remedy that was proven already?
Need advice about getting off of meds...?
I just learned about Noni juice & want to try it for myself. What brand is the best & cheapest to order from.?
Docip-100 please acquire?
please help me, UTI and BV, and possibly Yeast too?
can i drink while being treated for chlamydia?
I was diagnosed with Prostatitis how serious is this?
If someone has HIV or AIDS in your school, are your parents informed about it?
Will Lasik surgery help someone that has lens implants?
What's the last thing you scratched?
very dry hands?
What is the best ance cleanser for skin?
If you have really bad Acne, (zits), (Blackheads) ect... How do you clear it up? should I go to the doctor?
Hi im a suntened boy and in summer sometimes i will have some white patches on my face. how could i prevent it
what can i do to minemize dark circles? Please do say ice they're hereditary dark circles?
Why are my toenails turning yellow?
16 year old boy How can i elminate or reduce eyebags?
Small red bumps on my daughters arm?
I have noticed when my neck is exposed to the sun and I get hot, I get an itchy rash on my neck. What is it?
Annyyy ideas how to reduce stretch marks?
does anyone know y i keep getting white heads on my face?
My hands are dry and cracked- do you know what I can do to help with this?
Attention Acne Survivors?
Hives ~ What medication is best?
Question about Rosacea?
Why am I getting stretch marks?
dry skin problems!?!?!?
is my fever almost gone?
What are these symptoms of?
anemia or something worse?
Possible dog to human tapeworm?
Blood test results? What do this mean?
does a urinary catheter make your meatus urethra bigger?
does having the new flu jab make you ill?
i feel sudden and shocking pull of my nerves on my shoulders and my back about once or twice every two weeks?
definition of mild central canal stenosis?
Does a 12 year have to get intramuscular shots?
Is there any websites w/ pictures of people getting intramuscular shots. Or movies??
what is the difference between cateract and glucoma?
describe the format of the ICD-9-CM coding book?
Has anyone ever had bleeding from the eye?
Tongue Piercing?
Can humans get heart worms?
what are the risks you run when your tryglicirydes are high to 4g/l?
Does being moody affect your immune system??
what is proxisimal cortilas?
How long does it take for the results to comeback on blood test that is being tested for Lupus?
Graves Disease complications?
What are my chances of getting the chken pox?
How can you tell whether you have ADD or not? Is it a disease?
can you eat fish (seafood) if you have a stomach ulcer?
is magnetic paint toxic or hard on the lungs in any way?
My body is feeling achy am I get the flu or regular cold. I am not sick but I am feeling funny.?
i had my spleen removed does this cause blood clogs in the lungs or heart?
Would Hyperbaric theropy help someone with Cylindrical Bronchiectsis?
can your lungs fill will fluid from eating something hot or from laughing?
Are there any tricks for acne.?
what happens if you keep touching a cold sore?
How can i get rid of my acne?
Are there any home items that can cure little cuts fast?
What should I do? I got a sunburn on my face and now its "cracking"?
Do Steam Rooms help your skin?
rash on left arm very hot ,red and itches like crazy its in the inner of my arm and spread side to side?
how can i have clear skin?
whats the best remedy against bruise marks on the face?
What is the best skin care line you can find in the store for ethnic skin?
How do you get warts?
what will cure dry skin on face and elbows?
whats the fastest home remedy to get rid of acne?
Cyst above eye, below eye brows?
How do you get rid of a double chin?
Why am I developing a rash at the tanning bed?
What would you recommend for diabetes management software?
Anyone with diabetes been told they have fatty liver disease?
What are the dietary restrictions for type 2 diabetes?
where can i get help paying for my diabetic stuff i need?
Where can I get a carrying case for the new Exubera inhaler? The comp said it will take 6 weeks to send me 1.?
Any diabetic gain weight on the South Beach diet?
Questions Regaring My Stress Fracture On The Metatarsal Bone?
where can I buy pycnogenol?
what is a bubble fracture?
why is blood sugar low?
how do hypertension correlate to diabetes mellitus?
I took a bad fall ---landed on leg just below my knee, it isn't swollen but hurts like heck?
I bite the inside of my cheek. I have excess skin there. Is there a procedure to remove some of that excess?
Is it ok to play basketball (not competitive) while having a brace on a jammed pinky finger?
my daughter had her vertebrae checked at school and it was a 6 what does this mean ?
Lower back/hip pain?
i have had numbness in my left pinky and 4th finger and down my left palm?
I need help diagnosing a shoulder injury. Can you provide some insight to the following?
MY LIP!!i was snowing sunday & me & my friends were playin with the leftover ice..& one of them hit me on my.,
Head and slight mouth pain?
If an eye suddenly turns in after having perfect alignment, what happens, I feel like mines have because at ni
Did I sprain my wrist?
my stomach looks blotted alway but some thing aint right which is the best medication for worms in the stomach
How do I keep my leather sandals from smelling?
wondering about breast implants?
I have stretch marks all over my body especially my belly and it looks worse than being pregnant what do i do?
recommend me the best doctors in Los angeles Area Please ^^ especially for the child skin?
I have to go to the bathroom .What should I do?
what happens when you 'pop' a joint in your body?
my feet are purple, why is this and how can i fix it??
what is the average weight for a 15 yearold?
Where can I find Bowflex workout routines on the web (free)?
what does it mean when you chew ice?
What are monthly or annual fees at Equinox, that upper-class gym?
Are there any online counseling websites that are free?
how to stop loosing hair, i am 19 years male, i rarely use oil , i ll change my attitude if u r remedy is good
what are the differant stages of age?
where can you give intradermal injections?
What is the medication Isicor for?
what is thalasso?
What to do for a stye on an 9 month old?
Does anyone know a good website that shows a diagram of the muscles of the back?
my friend has a horse allergy his eyes water about 1 hour after he rides out are there any new drugs?
Which types of laundry soap and hand soap DO NOT contain sulfa?
Phantom Flip-Flop Sandal Feeling! IS it Normal??
How can I stop oversleeping?
can I see a do not take FDA prescription list?
Do chiropracters really fix up back problems?
How long can you hold for bathroom (both big and small .. poo and pee)?
what medecine works best for colds?
what are signs of multiple pregnancy, if my hcg was 4.8 on wed. then on fri.122?
my mother has MARSA anyone know about that stuff?
whats wrong with me?
What kind of medications...?
Has anyone ever had a cardiac albation done before? How did it go? I'm scheduled to get one on Feb 1st.?
My heart beats slow wen i exercise and fast wen i dont cood this be a sign heart deasese?
Heart flutters when it's cold. Anyone else?
autonomic loss of sensation?
what is a stressor?
Is it normal to feel your heart beating in your chest when your relaxing or laying down... it seems like i can
Posteral hypotension?
what property of heart muscle must be altered in order for an EKG to detect a problem?
Is there a repairing surgery for the partial atrophy of the optical nerve?
Will Similasan eye drops actually get rid of conjunctivitis caused by an allergin? (dust, pollen etc.).?
Having problems with vision and red eyes.?
I wear specs.Should I change them every year?
I recently got new glasses that I can't wear, I got my script at J.C Penny and glasses at Lens Crafter?
I have foggy eyes sometimes...?
Vitamins for Chronic Dry Eyes?
Where can I buy contacts lens in a single quantity?
Will the retinal topography scan hurt the eye?
have i still got glandular fever?
what is the name of michael jackson's skin disease?
Prognosis and Infectious Agent of Bacterial Pneumonia?
What is this disease?
If you are a doctor please answer this?
What are the side effects of drinking alcohol while on antibiotics?
If a person reaches SVR with HEP C, if tested will it still show up?
does phenergan prevent throwing up if you have been drinking?
How deadly was scarlet fever in the 1800s?
Help with sunburn?
Acne Question????
Do i have a sore throat or maybe strep throat?
I feel sick ALL THE TIME! HELP?
My dad just ordered Murad Acne Complex... I'm really excited, but am I in good hands?
How many leaves does Poion Ivy have?
Red Cheeks and Dry Skin pleas help!?
Hard to swallow? Is this Tonsillitus?
Does high liver enzymes mean Hepititis B?
What changes happens after prolonged lymphogranuloma venereum?
Herpes...but would like to find a new relationship...stories and advice please?
What else can I do to help my child with asthma?
Does anyone know of a natural remedy for a ganglion cyst?
Herbal contraception?
how much alcohol does a person have to consume to become druck?
Has anyone ever had their aura picture taken?
does accupuncture work for depression/anxiety?
What natural ways are chicken pox cured in both Indonesia and Australia?
What are the medicinal uses of seaweed?
whenever i wake up n the morning, i have no feeling and control over my hands and arms for about 20 to 40 sec.
Lunesta and dependancy?
Why is turmeric in hot milk given as an analgesic in Ayurveda? Why not cold milk?
where do tsaang gubat (a philippine herbal medicine) came from?
anyone had chelation therapy for their heart condition, please share your thoughts and experiences.?
are TIMED RELEASE multivitamins bad for the liver and kidneys?
What are some nutritional supplements for acne?
What can you tell me about h. pylori bacteria-what are the symptoms and how does one get rid of it naturally?
anyone ever use urine luck? and did it work?
My granny's in a nursing home she has alzheimer's. She was admitted today and I'm feeling blue. Help!!
What is Proetin Una?
what is the treatment for gall stones?
What are some ways to ease ulnar neuropathy a.k.a. handlebar's palsy?
any new treatment available for Thalassemia Beta patients besides bloods transfussion and disferal injections?
What is a penile cyst?
CT scan reading?
how can i find a private endocrinologist in&around buckinghamshire?
Does anyone have severe electrical shock pains in their arm?
How will the Bird Flu effect the Audobon society?
What is the cause of terrible itching on the throat, hands and feet, with nausea and headaches?
Need a ocular condition or disease question topic to do a research paper?
can hiv be transmitted through plasma or other blood products? (other than just the blood itself?)?
I think I have a Bakers cyst. My PA said it will show on Xray. Is this always the case?
What was the consumption in Limerick Ireland?
how long does nicotine stay in the body/blood after smoking for 10 to 12 years.?
Left untreated will asthma always turn into COPD?
mechanical ventilation?
what does the word invoke mean as in the invoke a condition?
can you help me find a pulmonolgists, in or around morehead, Kentucky?
What is causing my throat problems?
If you work your forty hrs.aweek can they make you use FMLA for overtime?
What should I do for a torn or injured ligament in the foot?
knocked out.. concussion? i dont know...?
My Whole Body Aches And Have Frequence Headaches?
my body shakes for no reason and i cant control it?
Possible nerve damage to my finger?
My son is in rehabilitation and his friend was taken to the hospital because he had 'cotton fever'.?
Fractured Vertabraes?
Can't bend my knee 1 week after arthroscopy?
I have a bump under my eye!! help! quick!!!?
i have a giant hickey on my chest and a swimming class tomorrow, any ideas on how to get rid of it?
Why are my cheeks red alot of the time??
what's the best lotion to use on dry skin?
Get rid of a tan?
Does ProActiv work?????????????????????
Dry and cracked lips?
I'm 16 and i don't have any stretch marks, does this mean anything?
grrrrr i need to get rid of my acne :@ its realy depressing me! what should i do??
how can i clear up my face acne?
Lemon juice for acne/blackhead?
what do spots on arm mean about my health?
how to clear up skin FAST?
is there a home remedy to get rid of a zit?
"What is the worst thing could happen to your skin?"?
Get rid of blackheads!!!?
Early sunburn cures!!!!?
how much does hair weaving cost?
Is dry skin unattractive???
Can anyone direct me to websites that talks about and shows pictures of what happens to people that do crank?
Roll on, Solid, Gel or Spray?
what basic service components are necessary in order for a health care system to be considered complete.?
Does a Doctor perscription for 160 tabs of Ultram (50 mg ea) sound like too much?
Why do we hiccup?
how do you stop someone from snoring?
besides eating real fast, what causes hiccups?
What is a cure for leg cramps at night?
why do people say that they slept like a baby if babies are always wakeing up and only sleep for a little bit?
how can the pain in my side go away?
muscle cramps what causes them?
types of exercises that are best during having lower back pain?
is there any over the counter muscle relaxes medicine i could get? my body hurts man?
Anyone who's had a peritonsillar abscess.. is it normal for the area to still feel "weird" for awhile?
Every time I yawn or swallow I have crackling in my ears. The past few years its gotten worse. I have no pain?
why do i have this pain in my legs?
Why do kids learn about drugs so young?
my boyfriend got a needle stuck in his foot by his big toenail. It broke off in his foot?
Are California blackouts dangerous?
when taking oral tempature do you subtract or add a degree?
Is there a cure for OCD yet. If not why?
extra virgin olive oil ,relieves constipation?
how do i lower triglyceride levels in my blood?
What is omega 3 fatty acid?And its usefullness . what are its veggi.rich sources?
My wife has short memory due to old infarct .What is remedy/medicines prescription so that she could get o.k.?
Helping someone with adhd and odd?
Can brain danage be stopped?
Is there a cure for bulimia?
With bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is it totally biological or can it be caused by events?
what is risperdal 0.5mg?
find social services for indigent in nueces county texas?
Has anyone experienced social anxiety disorder???
youth and emotional issues?
how many people...........?
What is the medication atarol and side efects?
Where do i find that relaxation story where you imagine walking in a forest & you see a stream & a key & door?
Can ANYONE identify what this is on my poor daughters arms?
whats a very quick way to get rid of acne?
Which is the best facial moisturizer out of these?
I`m looking for table that tells how much the federal goverment pays for individuals health ca?
If my job doesn't have vision insurance, where can I get it?
My mom has red spots on her upper leg and thigh. Looks like small bites. Each about 2 or 3 in apart?
Read years ago: piece of endocrine system (traffic control station) buried behind heart muscle. Anyone know?
Best cold medecine???
what do you think makes a good doctor to you?
Does anyone know of any cold medicines over the counter that work?
I think I might have Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
Does this sound like lyme disease?
Mono relief help please?
I have a staph infection on my shin?
Is it normal to have darker vision in one eye?
have a yellow spot n the inner corner of my left eye when i move my eye 2 the side its like there is extraskin
i have chicken pox can i take a bath?
Which is worse,tonsillitus or strep throat? Do i have one or the other?
i need glasses,does anyone know non-expensive place to buy them?
does mosquitoes carries HIV?
dizziness and nausea, vomitting?
what is cr-39 spectacle lens?
what are some side effects from sulfameth?
seeing some kinda bright spots in DARK places and also when i close my eyes?
I am farsighted; should I wear my glasses while using the computer?
What is the difference between soft and hard contacts?
What's guardline to post the ad on newpaper for Ophthalmic clinic ?
Is it OK to wear non-prescription coloured contacts if you wear glasses and conventional contacts?
where does head lice come from?
cpk test/ liver?
how can i get rid of throat burning?
dose any one get canker sores,and if so how offten,and what do you do for them???tks?
Are scientists looking for a cure for cleft lip/cleft palate?
what is the best way to cure...?
appendectomy! please help!?
Spasm, twitches all over my upper body?
Numbness in my left middle finger....?
Personal Injury Car Accident?
Hip replacement question?
Does bathing in cold water really help get rid of sores from the body?
If I pulled out my toenail, will it grow back?
How do you heal a black and blue bruised toe nail?
Knee injury?
money pro.?
Fracture of Leg!?
information on Chlamydia please?
Herpes Type One, spreading with no symptoms from 3 out of 4 people.?
what does "syphilis sive morbus gallicus" mean?
Do you have to have a parent go to Planned Parenthood?
What could this be?? (Kissing Transmitted Disease)?
Is it true about the beneficial properties of chocolate? If so, what might they be?
Losing weight using Acupunture?!?
Can't liposuction be done for really fat people? How much weight could they lose?
Does The Hormornal Flux Caused During PMS Cause Asthma Attacks?
What are the modifiabilty and non modifiabilty of pneumonia and rationale ?
How long does the strep bacteria live on surfaces?
Why a have to paid my medication , now that I have plan D, before was free now it will cost me $ [email protected] month?
What is Mycobacterium Terrae and how is it treated? Is it fatal?
How should I go about preparing for my Respiratory Care classes, exams, clinicals, seminars, etc...?
Has anyone had an adenosine/cardiolite stress test done? Were there any side effects?
If you have had infectious endocarditis, how do you know when you are completely healed?
I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but why do I get into a sneezing fit after I brush my teeth?
are there any remedies for a busted eardrum?
any remidies for the common cold?
What are the web sites give MCQ in MEDICINE FREE DOWN LOAD?
Should medical be free in America; like other European countries? If no why?
What if a man takes prenatal vitamins?
What is the creteria for a medical attendant for claiming a medical bill for Govt. employees?
What Product can I buy in HBC store that helps to remove scars in legs?
I'm Vietnamese. i use Visa Debit of Vietnam Eximbank. can I buy parfum in Yahoo.shopping ?
Do all guys really just like a girl that is skinny? Or do they like them with slight curves?
which hair straightening is better Wella or L'oreal? Please advise?
wake-up calls !?
how to check if I have sars?
Where can I find unmedicated talcum powder?
when you pop your bones do it make your bones bigger?
one of my male friends told me that he shaves his 'area'.?
where in Ogden, Utah can a good kid of 21 find a job fast?
What is the largest number of States you have been able to belch out without reloading?
What kind of work does a radiology tech do?
Can you get rid of perennial allergies caused by relocation?
Can someone tell me the nutritional values of coconut milk as a replacement for cow's milk?
Patanol (eye allergies medication)?
The government and mainstream medical community deny that Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is real ?
Is these a new a secondary disease of crohns disease?
My son was diagnostic with walking ammonia?? what exactly does it mean?
why is bloodtransfusion the least prefered method in management of iron deficiency anaemia?
How long does it take to get the stomach virus?
Is it possible to cure cataract without a lens implant ? If yes how ?
Does Honey cure pile/Hemorrhoids?
Is hoodia dangerous for people with high blood pressure?
How can you treat vertigo?
what are the symptoms and treatment of cluster headaches?
what is neovascularity?
How will I stay young at age 40?
What are some ways to prevent kidney stones other than cranberry juice(which by the way is for bladder infect.
What are 10 reasons students should pass gym class?
how come effect of drugs are multiped when taken such as sleeping pills and alcohol instead of added?
I need some advice on what I should do about chronic knee pains.?
where can i find really cheap or free CNA traing in orlando florida?
How do I get my website to showup on a search?
what is Graniola on the lung?
can the medication Minocyclene cause weight loss in teens?
Magnetic bracelet helps in blood circulation?
(Forgiveness to Non-Hindus) For Hindus, regarding Ayurvedic Medicine, can you suggest some ways of healthyness
What's d latest on ganoderma (Ling Zhi) as a food supplement? Is it really detrimental to the liver?
whitening pill... safe?
Has anyone ever heard of teens using leeches?
Any one ever smoke Salvia Divinorum?
Is Pepto-Bismol an antacid?
What kind of treatment can I get for a Goiter when I am allergic to iodine and donot want surgery?
Hydroxy cut!?! please i need lots of answers!?
how effective is the prescribed drug trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole?
Does the supplement theanine really work ?
wat wuld hapen if u snort gunpwder?!?
Are there any dietary supplements that aid in mood balancing in young children?
Aromatherapy for sleeping???????????????
what are some home remedy solutions for using coal?
Are you living with MS? How do you handle the pain?
The ________ _______ Elite™ is FDA approved for most skin shades for spider veins, meaning greater safety and
Does Okuma's Wu-Long Tea REALLY WORK???????
Where On-Line Can I Buy Percocets 10/325 With No Prescription?
brain pain???!!!?
Will Darvocet test positive for opiates?
How can you alleviate a throbbing hemmoroid FAST?
sinus and neck pain?
What does a heartburn feel like???
relieve stress knots?
where can i find air quality by state?
My mother is 93, she has dementia. Her & my Dad live with us. She will not eat, I NEED help.?
poisin ivi?
What is the best way to deal with cronic pain in my lower back?
I have the same prescription for over 10yrs, why continue going to the doctor for new glasses?
Will I really get arthritis by cracking my knuckles?
help for the addict?
Do anyone know of a cure for lower back pain?
Ab injury?
Can ear plugs damage your inner ear?
Can scars(left after surgeory) left on face disappear?
Possibility of a torn shoulder or elbow?
How to clean plastic nose guards on glasses frame?
I have been getting styes a lot lately.?
I busted a blood vessel in my eye and now I have a red blot on my eye. How can I reduce the redness?
if i have 25 on both eyes out of 20 do i need glasses?
when does the show 24 come back on?
Is it normal to see "red eye" without a camera?
Is there any harm done to the eye if it's exposed to a tinted lens for too long?
Eye questions?
Can you catch the norovirus if kissing a person infected before they are physically sick?
cepodem Xp tablet is mainly for throught pain or fever and cold?
my eye hurts on the outside?
How do I find a Doctor to help me through Post-Polio Problems?
what are the finally stages of the common cold?
What if I took unprescribed vicodin?
Did I have swine flu ?
i had hepatitis e jaundice 6 months ago...and am still suffering from it..what is wrong?
How did I get this cold sore?
In Kansas, is it illegal not to get an HPV Vaccine?
Diabetes 2, chronic fatigue syndrome, joint pain, tired all the times, overweight,?
Why wont he take better care of himself?
I'm 30yrs old,my fbs abnormal twice,ppbs normal,am I diabetic?
does niacin [niaspan ] 500mg help to raise hdl ?
Can bleeding from ears and unconsciousness be hereditory (genetic) problems?
Do you have any advice on living with Type 2 diabetes?
Diabetics Only Please?
diabetic ketoacidosis?
what happens and whar are the symptoms of too much lasix?
What medical condition is detected if blood glucose test and lactose breath test is done?
any herbs good for diabetes?
why do my hands get bigger in size in winters?
blood sugar was high 1 day ago, they think i have diabetes have to go in 2 weeks. Does eating more sugar make,
Candy and diabetes?
what is Fistula ? (medical term)?
How can someone be considered brain dead and has been taken off the ventilator still breath on their own?
What is early signs/symptoms of tuberculosis?
Does a person already taking tb medication still affects/transmit the disease?
is it dangerous to inhale the sawdust of treated pine.?
asthma question??
Do anyone think a person knows when he/she are going to die? What are some signs?
how is the diagonisis of malaria done?
I use the advair diskus and i need help paying for it, where do I go?
What is the pharmacological properties of the spiramycin?
I hahe seasonal asthama?
frightning pet scan is there a better less restrictive machine out there ?
My uncle has idiopathic Pulmonary fibrosis, please suggest treatment if any of you know anyone survived?
Cough up black-tinged phlegm?
what are the side affects to fexofenadine?
can a person take L- lysine every day ?. and is 1000 mg to much?
How long does it take for Soma (a muscle relaxant to leave the body) - will it show up in drug test ?
Does garlic really lower cholesterol?
if i look up and to the right or just turning my head to the right i get dizzy and almost pass out?
I'd wisht o har views of MDs or those who live daily with CHF & edema after major MI?
what is the website for the exercise called the core with gunner?
where can i find a Dr that does interocular implants in CT or RI or even MA?
i want a free psychological doctor through the internet...??
If unable to obtain shot records from high school, is there some where else that may have them on file?
why are yawns contaigous?
Do you take showers, baths, or jump in the creek?
Has anyone had Lasik done before. I am concidering having it done.?
Should I pop my blisters?
Question About Head Injuries...?
Plugged ear or Popped ear drum or anything at all?
What is a toe tag?
ankle hurting....?
MD who treats fractured sacrum in state of NY?
Can severe eye muscle strain cause permanent lazy eye, after having perfect aligmnent all life time..?
Any doctors/trained professionals want to help me make a documentary about the halo brace?
I had peroneal tendon surgery when will I be able to walk again normally?
Can rewetting drops work as a solution?
yellow lab has hot spots/skin allergy...how to heal without steroids?
my son nose blocked when he drinks chilled water and after he takes bath and when he sleeps in the night?
My husband's doctor prescribed zyrtec for a persistent rash and he prescribed Zantac as well.?
what is Von willabrands disease?
Is drinking coffee safe for people with ulcers?
Who else is a recovering alcoholic?
Can snake venom cure diseases?
price of Exjade?
Do you think that any person found HIV positive should be sterilized? Why yes or why not?
I'm scheduled for a tonsillectomy next week. Any suggestions/ precautions/advise for quick recovery?
Where can I buy a Shaker gout Stool without paying an arm and a leg?
Does sweet oil really work for ear aches?
If you have or had suffered with severe back pain, what was the treatment or medicine that helped you the most
My back shoulder (left) hurts?
Heartburn ?
ibs and work?
Degenerative disc disorder?
rt. kindey is non-funtional & LF. IS ONLY 60%. HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THIS???
Is this normal, I have never had this before?
Is rheumatoid arthritis common?
how many diffrent tapewoms are there?
I was in a car accident...?
I have an aching pain in my right shoulder that hurts to the center of my back! What could this be?
How come when i raise my arm above my head my right collar bone pops out?
treatment of a soft tissue oedema after an accident?
What are signs of severe dehydration in toddlers?
stomach ache?
Anyone know of a doc who likes prescibing vicodin and percocet in the norther virginia area?
when i put all my weight on my right leg it hurts to stand. It really hurts.?
What is the best way to crack your bottom thumb knuckle?
charley horses?
I have this pain in my side and i cant figure out what it is!?
i having headache?
does pain mean the pain deep within your heart that makes you the way you are?
Working remedy for tension: When I'm at work writing I build tremendous body tension; how can I release it?
Can non-doctors prescribe medicine?
What Corporations are the leaders in Medical Equipment Sales?
What are my options to pay for a life saving surgery not covered by insurance?
what are the functions of the international public health services?
Detailed credential information on Tamara Lee Gmitter, MD, Boca Raton, FL?
what is the icd procedure code for cpt 15756?
My reading on a blood test shows 0.00 on the Absoulte Eosinophil which is below normal - what's this mean?
should stretch marks on the stomach be itchy?
Does the use of plastic in the micro wave increase the risk of cancer?
how can crisis evolve?
What are the negative effects of prolonged Advil use?
Where can i find color contacts for a 8.6 BC and a 14.2 Dia? Not many offer those in a combination.?
Just wondering is this considered Heterochromia?
What are these things coming from my eyes?
DIY test to measure whether you have a squint or not?
Does anyone have any original ways to help insomnia? (not drugs or warm milk ect.)?
everykind of drugs!!!!!! addiction?
I had bowel Obstruction surgery 5 months ago. Every since I have had dierrhea, Help! me what can I do?
Alternative meds, and therapy for Cerebral Palsy?
What is ragwort?
Question about yoga?
I take cayenne as a dietary supplement; is combining that with caffeine? Do their results negatively clash?
How many of you out there use drugs, and if so, what?
How is the oil of an emu gathered, is the poor bird pressed, or do they have a oil gland that it is taken from
how to cure burning feel over the body?
What is the best acupuncture point to remedy acid reflux and where is it located? Also, where is ST 36? I know
Has anyone tried BERBERIS (homeopathic) to dissolve Kidney Stones?
Have you tried the new clear cellulose rolling papers from Brazil???
what is Gluthathione 1000mg?
What are some of the symptoms of allergic reaction to St. John's Wort?
Some of the effects??
is there a home remedy cure for ed?
Why fo so many teens overdose on drugs these days?
Online hypnosis?
are there any home remedies or cures for swollen glands of the throat?
Whats the cause of anal bleeding?
a question about herpes?
Does anyone else have HPV and pregnant?
if you share a drink with someone that kissed someone with mono will you get it?
How often does a human need to be vaccinated for typhoid, hepatitis a&b, and rabies for international travel?
An easy question i guess?
which doctor to see for oral thrush?
I feel great , but i have a fever .?
Could I have an eye infection?
do i have pin worms... help?
Need help for hepatitis B?
How do you become hunched-backed? How do you prevent it? If you are hunchbacked, can it be fixed?
Can an individual with a felony conviction get a nurse's license in California?
Where can I find detailed information about acupuncture?
www.7.dwf.com + colon cleansing?? where is this website?
how long does hep c live on hard surfaces?
what is the affect of ice cubes to the throat?
What's the best cold remedy and what should I do if I think I'm getting a relapse?
I would like to start my own massaging spa at home,how do I get started, and where do I buy supplies?
Does anyone know what these medicines are used for, they are called phenylephrine, benicar, propoxy, temazepam
Is there any place I can buy contacts without a prescription?
what is a emg?
I got sprayed wit nitrogeon(the really cold stuff that burns)now i have scars,how do i get rid of the scars?
How long do these drugs stay in your system?
how mush of a lifetime does a person waste runnin in & out of the toilet?
What is the worst nightmare you have ever had?
when you are sick. why does your mouth start watering?
Does anyone know a good method??
why do boys be on games if they know they want you but try to act like they dont wat to do move on or stay?
How do I deal with dandruff?
How do you remove a mole on your face right in your own home?
How soon can I relax my hair after its been highlighted?
what to wear to a school dance?
what is keratoconus?
can i play sports after orbital decompression surgery?
what are uterine leiomyoma?
Hi my mom is being moved TO MICU instead of SICU which one is better? will she get the same kind of care?
What is the best way to get rid of a bad cough?
what is the term meaning paralysis of the walls of the bronchi?
Where can I find more information about the use of CHIP UP on APNEA during the sleeping?
what is an oxyhood?
sick building syndrome?
what do i do with shots of lung pain?
what would be the appropriate nursing diagnoses for a patient who suffered dyspnea after drinking alcohol?
activities may be advised for a person with only one lung?
Which is better for a Heart Scan; Ultra Sound or Electron Beam Tomography (EBT or EBCT) technology?
How likely is it that a woman diagnosed with PCO can give birth ?
how long did it take for anyone out there to recover from a meniscus tear?
If the right latissimus dorsi muscle is larger then the left, how is it treated so that both are equal?
Is it necessary for an elderly patient to be trained to use a walker?
i have a painless bump on the back of my head, what could it be?
Can't bend my knees with flat feet.?
How long should it take for a bump on my toddler's forehead to heal?
Low Spinal Fluid Level?
how much is reconstructive surgury on a foot?
I have pain in middle of the thigh for many years , the MRI showed infiltration of bone marrow,what is this?
how do you get kanker sores?
Does anyone suffer from sarcoidosis? Can you tell me about it, if so.?
computer GLASSes?
Why do palms of the hand and soles of the feet burn in some people?
Is it possible to have an extremely stressful event not affect you until months later?
Anyone else worried about the bird flu?
What causes headaches?
Contact lenses help?
How to get rid of condylomata accuminata?
what is orthostatic stress?
What is Vestibular Neuritis and how long does it take to fully recover from the symptoms?
Can you have a sty in your mouth and what is the worst that can come from them?
how do you count calories?
which lose weight drugs really work?
How much weight did you lose on Atkins or the South Beach Diet? How long did it take you to lose the weight?
what does the hollywood 24 hour miracle diet work?
Is a surgical procedure on the calf best way to help tight calf muscles? Ive been told this helps foot pain
red dot on my eye slight eye pain- no trauma just woke up like that- not itchy either?
does Gallstone pain feel like a muscle spasm?
After i eat, i start getting a pain in my lower left side and feels like it is going from my side to my back.?
What's the best way to stop pain after getting a nose cotorization?
Rubeola; Must have proof of immunization 1982 or later?
I'm 24 yrs old and i have knock knees. I'm looking for a doctor to operate on me but dont know where to start.
I would like to work as a trainee in a canadian or uk pharmacy.I'm a french pharmacist?
how do you get rid of hang nails?with out the pain?
how can i relieve snoring?
heppititis is inflamation of the liver. what is the difference between "A" "B" and "C"?
how much are doctors and pharmicist compensated by the drug companies for prescribing their brand rx?
I am thinking about having "Lap-band" surgery. Has anyone had good results from this surgery?
looking for something to help me put eye drops in my eyes?
Do Allergy Shots Work?
a little help here??
Please, does anyone know if cucumbers or watermelon are in the nightshade family?
Is it possible to be beautiful (looks wise), yet have bad skin?
What causes skin to itch?
What kind of doctor do I need to see about my toe nail?
How did you got rid of your acne?
how do i get rid of a canker sore?
I'm scared what is on my foot?!!?
My lips have been dry for almost a year!!?
does anybody know of any excercis that i can for my burcitis and im in a wheelchair so they to be easy ones ty
What is a good eye contact color for medium-brown skin?
Can somebody give me the full list of harmful effects of marihuana on human body?
Im a guy w/ have wavy hair and would like for it to smooth down what should I do after showering?
What are the side effects of corrective eye surgery?
how to remove fog from contact lenses?
How do i get rid of the hiccups? they always comes and drive me crazy at all the wrong times.?
im azn and i have fair skin...?
My sister and I are both sick?
Am I getting better or sicker?
What do i have if i have these symptoms?
massive head ache,throw up when he eats,sore throat,fever,and diarrhea?
What sickness do I have?
What kind of staph infections make a person infertile?
Does Zyprexa10 come in a form of shots once a month?
Staph Infection Question?
Possible flu? 10 POINTS TO THE BEST ANSWER!!!?
Bone Paget´s disease!? Child osteoporosis?
How can I heal a colon fistula naturally without surgery?
trying to find answers to nonfunction of a transplanted kidney please?
is there a liver ailment that can cause elevated levels of potassium?
Getting rid of scar??
Medical Examination kypohosis?
Sprained Pinky Finger?
if someone has been in a coma for almost 2 months.............................................................
Colloidal silver?
Is there any places in maryland I can purchase Salvia Divinorum?
Where can i buy propolis capsules?
What else is there other than St. John's Wort...?
Is "raw" honey more effective than normal store bought honey?
Not getting any answers....does anyone know if the hangover pill Chaser works?
This is probably dumb, but someone asked me and i had no idea...?
What natural substances can I take to make myself focus better?
phosphidylserine memory aid? Good or bad? Affective in young and old?
whats the best site to buy salvia Divinorum in the (USA)?
where can i get a filter for my shower head?
Is Peppermint Essential oil safe to be ingested?
Are prescriptions potent after four years?
spanish fly?
where could i find vicodin in peru?
question regarding crystal meth?
Is there any truth to what Kevin Trudeau says in his book Natural Cures?
i think i have hives?
red risen marks on my belly, and spreading?
how can i get rid of a cold sore overnight?
biopsy help!?
i recently went to a dermatologist and..?
how to get rid of warts?
What can cause these little bumps I got on my face?
I have a problem with my sunburn and i need help?
what can i do to make my hands soft?
sunburn question????????????
what is a good acne scar product that really works?
wut do u use for the scares left from acne??
how do i deal with acne and spots quick?
Need a good acne face wash that wont burn my face?
How fast does Proactive work?
pre-op please with iv?
cystic fibrosis?
What's worse: smoking cigars/cigarettes/pipes - second hand smoke or directly inhaling?
newborn with nose congestion?
pathophysiology of altered consciousness?
Have you or do you know anyone that has had the lung volume reduction surgery?
What foods should people with diverticulitis eat?
can having gerd disease cause u to have a lump in throat,everytime u swallow?is it acid reflux?
what do u think it is...??
say i've touched poison ivy (but didn't know) and then ate with my hands (hot dog). will anything happen to me
NBC dateline- Parkinson's disease (Sunday)talked about treatment 4 swallowing. Can you help me find info.?
Why do we yawn and why is it contagious?
why cant i find any information on genetic diorders ivolving chromosome 6 and chromosome 14?
what is leukopenia???
why are more boys put on drugs than girls?
What is a sign of you are having pains in your liver side? Its like you are having pain in the upper right.?
i have just had my spine untetherd. is more surgery worthwhile?
What are the top 3 most commonly spread diseases in the United States?
Is PRK surgery to correct vision safe and does it have any long lasting effects?
In case the lens gets slightly displaced i cant get the it out of my eye. I need to rub the eye till it slides
big eyes???
Cosmetic contacts?
i have a stye on my eye!!?
why does my eyelid twitch i have been thru a lot of strees?
Can you change your eye color with contacts if you have brown eyes?
My eyes ..?
how do i remove my rgp lenses for the viles?
how do i remove my rigid gas permeable lenses from the viles they come in?
how to lose 20 pounds?
What does the abbreviation DAT related to a diet mean?
If you had one week to rejuvenate yourself, what would you do?
what can you do to get rid of strech marks from gaining weight?
is it atlantic or pacific salmon that causes cancer or both?
How come I don't feel heat when applying BenGay on my heel/ankle area?
When I Burp I Get This Strong, Horrible Sharp Pain In the middle of my chest...anyone know what this is called
what helps this?
whats up with my toes? had fusion l5 -s1...toes bent & twisted .went back 2 normal when changed possisions.?
arthritis or tendonitis or something else?...Help!?
Muscle in my neck is very sore & painful, I turned myself upside down?
drg lumbar rf?
Sharp Pains In Head?
Best medication for very very severe pain????
Anyone know anything about spinal cord stimulation to alleviate pain?
I am having sciatic pain...?
I thought my appendix hurt, until I realized its on the left side?
I have a lump on my nape, like on the lower-left side of my head...what could it be?
I keep getting Athlete's Foot?
Is this a spider bite or a ringworm?
How do i get rid of my acne?
Name metabolic/eating disorders?
My daughter has ringworm. I bought cream from CVS. My question is.....?
What causes the onset of early puberty?
Help!!! I need a cheep acne treatment that actualy works?
if a male has cellulitis by his private area is that really bad?
how to become non-insulin dependent on my own,w/o paying a lot of money to go to an inhouse facility?
do tests always show up pcos?
what is the difference between type 1 and 2 diabetes?
Has anyone had adverse reactions to Exhubera inhalable insulin?
Why does cateracts foorm after some glaucoma surgerys?
Why is it that some people get a boost of energy when they eat surgary products and I get super tired?
What to do with my hands ?
could i have gotten ringworm from my fingernail bitting habit?
where to find in the Philippines the Goodnites underpants/Pull-Ups?
anyone remember a tanning oil/lotion that was produced in/around 1999 called black onyx in clear blue bottle?
The best acne medicine?
zinc and acne ???????? plz help?
Diabetes cure from Diabetes Magazine years back?
Acne help?
how can one with hyperinsulin levels get over the problem?
Is eating 30 popscicles a day a danger to my health?
Ladies........Dry Skin.....?
can a heat rash cause skin canser?
What is a low-oxilate diet?
How often should a diabetic on insulin expect to have a hypoglycemic episode?
are there generally any withdrawal symptoms when stopping lexapro?
I have been told that I roll/flutter my eyes at people during conversations, how do I stop?
Diabetics: Do you notice under-filling of Lantus bottles?
why do you jump as you're falling asleep?
Toric & Toric XR?
Live-away summer jobs?
acne scars...........?
What is the diference between the hipoglycemia caused By glargine (Lantus) and other insulinch as REGULA?
What chemicals are used to wash contact lenses?
is it good to marry in close relations according to science?
How many pills (including vitamins and OTC medications and pain relievers) do you take in a given day?
I break out with red bumps on my legs i dont' know what are?
Please Help any one have experience with liver transplants ?
Losing weight during pregnancy?
What is the procedure for purchasing prescribed medication from Canada? I live in the United States.?
AS a casE OF IDDM how I can measure carbs in food?I inject lantus and humalog?
Best Acne Product you have used?
Does anyone know if the drug neurontin is a narcotic?
i have Eczema i need some advice please?
Do I have lice or dandruff?
Could my ear piercing be infected?
when you scratch an itch where does it go?
What causes hiccups?
Does anybody work in a wound care center?
do i need to worry about my drugs test?
some people stand/step on others instead of hand massage. Is it harmful to bones?
hardware to strengthen knee?
what is a articular cartilage?
Can an std make you sick to your stomach?
how can you tell if you have aids or any other stds without going to the doctor?
Can you buy Tamiflu in the UK over the counter without prescription?
I got glandular fever 14 months ago and still get symptoms once and awhile, is that normal?
could I have appendicitis?
Friend has staph but no money/insurance. No clinics open, getting worse. What can she do?
Does sniffing too much when you have a cold cause ear infections?
does your toddler take Singulair chewable tablets? and is there a generic that is more affordable?
Is this a sign of lactose intolerance?
how do i cure mild allergy on my face caused due to heat?
Ok so what do you do when you eat honey and your allergic to it?
Blisters from a mosquito bite on a child?
How long do cravings last after Quitting Smoking? Day 4.?
What does the diagnosis code 300.4 mean?
my husband needs a kidney transplant, he's A- and we have an O+ donor.?
Can someone give me advice on a medical situation?
Can strep throat cause your legs to swell and ache?
please find me a site on turners syndrome uk?
What is proper dosage of risperdahl for bi polar disorder for 38 year old female?
i have sever add.should i start the treatment.is it helpful?
Does anyone have information on or personal experience with antiphospholipid antibody syndrome?
What happens if the pancreas does not function properly? Does it cause back pain, digestive disorder & diaetic
What would cause a person to wake up out of their sleep and eat like a maniac every night?
Does the government have a cure for AIDS<CANCER> etc?
Disc De Compression?
What do you know about superior semi-circular canal fistula? What is the best way to cure this disease?
what is the pagets desease of the skull bone?
No Caffenine?
My whats wrong with my heart?
Does anyone on hear have mvp that effects them?
plantar warts treatment?
Im a guy and have bad dry skin on my arms, face, and sides. Regular moisturizing lotion doest work. help.?
Why I have severe acne even if I eat vege without meat?
What causes dark lips...?
I have lice, and need some advice.?
can you get rashes when your stressed?
How to give someone a hickey.?
Cold sores on girl friend?
I have a wart on my middle finger and it won't come off help!?
i have a hickey and my mom found out about it! what do i say to her!?
Can psoriasis be caused by stress?
Please Help!! Really REALLY bad scar! The worst scar ever!?
Does clean and clear advantage acne control kit work?
How do you get rid of acne scars without surgery?
does, baking soda paste help get rid of acne, when you leave it on overnight?
what might happen if i take my cell phone on the sunbed with me?
Someone please help me with my acne?
where do i go to look up a pill that my quack doc siad to take. and for free too.?
Anyone bought the book natural cures they dont want you to know about or more natural cures?
i need help a friend i know has taken 12 energy pills 12 allergy pills and some kind of powder cold medicine?
anybody know about veincare ?
Hi, how to increase my adrenaline so what is the inject or pills shoud i get it from pharmacy?
Where can I buy Dandelion (Indian Name :- Kukraundha or Kanphool) roots?
"More Natural Cures Revealed"?
paraffin wax mixture for spas?
how does slippery elm help in reducing ldl cholesterol?
What is the best Detox pills?
need home remedy for runny nose--not cold or flu--clear fluid from nose. Also, what is causing it?
Can you fail a drug test for soma (Carisoprodol)?
In the future, what will popcorn b used as/for?
Has anyone ever had muscle aches or dry mouth as a side affect of general anesthesia?
Natural cures for allergy symptoms??
Does Proactiv work for you?
How to help soothe a stuffy nose?
What are some facts about Ritalin.?
What is Accupunture like ?? I'm scared / hate needles. But suffer fom back pain, and need it?
can u wear acuvue advance contacs for astigmatisam for up to at least 5 days if u want to, without any truble.
What is an infection control flag on your medical records and how do you decipher the codes?
Does an otc supplement called Lipoflavonoid really help tinnitus?
can tanning beds be used in place of real sunlight to help your body take in calcium?
which pain is better....physichall or morall.....?
Im shopping for the best featherbed. I have arthritis really bad and want one that will help cushion my body.?
Why aren't lymph nodes found in the toes?