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Are there any foods you must avoid to stop acne?
My daughter has dandruff and I don't know how to treat it!?
so like yeah i have aquestion about this and its in mportant?
How do you get rid of acne?
what to do if my friend thinks that he has allergy 4 water and doesn't shower;stinks?
OMG! A girl in my class has lice and how do I prevent from getting it!!?
a few days ago in class my ear's started to hurt like inside,like in the ear drum...?
what is a good way to start an essay on morphine? (like the hook)?
Is Vicoprofen, actually Vicoden and essentially Hydrocodone?
What is the maniscus in the knee, and when it gets hurt, is the only way to fix it, is by surgery?
what would you do?
what kind of exercises can you do to help frozen shoulder synder?
head ache question?
Pain in leg after total hip replacement?
Back pain and Slightly enlarged spleen?
i'm black 5'9'' 12yrs old and can almost touch rim(2 inches away) i do excercises but my leg hurts and arms?
what are the types of scoliosis and how do you get treatment for them?
I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago....?
Does anyone know how much rhinoplasty (nose job) costs?
can I put my foot on the floor while sitting down after microfracture knee surgery or is that weight bearing?
I broke my Talus. What are the chances of not having surgery?
help please slight tingling sensation in my hands?
I just graduated from a military school and now deployed in the field,for the past months Ive been experienci
why is it that some people can sit around all day, eat and eat and eat....and never gain a pound?
how do i exercise to look stronger?
How much should I weigh if I'm 6 ft 1 in ?
please i neeeeeeed help!!!!!!!!?
Average height for 13..
PCOS/Insulin Resistance, but not trying to get pregnant?
Does lime juice have an adverse reaction to diabetic medication?
beta blockers?
I take a teaspoon of cinnamon every day to lower my blood suger, will this hurt my liver or kidneys?
gamma globulins?
which sugar have lower GI,brown or white sugar?
does byetta really help type II diabetics lose weight?
Is there a list of doctors in Texas that accept medicare? Can I get this list?
I need help with my diabetes type 1 and my psoriasis!!!!!!?
About how much does someone make being a nutritionist/dietician?
Help!! Has anyone else had a problem with Glyburide?
does a general practitioner deal with skin?
does caffeine make you smarter?
why dose people have a lot of bad health?
Selfinjury and a mother?
What is the best medication to take for depression?
looking for a place in Cherokee Village Ar. that treats children with behavoral probs.?
HSV positive on blood test why did my doctor say no medication like valtex? ?
meaning of reframing mental pitures?
Does anybody know someone who wants to get off drugs for good?
i am in constant worry.even when i do not have to...money is the main problem?
why do drugs are addictive?
Swami Ramdev Says, "Yoga & Pranayama have been successful in curing 200 cancer patients". Is it correct?
anybody has experience with glaucoma treatment ? best possible cure ?
what is a general practice naturalpathic physician? Can they perscribe meds?
What is the best way to cure cold sore?
What is the Worldwide Harmonic Systems number for Nutritional Supplements?
what is the use of Haematinic Capsules. is it hemoglobin will be increase?
Why no stocks of Premarin Conjugated estrogen by WYETH in drugstores for months now?
Who is the author of book about Things they don't want you to know?
Seed warts?
any solution for severe ulcer?
I am concerned about how this country is treating addiction by institutionalizing our methamphetimine addicts
plzzz help ear quetions?
Where can you get a copy of the Military Calisthenics (exercises)?
why are dates fruit good for you?
does anyone know what periactin is and what does it do?
What is the besy otc medicine for sinus/cold?
Anyone ever have a throbbing pain in side of the neck that.....?
Is there an English name for the Amazon herbs: uxi amarelo & unha de gato?
what does fish oil when taken in a capsule do for you?
I need a list of wart remover creams can you help?
What is dex?
Buy extracts?
What is the best way to deal with muscle spasms and what drugs can you to take to relieve inflammation?
what is the use of Becosules Capsules. any side effects.?
How come green tea is a health drink where it contains caffeine?
Ataxia - does anybody have any experience or know of any product, supplements,prescription to help any Ataxia?
What helps remove acne besides Pro Active?
how do you stop under arm sweating?
how to i get rid of chuuby cheeks?
How to get rid of stretch marks?
How can i get rid of my warts on my feet? please help....?
I really need to get rid of my eczema?
gosh what do i do with my back acne!!!!!!?
What are some legitimate sources for the negative effects of tanning beds?
i have a really bad sunburn! helpp?
how to get rid of acne on your face?
i need help with my acnee!!?
Would new skin look red, shiny and crinkly?
Why does my 7 year old keep getting hives?
Eye infection of some sort..?
is it unhygienic to only have baths?
is there any creams or something i can get rid of mosquito bites
Is It bad to Rip of moles?
Are noticeable pores in an earlobe normal?
Extremely dry skin on face?
Anyone else have Tetralogy of Fallot?
Is a frequent dull ache/numbness/little shooting pains in my left arm a sign of heart trouble?
IDK what i have? Heart Pain, Irregular Heartbeat.. HELP?
"High" blood pressure, drugstore machines & exertion?
Why will my tissue aortic valve replacement only last for 7-12 years, whilst my original lasted 65 years?
I am a nursing diploma holder.Can I work in Canada as nurse?
Bausch&Lomb ReNu with MoistureLoc was the best product I ever used for comfort. Is anything else like it?
i am looking for the job in a hospital as a medical laboratory or blood bank tech?
Are there any clinical studies to help improve quality of life for individuals with Addison's Disease?
what are the normal parameters for blood sugar levels for humans?
Anybody heard of the Mediterranean Diet?
if you can see things far away but not up close is that being long sighted or short sighted?
Has anyone heard of forever living products?
Is laser therapy safe for treating myopia?
toenails falling off?
just saw on the news that renu contact solution is recalled..?
how long does it take for lotions and perfumes to go bad?
How do the men out there feel about chicks tanning?
Name of Cosmetics Empire inherited by Andrew Luster?
what causes a sneeze?
Is this true about Withdrawals?
Does Horners syndrome affect 3D vision?
how long should i stay home with mono?
is there a cure for beiber fever?
Is it possible for me to get the stomach flu?
do i have conjunctivitis?
my son has had his 3rd episodes of throwing up in 3 weeks could this be the stomach bug again?
help with class project on tuberculosis?
how do i cope with my emetophobia once i catch the stomach flu?
So do I have the flu or is it something different?
If i haven't had a relaxer in six months could i get a texturizer?
I have had numerous injuries to my back and shoulder at work.?
Did I get frost bite?
ankle problems?
could it be frostbite?
I have a huge problem with blackheads just on my nose. I've tried multiple products without results. What now?
acne problem as many answers as possible!!!?
can you get posion ivy from someone?
what is the best solution 2 get rid of a heat rash and eczema?
Sunburn peeling? Please help!?!?
What is the best acne treatment?
Extremely dry skin? Help? Please, skin almost hurts?
what is a body part that starts with k?
how do i get rid of poison ivy i have really bad rashes and had it for about a week and its bad.?
Acne treatment?
What is a cheap way to get rid of acne?
How can I stop my skin from being so oily?
Why do I get hives in the cold?
Itchy under arms.. help me..?
Do you want to know how I got these scars?
What is a good way to lose acne inflammation?
Talking off common warts?
is it posible to get shingles twice?
This is an Eye question?
Why is snellen's operation for treatment of entropion obsolete?
I think I did something to my eye?
Eyeglass question please answer?
My eyelid is swollen, however it's Never itchy or red. What the cause and the cure?
Where to get cool computer anti-glare glasses?
Eye color?
why when we don't sleep enough but close our eyes all over the night , in morning eyes looking tired too?
what kind of eyeglasses should u wear while working with Laptop to reduce eye-irritation?
Where is the cheapest place to get Lasik eye surgery in the Fresno area?
Are there any side effects abut beard extraction and teeth extraction?
piles problem?
is it bad to snort acetominophen?
WHAT IS Ultracet vs Peracet ?
When people pass out drunk and drown in say puddles for instance..........?
i have pain in my ankles wrist neck and shoulders its mostly when i lay down?
Cheer injury....?
what's Physical Therapist ?
so let's just say.....?
Question about HIV/AIDS?
my partner touches his gentials then touches things in the house?
Can you get herpes if the person ...?
What is the number of sick people with silicosis?
how can i write a recommendation letter for a scholarship?
whats an easy fast way to get rid of upcoming zits or acne???
Whats a good acne cleanser?
i sweat alot is that bad thing?
i glued my lipes togheter?
can I order proactiv online or do I have to call?10pts?
acne problems?
how to cure dry lips ? HELPP !?
Is there a cream that treats acne while getting rid of acne scars?
I have veen getting lots of cold sores latley. I've tried everything i can think of and nothing works! ideas??
what do i wear if i have a sunburn?
Does anyone know about acne?
I have a mole on my neck, and everytime hot air from the blow dryer hits it, it hurts. No health insurance.?
Does anyone know any home remedies to get rid of canker sores?
Anyone know about bug bites?
What are these weird spots, pics?
does anybody know anthing about led photon rejuvenation?
I need info about thyroids?
looking for online hormone sources for tgs?
WHat exactly is bird flu and how does it affect???
What is best treatment for itching allergic reaction from liquid chemical?
loose stool and vomit?
whats the healthiest cure for insomnia?
I am looking for my birth record. Canyou help me?
Is it healthy do drink tap water in Ankara?
I have a small knot in my lower leg (calf) , what could that be ?
I need to know where to go to find theanswer to what the medical procedure code is for 99201?
What kind of medical treatment is expected from a brown recluse spider bite?
How can I get buried for free?
were to find FONAR equipment?
What natural dye can I use for my gray hair?
If the nutrition facts on vitamins say they are well over 100% of your Daily Value, why are they....?
What's the fastest way to get rid of hi-coughs (hiccups)?
does anyone use usana product and do they work?
I am going for Kemo theropy in a few months. What can I do to help my emune system withstand the kemo better?
Have ya ever been in a Psych Ward?
why worries doesn't finish fro life?????
What is OPD?
Where in Illinois is the Illinois Mental Institution?
Which SSRI is best for luteal phase dosing?
feeling blue?
Lucid dreaming...?
what is quantum light breath?
How can I find free grief counciling in my county?
What in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Other than Ginkoba or St. John's Wort, what are some memory and concentration improvement foods?
My Pinky Toe Is Purple!?
can you tell me the doctors that except medical in modesto?
Health insurance?
I hurt my pinky a couple years ago i go move it but i cant straighten it can i get this fix and how?
Do you think that the use sellphone brings any arm to the people that use that?
Has anyone here had a foot surgery to remove a Morton's Neuroma and have you had any problems after?
how can i learn about muscle regeneration after a battle wound?
I have broken my ankle and when I was showering I got the cast wet what should i do?
Is lifting weights 2 days in a row gonna affect my muscles in a bad way?
am I overweight ?
weight gain w/ photos?
How much weight will I lose??? PLEASE HELP?
I weigh about 193lb.,what's an easy way to lose weight other than excerise?
Am i fat? i feel fat?
ppl say anerexia is bad..i am..is that bad??
WHAT IS THE BEST DIET to lose belly fat?
How can I stay motivated on losing weight?
Is It normal to weigh 118 pounds when you're 15 years old and 5'6"1/2?
whta part of the body is important for balance?
is it ok to be anorexic if diets aren't working ??????
how do i loose 1 pound. just one in 1 week? help!?
What time should I stop eating?
IF A PERSON IS ON A DIET. can they eat lemons while they are on the diet .?
I think im addicted to food!!!?
Is running the best ?
i am thirteen and need to loose weight!?
has anyone had a chemical peel. i have really big pores.?
Is it bad to store your gas permeable (aka hard) contact lenses in tap water all the time?
White People want to be Brown, Brown People want to be White?
What type of toilet paper should maticulous wipers use?
Why is it called code blue status?
prescriptions med's / dates?
is it true that if you pull out a gray hair that three grow back in its place?
When is the right time to tell A hot guy how you fell about him?
how do you rid yourself of the hickups?
what is the drug "Lithium" and what is it used for ???
where can i buy a ted baker leather jacket on line?
what's the best way to get rid of stretchmarks (ones caused by pregnancy)?
what is the best way to convince my 7 year old son to let me take his temperature rectally?
How can I grow more breast???
I want a 17yrold girl and i look older than my age as i have dark-circles under my eyes pigmentation on my?
how many bach flowers should i take?
Follow up to previous question, who makes a good ergonomic chair?
I had a cold sore months ago and after it scabbed i awoke to a red spot there instead..contagious? what is it?
Small veins in palms becoming visible?
Is Penicillin 500mg twice a day a normal treatment for strep throat?
frequent urination after 3 days of 500mg Cipro?
How much fluid do you lose vomiting?
Can chicken pox later in life result in infertility in women?
Diagnosed With Mononucleosis Herpes Sores (See Details!)?
High sed rate, crp, cd4 ratio & lymphadenopathy?
i have heart pain ,has any body had it please help.?
irregular heart beat in neck and stomach?
Anyone who has heart attack /disease - please help - give opinion!?
angina help?
wgat is the best?
cold sores?????????????????
What is this? NoBody seems to have a clue!?
what happens if you peal your skin too much?
I have a bump under my skin?
How do you get rid of blackheads?
What are some good acne solutions?
Head Lice!! Help?!?!?
What is Psoriasis?
Should I be going to the doctor?
I have 3rd degree burn on my scrotum?
how to get rid of dandruff?
how to cure dandruff ?
is it possible to remove a mole youself at home?
best food for having good skin?
what products stop blackheads?
I had a tick on me earlier?
I have severe acne...help?
Anyone ordered off Coastal Contacts website? Are they good?
PSC Removal & LASIK Question?
Doctors and Whoever knows: on revitalizing and restoring normal visual acuity and health to hypotonic eye?
Why does the corner of my eye sting?
Eye Problem Sensitivity to light?
Eye question??
Pinguecula and irritation and discoloration trouble!!!?
what are the typical problems (how are them called in English) that makes a person?
Does anyone know anything about boxers fractures?
Very sore, but not painful foot--stress fracture or soft tissue?
Why does my pupels dialate huge to small every other second when Im not on any drugs?
Why does my face and fingers swell over night?
Jerome Goopman's article on chronic backpain in the NewYorker magazine?
I've had severe muscle spasms under my right shoulder blade for over two weeks, and 2 trips to ER, no relief,
does anyone know about the pudendal nerve?
Medicine help?
Valium before going to the dentist?
Is there any substitute for this medicine, GABAPENTIN or NUERONTIN?
medical informtion?
I know this is a toughie, but I would really appreciate any knowledge/info you could give Macular Degeneration
Give info about NSAID Relafen for inflammation and back pain?
Rosacea and Suicide..?
acne breakouts helppppp?
how come my toenail is dark on one half and pink on the other?
what can cause Ance? And how do you get rid of it?
I ran out of proactiv toner?
I have really bad acne, what should I do?
Will my Hair grow back from dandruff-related hairloss?
I'm coo coo for cocoa flakes how about you?
How do you cure acne I need help bad?
i need help. how do i get rid of blackheads on my nose?
Acne washes, do they work?
i got a burn mark on face 2yr back , <black spoty> could anybody tell me what shoul i use to erase it?
How to get rid of acne quick?
how to get rid of body acne quickly?
ok so i have like a million moles everywhere on me! is the only way to get rid of them a doctor?
I need my acne GONE like NOW?
Is it true that acne disappears when you get older?
how can u get rid of acne?
What has helped your acne?
well my girl friend has hpv so i think i got it to but what would u do would u stay with her or just go ?
where can a syphilis chancre be found at?how can you tell where its at?
how does syphilis affect our lives today ?
me pueden dar 5 parasitos diferentes? pleasee... ;)?
What's the substance that moderates blood pressure, that makes it lower if it's high or makes it higher if low
What is a tilted optic nerve?
What is a hiatus medially?
can poison ivy be transfered from your pets?
I suffer frequent sore throats.How can I treat myself till I can get to Dr.?I have no tonsils,so that is not?
I would like to know if anybody up there has been diagnosed with Hemihypertrophy?
My friend has a budgie who is plucking herself bald, spends time on the bottom of cage, appears red and raw a?
ok i have a sunburn and its peeling. now what?
What is a really good allergy/cold medicine found in a health food store?
What is the difference between pseudoephedrine and antihistamine?
Is there any health impact of Mobile phones ?
how can i whiten and remove the hair in my underarm at home w/o using deodorants?
DRUGS: What is Ambien? Can it make you Stoned?
What are the effects of combining ketamine with haloperidol?
Diabetic questions?
is 500mg of darvacet deadly?
Hepatitis B Shot and Type 1 diabetes?
Recently prescribed Byetta (lizard spit) for Type 2 diabetes....?
What is diabetes mellitus?
what is the difference between insulin resistance and diabetes?
?Advice for Diabetic Lancet Device?
Does anyone know where I can buy accutrend Gc and the strips in the US?
how much blood do we use per day?
As a case of IDDM how I could underesdand Lantus works 24 hours in my body not less?
What is a very good diet for a diabete person?
Article on Pre Diabetes by Dr. L.K. Shankhdhar in Hindustan.Patne edition?
why is my blood sugars rapidly rising than gowing down quickly?
Can extracorporeal shock wave therapy aid in diabetic neuropathy of the foot?
I can't t tell when my Blood sugar drops too low now that I have changed from pork to humalin insulin. help.
Do caffeine, simple sugars, hydrog veg oils cause rheumatic illnesses?
What does the inside of your nose smell like?
how do knuckles crack?
In the debate of christianity and science, do you agree with evolution or God?
My husband is recovering from cancer, why is it harder on me (seemingly) than him?
What are the signs, symptoms & treatment of CEREBRAL ATROPHY for child aged 3.5 years . Which hospital/doctor?
I forgot the name of the glasses place that offers 2 for $69 in Oregon. Do you Know?
Obscene tattoos?
how does DNA replicate?
can azmacort cause urinary hesitancy?
For girls: what do you keep around for self-protection? Pepper spray, etc.?
Do you get a scar if removing a mole on your face the surgical way?
Is out there a women like this:Honesty,loyalty,a woman with good morales,intelligience,a good sense of humor.?
what chemists are open in Cardiff today?
what does early intrusion in lungs mean?
How do u motivate urself to diet and take excercise?
In Lay terms. What is a Nodular opacity?
what new eyeglasses and sunglasses does drew carey wearing?
What brand name of eyeglasses is drew carey wearing all of the time?
how to buy menicare plus?
What kind of contacts should I get?
Contacts Color-Help With How the Color Looks....?
Please, do you know of any herbs, natural treatment to prevent UVEITIS????
what do different eye colors mean?
Are eyes still reactive to light AND accommodation after Cataract's and Glaucoma surgery?
You can see my blood veins in my legs, please help!?
is there eny homemade acne treatment HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I feel like my whole body needs to be scratched with sand paper!!! What in the heck could this be?????HELP?
I seem 2 get very hot, very quickly......I cant even wear coats in the winter because i sweat too much, HELP!?
I am living in very close quaters with someone who has psoriasis?
strange sores and scabs on upper back.?
Can anyone explain to me why this mole is growing and changing colors on my face?
How Can i get rid of chapped lips?
do i have an ingrown toenail? and how to get rid of it?
is it bad to cut off a mole yourself?
I am 14 and a girl, should you shave anywhere else besides you legs and arm pits?
How old were you when you got acne for the first time?
how to stop my really bad acne?
How to get rid of dandruff?
how do you get rid of stretch marks?
my aunt says that letting your hair fall on your face constantly can cause acne.. is this true?
Bad Acne Helpppppp?
I have a little black spot on my foot...?
How does acne form? How do I get rid of Acne Naturally?
does clinic provide a viginal exam? and will they prescrib u antibiotic?
How can you avoid buildup of positive pressure when reconstituting antineoplastics? ?
urine report-what is the problem of the report?
Watery mouth and tingly throat?
Are these the symptoms of flu?
is it common to get salmenella in your urinary track?
The inventor of Vaseline ate a spoonful of the stuff every morning!?
iam i FAT!!!!!!!?
Does anyone know any good ab workouts that get the bottom of your stomach area fit?
How can I improve my metabolism?
I am 15 years old and i really am sick of wearing sweatshirts to school everyday.How do i loose weight well?
what is the average weight for me?
Is it ok for me to exercise before breakfast?
Weight Watchers... yes or no? What is your opinion?
What is the fastest way to lose about ten pounds?
if s bald eagle is roosting in my chimney, am i justified in killing it and eating it?
Are there any good ways to loose weight fairly quickly without being anirexic or taking diet pills?
do i have good abs?what do i need to work on? lots of pics included.?
How to gain weight? ?
HELP! how do I get rid on side fat and my gut? HELP?
how to stop feeling hungry when ur on a diet ?
Am I fat or overweight?
im 13 years old how much sshould i weigh?
I need to lose weight ( Help me please)?
Reasons for why people don't exercise?
Is this a healthy weight for me? I have pics...please answer?
i m 21 and overweight. help me in loosing weight?
why do people say never to eat after seven?
what is the best aid for backache?
are there any home treatments for kidney stones?
I'm interested in learning how to meditate.?
Are there any herbs that help the spleen?
Are there any vitamin supplements to help with Caffeine withdrawal?
has anyone had any luck with being hypnotized to stop drug addiction??
What is Hexapro and what is the generic name for it?
Herbal Medicine - Placebo or Real?
If you have no antibodies can you still have a virus?
How long can STD's or STI's live outside the human body?
Toenail fungus question?
what type of siezure can last 45 minutes?
How do you get rid of Stretch Marks?
Does anyone know of any recent advances for treating a descending aortic disecction?
Solution to under arm pit sweating?
How do you make hemorrhoids go away?
Help me....Sunburned very badly?
Help! Sweating Problem??
How do you get rid of scars?
my mole was bleeding after i was sunburnt, should i go to the doctor?
what do you think about scars?
How can I get rid of the acne on my shoulders?
acne..how can i get rid of it FAST?
Getting rid of blackheads.?
Best way to help acne scaring?
I have a rash on my legs i want to know what it is. Its red, itchy, painful, has heat in it.?
Palms of my hands and the bottoms of my feet are..?
my son has a rash all over his body. during the doctors visit blood was drawn and its not chicken pox. now wht?
What's a good cheap way to get rid of acne FAST?
My skin from my feet are cracking even though I used lotion...HELP!?
How Can I Reduce The Redness-Swelling Of My Acne?
does sudafed make u drowsy??
is there a permanent cure for depression?
How long does Acid Reflux last for an infant?
smell make me sick. what is wrong with me. the smell of seafood and red meat make me very ill.?
What does percocet show up as in a drug test?
I know how hiccups start but how do they end on their own?
What causes "skin tags" on a persons body??
I am on oxygen using a liquid oxygen portable cannister.?
is there a cream or medicine to get rid of or fade dark spots on the legs and arms?
fibrocystic disease ...of breast and the risk of cancer ...?
how long would a 5mg valium stay in my system?Ive only taken 2 within 2 day period and this is my 1st time evr
with mentalillness how can you tell if you here voices or not if there real or just in your head.?
how does blood clean cells?
Why can we stand our own stink, but not others?
what is apico pleural thickening?what could have caused it?
I would like to know about Veterans Hospitalization & Prescription Drugs.?
Does anyone know of a New Insulin To Help Weight-Loss?
I had a bladder sling 2 weeks ago and doing ok but would like to know when the bladder starts working again.?
What is causing a sharp pain in my inner thigh?
my dr. gave me a perscrition for darvacet, but they make me very nauseated. How can i avoid this?
I have started this terrible right hip pain?
Using a Moist Heating Pad?
Woke up this morning and had severe body aches out of nowhere?
anyone can help me I have Back pain?
what is thoracic dextroscoliosis?
Polycystic ovary syndrome Ever Heard of it?
Inhibitors of Cyp450 2D6?
What should be the ideal HAEMOGLOBIN level for a routine (cold)surgery and why.?
i is it possible to have pain in the bronchioles as caused by ulcers?
Help !!. what is anxiety neurolysis?
what is caused retina detachment?
Does anyone know what the best things to put on if you have wrinkles on your face?
Can you "think" yourself well when you are sick?
Where do I get a breast implant done within 16 days?
Why do you want quit smoking now?
why do a lot of products that say "fragrance-free" really has a smell to it?
what are the symptoms of growing pains?
What's the quickest relief for the pain of a bee sting?
What is the fastest way to clear the throat of mucus?
How do you get a blood stain out of clothing?
do you know a name of girl who passes gas every two hours?
is there such things as airbourne mites?
What are beneficial qualities of olive oil to skin and body?
How come humans can blow a very hot breath and then blow a very cold one right after?
How do you get rid of black heads?
Is this weird?
an easy way to quickly get rid of oily skin between classes?
13 and scarred of the dark!?
How To Get Rid Of Blemishes/Acne?
How to get rid of acne?
does lemon juice get rid of acne scars?
bad back acne its summer i need help?
Breaking bad habbits?
Why Do Lice Keep Coming Back ?
acne caused by hormones?
Why do I have acne? I've tried everything!?
Got bad sunburn and now my skin is peeling!!!!?
greyish red bump on upper thing?
Seriosly Dry Skin?? PLEASE HELP....EASY POINT!!?
any good tips to get rid of my acne?
What is the weirdest dream you have ever had and what do you think it meant?
When all of life seems to be beyond your control, what do you do?
How can I help my sister?
a year ago i ended an 11 yr relationship since then im going thru a major depression?
I don't know if I am just depressed or if I have a more serious problem. I tend to do everything in excess.
For the last 7 months I am not living with my parents, i miss them?
Should haldol be used to treat combativeness when there is a lifethreatening overdose of ambien?
where can i find information about dolphins and special kids in California?
Differentiate Salmonella typhi againts Salmonella enteriditis?
What is physohex?
what causes sudden very loud sound (like a gun shot ) in the brain while a person is at rest?
what is the ceremony for recieving a token in alcoholics anonymous?
can tinitus be cured. that is noise in the ear continuously?
I have got white patches of hypopigmentation.Can it be treated?is it related with asthama?its not hereditary.?
If I have strep F and Keflex was resistant, would a shot of rocephin work?
Might Stomach ulcer help?
Can pelvic inflammatory disease be confused for BV?
what is an itchy throat the start of?
Cold that didn't go away?
I ate after someone and two days later they got sick and got a fever blister.?
Were can you buy shower soothers?
what are two ways that viruses infect eukaryotes enter their host cells?
What effect does drinking cold water have on someone with a cold?
Does anyone know of a person who suffers from the Asbestos illness the rare Lung Disease?
due i need to see infectious diseaus dr.after lung surgery for histoplasmosis?
Eyes warm and swollen?
Should you wear contacts when exercising? when and when not to put on contacts..& yes i know not to sleep in?
Do you know what this is called?
Could this be ringworm?
Really weird bug in my room last night?
How long would a mosquito bite take to heal?
What can I do to prevent my skin from getting VERY oily?
what is the good relief for the dandruff?
I have this big thing on my back and i dont know what it is!?
What kind of burn do i have ?
How do you get rid of under the breasts rash?
Cold sore, still a small bump, how to treat it before it's too late?
Why do people chew on thier fingernails?
how to treat an infected spot?
What can I do about Eczema?
Can't get rid of my head lice, what do I do?
please tell me what this is.... im going crazy... pictures provided?
I have BAD acne......and what are tips i can do to get rid of it?? ive had it for like 2 years....?
My girl friend has red bump all over her chest and bhind her ear and bumps on her head?
Is working with fiberglass pools dangerous to my health? Sometimes I get shards of the fiberglass in me.?
I have a joint savings account with my son. Is this safe from a nursing home taking it when i need to enter?
ive lost count, how many days are there between periods (menstruaction)?
Is there a way to curb the "mooning" side effect of Prednisone?
prescription medicine reaction withvitamins and other over the counter meds/?
My wife has been told that she has a chromium allergy. Is there anything she can take for it? Please HELP!!!?
what is the address for Parkway Hospital in Queens, NY?
If gallstones are found in ultrasound after a gullbladder attack, is surgery necassary?
Should I be concerned that while I have stomach cramps due to diarrhea that I orgasm?
Medicaid legal procedures to prosecute a provider?
I work in very hot conditions with no air con. What is best to drink besides water.? I am ALWAYS thirsty!?
2 or 3 hours after a breakfast of oatmeal and a few pieces of cantelope blood sugar was 136. How bad is this?
how does diabetes disrupt homeostasis?
Diabetes and drugs. PLEASE HELP!?
is there any place that i could donate unused insulin that i do not need?
Can you take Glucosmine when you have type 2 diabeties?
Sugar and Salt??
why does my stomac blow up when i drink pop or eat sweets?
best nephrologists in bomay india?
Diabetic supply return policy?
glucose levels after meals?
Byretta(insulin) I'm just curious if anyone else is on it. Its pretty new.?
my stepsons friend is a dibetic and was just woundering what would happen if he got water instend of insulen?
does anyone know of a child who had epilepsy AND type one diebetes? i need desperate help for my 10 yr old?
why cinnamon againts diabetes?
Homeopathy treatment of Allergy?
Pepsi Cola is rolling out with a milk how is it possibly safe?
Regarding our ancient theory Accupressure........ it there any ancient books are available?......?
is Folic acid good for you,even when your not pregnant?i would like to know what it does for you and how much
Does anyone know of a meal replacement shake or protein powder that doesn't contain Splenda or Aspartame?
where can we buy cessiac and yuccalive?
is there a homeopathy remedy use for plumeria?
can anyone let me know where I can buy Myrtle essential oil, not Lemon Myrtle just plain myrtle?
Has anyone that has stopped eating red meat noticed weight loss?
If a person without any ED problem takes Cialis, will it augment his virility or affect adversely?
Can anyone explain where the acupuncture point ST36 is located exactly?
Is TRU NONI juice sold in local retail stores?
What natural alternatives are there for deodorant?
what r some alternative drugs for adhd?
Has anyone ever tried Colon Cleanse? I bought some but am afraid to try it?
How high can blood pressure go before someone could have a stroke or heart attack?
If you can only pay small payments on your medical bills, Does it negatively affect your creditf?
I have bad pains in my shins is it good to tape them for support while I play sports?
what are some great tips to releave anxiety and just relax?
Rehabilitate sprained ankle?
Can Shower Curtains Spread Fungi infection?
What is the website address for the prescription service that Montel Williams is in a commercial for? THanks.
Coud this condition be cause from amy medication that I am taking, like Fosomax?
what kind of pill has IP 145 on it?
Cholesterol level is measured in mmhg.?
Is there a cure or can your heart get smaller if you have an enlarged heart?
www.google details re. Parkinson's disease?
Why am I breaking out?
Can a 15 year old have Botox?
is physically dead the same as medically dead?
what is the function of health planning committee?
at home skin tightening?
It is on tv and is a set of all the clear sheer makeup?
Approximately how long would somebody survive being buried alive in a coffin 6ft underground?
Would you tan if it meant more wrinkles in old age?
What causes hiccups??
what is the last modern remedy for relative bald?Is hair fantastic an experienced production?
What kind of food do Skinny and thin people EATS? Name a few....?
what phisical feature attracts most guys???? eyes???lips???bootie???feet???
What's the best, safest way to relieve a sore ankel?
Psoriasiform dermatitis?
what other products is phenol found in?
I recently had a small bump develop on my heel (achilles tendon). What could this be, and how can I heal it?
Light-headed feeling with tension around the base of the skull and neck?
Does anyone know how to take the pain away from a pinched nerve in my neck?
canh a multivitamin cause a headhache? I took one this morning and had a headache this afternoon?
I have foot pain; what could it be?
Is this true about Army boot camp? Is there REALLY a thing called a "profile" that can keep you in?
is there a wrist brace for massage therapist???????
I need emergency help from someone on here please!!!!!!!?
Is It Possible To Get The Flu Even Though You Got Your Flu Shot?
chronic hep c with viral load of 23 million how serious is this?
Where does pArvo come from?
Multiple sclerosis!!!!?
If you are doctor I will give you clinic to work in Oman!?
What is the role of the mucous glands in the skin of a frog?
Gallstones? how long can i go?
HELP! I've been biten by fleas, what should I do?
How many calories burned in one mile of walking?
I can't stop snacking on junk food?
I think im fat? am i?
How to lose weight im a girl....?
how do you lose weight overr the summer and come back skinny?
what is a good snack i can eat? not hard to chew?
Eating Problems!?
I feel sick and have a headache after exercising?
im 5' 7 12 years old and 195.5 pounds, is that over weight?
Am I overweight? I'm 5'6 and....?
If you are a 23yr old female and 5"4 and weight 145lbs, is that over weight???
Will i loose weight by eating 2 meals a day?
what is a cancer?
to you have to have surgery if you have a herniated disk in c5 and c6?
Is This An OK Weight?
If I were to eat nothing but a multivitamin and drink water every day, what would that do to me?
is it bad to eat beef?
How much should a teen eat each day?
What is ur fave acne product?
How do you get rid of a planters wart?
Bump in Eye.?
Embarrassing problem???? Please help me!?
I have these quite deep lines under my eyes,how can I get rid of them?
I have a friend who has lots of dandruff what should she do?
How to treat cracked lips?
sweating problem!!?
What acne products work?!?
how to get rid of excema?
RED THING ON FINGER WITH WHITISH CENTER. I popped it several times and pus comes out?
why do we get goosebumps?
What can I do to get clearer skin?
I have chest and back ance?
can you get herpes if....?
How do you remove a wart?
i have really chapped lips.?
wondering if the BV online book is worth it.?
Is it possible to strenghten the diaphragm with exercise?
Been prescribed Dacortin 30 mg (PREDNISONA ORAL) for bronchitis, my legs are now swollen, side-effects.3x size
how do i aquire an applictiom for my Dad to get section 8 to move from Texas to California due to health issu
Has any adult removed their tonsils thinking it will help them sleep better?
what was the weather for zip code 03842 for July 19,2006..humidity and dewpoint?
Rheumatoid Lung Arthritis???
Does Staphylococus cause barreness in women?
what is AXI regarding Contact lense?
Is It Safe To Drink Urine --- Particuarly in Emergency Situations?
i have asick baby?
Ct scans???
i am looking for an specif article of national geographic magazine?
withdrawels.how do u get over drug withdrawels?
the best way to give up bad habbits?
do you know any sites that talk about nutrition vs. sleep?
When the wart fell off it looked like a small piece was still there is it gone or is some of it still there?
Are lobotomies still done anywhere anymore?
Social anxiety or fear of women?
How do you build up self confidence in a social environment, without getting scared?
What percentages of adults wear disposable diapers and plastic pants.?
What are the hances of a relapse in a depressed patient on medication? What factors may lead to a relapse??
When Your Stuffy Why Do You Snore?
Is there a product on the market that is less expensive yet comparable to Kinerase cream?
how will i extract oil from coffee bean?
Why does my stomach swell out everytime i eat?
has any one ever had laser eye surgery?
Does anyone know how to get rid of the 5th disease?
how can i get out of my anxiety problem?
What is the greatest medical technology invented?
I am a boy of 17 and i have a lot of hair on by body???
Is there any secret way to remove mole's?with out surgery?
what causes upper back pain?
Can you give me some massage techniques?
what are the benefits of vitamin B50 complex?
My sugar level is high how can I bring it down is there something I can drink?
My streghnt & my weakness . What's in you ; makes you strong & what makes you weak ?
How to ask my mom about mole removal.?
Does anyone know anything about a "cupping" procedure? Its benefits and risks?
what are some good non acidic juices?
why do i get a headache when i look up at something??? is it bad for me?
after an accident two years ago I have pain in C5&6. could my neck pain be related to my thoracic pain?
What is the best Product to get rid of zits? I've used proactive and it's done nothing so far..?
How do I get rid of undertheskin zits?
Natural cure to a fingernail fungus.?
Any suggestions? I have dry skin below eyebrow area?
Is it safe to go in tanning beds with the H1N1 flu going around?
how can i get rid of my acne?
Acne Help!!?
How can i get clearer skin?
I seem to be itching excessively all over my body?
how long drugs take to be addictive?
Red Bump on side of my Head?
i need herlp on acne?
How do you get rid of Back-acne?
what do i do with a horrible sunburn??? and no aloe!?
Can anyone tell me why a thyroid blood test comes back normal after 2 docs say it definetely is the thyroid?
watching TV in a dark room bad for your eyes - a myth?
even if you have glasses can the computer still hurt your eyes?
Contacts Anyone?
I have a lump under my eyelid, can you please help?
do sunglasses protect from direct sun rays hitting your eyes or any type of brightness?
Bruised eye lid. And eye?
I need to know what possible allergic reactions are to a hepititus B vaccination?
depakote/nablumetome, are there any chemical reactions using the two drugs ?
is this my neck being out of place?
why? my right knee is killing me. it started out as always popping, and now i can barely lay my leg straight.?
what are the side effects of an epidural?
mrsa!? couple qeustions how can you get it? how do you know you have it? what does it look like?
Is this really a stye or something else?
Cholera and the bubonic plague?
Tolit paper I used touched the floor before? ?
do i have the flu??(20 characters)?
why does corticosteroids contraindicated for fungal infections?
What is a good cream for excema?
can teenagers use this product..?
how can you get rid of a yeast infection quickly without going to the doctors?
Getting rids of warts?
i keep gting sweaty armpits and i am too self consiece about it is there any deodrants that are really good ?
Is there a way to make really old scars fade?
I have bad acne, should I go to the dermatologist?
Umm acne problems...?
ACNE, HELP! how to get rid of acne FAST?
Is "ring worm" REAL worms under your skin?
how come swimming in a pool helps get rid of acne?
i need help with my acne :'(?
Can acne make people not like you ? ?
What are the absolute best gloves for someone who has had frostbite 5 times, and has to be in windy below?
Skin question?......?
bad acne and stretch marks on my back how can i get rid of them?
What is the best way to get rid of acne?
Please help W/ my acne problem.?
when will i stop suffering from acne?
What are some key foods that first, lower blood pressure and second, raise blood pressure?
Any alternative medicine for BIPOLAR DISORDER??
Does anyone know if this product works? - www.prosperyourlife.net?
How do you feel (see details)?
Where are the seminars for June 13th for the medicine wheel healing in Wisconsin?
what is a white in color pill with the writing on it as NL 275?
Can caffeine make a person hallucinate?
How can a toxic substance like nickeous sulfate be allowed in CENTRUM?
how long does it take for methadone to get out of your system and still pass a drug test?
what does contact lens solutions contain?
omega 3 and depression?
i like to learn more about wa po in thailand?
I have to take a drug test Tomm I took 1/2 of a hydrocondon tuesday night will it but outta my system by thurs
what are dialysis bags, and how do they work?
Anyone tried the famous HOODIA - and if so- what were your results.??
How to measure the thioredoxin?
Has anyone here tried a product called: The Almighty Cleanse?
is there such thing as a cough drop addiction?
i got a spider bite and its now big and its purple in the middle should i worry?
Who already has a sunburn?
Can you snort Ativan?
Can I safely open my eyes underwater after having had LASIK surgury?
How do you get water out of your ears?
What are all of the names for flamaldahyde?
Car Sickness Issues...anybody got a solution?
are all states going to have to get a scrip?
Im colored.Do i need sun cream to protect my body when i go to the beach or is only meant for the white?
how to treat an eye infection?
how can I ask my boss 4 a raise w/o sounding like I'm askinf 4 one. i do mor stuff than i was hired 4.?
new help for adults with asthma?
Getting rid of chest/sinus congestion?
What's the best way to minimize coughing while Whooping Cough is running it's course?
What is guylian bar syndrome?
do you feel secure with the way you look?
Why would a 13 year old be doing weird breathing sounds?
What is the Difference between desloratidine and loratidine?
how do you get rif of acne?
I get these little goosebump looking reddish dots over my legs all the time, how can i make them go away?
Do you use a bath towel more than once?
My husband suffers from major depression just started meds yesterday. anybody know of any fast ways to help?
Mr cricket,u ask what med. I'm taking:maxair,spiriva,advair,singular,zyrtec,xopenex,pulmicort,prevacid.?
What is the most beautiful part of the human body?
what is a water-seal spirometer and how does it perform lung function tests?
what can you do when you get a sun rash?
who ever came up with the name 'charlie horse' (like when you get that sharp pain)?
Is there a cure for aids?
Good ways to get acne scars to fade?
i extremely!!! itchy toes! and when they bend a little backwards it hurts! SO WHATS UP!!!?
What would cause these bumps?
what are these marks on my sons feet?
my dad went to the hospital twice in 2 weeks with heaviesness and pressure in his chest they done a stress?
Prolaspe QT?
Can coffee be used in case of hypotension ?
How are some forms of heart disease diagnosed?
where to find Andrew Mierzejewski book Bring your triglycerides down naturally (in stock)?
i had a really bad day........?
How small do particles need to be to pass through the lungs into the bloodstream in an average adult?
Are there more cases of strep in colder climates or is strep common across the US mainly during winter months?
what is the perscription medicine terazosin used for?
am i overweight??
8th Grade? Help?
Help! im 5'6 and my weight is 138, I hate my body & I want to loose weight!?
Please help!!!!!?
I want to lose 10 lbs before school starts. Any tips are good!?
How can kids loose weight and eat healthy?
How are the movie stars getting so thin so fast ? Does anyone know ?
is she fat?or is it normal?
Am I fat??? 5'2 and 108 lbs???
AM I Fat? please dont make jokes im really scared !?
am i too fat?
What can i do to GAIN weight ?
Am I 5'1ft, and I weight 85lbs, am I underweight, overweight, or average? ?
How many pounds would you lose?
what are the best diets?
how can i become anorexic?
urgent help with diet plan needed!!!?
What happens when my toenail turns red/orange after it has been broken?
Can someone tell me about fluoroscopically guided needle placements for chronic pain?
What its a normal level in adult for Alkaline phosphate?
need to find out what a valium pill looks like?
do you have ocd?
what mental exercises practice the special agents to have self control or to memorize?
what is the christian name of mr. Alzheimer?
dim lights bother my eyes and floursecent lights too i have -5.75 vision and wear contacts -5.00 my glasses?
Why is Prolixin still on the market?
New Glasses?
My psychiatrist called me a psycho-ceramic, short for crackpot. Is this a real term?
When to wear or not wear my glasses?
what is the FASTEST way i get rid of an area of zits?
What is your own personal PROVEN way of fighting acne?
What should someone due if their body naturally smells really bad?
acne problem!!?
I am oozing from my head, what's wrong?
i had a fever blister on my lip i scratched it and my lips stay scaped and its been 4 weeks now it just wont?
acne help now???????help!!?
why am i still getting acne at age 17?
It is a must that we must pull back the skin in order to clean it? IT IS INDEED PAINFUL!?
acne no matter what !?
Really Really Really Horrid SunBurn That Has Bubbled Up?
Can hives be triggered by something other than an allergic reaction or viral infection?
Does sleep contribute to acne?
i have a lot of scratch from a lil fight i was in?
Cramps in the area of my bladder?
what is it ? uvula sore?!?!?
Some interesting facts made about 'Flu?
Weird thing that's in my mucus?
I drank pool water, only realizing after wards that it had earlier contained a dead bird. What do I do?
what types of sickness are suitable for overseas treatment?
Anyone with allergies to birth control pills?
Is OTC Tavist good for a sinus headache? Will it make you sleepy?
Both my dad and I have something in our sweat that causes certain metals to corrode...?
Can you answer this?
hey all you coke heads?
Can't bring up "unitedhealthgroup.com/careers" Recommendations?
I would like to know if hernias can repair themselves without surgery?
Safe to fly with an ear infection?
If your child lives out of the state can they still be under the same health insurance?
Why do I feel nauseous in the AM before I eat?
Whats the comments stomach pain you can have???
Why is it my doctor will not order a MIR ?
Why are we having to see PA's instead of doctor's and paying the same price.?
What is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
what is pain that feels like a wire being pulled around the midriff coming from the spine?
Any doctors ? Friend got into a fight?
How much does it cost for Morton neuroma surgery if paying with cash?
How many tylenol pm will hallucinate?
can i be pregnant?
Does xanax help with withdrawl symptoms?
yahoo answers is worthless isnt it?
Serious pain on the bottom of my left foot-what is it?
How long does it usually take for an Epidural steroid injection to alleviate a herniated disk to take effect?
I fell and broke my tailbone, anyone have any suggestions on how to relieve the pain?
12 year old son is ITCHING LIKE CRAZY?
my husband all of a sudden started itching on his neck and it wouldn't stop so he went to take a shower?
what to do about dry hands?
Is it okay to have LICE for a LONG time?
it hurts when i pinch my skin really hard.?
Weird skin question...Please help?
If i take like 3 showers a day will that get rid or acne?
What is the quickest way to get rid of chest/back acne?
My 4 yr old has warts, it started with one on his elbow and 2 wks later he got 2 on his tummy what can this be
Am I supposed to pop acne at all?
Do I have Hives?!?
itchy patches?
I need skin help?
Sunburn treatments?
Are all cold sores because of herpes or can stress/illness cause them too?
I get so itchy help me!!?
what is the cure for scury.?
are there any studies for alcohol effects and blood pressure meds?
What benefits do you get from nutrition for stress?
how do i get my own surgey done?
Why does the iron in supplements lead to constipation?
When you have asthma when and where does it attack?
Does anyone have info or sites about a lung infection called micobacterium avium intracellular?
what are the nursing interventions of bronchogenic carcinoma?
Breathing remedies...?
I have item # 98919302 up for auction. I can't find it on the yahoo auction. Why not????
How many feet away from a clean linen cart is the dirty linen cart suppsoed to be?
Type of COMBS?
How can I get up easily ?
what is the best way to remove hair?
How to prevent hang nails.?
How long does it take verapamil to take effect?
why do women have smaller feet than men?
can i catch hepatitis C from my friend if she's been cured?
after a persons pap test come back abnormal what would their doctor recommend?
can a person get hiv if the person infected with hiv virus?
HPV and BV? Are they often Misdiagnosed?
whats the interval to take the HPV vaccine?
What is the benefit of a partial nephrectomy vs. a radical nephrectomy if ..........?
use of hormone replacement therapy in people who cannot secrete aldosterone?
myocardial tests?
what are the most latest or the newest operating procedure in United States of America?
Any pharmicist or techs out there?
On a winter evening Mr. Pulse decides to take a hot Jacuzzi. What will happen to Mr.Pulse's heart rate? Why?
How is an upper G.I. performed?
What European country has the highest death rate from heart disease and among the highest levels of animal fat
How to extract and preserve aloe vera juice/gel ?????
Looking for information on Q-link and similar devices.?
what is the best treatment for Hidradenitis Suppurative?
Is Tylenol 3 the heavey duty pain reliever?
Alternative works only when you are Light and Fluffy?
What's the best insulin pump? Why?
does the drug zyvox affect your organs?
Isit true, is NY really monitoring Diabetics & keeping personal information on file? Which state will be next?
I had a very strange experience last night. I got extremely loopy. My blood sugar was 76. I had eaten:?
can yeats infections cause like open burning looking cuts?
what is the difference between type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes?
How does eating brown rice help people with diabetes?
ncs diet vs lcs diet for diabetics in nursing homes? If family request a no sugar diet is dietary at legal ris
do diabetics have to pay for insulin in florida u.s.a?
What is the correct number of carbohydrates per day, for a 61 yr. losing weight?
Where can I get free diabetic log books by mail?
Is anyone looking for a way to get more fruits and veggies in the diet?
sample nursing care plan for tonsillopharyngitis?
Is diabetes mellitus 1 characterized only as the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin?
Movement when reading - need help?
what is the difference between tropia and phoria?
can the eyelid be repaired if surgeon took off too much skin?
What is the tool the eye doctor uses that looks like a honeycomb?
What's the price to visit an eye doctor so that he can get an something under my eye lid?
i have acne on my face and i m wanting to shave should i shave up or down?
does this rash look permanent?
has anyone had PRK before ? if so are you happy with it?
I was just wondering if anyone else gets mystery bruises?
How do I lighten my skin complexion?
What gene causes Melanoma?