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What is the best lotion/cream for dry, cracked hands?
I want to get rid of my acne, what should I do differently?
Proactiv skin treatment, a good investment?
is this athlete's foot?
Why the dermatologist look for a mole ?
What do you do if your b12 count is 1200 and can only be 900?
Is this pinkeye? ? ? ? ? (20 characters)?
Can you be a carrier of Asbergers syndrome?
What is the gastric sleeve?
Dizziness, headaches, and sore throat?
is it possible that my brother can get cholera , please help?
Can crohns be treated with esdifan?
blood mucus sneezing congested?
Is there indeed any beneficial cream that’s firms the breast instantly & can last longer?
How do bird flu spread all over the world?
Has anybody have traveling arthritis? Treatment that worked for you if any?
how reflux happen?
Why can't my daughter sleep very well at night?
What are the chances of Lead poisoning in the blood?
what can be done for pain remaining 6 months after bunionectomy?
what can I take to relieve the pain from tendonitis in my elbow?
Can anyone tell me if they have had back surgery and how it went?
i have been experiencing pressure in my right ear and pressure on the front part of my neck. ?tmj?
What is the scientific name of hydrocephalus?
Could i have tendonitis from jiu jitsu?
i'm having difficulty buying a shoe to fit 2and 1/2years after a bunion and hammertoe surgery?
12.Describe how to treat respiratory depression caused by over administration of opioids.?
how do you deal with adult add?
Kids who want glasses?
len crafters?
Ocular veins question?
For Yag, or another eye doc on here: Is it OK to wear make-up while recovering from Iritis?
eye floaters?
Does anyone know how to make frames for eyeglasses?
is it safe to apply eye mo red to those people with cataract?
please help?
so i feel i need glasses and yesterday...?
Im using the acuvue oasys and my eye doc. also gave me a prescription for the the acuvue colours.?
is there any over the counter cream with the same healing power as bactroban?
What are the other names of quarternary ammmonium salts, besides benzalkonium chloride?
Does anyone else ever cough from lemon juice?
why is it that we're first attracted to eachother by looks and not attitude?
What is the solution for my oily face?
anyone know where can buy Alfaparf hair products in Canada?
I am taking an anatomy test and need to know why does it hurt when you tear your nail exposing the nail bed?
values and benefits of lifetime health and physical fitness?
what is the air quality of the central valley?
what is hcl-acetaminophen par?
I have natural brown skin, but in the past year i have become very pale....What is that caused from....?
Why do you wait to take someone's temperature after they have smoked?
functions of fibre?
after having layposuccsion surgery done, how much time does it takes to involve in physical excersise?
using colloidal silver as a medicine?
Anyone have info on use of Pau d'arco supplement. Warnings, side effects etc.?
how do you think that advertisemts on TV or newspaper of medicines actually work?
which herbal tea is good for infections?i heard green tea.if i add sugar for flavor?
has anyone here feel like i do.i am amazed at how good natural med is?
will pancuronium cause the death of the patient if he/she is not intubated?
what's a good way to clear sinuses?
what is a good med for a headach fever and sore throat??
The outside of my left foot has been bothering me for weeks...?
What is Reiki and how does it work?
what is a low cholesterl diet?
Medical answers. what are the electric things that can bring people back to life?
still having symptoms?
Mind/body healing audio files?
What vitamins increase your metabolism?
Can bv treatments make the problem worse before getting better?
what factors determine geographical distribution of std's?
how does human urine form?
adenocard? and Inderal LA?
Heart Stints?
hypertensive cardiovascular disease?
How weak can a heartbeat become in a person with adrenal fatigue?
Hypertension-Whats the difference between an alpha and beta blocker?
Does low-fat milk contain unhealthy cholesterol (low density)?
A slender, healthy,active 42 year old women has a cholesterol of 258(LDL 181) ratio 5.2. Should she go on meds
Why is this happening?
Do you think chocolate causes acne?
Acne treatments? help?
Is it true that when you drink water it makes your skin look healthier?
how can get rid of acne?
How do I get rid of my canker sores?
extreme underarm sweating?
I have freckle on my neck.pls help!?
how do you fix the red ring of death?
Has anyone cured their chemical sensitivity?
How to get rid of zits?
i have a red rash under my chin?
why is my tounge turning black all around the edges?
A cold sore?
I have acne and im tired of store products any natural remedies?????????
easy and quick way to get rid of acne on forehead?
I am 15, and I don't want to suffer from baldness in the future, how can I prevent this from happening?
How Can I Get Rid Of My Sweaty Hands? PLEASE HELP!!!?
Weird growths on head and face?
in teens how is asthma serious.is it necessary to me as an asthmatic teen to take my medications even if i hat
Does anyone know if mild to moderate emphysema can be very painful. Is it possible that there may be another?
what is the equivalent of 3 lpm of O2 to percentage?
what is emphysemas history?
knee surgery four yrs ago and still suffing pain, it is work related but having problems with workers.com.?
Have a rotator cuff tear? Does it hurt all the time? What do you do for it?
I know this is the wrong section, but help...please??
My 2yr old Bullmastiff has a swollen, very painful toe...what else could it be?
Should I keep it up??
Will everything turn out OK??
Random Knee Pains?
I have had this rash for about 2 mths and the docs say its ringworm it dont look likeit.....what do you think
Which Acne Product works better...?
Warts ? Help ! Should I or should I not ?
Remedies for weird rash???
Why is my upper lip so dry?
how to get rid of moles yourself?
Do you have a secret to clearing up your acne?
i am a 14 year old boy and i wanted to know what is the best acne treatment for my age group...?
whats the best face cleaner for acne?(that i can buy at local stores)?
couple of weeks ago, I burn my self with a cookie sheet its a minor burn. How can I get rid of the scar?
My spots, How do I get rid of Them?
ouch my foot is sore! do i have athletes foot!?
if my friends skin is color brown. is it ok if i call her chocolate thunder?
does suntan lotion keep you from getting browner?
how to shave under there?
Help! Tips of my finger is extremely itchy!?
I keep getting boils, there are 8 of them on my body, is this normal? It's starting to scare me.?
Help me with my Acne problems?
What kind of disease does he have?
How many chromosomes does dwarfism have?
Has anyone heard of "Fifths" disease?
What is the function of caecum (cecum)?
my boths hands small fingers are feeling numb?
cures for lupus?
I would like to ask about treetment for meniers disease?
what will happen if you have a high level of gpt?
name medication cycle posamate for artritis?
I'm a Filipino Respiratory Therapist,can you tell me how can I become an nbrc registered therapist?
What do you do for a stye in your eye?
Feeling sick twice within a couple of months of each other?
will the doctor take my tonsils out?
What meds can kill the flu?
How Long does it take to show signs of conjunctivitis?
tonsil stones please help!!?
my throat and my right ear hurt really badly every time i swallow.What should i do?
How long do vomit particles (from stomach virus) last on surfaces and fabrics and in the air?
did i have the stomach flu or not?
If paranoia is not treated, does it get worse?
Does my brother really have a fever?
Why is my throats left lymph node like this?
Is it possible to have strep throat without running a fever?
Is doves campaign for real beauty positive? They say they are confident but they are selling firming cream?
what is the main meaning of life?
I need to find second hand clothes from the 1950's era.... in sydney?
What would happen if i took tons of 200mg. Lamictal pills @ one time?
why people get red face when they take alchol?
What brand of strapless bras are the best for large chests (34D) that actually support and don't fall down?
What are the names of diffrent kisses?
How long does it usually take stone fragments to pass after lithotripsy?
how do you take out the smell of BBQ smoke from a leather jacket?
Why do we have eyebrows?
how can protnix affect a drug test?
Have you ever caught a family member playing with themself?
what is the normal fasting glucose level for children?
I take a fish oil supplement and I read that one should not take a daily baby aspirin while doing so.?
What food products will help improve your joints?
My mom's making me anorexic..help plz...?
How do i loose weight quickly??
Diet coke/soft drinks a hoax?
back acne? what should i do?
why is it that a dead body looks so very pale?
Acne trouble, am i doing the wrong things?
What could these bumps on my arms be?
Skin discolored after showering?
how to get rid of flaky skin?
help with contact lens?
Is it harmful to your vision to wear clear eyeglasses?
In which finger & in which metal theMoon stone & Cats eye stone should be worn ?
Spots on Face! what is it?
Oily/greasy skin,acne..help!?
Is there anyway at all that I can get rid of the brown spot (pigmentation) in my eye?
I think I have ringworm.Tell me what you think?
Acne treatments suggestions for adolescent son?
What is the best way to get rid of acne?
I have an eating disorder how do i get help?
I may have a parcel knee replacement, the Oxford . Has anyone out there had this done? Your opinion ?
Do you have to have surgery If you have a torn ligament in your ankle?
Does stress give you acne?
any cure for acne?
i use this acne cream...?
Acne tips!!?
what could it be if its not a keloid?
can you put face moisturizer on your legs?
Went over a pothole in a bus yesterday-now my insides hurt?
How does it feel like when you put on contacts?
Why are there white bumps forming on a scar from stitches?
what could it bi if its not a keloid?
How long do i have to keep ice on my lip so it wont Swell?
cicle is over but still bledding.why?
What is post-surgical pulmonary edema?
combination of streptomycin,combutol,levofloxacin is effective to treat tb?
a question about gnc womens hair nails and skin multivitamin?
Leucoderma (Vitiligo)?
I'm having THE worst time finding CALADAPIN anywhere on the internet. I know it's a pill..!? RIGHT!?
how can i loose a kidney stone of approx.15cm without an operation?
what supplement is kongac?
what's wrong with taking st. johns wort? i use to take it daily years?
are there any herbs or medicinies that help people with schizophrenia?
For those who gone to a hypnotist to quit smoking, has it worked for you?
Diabetic with persistant warts?
What are some benefits of using garlic as a nutritional supplement?
should pigs be used as donors for transplants?
Questions about my supplements?
is alka-seltzerplus safe?
has anyone used the foot spa (detox) and did it help.?
is there any evidence that;chants,mantras,yantras,sounds,or music work in a positive way?
Can anyone recommend a good grape seed extract and some links to sites on it?
Why when you are on a treatment against candida you can't eat things with sugar?
Cerebral Palsy and Ti Chi?
Are there any drugs or things that actually help Rheumatoid Arthritis?
If it gets kinda cold and ur feet hurt wat does that mean?
What is Perduretas Codeine?
How can I force myself out of my slumber during a dream?
what is dtr??
kombucha medicine?
ma friend wants to know what to take for vitamin B.and her falling hair prob isnt solved?
i would like to know the methods in which essential blepharospasm can be treated?
Why did they used to give rabies vaccines in the stomach? Modern vaccines go in the deltoid or thigh.?
what is chlestasis?
What does an IgG and IgW Blood test, test for? Is this the same blood work run on a Standard STD?
how long after you get checked for STDs does planned parenthood give you your results?
When the sore throat from throat gonorrhea passes, has the infection passed?
Is it true that guys who are intact have a higher chance of contracting an STD?
how do I find a mail site where I can ask questions (or is this only for the diabetes group?)?
if one of the parent has been diabetic ,is there not any test available in gentics which the children can get?
Trying to find Homeopathic medicine, Help needed serious answers please?
can too much sugar in blood in women lead to infertility?
What do we know about Human Growth Hormone therapy in adults with kidney disease and diabetes.?
doctors only please?
thuse alcohal increase yhe blood sugar in diabetic person?
What is retina detachment, & what are some solutions for this problem?
pumpkin bread for diabetic?
Binge drinking?
What's your advice when shopping for an insulin pump?
my panceras have stones in it????
When untreated, Diabetes can lead to neuropathy, blindness, and vessel destruction? Describe how...?
Please how can i get the web sites for free of charge conferences in Canada. 2006?
what are evaluation protocols in health promotion?
what is a good way to lower my LDL ?
good face wash that gets rid of existing acne?
Cigarettes and "Little Cigars"--What's the difference?
What do I do about this rash?
I have this small lump on the side of my foot, What is it?
I am trying to find which IL.Dept.of Health agency I go to,to get a copy of my CNA certificate?
acne and blackheads!!!!?
Peeling skin on big toes?
My skin is so dry right now, especially my face...How can I fix this...and cheap?!?
I have a huge zit...HELP!!!!?
I have a sunburn and there are now bumps on the area. What can I do?
would my skin be better if???
What is the best way to get rid of your acne on your face?
How do i get rid of these scars?
I have flat feet what should i do for it?
How to Avoid Acne ? I need simple Answere?
does chocolate give acne?
could this be a result of over-tanning?
How do you get rid of acne on your back and chest?
im getting tan cause of everyday school im 17 years old and i wanna no wat i gotta do to stay more white? lol?
If someone is allergic to cats, does that make them allergic to lions (or any other type of cat) as well?
I use asentra (zoloft) for depression .does it have any side effects? any advice for reducing depression ?
Lingering cigarette order?
what is wright syndrome?
Our new grand daughter was born with a cataract in her left eye, does anyone know what causes this??
cannot find data on trash toe which is inflammation of the baby toe caused by bits of bone floating in veins?
how can i contact doctor william hale, md, from norwalk, ct?
If you had to surrender one of your five senses, which one would you pick?
What type of toilet paper do you like to wipe the remnants of me with?
Why do we yawn whwn we are tired?
What's the worst physical injury you've ever had?
Did proactive break you out when you first start to use it ?
What's the best product to use on dry feet??
How do you tell someone in your office that they smell (bad) when everyone there is talking about?
What do you know about steroids!!?
Is it possible to reduce constipation? How?
If I loaned The Bearded One my "venus razor," do you think he'd sing ...........?
what is skin bleaching?
What do the different colors of bruises mean?
Where do you think you go where you die? Why is this?
what color are your eyes???
What is one thing u r "absolutely" sure of?
How do drug companies come with the names of new drugs -- both the generic and brand name?
Cartlidge help.?
I rolled my ankle playing basketball today, What should I do to recover?
Osgood-Schlatter's disease?
I have a knot at the base of my toe on the bottom of my foot. It is painful to walk on. What could it be?
when having a bad back, pulling a muscle, what's the best way to treat it. hot or ice pack?
Get rid of pain?
essential drugs - generic and herbal medicine?
How many oz of water should a person drink daily?
Does UVC light kill mold?
thoughts on the Irish smoking ban please?
How long are adults and children contagious with the GI bug?
Which countries jointly discover Bird Flu vaccination ?
how to control and stop CKD permanently?
Can anyone help me with my symptoms as my GP is a waste of time?
What happens to the immune system while...?
How soon after the flu shot does guillian barre syndrom show up?
Would Zithromax makes nodules under a area of your skin dissapear if you have strep throat. ?
I always feel dizzy when I have an acute illness. Is this normal?
i used to have beautiful skin and know i have bad acne and proactive doesn't work.! what can i do?
whats on my scalp? please help !?
How can I naturally get rid of Acne?
Can the stuff inside a spring mattress cause any skin irritation?
how do i get rid of chaped lips when it always happens to me like every 3 days?
Hickies! Im beeggggginnng someone to help.?
i have bad acne n my doctor told me to not wash my face with soap what can i use to clear my face of acne?
What do i do for my hands to get super soft ?
what shampoo do you use ?
Um....another one bites the dust?
What are these bumps on my leg?? ahh?
How to get rid of acne?
Where does psoriasis come from? How do you get it?
how can i treat my acne and acne scars?
How to keep acne away?
I have a mole, which is about to blow up and probably eat me. I must destroy it. HELP! (name it please)?
How can i get rid of the pain from a really bad sunburn?
What are the causes and symptoms of thyroid infection and how can it be countered?
is cpap the only answer to apnea? Is there a cure?
why nostrils get closed in winter?
What is L.I.P? Respiratory problems.?
Could this really be just my Asthma?
how do i lose a tan?
Is there a cure for alopecia areta?
how i can release from OCD (depression)?
I have neuropathy in feet. What new Medicines will help with the pain?
I sometimes get these rainbow colored crescent shaped things in one eye or the other, what could it be?
How can you get rid of hiccups?
What's the best site on Fibromyalgia?
How long until you see results when using proactive!!!?
applying for medicaid with government?
Problems with contact lenses?
contact reaction ?
If my eye is infected by very tiny virues or other very very tiny things, can eyes doctor reconized it?
half eye is open while some peoples are sleeping. why? Name the medical term.?
How do cis and trans isomers aid in eyesight? Anything to do with vit A?
PLEASE check this out? vision improvement?
Contact Lense Questions?
What are the prohibited drugs and their effects to the individual?
poultice froom turpentine and lard put on someones chest, does it work? why and why not?
taking ginseng tea for colick in infants? does it work? why and why not?
I want to contact the Manager of Robbie Williams to make a business approach. How?
itching side effect from blood thinners -- can anything help? itch is awful.?
I have a pill and i need to know what it is the number on it is 4096 and it has a 10 and 7L?
where can i find a doctor's mobile phone number in the philippines?
Have you heard of "cordial gold"?
pmdd cause and relief of?
What does vitamin b complex do for your body? Any symptoms?
whatz da cheapest laser treatment cost?
In the medical field what is the difference in between a RN and a CRN?
Can you get the runs just by being nervous or anxious about something?
can anybody give me information about tzi neng qi kung? does anybody have specific documentation about?
when you inpant do it hurt?
can you recover after taking ecstasy 3 times including once after having a concussion?
when you rub your hands together, what is that black stuff? Dirt?
i hurt my leg?
Has anyone tried that scar cream and did it work?
I got an ABG test 4 days ago and I am in pain?
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome...?
How long does it take a hematoma to heal?
I was at work stocking water and when I picked it up I heard a pop and have pain in left side.?
I have Scoliosus...my shoulder's used to be crooked, but now they've been fine for the past 5 months, my back
stopped getting discharge!!?!?
Why is my vigina burning and peeling?
Im only 13 so it wouldnt be std and will i pass my sports physical?
Is acne caused from eating junk food?
What are these itchy, red, stingy bumps?
The Cold Is Tearing Up My Lips.! Help.!?
Which Acne Solution is better?
How can i get rid of my acne completely?
im 17 and i have some crazy cancerous looking moles on me. is it cool if i dont see a doctor?
i have really really bad skin.?
Why didn't my tan fade?
Should I use Benzoyl Peroxide if I don't have any acne?
What are some affordable...?
help! i have a bump and i dont know what to do?
Acne issuues!!!?
how do i get rid of my acne?
Dose washing your face really git rid of acne!?
would this work for acne?
Acne problems?
I need to get rid of TONS of black heads on my nose.
what is the best way to shave"down there"? Do women prefer it??is it better or worse from a womens perspectiv?
How long should SSRI discontinuation syndrome last after 15 years on the drugs?
where can i find case studies on hypochondriasis?
Do you have High Functioning Autism?
i am suffering from phobia. i am fear to seeing eye. Please help me, how overcome to this problem.?
I want a picture of Arthur S. Bard author of The Complete Idiot's guide to Understanding the Brain?
I would like to know the symptoms of schizophrenia what causes it and the treament they have available?
How many of you have tried TART cherries for gout pain, or arthritis, or any other painful conditions?
abdo and lower back pain lower left side.?
brain pain, dizziness,vision all at once what wrong?
Does anyone have any good home remedies for ear aches?
What is the arthritis index?
Home Remedies for Headache??!!?
please can a doc answer this?
Hydrocodon Question?
upper leg pain?
How can you reduce wrinkles without spending a Lot of money?
And what kind of permitoin does she need to do the surgeries? needs parent to sign .. or some paper work?
How do you treat an allergic reaction to collagen?
Anyone with experience of a heroine addict?
side effects?
which nail paint should i use for white tip in french manicure!?!?
Does That " Hair Removal Cream" Work ?
does puter contain lead?
why are senior citizens still allowed to drive cars if they cant keep up with traffic and forever on turning?
How can you tell if your nose is broken?
Can one get cancer from taking Mertonidazole 500 mg for 6 days twice a day?
flu symptoms what are they?
Do i have UTI? (urinary track infection).?
has anyone had fish poisoning?
Is shortness of breath common with strep throat?
I got a CD57 NK-cell result of 15, is that normal or not?
medicine for stammmering?
Might this be dangerous for me?
How do you get rid of acne fast?
i have a really red zit, will neosporin take the redness away?
home made cures for blackheads?
Help with sunburn?
How do you get rid of canker sores? ?
What is the best acne solution?
you know those brown little spots everyone has? PLEASE ANSWER 10 POINTS?
Body is full of itching what to do?
How do you get rid of a wart?
how do you get rid of the smell of blood on your hands!!!!!!
acne problem please dont be too rude?
My acne is really bad. How can I help?
Does it matter if I put my acne medication on at night?
How do you get rid of dandruf !! ?
What is the most effective treatment for acne?
i hit my head now this red stuff its coming out what should i do?
can anyone recomend a really good eczema treatment..herbal maybe? nothing from the doctors works?
if you are keeping your skin clean shouldn't acne not ever be developing on your skin?
where is the cheapest place to get an eye exam for contacts and how much?
My nose is very sore inside what could be the problem?
what is alpha califerol capsules used for?
whats coronoid process?
what's the difference between caffeine from mate and green tea and coffee and chocolate?
what is bird flue?
what is cedif?it is like having vowel movement usually occurs with the elderly?
how can i treat my bloated intestine from home?
After 4 steroid back injections has anyone had good luck with back suregery?
I am looking for a website with charts and graphs on cerebral palsy and I can't find one?
What is pallindromic rheumatism and are there things that will help ease the paind from it?
tell me about bird flu & symtoms? is there any medicine discovered for chicken & human being to get rid of it?
What is the outcome of choriod plexus carcinoma?
What are hypoplastic kidneys and what is the prognosis?
does addison's patient need antibiotics if family member recently diagnosed with strep throat?
the way to eradicate fibroids and endometriosis?
Anxious lover: Do they strip you for putting rod in lower leg?
Workman compensation?
Can any doctors or medics help translate this for me?
is there a update on dana lindsy the man who got hit by a red dodge mini-van?
GOOD Chiropractor in Australia Melbourne?
What makes people forget things when they hit their head?
Internal Bleeding Bruises.?
Don't you hate.....................................?
Im too skinny at 5'3 and 88pounds....vegan? plss help?
Whats the best way to lose weight?
For how long do you have to work out in order to see the results on your body?
I am 13, 5'2.5 and 110 lbs. I want to lose 10 lbs. How can I do that?
After PE today my face turned blood red! Why?
To lose 20-25 pounds in 1 month?
If I fast for 4 days, how much weight will I lose?
what are some good songs to listen to when you're working out in the gym???
What is a good way to stop eating when i'm bored?
Bedtime Snacks???
Lose belly fat?
what is the difference between a testosterone boosters and steroids?
Can ayurvedic doctcors practice allopathy in india?
I kissed my boyfriend who has a cold sore....?
MY VAG IS DEAD!?!?!?!?!?
HIV why should wait 6 months to be confirm test?
i went to the gynecologist and tested positive for Hepatitis C and Chlamydia?
what is the best combination of drugs to cure tb for patients with effected liver?
what are the cromons?
i have really dry and flake skin what can i do to stop this?
my face is SOOO dry help?
remedies for sunburn?
i burned my chin with...?
Whats this on my skin?! [pic]?
how do you get bronchial pneumonia?
RRRREEAALLYY good acne treatment???!!!?
What should i do? I tend to have very oily skin by the end of the day? Acne remedies?
Female, caucasion, 56, with small red sores across back that itch and then bleed, what is it?
grr sunburn, please please please please help?
why is my hampster balding?
how do you get rid of a hickey?
Is this acne or acne scars?
HELP! how do i get rid of bed bug bites?!?
Inguinal hernia repair surgery; what is a sack?
How should you answer an elderly husband or wife who asks you if you still find them psychically attractive?
anyone have torticollis?
What happens if i keep picking my acne?
What is a very good moisturizing lotion and soap to use for very, very dry skin?
any one know the site to buying eyeglasses on net?
On thursday i got my eyes dilated.?
Why do you put your contacts on and take them off from the white of your eye?
how much do contact lens exams usually cost at hour eyes?
What ophthalmic or optical equipment are you looking for that you cannot find ?
Laser Eye Surgery?
Around how much does lasik surgery cost?
Would a re-operation of a cataract surgery be a hassle or risky?
i wanna get green contacts?
PRK eye surgery?
whats a way to "depuff" yor eyes ifyou been crying?
I think my eye sight is getting worse... (19-years-old)?
Should TheraTears Nutrition be taking with food?
Is washing your face with cold water just after waking up bad for the eyes?
My left eye looks SLIGHTLY to the left?
i have been getting really bad pain in my back and in my stomach?
what is more stronger, as far as prescription meds, C11, orC111? or what do these # mean?
what does these symptoms mean chest swoll in middle eyes weak neck pain back pain shoulder pain?
shoulder joint pic?
Has anyone ever heard of Olecran Bursitis (popeye elbow)?
Whats wrong with me?
okay this is it i had a small limp till i had my first baby then it starts getting worse ?
I slam my index finger in my car door and I need to know how long will my finger will heal from the incident?
My 8 yr old got a concussion on sunday...how long can I expect his head aches to go for?
I took Lamictal about two months ago and it worked. Got back on it again but not working. Is this possible?
Anyone had Lasik surgery done recently? What was the total cost?
How long does Repetitive Strain Injury take to heal??
Are they broken or bruised?
I got my cartilage pierced a few days ago, and bumped it hard in my sleep. Now it's swollen. What to do???????
where can i find out if my friend died?both letters i mailed to her in last 3-4 weeks have come back .?
has anyone ever bought vicodin on line?
Why do Nurses eat their young?
can u help me with working out my pecs?
How long does Crack withdrawal last?
how can a guy be attractive?
How can i grow taller.i'm 16,5feet5 and haven't grown taller.HELP ME.i want 2 grow atleast 5 inches?
What stretching exercises do i have to do to gte taller?Tell me how 2 do them?pls!?
How to get a louder voice? My voice is my handicap when communicating to others, people say I speak too softly
I'm looking for an article from Yahoo about a new device that tells people if they'll die within 4 yrs.
the product Sublingual B-12, how is it different from the regular B-12 vitamins and is it worth the try?
Why is pepto Bilsmo Pink?
How contagious is Strep Throat?
wwhite small hard round thing in the back of my throat?
im having my tonsils out in 3 days?
is grapeseed oil good for patients with kidney stones and gallstones?
My 'flu' is getting worse??
Lymphocyte results over last 9 years: 1.9, 1.5, 1.9, 1.5, 1.5, 1.8, 1.8, 1.0, 1.62, 1.3?
canceling contract (purchasing medical appliance)?
Our dog has narcolepsy - what's the best treatment?
Who regulates online pharmacies?
Sharp shooting pain inside head comes and goes, Lasts about 30 seconds?
Does anyone know of a drug and alcohol treatment method other than one that uses 12-step recovery as it's bse?
What can be done for depression other than drugs/?
Why do I imagine things in scary situations just to make me more scared?
Cures for General Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Post Traumatic stress?
how do you cure a recurring headache?
what's the best way to get rid of a mouth sore in a 3 yr old boy?
What are symptoms of hip dysplasia in humens?
How often are physical symptoms misdiagnosed as being a part of mental illness?
What can I do to get rid of a serious case of eczema?
Any thoughts on birth control and liver damage?
Has anyone ever had thyroid surgery for a follicular neoplasm? I need to know if surgery is a good way to go.?
cracked hands.I have used lotion and vaseline.but it doesn't work.any ideas?
i have a lump on my left armpit any idea what it may be?
my boyfriend has acne?
how do i get rid of acne?
I am 14 and i have really bad acne and nothing seems to work anyone know some good over the counter medication?
I have a medium sized bump like inside my foot idk what it is my mom says its a callous but i dont think so?
why can't i get rid of acne?
why do i have black rings on my legs?
my husband has nasty hands?
Burning and itching on hands?
do i have a cold sore or another abscess?
acne i need help!?
I get gilded under my breast sometimes. Any suggestions to for healing?
pink rash on stomach!?
PLEASE!? how to get rid of acne scars and acne on the body!!?
does cardiomyopathy contraindicate massage? What are the physiological effects w/massage.?
how can i get rid of a cold sore fast?
Tell me how to get rid of tan?
need help with bad acne?
acne... please someone help?
My daughter has a mild case of eczema. Is there an over the counter medication that anyone can recommend?
What is the best acne product to clear my skin?
what are the medical complications of having a new born with aheart in the RT side with tumer in the LT lung?
Is a catheter ablation safe and will it help take care of SVT?
what is a mangosteen?
I have high blood pressure and I'm diabetic type 2. I'm looking for soup recipes with low sodium.?
Is Dextrose a pure form of sugar?
facetal arthropathy?
Diabetes and Lower Back Pain?
can low blood sugar be dangerous to ur brain in ne way?
i'm a active duty marine w/type 1 diabetes going to be medically discharged?
type of hospital?
Side effects from levothyroxine?
How does elevated levels of "glucogyn" impact organs? Different impact than glucose?
must refrase my question on high blood pressure?
What foods cause a high potassium level in blood tests?
Question for anyone on Byetta?
What is the cure for claudication?
My question was not able to fit in this box so i had to put the question in the details?
What medical condition is done if blood glucose test and lactose breath test is done?
Please help me, to help my mother, she is diabetic and has problems?
what is the best way to get rid of zits
My face gets really hot and red at the gym....?
How do I control acne?
bruises in the mouth?
What works best for a sunburn?
how do you get rid of warts?
I have like a cyst in my ear, its annoying, and like if i mess around with it it gets huge, what should i do?
Help skin problem is unclear!?
how can you get rid of acne?
My daughter is 11 and has a little bit of acne! What's good and safe for her skin?
Im suffering really badly with eczema. Any tips?
Ways to get rid of hickies fast?
how to get rid of my acne?
how can i make my skin look smoother and cleaner without buying expensive products?
how do i get of sunburn!! how do u get rid of the red?
Cure for Acne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
it seems that i breakout (acne) when i smoke marijuana, specially my back. could this be possible?
what is the best way to get rid of dandruff? ?
COLD SORE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
Where in the spinal cord does the Herpes virus “Hideout??
my wife is getting LEEP procedure, can I "re-infect" her with HPV?
Pain on top of foot with weightbearing?
surgerys from sports or heavy lifting?
How do I know if a scratch is going to scar?
My son has vomitting and diareah with no cough a ct scan of his abdomen showed pneumonia any idea what this is
how h5n1 virus kill man( bird flu)?
How does thermography work?
how i reduce my weight with tablets only?
do you get paid money for giving part of your liver away?
How can I do a colon cleansing though supplements?
why in England they would like to give people card as ID?francine?
has anyone heard of goji juice or tried it? has anyone had any bad side effects?
what does cancer look like when it dies and ejects itself from the body?
can sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) acts as a natural contraception? I read that women in ancient Greek useit
whats is colostrum?
what is dianorea?
What is the differential diagnoses for nasal mucosa ulcers/sores?
What is a dilated perineural cyst?
I am looking for a recipe to make my own herbal heat/cold pack. You can put it in the microwave or freezer?
How does Acupuncture work?
how can i implement the strategies that are used to prevent typhoid?
Is there a soothing quote that i can send my friend Laura who lost her aunt to cancer?
what causes gout?
If you are what you eat - what should you eat?
how long does it take LPR to go away?
Ihave had constipation for the past two months with 2 episodes of a little blood on my stool,do i worry?
What surgery did Kirby Puckett have today for his stroke? What type of stroke did he have?
what are the clinical features with patients who are immuno-supressed?
What happens when red blood cells have a high hemoglobin count?
Medical Question: can the doctors remove clots from the brain?
what is the procedure and from where i get online consultation with doctors of spastic children?
can somebody give me a site where I could find a complete info about medicines??
What is the cure for malaria?
Is there conclusinve research linking autism in children to a lyme disease history in the mother?
Is there a law, for medical bills. I can't pay them, Need to find help.?
What is hoof and mouth disease and how do you treat it?
i noticed a day ago the inside of my left thigh is really sore.i haven't worked out or anything.what is it?
are there contacts for both astigmatism and nearsightedness?
Am 50 and my eye color has or is changing?
lens.com has anyone ever bought CONTACT LENSES here?
change eye colour natural ?
Help, my eyes?
What is astigmatism? I cannot see at night and use reading glasses from the drugstore to be able to read. I w
My daughter has an Hemangioma under her eye if it's growing towards her eye what will be done?
What is your experience of lazer eye treatment?
inflammed or irritated taste buds?
I have been told by an optician that...?
eye twitch?
I have a twitch on left side of nose - wife says it is from stress - please explain how they correlate - thank
Severe eye strain?
I have hay fever. My eyes itched really bad and I rubbed them. A lot. Now I have a problem.?
How can you cure pink eye?
What is the average spent on personal products and cleaners a month ?
Do'es Horizon health care have a prescription drug plan?
How many types of Asthma medicines are there and what are they?
how might diet defiency weaken a person's resistance to disease?
My mom got a flyer from Mutual of Omaho, offering her life ins. coverage. She's 79 is this legit? Thanks
is there scientific proof that milk and vitamin D combined provided calcium ?
which natural products to use to avoid white hair?
sanitary concerns transferring water from storage tanks to trucks?
what things help to improve memory greatly?
does anybody knows card international uk ltd?
Where can i find a site or medical magizine that will buy a odd or different medical story?
What kind of clothing did peasants wear in the middle ages?
what is the best sweat proof SPF 45 or higher sunblock? see details....?
Why is my skin very itchy after getting a very bad sunburn on Friday?
i shaved my underarms with soap and know they wont stop itching.i scratch so much that now i have a rash.?
How do you get swollen glands? And can you pass them on?
can i tattoo on top of a keloid?
when do get pit hair?
2 days in a ron @ nite time, I have been streaching both arms and legs.after istreach, I feel just fine,.?
I have one for you ... I get sharp stabbing pains all over my body and itching as well it comes and goes .?
how do you stop your pits from sweating?
What does Syphilis look like?
How long should I tan outside to get a good tan in a couple days? 10pts?
What is the difference between Lindane poison and Multiple Sclerosis?
what would be the best acne treatment? a cleanser, moisturizer, or a mask?
help please and hurry?
I don't sweat alot, but I get bad B.O. sometimes. Is there anything that can help?
Signs of the flu? Before you have the flu.?
YASMIN help!!?
i have really harry arms, should i wax them? or will it make it worse.?
why do my hands itch after I smoke?
Why isn't dandruff shampoo working?
Small red bumps on skin?
I have learnt dat I hve hi blood cholesterol how do I control it if controlled Will it come back?
How hard is it to quit smoking, and what is the best way to do so/?
Do you know what Dopamine is and what is it used for?
what is an anerism?
My son is 2yrs 1month, I think he is flatfooted and it seems to be affecting the way he walks.Any remedies?
Can Synthroid actually make you gain weight? have hypothyroid.?
Just For Survey.Please give me the real answer if you know.?
What reactions does the body give when an epipen is administered. Can the adrenaline in it cause fainting?
how much nicotine in a regular cigarette?
Why do some people ask such dumb questions on here?
I have a bald spot with a dark ring around it on the back of my head,does anyone know what could cause this.?
How does radio activity affect human body?
How long before an unfilled written prescription for medication expires in New York and has to be rewritten?
Has anyone taken the new AIRBORNE medicine?
ohhhh.......the agony :(?
Do you go to Tijuana for health care? Pls suggest a doctor...thanks?
Has anyone had Lazic surgery and did you have any problems?
Get rid of chronic stomach ache???
How do doctors know what prescription is needed for baby eyeglasses?
I have a Sun burn on the front of my face and its really sore what can I put on it .?
Is medical Insurance Worth it? (See Below)?
what is composition of hydrocodone?
headache on top of the head?
Thank yoiu Nurse for your concern,and answer could be best answer lol as it only one reveived.?
my neck?
I had scar tissue removed from the upper portion of my ear two days ago. It still hurts often. Is this normal?
How soon does your body ovulate and how soon do you have symtoms?
Plz just look at this question! It's really important to me!?
AM I FaT??!!?
Am I underweight or overweight?
what can i do to lose this weight?
How can i lose weight fast without taking anything ???
What is a good way to cleanse your body from all the toxins inside?
how much weight should i lose for a belly ring?
I'm 1451/2 lbs Am I Over Weight?
how do i become anorexic in two weeks?
I hate my midsection!! what's the best way to get rid of my belly fat?
what is the result of removing left knee lateral cartillage and having a tear with the medial cartillage of t
does anyone sell 2x2 xray detectable sponges?
I think i have shin splints from track..the trainer at school told me to get new shoes..what kind of sneakers?
Is there a cure for spinal cord?
I stretch at least three times a week and my muscles are still tight. Does anybody have any stretching advice?
Existance of a group, organization etc... of a heart transplant grp made up of patients.in New Jersey?
can you feel your heart beat in your throat?
bump under my tongue?
Does exercising help to reduce acne?
Help me with acne problems?
how to get rid of stretch marks!?!?!?
stridex acne cleansing pads?
how do u get rid of a hickey?
kind of embarrassing?
i have acne like everywhere. on my face,back, back of my triceps, and i had this since like 9th grade?
can I get stretch marks lasered off?
Hip piercing infection?
How to get rid of back acne?
My shoes smell from foot odor what can I use to get rid of the smell?
i feel retatrded for asking this?
What do you use to treat your acne?
ACNE, can't take it anymore please please help?
I have itchy round spots on parts of my body what could it be?
what is mite farinae?
how can I cleanse my system of marijuana?
Do headlice drown? How long does it take??
How can I become anorexic?
remedy for loss of hair all over the body?
How do you find the most beautiful girl in the world?
I need the list of Top100 pharmaceutical companies worldwide by revenue. Where can I get it from the Web?Thkx?
is there an exercising equipment for reducing the size of the breast?
how can I get rid of dark under eye circles?
what are the requirements to get the social security number ?
Can anybody tell me if Renu Baush and Laumb contact lense solution is good for eyes? I`ve heard it is harmful?
How can you loos weight? How can you get a better self steam?
How can i get rid of oily skin?
What's your favorite moisturizer?
What do acne scars look like? Do I have them?
Why am i so itchy?????????
someone i know has some kind of mite in mainly her hair but some other places too. its not lice. what is it?
OTC ringworm medicine?
are they bad?
clear acne overnightt???
Does anyone know if there is a software such as this out there?
my son who is 21 months has red bump at end of nose and he was playing with it and it started bleeding what do?
Why does drinking cold stuff too fast make you have a HEADACHE?
could this be shingles?
How did you cure your ACNE?
How can i get rid of my eyebags?
what is a captive bead ring and how do they work. I just received a few but how do they actually go on body?
How do i get rid of acne and black heads??
i need to get rid of ecezma ive had for 5 years now?
How come my skin is really yellow?
Do you have a birth mark?
how do you get rid of sunburn?
My hands are wicked dry- (Im a guy)?
I have a skin rash. Does anyone know anything about this?
How can you get rid of zits?
Why are so many people hypochondriacs, and what do you do when you are close to someone who is, .....?
Does a sunburn turn into a tan?
i have loads of stretch marks what should i do to get them away ? ?
Have you had acne so long that you give up trying to cure it?
Can someone remind me of recent breakthrough on a new drug for alzheimers?
dose laser eye surjury hurts?
I dont get it........HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
What should I do and eat to gain more muscles?
Whats probably wrong if I get migrains that make me dizzy daily?
What is the best way to lower one's resting heart rate if it is too high?
what antibiotics are used for bladder infections treatment?
Bad reaction?
My vision is blurry; too blurry to read without getting those drugstore magnifying glasses.?
Eliminate yellow spots on the eyes?
how long before I can go back to work after knee replacement? I am a truck driver and sit a lot.?
the best bi-polar meds?
how can i prove to my parents i can be responsible to get contact keep in mind i am ten?
Flying whilst wearing contact lenses?
I have astigmatism - do i absolutely NEED to wear toric lenses?
cand someone help?
Question about Social Security Disability Income. Are SSDI payments taxed?
Why is AOSept not on store shelves?
How long can i wait to do a LEEP cone biopsy procedure?
Can you catch Herpes if..?
Any advice for an ankle that pops alot and hurts?
Has anyone had septoplasty surgery complications?
quickest way to an acl tear?
What is the best remedy for dry & itchy eyes ?
does anone have anyproof that carbinazole for thyroid problems causes panic attacks and depression?
I would like to know the email address of Vergel S. Ateinza, M.D. He is a long lost friend to rekindle love.?
God bless all those working in a nursing home?
Why does traveling make one constipated?
Everytime I go to sleep, I wake up with a numb arm, why?
Can antibiotics kill your tastebuds?
do you know the restless leg syndrome?
Please! Tips on chest congestion?
can you get ink poisioning from writting on yourself with an ink pen?
When does mononucleosis stop being contagious ?
What is a chronic illness? What are some Characteristics? Whatv are some examples?
Could this be meningitis?
Swine flu jab when pregnant help!!!!!?
My daddy is having fever from last november 2009 we did all type of checking blood test,urine test,x-ray,sca?
another pink eye question?
what should i do in order to get my head unplugged?
who discovered achondroplasia?
How many people in the USA have Hashimoto's disease?
What is autoimmune exocrinopathy?
Please explain, in layman's terms, what DNA intercalation is?
where we can find topamax in greece ?
What is considered dangerous levels of liver enzymes? What is a warning and what is past fixing?
i cant lose weight despite strict diet and rigorous exercise with hormone inbalances (pituitary)?
Where can I buy a phenyl alanine free milk?
Is it true that pin worms from an animal can travel through a humans foot and infect them?
when you take out your tonsels, do you feel any diffrent?do you have any pain after they take them out??
Spenco Performance Gel Insoles?
What will cause a knee to grind? What's done for it?
Exposed electrical wiring cause dizziness?
the pain is in the checks of my but only when i lay down to rest not just in the bed any where lay down what?
are you considered crazy if you KNOW you are crazy?
My brother blacked out in the shower...know why?
does anyone have trichlotalimania,or know anything about it (skin picking disorder)?
where can i find a NJ psychologist that specializes in treatment for adult ADHD?
what does your brain need to stay healthy?
Is it true that people with Asberger's Syndrome lack patriotism?
year doctors found out about whooping cough?
what ispulmonary hyperaeration?
how do i conclude on a topic-atelectasis?
why is my naval ring itchy?
help with dry skin!?
Nail Biting?
How To Get Rid Of Sunburns?
Will good face hygiene get rid of acne?
What is the best way to get rid of acne?
good tips on how to get rid of stretch marks?
Acne Help!?
I have super dry skin on my face? Need help?
best acne treatment bought off the shelf?
I have acne fairly bad, but my face has more redness than acne. Tell me how to cure acne the most I can.?
What should I do ... my underarm skin has become black ??
I have really dry skin, how can I get rid of it?
How do you get rid of razor burn?
Whats the best way to get rid of acne?!?
How to get rid of warts.?
My baby burned her hands accidently on the heater & now she has blisters,wut can I do?
what is the best acne product?
my underarm swets a lot!!?
what are the effects of snorting cocaine?
what suddenly fills people with wonder of the world and people around them?
my sister in law was diagnosed with dengue? any medicine you can prescribed?
Do you have any advice for managing a gastric stomach ulcer?
Is there such a thing as an acidophillus colonic?
What are some good uses for Tea Tree Oil??
Who knows in what way a breast/mastectomy massage is done?
im doing an oral on medicine any suggestions???
pharmacy question?
Vitamins that help damaged cell and skin from smoking?
what would be some causes of Iodine defficiency or malabsorbtion?
Does anyone know of any herbs that can help you get pregnant?
What does it mean if you crave pickles, or pickle juice.. dill?
Why is it not good to take LSD when your already depressed?
have you heard of pain killers 2 you?
what do you think of gojijuice?
What is ventricular defibrillation?
Lisinopril and Norvasc-how do I stop using them?
knee arthroscope lateral meniscectomy effect?
I have shoulder and back injuries from a car accident and im wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms?
Can anything very seriouse happen from a slight bump to the head? It happened awhile ago and still hurts...?
i had my belly piercing for 9 month and still have problems with it that till now i cant change.i dunno why?!!
How much rest is needed if you have runner's knee?
Can I exercise with bursitis?
Yeast infection on skin?
how do i deal wit a ZIT???????????
what are these strange white blotches?
What worked for your acne?
what is the best working anti aging cream?
How do I get rid of my acne?
why is my gold ring that is real turning my finger?
if you could see veins and organs underneath the skin, would it all be blue?
Do these treatments work for acne???
What are some acne treatments that work?
Is there a cure for?..?
Could old eye makeup cause my eyelids swell up?
Why isn't my acne clearing up?
Home remedy acne treatments helpp?
Nothing will stop my acne?
How to get rid of acne?
how can i get rid of my foot odor?
identifying a bug bite?
What helps have you found for macular degeneration?
Have you found anything that works for osteoporosis besides drugs like Fosamax?
what is Menteur-Mentiroso Syndrome?
can intentional tremors cause drolling?
What happens when someone loses their sight unexpectedly? Do they still dream?
Does anyone know anything about hypo magnesemia?
How do I lose weight around my stomach?
Ever heard about heaven sent naturals products??
what is amox tr-k clv 875-125?
Where can I buy beta carotene 10,000 IU with mixed carotenoids and NOT in softgel form?
how do i get my boyfriend to stop taking pills?
do you get the same benefits from carbonated water as non-carbonated?
best way to quit taking pain pills like loratabs?
looking for body masseurs in delhi.?
I've been diagnosed with Graves disease - so has my sister. Does anyone have experience with the 3 options?
Suddenly in the last two weeks one of my legs is shrinking, any ideas?
least expensive glasses in San Diego are located?
Used tanning beds for sale in Michigan?
What is the acne medicine that you put in a drink and drink it?
How much shaving cream should I use for my legs?
Medicine has Rugby and then underneath has 4989 on it.?
What do you think is better sun tanning or tanning beds? Why?
When you hear the words, Probe and Probing what comes to mind?
Does anyone know where to go for jobs in the public health field. health counselors, family planners?
Is International Med a real company in London, United Kingdom?
Blood/DNA ???
What color is "healthy" feces?
Are you easy going or high strung?
for girls that have had a bladder infection before.?
How long can i wait with a bladder infection before seeing a doctor?
is tonsilitis something to miss school over?
What is the best spray for things that you cant wash with scabies?
What are some facts about the subtype of influenza, H2N3?
I have a negative attitude because Ive had seizures since I was 12, how can I change it to positive?
Very visible palm veins?
I get very fatigue after I eat?
Sore throat.. what is this?
White of the eye overgrowing the iris...?
helpp! my contact is in my eye somewhereee!?
what color contacts should i get?
Does Latanoprost/Timolol eye drops cause an allergic reaction to some users?
For people who wear Acuvue Oasys...?
getting rid of back acne?
I have a huge problem with chapped lips?
my skin is dry and oily and i have blackheads help?
what makes you break out?
infected hair follicule?
i have red itchy bumps that burn. im scared. i dont know what to do.pleass help.is it a rash or a diesease????
What is a fast and easy way to get ride of back acne?
How to get rid of a mole????????????
How can i get rid of acne? what is the best way? ive tryed everything!!?
what is the best lotion for extremely dry and sensitive skin for your face?
How do I make my pale skin go away?
how do i get rid or body acne?