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My friend just gained alot of weight and now she can't reach to whipe after going potty?
It's almost 15 years since I smoked the last cigarette. When was your last one?
my dulghter is 8 years old and she was told yesterday that she has eplicey she has has a few fits now since 5?
Will my doc know if I've been to see another doc?
What is the absoulet fastest way to lose weight?
Am I too skinny? -picture-?
Bloating, pressure, excessive burping?
Is it possible to be so tired you can't sleep?
if i go to bed at 12 or 1 am in the morning and i still get 8 hours of sleep, is that still equal to going to?
my bowel system has been backed up for a few days?
Help, blood in the toilet?
I just took 4 shots of vodka, high on Rapidslim RX and haven't eaten in two days. Whats going to happen to me?
My daughter's feet smell like vomit!!?
which allergy medicine is best for congestion? either over the counter or prescription?
wat is the best soap to use to get rid of body odor?
Can't sleep, the littlest noise makes me awake?
Need to get pot out of my system or rehab for 6-18 months?
Does anyone have a remedy for leg and foot cramps that come on in the night. They hurt soooo bad.?
Do i have anything to worry about things going in my ear?
can i get colored contacts?
i have a really bad sun burn on my back and shoulders and back, what can i do to help it, and is there any?
How to get rid of acne fast and without any medications?
plz help i have really bad acne !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can I remove blackheads?
why do some people think smoking is "cool"........?
Do I need health insurance for cosmetic surgery ?
What does it mean if your pee smells like chlorine?
Why am I So dizzy most of the Time ?
I really need a answer to this, i think i could have something or idk but its unusual?
Does adding baking soda to warm bath water really help with hemorrhoids or constipation?
I'm being bullied for something I can't control!!!?
What's a way to stop mosquito bites from itching besides medicines?
I am having a burning sensation in my vein on the top of my left wrist.. what could this be?
Sleep disorder?
why did i get a blister like thing in my tongue ?
pleas sugest something im only 16?
Is a bloody nose a symptom of ear infection?
My teacher won't let me use the restroom?
i have acne HELP!!?
what makes u not hungry?
Is Milk bad for you?
Help me out my girlfriend is to fat and won't exercise no more.?
How can I get shorter?
How many calories should I eat a day to effectively lose weight if I'm 5'2 and 110 lbs?
i gained a few pounds pounds!!! help!!?
I cut my eye! Help! :(?
What does it mean if you find Micro Machines in your fecal matter?
Why does it hurt when i do this?
what is best method to stop compulsive nail biting?
Could you still be diabetic even if you have had a few normal readings?
Being diagnosed with Diabetes?
how can a 14 year old lose arm fat?
Help, is there any docters or bug experst hear, i accidently ate ants, This is not a joke.?
health problems if you don't drink water?
How can I improve my eyesight ?
Do you wash your feet when taking a shower ?
this morning i woke up vomitting something yellowish while i was brushing was very bitter ,What could it be?
I need ur HELP HELP me?
Why when I smoke pot do my eyes get really red?
I've been sick for four months?
was my doc out of order?
Exhausted and worn-out from work?
would Walmart's pee test pick up things like blood pressure medication or Prozac?
I am constipated, how can I treat it?
can a bad needle stick during a blood draw cause carpal tunnel?
What makes you fall asleep the fastest EXCLUDING medications?
how does your toes look ?
I'm allergic to Proactive + Clean & Clear (swollen eyes). Clearasil causes in grown zits. What can I use then?
Would it be acceptable to call out of work for a cold sore/fever blister?
What's worst to do Drinking or Smoking?
For some reason, my entire left arm and hand feel like they have fallen asleep- but for over an hour....?
Why am I always constantly tired and sleepy?
I get really dizzy when I stand up? Only 19 years old.?
How can a Neurologist tell this?
Something is wrong with this misquito bite I got on my shoulder?
If I am 5'9'' and 145 lbs, am I a normal weight?
Can u tell me if I'm fat or not??
Is it possible to lose five pounds in 2 weeks?
can I lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks?
What can I use for my dry skin?
acne question. i'm desperate!?
Do you think I'm crazy?
What is the best way to handle a poor experience with a medical doctor that borders on malpractice?
Would it be possible to scribble out the medication that was writen on my script and write out a different one
can some one answer this?
What is a wake?
Did you ever have Pink Eye?
My mom who is 55, said that the left side of her face is numb.?
if you've been constipated for a few days, would it be a good choice to eat very fibery foods like oatmeal?
what causes blood in stool?
i dont sleep much at night... what can i do?
Will I Die If I Go 2 Sleep? PLEASE HELP ME!?
what can cause me to have an asthma at 26 years old?
Is there something wrong with me?
I drank last night , now I have to take a urine test for work. How long does it take to get out of my system ?
I have 2 friends with type 1 diabetes. If you control it, will it not affect you later in life?
Whats a really quick healthy breakfast? ?
Is it ok for people under 13 to try detox diets?-?
If you make yourself throw up once, does that mean you're bulimic?
How much should a 13 year old weigh?
how do i become a size zero?
What's wrong with me?
Last period was 71 days ago and I am not pregnant, what's going on?
what are some things that can make me tired? i need to fall asleep fast.?
How to get rid of migraines?
What are some ways I can avoid eating after 9 pm, even if I "feel" like I'm hungry or must eat?
Is it unhealthy to sleep with the radio on?
Why is my eye twitching?
Stretch marks on my back?
What color would my eyes be considered?
What is the best treatment for dry skin?
who is going to bed?
What helps with blood circulation???
how many hours of sleep should the average 18 year old get?
Why am i so tired?
I have done 8 minutes on the sunbed today and my lips have gone all lumpy what could this be?
does a nose pierecing hurt is it worth it?
When u get general blood work done do they test for diseases?
i something wrong with me :(?
i'm depressed, is there online help available?
I AM VERY OBESE. i am 13 years old and weigh 180 pounds. how can i lose like 50 pounds quick. please help?
Why am I always hungrey even after eating a meal?
Will getting a job help me lose weight????? HELP!!?
back pain....lower back!!!!!?
Help me fall alseep :0?
What is the best way to wake up??????
I feel tired all the tI'me and my whole body aches im only 30 but feel like 80 please help?
can i take a dose of NyQuil and a dose of benadryl together?
what kind of medicine will put you to sleep?
what do you think of the idea of the fat tax?
what happens if you smoke a cigarette while you're high?
when you go to bed do you sleep with your socks on or do you sleep with your socks off?
So tired, wat to do... ?
Anyone have some advice? I need help!?
Everytime i yawn i here this crack im thinking it coming from my skull then it sound like my ear?
How do I stop feeling dizzy all the time?
Trouble Sleeping....?
I think I have Lice; or maybe it's just the Dandruff?
do you get cracks in your fingers in the winter?
My ears are always stuffed up?
My muscles dont hurt after workouts anymore, what does this mean?
Please Help Me! I Need to get rid of my acne.?
have you ever have problems with milk?
is it possible to be allergic to grass?
i need some kissing help?
i have a hair under my chin that just keeps coming back .anything i can do that's not surgical?
How do i make the pain go away??!?
Do you need good eyesight to be an optometrist?
what does it mean when you smell someone's ketones?
dry spot?????????? help!!!!?
What is the best to get rid of dry skin on your heel of your feet.?
Why are some people allergic to cats but not dogs?
why are my eyes always red after i wear contacts?
Glasses vs. Contacts?
How can I remove blackheads from my back?
how can i get rid of acne with out using and products?
High blood pressure in teenaged girl - help?
What's someones chance of failing a school drug test if they smoked 4 days before it?
My husband has high blood pressure, how can he lower it naturally?
My heart stopped beating for 5-7 seconds - what does it mean?
How To Lose Weight easily, ?
Diabetes! Im very confused :(?
Can acne scars be removed?
What is hypertention?
Can a borken heart really kill you?
Why is my dad's ear turning black? is it normal or is it something serious?
What's the best way to get rid of stubborn acne?
If you wear glasses to see far.. can you?
Can black people get "lice"?
Does anyone have a cure for itchy scalp. Dandruff and special shampoos don't seem to help?
My scalp has been itching and burning like crazy the last couple of days. Any idea what this could be?
Does duct tape really work to remove warts? Do they come back? Looking for your experiences!?
How can i pee my pants at home without being caught or making a mess?
where i can sell my kidney? is it legal? ?
Is it a bad thing that i finger my self about 3 times a day?
will i suffer a heart attack?
Do straight guys do yoga?
Should I be vegetarian?
is it bad to put neosporin ona healing belly ring?
i have this habbit of bitten my nails and i want it to stop help!?
What happens if you take 5 ex lax in one night?
What does DO stand for behind a doctor's name?
Once a diabetic, always a diabetic....right?
Can I take viagra past the expiration date?
How Can you get diabetes type 1?
My best friend is 15 and yesterday she took 22 extra strength Tylenol...?
how do you heal sore muscles?
How do you deal with physical pain?
what is wrong with my foot?
What is the best way to get rid of acne scars?
i just scratched my glasses pretty badly?
It feels like something sin my eye but theres nothign there?
Theres something in my left eye on the very left corner..?
I got contact but they wont go in my eye,why?
i'm 5'7, 85 pounds, and i feel fat...?
I Hear Bells When They Are Not There?
Is the world going to end in 2012 because of the swine flu?!?!?
I heard if your baby gets an MMR shot, you should not bathe him for sometime, is that right?
knee pain?
How can I get rid of herpes ?
What's the best treatment for poison ivy/oak?
I believe I have chiggers,But do they usually spread?
body acne on my back?
can i get a serious infection from being poked with a thumbtack?
How can my 12 year old daughter loose weight?( 180 pounds). she trys to starve her self.shes always picked on.?
Diet Help!!! Please!?!?!?
what exercises make you breathe the hardest?
Do I have to work out in order to lose weight?
Is someone with -2.75 diopters incapable of reading things?
Acne Treatment?
how to get rid of under eye dark circles?
Nothing seems 2 work after several mosquito bites?
whats a good way to treat acne?
Do I have skin cancer?
Help, bro is sick, home alone?
Will an air purifier help against my dust mite allergy?
my mom is so lazy and is always sleeping....?
Is it harmful to sun tan for 10 minutes a day?
A bee stung me on my hand and now my hand and arm hurt really bad...?
what to do if someone Poison you ?
Am I Fat if I 150-160 and im 5'8'' - 5'9''?
can a yeast infection go away without treatment?
Dandruff - Best way to hide it?
How to easily get rid of severely bad sunburn?
How can I make a decision that can change my daughters life 4ever when both of my options r life threatening?
HELP Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Dry skin/need help!?
Getting rid of warts...?
what is the best face wash for acne?
sweaty handsss!!!?
odd red rings on skin, pls help!!!?
It's 6 am here on the east coast..why is everyone up so dang early?
is it bad to eat ONLY cereal?
Can i maintain my weight if i eat healthy 6 days a week and cheat 1 day?
Is Texas a bad state for people with allergies to live there?
why does my nose clog up when I'm not moving?
Got first degree burns on back/ sunburn.?
How do you get rid of lice in children?
Can a beauty mark be itchy?
a dark spot on the side of my nose appeared about a year ago,should i be concerned?
I have a ringworm on my leg............... please help me.................. I am tired of it..?
28 yr old male still getting acne...HELP!?
Serious Problem (PLEASE HELP)?
How can i get water out of my ear?
my tongue is bleeding?
How to get rid of pins & needles in foot?
What do you do to stay thin? Be honest.?
Should I try to get bigger?
How do you clean a dry erase whiteboard?
is suicide the anwser?
I hit my son with an object, he has got green swelling on forehead, how do i treat it?
Which is worse painwise: torn cartilage or broken bone?
My 5 month old daughter is lactose intolerant, and she's on soy as instructed by her Dr.?
Has anyone used Zyrtec? I've never taken allergy meds but it's so bad this yr I thought i'd try it. Thanks
can i use Vick's vapor rub on a 1 year that has a runny nose.?
My 18 year old son had a bag with two jars of clear chemicals, razor blade, glass baking dish and cough syrup?
Is this an allergy...?
Do you lie about your weight? If so Why?
If I eat only boiled cabbage and bacon for a month, will I lose weight?
I'm seriously considering cutting my hair going completely bald to donate my hair to kids with cancer.?
how do i get rid of my hang over?
When a bee stings you does it put poison in you?
how do i forget pain my fiancee' caused me.?
I'm very SKEPTICAL of this Swine Flu vaccine,am I the only one who feels the same?
Could I be a nurse even if I don't like blood and guts?
How hard have you ever laughed? Can you remember the event?
i have type 1 diabetes, please tell me why this happened....?
what are the best ways to get taller? at age 13?
I think my daughter has pink eye?
How to stop a runny/stuffy nose?
i sweat badly when i sleep?
When I'm really nervous before an exam what can i do to calm myself down?
Blood sugar is at 250+. Is this okay?
Am I overweight???????????
i need a simple yes or no does swimming burns fat just like running?
Doesn't drinking 9 cups of water a day increase water weight in your body, and make you fatter?
How many hours of sleep do you get on avg.?
I always wake up with a headache!?
I am confused about contact lenses?
How dangerous is it to sit too close to the big screen TV?
Contacts or Glasses? Which Is Better For Eyes?
is this bad for my eyes?
Diabetic help?
I don't heal well, but I'm not diabetic. What?
Is a 13 year old female that is 160lbs be overweight if they are 5'3''?
is this high blood pressure or normal?
How do you know if you have diabetes?
"Someone Call An Ambulance" theory...?
R U stocking up on necessities in case we get word to stay indoors for a period of time?
Slept with contacts in. Oh no.?
Contact lenses vs glasses?
what is wrong with me:(?
How do I get rid of hiccups?
why my granson's blood type is B +?
is there anything wrong in marrying the following relation....[my father's..mom's...sister's...son's.daugh…
two part TB tests...?
Is smoking pot really that bad?
I drank sour milk will anything happen?
Is it allergies? My son gets 'hayfever' symptoms every night.?
HELP!!!!! MY FEET!!!!!!!?
Why do people's feet stink?
Can I sell my kidney ?
Am I fat/normal/underweight?
is it okay to wear expired contacts if you didnt wear it a lot?
what can i put in my bath to help soothe my sunburn?
What could be causing me to get migraine headaches every single day?
do i have anorexia or diabetes? ?
Any solutions for a cough caused by high pollen levels? I can't get rid of it and cough syrups won't work.
qhy does my throat itch after eating a cashew?
Contacts :]?
what am i sick with?
Am I hearing impaired/deaf?
I'm doing a project on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD??)?
If someone had been drinking quite heavily could they damage their liver?
does slim fast work???
Can you get swine flue by not cooking your pork thoroughly?
Do you really think the Swine Flu should really be considered a national emergency?
Does anyone have any tips on TAKING OUT soft contact lenses?
Will my eyesight keep getting worse after I get Eye Surgery?
Can you wear contacts when...?
How long does it usually take to get used to putting in contacts?
why is buger fluid coming out through my eyes?
What is your eye color?
Is it normal to get headaches and lightheadedness if you ate a normal breakfast at 7 and its just noon?
My mom has diabetes and doesn't like to drink water?
I don't feel well..?
I dislocated my shoulder, but fixed it. My arm has now turned purple. What should I do?
breaking out in hives plz help me!!?
How can I make my puffy eye lids go down before tonight?
Is there anybody else who is allergic to a state, or certain region??
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
Ow, why does my eye feel like I just got punched in the face?
I'm 16 getting heartburn with about everything I eat! Why me?? Anyone got any suggestions?
Tylenol and sleeping pills?
Am i normal , depressed or just wierd?
EMERGENCY! HELP! my left ear are bleeding excessively! what should I do?
do i have diabetes if my blood sugar levels are elevated but i don' t have any of the usual symptoms?
help i am allergic to solid deodorant?
kidney transplant?
why do Americans choose walking as the number one exercise?
Can you use an insulin needle more than once? If you can't why?
Major advice needed!!!?
just want to share?
what's a 14 year old girl healthy weight average?
Is it bad to smoke 2-4 cigarettes a week?
Are you worried about catching the Swine Flu ?
I'm having a nicotine fit. What should I do?
How do I remove leeches?
How can I find out if my parents smoke pot?
why do I pick at my boyfriends scalp?
what is thrush? and what do i use to treat it?
Why doing i have a burning sensation on my face when using my ACNE medicine?
how do you get rid of acne?!?
what's a good and fast way to get rid of a cold sore or whatever they're called.?
before performing CPR, it is ok if I use a stethoscope instead of checking the pulse?
Ingrown Toenail?
Israel prevented 17 sight-impaired Gazans from leaving for cornea transplant operations?
Poo question (i know it's gross)?
Has anyone ever heard of Bell's Palsy?
I think I'm coming down with a cold. Is there anything I can do to ward it off, or to make it go away faster?
You won't sleep well tonight after finding this out , why does your mattress double its weight every 10 years
sweaty hands and feet?
head lice???????????????????
I have really bad eczema (dry skin). I also itch a TON at night and i already take anti-histamenes. Help!!?
how do you kill warts?
is a cold sore really herpes?
My sons Acne is unbearable ?
How can I relieve my sinus headache without taking any medication?
How do I get rid of the acne?
What would you recommend to whiten skin?
What is Dermatology ?
how to take care of lice?
How can i get rid of my eczema for good!?
I have trouble passing stool?
i am pretty sure this is nothing, but...?
Whats a good way to bring my redness down more from a sunburn?
What is a very quick way to turn my sunburn into a tan???
How to get rid of hickeys?
is it posible to remove a person's gallbladder?
Is weed addicting?
At what age do you stop growing?
How do you wake up early in the morning at 6:30 am?
I need your truthful opinion please...it's not a joke?
My boss has this sore between her nose and chin, every time it seems like it's about to heal...?
What is a good name for a Diabetes Walk Team?
how severely anemic is someone who craves ice?
HELP! I have the worst sunburn ever!?
my migraine is killing me!?
Oxycodone from expiring June 2006?
Headaches from the heater, (dry heat) what causes this?
what kind of allergies cause a skin rash and itch?
what is good for acne?
What should I do about chapped lips?
acne & skin problom SOMEONE HELP. im desperate.?
I am 5'1 and weigh 107. I want to weigh 100. I am a 32 yr. old female. What should I do to reach my goal?
what ae some syntoms of the swine flu?
what should i do or use to get rid of my acne?
If you're allergic to cat fur are you allergic to dog fur?
what medication can i take when suffering with acid reflux?
Have you ever heard of putting crazy glue on a cut?
What's the best and fastest way of taking the redness out of a sunburn?
Can a 15 year old get type 2 diabetes?
My neighbor blood sugar was 330 when he woke up?!? Is this normal?
Eyes, is there a cure/surgery?
Freshlook Colorblends contacts How long do I wait to throw them away & how often should I replace the solution?
How much water should a person be drinking per day?
How many pounds will I lose if I don't eat for 1 month?
Is Red wine was good for the heart?
too much amp?!?!?!?!?
my sister just found out she's pregnant. should i wait to get pregnant because of her?
What's a good NON-PRESCRIPTION nasal allergy medication...?
antihistamines are not working?
i am 5'10" and i weigh 135 is that too heavy?
What is the difference between someone who is fat/obese and someone who is thick/stocky? is there a difference
What is the best way to fight a Fast Food Addiction?
How can I stop my ears hurting when I fly?
Resting heart rate over 100 bpm?
What could be causes of visibly trembling hands?
how can i stop myself from being itchy w/out skin thinning products?
I cut my finger peeling potatoes, how do I stop the bleeding?
I have bad red acne on my chin and forehead. I don't want to spend anymore money on products.
Is it bad to eat a bruised banana?
Am I Fat? Picture included =)!?
How many pushups can you do in 60 seconds, and what's your age?
is the girl on the top of the pyramid skinny or chubby?
Why does mother...?
how do i get a doctors note?
best way to stop smoking.?
Do you eat alot when you're depressed?
what's the best, fastest way to get rid of poison ivy?
Ear infection or not?????
HELP!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!?
can a diabetes person eat rice?
is cow urine good medicine for skin deceise?
I'm 15. My face is mostly smooth but has many surface scars from acne. How can I reduce healing time?
How do you prevent or get rid of hormonal acne?
What's the best method to stop biting my fingernails? I'm 27 and have been doing it my whole life?
How do i make some pain go away?
why do i like blood?
Headaches and "Blackouts"?
i'm 13, and FAT!!!?
3D glasses question ?? ( cinema )?
Are there side effects to wearing contacts?
is 20-10 better than 20-20 eye sight?
colored contacts if your vision is fine?
is there a way i can see without my glasses or contacts?
my eyes were green.. and now there brown?
Is it better to take pain killers every 4 hours, or just when it hurts?
Contact lenses question? need fast answer.?
will my eye vision keep getting worse?
has anyone ever seen those little things in their eye....?
Can the Swine Flu be cured?
Why do people die from Swine Flu?
Need a Plan to lose weight?
how do i loose 5 pounds in 10 days?
I'm really fat what should I do????
I tested negative for chlamydia. Should I still take antibiotic? My girlfriend's doctor says yes.?
DO I HAVE AN STD?!!!?!?!?
How do they test women for STDS?
Can someone get infected with herpes from a toilette seat?
Do you view marijuana as bad?
what treatment or pervent is available with anorexia?
On my permit, what do I say my eye color is?
i 4got 2 take out my contacts last night and this morning my eyes were burning help is there anythin i can do?
My eyes go green-blue-grey and then a mix of blue and grey. This happens constantly. Is it possible?
I'm Soooo Hungry....?
how do i stop this habit ?
i broke my toenail off when i was bike riding. am i going to die?
I am severely allergic to Vitamin C in all it's forms since infancy what can I do ?
Is frequent urination a symptom of Diabetes?
What are some drinks/foods that will help get your potassium level back to normal?
What are some good ways to lose weight?
5,10 Weight 177 is that a good weight?
my blood pressure is 135/75 is it high?
im self conscious about a mole?
If you have CRABS, how can you treat it?
what is the best piece of advice you've even gotten?
Numbness in left side starting from hip down leg too my foot?
what are the benefits of drinking urine?
What does a hangover mean?
If girls get periods, what do guys get?
What is your habit????
Is ADD/ADHD genetic?
Swelling. Cold or heat or both?
HPV??! A little scared, please help?
Does the glycosylated hemoglobin (A1C) measure how your blood sugar has been doing?
if your heart stops beating do you feel any pain from it?
im 15 and i have black circles under my eyes..HELP!!!?
How do I find out my eyes prescription without calling my eye doctor?
After LASIK eye surgery is it possible for the eye to revert back to original problem?
Whats wrong with my eye?
I'm Near-Sighted do I still need to wear my glasses when I reading or using the Computer?
So i got my eyes dilated... :O?
If you have contacts, could you give me some advice?
Is fainting dangerous?
I think i have swine flu?
Help with my sister...what is wrong with her?
What if I have chest pain and I have the swine flu?
Anyone know something about Heart Murmurs?
If I burn myself when I get mad is that like a cry for help?
is 208 high for glucose blood?
how easily can a hard contact lense fall out of someone's eye????
Does wearing contacts harm your eyes?
Eye test??? HELP?
If you wear contact lenses do you feel that you wear them or not?
Are contacts comfortable and easy to wear?
Is eye surgery covered by medical insurance?
Do I have astigmatism?
Are you scared of death?
I didn't eat any breakfast and then drank a zero carb/sugar energy drink. why do i feel light headed?
Helppp!? heart attack?
Is my arm broken?....?
I have pain on my right side of my head HELP!?
ummmmm this maybe very weird but my earlobe is bleeding what am i supposed to do?
Why was AIDS so prominent among the Gay community in the beginning if..?
what is considered eye candy?
Does anyone have any ideas as to why the H1N1 strain has killed so many people in Mexico?
Are there any systemic symptoms with pink eye (conjunctivitis)?
is there a specific kind of bracelet a person with aids must wear to make others aware that they have it?
What are some Gluten Free Cereals?
itchy & red watery eyes + runny nose + sneezes every time i wake up?
Shopping Gluten free?
im am soooo bored (help me )?
Ecstasy for the first time please please help.?
Don't you hate it when people rant about "Jonas Brother Haters"? "Don't hate them! Nick has diabetes!" etc...?
Diabetic symptoms?
Pain in my right eye.?
i've been with a man.?
I think that I'm lactose intolerant, every time I eat cheese, I get really bloated? Over-the-counter pills?
WTFF does a fever blister on my lip mean i have herpes??!?!?!??!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?
Do I Need Glasses? Please Anser!?
one blurry contact lens?
how long does it take for you to get ur glasses back after you go to the eye doctor?
I look terrible in glasses?
Without my contacts/glasses, im practically blind.?
What's the best way to get rid of puffiness under eyes?
Did I have Swine Flu?
once Alzheimer's set in what is the normal life span left?
Does taking Fish Oil pills improve acne?
Wearing contact lens not more than 8 hours a day?
Coloring contacts with food coloring?
What is STD? everyone is saying it?
Why do i sleep too much?
What is going on because my blood pressure is 150/80 and my legs and feet are swollen?
Do i have the flu please hep me?
Why do wounds itch? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?
Do I tell her I have Herpes before I sleep with her?
Essay for obesity people?
What are symptoms of becoming a diabetic?
can you please answer?
is there any home remedy to get rid of zits on my face?
My gf told me she has AIDS the other day. Should I stay with her or dump her?
If I am feeling suicidal is cutting a good idea?
What makes an alcoholic finally able to break their addiction?
A cure for aids?!?
can you die if your bellybutton ring gets infected.?
Does high cholestrol cause high blood pressure?
What would happen to your body if you were to inject yourself with chameleon blood?
Is it okay to change contacts without your doctors permission?
What color are my eyes???????????????????????????????
Why is it dangerous to shower with your contacts in?
What is the best way to get rid of dry skin on the face?
what are the best acne kits or at home remedies out there?
can you get herpes from kssing?
When I get married how do I make sure that my husband doesn't have any STDs?
OK I'm going to reask this--Why does my gyno seem weird to me?
Should I get a nose job?
Diabetes Info,Please help!?
Does anyone have any recipes for sugar free fudge or brownies that use splenda?
Diabetes or poor lifestyle?
What does Herpes consist of? And is it curable?
what kind of test should i get to test if i have diabetes?
Could I have diabetes? I don't want to tell my parents?
My daughter 12 was just diagnosed with juvenille diabeties!!?
Question about sunburn and tanning. Please help!!!?
i just got facial wash in my eye, how can i make it stop hurting ?!?
Do I have to change my 2 weels contact lenses in 14 days or can I extend it?
Contact lenses itchy and uncomfortable - but only the right eye! Howcome?Optometrist says both eyes same shape?
what causes itching all over the body without showing any trace on the skin?
How did you get rid of all your acne?
how could i treat boils?
i need a home remedy to remove hickeys within 24 hrs?
Is it possible to get a stye on your upper eyelid?
what do you do about infected stitches?
How to get rid of cold sores
What causes your herpes outbreaks?People that have herpes for awhile now how does your outbreaks come on?
using ur cousins shaver?
Will he hate me if he finds out?
will my acne ever go way or slow down im 20 years old please help?
how do you get a hickey?
what are some ways to make a hickey go away???
i have a scratch on my arm aned now its turning light shade of green around it whats happening?
hpv an std, husband swears never slept with anyone else?
What is the best way to overcome anxiety and stress?
How can I cover up cut marks on my arm?
Best part on a woman besides T & A?
is a 101.7 F a fever?
getting attention? what can i do?
Do you think scientists will ever find the cure for cold sores in our lifetime?
What are the signs you have std's?
What do you do when you're very very sad?
Contact Lens Users and Swimming....?
i am getting contacts tommorow! advice?
How do i get rid of scars?
Could you get skin cancer by putting on too much deoderant?
How come i get too red in the face from tanning?
Is my hand broken (picture)?
Sore throat emergency?
I had a bad sunburn which led to blisters. Now its peeling. It hurts. Help!?
Sudden rash appeared under wedding rings?
I slammed my toenail on the door and it lifted only half-way. My dad said to let it fall off. Do I?
How do I cut myself??
My little toe is the biggest?
My knee has been hurting for over a year! What should I do?
hoping someone will have some ideas as to what's wrong w/ my friend?
how do i get rid of nightime gas?
Why do my eyes get red and scratchy when I wear contacts?
Is a heart attack painful?
Left arm numbness that IS NOT a heart attack?
How well does Proactiv work?
What could be the cause of my hives?
Are there any cure for the dark areas on the knee?
I am just 19 years and my hair is becoming white. Suggest me some cure plz...?
HELP... who can i contact to step in if my father is crazy?
How do you reattach a severed body part?
Is it possible to faint without falling down?
Swin flu in my husband area and Im so worried to death?
why is everyone freaking out about swine flu, when people have recovered from it without medicine?
swine flu in sacramento area?! 10 points!! help please!!?
My hands are always dry and lotion is getting pointless...?
i get a weird heart beat sometimes?
my latest blood test indicate "high" level of triglycerides & cholesterol, what medicine is best to lower them
I had an EKG today and my doctor said I had a mild heart attack. Wouldn't I have known this?
Preliminary signs of an impending heart attack...if left untreated?
I am very depressed about my childhood, what can I do?
Do you ever feel like you just want to end it all?
I hate having bright green eyes ?
Is there a store I can drive to and buy contacts?
do white people skin similar to pig skin or it just my small brain?
how to get rid of eczema on face?
how do you get scabes?
Is my tongue piercing infected? I think it is. What do i do?
strep throat, what can i do?
URGENT!How to force your parents to take you to the doctor when you might have strept throat!?
what can I do for my dad who is an alcoholic. He is taking blood pressure meds and he is also diabetic.?
Help!!!I'm a girl and I have unwanted facial hair on chin!!?
Can a person catch shingles from unclean gym equipment?
Why would someone sweat when they are cold?
I have a giant frickin zit on my face HELP!!?
how old do you think is really old?
Is this weird or does it happen to everybodyy?
half of my eye is pink, what is the problem?
I have a nose picking problem?
I'm sleepy all the time. How do I stay awake?
I'm having terrible problems with anxiety. Who do I get help from, a counselor OR a physciatrist?
What does it mean when your skin feels like you have bugs crawling all over you?
Should my dad go to the doctor?
Head injury! Help! Please!?
Could youu ever survive without eyeglasses if you needed them?
Eye twitching. Medical reasons?
Can u get AIDS from a deer?
Is it ok to wash hair when sick(cold or sinus infection, soar throat)?
Should I go to the Hospital?
whats the difference between a fracture and a break,when it comes to bones?
im stuck in between two cast colors???????? (read more)?
When Attaching an AED you cut off the patients clothes, on a female would you cut off the bra?
how do i control my diabetes if i dont take my insulin shots?
What do you do if your blood sugar is around 400?
108 glucose too high for your sugar level?
Blood pressure.? .?
blood pressure 143/89 at age 18?
Ways to clean my heart arteries?
What is Lopus Disease?
is it normal go urinate every 30 minutes?
I really don't want to live anymore...?
what is your addiction?
Was it really Swine Flu?
Female with Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Help?
I just got contacts!!! Pointers?
Help NOW me eye me eye me eye?
I lose most of my eyesight during cloudy weather but not during bright sunlight, does this occur with anyone?
is there any way that your eyes can become better instead of worse??
From what age can you start wearing contact lenses?
how do i get rid of chap lips?
how can i get rid of sunburned cheeks by the 31st?
I have a mole on my back?!?
I fell down and now my right eye is twitching, is this bad?
I am freaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Have you ever had the Flu?
I asked this before and I'm looking for somebody who has HAD this and knows what it is!!!?
mole on my neck... afraid to have removed ... please help!!!?
Can people cry when they are in a coma?
I think I'm catching a stomach virus. What is a good cure?
after you do the number two?
HELP! How to prevent a flu? URGENT.?
Does anyone have methods of how to stop stuttering?
Have you ever gotten a hangover?
need help about acne?
When do I get off insulin?
I just strained my lower back muscle (tailbone area) for the first time..any of you with back trouble know?
Dropped Contacts on the floor. Still good to use?
please answer (seriously).............................…
where can I buy glasses online?
My husband has been having extreme chest pain, but heart checks out ok...... how can I help him?
My cousin has a Staph infection....she told me her doctor said that she should pop it......?
Black Dots On Face?
What's the best treatment for eczema?
Will I be able to wear a walking cast.........?
How do you think I can do this?
What's the best way to get rid of whiteheads?
Can't read music notes clearly anymore?
What would happen if you were your friends glasses?
PLease help, I want to sleep and my lenses are stuck?
My eye has been red for awhile, is it pink eye?
Should i get glasses although i don't need them at this point?
What should my friend use to get rid of her dry skin?
Can you catch chlamydia in your mouth?
Getting rid of a bruse?
Have you ever broken a bone?
I've had bowel movements once in the past 8 days! any advice?
My toes hurt so bad from running?
Is it unusual if you have a zit that you can squeeze junk out of but NEVER goes away (like 10 years+)?
HELP! My vigina has been itching for a little over a week now and it is red! i am to embarassed to tell family
Should parents try to spend lots of time with their young children?
What things can I do to really strengthen my immune system?
should schools be closed because of swine flu?
How do i stop poison ivy?
i have diarea should i use advil?
How can you prevent acne?
I've tried almost everything but I can't get rid of my blackheads and enlarged pores?
the heart muscle is called the ................................?
can i shower with my contacts in?
do contact lenses shatter easily?
If the contact lenses in your eyes won't stop slipping down your eyes, it that bad?
How should you feel if you are asked to get tested for STD's.?
my heart hurt when i smoked marijuana help.?
PVC's And heart flops?
what is cotton mouth?
why is my lower back hurting?
I keep getting a sharp pain in my rib area...?
I'm in pain, and the doctor doesn't even know what it is. HELP?
is swine flu air born?
Can we get any infectious disease from a toilet seat ?
I have high Cholesterol what can I do.?
Heart attack!!!?
Why isn't excercise working?
What's the benefit of using a Treadmill over an exercise bike?
Diet pills?? should i or shouldnt i?
how do i break my tibia and fibia?
What do I do about a sprained finger?
I think somethings wrong with my finger, but i dont know what, help?
how do you sprain your ankle ?
How can I Leave Diabetes World?
my back is killing me please answer asap?
What's the difference between Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen?
Anything to help with the pain of braces?
Pain in my left chest,not muscular pain,but something inside there that hurts,what could it be?
My hands are ALWAYS cold. Why?
I break out really bad & have very oily skin. What are some good easy remedies to help with that!!!?
what's the best way to control eczema? eczema?
I just got sunburned..?
Ok i know this sounds werid and im goin to school with a "black eye" but its not real i need help! fast!
I'm having an MRI tomorrow. Any hints/helps?
Need a safe way of removing mold from glasses.?
Is it okay to wear just one contact lens?
Never worn contacts and need advice from people who have them!!?
Eye infection, can I go to my regular doctor or optometrist? In South Africa.?
If you keep your eyes crossed for a long time, will they stay like that?
how do you know the size of your eye to buy colored contacts?
If you've already had the flu?
I have an unexplained acne problem can someone help me?
How can I get rid of acne (please read)?
I THINK I have an ingrown fingernail?
emergencyif your 88 year old grandmother was cold, but sweating profusely, she said she didn't feel?
how can i break my arm?
Will a scar from a burn fade so its not so noticeable?
I have a deep abdominal wound and one side is healing and the other side is not, what could this mean?
How do i get rid of dark circles under my eye?
what is the best way to get tan without getting skin cancer?
I am 5'4 16 yrs old and 140 lbs is that overweight?
im 5'5 and average between 108-115 is that okay?
i am urinating Britte yellow should i be worried?
Am I depressed? or there's evil in me?
Please someone help me with Blood Pressure question?
Can a 15 year old boy have a heart attack?
How do you check your pulse?
I have a tube in my ear...and I put a bobbi pen down it, and now I can't hear that well...?
Do I have food poisoning?
why CANT u take a bath when you're sweating?
What is the best treatment for chigger bites?
How do i get rid of acne that is under the skin?
I smoked marijuana about 5 moths ago and I am going to get a physical for school, will they find anything?
Am i normal weight I'm turning thirteen in July?
Allergy to marijuana? I really need help! Please.?
I smeared vapor rub on my nose and got some on my lips and then licked them, will i die?
♥Ok Pleeze Help Me♥?
am i fat, 5'7" and 140......?
what are the side effects of bulimia?
Why do African-Americans have more HIV than other races?
Is the N1H1 vaccine worth getting?
Swine Flu help please? (ugh 20 characters)?
Help my grandma fell and her head is bleading?
What is knee surgery like?
What acne medication actually WORKS?
do blackheads leave scars or only if u pick them?
Why is the swine flu being called the zombie flu?
Is Marijuana the Cure for all our problems?
how can i remove warts for my face?
contacts questions (you dont have to answer ALL of them if you don't know it)?
Is it ok to shower with my contacts on?
Why is it I can look completely different in one mirror vs. the next?
advice for the worlds worst hang over?
HANGNAILS! Ouch. I have one & it hurts like Heck!?
Have you ever had a panick attack?
Im always thirsty and no matter how much water i drink im still thirsty?
I am conducting a survey on AIDS. The results will be used in a reasearch I am doing.?
proactive question??
why do i have acne???
Does anyone know how to prevent sweating armpits even if you do have on lots of deoderant?
How to Stop Sweating? Please Help!?
What can i do to help acne?
red and itchy eye. do i put a hot or cold rag on it? please be sure.?
Could I be allergic to bandaids?
I need to cry but I can't. help?
How can I stop being nervous about my scoliosis surgery?
please help my shins hurt?
how to get rid of blackheads?
What do you think was wrong with me?
what is diabetes????
How to remove contact stuck in eye?
Would the prescription for eyeglasses be the same as the one for contacts?
How to get contacts out, please help!?
Can you improve your vision naturally?
Are you allowed to squint during an eye exam?
so i took this hiv/aids test a children hospital. Im 16. my mom doesnt know. the nurse told me that if it was?
Can I get an STD from a Barbie Doll?
Can you get herpes from a peck type of kiss?
can bleach lighten your skin?
how was HIV transmitted into the United States?
Does anyone know something else to eat on salads besides salad dressing? Because it's so fatty****************
how to increase my weight?
14 years old and 170 pounds?
I got braces and my teeth really hurt. What should I take to help the pain?
Best thing for sunburn?
how can i get rid of a stuffy nose?
Where can I get disposable contacts?
Why do I always get these pains in my chest?
How do you know if a knife is in your leg?
There is an old saying, don't touch your eye, except with your elbow. Why is it safe to use your elbow?
Excessive Sock-wearing Caused Ankle Hair Loss. Workman's Comp Time?
what is the swine flu?
I have a stomach virus! :(?
anyone know how to get rid of a scratchy throat??????
what should you do if you take ecstasy and heart is beating fast and wont slow down?
At What Blood Pressure should Emergency Medical Attention be sought?
i cut my finger on my wall!?
is this year black frieday also on thursday?
I'm pregnant and slammed my thumb in the door 3/4/07 please help?!?
Will eye brows grow back?
do carrots improve eye vision?
I'm 28 and I want to get lasik eye surgery to correct my nearsightedness (-2.75). Should I?
Do I really need these glasses?
Does the color of your eyes.....?
does drinking heavy water cure aids?
Coughing That Does Not Go Away.?
I go blind sometimes when I stand up, and I've had this problem for a long time...?
I never go out side.?
will this leave a scar? pics....?
do lots of guitar players get carpal tunnel symptom?
i just got in a fight and got punched on the eye.... my eye got very swollen n puffy.....?
can a 16 year old have afib?
how can i make/where can i buy a basic and small first aid kit for my purse?
help, the inside of my mouth is swollen..?
Why is that when ppl get extremely drunk they throw up?
Can I get a Cold Even with a Flu Shot?
i have been having diarrhea for more than a weak what does that mean? ?
I have the swine flu... does that mean im going to die?
Do you think the swine flu will cause schools to close?
What Do You Do To Stay Awake During An All- Nighter? :D?
Do you think it's possible to lose 40 pounds in 4 months?
I need help in loosing weight..?
am i at a good weight? [Read Detail]?
if to maried people their blood are a+ what are their son blood type?
I have been sick forever and doctors cant figure out whats wrong?
i am getting small boils on my scalp. could it be some kind of a deficiency? how do i get it cured?
Diabetes and vegetables! please help ty?
What would happen if you were to actually touch your brain?
what's that disease that made children look like old people?
I just got back from the eye doctor, she said i have a low prescription in my eyes, what does this mean?
Please help me, do i have rabies?
Swine flu questions!?
what should i do??? an easy 10 points!?
When feeling naucious, is it better to throw up or not to?
Got an itch? How do you scratch your itch when it's under your cast?
My coworker stabbed me in the eye with a pencil?
How do you heal a broken heart?
What's up with my eye?
does one need to be taken to the hospital for a sprained ankle?
How can I take care of very dry cracked hands?
How can i prevent myself from getting Athlete's foot?
what is a quick remedy for chapped lips? ived had my lips chapped for about a week?
What be da symptoms of blood loss?
How does a blind person know when to stop wiping after a bowel movement?
Cure for yeast infection?
I have a huge problem?
cutting myself?
would you commit suicide if you were me?
i have lice so what are so ways to rid of them without using warmful chemicals?
Please don't call me an idiot!?
random bug bites?
small bug bites all over..very itchy. bed bugs? what are they? help please!?
if i had an accident 3yrs ago can i sue?
I don't know what is happening!!?
can a STD go away on its own after a while...like can your body fight it off.????
My neighbor is 6 Foot and he ways only 154 Lbs.....Does he have HIV?
how do i get ride of dandruff fast?
Why do we all have hairs inside our noses?
Help? I can't stop cutting?
What should i eat right before working out?
Are you getting the flue shot this winter season?
My skin is turning blue around a cut that bled quite a bit....?
Help I need to fake an injury!?
What would your comfort level be around someone with HIV/AIDS?
Do Contact Lenses hurt?
Can you describe what you see behind your closed eyelids?
will color contacts bother me if i don't wear contacts?
my eye waters and burns?
In ur opinion is it safe for a 15 yr old with a prescription of +12 to be wearing permanent contacts??
Can anyoune tell me whats the reason behind my teary eyes?
Extreme lower back pain! Whats wrong my back?
My right ball hurts. What can I do?
IS 179 normal blood sugar for a teen???
I'm 17 with high cholesterol?
Am i really that fat?
is this true about the swine flu virus?
my finger hurts...?
My sister kicked my ear and now it is really sore when i open my mouth. whats wrong?
omfg my EYE its important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
ive been told that a puppy attracts women .i have a puppy now. are the women on the way?
can I spread oral herpes to my girlfriend if I made out with her 1 day b4 a breakout?
lil red spots on my legs, n its not chicken pox, what is it?
What will make cracked heels better?
How do you get rid of stretch marks ?
What does glucose in urine mean?
Does glasses really help to inprove your vision if you wearthem long enough.?
DIAGNOSE ME!!! i am very sick i think. 10pts to any1 i think sounds right!!!?
I collapsed today. I often black out, and I'm frequently dizzy...?
Need help with symptoms?
How do you fix a sore throat and a headache?
please help EMERGENCY?
What is better for acne...rubbing alchohol or Neutrogena?
My nail falling off ?
i sprained my ankle today in football practice but just a little. what can i do to make it fell better. i have?
How to get rid of a cold sore really fast?
Dry patch of skin aove my lip? lol HELP!?
im sick and i dont know what it could be...?
When I put on my glasses my vision gets burry-er... Is my eye doctor giving me the wrong glasses?
why do some people don't wear their glasses daily?
What happens when you get your eyes checked?
Do I Got Aids Or Hivs?
if you have black dots on your nose what is it and how do you get rid of it?
Why my hands are almost all the time Cold?
How do you know if your appendix burst.?
what is MRSA exactly?
is it true that if you...?
Worst Headache and Pain in Neck?
Does high blood pressure cost dizziness? Shall I lay down?
I have yellowish ooze and green crud between my toes, what is it?
What worked to clear your acne?
I am very atletic (perfect body) but I have acne, so my confident is very low? Need help?
My daughters feet constantly burn and turn red,any one know why?
What is a good way to get over being crabby?
How can I convince my parents to get me contacts?
My new glasses gives me headaches?
question about contacts?
If i drop my contact lens in dirt, but then i clean it, can i steel use it?
whats std????????????????????
Please tell me your experience wth crutches?
this is annoyin help me plz?
Water REALLY bothers my skin?
why you have freckles?
Fixing a Astigmatism?
my left pinkey toe hurts really bad and im thinking about amputating it myself. is this a good idea????
If a person with HIV got pneumonia could they survive?
Does gestational diabetes affect the baby?