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For how long a Mitral Stenosis patient (30 years old) can live, (with treating on time)?
please help me i have something on my nose for years?
What are these heart conditions: tricuspid atrisia and super ventricle tachycardia?
Have really dry hands. What to do?
What are some good acne products.. please help!?
How do i keep my skin from reddening?
is hypertension covered by fmla?
My mother-inlaw just had surgery on her aortic valve, anyone anything about this surgery?
how old do you have to be to work at italian tan?
free medicationforpeopleonmedicarewhohavealreadysignedupforpart d?
how do scientist research for type 1 diabetics cures?
Using Insulin when you cannot afford test strips?
I'm looking for the Diabetic Lowcarb Diet plan. Anyone know about it?
Is there a bloodless glucometer on the market???
What is the approximate heal time for Grade II sprained wrists?
Which has the most negative effect on your bones? Coke-a-Cola or Vinegar?
which is the importance of the medical gymnastics and massage for new born child?
What is personal hygiene. What are the factor that enhances personal hygiene.?
Whats a really effective method to relieve indigestion?
Can you give me some brands of nocotine gums?
can a chropractor help knee pain?
Do dreams really have any meaning? If so how can I find out what it is?
when i get up i feell very sad and lasy ,seemes i love to do lots of desired thing but emotionally not ready?
Painful Thyroiditis? Could this really be what's wrong?
livolin forte side effects?
Won't eat after having flu?
Do I Have Dystonia Or Not?
can aids be passed through mosquito's?
Could i be narcoleptic?
Can i take cephalexin with aspirin fever reducer?
symptoms for worm death?
what kind of diseases do spherical viruses and rod-shaped viruses cause?
I think i might have worms?
Since Thanksgiving i have had sudden reactions to some foods?
I have a head injury and was woundering if stem cells will fix it in the future?
Pulled Quadricep, Please read and help me out?
Bad Calf strain?
Just had back surgery two weeks ago. How soon before I can ride my motorcycle again?
swollen ankle?
what do u suggest..................?
typical payment for head injury under workmans comp in ill?
Eyes feel like they are gonna pop. See details for rest of symtoms. What wrong w/ them?
Is it safe to drink wine a week after major surgery?
i have been shot in the shin?
OK what happened to my thumb?
my eyes feel pushed back?
Cannot seem to recover from my concussion?
why do we get swollen lips in the morning [on occasion]?
ACL ligament?
FingerNail question for people who often injure them!!!?
Clear Care?
Has anyone had the eye surgery to take out floaters and afterwards your vision is distorted & lite sensitive?
Can you put a perscription on Oakley Half Jacket Sunglasses?
Is it true that playing video games to much can lead to vision loss?
How should the 'perfect' contact lenses feel?
spit in eyes?
Gyn question please help?
If Jesus got HERPES, would he tell his mom?
Is it true that high dosage acetaminophen or paracetanol can kill when mixed with alcohol?
passing herpes question?
Does anybody know what to do about osgood schlatters disease!?
Can i get STD evne if it was our first time?
How does hiv aids happens to first person?
i am looking for laser therapy to stop smoking in massavhusett.?
what is the anti thyroid drug used ? Plz with detail and dozes?
I am considering a steroid injection for bursitis in my hips. How painful can I expect this to be?
What does contrast column mean in radiology?
I am looking for a manual for a drucker horizon 643 centrifuge. Can anyone help? Thanks.?
i have been trying to find a slate grey hair color to cover almost all white hair is there any such product.?
im looking for a powder, soft pink, mixed with lotion it lightens the skin, were can i buy it from?dont know?
How does Aspirin know where to go?
toe nails?
Does anyone know if people with astigmatic have to have that for the rest of their lives? any way to cure it?
My friend's given up smoking & has wild mood swings. He still thinks giving up's a good idea!?
I can't stand facial hair on men, especially hairy beards and mustaches where they wax or play with the ends.
tell me the guidelines for planning and setting cardiopulmonary rehabilitation department?
odd round, pink spots, what are they?
My palms get itchy after I take a shower...?
my scalp is dry and peeling?
Why am I not having any Accutane problems?
Keratosis Pilaris Question?
Bump on HEAD-any help on if it should be looked at .?
How can i get rid of acne?
Does staying out of sunlight makes your skin lighter?
nursing care plan for dehydration?
How much hyaluronate should I take?
Any opinions on Putterman, Eric A MD - Central Orthopedic Group in Plainview, NY?
Did I eat okay?
im 13 and i weigh 130 pounds how do i loose wieght?
My friend wants me to be fatter than him?
Weight Loss help for a teen!!!?
I have a nail problem. It is split in the corner and I don't know how to get read of it, its like spreading!
Has anyone succesfully cleared up biceps tendenitis?
i have had a pain in back of knee, but its from standing too long and even sitting, having it bent too long.?
Question about a gun shot to the upper arm?
Help! I think i broke-fractured-strained my arm!?
When you get an electrical shock,?
What is the combined effect of atorvastatin and fenofibrate on TG and LDL cholestorol.Is it required take abov
Question about pre employment drug test?
How can I pay to see an orthopedic surgeon?
Is it okay to get lime water in an open cut?
Does anything stop the pain of frozen shoulder?
Whats the best way to treat severe gas pain?? Not just in your stomach but yours sides also? Really bad pains?
Can wearing contact lenses cause under eye puffiness?
what does it mean to have blood after passing motion?
Is it true that feet have less germs on them than hands?
Hi, my fiance may have the flu, but it got worse this morning with severe chills. Right now he feels some.....?
How long should I keep my kids off school with the flu?
What exactly is Autism?
what is muscle disuse atrophy????
Information on Phelps Dodge Smelter in Douglas, AZ and cancer links?
drugs to induce coma?
I got a CD57 level of 15, does this indicate Lymes?
What is the percentage that a teenager will die from using drugs?
can gaut afect the back joints?
Could I have Mononucleosis? (Mono)?
How do you know when your mono isnt contagious?
I feel like I have a cold, but my neck is swollen and achy too. What could this be?
How does someone get "Mono"?
what should you do if you are cut by something that was rusty?
Can't sleep at night?
I need help with my severe spinal stinosis in my neck? and my lower back.?
who is the main host of STI ?
my friend is going in for a Kidney biopsy how long should she be out of work?
What is a easy way to get rid of spots?
What do I do about a zit near the eye?
Do you know anyone that had or has a boil?
what does it mean if my bums still itchy after being wormed?
Lice Eggs or Dandruff?
Asymptotic herpes transfer - therapeutic massage?
why is red the color of the aids ribbon?
why won't my acne go away?
BUMP on my forehead??????
What are the risks of doing acne laser removal on your face?
please help i have spots and want to get rid of them badly pleaseeee?
What can U do with saop slivers?
medical travel help?
who do you think is hotter Beyonce, Ashanti, or christina millan?
Can anyone who's had lasik corrective surgery let me know about their experience?
what to do about allergy on face skin?
i"ve suffered a carear ending injury resulting in permanents partial disabilty to my promenient shoulder?
Has anyone tried Hydrance optimale SPF 15 from AVENE? What did you think of it?
where can I find stylish clothes for african american females?
what is a queef?
Can I know the effective yoga exercises to end severe depression?
I need a cure or something i can do for my dog. what can i use or do for my -PARVO- puppy?
What is different about the flu vaccine from year to year?
how much sugar needed in humans body?
What nutrients are depleted by Altroxin?
Does anyone know of a good natural alternative to one a day Centrum multivitamins?
Does anyone have any info on the the folk medicine topics of "Talking Out the Fire" or Fire doctors?
what, besides calcium, are the nutrients needed to correct bone spurs?
What's best to boost my immune system?
does colonic cleansing really work, is it safe?
37 hours and counting...?
Do pro biotics really work?
is there a supplement called laurea?
where can i purchase acomplia?
please help 0_o?
what are the numbers of chiropractors in state of Ohio?
What is the best smelling deodorant?
is there a medication to help me breath better while running?
Have you cured an illness mentally?
I think I may be becoming depressed....?
are there any medications or treaments for paralyzed diaphragm?
more to runner's knee?
How do you relax strained eye muscles, I just went to an opthamologist today and she said everything is perfec
Hernia surgery question.?
how do I get rid of a swollen toe?
burn ow ow ow ow!!!!!!!!!!!help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you need to get another vaccination on mumps if you have already had a vaccination?
my brother got several splinters in his hand. he got some out but some are hidden under skin. . any advice?
Burn on my arm....help!?
Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
trying to find out what is wrong with my son? Fever (104) severe headache, dizziness, sore throat, sore stomac
how long does it take for a cut to heal?
How do you improve circulation in your legs?
does popping your knuckles really give you arthritis?
how do i prevent alot of bug bites?
I don't know why I'm tired all the time?
SuNbUrN!!! ErGeNt!!!!!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*?
I'm taking CPR and First Aid Re-certification test, anything specific I should go over?
about Druggest H I Wills?
Can you take anti-depressants with oxycodone & oxycontin?
Looking for a answer to a surgery called balloon kyoplasty . Why am I still having so much pain?
Does anyone know the side effects of working in Pest Control?
Has anyone had experience with taking Lyrica?
help!! half of mye ye is red?
I wanted to buy Halloween contacts and I was wondering what the risks are. I have never worn contacts before.
Can tiny scratches on eyeglasses be buffed out and by what?
I'm on my last pair of contacts. How long can they last?
computer can cause any sickness in the eye?
Artificial iris (permanent contacts), is it possible?
Best conditions to combat computer use eye strain?
laser surgury?
Work at a club during the day sometimes...can that hurt my eyes?
What are the best soft contact lenses you've tried?
About my Eyesight?
Do spankings cause shingles?
what are some possible conditions that would make someone's skin hurt to be touched?
Can terbinafine tablets be used to treat tina versicolor?
Tiny Open Hole In Same Place On Each Of My Arms?
I have a little acne in the middle of my forhead?
what do orange peel do to your skin?
My skin medication has left me with acne scars..?
Is nail-polish toxic on skin that has ringworm?
Can you tell which skin care brand test on animals?
Advice for removing dressing after surgery?
My ringworm is spreading and I don't know how to stop it?
How long does bio oil take to fade a bad scar?
if you have had a CT Scan and it was normal would you need an ultrasound too?
Can high O2 affinity Hemoglobin cause arterial blood gas values of high O2 and low Co2?
How do u get kidney stones?
Does anyone have high blood pressure? What does it feel like?
where can I get info on perscription drugs that my mother is takeing?
a person with trimers, cant walk at times cant think clear at times, also sees things thats dont there.?
whats the best cure for JONTIS?
How can I find a care facility for my husband?
What is the best treatment for recurrent stomatitis? What causes it?
Any clue about the possible treatment of night blindness.?
"What causes an*l seepage?"?
what are the health implications of shared toilets?
how to maintain good health in each kind of vitamins?
why is smoking should not be banned in public places?
how is the fastes,healthiest and natural wayto become a sport-man,even a profesional one,if till now i was a?
what is the urinary system?
how can i increase my hight? what is stoma? what is two main parts of a plant?
What vitamin suppliment gives you the most energy?
What is the difference between external counterpulsation and enhanced external counterpulsation?
Criteria for Combined Ventricular Hypertrophy?
Help Bug bites from the beach!?
What are the syptoms of ulceritive colitis.? ?
Did I get food poisoning?
What temperature kills roaches?
am i in danger of Mercury poisoning?
Does the liver flush work?
what is Parkinson's disease?
how to treat pelvic inflammatory disease?
Kidney Infection Symptoms. Help now please!?
can you catch anything from blood drop that has been lying for at least week?
Is this a yeast infection or something else?
Where in canada can i get tested for HIV using oral fluids, (without needle)?
what type of treatment?
If I have a cold sore, does this mean I have herpes?
When denoting blood to help out others, do they check your blood for all STD's?
question about hand surgery?
Do Blood Drives Let You Know If you Have HIV?
does one's body react the same to the same std if contracted more than once?
DOCTORS: After ear surgery, my cheek went numb. Is it possible, after 3 months, the numbness gets worse?
Ok so aparently i had a freak allergic reaction to flonase?
i was just wondering what could happen to you if you pick a mole??????????????????????????????????????????????
please help me how to find the company name of this number in the philippines: 7210000?
hair proublem?
are anyway for improve naturally astigmatism?
how effective is U/V light for treating well water bacteria?
i am just getting over amonia. what should i do as an follow-up.i feel a bid painfull when breading in.?
I have a report to write and need to know what type of care might a CNA porvide for a patient with emphysema..
What is the best way to get rid of my dandruff? Please help (10 pts).?
i have these things at the side of my mouth called hacks like coldsores! HELP?
My shoulders always feel greasy?
how to heal a burn without a scar?
Very itchy hands that won't go away what could be wrong??anyways my dad?
does anybody else feel like they know when their cellulite is forming?
I have minor acne scars on the face...?
Help!what is the best way to get rid of acne marks??tnx?
I have small bumps on my fact they don't look acne. How do I get rid of them. There annoying?
How do you get rid of redness around eyes?
fiberglass's create disease?
stump neuroma?
does anybody have the kidney disease nephrotic syndrome and what are your symptoms and what are your?
stem cell therapy in paraplgia?
How is Bird Flu Transmitted to Humans?
5400mg of neurontin daily. Anybody else on a high dose?
If you were DX w/Fibromyalgia-what meds have worked best for you?
looking for china jell pain rub?
Sometimes I wake up but "not fully." I feel paralized for the most part. What is this?
i have a problem of height phobia, infact in dreams i feel it , similarly i have also a problem of clustrophob
Can exposure to second hand smoke from cocaine cause you to fail a urine drug screen?
any scientific evidence sitting next to a router with a Wifi antenna can cause cancer or any other health risk
Is sea salt and water a good treatment to use as a cleanse?
after stomach surgery what does it mean the stomach is sleeping?
What happened to my eyes?!?
well anybody know where will i get a X rays specs or googles i want because i m doing some research?
is there anything medicaly wrong with someone who doesnt stink even after Not taking a shower for a long time?
Blisters...to pop or not to pop?
why we need to chew bread and potatoes thoroughly?
If you put hydrogen peroxide on your skin where there is no cut, what will happen?
Sunburn? help!?
My baby just swallowed poison...?
Does any one know how to control seborrheic dermatitis over the counter?
How to cure or get rid of a sty?
Horrible Sun-Burn! Layers Of Skin Came Off?
As a seventeen year old, how often can I get drunk before it starts to noticeably affect me?
hive/rash like brake outs helpp!?
Kitten bite should I be worried?
Can you tell me something?
Spider bite? What should I do?
how to i hide scars or make them heal faster?
I think my husband broke his finger?
My 6 year old dropped a piece of wood on his big toe won't stop bleeding....?
How can I remove a splinter from my son's foot?
How to get water out of my ear.?
Why do i feel sever headache when i watch t.v. for a long time ?
Does benzoyl peroxide get rid of milia?
Has anyone ever tried the ANSR light therapy for acne?
What are some things you can do to get the circulation moving in your legs?
why do i have acne when i put my bangs down?
What are the best body washes to fight body acne?
How can i get rid of a rash around my eyes?
Skin around my mouth is itchy red dry and now cracked from the cold weather?
i have a "pulled-muscle" feeling in the back of my leg- could this be a blood clot- how would i know?
where to buy skin whitening glutathione 500mg in uk?
Investigating if a Doctor has a lawsuit against them?
Broken Ankle symptoms, please describe them.?
What are strained or stetched eyes...and what cures it ...how long will it take and one more question...when t
What is the best way to cure Dandriff? I have tried every shampoo out there...?
why does my cartlidge piercing hurt still? its been a month and its still hurting. theres also bumps.?
Do any guys shave their legs? I don't know why you do that! Please tell me!?
How do I stop biting my nails?! I'm so sick of this horrible habit!!?
What is proud flesh that is on a big toe where a ingrown toenail was at?
Knee Sprain, slight ligament tear, shin pain?
How do i clean a steam vaporizer?
what's anxiety or an anxiety attack?
exsessive bloody noses?
DOCTORS: During ear surgery, the surgeon severed a nerve& my cheek went numb. Are there therapies available?
What should I do about pain? read on?
where to order contact lenses without valid rx?
what is the best way to die?
Can somebody contact hiv or aids this way?
whats the natural history of untreated rheumatic fever?
what do you think im sick with?
I feel sick... what's wrong with me?
how can i get rid of a stye?
indications for nuclear stress test?
Do i have strep or a cold?
M.R.I for Tourettes for Children?
What is a liver flush?
Do I have herpes ???? ?
hpv v. herpes?????? Doc told me i have hpv and its herpes?
Which is the most dreaded STD other than HIV?
why can some smoke and not be affected?
Where can I purchase a yoga dvd specifically designed for people with MS?
Do you feel you have recovered from ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Post Viral Fatigue?
Is there anyone out there that has taken a breathing medication by the name of xopenex?
what is the best/safest stress test protocol for patients that have had a total knee replacement?
what is meant by an adequate proyein?
Where can i find a job in Saginaw Michigan for handicapped people ?
Info o John Kraft running for Insurance Commissioner?
is it true: practical/basic nursing grads from foreign countries are no longer accepted in US,UK and canada?
can their be difference in the heart rate record on the bedside and central station monitor connected togather
Can I secure someone to inspect my home to see if it contains toxic materials?
How can you tell if a broken toe is healing?
Leg injury three weeks ago....?
what happens if you take percocet with compazine?
what is a thrid party payer?
what is having to much protein in blood a sign of and what harm is there in it ?
Can you check my boogies to see if they are healthy?
How can you neuralize the phoporous in you system so that you can better absorb the calicum?
is it harmful to use navaratna oil everyday .does its strong conc effects our mind ?like amruthanjan?
i can see better from my right eye, is it beneficial to use my left eye more?
need glasses?
Trying contact lens?
What contact lenses add a light tint to natural dark brown eyes?
Is this herpes of the eye or a normal symptom of cold sores?
How can i cover up a stye?
Cold sores and witch hazel?
So, I think I have a cold-sore..but it's really little...How can I get rid of it QUICK?
Is corticosteriod dangerous?
ada yang tau obat herbal untuk penyakit psoriasis ?
Do I have Aquagenic Urticaria?
How can bacne be treated?
How do I cure an allergic reaction that causes dry skin?
is it a Leg rash? Picture included.?
Do i have skin Disease? Pictures included?
What is this mysterious thing on my forehead?
phisicians back ground in florida?
Antibiotic pain?
How long can withdrawal syptoms from percocet last?
What is involved in "Protein Injections" to the knee, and is it painful?
Does anyone know what I can do for tendonitis of the foot?
what does it mean when i have dreams about suffication?
I think that I have alot of problems for one I dont know how to deal with different emotions who can help me?
what's the importance of inspiratory pause for ARDS patients?
what causes chest pain when you cough or sneeze?
Do i have mono? or what?
I have the flu and an A-level exam on Monday!?
Can a doctor know???????
Itchy throat, rooftop of mouth,& inside ear?
what is the likely course and outcome of influenza (flu)?
Is it possible to get a sore throat cause cold weather? ?
What would happen if I took stuff to get rid of parasites if I do not have them?
Do I have mono???? Please help!!:,(?
how to get rid of a stuffy nose?
How to get rid of the common cold?
Confused about my Pap results..HPV?
With Herpes or Without Herpes?
Is their a way I could interview someone with HIV/AIDS?
Can someone help me find a institution for my sister?
Are seizures caused by being on too much prozac and cymbalta?
I wear reading glasses. Approximately how much does LASIX surgery cost,,start to finish.?
what foods to avoid and take for low blood pressure?
Does anyone know of any other test besides blood test to test for thyroid problems?
can you suggest websites that can help me find topics for my lecture about drug abuse among teenagers?
Tennis Elbow (Manual Therapy hurt)?
Want a good internal medical doctor in the Macon, Ga area?
how does depression effect the heart ?
what are the options to correct post-transplant coronary artery disease?
Racing heart?
What is the recommended range for blood glucose after fasting (>8hrs) for diabetics?
What are "net carbs" and how are they different from "regular carbs"?
type 2 and diet?
does anybody with type 2 diabetes have the problem.....?
being diabetic for 12 years?
Any doctors in NC experienced in endocrinology/reactive hypoglycemia?
is it true that people who mast*rbate have more self-confidence or self-esteem??
Can someone tell me where I can find someone that does Craniosacral Therapy in Tampa Florida?
Natural cures phone number?
i have many black heads on my face tell me some naturalway to clear it?
what is molecula silver? and how does it work?
What if I'm from mexico and i want to study Medicine in USA? is there any options for me?
How can I get pregant faster?
wich pediatric dentist is better for my 4 year old?
what is a natural cure for uterine fibroids?
Has anyone had a colonic? Are they expensive? Are there really that many benefits?
how to anoint faces with olive oil without getting oil on hair or clothes?
does any one know of a good network marketing company?
where can i get my nails done in kissimee?
i have really dry skin on my face. the skin just flakes away like it is peeling. how do i prevent this?
How do I get rid of postoperative adhesions from liposuction?????
What is in percacets?
I need sleep help?
how to deal with outbreak of infectionin a urology setup ?
In moderation, what can red wine do to our health? can zinfandel do the same thing?
Is it possible that being extreamely tight in all your muscles that it can stunt your growth?
what is the recovery time for an adult tonsillectomy?
What is wrong with me?
got a bunion. has anyone tried a toe-alignment device?
where i can find natural polysaccharide peptide ?
i am coughing for a long time?
why am i getting a lot of moles on my body?
what is the difference between a canker sore and a cold sore?
Can I get accutane a second time without having to try other meds first?
I notice a shadow on the nose side of my right eye. When I look at my nose it goes away. what is it?
what is the best way to get rid of my acne product allergic reaction?
magnefying laser?
Small bump on the inside of my eyelid?
Can you get a hair bump if yu dont shave? ?
What has retinal tear got to do with post cataract surgery and laser clearance of membrane?
Small, flat, waxy bumps/lumps on face?
How to cure this Blister?
could this be another spider bite?
amino acids for scar tissue?
What if you don't file for Workman's CP right away because you didn't know about that and saw dr. on your own
can you get paralyzed diaphragm from gallbladder surgery or is it caused from pneumonia or pitutary surgery?
Why does the body produce more mucous when you get a cold or respiratory flu?
Question for ppl with overactive bladder?
Can you take the treatment for h pylori more than once?
Are all of the flu shots in the US at this time good against H1N1 swine flu?
Why is Tapeworms common in some places rather than others?
Is an Ear Infection a sign of becoming deaf?
How can I get rid of Pink Eye w/out going to the DR.?
Prolonged pin worms any damamge?
Tenderness on scalp?
Infected Razor Cuts Looks like herpes?
Can a blood test detect?
Any STI risk for a male receiving unprotected oral?
for migrain im using betacap t r 40 mg & sibbilium 10 mg from the last 2 yrs plz advice how safe is this.?
Does anyone here take Lyrica for pain management (or other reasons)?
why are my tonsils swollen?
what is avusion fracture?
Am i pregnant of do I have a STD?
How can I find out what Doctors take Medicaid in Ohio?
Does salt crystals on your skin after strenuous excersise mean you are dehydrated?
What home remedies do you know to stop snoring?
Hi,I searching for lyrics of one of Era's songs that she say:Don't u forget about me...but didn't find
what habits good for you if you have heart problem?
how do you clean a sweat ring from your shirt??
How can you describe "disgust in a political way?"?
Take the psychopath test...?
How can I get rid of the garlic in my body?
Help me with my acne?
Why do i scar so easily?!?
How long does a herpes simplex outbreak usually last?
wart on lip healing process?
Apo-Doxy 110mg acne medication.?
Can you use mederma on a scar that's being treated with cortisone injections?
Fall & winter my fingers & sometimes toes become inflamed in areas, itch, have red bumps that become scab. I?
Can I go to my dermatologist for a full skin check up to diagnose any skin conditions?
extremely oily skin. HELP!!!?
creatine gave me acne on my body?
I got put on birth control for acne, will it help?
Do apples really cure GERD?
Is there a way to get rid of cherry angioma?
Lemonade detox/diet/cleanse?
Will stem cells cure herpes?
Where can I buy Ipecac? Is it behind the pharmacy counter or on the shelves?
does anyone else out there suffer from chronic pain related to ulnar neuritis? or anything similar?
What organization would reimburse me for the co-pymt for chemotherapy called camptosar?
what are the facts about hiv?
Can anyone tell me what a bone spur is?
I had a sore throat the other night and now it feels like my tongue has hair on it. What might I have?
how do i buy a good hepa filter for my home?
If you are exposed to individuals smoking crack cocaine, will it show up in a urinaylisis?
Sleep? Stress?
I hear that having dreams at night is very healthy. Is that true?
I want to know where I can get patient medication information handouts in spanish for various medications.?
Can Tylenol cause liver problems for teenagers?
how do i get rid of a crick in my neck?
What is amlor the antihypertensive drug?
Do you think this is a mental or physical conditon?
Where online can I get a listing of Health Expos around the country?
Cholesterol in fish eggs?
I am looking for inpatient hospital statistics for the U.S. Thanks.?
How many people have been injured by falling tombstones in the last 20 years in the US?
where can i find nonprescription reding glasses that are REAL GLASS and have METAL FRAMES?
What is the difference between myopia and astigmatism?
What is 'closed angle glaucoma' and what causes it?
Am I a candidate for Lasik Surgery?
Why do we need to scratch our eyes when feel sleepy?
What is the difference between Acuvue Hydraclear and Acuvue Oasys?
Hard rapid blinking?
what Alc value in Diabetic Treatment?
is there any site where i could ask question about diabetes from medical experts?
Why are Diabetic shoes different from regular shoes?
if your diabetic will eating corn on the cob raise your sugar level very much?
what acne medication should i use?
Why is my arm red????!!!!?
Home remedies for blackheads and spots?
People who know a lot about albinism...?
I want to become pale skinned again, radically.?
My doctor told me he can't stich up a scar I have?
i got chicken pox about a year back,and i still have this weird looking bump?
My wife has this rashes all over her body at times & some places of her body gets too hot why does this happen?
What product really works for break outs quickly?
Which is the best stretch mark reduction cream available in India?
How do you get rid of acne?
Will any of these masks help my acne?
about propynate nf lotion?
how do you clean a humidifire?
do you dream if you have sleep apnea?
trying to find the no.#1rated doctor for the treatment for lung dieases. can you help?
Should simple impetigo sting and tingle?
Can the flu kill you?
Why is it that only one nostril is stuffed?
If two diseases combined...?
How long does it take for an Ear Infection to return to normal?
UTI question about medicine, please help?
In '06 a family member contracted MRSA in the hospital?
which are a group of viruses that infect bacterial cells viroids, prions, yeasts, or bacteriophages?
my alt level is 89, how serious is it?
Did my antibiotics cause this?
Will herpes break out be on your inner thigh?
iv had a std check and been with the same guy for 2 years but i have bumps on my vigina could it be herpes?
Fever blisters contagiuous?
how i can reduce my weight and look beautiful?
why do asians wear surgical masks when they arent in surgury?
define surgical technologist?
What is the first thing you do when u wake up ??
Any black women suffered from embarassing scars and was able to get rid of them?
how is tamela mann?
Girls i asked the fellas the same thing.&now i want to ask. uand be honest and serious.Tell me what you think?
What type of flowers are the best to send for get well? What have been your favorites?
Does anyone know where I can find a brown long sleeved lacy shirt? I need it to wear w/ a brown skirt i got.?
how can you tell the difference between a virus and a bacteria? ( not computer virus)?
is walking a lap and running a lap better than running every lap?
Question about body type...?
what is the most common kinds of cancer found in AIDS patients?
is there any way to grow moustache or beard faster?
what is the ideal age for baby to put in the stroller?
if some one here takes steroids and you're getting bigger muscles and little time tell me what your taking?
Does anyone have any home remedies for cold sores ?
how do you get copper and silver clean with a shine?
Where do you dump dead animals if you live in the city?
what is the best type of massage to get?
what is inguinal?
I have bilateral diapragmatic paralysis does anyone else have it it wont ever allow me to lie down flat again?
i want to know if crawling sensation is related with drugs?
What is phos. ethanolamine igm?
hip dysplasia?
Exercises to strengthen the hip adductors?
Is Depakote and Lithium Similar ?
Whether MRI needed in spinal injury patients?
Is it normal to be dizzy after u stop taking Gabapentin?
My right leg aches badly when I sit down..What could it be?
women and men ever been punched in the gut?
does anybody know of any decent 'day spas'?
A couple months ago I let a lady pull my neck. it seemed to help at first,then I went to a chroiprater?
what's wrong with me?
How much does the foot massager from HoMedics called "Spot" cost? It's not on their website.?
Is there any law mainly focused on the workplace safety on using computers?
Is fish oil good for arthritic pain and if so in what amounts?
would twisted bowels cause back pain?
Where is the best place to get a job as a C.N.A.?
Iron rich blood?
I had surgery in November on my shoulder (replaced) and it still hurts, can anybody explain why?
Is the MMR safe?
are viruses "alive"?
is drinking/alcoholism a problem,a disease, or a sin/bad behavior? what will help someone who has this problem
I am looking for affordable health insurance for myself, age 47 female who smokes.?
Saggy skin above both my eyes? What do I do!?
can i take doxycycline pills every hour?
Itchy red bumps on my neck?
What is this growing under my nail?
I am very moody lately my back hurts and it feels like my whole body just aches aches it puts me in bad mood?
Red Spot with white spots inside on skin?
Best product for dry, itchy skin for eyelids?
I took a bath and my feet raisined and sore to touch? Still wrinkled on the bottom and very dry feeling?
What are effective home remedies to get rid of freckles?
Does it add more fat to bread when you toast it?
How do I lose weight???
How do lose I 10 pounds fast?
is being fat bad?????????
Whats the best way to lose weight?
Why aren't I losing weight?
Does anyone know about a "magic pill" to lose weight?
is fried chicken FAT rlly bad for u ? inside for details!?
Is losing 70 pounds in 90 days too extreme???
I am trying to loose 30 pounds, 10 pounds a month for 3 months.?
How often should you breathe when swimming breast stroke? (Every stroke, every other stroke...)?
what types of food should i eat to help cleanse my colon?
fastest way to lose weight?
Will only eating almonds,fruit and drinking a lot of water help lose weight?
how do i lose weight?
how do i loose weight?
how to lose weight even when Im eating?
How to lose 'the tummy'?
How can I raise my metabolism?
what is the easyest exersize to get nice abbs?
doctors accepting new patients in guelph o.n?
Is it true that if you have a tattoo on your lower back that you can't have an epidural?
Stiff, painful muscles in arm... tendonitis?
can sleeping with your dog be a health problem?
can someone plz tell me where to find information on babies born to pot smoking parents pre and post?
What is the youngest age for night terrors ?
if I need to contact the person that helped me with my problem--how?
Can high oxygen affinity Hemoglobin cause arterial blood gas values with very high PaO2 and low PaCo2?
What is Idiopathic Pulmonary Phybrosis?
what is pathophysiology of pneumonitis?
How was pneumonia treated during the Dust Bowl era?
what is vasal-vagal?
what is 3-D Heart imaging?
Is a fibrate a safe medicine?
i am an overweight female. 47 yearsold. why do i feel dizzy and sick when i lay on my right side?
Has anyone had an aortic valve replacement? Can you hear the new valve when it's quiet? Do you feel better?
Name Broncho Pulmonary vascular anastomosis rupture of which is responsible for Haemoptysis in MitralStenosis
to realist 2006! only 200$?
Has anyone ever had a cyst removed?
is it normal to have red spots down there if ya know what i mean ;) (girl)?
Anyone identify this rash on infants face while eating?
Darkish Red-Purple Veins in my upper thighs?
When a yeast infection is brought under control inside the body do external symptoms (rash) also subside?
Weird bumps on my legs? Please help?
I went tanning about a month ago. I am still experiencin random burning sensations on my skin. I have no rash.?
Need help... Peeling on hands?
what is this blue spot on my arm?
i banged my brush into my hand and it stings and is red with little bumps help?
How do you treat Aquagenic Pruritis?
Strange rashy-looking thing on my arm?
What muscles does it take to do a rolling Reverse punch?
I hurt my knee by repetitively sitting with my leg bent under me.?
could this be herpes?
I kissed someone 3 hours ago that has oral herpes but has no cold sores or anything. will i contract it?
Im having really bad vag itching??? wat to do?
If you swallow a piece of AIDS do you die of AIDS?
Whats wrong with birds...?
Pregnancy with Cushings Disease?
What does it mean to have a purple spot on one of your tonsils?
question about hepatitis b?
Where is polio most active?
i have primary biliary cirrhosis am i entitled to a flu vaccination?
herpes simplex one question?
Do i have mono? early symptoms?
I have a fever, it never goes away!?
Question for Princeidoc (follow up to the last question I posted for you???
eye condition?
After I am finished shooting photography, my right eye is all blurry and messed up for like 30min following.?
Would you buy drugs from...?
What is multi-gene Expression?
What causes hiccups?
Do you wear underwear to bed?
What is baby powder made from?
Can you get high from inhaling paint? Are there any damaging effects?
Will anyone go to my page?
How to simply rebatch old soap?
how can i get rid of lice?
are there any side effects to taking "e" while on anti-biotics?
what should i do to find out if a beauty pagent is a scam?
how to grow taller?
What are those black spots growing in the toilet water?
What are names of wheelchair makers?
What is the retention schedule for medical records in north carolina?
can u grow up asymethric if u drink too much sodas? like do they contain any chemicals that alter with yurbody
What are the consequences of using a suppository every day?
what type of doctor is an expert on eustaen tubes?
I have had mild to severe hard burn for the last week and tums won't even cut the pain. What can I do for pai
best cure for a sinus headache?
How can I manage a home, school, and a three year old? Not enough time in the day, how do I get more?
when taking body composition, why is it important to take the measurement on the right side of one's body?
What happens if you take Exp Over the Counter Medicine? I didn't find out till after I took the medicine.?
What is "z finger technique"?
When doing a vertebral artery test in supine and turning head to the right, what side is being occluded?
What can cause a positive tox screen for opiates?
Should a woman with anemia(HGB of 7.2 and HCT of 26) do exercise?
laet me rephrase,where do histamines comefrom.?
what are some challenges in obtaining accurate research data?
I have occasional pain at the tips of my index fingertips not from typing or anything obvious. Any ideas why?
Legionaires Disease?
I have asthma, at what level on the breathing meter should I be concerned and go to the hospital?
Hope CF !!!?
A 2 years old kid can have 2 lungs Rx in 2 weeks ?
I'm having a problem with my gauges?
Tiny red dots on my hand?
Hairfall? what should i do?
Acne medication I can combine with Loestrin 24 Fe?
i have a small red bump on my upper lip?
Itching problem 10 after i start working out or doing something active.Any thoughts on what causes it?
How do you hydrate a ball sack?
My skin is turning red!!?
is this a rash? its flat and dry with a little white spot in the middle. its the size of maybe a quarter?
Does eating apples for 3 days helps clear-up acne?
How long should I wait between doses of Lortabs?
Can taking 4 doses of Asprin in two days be harmful?
I have had a lumbar fusion and recently a cervical fusion can most people live a semi-normal life.?
Is take 2 500 mg of hydrocodone every for hours for two or three days straight okay?
Can you take Celebrex with Tylenol or Codiene?
Has any one had surgery for a herniated cervical disc............?
how many people are injured with tension headache.. and what is the rate of its increase?
I've heard that people used to inhale ether as a pain-reliever. Is that effective? What else to you know
does apple cider vinegar really help with arthritis?
How long should it take for joint pain to subside following an attack by yellow jackets?
Why do i have pain in the back of my Eyes?
Pain on the outside of left foot in front of ankle?
Do I Have Fibromyalgia?
what are the indications for the medicine "sorini"?
I wake up at 4 most morning with a severe pain in my back. I changed my matress and have seen a doctor.?
Neck Pain?
How do you know if you have gone through a shamanic experience?
has anyone heard of mindsoothe?
Nettle Tea Side effects?
ethnoveterinary medicine?
Calling all Herbalists: please help?
Pentox(trental)/viagra/arginine for peyronies?
i have a white oblong pill with m582 on it can anyone identify it?
A SEROIUS QUESTION!!! How do i find an organ recipient in florida?
Has anyone ever tried Vitex (Chaste Berry)?
Any natural cures for sinusitis that really works?
How do you feel yourself during a Reiki session?
Vista, California Chamber of Commerce Identity Theft to contact. Cigarrest non-refund problems.?
what's the best medicine for kids' runny nose?
Don't you think it's really dumb for some people who never ever see a Dr. even if the child has major?
Will house get reposesed because of weed?
is there any safe treatment for bone spurs in the neck?
what can i do if i have bronchitis and an upper resp. infection?
Is it safe to take 2 Sleep Aid Pills?
What's the best, safest, and healthiest way to catch up on sleep on the weekend?
Why Achilles tendon become long to cut after delayed surgery of Achilles tendon rupture ;gap 10cm?
Severed tendons?
I am 5 8 and i weigh 250 ?
What are some good exercises to do to lose weight?
What is the obsession with super thinness?
Is 137 pounds to skinny for a 17 year old?
I want to start running/jogging but in bad neighborhood?
am i fat???????? please answer!(guys please answer)?
20 pounds in 3 weeks how can i make it happen?????
REALLY easy ways to loosing weight?
What is the best and FASTEST way to loose fat?!?!?! I need it down by Wed. Even just a LITTLE bit!!!?
okay, so i'm really unhappy with my weight and i want to do something about it?
What are the best exercises to do at the gym if you want to lose a lot of weight?
To much junk food is bad for you?
is it good to exercise everyday or not?
Why are you overweight?
what is the fastest way to lose water weight?
i feel like im overweight.?
What Songs are GOOD for working out?? I need something that can help keep me moving! =)?
What's a healthy way to gain weight?
Help! i need to lose 25 pounds in 2 months?
what's the ideal weight for a 15 year old?
Help! I have a huge zit on my face that really hurts...How do i get rid of it and FAST!?
would it be a bad idea to use a self tanner over a sunburn?
my body is really really itchy?help?!?
Does Proactive acne solution work?
Acne break out! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
it burns when i go number one?
How do you get rid of blackheads?
Best way to get warts to go away?
my boyfriend has swollen cheek and it poped like a zit?
How to rid acne over night...?
Help! I have severe acne!!!!?
How to get rid of these two zits?
My hair is falling out and oozing puss. What should i do?
I need help with acne!!!!?
i have red bumbs all over my stomach and chest area that spread more everyday..they don't itch.what can it be?
Help!! How can i clear up my acne?!!1?
Please Help! Awful hive outbreak don't understand.Why?!?
What do you think about a mole on guys?
How do you treat really bad sunburn?
I got my contacts...And I guess I forgot to put one inside the saline and its on my des?
How much does the Lasik eye surgery cost?
What does it mean to have a dot on your eye? Symptom of a disorder or nothing to worry about?
Neovascularization.....is there a way to aid the reversing process?
I have astigmatism and i bought regular contacts .... ?
Lingering blurred vision from rubbing eye?
What brand of contacts should i buy?
What is auto ASHD?
Do science say that your ear get bigger heart trow?
what are the investigations and treatments for unstable angina?
what sight do i find pacemakers & defebulators on or a group sight?
why thiazide drugs are better choice than ioop diuretics in the treatement of hypertension ?
how doesarteriosclerotic heart disease develope?
mechanism of action of propafenone?
Scarlet fever symptoms?
Fever, am I in the clear now?
My mom has a stomach bug and I think I'm getting it too... any suggestions?
I have a cold, and tired of it! -read inside-?
I would like to know what serraenzyme is and what it's used for and if it has any side effects?
Does this look like I have gynecomastia?
Fever accompanying blistered lips how to relieve swelling and pain?
If you want to have a wet dream are those ways to cause them?
I wanted to get 2 birthmarks removed and i was wondering if it was painful to do?
How to choose contact lenses and where do i get them?
What is your average life expectancy if you were born in 1989?
working in your own business,billing health care is this a good ideal???
Do you sometimes feel that you are hopless?
Is anal or oral better???????????????//?
How long do you have to have an STD before you can claim it?
How much caffine is too much?
my friend uses drugs and told not tell anybody, i told another friend and i feel terrible, did i do correct?
is it dangerouse to just stop using oxycotton ir should you cut down slow-using for 5 years?
Any doctor may pl. tell whether it is harmful to eat / drink while standing (still) ?
how many parents out there got a teen with A.D.H.D???
what is creepy crud?
how long does weed last in your system?
What is the best way to cure or control anxiety symthoms?
Is it true that if I quit smoking I'll gain a lot of weight in a short time?
If I lose my immunization records, what steps can I take to replace them? Do I have to retake them all?
What are the seven components of psychological health?
Vivid Dreams?
has any one did all the drugs ive done ?
what are the major paediatric health problems ?
What factors determine lung comliance?
how to get rid of lice?
My Nose and cheeks are peeling because of a sunburn what do i do?
Any homemade things to get ride of my acne??
How Can I Turn My Skin White?
Help with a bad popped zit.?
When i shave my arm pits..?
OMG, fleas in my hair HELP!?
Rash underneath my pits??
Is it true that chocolate causes acne?
I have cold sore , need to know how to treat it ?
how do get rid of eczema?
I've had acne for 3-4 years is it to late to get help?
Alcohol makes my face go red and weird. Like literally my face changes. How am I suppose to enjoy a drink ?
Does anyone know of a good treatment for acne scars?
I have hairs growing on my palm?!?
Is my belly Ring Infected? I got it in november of 2007.......?
Help! I have a BUMP on the roof of my mouth, WTFF?
Sunburn question?
It's not hives, what else could it be???
i have bony knees, anything i can do about it?? and one is achy, help, im only 50..?
Why does my ears hurt after running?
How does one get leg cramps while sleeping?
KnEe PrObLeMs!!!!?
What is a cure for restless legs?
Swollen taste buds on back of tongue a lil sore?
Does anyone know what skin conditon this is?
do i have long legs?
i have bumps that are filled with puss on my lip (face) what is it?
Do i have lice?
What are these red dots on me?
Dry skin = occupational hazard, how to fix?
Does Differin work at all?
will a doctor remove a mole if it is for cosmetic reasons only?
Can vitamin B12 help cure Gastritis?
aged care policy in australia?
If u have TMJ, or know any thing about it, please answer this question!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How do I get rid of a coldsore?
is this a mole?
why am I itching so much?
a very VERY SO EMBARRISING question but i need it answered PLEASE!?!?
Are there any good lively forums about SUCCESSFUL Cosmic Ordering?
urine therapy??????????????????
Do you think i'm allergic to the sun?
alternative cures for clouding of the corneal lens?
how can i get rid of my acne??
acne treatments?
so, i popped all of my black heads?
What do you have to do to get your medical license in tennessee?
what exercises would be helpful for a flat disc problem?
Bad Acne...PLEASE HELP!?
i am a girl, but my arms and legs are very hairy, what should i do?
Where do I look at to see actual pills, I found a pill and need to see what it is for?
how can i stop snoring?
Is it safe to take medicine/supplements in succession?
do u see the future as hopeful for modern medicine's fight against viruses?
how much is the upper GI test and where is more cheaper or better???
info on first black osteopath meta christy new mexico?
Does anyone know of any chinese herbal medicine suppliers in china ?
i i had surgery to repair a torn acl in june and now its about to be nov?
have you used triphala?
How to resolve bad heaches during flights?
what are the basic gym equipments?
Can anyone tell me about DHEA. Is it really unsafe to use?
Why do the insides of my fingers turn green, eventhough I'm wearing REAL GOLD (14k)?
what product is similar to Mary Kay's Night Cream?
What are those little white lines people get on their fingernails?
Can I get anti-reflective coating on my eye-glasses after a month of wear?
About eyes?
My brother has a black eye and a lot of blood in the white of his eye from being punched?
i am using a new contact lens. it is day 2. i have work before. my eyes were very irritated today. should this
What might it mean if the corner of your eye has some pressure and it bothers how I am seeing?
Are Piperazine Citrate animal products ok for humans to ingest for tapeworm treatment?
adrenal fatigue and helicobacter pylori infection?
Do I have the flu?Should I stay home?
Is Gatorade ok to drink with a Stomach Ulcer?
Was i bitten by something? if so was it deadly? Help!?
Wart on tearduct of my eyelid, help?
Are kissing bugs located.....?
How do you remove a cyst with out going to the doctors?
What are vectors of Scarlet Fever?
does anyone know a good keyword?
I slipped in a theater and hurt my lower back/hip area against the cup holder a week ago, should I worry?
What city would win in a large scale fight Boston or Atlanta?
Is it true that taking medicine with coffee with lower its effectiveness?
person has difficulty understanding speech in background of noise, with his hearing aid, how make it better?
What is stopping science in the pursuit of a cure for the common cold?
What exactly is rheumatism, and can it be deadly?
What is the disorder where someone can have two different DNA's?
I have disabling lower back pain. What caused my low back pain? What is the besy treatment I can get?
Can men sometimes be more gentle towards women?
what does protein in a child's urine indicate medically?
Am I still okay to get my second HPV shot a year after i got the first?
is the gynecologist required to offer HIV testing to all patients in New York?
What stds can show symptoms like swollen neck lymph nodes and bowel movements in as early as one day?
what is a good home-made liniment/rub for aches/pains of arthritis/rheumatism? tks?
where can i get an application for nh state exams for massage therapy?
Is a tummy tuck a safe thing to do? Is there any side effects? How much do they usually cost?
Any info about stromal stomach tumours, please.?
What is psychological addiction?
Are u a ear,nose, throat DR.?Clicking sound in throat?
How can I cure this habit?
What is skin made out of?
help!! questions about sunburn?!?
God? Why Am I so Itchy?
i have sun burn need help!?
Do I have Lice?--------------------------?
problem with a wart on my toe?
I have TERRRRRIBLE acne..?
Best cream for very dry hands?
How can I stop getting bitten or stug by bugs at night?
how can u get rid of scars on your face?
Girls plz help......acne issues?
I have blackheads on my nose, how do i get rid of them?
help im breaking out with acne ( 5 points if u answer )?
Working acne medicine?
Dead skin on feet?
Why is my skin on my face so dry now?
Ringworm on my hand, help please?
sunburn PEEELING ?!?
Acne Solutions??? Good ones not knock-offs?
Is heat therapy good for people with diabetes?
Precose medication?
I have type 2 diabetes. For those of u who have type 2 how many carbs do u allow urself at each meal?
Has anyone ever heard of EXUBERA or started using it?
Help anyone? Diabetes...?
Why isn't massagers good for diabetic neuroaphathy?
drinking and how much?
Okay, why does diabetes, left untreated, cause weight loss?
are there any vitamines or pills to help with depression?
What is risperdal consta?
Do I have a problem?!!! HELP ME PLEASE, I'M BEGGING YOU?
how to loose fat legs?
what is the cheapest diet out there that really works?
I'm SO HUNGRY! HURRY, tell me what to eat!!!!!!?
When age should people workout?
should i starve my self to lose weight?
Playing basketball, I broke my nose running after a lose ball. How long will swelling take to go down?
i made an operation in the skin to remove a scar and to make the skin overlap over each other nd apear normal?
What can I do about my cold sores (year book pictures tomorrow)?
My zit won't go away? What should I do?
Poision Ivy Emergency!!?
how do i get rid of hives?
I have rough skin on my nose>? and my face? White stuff comes out of my nose.?
Why do I have excessively sweaty armpits?
What is the ingrediants to use to get rid of your acne in 3 days? with stuff you would have at home?
My bf has an infected toe and now purple spots up his legs. what is this?
how to get rid of a cold sore!!! fast?
My hands are extremly dry and cracked and they burn so bad that i wanna cut my hands off?
Help! Its URGENT! Im pealing on my shoulders!?
How can I clear up all my acne?
How could I get rid of acne?
My hands are sooooooooo dry?!!!!!?!!!?
I have a nose fungus on the outside of my right nostrel. It is scally with little whiteheads. I cannot get r
Whats a good healthy way to get rid or acne?