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How to get rid of a scar left by a fever blister?
Ear infection, flu, and fever in a 2 yr old?
what do i have i am getting a really bad sore throat and feeling a little dizzy and coughing?
Does Cephalexin make strep throat not contagious?
Does the smell of a Pilonidal Cyst get intense over on?
Can I kiss someone or share drink?!?
Explanation for this disease please?
Does hot water kill blood germs?
What are the chances of me getting a stomach virus?
Contact Trouble?
Contact lens issues - do i really have to live with this?
can you sleep with purevision contacts in?
hard contacts. read details?
what mlb players have glasses, contacts or or have gotten laser corrective surgery?
Is it ok to wear contacts even know you dont need them.?
what diffrent kind of eye surgery are there?
is there a natural cure for....?
oh bummer.....?
Yesterday my friend accidentally hit me in my eye. and now my vision in that eye is blurry. is that normal?
My eye is getting worse. Why is it both eyes?
What will drinking and smoking do to you?
Sneezing(constantly) is it bad?
My dad has COPD and still smokes how long does he have left?
Could it be Carbon Monoxide?
I have low blood oxygen, Question?
How can I quit smoking without quit smoking products?
what is a hookah?
I think Im getting sick?
Do you think I have Asthma?
I need to know what you guys think this is...I am kinda scared...?
What makes urine orange?
I bite my lips all the time. I need to stop just dont know how.. ?
Why does my ear ring, and things sound slightly muted,?
What is it that makes the inside of your ear tickle??
How can you improve your voice so that it can be heard over a wide range?
If taking oxycontin, when will a drug screen come back negative?
How do you safely remove wood ticks?
how to increase brain power?
Why can't we keep our eyes open when we sneeze?
What are the fisical, visible signs of Anemia?
how can i improve my swimming speed?
What are the three drugs used in lethal injections?
What is the cheapest way to get temporary health insurance?
Where is MvBurneys point found on the body?
what is Chronic Fatigue sickness?
renal disease, hypercalcemia, metabolic acidosis, seizures?
post operative detached retinas?
whenever i start eating i feel uncomfortable and after 3 or 4 spoon i cant eating anything, weight going down?
what is medicine tavanic do?
I'm having acupuncture treatment to help with cannabis addiction next week, what can I expect?
Can you recommend a good mantra for meditation?
im a chef in a cafe, my problem started when i touch the vegetables, olive oil, my hand starts to itch?
Has anyone ever heard of Xango?
Is there independent reseach on the benefits of mangosteen fruit?
what is cytra-3 syrup for?
i have anxiety for 5 years now should i get meds for it paxical doies not work for me?
paddle boat?
My frieds parents are suffering from Chicken Gunia disease ,plz advise?
Can compression on L5 S1 cure passage of time?
i need to know some alternative medicine in treating psoriasis especially if its on the head?
is there a website that allows you to input symptomes and tell you what ill ness you have?
Can Vax-D be used for thoracic spinal disks?
Itching all over?
My friend has laryngitis...?
would i be allergic to swatch watches?
What is a fast way to heal a rash?
Is there any proof that alternative medicine is better than the careful, scientific, search for new medicine?
Home cure for Stuffy Ear....Help its Annoying?
Where can i get the new wonder drug......?
What is CPM 8?
Does anyone have a firsthand recommendation for a good HEPA filter for helping with my mild cat allergy?
Can I mix medicines?
Allergies and AIDS?
lactic phogym?
allergy from food or juice contains acidic ingredients?
FAST Allergy Relief (Mainstream or not)?
Anybody have any experienced of taking a birth control for men ?
If you have ever hurt your hand punching someone/something...PLEASE HELP!?
my wife has swelling around her left eye?
Physiotherapy or physical therapy. what are some of the techniques/methods?
where to buy natural skin care ingredients?
Eye color?
How long(years?) would notice that being infected by HIV after date with infected person?
my 3 year old granddaughter's hair is falling out. Could this be a vitamin deficiency?
I am looking for carbonated vaseline. the brown vaseline. Can you tell me where I can find it??
complaints on okinawan weight loss tea?
are there any home remedies to reduce the appearance of skin discolorations?
what are reasons you can get bloated and how can u cure that from happening?
Was make Dr.Beniamin Spock so special?
What's that stuff in the corner of your eye when you wake up? That brown crusty stuff? What causes it?
what are hemroides?
what is the best thing someone can use to put on a cold sore or a fever blister to make it go away faster...?
I need to see some pictures of curly perms with sideburns?
when's the last time you've had your brain washed?
how can i change my lifestyle.?
how can i get beautiful clear skin?
I am looking for the most skilled plastic surgeon in W. Palm Beach area. Any recommendations?
underarm rash?
respitory problems?
does Proavtiv guarantee really work?
i think i have fibromylasia?
for medical experts?
Has anyone had a vertebroplasty for a compression fractur of the spine? If so was it helpful?
I would like to find a chiropractor that uses DRX9000 in the Modesto Ca 95350 area please.?
Why Asian Indian's skin driest?
HCI supplements for Rosacea?
Do you think I have ringworm?
Need someone logical (or medically trained) to help me figure this out please?
I used a bleaching cream on my acne and It went down o.O?
Ok so my proactive made my skin flaky, dry, and red?
Rash around mouth after several months of different treatment. Help?
from where i can get scalp massager?
my inner thighs and the below waist region looks very dark and dirty.Please help.?
Keloid bump treated with tea tree oil ?
Worried have i ruined my good work?
I got poison oak, how long untill it goes AWAY!?
What problems can Chlamydia cause to a male if not treated for a while?
If a guy gets crabs, are they considered a penal colony?
HIV ..why have to wait 6 months not 3 months to be tested to sure about infection?
Why cant I move my arm after an HPV jab?
Do you think Aliens can get herpes?
Help on the STD gonorrhea?
the retractive media of the eye?
how is intraocular pressure measured from within the sterile field?
Glasses and Contact Lenses?
I am Furiated And Sad About My Eye Problems :( Help Please?
Should I wash my eyeglass cleaning cloth?
could a human eye be biologically upgraded?
Can autoimmune disorders make you super immune?
Is the Gardasil vaccine safe?
what is a fever for a young adult?
Can my rabbit and/or bird catch the flu?
Meningitis vaccine side effects?
Meningitis vaccine symptom?!?
Can you be sick without a fever?
Dishwashing Health Concern?
What is that in my urine?
Why is the metaphysis of a bone a site predisposed to thrombus and later embolus formation?
does methadone affect hepatitis C treatment?
What is the typical age when a person might get polio?
Please help with how long stomach flu symptoms last?
Can I get chicken pox again?
Whats liver cirrhosis?
PLEASE HELP find what is this sickness is?
just got over a horrible flu now i have a cold!!?!?
I had a chondroplasty 8 wks ago due to patellofemoral chondromalacia still on 1 crutch lot pain is this normal
What happens if stitches are left in?
I got poked on my finger by a sticker on a Palm tree; it's been 30+ days and i still have swollen red bump
Which physician does the "minimal invasion" knee surgery ?
whats the difference between muscular dystrophy (steinarts disease) and fibromyalgia?
How does end stage liver disease manifest?
what is pars defect?
Chvostek sign?
Why do people with Sickle cell leukemia have a much higher chance of fighting off or not contracting malaria.?
Is there any proof that sleeping newborns supine cuts the incidence of SIDS???
i want 2 ask about heart disease in malay language.i try 2 find on your page but everything in indonesian?
why and when,do rhabdomyolisis develop,in an ischemic extremity?
Post-op mole removal?
I had a lump on my forehead once. it was a lipoma. could i get future lipomas that are malignant?!?
How effective is scurvy treatment in %?
best acne treatment!! best answer, 10 points!!?
Itchy, tingling, then numb lip..help?
Which treatment is better for fever without injection?
Tender scalp, giving me head aches?
I got a candida injection for my warts...willing that it kills the wart what will happen to it?
eyelid surgery questions?
Reoccurring Mosquito-like Bite?
i have touched stinging nettle?
Herpes Simplex Question?
Does anyone know a good back exercises to fix a sore back?
Is it ok to pop a blood bubble?
Help!!!emergency!asap please!?
Has anyone ever broken their collarbone?
How are drug tests performed?
A spider bite me and...?
Sever Sunburn help!!!!10 points!?
What is the best way to treat a burn?
Does anyone tried laser skin care for treat large pores & blemish? care for treat large pores and blemish?
what are the negatives of having a mobile tower on my home?
What's the indentation between mouth and nose called?
Is laser hair removal permanent?
Coming from the East coast of the US, how do you acclimate to the dry air in places like Las Vegas?
i have oily hair an oily fa, how can i get ride of the oil? nothing seems to work?
My toe is itchy. WHY?
Does anybody have any info on C.O.A.C.H. syndrome? not the kind you get riding coach in an airplane?
is vistoril, hydroxizine in fact a benzo or sedative or antihistamine?
How To Become a Doctor and What classes to take?
My boyfriend has had weird headaches. Has anyone else ever had these symptoms? Please read the details.?
how much does it cost to get a makeover..?
Do you like scented products like candles and soap?
why does hair at legs etc know that it is shaved and grows but stops at a certain length?
how to get dark skin whiter like knees?
I wanna quit smoking , i have one and a half packs of cigs left...after those I want to be done.....?
How do I treat my severe depression and anxiety without expensive drugs?
What is the best way to take control of your dreams?
i get small red bumps what are they?
Achilles Tendon Out look..?
if its not a keliod what is it?
How long does it take an abrasion to heal?
Is my little brother smoking?
Does this sound like asthma?
What causes hiccups?
Medical problem.....any doctors or anyone out there? !!!10 pts for the best suggestion!!!?
How can I feel better if I am sick?
How do I know if my inhaler is empty?
could i be developing asthma?
can not sleeping make you sick?
help me become healthier?
my throat is bleeding, i ve had a sore throat and an infection for almost 2 weeks?
my throat has flem clogged up and also i have to cough all the time. ANY HELP?
I have bronchitis and walking pneumonia and I hurt so bad i cant cough anymore.?
How long does it take for smoking to really hurt you?
why does my chest hurt after i smoke?
the day after you smoke weed are you supposed to feel any side effects?
HIV ..why have to wait 6 months not 3 months to be tested to sure about infection?
is bj nauseating? if no how is it?
i have a four month old baby and im living with somone that have hiv how would he get it?
i have herpes......................?
does blowing your nose or snorting mucus help or hurt Post Nasal Drip?
I am allergic to Paracetamol & Ibuprofen.Any suggestions on alternative drugs to ease fever & headaches?
what are the symptoms?
How could I protect my eyes??
are BTE hearing aids compatible with eyeglasses?
Spots all over my glasses, won't come off?
Pain in my upper eyes?
Will this work for me?
I am DYING for them to work on me !!!?
i have active hepatatis c can i get disibality?
what disease was the first vaccine used for?
Do I have a chance of getting Hepatitis B? Answers please?
Parkinson's Disease Question?
What disease do I have?
After having the chicken pox virus will getting the vaccine hurt me?
Is constant nausea and vomiting an effect of the Gardasil vaccine?
Am I still contagious with stomach flu?
Fever of 102, dizzy, etc. ; Help please!?
What is the difference between EBV IgG and EBV IgM?
What do I do with these clothes?? SCabies..?
How to get rid of a cold by tomorrow?
Has anyone out there heard of Tarlov Cysts. If so what all do you know about it>>?
Can anyone help me identify the Sahrmann's classification system? Is it a table or list that I can print?
heel vibrating?
Hands turn blue, swell and itch with sudden temperature change?
I need a Shampoo for scalp acne?
i have a bump in the inner corner of my eyelid?
Palmar Hyperhidrosis help...?
I have a burn scar that's a "dent" and is discolored. Did it most likely come from a 1st or 2nd degree burn?
stressed about my skin?
I have a boil like bump on my right leg that feels itchy and is really painful when touched.?
will my nose ring infection go away by itself?
Can you get lead poisoning from writing on your skin?
Papillae? i think i have some sort of it.?
more zits in the city than in the mountains. why is this?
What should I do to treat a Nasty Bruise?
Why is my skin dry why do I feel a burning sensation? Urgent: Please help A.S.A.P.?
Anyone out there had a lung removed and if so when and how do you find doing regular things compared to before
When will the bleeding stop after kidney stone has passed?
I would like to hear real stories of nicotine withdrawal by heavy, longtime smokers who quit.?
what is gaiam beret?
help me if you can?
just had septoplasty , after i came round from op i had severe nosebleed which had to be repacked etc.?
How long does it take a staph infection to get into your blood stream?
ok.....if you are a docter or a nurse please answer.....or if you have any ideas...thanks?
I would like to know if I could join the Navy, I had a tendon transfer surgery.?
How does an amputee excersie? to lose weight and sit fit?
I really find tough waking up in the morning :( what do I do?
Has anyone tried Monavie? Does it work?
How do you get rid of clicking knees and hips?
what is medical transcription?
How do you relieve pressure in your ear when you have a cold?
Is laser surgery worth it for me?
Whats the maximum number of days a human being can go without sleep?
Any good guesses as to why the rise in the number of Autistic children in the last decade?
how many people in northern virgina have myasthenia gravis?
Dear Dr_n_ur_friend, I delight at your response. Can we chat through [email protected] ?
Itchy! How do I make it stop??? Please help!?
How do I get rid of blackheads and whiteheads?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?
Home remedies to get rid of dark eye cirlces?
when did muhammad Ali catch parkinsons disease?
Can a chiroprator "fix" scoliosis in a child?
Which sites provide information about a baby born without any skull and thigh bones?
How do u get rid of verrucas?
I am 60 years of age. I have pain in my knees and ankle joints. My blood urea count is around 9.0.?
I snore aloud. Pleae help?
What could possibly be these bu,ps on my face, my skins just looks inflated, they're not red theyre just bumps?
What's the best affordable treatment for acne scars?
can parasites come out your skin from smoking crack?
How long does it take drugs or supplements to get out of your system after you stop taking them?
can tendinitus cause foot pain?
what is a doctor?
what causes blood pressure to lower?
What are the side effects of Clenbuterol?
physical therapists?
Does Growth-Flex work ?
i have had cysts on my face for years.Some have been removed by surgens , ouch how can i get rid of them witho
how long dose it take for methadone to not show up in test?
What specifically does the amino acid GABA do, and how is it administered?
is this good?
searching for negative facts re. colloidal silver?
i have started massage course and i need to find out different methods of sterilisation What is a autoclave?
what is the measurement of part is it tsp, tbls, what???? in herbal remadies?
Does acupuncture really work?
what does USP stand for on a cough medicine label?
Do you believe the Juice Man?
what is a nicotonic receptor modulator?
If I go for a physical to a doctor .....?
what are the pros and cons of going to a chiropractor for joint and back pain?
Spilled boiling water on my hand???
Sunburn from H*ll!?
How do i get an eyelash out of a child's eye?
What is a good remedy for a spider bite?
I got my arm stuck in an elevator and need to amputate it?
Need help ?
I got a bad wound from a fall...the bandaid is stuck to the wound! How do I remove it? Is this dangerous?
can you use sugar to treat wounds?
Is there a home remedy for pink eye?
how to figure out that you are depressed?
How do you get ant bites to stop itching?
I get a lot of tension headaches and no matter what I do, they keep coming back, why is that?
Spider Bite or Two Mosquito Bites?
I burned my stomach on my hot water bottle
My right side hurts. How do I know if it's my appendix?
anyone heard about this tea from china thats a fat burner. does anyone have info?
has anyone heard of chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction?
I poured salt water up my nose because I have a cold?
Irritable bowel syndrome?
What can I take to get rid of a sore throat while pregnant?
How to get mucus in my throat?
How early can you be tested for Alzheimer's?
Anyone know of or have Morgellans disease?
my 14 year old son has a fever of 109 what can i do?
Do I have a chance of getting Hepatitis B? QUICK?
easy way to get rid of hemorrhoids?
Could I catch a stomach bug if...?
Do I have a chalazion or stye?
I'm writing a research paper and need some ideas?
Food poisoning? Or something else?
I just took my third HIV test and I am still not satisfied. What will it take?
What are the symptoms of heat exhaustion.?
How often should take Azithromycin to react on GONORRHEA?
what is the relationship between uric acid and cardiovascular disease?
Dr. Rakesh Kumar, cardiologist & neurologist in delhi, earlier in HAILET Hospital, KANPUR?
what pharmacy in Bakersfield carries mucomyst?
What is a "7 bypass surgery " ?
How accurate HIV test after 5 months and 23 days?
why is there gunky white stuff in our eyes when we wake up?
why is it i have a black circles on my eyes while others have eyebags???how will il get rid of it???
small growth on face 55 woman?
What designer eye glass frames do you like? ( women only!)?
Aosept contact solution is discontinued. Does anyone know of any other hydrogen peroxide cleaning solutions?
Are there 12 step programs for people who cannot count?
at the holidays, Target carried a sugar scrub with the brand name "The Apothecary". Is it available on line?
What is the best lotion to use for dry skin?
What would you choose?
how to have peace of mind through out the day ?
hoe could i find out my test result for my sevsafe test i took a couple a days sgo?
How long does a relationship last when drugs, alcohol, and or smoking is invovled?
how can i get rid of fungus nails in a healthy way?
Four questions about a Woman...? (for research)?
Can you be fully tested and diagnosed with IBS but be undiagnosed with Coeliac disease?
at what age people should stop SCREAMING when they see that its SNOWING?
supplier/manuf: spec. shoes/boots for abnormal feet?
How to treat a stiff knee ?
How to cure Pails?
I need help finding the full price of contacts?
i have 1 degree in both of my eyes,so can i get a vision correction with this degree or not yet?
Contacts help?
Who out there has a "wondering Eye"?
does eva angelica wear glasses?
question about my post eyelid swelling?
Problem with my foot, a large bump. (pictures)?
How can I find the most qualified hand / orthopedic surgeon in Brooklyn, NY or in general?
How can i get rid of the puffyness under my eyes? You can conceal dark circles, but u cant conceal puffyness..
After arthroscopic surgery ....?
Can an ozone leak at work cause COPD?
Cloves? Are they better or worse than cigarettes?
what song could i use when doing a presentation about cigarettes?
Anybody you know die because of smoking?
Been coughing for weeks...?
Need help with a Dog coughing problem.?
My 16 month old son has a bad cold & caugh-MAJOR MUCUS?
a patient calls just before your office closes to request an appointment. She's having difficulty breathing.?
Smoking ???
I've done everything to control my asthma for wrestling but no luck?
I dont have a phone, Im having a hard time breatheing and there is no one with me right now..?
achohal breathe?
I have to do a survey for health...?
3 yr old with fever?
Is this bad??????
how do i turn a liquid into a cream?
Why do I always itch after I wash?
My nucle is red what is this? ?
My skin is getting pale but its not realy white ???
What are these bumps?
What's the best treatment for cystic acne?
The use of headfone causes any effect to ears ?
Isn't skin colour all genetics?
How to get rid of raised scar/scratch under eye?
what is the difference between calamine and camomile lotion?
scrotum reaction to poison ivy cream?
Is insomnia related to memory loss? Does it causes one to forget important things?
What causes a migraine headache?
looking for Seattle consultants group of radiology web site?
What does it mean when this morning I got really upset and my stomach started to burn and it hasn;t stopped?
im looking for classes for phlebotomy that not expensive in chicago,IL,can you help?
so which do you like better? Eternity or Joop?
is it true that cholesterol can be lowered with grape juice, apple juice, and vinegar ?
could you please help me in finding the answer of 'what are the principles of physical medicine'?
can anyone tell me exactly what is a chimera?
What is to be done with the snoring sleeper/husband? :)?
whats the best antacid for frequent heart burn?
Is it possible to have a dislocated shoulder if it doesnt hurt?
are there any signs of vision impairment?
stomach flu or food poisning?
Is this true about a UTI ?
what disease is highly contagious?
H3N2 H1N1 Really Confused?
Do you think this is the flu?
i think my pupy mite have parvo.... help me please!!?
12 yr old with bad flu?
why are my hands cold all the time?
Trying to find out how I got mono?
I wantto kno, where would you go to get over the conter drugs?
what is ipsilateral paralysis?
causes of hazardous waste?
how can I tell if I have pinched nerve in my neck or a pulled muscle?
Medical records are only kept for 7 years. How do I get a copy of the records now? Or maybe a transcript?
what r the side effects f a person with emphizima ? and what is there life spand if they don't stop smokeing ?
Does anyone know anything about Klinefelter's syndrome?
swollen eye problem please help?
What is an eye pressure of 64?
what is the pathophysiology of urosepsis only?
what causes motor neuron disease?
can you get aids from a wet swimsuit even after u washed it?
Girlfriend tested positive for Chlamydia and I tested negative what's going on?
How many states recognize marijuana as medicine and wich are those state.?
Does anyone know any Mirzakarim Norbekov books written in English language?
Has anyone found that the supplement Quercetin improves their sinuses? How much do you take?
How can I relief the left facial muscle involuntary spasm?
What natural remedy is best for sore throat accompanied by post nasal drip?
Does anyone know some pills you can buy from the drug store that makes your period come down?
what is the pharmokenetics of Noxafil?
Has anyone ever heard of or experienced BioSet for allergy problems?
how long would it take to get like 3 puffs of weed out of ur system?
What is a natural / organic treatment for weight loss and back pain?
Has anyone tried Healing Natural Oils?
What is the best medicine for dandruff? Or is there any herbal remedy for that?
Are there any ideas on how to fix a hormonal imbalance naturally(without prescriptions)?
Is it true that petroleum has its therapeutic quality in curing cancer?
Best remedy for a pulled back muscle, been icing it but need a good cream to rub into it, anyone know?
Does unrefined sugars cause the same spike in insulin as refined sugars do?
Whats going on with the contact solution Renu stuff? lawsuits and stuff?
please? why am i so itchy? (pictures included) 2nd time im posting this , i need help :(?
please help? why am i so itchy (pictures included)?
Does skin ID actually work?
Do you think acne.org regimen will work?
Kertosis pilaris? Hair removal?
Bumpy red rash on my neck, any suggestions?
I got some sandlike gritty stuff in my left eye at work; this gritty stuff came from a ceiling?
contacts are good for your eyes?
What is a good replacement for Alcon's Unique pH, which has been discontinued?
how can i have a fatter eye bag ? and also a fatter cheek ?
about contacts???!!!!!?
Skin problems!!?
i need to be more healty but i just cant stick to the food pyramid! i just cant eat like that! HELP?
why do peoples' eyes water when they get over-tired?
How long does it take for contacts to arrive if I call 1-800 contacts?
how do i become a message therapist?
i want to become a liceanse vocational nurse (lvn) in the central valley area but dont know where to start.?
Is Gold Bond Medicated Powder good for yeast infections?
should i have tummy tuck?
Anyone know what this is???Scalp Rash! No it is not Lice!! Been to 3 Dermatologists.. Help!!!!?
where can i buy false hair from for fun hair extensions?
What is the website that you can see if you qualify for any help with your prescriptions?
i have some white hair on my head. now i am just 22. is there anything to stop them.?
applications on high tone power therapy?
working smarter, not harder in the health care setting?
wht treatments are there for alopeica?
Are there negative effects for taking the drug seroquel? If so, what are they?
what are the requirements for a licensed hairdresser in Scotland?
How to prevent bulimia?
How do I control muscle spams in my calves?
Fracture tailbone?
Can a person with marfan syndrome be a flight stewardess?
can a dr's office bill for a dr's visit(cartiology) and have the patient see a nurse?
i have an icd for chf pulse is up and down constantly is this normal ?
Why when you laugh for a long time your heart hurts?
A year ago I had a pacemaker/defibulator and I take heart med., sometimes I feel so bad, why is that?
can you be allergic to something while in the womb?
Can you take Tylenol Cold and Sinus for allergies?
Skin allergies? Or what is it?
Can allergies leave you open for illness?
Post nasal drip? anyone know of the cause?
Why does Psychiatry harm people ?
Can a psychiatrist ever be sued?
how do u no when u have a blood clot?
Is it possible to be injured from getting your blood drawn?
what to do when small body parts (fingers, toes) get cut off in an accident?
I just got a "jacobs Ladder" is had it for about 3 days now, I hope its not infected because...?
I lost both of my big toenails this August after injuring them running. They turned black and fell off...?
how do u fully recover from dislocated shoulder? does it feel normal?
Why does my Ankle Still hurt?
Do you think it's possible to create a "new" kind of rehab like a commune?
Ha Ha .. here is Cutie who says astranoughts breathed pure O2 at low pressure for 7 days?
breathing is ________?
Whats the best home remedy for coughing?
is pneunia contagist?
Shortness of breath at night?(read below)?
how can i get rid of flem?
My boyfriend is having trouble breathing could what could it be?
COPD'ers? What gives you more trouble the emphysema,chronic bronchitis or the Asthma??
COPD = emphysema basicly. Mom needs help. We cannot afford to go to alot of other doctors?
Does consumption of multivitamins cause hair loss?
Does anyone know the best way to get rid of a kidney stone at home?
controlled susbstances?
when blood cannot pass through arteries?
Could I get scabies from sharing a lighter?
My legs are red and white splotchy all the time... how can I fix this?
what effects does neurogenic syncope have on pregnancy?
Has there been a cure for leprosy?
baby bowl diease?
What were treatments for depression in the 1950s?
Is it True that Moles appear on your skin as you get older?
if i press down on a boil hard enough, will it pop?
Dad has a rash, with some blisters or puss bubbles? can you help me identify it?
What causes sepsa?
Lump on my head? HELPPPP!!!!?
Sequence Of Events over the last 3 Weeks?
Is it fever helpful to the immune system ? Are there any cases?
root word for saliva?
skin feels dry if I touch or drink something cold?
my face burns!! help?
where can I find doctors who accept Workman's Compensation patients?
will i pass the drug test??
Does working the midnight shift effect your metabolism in anyway?
how do i get rid of sleep lines from the pillowcase?
How do i get rid of hiccups?
I had the lapband surgery done 1 year ago but latley I've been feeling some chest pain what can it be?
Where can I find a famous Salvadoian persoan in the years 1963-1973?
Where can I buy Elizabeth Arden's Prevage 1.7oz for less tha $120.00 and free shipping?
how to reduce my dandruff?
Can eyedrops (clear eyes, vizine, roto v, etc..) damage your eyes over longterm use?
colored contact lenses!!!?
how does a dry erase marker differ from a regular marker???????
How can i fix a lazy eye?
whats wrong with my eye?
gel in eyes?
Abrasive eyelid not opening all the way?
Is it unhealthy to switch prescription eyeglasses from day to day?
eye pain after changing glasses??
about contacts?
why does my nose sting?
It is SO hard to stop smoking...anyone been successful at cutting back?
Skin Bump...medical pros please help.?
How do you prevent a scar from a bad scratch?
has anybody tried lexapro and does it work?
scalp flaking?
what do you do for a wasp or hornet sting?
They cut me open and I?
How do you use Hydrogen Peroxide? Does it hurt at all?
how long does a sunburn last?
how can i take off my ring from my finger i try everything but nothing work i eve put it in cold water ?
what is the best thing to put on your face for sunburn to stop the burning?
I jammed my finger on the car door, and now it looks infected?
I just pierced my ear on thursday and i used a Cheap ear stud ! What should i do ???
what does this mean??
how do you get a tiny cut to stop bleeding?
a spider just bit me...?
Food Poisoning or Stomach Flu?
questions about staph infection? thankyou!?
I have BV and I don't think it's going away after taking the Antibiotics?
Advice for stomach virus?
feel sick and have a 38degree tempature?
How long is someone contagious with the flu and/or a stomach virus through saliva?
I need to do a operative report on laparoscopic cholecystectomy.?
what is a normal RBC count for a female?
What is the pathogenesis of hydatidiform mole?
define chron's disease and intestinal obstruction.?
my dad is getting a liver transplant. will that change him?
my child has symptoms of adhd and i need to know if there is anything else that can cause these symptoms.?
Lump on neck?
My mom has Lupus Erythematosus. Can she file for disability?
What medication should be taken for IBS with constipation?
How do you take care of a quadriplegic on a vent when he returns home?
What Is It Like Living With HIV/AIDS?
I used to have a yeast infection, and my virgina still smells like yeast?
i have this pain in my left wrist to fingers anybody know what it could be?
Neck pain! Is chiropractic cervical traction treatment for me?
i have a sharp pain in my left ear and a lump in my throat and its very hard to swallow...?
Why does inflamed tissue swell?
Why do I have bruise-like areas on the inside of my eyes, on the side of my nose?
Have you ever had Bell's Palsy?
My nails hurt?
My Back Hurts.?
Do any of you get a weird buzzy feeling on the back of your head whenever you feel sorry for someone or someth
heart disease mortality in Fayetteville Ga (statistics)?
What are the services at Manatee Memorial Hospital in Bradenton Florida?
peptic ulcer?
sometimes after eating icecream i get diareah does that mean i am lactose intolerant?
Airplan , Crew and health . What health problems , could air people , face them in the future ? Any expert ?
Where would I look to find information about starting a rural health clinic in Texas?
what are the isotonic,hyapertonic,crystloid,colliod solutions and how thy work in the body when transfused .?
What is fibromalgia and how it can be diagnose?
what is the prognosis for patients with stented vertebral arteries?
Do people with panic disorder really get better?
What is the difference between optician and an optic specialist?
does "That Dragonfly Stuff" really Work?
Eyelids dry, red and swollen?
acne aftermath/scaring treatment?
What to do about Shingles?
please :( i need help with my blushing!?
Psoriasis skin disease please help?
How can I treat my skin discoloration/acne scars (without surgery or laser if possible)?
Mother of Pearl Cream for Psoriasis?
i suffer from black heads and white heads ad i have large pores! help?
Why is my skin so sensitive to being touched?
hot red itchy feet at night?
Where is a good place for massage with happy ending in s/e MI?
What kind of drugs do Drs.prescribe for tension headaches?I've tried all the OTC drugs nothing helps?
Broken foot?
Please advise for workers comp?
military back pain?
can you get ligament damage in your ankle and do footballers usually get it? also how serious is it ?
what does a pain mangament doctor do?
I'm trying to order paper rolls for a Hem705cp Blood presser machine can you email me an order form?
fell from a ladder 1998 fractured left calcaneus?
A man had an accident and tore his entire right brachial plexus....?
I believe I got injured on the job 7 months ago and had knee surgery, but have hip pain. Who do I contact?
What is the best and most supportive ankle brace for gymnasts?
I have been diagnosed with costochondritis, does it feel like this for anyone else?
How do I prevent rag weed allergies?
why is my dog's face swollen?
is there an ephedrine solution of a 25% and 75% for ENT irrigation?
Ways ot handle chronic allergic conjunctivitus?
My middle toe is red, itching and aching...?
Has anyone heard of a person developing a cat allergy due to cancer drugs? And what can be done about it?
sinus problems?
Is turkey a country where you can contract malaria?
My mom had either a stomach virus or the flu 18 days ago and i was just wondering?
I tossed and turned and sweated all night and I feel terrible...?
how to get rid of a dry throat/ soar throat!!!?
My girlfriend has been sick for a long time, what could be the problem?
Can I pass on the bird flu without knowing I have it?
What does discomfort mean?
How long can an elderly person live with Pneumonia?
how can i get rid of the hiccups?
what is the best for dry cracked lips and it's not chap stick which is petroleum based?
does acupuncture work?
how long does it take 4 ur bellybutton peircing 2 heal properly? and will it fall out if i go in the sea?
How do you care for a tattoo?
i have a child that is so skinny.?
how can I get ride of hiccups?
working out?
what is ace inhibitor and what does it do for blood presssure side effects?
i was looking for a actual copy of an acls test with the answers and explainations.?
what is the best way of controlling skin allergies?
Dreams about Tornadoes?
why is yawning contagious?
How do you solve snoring?
Annual warts do I need to?
Activity 6.11 HIV worksheet. help anyone?
If someone suffers from Nudophobia do they usually also suffer from Genophobia?
What could the reasons for not remembering the dreams when we get up?
smashed thumb ! its blue under nail . A friend told me to make hole in nail to release presure.Thing 2 do ?
I have probs sleeping at night + often wake in mid of night + dont get back to sleep. any hints?
Anyone Been Bit By A Spider??
does anyone know how to treat a spider bite?
I have a huge muquito bite, any cures?
How do i get water out of my ear?
I got my ear lobe peirced two weeks ago, how can I make it heal faster??
how to stop bleeding??? asap?
Can a internal head injury (skull fracture) cause behavior problems in children?
tick bites?
Health wise, How do you make yourself throw up?
Stung by a weird bee?
I have had sore hips for almost 2 months now, I notice it started after a lengthy road trip, should i worry?
How do I treat an infected puncture wound?
Swolen glands?
How can hypersensitivity due to multiple sclerosis be reduced?
hi, do I get any harbal medicine which one work for increasing blood circulation in the body.?
What is Compazine?
How much Gingeroot are you suppose to take to prevent seasickness?
Big Bump on Both Thumbs?
Mole Removal Cost in Albuquerque?
Lots of skin moles on back, embarrassed?
I have a lump under my left armpit towards the bottom and its above and below the skin more so below. I went?
I recently purchased a new pair of boots and I now have a rash on my legs.?
dandruff i have it but now when i am itchy i get blood! What is this?
Can I treat athletes foot with bleach?
any doctors or nurses?
Whats wrong with my knee?
What's worse, a paper cut or hitting your elbow/knee really hard (to the point of tears)?
My nose seriously aches. Whenever I touch it. Feels raw inside. And I feel like I can see through at the top
my 80 year old mom fell and fractured her pelvis on both sides, and was sent to rehab today?
Hamstring problem. Need Help!!! All medical genious to the rescue!!?
Pink Eye????
Eye dry and alittle blurry, how to make it better?
Why do short sighted people see things clearly close up and blurry far away?
Do I need glasses?
Is it ok if I take my contacts out and rinse them off with cleaner every 3 hrs or so?
How high of a prescription do contacts come in, I'm at a -9.00?
Would you say I have a pretty f'd up vision?
A problem with my eyes...?
Inquiring about eye laser surgery? Have you had it done?
Is there any new medicines to treat essentil hypertention?
what is TIA?
is avonex a good drug for M.S?
I have scoliosis and asperatic arthritus should i be lifting things at work?
Strep throat or weird virus?
I have low body temp of 95 & 96 cough fever without advil slightly red in face and weakness, swollen throat?
is tessio a catheter?
home choleseterol kits?
Any kind of natural therapy for cluster headaches?
Spina bifida that affects the kidneys or urinary tract?
define mega blastoma anemia?
does anyone know of a strong pain reliever without a narcotic in it?
Horrible pain around my right rib, pushing down and toward my back????
I am trying to find the history and pictures of people with Kleeblattschael aka clover leaf syndrome?
what is the most potential disease for Native American: hypertension or Diabetis Metillus?
definition of palnicort and combivent drugs for asthma?
any problems with meadox medicals hemashield woven double velour vascular graft?
I seem to dream all night long. I have atleast 3 dreams a night? Is this a sleep disorder? Help I need sleep?
What is the composition of Flevidon MR?
Are drugs for HIV threatment expensive?
What is the smallest infectious agent that infects humans and exists and replicates as a single protein?
Can having a common cold make you more gassy than usual?
What can cause neutropenia?
What is Cushings Disease ?
do sinus infections cause severe headaches?
what other infection does SMZ/tmp ds 800-160 cures chlamydia?
Are eye herpies a really common thing like oral herpies?
important questions about oral herpes.?
do all men have HIV and STDS ?
What can I do for a rash or sores from Nair?
How can I help my acne? I feel like I've tried everything!?
What STDs can I get from anal?
How do you know if you have herpes?
Please help, do these sound like HIV symptoms?
Is it ok to mix skin creams containing salicylic acid and cortisone?
Dark circles and veins under eyes?
taking a bath with water and some bleach to get rid of acne?
Red Palms and Cuts on my Fingers?
How can i get rid of a hickey really quick?
How can i get rid of this rash naturally?
Rash burns after aloe vera?
Small bumps on inside of mouth?
how do i get rid of hiccups?
How can i be more fairer and slimmer?
what is the best way to get rid of a mouth ulcer or canker sore?
why cant we mix and match our shoes on each foot?
Can i sue a school if my child breaks an arm?
why is yawning catagious?
I am five foot two inches and weigh 95 lbs. Am i fat?
how do i get bleach smell off of my hands?
why is yawning contagius?
Do you have any child-safe, home remedies for ear aches???
How do I get rid of an ingrown toenail?
does anyone know how to get rid of a lot of earwax,if it is clogging your ear so that you can not hear well?
I have a small area on one side of my neck that is dark and rough. It does not itch or bother me. What is this
What is responsible for the cracking sound when you crack your knuckles?
Sniffles while eating?
I haven't had hiccups in 12 years or more. I've been keeping track. How can this happen?
Does anyoneone know how to stop having vivid dreams at night and just sleep?
whats the stongest muscle in the body?
How can i get rid of white stretch marks around my breast and arms?
GUYS: What do you think about a girl w/a six pack?
i hit my dog with the tip of my finger on accident in the eye causing one pupil to become smaller that the oth
I had an accident and have a big bump on my forehead?
I had an accident at work and my employer doesnt pay for my bills.?
question about vomitting?
does this help heal a cut scar?
HELP!iam in gr12.i stay up till 5am everyday, but i still cant finish all my HW.i only take 3subj in semes skl
does accelis hurt high blood presure?
im looking for a free sight on herbs that grow in michigan?
Has anyone used Goji juice for arthritus? Saw it on a site and its supposed to be good for many things.?
Does anyone know how glycoproteins supplements help hearing loss?
how do you know if it is to bad for you to stay in the house?
Why is my upper lip swelling??
Does anyone notice behavior changes in child after an allergy shot?
My daughter has a swollen lip/gums and has been told this is an atypical angioedemia. Nothing seems to work.?
Remedy for skin irritation?
how will you know that your dog is allergic to cefalexin?
Maltese is 17 mos old w/allergy to food. I am now feeding him Wellness dry duck and canned rabbit.?
Post-nasal Drip?
"When i drink alcohol - especially wine - I develop a really snotty nose - excessively especially the morning
lower left back pain, feels internal not muscular, out of the blue?
how do you cure trochanteric bursitis?
what's exactly VICODIN?
I am looking for motivative thiking related to consciousness.?
I think I have GPC?
My eyes people please help serious anwsers only please!?
My contact presciption is different for each eye by -.25. Would it be bad if I bought...?
Speechless when talking to him!?
Asking for someone suffering from Gastro Easophgeal Reflux Disease who tried the Reflux Remedy Report Book or?
Where in the USA can I go to donate my kidney to my brother who currently lives in Mexico?
If your joints "pop" as you move, does it necessarily mean you have rheumatoid arthritis?
If you are one of those people that mosquitos seek out, what is your risk of getting west nile virus?
Please help! There's a gnat in my ear!!! What to do?
Pharmaceutical help; What drug is small, round, white in color, M on one side, 2 on the other? Any ideas?
i have something in my eye and can't get it out.?
do any of you inhale correction fluid(containing toluene) ? have any idea whats are its ill-effects ?
is it true that you should put severed fingers/toes in milk while on your way to the emergency room?
What game are elderly people crazy about?
having surgery?
My 5 month old baby has a small blood filled blister on his finger. What should I do?
can you swim if you just got stitches?
How should I treat a small burn?
Uhm...what do I do? Urgent help needed. ?
Any exercise to reduce my tummy at home.?
Can you bite soemones finger off?
I have a question on gause changes and the releasing of stubborn bandage tapes.?
what is a gynecologist?
H-2 blockers and acid reflux.Is omerprazole an H-2 blocker?
sharp shooting pain just below my knee 3 inches in the muscle to left of my shin bone?
how do i contact incontinence suppliers that will accept medicaid & home deliver?
what are these itchy bumps!?
red bump that had a white top on it?
Best head and shoulders for Seborrheic Dermatitis?
Acne all of a sudden? Help?
Does sleeping with a towel around your head helps against acne?
What do you call those bumps on someones face like the ones Morgan Freeman have?
How do I get rid of annoying flakes?
How to get rid of oily eyelids?
does tecnu extreme help get rid of poison ivy fast?
Red patches on arm i need help?
how long does it take erythematous candidiasis to spread?
have a quick question about fevers?
Nitrofurantoin 100MG missed dose? please help?
do dreams tell the future?
How do i know when i'm getting better when i have Mono?
What are green bowel movements indicative of?
when will blood in cough stop. Tuberculosis?
Strep throat like symptoms what could it be?
how long daes chikenpox lasts after the blisters came out?
Feel gassy and my stomachs making word noises?
How to do a samle school schedule?
what can i use at home for a total body cleanse?
my friend has a hicky how would u remove it quickly?
What is a fistula & what causes it?
why is my shoulder twitching?
What is the best way to strengthen severely underdeveloped muscles?
Why are my fingers and thumb numb???
what are some ways to break your arm?
My DH got injured at work and noe he is having back surgery, He is under worksman comp and they have been.....
What is Lube?????????
can you help me to find a good gynecologist?
HIV Acute Syndrome or am i tripping?
is it possible to get pregnant after having chlamydia for over 2 years?
what should I do to make my underarm whiter?
Why is yawning?
Why is yawning contagious?
Can you describe your body?
how do you get water stains off of beds?
How do you wiggle your ears?
for women, what is the best way to get rid of the hair above your upper lip?
has anyone else been on accutaine? i just started... how do you like it? what are some side effects?
I singed off my a little bit of my eye lashes lighting a grill, will the grow back as they were?
How can i stop sweating?
How many women get professional waxes, and how badly does it hurt?
What causes sore throats and what are easy ways to get rid of them before they get worse?
Has anyone saved the cord blood from their newborn baby and if so has there been an illness or such where it?
Question about Stretch Marks?
What is this on my lip? help me?
What can cause breakage of the hair roots?
Splinters in my feet? Serious Question.?
Why does my naval stink so much? Does it cause my abdomen to stink when i sweat?
big cyst on/more in my cheek?
Bruise-like brown marks on inner mid-thigh?
Random reddish/purplish spots around waistline/stomach area?
I have a weird bump on my back and I don't know what it is?!?!?
Bad crotch rash! Help?
I've had a myocardial infarction. I'm planning to fly to Africa from China?
repairing or peplacing heart arteries that have been rteplaced and collapsed again?
Somuthing on heart rate?
what is an infection around the heart called?
can heart problems cause nausea or is this nerves?
What is Sinus Abbythermia? Is it dangerous? Is there any cure for it?
How do you clean your contact case?
how old do you need to be to get lasik?
New Contacts..can't see in the dark with them??
One eyelid has more lines than the other?
would exposure to less light lighten the pigment color in my eyes?
Q on Keratoconus and cornea grafts?
Is it safe to cure an atigmatism wih laser surgery?
looking for definitins for hydroethrosis?
What is the average life span after diagnosis of Central Nervous System Vasculitis?
Is there any remdy of Ankylosing Sponylitis, Pls Provide me information on this disease.?
Ear problems, cures? fluid in middle ear, stuffed up feeling, hearing loss (comes and goes)?
why a comatose patient can no longer urinate without the aid of some medicines?
what is a patient care techican?
does any one know about surgry in esophagitis to recover from reflux esophagitis?
Any idea what this back pain is?
Does anyone know of, and/or where it can be found, a topical medical agent called Redpoint?
what should i do with my hurt arms?
How do you rest strained, cracked, eye muscles because I think about a month ago I turned my eyes to the very?
What do i do about a locking or catching elbow when i extend it?
Is plastic surgery safe?
How long does a torn ligament in the knee take to heal on its own if all you do is walk?
MY TONGUE HURTS how do i soothe it?
Are there any good sites that explain the symbolism of dreams?
Help dealing with hypochondria?
sleep, exersice, enviroment related asthma?
Is it ok to use Afrin in very low dosages every night for nasal stuffiness?
My skin soetimes turn slight red but not completely. What skin problem is this?
i have a ? about poison ivy, oak or sumac.?
What medical help is there for people who have migrians and are losing their memory?
I woke up with a cold?
Medical Office at Baseline Road and Country Club Drive in Chandler Arizona?
Is it a good idea to induce vomiting when you have diarrhea?
What are three bacteria found in food?
Why do we still get flu and colds?
are soft drinks harmful tothe liver?
what are the causes of bacterial Vaginosis ?
What doctor should I see about cryptorchidism?
Using domestic bleach to clean things without gloves. Could this be the cause of hand skin problems?
Facial hair and hygiene?
Is pool chlorine meant to make you sweat heaps?
What is a good skin routine?
What do you do when you have dull AND acne prone skin?
Does the Clinique 3 Step Skin Care System work?
is it safe for someone with moderate acne to use Neutrogena Men Triple Protect Face lotion?
Has anyone used Biore restore skin boosting night serum?
I have a red itchy bump under my eye?
Is my Lip ring infected ?
helppp i have a test?
is there a name for bleeding from all bodily orifices?
HPV needle? does it really hurt?
Could this be a yeast infection?
eye problem?? am i going blind?
I Slipped & Fell Today On My Back Pretty Hard On Concrete Floor. . .?
My toenail is stuck to my skin, what do i do?
damaged abdominal muscle?
Neck Injury?
Ever since i was real little i have walked on my toes?
If a person is in COMAis thr any chance to get out of it? If yes ..then wt chances?
I twisted my ankle a month ago, and I really want to get back to running.?
has anyone used ambrotose with success?
What is the normal life span of someone with interstial lung disease?
What are some symptoms of Breat Cancer?
Any self help tips for dealing with bronchitis/ Is it contagious?
how do u get water out of your ear ??
How do I make it stop bleeding?
how do i reduce swelling from a bump?
Combination shots for immunisations for babys are they safe?
to all hairdresser in Scotland?
whats the website for American's best contacts and glasses?
where is flu pandemic web site?
What is the best way to heal sunburn?
can you tell me about fashion expand?
my eyes itchy what should i do??
benefit of drinking cranberry juice?
help my inner thighs burn!?
I am prescribed oral codeine NOT oxy contin i tokk Oxy contin today with my codeine?
what can I do to remove the shadow after I cut my head bald some type of solution?
Found a fly in my Vietnamese Spring Roll while taking a bite?
where can i find the best health care coverage for my family?
How do you cure a wasp sting?
who is the singer/band on the new nivea face cream commercial?
I'm allergic to cats. When I touch them I get hives. Is there medicine I can take to prevent this?
bad sunburn, help!?
Should we try to maintain our weight according to age or height?
What to do when a person is on fire?
Gamma can Iternational biochemical Co.Would like stock Exchg. symbol.?
i am suffering from piles what i should do?
I want to lactate again..as I loved it. Any ideas on where to go to have the hormones to have this done?
what's in an allergy shot?
how do you pass a hair test if you have been using drugs?
A health drink I believe is called someting like "mymovai".?
I have pain in my right hand pointer finger. What could this be. It hurts to do anything with it, even typing.
Are there any products/home remedies to prevent head lice?
Is there anything that can be taken to help someone quit smoking?
Is there anyway I can use natural stuff to get rid of a kinda dark scar?
POLYPORUS PINICOLA-200 (suggested forCHIKUN GUNYA) - is it a steroid?
how many yoga institutes are there in western countries?
Is there any EFFECTIVE alternative medicine that will help to stop smoking?
Are there any psychic fairs or Holistic expos in November in Nj, PA and CT for exhibitors to register?
Has anyone tried this new supplement Sea Vegg? If so did it work for you?
is there a natural way of treating seborhea dermatitis? i have tried over the counter products but no results.
allergies to animals and relationships?
I am an acupuncturist looking for clinical documentation software--any advice or recommendations?
Ethic Ethos ... and how to wash someones feet publicly without getting the hands dirty....howsoever ?!!!?
what is Reiki?
Cures for snoring?
Holistic question...a person with Hemochromatosis, a liver condition, what channel should i concentrate on?
How can I make my toenails stop looking cracked?
i accidentaly scratched off a mole?
Suddenlty strangly shaped toe?
hey.does anybody know why people pick they're nose at like 15? i think it's really gross.?
Help using Tea tree oil?