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What is your success story of/with Tourettes?
What are the benefits and dangers of Prednisone in treating PMR - polymyalgia rheumatica?
How can I find out more information about Kidney Dialysis and Kidney Transplants?
What foods/drinks naturally detox the body?
11 states that provide anonymous HIV testing?
My cousin's daughter drank after me and an hour later said there was something on her lip and thinks its a col?
After take birth, my rt legs is pain, & foot isitching. what happen?
salary junior physiotherapist?
Vitamin E Pro's / Cons?
Has anyone ever had a Third nerve Stroke?
Has anyone had ankle & heel fusion ?
UA testing Results anyone ever heard If Ephedrine can cause a UA test to come back positive 4 coccain?
I had my teeth cleaned on Monday and on Thursday evening I started having a fever of 101.3 degrees. Cleaning?
thai massage?
which herb or drug is usefull to decrease 7month kid fever?
how to start a multivitamin business?
Im Schizofrenic and I cant stop arguing with myself!?
i want to know about artificial blood?
What is the treatment of tumours in alternative modes of medication?
Can the part of the brain from which dreams derive be affected so as to shut off nightmares?
How do I use Retin A (0.05%) and Clyndamycin Phosphate Lotion (1%)?
Itchy hands.. whats wrong with me?
Help! Itchy bumps all over body?
Why do I have dark under eye circles?
steam shower burn on skin. please help!?
How to get rid of these spots on chin?
can i put a bandade over the cream on my ringworm in my back?
what could the bumps on the bottom of my foot be?
How do I make a zit come to a head?
I found a small hard bump near my vigina but I am still a virgin what is it?!?
my face has like, red tints. how do i get rid of this?
Sharper Image air purifiers -- do they work well?
Help! Allergic reaction to Aluminum Chloride [Hexahydrate] 20%?
What does having a TRUE allergic reaction to wool mean?
are people allergic to wheat allergic to wheat grass as well?
Can lactose intolerance get worse over time?
Is it normal if oranges make you sweat?
My Eyes are always RED!!! Why is that?
THE docs have been trying to find out out what is wrong with me, blood work is great but my insuline is38.9???
what does bm mean in reference to diabetes and glucose level monitoring???????
Tell me more about diabetic neuropathy/treatment/.I am from Bulgaria,and here we dont know too much about that
if you are hypoglycemia can you loose ur eating habbits?
I need to locate a free medical clinic in Sacramento, CA USA?
1 gram of carbohydrates increases blood sugar levels by what percent?
maximum dose of lantus?
I am seeking a grant for patient education in a physicians office setting?
why are ketones poisonous to the body?
diabetes centre?
If you've had laser treatment for unwanted facial hair,are you satisfied and is it permanent?
I have a scar after my surgery, are there any creams or things to put on it to help diminish the apperance?
can you name the parts of a bandage?
Were can I find an abtronic at a retail store?
have you dealt with spreading scaly rough cracking feet? where no cream seem to penatrate.Iwant my skin back!!
What are the effects on the brain from THC?
Do you people bother to wash your bums after going to the toilet?
what is the optimal time to check hematocrit after blood transfusion?
what is best therapy for piriformis muscle syndrome?
what kind of surgery can take care of a prominent cisterna magna?
how can I reach "National Organisation for Rare Diseases?
Orthopedic surgeons in grand rapids mich?
what is the different between compressive and tensile injuries?
Is it possible I have a tumor?
gogles have a site like this?
I sprained my ankle 10 days ago and I feal like I can walk on it with little pain. What should I do?
My ankle is bothering me. it started a month ago and it got worse. i can only walk on the outside of my foot.?
How do I heal my knee? I was running & fell down fast on hard cement.?
what to do about a pinched nerve in lower back?
Weak muscles in shoulder?
My husband had a hernia operation over a year ago. He followed all the doctor's orders and went to all follow
doesbacteria affect bacteria to died.?
Can anyone give me some info on Oral Chelation (key-lation)?
What is P.E.D ?
Medicinal ingredients?
spot on eye...?
If I buy contacts on June 12th is it still good today Aug. 5th?
Health department?
i hate going to the opticians?
glaucoma and computer use?
i used the wrong contact solution and now my eye is all swollen and puffy?
my fore skin has gone white and tight?
Contact lens question. Where to buy contact lenses for best price?
Can wearing safety glasses make your eyesight bad?
why to a look a much fatter with contacts?
my left eye is dry in morning and blurry during the day.?
Accutane and Benzoyl peroxide?
what kind of drugs are good for you?
what is the name of the skin on your elbow?
Can heroin cause you to go blind?
Hair Loss due to Head Acne? Will Bald spots regrow?
Body Stings With Warm Temperature?
How can i get rid of my acne?
what does pytiriasis rosea look like?
Is it possible that I got the HERPS? :(?
Can any kind of biopsy test for STDs?
HIV/STD question should I worry? Please help?
Please help. STD / HIV question?
Dry bump on lip no cold sore?
How long is the longest living cadavor kidney transplant?
Is it okay to hit the jacuzzi straight after a steam bath?
I cut myself a week ago at work,it's not healing & I think it's infected...ER or continue home treatment?
Has anyone had Spinal Disc Replacement (Not Fusion)?
Body building pain?
How can I make a hot compress? I use a towel and it is not hot for very long.?
I was playing soccer and had a blow just to the right of my shin, resulting in a bump....?
Somebody explain this: There is a mild central disk bulge seen at the L4-L2 level with annular tear?
what is the government legisation relating to moving and handling?
What does tegretol and crank do to a person with hepatitic C in their late fifties?
how likely is it to get sick after taking a live flu vaccine (nasal spray)?
Does anyone know of a cure for spasmodic dysphonia.?
Has anyone heard of Herschsprung's Disease?
Has anyone every had laser surgery on there eyes? if so, is it bad?
how do you get rid of a callus?
For those who have had their wisdom teeth pulled, how long did it take you to start eating solid food again?
I am looking for a personal medical forms to take on vacation with all my family information on?
what are remedies for premature greying hair?
Honest feedback on CONTACT LENSES that you wear during nights to get normal vision during the daytime?
What's your choice for the very personal toilet paper?
contact problems....HELP?
What is the average price of stomach liposuction surgery in Indiana?
What to take for ringing in the ear?
Which color of eyes is the most beautiful?
dmso and sski for peyronies?
What are some good natural/raw Potassium suppliments?
Does anyone have personal experience using Young Living essential oils?
What vitamins are good to take for acne and how much?
how do you treat a blister on your upper lip?
I am on accutane and why should I not take herbs?!?
Could I have gotten some type of rash from my dog? PLEASE HELP?
QUICK fix for winter skin rash sorta thing?
What is this red rash on my palms?
What are these red spots on my palms?
ok i know it cant be scar tissue but ..?
How is Hepetitus C spread from one person to another?
if you have an ulcer, does it make you vomit a lot?
What cells in the human body does "Mumps" host off of?
Comp. Metabolic with EGFR test?
If a person has hep c ,hepatitis c .It means he will die after 20 years or treatment can save him.?
Overnight I GOT SICK, in bed for 2 days with Fever, 2yr. old next day vomiting and fever, others fine. Why?
I need to get rid of a runny nose and sore throat in 24 hours!?
My allergies?
Feeling really lousy after epinephrine?
allergies to garlic or roseacea?
what are botanicals?
i just got three shots?
Has anyone had an allergic reaction to Carac.?
get nursing opportunities in namibia?
can someone feel pain in a vein or artery if they have problem in that vein or artery?
Where can I find an illustration on retroperitoneal hematoma on the web?
question about muscles.?
contact lenses question please?
I was doing squats when my back gave away, what do you think happenned?
Is it possible to get HIV from using another person's clothes?
I have tiny bumps close to my anal and they are itching and sometimes bleeding if I wipe hard. What is it?
What's wrong with my eye!?
Eye Health?
when you die, do the eyes always stay open?
Why does my eye twitch and my pupil dilated bigger then the other?
lasic eye surgery cost?
i have kaiser permanente insurance?
Is laser eyelid surgery better and safer than traditional eyelid surgery?
Does anyone know anything about Pars Planitis?
is my toenail going to fall off?
How do I change my sleep cycle?
how to get rid of dried eyelids ?
Can someone help with skin problems?
Could me and my dog have ringworm?
best medicated shampoo for psoriasis?
Can I tan if i have stitches in my hand?
How can I get rid of my red skin?
How do I get rid of zits that are really red?
Strang rash or bug bites on back, please help!?
red bumpy rash on 2 month old baby?
i have what my father thinks is a veruca, on the underneath of my foot, [see questions below]?
Phone number for St.Josephs Baptist Hospital on MLK and Habana streets,Tampa Fl?
Have you ever tried Coconut Oil for health purposes?
Where is the health food farm in the Utah mountains?
manupalating ecg(electro cardio gram) monitoring?
where can I get affordable prescription coverage?
Organic and chemical free skincare/ haircare/ cosmetics market?
what are some good christian based books on how to help someone with depression?
is there in the market a cream that helps or prevent the wrinkles in your face, I mean a real one, an effecti
How can I ask my family that I need their concern?
we want to sell the surgical cotton (absorbent cotton wool I.P.)?
where can I find smooth face cream?
Does the Clearasil Acne Scar kit rally work? Is it worth the buy?
I am trying to find out how I can apply for Medicare?
I am trying to find doug claffmen web site I know the cause.?
Is there any cure for hydrocil other than operation. Is there any suction arrangement.?
How can I get rid of headaches with out drugs?
What is xx/xx vision?
Do you have a home remedy for sinus infections?
what is high chlosterol?
how do you know if you have a stomach virus?
What are the symptoms of a torn tendon or ligament in ankle/foot?
its about a my lip ring??
what is the best cream to use after (scar reduction surgeon?
how long will muscle spasms last and my jaw muscles be tight after i dislocated it by yawning?
can someone help me ?
Have you ever had your Ankle Fused?
How can I get rid of Molluscum Contagiosum?
Can someone recover anything for a MRSA Lawsuit Staph infection when they have lost both legs?
Is it possible to get herpes from using the same toilet as an infected person?
are children with hiv or aids allowed to attend daycare ?
viruses. hard question?
what is the name of the blood disease that starts with myno and it needs blood cleansing?
what is the most common compound in anti-malarial drugs in east africa?
Bladder problems?
is a positive culture an indication for antibiotics use?
I have a recurring lump by my pelvic bone, each time it appears it is larger, should I see a doctor?
What is this snapping sound in my chest caused from?
Have a fever, head ache, and sore throat?
Scabies Help!?
i have a lot of itchy on my coochie?
Acne/ Proactive Face wash etc?
extremely small lips, how can i plump them cheaply?
Oil glands in the skin secrete a substance that helps kill the bacteria. What do you think will happen if you?
I used an expired Nivia Creme. I realised that after applying the cream. How is it gonna affect?
How do you get rid of dandruff?
How long do mosquito repellent bracelets last? WILL GIVE 10 POINTS TO BEST ANSWER!!?
I got 6 little papercut looking cuts and I want them less noticeable?
lens dried for about 3-4 months...put solution in...safe to wear?
Do bo-ners hurt? Mine hurts?
Help with breakouts!!?
effects of caffeine on diabetics?
How many grams of sugar do jelo have?
Does the HbA1c alter in patients with hemochromatosis?
what is the book the haunted bridge about?
what does it mean when protein is present in urine?
Is there a software made that I can download my blood sugars from machine to my laptop?
New insulin pump?
10 years ago, I read that a new type diabetic?
Does cappuccino have any carbohydrates?
had a mi 4 months ago and stents fittd dow diagnosed with A GTT RESULT OF 10.7 IS THERE ANY CAUSE FOR CONCERN?
diabetes help?
what is the diet advised for renal failure patient?
Have anyone with diabetes considered transplant?
Does anyone know of an effective mechanical body massager that's truly close to human hands comfort?
std testing and treatment?
swollen lymph nodes, and no pain?
How do I cope with this painful bump inside my ear?
How is HIV/AIDS related to homeostasis?
Why am I peeing blood?
How many people do you know with HIV/AIDS?
Percentage of mother tranferring AIDS?
Are these Mosquito bites?
trying to quit smoking what are some good products or what has worked 4 u?
What foods can i eat and activities can i do after a tonsillectomy?
why am i always tired?
my son got a goose bump under neath his eye, he got it at school........?
double sprained ankle?
I can't move my ankle?
i was playing football 2 days ago and when i threw the ball my arm started to hurt?
What is it and has it happened to you before?
How do you massage an achilles tendon post surgery to break up scar tissue?
Eye contacts?
How Can I Reverse The Damage?
Sillouettes rimless eyewear.?
1800contacts more costly?PLEASE HELP!?
Problem with Blurry /glarry eyes?
how much is it for an eye exam at lens crafters?
Does eye patching really works with lazy eye after surgery?
How much are astigmatism contacts?
eating chocolate makes me feel very sleepy is it unusual?please help?
stuffy nose?
question about allergies?
Are there any adverse side effects in taking glutathion and metathion?
Will allergy tests reveal a lung or breathing problem even when a person's skin does not react to cat dander a
extremely sore nose?
I always get an itchy throat when eating certain fruits - what am I allergic to? (If anything)?
My jack russell has terrible allergies late summer/fall she has external yeast and bacteria infections. help!?
eye infection?
when i got my kitten yesterday, where it scratched me bubbled then went down, and i wheezed and coughed when i
Prevent asthma???
best prescription allergy med to combat dust mite allergy?
what percentage of americans are allergic to urishols poison ivy?
Where and when did Charlie Rose have his recent heart surgery?
is living in an airconditioned environment good for heart patients ?
60 years old man ,needs medical aid for angioplasty, 3 arteries 90 % blocked, in St. Stefens hospital- Delh.?
Are there any person having cured of heart arterial blocks up-to 90% by natural medicines avoiding surgery?
does a heart saver CT tell me more than just the calcium level? and does it include if the valves are okay?
Why are my eyelids "colored"?
help, i have a Wart on my neck, how do i remove it!?
i want to become a dermatologist?
Does Listerene help in skin conditions in dogs? rashes and itching?
Can perfume aggravate dermatitis?
It feels like there is a small air pocket between my lower eyelid and my eyeball?
how do you get rid of dandruff without having to go out and buy speisal projects?
Skin Rash That I Have Had For About 2 Years.?
Pill imprint M573 on one side 10325 on other side anyone know what this is?
Who's a good facial surgeon in Louisiana, Texas, or both.?
How to cure bad acne?
Is Advair stll on the market?
What kind of medicine do you take for Pneumonia?
Coping with adult disagnosed cystic fibrosis?
Do I have strep throat or maybe tonsillitis?
Hospitals in the US using Olympus Endoscopes For Colonoscopies?
what is a colonic pacer in colons that a surgeon places?
is it true that losing only 5-10% of your body weight(if you are overweight) can normalize blood pressure?
Why does getting tickled make people laugh?
find medicare recipients in northern va by zip code?
im 14 years old, and am i overweight?
Did I eat healthy today?
getting fat?
Is it possible...?
My son had a mild concussion today?
I Got A Dorito Longed In The Roof Of Mouth 4 Months Ago and I Still Feel It Will I Be Ok?
How do you use a gait belt to help transfer patients?
can someone help with a knee injury?
My eleven yr. old cousin's colon calapsed or "bunched up", what causes that? No problems with bowels before.
Has anyone had a tummytuck and if so, how long did it take for your scar to fade?
very sore collor bone?
What is a second degree concussion?
I am worried!!?
Does anyone know the 4 stages of infectious disease?
toe injury?
I have an question!?
Tell me about your experience with Tamiflu. Did it work as claimed?
My recent bloodwork showed that I had hypocalcemia and a lymphopenia.....?
where does scarlet fever occur the most?
does anybody else get cold sores when in overheated rooms?
how long does it take for you to know that you have strep?
how 2 get a sore throat?
Married couples who are hiv+?
why the politicians dont try to do something for poor childrens in the all world?
Why should it be easier to develop a vaccine against HIV than one agaisnt cancer?
who has gotten the chicken pox yet?
Have an ulcer, undergoing treatment. Does Viagra or similar tablets have any impact on the Ulcer ?? . I am 50?
How long does Chlamydia take to sterilize you?
what do i do, my fiance may have cheated on me and gave me chlamydia. helpp!!!!?
If you donate blood and your blood is tested positive for herpes will they notify you?
does job corp test for STD's?
Can a doctor legally test a patients blood for HIV or Aids after being stuck by a needle?
What is a good product for pores and even skin tone as well?
What does it mean when i have bumps on the roof of my mouth?
How can I avoid spots from shaving?
when you have eczema and use the lotion..?
If you get a mole removed can you get rid of the scar? 10pts?
why can I see the blood under the skin of my arm?
How to get rid of lacerations/scaring of skin?
Does giving up dairy really help keratosis pilaris?
How do i get that skin hanging down from your chin?
do acne free sensitive skin system only works for sensitive skin or both?
What is the best body soap for body breakouts?
Itchy pink spots all over my body?
How long will it take for my skin to tighten up?
Do I have ringworm? help?
What should I do about my blister?
What skin conditions give you "U" shaped marks?
Am I going crazy, should I back to the ER?
My normally calm life is unraveling and I am stressed to the max. Any stress busters? No drugs or alcohol!?
What is the difference between a sociopath and a narcissit?
If I smoked some weed before school would it help me concentrate during school?
what can be done for tic bites if it swells is it neccessary to go to the physician?
From the point of view of TCM, can a person suffering from flu/cold take Lingzhi supplement?
Is it safe to use Mehandi for dying hair ? I have premature greying problem.?
whats the best medicine to cure dry cough?
Is there any alternaltive treatment for throid? esp.in yoga?
what are the basic steps in dispensing drugs?
My friend's Edna is oozing a green pus, what should I do?
herbal poisons not detected by medicine?
I am looking for clinical trials (AD - alzheimers) in Texas that accepts Chinese patient. Thanks a lot!?
my intiree right arm from hands to shoulder hurt?
How to treat sciatica?
Does colon cleansing really work?
Has anyone tried CMD (Concentrated mineral drops)?
over the counter medicine?!?!?
Where can a male get breast inplants done cheap??
~*~Melatonin At Wal-Mart~*~?
need a list of 1st aid supplies?
whats an innie or an outtie?
looking for pics of lisa gleave letelier?
what is the difference between a birthmark, mole, freckle and a beauty spot?
has anyone heard of using childrens benadryl to numb mouth pain.?
I have something in mt cut?
factors that affect increase in pulse rate?
Do you thing that we live in a world where people are overmedicating?
I need your advice.?
What are the major issues among young adult female these days? skin problem? confident? friendship? etc?
bowel problens.....?
Poor Eyesight?
Wear Contacts?
if my contact prescription is -4.25, what is my acuity (20/ ? )?
I have had a cold for about 2 weeks...I have extremely a lot of mucus. Now there is a profound amount of blood?
I have a ring around the cornea of my eyes and the cornea also seems to be getting thicker.?
dose anyone?
Is it healthier to smoke cigars better than cigarettes ?
One of my eye's is somewhat fimly and the other one is perfectly fine. What's wrong with my eye?
"which is the thinnest lense for eyeglasses,hyper index or poly tegea?pls. reply.thanks"?
my mother has been drinking for years and taking different perscription drugs. she wants written proof ,?
Asthmatics: If you're on preventatives, should you get attacks?
I accidently left my contact solution bottle open! Safe to use?
Has any1 died from Swine in the USA?
how can you get pneumonia and food poisoning?
my chest has been hurting and i'm sixteen is that normal?
Thoat remedy?
My dad has had a cough for about 2 /3 mths.?
What song goes best about smoking?
How to take care of a 3mth old with RSV?
how many people die from cystic fibrosis?
I have nervousness.my hand trembles while writing.when tensed it is more.how do i cure it.My age is 38. (male)
Has anyone suffered from anorexia or bulemia? How did you recover and how are you doing now?
Thyriod question (Please, I need serious answers)?
Has the FDA approved thus of cervical artificial discs or are they still on trila basis?
I was accidently kicked in the chin and now have cheek pain...?
need Dr. Pozani, in Arlington, Va office number?
I'm hurt ='[?
My arm hurts?
Which drugs for PSVT is safe for pt with a)Ventricualr arryhthmias b)Hypertension C)Congestive HearthFailure?
1- when i am in secondary scool i remember that i have palpitation in acertain positions like fear or time of?
what are the school traditions for montana state university?
How much liquid is 800 ccs in regular liquid measurement?
When our heart function decreasing, "the cycle of the devils" is activated. What is that mean?
What is the treatment of Heart Attack?
why insulin treatment is safer than other medicines for treatment of diabetic?
Why is there no generic form of Actos (Pioglitazone HCl)?
information needed regarding DIABETIC WATCH MONITORS for blood glucose levels-a watch to replace fingersticks?
looking for diabetes lunch?
What are bilateral renal cortical cysts?
who has PCOS?
My husband's blood sugar was 165 several hours after eating could this mean he has diabetes?
does lactate in the blood return to normal because it is converted to glucose in the liver ?
looking for research on whether only children are less dependent then first children?
diabetic recipes?
I would appreciate some information regarding condition called CIN II.?
husband sleeps ten of twelve hours daily?
i need a chart deciphering /listing what the numbers mean on my meter (blood sugar)?
Health Improvement?
which laundry detergents causes the most allergic reactions?
interesting question about allergies? please read...?
Eye Pain & Redness?
Are tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride (0.05%) eye drops safe for cats?
Milk Sensitivity?
Are you or anybody you know allergic to pickles?
Is there any way to help with Cat Allergies?
just wanted to know if the sprint sanyo dual brand camera phone is a prepaid phone.?
What websites sell prescription drugs with out a prescription?
Theres this bump on my lip?
I take about 5 days some relif, but what is the best treatment? ?
What are these red bumps on back that don't itch but are really sore.... ?
how can i take care of my face in winter?
recently my face looks healthier..is it because i sweat?
REALLY BAD Dry Skin any ideas?
Why are some moles red?
Dry, Raw, red, flaky skin on my face?
What kind of Biopsy will i get for a rash type thing, and will it hurt?
Why do you get "brainfreeze" when you eat icecream?
I have heard that if you are having a heart attack, and no one's around, coughing may help. Is this true?
How Many Eight Oz Servings Are In A Gallon?
is melatonin dangerous?
Can the flu cause you to miss a period?
what is typhoid?
what the relationship between rheumatoid heart disease and HIV disease?
Which fruits and veggies are binding?
What common household pet are scientists worried about causing another outbreak of th bubonic plague?
Does the flu virus stick to your clothes?
How much faster would viral hepatitus c progress if the patient took vicodin 80mg per day and is over 70 yrs ?
molluscum contagosum?
I read something about cantaloupes having salmonella,how is this possible ?
after bathing,did varicella virus spread?
Why Is There No Cure of HIV/AIDS?
which one of the seminal fluid glands is not a paired gland?
Can you get an STD by giving head?
My 21mo old slammed his fingers in the doorframe. How do I treat them?
why does my hair fall out.when i brush it when i wash it when i touch it.?
How do you fix a split cuticle and nail?
What can I do to stop getting leg cramps?
what is a good way of falling asleep?
Knee Question?
Got a problem?
How long can I wait before fingertip surgery?
Anyone's kids ever had an mri?
Foot Fracture?
What should I expect after a caudal epidural injection?
Side affects of Zetia?
what is left distal femoral osteotomy genu valgum?
Do you or have you ever known someone with smallpox?
Can anyone recommend foods that are really good for the liver?
does clear nail polish sting if I put it on my mosquito bites?
What effect does hydrogen peroxide have on the bacteria that causes perodontal disease?
What are the side effects of ammonated mercury?
What is the best mask to get for acne prone skin?
I have this little bump right next to my belly piercing top hole. Help??!?
HELP ! i have a mole .. on my head !!?
does proactive work!!:!!>!>>!>!!!??!/!!?!?
Certain Dri help please?
how do i get rid of this white stuff under my eye?
Blackheads on nose,cheeks+forehead?
Why does this baby have green skin?
Twitching under skin??!?
Is this true?: If you stay up for 6 days straight, as in, no sleep... you go crazy(drugs not included)?
my boyfreind has a rash on his leg it looks like psorisis but he says its not?
fins out more about bunka college?
Where in Sacramento can I get the tea called "Sweet Dreams" I need it bad because I have insomnia, or...
How can lumbar disc herniations cause bladder retention?
I want to start a prayer chain.?
how to prevent medical errors in the hospital made by the patients?
is there any way to get free meds,I take 8 different kind with me on unemployment it is hard to make ends meet
What is a integrated health care center?
How to relax?
essential oils web site?
any meditation techniques advice?
How long is a patient in the hospital after repairing a shattered lumbar?
Can someone recommend some good aromatherapy sites?
St.John's Wort USERS?
I've recently ordered "Natural Cures" book by Kevin Trudeau and I want to check the order's status?
Are there any NATURAL remedies for constipation in a soy formula supplemented (8oz/ day) newborn?
I am pregnant and I took an Aleve do you think it would effect the baby?
why does jessie want to report me?
I had have spondylolisthesis what should I look forward to?
Do you know if the pain medication Fentanyl causes slowdown of urination?
how aspirin decompose?
why mercury is present in sphygmomanometer?
After LASIK, how long does it take for the fuzzy, blurry vision to go away?
Help, my right eye is "sore"?
Yellow spot in vision?
I can't get my contact lense in my eye!?
If I sleep in my contacts and my eyes feel normal in the morning, is it still bad for me?
Are there any doctors of nurses on here? I have a Question about Dry eye's?
Anyone else out there with an AVM?
what would you do?
I am looking for an eye docter that takes any insurance in los angeles california?
how much do transtion lens cost???
I heard that they where contact's out there, to where you put them on at nite and they correct your vision.
What the my eyes just went blurry..?
CXR laboratory test?
what's the worst thing you've ever smelled?
any body know anything about stem cells? i need it for a research paper?
what is the best remedy for gas/belly ache in newborn babies?
Do you feel like the age that you are?
Tips on working kink in side?
why i am suffering a brownish menstration?
Sugar cane habit?
how long u have to live when you have HIV and no medicine to take for it?
Recipes for people who are diabetic?
HELP! I need a Poison Ivy Cream?
Is there any line of frozen dinners that are ok for a Type ll diabetic to eat regularly?
zinc: science project!!?
y i become more thirsty at night?
Why is ADH also known as vasopressin?
Does Beano have any effect on the blood sugar level for diabetics?
Glasses V.S. Contacts?
can a hypertensive person can eat ampalaya?
Glucose control for type 1 - Future says that only the wealthy will have excellent control?
how to purchase pharmaceuticals or meds from the Mexico market or sites?
diabetes supplements?
What might this be? 1-year-old child, bright red skin in warm spots of body, very high fever and ear infect.?
Hi, I'm wonderin who won the Novel in 2000 in medicine? Thanks?
plz doctors answer my question?when i can stop pencilin i take it and my A.S.O.T is 200?
What are some good websites for imformation on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?
What is this bump on my body?
does acne no more ebook really work?
Drugstore facewash similar to skin ceuticals?
How to have good skin and face?
What will help Deep cuts on my grandmoms hands?
How do you cope with fox fordyce disease and does it ever go away?
Help? questions about accutane?
what causes itching on the vigina?
tazorac acne cream question?
pinworm info again?
What kind of check-up or test do I need to know if I am infected of STD?
who is the father of immuno histochemistry?
What effect has small pox had in human evolution?
Would you want to be served at a deli by someone who has the flu?
Mono-like virus...what do I do???
List three types of health hazards found on construction projects?
What should I do with my fever thats on the 4th day?
I need a list of the most common medical acronyms..I can only find lists online that include hundreds?
I broke my toe what should i do to help it heel??
How long do I keep medical tape on a wound to heal?
how to treat lodic curve injuries?
Whats do you do for a hamstring injury?
I have a white burn scar?
How to help with a sprained wrist?
Need help reading a ct report on a cervical c5-c6?
what is the recovery time for a scoping of the knee?
my sisters ear is infected and the earring wont come out how can we get it out?
Does pygnogenol reduce inflammation?
looking for a doctor who is authorized to practice medical marijuana in both california & washington state?
am i allergic?
how do I get rid of my mold allergies?
does this sound like allergies?
what is hydroxyl use for?
how do i make my eye stop watering?
Is it ture that if you don't dream you die? I read it somewhere but not sure I believe it?
sleep fast with no drugs?
What can acidic drinks(soda Gatorade etc.) do to your stomach?
what should a pharmacist do if someone who cannot affort her durg coming into a pharmacy store?
What are the most comfortable shoes?
Are there any long-term negative health problems involved in giving plasma regularly?
my skin is really dry, does anybody know what i should do?
Where is the healthiest place on earth to live?
Is abortion delays menses?
how not to foul smell after smoking?
What do you do if you get nail polish in your eye?
Where do I find info on Darier's Disease, keratosis foliculitis.?
what is a good cure for cold sores?
My fingernails are thin and brittle. What can I do to strengthen them?
What do you think of tanning beds?
Is there a beauty salon in Frankfurt Germany that offers Rene Guinot treatments?
Smart or cute?
How I can have clean skin?? from my small acne that I have?
Reddish skin? (painful... Severely...)?
Spreading clusters of red bumps on chest?
Treat dry and wrinkly skin?
Does Melaleauca "Zap It" Acne Defense System Really Work?
How to get rid of scars?
How can I get rid of my acne?
what are the symptoms of a fracture?
What would cause a crystal that was clouded turn to clear after holding it in the palm of your hand until the?
Keeping Stomach Trim and Fit With a Dilated Ascending Aortic Valve?
2 1/2 yr old w/ vsd, having probs ...?
is this possible????
So Today I Did a roll and now my neck hurts.?
What is the nerve that controls the bicep?
Does stress cause cardiomyopathy?
What is a whipple proceedure that is always mentioned in hospital shows?
can you show me massage therapists things?
Are tiroides contagious?? Tiroides son cantagiosos??
hi,plz send me some articles about electrolyte imbalance in ketoacidosis? thx .?
diabetic questions?
what site is better for injection of lantus and humalog insulin?
Why am I seeing stars, like when you bump your head?
what is selegos hcl and benzhexol drugs good for?
If you're a kleptomaniac, is there something you can take for it?
Is there any way to treat migraines without drugs?
little clear bumps on my bottom lip?
Can the Hepatitis B virus go dormant?
Does your eyes feel like their burning after serveal minutes of reading?
My left eye is catching up?
Does anybody Know where i can get a free trial of the Nike MaxSight contacts?
BLOODSHOT eyes. what is wrong??
Rephrasing my vintage prescription sunglasses Question, is there any way to use the same pink GLASS in them?
Can I still get contacts if I have an astigmatism, I'm short sighted and have a squint?
My son has a retinal scar - lesion, doctors said that there is nothing they can do to remove it. Is this so?
Twitchy eye?
Mono questions?
What to eat with the flu.?
I have been undergoing left eye problems. I have had a number of procedures for a detached retina and hole?
I had a reading 218 on a cholestrerol screening. Is that high? Are screenings acurate?
i have the flu what doctor should i go too?
why do the chiken crossed the street?? Again and Again and Again?
Can you die if...?
My neice had dengue fever.Platelet count already returned to normal level.When can she go back to school?
Can anyone help me with a research, about types of infectious diseases in Egypt? Thanks?
Can Klebsellia (bacteria) cause liver and pancreas problems?
I can tell you how to relieve minor ear aches?
I have severe restless leg syndrome.?
Why would immature cells show up one week in periphial blood work, but not the next?
What is the medical term for arthritis causing pain in the head, similar to hypertension symptoms?
What is fifth disease in adults?
Anybody, heard of yellow nail syndrome / twenty-nail disease?
Whats the best way to treat RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy)?
i put hydragine peroxide on a cut.......?
I just got knocked out. What should I do? Far from any hospitals.?
Do you know how effective surgery for BPI(branchial plexus injury) is?
how to stop painful knees and ankles?
Please Help?!?!?!?
Stone bruise?
icing your nose?
Hydrogen Peroxide burn on my skin?
I've had eye surgery and I'm scared?
Clean and Clear face wash problem.?
I have a burn on my arm?
what can do for dry flake crusty dandruff?
How do you get rid of cystic acne?
How does beer affect acne?
Strange........? Help?
I have a rash and a cold, what is it?
good acne products for severe acne...?
Is is safe to dye your hair if you have seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp?
acne on chin and jaw line. HELP..?
Face scarred from acne, how can I heal it quickly?
Scar is getting irritated out of nowhere!?
is a wrinkly Labia Majora normal?
No one wants to be fat, don't you think food is an addiction like some drugs?
do tattoo removal cremes work?
can low amniotic fluids mean the baby will have down syndrom?
How can I prevent or reduce canker sores on my toungue?
What type of skin cancer starts in the pigment cells, often after too much sun exposure?
does loreal truematch foundation is good to use 18 years old girl?what are the benefits of this product?
Trying to find Info on> [email protected] (an 'Online Pharmacy' email address that is NOT responding)
how do u tone ur stomach at the same time, work your booty to make it nice n round?
what is BNDD?
I see Cortislim commercials. Does Cortisol actually create stomach fat? Have you tried a Cortislim product?
is there if any?
what three things does a pharmacy have t o help reduce the bad taste of a drug?
i am suffering from faringitis.is there any medicine,i have taken all treatment but not cured.?
Proline is available as a supplement. What food(s) is it provided by?
Pneumonia Fluid?
Room rental listing/directory for vegetitarians/yoga lovers?
Small Tai Chi class in Bellevue, Kirland and Seattle?
which prescriptyion drug will show up a positive result for cocaine during giving a urine sample?
Is there any treatment of celiac disease?
"Chiropractic" medicine was invented by...?
all natrual?
is amcxil975mg a pain killer or is zonegran100 one?
Is it Wrong To surf The Big Tiity Sites?
i have a light pink pill with a line on the bck and on the front it has k 399 on it i would like to know what
Has anyone ever tried/gotten results from SCIO (biofeedback machine)?
Sciatic nerver pain in the left leg and numbness in the toes?
Is it bad to eat Play Clay?
What is polandanomoly?
what is evanston syndrome ?
Cardace 2.5 H ,Amalong 5 mg side effect on my body as explained below?
difference b/w prokaryotes and eukartotes?
What do huge tidal waves signify in a dream?
What have been some struggles for people here living with OCD?
Do you think that psychology is overrated? Please see details.?
Is there a PHYSICAL diagnosis for depression? Like a concrete test/scan that insurance can cover.?
should i share the news with my friends?
what is bus service like between seville and granada spain?
what causes one pupil to dialate while the other is normal, im not on drugs and havnt used eye drops?
What's the daily recommended serving of calories?
What are the chances of a real "Zombie" like epidemic or fatal virus wiping out most of humanity?
I think I have the flu?
I just got over a cold about a week ago, will I be Immune to flu?
How does Mycobacterium leprae attack and spread?
I'm sick and cold! Help!?
Should I repeat my dose of antibiotics?
How to get rid of fever and stomach problems?
Toddler has white puffy lip on the inside, redish on the outside. What is this?
A fever - what is it REALLY?
Am I infected with this too?
Could this be long lasting?
When you get check for uti....?
What could be the cause when someone is Vomiting and going to the bathroom multiple times?
Do I have a parasite living inside of me?
A friend's viral load of HepB increased from 600 to 800?
I need a name of a disease that is common in kids and almost always kill you. . .?
Sore throat, fatigue, dizziness, and pain? help me please?
Doctor told me I had adult croup...?
I've been sick for the past few days, and today I noticed there was blood on my tissue?
is there a way to make the disease anthrax?
Is this a cold, virus, or my appendix?
Do i have mono or the flu or what?
my eyes are still little yellow but i have recovered from jaundice?
I think this is lice, but ...?
The DuoFilm Wart remover has touched some of the blood from my wart, What has this done?
I just recently noticed that I have BAD Body Odor - What are the steps to eliminate it?
Isotretinoin hair loss?
How to get clear bright skin?
Sore lips years after accutane treatment?
Should i Do another ACV Mole Removal (Apple Cider Vingar)?
If your fat and you get a tattoo, then go on a diet, what happens to the tattoo?
swollen, sore and itchy tragus!?
Is there are way possible to get a "False" Negative HIV test result after 5 months and a half?
My lips are so sore! Help!?
How to cure itchy scalp?
damaged skin on private area?
The highest rates of STDs are found in teens and young adults. Why is this?
Is my cut infected?
Peroneal nerve (at outside of knee) grafting - info please?
no cuts,whats TMJ?
How Long will it take for a sprained ankle to heal?
I need quick facts about AED's.?
Atrial and Ventricular Septal Defect?
Could this have been a heart attack?
is there any medicalstudents or doctors out there if so please email me i have a question?
What causes us to sneeze?
Can a person who is allergic to "bees" just be allergic to a certain type of stinging insect?
Colored contacts for astigmatism?
I'm brand new to eyeglasses & is it normal to feel nauseous from wearing them?
what are the common eye defects?
what is hte difference between strasbismus and amblyopia?
How can I feed my 16 mounths baby girl? How many times every day? what I have to give here?
how can i get this chalazion of my eye without surgery?
spider bite i need help!!!! i dunno whats up?
what is a best country of hospitals of eyes?
How do you stay awake during the mornings?
Can you please share your experience with Lasik eye surgery?
ah. i just cut my wrist, and it wont stop bleeding?
is viral keratitis is contageous ?
Where are the cheapest vegetarian Glucosamine supplements available?
Any opinions on Grand Pharmacy in New Port Richey, FL?
Can viagra be taken without Doctor's consent? How much does it cost in the Philippines?
how can a petite woman like me become a brick house?
what is cervical spondylitis and disk prolapse ?
I a male-turned 17 in Jan & my hieght is 5'8- is that any good?
Is something wrong with my dog?she isnt breathing too well?
I can't take deep breathes: Is it Asthma?
Transvestites or friends of.....(crossdressers)?
Dad coughing up blood?
My Dad has been very sick lately?
Baby on oxygen...?
about biology : nerve ganglion. Dorsal root ganglion?
Can people die of MS?
what causes blood to appear in the newborn eyes?
what structure contains the amoebas DNA?
If my dad suddenly stopped smoking cigarettes would he have any bad side effects?
ok so I just diagnosted with asthma?
what does NewYorks guide lines for disability?
What treatments are typical for an abdominal bruit.?
How drugs will work in the body for a particular type of illness.?
Seems like all the sudden I have joint pain &swelling ,?
MY ENTIRE body keeps itching?
Does bug spray meth cause "Meth Mites"?
Should the minoxidil topical solution be washed off after each application on the scalp,or can the second appl?
Is there such thing as leg prethese?
Is this some type of skin disease or what?
Quitting Accutane (Isotretinoin) After 3 weeks?
does smoking get you acne?
best way to get rid of acne fast!!!?
Question about blackheads?
Cartilage piercing HELPPPPPPPPP?
does pee wash off sudocrem?
quick fix to a cold sore or some type of lip sore.?
How do u get lighter skin?
my one accident case file have in ganga hospital,coimbator,can you show me that file?
How long is the healing period for a strained rib muscle?
Why do I have so much back pain?
Can a lacerated tendon in the hand cause dyskenisia?
Have doctors gone to far?
how long do you have from the day u get uti to get treated before getting kidney infection?
What is worse HIV or Cancer?
Neonatal Nurse Question?
Parkinson's disease...?
Went ti the hospital & I have the Flu....?
What kind of illness is this?
How long does tuberculosis last when you get it?
is it normal to have brown coming out during Blatter infection?
How to remove tonsil stones?
Weird eye problem or desease?
Pseudorabies or Aujeszky's Disease?
Could I have mono ?? Im kinda like scared.?
is it easy to deal with Ulceration colitis ?
Have you ever passed out while vomiting?
another way to take penicillin?
my 77 yr. old guy friend has periodic fever with?
if your postive with tuberculosis what happens after that and is their a liquid medicine?
how do i know that the bump on my lip is an std?
Is it possible to have been anally raped while intoxicated and not know about it?
How do youu feel about herpes?
Can u still die from std's?
Can someone join the Army if they have chlamydia?
whats the most effective treatment to kill lice eggs?
Rolfers, anyone?...?
Does everyone have a birthmark? I'm 24 and I have never found mine.?
if the heart quits beating when it gets old and tired?
is anyone on anti depresants???
what is snail cream?
when is the best age to start using anti aging face cream?how much it is effective?
How to get rid of calluses?
If I put 30 + sunscreen on will I tan slower than if I leave my skin bare?
Good mineral powder for acne? Teenager.?
bump on my right hand corner of nose?
Pale skin, dark circles under eyes and diarrhea none stop for a week.?
i have a 1.0mm dermaroller. how often should i use it for my ice pick scars?
Can hydrocortisone cream cause anxiety?
Do I have a spot or a boil?
What can I do to help my sunburn itch?!?
Help....How long do Blood spots last?
Part 2 Capilaries die in fingertips?
Knot on my head?
I have a bulged disc in c5 most causes seem to be from auto accidents mine was caused from lifting. Can it be
Are there long term effects of a GBH overdose?
i skated and broke my arm a week ago......infront of my buds and my gf then she left me...wtf?
is there any cardiovascularstudents or cardiovascular surgeons that are here?
what determines candidate for heart transplant?
ive got a enlarged heart thats all the docter told me am i right to be affraid?
what are hounsfield units?
What is the difference between an Otorhinolaryngology and an Otolaryngology?
what is recurrent laryngeal neuropathy?
quit smoking about a month ago. now its hard to breathe.......................................................?
is it a bad to wear two pairs of contacts at once?
do people suddenly get grey hear?
The tips of my fingers get dry & then they crack.?
Would hospitals (in the USA) refuse someone if they don't have insurance and can't afford payment?
If you drink plenty of water but still dehydrated what do you do?
my finger tip got crushed? gangrene?
A patient was brought to emergency with shock due to bleeding and fracture left fumer.what is the nur?
What exactly is colon cleansing and how effective is it?
Anyone ever been in a "brain fog" with dizzy spells for over a month? I have been to the docs-no help!
where is the love????
do anybody know if there is a body detoxification using foot spa called "quantum clean"?
what is the name of herbert shelton's clinic in san antonio, tx and how can i make contact with them?
Does Kangen Water really help your health?What are some affects?
What is the best allergy medicine for this timew of the month?
Have you smoked Salvia?
can i take nabumetone with ibuprofen for pain?
Lapacho - which benefits - proven?
taking relacore ?
types of pharmaceutical industry?
What diet pill can you take with Lexapro that works?
for Indians only. What is 'Minar- Ayurvedic Aushadhi'?
How can you stop drug in our society?
Is there away to get ri of my zits?
Any one ever heard of Waiora?
how to cure toe cut wounds?
how do i get rid of heel spurs? or at least the pain?
how do i get rid of hiccups?
what are the medical uses of santan flower?
measure segments and determine accuracy of measurement?
What is best for treating histamines?
Health benefits of cactus?
Wich is the best wheelchair?
usana procosa 2 vitamin???
Mediation dosage?
What is shark cartlilage used for and does it work. they sell in health food stores.?
How can I get rid of the hiccups?
How much do the breast implant cost especially in india?
How can I get rid of the HICUPS??
how do i get rid of hidcupps?
How do you get rid of sweaty hands?
How do you pierce your lip by yourself? and does it hurt?
Can you have plastic surgery to "repair" flat feet?
i had blepharoplasty but they took off too much skin and it doesnt match up can this be fixed?
Does anyone wear Purevision Toric contact lenses?
Why is it that my right eye sees a more redder shade of colours than my left?
are my eyes still blue?
I had been crying a lot just now! and my eyes are red and soar what can I do Eye drops and water aren't workin
What's Wrong With My Vision?
welding flash?
Is it dangerous to get LASIK eye surgery in bangkok?
My vision?
My 3 and 1/2 year old daugther was always caughing and running nose in the?
Others who have had an allergic reaction to red food dye? With swelling eyes as a result?
Help! How have I become allergic to alcohol?
puffed wheat and chocolate?
Milk allergy and behavior issues in toddlers?
Rag weed allergy in South Holland, Illinois 60473?
i have a issue with blowing my nose, when i blow nothing comes from my nose everything comes out of my eye?
My doc. says if I don't destress I will eather be in the hospital or dead.What should I do?
Has anyone successfully come off Seroxat, Paroxetine Medication, by minimising side effects?
Is it ok to do moderate workouts while you have mono?
i have a very sore throat and i am soo hungry! any ideas for food that wont irritate my throat?
Help? Isoniazid with Vitamin B6?
What infections can we catch from our pets or them from us?
Why do I feel sooo tired AND have a fever? How can i fix this?
Is there a home test for tapeworm? and is it possible to have it in your head?
If someone has a small carbuncle and u catch it, will urs be the same size?
What is this that I have?
I would like to know if any one has had there knees muipulated after they had knee replacement ?
behavior indicators on effects of pain?
Is my muslce torn?
Why is my eye throbbing and why wont it stop?
ankle injury and cramps!?
Toddler bruises easily....could it be diet?
What is the best treatment fordry eye,but the eye holds too much water?
Workers comp in Oklahoma?
Have any runners had knee surgery for a torn mesces?
Growth on arm, what is it?
Sweating Problems ...?
how can i get rid of my acne scars new and old which wont go away?
how to get lighter skin through home remedies (please read)?
What is this rash on my hands?
how do I meet With a dermatologist?
How does black & white bleaching cream really work on dark acne spots?
PLEASE HELP! my armpit is burning like acid was put on it what could this be?
what are these scab-like lines on my big toe?
My boyfriend gave me HPV (Human Papillomavirus)?
please help! Do i have herpes?
Does a blood test tell you if you're HIV positive ? ?
How do I get over with high blood pressure without taking drugs?
how do you cure motion sickness?
What is the best remedy for a really sore throat?
granddaughter 10 goes to bed sleep by 9:30 but is still hard to get up for school at 7 am. what can i do?
Is coffee drinking twice a day is good for those having low heart beats or what eles is better for heart beats
how does guaifenesin thin mucus?
Find me a doctor the specializes in Autoimmune disease - not Rheumatology in US.?
can people tell when they are going to have a seizure?
how do you become WIC vendor?
We just got a hossy bill for 16,000 and we have Blue Shield active start 35 plan. How much do we pay? HELP?
what is the best way to beat the heat?
where can i learn more about the history of cahp stick?
when was liquid soap made and by who?
Why don't redheads tan as easily?
What is the quickest home remedy to get nicotine out of the blood system?
which has more color effect on your hair?
Why would missing a meal cause nausea, severe headache, and feeling light headed?
what are the cures for a stroke?
I need information where I can receive a free blood pressure moitor and cuff.?
my 8 months baby had a small ASD. after third ECOdoctors informed it is cured. can it be?
does any one know about foods that reduce mid drift fat... wanting something like veg.or fruits?
Does using the birth control patch increase my risk for heart disease?
I have been taking Rozerem for insomnia for several months now. I am wondering what dosage I should be taking.
Hurting elbows?
Will the docter give me.....?
What Muscles are attached to your thoracic spine?
question about an xray of a horses leg?
ughhh!!! What keeps making me itch?!?!?
Why does hair dye help my scalp unlike other people?
what can i do about these bumps on my arms and legs?
I have a bump on my forehead that wont go away does anyone know what it is and how to treat it?
black specs under skin on ankle?
How to fix protruding shoulders?
Please help!! Cyst Info!!?
Will this product work for my acne?
How do I get rid of rough skin on my nose/chin?
Best way to get rid of skin moles?
how long are you considered contagious after running a fever and having diarrhea?
I have a bug bite problem?
What type of Parasitic Worm is this?
Did the infection leave ?
when you have a cold can you get herpes?
complications of itching and redness, cornea cells dying?
Is rubbing alcohol hand sanitizer?/??
Do i have the flu?? please answer?