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My left eye keeps twitching today. Does it mean anything?
How is Cri Du Chat syndrome diagnosed?
what are the nursing responsibilities for patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis?
where can i find Salamat Dok! episodes?
how many people have died from 2000 to 2006 from tobacco use?
I am 5'2, 140lbs; 30yr. old female. Blood tests showed high white blood cell count & lysophospholipids @ 83.
If i'am suffering from an allergic reaction from Metoclopramide How long will the symtoms last.?
I'm allergic to Motrin, Tylenon, Motrin IB, and I think Advil and/or Aleve.?
ok sooo I am badly allergic to anything with milk in it so.....?
Can staph infections cause an allergy to neosporin or polysporin?
Is there some sort of cure for antibiotic allergies? specifically sulfadrugs?
Do I have an egg allergy?
stomach ache more than what it seems?
Why are cigarettes legal?
Do ulcers ever go away?
How do you get rid of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from mosquito bites?
I think I might have a stye I have creams in everything for my eye that I got from cvs but it won't go away?
What's this weird rash?
Max Clarity, Proactive, or Clinique Acne Solution?
How to get smooth legs?
Help! Winter eczema remedies?
How to get rid of blackheads?
Skin Irritation? (dry skin)?
i have had hives for 6 days?
What are these itchy bumps whelping up on my body?
Does anyone else have rosy cheeks that they can't stand?
i wanna get eye lazer?
what states require certifications for opticians?
can someone give me the jist of PRK?
Colored contacts?
contacts cleaning solution?
Irritated Eyes???
I was stretching my hamstring and I felt something go snap. What happend/how can I treat it.?
I was injured at work in 1979 was never told I could claim,have had 2 ops need another, how doI claim?
How does it feel to be whipped(i mean lashed, not tired)? I mean it, I'm curious...?
pain med that starts with the letter p as in py?
does anbody know the symptoms of paraflu?
if virus reqire a fluid medium 2 get transfred,y doctors ask not 2 see directly in the eyes of eye flu infectd
Is garvasil for adults?
correlation between coronarography and tissue doppler results?
what it mean -mitral valve-peak pressure gradient=13mmhg and mean pressure gradient=6mm?
Bristol Meyers stock code?
I want to do a medical elective in Egypt, I am 400 level medical student of O.A.U, Nigeria.?
ways to help a kidney stone pass...?
How to have sweet awesome dreams?
Has any one tried phytolacca decandra (poke-root) for weight loss?
what is going price of ginseng in ohio?
whats a good over the counter medicen?
How could everything be perfect forever?
Can you all help me find info on Triaminic medicine?
what are the rules for speed skating in the olympics?
who is the best woman for marriage and love?
Capsules/Tablets per day?
what should you do if you start to bleed uncontroliblie?
I must wear my long hair up @ work, so I wear a bun. Can't wear a long ponytail. Anything else beside the bun?
Why can't you get a tan on your palms?
Ruptured silicone implant (chin)?
i'm looking for a story about someone's consequences for smoking?
Is Doo-grow hair vitalizer good for my hair?
girls big day out?
how can i keep my scalp from smelling even a few hours after shampooing? so I wont need to shampoo everyday?
A friend lies constantly about all things in life is this a medical problem ?
why do babies cry on their birth,( u & me also wept, u can ask ur granny)???
I am thinking about getting microdermabration on my face...does it really improve your skin and acne scars ?
why does one have oily skin?
Can the chemical that makes shampoo lather really cause cancer, or is this just a hoax?
What is the best way to cure a burnt mouth and tongue?
why do boys think they r better than us ladies?
How can I heal my swollen finger ?? Plzzz Help me out!!...PLZZZ ANSWER ME !!!NEED HELP!!!?
Is this true????
who discovered sickle cell anemia?
what are common causes of a low hct/hgb?
What are the risks of being bulimic? Will it hurt you if you don't do it often, you just do it after a binge?
What is a Psiatrist?
What is price of CO2 measuring devices in the smoke of fire-wood used for heating in a small house?
No,it doesn't hurt to pee...I'm 30 years young and just started to have a fishy oder down there,evenafterbathn?
Why do pickles have warts?
borderline diabetic; "sugar" keeps dropping....?
i am looking for sugar free chocolate advent calenders for my diabetic little girl. HELP!!!!?
where to get vitamin c infusion? I live in Boston, MA?
Is GM foods good for world hunger?
Anyone out there have bariatric surgery?
Does diabetic neuropathy lead to a form of dementia?
how long does it take from start to finish to excrete a meal. from the time one begins to eat to BM time?
How can I gain weight without running up my sugar?
If they are doing a blood test for diabetis will they also do a Urine sample?
Diabetes test results?
Could you please help me? I don't know whats wrong.?
Cure for dried, tight, flaky acne skin?
Weird bumps on my sunburn??? should be a worried?
how can I find a diabetic freind?
what are the target glucose levels for a diabetic?
what are the strategies to improve the nutrition of ESRD patients?
How long does an arm amputation Surgery Last?
Why does my skin look splotchy after I tan?
What face wash is good for acne?
i have red blotches on my cheeks?
Sides of Stomach Itching?
rash on bottom that wont go away?
How can I make the acnes disappear?
How to swallow tablets?
Chest pains - anxiety or something worse?
My throat burns soooooo bad!?
How many millgrams of ibuprofenscan i take Before i OD?
Help with leg cramp??
Lump on gum and jaw pain?..?
How can Sickle Cell be managed?
knee problems!! please help!?
has anyone successfully removed a tick without getting lymes disease?
What causes dandruff? How do you get rid of it?
can you get sick from going outside in cold weather with wet hair?
Please Help...?
any good quick remidies for strep throat?
I'm starting to catch a cold..what do i do?!?
Any structural damage possible?
cochlear concussion, what exactly is it and how long does it last?
How is this word pronounced? iatrogenic?
I just pierced my ear and something happened.what should i do?
Any opinions on Schierer, Gregory MD - Galesburg Orthopedic Svc Limited in Galesburg, IL?
Knee Injury-What could it be?
Hurt ankle, what should i do?
what is a clean wound is?
Im going for a drugs test by urine specimen and I took xanax and ambien will it show in the result?
Has DHEA been proved effective? Explain your answer please. Jon?
What are some good meals for diabetics?
Can one sick persone get another sick person sick with worse symptoms?
retinal hemeraging in eye, what is the surgery called?
Deep Dermal Transforming Treatment for Hands and Feet?
I don't have hair on parts of my head.?
red, hard bump on nose that hurts? help!?
why does my dog have sore spots on her body?
I recently donated plasma and i came up with rash on my right arm read my story first please?
what can i do to improve my skin?
Is there some sort of procedure that will let you have a Permanent Tan?
Sudden appearance of freckles, moles and red spots?
Nail growth question ...?
can antibiotics weaken the affects of blood pressure medicines due to the rate that the liver metabolizes the?
how does a proper diet enhance neuronal activity? how will a poor diet lead to problems in the nervous system?
my ankle hurts?
swollen bruise?
Kid neck injuries?
Can you sprain your wrist and not feel it until 48 hours later?
How do you take contact lenses that have been put in the eye incorrectly?
How to put in aqua colored contacts?!?!?!?
20/20 Vision Chart?
How many times during a 24 hour period does a person blink their eyes?
How have you dealt with being under 30 and needing new reading glasses @ work?
If you do not keep Byetta cool will it be OK?
symptoms in case malefaction of Proton Pump?
why do you think people do not have a problem with obesity?
I am a diabetic of 25 years ,need a support group for my wife..?
pomegranate and weight loss?
Has anyone tried Apple Cider Vineger to help control sugar levels?
urinary microalbumin est for Diabetic patients wat for and its normal range?
I am a diabetic and I have an infected cebaceous cyst at the back of my neck. I took cloxacillin for 7 days.?
My 28 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Celiac disease. She wants a gourmet pie crust recipe. Help!?
Are there different types of PCOS?
my understanding level is very poor. can i take some tablets for it .?
Why was this question removed? Does anybody know about Breast Infection or Pseudomonas Pudiatt II?
How many mg are in 20meg?
Quick and Easy Diabetic Recipes?
I was just diagnosed with Hashimoto's. How long before I start to see weight loss on meds?
Does Diabetes have any effect on depression?
i think my last question was phrased wrong? i am studying infant massage and need to find out ways to adapt it
where can I find a really good massage therapist in NYC?
What E-Nat vitamin is all about?
Liver tranplantation Data?
How do u gain 1 pound in a day?
is there any medicine to remove the tattoo?
What make-up shall I use with pink?
Can DNA change? For all of you who answered so emphatically NO!?
How do i reduce and firm my flabby bust its so shamful.?
how can i find the news?
is tempurpedic bed worth the cost? or how about other foam bed brands?
How to stop someone vomit instantly?
how do you make youre hair grow fast?
What's going on when you have that "pins-and-needles" feeling all over your body? What should you do?
is Eufora a good shampoo and conditioner, and how much do they cost?
my daughter 32 was dying of cancer and i saw the pain she was in,one night i was praying for god to take her.?
I wanted to know about, Albino people......like what are they like??
Why does the health department call you after being diagnosed with an STI?
Difference between a cold sore and a canker sore?
My boyfriend developed STD symptoms-yellowish puss. I haven't slept with anyone else in the past 5 months.?
Should i tell him i have warts?
I have heard Generics and Brand name drugs are one and the same ... I have also heard from Doctors that?
what best way to fall asleep at night?
after i shave my legs there are always red dots on my legs/rash?
When I pop a nose zit a small green ball comes out, what is it?
How do you get razor burn and what is it?
How to get rid of scars?
Why do I get a rash on my arms after exercise?
why my feet hands swell stay cold?
Does anyone know what this is...?
how do I cure itchy feet?
IS THIS Keratosis Pilaris OR Eczema or What?
Psoriasis...Help Me!?
second degree burns.?
I got stung by a bee 2 days ago...?
what do u do if u twisted your neck and it hurts alot?
what to do with a deep cut?
what is the best solution of heart burn?
How does an Aspirin FIND a headahce?
Newly Pierced Ear is bleeding...?
help me become a good sales person?
Mysterious spider bite?
is it right to donate organs after death?
I burned myself on the bathroom heater...should I go to the doctor?
Burn Ointment for small burn on arm?
cell phone battery leaked acid on palms of hands all blistered now . what to do?
Could I have arthritis at 18 years old?
what is bilateral hip osteoarthritis?
What is the average recovery period for a liver transplant?
what is tmj and its symptoms?
I think I smashed my thumb and now it is infected, what do I do?
What are some over the counter remedies to treat anxiety?
can depression be cured and if you have low blood pressure can it be brought to normal? how?
What can I do for swollen lympnodes?
Whenever I get by dust I sneeze and sneeze and sneeze am I allergic to dust?
My Pekingese Scratches a lot..read on?
I am looking for people with Myasthenia Gravis and am feeling so isolated anyone want to talk to me?
renold number in nose?
has anyone ever heard of a baby being allergic to infamil but not similac????
I have realy dry skinn?
Small patch of tan discolor dry skin. Diagnoses?
Small whitish spots on the bottom of my feet...?
problems with Epiduo?
has anyone tried shirley medicated cream to clear acne up?
why do i get blue spots on my cheeks from sweating?
What is the line under my eye?
What are these small brown bumps on the back left side of my tongue?
is this a keloid on my left ear or just a bump? please help?
has anyone ever used VELTIN gel for acne and if so what was your results?
do eyelashes grow back and is there any medivine that can help?
why wear seatbelts?
aside from the aging process, do facial features change over time?
Why does my urine smell strong at times and not at others?
What are hives and how is it treated?
anyone know a good place to get a massage in pittsburgh? i know it's a long shot, but i gotta try!?
What is a good moisturing shampoo and conditioner for african american hair?
comments on good hair salons in frederick md?
Where can I get a cream to vanish a severe case of blackheads in the nose area?
Has anyone else ever smoked tea in a pipe? Is it safe? (Sure tastes good:).?
how to choose a blowdryer or hair dryer?
what is the best remedy for under eye dark circles?
Why do I scratch my legs and head untill they bleed and I cant stop it? Pls help!?
London Water Quality?
can guys get yeast infections?
what are some of the latest, hottest fashion trends?
How do you treat sweaty palms and feet?
My son was blowing up a balloon and thinks he popped his eardrum. He has an earache..what advice can you give?
took 3 tylenol extra strength. weigh 94 lbs. will i be ok?
How to reduce Stress?
I woke up with a strange pain, what can it be?
Any advise on how to avoid ear pain when the plane lands?
Is pain (when not accompanied by damage) good for you?
What is a quick relief for sore throat pain? Common everyday things around the house, if possible.?
I have a sore neck from Headbanging?
I'm SO scared I have a brain tumor! help?!?
What is the best anti-inflammatory pill that i should take for knee swelling?
What will happen if you take too many Tylenols?
I'm going to a new dr today to get a prescription for ultram, should i tell him about addiction history?
My mother's left arm has been numbing for about two weeks, what is this?
I was sick with the flue the ackes and pain where really bad so I took a hydrocodone one a day for 3 or 4 days
Diabetic Menus?
What is the most pain free lancing device? (From experiences please!)?
what is leg adema?
Explain why patients with diabetes mellitus type 1 lose weight?
What would happen if you had diabetes and drank glucose water?
Why do my answers have "edit delete" at the bottom, how do I get that off?
what causes confusion in people with type 2 diabetes?
insulin is a hormone how can it be deteted if the body produces it?
where can you find a carbohydrate counting guide?
Exactly what happens with blood cells in Type2 Diabetes that causes your feet to go numb?
Does anyone know a doctor in Glens Falls N.Y. who can help a very poor girl get insulin shots she has no ins?
Checking blood sugar levels...?
what is a gall bladder and what does it do?
Hyperglycemia in type II diabetes?
what diabetes type 2 medications make you gain weight?
prediabetic husband?
when a person suffered a cardiac arrest, injection of sodium bicarbonate is given. why is it necessary to do?
pl give me information about the institutes where arterial clearance thrapy training to the doctors is given?
whay is a cariac cough ?
Want cailbrated valve hooks for mitral valve repair where to order?
Does HIV really cause Aids?
anyone that have adhd or add i think i have that problem and i would like some help?
how long do a fractured toe last?
Stab wound to the shoulder?
Workers Comp Attorney? I am so lost in what to do with my back injury...?
LP knee support or McDavid knee support?
malpractice or not?
when can i expect my ribs to heal?
muscle relaxers?
somebody tell me why it feels so real when i dream than I am awake how can i know if my senses are lying?
i need topic in PowerPoint for (quality of life of caregiver in palliative care with terminally ill patients?
Can I use Neosporin inside my nose? I believe I have impetigo there?
Slow and easy...?
I've been having discomforting feelings around the right bottom of my ribcage, what could it be?
Certifiefication CPR/FIRST AID instructor course any wherein the US?
how to get thicker skin?
Really itchy legs..what should I do?
little water blisters on the bottom of my feet they itch and hurt at times when they bust what is the problem?
Will this stuff work? Should I buy it?
Squeezed little spots?
dry red patches at corners of mouth?
How well did accutane work for you?
can your bra irritate your skin?
BSE and Creutzfeldt-Jakob.. How are they related?
what malarias life cycle?????????????
What is a high density negative ion generator and what health problems is it used to treat?
what happens if.....?
What are the benefits of gargling with hot salt water?
Is it safe for people with super sensitive skin to get a tattoo?
My eyes are dry and hurt what should I do?
how do u get bigger muscles without using steriods?
sprain ankle?
Where is a good site for stress tips?
is there a snoring cure that consists of a shot?
What's the best type of insurance for a college student?
what does it mean condreac?
How long could I expect for symptoms to show?
red eyes - contacts?
Can lasers from a Computer mouse damage eyes?
Is corrective eye surgery safe?
Anyone have any success stories with Lasik/laser eye surgery/correction?
Dilated Pupils... Blurry Vision?
Contacts... which place has them the cheapest???
In NY State, when does a written perscription expire?
MOLOPOLINE where this root can be procured from?
how heavy must a 15 yr....old girl be...............her weight.....?
twisted ankle, swelling is getting worse...?
Dislocating joints? please help!! even docs dont know!?
Has Gary Sinise ever been injered while filming CSI NY?
If anyone using atropine and epinephrin/Adrenalin?
Debating on my foot?
How to get help for depression???
Can the kimkins diet help people who have the symtoms of sugar diabetes?
Have any of you read Dr. Hymans book and tried the ultrametobolism plan?
what tablet best controls blood glucose for diabetics.?
Why would ones potassium levels be 18?
PTA and diabetes patients?
What are some symptoms of high blood sugar?
I'm a diabetic and I was wondering if its safe to take Glipizide 5 mg & Metformin Hcl Tab 500 Mg together?
depression developed from hypoglycemia?
I need help with donations for diabetic supplys?
Where to find diabetic diets online?
What medication is really good out the counter and by prescription for diabetes type II/?
How can I find Chinese diabetes food agents overseas.?
Is there anything like nocturnal epilepsy?
Online Sugar Free Store?
Is there are difference between hypoglycemia and hyperinsulinemia?
Is it that bad to have an STD?
cold sores, contagious?
What are some symptoms of hiv,std,herpes and aids?
I had my blood tested if I had liver problem. The answer was no. Does this mean I don't have TMAU?
How bad is the HIV epidemic in Brazil?
Why Eggplant?
3 yr old beagle with severe allergies....help!?
I have poison ivy on my eyelid, it already blistered now i have a red scab on my eyelid will it go away?
Can you take any type of allergy medication while pregnant?
Clearasil Allergic Reaction?
There is a new bug spray.. dose anyone know the name?
Sesitivity around nose?
Where should I go for Gluten Free food in Paris?
What homemade products can I use on oily skin?
i have a problem...rash around my nose?
Do people with long noses have higher chances of getting blackheads on their nose?
can broken capillaries look like small round discoloured dots?
What is the name of my skin irritation... ??? Complainis?
What creams do i need for chicken pox marks?
what is Nerisone Oily Cream function?
Is low bad pressure bad?
if a cut don't scab can it heal and how long does it take?
Someone stamped on my foot (accidentally i hope) and now i can't really move my toes?
anyone recovered their function and feeling in their hand?
Is there a list of Doctors who work on Asbestosis?
What are the symptoms of Guillian Barne Syndrome and how can we acquire it?
I am looking for an anitinflamatory diet in relation to autoimmune diseases. Can you help me please.?
Is glaucoma and disability in which you can get a check for?
Briefly describe Klippel Feil Syndrome?
What is elixir of terpin hydrate?
what is the post opration obstruction?
what are the benefits of using Avena Sativa?
Having neck pains ............................................................................................?
my knee hurts. should i go to the doctor?
Lower back pain?!?! Help please?!?!?
Serious answers please! I just took two 1mg tablets of Chantix instead of my prescribed 1mg...?
growin pains at 18?
Why do i have a pulse (hearbeat) in my upper thigh?
Pinched Nerve-Does anyone know if there is another way without Surgery?
Should I see a doctor?
Stomach and Chest pain??
I have IGA nephropathy. I have had back pain. Doctor keeps prescribing wrong meds, what do I do?
i am sick....help me!?
are tongue piercings worth the pain?
we need to purchase a new bed what would you recommend we both have back problms my husb is heavy & ned suppor
Can God heel anything?
what is Dieutrin?
where can I read the JAMA online?
well what should i do, b/c i had my piercing for a month now and i still have alot of puss under my tongue?
If you've had minor surgery, and you didn"t have the gauze removed, can it cause major pain?
what are the best foods to eat that help the lungs after you stop smoking?
i have the air on at night but my son still get nose bleed how can I stop this?
i just burned my finger in the toaster oven, what to do?
For pain, are crushing pills and snorting them more effective than swallowing them?
scabbing sunburn?
What is first aid?
Can HIV be present in saliva or sputum? What are the chances of spread of HIV thru saliva or sputum? Specifics
What is the total cost for the Gardasil vaccinations?
I have been sick for over 9 days now, is that normal?
Is it abnormal to get a bad cold and then get another one within a month later?
how can we improve the medical system in Kenya?
does anyone know of something that can help spider veins?
Where can I buy lye for making soap?
Is it true that till now no cure has been founf for hepatitis B?
A scab under my eyebrow.?
i need the coty makeup manufacturer website?
plastic surgery?
TOS anyone?
What all is added to smokless tobacco products?
Advantages and benefits of soy coffee?
Do weight training affect your growth? (height)?
Is it true that you get a better tan when there's an overcast?
where are the best yoga retreats?
Is it true that Relacore reduces belly fat, if so how much? how soon?
why do certain parts of the body suddenly twitch..?
what is the best home remedie for heartburn?
i have severe congestion in my head what is a safe medicine to take?
What is the best way to take numerous vitamins and supplements?
I need a support group to help quit smoking. Am heavy smoker and MUST quit immediately. Any suggestions?
What is Black Widow Spider Pills give_me_a_holler?
How many types of nurses are there?(URGENT!)?
What is the meaning of EMR as in a physician's office?
where can i find out about kidney pain and what it may mean?
whould you like to sing whene you feel sad ?
I need to know where to look for a program called My Child it is cheap health insurance for children?
I went to the doctor recently because of heart palpitations, but it only happens at night or while sleep. why?
what causes canker soars?
Can hynosis help with a hypersensitive sense of smell and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in an adult?
Is proactive effective?
does anyone have to shower twice a day?
What kind of foods are good for the skin?
What moisture to use for very sensitive skin?
There is a below my eye under the skin.?
Can I go in a hot tub on accutane?
Random red rash on my neck..and today was under my armpits?
insurance for loss and breakage of child's glasses?
why do eyes change color?
after strabismus surgery eye still turned out (before it was in)?
is there some medication or eye drops for eye floaters? thank you for any help.?
Color Blindness Question?
Best contacts and contact solution?
Is there medical plan cover laser surgery?
what would happen if i wore eyeliner?
Can i change contact lense brand without going to the eye doctor?
How old do you have to be to get Lasik Eye Surgery??
what is the expire date of lenses???
how much do transitions cost?
where can i find saxitoxin.?
Can someone give me 2 Nursing Diagnosis related to Diabetes Mellitus? Patient has an ulcer on right toe and il
Are diabetics covered by the Americans with Disabilties Act?
I am a vegetarian diabetic, but can't eat carbs for medical reasons. How do I get enough nutrition?
if i take some pils can i drink??
What is an inflamed pancreas?
Name a NON-DRUG product that a patient with diabetes mellitus needs.?
are there any new non surgical treatments fro morbid obesity?
what are the symtems of indemetreosis?
advic e abt oatmeal?
looking for insulin called lexevir?
can taking alka seltzer before a blood test affect your triglycerides?
My Mother would like to donate a prosthetic leg to anyone in need?
What should CRF patient eat to balance potassium in diet ? What should be avoided to lower it in blood.?
Can stem cells really cure Diabetes?
Wrists hurt when boxing?
How long should wait to start running again after a injury?
Where can I find lots of ER and pre-hospital trauma photos?
Left or right footed?
Have you heard of Facercise?
Are there new treatments for spinal cord injury patients?
classification of coverage of soft tissue defects of the thumb?
What's STD ????????????
How lonq does it take to get rid of chaylmdia ?
can herpes be dormant in blood results?
When was the plague first identified or named?
My Grandpa has cancer?
does anyone have kennedy's disease besides me?
Some crazy sh*t...religous people please answer and anyone else what's wrong with me...?
Sharp Heart Pain?
what is the least amount of sleep you've ever gotten in one night, not including all nighters?
Why do I get headaches so much?
Blood test tommorow!!! I'm really scared and i hate needles?!! what shold i do while i'm getting my blooddrawn?
Awful chapped lips and chapstick just makes things worse. Any suggestions?
I have trouble making it to things on time. My tardiness has become an issue at work and I dunno what to do!?
How do I stop biting my nails?
I have been on Acnepril for about 6 days and I haven't noticed an improvement....?
Will I have a reaction to Celexa?
Why Do I Always Have A Runny Nose Every Morning When I Wake Up?
what is atopic dermatitis? is it also called skin asthma? what are the food not to be eaten and to be eaten?
does electrolysis hurt and how effective is it?
Inflammation of membranes in nose and throat (7) C_ _ _ R_ _?
How can I get rid of my Spots?
My bf gets these terrible bumps after he shaves his face... what can he do?
plz help! little pink spots on hands and forearms!?
..About stretch marks please!?
path of hives in allergic reaction???
What If???
I have been having this bump on my head for years.?
Finger pain?
Do you think a second mattress cover would help?
herbals that will help with infections?
Where can I get the herbal mix that removes cellular waste from the bloodstream(way to determine age)?
how to get rid of a sty?
Looking for a homeopathic medication. Can you tell me?
my feet get cold and sweaty in the winter, but not summer?
my skin is little red and will get dry?
What are some good food, fruits or anything that contain iron for the undereye circle/pale.?
What's the importance use of CTscans?
if baby having again and again pus in legs .what to do ?
How can I get natural allergy relief while trying to conceive or pregnancy?
do i have exma? lots of rashes expecially on my legs?
during an x-ray do we have to remove our clothes?if yes,where?
How do blind people know when they are done wiping after taking a dump?
how can I get rid of under eye dark circle?
getting drunk on water-im serious?
what are the best remedies for um food poisoning i just got it and i need help!?
Are you worried that America's children are using too many prescription drugs?
What year was hepatitis B shot first given?
how long does it take to get HIV results from a military hospital?
met neurobion capsules are recommended for which disease?
can I still work in Canada even if I have chronic hepatistis B?
Is cold water or room temp water better for you?
I had a yellow caterpillar hooked to my shirt at my neck. Once I got it off, I was in a lot of pain from it.?
shoulder region/chest pain?
pain from sprained ankle?
I've got a podiatry question about heel pain?
How much time does it take for a bone spur to develop?
chipped bone ?
torn bicep tendon?
Right ankle Tendon tears.....?
has anyone suffered a severed nerve?
what are the newest laser surgerys treatments for health care?
What are the long term health effects of massive blood loss?
If a child gets injury on knee while walking what should be the treatment?
Lump on shin?
Does anyone know what sort of options a person has after an unsuccessful cardioversion?
Is it normal to have chest pain immediately following having a stent placement?
Atherosclerotic vascular calification seen within arterial vasculature?
Is chocolate really good for you in moderation?
address of karl storz gmbh & co, kg, germany?
Has anyone used any stretch mark creams?
how botulism was discovered to eliminate wrinkles?
i wanted to have a whiter skin?
explain the funtions of the major organs involved in the digestion and absorption of foods.?
What are the best methods for promoting hair growth and health for african american women?
What is the derivation of the brand name,bengay?
Why does squinting help you see?
what are kidney stones and when do you know if they are bad?
doctors discovered that i have an enlarged pitutary gland what are the possible problems this could cause?
can anybody suggests for home remedy for kidney stone ?
is there a cure for optical autrophy?
how do topical medications work?
Do u know some alternatives for Neutriderm anti hairloss lotion?
How do I get rid of the red bumps on my shaved head?
i picked at my zit! help!?
how to clear blackheads from the face?
i have bumps on my body that r itchy and only some of them r red can u tell me wat it is?
Effective Acne Treatment?
which acne products,treatment,creams really work and are proven?
What's the best drugstore body lotion for really dry skin?
Red patches on legs and feet but not itchy?
Could this be an ear infection?
Heard about a new help-sleep drug called Rozarin or Rozarem. Does anyone know what this is and what it does?
is IV morphine compatible w/TPN through a y connector through a port?
I am scheduled to have a time released steriod capsule in neck, Monday, Aug. 28? Any comments or advice?
did Hiv stop someone eating food and sleep well?
What's wrong with my throat?
Having a Blood Test. Really scared and hate needles.Mom is forcing me to have it. But i don't want it.PLZ HELP
First few times smoking?
Is any one addicted to chapstick??
Eye twithes?
SKIN TAGS remove?
My brothers eye?
I need a little boost ? help?
how do i fall asleep without weed?
How do you make a crazy person sane?
top 10 recipes for diabetics?
is lovastatin the same as lipitor ?
blood alcohol level: convert mg/g to BAC?
Is there any blood group called A1 ??
what are atrophic changes in the pancress?
What is the Biata(i think that is how you spell it) shot and what does it do?
Diabetes vs. Glucose Intolerance question?
Glucose gel vs tablets for low sugar?
Does not enough exercise cause diabetes?
have u ever heard of someone drinking tussin dm for a buzz?
Why FDA does'nt approve continuous glucose meters as stand alone devices? What is the main proplem of CGMs?
What is the life expactancy of diabetics who take care of themselves compared to the ones that do not?
can anxiety/stress affect fasting glucose levels?
can fasting cause diarrhea?
what chinese herbs are good for treating diabetes?
should one avoid?
i lost my voice for 3 days now.. what will make it come back?
Any other pianists with carpal tunnel?
please look at these xrays of my feet and tell me what you think is odd about them.?
Had ERCP done.Liver&Bile duct perforated.Needed 3 transfusions,1yr later had Hepatojejunostomy with Roux n Y.?
Strange Back Problem... Help...?
Callus Problem! - The bottom of my foot, directly underneath my big toe & 2nd toe is beginning to feel tingly?
Can someone with a doctorate's lisence help or nursing help me out??
This is my eyes I have been sufferring from insomnia any suggestions on what I should do?
Taking Contacts Out?
where can I find the modern day health sanitorium I am very sick and tradional medecine does not work?
What are the affects of stimulants and depressant drugs?
I am suffering from pain coccics pain due to dislocation. Is it curable.?
name of injection drug for fever?
What does it mean when the whites of someone's eyes have a brown discoloration?
Left Eye Pain/Headache?
what did native americans use as an expectorant and to heal skin?
what is something (other than pharmiciticle (or whatever) drugs) that can relax my muscles?
hi i am a junior and i wanted to know what universities in new york have excellent pre med programs thank you.
Need this right now!!!!?
how many retrovirus their is on earth?
Nausea ????
stomach virus's?
Why do you get sick more often when it is cold than when it is warm?
looking for the website for White Shield Drug Rehab Center in SALEM OREGON thanks?
why is it my stomach is so full after i eat and i got a big belly do i need a colon cleansing?
Are there any home remedies for pinworm?
Why do men like skinny weman?
the girl who wears size 9-11 is 5ft and 1 in. tall are all of your answera still the same?
why do my eyes feel like I have sand in them?
what kind of birth controls are out on the market?
What is the best deodorant for men?
How often the average people take a shower?
Why is a face lift called plastic surgery if they don't use plastic?
What is best herbal tea for gas or upset stomach?
Concerns about 2 1/2 boy w language delay,avoids eye contact,is distressed around people.?
what are these pills?they are redish brown and have ETHEX 027 WRITTEN ON THEM?
is it true that in the spine you have a liquid that makes you grow?
Where are the pressure points on the human body?
Can I clean my contacts with generic hydrogen peroxide?
Passing gas?
how does complications in whooping cough such as pneumonia ear infection seizures and dehydration develop?
What is a over the counter treatment for keratosis pilaris?
Bump on my Tragus piercing?
Is dandruff flammable?
Why do I get red spots on my arm when I'm nauseous?
How to get rid of a callus? ?
Can someone tell me about dry skin?
is anyone willing to donate a kidny type o positive?
What else will work for chapped lips?
My head is itchy after using R&C lice shampoo!?
how to get rid of chillblains?
list of food and drugs to be avoided by G6PD deficient patients?
How to prevent going red/blushing?
Can i get a cortisone shot for a small cystic zit?
The more I walk the stiffer I become. What causes it to happen and what can I do about it.?
does hypnotism really work for smokers?
Can you develop allergies later in life. Specifically wine or other drinks.?
What is so bad about tanning in a bed?
How many times every day should you be going to the bathroom?
What is the best way to stop a mosquito bite from itching?
sunburn questions! please help!?
I been experiencing hair lost, bruising, and hives any ideas?
Obsession!!! HELP!!! Don't wanna go to jail!!!!?
Do you think cutting your self is wrong?
today i was diagnosed as being bipolar...?
How do you know if you have a drinking problem?
Dealing with a phobia?
what is ziac?
What are age spots?
How good is to use a mouthwasher, and how ofetn ?
Why do people in the US hold such animosity toward overweight people?
For the past 6 days I have had little or no sleep. I wake up scared and would like to know the problem.?
what is professionalism?
Does drinking cold plain water regularly bad for the health?
Is there a cure for hernia medically without carrying out surgical operation on the patient?
Physically, how big are Pre-teens?
How hot does milk have to be to break down whey proteins?
cozaar for hypertension?
Does anyone have a checklist on conditions having to do with failure of the Bjork-Shiley heart valve? I?
what is the nursing care plan?
Is angioplasty possible?
what is latest medicine for HCM(Highper Trophic Cardio Myopathy-heart diseases) and psoriasis(skin diseases)?
where is laparoscopic nephrectomy done in Lima Peru?
Best treatment for colitis caused by Crohn's.?
I have peripheral neuropathy (numbness) in my feet, but I am not a diabetic. What can I do beside drugs?
what is the cause of fracture?
If the use of blood transfusions is dangerous, why FDA approved its use?
Can a back injury stunt your growth???
Is there a product to help new facial scars disappear, or fade ?
i cut my left hand.....?
spine/disc question?
i cant move cause of back pain,for a year,i cant move,please save my life?
Is my Kneecap shattered?
Is having a bulging disk in your back disabling?
pillsmarket.com is an online pahrmacy, how can i tell who owns it?
When I take Glucosamine (1500mg) I have a side reaction?
what is a good treatment for herniated disc muscle relaxers or something more potent?
I have been having ear aches off and on for 10 years now?
Is it normal to have red bumps in my throat?
How is the enzyme, glucose oxidase, used in continuous glucose monitors different from test strip type meters?
How is unused blood properly disposed?
Can I still lift weights and use protein supplements if I'm diabetic?
Has anyone taken Glyburide for diabetes and has it helped you lower your numbers.?
Can Niacin cause ulcers?
Would You rely on electrolye values, that the was acidotic, dehydrated, or suffering frm anader type of mblanc
A1c of "10" - how high would blood sugar be at some point in the past two - three months?
how do you store insulin?
Okay, yet another question about me and my fruit consumption. I've been on metforman for five weeks.?
can someone tell me where i can find a diabetic menu plan on the internet?
whether pneumonia cause temperory diabetis condition?
Is there a study that may lead to the cure for Diabetes?
I'm going to see a dermatologist, will he ask me to remove my clothes?
What is this ? is it a skin disease ?
Breakouts caused by clinique 3 step system?
2 of my cats are covered with small red itchy dots all over them. what could this be and how can I help them?
I think proactive instantly made my face worse?
I have chickenpox do I have a weakened immune system?
Can i take tetracycline and amoxil together?
Do i have Keyloids????
what is Quilonium? what does it treat?
how can one reduce/cure acne?
how to lose extra fat from waist & get a curved shape over there?
As a patient, do I have the right to read my medical records, specifically notes and comments the doctor wrote
what is the most whitening lotion can u share with me and how long should gonna use it to make my skin smooth.
Does Hemp Seed Oil help you tan?
i am a sagateriues.iam 64.what is coming for me this year? in last 6mo i lost my sister,my 4mo great grand son
how do u get rid of a bad headack?
How to remove blackheads and whiteheads from face and avoid dark circles?
Tanning question...?
I have a numbness in my right hand all the way up to my elbow. comes and goes all day,?
What's a blood borne pathogen?
what is the druge use in treatment of peptic ulcer?showing the high risk group?
which brand of softner is do you prefer?
pregnant and need to see what hyperthyroidism of the stomach looks like cant find picture any where?
what are the different kinds of fever?
If you tie a thread around your big toe it can delay your menses. I've tried it & it works. I Want to know how
Does anyone have experience with effect of Carcinosin on Chidren's health?
Throat/Brain and big toe connection?
i want a good massage chair for my dad. whats the best one out there?
hi i take pain pills and i put some in my pocketbook, could you tell me which one these are? lek ct4, ty bp?
Baby inhaled disinfectant spray?
what else are anti retro virals used for other than the treatment of HIV/Aids?
if you have bronchitis what woul the probable outcome?
Pain from DeQuervain's syndrome test?
did i crack a rib or something ?
Need to talk to parents of preterm infants that acquired sepsis and brain injury?
what is the name of the doctor who are specialist on vein?
Help my shoulder hurts!?
How long does it usually take for a minor finger sprain take to heal?
how much damage can a hit do to a brain?
Why is there blood inside of my ear?
How can I sleep through the night without waking?
what is the best guess cost of 30 days in the hospital?
I am only 14, and I'm addicted to pills, how can I get help without my parents knowing??
contact lens wearer and computer user. Do you see glare?
Can an adults eye color change?
Why do my eyes hurt when I leave the fan on all night?
I have some minor colorblindness. Is it going to get worse as I age?
small red bumps on fingers?
What is the best relief for my anal itching?
Odd rash after shaving my legs with shaving cream?
Do you agree that our epidermis heals quickly?
red itchy bumps on my 2 year old and now my 7 month old?
Helpp! Triple eyelid to the attack !?
What causes us to Blush?
My finger has been bleeding for ages what shall i do?
Does anyone here know anything about MSG (Monosodium Glutimate) it's use and it's harmful effects?
i ve no beard.i am 25 yrs old.i am suffering from wet dreams disease.please tell me how can i grow beard?
any body what this is (polyclonal hypergemmaglobulinema)?
MS: what are the drugs, life factors, foods, or whatever that cause MS to speed up and proceed faster?
does there exist something such: scintigramical scanner?
How does a doctor have time to get so many points answering questions when involved in their "higher studies"
kidney problem?
Does this sound like oral herpes?
Im a cancer patient is it possible to get a form pf herpies if so where do i go to knew if its a std or not ?
Swollen lips - what STDs could be a possible cause of this in women?
can you get spots on legs from an STD?
can fern c cure diabetes? do you know fern c vitamins ? how effective it is?
What increases insulin production?
Diabetic? Have you experienced this problem?
what is the purpose of lantus....?
what is the normal level of sugar in a non-diabetic?
is rice(boiled) high in carbohydrates?is it bad 4 a diabetic patient? s
Need a contact to get lantus eithr low cost or gettg it provided, no insurance. pain in feet, need relief.?
Relate the functions of the kidney to it's excretory & osmoregulatory function?
How many diabetic patients in CANADA?
how omega3 can affect me if I'm diabetic?
how do you change the code from the test strips?
i would like to know about pre-diabetes and depression.i felt so depressed before being diagnosed.?
Can anyone help a diabetic child with strips ?
is the vitamin alpha betic just for people w/diabetes?are can u take them as a regular daily vitamin?
A question for sufferers of type 1 diabetes....?
there has been a huge fire in Riverside California. any safety precautions i hsould take?
can soemone help me with this injury that occured to me?
How long does it take a chipped bone to heal?
can Cervical & Lumbar Radiculopathy occur together?an acute pain in upper & lower back,shoulders,one hip & leg
My husband may be faced with a knee relacement in a few years. What can he do now to possibly correct/delay?
I'm tiring up very easily,and my legs hurts when I run and walk for 6 hours.?
What is a concussion exactly?
Rebuilding Upper Body Strength?
HELP!!!! My wife can t stop coughing?
I would like to know about A dermatological problem it's name is something like soraisis?
How long do people generally live with Hepatitus C?
Do you thk the disease glacoma (eyes) was develop to kill off black ppl. Its epidemic now 30 yrs ago no exist?
What is some information on the gentic disorder Tuberous Scerosis?
Is there research linking antiphospholipid syndrome to lyme disease?
how long until I feel better after anterior discectomy?
what is trigger finger and what is the cure or best solution to live with this condition?
Why does women is at high risk of lung cancer than men? Even if the women smokes or not.?
how long have doctors known about spina bifida?
How can I cure my hypersensitivity to mosquito bites?
i smoked weed two days ago and...?
What kind of daily vitimans can my 15 yr old daughter take if she cant swallow whole pills?
why am i getting really sleepy these past few days?
what is this?
How long is a child with rsv contagious?
my two heart birth defects where not noticed till i was in my 30's and then i had heart bypass surgery. can?
maniqui Anne for CPR and the history?
how do i get rid of this?
is it a blood blister?
How does the immune system work with the integumentary (skin) system?
How can I prevent acne before my period?
i have these "mosquito bites" on my head that i just randomly got. Do you think that i might have lice?
Whats a good woman's antiperspirant ?
What are some ways to cure my Keratosis Pilaris?
Are Botox is still in face after 4 months?
How do you treat a draining infected sweat gland?
sulfamethoxazole/bactrim for acne, your experience?
help with chronic back pain?
What is pityriasis rosea?
10th rib costochondral seperation?
how do you build a time machine?
what is the cure for artherites?
why do people get arthritis in their neck and back and shoulders so bad?
I woke up with a hurt back. What can I do to make it feel better?
Just heard about goji juice, how legit are the claims?
What is the best cure for a hangover?
Is it reasonable to drink a bottle of water daily?Auryavada does not agree it.?
How do you increase your speed in the 40 yard dash?
how can you adjust the alkalinity in your body?
I've tried many weight loss drugs and none of them have worked. Are there any that actually work?
In what developed countries is cow's milk not a major staple for children?
Where is the least expensive place for senior citizens to buy prescription drugs?
Is it possible for a STD lead to UTI?
What's an alternate to saying "clean" when referring STDs?
Do you have dandruff? Looking for relief?
what portion of salsalte is asprin?
These strect marks...?
What are some good ways to get rid off acne without using acne stuff or medicane?
Red, blotchy mark on breast?
what kind of rash is this?
Spots on my back....?
Doxycyline and Yaz for Acne?
when you get scabs in your mouth<why are they white?
explain hemangioma in the t3?
I have a bump on my anti tragus does anybody know what this is and how I can get rid of it?
I am looking for a full page reading magnifying glass for my mother?
What is Eye Dilation Fluid Made of?
how old do u have 2 b in order to get colored contacts?
help contact len`s?
Can eating carrots help your vision after you already need glasses/contacts?
Are Polarized Prescription Sun Glasses Good For A Student Pilot Flying With Standard Gages. And Are They UV?
I want to order frames for eye glasses from the internet, how does that work?
My eyeball has blood on it... more than just bloodshot eye but almost like its collecting at the bottom...?
Contact Lenses !?!?
What toric lenses come in colors?
pulse-like movement under left eye?
is this dangerous? fatal? please help!?
logos for knee and spine clinic?
What is a nerve conduction test on neck ?
is poo a vitamin? help!!!?
I need help diagnosing problems after Interferon for Hep C. Infections all the time and now pernicious anemia?
What is the difference between group A & group B strep throat?
What do you think of the Kleenex anti-viral Tissues?
can you catch the same cold twice?
My dog has problems with his eye (continued from my other question) But it drains?
what is a staph infection?
what is the difference between acute infective gastroenteritis & food poisoning? plz mention the source also?
what is a another word for risky or unsafe?
are immune-complex created by our own immune system or is it an exogenic cause?
Parasitology Graduate Programs?
How do you get mono?
my son was born with a conditon called aplasia congeta congetive? he has a big bald spot hair wont grow there?
What are the effects on a person with Diabetes Type II if that person eats food which contains sugar? ieCandy?
what causes someone with type II diabetes to get nose bleeds and they do not have high blood pressure?
Is anyone a brittle diabetic ?
what effect does marijuana have on the kidneys?
Dogs for diabetes?
why should diabetics stay out of hot tubs?
Can cinnamon help a diabetic dog? What would the dosage be for a 40 lb. dog?
Can anyone help me with Market percentage of glucose meters?
What are the advantages of water pills? Do they make you lose weight?
any1 heard bout mixtard?? medication for diabetics are there side effects??
Generally, how long does someone live after their kidneys fail and they go on dialysis?
Anyone on Medtronic "Real Time" yet? How do you like it?
are there any support groups for diabetics?
Do you really trust your healthcare proffessional?
Suggestions on lip balms for someone who seems to be allergic to everything out there??
Nasal polyps cause post nasal drainage?
How 2 cure my constanly runny rose and cough. in one day.?
can allergies cause hair-loss?
How to cure or prevent skin asthma?
I keep getting bites on legs,ankles and arms but only at night nad they really itch?!?!?
Question about Allergies -?
Blood when blowing nose?
Im having alot of trouble breathing?Plz read on?
What are the personality or psychological characteristics of orphans, as compared to non-orphans?
I have a bad rash all over my chest?
How do you get rid of sunken eyes?
Will a silicone gel help my type of scar?
How close are we to finding a cure for baldness?
question about lip percing swelling?
Dry skin above upper lip!?
I have problems with eczema?
get rid of bruises fast?
do flat warts EVER go away!!?
Red blotches on neck?
What is the good things?
do musical ppl plan tours around STDs?
Is there a difference between cold sores and herpes.. Are all cold sores from herpes?
how to cure a skin cancer (CBC) using natural therapy (located on the left ear)?
WBC low counts & low platelets but normal hemoglobin what does it mean?
Can a person go from hyperthyroid to hypothyroid over time?
MMR & Guillian Barre Syndrome?
Should someone with chronic kidney disease stop taking statin drugs?
what is Therapeutic touch and how can I learn how to do it?
Is anyone know where I can buy scotts emulsion orange flavor? Is from Smith Kline company.?
Who nows the Begonia plant? What are its uses? Pls answer my question as soon as possible....... thanks?
if you bring epidural home from the hospital, can u drink it? what will happen?
are b vitamins the same as iron?
how bad for you are kidney infections?
What can make a human being be really happy?Which may be the true values of life?What do you make to be happy?
What happens with a dislocated ankle? How long until it heals?
isnt there any diet?????
How long dose it take a child to drown?
who is the best lasik surgeon in dallas and fort worth texas?
Kidney health concern???
what need i to do when i know i had more 1000 for spectacles?
i just got a bone spur removed from my right toe and got stitches but there are bumps is this normal?
will glyconutrients repair damaged nerves in spinal cord?
i need a teaching hospital for an MRI?
I only weight 88 pounds i am 5'3 and 16 years old..is that bad?
How much do I need to eat at breakfast?
Who has the perfect body?
WHY AM I SO TIRED?! i'm only 17!?
Three Moles On Scalp,Could these be harmful?
Which degree burn does a Keloid Scar come from?
Extra Skin on your belly?
Good ways to wash yuhr back acne off in 2weeks?
What kind of cream should I use for a burn from a curling iron on a four year olds face?
What should I do about my ringworm skin condition? HELP...?
Aloe vera question, for skin?
Itching while working out?
How many people know a crossdresser personally?
Do you prefer short hair or long ?
Are there different kinds of radiologists as far as sonograms go? Gall bladder expert? Pregancy expert?
Is it alriht to drink your wife's milk?
what makes you unique?
Hi. Looking to change careers. Interested in getting into esthetician practice. Quality schools in Daytona?
one xanax mixed with one shot of tequila would effect you how?
What are operating budget and performance budgeting? Where I can find info and definition?
What are the best ways for me to grow taller?
Why does a doctor advise a person with a cough to gargle?
I'm in phlebotomy class and when I stuck a student she had a sharp down her arm. Help!?
info on long term care?
Does libido disappear completely when a person is taking drugs after suffering a stroke?
product information on enalapril mal?
Heart attack, anxiety question....?
Is there anywhere online I can buy Rx concacts without Rx??
Lasik Help?
question about contact lenses?
How weak can your eyes be to still qualify for Lasik surgery. and if so what are the costs?
eye trouble?
what happens when i wear contact lenses?
ouch! theres something in my eye?
My left contact has a strange smell to it!?
My contacs have been hurting for months now...?
is it possible to have astigmatism last month and not have it now?
what is glaucoma, eye drops?
Scratched my eye while removing contact lenses?
How much Gravol can kill you?
my husband has sickle cell anemia and my daughter has the trait .?
How do rabies virus get into your blood stream through mouth?
Does the Med. Neurontin/Gabapentin Cause weight gain?
can you still get strep throat after having a tonsillectomy?
About 4 days ago It felt like i got something in my eye. There was a small red area on the white part of my?
Infected Ear ???? Giving Best Answer for Most Helpful !!!?
Is there anyway to quit sleeping pill ambien?