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What is the best toothpaste for teeth whitening?
Find a dentist that accepts SAGA insurance in Fairfield/Westport area?
Can a cold sore not blister?
Could this possibly be Herpes?!?
what causes hypertension ? sodium intake too much ?
Ocular Hypertension and Glaucoma Risk?
How long does an average Heart Transplant patient stay on disability before being allowed to work full time ?
has any one ever crushed there L 2 disk in back and what was outcome?
Can working in an old exterminator building be making me sick?
bronchitis and rales?
I have a blood coloured red nose whenever I am stressed or hot, what is this??
i was wondering if any one knows?
Are there Over the Counter Treatments For Cat Allergies?
My throat is sore/scratchy, and I can't figure out why.?
What is wrong with me? Am I suisidal?
fish thorn stuck in my throat???
Help? please?
Have you ever swelled up after you ate?
Hi, I have have had pain in my chest for 3 days it is above breast area towards the middle.It feels like it?
I just spilled HOT tea on myself, what do I do?!?
Cut thumb. didn't stop bleeding after 6.5 hours.?
eye pacthes (flourescent)?
Do you have to buy all one color contacts in one box or can you mix it up anywhere?
My eyes hurt do I need glasses?
Skin from lips keeps falling off?
can you still keep conscious when you're on acid?
I have a cold sore on my lip that just developed how can i get rid of it?
does differin have an adverse reaction w/ tetralysal?
Dark Circles and how do I get rid of them...?
how to get rid of a fungal infection ?
what is the first 3 diagnosis for arm cellulitis?
Can dandruff feel like lice? Can dandruff make it feel like little things are crawling in your hair/scalp?
How to safe my skin by the sunlight?
how common is blackheads/clogged pores on your back and other places and how best to get rid of them?
dr. michael schultz malpractice claims?
Can anyone provide me with a list of alternative/complementary therapies and what they do?
Let me know Homeopathy Chemist Shop in Bangalore.?
What is glycomet and what is it used for?
RLS! any effective alrenative treatment?
anybody know of lugols solution and vit b6 to treat carpal tunnel syndrome?
Does anyone know how to treat eye floaters?I've been to several drs-surgery is ineffective. Any dietary ideas?
How can I lower cholesterol if you have hypothyroidism?
What do you think about medical cannabis?
Has anyone tried Hoodia for dieting?
Benign liver tumor?
I am searching for respected ayurveda practitioners in bay area, San Francisco. Recommendations? Thank you.?
Medical Marijuana in Canada?
Do you think Hikmat (Herbal way of treatment) should be online?
are poppers bad for you? worse than smoking or drinking?
if green tea contains antioxidants, if i drink it would it interfere with herbal supplements i am taking?
I would like to hear from anyone who has had Synvisc injected into their knees.?
Has anyone had to have their extensor tendons repaired?
Please tell me what to expect since I have been diagnosed with...?
What new programs or services might be needed to implement your suggested change?
How long are you contagious (no fever involved)after showing symptoms of a cold?
What will happen if drink while taking antibiotics??
How much vit c, garlic, & niacin do I take - how often?
What is the difference between Fibermate and Metamucil?
owhat is the role of exercise in diabetes?
I am not a diabetic but I have pancreas disease?
why right after I eat do I get tingling in my feet?
Is anybody successfully using non prescription/herbal medicine to control blood glucose levels?
do you have kidney failure?
What could this infection be ?
Is this normal for an Upper UTI?
time between hiv antigens and hiv antibodies?
How do i get rid of these bumps?
Can I use 1% hydrocortisone creame instead of the monistat cream?
Why do I have freckles magically appearing all over my body?
What products can I use for dry skin?
Worried about my wrinkly hands?
why are my legs and arms natural tan but my face is a little tan?
What is a good product for acne scars?
Acne is causing me depression, low self-esteem and causing me to stay at home?
Does Orange make constipation?
why do people dream when they sleep when they could just sleep without visions or nightmares?
does anyone know anything about photorefractive keratectomy (prk)?
How does laser hair removal work?
can a persons eyes atrophy and completly disappear?
has there ever been anyone born with more than 2 ears?
How to cure hydroceal with out operation?
What causes dizzy spells? I've been dizzy for hours.?
what do you do if you have acid reflex is there anything you can do or take to keep it under control?
what does Multivariate analysis mean?
medall a company in pittsburgh pennsylvania?
lasik surgery dos and donts?
Eye Lense Help PLease :D?
Is my weaker eye really smaller in size than my stronger one?
FreshLook Contacts?
eye color enahncer contacts???
colored contacts..?
Would you recommend PRK over Lasik?
If you are given Nitrous Oxide at the dentist as an anastetic, does it kill brain cells?
My Mother has pyorhera, it is so sad because she HAS beautiful teeth, what will take it away? Can I avoid it?
just wondering, does diarrhea make you lose weight?
Cymbalta & trazadone reaction?
Is it ok to use steel water bottle? Can it cause allergic reaction or something else?
Allergic Shiners?
what is Vivioptal for?.....I've been told it helps growth in height....is it true?
Has anyone taken Hoodia and if so what is the best brand out there?
Okay....what is "air in the chest" and "bloodi n the chest"???
about 1999 SELF magazine printed an article about herbalife a lady suffered brain damage where can i find it
AHHHHHHHHH... how do I get clear this friggen poison ivy more quickly???!!! I'm missing work cause of it.
Does anyone take Concerta?
Art in the medical field?
what is this pill?b 973?
danger caution using chi machine?
What exactly is CUPPING?
This question is for all nurses..............?
question about medicine that makes you drowsy....?
anyone ever tried a cream made with emu oil?I've searched several websites on this.Just wanted any info .?
How does laser therapy work on quitting smoking? What do they laser?
I have this red round bump that feels warm?
How do I get rid of these scratches!? (Picture included)?
How long does it take for a second degree burn SCAR to heal?
red bumps on my legs?
Is it possible to have herpes on the neck?
Athlete's foot or something else?
Zit-like, scabbing bumps on neck?
i really want to get rid of black heads help!!!?
spots on my back and it annoys me?
Can you determine whether you will outgrow Eczema?
What could my grand mom use under the fat folds for a sore?
How can I get rid of this rash on my face quickly?
What can be done about nail fungus?
do you take antidepressants?
Where can I find Malaria tablets?
My son had bacterial meningitis at 11 months seemed fine but Im worried about effects now he is 7.?
if somone has colitis can it be dangerous if they catch chiken pox?
What's the incubation period for a stomach flu?
Bronchiolitis what to do?
what are the organs that are affected by rubella?
can you get the same sickness again?
Sick or not?
Can women mot get a pregnant because of the Cytomegalovirus ???
positive ppd???
Why don't doctors & nurses ALWAYS wash their hands before each patient? It stops the spread of infection.?
How do you find the best doctor to combat lyme disease?
stomach ulcer?
Is there any remote possibility of mosquitoes spreading HIV infection ?
After the fight against smoking...?
How long do you chill and run low fever after having peumonia?
do you feel hot after geting hiv?
a i c as in diabetic?
What can be the cause of black spots on the bottom of your feet?
Where in the universe is doctor Alex F. Garcia, graduated medical school at UCSD in San DiegoCA.?
Anybody have retinal laser photocoagulation done? How did you like it?
sometimes when the blood sugar is high my legs tend to hurt?
How can a diabetic lose weight without compromising sugar levels?
how long is the hospital stay for ketoacidosis?
Does high sugar, or high insulin, or a combination of both, cause neuropathy in feet?
Insulin Resistance?
Does an EMG rule out neuropathy with accuracy?
Help from fellow pumpers?
should people with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS stay away from someone that has shingles?
Is anyone familiar with Pheochromocytoma,a tumor located on the adrenal gland?
please describe what r on t pheneomenon is? how it happens in the heart?
A friend is having some problems with a very painful achilles tendon.?
Should a person with High Blood Pressure take BP tablets throughout his life time (everyday)?
Have you had the flu? Have you had the vaccine? What age did you get the vaccine? What age did you get the flu
ridges on your fingernails,white specks and lines.what do they mean healthwise?
are there any stretches or excercises that prevent tendonitis in my hands?
where can i find SIglo XXI hospital in mexico?
i think i have a serious issue?
I smoked the first cigarette in my life yesterday but never gonna do it again. I didn't smoke a whole one but
Is heart disease hereditary?/Is there any way i can help prevent, or delay heart failure.?
Have a pill that I NEED ID. It say west-ward on it with the number 232 what is it? ?
How much longer will medications last if frozen?
I am pretty slim but my thighs are big, well i think so,what do i do so one one will notice them?it emabrising
I'm experiencing thinning hair do i have to go for transplant or just leave it ?
Do you enjoy taking a dump?
Does accidentally eating something with rust have the same affect as stepping on something with rust?
what are the chances of getting disability benefits for bronchectisis?
how long do knee replacements last?
I'm 30 and I just found out that I have high cholesterol. Before I never cared about what I eat but know I ..
Anything natural I can use for poison Ivy?
(hypotheytical) If my friend gets hurt at a beach...(lets say cnt move her back or knee) what do i do?
I bite my nails really bad someone help!!!!!!?
If young women m>a>st>ur>b>at.e will they go blind too???
What's the longest you've gone without cleaning your goods?
Accidentally swallowed peroxide?
What can i do to stop old shoes from smelling and prevent new shoes from smelling?
Can you file charges if someone attempts to give another person AIDS/HIV?
Will my thrush go away now i have over the counter cream?
I am enrolled in the AARPMedicareRX plan, but have not received a card/verification & cannot get my drugs?
What's the best massage?
Is it bad if you are crying after putting in contact lenses?
Is something wrong with my eyes?
my eyes are really red?
where can u buy colered contacts that r red with a perscription?
Why is my eye twitching?
How can you tell if a child has dyslexia or some other vision problem?
How do get rid of a red scratch?
sore bump like thing on the back/side of my head?
Proactiv gave me a rash?
I have red itchy bumps on by arms, legs and ankles, what r they?
Red scar looking things appearing on my skin?
Does the neutrogena oil free acne wash work?
Why do I keep getting blood blisters on my hands for no reason?
What's the best way to stay comfortable with a fractured sternum while still living everyday life?
floating knee?
when performing a single leg raise what is happening to the muscles?
Why does my knee hurt only when I do pushups???
i have to go to an ortho. surgeon if i have knee surgery, how long is the rcovery time for this?cartilage?
1 yr post op ant. cerv. neck chronic C6 nerve root pain severe pain down rt arm/neck upper back area?
Why is a grain of Sand so insignificant?
what does 37 degrees celcius convert to in farenhiet?
Do u no how sad 2 get dump?
what does squamous epithelial cells found in uninanalysis mean?
what is a nickname for elephantitis?
What is bnt related to a heart condition?
what causes elevated liver levels/ how to treat it?
how long repair rotator cuff?
is there any harmful effect of soya beans?
If you have prediabetes how many carbs,sugar and fat can you have per day.?
What is Numness , why it occurs if it is felt what we have to do/don"t what is the diat system to overcome ?
can hypoglycemia lead to diabetes?
what # is considered low blood suger?
Greek painting about Diabetes Mellitus?
I have hepatitis c and have type 2 diabetes?
How do I know about transplantation?
Im having the flu and everytime i do have a flu/sick, i can feel this small lump in my right jaw.Is it normal?
Can you get hiv from diluted blood?
my grandmother died and had vre in her home. Is there any time frame when the virus is not contagious?
is it true the hiv virus can be destroyed when exposed to open air?
whats the best way to get rid of a big mouth ulser?
What is a genetic disease caused by a deletion mutation or by any other type of mutation?
What overrides what, HIPPA or Ryan WHITE?
Does anybody know HOW Lyme disease was discovered?
I have pinworms Im taking meds what else should i do to keep them from coming back?
Can I catch AIDS from my cat?
How about if my HBeAg is negative and my HBsAg 202.75 to 17.69 will be my HBsAg be negative too?
ELISA technique of Aspergillus in ration?
Can you get genitla herpes from its cold like symptoms?
cure for hiv virus?
what's the difference between having a cold and catching a cold virus?
Questions about Hepatitis B, and C, and also Hives?
what are the signs of mono?
What is the best way to reduce scars?
Cure for Migraine Headaches?
how do i get rid og oily face using natural sources like vege n fruits?
Can a child with a narrow aortar who has been operated on live to an average healthy age mid 70's or 80's?
threshold values for hypertension (different sources do not agree on common values)?
Can I take Macrobid and Doxycycline at the same time?
Should my partner still get tested ?
I have a sore on my lip....?
What do you think of someone who has herpes (either the cold sore type or down below)?
If I have mono does that mean I have herpies ?
What could help this kind of acne (with picture)?
Good organic skin care cream for dry skin?
how do you get black heads out of your ears?!?
How can i fix my skin issue?
I am 53 yrs old, and a vein on the top of my foot became about the size of a dime in one spot, is this common.?
Painful skin that's not itchy, but Dr. says it's Eczema?
What is the difference between poison oak and poison ivy?
I get wet while I dry.?
I am looking for a patient that is in ruby memorial hospital his name is cody rutherford?
How long does Soma and Loratab stay in your system after you stop taking them?
What is the link between Marijauna and Depression?
Will long term daily use of Noproxen sodium tablets (Aleve) cause health problems?
got scratched by a kitten and all the scratches are getting infected.?
Which physiotherapy is good for a sagging ACL?
When a shoulder bursa is removed what replaces it?
how many people a year die from black widow spider bites?
is there such a benefit as temporary disability unemployment not caused by job?
Latex Allergy Solution needed for Denture Wearer?
how to face the hisnofelia,elergy,and the heeling medicines required?
Will sinus problems or allergies cause one tear duct to become larger then the other?
My boyfriend has really bad allergies and hasn't been able to breathe through his nose for years...?
What are all of the uses for Green Tea?
Any luck with over the counter weight loss supplements?
best smelling essential oils?
any succeses with treating PCOS without hormone drugs?
Has anyone ever tried Noni juice? I bought pure Tahitian Noni juice. They say it helps many ailments.?
can I receive hot stone massage while taking diuretic medication?
My bp is 132/92 is there anything I can take other than medicine.?
what is niacin and what is it used for?
What do the pronounced ridges on my fingernails indicate about my health?
How good is Ginko VS Straterra?
Are there any Laser Touch offices in Indiana to help me quit smoking?
How do i begin to use my Internal energy, and channel it through my chakras?
Mentally Ill Girls Mental Health Hospital Stays To Gawk At OnClerk Court Sites Why Has Noone Stopped This Evil
How much ginger should you eat to use it for an anti-inflammatory?
I need information on Neem.......?
COLONBLOW.COM does it work and is it safe....?
Orange Peel Extract. Can it also be used for Reflux?
can I break the Picamilon tablet in two to get lower dose?
Drugs:Harest to weakest?
Can somebody please explain what Homeopathy is?
What is the best Oral B electric toothbrush on the market?
Does anyone know where i can get a book or website to help me diagnose Hormonal disorders of the bodies?
what is malfer syndrome? and how does it effect the human body?
What are some drugs that contain potassium that are not potassium supplemtents?
Can I drink alcohol the night before I go to donate plasma the next day????
Infected toenail?
Am I a good canidate for Lasik?
Can you have black eye color?
Is anesthesia bad for the kids, my daughter will undergo extraction of stye?
Difference between dark brown, brown and hazel eyes?
I took my daughter to the ophthalmologist to cauterize a chalazion. Is this a common procedure?
is there any way to heal a buckle fracture earlier than 6-8 weeks?
What are shingles and are they painfull?
Who knows about the disabilty Achondroplasia?
Ihave no insurance and i am a diabetic need to no where bto get meds. for free or reduced.?
What ill effects does type 2 diabetes have?
What is the minimum amount of carbohydrates required daily in a human diet?
What happens to your body if you do not have enough protein?
if therr a on line tese to see if u might have a ed eatting disorder?
Can a bad juvenile diabetic female on a pump ever have children?
what happens to insulin when frozen, can it still be used?
i want a such web that can gave me complit idea about total no. of diabetes patient in world?
are type one diabetes hard to miss?
Eating bad= diabetes?
losing weight and diabetes.?
Has anyone heard of exubera? Or tried it?
can a great deal of pain cause your white blood count to rise?
How many people were quarantined during the SARS outbreak of 2003?
if a dog is infected with adenovirus type 1 and survives, does he have life long immunity?
Could I have an STD from it?
Help! Can you tell me what this means? I got tested for STD and I just got my results back.?
Is it possible to Cure Heart Cornic disease.?
What occurs in the Phenomenoligical Level of Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder?
my daughter has a gj tube I was wondering how long it will stay in before she has to do a stomache wrap?
What is a lymph test after melanoma has been diagniosed and will the results be in a format of % or neg/pos?
I need charts of people who have cleft lip and palate ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you have any info about Bilateral Retinal Blastoma?
How to clear up big pores/blackheads/clogged pores?
What would it take to develop my own line of organic sunscreen?
Is this a hemorrhoid? Cures?
is there a cure for psoriasis?
How Can You Bleach Dark Spots On Your Skin ?
White skin around frenulum and foreskin, grateful for any answers?
is it possible change skin colour ...as we colour our skin in indian festival named 'holi'?
Lip ring problem.. How Do I know if it was a zit or an infection pocket?
What is the best anti-aging product for skin?
I am looking for deodorant by biotherm, for my husband?
Why whole mouth teeth deep cleaning to be done in 4 times? Any difference with surgery?
how is dental implantand how much it would cast .?
Any informations about speedy braces and orthognathic surgery (maxilofacial or jaw surgery)?
What is the cream stuff that coroners put under their nose to block decay odors?
Is There A Way To Prevent Freckles or to get Rid of Freckles?
What are the interactions between Coumadin and other drugs, herbs and vitamins?
is Metroprolol and captopril the same thing ? if not can they be taken together?
What is the most common physiological cause of Right Ventricular Hypertrophy?
would a bagel and cream cheese be considered healthy?
How can i get a six pack?
Found a piercing ring in a bag of chips. What can i do?
Will my sciatica ever end?
how to cure achillies heel damage.???????
shoulder pain and loss of movement?
Anyone have real bad Back Spasms? What did you do to cure?
What can I do for chronic tendonitis in my wrists?
I had knee surgery and the Dr. said I have sumo gout in my knee caused from a lot of crystals.?
Will I get a cold sore now?
How to get rid of post acne scars?
I have dry skin that causes bumps. How can I make my skin smoother?
.How could you prevent your body from breaking down as you age?
is it common to get boils during pregnancyy?
I have a small tiny bump on the inside of my eyelid does anyone kow what that is?
What is this weird 'lump' on my bikini line?
How can I get rid of a tan in about 3 months?
How long does it take for an earlobe infection to go away?
How do I treat my 2nd degree burn?
Has any remedy for Skin Cancer in any medicine?
Can you help me?
any side effect if took too much amount of vitamin B3??
Why most vitamines are indentified by letters of the alphabet insteda of by names?
How much do naturopaths earn? Especially in the UK?
How does WD-40 ease arthritis pain?
Anyone out there know any good pain relief for Juvenille Rheumatoid Arthritis? (JRA)?
what kind of plastic surgery is there?
what is vcr50/phifer pills for?
Can LAMICTAL be used to treat epilepsy? I only need educated input?
Accupuncture Question...?
Can anyone tell me the philosophy and science behind chiropractic?
Is there a tea website that I can get all kinds of info on all the different teas and there benefits?
can some please give me a number to a clinical study in or near dallas-forth worth.?
how much Echinacia is too much?
After a STROKE,I have aphasia(no speech)?
is marijuna really bad for you?
What is the actual name for the condition of having no sense of direction?
where can i buy vicodin es thru the internet and also that ships to kentucky iam in so much pain i lost my doc
What are the odds that someone would develop tongue dysplasia following breast cancer and uterine cancer?
Are you scared of the bird flu currently? If it hits the US?
Does anyone have any experience with Acute Myeloid Leukemia?
what organizations are against Euthanasia?
how do i get control of hay fever?
Is it possible to desensitize myself from my cat allergies by spending time with them?
Allergies to tanning lotion all of a sudden - what ingredient?
What can one do for sinus drainage/post nasal drip that is making you nauseated?
am i allergic/intolerant to something?
I've always wanted to travel to africa but Im concerned for my health, is it safe?
What does it mean if somebody's blood contains Hepatitis B antibody?
i want to know if its uti?
synovial fluid analysis and klebsiella species?
What do you think are the social,ethical,economical, and cultural aspects of blood donation and transfusion?
Should a picc line be put in if a patient already has a staph infection from a previous surgery?
how do you fill out a sputum culture form and what are you looking for?
what are Bactria common in otitis media?
How long can cold and flu viruses live on surfaces and clothes? How long are they "active" without a host?
what cause mother and daughter break out with mumps?
Whom should one see when you have Bronciectasis and autoimmune liver disease from having had a thymoma removed
What type of deadly disease will cause vomiting at first (making it look like the stomach flu)??
What are warning sign of TB returning? I had it in 1999 and took full treatments.?
can you get infected?
Something good for the flu?
How is Parkinson's Disease Spread? How do you prevent it from spreading?
how much does a appendicitis surgery cost?
Does anyone know of any diseases that are contracted by consuming human flesh?
i have a eye infection both of the antibotic drops not working?
why does eating yoghurt give me a sore throat ?
who is raice bran?
I am looking for an insulin pump manufacturer in Latin America- Central or South America. Can you help?
My mother is seeing blood in her eye when bending over- she has diabetes...?
Can I do another lab test to check if I am really diabetic?
anyone know a free site for fatfree & sugarfree recipes safe for diabetics and heart disease?
Does subcutaneously mean below the subcutaneous tissue or it has to be dispersed inside the subcutaneous tissu
I would like to see pictures of tattoos for Medical Conditions ex. Diabetes?
Need 4 bottles of Insulintea. Company sells up to 2 p/month. Will pay double. Where? What are the herbs?
Is eating fish skin okay? Do they have cholesterol or fat on it? Or are they beneficial? I am diabetic.?
What is a Good Healthy Vegetarian Diet for a DIABETIC Patient?
What are the best shoes for People with Bonespurs?
Can a diabetes test be falsely negative?
Is it dangerous when taking 500mg of metoforin mornings and drinking 12oz can of beer at night before bedtim?
anyone tried stevia as their sugar substitute?
does caffergot cause confusion and numbness in fingers and nevousness?
what problem could exsists if your body is high in triglycerides?
What are the most serious side affects kids could get from Primperan Metocloramide?
How many of you have had a massage for an injury (and what injury)? And felt better afterwards???
Have you ever had one this BIG?
Jellyfish best way too?
Can a Neck injury stunt the growth of a 14 year old? ( I had a minor injury in Rugby?
What is the drug cirpo?
back surgery? should i do it?
retinal damage?
I just got a cast on my foot today. Should it be slighty loose?
I am suffering severe lower back and leg pain, no ins., any pain releif suggestions?
How long is it gonna take me to recover from a severed patella tendon?
Plasti surgery on nose?
how is discovered the smoking ?
When was the first recorded bone-setting procedure? Where? Please give source.?
can someone help me????
Sharp stomach pains?
do bumble bees sting?
I accidentally used strawberry jam instead of anti-itch salve for a bug bite! What's goign to happen to me?!?!
How to cure fire ant bites? Also, am I dying?
Certain dri quesitans.!?
facial skin problem due to excessive swimming, any advice PLEASE!?
Does acne free 3 step process work?
How to make my skin look more lightening and smooth?
Abreva doesn't work?!?
Do I have cyst or something else? And how to treat it?
Having acne issues...?
Recovery time after wart removal?
Face peeling from acne lotion?
i have a itchy bumpy rash that comes and goes all day on my arms and legs. what is it?
Does it cover?
My doctor charges for calling in prescription refills to the pharmacy? Does yours?
I live alone, and im contiunally depressive, does talking to people about your problems usually help?
What's a good prescription?
If you saw someone with cuts on their arm would you ask them about it?
Something terrible is gonna happen to me?
I broke my ankle and had to have surgery and a metal plate put in.How long should the swelling last?
I have milk that say sell by 1/4/06. when is milk really too old?
Can carbon monoxide cause permanent neurological damage even if it is in small doses. i.e. leak in a manifold?
Anyone have any experience with Zyban?
What are the most comfortable daily contact lenses?
My ophthalmologist didn't specify some measurements required for getting contact lenses, should i be worried?
Can I get rimless glasses with +3.0 (farsighted/ hyperopia) prescription?
Red scratchy eyes?
Has anyone heard of a tempfelon, tenfalon test?
With an astigmatism is it bad not to wear there glasses or contacts?
can you tell by looking at them if someone died of heart attack or arrythmia?
We are waiting on a settlement from Workman's comp at 30% disability, about how much could that amount to?
One of the stitches in my foot came out?
how do doctors fix someone who is bleeding internally?
what is thoracostomy post???
Ornithine and arginine for wound healing and scar tissue?
What are some ways of helping to treat, heal and cure patellar tendonitis?
How long does it take for a ruptured eardrum to heal?
what are normal thyroid levels?
What is polio ? Is there a vaccines ? Symptons of Polio?
Can't Get a Doctor to Answer?
What is wrong with my mole?
What can be done about loose elbow skin?
help with wet armpits?!?! 10pts?
Rash on hand after human bite?
why are there cuts on the corners of my lips?
How do i get rid of a nickel rash on the lower part of my stomach?
need a help please!!!?
Can Bowen's Disease/ Squamous Cell Carcinoma start out as a tiny white bump?
Anybody out there had hep c genotype 1 a or b and cleared?
Strep throat and snoring?
i am Med student, i need find scabies pathogenes, immunology, s scabies biology?
how can i start a research paper on rabies?
best way to cure a severe fever?
vomiting and diarrhea?
Whats the chance of contracting HIV?
difference of pathogenic, deficiency, hereditary and physiological diseases and treatment and control of each?
where can i find free and simple in-services on fall prevention, infection control and skin care.?
what are the latest diseases occured in human reproductive organ?
chicken pox?
has anyone had tuberculosis and what symptoms did you have?. and what medication did you have?.?
Is my lip ring infected?!?
can you drink alcohol when being treated for STD?
how much is it to get tested for STDS help asap!?
what works better? vicodin or muscle relaxer?
Breast cancer?
had a forklift drop onto my foot around the ankle and the top of the foot,whats the best way to help tendaniti
what rate at which protein are made and degraded in human body?Include detail using 2 different protein?
plese i need a solution to dry skin problem?
Any experience using natural remedies with ADD/adhd?
Can you tell me where TAi Chi is taught in Northern Ohio? Southwest of Cleveland.?
what does the letters DSc hc stand for behind a doctors name?
Where does kung fu originated and the history,benefits of it?
Hi, Does anyone know if Chiropracic works for poor blood ciruclation? I live in Maine but and my feet get cold
How long does it take to lose caffeine tolerance?
How long does it take food, once eaten, to turn into fat in your body and an increase in weight is noticed?
i feel like my throat is tightening, what could this be and how can i cure this?
what is the effect of nicotine on a human's heart rate?
latest discovery about parkinson disease for my father who is Indian (in India) and is70 years old?
Has anyone heard of a new tonic called 'MONA VIE" and does it work?
what's the best way of quiting opium addiction at home and what's the best treatment to use for pain releaf?
sickness question..?
What, exactly, are palpitations?
what is the mechanism of action of madagascar periwinkle in diabetes?
how do triglycerides leads to diabetes?
Does anyone have experience using Byetta along with insulin to control their diabetes?
Can someone give me a sample hypoglycemic diet?
What can be used to keep an insulin pump stuck to the stomach?
What are the perimeteres for treatment of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia?
how many type of marijuana?
are there natural substitutes for gastro-paresis?
Can i get on medicare if i'm a diabetic?
sympton to hives?
When my husband sneezes I can smell it. Why?
How do I know if I'm allergic to dog dander, dog saliva or both?
Has anyone had an adverse reaction to agave sweetner?
Can a neti pot lose its effectiveness after awhile?
Severe Sinus & Allergy Problem?
i can't stop biting my nails!!!ive tried everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Am I okay?
Anyone know anything about a "slow or lazy thyroid"?
cigarette smoke?
How can I treat my upper back pain?
I slammed my fingers in the door. Every time I bump it, it feels like something is in it. What is it?
does anyone know how to remove broken glass from feet, easily: any helpful hints?
thanks to all who answered my ? still nothing i just pray, once again thanks to all?
Recovering from carpal tunnels?
how can cpr bring people back to life if you breathing in carbon dioxide into there lungs?
I've pulled my lower back and am in considerable pain. Should I use an ice pack or a hot bath to remedy this?
What do I do if I chipped a bone in my leg? without going to the doctors.?
What are the best pills or cream for acne?
Shoulder and Face Tingling?
My mom got Rosacea at around age 30, does that mean it'll happen to me, too?
Where can I have some eye care treatments?
My Virgina is Itchy..?
I am using Pond's Flawless White cream now but my skin feels dry what do I do ? ?
My skin was itchy during the heat and i cant breath ! plz help me?
Clearasil question? Buring?
What is the best way to lighten acne scars with home remedies?
I can feel bumps internally by upper arm.?
I Have Melasma On My Cheeks And It Seems To Be Spreading...What Can I Do?
Eczema caused by way I eat?
Can my 5 year old daughter take Robitussin or Nyquil for cough? If so, what is the correct dosage?
who is jussus christ . who is god?
ok.......who in here has had braces?? I have a question.....................................?
What is the best way to treat SEVERELY High Blood Pressure in a young adult. (systolic 170)~genetic?
how do you get rid of gain green?
what are the ingredients of Armour?
my ears feel like they do after u blow ur nose to hard(popped?)it wont go away &i didnt blow my nose painfull?
Back spasms!?
how is advair made? Is it grown on a milk base?
how do i know if my patient rights have been violated.?
A rash in my throat?
how do you know if your finger is brocken?
Are you mandated to report narcotics abuse? Does this interfere with HIPPA guidlines?
our body teperature is 37.2.but when the outside temperature is only rises up to 30 we feel hot why?
skin biology?
is watermellon fatning?
Am i fat if i weigh 128lbs and 5'6ft?
how can an Asthmatic person stop a hiccups?
Are contacts safe for your eyes?
I am a Greek laboratory doctor, can I go to USA to work and how?
I have a 12 year old son who is obsessed with losing belly fat. What's a safe and quick way to lose it?
Nerve blocks?
How do i loose about 10 pounds in one month ? ?
i hate to run, what is a different cardio exercise that will keep me motivated and lose pounds ?
Am I fat??????????????
what is this infection,when a bump is behind your ear?
Losing 10 pounds and Keeping It Off?!?
What are healthy snacks I can have in my purse?
How can I stop being so hungry all the time?
what is MMP in medical science?
Mitral Valve Prolapse.?
Why does my heart hurt when my potassium is low?
after a surgery to correct deformation in a heart valve can a person get ride of palipitations,lack of breath?
Fracture or sprain?
Can veins in the wrist be brusied and if they can how do you treat them?
is there a way to cure arthritis??
Why do fire ant stings get a little blister that looks like a zit?
what part of the body is infected in mononucleosis?
Can you catch Avian flu from straying to near to Area 51 ?
my bf recently had continual high fever and low platelet count but it was not denggue.what sickness is it?
Are there any posibilities for a cure to Hiv in the next ten years,who are those concern with the cure?
What diseases affect latino infants in New York?
sore throat?
Help with the flu?
What is the name of the psychological disorder when HIV positive people feel the need to spread the disease.?
Staff infection - Can a person who has a staff infection and has a knee replacement run into more serious?
How do i get sick overnight? the sicker the better.?
Does anyone REALLY KNOWS or just quessing an answer ? Could the HIV virus live if the blood is still wet ?
does my boyfriend have a std?
Could i possibly, maybe have an std or sti??????????????????
Mother and newborn HIV tests "indeterminate"?
any information on suboxone?
what kind of pill is this?
are there any healing benefits in yahoo points?
I have the flu and EVERYTHING hurts, even my toes and eyes and teeth-what causes that to happen and any?
What is the best home remedy for seasonal allergies?
I am alergic to t-3's and want a pain pill that will work just as well if not better. What do I ask the doc fo
Where is a good herbal store in CA?
How can I make sure that I get the most benefit from my vitamins?
does alfamalt help to build body and in how many days?
I would like to learn Reiki one to one.?
Is it true you shouldn't drink at all while you are on antibiotics?
considering a gluten and casein free diet, is it difficult?
Has cervical chiropratic helped you or is it an inferior treatment method?
Will you please inform the setails of injection named EMBREL and inform is there any reaction this medicine.?
how to pass a hair analiysis test?
If I smoked a dime of cannabis a week, what are the health benefits?
Do diet and exercise aggravate a fatty liver??
why egg albumin is used to treat mercury poisoning?
massage therapists help please?
My doctor talks about statens. What are they?
what is the pathophysiology of perforated pectic ulcer disease?
Can I call my dermatologist to prescribe drysol?
How to fade a facial scar?
What kind of rash does this look like?
Has anyone ever had ingrown hairs? What did you use to get rid of it?
Help,i have small bump only on my arm that itch and eventually develope a scab on it,from the itching ?
will this get rid of my freckles?
Help me with my skin?
I started using Hydroquinone cream and observed some reddening of skin! is it ok to use ?
i have a question about the body?
Red Light Therapy questions?
stomach ache, please please help me :( :'( ?
How many people do you know that have diabetes?
What is the law for insurance coverage for diabetic supplies.?
how long does an atopsy take? And what does fluid on all his organs and muscles mean?
Has anyone here tryed Atkins Diabetes Revolution?
Should diabetics with mild nerve damage to their feet stand for longer periods of time?
can a diabetic man fell to impregnant a woman?
I was just diagnosted with a high potassium level. What should I do to bring it down?
Should i get a hobbie or a boyfriend?
I need help dealing with my depression.?
really shy?
Is it bad to wear contacts from Colombia¿¿ They are my prescription ..but is there anything bad about it¿¿
Why would someone want to yank on my corneal flaps?
diarrhea for a year????
Has anyone had an appendicitis drained then was told they had to have it removed?
What causes jumps in sleep?
i think i got bit by a spider plz help!!!!!!!!?
how can i get rid of warts ??
plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
spider bite or bee sting??
multiple Choice---SERIOUS ANSWERS PLEASE!!?
how do you clean a jellyfish sting?
Does anyone else miss Vioxx as much as I do?
Who has heard of Brad Cohen and his Tourettes Success Story?
What do you see as the most addictive drug and how do you break it's grip?
Has anyone been able to retire on disability for Fibromyalgia or get Disability from the State?
Does anyone know of programs for families of alcholics?
Why is it that doctors always want to give you drugs to take when all people needs is love and caring to huma
Why have my eyeglass prescriptions been requiring stronger prisms?
What are the benifits of Sudarshan Kriya?
What is the easiest way to quick smoking without spending a fortune and without going crazy while quiting.?
Is there a brand of Milk that offers an organic, non-fat, Lactose-free product?
chicken allegy please help me!!!!?
What could I be allergic too?
Gluten and Milk free diet for toddler?
can you be alergic to tears?
What are 5 essential "survival" ingredients for gluten-free diet?
Skin allergies????????????????
i am trying to find a dentist in hot springs, arkansas who accepts arkids 1st?
Why are some dentists still not using healozone in their dental offices?
What is the relationship between tricuspid regurgitation and a patent foramen ovale?
echocardiography online?
does anyone have exercise program handouts for cardiac patients in a rehabilitation unit?
A child is suffereing from cardiac myopathy and she is given 24 hours medicne injected (connected to machine)D
is cream of wheat good to eat when you have the flu?
who is the leading expert on post polio syndrome in the united states?
does anyone know how long you are contagious after you get the stomach flu?
List of contact diseases?
Have you ever heard of some one who wasn't aloud to wear nail polish?
i would like to get free samples without having to fill out surveys or signing up for credit cards. How?
is the claim that products containing an extract from green and yellow papayas whiten skin?
mix lymphocyte culture?
My skin around my nose is really dry.. how can I fix it?
what causes stretch marks? any way to prevent it?
How much noni juice should you take per day?
what can be done to prevent g tube feeder from getting asphxsation pneumonia?
how far back can a hair drug test detect?
Can I but vitamins with my food stamps from Lone Star?
is there anyway that i can get taller by doing something?
Any ladies have R.A.? What med's do u take OR have taken; U had any side effects; did ur med's help U?
can u guide me for jobs abroad in ayuerveda as doctor?
Question about hair.?
Does Chiropractic adjustment help with this rotary cuff (shoulder) inflammation?
Does anyone know how to inject painkillers?
update me on rezulin cases?
Where can I buy Thiosinaminum tablets?
Are you aware of friendly bacteria and their sources ?
Latest MLM nonsense, just tried the Goji juice.?
does the fda really just want your money?
why is that whenever I retire to bed at night I get that whizzing sound coming out from the chest ?
why do we look for temperature in the dorsum of hand?
broken pelvis???
i got in2 an accident, no broken bones @ all, i do have a huge bump on my knee. is it safe to 4 Dr. drain it?
How long to recover from broken fibula?
soy isoflavones?
how bad does having a nose that was broken twice hurt to have it fixed?
any one can help me how to avoid bug?
Why can't i get rid of my impetigo?
There's a scar on my nose? ):?
How do I get rid of cystic acne?
what to do to soften your hands?
I have these fine bumps on my leg...how can i remove them?
how do you get rid of dry irritated skin from acne wash?
Allergy on Rocephin means I have HIV?
Serious HIV Question. Just looking for good Advice only?
Lemon facts such as nuitrian facts or how ever its spelled?
i'm looking for roland books?
What is the medicinal content in the famous plant called Aloe Vera giving list of diseases it can held heal.?
my husband has chronic pancreas disease, im scared what can i do?
mildred demedici i need the results of my lab teste?
Preventing it from going too low?
What is the best brand of multivitamins prescribed for diabetics? Do they need them?
how long is a bloody nose suposed to last?
What Blood Glucose meter do I use to use optium strips?
how do you handle celiac and diabetes in the real world?
what is capillary blood glucose?
Has anyone found a good alternative to Ultralente?
Eggs, Good or Bad? Honest answers please.?
Aspertame & Asthma Connection?
what is the meaning of prohibited drugs?
whats a good workout?
To get bigger breasts should i eat fats from animal products (cheese, meat) or plant products (oils, chips)?
I'm 15 years old and I need to lose 50 pounds. Any tips?
Ok so does diet soda really make you gain weight?
What are the effects on methacarbomal (relaxin) compared to a soma.?
did the professional football player Daunte Culpepper use an autograft or a cadaver tendon in his operation?
Bee Propolis?
can someone described basic signs of a fully healed ulcer/wound?
Shin Splints Or Not?
what is your comment on drug addiction?
What are some good solutions for insomnia?
whats the ingina/it comes before heart attack?
oxycontin is made out of what drugs?
I am looking for Dear Abby's booklet on how to explain the facts of life to children??
I had unmentionable dreams last night. They were extremely vivid. Is this normal.?
Are you unhappy?
Home remedy for a boil?
my daughter suffers of acne disease!!what do i do?
Can you use bio oil on face?
New Acne Soap for Body Acne?
Acne relapse: My acne went away years ago, now it's back again? I'm 22!?
is this a rash that i have?
What is this type of rash on my girlfriends hips?
I think I might be growing a 6th toe. what is going on?
My skin gets really itchy and hot...and then I break out in something similar to hives..?
Why am I always red on my body?
Why am i so itchy and swollen ? treatment?
Does Murad work? Like REALLY work?
HELP ME! i can't breathe?
Why dos my back hurt im 13?
how many microorganisms have in the mouth?
what happens when your body rejects a pacemaker ? are there alternatives ?
what are the symptoms of dental phobics?
Permanent Retainers and Tooth Whitening?
how to treat Pericoronitis?
There was a report on Chicago abc7 on heart repair from Dr. Kronos or Cronos. Do you have this report?
paul harvey said on news 3-2-06 new procedure for atrial fribulation anyone know what it is?
How do i get help SUN BURN heal quicker orr relieve it?
Help, I Just Cut Myself?!?
Should I worry about this throbbing bug bite?
What's the worst that can happen to my eye?
Any home remedies to make mosquito bites stop itching?
Help me please?
what is the biggest factor in escalating health care costs?
help! how would you get these!?
Is it a really bad sign to have blood coming out of your ear?
What are the most expensive pharmaceuticals?
what recommendations announced by the w.h.o. about the human diseases?
does anyone know about hepetitus c, stage 2?
In San Francisco, why are we still allowing live chickens to be sold in Chinatown?
If ocular lens is 10 and objective lens is 40 what is the size in micrometers?
Can bacteria be transmitted through animals?Can antibiotics fight help fight viral and bacterial diseases?
what is viginosis and what causes it?
Why has Quinine been discontinued?
Cold, Mono, Flu or nothing?
Why do my allergy symptoms come and go?
allergy test for earrings at doctors office?
would like to know about my goats having a runny nose and what can i do for it?
Can cat/dog allergies get worse?
Why do antihistamines make you hungry?
Nose Hurts?
What can I take for seasonal allergies? I know about Allegra, claritin, and benadryl, but none of them work.?
has anybody ever had lasik eye treatment??
immunization shot (zostavax) for shingles?
What kind of natural/herbal remedies are there for Asthmatics?
LSD question? advice needed!?
I have terrible arthritic knee and low back pain, looking for some really good homeopathic type ways for care?
Green smoothies- anyone had good results? For better health?
Cataracts, Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration... is there anything natural that will help?
Anyone in San Antonio Texas,TV news anchor did report on herbs that clean your blood, know who or herbs names?
need to feel better?
How do doctors use pH values in treating patients?
what is a usp unit? How do you measure them up to grams?
Any Home Remedy For Quitting smoking?
Should acupuncture hurt?
Where can I find some generic and comercial names of drugs in control 5, and their uses?
infected wound/stitches?
i got a thorn under my finger nail,i got it out but Threes a deep cut...?
What CPT(open reduction/external fixation) code do you use with a diagnosis 823.92?
what category of disabling condition does memory problem fall under of lucy (drew barrymore) in 50 first date?
Can I get an A with these marks?
Bumps on toes and feet?
Could this be a frostbite?
Could accutane cause permanent skin damage?
what to do with dry skin?...?
ZIT GONE FAST!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
What could he have (scaly skin, wispy hair, red eyes)?
Red Bumps on lower body?
What is the cure for anal fissures?
I Need help with Salicylic acid (wart remover)?
heat spots driving me mad?
A weird bumpy thing on my finger?
I have sore spots on my back...tips to get rid of them?
Weight loss and Sweat at night is the main and common symptoms of HIV?
what std's does plive 334 treats?
How come bidets haven't become more popular in America?
Having trouble falling asleep, and i really need it!?
Can anyone explain enemas to me?
what happens when you dont go to sleep for 3 days?
How many carbohydrates/day should Type I Diab. have?
What over the counter medicine can I take for a bad cold that won't interfere with coumadin and insulin?
If I wanted to study diabetes, what would i have to major in?
For someone who is insulin resistant, is a blood glucose reading of 76 good, or low?
can diabetes causes another diease that losses memory?
what can a diabetic drink?
130.6 is what percent of 3265?
How many years do the diabetic medicines like tablets work on the body?
I am what might use be called, border line diabetic, it's called, type 2 now. Anyway, if someone can't use
does anyone know of any good health stores in the south san francisco area (ZIP 94080 or any where near that).
How do you wake up your foot or leg when it goes to sleep?
my mom calls me fat all the time i think i am 89 lbs at sixteen i wish i was 70?
Medical Problems?
What is the best thing to use to get rid of cold sores?
Should you have a cold shower after a sauna or steam room?
who is the best rhinoplasty surgeon in the United States?
what is manicure and pedicure? And why we do mani and pedi?
How long can an average person be fasting before death?
am i fat??
what is the best way to remove dark spots on your legs, it is vey itchy?!?
What does the "G" in G-string stand for?
How do i remove nicotine stains from my fingers?
How to be shorter in height?
What is the last thing you think about before you go to sleep?
In future there will be medicine against hiv?
my hair is extremely dry. when i wash it after 2 hours its rock hard and puffy. what can i do, please help.?
what you need much more,money ,health,love?
Should I get my beautymark removed? HELP please?
have you been to natural.webpence.com lateley?
When i look at criss-cross patterns (ex: fence) it appears closer than it is, why?
What doeas 20/20 in 20/20 Vision mean?
Should the US adopt a free health care plan like many other countries and levee higher taxes to offset the?
is it dangerous to bathe after eating?
What is the best brand name for eye glasses ?
What are the major reasons why people take illegal drugs?
I got in a minor car accident and since then my neck has been bothering me is there any good ways to fix that?
Can someone rub me with Ben Gay ?
foot injury?
If you hurt your back on the job, and both work comp. claims and your boss wants it over but your back is not?
If you have internal bleeding does the pain subside...?
Bleeding smoke deposits?
Hard white things pop out of my tonsils. What are they and why do they smell so bad?
Teeth treatment?
I am lookinf for a dentist for my 15 yr old for removal of wisdom teeth. he is on medicaid insurance ..please
I have some sort of red bump on the back of my neck spine what could this be ?
Does sodium lauryl sulfate make you breakout? ?
what antileishmainal drugs?
Does Sebo De Macho can remove old scars?
Anyone had Lyme disease and what stage, how were you treated and how long did it take to get to feel better?
what are the sporicidal agents used in hospital pratice?
There are red bumps on my arms and legs?
Can MRSA appear from touching a scratch?
i have this bump on my right eye...?
what are the preventins of epidemiology cardiovascular diseases on elderly?
Based on the following facts, what is something new you can say about my acne problem?
is this a ringworm or what?
Blisters on sunburn! Help!!!?
Where can I find a list of surgeons who specialize exclusively in aortic valve replacement?
Comedonal acne? Please help.!!?
What causes sleep paralysis?
What is the name for a person with two different sets of DNA?
Medical DISADVANTAGES of Marijuana?
Does anyone know of a Naturopathic Dr./ Clinic in Arkansas?
Does Goldenseal tea really help rid the body of toxins, and how much do I have to drink?
how to cure hiatus hernia?
my doctor prescribed me valium 10 mg what will this do for me is it a happy pill?
Where can I find a list of locations to Medical Marijuana Dispensary’s in Riverside County?
question for herbalists?
Where is the moh registration accepted in Dubai?what are the documents to be submitted?
all treatments for roscea?
How much does the Ceragem massage bed cost?
Endometriosis? Any natural remedies help anyone out there?
is a massage comparable to a workout? can you tone your muscles?
how to get rid of the scars caused by pityriasis rosea?
What is Mujira Puama?
What Herbs are out there that cut cigarette cravings?
How do you get rid of a scab ??
what are the benefits of laughter?
What do I put on a sunburn to where it doesn't hurt when my clothes touch it?
How to stop the bleeding?
I have a bad sunburn on my face which has been oozing puss and hurts worse now on the third day?
Why do paper-cuts hurt so much?
wats it lyk to get stung?
what causes babies to get ear infections?
After Having A bowel Movement Do You Wash Your behind?
what is a good way to deal with snoring?
Splinter in my P***s PLEASE HELP?
I am in a lot of pain and i dont know why?
I was diagnosed with figromyalgia and am in a constant amout of pain.?
how can you cure lower back pain without doctors or surgery?
16 years old pain in my right side?
What makes a spliting headache go away the morning after drinking?
Wrists hurt after doing push ups?
whats the difference between aids and thrush?
Suppose, Suppose if my physician know I got STD or HIV. Then?
Health science homework, help! Are there similarities between shingles and chlamydia?
What are some world statistics on obesity?
chat with medical people on line for medical information?
tel me list of organisaton that controls diabetes in the world?
I have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My last blood test showed my level was 5.8. Am I diabetic
Does yeast infections asociate with diabetes?
Which is the best cure for joint pains in Diabetes patient available in Chennai India?>?
does rye bread help diabetic patients?
is there any chance of me getting ss disability because of mini strokes that causes me to be off balance?
Apple pie recipe for a diabetic?
What is a sensible ratio of Novolog Insulin to take versus # of carbs eaten?
Why is my blood sugar low?
i just want to know why my blood sugar between 98 and 110 but 2 hours after eating it is 91 to 118 please help
so with my levels being between 91 and 120 after 2 hours of eating is that normal and what is not normal thank
How to alleviate diarrehea if u r on dialysis?
How to give insulin shots to diabetics?
The complete cure of the disease of diabetes.?
Any permanent cure of diabetes. A longlife treatment without any side effect?
What is a good way to lose weight without excercise?
if your 5'6" in height and weigh around 125 pounds, is that overweight?
What exercise is the most effective for people that can't afford gym fees nor the time to visit a gym?
can i eat expired sausage?
Guys, which abs do you like on girl jw?
Am i fat...?
Anyone tied of people under 120lbs saying "I'm fat"?
What is the best thing for me to eat at McDonalds???????? (Diet-wise)?
am i over weight?????????!!!!?
Why is glycerin used in bodywash?
So how to those "advanced healing" Activ-Flex Band-Aids really work?
wats good for splitin nails?
what is capryloyl salicylic acid?
do you believe women surgeons are cigarette smokers?when do they use to smoke?pre op or post op?
what body imperfection you CANT ignore no matter what?
when can you wash your hair after it has been dyed?
what should i do ?i have scolioces had surjury when i was 12yr now 36 now arod in my spine and no will help me
What store can you buy Promesse cacharel at?
i need the names of plastic surgery doctors in hickory, boone, and wilkesboro nc?
i have a severe spinal injury.....?
what if any spiders in the ny state area are poisonous?
How can the diagphragm function when the phrenic nerve is completely severed?
I pulled a muscle in my leg, what sould I do? I need to be able to run really soon, how should I cure it??????
i hurt my growth plate and am already in a cast.?
Was anyone else very accident prone as a child?
any information on shoulder dislocation?
What is the best time to sleep for a teen who wakes up at 4 in the morning?
What side effects did you go through when you quit smoking?
my eye looks like its bleeding?
I can't go to sleep!!??