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home made mosquito repellent ?
gavchet disease?
Chest Discomfort?
Do cortizone shots in the knee hurt????
Can anybody help me?
Whenever i swallow my throat hurts? ?
does anyone think they might know?
should i consult my DR?
I've got bad pain in my feet. Pain Management Dr. prescribed darvocet and it did not do much. what can I do?
Can bad posture cause back pain??
Bad headache???
What are some good/comfortable shoe brands/types or inserts for standing for long periods?
why is it that when we bump or knock or body , the first thing we do is rub that area.?
who was first diagnosed with diabetes and how did they find out that they had diabetes?who found diabetes?
why patients are flushed in diabetic keto acidosis?
Where to find complaints with Mercy Health Care St. Louis MO?
i hurt my tailbone one week ago.. didnt hurt at first.. now does.?
what muscle did i pull?
I had strep throat and missed almost a week of work, i had a doctors excuse but still got wrote up?
Anti-biotics are prescribed for say 7 days, 3 per days and in between if u skip 1 or 2 tablets, what harm?
Is alcoholic drink nice? what is it helping you? Why does it spoil your health?
what is the difference between roseola and rubeola?
Health study guide questions?
What is the best way & tempreture to store blood for a week without spoilling it ?
Fever spiked and others symptoms insued, not Rocky Mountain Fever, no ticks! Symptoms are included in details!
is flesh eating bacteria contagious?
What does "Mumps" or "Rubella" appear to look like under an electron microscope?
when dose she?
husband has fever that goes from normal to 104 all day up down up down should he go to er?
Am I really more likely to contract pinworms from biting my nails?
what jobs require immunization boosters?
Describe your looks (?) Should it make a difference in life? explain?
Can skitzofrenia be caused by self harm?
Are there any natural treatments for increase learning speed, memory, focus ability?
how much do contacts cost?
blood in my eye? :s?
under eye problems?
eye surgery?
Why do i look thin when i use glasses?, but with contacts i look more chubby?
what is UN's programme for eye care/optometry?
Penus problem not a std?
liquid discharge whath is?
what is cold sore on lips?
Why does medicare cover/pay for dialysis for patients with end stage renal disease?
What was determined between cell phone use and health?
Should I request a Cat Scan or MRI?
child has been having stomach pain for 6 months it doesnt matter whether she eats or not its all the times?
Is it normal to have rashes all the time?
i have a sore on the inside of my lip how do i make it better, it stings?
Help! Chin feels rough tight and is red?
How 2 get rid of zits without buying products?
Why do my breasts itch terribly?! HELP!?
Do Dr.Bronner products work for body acne?
How to get rid of dry skin?
Rash due to BenzaClin or Bactim?
Food allergy?
what does it look like if your baby has a allergic reaction to diaper rash cream?
Does Clarinase and Tavegyl treat the same symptoms?
I am allergic to Mal(l)ic Acid. Can you tell me which fruits are high in it and why I am allergic to it?
Why is it, when someone injures their hand - not a cut, but smashed it, then they shake it vigorously?
What do these symptoms mean for a 14 year old female?
Can I get HIV/AIDS from this?
Alcohol Problems?
cud i have a thyroid problem?..?
Is this common behavior in a recovering addict?
i've had this freaking headache all day???
Is it legal that a doctor diagnose you several chronic conditions put doesnt want to document them ?
How many of you get a headache at almost every day?
uggh how much longer will my tonsilectomy hurt?! im on day 5!?
Can panick attacks or anxiety cause stomach irritation?
What could cause 3-10 min headaches?
i don't know that what is type2 or type1 but i am a young man and i have a blood a diabetes in my blood.?
I am Diabetic, taking Actos & Glucotrol, should I risk taking Tricor?
Teeth Whitening?
My braces hurt so bad, that I can't floss! What do I do?
Can you remove braces yourself and if so how?
I get my braces 2 days ago and I don't feel any pain,it is normal???
Why can't we have soda when we have braces?You guides know how hard is to not have soda during braces well i?
Do braces hurt while they're putting them in?
I cant breath. What's my Problem?
Just got braces, the back part of my mouth hurts where the braces edge meets my skin near.?
What is the best teeth whitner?
what are homeopathic medicinal sources of opiates?
How do you find a good massage therapist? Besides getting a referal from a friend..?
what are the benefits to using sea kelp? how much should I take?
I NEED TO GO NOW.....G'nite ;-)?
i'm about to get a liver biopsy to determine if i should go thru treatment for hep c?
Can anyone please show the mechanism or the synthesis on how to produce vioxx?
has anybody heard of some pills called Tersoba for cancer. (its supposed to be natural medicine)?
Any natural remedies for GERD and/or Acid Reflux??
How good is Cerasee Tea for the skin and body?
Have you ever...?
household hints and health benefits of apple cider vinegar?
hey guys my friend needs some advise shes asian with dark brown eyes what color eye contacts should she get?
can you really buy non-prescription contacts for colors?
is there a way to get contacts with no insurance and what is the cost for hard lenses?
Where is the cheapest place online for me to find Freshlook Colorblend Contacts?
is it normal when wearing contacts that everything far away is blurry?
My eyes have another layer infront and its all fuzzy not cloudy could it be catarax?
My eyelids don't fold the same?
How to make the black part of you eyes bigger without drugs or treatment for a short period of time?
Is there an acne spot treatment like egg whites?
I have spots on my arms?
Mederma Scar Cream? Please readd.! (10 points best answerer ! )?
Best soap for body/back acne?
How long does it take for cocoabutter to get rid of stretch marks?
What can I do about osteo-arthritis pain in my hip?
what do power beads do for u?
what is and what causes hiccups?
how would an adult know if they needed to get their tonsils out???
When do orthopedic doctors consider a person a candidate for surgery?
ihave rheumatoid arthritis and ihave been on ibuprofen how long will i take it before i get kidney problems?
what does jumping off a bell frame for 35 years refer to?
Where can I get a good guide book about cupping?
Are you self centered?
Am I contagious after getting the flu vaccine?
What does a high c-reactive protein, cardiac level indicate from a labortorty blood test?
strept throat what helps they gave me the antibiotic sufamethoxazole and it is not helping please help?
Please help! I have a sore throat/congestion and I have auditions for a musical in two days! Any remedies?
Are there any special enzymes in the viral desiese called "Mumps"?
What does it feel like when diarrhea is so bad that you die from it?
I received an e-mail saying"peroxide kills germs".I want to knoe if this is true.So does peroxide kill germs?
What was the cure for Influenza and who discovered? in what year?
How likely am I to catch my roommate's case of mononucleosis (mono)? Has this ever happened to you?
Which agencies recieve ryan white funding and how much does each one get annually?
can protein in the kidneys be caused by a cold virus or flu?
How long do airborne Germs survive?
Have completed 24 weeks of hep c treatment can i quit?
is hepatitis c has bcome a big prolem in this world. u can't live simple healthy life. hep c fears everywhere?
Does anyone have a picture of a person who has dengue???
what are the causes of urinary tract infection?
HPV clinic in phoenix Arizona?
how can i give a bj wihout gagging?
question about std testing clinic, help asap?
Can you smash up a tylenol and smoke it?
Is this illegal? Or has anyone done this??
have you ever taken flexeril?
If knees were backwards, what would chairs look like?
what does prn do to you?
I feel fine, but am dizzy. Especially when I lay down at night and close my eyes; the room begins to spin.?
is migraine a continuous headache (24/7)?
The worst pain...help?
does getting your tongue pierced hurt?
Making out help!!!?
okay, my stomach has been killing me for days now;?
What kind of mattress should i be using if i am having back issues?
Chest pain after eating BBq ribs? HELP!?
i think i have a wart, but it doesnt really LOOK like a wart?
How long does it take for Alopecia Areata to Scar. ?
How do I get rid of my acne marks?
Does certain dri take awhile to start working well?
Does sulfur get rid of skin moles?
It has been over a year and my tan has not faded?
Can anyone tell me how to get smaller legs?
Horizontal ridges on my fingernails?
Getting rid of acne on upper back and chest?
What is the best Toner+Cleanser?
What are these two 'lumps' on the base of my skull?
CBS News correspondent Kimberly Dozier injuries?
Has anyone tried cinnamon to help stable thier blood sugar?
is there any help out there for low income diabetics who need laser treatment?
What is a brachial left cyst?
what do U do when UR thumb hurts from too much txting. and how long must one wait B4 txting again?
Im a 16 year old male and Im feeling some sharpness in my chest and stomache when i breathe. Why is this?
What causes hang nails, and what exactly are they? All I know is that they hurt.?
Do you do drugs?!?
orange urine?
can you live healthy without your gallbladder?
Does hookah show up on a blood test?
Can anyone sun tan in a healthy way at all?
Which side are you supposed to lie on when you have a stomach ache and why?
I woke up this morning to find my eyelids swollen. I have school pictures in less than 2 hours!!!?
You think you can help me out?
My prescribed medicines and employment drug testing..?
I got stung by a bee, help me!?!?
When it comes to St. John's Wort and Valerian Root,should I trust the cheaper one or should I go buy expensiv
how long does it take for valiums to get out of your urine in order to pass a urine drug screen?
Does anyone know if there is truth to the myth that your blood thickens in colder climates?
Are there any known side effects of Valerian Root(as a sleeping pill)?
What is a GABA supplement?
Can you catch an STD by sharing a marijuana pipe with someone who has one?
Is it possible to catch AIDS?
IS there any possible to hide my HIV status to family members ?
How long do herpes symptoms last?
Can someone get STD's or STI's from making out only?
Infection, side effects, or herpes?
what will be the best introduction about urinary tract infection in a speech?
how can I get rid of stripped troath?
urinary tract infection?
Is there a nickname for the AIDS virus/disease?
Sickle cell!!! please help huge project due friday?
Does anyone know if Leann Rimes ever been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease? Just Curious??
BEST way to catch a cold?
what causes Kawasaki virus?
Anyone had viral bronchitis?
How does immunodeficiency with hyper-IgM affect the life of the person afflicted?both physical mental symptoms
How do you get tuberculosis, like virus or bacteria?
i have hepatitis B and i drink alcohol what is going to happen?
what are the causes and how may i cure hapatitis b?
summarry of Epidemiology of bioterrorism?
how to extract the mRNA from tuberculosis affected tissues(paraffinated),i need correct idea's about this..
help i dont know wat it is?
Red spots on abdomen?
cream for babies dry skin in cold?
What did people think about zits back in the medeval times?
What is this sudden stingy red flare up i have on my hands?
wat causes dandruff and wat can get rid or reduce it?
Help with blackheads?!?
There are set of on-line exercises (Rx by aurbindo ashram) , to improve eye sight. does any one has info?
Red watery eyes after staring at computer all day?
I'm scared of taking roaccutaine!?
When I get stressed out my whole body begins to burn and itch?
What's wrong with my eye?
Why Should I Wear Glasses?
My mate has odd eyes - one green, one brown. What causes this and how common is it?
Do Acuvue 2 Colours look real?
Is Kirkland Multipurpose Contact Solution Safe?
how do u clean contacts?
I have used eye contacts for like 11 or more years, since I was like 12 or13...?
I have low vision; I'm basically blind in my left eye. Does anyone know any convenient ways I can read music ?
what are the other diseases related to eyelid muscles besides ptosis that cause difference in eye size?
i have this burn on my arm..?
I have recently started to have a mild pain in my right wrist. It started after riding bikes since Jan, help?
any practising physiotherapists out there?
i have lower back pain and every time i do dishes and sleep it hurts in the lower part of my back?
how do you know if you have tonsilitis?
ear piercing with a needle?
Terrible headaches every day?
this question has been killing me?
what is the medical term for an abnormal condition of the skeletal muscles?
what is glaucoma?
What is proximal occlusion?
Are the Ice Clear Braces Really Clear?
Getting my wisdom teeth out... IV sedative?
Clear retainers question..
Will it hurt?
getting my wisdom teeth removed in 9 hours!! give me last mintute advice/tips please?
How much are braces?
Is a bleeding gum when brushing your teeth bad?
Is it ok if i can put salt RIGHT ON the canker sore?
Can you have silver teeth?
waht color should i get to make my braces look less noticable?
Teeth Whitening?
which is more gory and disgusting?
how does it feel when they tighten up your teeth (braces)?
When you get braces do they really hurt?
How liable is a dentist for doing a procedure on the wrong tooth?
How can I stop biting my nails?
Question about biting the inside of your mouth.?
Hi! i have a problem!?
I just got back from the dentist and i NEED to know if this is normal [read details]?
I have searched and searched and can find very little on AOPID. Adult onset primary immune deficency. Help?
What's a good multi-alarm alarm clock?
hair products and skin prouducts?
how do you get diabetes?
are the any diabetes support groups in far west houston..like westheimer and bellaire area?
does my diabetes cause all my 24 aday 7 day aweek yeast infections?
What is microcrystalline cellulose?
who has the patent on " Z Finger Technology?
What is a Hita Scan? What is the purpose, what part of the body is scanned.?
Is surgery best options for nasal polyps and sinusitis ?
How can I go about testing my home for allergens?
Permanent or temporary numbness?
how do i take care a of a hyper extended knee?
What are some natural methods to ease pain in/possibly heal tendons?
What are the side affects of the prescription drug soma along with oxycontin ?
Any one need a problem to go away... a person...?
My friend just ate 13 mini magnets what should we do? Please answer?
wat does sit ups help besides giveing u abs like as in for your health or to help u in sports?
neck pain?????????
please help!!!! does it hurt???
What to do for a backache?
Sore body, rashes and itchy skin?
my face is red, dry and itchy on my face!! help i hate it?
how would i get rid of a rash on my neck?
What is this rash on my hand?
does masterbating and ejaculating to much causes knee pain?
my mom asked if i cut myself and i said no, but i do. need help making a decision. PLEASE HELP!!?
Treatment for post-acne marks?
I have this weird bump in the center of my bottom lip.?
I have started getting white hairs in 5 to 6 places. How to avoid white hairs in head?
I have a red bump around my piercing and its bleeding?
What is the fastest way to get rid of acne?
Can too much Niacin cause a rash?
How much for botox for crows feet? I am in Florida?
How to reduce redness of your face?
I'm getting a rash all over for sum reason, I check my crotch to see if it spread to there and it didn't ?
Any Cures for Toenail Fungus?
is there a stretch mark cure?
whats the best way to stop smoking after you ben doing it for year's?
what is the best thing for chigger bites tried lots of stuff help!!?
I just had a burger and fries for lunch and my arteries are probably screaming.?
Does she have an std?
You give oral with a canker sore (Not a cold sore, and...)?
how can I tell if what Im having is a heart attack?
Do you think I'm too skinny?
Is it bad to exercise just before going to sleep?
(im 13) am I underweight?
Need to lose some weight?
Ive gained weight since i joined the gym...help!?
how do a fat girl get a boyfriend, without grossing him out?
What should my diet consist of when I want to look like a body builder and become stronger?
weird white sore in the back of my throat what could it be?
Can Your pediatrician prescribe adderall?
about how long do you have with advance stage 4 liver cirrhsis. how many stages is ther?
Do you know anybody who has lupus?
How do you help a significant other who is clearly an alcoholic?
What could mother have died from?
I just drank WinDex, what should I do?
What is it called when your ovary dissapears.?
why do i cough when i eat ice cream?
what is the death rate from gastrpapresis?
candidacies symptoms?
i need to know if there is any private ( non governmental) laboratory in UAE can make HIV test???
H pylori infection and ulcer?
Could a Black Death plague happen again? and What conditions would be needed for it to happen?
Strep throat that hasn't gotten better after medicine and 3 doctors visits... Any thoughts??
Can we use a BBT Thermometer for checking Fever also?
What are the signs and symptoms of your kidneys shutting down?
What happens when many people drink from the same water supply contaminated with cholera bacteria?
How are antibiotic-resistant forms of bacteria formed?
Ijust had a normal paptest,dose that mean i'm inffected?
If I had Lyme disease, can I still donate bone marrow?
Should you be responsible for a hospitol bill if the Doctor never saw or treated you?
Do you worry about certain bacteria that have developed resistance to medicine?
Chronic Strep? What to do?
what social and environmental factors are affecting the spreading of Measles mumps and rubella?
FLU AND Depression?
Questions about Strep Throat?
I am experiencing swelling and cracking in my knee (also water retention) from an impact injury-what is this?
Excercises for foot (& knee) pain?
How do i get rid of red hands?
can you get melanoma from burning your skin on a flame?
Have unidentified Rash?
What are these itchy white lumps on foot?
Acne No More by Mike Walden reviews?
I have acne and tons of it.How can i get rid of it?
My head is itching a lot?
I have hard tough thick skin patches on the soles of my feet?
Ii have a huge bump on the inside of my lip?
red spots above upper lip?
Eye Problems??
Eye surgery?
if you got eye surgery would they still let you be a pilot/in the airforce?
Whats the best kind of contacts for someone with dark brown eyes??
Eye drops?
More eye problems..?
what is the difference between 2week contact lenses...1month or 1 day.?
Lasic Surgery???
What happens at your first eye exam?
Professor Jan Venter. Booking in for lens refractive surgery soon, (lens exchange surgery).?
I'm Looking for a good plastic surgon to do a breast lift in Columbus,Ohio at OSU Hospital?
Have you been exposed to mercury pollution at home or in the office?
does mango contain vitamin A?
Need help understanding a diabetic coma?
the One Touch Ultra for testing my blood -----?
I am looking for information on a renal (as in kidney) diet, low in sodium and potassium.?
what is the website for lifescan products -one touch ultra?
Diamox...has any one used it.?
Are migraines worse or more frequent among diabetics?
What is the difference between a regular dental cleaning and a deep cleaning?
In the quest for dazzling teeth, how harmful are teeth whitening strips?
in dentistry, what causes a dry socket?
What causes canker sores?
How do you identify the best dentist in a city?
How long does it take your gums to heal?
What is the best toothpaste?
How can I get "crunk" teeth?
why don't people take care of their teeth now-it's 2005 and toothpaste is mad cheap?
Is there anything or are there any drugs to bring someone out of a self induced coma? It's been 6 wks so far.
Do I need a prescription to buy Fosamax in the USA?
I have a laceration just below the wrist. I cut a tendon. Is it safe to go 21 days to have it repaired?
how long does it take to pop back in a wrist bone and what perceger will they do for it ?
Low salt diet - how do you know when you've lowered intake enough?
how can i remove my scars within 2 weeks?
any doctors have advice for someone going into the profession?
can u help me wid hypnotism?
Why does vicodin (or hydrocodone) make people itch when they take it and also why does it give people?
Does Artemisinin cure cancer?
what you think about it?
what are the drugs of rifampin from first to fourth generations?
Does Almighty Cleanse really work?
I am seeking information about Spigella Pink Root?
How do you sooth and upset stomach?
can you tell me why physicians insist to cure the symptoms but not the causes?
Can you help me find a locked container for meds to buy?
are there any alt methods to treat high blood pressure? has any one used norvasc to treat it?
what are the ingredients of Pearl white slimming capsule?
Herbalist out there, Question about rose hips.?
Has anyone tried the herb grapeseed?
how long would it take to get rid of 2 inch of loose skin?
is there a treatment for thinning hair that actually works on men?
Pinpoint Red Dots On My Chest (A couple on my thigh), Not Itchy At All?
What are the requirements for getting Botox injections for you face and does any one know the aproximate costs?
Red bumps on skin!! Help please!!?
Wart-like thing on my chin!!!!!?
how to get rid of blackheads easily?
Burts Bees products that can help reduce the appearance of acne scars?
Eczema rash that won't go away. Help?
What caused this to happen to my lip ring?
Why am I starting to get skin pigmentation?
how long does it take for cats to recover from feline herpes?
Information about herpes?
What is most dangerous: symptomless HPV, or wart-type/visible HPV?
Do you think Western Culture/Medicine will ever accept or invest in Phytopharmaceuticals or Eastern Medicine?
I get cuts/scapes around my private parts?
can long hair cause headaches?
what is the best thing to do if you are being attacked by an alligator?
OMMGG need HELP got into FIGHT!!!?
How can I help soothe my really bad sunburn?
mosquitoes eat me up,?
My throat dries up while sleeping and this is happenning only in the winters. Please suggest/advice.?
If you could cure anyone disease and greatly fund research for two others!?
What can one do to prevent the onset of cardiac arrest after becoming dizzy and feeling backneck aching?
Medical Technology??
preparing medicine?
i need nutrition facts about the virus EBOLa what does it feed off of?
Anyone have mono before?
can you catch thrush through bath water?
sarcoydosis??? medical question?
what are some of the heart dieases names?
What virus/illness is this...? (symptoms listed)?
acidic urine?
How to avoid frequent fever in children with Down Syndrome?
I need a a list of diseases mountain gorillas can get for a report!?
what is smallpox?
what are yeast infection? How can you get them? What are the symptoms?Can they go away by themselves?
how awas Nurse Ratched set up the ward as an anti-cure?
Is it possible for a mother with HIV/AIDS not to pass it on to her child during birth?
What is the most common cause for infection pancreatitis?
Could rash be an effect of birth control??
how to make redness/itchy at face gone ? i think because im allergic of cigar smoke.?
DNA testing?
what are serious symptoms of brian problems? like migranes what could they possibly mean?
Need help on the medicine named FEMISAN?
Children of Vietnam Veterans exposed to Agent Orange, Are You Sick?
What is the best medicine for ulcerative colitis?
what can i do about a sore throat?
do you get nausaus sick at your stomach just before you sneeze?
What can i do to clear my congested ear?
How can allergies appear and disappear?
is there anything that makes you feel hopeful when you're feeling unhopeful?
Has anyone ever had sore spots all over their body with no diagnosis?
What removes burn scars naturally?
How to keep your eyes healthy while working in front of computer everyday?
i have a eye surgery question?
Does anyone know how I can get cheap contacts?
Help! I somehow got a drop of acetone (nail polish remover) in my eye! What do i do?
Has anyone tried The Programme for Better Vision?
My eyes are itchy, red, and with a bit of pain?
I have recently started eye drops (alphagan)for glaucoma & have become dizzy, every day. Anyone else?
Emergency Contact Help??? Professional Eye Practicioners ONLY?
Yes my question is my son in law has been having trouble for awhile when he goes to the bathroom theres blood?
i have these white bumps on the side of my face what are they?
Can staring at the computer cause dark circles?
Swollen eyelid, please help.?
What is wrong with my face!?
little white bump on my lipline?
A rash that doesn't itch or hurt?
Question about skin problem?
Why do things 'itch'?
something weird to ask?
Is there any way to get rid of razor bumps and ingrown hairs?
What is the best way to stay awake?
dizzness with diabetesand fullness in ear?
does anyone know if diabetes is affected by taking water tablets?
where can i buy choice dm?
What are thy sumptoms for Non-diabetic hyperglycemia?
Do Canadian Pharmacies sell diabetic testing supplies?
If you have a root canal, should you be able to feel any pain in that tooth?
Why is it desirable to have a 'grill' on your teeth in the hip-hop community?
Anyone have TMJ? Have you tried surgery, therapy or excersise??
HIV on dentist, please read the details described down ?
Was my cryosurgery done properly?
can you get herpes from sharing a drink?
how does a modified canary pox virus in a potential AIDS vaccine differ from an HIV virus?
Is there a way to tell if someone has an STD from looking at them?
i got hit on my head and i got a bump.. whats the worst that can happen?
has anyone played the choking game...flatline?
Looking for the worlds best knee brace/support?
Need help researching kidney disease diagnosis for granddaughter (4 yrs old)?
mucus to glue?
When does Zocor come off Patent?
Coffee gives me headaches.I've tried exercise/diet/var over counter drugs. How can I SAFELY obtain ENERGY ?
Have you experienced any health benefits from drinking Noni juice?
what is biochemical pathway? Give two samples?
why can i not get into the falundafa australian website?
If your Spleen is not working properly does it cause insomnia/erratic poor sleep. Do Chinese herbs work?
Has anyone ever read From Chocolate to Morphine?
rheumatoid arthritis-any folk remedies?
Are there any doctors within 2 hours of Binghamton, NY who use Prolotherapy in their practice?
i need a discription on a pill?
Do nurses really make a lot of money?
Have you ever heard of The Bach Flower Essences?
I got a cut on each side of both my ankles from feild hockey goalie shoes. What's the best thing to do?
how does magnetic therapy work?
what are the objectives of herbal plants in the field of medicine?
Am about to start a 2 week cleansing fast and i wanted to know is it okay fir me to only drink water, wheat?
what is the address for australian infertilty centre in pakistan karachi?
What are the top ten over the counter natural meds for ADHD children and adults?
Colloidal Silver applied directly to the ear infection?
I'd like to know more about flower essence therapy?
I take a Melatonin pill at night as a sleep aid. Is this bad for my long-term health?
as i mention earlier i need to get medical aid from devoloping countries?
Alo Vera for peeled skin?
Do I have it? should I take the risk, I need answers.?
How to deal with lice?
Do i have some sort of condition? or is it just weird?
How to get beautiful skin. Please help!!!?
Solodyn vs Doryx for acne?
I need an acne medication containing benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, AND salicylic acid?
Is my eyebrow piercing just healing or is something wrong with it?
what happens to tattoes when your skin starts to wrinkle?
scab question.. help?
can you get itchy skin if you have polymyalgia?
As related to addictions, what is the most commonly accepted trigger for relapse?
Is there any rules for children in a apartment complex who deficate in the pool ?
how can i get sick overnight?
how to get rid of gasy stomach pains?
What could this be?People with genuine medical knowledge please.?
can a blind person dream ?
how long does it take to withdrawl from opiets?
What are the symptoms of canker sores in the throat? Feels like a lump in the throat?
can someone get the 'stomach flu' twice within 2 weeks??
I have a research paper and chose Sepsis as my topic. I need some opinions please - have researched the web o
Do i have the flu?
strep throat?
Are hospitals liable for death from infection after surgery?
what does the medical term "vitre" mean?
Does ringworm affect a certain ethnic group?
if i have HSV 1 is it okay to kiss some one who doesnt even when i have no break out.?
how does a cervix become inverted?
Where does Yersinia pestis occur NATURALLY....?
a kaiser orthopedics doctor mis diagnosed me?
Does the company "West Coast Life" test for Hepatitis C when conducting its blood test for life insurance?
could tonsilitus be connected to aids rel crypto meningitus?
I am 5 weeks pregnant and have seen my obgyn?
Does anyone know if there are any ways to stop a cold from coming on?
what is the main source of cancer esp.liver?
The protease used in best at 50 c would u expect this enzyme can be isolated from E.coli?explain?
how does meningacocil spread from one person to another?
Is Chikungunya fatal?
my child has acid reflux, need a list of foods she CAN eat, and recipes?
Why do i always feel like I'm going to die?
please help...!!!!!!!!!!!please please?
Does caffeine really stunt growth?
why do we jump?
how do you make your sunburn stop hurting?
Nausea cure???? HELP!?
sinus pressure is gone except in left ear, and has been there for almost 2 weeks. need help?
Hair Dye Allergy Test?
Mosquito Bites or Hives?
Is the alcohol reaction different in every person?
I want to know of a Pharmaceutical company that will research and market an idea of a drug I have researched?
Fifths Disease?
Can a person get bone spurs from their ankles turning all the time?
how can i tell if my shoulder is out of place of if i tore something; i feel on it a week ago & it still hurts
I'm considering suicide and need everyone out there to give me 10 reasons why I shouldn't do it.?
How do I know when I have an internet addiction?
How long does an amputation surgery take? For a lower leg amputation?
Personal healing experiences from PRK?
should i wear spectacles (without any number) while doing work on computer as i spend more than 6 hrs daily?
How does screen brightness affect your eyes?
how safe is lasic?
What impact have spectacles had on the world?
i have blue circles in the whites of my eyes..what could this be?
where can I find cheap eye glasses with no prescription?
My eye hurts a little when I blink, and it's slightly bloodshot. Anyone know what might be wrong?
Can rubbing compound fix scratches in a pair of glasses.?
Eye and Laser Surgery on Bluebonnet Drive in Baton Rouge, La.?
What would you say my eye color is?
If everyone in the world quit smoking...?
Throwing up remedy - sprite and 7up, why?
when i bend my fingers in the cold the skin cracks and bleeds and the skin goes white and blisters?
why do i always go red and how can i stop it?
How to fade dark spots on my skin in a few months?
Hand Discoloration Help Needed!?
I have these little bumps on my fingers, what are they?
Accutane users only....?
with which razer do you get a better shave with?
Would it cost money to go see a dermatologist?
How Anti Aging can be prevented?
why are my viginal flaps itchy and sore?
Lady at the pharmacy told me how I can only use the anti-fungal cream for a week?
Is Canadian wheat different than wheat grown in the States?
HIV positive man sick always ?
Does Gel Kam restore enamel?
what are the 2 knots on the inside of your mouth, one on each side ?
How does a Sonicare toothbrush charge with no metal connection points?
I got a tattoo 2 weeks ago and i have hard knots on and around tattoo.rest of skin clear. can you help?
Rest is essential in a harsh environment like the desert. In addition to the 6 hours sleep you need.....?
How do you heal a cut on your lips quickly and effectively?
any skin graft experts?
can endromitioces, still grow if u had a complete histromy and they left a couple of leaions insde?
What is the name of that extremely rare hairy disease that some people get. Sounds like hyper/something.......
how deadly is lymphoma B & what type of treatment is used to fight it.?
What is the most effective way to enroll in clinical trials for new drugs against Leukemia?
What is the best cream to help my scar fade?
I just got back from my vacation and I have blisters from sunburns. i think its third degree burn.?
How do you get rid of a sun burn without peeling the skin off?
I have a headache!!!?
How much sleep should a person in their 20's get?
Help with mosquito bites!!!!!!?
why is to much caffeine bad for you?
Throwing up after sleeping?
The sun is out again. I get to leave work early..should I leave real early..like now?
Blood, Hair and HIV?
Is it possible to still get strep throat even without your tonsils?
where can i get sample pelvic ultrasound exam report for my reseach?
i have to bulid a 3D image of mumps. [due tomorrow] .?
Should I go sick to work with a soar throat.?
In the UK by 2001 the uptake of MMR vaccine had fallen from 92% to 75% . Suggest a reason for this decrease?
What is Aerosolized vomit??
norwalk /flu?
the best way...?
Can I be infected by AIDS when licking girls?
Any recent atricle on the Black Plague?
I have mono and everyone says I should feel alot sicker then I do. Do you think I was misdiagnosed?
elevated bilirubin?
I have Tonsillitis and Am on Antibiotics...?
Strep throat!?
HIV and Washing Machines?
what is acidophilus used for?
What are the signs of walking pneumonia?
There's supposed to be only memory of the active ingredient in a homeopathic remedy, so can you overdose on it
Your feelings towards..?
About Selenium?
Are a combination of these vitamins?
Has anyone tried the Colonix & Toxinout body cleansers from DrNatura.com, does it work?
Is there a Drug Too Make Too More Taller/growth?
definition of diet drugs?
TONGUE only real answers please?
what is chelation suppositories?
what is an anti-LEA antibody?
How does enema work? the "external laxative'?
what is the diffrent between dm cough medicine and hc cough medicine and which one is the best?
I'm 35, need both hips replaced. No Ins. What do I do? Can't afford not to work but the pain is high. HELP
Which of the following is a way you could begin an essay that's about the medical uses of iodine?
Does anyone know the Chinese name and characters for Goji berries?
what is the nutritional value of the acai berry?
what is a blue pill with L437 on one side and PM on the other side?
Keloid skin? should I take the risk? I really need some help! please!?
I have acne on my face, and my face is now with lots of holes and scars,wrinkles,my face seems to be very dull?
Itchy bumps with white heads all over body what can it be ?
Help! I already have this zit for 3 weeks now.?
Itchiness all over! What should I do?
Skii boots gave ankle blisters?
i have a few tiny pink bumps on my skin right under my bottom lash line, should I see fam or derm or eye dr?
skin breakouts.........?
OMG! Bump on hand?! WHAT IS IT?!?
What is the best moisturizer for oily (acne) skin?
is the insulin pump accu check good and if not why ??????
can insuline be transported at a bus temperature?
Founder of the Howard Brown Health Center Dr. David Ostrow?
type 2 diab broken toe?
I mean't cooking with oil.... I use canola or olive oil and wanted to know if that affected blood sugar levels
What's the difference between type 1 and 2 Diabetes M.?
what kind of free resources are available for a diabetic who can not get insurance & cant afford med. care?
what is protein build-up on your eye?
Is it possible to figure out my vision using my prescription? (details please)?
is radiography a in demand job now?
what is salsalate?
Difficulty focusing?
Will birth control pills really prevent me from wearing contacts?
ok, my wife went to tha doc becuz her eyes were in pain,tha doc found metal in one eye,wat can happen?
should i make surgery or no?
I have a quesiton on circle lenses?
About how much will an exam and contact lenses [without insurance] will cost me?
Question about contact lens name brands...?
Anyone had DCR to clear a blocked tearduct and it failed?
My mom has a problem, help!?
Is it bad to sleep during the day and stay up the whole night???
Trouble sleeping?
how can i get rid of a constantly stopped up ear?
I quit smoking, but I can't sleep?
Help im going on a plane and have a stuffy nose. The steam thing doesnt work?
What joints can/do you crack?
I've had a stomach problem and was wondering if anybody else has this a might know what it is?
Why is this: I am not hungry (I feel full) but my stomach grouches??
My baby Brother keeps pukeing everytime he gets hungry and eats any type of food.?
Horrible plugging in my right ear. How do I get rid of it?
i quit cigarettes, now I dream every night, before dreams were rare for me, why is this happening?
I have 12 gage belly ring and would like to buy more but where?
Has Anyone Ever heard of or had Foot detoxification?
how to protect against bird flue?
what does numbness in ur hands and upper arms and sometimes feet mean?
What sort of chest pain is produced by Fosamax when it causes esophagitis?
what is mercer staff infection in the blood? And is it treatable?
fever with body aches and a little raw stomach?
Is it true that if you have the "right" finances you have a better chance of beating HIV or cancer?
Is there a list of physicians who accept Medicaid in Central Florida?
What is causing my Nieces bumps? Bad reaction to Vaccine... or allergy?
Okay so I'm allergic to Advil...?
sinus my daughter has cronic sinus, future problems and alternative medicine?
toprol XL reactions?
Can you b e allergic to Melatonine Tablets and if so, what would be the symptoms please?
i have a red patch on my uvula (the dangly thing at the back of throat)?
potato and strawberry allergy?
What type of OTC Acne medicine should I get?
pale legs and the rest are dark skin?
Certain-Dri doesn't work for me! What can I do?!?
what happened to leif garrets face? is it scars or birthmarks, possibly michael jacksons disease?
Quick question about steroid cream?
Itchy scabs on my head?
help acne reaction, what should i do!!!?
Above my left knee a few inches, underneith my skin I feel a small hard lump...?
I have bumps on my arms, legs, and stomach? Also some weird looking other bumps to!?
How do I remove acne scars?
Acne Scars on face/arms?
How does stress cause zits?
Rash under pugs leg really worried any suggestions?
Does Vitamin B 12 help a hangover?
Question on gum recession.?
Dental Tooth implant Procedure and experiences?
what is a triple ball wacker ????
Are there any?
What is a home remedy for vocal cords?
When is the best time to eat viatamins or herbal suplements?
Does anybody know of any spiritual healers in Northern England?
specialist to set a broken humerous for an uninsured person?
Virus going around....in WI and possibly states nearby?
My girlfriend has been diagnosed with PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) will she become infertile?
Is it safe to drink alcohol on penecillin?
Are upper respiratory infections contagious?
will your doctor let you know your hiv test results if it is positive?its been 3 weeks why has he not calld me
Sore throat?
whats an ulcer?
How many times can you get the flu in one season?
Can blokes catch bird flu as well????
where is the best place to be a nurse at? i.e. most money, best climate, best unit?
Could viruses be programmed to target cancer cells and destroy them?
Should we start preparing for future isolation due to the bird flu in the UK?
Is pseudomonas a super bug?
What is the nastiest parasite that exists?
How is E.coli beneficial to humans?
Work complains about my doctor appointments. What is the best way to handle this situation?
what would cause your blood sugar to drop as soon as you finis eating?
Has anyone ever done research using magnets to help with the pain of diabetic neuropathy of the feet?
Does geting the flu cause sugars to rise....?
how to work ansiscope?
Is Novo Nordisk Flexpen available in Canada?
Does anyone know where to get help paying for eyeglasses in Ga.?
What colour would you call this? [pic incld]?
Anyone have surgery to correct strabismus?
is there anyone out there who has keratoconus? if so, have you had treatment?
is it ok to wear my contacts past the expiration?
color contact lense?
Is it normal for the eye?
How much do you have to pay???
where is the casino in ny?
anyone ever buy contacts online?
Would taking bilberry make eyes more red?
fingerprints and hereditary dna doe that effect the fingerprints please guve some facts?
How can I easily soothe a baby's diaper rash????????????
Does getting stitches hurt?
My thumb is full of pus should i empty it?
whats going on in my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I'm Confussed?
what is the normal range of serum creatinine in a 43 year old female?
what is the expected time frame of leave from work after a heart catheritization?
what is a occult metastases?
What would myelos and metas in a blood count differential indicate?
What happens after the stage where you can't use any of your limbs due to MS?
i have a gallbladder scar that gets very sore and has little nodules could this be adhesions ..?
what is cardiac myopathy?
My grandmother is 72 and had a severe nosebleed, does that indicate she had a stroke? Thanks~Julia?
Should I pop Poison Oak rash blisters? What's the quickest way to heal?
Chest acne and backne?
symptons related to boils?
why are overweight people at risk from cellulitus?
Why is my skin red - PLEASE HELP ASAP!?
Can i use a lotion that contains 4% of alchool and erythromycin and then put foundation over it?
how to see when I'm blind?
help me find applications for noyes memorial hospital?
What are some execises that can be done to build up strengt in an arm after fracturing the medial epicondoyle?
I"m looking for an open ended compression sock material which I can cut to lenght and make my own sock.?
where is the best location to find clients who want to get vitamins and vitamin imformation?
ok, i have very smelly pee . This is gross but, It smells like a rotten out house. Drink lots of water then I?
What could cause the bottom half of your hand to be numb all the time, ie.pinkie, middle?
Can Alzheimer be prevented?
what would happen if you mixed herion, meth, cocaine, lsd and every other drug together?
what is the best cold medicine out now?
How do you cure long term diarrhea?
I missed taking my iron for a month. Should I take a whole bunch now to catch up again?
Why do I have these lumps??
Good for my Health but Against my Morals What should i do?
dont know whats wrong?
Is it normal to have a cold burning sensation after doing the nasty with yourself?
pink dots all over my underwear? how did they get there?
Question about hpv and pregnancy?
Are sleep aids safe?
If you know don't hesitate?
name brand discount diabetes supplies?
Is this the right Diet for Diabetics ? http://diabetics.blogspot.com?
before 6 month i sudenly discovered that i am a diabetes paitient then after that i controlled?
where can i find a forum about diebetes and hypothyroidism?
I have diabetes type 1 and I am having a hard time trying to lose weight...any suggestions?
is aerius harmful to your body? ( allergy medicine )?
Am I allergic???
Why do ears get red?
Does anyone know how much it normally cost 2 see an allergist?
I feel i have shortness of breath or something? plz helppp!?
Weird bumps under my arm?
Big Red Spots On Arm???
Clinique Acne Solutions and bronzer?
Can I only use the renewing cleanser from proactive or will that mess up my skin?
Ear infection help??????!!!!!!?
Does keloid surgery work?
Used veet for sensitive skin and now I have a huge burning rash?
How do i cure my skin?
what is a skin tag and how do i get rid of it?
What is Laser Vein Removal?
Did you know?
how do i get rid of a sore throat?
Why is it that all of the deadly viruses are always from Asia???
strep throat question?
17 days of viral meningitis and still no improvement?
I have Cornea ulcer for more than a year,and the ulcer is thick.Is PRK(Lasek)surgery better for me or transpla
any idea for curing from a bad sore throat?
I got a flue Shot and 90 days later got a really bad Flu. Did the scientist miss the flu strain this year?
I need to find endo doctors in the Buffalo, Ny area who are familiar with hashimotos Encephalopathy?
What are cures for e coli?
My dog has mange but I' not sure what kind it is. When will he get better?
what is the meaning of skepefractic?
when do mosquitoes become active in oklahoma?
advice 4 impetigo?
Should We Kill ALL Birds In The World?
Anywhere in DC where I can take a phlebotomy course?
Is heptacal good for someone with liver diease?
Other than exercise and calcium do you have any tips that can help an elderly man with reumatoid arthritis?
I errored before. What is a BNP heart test?
what is medical condition called devils grip?
What is the diffference between accute/sub-accute and chronic peripheral neuropathy?
where can I buy organic aloe vera juice from?
should i mix(as in take at same time) strattera and adderall together...if i do then wat would happen?
Can antidepressants give a person vertigo?
has anyone done a comparative study of cellfood with bio-strath?
Does the see clearly method really work, and if so how does it work?
Dr boviers 908 Sahara Trail Poland Ohio 44514?
I hyperextended my knee week, it still hurts??
for the passed few nights i haven't been able to get any sleep?
PLEASE i need someones help so bad!!?
if you smoke 1 cigarette how long does nicotine stay in your blood?
I think i drank too much cough medicine help me please?
When i read a book for some minutes my eye starts getting blood?
How long till I can see clearly with my RPG contact lenses?
Can i go for yearly Visual Acuity check at local eye wear shops instead of eye clinics?
Help with contact lenses!?
Is Solo Care Aqua is right choice for B&L Purevision lenses?
Lasik or PRK surgery for contact sports?
When I try to put a contact in my eye it blinks?
is alot of wind bad for ppl wearing contacts?
Welding Goggles and Light Sensitivity?
Getting fitted for contacts?
Lately I've been waking up and my right eye?
i can see fine with my right eye...?
dermatologists in El Paso, TX?
can i drink alcohol on tetracycline?
help with chest and back spots?
where to buy retin-a without a prescription?
comedonal acne and treatments?
HELP! red bumps clustered together then dissapearing. feels like chicken pox but looks like mosquito bites?
can tumors look like mosquito bites?
what acne product worked the best for you?
How To Get Rid Of Hickeys And Fast?
what is the fastest way to get rid of ringworm?
Skin condition worsening...?
Am i getting sick? best way to get rid of it?
Will a lip ring irritate my eczema?
any herbal medication or plants to cure human pulmonar fibrosis?
I want to lose some weight, i need some one to talk to can anyone help ?
If I don't eat for a day will that hurt me?
what role whould a sodium bicarbonate IV drip play before and after an angiogram?
can you live off of only fruit, veggies, water and lean fish and meat???
I need to lose between 50 and 70 pounds from july 4th to august 8th?
what is popliteal cyst?
What can be done to lower the cholesterol and trygricerids levels; I can't do exercise and on diet every day!
Can foreplay give u an STD?
can you get finnacial aid if youve already gotten it ?
when i walk, i walk inward and it seems to make me faster than others, will this harm me later in life? I'm 15
I need to know more about Tribal 1st an Indian workers compensation?
does metamucil contain gluten?
Does www.ThinkPhysicalTherapy. org work in your browser?
What are all the Bad habits do you have? How you will change it?
It's a new year! A time for change, betterment, re-invention to a certain degree. What one thing would you
please,can you give me an addresses of chiropractors in New York City who have Electro Acuscope, Electromyopul
how long are boils infectious?
Does anyone here have HIV or Aids ?
Do you know a source to buy Jerusalem Artichoke (or Sunchoke)?
how can i make plantain tea?
does glucobetic work for type 1 diabetics?
can I take xanax with type2 diabetes?
Accu=Check Complete monitor, is reading Memory Error with the number 2362 on it, what does this mean?
Should I take it?
Red, itchy bumps after being slapped?
reviews on benzaclin?
quarter size itchy bumps on my arm?
Where can I purchase sorbolene cream? ?
My chest has a bump in it?
skin condition?? idk what it is?
Acne Scars :/ please answer!?
are dark lips permanent? any remedies to cure it?
Best way to clear spots naturally!?
What causes tiny black spots at the back of the body?
Epsom or sea salt for acne?
When you wake up in the morning do you feel better getting straight up or having a few 10minute snoozes?
Has anyone heard of a case of Carpal Tunnel developing in a weeks time from repetitive and strenuous actions?
lately ive been over extending my shoulder and i slowly let it go back in. the problem is?
Elbow Pains?
what are the examples of the epithelial diseases?
where can I find free alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Sacramento California?
i need a comparison between oxyplatin & cisplatin, including efficacy, safety?
Do you know any natural or alternative medicine for heartburn?
what are the symptoms of hepatitus C, and what happens if left untreated?
I need all new teeth on the top so I can get rid of my dentures, what should I do?
I have periodontal disease in my mouth but my insurance is taking so long to aprove the surgery what can i do?
When will The Numbing Cease?
i think im allergic to liquor, i wake up with little bumps on my arms n hands, any help?
How long should it take for a food to work out of my babies system?
Reacurring Allergic Reaction... ?? Help =/?
What happens in the body that triggers late onset allergies?
Is it possible to have an allergic reaction to nickel free stainless steel?
Any recommendations???Please I have a common allergy issue?
Improve vision?
Serious red eyes.......?
Is it possible to get HIV if you both have sores in your mouths?
is staph transmitted?
Can you get hiv this way?
how do i get rid of dark circles around the eyes?
Can a Acrochordon (Skin Tag) grow on top of a mole?
Severe Dermatitis On Hands?
how to heal blisters that dont go away?
Little black bugs on my scalp?
what is that stick type thing in the middle of my body that has hair on it and sticks out?
weird rash-thing on my upper arms?
what does a blood pressure reading of 177/44 indicate?
blood pressure is 76/45 is this to low?
Any medical people out there can tell me about Sky Bone Expander, a medical treatment?
when you put peroxide on something...?
how do i get the burn to stop when you burn your hand?
How do I deal with watching a relative die in front of me?
what is pneumonitis?
what shoes are good during medical residency?
Is it common for the surgical pen (attatched to a broken leg)to poke thru the skin?
Why are my ears always filled with fluid? it makes me nautious and have headaches.?
I sometimes get a sharp, shooting pain in my back (near my hips). It lasts for a few seconds. What could it be
Has anyone had surgery for Carpal Tunnel?
i am looking for alt methods of tattoo removal, i.e. fade creams, something hopfully that someone else has use
I had/have mono and was wondering if I can spread it.?
what do viruses eat?
Ok, how do you explain to a person who doesn't believe that when you have a cold that you ARE sick,?
ugh, im stuck with the flu!?
My mother just had a test result showing white blood cells in her urine. What does this mean?
are biopsies for temporal arteritis always accurate or are there false positives or false negatives ?
What is involved in flushing your renal systems.?
what is a sist. and how do you get it.?
Which viral disese that can occur in childhood and then reappear in adulthood in a more serious form?
how to treat a staph infection?
Im always sick!?
Have I the flu...?
ring worm?
Can mono turn into another virus if it aint treated properly?
Hep C and Blood?
what are some malaria symptoms???
diagnososis of enterobacter??how can we identify it in laboratory???
Diabetes and the Glycemic Index?
I need help getting insulin I have no money do you know where I can get it?
what can i do to help myslef fall asleep?? im sleep deprived?
What are some symptoms of athlete's foot?
Is there a shampoo you can use if you're taking a drug test (hair) ?
where can I buy aloe vera juice?
Sandpaper feeling bumps on childs back...?
When i get nervous i get blotches on my chest?
Weird burning feeling? 10 pointss.?
What is the best moisturizer for sensitive dry skin?
how to get rid of these bumpy spots on face?
how can i get rid of the sting of my arm pit?
Do you think my sis is fat..?
Am I overweight for my age and height?
My after-Christmas diet starts tomorrow, any tips?
Would it be possible for a doctor to do reconstructive surgery on ribs?
i have 3 bulging disk my lower back, i am 57 is this a normal thing at my age?
can you use these following types of wounds in a sentence, puncture, laceration, avulsion, abrasion?
How can I strengthen my ankle?
Where can I find the right HORIZON Blue Cross Blue Shield NJ info?