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knee pain?????
what organ is located above right hip?
Permanent dry eyes due to Accutane?
Amo complete moisture plus purpose solution?
Does being a preamature baby increase chances of vision problem in the future?
is there a natural cure for colotis?
Did Chinese footbinding for 1000 years decrease occurance of diabetes type A, probably lethal for bound feet.?
i am looking for a company called diabetic management services or dms?
I'm looking for a new blood sugar tester,for diabetes. I think it's Breeze ease or breeze easy or something.
What does Glom Filt Rate mean on a blood test?
Is it true that if you're near-sighted, your vision gets better as you get older?
Any family doctor recommendations near Campbell/Los Gatos CA?
where is gastric located?
What causes the dry and cracked lips of a child having Kawasaki Disease?
Why do i get goose bumps when i lie?
What does the prostate gland do, and why is it so susceptable to cancer?
How can I reduce swelling with cystic acne?
What are the side effects of the drug 'Singulair'?
I have darker patches of skin I'm worried please help!?
Extremely sore, cracked and dry hands...nothing helps..?
Wrist problem?
I just hit my head pretty hard?
plz reply to my injury!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
hep c ?, is being on methadone hurting me?
Does drinking soda make your strep throat worse?
Why have I never heard of "norovirus" until recently?
Can someone get mono again after 5 years?
Adnoids Confused?
current statistics on HIV, HBV, HCv infections acquired by medical professionals?
what is hiv virous?
Shouldn't the fever be gone by now?
Sore ankles from jogging?
How come everytime i wake up, my arm is aching? Should there be a certain way I sleep?
Is it true that if you crack your knuckles a lot, you will get arthritis?
Would 10 painkillers be anough to overdose and die, or you need 15?
I have a REALLY bad sore throat and I can't go to the doctor??
Im 16 weeks pregnant and they did a blood test and they said I had antibodies what causes this? what's wrong ?
But is it truly normal for his stuff to not show any signs for herpes?
How quickly can I spread gonorrhea after being exposed to it?
Embaressing Bodies! Cure for anal fissure.?
is it normal to have pain when urinating, when you have thrush?
Complete Amos Moisture Plus?
Can I become a doctor even if I make b's, a's and the occasional c?
Is the length of your hand exactly equal to the length of your face?
I have the worst eye allergies. What can I do to ease them?
can sinus inflammation cause cloudy vision or even eyes to cross?
how long does it take for medrol to start working on an allergy?
how serious is bilirubin in infants?
what is scolioses? who at risk? is there any cure?
what is the good treatment for Peyronie's disease?
I managed to skin my face. Don't know how?
Salmon oil or fish oil for dry,sensitive skin?
Extremely dry, flaky skin on face?
how do you give a hickey?
Face is red and possibly irritated?
Is accutane really worth taking?
I'm freaking out over this "cluster" of bumps or w/e it is?
My skin is SO dry, but when i put a lot of mosturizer on it gets greasy?
body itching problem?
Am I fat??
i am an african american women who has a problem with the color of my neck being darker than the rest of my sk
I would like information on Bryeta or byreta a weight loss medication?
why do some diabetics food contain certain sweeteners cause cancer in lab aminals?
can U.S. doctors do pig cell transplants to humans. What re the procedures and costs. Are there any risks.?
What do peptides do in the body?
What substance do humans abuse the most?
Why do people get goose bumps when they're cold?
Just what are bedbugs and are they dangerous?
how long will it be until braces stop hurting?!?!?
important~~!!!!!!! for my HEALTH?
what helps with calf cramps?
how bad does it hurt....?
bad back pains?
my friend took 4 advils. will she be alright?
Can someone please tell me what vicodin is used for?
Eye(s) help please?
Pain in left Neck, should, and arm?
Why do my feet ache when i take my first couple of steps out of bed in the morning everyday?
my mums shoulder hurt which exercise should she do?
Stress Relief? Give me one?
Why do I feel light headed?
do your teeth fallout if you wear your braces too long?
how do you know if you have gingivitis?
Do you rinse your toothbrush under water then add toothpaste?
My son is scared of the dentist...any advice please???
why were i brushing my teeth this morning and my gums began to bleed?
Omg! Getting Braces Off Soon!!!?
How do you know if you need braces?
Should i get my toungue pierced?
bad breath?
Why do pennies "stick" when placed on the temles of the head or forehead?
Has any heard of Cantron as a cure for breast cancer?
i want to learn more about massage. How do I get started?
how can I increase dopamine and serotonine levels in a natural way?
I am reading about the benefit of eating plant sterols.?
How to find potential customers to buy a health product?
difference between reiki & Rubenfield synergy method?
Does any ones child take concerta?
where i cound download enviromental sounds e.g waterfall. rain or relaxation music freely?
Plaaning a wedding and worried abut money for bills and a place to live??? any help?
goes goldenseal work to pass a drug test? Particulary marijuahna?
Is the national exam hard for massage?
will Hypnosis work for me?
What would be the effect on a humans body if you take spirulina capsule?
what is barrenwort?
does anyone know how to become a certified herbalist in PA?
Is Rice milk bad for babies?
severe razor rash on legs help ?
How long does E45 cream take to really have an effect and get rid of dry skin?
I Have really Itchy Sunburn Please Help ?
Is it possible to get infected with two kinds of hepatitis? Like my dr. told me I have hepa A and also hepa B.
What is inside a recovery room?
Is this a bite or a wart? (link included)?
how to get rid cold sores easily and faster? HElp please!!?
Baby Capuchin Disease?
can contacts damage vision?
Is it possible to have PID (pelvic inflamatory disease) if u r a virgin?
Could I have PID?? Please help!!!!?
why antibiotics not work against virus?
best way to get rid deep acne scars by june 2011, my wedding :(?
Is Mono contagious when it is in its dorment mode ?
How do you know if you have the deficiency?
americanindidan health?
what is the best way to relax and destress?
Best bottled water?
do they test for herpes or hpv while pregnant?
how can i remove my stammering problem?
what is rociolla?
getting rid of a long lasting cough?
how to break this habit?
What is the best way to ease depression?
is it normal to be suicidal for months?
What do I do from here? Serious answers only....please....?
Best answer 10 points!!!!?
Am I crazy?
What to do about my mom?
why do people get so emotional on yahoo [email protected]?
Is it bad to bottle your emotions?
allergic rhinitis treatment?
What are (if any) long term effects of various allergy/cold medications?
skin and scalp DERMATITIS?
why do i have little white bumps on my face?
Alright so I ordered a chemical peel for acne?
What kind of spider bit me?
When I get stressed, I get a rash starting at my arms and then moves to my stomach, back and then my legs.?
tragus piercing bump?
Why do acne products not work?
what is causing me to have so much pain in my lower legs every time I walk?
what vitamins are best for musle leg cramps?
If someone gets kidney stones, is there any way they can help prevent them from re-ocurring?
I have this pain that started in my chest then went to my back then to my neck, what do you think it could be?
how do you get rid of a headache?
Headache when standing?
How can I get a perscription for lortab?
Im in pain , toothache please help?
I have sciatica, which doctor should I go to?
Can you buy tylenol 3 in america without a perscription?
I have pain in my back ?
Headache for more than a week?
A noise woke us up..................?
Pain and and the meds aren't working, help?
I have been having bad back problems, what is wrong?
how will a doctor classify o person with a FBS of 4.1-5.9mmol/L is the person diabetic. thanks?
What is Metformin XR 500mg pill 6065 ?
how long does the presence of drugs stay in your hair for a hair drug test?
Non-Prescription Contacts??
awoke with large eye, red, and sort of numb--help ASAP?
what happens when the pupil of your eye gets pinched during sergurey?
Is there anyway to get your eye sight better?
I suffer with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. What medications do you take? I take raptiva & embrel?
Is there an alternative to being sedated thru the death process to take care of pain, but still be aware?
what does it mean when you have thicking in your lungs?
Besides FMLA what other leaves (if any) are available for cancer patients?
How can I help my husband with his weight loss?
Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of throwing up to lose weight?
what is 15% of 125?
have i eaten healthy today?
How can a pound of muscle weigh more than a pound of fat?
I'm 13 and want to lose weight!?
do you think middle schools should have healthy foods?
I'm only 5ft 3 I feel so short!! Girls - how tall r u?
Why do people leave the water running while they brush their teeth?
How long after you loose all your teeth can you get braces?
Should I have a root canal or pull it?
I'm addicted to eating ICE, how do I stop??
whats good for a tooth ache if you cant afford to go to the dentist right now?
OMG. Having Blood Test & Injections tomorrow. NEEDLE PHOBIC PLZ HELP? I'm 14?
Has Lysine helped with your herpes?
how safe is the p24 HIV test? and after how long it can detect the HIV virus?
Shyness HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
The tops of my arms are always cold?
Does drinking water actually help acne ?
How to get rid of Stretch Marks? (Thighs)?
What are these red bumps on my daughter?
What are these bumps called and how can i get rid of them?
Are you attracted to warts on people, especially with ones with hair coming out of them?
is Driclor can also be a solution for dark underarms?
Could this be a dormant staph infection???
What is the life span of a cold germ?
catching aids?
Is Kawasaki disease infectious?
Has Anyone Ever?
what is bayer schering pharma rank after aquisition?
how long does it take for all the chicken poxs spots to show?
Does superoxygenated water sterilization kill e. coli 0157 toxin?
How long will I be contagious?
If you have a perscription for pain killers will the pharmacy call the doctors office to (continued below)?
I have the most painful "crick" in my neck...help!!?
daily tension headaches with stiff neck?
Migraine!!! help?
Pain in both arms in the morning?
Besides aspirin, any suggestions to get rid of a headache?
Sharp pains on my right side under rib cage shooting now to my back-?
Does Ibuprofen make you depressed?
how do you know if you have a kidney problem and how do you fix it??
i already had this burn for a month what can i do?
how do i lvl up?
Can you over-do those natural stomach medications?
side effects of xenaderm?
is the sleeping med??
is there any relation between blood pressure & hi/lo tide?
What are the most important factors in human fertility?
is it true that our blood in blue until it meets with outside oxygen?
Is this sleep paralysis?
Strange grooves inside nose ?
Is there a way to rid my dog of allergy causing dander?
I am tired of trying to feed my 1 & 1/2 yr baby, with various foods by different methods. Any suggestion pls?
How long do burns last?
What is this on my forehead .?
Very Painful bump underarm. HELP!?
What age does acne start going away?
I have a VERY oily face therefore I havevlots of breakouts wut can I do?
hard itchy lump after tick bite?
I need to find sulfur soap ASAP!!?
weird rash that looks like petechiae rash?
I Have Braces, Do I Need To Floss If I Brush + Use Mouthwash? x?
braces in alot of pain?
why do my teeth hurt?
how does mouthwash kill bacteria?
does using glasses much can decrease eye number(eyesight)?
Wisdom teeth are going to be pulled next week..how bad is this..?
I think i need braces do they hurt???
Burning Eyes and Contact Lens?
I need to get a root canal, I dont have insurance. What can I expect to pay?
Why does my Eye keep contracting?
I had a dream that I was getting married in a white dress...what does this mean?
How can I make re-occuring dreams STOP!?
If you haven't went #2 for a few days, what should you do?
is it true that every time you sneeze you die?
How can I keep ticks & mosqiutos off of my kids this summer, I have tried just about every bug spray.?
How many asprin can I take in one dose?
What are the symptoms of diastolic hypertension? and how to control it?
has any one ever heard of Alternating hemiplegics of childhood?
What is the common name for cleft lip/cleft palate?
Why is hearing loss due to excessive noise most likely to be in the middle of the audible frequency range?
are men the first to contract the hiv virus first before women?
Would someone's blood be able to get into this cut?
can rabies transmit from person to person?
How could the HIV virus still be alive in an infected syringe that was left for days ?
My 5 yr old has a mild fever, is lethargic, and is a little cold (chills)?
What are the causing affects of avian malaria?
What are good resources to look up E.Coli?
Could hypoparathyroidism create same symtoms?
does certain types of bacterial infections have yellowish discharge?
Will I lose weight if i only eat 2 granola bars and a salad everyday?
5'5 102 pounds- gain weight or ok?
what if i do this? will it work?
my friend is 13 4'10 and weighs 103 is she fat?
is there a way to lose weight with out exercise?
Do you think I'm fat?
if u are 55 pound and 13 can u die?
Am i Fat? Tell me what you really think!! sry no pic?
Can I stop being bulimic by myself?
When should you weigh yourself?
Is this a healthy weight for a 14 year old girl?
What do you consider big thighs?
How can i get rid of my leg cramps?
How many fingers are on a left foot?
applying heat to calf cramps?
What is the name of the stuff that piercers use to numb your tongue?
is cutting yourself healthy?
what drug can I take for the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome?
whats the best way to detox at home off of morphine and oxys?
Is my left knee possible hurt? Whats wrong with it?
ARGGGGG, OMG WTF?!???????????????????????????????
Do Vagisil Creams Work?
Help! I have really dry face because of acne product.?
i have small red lumps under each armpit?
I have a plantars wart... I have use the acid and the freezing stuff to try and get it off. It is very painful?
Could this get rid of lovehandles!?
How, and what should I do to remove oil and black heads from my noise.?
Eczema question, alternatives to steroid creams?
What causes both feet to tingle?
What is this red bump on the corner of my mouth?
Why did I go blind and pass out randomly?
How to get rid of blackheads/whiteheads? Right away? Any tips?
Do all diabetics have realy dry skin?
Are Antibiotics good or bad?
is pnuemonia contageous?
Are there any syptoms for the recall on the product Amo?
The doctor said I have borderline glaucoma, how long will it be before it gets really bad?
in chicago where is there a sliding scale clinic for diabetics?
non physical reasons to avoid drugs?
How do blackheads and whiteheads form? How can I prevent them?
I have a bump on my finger! What should I do?
my dog is itching everywhere she has red spots all over even tiny bumps what could be causing this?
pain in right side of throat when swalling, with shooting pain in the ear, what could it be?
What is malaria. Outline it's causes and causative agent. Explain in detail all you know about malaria.?
femer fracture?
Is cracking your knuckles bad for you?
why i have burning sensation in my private parts?
What other conditions resemble herpes?
Acute Pharyngitis/ Scared of STD HELP!!!?
What types of grass pollens are high during may and june in NY?
what are some symptoms of stds?
In blood donation, will the med tech find out if you have STD's like syphilis? (2Quest:Is my grammar correct?)?
can herpes take a months to start showing symptoms?
I think I have HPV! HELP!!?
the external cream"daktacort"(miconazole hydrocortisone 30g?
how bad does piercing your ears hurt?
Which one: Tylenol or advil?
how to stop youself from cutting?
Waaahhh! Am I mental?
abuse, can abuse make the mind go crazy?
how do you stop panic attacks?
getting happy?
how to know when there is a tapeworm inside the stomach??
Are these lumps something to worry about?
wah i dont have any contacts or friends on my list someone add me?
are palm dates good for health?
How long will my mouth be sore after getting braces?
which is better sunscreen? bullfrog /or /baby block??
Gray teeth?
Which do you prefer? The dentist or the eye doctor?
Help please.., Is the Lazic Laser treatment is good one for eyes?
How do I receive a free donor, sorry don,t understand this site, where are the contacts etc?
Eye problem?
How do you overcome insomnia?
When people get air bubble/s into their blood stream they die. Why is that?
When having surgery - why can't you eat for a certain amount of time before?
why do people speak about dying of old age when there is really no such thing?
Will the chemicals from hair dye damage my lungs?
theres random bumps on my arm?
what causes ingrown hairs on legs and how can i get rid of them?
What can cure my acne, like when I go to get a facial what should i ask for?
what are some things to help eliminate psoriasis please Help me!!?
Is Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense lotion good for preventing and clearing up acne?
can i use eggs to whitening my face ?
What are the parts of the immune system?
what is the contraindications/indications to epilepsy in facial treatments?
After giving the insulin injection to a paitient acidently the needle touches my finger, is it dengerous?
Reguarding bird flu N95 masks,how long should I wear one before changing and how many should I have on hand ?
What vaccinations are in comvax and pediarix?
who can help with diabetes with in australia?
how long does it take for cocain to exit your system?
What is Strepe D?
Is there any cure for hepatitis B?
why when we get sick do we say we caught a "bug"?
what can I do to counteract weakness and dizzyness after recovering from the flu virus?
hints on getting over the flu?
Is there a cure for the common cold? What's the best thing to do?
questions about the stomach flu?
eye disease?
using symlin a new drug for diabetics will this not cause complication in the gi track?
what is the percentage of incidence of diabetes in Egypt?
I need a doctors help or a nurse , please?
I need to lose weight...?
how do i get that "gap" in between my legs?? someone help me PLEASE!!?
I just slept 18 hours, Is that healthy?
What's the name for that thing that cleans dead skin from the bottom of your feet?
Why when do you sneeze when you walk out into bright sunlight?
headaches!!! help what could it be?
Is there anything that can ease sunburn pain?
Do I need stitches? Please help?
How come you can only get chicken pox once but you can get colds over and over again? i need an answer quick?
How do i heal a cut inside of my mouth?
Please give details of thyroid?
Does a medication against AIDS exist?
my 4 yrold has fever joint pains bloodynoses low white blood count blood in bowels what could cause this?
I can't fully extend my knee why? I was scoped 3 weeks ago. I have osteoarthritis.?
analysis in tuberculosis?
What could potentially happen after having a stroke?
Why do they put Braille dots on the keypad of the drive-up ATM?
what does it mean in diseases wax and wane?
Does One a day teen advantage for her help clear acne?
Is it possible to get a skin graft for damaged skin?
What is Laser Skin Tightening?
Acne, I need help....?
I've had this thing on my skin for a few weeks now (picture), do you have any idea what it could be?
how to have baby or dry skin?
I have enough acne already.?
Why do I have a dry patch on my chin?
My eye sight is weak(.75)Doctor prefered glasses.But i can see clearly without them so i m dont wear.Is it OK?
Natural Remedy For Acne?
what is the best type socks for walking in below freezing temp's and snow?
Are you able to remove your bowels on your own?
what symptoms are these?
what is the best antibiotic for Strep throat ?
What are some remedies for chicken pox?
How do you cure a cold?
Why do people think fibromyalgia is fake?
Do you have to take meds daily or multiple times daily?
What is the name of a THYROID doctor?
Need help with a sore throat.?
Would you consider a "random" drug screen with 12 hours' notice truly random?
what part of the body most attractive?
what is the best home remedy for headache ?
Does chapstick heal your lips or does it prevent them from becoming more chapped?
If you had two left feet would you be embarassed?
Why are cats so allergenic?
i am now 19 & my hair is drop to continuely plz give me some advice?
Why do we get hayfever?
Where is the nearest dialysis treatment center near fort riley ks?
does it hurt after you die?
how much grieving is normal?
What would you do today, Saturday, if you knew you were going to die early Sunday morning?
what do you call the phagocytes of the brain?
will this new comet cause a flu epidemic like in the early 1900's?
how long after someone takes medicine for a cold sore is it safe to kiss them?
does minocylin have penicilin?
Lyme disease?
can autoimmune hepatitis be spread?
if there are any eye doctors on here....?
i have twins that are 18 months one has hade roseola this week will the other one get it?
I have a round spot in my back that is dry and itchy has anyone had one of this before.?
How bad does spots have to be to go to a dermo?!?
Weird rash around my eyes?
Did going to see a skin doctor help with your cystic acne?
how can i prevent an old felt arm band from being eaten away by either dust mites or some other parasite.?
Is the ringworm prescription enough?
what do you do if a dove gets hurt on the forehead?
Why are the palms of my hands peeling? ?
weird, a small part of my left arm smells weird even after washing?
what kinds of plants or fruits could carry the fungus that causes fungal meningitis?
What's anesthesia like?
braces! HELP?
how do i get rid of pain from swollen gums?
PLEASE HELP !! i have no dental insurance and A hole in tooth shooting pain in the gum?
Impacted Wisdom Teeth Surgery Tomorrow... Fear?!?
How can i get white teeth without using any type of whitening stripes?
what are some treatments for infected gums?
What color braces? Please answer people who had them or still does!?
Will the dentist numb you if you need a filling for a cavity?
any one is there who can help me?
How can I get rid of Candida?
How do obestiy and physical inactivity affect the structure and function of the circulatory system?
What was mentioned as an inexpensive treatment for cystic fibrosis?
is there a listing of all websites regarding multiple sclerosis?
what is the meaning of temporal hemorrhage?
Any viable new treatments for mouth ulcers (canker sores)?
Hi..is Gleason IV prostate adenocarcinoma be treated? if it's not . can u tell me the life span of the patient
What are symptoms of a bird allergy?
Need more info on false myopia?
Why does my right eye sometimes make a clicking noise when I blink hard or pressure is applied?
Is acathamoeba in the tap water in St. Louis?
whats the worst injury you have ever gotten?
does it mean anything when you dream the same thing almost every night?
i want to loose my weight 5 kgs without any exercise because i don"t have time . i don't eat too much
Am I having a heart attack?
Am I going to have a heart attack?
do you have a heart failure,if you smoke and drink alcohol?
Is there anything out there that lightens freckles?
What birth defects are caused by Acutane?
what is a bumper shut, has nothing to do with cars?
What causes colorblindness and who is affected?
If I want tatt's & piercin's all over most of my body would I be considered an addict or just greedy? Why?
is ADD coverd under the american disabilities act of 1990?
Alcohol and pain killers?
When can I drink alcohol? I've taken Ibuprofen..?
what is a good pain med ?
What alternative treatment that i can use for a rash like acne on my face? I am 32 yrs male.?
my boyfriend has a red rash on his right hand. what or why can this be?
Problem zits? Any remidies, etc.?
How should I remove a mole at home?
How active am I? (moderate, very?)?
Weird rash/bumps on the back of my arms?
I have a personal health question about skin.?
Severe eczema breakout on my neck and tiny bumps!?
Can a family doctor prescribe you for an antibiotic to get rid of acne?
Skin lightening/Fade cream on whole face ?
Are there any Over the counter oxycontin detox systems available, in MA, that I can purchase at say CVS?
Would like to know best & cheapest medicine available in Pakistan for Diabetes type 2?
I would like to talk to a diabetic with charcot and a ankle fusion. I am now in a boot walking cast and have ?
My friends MRI came back today and it said she had "predominant Red marrow in her spine" what does that mean?
Question ;o?
Has someone ever been knocked out in p.e?
My mom has RA(rheumatoid arthritis) Help?
i was told but need to ask again please help with this answer if you truly know.?
How do you fix a low thyroid?
I wake up and I always feel like...?
does mmr vaccinne lead to autism?
what would be a good health topic to research?
does drinking damage your brain?
yellow eyes whats wrong?
Does microwavable foods inflict damage to us? (I need to know the risk and the chances of me still living)?
what is the disease of vertigo?
My pee is green. Will I die?
Ways to keep down a fever?
does or is Tobradex used for pink eye?
How can you get ride of the stomach flu????
Leukimia and HIV.?
best eye center to treat ocular myothenia gravis?
What diseases are affecting South American or Central American countries?
What types of different viruses and flu bugs are going around write know what are some of the symptoms?
can you drink alcohol well using erythromycin?
Is the Polio Virus Hidden or Active?
I need information on Strep Throat.?
Is there any anit-germ thing safe to put on a laptop?
some one who HAD Gynecomastia, can you help me please?
What is this and why is my foot in so much pain?
what are the symptoms of aids?
Is it possible to receive an STD while...?
Is it wrong to cut myself?
How do you treat nose swelling?
Bump in lower eyelid...?
Please inform the exact name of electric sound instruments used by blinds in place of braille?
AAHHH!!! IM FAT!!! :( i think im gonna cry?
Upper leg breaking out in rash?
is 117 pounds over weight if ur 5'2?
I have a sty, can i have more information on it and what to do, please?
Red bumps look like insect but are spreading?
What are the reasons for the pigmentation on the joints of the hand?? and what is the solution ?
My scalp itches very much after using tea tree oil why? ?
I need help with eyebrow dandruff?
Does frostbite cause scarring?
Proactiv -3 step? and blackheads?
why is a tooth ache so severe and unbearable?
How to get rid of dizziness after turning around so many times?
Pain On Left Arm , And Neck, and back pain, and jaw pain, fast heart beat, blackout feeling.?
does it hurt when u get braces?
When getting braces, does it hurt? Do i need to take out teeth?(I have buck teeth on the top)?
I Need Dental Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Whats the best thing to eat after getting your wisdom teeth out?
How long will it take for my gaps to be together?
I feel/hear my teeth moving when i touch them with my tongue? (i also have braces)?
How to whiten teeth without spending to much money?
Can I use iodized salt for a warm salt water rinse after wisdom teeth extraction?
Do I need braces?
Why do we brush our teeth with cold water when we clean most things with hot water?
What are braces like?
about my teeth???????????
HELP! PAIN! I just got spacers. I'm about to get 4 teeth pulled out. And then braces...should i be terrified?
How do i get rid of swollen gums?
what medicine is best for control the wisdom teeth pain?
I am going to the dentist to get perio (deep) scaling and root planning and the dentist insists he take a full
What's the best treatment for gallstones besides surgery?
What can be done to ease pain due to cold joints in the wrist,knee,fingers,toes or ankels? knee?
What is Reyners Disease?
why is night blindness not as common as it used to be?
how do u know if your thyroid medicine isn't working?
What hoops must I go through to see a VA doctor?
How do I get rid of calluses on foot?
What are hiatal hernia symptons?
Where can a 60 yr old man with heart failure find a date?
Heart problems please help?
high blood pressure am i in immediate danger?
How do I raise my blood pressure fast?
I'm having heart pain..?
why does my heart hurt?
Ornithine and arginine for wound healing.?
Is there an organic (free) way to treat trigger finger - How did I get it?
what are some household remedies for an ear infection?
Anyone know of a good Omega-3 containing spread?
What is the best home remedy for a chest cold?
Odaban??? HELP?
my both hands are painin at the joint (elbow) what will be the reason?
whats the answer for intestinal candida?
How much weight did you lose on the Master Cleanse, anyone?
medical marijuana in Mexico?
herbal remedies for cystic acne?
Rash, Help!?
I suffer from dry red eyes mon. thur fri. what can i do. i don't drink or smoke?
Lycium AND Multiple Sclerosis?
I am having trouble accessing Dr. Karen Bird's website. www.drkarenbird.com help?
Has anyone ever had ear candling done?
has anyone been to a homeopathy doctor for osteoporosis?
How can you tell if a hermit crab is pregant?
How do you react to numbness anywhere and pins and needles feeling on foot?????????
Itch and Red bumps. What is happening to me?
Where is Good H I V Treatment in Bangalore ?
the study of disease?
It hurts for my grandson to put weight on his ankles, the ER said he has an abnormal blood condition? Any idea
Does Anyone Know The Affects Of Receiving A Parvo And Dirty Syringe Injection?
What are the signs a person needs glasses?
can scabbies come back 1 day after useing permethrin cream?
need info on a staph infection known by MRA?
what causes dyslasia...?
I have a fever, aching, and throw up whatever I eat?
i have a reaccuring strep throat problem?
i have a cut in the crack of my lip and cols sore there too what can i do to heal both of them?
neutrogena acne stress control scrub?
What should you do for a sweating problem?
whats causing my breakouts?
Have you asked God to heal your life?
why do i have warts on my toes,chest ,and other places?
How to get rid of teenage acne?
cure bump on forehead?
Could it be frostbite?
what is IVIG treatment for CIPD?
How do you get rid of your headache?
Daughter is terriabley sick?
please only girls answer because boys wouldn't understand?
omg help me! my left ear is killing me ?
Scratched Glases...?
Why people feel amnesia during an accident?
Would you ever have plastic surgery? If so, what would you change?
what is a good over-the-counter medicine for a nervous,anxious stomach?
recommended diets for people with diverticulitis?
Sinus infection?
How do allergies work?
I think my husband has an ingrown hair.....But i'm not sure....?
have u ever broken/chipped/something else a bone?
would u rather freeze to death or burn to death?
i weigh 125 am i over weight?
i have no energy and im really sleepy?
what is the best diet to go on to lose weight?
Is A Glass Of Water Every Hour Too Much?
is size 5 big? im 5"7' and weigh about 135 lbs.. is that chunky or fat? or thin..like good thin?
why does the monistat anti itch cream making the itching worse?
What is it and how do I make it go away? Red, dry, rough, scaly, wrinkled patches of skin on my face, arms..?
Anyone have Hidradenitis and does it ever go away?
I lost 30kg over two years and I don't have any loose skin, aside from the side of my thighs?
Why can't I get rid of these spots on my face!?
Tattoo Itching and bumps?
What are these tiny bumps on my arms?
Hey, I used to have bad hives... but now the redness remains?
Is jock itch dangerous?
how to get ride of acne?
what is the latest method on how to perform CPR on a person whose heart has stopped beating?
what is better for lower back pain chiropractic therapy or physical therapy?
how do i get rid of skin tags?
perfect contact lense color?
cheapest place to buy the BEST QUALITY prescription glasses.?
Why do my glasses get darker in the Winter time then the SUmmer time?
How can I help my tird eyes and frontal headache?
Has anyone ever tried clenbuterol?
Has any body else besides myself tried the PURPLE KUSH???
Cancer & medications & alcohol abuse have left a friend almost a veg in Chwk Hospital . Pls help me sve hm?
Hair formula 37?
can you take two pills at once? help plz!!!!!!!!!?
Anyone had any luck with the all natural mood lifter Serenity?
is there any nat medicine ok to take for anixety/stress/ocd/depression while nursing?
do you know how to stop drinking without going to a.a.?
Acne Home Remedies?
whats the best sensual massage?
Dr. Education wants to know?
aciphex or prevacid?
home alternative medicines for hypertention?
intensity of competition of herbal medicine in the philippines?
does the lice pill work?
define bulk drugs?
I was told that Chinese Ginseng is good for calibrating the organs of the body and mind. Is this true?
is hepatitis c virus found in england? or people r safe there?
pink eyes,is it cureable?
When you have a high fever, why sometimes do you feel warm and other times feel cold?
If you know anything about Nystatin?
can r.a. medicine cause low white blood cell count?
how common is cerebral palsy?
If you have a goiter, what does it mean when your amun system attacks itself?
how does the transfering of antibodies from a human who is already immune to a disease work? how does it affec
What does it mean, when you have a low monocyte count?
What is the symptoms of Luslos?
is this chicken pox?
Sick from alcohol???
is weed harmful?my bf think it's less harmful than smoking cigarette.who is expert?
Do you realize that cholesterol DOES cause heart disease?
My great great grandma died of a heart attack am I?
i m a 25 yrs old, i wish to straighten my teeth, Should i go for it? how much will it cost?
I have bone loss due to an infection in my front tooth.. Is there a way to save my front tooth?
Why do people not fix their teeth before they get abcessed?
How can i whiten my teeth?
Is it normal for a 4 1/2 year old to have 2 loose teeth?
If you have a cavity and then you brush your teeth a bunch of times, will it go away?
I'm getting my all of my wisdom teeth pulled out, how long do I have to stay out of school?
My tooth's color blue and gray. It is really bad . Please help me how can I become white tooth?
how often do you floss?
why does some people's mouth stinks ? what can be done to heal it ?
Do you floss regularly? Be honest now.?
Is deep gum cleaning necessary?
do braces tend to give you bad breath???
What causes a 25 yr old to have receding gums?
Can Anyone Out There Relate To This?... Dental Question.?
I dont know how to brush my teeth.
Is it a good idea to brush your teeth with Hand Sanitizer?
Did I get Cheated? My daughter had surgery to remove an impacted tooth.?
Would I get chlamydia if my sister has it and she wears my underwear and then I wash them and put them on?
Gonorrhea from wild water...?
Can Bursitis ever quit hurting. Meds to use.? Creams? anything helpful?
Does clipping the sphincter of Oddi cause diarrhea?
i need information on artificial lungs or lung surgery.?
do shrooms have any ill effects?
Are my symptoms a migraine or sinus headache?
Please help, I am so scared (10 points )?
How to decide if one should have Carpel Tunnel Surgery?
Severe Lower Abdomen PAin?
My left ring finger and pinky are numb kinda strange right?
how can i stop it from hurting?
My ears are hurting! help me!?
Is the gardasil shot as scary as everyone says?
Do you put ice or a heating pad on a torn muscle?
can gas pains be serious?
I am taking Cipro for a severe bladder infection. I have been taking it three days and still hurt so bad. Sho
Questions on RX Pain killers...?
Sore Throat for months!!!! need help?
am i abusing pain killers?
what are the altered effects that occur in the endocrine system in diabetes?
Is there anything that can repair an optic nerve after it has been hit and damaged by a laser beam? thank you
What is this tiny deep hole on skin?
!!HELP!! What are some (QUICK) remedies for getting rid of mild impetigo on the face?
what best Face masks for aging & acne skin ?
Hand Irritation/Rash?
Why does acne spread and how does one go about stopping it from spreading?
Best Acne treatment system! For scars and cysts!?
What is the yellow bump on my daughter's finger?
How do i cure a skin burn caused by garlic?
i used the wart and mole cream thingy but i kinda pulled the my ole 1 week after the application.there ismark?
How do you tell the difference between a break and a sprain?
How can I quickly (and reasonably) break my ankle?
heart pain while running?
how to know if my son's nose is broken?
I have a bruise that's been getting worse, and won't go away...?
My wrist hurts, it was hurting i can't put pressure on it, should i go to the doctor or put a warm towel on it?
When you order contacts online do they really contact your eye doctor or do they just ask for their info?
What's my vision problem? (20/x) What happens at the eye doctor to get your eye exam?
eye question?
Are fluorescent bulbs damaging to our health?
i have an eye question?
What's wrong with my contacts? Or is my vision just messed up?
are contacts withouth subscription dangerous?
Why does my left eye itch when I wear my contacts?
How much more are color contacts than regular ones?
Please Help?????
Am I allergic to them?
does any one have any good gluten free food stores to go to i already know there is whole foods but....?
Skin colored/red bumps symptom of rabbit allergies?
Is there any treatment for allergy?
Why don't i have pollen alergies in southern california?
how can u get make eczema go away?
What does it mean when you have weird dreams EVERY night?
why r kids nosie?
my wife is taking these pills which one is causing nightmares: oxycodone,percocet, celecoxib, diazepam(valium)?
Can the computer cause my migraines?
why am i scared to sleep around?
My tooth is killing me and the oral surgens can't get me in til wednesday and we have called everyone!!!!?
My boyfriend has bad stomach pains. i saw him cry over these pains.this is the first time i've seen him cry. ?
big heeeeeeaaaaaaddaaacchhheeeeeeee?
Bad pain in hand?
Earache,Headache and Toothache what could this be?
Why do i get pain in my left hip after jogging or walking?
I have troubles swallowing pills, any suggestions?
Sharp pain in lower abdomen?
How real is the nature medicine?
my daughter has eczema behind her ears, what are some home treatments that have helped you?
Has anyone heard of taking bovine colostrum to get rid of illness?
is mederma skin redness normal?
How to cover up a salt an ice burn?
Cyst acne, how can i get rid of cysty spots?
My face chin and under my bottom lip and the corners of my lips are burning and looks flaky like its pealing?
Why do the tops of my feed feel like they are asleep?
Complicated skin problem.?
how come my ringworm won't go away?
little bump on foot?????????/?
What are these sores on my armpit?
i used a j.casanova blue hair remover lotion on my face and it made a small wound?
What does it mean when you rarely have dreams?
What does it mean when you havent had a BM in more than a week?
Do immunizations cause Autism?
Accidentally took Ambien today, should it be taken again tonight?
do you think being an alchoholic is a disease?
What's the highest fever you've ever had?
My friend needs a blood transfusion.. he's O+?
What could a lump in the throat be?
Help!!!! Medical Diagnosis Question Needed ASAP!~~Sorry for abbreviations, but this is a long one! Thank u!?
what kind of symptom are my signs leading up to?
Is it illegal to donate organs(kidney) for money in the United states?
why do black people get cold easily?
I found small rat in my rice container, do I have to throw my sack of rice?
Coumadin/Warfarin ???
Swollen glands.. what causes this?
Digestive Problems?
Passing a drug test?
how do you set an injured limb?
Why do I keep crying at the mention of death?
Why do i feel so broken & empty?
Am i depressed?
I say "LOL" in a regular conversation. Should I be concerned?
the effect on bee stings and the treatment 4 them.?
I have sore throat and small painful bumps on my tongue. Any ideas what this is? It has been going on 3 days.?
Am I in trouble? glass inside my foot?
Do all dental office treat HIV/AID patients?
can Antiretroviral therapy give a false negative to a person who is hiv positive?
Does eating crushed, raw garlic kill the "beneficial" bacteria found in our gut?
Would using visudyne for treatment causes diabetic-like symtoms?
Has any one seen Mono?
chicken pox??
Have u ever had tapeworms?
searching informationabout a staph infection called marcey,i'm not sure this is the correct spelling .?
What happens if you take 20 paracetemol tablets?
How long and at what point in an illness are you contagious?
The Gardasil vaccine...?
I can,t find the chart for diabetes exchanges. Help?
How long is a cold contagious for?
I got ulser disease, what food is recommend for me?
positive feedback?
Strep or sore throat?
which president had poliomyelitis?
What is athrosclerotic vascular disease.?
What are the procedures for Follicular Center Cell Lymphoma?
What are impairment ratings?
Why is the muscle between my hand and my thumb swollen and painful?
HELP!! I havent slept in 3 nights. I have a really bad canker sore?
Would my dentist numb me more if I asked?
is the effectiveness of mouth wash overstated?
Teethe Whitening?
How can I whitten my teeth naturally without having the dentist bleach them?
Oil Of Cloves?
Is it fair to get charged by my doctor 500$ just because he removed 2 teeth of mine?
Pain Question?
Purple gums??
i dont have dental insurance, but i need braces!!?
does it hurt to get a tooth pulled?
Wisdom teeth help please!?
Can a tooth abscess cause other illnesses such as sinus infections, colds and chest infections?
tooth pain?
I got my braces on yesterday and today their huting so bad that i want to cry... What medicines do i take?
Wisdom Teeth?
Orthodontist/ braces!?!?!?
how can you get Cardiac arrest?
Leg cramping?
Is there a difference between an ECG, and an EKG?
Does Getting Braces Put on Hurt?!?
I went to the doctor with a huge bruise on my lower back, he gave me something for headaches? Why is that?
What is the fastest way to releive eye strain due to long hours at the computer?
Strange Stomach ache waht should i do?
is a blood pressure reading of 132/39 okay?
I have pain in the middle of my back to the front of my chest what can cause this? I would appreciate advise?
"headache sufferers"....any idea on what i can do to lose this headache????fast!?
I get headaches when I work out now. Any suggestions?
is it legal to buy tylenol 3 over the counter in canada?
What pain medicine works the best while getting a tatoo?
Wart-How to get Rid or one?
how do i get rid of pubes on my lower back?!!?
Does scratch mark made by pin on chest last forever because its on chest?
EMERGENCY I have questions about Weird scalp sores?
I have puss inside my blister on the top of my ear from sunburn, should i pop it or leave it?
I have bumbs on my Virginia and they wont pop and they hurt what is that?
how to get rid of dry patch left over from poison oak?
How to get rid of Scars! D:?
why do i get zits EVERYWHERE?
why do blind people push thier eyes?
What is the matter when a person has a growth on the inner bottom lid of their eye?
I can see my contacts moving in my eye and it blurs my vision when they are not in the right spot. Solution?
Can I Get LASIK After...?
What do I need to kno wwhen wearing contacts?
my eyes are red and very dry?
I'm not sure?
what is the best drugstore-priced facial skin moisturizer for an aging woman with dry skin?
how many times is go toget upset during a day?
will microdermabrasion work on acne?
what are the best contact lenses for dry eyes?
What is Stem Cell? In which year treatments will be offered to the mankind with the help of Stem Cells?
Who is ripping off the Medicare system more, the unfortunate patients or the doctors?
What foods have the most fiber in them?
Why can we crack our bones endlessly?
where can I buy erodium plant?
am i having a allergic reaction?
If you cut out carbohydrates what vitamins and how much should you take to make up the difference?
does feverfew inhibit cox 1?
I have this spots from allergies?
role of cannabis in treatment of alzeimers disease?
how can I be mrcspass group?
Can you buy Prozac online without a prescription?
my three year old is allergic to grass.............?
What are the requirements for getting my massage therapy license in Australia?
is there any herbal medication for PKD?
Is/does the herb Maca have Sulfa drugs in it??
looking for clinic in Colorado that does complete body diagnostics on full body?
which treatment is for effective for hair loss? eminexil or minixodil?
What is the influenance vitamin E for health?
In aromatherapy, what is the difference between an essential oil and an absolute?
is there any morphine in the drug mobic?
I used to get a booklet selling health care products. It came from Indiana. Sometimes it was buy 2 get 1 free
has any body heard about research between lupus and marijuana?
have you done the 2 week Whole Body Cleanse internal cleansing system?
Has anyone used Oil of Oregano?
Ibuprofen Question?
state of Texas medical forms for opiod medical use?
winston salem,nc,baptist hospital,is cj sasser still patient?
what should i do about mouth warts?
Is this a razor burn.. or herpes?
Is minocycline or amoxicillin more effective against chylamydia?
I'm looking for information on chiaro malformation of the brain?
whats the deal with malaria? that parasite.?
What antibiotics are now used in treatment of Leprosy nowadays?
Hepatitis information required.Is it treatable ?if yes then how and what drugs r available ?
i think i have a stomach virus. when i go to the doctor. what will they most likely prescribe me?
How many people get invected with HIV per year worldwide?
Flu and fever or is it something else like an infection?
What is the frequency in hepatitis and how do you get the disease?
can some one please explain to me what scabies?
How many people on the Earth have Klippel-Trenaunay syndome?
No cure for my oily skin?
I have dark circles! Help?
What's wrong with my skin all of the sudden?
If an albino person...?
There is a small lump in my armpit...?
Really bad rash on my hands?
Is contact solution good or bad for Cleaning ears?
i have a little bump on my knee.. it's doesn't hurt or itch... but it moves...?
i want to see a picture of a swallan gland under my chin?
I have a dark circle in my face?
how do i prevent cold sores?
Describe the thirst response and why it it considered an emergency measure?
I need to find low income Physicians in the Milford, 45150 area?
please emergency help?
Why does the average person not take precautions in their life to prevent ever getting cardiovascular disease?
Hyperpigmentation after laser hair removal. HELP?
Any new treatments for brain injuries?
Can you ride roller coaster if oyur wearing an air boot?
Is there any risk taking rest in Spa?
why have i been haveing scary dreams latley?
my two year old daughter has two small rash patches on her bottom she is still in diapers soars seem to burn?
Aluminium Oxide Crystal in my eye...HELP!?
Can I play video games even if I have Hyphema?
after lasik surgery,when am i gonna b able 2 wear eye makeup,use the pc and see without feeling blurred?
multi-focal spectacles?
is it true we must frequently look at greens ( trees/sea) for eye relaxation? Why?
how much does it cost to have lasik surgery at Emory in GA?
What are the best contact len brands and etc......?
How do chunks of contacts come out?
how many megapixel can a human eye see?
DARK urine and burning wwhiile urinating?
What are some side effects i should look for if i smoke a little bit of weed for the first time ever??
I have a lot of sypmtoms of Lupus...does anyone know how or who to go to for diagnosis and treatment?
Pain in the middle of my chest?
Know anything about twitches?
Can i paint the skin after getting toenails removed?
Can Stress cause acne?
what should i do with a dead body?
what age was the age you lost your last tooth?
Do you brush your teeth with listerine and Toothpaste?
question about wisdom teeth?
Anyone had a root canal?
i have got a terrible bad breath can someone help me please?
Why do I have chapped lips?
Anyone got their wisdom tooth cut out before? How long will I be in pain?
I have these small bumps on my fingers?
should i use a sunscreen when i use tetracycline?
What happens to frostbitten skin, like your nose, ...does the skin have to be surgically removed?
is chocolate good for you?
Burned the roof of my mouth?
how to get out of school?!?
My gums are constantly bleading really bad. Its been like this for some time. What do I do?
how to grow back skin?
Are my teeth rotten?
razor burn heeeeeeeelp !!!!!!!?
It's been 20 hours since i had my lower wisdom tooth removed - should the clot move?
I just got my wisdom teeth out. What foods are the best to eat, and what should I avoid?
What is the treatment for gingivitis?
Brushing Teeth?
How many of you actually visit your doctor or dentist for routine check ups?
i hv small bumps and boils on my forehead. some of them pain while touching.?
A little big of a problem?
any one knows if this is normal? or not?
yellow tongue?
what do you do if you have cuts on the inside of your cheek because of braces?
Braces Color Question?????????? :D?
tooth extract?
Hi my son,s anesthetic does not work when he goes to the dentist ?
what is human sterility and other informations about it?
how many hrs a sleepdo u get a night????
what's the effect when we take a night shower?
Can you have early emphysema with a normal ("unremarkable")pulmonary function test?
How do I treat dermatitis at home if I can't go to the doctor?
Anyone know of a good remedy for a rib-head getting out of place?
Any opinions on Riddhi Ruparelia, DHMS, Homeopath in Sunnyvale, CA?
Does anyone have a recipe for homemade toothpaste that they have TRIED and like??
Is there an herb that will make me grow chest, facial, & body hair?
What would be a prescribed medication for stress reduction.?
I want to know about PT. Ethica?
Any treatment found for Hiv/Aids?
Anyone familiar with Dr. Zhi Gang Sha ("Power Healing")? Good?
i have a burn blister should i drain it?
is hgh (human growth hormone) the fountain of youth?
can evening primose oil help a person underweight w/ irregular period have a more regulated cycle?
any suggestions on where to get salvia divinorum?
I am looking for acupuncture to quit smoking. I need to find someone in Indianapolis, IN. Can you help me?
what does roxicet do and what does it look like?
tea tree oil, almond, fennel seed, anice , rosemary , eculapytus?