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What else is Valvtrex used for other than Herpes ?
Does This Mean The HPV Is Gone?
Can u still get preganat when you already had chlamydia?
Are there some herpe strains that are curable or not that bad?
I have been recently diagnosed with HPV.......?
there's a red dot beside my iris........ what is it? is it some kind of disorder or something?
what is tussive syncope ?
Should avian flu breakout in the U.S., is there any particular type facemask recommended when in public?
What are these Red Splotches?
neck and chest always itch and break out after a shower?
Why Vitamin C is not recomended if you are blood type O?
how do i get rid of hair follicle?
How to get rid of back acne?
Cetaphil or Johnson's Aloe Vera Gel? [After BP?]?
Skin bump on upper lip?
i need help on getting rid of this?
Water is good for skin so do i keep drinking even if i feel like its too much?
what do I do when my eyes itch from the outside then turn to dryness skin also is cost bleeding?
Blackheads and Spots That Just Wont Go !?
I got bit by a neighbors' dog in the arm. Pretty sure the dog doesn't have rabies.?
don't know what to think of this thing that touched me as i was driven back home from the store?i was the only
is it okay to take tylenol even though i have a popped blood vesse in my eye?
Slip and fell my whole body weight landed on my knee on a concrete ground.?
My arm broke so I cut it off .. good or bad idea?
What exercises can I do in order to strengthen my previously sprained ankle?
My eye has a cut on the side of it; what should I do?
Has anyone else taken tribulus terrestris to maintain testosterone production in later life?
what do you call the medicine that attacks the bacteria and germs inside your body?
what is the Spanish word of tribal healers and do they work?
I recently read interesting info on Phytolacca Berry as to aid in weight loss.Has anyone tried it?
How to apply magnets to heal the eyes?
where can i buy dried roots and leafs of dandelions in brookline MA or on the Web?
pseudoephedrine hydrochloride?
will medicare health insurance cover treatment of fibromyalgia by a massage therapist?
where i can find information on charak?
max gerson therapy?
I want to stop smoking does anyone know about a vaccine called Niczax and which Dr. does it by Sebring Fl.?
Does anyone have any feedback on the value of Co10Q to be used for the healing of gum disease and how should?
where to buy Natural , NON Synthetic, or lab created Amethyst beads .market is FULL of SYNTHETIC stuff.?
linda marrical?
is it true that you get bruises after taking too many advil/tylenol/etc?
Do herbs cleanse the colon just as well a colonic therapy?
If you use lysol twice will it kill all the germs?...?
what are the causes cure and prevevntion of tyhoid fever and can it occur more than one time in ones life?
I've got a pool party in an hour. My stomach is about 3 times it's normal size. How can I slim it?
Do you think I'm fat?
How would you lose 10 pounds?
Can you name my skin condition?
What can I use for Black Heads?
i'm a stylist what can i do for my dry hands?
I have a small bump on my wrist?
How can you tell if you've broken your nose?
I hate my crooked nose and I am feeling very self-consicious about it?
My 2 yr old son broke his pinkie finger nail and complaining that it hurts. any suggestions?
i tried piercing my eyebrow last night and i took it out. i woke up and its swollen dwn half my eye.what i do?
I just picked a fight with a 4 foot 9 girl 10 minutes ago. I ran up on her and hit her as hard as I could.?
i woke up and my lips were kind of swollen. what do i do?
What time did you wake up today ?
How to keep my broken hand from swelling up?
My high heel broke and I dislocated my ankle. My friend says I can sue the manufacturer. Is this true?
Can i get rid of dis strechy skin on my tummy if i work out ?
What is the best acne treatment? Over the counter, or natural?
i broke my toe and i dont know if.....?
Can I still exercise while recovering from a back sprain?
my daughter's teeth are changing color~help!!!?
Does covering the mouth while sneezing prevent the spread of germs?
how can i gain weight?
Aftercare for lip piercing?
I'm a teenage boy with a hair problem?
I'm really scared?
What is worse? Weed or alcohol?
I was dared to drink some gasoline. What should I expect?
Should I give my 5 yr old and 4 yr old the flu vaccination?
Is this an ok size for my age?
You ever have a friend ask you to help him with suicide?
Doing something for yourself?
why shouldn't i kill myself...?
I'm having open heart surgery in about a week and a half, and I'm scared...?
i heard tea tree oil is good for hpv (warts) is that true?
wen do the fist symptoms of aids occur??
do they give a hvp test to all women first stage of pregnacydo they do all stds test?
I think i gave me baby herpes?
am i pregnant do i have an std why am i bleeding?
HPV/Cervical Cancer -- Ladies please?
Does cold sores occurs only if you have herpes?
How does a doctor peform an std testing on a male?
herpes cure?
my parents dont know i have my ear pierced (hard to believe, right?) and its geting infected i need help quik!
Does any other obese people have this problem?
Getting rid of hiccups?
How dangerous can bulimia be to one's health?
I have an "upside down" eating disorder!!?
My friend has 2 kids who are always sick, and seriously I mean ALWAYS!!?
my girlfriend has been having strong smelly urine. more like animal pee. COW pee. it just started lately.?
What's the difference between hyperthyroidism and an overactive thyroid? Are they the same?
I drink atleast 2 lt water a day but my wee smeal realy bad,what do you think cause this.?
I have intense thirst?
can someone please explain anemia to me???
Small hard lump on right hand?
help son is passing blood what to do?
Bipolar and other mental disorders?
What is the scientific explanation for "cold headaches"?
i think i have worms but i don't want my mum to know. how can i get rid of them?
Am i lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy?
I have a throat problem?
Did you watch the Weather Channel today and what is the "Allergy Du Jour"?
is anyone had goiter operation? how long the operation?
has anyone ever had that "unreal, detached" feeling before?
What is the pathophysiology of a renal abscess?
How do you ask a question?
where hepa-b started?
How does a scientist or doctor determine if you have anthrax or simple pneumonia?
how long dose someone with hiv live? can you still live a full life?
How to get rid of bump on back of cartilage piercing?
BB gun pellet type lump Inbetween ear lobe and jawbone? ?
does everybody have staph??
I've asked this before. What PARASITE spits slime then travels in it. slugs aern't parasites.?
How to get rid of ringworm/tinea reall quickly?
Can HIV be transmitted by splattered blood into an open wound?
How do I get rid of heat rash?
I have this small cluster of spots down there.....?
Allergic reaction on arms?
What is this type of open sore?
I have had these small red acne like bumps all over my face for about 6 months now! What is going on?!?
I was chocked and almost went black?
How do you strengthen your eye muscles?
Is it worth going to the doctor for?
I got hit in the eye with a tennis ball and now i have realy dim and cloudy vission?
Whats the worst injury you've had and lived through?
Owwww! Sit-ups strain my neck! What other ab/core exercises can I do?
I hurt my knee and have some bad pain...please read.?
could a .22 kill some one?
Wrist Cutting (how deep?)?
What's wrong with my foot?
what do i do for a sprained ankle?
How can I make a cold sore/fever blister go away in about a day and a half? I woke up with it this morning.?
NEED HELP!!! NOW!!! gymnastics accident... mum and dad not home!!! NEED HELP!!!?
im scared im gonna throw up blood?
4 year old with fever over 103, & cough.?
Being Anorexic?
Did I eat well???????
How do I lose weight? Do you know any good exercises?
i need help identifying something on my body?
how long does it take for the prescription Aldara to work?
What Are The Risks In Eating/Tasting Somones Precum?
how soon after ur period can u have a smear test?
AIDS, STDS, and Teen Pregnancy?
What are some facts about siphalis?
What's involved in an STD test for men?
Does clinique work, does it help your skin?
Dark skin around my mouth?
Burn Mark On Forehead?
What kind of skin legion is this (pic)?
itchy bumps on my upper back?
What can you do to make scars go away after they heal?
What's the best way to treat Rosacea?
what causes falling hairs and eventullay makes some part of our head bare?
where can I find about stop smoking?
Chest pain from smoking?
what side are your appendics on?
Whats up with my ankle.?
6 Month old kneed in the head, ?
deep splinter in big toe QUICK RESPONSE PLEASE!?
Serious problem!! I think I may have broke my jaw, I can't open it?
What do I do if my toe is more than half off?
should you ice or heat an injury ?
I accidently stepped on a pencil point!?!?
I was in an car accident, i didn't go to the doctor for my follow up visit. Can i go Now?
How to get rid of paintball bruises FAST!!!?
did yu see where a kid died from a toothache??
braces!! please help, vote best answer! :O?
Does anyone know what this means in my dream?
Voices in my head?
im having really horrible dreams.?
12 year old wetting the bed normal? (REDO)?
What meds/treatments work for bipolar disorder?
How to make three dimensinal models related to hiv aids?
Can vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and/or pyruvate supplements lower the ammonia level in the body?
is there any adverse effects when taking pegintron and lamictal ?
What is meningoma? why are women said to be more prone to this type of benign tumour. possibility of recurring
Another acne question...help?
I am sunburned 1 year ago?
How do I get rid of my rash fast?
Can i take Vitamin A for this?
Magnesium sulphate for zits?
whats does unusual cells that are beginning to change mean?
could the black circles under my eyes be caused by my glasses?
need help with my hand itchy?
when i was at work and my left arm started shaking for no reason what does it mean?
Lateral knee pain, significant pain walking down stairs...?
Should i go to the dr?
Knee Cracking problem!!!!!! HELP!!!!?
When can I have some beer?
Getting dizzy.?
Two years ago a cat biten me. Currently i am ok may be possible that after 20 years i am facing a RABIZ porbl.
Will a cut lip heal back to normal?
Wrist break?
Neck injury this morning- really hurts, cannot move to one side. Help please!?
I just hit my head?
how can i make scratches heal or go away really fast ?
do i have a broken arm?? or just muscle pain?
Whats the sickest or most injured you have ever been?
What is it called when a mother is born with Herpes and conceives a child with having herpes?
Do the strains 16 and 18 always cause dysplasia?
What precaution should be used around HPV patients and her children?
What causes Gastronteritis?
why am i dizzy?
mmmm help :(?
nickel allergies?
Ways to stop flea bites?
how do i treat allergic reaction to mango and how long does it last?
Should you keep a cold sore moist or dry? To speed up the healing process?
Does Campho-Phenique actually help get rid of Cold Sores fast?
Can i use this moisturizer?
What are these bug bites and where are they coming from?
do I have Hyperhidrosis? or am I just nervous?
Weird bump on the inside of my lip, Help !?
I have small red bumps all over my legs how do i get rid of them?
Is this an ingrown hair?
my face is...........................?
ways to get rid of brusies?
I have been peeling on my hands AND feet for the past three week? what is this?
how many days after getting wisdom teeth pulled can u smoke again?
Does getting stitches taken out hurt like a b!tch?
is it normal to throw up so much after wisdom teeth?
If your head was cut off...?
does anyone know about this sort of problem, its to do with knees?
i think my contact lens somehow slid way above over my eyeball. how do i get this out?
does anyone know how long a body stays at the bottom after they have drowned?
What is the best way to get rid of my bruises on my leg?
Ok how to ask this?
Puttin pressure on broken bones.?
my husband got some black glue that can glue metal into his eye he said it hurt so bed does he need doctor?
Is it illegal for a doctor to ask you about any pending lawsuits against any other doctors?
well i got a new job and now im hurting?
Do you get crutches for a broken ankle?
How go you know if your appendix bursts?
how is this possible????
Is there any food you can eat or drink that will neutralize the burn in your throat from acid reflux?
What does it mean when your lower eyelid twitches?
Does anyone else think it's strange that the FDA is killing people with vaccines?
Doctors don't know. Please help?
what conditions can be caused by stress???
if there were a tapeworm egg in your food could youget a tapeworm?
How many different rare diseases have you been dianosed with?
What Could I have?
Are these symptoms all random or is something more?
Can brain dead person squeeze hand?
is there a disorder which makes people very very tired all of the time?
Does alcohol cause vertigo & extreme nausea for a week?
Is okay for my son to take honey for a cough?
what is the best way to relieve constipation without laxitives?
Actually feel calmer after coffee - never hyper?
explain the causes and method of spreadbof some common infectious diseases?
What are the side effects for Fluvermal medicine?
how can you tell if a cat has a fever?
Flu question......?
What is Pathogenesis, Microbiology of Maglinant/Benign Tertian Malaria?
Per year, how many people need a blood transfusion?
Do firefighters have to get mandatory HIV tests in New Mexico?
is it safe to donate plasma with no fever but still recovering from symptoms?
have u ever seen a pair of vivienne westwood eyeglasses with stars on them?
what ifthe corners of both of your eyes burn whenever you blink/close eye?
Sweat??!??? How to stop? ?
im gettingg werid rashes?
Skin trouble -.- help :)?
bruised swollen area with black hole in center (located in upper bikini line)?
help with my acne medication?
If possible can a dermatologist answer this: Is it okay to mix my acne scar removal cream with my prescription?
I've had really bad dandruff for a little over a year, it won't go away!?
What are some Rosacea relief for people that have Rosacea?
can brewers yeast cause face fungus?
I need a cheap fast working acne rinse!?
Why does it ooze when i scratch it?
Rashes disapear and appear?
what is a lung nogel or nogal not sure of spelling and where imformation on it?
Looking for info for a friend on herpes and cortaid cream?
Were STDs common in ancient times? How far back do they date?
what is pentalogy of fallot?
How do I know if I am allergic to bees?
do you think hiv is a man-made disease?
What are the symptoms of dehydration?
how many asprins does a person have to take in order for them to die??
what should i do to become overweight and to get a big belly?
has any woman out there say that they have quit smoking??
when people die of old age, do they feel anything like pain, happines, or regrate?
i have married 3.5 years,how can i get pregnant now?
what happens when you mix cocaine and alcohol?
Does anybody know whats wrong with me??
If a person was too drink too much water, would they gain weight?
What is the most amount of time someone can go without sleep?
My body temperature is 99F. Do I have fever?
I want to smoke marijuana?
What’s the use of Siberian Ginseng?
What is a valid way to test new vaccines?
Is it true about klonopin that it leaves holes in your heart or myth??
I want info on kelation therepy?
Has anyone heard of a new south american herb that is suppose to cure genetial herpes?
Ganglion cysts?
Any Stage IV Colon Cancer Survivors willing to talk with my sister?
How do I find good alternative health care providers in the state of Maine?
How can I get a plant (Indian Thyme) analyzed?
Questions about vaccinations.?
Does Treatment (healing) exist for the asthma?
Medical Records---- What kind of information does a Chiropractor write in your file?
Where on the Internet can I find a recipe for an herbal healing tincture called "Swedish Spirits?
what is the best safe and natural human dewormer product on the market?
isn't there hgh you can get without talking to doctors?
does methocarbamol make give the same good feeling as hydrocodone or loratab?
how do u gargle?
I hit my head 4 days ago and sitll have a headace...Why?
i got my lip pierced 3 weeks ago. it doesnt hurt but there is a white puss coming out of it. is this normal?
How to stop the bleeding?
what do u think should i go see a doctor about this?
I Broke my ankle seven months ago and am in a lot of pain, should I ask my Dr. for pain meds?
ANY solution to wearing small shoes?
Help with a broken arm question...?
My legs very tight the day after my workout. Is this normal?
Wats the best way to drain fluid from ur knee yourself?
My wrist hurts.?
i broke my wrist and had pins put in. do they remove them??
will rassberries mold?
seeing blood in eye?
skin care help with spots?
Can Your Eyesight Recover and Return to Normal Standards Naturally?
Please answer! (10 pts) WORRIED?
can silverfish give you ringworm?
Yellow flaky skin between my legs and on scrotum?
I have such terribile acne. I've tried Biore, Clearasil, Oxy & a few others. What do I do?
I had an itchy rash and now my boyfriend has a very similar itchy rash? scabies?
How to get rid of a big spot quickyl!?
Does anyone know what the compounds are in the eczema cream z.a.l.p.c.h. ointment are?
Why is my skin this way?
how do you stop itching and dry skin i get it every winter no cream seems to help?
Red itchy bumpy rash behind ears and on neck?
HUGE rash or allergic reaction?? PLEASE HELP!?
how to manage sinusitis?
why is my ear itching deep within? like its pulling or throbing.?
Allergy Medications and Pregnancy?
spring allergy?
I need a drugstore fix for break out around my nose. i think i touch it too much when my allergies start.?
Big gap between high and low reading for blood pressure?
Am I at risk of death?
How long after eating?
What is enteric bacteria?
igan diease of the liver?
"Is a antinuclear antibody blood test result of 1.32 high? What are the ranges of this test?"?
Can constantly touching your lymph nodes make them bigger?
what does ast & rdw stand for?
What is a differance between kidney nephrosis & kidney necrosis?
How many cases of pneumonia happen a year in North America?
I'm getting shin splints and calf cramps at the same time. What do I do?
undissolvable stitches?
Can I sue my doctor for negligence? I fell off a ladder and hurt my shoulder.I went to the emergency room.?
do diabetics have a tendency to have their tongue feel like its coated with sugar.?
I injured my hand the other day, now cant afford an x ray?
I burned my finger yesterday and now there's a blister...what should I do about it?
I think i might have broken my foot?
worried about my toenail?
what would happen if i take 5 ibuprofen at once?
Sprained Finger?
if 40% of my toe nail is purple and its ready to fall out how long will it take to grow back?
were can i buy ankle braces?
i need to run away, but i have no where to go?
Would you injure yourself purposely to avoid doing something you didn't want to do?
How can I wake up in the morning?
Why do I not have bowel movements?
how did u know if you have infected by a rabies?
What is the medical term for a busted eardrum ?
how do you know you're physically addicted to tobacco?
I've got a cold, what should I eat?
I've been having dizzy spells, ringing in the ears, pressure in my head. Does anyone have a clue?
Insomnia... help!?
Can salmonella kill you?
Does this normally happen to people who get sleep paralysis?
getting frustrated with my doctors responses...?
Does my child have Autism?
I have a friend who I think might have something serious?
Amoxicillian for UTI???
Just hit my head on fireplace? I'm alone with two babies in the house?
Why is my chest burning?
Swine flu outbreak: is it in our food?
Is 10mg of diazepam too much to take when flying?
Tell me the easiest & fastest way to put on weight???
dysplasia and hpv?
What doctor should I go to do the STD check up?
How can I cure the asthma?
Is there any other medicine out there that can subsitute for valium?
multiple sclerosis symptoms?
Has anyone used the Breathe EZ nose clip successfully for sleep apnea?
is there anything stronger than percocet that can relive my pain???
do demeral come in pill form???
How do I reduce allergies/congestion?
ok it was for employement and it came back positive foramphetamines and amphetamine variant?
can a person with high blood pressure attend a sweatlodge ritual safely?
Adalat XL 20 Mg?
How easy is a juice fast? Easier to do than, say, the Master Cleanse fast? I want to drop weight fast.?
How do you get rid of ear aches?
What is the difference between l-carnitine and acetyl-l-carnitine? As much info on these supplements would be?
Does anyone out there have MS and what do you do to feel better?
Home Remedies for a Stye?!?
anyone know how to prevent boils?
acne help. acne getaway 101 or lerosett?
How effective is Proactiv?
Do guys care when girls have acne?
Small clear blisters on the tongue?
what are these random itchy bumps i keep getting?
Why does my back itch every time I bend down?
selsun gold for tinea versicolor?
why does everything i use for acne makes my eyelids itchy and black with wrinkled lines like if i havnt slept?
how long does it take for your cartilage to heal?
i have dry skin and i need help im a male?
After being shot by an arrow, why do they break half the arrow off while it's stuck in them??
I have TMJ and need ways to make my jaw feel better ?
I cut my hand pretty bad last night?
What bone is the best to break and how?
is my nose broke ????????
If you cut yourself accidently and eat a peice of skin because it's hanging off does that make you a cannibal?
Nausea/Headache after fall?
how do i improve my vertical jump in basketball?
one long sighted, one short sited... and then one of them weak.?
lymph node in the neck?
blind by sickness?
What is mumps?
What are you doing to prevent the spread of terminal deseases.?
is it possible to get the stomach flu from the gym???
what is the bird flu ?
What is the purpose of stabbing the agar plate after bacterial inoculation?
Victorian era -- did they use the term "Viral reperatory infection"?
yellow fever what causes it?
What type of tick is it that has Rockey Mountain Spotted Fever?
vomiting bug?
What medication have you been given by your doctor for a urinary tract infection?
staph infections?
I have High TOXOPLASMA IgG(57.68)& taking Rovamycin. can I have baby?
has anyone heard of a fever called 'mediterranean sea' fever? what are its causes and symptoms? how to cure it
neo natal e. coli 0157:h7?
Can you get sick with two things at once?
how does yellow fever avoid antibodies?
High Blood Pressure Question... Any doctors, nurses, or paramedics know what's wrong with me?
new herpes cure?
when you stick your finger with a lancet that someone else has used, should you worry about it?
What if a guy told you that he had poison IVY & thought it was herpes?
what are some..?
what will take care of gential warts?
Doctors? Can someone please explain this to me..??
how do u get rid of crabs?
Will a small deep secondary burn scar go away?
Could you please tell me what this bump on the inside of my foot is. ?
I have a little bump on the end of my tongue what is it?
How to get rid of and keep acne away?
I suffer from acne..?
How do I combat dry hands! My knuckles always get dry in the winter!?
Does mederma scar cream work?
What does my itchy foot mean?
Severe anxiety in the car?
i keep crying for no reason!!?
I was having a crisis no one answered, i called my co-worker up he on his way to shoot me.?
im feeling kinda depressed right now?
Is my 11 year old son ok?
can anyone tell me the meaning behind this dream?
What is good to put on sun burns?
What happens if you get your foot run over by a car?
help!!!!what is wrong with my wrist!!check out the pic please!!ASAP!!?
Is my wrist broken or sprained?
I want to sprain my ankle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have a black eye and I was looking for help?
What are some severe and serious accidents and injuries that can occur in American football?
My leg is hurting very badly from something in the inside. It went from my ankle and the pain seems to be...?
What is the best way to take care of a sprained and swollen ankle?
I was rear ended and I need help.?
i went bowling and now my wrist hurts so bad?
clear care?
Does eatting carrots really make your eyes stronger?
im 17 (so i dont know much) and my mother is very sick and i dont know whats wrong can you help me?
Why can't i just be normal ?
How do people get these? ( I think its a cyst) video included.?
My toe is dark red and sore...?
how to heal blisters?
I have very itchy legs ): ??!? Help?!?
Rash developed on lips and on the roof of mouth..could it be allergies?
How do i prevent getting rashes?
help!!!! white ring appeared on my back?
What acne scar removal products work best?
Bio oil Help ?????????
How long do I wait after icing a zit (whitehead) before applying a cream of some sort?
How can i get clear skin?
Blue spots on my inner thighs?
How much weight can I lose in 10 months?
Herpes trasmit through BATH?
Is a rapid hiv test accurate at 73 days(10 weeks) after possible hiv exposure?
Where can I find information about the Growth and Development about HPV?
Ever had an H.I.V/Scare?
Will i pass a pee test?
Results from a pee test !?
how do u know if u have hiv?
just dig with prostate cancer, anyone had the surgery?
How long does it take to recuperate from double bypass surgery?
herbal treatment for hight blood pressure?
Does any1 have ideas on diseases?
How many TB patient in Ethiopia?
I have two little black spots on my throat, only chewed tabaco once. I have a flu/cold and sore throat too.?
What are the complications of having chicken pox past the age of 50 in men?
Weakness in arms and sinuses ??? help?
i have been changing creams but i suspect a particluar one?
HELP.What can i do so i can stay awake any tips?
Does anyone have ways on getting out of P.E. ?
Allergies: Weather source for knowing ahead of time when they're going to be their worst?
I lost my voice from screaming to much last night. How would i gain it back by today?
What is that substance that you use to clean off your keyboard that can freeze your lung if you inhail it?
how can I stop my5 months son crying at nights?
why I pee yellow?
What do you do to keep your feet warm ?
Do you think my mother is dying?
What is the H1N1 virus?
Can i take Allegra-D and Zyrtec at the same time?
what does a Golden Shower mean?
What is the best way to keep feet warm on a concrete floor?
can u pick me up?
nosebleed help, urgent!! :(?
What's wrong with me?
why is it that some people can't overcome addictions, and others can?? Is it chemical or heretity??
why do i like to watch myself bleed?
blood pressure questionn?
My nose is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What's wrong with my stomach?
when can i smoke after this operation?
Injury from a dream?
please help me hide these?
very bad headaches!?
Years ago my uncle got me these packages that when you shake them it will warm up your hand during the winter.
I can still hear sound even though I am wearing ear plug?
Mom Won't Believe Wrist is broken?
How do u make swollen feet go down? Wife is 9 months and her feet are swoollen?
i was shot last night and can barrly move what do i do to intertang my self?
How to prevent muscle cramps?
How painful was breaking your ankle?
I hit my wrist, I now have a lump on it, will it go away on its own?
Do you think I should sue them?
omfg something is wrong with me?
Can't sweat like i used to.?
Do they make whitehead strips of something to pull them out besides tweezers ?
How can I cure my dry skin?
i have little bumps and spots on my arms?
How come my scalp is super pale but the rest of my face and body is tanned/olive toned?
Red Blotches on bottom of feet and palms?
i have a red circle on my face with a bump kind of thing in the middle what is it?
Cuts on scalp + dandruff?
I hit my nose but it didnt break, is it possible for there to be a bump on it? or only if it breaks?
what happens if the dentist didn't drill out the cavity?
How much pain do you have the first day of braces ???
i need cute braces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for people who had braces!?
smelly breath solutions please? :)?
What are the white stains on some people teeth called? What causes it?
Please help, I have braces!!!?
want causes imformation of the thoat?
Wisdom Teeth Come out April 20th, What to do about the pain until then?
do you need spacers for braces?
Can you die if they take out all 3 of your wisdom teeth out?
Why do dentists have free lollies to give out at reception?????
What happens if you swallow your tooth?
Does peroxide and baking soda make your teeth white?
What can cause bad breath?
I just got braces. They already hurt like crazy. What is something I could use to help?
i was hoping to get a tan before thursday?
Teeth Help.....PLEASE?
I have bad breath and its embarassing me, Anything I can do to avoid it?
what kind of doctor do i see for mouth sores?
Do People that have NO Hearing, or are Deaf have problems spelling?
I have this eye issue.. my eyesight's been weakening every time i go to the eye doctor..?
Diagnosed wit Chlamydia, took Azithromycin, peed blood? PLEASE HELP!?
My blood test showed + HSV 1 My Wife + HSV 2 but...?
medication compound MS0-4. what is it?
is exchanging bodily fluids from different people safe?
HPV question help please!?
i need help finding a place that does std testing free?
Production of HIV antibodies?
Relationship advice for dating someone who has Herpes?
Have u ever been caught masterbating?
MEDICINE MAN need to talk to you?
any over the counter medicines that can calm you down?
Is it true that people smoke lavender for headaches?
Tumeric and Oil?
effects about prozac?
Folk Remedies?
Help! Im beng under medicated!?
Which lab produces Relaxex3?
i have one question. LD 50 (latent dose )of Ruta graveolens?
Are there any safe & effective herbal remedies for treating allergies?
What is the web address or phone # for natural cures book pay shipping only?
What is CranioSacral Therapy? How can it help kids with Autism?
HELP horrible itching on feet bug bites gallore need remedy?
Antibiotics and Probiotics?
is there any one who can teach reiki online to me or give some sites which offers it for free?
Remedies for stomache bug?
how can i get my back/chest acne goneee and face.?
What is wrong with my hands?!?
can anything stick to the inside part of hands without lotion or any other cream being on it?
Acne helpppp!???? Im wondering if there are any good techniques to get rid of acne?
Is my nose falling off? Wobbly nose?
Acne treatment that actually works? ?
What are the white spots/marks on your fingernails?
how to use and what is skin bleaching?...?
I have a spot in my bumcrack and I don't know what it is?
HELP PLEASE!!! Im really worried!?
Did I sprain or break my pinky?
You know when people say they foot fell asleep or something what feelings do you feel when this happens?
Whats the most painful thing that's ever happened to you?
How long does a swollen eye heal?
how can i clean my ear out?
I steped on a rusty nail . What could happen if I don't have a shot for that?
I've had a little accident, do you think it's bad enough to go the hospital?
Injured finger turning blue?
my blood is not normal ( little scared)(help)?
Do they allow a patient to tie his gown for surgery or do they always insist that it should be open?
where can I download a hipaa form/ so that Dr.'s can talk to me about my Mother?
can taking calcium supplements do more damage to a high iron or liver count?
i had 1 mmr vaccine to go to the usa. how soon after a mmr can i have another one?
Shouldn't the code on the test strips for my Freestyle match the code appearing on the screen at start up?
pics included. is my girlfriend fat... or is it just me? am i just being shallow..?
What is the best anti-itch cream for mosquito/spider bites?
My eyes get red and I use good eye doctor recommended eye drops. Some times they're very itchy and even pain.
Can you have a heart attack while being asleep?
What kind of deodorant can I use that won't cause itching?
Strange Rash on Arms?
i think i have ringworm.how can i treat it?PLEASE HELP!?
I have an Eczema problem?
How can i stop razor burn on my legs?
I have rashes on my inner cheeks, how do i get clear skin?
Temporary spotty bruises on thighs?
Redness on my chest and shoulders.?
An allergic reaction what do you think?
What is your height and weight?
Gets diarrhea after eating everytime?
Anorexia!! HELP!!!!?
what's the best time to workout?
did you know that Pepsi&Coke are the cause of obesity?
Can i kiss my girlfriend tomorrow? (cold sore)?
i have herpes n want to know do u suppose to have a tinling feel threw your body plz help?
What are causes of bloody urine?
Do i have herpes!!!?? :'(?
Where has AIDS come from?
please help??? could this be herpes?
If you get chlamydia are you stuck with it for the rest of your life?
When I woke up this morning, my leg started to hurt. Now its so bad that?
what can i do to my swollen eye that been hit with an battery?
please help me!!?
How do you tell a broken nose from a bruised one?
Does popping your nuckles really make them get big?
my cat got ran over yesterday and i keep thinking about him and i dont know what to do?
Could I have a concussion?
please help me, I need to sprain/brake my ankle please read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do I have a Case??
cold sore help asap???!!!!!?
My son is throwing up alot!!?
why isnt colorblindness classified as a disease???
complex cyste in kdney?
Why do I get severe pain throughout my body when I drink alcohol or eat sugar?
Braces,cement and coke (soda) ?
Why do people get white marks on there teeth??
Wisdom teeth question?? PLEASE HELP!?
How do u know if u grind ur teeth at night?
Dental Problem - Please Help!?
is it normal for your tonuge to turn white after getting a tounge ring?
How many teeth have you had pulled?
What is the diffrence in a LPN nurse and a RN nurse.?
braces what can i eat i dont no what i can and cant eat?
Going to the Dentist today, it doesn't bother me, does it bother you?
why do people say they have a tooth ache when their teeth can't feel?
How much longer do you need your braces on for???
Impacted wisdom teeth extraction.?
Should I get my wisdom teeth taken out?
Do right handed people chew their food on the right side of their mouth and vise versa?
Question about wisdom teeth removal and insurance?
An estimate of what braces cost?
Very important question!!!?
can you lose your teeth at the age of 20 if you dont brush properly?
My daughter is terrified about having 2 teeth removed. Can i stay with her ? PLZ ANSWER. She's in tears,?
has anyone had isolaz treatment?
Question about hive-like bumps?
There's bump on my Shin!! Why?
Ear Strech Problem ! ?
Is there anything that can remove keratosis pilaris permanently?
What kind of rash is this?
Yeast infection on face?
Why do I sneeze so much when I go into a pool?
how is it realted with eating some seafood (prawns, cuttle fish, stingray..etc) and our skin alergy ???
Hives due to immunologic problem?
what is the condition of allergies this spring year compared to other years? Is it better or worst?
Allergic reaction to meningococcal meningitis vaccine?
I am diabetic,when my sugar level is high...i have trouble making it to the ladies room, any helpful hints?
How long does it take to get toxicology reports back?
Is anyone even close to finding a cure or cause for Chronic Fatigue Sydrome or Glandular Fever (Mono)?
How long do you have to take chloroquine for the treatment of chikungunya arthritis?
How do I know if I broke my toe?
does tv can really hurt your eyes?
Why do my ears ring after the "big O"?
Our son suffered a spiral fracture to his femur at day care. He tipped over a pack and play. We don't believe?
Pulled Muscle Help!?
My fingers are peeling?
how can i get rid of the acne on my face?
How do you distinguish a very bad headache from a migraine?
Can someone help me figure out whether these HIV/AIDS questions are True or False?
can you get an std this way?
I have Chlamydia has my boyfriend cheated?
PHONAK HEARING AIDS...without being programmed?
Im taking Tums daily for the calcium in them not for acid reflux, are there any harmful side effects?
What's the best herbal testosterone booster?
Anyone heard of fire dragon palace in ft worth for acupunctute?
Could it be normal for somebody to have pain from 3rd degree burns for over 20 years?
vicodon?on line?
i need for my daughter and her boyfriend immediate and free distant reiki healing, who can help me?
dmso and apple cider?
Is there a med that you can take that doesnt make you feel pain?
Do You Need A Jump Start???
Cracking joints after pregnancy?
anyone ever try....?
Flexeril and tylenol 3?
why protein is required daily to our body @ 1grm per Kg body weight.?
How can I get rid of spider veins?
dmso, apple cider vinergar and castor oil mix?
ok, it's me again.. i'm a freakin hypochondriac... is this 'mental disease' curable?
help with my eyes?
who has (web site) color contacts that last 6 months to a year?
Is it an eye or a drumstick?
What could help me fall asleep faster?
Duran's Reaction Syndrome?
Pain in Eye?
what dose it mean if u cut ur self?
18 year old guy with tachycardia?
What causes high blood pressure?
How does the circulatory system work?
I have moderate acne how should I wash my face?
Light brown rough spot on skin...?
How can i wear this band if it makes my skin red?
should i get my mole removed (with pic)?
How do you get rid of scars from scratching skin?
How do I help very itchy dry skin on my face?
Body packs for acne proned skin?
does retin a work for senstive skin?
If u have four arms that grow and function normally and u can use them like your normal hands. Will u like it?
Acne Struggle & Desperate for Improvement?
Why are my eyes going red help ?
All of a sudden I have itchy body and hives?
1st cheerleading comp on Saturday...Should I compete w/ a lumbar back strain?
Is my thumb nail going to fall off?
I twisted my ankle playing soccer. What should I do?
Rough dry spots and break outs?
How do I brake my ankle, wrist, or foot?
How many Xrays are too many?
Can Lyme Disease give you low lymphocyte levels consistently?
bacterial meningitis and sleepness?
Have lettuce and Spinach been cleared after the recent scare at Taco Bell?
One example of an independent company which specializes in producing only generic drugs is?
Which one of the following companies merged with Ciba Pharmaceuticals?
I'm not sure if what i have, stomach flu, or its my appendix?
Have you ever got your wisdom teeth removed?
is it bad if u c.u.m. after one minute?
can you stop taking one meal per week?
Antibiotics for Inflamed Tooth?
How can i make my teeth whiter naturally?
braces, rubber bands?
quien descubrio la pasta dental?
Can Anyone Help me With Making my Spacers in my mouth stop hurting???
Wisdom Teeth & Smoking?
Really bad smelly gas, what is the cause?
Will using a store bought whitener work on a dead tooth?
What's the best kind of toothpaste to use??
what should i do if my mom wont get me BRACES, cuz my teeth are horrible?
What tooth paste do you use?
Am I still at risk of spreading HPV?
when you have molluscum contagiosum can you get discharge?
3 yr jackrussel female was in heat 3months ago but her vulva is still swelled and she is constantly licking it?
can the HIV rash pop up as small red raised spots one by one, or do they come all at once?
When is it considered too late to get allergy shots for the year?
Poppy pod tea for allergies?
Hayfever... red marks on face?
What is a restaurant to go to without having to worry about health and eating soy?
Allergic To My House Could It Be The Sewer Main?
What is the potential for free form progressive add lenses in the global lenses market?
Has anybody got LAsik surgery and if so how satisfied are you, any problems after the surgery or not?
Mother is diabetic?
Who is the Doctor working on the chronic fatigue syndrom at Harvard Univerity?
Is Hard-Anodized Aluminum teflon?
Has anybody any proper info on acute aplastic anaemia and what it does?
How do I cure my severe acne?
Red Spots and Zits! Needa get Rid of them OVERNIGHT!?
Do I have a stress rash?
my face's skin sags and im ony 13?
Can you use skin bleaching cream on Post mole removal scars?
I bit my lip a few weeks ago and there's been a bump there ever since. What is this?
Dry skin caused by hay fever. What is it called?
I got a bad burn from using an acne product other than stop using it what can I do?
can you injure your knee from sitting?
Held my pee in for a long time and pulled this thing out?
So I broke my hand and I need help with finding something easy to wear...?
I think I broke my toe but I'm not sure.?
Best friend died.?
What are you worrying about right now?
What's the best way to kill myself?
how can i be confident bout myself.??
Need help with my emotions over the loss of my mom?
Is this an ear infection?
Can you list some migraine headache medications?
i punched a car last night and i hurt my hand.?
back pain and medication?
Can you get lead poisoning?
Can extreme allergies cause a low grade fever?
Is levaquin a good treatment for malaria aquired in mexico, acapulco.?
10 leading causes of morbibity and mortality in the whole world as of 2006?
what antibiotics are best for sinusitis?
Can you get the Norovirus over and over?
What is BCR Virus?
What's the best way to get rid of an ear infection?
what was the percentage for a person to catch the bubonic plague back in the Renaissance times in London?
Are eggs in store-bought salad dressings such as caesar safe? Have the eggs been treated to destory salmonella
Has any one heard of universal human body energy tranfer? I think it's called Tu Dai Danh Tuong...?
What are harmful effects caused by drugs such as alchohol,caffeine,tobacco,amphetamines,cocaine,or stroids?
Has anyone had luck suppressing Herpes (HSV 2) naturally without using drugs?
Sugar Blockers?
medicinal plant that can cure heart ailments.?
I am looking for information on an alternative cancer treatment clinic in Mexico founded by Beto Ramon?
Exactly why does niacin give you a red flush?
Are there any health spas in baton rouge, la?
Does triple c show up in like urine drug tests?
who knows about tinctures?
where can i get a prescription for cannabis?
I have an itch on my forearm that drives me crazy. Over the counter medecined don't give much relief.?
what is reiki?Can it be scientifically explained?
What is the best way to do a full body detox cleanse? Ive been sluggish & tired lately, I want to start fresh!
Ho To Fair Up My Skin Colour?
has anyone ever heard how too remove tattoo's or too make them all most invisible?
my eyeball...?
Weird bump by my ear piercing!? What is it?
What illness would cause your body to be literally covered in small tumors?
Can you flatten a raised scar with dermabrasion?
How to reduce redness in face? help?
How to get rid of acne? ): best answer!?
My Facial Redness Cause?
Brushed feet on corals(?): now all red, tingling and itching -_-?
HELP! HELP! I hate the skin I'm in and i REALLY need HELP! Anyone?
cant get my sugar levels under control?
PLEASE ANSWER; am i underweight, average, or overweight?
guava leaf ,does it have antiduadetic effects on humans?
Burns wen i pee ... can any1 help?
can hiv be detected in urine?
I have no medical insurance where can i get medical help for my copd in the Bellingham area Washington St?
what is a PET test and what does is learned from it?
does a black line underyour fingernail mean you have cancer?
Experiencing horrible insomnia for that past few weeks?
Tooth has dull ache 10 days after root canal. Is this normal?
How does one prevent teeth-grinding?
Getting teeth pulled..?
are teeth bone?
I'm getting my Wisdom Teeth removed!!?
how do you fix this?
Does weed help period pains?
i have a bump inside the skin of my left leg. help please. very scared.?
why do me cheeks go red?
Will my skin scar? Help?
Huge spot inside ear?
At what time does frostbite turn black?
i need serious HELP with getting rid of eye bags....PLEEZ ANYONE GIVE SOME ADZISE;(?
My acne doesnt seem to get better. I'm 21 and suffer from mild to severe acne. I need your help!!?
How to get rid of spots?
Best Way To Get Rid Of Acne On The ForeHead?
Serious acne problem...solution please...help!..?
What is this itch? Answer ASAP?
haematological indices?
global glomerulosclerosis?
a long time ago you use to be able to get free packages of simple diabetic items. can you still get themfree?
rotavirus question?
HIV is not spread by biting insects such as mosquitoes or bedbugs,why?
Staph Infection on scalp, may move in to home with Friends who have a baby? Is that safe?
if i had surgery to remove tonsils why would i still get strep throat?
how to help if i was poked in the eye?
need results of my STD tests from my prison records?
how can STD'S and STI'S affect your life?
what type of discharge referrals would a patient with disseminated itravascular coagulation recieve?
what is a community health worker?
Explain how AZT might help HIV-infected patients.?
How to determine if u have UTI?
what about herpes, what...?
What is the best way to reduce eye mucus due to allergies to clear vision?
what is a good home remedy for asthma?
concern about morning cough?
I have this cold?
Does anyone know of a celiac group for kids in Washington/Washington area??
What's the best natural anti-histamine?
what percent of americans have Parkinson'e disease?
How can you tell when a popped zit will leave a scar?
Pin scratch on arm, what should I do?
How to get rid of sweaty hands?Help!?
What causes your hands to wrinkle when they get wet?
Whats it called when you have a little bump of skin on your skin?
How do i completely remove a staff infection on the shoulder?
2 small bumps on wrist, painful to the touch?
A rash turned into a dry spot?
I scratched a mole and it didn't bleed...?
Skin peeling off my nose? How do I get rid of it?
what over the counter drugs are best for restless legs?
I have been getting the migraine aura every day this week....what's up?
What are the symptoms of a headache serious enough to go to the ER?
I have a stiff neck? what should i do, what kind of medicine do i need?
I took 15 tylenol...wat will happen to me?
does anyone else get annoyed when.....?
If someone's anesthesia wears off during surgery, can they feel what's happening?
do bruised ribs hurt?
Would at tattoo below your bellybutton and to the left hurt?
Has anyone experience this on Topamax?
can I die if I inhale too much....?
I have had neck and shoulder pain for several years now...?
Does getting an i.v hurt?
how can i get rid of my headaches without medicine?
I dont like to sit up straight? is it bad for my back?
My Back is killing me?
My mom's finger won't stop bleeding...?
What does it mean when a surgical wound has tracking?
suicidal thoughts?
Help me with my mental issues - obsessive person?
y do i always get depressed for a couple of days after i smoke weed?
what are u thinking now????
Do you have borderline personality disorder?
Does anyone know if u can get sniff seroquil?
my daughter has fever and cold and she is almost 2 years old and she just start day care.?
i would like to find?
Please help me and Write down some ways I Can get over this Awful cold I have. can't stop sneezing. HELP!?
What is the difference between Phentermine and Hoodia?
What other ailments/diseases can cause a False-positive test for Rheumatoid Arthritis (R.A.)? read on:?
Would I need insurance to set up as a Reiki Healer. I am a Reiki Master by the way.?
plz tell prosedur about RIA inserologi lab?
looking for A.R.E. endorsed holistic healers in the houston tx area?
hypnotists in or near savannah ga?
any otc drugs that boost confidence?
what is the biochamic medicine for premature greying of hair?
Can anybody recommend a surgeon in the Grand Rapids, MI. area who performs cervical fusion spine surgery.?
Where can I buy MBDB?
How Might a technigue to be remove A&B antigens from red blood..............?
septic shock?
Discuss two mechanisms that are present in cells to prevent damaged cells from reproducing and?
is there a doctor in the house.I have been diagnosed with hep c and don't know what to do?
For ones living with a positive test only for......?
How do you know if you have throat cancer?
When should the marks on my arms from my immunizations be gone after the Hepatitis B and Varicella vaccines?
Revitol stretch mark cream.....?
Do lactococcus lactis's genoms have introns?
How do you get rid of acne scars?
Spots that never go away?
14 year old had tragus pierced 3 weeks ago and now has large lump inside upper lip at nose. R these connected?
PanOxyl Does it really work?
What are these little bumps that are only on my nose?
What's a good product for mild acne?
Why you have a swollen glands on the side of the neck?
Does anyone know what the treatment for Eosinophilia is?
How can I afford braces?
wisdom teeth?
how much do braces ussually cost?
i'm getting braces and i don't no what colour to get?
i have really bad teeth... the enamel is soft... what can i do to not get cavities?
my breath tastes like im not brushing but i am.. help?
Bad breath?? It is ruining me. So help?
How often do you floss your teeth?
What are good braces colors for a 13 year old girl?
Why do my teeth hurt and why are my gums puffy?
What do you do when your baby has a tab of skin that is connecting her inner top lip to her gums.?
My boyfriend keeps getting sick?
do you have to wear a retainer after you get your braces off?
Best way to whiten teeth for a 16 year old? 10 points DETAILED ANSWERS PLEASE?
how can i get free dental..work done?
Can i go 7 hrs without my retainer even if i just got my braces off?
how can i make my teeth white while they are yellow.?any paste or medicine?
when will the pain go away?
How can i stop being so lazy?
Stinky ear?
I have suffered from migraines for 5yrs now?
i have heartburn 24/7??
what are foot cramps caused by?
Hi I have early edaculation problem, does any one have good advice how to solve this problem? Thanks?
When are you going to bed?
how do you minimize stretchmarks..i've tried aloe based creams....doesn't seem to be working?
''Thrush'' Can somone help me with identifieng this ''thrush please'''?
My Boyfriend has Chlamydia, so if get an appointment with the nurse will I get the drugs straight away?