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acne issues please help!?
what can i buy to help this dryness on my face?
Why does this girl touch her head then licks her fingers?
What's an affordable solution for palmar hyperhydrosis (sweaty hands)?
How to get rid of this scar?
Does calamine lotion irritate your skin?
Does olive oil help get rid of acne?
Anyone one ever recover from Hep C?
HIV/AIDS Statistics by Age?
How to make white hairs disappear? (heredetary it's in the family)?
Does anyone know where aids come from?
Can Women Over 26 Get Guardisil?
is there ever going to be a cure for aids, or hiv in are life time?
Could this be a yeast infection?
If a commoner got pregnant by our partying princes do you think there would be a suicide or disappearance. jo.
has anyone had HPV and had surgery for it? and are now cured?
How dangerous for men is the HPV virus?
Herpes help?
Is Numonia Contagious?
difference between ciprofloxacin and clindamycin as an antibiotic?
Can I find a listing of all the newborns at Norman Regional Hospital?
Is Rheumatic fever and Scarlet fever the same thing. Just different words for teh same condition?
Anti-diarrheal shot?
Has the bird flu (H5N1) been found in the U.S., Mexico, or Canada?
wheat free foods?
Has anyone used those breathe right strips....and if so, do they work for nighttime allergy congestion?
Vitamins...help with allergies???
allergic to cement?
What is this SNEEZING?
Eyes! Irritated yellow guck!?!?
is it really true that the skin of eskimo people dont have pores?
I have Teenage spots and want to get rid of them!!?
Has anyone had laser treatment for dark elbows and knees?
Cheek injections with collagen?
A Good Solution for BACNE scars?
Bruise Bump?????!!!!!?
how do i get rid of my scars before summer (about 2 months)?
effective cream for good complex?
How can i get rid of spider bites?
why do so many girls ..?
Is blood inside your body red or blue?
Can I take cold medicine that expired a year ago?
what does it mean if your toe is itchy.?
What is the purpose of the navel?
what drinks have fiber in it????
Am i gonna grow taller? need answers plz?
aww i hate this...............................................................................................
Oxygen Bar?
My sister's in the hospital...?
what are the negative consequences of smoking weed?
During my sleep, I woke up and couldn't catch my breath, what could cause that?
Marijuana: Was this a panic attack that i encountered today?
How can i cure a burn?
What is a low budget way I can protect myself from asbestos?
Dissociative Identity Disorder: Do the multiple personalities need to be fused ?
how long do std virus's live on fabrics, I tried on a swimsuit the other day at a store and now im worried!
Is it possiable to cure the herpes completely?
Has anyone had HPV and had precancer cells mild-moderate and had the laser procedure?
Pearly Papules?
Why Men are more vulnerable to contracting syphilis than women?
Mystery rash from friend?
pool chlorine and acne?!?
my 8 yr old son broke out with flesh colored bumps on his forehead and around his eye brows. What is it?
The challenges the body has defending it from the pathogen (causing chickenpox)?
I get acne whenever I eat sugar or wheat?
Has anyone used glutathione pills for skin lightening?
I have bad acne & i really need to get rid of it!? Help!?
is alcoholism really a dis ease or just a behavioral problem?
What is projesterone?
do people do drugs to heighten creativity?
Is there something wrong with me?
Can you tell me anything to de-stress me?
how to deal my 5yrs daughter diagnosed of ADHDand poor in studies?
hepatitis c?
Dengue fever in the Philippines...?
what is the pathophysiology of liver trauma?
can anyone find me a list of who died from yellow fever in 1878, in Tenn.?
Can dogs get impetigo? Or only humans?
I think i have strep throat?
yes i need to find a parasites doctor and a parasitology hosiptal can anyone help me.?
Does any lump on the throat mean HIV or TB?
Can sunglasses frames be used as eye glasses frames?
My eyes are always watery, blinking a lot, are they getting bad?
Im getting my eyes examined tomorrow...?
Does genes have anything to do with getting glasses?
Help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?
glasses.. ugh?
question about toric contact lenses?
Thinking about Lasik Eye .....?
I've been wearing the same contacts since 7:00 a.m.?
Why are my eyes bloodshot?
Cant see close up with contacts?
Laser Toy gun Dangerous to eyes?
Can you become a pilot of any kind if you can see blurred with one eye and perfect in the other?
What is astigmatism?Do i need to wear eye glasses?
I have problem of bad breath,so how can i solve this problem?
Any way to get rid of a gap in between my two front teeth?
Braces?!?-Had/experienced them?
What do you do for a dry sock in your mouth that has lastest more than a week?
My heart is beating 51 beats per minute is that ok my blood pressure is 124/85.?
my heart spontaneously starts to beat fast.?
How can i clog my arteries? i wanna heartattack before im 25. im 21 almost 22 now. 10 points?
i just got my ear pierce help!!!!!!?
How do I get rid of a milia seed on my eyelid?
i have little very small bumbs on the inside of my bottom lip its not irritating or painfull and im worried?
If i tan and 2 hours later i take a shower, will that effect my tan or something like that?
My dog scratched my face?
Sore hands/ head when wet?
i have poison ivy agian x(?
I have a school dance coming up in 3 weeks. How do i get clear skin for then?
I have really sensitive skin and I even react to hypoallergenic deodorants what can i do?
Chemical burn from toothpaste?
Peeling wet skin after shower?
Post Stapedectomy--Do you have problems when you catch a cold?
Does Singulair help with animal allergies?
How do I cure my puffy lips??
Best doctor for person with kidney infection?
What's it called when you're laying there and suddenly you jump/ jolt up?
I have caught on fire, whould should i do?
Should I try pot. Is it really bad?
Do you like the smell of nail polish remover?
Would you ever kiss on a first date?
how do you get rid of a headache when you have already popped 3 800 mg each of motrin and its still hurts?
What do you use for dry lips?
Why am I feeling lightheaded after smoking weed?
is it bad to sleep with the contact lenses on...?
What is an organism?????
is your blood pressure normal, high, or low ?
Can smoking marijuana mess up your heart?
why do fingers naturally bend and curl instead of staying flat?
what are the worst effects from chewing tobacco?
Have you ever saved a life or been saved yourself?
my 8th month old baby was burned at main event should i sue?
Hiv thru scratch ?
If you had a choice in the way you died, what would it be?
What is the best way to get rid of head lice without shaving the head?
Why do marijuana users sometimes have a vacant look in their eyes?
what benefits and loses do restaurants get from banning smoking?
Chest discomfort? Whats causing it?
I have a really bad cough and have had it for 2 days. Is there any home remedies or medicines I can take?
does smoking weed cause break ups or can it cause somebody to change?
PLZ HELP ME?! it felt like i couldnt breathe and my heart stopped for a second! helppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
How can I fight a phlegm buildup besides coughing it up gradually?
Questions about Prednisone... My son was recently diagnosed with asthma?
Is cystic fibrosis contagious through kissing?
Can AIDS really be transmitted through saliva?
Can some kind of cocunut oil get rid of HIV's?
Vaginitis report?
what is the average price to get tested (std-wise) for everything?
Herpes with NO symptoms ever?
How many of you out there believe that there is a cure for AIDS.?
Can i use a IUD if i have not had a child and have herpes?
does any simple blood test shown HIV resalt?
What could I use for itchy dry scalp and dandruff?
What are hives and how is it caused?
Itchy, red spots on cheeks of face when i wake up in the morning?
I have random itchy spots?
How to correct bowed legs?
I have an area of skin near the left side of my lower waist that is very itchy, but with no visible rash?
Plz plz plz help me where can i buy clinique 4 acne?
What to do eğen you have a rash?
How Shoud I vanish a scar/ treat it?
personal experiences of hep c please?
I think I have pink eye, and I want to go to the movies....?
Suppose a foreign antigen enters the bone marrow during fetal life. Could the immune system later in life?
when can you start exercising after getting the stomach flu?
if my astigmatism isn't treated, will it get worse?
Has anyone heard of ERV....something to do with you being immune to antibiotics?
I have a nabothian cyst and also chronic cervicitis what should be done next please help?
need a site for nutrition analysis of food=not usda.gov?
i'm going blind help me?
What would happen if I got hit in the head with a hammer?
xanax what do you think?
Can you help me?
is there a alternative treatment for OI?
how to cure multiple personality disorder?
Seriously, is there any way to destroy one's emotions or at least turn them off?
is it safe to take zinc 50 mg if u are taking echinacea 400 mg???
I told my boyfriend I wanted to be friends and now he is threatening to commit suicide...what do i do?
If I stick to exercising an hour a day for two weeks, would my depression be gone by then?
Do you feel you have to lie somtimes to your therapist when they ask you certain questions?
i need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
I want to buy disposer (garbage) Can I receive the 10% that is listed on the web?
Should I go on zoloft because of my anxiety?
if you were a suicidal maniac, and you were gonna kill yourself, how would you do it?
dmso and sski for scar tissue removal?
How do i discipline my violent nephew?
Should I come clean?
is there such a thing as a mental illness?
has any one ever tried lerosett for there acne?
HELP?? Has anyone ever had a sweat gland removed?
why do sick people try to hide there illness from others and why do well people shun them?
My face turns red when I get embaressed or nervous, anything that can be done about it?
What are some happy songs you listen to to cheer you up?
Am I literally Crazy????
Any one know of a good dermatologist clinic in the area of EastLA with quality acne laser treatment?
Does nair work well and does it stink?
Where I applied the Dermatend medicine I scratched the surrounding skin along with the mole and it's red....?
how to get rid of bumps on my face?
Redness In face eliminator?
Pilonidal Cyst Treatment Help!?
I have 2 little dots in my eyes when i close them they start to away then come back when i open them plz help?
is it safe to use Panoxyl Aqua gel and Dalacin T Topical Solution at the same time?
why am i always so cold?!?
acne....need help....u can answer on here (yahoo) u can e-mailme or if u want we cn chat on yahoo im! answers!
will the deep down inside cry ever go away?
do carrots actually make your vision better?
Do you smoke?
One of my tonsils is swollen and i am very worried about cancer what do you think?
should I let her????
Problems when sleeping?
why am i so hungry all of a sudden?
Do you think yawning is contagious? I think it is. What is your experience and why do you think it is or isn't
I'm 14, can i start smoking?
What is the best way to fall asleep?
does this exist?
How long does it take for weed to leave your system?
How deadly is Waterbording?
what do u do when ur under stress?
Awkward question.......?
How do you beat a Hair drug test?
Is it bad that a 16 yr. old boy wear diapers during the day and night? He wears the depends diapers.?
What does it mean when a person blinks their eyes excessively?
OK i want to the doc and they said i had gonorrhea and chlamydia but i had no symptom's and i was wondering
How many celibate singles do we have here?
how does planned parenthood administer STD tests on males?
vaginitis project?
treatment for chancroid?
Tough, itchy skin surrounding my........?
Allergy Free Dog Bisquit Recipes?
Itchy nose?
What colors should i get my braces?
Have you heard of severe adverse drug reaction to statin drugs, like Lipitor where muscle wasting happens?
Is there a cure for IBS?
Can you (or the experience of a loved one) tell me what to expect when I hit stage 5 kidney disease. Honestly.
Does anyone know of homemade remedies for rosacea?
Can dogs cause gangrene?
Do you use/have you used Skin ID?(the acne treatment)?
How can I get fleabitis when I don't have fleas?
Oh no, I have really obvious sunburn and a party tonight! How can I make it less obvious?
Is exfoliating your skin every night bad?
What is this rash between my fingers?
How can I get rid of this?
How much aloe vera juice/gel is in one leaf?
what are it's side effects to our skin?
What's the best way to relieve a rash and redness after a recent male chest wax from a salon?
I can't put my pinky finger down?
has any one seen the HIV virus and does it exist?
is Diverticulitis a hereditary disease?
who knows rusty??
If bacteria can't survive in the cold (thats y u put meat in the freezer) y do more people get sick in winter?
nowledge wanted of Morgellons Disease?
how do unplug a stopped drain in your refrigerator water runs out tio floor?
what is encephalitis and has anyone died of it? what are the symtpons? is it contagious? plz explain no links?
my final fantasy 7 game doesn't save?
How to get rid of dandruff?
I got implanon and 4 days later i started getting a very ichy rash on my ears, then neck, then face, then arms?
What do you call a red bumpy rash around the eye and how can you treat it?
How can i get rid of my acne?! Please help!?
If i cant buy sleeping pills over the counter? What common over the counter medicine will i take?
Please Dont Report This, Just Answer. ?
On average, how many hours of sleep do you get?
Why do drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while?
what is the healthy wieght for a 13 year old girl?
I'm getting a lot skinner and a lot more worried?
I'm a singer. I yelled today and hurt my voice. How can I fix it fast?
what happens if you accidently swallow someone else's blood?
Have you ever been caught picking your noze?
if something is not life threatening what does it mean?
I'm about to lose my voice. i need it in 3 days though!!!?
If you on your period for a long time is that a sign of prency?
Isn't it proper manners to leave the toilet seat down?
i have gas. alot. how can i prevent this?
Tailbone still hurts! HELP!!?
Does "high risk" HPV go away on its own?
If you've ever had cervical cancer, what were your symptoms?
What is the quickest way to lose weight?
burning and itching....?
what is hpv and how did i get it anyone know please help?
Can you get herpes from chemotherapy?
which STD causes sterility and how??
Do they check this when your pregnant?
please help me out. i m emotionally disturbed about my health?
what would cause a 30year old a stroke?
My toe nail keeps falling off - why?
Burn mark on my forhead?
i peel the flesh around the skin of my fingers (primarily the cuticle area)..how can i stop this?
Skin question desperate help!?
blisters from playing guitar?
what is this? please help.?
embarrassing problem, help?
Which cream is better?
i have itchy legs in winter and spring, how can i get rid of it? the anti itch cream sometimes works,sometimes?
Should i tell my mum i have toothache or not?
Ears ringing all the time (ear tumour?)!!?
SENDMYMEDS.COM - Has anyone orders items from this company?
Where, online, can I find & purchase PHYTOLACCA BERRY's Mother Tincture?
or coldwhat is the best remedy for cold?
my pals are great but sometimes it get hettick and we fight are we true pals .?
What is Robaxin 500mg?
How do you cure a headache using reflexology?
How did diphtheria start?
How long does cocaine stay in your bloodstream?
Is it environmentally safe to dispose of ones ashes if the person was infected with the aids or HIV virus?
i have a severe salmonella bacteria infection,from a supposed good restaurant in gabon?
when was the last known case a of rabies in the UK ?
what's an effective way to get rid of flu as quick as possible?
How long does chicken pox last?Also from boils appearing to dissappearing.?
malarial splenomegally?
Does anyone know ANYTHING about monkeypox?
If somebody has Hep C, can they not have liver damage?
I had a flu shot on Christmas eve. About 3 days after, I started having flu symptoms. I still am not myself?
how do you get over a cold in 3 or less days?
What are general symptoms of Encephalitis?
What can I do instead of cutting myself?
I just want to know if braces hurt!?
For people with BRACES only please?
I just carved into my arm?
Please help me I am suicidal?
Is it just me or does everyone seem sad and depressed this christmas?
How many of you pretend to be happy when you are not?
Still mourning the loss of my mom - advice please!?
Why do i cut and feel better then a few hours later feel worst then ever?
How do I get through depression?
when there's no hope is suicide the answer?
Can't stop thinking about killing people?
I think I am heading for a mental breakdown, what should I do?
I shoplift everyday. I am bipolar. I take gabitril & Zoloft & wellbutrin.?
Do I have a phobia?
Why do i yell, scream, and "fight" when i sleep?
i need helping sleeping?
what can i do to feel better when someone just died in your family.?
Is there anyway I can remove my nose and still breath ok. This is something ive always wanted?
HOW do most teenage girls kill themselves?
Why don't people believe?
Is my pinky toe broken?
How long to keep someone awake to make sure they don't have a concussion?
Do you think something's wrong with me?
Is this normal? pics included?
How can I get my arm to work normally after getting a cast off?
Can diabetes be reversed in some cases?
what are those sores that appear inside your mouth regardless of a cold?
what gets rid of an oily t-zone?
Should I continue putting salicylic acid gel on my wart.?
I have rashes. My doctor says its viral rash and would go away without?
itching from amoxicillin?
spots&acne help is there anything that does 100% work?
Good Acne treatments/skin care routines?
What's a good drugstore moisturizer?
Do I have to stop Minocycline before (e.g. a month) going on Accutane?
red itchy bumps for over a month?
Allergies and babies?
I am the only one in my family without debilitating seasonal allergies and now as an adult..?
how long does GLUTEN stay in body?
I break out in hives when I consume red wine or vinegar on salad.I can drink white wine with no problems. Why?
have you read this important info about ALLERGY CURES ?
can someone contract the std chlamydia through taking antiobics?
can anyone tell me how Many people ate affected by HIv?
Are reaseacher and scientist work on a cure for herpes, and can anyone estimate how long it will take?
what is better? to kiss your girlfriend's lips or armpits?
can a women get pregnant with an STD?
does this describe HSV1 herpes type 1?
If you have Herpes 1, is your body always fighting the virus like HIV?
How does STD's feel?
HPV making your immune system weaker?
std dec 11 i was with my friend and he went down on me..?
How do Gonococcus move?
What are some good meals I can have to decrease high blood pressure?
Why does my heart race every time I try to go to sleep?
Will MRSA get better without being drained, if you're on bactrim?
What could be the cause of little fine bumps?
Why did a wart appear on my hand?
Will Accutane cure scars?
how do you get rid of acne quickly?
When will I get bigger legs?
is it normal for hands to sweat?
Causes for certain acne flare ups..?
Do you have a skin care routine?
What has gotten rid of your stretchmarks?
Do I have strep throat it has been hurting sense yesterday morning?
what are the side effects of glyburide?
help !! iv started to smoke?
How do you stop smoking easily?
how do i get rid of an ulcer in my mouth?
Not really a question.... I just feel badly.......?
anyone have repetitive nightmares?
I feel really sick, all of a sudden...hospital needed?
Can Sleeping in too much stunt your growth?
Throwing up and Peeing at the same time?
my doctors said that this will be the last month of my life ..and..?
Why do people use calculaters?
is my elbow injury serious or not?
Is 5'11 short for a fully grown man?
how do you break an ankle on purpose?
what could i do to stop cutting my self?
What is it? :( it hurts!!!!?
what is this pain in my knee?
So I hurt my ankle. Is it sprained!?
Pineapple making my mouth sore?
What is your advice to men that have a phobia of female doctors?
Help; I've fallen and I can't get up!?
I accidentally ripped off my big toenail. what should I do now?
When i was skating i fell pretty hard on my upper arm and it hurts really bad!?
When you go to the hospital and get IV fluid injected in you is it supposed to bleed and leave a huge bruise?
cracking knuckles?
Dead lift Question?
What does it mean when your finger turns white and goes numb?
Why am I so sore?
HELP!!!! U may think i am crazy but i am serious.....?
I Sprained My Foot About A week ago and it was swollen then and the swollen hasn't gotten down yet?
will deficiency s cause you to die sooner?
Is it true that only white people get mono?
does anyone know a home remedy for getting rid of the flu?
What are the symptoms of strep throat?
where can i buy advil from?
What would happen if i ate a whole box of paracetamol?
Is there a such thing as cat scratch fever? If so what is it and how danger-est is it?
Whats wrong with crushing time release pills?
help meee what do i eat when i have a migraine? D:?
what type of organism is it trichophyton rubrum?
how do I relieve terrible ear pressure when I fly?
does getting a needle poked through your ear hurt?
Is shingles contagious to a child who has had the Chicken Pox Vaccine?
I have severe back pain?
In which country can you buy prescrption drugs without prescription?
is yahoo answers more addictive that crack cocaine?
Which eye do you look at when someone has eyes that look in different directions?
hot soup went into my eye?
reason for blurred double vision?
how mutch does color eye change surgery cost? if anyone knows?or has had it done?
Contact Lense problem!!!?
what do you call the doctors that do your eye?
blind spot appeared in vision?
What prescription makes you legally blind?
Why does my eye twitch?
How do I get my eye to stop twitching?
Is it possible to have a hair growing out of your...?
i want to get contacts lenses, but i have very bad eye sight... and?
How to stop my eyesight from getting worse?
What is this lump under my skin on lower back?
Why am I so itchy? How do I stop it?
Paint splattered on face... now there are red bumps??!?
Burning sensation on face?
what drugs are made from fungus?
What's this disease?? Why does a living man deserve to have it?
********Hydroquinone 4%*********?
I'm to afraid to go to sleep?
i have had all my dreams crushed?
Im scared about my baby?
what will vodka and sleeping pills do if taken together?
How Do You Deal With Stress?
I feel depressed..........?
Why do we never remember the dream we had last night?
How long does it take generally for Hiv to turn into Aids, and how long does it take for Aids to kill you?
What is it like having Chlamydia?
i think i have thrush....?
STD Question?
is cold sore inside or outside lip?
a girl i use to see a year and a half ago claims i gave her hvb or some disease like that?
about a STD?
where can chlamydia psittaci be found?
if u had herpes would u know cuz my test says its undetermined?i dont understand?
I got a burning feeling in my private area what could it be?
allergic reaction to antibiotic?? please help?
Is there an over the counter eye drop for allergies for my Shih-Tzu dog?
What is the likelihood of my daughter being allergic to the same things as her father?
People who have/had osgood shlatters disease PLEASE HELP?
I fell and hit my wrist REAL hard on a iron bed post, it brought tears to my eyes.?
IS it all necessary? (10 points best answer)?
Got hit in the arm, numbness in the pinkie side of my hand?
I stumped my pinkie toe, its turning purple and it hurts when i touch it. should i go to the ER?
help me please??? feels like im going to faint?
what's wrong with me?
How can i sprain my ankle really quickly? I need to get out of gym class fast.?
Cant move my knee!? [ kinda urgent.. please answer ]?
I think I broke my hip?
i got my braces today and my mouth really hurts; I can't close my mouth. any suggestions on stopping the pain?
Are there any vitamins or anything to make my chest x-ray look better?
natural remedies for stuffed nose?
where are the people who share kombucha mushroom cultures?
i know how to get rid of diabities , if any one wants to know?
What is your favourite essential oils and what do you use it for?
Who is actually looking at how to prevent normal every day illnesses and what are you doing?
CaN yOu GeT?????????
i was wanting to know if any of these medications could cause weight gain like darvocet,midrin,xanax,phenergan
"Hernia Repair" Is there any Medical Remedy ?
Have somebody be "healed" by Osteopathy?
what kind of food can you eat uf you are on a low sodium, no iron diet?
How To Cure Sore Muscles Fast?
Can anyone tell me how many books, on TCM, Ye Tianshi wrote?
Did u ever have to take worst castor oil?
chaft skin?
is bronchitis contagous?
Hi,I've been losing my hair in the past 2 years. I tried everything in the market. What can I do?
does glucosamine contain any glucose?should a diabetic patient avoid taking glucosamine?
how to quickly get rid of a sty?
I think I have a skin/blood problem! Does anyone know what it is?
What do i have to do to get rid of spots?
My sister showed me warts all around her cachinga. What are they?
Can I use aquaphor on my face?
Drugstore Acne Products?
Can this be the solution for my eczema?
Dandruff Problems - flaking - drives ME crazy !?
How to get rid of pigmentation without surgery?
My skin turned red? Why did it turn red?
Whats the best acne mark remover for black people and best acne fighter ?
Effective cure for sensitive skin/blemishes?
Where online can I get cortef or generic: hydrocortisone tablets without a prior prescription?
HELP, HELP,HELP,HELP,HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emergency!!!?
Can two blockages (90% & 70%) be successfully treated with meds, exercise and a heart-healthy diet?
I've been hearing a lot about Virgin Coconut Oil, how true is it that when taken it goes right to the liver?
my child is 13 and need to loose weight is there diet pills for childrena and please dont say o theres not?
People say I have OCD, do I?
Swallowed a bic lighter?
can you die from drinking too much water?
Why do people care how much I smoke?
do u blush easyily? ^///^?
what do you worry about the most?
I have extremely rough hands for a female. and i feel dumb when my boyfriend hold hands with me.?
How can i make myself start falling asleep ealier?
Is it normal to wet yourself occassionally (like once or twice a year)?
can u become addicted to ecstsasy?
I think I have a problem with Drinking.. suggestions to stop?
Can you guess how old i am???
How do i help my fience' quit his drug habbit!!?
Why do i feel really dizzy at times when i stand up?
Do you consider 5'11 to be tall?
marijuana addiction?
It's 3:45 am. What do do?
I somtimes wet my pants when I laugh really hard!?
I'm violent in my sleep?
It hurts so bad... I can't cry?
im feeling tired all the time??
I have a question about contact lenses?
can i wear color contacts?
Can you get Lasik eye surgery if you have Astigmatism?
which eye vision is better?
How Do Optometrists Bend Your Glasses Frames?
I wear glasses. Will contacts go on me? W/pic:)?
What is this? I'd really like to know, I have this black dot on my eye......?
I do not use eye contact with anyone, whats wrong?
Is there anybody to have LasiK surgery some years ago and now he/she has some problems with the eyes?
What does it means if your left eye has been twitching for over 3 weeks?
It cant be pink eye, right?
Is it always wierd the first time you..?
cold sores?
sore throat please help!!!!!?
Does this website strain your eyes?
what contaious disease,what state?
I'm' getting over a cold or flu, and now when I blow my nose?......?
what is verenneal desease?
By having a Urinary Tract Infection can it make you not ever to have kids?
Has anyone used mylot ? I heard it leaves viruses and you don't get paid alot?
is my finger broken?!?
i just pierced my Monroe three days ago an now its swollen..ow can i stop it?
i ned some serious help here?
My 7 year old daughter hit her head on my elbow. She jumped up when I was bring my elbow down.?
What are some things you ca do when you have a broken arm?
my mom got electrocuted?!!?
My calves have started to hurt when i run?
how do i sprain my knee & or ankle?
I spilled hot mcdonalds coffee in my lap...it hurts.?
BB gun bullet in my face, how necessary is it that I get it taken out?
I was walking up my stairs and i twisted my ankle i heard a crack what do i do?
what type of burn is that I have, and should I go to the Doctor?
is this the beginning of an ear infection or a keloid on my helix or am i just paranoid?
Why is my face turning red? :/?
what causes ingrown hair on your face?
Help Please? Is this an infection? (Pic)?
what is the core of a boil?
Bump in my ear lobe after Gauging.?
What is this rash thing?
why is it when I eat things with sugar I get so sleepy that I have to take a nap? I just cannot stay awake.?
Should I go to the doctor?
what do you suggest to get rid of back pain?
Can you go to the emergency room for a toothache?
Could this be my appendix? Please help!!!!?
Bladder infection type thing?
HOW LONG Symptoms hiv?
how much medication does an average hiv sufferer take on average per week?
South Africa and Aids/Hiv ?
Are babies checked for STDs when they are born?
what are the only?
Why is HIV called the HIV Virus?
is the Mosqito caused by AIDS?
Can you get a STI or STD with a person if both of you don't carry an STI at the first place, Thanx in advance!
what would happen if you left a uti untreated? does it go away by itself?
how many claritin clear equal one vicodin?
How can I stop this weird thing from happening?
Burnt myself on an oven. Advice?
why do my eyes do this?
What causes the short blackouts I get when I get up after I have been sitting or lying down for a long time?
Do I have any reason to be worried?
At what age do kids stop seeing a pediatrician?
How can I wake myself up?
the inside of our body is 98.6° right?
i think i have a bladder infection...?
What drugs do you think should be legalized?
Can belief change probability in any way?
has your life worked out the way you've envisioned it?
can anybody tell me is that a real treament for depression ?
I'm scared to ask for help. (READ)?
What cuases "goosebumps"?
Are you sleepy?
Is it possible that I have Social Anxiety Disorder?
Why do negative past experiences remain so vividly in my memory?
If you try to talk someone out of committing suicide, are you being selfish?
Tell me when you're in labor do it hurt really bad? and how does it feel?
what is the outcome if two 3rd cousin gets married and have kids?
what are some ways that i can boost my self esteem and confidience?
How do I know the difference between my face flushing and pre-rosacea?
why do i have so much oil on my face?
Is it normal to lose eyebrows only some hairs though?
Cutting of my own scar tissue?
Itchy red bump after donating blood?
do guys with acne feel self conscience?
my grandmother has uncontrollable itching...
How to get rid of a wart?
can a teenager use a product for adult acne?
what is the method used in your country to prevent HIV patients from getting TB ?
baclofen how often can you re fill a precroption?
what does it mean when your tattoo get a fever?
do antibiotics work if you drink alcohol while taking them?
What is the root of a persistent cold?
would lice be a source of discrimination and the reason for a broken friendship and jeopardized reputation?
Can anyone tell me what's acremonium falciforme?
When do kids need booster of varicella vaccine?
help! mad cow dieases!?
how to make aspirins?
What are some homemade ways to grow your hair faster?
what would hurt the most ,being struck by a whip or a lash?
do magic mushrooms have any long term effects?
Did you ever sit outside in the desert and watch the sun rise under a crescent moon?
If anybody could help me about Chinese medicine.?
what is tramadl?
Any one know of a good "cleansing diet"?
Has anyone had any success with the blood type diet?
what are cardial signs of inflammation and infection?
food poisoning?
identify 4 principles of universal precautions?
Can someone with kidney failure suddenly regain kidney function after a change in diet?
where can you find hearing aids around Brooklyn, ny?
Has anyone used St Johns Wort for mild depression with good results?
What does plant chlorophyll do to animal cells?
my throat really hurts?
I've had painful shoulder surgery...Vicodin makes me nauseous & Percocet knocks me out..?natural suggestions??
How many tylenol 325mg c/codeine 8mg and caffeine 15mg can I take?
Help! I have asked this before, but I did not include enough information?
Do I need a trip to the hospital (heart concerns)?
In Texas, if your apartment has had mold (& your family is allergic to it), do you have right to relocate?
can girls get an std from masterbation?
if you have a cold sore and you BJ your bf is it true that he could have a herpes type 2??
Are there any lactose free brands of icecream so in normal grocery stores?
If you have AIDS , how long will it take for the glands in your armpits to swell up to the size of peas.?
Is Strongbow gluten free?
what do I do to stop virginal discharge?
attention fellow hypochondriacs!!!?
Could some one get a STD from this?
can there be lumps in a rash?
Red itchy bumps EVERYWHERE? What can I do?
is this melanoma...im worried about it :[?
Proactive solution!!!!!!?
i get really itchy after i shave my area...?
i have this little tiny rash on my face. how do i get rid of it?
i need help with ringworm?
I got a nail in my foot,2 months ago. it was deep, i didnt go to doctors what do i do?
ER.. I dont think I should go.?
Would 4 muscle Relaxers and 6 sleeping pills kill you?
how do i hide cuts on arms????
How do I know if I broke my ankle?
Arg it hurts so bad but i dont think the doctor can do anything for it.?
I stubbed my toe! What should I do?
Advice needed! Sprained ankle... soccer soon. Help!?
How to tell if my snake bite is poisonous?
Muscle spams or dislocation?
should my thumb still hurt now the the cast is off?
I got my braces yesterday ..?
Are there any tools that actually work to floss teeth with braces?
I have a 8 year old lab/chow mix, breath is horrible. Any suggestions?
do braces hurt when you first get them?
My 6 year old daughter has lost two baby teeth,?
Can I eat a hot-fudge sundae with braces?
Does Percocet make you itch?
What could my back hurt from?
Why do i wake up with headaches in the morning?
pain under left arm when I take a deep breath?
can i burst my appendix manually?
can human get viruses throug computers or mails?
How do you prevent ring worm after exposure?
Is it safe to have a bird nesting outside an open window at my apartment? What about bird flu?
what is organic delusional disorder with paranoia?
Hey does anyone knows where I can find Liver Disease Scholarships? I've been looking everywhere.?
I have a Jaundice problem and I could really use the help of someone that knows about it :C?
how to go back to natural skin color?
Whered these stretch marks come from and how do I get rid of them?
Mild/Moderate Cystic Acne, Help?
why is my body always so warm?
Do I have Rosacea or just rosy cheeks?***PICS***?
What are some good foods for acne?
what are ways to treat redness or rosacea?
Why do i have a dent on my outer thigh?
Keep finding new moles on my skin? What signs mean its time for a trip to the doc?
i don't want to go to school tomorrow?
not sure what this is...?
I fell down the stairs?
Have you ever broken a bone? SPRAINS DONT COUNT?
If someone broke their ankle in a sporting accident, how long would they have to stay in hospital?
should i be worried? please help!?
how many hairs are on a bald mans head?
What should I do about my wrist?
trying to determine if my hurt hip is a fracture or just a bad bone bruse...help?
hernia please help??
trying to gain weight.. i need some serious help plzz?
I am already skinny, but how do I lose body fat!?
How to loose weight ?
What should I do to lose weight?
how to get ripped?
i want to become anorexic...how do i do it??
how can i loose some weight...?
Do you think this is too skinny?
How do you lose weight without going to excerise?
is smoking a form of pollution ?
Which is better maryjane or ecstasy?
how do you get your nose unstuffed?
How do you feel about becoming older?
Is there a way to make it easier to wake up in the morning?
What is the FASTEST way to clean my system from Marijuana for a drug test?
how do you get energy in the morning if you dont sleep all night?
Marijiana? Is it addictive?
How do I know if my neighbor is alive or dead?
Is it weird to like the smell of secondhand smoke?
whats the difference between pot and weed?
This Lady that works with me and she always passes gas and its bad i mean it smells terribale what can she do?
Whats anesthesia like?
Am i ok?, please help!?
How Can I Stop This Habit?? Please Help ?
This is kind of embarrassing... What happened to me?
It's my birthday soon, how old do you think i'll be.Sorry on my computer I can't do question marks.
wear should i wear my socks?
Throat help?
I Have a "bad" friend....?
Im a heavy sleeper...?
what are the pro and cons with flavored lubricants?
testing on herpes?
Is levaquin enough to clear Chlaymida?
If someone is negative for the hepatitis b core antibody....?
blatter infection?
Can mensturation trigger cold sores?
If you are asymptomatic, cas signs of STDs show up after 60-90 days? Or are they always dormant?
how long can a herpes patient survive?and what is the risk of getting HIV aids?
after my outbreak i now notice...?
periods and stds!?
How successful is removing of brain lesions?
Help! I think i have a knee problem?
When doctors tell you to drink plenty of fluids, does this mean only water?
I'm in so much PAIN!!!!!!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP!!!!!!?
how do i get rid of eczema in a week?
What can I do for a seriously dry scalp, excluding shampoos?
what are some good creams for Rosacea?
extremely sensitive to levoxyle! please I need some advice!?
Whats on my mom cheek?
Red bruise like marks on my back?
Whats a good acne product?
I have a cross scar on my right cheek i have had it since i was a little girl. What does it mean?
Will my seasonal allergy medication take care of my food intolerences?
Trying to find out if Deutschmacher Frankfurters are gluten free?
With Allergies.. Does it help to wet down the plants before one goes outside?
a cut on my leg what do i do ?
I popped my ankle falling and now I can't walk. what should I do?
I have an ingrown toenail and it really hurts!! Help?
Hurt Knee, Ice or Heat?
Is it okay if I take the stitches out myself?
My Toe nail ripped off, what do i do?
If it is nessesary Can a Knee Replacement Surgery be done on a teenager?
hyperimmune serum bank for animal diseases, establishment details,advantages, catering to diagnostic labs how?
Is it necessary to have a vaccination if your child get scratched by a pet cat?
is it possible to get cultures from catheter(CVC) tip without taking it out?If yes then whats the technique?
anemie aplastique-definition?
why are saprobes a necessary part of our invironment?
i need too what CJD's really is?
Concerns of Methicillin-Resistant Staphyloccus Aureus?
how many people are germ phoebic in the USA?
Will you give me more info on meningitis?
Hi ,i havebeenhaving this dull toburning pain in my abdomen for 3days .Doctor gave me percocet for pain and?
can herpes virus attack human body twice?
how long does water need to sit out before it becomes stagnated?
Out of curiosity, how does the CDC classify infectious disease?
Can disease from humans live on fruits and vegetables after washing them?
Aids continued Viruses mutate everyday and do you really trust the government to warn you look to the past?
are you scared of death? why?
How can I get my life back together?
why did this rock my world!?!?
ADD, anxiety, or depression?
MY bf is depressed and doesn't know where to go for help. What can I do?
wats the name of the disorder that u get mad randomly or scream somthing bad out randomly?
why keep living?
If I am suicidal, and go to hospital for help.. what will they do for me?
This is hard to explain....?
How many true friends does the average person have?
how to get rid of acne?
I Have Some Acne Problems?
i had a keloid form around my tragus ear piercing?
I just started regularly indoor rock climbing, what is this rash on the inside of my elbow?
can desitin rapid relief cream slow down or cool of heat rash?
red itchy bumps EVERYWHERE?
how to get rid of ingrowing hairs?
What are these small penny sized hard bumps all over my arms and lower back, some of which hurt when I squeeze?
How long to clear up with bactrim?
how do i get rid of my bumps?
How can you reduce the apperance of a 3rd degree burn that you have had for over 10 years.?
I need to swallow pills...><?
I sprained my ankle,ive been hopping on other foot,hurts,What do I do now??
Is This Swelling Normal ( From A Broken Bone)?
i am a woman in my early 40s and for the last 6-7 years i been having pain in my left breast which cmes and go
My toenail is broken! If I clip it off it's gonna hurt! What shoudl I do?
right knee injury fell straight down on concrete floor therapy is not helping neither is the meds?
when sore, should I use ice or heat?
swollen toes...please help!!!?
I accidently chopped off my nose!?
Can i smoke weed on Probation?
Can weed really mess you up?
I have a cold, can you help me?
What can ease my cough and fever?
if you were a type of cereal what would you be?
Taking a pill question!?!?
how do i stop blushing?
i smoke weed should i stop?
what is the concept of ISS in HIV/AIDS treatment about?
how come i don't ever really worry about stds until the week i get tested?
if you have an std..?
how to cure warts?
i hate when people cough?
what is the difference between Zyoptix and laser eye treaments?
What are the best colored contact lenses? As far as fit and natural looking colors?
eye problem!?
Does natural eye correction ( for refractive defects) really work?
31 1/2 days till i get my braces!?
is there a otc antibiotic i can take for a tooth infection?
Tooth Ache, but which tooth?
Does Acne Medication (Proactive, Neutrogena Rapid Clear, etc.) affect the growth of Facial Hair?
How often to use anti-fungal cream...?
why do my arms keep getting dry?
Why do I only get heat rash at a certain time?
Dark circles around eyes and yellow skin?
How do I get rid of this callus?
Split skin behind toes?
What is this rash? help please?
when do i get job when i got cna course?
how can i make a big bruise on my leg stop hurtin and go away faster.?
is there a good treatment for chronic pain syndrome?
show identifcation of medicine?
what is a herbal blood purifier?
what is methocarbonyl??
Can 'healing hands' remove an "evil eye" curse?
do garlic thin your blood?
Can anyone tell me about a paid website where I can become a Health expert and get paid to answer questions ?
has anyone used the Bates method to improve their eyesight and did it work?
Bromelin - Has anyone ever taken it for their joint pain and if so did it work?
how can I find the contraindication of a drug?
how do you get? and how do you get rid of gout?
Is there any medicine in indian siddha treatment for curing the myopic eye disorder?
How Do Cotton Swab Drug Tests Work??
Tension headache caused by sore neck?
My 23 yr old son has epilepsy, Tourette's Syndrome, OCD, Anxiety, Social Anxiety and a touch of depression.?
how long does it take to kno if u have worms?
Does nutri-sweet cause brain damage?
Can dyslexia develop later in life?
how fast is a falling heart?
what is chicken guinea fever?
Do you think it is good that H5N1 is a Mutagenic Virus?
What is the name of the toxin secreted by tapeworms that prevents one from getting sick?
chicken guniya precautions?
What should we do to eradicate HIV AIDS in Rural area especial in Tanzania ?.?
does tuberculosis spread even if it is not within the lungs, but outside within the pleural cavity and uterus?
How to stay rid of Staph Infection?
is my arm broken?
Do you have to go to school if you had a pulled muscle on the back?
What is the best available cream or product for scar healing?
ow my hand?? ~!~!Please Help!~!~?
festering sores that never fully heal?
im a kinda young, i might have arthritis and i love sports should i worrie about not being able to do sports?
How much would an emergency room visit cost for xrays for a contusion?
How do you heal an Ankle in a day?
Help me! Tiny shard of glass in my foot!?
yesterday i picked up a piece of trash off the sidewalk, but there was a needle inside and i got poked...?
please help me!! what are signs of a broken...?
I'm allergic to rats. Am I allergic to all rodents?
what should I do when I have heat stings?
Allergic to Yeast.. any good cookbooks out there??
lactose intolerance + backne?
if im allergic to silver will i be allergic to gold plated brass?
Allergic or Rash?
What's the best way to cure the hiccups?
is the heart an organ, or a muscle?
do you smoke weed?did you?
Anyone have any tips to overcome shyness / social anxiety?
Can it be dangerous to take vitamin supplements?
Is salty water good to swim in for your health?
Aren't I too young for lower back pain?
i think i have the flu what are the symptoms?
Are we really any closer to solving a cure for cancer?
colored eye contacts?
Need help for my visually impaired neice...?
How long does it take to heal a broken right arm?
ive been getting really bad headaches; on side of my head its really hurting i dont know what to do pleasehelp?
I just fell off a building and can't move?! Help!!?
Is it bad if you remove your cuticles? If so, how do u fix it?
I posted a question earlier about my dad and a bruise after getting blood test. It's been 4 days and...?
what are signs of concussion..can it cause these things and will I get better?
Had an ingrown toenail surgically removed, is it normal that the swelling is still there?
What degree burn is this (graphic picture)?
How can I make my bruise show for longer?
If i go to the dermatologist for..?
weird rash on my neck???? might be pergnant?
Did YOUR acne scars go away?
I have thick scabs on my head?
how do i treat skin fungus?
I have three tiny red dots on my stomack what could couse this?
How can i get rid of these spots quickly? And am i doing the right things for my skin?
My face breaks out in rash?
help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Eliza Blood Test?
My doctor said i will have it forever but....?
how much time disease causing std stay outside the body?
do the parents have a choice to give up the baby or to keep it?
I just heard on the news about a new std that is being spread around young adults.?
what knid of MD do I use to have a HPV removed?
Should i leave my boyfriend for good? I tell him my feelings & he got all abusiv, PLEASE READ & ANSWER?
Need help now Quick good answer!?
What does listening to music quietly at night as you sleep do to you?
question concerning cutting?
Is there a diease with the following symtoms Forgetfulness, easly frustrated, and emotional?
Does getting a cavaty filling hurt?
How can i stop myself from grinding my teeth when im sleeping?
How often do you brush?
Why it is that North America has both the highest occurance of Osteoporosis and intake of dairy consumption?
is spots on neck related to hiv.....?
Ppd Tuberculosis Test Problem?
I want to know about recent treatment for sickle-cell anemia diseas?
What makes you see "stars"?
What are my legal options (if any) concerning the following situation? Please Read!?
Please help... random severe whiplash injury. 10pts?
I recently went to the beach and some water went in through my right ear and it's still there. help?
Blood clot or muscle problem?
I severely broke my ankle seven months ago, when can I expect to wear heels again?
i am piercing my lip myself,what will happen if i hit a vein or a nerve? how can i numb it?hheelllpp?
How Can I pull a muscle?
i am 6 foot long but skiny age24.so what shold i do?
For a school project, I need examples of how people sprain they're ankles, see other details for more info.
How to see a Dermatologist?
i have a rash on my arm??????????? (please read)?
What is the best face wash for people who have Eczema?
Huge infected ingrown hair?
I just began experiencing a nervous rash and dont know what to make of it?
I have white small bumps on top of my lip?
How do i prevent and treat cold sores?
Should I Stop Smoking Weed?
How do you get rid of the darkness on your armpit?
How to combat red skin?
My skin has been itching for a week and when I check my back nothing showed.....?
antomy help?
I have an eating disorder..?
My friend just came down from an acid trip and wants to know if he's safe to eat another blotter, is he?
My husband has a 103.9 fever, help!?
nagging cough i cant get rid off.?
What is the worst kind of surgery you've ever had?
After learning and observing girls who claim to be anorexic, I really think a lot of them do this to get ....
I lost skin in my nose due to cocaine use 3 yrs ago? Is that dangerous, what should I do?
what is a quick fix for a stomach virus?
IF YOU CARE for someone in this world..could u plizz read my situation and understand my problem???
what fruits or food cure insomnia?
Having trouble sleeping, please help?
what does cloudy urine mean?
What will it take to contract a terminal illness?
Whats wrong with me?!?
Can drinking too much pop cause bladder/kidney problems?
sore throat help please?
There is is this bump,a HUGE bump on my head, and i dont know what it is! Is it a tumor??
What do dyslexics see?
IONIZER - Can really remove oder ?
Peanut Allergy group..?
what are the symptoms of a soya allergy?
are there any medicines to cure arithmomania?
anyone use MACRODANTIN antibiotic? can it kill you if you have a reaction? pls help me before i take it.?
Does putting clear nail polish on chigger bites help them heal faster?
Hypothetical Question about AIDS & HIV Virus?
How long can it take for STDs to show up in blood tests?
I had 2 warts on my hand when I was younger, could it be hpv and will I have increased risk of cancer?