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is this good enough to lose weight?
am i a failure? a complete failure?
How do I get super skinny super fast??I need to get skinny NOW!!!?
I want to loose 10 pounds.?
help I need a diet pill that works?
Do you pee in the shower?
Is there a way to lose weight?
What is the best diet for a morbidly obese (456lbs) male to go on?
How can I become more flexible?
New to weight watchers....any helpful hints on snacks, dinners?
Why is there a Mcdonalds on every corner, in every city?
The doctors said it could have been drugs.. Can someone help me out?
Is 5'10 120 pounds age 17 too skinny?
How do I get rid of the callus on the side of my finger?
What can you buy at the drug store that can cure a blister fast?
How does skin give off waste?
What can I do to ingrown hairs on my legs?
could this be a cyst?
Infected cyst on armpit, help?
Question about ringworm?
how do i relieve headache in the office?
If I am 5'11" now at virtually 15 years old... can I be 6'2" when I'm older?
girls shaving down below..guys/girls, what do you think?
whats the weirdest dream you ever had?
Peeling lips?
is it true?
whats the highest positive result in a HSV 2 blood test?
Where in AFRICA?
Azithromycin question ???
What is a yeast infection? I have an idor and discharge but Not itching?
Can you get an std if...?
HPV- can you use it as a threat?
AIDS Research?
whats the minimum/maximum temperature a cold virus can live in?
Could this be a serious illness?
why do i pee on myself when i drink alcohol?
Help!!!!! any tips on how to put my contacts in????!
What is wrong with me? Anybody know about hearts?
allergic reaction on face???
Has anyone went to an allergist for headaches?
which one is the substances that provoke allergies?
I have a small rash that just suddenly appeared.?
pliers caused hives?
My armpits are sore, what is this?
My face burns :'(...........?
a good way to get rid of acne/spots?
My room has HPV warts on his hands. What should I do as for precautions?
Can anyone identify what type of rash this is? Chicken Pox?
I have a large, itchy (penny size) bump on my arm? read description?
I need some help for my skin......?
Please help!I've had acne for 3yrs.I've gone to dermatologists,used diff face washes&creams,but none work. ?
My neck and eyes ich sooooo bad…please help?
How do you grow back earlobe skin?
What should a healthy skin graft look like? What should one watch out for?
Will water have these benfits on my skin?
my friend hit her hand pretty hard on the counter and her hand is kind of swollen, could it be broken?
i had a toothache about 6 months ago..my cheek was swollen up..i didnt treat it and it went away..?
Can you die of a brokenheart?
I just got a really bad sore throat today. What should I do or take for it?
i smoked weed on christmas at 5.00 am and i have a court drug test on jan 8 i have ben drinking allot of water?
would i bleed to deaf if i cut a mole off my body?
i need real helpfull advice here?
Can sanitizer cause your skin to react? And leave you a burn mark?
What is this really tiny brown dot I found on my tongue?
Alopecia Treatment - How to Treat Alopecia?
Why do I sweat so easily?
How do I know if my chickenpox is gone? I mean I'm okay and I can go to school?
How to get rid of.......?? ?
Can I take shower cause of my piercing ?
best working lotion for dry skin ,face and body,and hair.please help?
Acne help. Thorough answers please(second time asking)?
What is a normal amount of itching?
any correlation to caffeine pills and acne?
Is it possible to get STDs from unaffected person?
how can i get white spots of my skin?
std in navy boot camp?
can i use other medicine for herpes other than valtrex?
why do some people need liver transplants with hep c?/?
what are the significant differences between geographical tongue and oral candida?
how to cure leukopenia- it means a low level of leukyciytes i mean,?
How do I speed up my skin's healing from mosquito bites?
which ointment helps with small zits on your face?
How can I treat oily skin?
for anyone that is using CETAPHIL which one should i use for my eczema..?
Weird rash on the bottom of my foot NOT ATHLETES FOOT help? ?
How do you make your face be less moist/sweaty and oily?
How to get rid of chest acne?
does Clean and Clear Advanced Acne Kit removes acne scars too?
zit cream on stye????
i have pale skin and....? advice?
Acne scar remedies/solutions?
How do I get rid of this problem ?
Please help! What happened to my skin?
I have really bad sunburn?
when i get up in the morning my tongue is covered with white why is this some times it is not?
Apheresis and anaphlaxis??
Black hair care: Dry Itchy Scalp?
my chi has watery eyes?
How does an allergist test for a see men allergy?
i had allergy from corn pads now toes have blisters?
I Think I Might have swine flu?
Do you know your blood type?
SELF-HARM.. HELP!! my friend cut too DEEP!!?
why am i always hungary!?
Drug test? will I pass?
I started smoking today, and now I have burning sensation in my stomach. Just wanted to know.?
will cocaine show up on a hair follicle test?
What is BPD?
whats a worce case scenario infected piercing?
Can a blood pressure drug lower your blood pressure too much?
Is this a sty? HELP!?
Red dot under my left eye?
is there away to get rid of freckles?
what does a crease in your armpit look like?
Question about Sebaceous Cyst!?
I recently got a sort of rash around my eyes and on the top of my cheeks. What could this be?
Can you guys give me motivation to stop my spot-picking?
How can I get rid of m eczema scars? help!?
Has anyone got the gardasil vaccine and came on your period unexpectedly?
let's say a person has gential warts and this person was rubbin/scratching it and he/she shakes your hand?
how many people, in asia, have died from AIDS?
How do I know if my baby is ok if i was treated for syphillis if i was in the latent early stage?
does anyone know where you can get tested for stds in berlin? thanks?
How many days hiv person live without treatment?
Somebody in the med field or who knows about the Red Cross help please?
What foods are high in fiber?
help help 10 points?
How do I get rid of severe muscular cramps in the legs?
What diseases are treated with antibiotics?
Why can't you swim right after you eat?
I am a 14 year old boy, i am feel very tired these days, wat shud i do?
How long it's gonna take for you to die after you get infected by the bird flu disease ?
how do i treat erythrasma?
how did people treat coccidiomycosis in the past?
I have heard about this "sleeping in a garbage bag to lose weight"? Does this really work?
What does anyone know about viral herpes? How does it origionate?
What do you hate most about going to the gym?
getting rid of belly fat?
1200 calories a day?
How do you get rid of love handles?
I need plan to lose at least 30 pounds by May?
Is 210 lbs. heavy for a man who is 5'10"?
How do you do this??
I'm 14...how do i keep the weight off?!?
What is a quick way to loose weight?
why does my bf want me to gain weight?
is it okay to walk on the treadmill, barefoot?
Lamisil--athlete's foot medication cream/powder?
Weight Question ?
Push Up question?
How Can I Become More Flexible?
my mom is getting a gastric bypass and wants me to support her but there is a 50% chance she will die? HELP!!!
Someone at work may possibly have menegitis (not sure which type), isn't there a vaccine we all may need?
Ive had hep c for 8 years now and im always tired and forget every thing is this normal?
Can I lose thirty pounds in a month if I walk five a days a week for forty-five minutes and eat no more than?
I am a bit overweight so can any1 give me tips 2 loose weight!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is Skin ID good?????????????!?
does washing your face in mineral water = clearer skin for you?!?
I have been getting these bumps all over my thighs?one on my leg too!?
I have a terrible itch all over?
I have small rashes on my lower back and sides what could it be?
Sores Under my arms/armpits. My bro calls em fat sores. What are they. I've popped a few before. ?
Calluses on feet vs Little to no Calluses on feet?
I got a big hard red bumb help?
Skin Care Professionals, What Is a Good Skin Care Routine? 10 points?
why do mosquito bites itch?
would using the extra strength Preparation H cream for mild hemorrhoids be bad?
how do i stop dwelling in the past??
I'm so upset! My mom and sister won't stop doing drugs!!?
Blood sugar emergencies? Any help please?
how many years does it take for hiv to ever show up?
What is the difference between herpes type 1 and 2?
what are the symptoms of chlamydia?
why is the hpv vaccination so important?
I want to know what kind of medications does they put people on if they have Aids or HIv?
whats wrong with pple&AIDS thea cld b other kids whose gurdians ve bin lying 2 them abt the reason 4 the drugs
A friend had this cough since 1999. Even though shes gone to the doctors she still has it. Is she HIV postive?
Should I let people sign my leg cast, or will it make me look immature?
What should I be eating in my diet to get rid of Eczema?
bump that got larger? can someone tell me what it might be?
What is this bump in my ear?
Could I just use Dr Scholls fast acting liquid for my wart?
What should I do? I have an..?
is Burt's Bees burt's bees perscribed specially by doctors?
Removing Blackheads for good.?
Does applying baby powder on your face make your pores larger?
whatever happened to the anti-HIV conspiracy theorists?
Is HIV/AIDs worse than Polio was back in the 1930's - 40s?
under the hipaa laws do you document on a run sheet that a patient has HIV?
what is called "kavil" in english?
does mumps cause infertility in both men and women?
how are rabies passed on from person to person?
I heard a side effect of lyme disease is a slow weight gain. I had it last july and gained 10 pounds so far.?
What are the common HIV Symptoms?
How many of you are aware thart Lyme Disease is now on the National S.T.D. list?
Who believes the Bird Flu is a biological weapon?
what is cyst ,how it forms?
I have done 6 months of shots of interferon for hep c. I had geno type3, and I heard geno type 1 and 2 are?
i need to know if there are any other cases of septic meningitis in babies caused by injection at hospital?
Is there a risk of catching Malaria in Chiang Mai, Thailand?
I have a feeling in my stomach, the same feeling u get when u r nervous, but i have nothing to B nervous about
Why is it that when i'm done running..?
Why do i keep getting shocked every time i step out of every car. why?
what should i have done? i need help?
Is there anything that mimics allergy symptoms?
hayfever, allergies, how long is the season in MN?
why do we have allergies and some people dont?
Sinus Infection???
Why is my nose bleeding uncontrollably? What should I do? Should I go to the hospital? Is it due to allerg.
I heard taking nettle leaf will help me with my allergies?
stronger dander...?
My eyes are dark brown and i was thinking on getting colored contacts. Which color should i get??/?
HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!anybody know of something i can try or use to help physical pain???
I saw an on line add for a gout product called uricinex. Has anyone tried it and found it useful?
How can I solve Tickling Problem?
Can onyone provide information about Mulkraj Das,The touch therapist of Mussourie?
Whats a quick nursing career ?
What kind of medicine is OPC?
What is the best place to buy vitamins that are completely natural.?
what is the aurvedic medicine for the permanent cure of exema?
Which is better "Fish oil or Seal oil"?
What kind of vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc. do you take? How often?
how can i stop remembering what happening in the pass and stop thinking what is doesnot happen?
I was just wondering, why is it that when someone participates in drug use, thier eyes turn red.?
How to get rid of my Keratosis pilaris?!?
Eye Skin Trouble (not the eyeball)?
How much spf or UVA - UVB protection do clothes give you?
What are these white bumps on my face?
How to stop sweating?
Natural ways to lighten my skin?
Whats the best acne pads?
How to get rid of a major hickey fast?
How long does it take for a psoriasis spot to develop fully?
what's ligth yellow pus cells 100/ul mean? what's sligthly turbid RBC 10/UL mean? what's SpGravity 1.020 mean?
Can you get herpes from frenck kissing someone with an open sore if they don't have herpes?
what are the symptoms for chlamydia?
what health risks are their in giving Rim jobs?
doctors or nurse please?
Was I abducted by aliens or what?
Whats the 4 fluids in which HIV can live?
i was just wondering how do you get to sleep at night?
How to get rid of acne?
Small patch of little bumps, but their not bumpy!?
is my skin thick???????
suddenly broke out with loads of spots?
I have jock itch, how can I treat this?
home remedy for hand eczema?
Is dry erased marker bad for your skin?
hi guys,my age z 21.about 2,3 yaers back i had very severe acne but after medication it reduced.my skin waz?
How do I beat my acne cycle?
What are the signs of the bird flu in a person?
what are the symptoms for....?
What is an effective cure against intestinal tapeworms?
If a child is diagnosed with scarlet fever,should the family members too receive antibiotics as prophylaxis?
is there a homepathic drug that can help to cure the symptoms of staphlococcus MRSA?
what a vital infection means?
How do I know if I have an abscess on my arm?
What disease was responsible for wiping out 95% of the population of America and Mexico in 1581?
I'm catching a cold...?
does anybody truly trust the FDA or the CDC?
can you give other examples of scientific method and it's effect and the ways on how to solve it?
what is chronic herp b?
Do symptoms of flu include swelling of the glands in the groin?
what are the early symptoms of hiv aids?and after infection how long does it take to see the symptoms?
What can I use to cure SCABIES?
I've lost my toothbrush. what do i use?
I need to lose 10 pounds in 7 days. Help!?!?
How do i build muscle tone and how do i build muscle mass?
Affects of eating too much?
How can I burn 1000 calories in 2 hours?
my stomach hurst after doing crunches?
Can you do 100 pushups?
i started to starve myself...im 13 and skinny i weigh about 90 pounds...?
Is my weight average?
is it safe for 13 year old to get weight loss surgery? how long would it take you to recover?
5'3 and 89 pounds and i' am 14 , am i too skinny!??!?
Do u think i'm fat?
how to become....?
Where does fat begin?
How bad is my eating on a scale of 1-10, ten being the worst?
i want to lose 40 pounds very fast but in a safe way natrually?
Is there a severe problem with OBESITY in the world?
i need to loose 10 lbs or more can anyone help me?
What types of exercises really burns a lot of calories an hour?
im having such a horrible day! my good friend of 5 yrs. committed suicide yesterday! there were no signs?
is it possible to use sanitary napkin's as drugs and get high?
Should he go to the hospital?
Too much computer all day and everyday can make your eye look like eyes of the dead fish ?
Allergy Dermatitis on my hands?
Can i take Doxycap for facial sore with riboflavin?
Severe itching, peeling heels?
Should I be worried about using Veet?
Why would my husband and I get boils?
What is this on my thumb?
Why do i have rashes on my skin?
what are some of the first symptoms of hiv the aids related virus?
dog has a blood blister that has appeared on top of toe?
could guys use monistat 3 for their yeast infections?
who discovred herpes?
what are the latest drugs for aids?
Besides UTI, what are other causes of foul smelling urine in infants?
Is sadomasochism a mental illness and can it possibly be cured?
I have very dark knuckles. HELP please, thank you?
What to do about allergic skin reactions?
How to treat acne??? Ty?
Will this fake blood dry in 15 hours?
Itchy red bumps on my body?
My skin is VERY hot,Why?
Is this a sore on my leg?
Will freezing kill scabies?
What is this small, hard bump, size of an eraser head on my scalp?
My eyes changed color?
How long is Pink Eye contagious?
which countries in the western hemisphere had the lowest dengue fever infections?
hepatitis c cure ? interferon/ribaviran non-responder,does anyone have a real cure when the medications don't
Human parasite and stool sample?
Hauntavirus: How long does the virus remain infectious in the environment?
is avian flue a real threat to the world? Is it real pandemic or only an exegerated local epidemic?
can I apply for disability for severe perianal disease?
symptoms of chikun gunya?
Can you get diseases or parasites from working with chickens?
for infecion in the muscles What it that. What treat?
got hep c stage 3, count in millions, 35 yrs old, ANY ANSWERS?
in hospitals with blood test do they just test for antibody or the actual hiv i'm very curious?
Is Dengue Fever contagious between people?
Question about Mono?
Ways to get taller?
How can I stop (or at least help) my nose from bleeding when I blow it (I have a cold)?
I got a tooth removed, how long should I wait before I smoke?
i just got braces and they hurt!!!?
braces problem. please help easy points.?
Help! Ear Infection from my piercing?
what could a very tiny white spots inside the lips be?no way to squeezed because they are inside?
Whats´s the name of the paraphilia that consists on smelling our lees ?
hiv causes aids by attacking and destroying?
The doctor said that I have a yeast infection but my bf went to the doctor and they said that it might be?
Is there anything you can do when you have a herpes outbreak, such as something topical?
How to lighten your skin?
question about psoriasis?
How i get rid of acne!!?
do you think I have ringworm?
why do moles form on the skin?
how get rid of scars?
Why am i bleeding under my skin?
Why are my calcium deficiency marks itching ?
are these sunburn blisters or something else?
A mole on my stomach is going dark brown?
small bumps on my hands?
aromatherapist training in glendora, ca.?
HELP!! i got weird yellow stuff on my tongue!!!?
The easiest ten points u can ever get!!!?
How to make jogging less boring?
Why did I just gain so much weight?
Can't lose weight....?
How much weight can I expect to lose per week?
How long can a person not eat for before bad things start to happen?
I need pictures of Overweight (FAT FAT!) kids and people eating and stuff for my report!?
can I loose weight by taking laxatives?
how many calories are in one egg?
How much water are you supposed to drink a day?
What is the healthiest time to go to bed?
is my friend too skinny?
Haven't lost weight yet? why!?!?!?
i weigh 107 and im 15.....?
How many cups of water do you drink in a day?
Am i overweight?
i'm 5 feet 2 inches and 135 pounds, am i overweight? if so, how much?
how to lose wight please?! :O?
If you don't eat anything for a week, only drink water and stuff... will you loose?
How many cals do you eat a day?
if i don't eat for 4 days how many pounds will i lose?
How do you get rid of belly Rolls?
I want perfect body any 1 help me?
Where can I find a list of foods and medicines that contain carmel color?
Are allergies hereditary? Can moving furniture start allergies?
Does anyone know if cat allergy sprays really work?
Does soy lecithin have milk in it?
Bed Bugs? or Some kind of rash? What do you think?
Am I okay? Whats going on with my body?
How can i shorten the healing time of a coldsore?
Can topical Minoxidil (Rogaine) cause birth defects?
How do you get rid of purple bumps all over your arm? Is it a skin disorder?
How to get rid of face zits????????
i get black dots appear in random places...it's teeny and when i knock the top off it's like rock hardblood!?
What is a good way to relieve stress?
our body rests while sleeping then how do we get dreams?
Why am I so tired?
how do you get rid of i burnt tounge?
I had laryngitis (I think that's how you spell it)?
why do some people catch cold many times more than others?
what causes tender, sensitive, kinda bruised fingertips?
My 7 month old baby have very high blood cell count...?
giggling widow who is your doctor and where do you live?
pain in abdomen and discharge ...what is it ?
Warts. After using an un-prescribed over the counter drug, should you cover it with a band aid, or air it out?
Isoniazide and Tuberculosis?
how far is the bird flue infected the bussiness of KFC(kentucky fried chicken)?
It seems dangerous time . Many dogs are getting mad!. How to restrain them? I dont want to take 14 injection.
can u use erythromycin for pink eye?
is Molluscum contagiosum related to hiv ? my friend who i've talked about had a white smaller than a pea size
Is there still lead in pencils?
I'm trying to find reserch on an incureable illness that sounds like myseemiadarvis?
I swallowed some mercury.Will I die????
Do you think that you can catch HIV/AIDS from a mosquito?
Hey the question i asked is not available in the list of questions.why?
can gonherrea lead to hiv?
Is it possible that chlamydia will be latent for a number of years?
I want some information about gonorrhea?
About STD testing?
the lens in my new glasses where wrong for my eyes now i have blurred vision and my eye keeps going wonky HELP?
Any idea what makes your eye twitch?
Strange yellow bump on toe ?
how to heal my wart scars?
What is the most effective acne medicine?
Why do I have a naturally occurring single patch/streak of white hair?
what is this thing on the back of this persons arm ?
Do I have a freaking ringworm? ?
huge red itchy bumps?
Irratating skin all red?
Dr. Hauschka moisturizer?
Hey all, just got this rash like 2 days ago, was wondering if anybody would know what it is!!?
Why drugs should never be tried?
need helpp with acne scarss???):?
i need help, it's about my heart it doesn't feel right?
What vitamins can I take to get more energy?
Why would I have a corn on my toe?
very itchy toes please help read below?
help with dermalogica? dry skin?
how do u get rid of acne scars?
baby's brown skin color problem?
Do moles become cancerous if they are exposed to too much sun?
what kind of of face moisturizer should i use?
Pants/trousers causing irritated red patches on inner thighs?
Planning on taking roaccutane to treat my acne, don't know if i should?
Recent college graduate that needs some advice!?
I want to know how to relax and not worry so much?
What am I experiencing?
should i tell him?
english people plz?
Does anyone ever feel depressed?? How would you even explain that to the doctor!?
Help .... i'm scared?
depression: what to do?
For women, please ponder?
Have you ever had a drug induced orgasm?
Good Night. I really have never felt this depressed. Any suggestions.?
How many kids have HIV-AIDS in England?
Spring BReak !!?
how can we help HIV/aids patients?
Aids is spread by mosquito bites ?
im only 14 and about 3 months ago my firend was messing around and stabbed me with a compass, i didn't bleed i
if i had a single dose of azithromycin, on last friday should i still be having a discharge and itching.?
Chlamydia...and my boyfriend and i just called it quits...?
Herpes....??? Questions here!?
Can domestic animals such as sheep and cows get avian bird flu?
cerebrospinal meningitis preventive immunization - how do I go about implementation?
How does antibiotic work?
Loss of Smell & Taste ?
how do i find a table or chart that explains what the load levels are for hep c?
how often should you take a TB shot if you are a nursing home pt?
Laboratory Diagnosis of Chicken Gunya?
what are the symtoms of lyme's disease?
once you have had MONO, does it come back from time to time?
What if you have MRSA in the nose?
who do i need to see about recurring disease (celluitis)?
how long till a strep throat goes away?
,do you think that our govt. is scandalous?
what is the presentation of hepatitisA complication of blood transfusion?
Which is worse Pneumonia or Strep Throat??
Anyone know of a good doctor for Lyme Disease near SC?
is smoking cigarettes considered "doing drugs"?
I am quitting cocaine!!! Plz, help me stay clean !?
does any body know how to get rid of bad breath ?
I just ordered herbal iris depigmenting eye drops! I have dark brown eyes, anyone tried it before?
How do you get farsided?
How do you know if a baby is blind?
There is something weird on my thumb ?
my pupils have become really big and everyone keeps asking if im on drugs, what else could be the cause ?
Hyperpigmentation treatment Plz Help!?
Sunburn is really sore?
does blue and pink ink disappear with laser treatments?
hi i am 13 and i Fordyce's spots. how do i get rid of them i have had them for a year.?
I have a large wart on my knuckle and large patches on my feet. Tried over the counter removers, now what?
When a bee stings you does it put poison in you?
Is my ear going to be ok? It's blue after a fight.?
my toenail is falling off! Will it ever grow back?
Where can I purchase honey Bees?
I have a problem. Am I going to die?
if u kiss a person that has problems with the thyroid gland and thus with hormones, will you be affected, too?
what makes the noise when you crack your knuckles?
I have severe osto arth both knees,56 yrs old,33yrs in ICU.Will qualify for disability?
How do you lower blood pressure?
Is fibromyalgia real?
Does Anyone Know the symptoms of a kidney infection?
hey, anyone know how to treat insomnia?
My pee smels like coffee!?
what is chlamydia?
Can you get HIV from a women in her panties grinding on your bare leg?
Have you ever gotten high off those Vicks nasal sticks?
HIV and AIDS related question.?
Can HPV infection in the cervix get transmitted to mouth and cause oral cancer?
reasearch paper on aids??
If you were treated for syphillis will it ever go away, or does it stay in your blood for life?
Is there such a thing as incurable gonorrhea?
what is the difference between pegertron and Pegasus interferon medicine.?
what is endomitriosis and what causes it? is it dangerous?
Is there vaccine against dengue?
Is it considered safe to eat frozen spinach, on a pizza?
A Yaunker suction covered with a sheath,is it better than regular yaunker suction not covered?
My 9-year-old daughter has chicken pox. She wants to know what it is that makes them itch.?
My fiance had a C-section when she was having my son, and she got MRSA from the hostpital. What should we do?
Do prairie dogs carry the plague?
Anyone take Lyrica?
what term is discovered that germs cause infections?
IF Hiv and hepatitis virus leads to produce antibodies, can either test detect the other ?
I'm on dialysis for six years now,and positive for hepatitis b,I found out almost six years ago,and my father
need answers about MRSA?
What is the incubation period for hepatitis B?
blood infection due to PICC line?
if u have aids what is normally the firsts symthomp?
Nail Care! Impt. And need it to work fast?
Why won't this rash go away?
why is my earlobe skin drying?
does astringent bring acne to surface?
What is wrong with my face?
Is silvadene good for heat rash?
What is this bump in my mouth?
What type of psoriasis?
Proactive or Murad for acne?
In a play with red face issues....help?
solution for excessive sweating?
I have a crawling sensation "under" my skin?
can you get a tan using banana boat 30+ sunscreen that has UV protection?
If I weight train, with that burn fat and make me more lean?
what would happen if i stopped eating but did not exercise?
what exactly are squats??what do they do??
weight problems?
I'm 12, a girl, I am 5'1, how much should I weigh?
Are skinny ladies at the gym rude to the fat ones?
Feel Fat...?
how do i stop eating fattening foods?
Parshly Anorexic??
I am 5'7 amd 129 pounds, do I weigh too much?
How can a 13 year old lose a lot of weight in about 2 months?
How much do you weigh??????????
I'm trying to tone up and lose weight. after I workout late at night I get hungry. what do I do?
What is the MOST efficient way to lose weight?
What is a healthy amount of weight I can lose in about 50 days?
Desperate to Lose weight?
Would you say I'm average weight?
How to get a flat stomach in a week!?
Serious answers-how to stop smoking?
diet coke, good or bad?
Is subway okay to eat when your on a diet?
IRON DEFICIENCY?? help please!?
how can i make my belly hold more food?
what wrong with me?
does anyone know the possible cause of yellowing the eyes and skin other than jaundice?
Walmart-riding carts for disabled. Why is it that the person on the riding cart is obese, not just disabled?
I do not want to die, I am so scared to die and what happens after death.?
I feel weird, why?
what should i do to have dreams ?
I'm Allergic to Mosquitoes...?
i have a servre allergy to latex AND wet paint................................................................
how much does it cost in CA for the laser removal of vericose and spider veins?
some kind of sore thing on my face that needs to go away!?
is it safe for me to swim now?
How can you get rid of fordyce spots?
I have skin discoloration around my lips, what should i use to fix it?
Do i have a keloid on my eyebrow piercing?
Hospitals back then and now?
Fordyce spots question?
Bubble on my boyfriends tounge?
Can I get a disease from vintage clothes?
What is the prevalence Rate of HBV?
glandular fever / estein barr virus?
Lumps on face ..eew i know ....?
got flu shot sat. ...around sick person yesterday...feel ill today..flu shot make matters worse?
I have been diagnosed with hepatitis c with a viral load of 20,000,000. Is that a high viral load?
Need a list of supplies needed to have on hand if pandemic strikes.?
best medicine for a cold?
Difference between a counselor, therapist, psychiatrist? Which one should I see?
"my boyfriend has staph in his brain stem, can i catch it or isthe anything i can do to protect myself from i
Will my personality ever fully recover from marijuana abuse?
is suicide the answer to my problems?
how to overcome social anxiety?
what will happen if the bird flu is contagious by humen?
I've been dizzy the past two days...should I go to the doctor about this?
have you ever drank so much your liver hurt?
What are the chances that a cold virus will enter the brain?
I want a new research topic on treatment of tuberculosis co-infection with HIV for my dissertation?
what are the stages of fever?
african americans who want to bleach there skin i found the answer plus its safe and very effective!?
if we ate food made by any person who is hiv positive will it cauese to spread hiv/aids?
help please!!!!!!!!!?
what r the signs and symptoms of syphillis?
uhm Sleeping with AIDS?
How exactly should I meditate?
Has anyone had a MRI done?
Does anyone know if I can use anything besides toothpaste to clean my retainer?
How many times a year are you suppose to visit the dentist?
Have I got shingles again?
Cetaphil cleanser or Cetaphil bar?
Need suggestions with my skin discoloration?
can someone give me some advice on my acne?
is it normal after i put neosporin on my sty and my eye getting swollen?
i have this tough scaly skin over top of my eyebrow, what is it?
Is this a rash or something else?
Patches of skin? Help!!?
I fell in my face now i have a bump on my forehead.?
im a girl who is 14 yrs?
How much do you know about the medications you take? Do you understand how and why the work?
am i crazy?
my stomach is bloated for a year and it gets bigger after i eat-looks like a lump.what is wrong with me?
My mom is vomiting uncontrollably, does she need medical attention?
If there is no cure for the common cold, should I even go to the doctor?
I haven't had a bowel movement in 5 days?
What is an expensive home remedy to getting rid of head lice?
what is scoliosis and how do you know if you have it?
Should a young woman with epilepsy drive around with her young child?
please tell me what to do when I have a continuous chest pain, and an uncomfortable feeling in my throat.?
cause of rash?
are there any connections with allergies to heart or any other major health problems?
Sore/swollen throat?? Remedies?
Allergies or cold?
I can take 60 mg of prednisone with no sides, but 2 sprays of nasal corticosteroids and i'm in bed for 3 days
how can you stop a cat from gnawing & licking its underarms? it makes its skin infection worse. any remedies?
what is the best thing to give your dog who has allergies? I've tried Steroid shots, but shouldn't do much.
please help me i am so sick ?
Will my ringworm go away?
I just noticed small red bumps on my inner thigh in a line...should i be concerned?
What product is better for making skin perfect and acne-free?
I have these teeny fleshy like blisters on the soles of my feet. What are they? How do I treat them?
Im to sensitive? are there any drugs i can get on?
Two white bumps on my upper eyelid? ?
Does Abreva work on cold sores? Does it sting? (10 points)?
would applying canola oil on your body be very damaging EVEN if you apply it on top of a coat of sunscreen?
I have a plantars wart on my foot?
used Taclonex for psoriasis?
Am i a good weight for my age and height?
Help... I feel disgusting.?
I've started a binging habit!?
i want to lose weight fast!?
do you think im fat or no?
Is it possible for a 6ft. tall 180lb man to lose 50lbs in 5-6 months? If so, HOW?
If I eat 400 calories a day for two weeks how much weight will I lose?
weight loss tips?
ok, this will take you five seconds, be honest!!!?
i am 18 yrs old am 5'7 or 5'8 n weigh 110 am i underweight?
Why am I tired all the time???
what do you perfer mcdonalds or burger king?
How can I gain muscle REALLLLY quick???
How long should I exercise?
how do u get rid of arm fat.?
Do I HAVE to be skinny to have a low body fat percentage?
they say chinese food is so bad for you then why are all the chinese people skinny?
am i fat or overweight ?
eating disorder?
Is it healthy to loose twenty pounds in a month???
Pictures :) How can I look..not so round?I feel so fat.?
I can't Sleep after working out is this normal?
losing weight?
What can be done if you have salmonella poisoning?
does smallpox is still around us today?
What's the deal with the salmonella outbreak in 18 states?
What Is The Cost Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?
8th grade health abouth aids?
I had my Toenail removed?
how does russia track their diesease rates?
How long is the flu shot effective?
how long are you contages after getting a cold?
what are the symptoms of TB desease?
what is the causative organism and its source of simple coughing and other respiratory symptoms to pneumonia?
Spanish flu?
Can Glomerulonephritis still be treated? How?
i have blisters on my side after using guaze and tape. Could it be the tape?
Any doctors in the house?
Question on likelihood of rabies infection?
how did the virus of AIDS spread from monkeys to human beings? please answer it breifly?
what is the use of the medicine -cefetamet pyroxil 250?
if a person has mrsa will he always have it? or will he be eventually found negative of mrsa?
i live in houston can anyone find a place where man can get stds tested?
What symptoms would someone show if he had aids?
how many people were infected with the HIV virus in 2006 in the united states?
what muscle tissue moves the heart?
What can I do until I can get to the E.R.?
Niece has head lice...still coming to Thanksgiving weekend...Problem?
Vitamin C pill question?
What can I do to better my night vision?
What's it mean to be sober?
Should Drugs be affordable for Retiree's and people on Social Security?
Can I die from bleeding ulcers im only 18!!! What can I eat?
What if any chinese medications are used for HIV treatment?
Any opinions on East, John W DO - Metroplex Rehab Medicine in Carrollton, TX?
what natural adhd treatment did you use and helped?
how about cigaretes in humanlife?
Potaba and verapamil cream for peyronies?
i have small white bumps after a sunburn?
Keyloid on earlobe??????
I have this rash on my face.?
What's a good treatment or body lotion to control oily skin?
lobe piercings and keloids?
Stretching your face, afterwards it looks puffy?
I have impetigo along with some other rash...help?
only one of my arms pits are growing hair?
I just tried hair removal cream on my upper lip.. but it was designed for legs and my lips tingling!:(?
Cream for stretch marks?
What should I do to cure my infected, stretched ears?
Rash on my right hip and on my waist line in the front.?
My 11 year old is just starting to get foot odor. Is there a way to control the odor?
Formula Allergies-Help!?
Looking for OrganicFacial lotion for extremly dry skin?
I just had a RAST allergy test. What do the classes mean? Should I be worried about a class 1 or 2 allergy?
Symptoms of spring allergies?
I need some good ideas for Gluten free foods ** MUST TASTE GOOD**?
I need help on homemade allergy relief! The medicines I am using do not work such as Clarritin etc?
stds can some be spread through causal / close contact?
if you want 2 know if your related 2 some1 u get DNA tested right but how would you do it?
HPV wart removal?
Can gonorrhea cause fevers and chills?
how long do you have to live once a staph inf. has entered your bloodstream?
Can i get a tattoo while I'm on antibiotics for a staph infection?
What is next when a person has hep-c in the third stage. What symptoms will my sister begin to have.?
Medicine for FEVER?
What is some medicine for the flu?
how to long to take rectal temp & how far to insert?
Is there a safe treatment for UTI?
Why can't you get a flu shot if you are sick?
Why does my skin hurt when I get a cold?
Which favors HIV progression more; T cell tropic or Macrophage tropic virus? and why?
How long before the Bird Flue mutates so it can pass from Person to Person?
Can young children get parvo?
what are negative and positive feedback of infectious mononucleosis?
can mono be spread through a hug?
Sore Throat?
MMANTOUX TEST RESULT IS "Erythema & induration present Diameter 10 mm. Interpretation: Positve?
Can you catch a virus from eating 'infected' food?
How many people got sick from undercooked turkeys last thanksgiving?
i have an "imaginary friend"?
What do I have to do to remove the dark spot?
Mole or wart-like formation growing to a tip?
is it true that people just don't know what they have unill it's gone?
Name 10 things that can cause stress in a teenager's life?
Why do I always become depressed around my birthday?
Does drinking alcohol kill brain cells?
Can ADD be cured?
Nervous about getting shots, any tips to calm me down???
acne scar help please- im 14 !!!!?
Mental Institution?
Ambr kia ap armpit lik karti hen?
When is it ever okay to hear voices?
Why is suicide considered a bad thing?
If you have seboherrea dermatitus of the face is it still OK to put cologne on the face or..?
Little bump appearing on my lip?
Whats the best way to get rid of cysts?
if you wanna suicide which way you choose to be more easy and has no pain?
My mother slipped and fell on a wet floor in the local Food Lion, what should be her first step?
im pregnant and need to go to the doc. i dont have health care what do i do??
Why am i tired all the time?
Attention Nurses: What job do you find the most "stomach turning" to do?
Can stress make you feel dizzy/ sick?
A Burn????
What causes Hiccups?
can blind people smell their feet?
Vertigo, Dizziness, Lightheadedness..questions....?
My blood test result is REACTIVE HEPATITIS B CORE ANTIBODY what is this? Explain.?
What should i do? I had my first seizure ever.?
I think my tounge ring is infected. I have green & yellowish stuff coming out of the hole. Swelling went away.?
Can somebody's eyes change color?
Can I buy any prescription eyeglasses online and have them sized at my eye doctor?
Do i need glasses...?
How can I keep my cigarette burns from scarring?
Is there a way to get rid of zits?
what do i do abput a irritated belly percing that ive had for 4 years?
HELP toenail issueeee!!!?
How do you get rid of eczema fast and naturally?
Fastest way to heal scabbed skin on legs?
Red looking spots all over my body?
i have an Invisible rash?
How can I keep my skin looking like it does now?
Can someone tell me what's the best SUNBLOCK?
if yoiur around somone who is sick, how long would it take for you to get sick?
Is blood in urine a symptom of chlamydia?
Did anyone have abnormal cells after having the LEEP done?
how accurate is the thin pap HPV test?
Can you get herpies by using a watterbottle as a restroom?
Only medication for STD?
what is someone with an std sneezed on you and you had a bad cavity could you catch somehting?
If a Gole Gappey wala having AIDS got a cut in his fingure, then what you say do we get AIDS or not????
What do you say about the moral and ethical issues on euthanasaia, abortion, HIV/AIDS?
What is herpes and is there a cure for it?
Is there a such thing as cold sores not caused by herpes?
why didn't the bubonic plague affect some people even though they were surrounded by disease carrying rats?
What diagnosis can a bat cause to a person that has not been bitten by the bat?
Do pinworms just cause itchiness around the anal region?
I recently had a urinalysis. One item was squamous cells. It was high but not abnormal. What does it mean?
Can I get mono ( mononucleosis)?
How should vaccines be rationed?
what does "shank marks" mean?....?
chicken pox?
IS HIV/Aids different among aults and children?
nervous system disease?
blank is the study of links among behavior, stress, disease, and immune system?
where can i find latest statistics on the capillariasis in the philippines?
dose anybody know where i can get information about nontyphoidal salmonella?
how does massage therapy help HIV/AIDS patients?
trying to find vaccination clinics for flu shots?
i am being treated for uti but am having a lot of adema?
glandular fever?
what's your best advice on treating cough, colds, and flu for 2-year-old kid?
Any Moms GBS + (Group B Strep) and Choose NOT to have Antibiotics During Delivery?
Am I going to die????
When I eat hotsauce I start to sweat really bad. Sweat pours from my forehead and neck and my hair is soaked?
will drinking too much water lead to kidney failure?
Is it normal to not take a shower for two weeks, have someone lick your neck & then they hallucinate?
What gives you a sore throat?
I have a problem with flatulence - what can I do to stop it?
im getting a cold?
Should I smoke weed for the first time?
what's the best mattress for back pain?
what is the max ammount of pounds can a person lose in 1 week of intensive hard work out?
Can I get a wart on my Gear, from her hand?
I have a big bump in my cartilage of my ear can I get rid of it?
Got scratched?????Help! Scared!!!!?
tendon making a squeeky dry noise when moving foot ? running injury?
HELP! What are some good products to reduce acne scars?
I need suggestions on stubborn skin?
how come everytime my boyffriend yacks his face gets like red bloches and lines on the left side of his face?
Does Lamisil AT Cream work for tinea versicolor?
What happens when someone presses they're thumb in my armpit?
Is lazer surgery the only way to get better eyes?
How to rid of my glass indents?
it is normal that you dont shave?? down there for girls?
Is my eyesight normal (flashing lights etc)?
DO i have eye floaters?
Can you use/buy contacts if you don't need them?
can you go blind from wearing contacts?
is it hard to put in contacts?
1st time using contacts!!!!?
I'm trying to order contancts and it asked me my perscription?
Good foods for eye sight?
If I dont ware my glasses like I should be, will by vision get worse?
how do you care for color contact lens, what will i need?
How to wear toric contact lenses?
is there ghosts? im scared, i live in a dorm and i can't go to the washroom right now?
Do u think my husbadn raped my son???Plz advice?
I am really afriad I am going to die? I constantly get anxiety and panic attacks over this?
My 11 year old daughter had a panic attack?
Why am i so paranoid?
When I'm really nervous before an exam what can i do to calm myself down?
What is the earliest age someone should get braces?
Burshing your teeth at work ok or bad edicate?
Wisdom tooth swelling??
I need orthognathic surgery but can't afford it, got any suggestions?
Wart on tearduct of my eyelid, help?
Why Can't I Get Rid of Bad Acne and Oily Skin?!?
Why are there permanent goosebump-looking bumps on my face? 10 points!?
Anybody Experienced Fungal Infection ? how long did it take to get rid off?
Why do I have a protruding chest and how can i make it look normal?
Similar products to burts bee's?
has anyone ever bought a chemical peel online????if so from where?
the skin around my eye has gone weird?
My friend legs are red, itchy then bleed because of scratching and water blisters have started to appear?
What does it mean to have a bump at the bottom of your eyelid?
Strange black, puss-filled growth on my pug's skin- does any one know what it is/what to do?
Questions about being a dermatologist?
what causes the spinocerebellar degeneration?
What are the fallacies in the arguments of "AIDS dissidents"?
Can u Still get pregnant if u have HPV?
Of those who have gonorrhea, the majority of women show no noticeable symptoms?
What seems to be wrong when seman is watery and brownish-redish in color?
can you get hiv from a swimming pool or a hiv person how cook you food?
What illnesses can I get from giving a blo*wjob?
iam curios if you go skining dipping in a pool that is privately own by the units and you live in one of them?
What are the symptoms of a staph infection?
what is congo fever.how it spreads.what are precautions to prevent this deadly fever.?
What is the best home treatment for Molluscum Contagiosum?
How would you confirm an appointment with a patient with dementia?
can you die from ringworms????
tb and hiv are a challenge,what are the options if faced with a patient with the 2 conditions?
what does a low IGM mean in a 14 year old??
what do i do?
how to prevent alcohol for the children?
dog getting sick a couple times a day.?
We are looking for international patient cosultant.?
What is this disease?
What are the chemical components of regular table sugar??
is the treatment found for hc virus?
My dog got blood on my open sore!!?
"flu symtoms"?
I had a Spleenectomy in 1994 and my blood work has always been a little off. My hgb. is always good?
Chamomile and allergy?
My Mom Is Allergic To Wasps, And I Hate Them. How Can I Keep Them Away From My Family's Pool?
is this normal , has anyone ever felt like this?
my dog has a red rash on paws and pits what is it and what can i do?
Am I allergic to my platinum engagement ring?
sinus infection causing reddness in the face?
Does anyone know about allergies to sulfates in food?
how can i hide from someone thats going to kill me?
Is my Guardian Angel not doing a good job at guiding me if I keep making a lot of big mistakes ?
Ever take Acid?
I am severly affected by black magic and evil effect .sudden pain in chest and dry throat .how to protect.?
Is blow drying my hair everyday bad for my hair?
How do I know that my 10 year old daughter is getting ready for her first period?
Do you ever donate Blood????
How to get weed out of your system?
Does anyone know the best way to treat a cold sore?
Friends I am deprssed. Today was first time a staff member told me that my body smells.?
being diagnosed with asthma?
I woke up today with a green colored spot on my nose. Has anything like this ever happen to you?
15 - girl - going to Miami,Fl last week of May, then Destin,Fl the weekend after....?
Should I shower if I have poison oak?
The skin on my neck and chest is very sensitive?
Got jumped the other day. Questions about healing?
I have frequent breakouts ONLY on my back (acne) & many blackheads, How do to rid myself of these blemishes?
i've got scratch made by nails on my facial skin when i was a kid. i am 18 now. i can't get rid of that marks.?
Does the benzac acne 5 clenser and 2.5 gel work?
is there any experimental scar removal treatments that have shown any good results?
is there anything wrong in marrying the following relation....[my father's..mom's...sister's...son's.daughter]
42) which one is noted for being contaminated with toxic industrial wastes?
What treatments are there for AIDs? What are scientists saying about "cures" in the near future?
I just got new glasses that are very strong. Should I wear them all the time so my eyes get used to them?
Is it possible to slow down time?
How can I help this feeling go away?
would you date somebody with hep c virus??
Would you still get the flu if your immune system was good?
What is the life expectancy for untreated/treated AIDS victims?
did mssa cause my splenic abscess?
I had episode of loose stool for few weeks and by looking on line it can mean something very serious. Help?
flu symptoms?
ear infection going on fro to long???
after someone has a virus of vomiting and diahreea how long or they contaious?
what are the symptoms of having hepatitis a?
Chicken Pox?
does anyone know any polio survivors from nebraska?
the best method of conroling rift valley fever,treatment?
How can cold weather kill germs ??
Symptoms of babesiosis, ehrlicititis(sp), and Mycoplasm?
how do mosquitos not spread hiv - why cant we use them to treat the hiv?
can hepatitis B be transfered through an infected glass of water or beer or something like that?
I got 2 questions in diff categories.. i got zits on my chest below my neck an tend to itch? i want6 pac. how ?
Should I try accutane? It's been 7 years & ive tried everything else, but my acne is not cystic/severe?
why are my hands always blotchy?
Will Mederma make these scars fade on my face?
How can I cover up a mole?
how can you treat keratosis without pricey meds?
does a bra if you have a buldge on the upper part when arms are bent inward?
Help :( This morning my mom woke up and had these red bumps all over her body.?
help? i feel so hopeless. i find my self sleeping from 10pm-11am or noon everyday what can i do?
Does anyone know someone who try to commit suicide and survive?
Could you read what I have to say and give your opinion?
Need a diagnosis!?
What can I do to sleep tonight (serious answers please)?
my eyes....?
how old were you when you lost your virginty? do you regret it??
Why do some people stutter when they talk?
My brother was impaled by a pickax hanging from our garage on the wall! HELP!?
Please help i cant take it!!!?
craking your nuckles....good or bad?
Will quitting smoking make me gain weight?
Is it normal?
How does smoking pot affect you?
Can I make chicken soup for someone with an upset stomach?
what happens if you hold your sneeze in?
Why do I have such bad headaches?
Am I overweight???????
i'm 5'1'' I would like to be just a lil bit taller, what can i do? is there some kind of medication out there?
I don't feel right 5 days after smoking weed.?
what is the best treatment for dry and red eyes?
a guy question????
any ideas of cures for sunburn would be much appreciated!?
If you where raped when you where younger...?
Contact Lenses.......possible???
why is it when you glue nails on they hurt?
I CAN'T go to school tomorrow!! My mom is reall strict!!?
How can i smoke and enjoy my high again?
anal/rectal bleeding?
Why do Emergency Rooms Always Test Patients for Illegal Drugs?
Does using the computer in the dark hurt your eyes?
What does an eye exam result of O.D. +2.25 -2.25 x 017 O.S. +2.25 -2.50 x 002 mean?
For a year my right eye has been dilated, what does this mean?
will mederma work on a 12-13 year old scar?
What's the best thing to use to clean fluff out of my eczema with.?