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Is this a horrible prescription?
How can I get a ring out of my finger?
how do i get my splinter out?
peeing every 1-2 hrs? cant sleep?
my blood group is B+ and my boyfriend is A+ is it ok?
What are some foods you can eat when having the flu?
How can i ease the itching of my sunburn?
HELP ME..I don't know how to fall asleep!?
What happens if a person does not sleep for a week or a month?
Can this hopsital really get away with this!?
cures for the sore throat?
Can eating certain foods improve eyesite?
Does saliva have it's own flavor?
I can't sleep at night!?
My boyfriends a smoker .?
I had the Flu Jab; and now i'm ill.?
Smashed my finger -- under my nail is all black?
my lefy eyelid droops more then my right is this normal?
I have dark spots on my back, neck, and chest. Does anyone have any idea what I have?
What would happen if I put eye drops in someone's milk?
what is a quick way to flush out your system after smoking weed?
Have you ever used a hot water bottle? How did you use it?
Wart that won't go away.?
is it bad for you if you drink a lot after you eat?
i am a looser arent I?
i really need HELPP!!!?
Whats harder for you to handle...too much heat or too much cold♥?
Why won't deodorant work for me?
Both of my sons have pink eye...am I doomed to get it?
I'm a second hand smoker?
what to help when having an panic and an anixety attack?
I smoke pot and......?
Can a person get sick if they only wet their feet?
how do you stop smoking?
is smoking weed good for you?
I cant fall asleep.?
Headaches every single day for the last 4 years????
I'm 14 and smoked only ciggs about 10 times, have i smoked enough to be addicted, or have any major problems?!?
Question about Diabetes!?
How do you feed a child that is Lactose intolorant.?
Am I hypoglycemic or diabetic?
Please answer. Please help me? I'm desperate. I asked before but got barely any answers.?
How do I lose weight?
from what illness do you think you'd die of.?
bad trip on marijuana .?
My toddler has a knot in the side of her neck....?
Can you move an one eye indivdulay while the other is stuck?
Worried! Help?
Breaking bad habits?
help to Quit smoking?
i don't feel good ...........................?
nose picker?
What do you do to help yourself fall asleep?
sleeping question, healthy sleep?
Is getting a dog bad while this whole swine flu thing is out?
Is there a vaccination against Swine Flu?
I am debating whether to get the h1n1 vaccine. I have heard a lot of bad things..what are your thoughts?
How do I get rid of baby's congested nose?
Asthma. Do inhalers give health problems when u get older?
will my contacts dry out if i go on a roller coaster ride?
It kind of feels like my eyes are looking in 2 different directions. WHY? ?
What is the limit for contact lenses?
How often do nurses make fun of their patients?
i DON'T GET IT!!!!!?
I have a bad sleeping habit. what's the problem?
Can anyone offer experiences from taking a fleet enema? What is the best position. Does it take effect immedia
do any of you know what oxycontin is and have you ever taken/used it?
Could this be affecting my sleep?
removing sticky residue from monitors in hospital?
Are reading glasses bad for you eyes?
How can I get rid of rug burn on my ankles?
A doctor said I should eat more garlic, but when I do, it 'sticks' with me for the day. Any advice?
Could I have strep throat?
Is it better to drop alka-seltzer in cold water, room temp. water or warm water?
Please help me wake up!!!!?
have u ever heard...?
Why can't I sleep?
I'm 25 yrs old and have no energy. I'm always so tired .?
Should I sleep tonight, its 5am, gotta be at work in 3 hours?
how can I decrease my sleep?
Quit Smoking!!!?
Have I got swine flu?
What is the best way to start treatment for someone with Alzhemers?
whats worse , drinking or smoking ?
is there tobacco in all hookah?
I'm 5'5 and 106 lbs?
So im 13 and i weigh 133 pounds BUT im 5' 8'' , am i overweight?
I have a small sliver of glass in my finger, & I can't get it with the tweezers. Any ideas how to remove it?
How can I remove my ear wax?
Sorry, what I meant to ask was, can holding my sisters baby(I'm a smoker) harm him because my clothes stink?
Is peeing in the shower bad for you?
any idea what my boyfriend could be sick with?
Why do my knees (and around that area) hurt while I'm ascending (stairs) ?
are u againts abortion?
Does anyone know any good sleep solutions?
I need help. I quit smoking but now I seem to be addicted to Commits.?
does anyone know a good acne treatment?
How can you get rid of stretch marks or cover them up?
Newly diagnosed Diabetic Type 2, which meter ?please help!confused...?
Would I get diabetes if i ate like a full bag of sugar?
Chain smokers....have any of you quit?
What happens when you have a stomach scope put down your throat?
How soon after a tonsillectomy can you smoke?
IM 13 and I don't get tired until 2-3am is this normal?
Whenever I drink coca cola or coke then...?
I have a throat infection. I find it really hard to breathe sometimes..?
Am I sick or is it just a cold?
Do you have trouble sleeping at night???
Do I need to be 18+ to go to my doctor alone?
If you never smoke jane but smoke one time how long would it take to get out your system?
Dont sleep very well?
Eye twitching??????????????
Athletes Foot?
What's worse, your kid smoking a cigarette or smoking Marijuana?
Can stress make your hair fall out?
I can't sleep?
What is a good pick me up in the morning?
I`ve had acne for nearly 4 years.?
My stepdad gets this large blister on the outer palms of both hands. Any ideas?
what will happen to me for under age smoking?
Is it something bad.Doctor information please?
Good way to cause a lot of pain?
I have arthritis in my knee and I'm aspirin sensitive, what is the best thing I can do for pain?
Tell me if something is wrong that i should be worried about? My chest is really tight & hurts when i breath?
Is there an easy home remedy for canker sores?
Slight yellowing of the whites of the eyes?
what is the easiest way to brake a foot?
ways you can get aids?
can you cry, sneeze, cough or hiccup while asleep?
I'm sick, What do I have?
Something is wrong but I can't pin point it. Help appreciated?
Any remedies for coughs ?
Whats harder...no smoking for 2 months or no masterbating (males) for 2 months?
What do you think of contacts over glasses?
What is the worst thing you can say about wearing contact lenses?
What is the average temprature of a house during the winter? What about your's?
How can I cure a cold if I'm pregnant?
Should i give my 6 month old the swine flu shot?
I started smoking at 6, and stopped at 17. I heard lung heal themselfs Am i at risk since i started so early.?
What's with my lungs?
Is passing out a common side effect of getting high on bleach and ammonia?
could it be possible that i hate diabetes?
Any advise for a 18 year old girl who is 5'4" and 112 pounds?
What is better to use for minor burns, baking powder or baking soda?
The tanning salon set my time for 20 min. instead of 12! I'm cooking. What should I do for the burn?
Smokers and ex-smokers..what has worked best for you to quit smoking ? I'd love?
What are effective and easy ways to get rid of sinusitis?
help! my daughter is taking perocet amd snorting up her nose she i pregnart?
how do you get a pneumonia?
My daughter is coughing so hard that she is throwing up.?
How long will it take marijuana to get out of my system?
which in your opinion is better? glasses or contacts?
how do i get rid of acne?
Rumbling sound in my ear ?
blood nose for no reason?
One of my fingers hurt!!?
armpit sweating problem?
is it true that not going to your computer and not wearing your glasses can actually help your eyes?
I want to work in the healthcare industry but I don't want to be a nurse, what else can I do?
Is it bad to always crack ur back, knuckles, neck, etc.?
how to tell when pneumonia getting worse?
Has anyone dealt with the negative side effects of chantix?
nausea, diarrhea, dizzy, weakness plus more?
Staying awake in my class?
what are the black things i see floating in my eyes?
Fatty fatty fatty?
do you smoke.....since what age..>?
What is wrong with the child? Could she be diabetic?
Now that I'm diabetic, will I have to give up sweets?
I keep getting eye spasms or eye twitching?
How many hours are you supposed to wear 2-week soft contacts every day?
My right eye is seeing a different shade of color than my left. Please help?
I have an annoying eyelash in my eye!?
what are some tips and best ways to quite smoking cigarettes?
What causes snoring? Is there anyway to prevent it?
It's my friends 13th birthday party tomorrow and i have flu symptoms should i go?
Can eating lettuce before bed really help you sleep better?
I am married n often pee in bed at night though i go pee before going to bed n dnt drink. how to stop?
Why do I cry, when I place my dirty socks over my nose before I go to sleep?
home remedy for low back pain, chronic?
Can asthma go away than come back?
Beer? Healthy or not? ?
How is everyone feeling tonight?
Why do my eyes look yellow?
My aunt was beating me and I think I busted a blood vessel in my eye?
Why Won't My Skin Grow Over This Piece Of Meat?
AM i overweight?????????
I would like to know if its ok for a 16 year old girl to weigh 125 pounds or do i need to loose wieght?
am i over weight. under weight or normal?
Which one, swimming or running?
my German sheperd has a swallon stomach and seems to be very weak?
Very painful sore throat?
shortness of breath after smoking?
Do i have appendicitis? Please help really worried?
How do you get rid of a "mucus" cough?
I believe I have a sinus infection but no insurance for the doc's?
How can I make myself sleep?
i ate a cigarette on a dare, did it burn a hole in my stomach?
a bee stung me yesterday in my head, close to my forehead, both of my eyes are swollen face what can I do?
how can i gain wait????????????????????????????????????…
The school social worker thinks I might have unintentional anorexia. What does this mean?
please help!!!! im begging u u gotta read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
bowl movements?
How to fall asleep?!?
why do i need to be circumcised?
What could be causing my lower back pain?
Should I be worried about a cold?
what is the past tense of breathe?
whats wrong with me?
My left hand is going numb, it's not going away. Any ideas?
Am I a healthy weight?
Whats better for you? A large piece of pizza or a candy bar?
Do I have swine flu or what?
Can someone share their experience with CONTACTS?
Should I ask my opthamologist?
What will happen if rubbing alcohol is poured in your eye?
The pupil of my eye leaked?
Contact stuck behind my eyelid? I am not sure.?
When I take my contacts out they feel really dry?
How many of u are getting a haircut today?
has anyone died from eating healthy food?
I sleep from 10 pm to 7 am almost every day but i always feel sleepy. What can cause this?
My legs are always very cold when I wake up in the morning. Anyone knows anything about this and can help?
Why are my toenails ?
Why can't I go to sleep?
Is it okay to sleep with no undies on ?
How long does it take for food to go from Point A (mouth) to point T (toilet)?
if you are in a comma with 2 collapsed lungs, what are your chances of survival?
why does the body shake or tremor at night while sleeping?
Is it ok to use regular eye drops while wearing contact lenses?
how bad is untreated HPV going to be...Really?
Can you get mono from sharing drinks?
i have headlice plz help?
Do you think it is safe for people on thes forums to give advice when they are not doctors?
What are a few things u want to do before u die?
I REALLY want contacts but...?
i would like to know what color you think my eyes are here is a link of an eye just like mine?
Glasses or Contacts?
Would you get this prescription filled, and also what does the other stuff mean?
Does the clean and clear black head eraser actually work?
What helps you sleep better?
Can I get a doctors note even if I didn't actually go to the doctors when I was sick?
I inhaled helium about 4 hours ago and my voice is still squeaky. What do I do?
I cant lose wait, I am 5 ft. & i weigh 84 lbs. is that fat?
i'm 12. 124 pounds. my parents say i'm not fat... what do u think?
How can I lose some weight?
Am i fat? .... Please answer?
Quitting smoking symptoms?
what is the best way to stop snoring when i go to bed at night?
What are the risks/side effects of smoking weed for the first time?
Help! both my eye keep twitching and i dont know what to do bout it?
How to get the best night sleep?
Does written Rx ever expire?
do you know a way i can sleep good and wake up not tirerd in the mornings??
If I smoke just one cigarette, will I be alright?
my left eye has been twitching since12pm and now its 10pm whats wrong?
What household products work for getting rid of acne?
can i make distilled water by just putting regular tap water in a jug and let it set?
Is sleeping 14 hours a night bad for you?
Usually go to sleep at 3 am so I stayed up all night and will go to bed at 9 pm?
Do you ever get the feeling that doctors......?
I have a stomach ache. The only drink in my house is beer...?
can you inject water into your veins?
I rolled my ankle yesterday, how long should I rest it?
why do people seem to lose wieght when they get diabetes?
How many 'rolls' can a gal have and still look good in one of those belly tops?
I think i have thrush?
Swine Flu..I am Legend ?
Is it possible to cry if one's eyes have been gouged out?
clotted blood in my mucus when i blow my nose any thoughts?
What does it mean when a smoker wakes up coughing?
Could One Of The Fibromyalgia Symptoms Be Chest Pain ?
what should I give my dog cookie if she is throwing up and I am unable to take her to a vet I need an expert?
Why is it not considered discrimination to have a women's only fitness club, but there are none just for men?
How much water do I need to drink?
I'm sick...whats wrong with me?
How do you start a cigarette?
I have problems sleeping, any reasons why?
My boyfriend thinks he has strep, but doesn't have insurance. How much will an office visit cost?
does cracking your knuckles really give you arthritis?
How often should you defecate?
I can't shake this cough/sore throat! Any advice on how to get rid of it naturally(no medicines)?
where do I to get my stitches out?
What's the best way to get rid of gas in the chest?
I snore and I don’t know how to cure it.Is there any way to stop this embarrassment from me?
Smoking question ( please do not suggest stop smoking )
Why does some poo float and some not?
I don't believe I have a vitamin deficiency but I find I'm always sleepy and in a fog. I take No Doze daily
Cigratte Quitting?
How Can I Quit Smoking?
Any natural remedy suggestions for lack of sleep?
Staying Up All Night.!Tired Help Keep Me aAwake.?
How can I stop falling asleep in church or class?
please help my niece has pertussis, whooping Couch she is only 2months has anyone gone through this help?
Can Albuterol be used for clearing nasal congestion related to the common cold?
what are the pros and cons of contact lens?:]?
How to remove soap from eye?
How do I return to a normal sleep cycle?
I have a very bad cold...can you help me?
do laxitives work for weight loss?
Does anyone have a way for someone who chews their fingers, not their nails, to the point of pain and bleeding
Can you tell me why i shouldn't cut myself?
how can i grow taller? at least 4 inches?
What is STD's. What are the symptoms and is it curable.?
Is it normal to have an STD every other month?
I am peeing very dark brown urine and I have the urge to puke, and I do puke if I'm too active. Dehydration?
i'm always tired. i'm 14, and lately i've been getting about 9 hours of sleep. whats wrong with me?
How do I get out of using an oxygen which I do NOT need?
If you used to have asthma and it went away, can it come back?
portable oxygen concentrator for oxygen therapy?
what makes people cough?
Does eating in moderation really help?
Is it best to pop water blisters or leave them alone?
What should I do late at night when I can't fall asleep, but need to desperately.?
I can't sleep, please help?
can you pass a urine test in 5 days if u smoke marijuana?
My Mom thinks I'm anemic, Am I ?
Can anybody take Flintstone Vitamins?
my lower left eye lid has been twitching on and off for like nearly 2 months! ?
my 5 month old likes to bend his neck, changing sides weekly, his Doctors says he's ok, any suggestions please
chest cold with horrible phlegm in my chest and a sore throat and a low fever. help?
My best friend woke up in the middle of the night with severe shortness of breath and isn't asthmatic?
I would like to quit smoking , any ideas to help get me started?
Can an allergic reaction happen a week after using antibiotics?
Can fatty foods make you sick?
Oral allergy?
Does Hydrocodone cough syrup expire?
I took 6 Vicodin and I didnt feel anything then took 2 more and now dont feel to good.?
I'm 15 should I start drinking a little bit now? Or wait till college?
Am i fat - 15 years old - 65kg?
When do you usually go to bed?
Doctors - help! Am I ok?
What are some signs a person may need new eye glasses?
Why do sleeping pills have warning labels that state :'Caution: May Cause Drowsiness?
I can't sleep! Any tips that don't involve medication/alcohol?
Does anyone have a home remedy for car sickness?
What causes yellowish shadow under eyes?
Where in the body is mucus made?
How can we make curing Cystic Fibrosis a global priority?
I will be going to germany in august, will the swine flu be a problem even by then?
How can i get fatter?
What's wrong with my child?
is there a cure for alcoholism?
Ear popping... cracking noise??? help pleaseeeeeeeee?
How long have you gone without sleep?
what do you think about this??????????????
is a girl that is 5'5 110 pounds considered fat ,skinny or in between?
how much should a 5'1 foot girl weight?
Is drinking too much milk bad for you?
I'm a diabetic and i was wondering if there is any other diabetics on here that have noticed how much a small
nondiabetic...OK. I have tested my blood for a week ...the morning is under 90...?
Does anyone know something that can get you to sleep FAST?
i have numbness in my face and arms and severe headaches with blurred vision last for 1-2 hours what causingit
does sleeping stunt growth?
glasses vs contacts, for me?
What's wrong with my new prescription glasses?
How can I protect my eyes while working if I have prescription glasses?
how to heal a bad sunburn?
I just feel SO terrible right now...please HELP!!!?
ahh! help i dont wanna get the swine flu!!?
what would happen if you don't get checked out if you have the swine flu?
should i see doctor or go to emergency room?
Do you think the Swine Flu can be passed around through money?
Any advice on how to quit smoking?
I'm trying to quit smoking ciggarettes. Any one else feeling my pain or have suggestions?
Can you have a sinus headache/infection without having a stuffy nose?
I have a light fever, should I take 2 caplets of tylenol?
Sleeping during the day?
Eating healthy but don't like vegetables ?
is scrambled egg healthy for breakfast?
10 points for best answer?
Kids at a hotel?
What's the best antidote for really cold fingers????
smoking in the office!!!!!?
If you quit smoking will you regain your lung capacity?
What can I do to prevent my skin from looking all shiny/oily during the day?
How does the health care system work in the USA?
Do you know a loud sneezer?
My brother was recently paralyzied.... does anyone have any tips on how to help him get back to a normal life?
I have a feeling in my throat down to my stomach, that feels like I have something stuck in my throat.?
Why can't I sleep without the sound of a fan running?
How can you tell if someone's a smoker?
what is a good way to fall asleep?
how do you know if you have a hernia?
If i smoke one cigeret a day what will happen?
my dad has been coughing up blood and also been breathless ans he is not a smoker what could this be ?
Symptoms include coughing, weight loss, and chest pain?
If I've had my gallbladder removed for 5 yrs, why am I still having gallbladder-like attacks?
I have been diagnosed with a peptic ulcer. Can I safely drink decafe coffee?
Thinking of getting contacts?
what is the best way to keep yourself awake on new years eve??
Do drug companies want to cure you?
Do Hot Toddy's Really Help a Cold?
Why do mosquitoes attack me but won't touch my husband?
Question about the swin flu?
How did you quit smoking?
I have not puked in over 20 years. What do you think about that?
how do i help a friend to quit smoking?
I have terrible B.O., what should I do?
Will you die if you inject yourself with soy sauce?
Orange hands - what could it be?
Help me! My brother's back is burning hot! I told him to shower, but it only made things worse! Oh god! Please
My father has become addicted to pain pills etc. after back surgery we need to know how to get help?
if I take Tums when I don't need them, will I get sick?
my arms feel heavy and i feel as if i can't swallow. what is wrong?
Any 'stop-smoking' solutions?
Asthma and Jogging?
Why do I look so different with glasses?
Will not wearing glasses make vision worse?
My headache won't go away?
I have no feeling in part of my toe. Is that bad?
I fell asleep with a song on repeat and now i have some weird side effects?
Does taking antihistamine everyday cause diabetes?
2nd Hand Smoke?
which is worse? cigarettes or weed?
Has the smoke from the fires in california made anyone else just plain tired??
getting a tattoo?
If you have the swine flu and not running a fever can you go around people?
Is swimming in a chlorinated pool bad for your health?
How do you decrease the amount of acid in your mouth/stomach?
Throwing up remedy - sprite and 7up, why?
anger issues. [help]?
What's an effective way to clean my ears other than using QTips?
I'm on my feet all day working, does anyone know how to make it hurt less?
What's another choice for medication besides paxil which would be good for gen. anxiety disorder?
I heard the best way to get rid of onion breathe is to cheat on your wife, is this true?
Have you ever taken steroids?
If you smoke about 2 packs a cigarrettes a day can u ?
Is this true? (about smoking)?
Besides inhalers what can help my asthma???
How can I lose arm fat WITHOUT lifting weights?
Is there a stronger pain medicine I can take besides oxycodone for the pain from my tonsillectomy?
Abnormal pap? Gonorrhea/Chlamydia?
Does the salt in prepared foods contain iodine?
Do you stop growing when you sleep late?
what is the best way to remove wax inside the ears?
If the banks fail isnt that starting a depression like 1924?
I need to miss a few weeks of work; I have a psycho manager who is getting fired and he want's to fire me.
Semi-chronic cough...help?
My mom stops breathing in her sleep?
i wont to get rid of eczema?
can i wear makeup with a sty?
Wouldl you advise me on how you quit smoking?
toenails that are turning yellow?
Can you eat eye drops?
how do you stay up all night.?
what is the time you go to sleep every day?
Opinions Please!!!?
My Daughter is nearly 11years old, she hardly eats anything.?
Optometrist vs Ophtalmologist? Who can better fix my problem?
What are grapes good for?
Is anybody else obsessed with salt?
Bottled water makes me sick?
what is the best thing to do for an upset stomach if you have no medicine at the moment?
what is basic hygiene?
Pain in my head followed by a blind spot in my eye. what is this?
how do you get water out your ear?
How do I get rid of hemorrhoids?
is smoking once every few months that bad for your health?
Chest pain w/breathing
CAN second hand smoke affect my infant baby?
What does it mean when your pink finger and ringer finger on your left hand go numb?
what is food has to do?
What does it mean when one arm feels like it's asleep on just the one side?
what I have to put for blister on my daugther face ?
Serious question about smoking cigarettes?
how much benedryl is too much?
Can gas/indigestion give you chest pains???
How to get water out of ear?
how long to get over swine flu wit vaccine?
Is the 'swine flu' issue really starting to bore anyone else?
I put in my contact and whey i put them on it started burning my eye?
Please help me sleep!! 10 points!!?
how do you get water out of your ears?
Does a 5 second rule really exist?
how to quit smoking?
my bf smokes a lot of weed around me...will i test positive?
Any tips for a cold?
My face goes numb after eating shrimp, chicken etc. Am i having an allergy?
How come when i eat almost any fruit....my gums feel very wierd?
Chest tightness and throat tightness?
What is the home remedy for a cough?
What does it mean when you have recurring night sweats?
what do you do if your constapated?
Is it better if your urine color is white (drinking enough water)? If so, why?
Throat closes up after a bit or 2 of hamburger...?
I cannot sleep!! Help!?
Does anyone have any cures for insomnia?
Help! I think i am bleeding to death from my leg?
My throat hurts and I've been pretty tired all day....Any idea what I have?
Ive been taking vitamin B and It isnt making my pee yellow.?
are my thighs to fat?
What is healthy snack that I can take to school with me?
what is the average wait for a 5 foot 12 year old?
is being 440 lbs bad?
Does anyone belive in natural remidies or medicine to cure diseases and ill nesses?
My weight increases when i workout. is it normal?
What can I do to get my taste bud's back after a sinus infection?
What can i do to stay awake?
I need your help, serious answers only please...?
I have a 2 month old little girl who has a very hard time having a bowel movement she doesnt have one except ?
I have a physical coming up. I worried about the doctor seeing my privates all hairy. Should I be worried?
My girlfriend has has been feeling dizzy, has had hot and cold spells and is tired, what might be wrong?
Why does it feel like I strain my eyes to look ahead, but I feel better when I look down toward the ground?
How much do contact lenses cost?
my eye is twiching and its been going on for about one week?
Is there anyway to get rid of a sinus infection withOUT going to a doctor?
Is there a way to encourage someone to quit smoking?
how can I treat this health problem? any vitamins? or natural medicine?
What's the best ointment to get rid of ringworms on a three-year-old child?
How can calm down a cold sore with out using any medication?
What does it mean when you ear feels like it has water in it, but you never went swimming.?
what does dark blood in the vomit mean?
Do i really need to have health insurance?
An interesting question?
Why do I have to use the restroom so much?
Congestion 1, nasal irrigation 0?
What activities can I do with walking pneoumonia?
do i have Swine Flu Symptoms ?
how can you get a fever?
4 year old got booster shots 10 days ago, now getting H1N1 shot?
Epstein Barr ???????????????????????????????????
Is the swine flu old news now?
Still no referal to another doctor?
what are humidifiers for?
Is It Possible To Live Without Liquids?
Why do my eyes feel like there is always something in them and I feel the need to rub them?
What does it mean when your right eye twitches?
Do these glasses suit me ( my facial features) ?
can you change your eye color without surgery?
What should I do about My acne?
How does one with Type 2 diabetes control the "dawn phenomenon"???? It's maddening !?
How can I get water out of my lungs and I can't cough deep enough to get it out and it's irritating me badly.
I smoke about 2-3 Cigarillos a week- Is that still harmful? Yes, I know quitting smoking is the best option..
What could be making so many kids sick?
Is it good to take a 2-4 hour nap during the day after school if I don't get enough sleep the night before?
is it worse to get 3 hours of sleep or less rather than getting no sleep at all?
What could i have?
Question about smokin the reefer.?
Which do you prefer, branded or generic medicine? Why?
How bad is weed? What effects does weed have on you?
My room STINKS when I wake up...?
Is it bad to insert hydrogen peroxide through my nose?
Question for smokers??
My brother can't remember!?
should i be worried about this????.....?
why is it that most country have health care for all poor adult but not america?
It's almost 4:00am and I can't sleep!?
Is drinking Red Bull everyday really bad for you?
Has anybody been cured of the Swine Flu(H1N1)?
Am I going to get lead poisoning??!! HELP PLEASE!!?
Are Illegal aliens from Mexico spreading Swine Flu?
Are breastfed babies "more protected" against swine flu?
Are you scared of catching swine flu ?
Hey, I'm worried about my dad and his health. He seems to have a mucus problem.?
A 15 yrold with a pulse rate of 38 could mean what? Very athletic child that had chest pain & dizzyness.?
Honest answer please, I,m getting a bronchoscopy on fri. I'm really scared!?
Whats happening to me?
Could this be diabetes?
What is your opinion on cutting?
I fractured my ankle 2 years ago. It healed fine. Now it's hurting again. Why?
I got my prescription and I don't understand?
do they make red color contacts?
am i a vampire? i like blood and cant sleep at night. i'm not squeamish or anything. what should i do?
What causes nose bleeds?
I snore really loud. What can I do to stop this problem?
13 years old and having blackouts?
I use Alka-seltzer about 3 times a week, 6 tablets in total. Is this bad for me?
How do I get a really good night's sleep? I never sleep through the night. I've tried all I know to remedy
does the blood taste sweet if you have diabetes?
Could I possibly have Swine Flu?
What are some ear infection symptoms?
HELP! My little brother has the swine flu?!?
Why not to get the swine flu vaccine?
How do you cheat on a urine drug test?
If I slept with my contacts in and my right eye is now burning, what shoud I do?
Panicking about sleep and school!?
Have you heard of using sleeper holds as a way to get high?
Is there any way to make having mono a little less miserable?
why is it when I go to the toliet, my pooh is different colors? what does it mean if its green?
is suntan lotion useful or harmful?
symptoms of becoming a villiage idiot?
how do i get over what people say to me..?
i have a lump on my wrist, what is it?
Do I have Asthma or not?? what else could it be?? help!!!?
How can I get sick. But not seriously sick?
my mom says i cant have no pet because i have asthma?is it true?
infectious diseases that attack the respiratory system are usually transmitted _____?
Does cracking your knuckles make them bigger? If yes, why/how?
I can't fall asleep, and then I can't wake up.?
I am 13 years old, 5'5'', and i weigh 97 pounds, do you think i am underweight?
I need to quit smoking,, but not sure if I'm ready to do it now. what should I do?
what are the ways to improve my study habits?
can anyone help me?
What is the quickest way to get rid of a swollen cheek?
Any tips to quit smoking?
how much sleep is good for health at night?
If I was to perform a brain surgery on myself?
What exactly is insomnia?
White coating on tongue?
Why should smoking be banned?
how do i tell someone they have smelly feet?? :-s?
why does my son suffer blue lips please read?
Which is worse in diabetes, high or low blood sugar levels?
Hemoglobin Level?
Can being in a room where others are smoking pot cause you to breathe it in and have a small amount in you?
Any magic cures for quiting smoking?
What could this be?
I sit possible to have a kidney stone and not have a urinary tract infection?
What are some Flu symptoms?
embarrasing question?
What blood type am I ?
Serious question??
HELP-Sweating too much?
I am getting my tonsils and adenoids out. What should I get to eat/drink after the surgery?
Smoking question?
im need to quit smoking please help?
What are some natural ways to live really really long?
Is there a natural way to shorten your period?
I have red dots on my palms on a few of my fingers and on my feet?
If you were told you had mestastasized breast cancer into your lungs, and your oncologist said that it could p
What is Wrong With my Throat?
i felt like fainting today and i had shortness of breath what's wrong
I have reddish mucus that i hock up and have a bit of a cough and I have a sore throat, What do I have?
is it bad to crack your back?
how do you go to sleep fast?
sleep prob?
I'm 14 and i'm sick. should i take a sleeping pill to help me sleep tonight????????????????????????????????
Does anyone out there know the reason why people bite their nails? Maybe a vitamin deficiency?
Why do I feel so weak lately?
is it bad to sleep in a bra?
Drinking or smoking...which is more dangerous?
what could possibly be the cause of back acne?
popping sensation in my wrist when playing guitar?
Im really sick help?
i have a hacking cough, coughing up a lot of mucus, stuffed nose, and my head feels congested, what do i have?
i am unable to inhale properly and i also have a little chest pain, what do i have?
how to look clean and fresh?
how to get rid of a stuffy nose?
Last night in my bed I was fully awake but I couldnt Breath, Speak, or move at al! What caused this?
What's the easiest way to get rid of a sty?
I've had this cough for about 2 and a half weeks, and my lungs hurt when I breathe.?
if i kept my weed in my room for like 6 months and it turned brown, is it okay to smoke? or will i get sick?
why do I always have nasal congestion when I wake up early in the morning?
What is the worse thing that can happen if I stop taking my asthma meds?
Do you notice that your eyes.....is this normal?
Does your eyesight get worse if you don't wear your glasses/contacts?
Why do I get dizzy when I stand up?
Does anyone get kidney stones?
I know how to quit smoking, how do I STAY quit? Please Help.?
When we have a cold why is it that we feel worse at night?
Is it okay to use contact lenses after they've dried up?
Would you smoke occasionally if "they" made a cigarette that had NO nicotine?
what does it mean if your temperature is only 97 degrees?
ok this is kinda gross, but?
My sleeping schedule is so off. I'm up all night and sleep all day I dont no what I can do?
Why are there so many 96 year old smokers in nursing homes?
Is this a healthy way to lose weight?
I'm so darn fat?
my boyfriend is inhaling every 10 seconds is this normal?
Is congestion for three weeks getting worse?
What are the side affects of Olanzapine?
Isn't all soap anti-bacterial really?!?
i am pregnant (8th months),and i have symptoms of flu but without fever ,what should i do?
have you stuttered before?
how do i quit smoking in one day?
how much sleep does a 17 year old male need?
Is it true that you can't own a home and go to a nursing home.?
something happened to my mom?! do u know what it is!?
What is a good make up brand for somebody with a sensitive skin?
How do I get rid of the puffyness around my eyes and the deep dark circles? I have them every single morning.?
Help! I drank alchole too much, and I am getting depressed?
Im a little worried about my weed problem.?
Colonoscopy: Who has had one? Are you glad you did? Does anyone regret having one?
Are all men really color blind?
how long can you soak contacts in the solution for?
why do my eyes itch???????
My contacts are really blurry
i always look so sleepy...how and i fix this??
i wanna stop smoking ciggarettes?
what is a good hint i can use for a cough?
is it dangerous to inhale candle smoke.?
Any good home remedies for sinusitis?
HELP my kittens keep scratching me and then it turns white and turns into a lump and it BURNS!!?
Do you consider my a chunky /chubby girl?
im getting drug tested........?
Any good home remedies for a very severe sore throat!!?
Is Bunk bed good for a 18 years old?
Any signs to tell if I'm bipolar?
What's the longest you've gone without sleep??
why are people...?
hurts to take a deep breath and there is crackling in my chest when i breathe?
How Bad is from 0 to 1 cigar every 3 months?
Snoring HELP?
Which is the least of three evils?
I have high cholesterol but I feel fine. Do I really need to follow a low-cholesterol diet?
my 9yr old has vomited every half hour in the past 10 hours, how can i stop him vomiting? HELP?
HOW do I quit?
does anyone kno wats good for acne???
Why do I have large amounts of mucous everyday?
I have a breathing problem, read details.?
Anyone have any experience with Inderal? ?
Chesty Cough (Help?)?
adult with digestive tract gas and slow moving of food?
my lungs make a wheezing sound when i breath?
im getting eye surgery but scared thinking about not going?
Can reading too much damage your eyes?
Is contacts good for me?
Why does it seem like most processed foods are bad for you?
how do u crack middle to upper part of ur back? (its been really bothering me)?
Omfg!!!!!!! Please help me!!!! I haven't been to the doctor in 8 yes. I'm 13!!!?
i have a bleb on my finger. how do i get rid of it?
does eye lasik surgery wear out????
is popping zits actually bad for your skin?
how to get rid of head lice?
People say I'm too skinny...?
Serious question about pus...?
is there a cure for diabetes?
Is it true. . .When having an asthma attack, drinking coffee will open your airways?
Is passive smoking as bad as smoking?
What can i do to get rid of this mucus in my chest?
Side effects on Nicotine patches?
Do you think I might have asthma?
Is self rolling tobacco better for you than cigarettes?
Why do most people eat for taste and not for health?
I was in a car accident and insurance co. is wanting to settle!?
Have you played doctor as a child?
What is my diesease called??
Is there a disease that makes you want to hurt yourself?
Can A 14 year old Female develop Multiple Sclerosis?
Do u think that using Proactive will make ur skin dependant on it?
Can you get skin cancer if you draw on your skin?
Can proactive cure back acne ?
Big whitehead extremely painful zit; How can I get rid of it? And Read the description?
How do you take a contact lens out of your eye?
Does anyone have acuvue oasys contact lenses?
Is it good or bad to use male deodarant?
is it weird that i brush my teeth 3 times a daY?
Chapped Lips? Anything in mind?
do you ever fall asleep in the shower?
Should I give him one cigarette?
Should i see a doctor?
smoking environment how it affect the nail?
What foods can you eat before going to bed that will actually give you a good night sleep? Are there any?
HELP i cant stop vomiting?
I can't stop coughing?!?
How do you get rid of chapped lips?
How much should my little sister weigh?
if im 5'8 and 14 how much should i weigh?
Would you rather give up your eyesight or your hearing?
How can I get a full night's sleep naturally?
i feel like i am dying, my ribs hurt when i breath and my shoulders are sore.?
i also need a good hook for my essay...I am writing an persuasive essay on abortion...can you help?
How can I make it easier for my hubby to sleep through the day time???
What's a good over the counter sleep aid?
I need some help!?
Are hospitals really sanitary... or really germy?
What do you think about parents that smoke by their kids?
What is the quickest way to get over a cold?
I was just asleep and i got up and was not in body what does this mean ?
What is the recommended frequency that one should take a shower/bath?
Can I know if my girlfriend is having an asthma attack even if she doesn't tell??
What are the treatments available for nicotine addiction?
i had a very bad caugh for 4 weeks and keep caughing up green stuff?
Smoking question?
what does AIDS stand for?
How do I improve my sleeping hibits??...I cant sleep before 4 am and cant get up before 1pm.....Help!!!?
Do you shower in the morning or night? Why?
what is the best way to quit smoking?
What can I do to get some sleep?
What can happen if you get to much calcium each day?
What are the long term effects on the body and mind from lack of sleep.?
What is the "healthiest" brand/type of cigarette to smoke?
Is green tea a blood thinner?
Is nail biting a result of a chemical inbalance or a metabolic inbalance?
is milk good or bad for your skin?
why do dark skinned people don't get skin cancer?
Did you know Ur cell phone is dirtier than the heels of your shoes?
Quitting Smoking?
Falling Asleep?
how often do you normally take showers?
how do you disinfect a burn?
I want to quit smoking. What's the best method?
can anybody tell me what are the bad effects of smoking and how can anyone give up smoking?
my sisters 2yr old daughter eats wood why??
Why do I always wake up tired even if I get 8-10 hrs of sleep at night?
why do cigar smokers say they "DO NOT SMOKE" just because they are not smoking cigarettes.?
can weed help bronchitis?
Can Snoring be Cured or Helped?
How do you motivate yourself to go for a jog?
My privacy rights were violated what should I do?
Should I go to sleep? School starts in 4 and half hours!?
Does anyone have any sure fire home remedies to relieve nausea???
Would you ever go back to a doctor who gave you a mis-diagnosis?
is it normal to have heartburn at 18 years of age?
Why does your upper lip get numb when you stub you toe?
why have i got dark cirlces under my eyes?
How do I control my acne?
In winter I have extremely dry skin. No matter how many times I put lotion on it's still dry. what can I do?
what should i do if i have a temp of 103.2 and a sore throat?
I can't get over my kittens death.?
can pot affect you months after you smoked it?
Why aren't you supposed to clean out your ears?
is it true if you crack your nuckles you have a lower chance of getting arthuridus?
How do you treat back pains?
I made an invention for school project. I don't know what to call it... can you suggest a name for it?
Is it Possible for Young People to get Pernament Dark Undereyes?
How do i get rid of migranes?
What is the best medication/ solution for "irritable bowel syndrome."?
is oxygen explosive when you are smoking in a room?
I just found out my 7 yr old son has plantar wart. whats the best remedy?
do you have a water filter on your kitchen faucet?
Does exercise keep you awake?
does ginger ale really help an upset stomach?
I smoked weed about two weeds ago, will it show up on a routine urine test at the doctors?
how long can a person go without sleep?
How long will it take for weed (thc) to leave my system?
Is hypnosis real?
what is the best thing to use when your skin is peeling from sunburn?
Will some shampoos mask opiate use during hair tests?
Is extreme hunger a symptom of diabetes?
What's the least painful way to die, not including dying in your sleep?
Can you wear 2 different colored contacts?
I'm 11 and i can't read anything faraway, I don't want to get glasses either, How can I improve my eyesight?
How do you know if you are overweight?
Is there something over the counter I can buy to feel better?
what is the most useful vitamin for hair ?
I have a sweating problem, and all my deaderents don't work, how can i prevent this from happening?
Is it ok to sleep only around 8 hours?
I'm a 25 year old guy in good health. What type of health insurance should I buy?
What's a "Papoose Board" Daughter is being restrained in one. For eye exam. PLZ ANSWER, PLEASE?
I have pneumonia what is best cough medicine to take?
What happens if you smoke a tissue?
What are some negative effects of teen smoking?
can't swallow well?
How do you go to bed early when you work till 1am?
Is low blood prussure dangerous?
how can i quit smoking?
How can I fall asleep easier????
If the USA is so great, why can't the USA have a universal health care system like Canada?
What is the best way of getting rid of sunburn?
I need something, a vitamin or an over the counter drug that will help me concentrate better?
what to do about pink eye?
i'm only 15 but i REALLLLYYY need to score some cigs?
Is it normal to pee in the shower?
If you are a cigarette smoker ...?
How can I not get sick, 2 people are sick in my house, what can i do not to catch it??
how can i quit smoking?
I really really want to quit smoking ?
I am trying to locate hospitals in little rock,arkansas?
is it true if your parents had glasses later in life that you will too?
When should I tell my parents about my broken toe?
Does coughing up a lot of mucus mean I'm getting better?
Someone I Know Has Been Coughing Up Blood Since October 2009, On and Off... What Does This Mean?
I snorted meth for the first time and that night I had tachyacardia for that night and the next two days help?
Why am i sleeping so much?
Why do i need to wear glasses?
What is a good brand of eye drops for dry eyes that are also safe for everyday use?
My eyes kinda hurt..?
What the best way to fall asleep fast?
Should I take my boyfriend to the doctor or wait for health insurance?
Does anyone sleep 8 hours through the night without waking up?
I know this is i little bit gross but I'm annoyed?
Where do abortions go?
Im 5'2 and 105lbs...is that fat???
Can sinusitis cause asthma?
how do I know if I am having a asthma attack?
Anti snore ? What is the best anti snore solution ?
someone please try to explain to me what the hec is wrong with me i feel like my throat is swelling up?
what are legal steroids used for?
i have just gotten my tonsils out yesterday mornin, is it alright to smoke just 1 cigarette?
is this true???
Cant Breathe!!!!Please help!!!?
How can i stop dandruf?
What is more harmful marijuana or a cigarette?
Other than sleep name something you do when you're tired?
Am i going to die??????
Medical Emergency, PLEASE HELP ME!!!?
How can I get the full benefits of sleep?
what can a person do when diagnosed with "a high white blood cell count"?
white saliva?
Could snoring be a sign of other health problems?
Is it weird to sleep in socks?
Does "counting sheep" work for any of you?
i have 3 car garage - how long would it take to die from carbon monoxide poisoning?
snorting a substance?
hard to breathe when walking stairs?
Is there anything I can do to help me stop snoring ?
Bernie Mac the actor was hospitalized for pneumonia. How can a rich person get pneumonia? Over work?
puncture vein for two year old?
I have been constipated.......?
Can consuming too Much Caffeine make your hair fall out?
whos left knee hurts & where do you live?
What are the symtoms of migranes?
What are some good ways to fall asleep if you cant go to sleep?
eating this late okay?
Am I fat?! Im only thirteen?!?!?
5'10 14 year old girl?
i have pink eye... but i want to go to skool because we are going on a trip today!!?
My eyes get a little blurry sometimes. Do I need glasses?
What does this mean?
If I can see fairly well, but my sight is improved by glasses, do I need glasses?
Has anyone out there successfully quit smoking and will never go back again? How long?
I have been up since 830 am on thurs. and it is 303 am on sat. how can i fall asleep???
Is there anywhere in the United States that is free of mosquitos? If not where are they the least previlant?
my brother's sugar too high to read now 545 after 11units?
I have a question for all diabetics?
ways to prevent sweating?
how to get rid of acne ?
Is it best to blow your nose? Or will it..?
do some people get asthma worse than others?
I've got a cold with sinus drainage and the most disgusting terrible taste in my mouth. Any ideas?
PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!! I am soo scared!?
If your doctor says you must produce 3 stool samples and you can't do it, can you ask your neighbor for some?
I seem to always be tired, lack energy, and always want a nap. I don't smoke or drink... HELP.?
Is it really that hard to quit smoking?
I heard there is a permanent cure for hayfever please could someone tell me if anyone's heard that too?
I'm 14. Do I have a right to not take anti depressants?
Can I use rubbing alcohol on my face for acne?
really bad sunburn ! ! ! ! !!?
is this dangerous? fatal? please help!?
should i go to work today?
short of breath and dizzy?
Will Prednisone 10mg 2 times a day for 3 days give me side effects?
asthma problems?
Should i go to the Er?
How long is a Nurse's shift?
is poo a vitamin? help!!!?
Soon I will either be unemployed or self-employed. Can you recommend a good yet affordable health care plan?
best sunblock lotion?
when somebody dies that i know i get this feeling come over me i can't talk when it happens what is it?
Do you think i have low blood sugar?
How to get rid of dark eye circles?
Is there pain worse than childbirth?
Being able to crack toes?
Am I Overweight For My Age?
These are my symtoms...(see details)?
i dont feel so good...?
What can i do to fall asleep?
If I slept 12 hours last night, why do I still feel like im going to die?
Why Am I Going Through Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Since I Learned That Pluto Wasn't A Planet Anymore?
Can you just check your blood sugar in a hospital?
If I have more than $10,000 in unpaid medical bills, can a hospital refuse to treat me?
I sleep too much. yesterday i slept for 18 hours. i'm healthy otherwise, 28, no known diseases. what can it b
How much sleep do I need-- minimum?
Does anyone think this is true?
How is this bed where patients are put called?You've seen it in films where the take them fast to the surgery?
How often should teenagers shower?
Are people born gay?
Excessive sweating?
I don't know If I should go to the emergency room!?
I have a black and blue on my left thigh but dont remember falling, where could i get it from?
if i go to the hosiptal, how will it be?
I'm a diabetic and I was wondering if I'll be allowed to bring my insulin and syringes with me on a plane?
I feel like I'm hungry, but I know I'm not?
i want to stop smoking crack cocaine. I dont no how. dont know how to even start try. please help.?
How can i give smoking up?
Should I just puff on a cigarette to see what it tastes like?
Is it safe for humans to take dog or animal antibiotics?
how come my eyesight goes blurry and then returns to normal after a few seconds?
I have a lot of streess what do you recommend to release it!?
Is this a spider bite? (pics)?
I always feel like something crawling on me?
How do I treat a bruise ? =~="?
alright girls you know those lil stretch mark things.....?
What type of car is better to drive.?
Are my medical records in the Dr. office mine or do I have to pay a fee to receive them?
best moisturiser for lips?!?
what can cause a sudden 1st time nose bleed (2 days in a row) in a healthy 6 yr old girl?
What's your opinion on social nudity? Having friends or family over for casual conversation or brunch.?
I really REALLY need help sleeping!!!!!!!!!?
Can you survive by eating your fesces?
Why do veins appear blue beneath skin when blood is red?
I'm afraid to get contacts. I really want them. How safe Are they?
My 2 year old son has a fever and it has returned before he can get more medicine?
Anyone know a quick boost for cronic lethargy. Am gaining weight and overwhelmed with house, kids, work.?
what is cause me to have tighing in the chest and it hurt when i take a breath?
im getting drug tested tomorrow and i took a couple hits of a joint on the 1st will it still be in my system?
Is it possible for me to be diabetic?