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what are the beginnings of gonorhea?
A lot of people I know from the Airline industry...?
what is the difference between a yeast infection and a std??
does Choraphor work to cure herpes?
Are all cold sores considered a form of Herpes 1?
are gay people more likely to get aids?
re unusal activity?
Does herpes bumps always hurt?
sores on the arm from drug abuse?
What does poison ivy or poison oak look like on skin?
My left foot is very dry and is peeling off. What kind of disease could this be?
How do you cure Athletes Foot?
does pure vitamin e oil help fade red/purple dicolorations/scars?
i have pre-anemia and allergies how do i get rid of dark cirles under my eyes?
what is H S perpura?
what if I took aspirin before aaurgery? What is the danger?
Does anyone know how to get rid of those little bumbs on the back of your arms?
Can gingko biloba help heal scar and burn tissue?
my daughter has molluscum will this go away by itself?
Why are my eyes green when NO ONE from my dad's side has green or blue eyes and both my parents have brown eye?
rid of stretch marks???
I went to the ophthalmologist to get checked because my eye was hurting a lot.....and....?
updated national, state, and local statistics on HIV infection?
How do you get rid of bad breath?
Does one develop antibodies after infeted by Candida fungus?
Could I have got Hep c from this??
What is AIDS?
Doxycycline and Minocycline on cysts?
Chest Pains??
I think I might have Diabetes?! HELP!?
Is it better to eat before or after you exercise?
Can 1 or 2 small bags of chips ruin my diet?
Do weight loss pills work?
What is bulimia? and is it safe for a 14 y/o?
How do i get skinnny?
I weight 119 and i'm 4'10 is it a good weight for me?
is chocolate milk healthier for you than regular milk?
5'5 and u weigh 111 is this fat??
is diet soda bad for you?
I need easy healthy recipes for losing weight!?
whats the best way to get a sixpac??
What are some exercises?
how do i get rid of hyperpigmentation on my upper lip?
is shingles contagious?
Has anyone experienced acne at or after the age of 40 for the first time?
what are the tiny tan colored insects called that look like a single grain of sand, but bite worse than....?
Deep Cysts?
I need to know the name of a skin disorder caused by exposure to sunlight?
Are you fat?
Best treatment for very mild excema? Best facial care products? Makeup?
What is the best food for fat people?
i am 13 and im 5'2 and i weigh about 186 how do i lose weight?
what would cause 2 children (not related)to have large red bumps all over the trunk area but they have no itch
How come I won't stop overeating, even though I despise the way I look?
my eyes are itchy?
HELP!! What is the best Air purifier for Me?? I have Cats!!?
If you gave someone a disease, would you tell them?
why is that there is no cure of AIDS?
How come that HIV virus could survive in an infected needle or syringe if it is outside the body since..?
what are reactions of antibodies or lymphocytes against AIDS?
What std's do and do not show?
Are symptoms of syphillis obvious?
Can you receive herpes from the person touching the affected area and then touching you?
Herpes, how long should you wait after a possible infection for an accurate test?
Should I worry about my naval piercing, it's red and sore?
what are doonig today?
Eye contacts, is it hard?
HELP! why shouldn't you wear contact lenses whilst SWIMMING?
Can you wear contact lenses if your prescrition isnt that strong?
what is therapeutic substitution? exaples for possible therapeutic substitution in asthma?
I am looking for a place in Morgantown WV that has spa you can go to. Need location and name?
what should i do if i wanna endure macular hole without surgery ?
is Raeki bad?
What is the difference between Guaifenesin vs N-Acetyl Cysteine?
So i have these zit like bumps on my back & arms and they are getting worse, but they are not zits any help?
Invisible soar areas?
I have had a persistent rash on both arms,stomach area, and back. No Dr. has a clue do u?
if a human gets chicken pox, do chickens get human pox?
how can you cure stretchmarks?
I'm 25 yrs of age & I have "Panniculitis" does anyone know why & how I can treat it?
What could cause this?
What is witch hazel? Can i use it while on differin and cleocin-t?
I can't breathe in my dream?
I have a 6 yr. old dtr. just went to her first dental exam. the dentists found 6 cavities.?
In Australia are you automatically tested for HIV when pregnant?
Flu, cold or something else?
Chicken pox via a third person? A worried colleague is avoiding me even though it's my kid who's sick.
is interfelon and ribavarin a cure for hep c?
Can someone get a bacterial infection from not taking sit down baths?
Are there any medications that would cause a false positave on a PCP Test?
Where did the norovirus come from?
How much does HIV treatment in Mexico cost for an expatriate?
can we diagnose HIV w/o a medical test?
where can i find laboratories to make test for all HIV, Gonorrhea / Chlamydia , Syphilis, Herpes 1 & Herpes 2
HOw long can you go without knowing you have an STD or STI?
Could an HIV + blood soaked sponge protect & shield the virus to live longer & if so how long ?
Why do i get so many different answers to one question?Does the HIV virus live longer in a blood soaked sponge
Have you ever cut yourself? If so....?
How to stop a nosebleed?
out side of my knee?
Does any one know what Red bumps with white puss (not zits) on arm, back, stomach an leg?
Bactrim For a Staph Infection ?
hidradenitis sufferers?
unwanted hair?
i have a skin problem on my hands it looks like dry skin?
How do you treat chigger or flea bites and do they leave a purple bruise like area afterwards?
can i put cortisone ointment on my lips?
I have a tick bite and i dont know what to do?
Why does this happen when i smoke?
Burned face while opening oven! HELP!?
Please! I really need help with this!?!? It's ruining my life!?
Is it possible to get diabetes by eating too much sweet things, or am I just paranoid?
Why is it that when I catch a cold, and I breath in through my nose, there is a amonia like scent or sensation
Rate My Dinner Please?
How/why does Dentyne ice relieve my nasal congestion (allergy season)?
True or False. It's unhealthy to eat after 6pm at night.?
size 10 fat?
Hey am 13 and wondering why my workouts arent "working out"?
What causes a turd to be a "floater" ?
Poll:Girls,Can you lift more than 60lbs?
i am a girl and i curently am 5'5 tall and 170 pounds i want to gain 30 pounds should i??????
Does swallowing gum burn calories?
eating habits???
Do you feel that bigger women are being bashed?
Do you think my weight loss goal is possible?
whats the best diet to go on thats not expensive?
what types of food to eat if i want to gain weight?
Why can't I lose weight?
i eat but don't gain?
Now that it's OK for fat people to work at the gym, do you see that as a step forward or a step back?
Whats a good way to loose five pounds pretty fast?
How can a young teen loose weight?
im on a diet but my friend is having a big breakfast tomorrow with waffles and stuff and i already said yes?
Can I snow ski with a broken arm?
i have scoliosis, what can i handle it?
Should I be concerned if my resting heart rate is 111 at age 15?
i have high blood pressure and am on medication. pressure is 86 over 53. is that too low?
Federated states???
what make your blood run cold?
What is the (or are the) differences between Feline immunodeficiency virus and Feline leukemia virus?
What happens "bacawwwk" in someone's ear?
Best treatment of dermtitis seborreic ?
I can't stop itching at small bumps on my skin, what are they?
I think my 2 yr old son has fungus, what should I do? What treatments are out there to treat fungus on toddler
I have a recurring staph infection for more than 2 years. I cannot seem to get a doctor to treat it as chron?
what website can i compare pics with skin discoloration?
Deadcells pops up?
Is there anyone else who suffers from painful pruney hands?
I've been diagnosed with Hidradenitis Supprativa,but i'm really wondering if its a Staph infection?
How do you treat sand fly bites on the skin? The creams doctors prescribed have all been ineffective.?
Problem skin.?
Does anyone know of a good dermatologist near Ocala FL that takes blue cross and blue sheild insurance?
Does it take a long time to recover from a cold if a person is infect with HIV/aids?
If I visit with my grandmother who has shingles, do I risk transmitting it to my 5 month old at home?
how long does it take for a cold sore to heal after the scabbing?
Can I break my lease because of a bad roach problem-I have a 3 yr old and they get on her. She wont sleep now.
What are the symptoms of Lyme's Disease, on dogs?
Bacteria Spinal Meningitis Survivors {life afterward}?
I have a red dots around my eyes. What is this?
what STD causes Nociceptive pain?
surgcal thecnologist duties in surgical procedures?
what is Hymosa Q?
Besides surgery what can someone do about bone spurs? I have one on my ankle and one on hill of foot.?
Is there any way to relieve pain while getting blood drawn? I have a dr`s appt tomorrow?
Pain in chest and throat after coughing. Answer fast!?
Do you know of any medicine or any conventional medicine for BALD SPOT?
Are Southern Californians being bit by any specific insects?
Ring worn on the scalp?
what medicine should i use for this skin problem?
help i cant live like this?!10 points?
Sprain Ankle or Broken?
More satisfying sleep?
how can I stop this?
Is it okay to eat ice cream while having a sore throat?
I was raped about a month ago.. and have really been traumatised by that. I didn’t talk about it, then just t
what percentage of men have Aids and what about women?
How many a new cases of VIH/AIDS appear en the world yearly?
can type1 herpes evolve into type 2?
residence in qatar?
how does???
My eyes changed color?
Contact lenses.My parents r gettin me prescription glasses soon, but it's probably going to cost $300....?
How do i convince my mom to get me contacts?
what is the uw s/cm radiation exposure to kill acanthaomeba bacteria?
what are the new updates in the management of neonatal sepsis?
what is Tenoxicam?
may i knw wat s d diference betwen d pain dat women suffer on der ovulation/14th day cycle & pain of apendix?
why do Iron nails make peoples feet hurt so bad, when someone steped on one?
Can I prevent diabetes?? Very strong family history.?
help i got a weird/itchy rash!?
what is the cure for Acanthosis nigricans and how common does it occur?
does soaps remove the natural oil from the body?
Freezing a commom hand wart?
Red spot on leg...?
I get a severe case of itching while swimming pool. Is there a medical condition for this?
I have what looks like to be a ringworm. how would I know?
What are the reactions to mildew and moss?
i have e-mule and haven´t been able to download anything.what can i do?
why dont people like marijuANA?
How can I fall asleep?
How long do cold sores last while using Abreva?
OK i'm confused about the hep b vaccine..?
i want to know about HIV?
whenever i smoke a cigarette i get a hard on?
A good break-out cure?
Skin itches a lot when wet and exposed to air?
what can i expect at a doctor's visit for acanthosis nigricans?does anyone have this condition?any tips?
relief with eczema peeling hands?
dark underarms?
Large red, sore lumps on joint areas, hives....Please help?
Can folliculitis be caused by or spread by mildew in a washing machine?
what is a rodent mole and is it cancerous?
Anyone have any non-prescription remedies that work well for eczema?
how to collect money from a bad chek from a consumers?
does uriflow work for passing kidney stones?
When working with dying people, there is a smell. What can I use besides Vick's around the nose to hide it?
I'm looking for an over the counter anything to grow breast can anyone help me plzzzzz? oh by the way I'm male
poison oak and goats milk?
Is it true that pelvic X-rays taken to new born babies may produce cancer of the thyroids in their teen years?
My glasses broke, should I wear my old glasses (the prescription is slightly different) or not wear glasses..?
I fell asleep with my contacts in?
help please!!!! my acrylic nail was bent back with half of my real nail?
Theres a werid bump on my Knee Wat is it??
what's the best way to get rid of a corn on your foot???
can i ever shave again?
if u get ringworm could that make ur glans swell up?
Does the home remedy method using grapefruit seed extract really cure ringworm?
did anyone had bad skin? how did u treat it to make it better?
Are skin allergies contagious?
Please help.?
BSN-JOBST,INC. Coverlet Adhesive Dressings,any problems?
infection in small foot finger?
Poison Oak, Ivy, Sumac ! What to do?
Shingles Help?
i cut my thumb and it was bleeding alot how do i stop the bleeding?
im starting to show signs of ocd...?
what illness do i have?
Is Prednisone an Anabolic Steroid?
weird dizziness when i stand up??
is the any possiblity that the test result are wrong? a false positive?
Anyone who knows about the hep b virus please?
How would a person know if they had hep b from just an antigen test?
Delicate question about crabs!!?
My ex boyfriend has warts on his face and he is blaming me even if I don't have warts (checked it)...?
Why can drinking way too much water at one time kill you?
when someone dies are they in they still in the house that they died in?
im embarrassed to go to the dentist?
is bread ok for your health?
I want to get fit!!!Any Suggestions??
i am fighting a guy tonight and i weigh 155 & he weighs about 300 besides staying off the ground wat can i do?
I don't know if I'm fat or not!?
people and weight questions?
what is an easy and fun way to flatten abs?
Does any body here know a fast way to lose weight in less than a month?
i'm 15 years old, 5'8, and 110 pounds am i overweight?
How to get a nice 6 pack.?
will eating gum all day make me lose wieght?
I need to lose about 10 pounds by the end of this month...any help?
I am a 13 years old boy and I want to lose weight fast,how can I?
is this a lot to eat for one day?
what's the deal with protein shakes?
Am I FAT? or am I nut (serious answers please)?
how can I lose about 40 pounds really fast????
What are your views on 100 calorie packs?
Breakfast time *WHAT SHOULD I EAT*?
Do you think I should lose some weight?
do you think its ok to drink 4 or 5 beers a day and still stay healthy??
My son has no more energy?
Constant cough- Should I go to the doctor?
Has anyone had allergic reaction to ROC Lift and Define Serum?
how do get rid of hayfever and spring allergies without taking medication?
why does chicken make my eyes puffy?
asthma attack all the time?
i ate somthing and immediatly felt short of breath,hot,and alittle itchy?
should you avoid using your food allergens on your skin through shampoo and soaps?
what are the side effects of schederma cream?
what are turkey mites and how do i get rid of them?
will this scar ever go away?
How do you help a child feel less self-concious with alopecia areata?
My mom has precancer...?
can any one tell me what it is when you have tiny tiny lumps on your rists and inside the lumps it is red.?
Do I need help? (suicide)?
I'm worried so answer honestly please...?
how to make yourself throw up easily?
What do I do?
is there a name for wanting to hurt people?
Our 12 old daughter??
ABSOLUTELY URGENT!!! i feel like dying and perishing please help. everybody hates me. nowhere to turn?
Does suicide sound like an irrational concept to you?
I have a blister on my heel and now my whole ankle is really hurting?
how does HCV transmit ? & is it necessary if one family member is infected that all rest members will get so ?
How do they explain the non proliferation of HIV in a person under antiretroviral drugs?
Can a person have a heart attack at age 18?
Has herpes ruined my life?
can vocal cord paralysis be a symptom of hiv?
if a person has an hiv positive does he or she has a symptoms? or no symptoms at all?
I'm so stressed and have had enough, what should I do?
I need a chlorine shower filter that can fit OVER existing shower head?
My daughter is getting a green infection under her finger nails?
Home remedies for curing scapies?
What causes little red like red bumps on legs or more like pores coming to the surface?
Spider bite? should I go to the doctor?
Whats the worst part about getting braces ?
Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth. What should I do?
Daughter has cavities?
Does anybody know where I can buy a green tooth brush?
Help! 14 yrs old! Sharp pains! Fingers to arms!?
i am expriencing kidney pain and pain during peeing what do i have?
Tingling legs,arms...vision issues... and chest pains?
How badly to I have to be eating to get diabetes?
diabetes question???
how do i get rid of these tiny warts or little bumps on my fingers, they itch and only started the other day?
Do you really need several treatments for photofacial IPL laser?
I have a cyst underneath my chin. It's not an acne cyst, its way under my skin, like a sebaceous cyst.?
i have psoriasis and i am looking for a treatment that will help it clear up?
How soon would you expect "Flucloxacillin" to work effectively and noticeably?
i woke up today with these large bumps on my bum what are they and how can i treat them?
how do you get a fatty cyst or where do you get them from?
Sun Spots?
varucas anyone? how did you get rid of them....?
i have a problem with itching scabs. how can i stop this habit??
When Will The Hpv Vaccine Be Aviable?
Another question to my STD question from last week. How soon after a person becomes infected with the STDgen?
Can you get an STD from getting fingered?
How bad is the AIDS epidemic in America REALLY??
How long does pollen season last? How much longer will my car be yellow?
I got bit by a fire ant yesterday and my ankle is swolen, but I'm not sure if it's an alergic reaction or not?
Rash from CT Scan contrast?
Wasps and hornets?
i wanna find a kind of hormon helping me taller?
what is a "doolah" (maybe misspelled) and how do I become one...?
Can you find Information on the drug company called SCHWARTZ?
there is a bump in my mouth?
When should i go to bed?
How do I walk away...?
How to tighten skin?
What are the symptoms of chicken pox?
my doctor says that my 4 year old daughter has seriosis on her skin he has gave me creams and shampoo for it?
Ever since I began taking clonazepam for panic attacks I've had sores on my chest.?
How do you get rid of Canker Sores more quickly?
i have discoid lupus and im takin treatment, how long would it take to clear up?
Do you have Vitiligo? Talk to me?
I've never had Chicken Pox, But I think I may have shingles, is that possible?
do I loose fat when I lift weights?
is it possible to lose 15 lbs in three days?without taking any pills?
if you were overweight would you take karate classes?
If trying to lose weight, is it better to eat only when your stomach growls?
I need to know what NOT to eat to lose body fat!?
How Do You Become Skinny In One Week?
Whats the best diet to go on?
How many calories do two cookies have?
Am I overweight?
Is she fat ?
hi guys im 16 years old and i'm a little bit fat but what can i do for lose weight or get my six pack?
i want to grow 4-5 inches in six months how could i achieve this?
Question of weight gaining?
Water question.?
Why is it ok the be deathly skinny but not ok to be a little over weight?
is it normal to gain 5 pounds over the summer?
Weight loss-- Do I look better now, or did I look better then? HELP!?
How can i grow taller?
How does my body look (pic)?
How do I lose 5 pounds in 1 week!?
i think i am too fat to wear a bikini?
Why do people go to the gym?
After having a baby at my 'women's exam' I was told I had a wobbly cervix?
if i have herpes will it mean that if i have a baby it will also be infected???
How long until I can "do it" again after being diagnosed with Chlamydia?
Pain in uterus... serious advice only!!?
Do i need glasses or not?
PLease help, I want to sleep and my lenses are stuck?
will my eyesight get worse?
eye vison chagning as u get older?
contact lens users - Which contact solution do you use?
sucidal?! Help!!!!! PLZ!!!!!?
Im going to kill myself tonight?
am I going crazy!?!?
what should i do???
kerato allergic conjunctivitis?
the doctor says i have a different strain of staph. my whole family has it. what do I do?
Anyone else experiencing a big stomach flu outbreak in the Pennsylvania area?
besides an inhaler..can i use anything else during an asthma attack?
What is the Z Finger Technique, and what company provides this product?
why does my right knee lock up after i sit with my legs crossed on the floor?
How much does Clindoxyl Gel cost?
how is healing happens ?
I'm in Baltimore, MD and in search of the liquid vitamin Miracle 2000 Joint and Vision. Where can I buy? Txs
What would you do?
Does anyone know why the vitamin Nordisk Propolis from denmark is no longer in circulation?
should i seek immediate dental help?! (answers from dentists and people who had braces only)?
Where can I find a all black toothbrush?
My 13-month-old has three teeth and will NOT let me get in there to brush them...?
how do i have white teeth?
Do you floss your teefus every day?
what is good for a toothache besides orajel and anbesol?
are pandel hydrocortisone probutate cream, 0.1% the same as desowen cream?
I have been getting bumps on my body.?
Hmm, very interesting . . .?
Any good products for dry facial skin?
My roommate has small bumps on the back of her arms? Anyone have a clue what this is?
Starting to get a sore throat and am getting married in 11 days--help?
How to prevent bulimia?
advise for 17 year old? 10 points for good response.?
Looking for aircleaner...?
h.Pylori infection and allergy?
Rash from hair products?
Did my asthma come from stray cats?
Health Question?
can u get a rash from topamax like u can with lamictal?
My daughter has strange red bumps on her face-dr says not chickenpox?
My two eyelids are swollen suddenly, but not red. What kind of sickness do I have ?
hair loss?
I need your personal story. if you dont have any, dont answer.?
Anyone else diagnosed with Dyshidrotic Eczema and how do you cope with an outbreak?
Scalp sores that bleed, scab over and then return a few days later...what causes this?
peeing blood normal???
Can low blood sugar cause a person to act "disattached" and not have a good understanding of theirsurroundings?
HPV ppl only plz?
My eyes? Would anyone know what would be the c ause and Help for this?
how did u kno u needed glasses?
Is it safe to put eye drops in when I have contacts on?
Some said some really weird stuff --> people who use drugs like syringes and share it with people take longer
what are the post chikunya neurological and orthopedic complications?
can clirbest be used on a 2 year old chield and if so in what dosage?
What Is Methasilin Resistant Stapitolicoccus Aeurius?
I brush my teeth more than 3 times a day, why do I still get bad breath?
what are the signs of type 2 diabetes?
can you help me please , have i got diabetes?
If I crank my iPod as loud as it will go every time I listen to it, will I lose my hearing?
Has anyone received allergic reactions to Motion Eaze medication used for motion sickness?
Anyone..sick or has sick person and they have tried here and there things have failed and you need that person
Does deep breathing innately make you feel better?
How can we find the acupuncture clinic in the New York City?
what kind of medicine is there for heart Patients?
What is a meaning/purpose of going on vision quest?
Drinking on the road?
does anyone have a cure for hayfever/sinius..please?
dose trilean works and what r types of diet i can use that really works that doesnt have side effect?
in urine therapy is it ok to use the therapy when one is pregnant?
I'M ABUSING benedryl and it not as potent as it used to be?
Why am I always hungry?
Lose 30 pounds in 3 minutes...can it be done?
Girl,what's your age,height and weight?
What is your best body feature?
Pasta Good or Bad?
Tips for losing weight?
i am 13 years old. 5 feet tall. and i weigh 110 pounds. i must lose weight. i need stronger thighs and abs!!!!
Lost about 10 pounds in one week. haven't done ANYTHING different!?
I have a burn on my finger from home made wax?
I cut myself yesterday, Is it going to leave a scar forever?
Flesh colored bumps on forehead?
*********ECZEMA PROBLEM...HELP!*********?
Cosmetic Cure for Eczema?
Help! My face is flaking because its dry so I need a homemade healing product that works over night?
Weird bumps all over my face?
How to get rid of blackheads ?
how to get rid of back acne ?
What are some tips on getting really clear skin?
Acne scar on my face and my cleansers are not clearing my skin!?
Help on greasy forehead plz?
What are the name of some pills and creams that I can only get from going to the Dermatologist?
I just found these little white worms with black heads underneath my jacket on my desk.. help!?
My skin is really dry?
What can I do/use for oily skin?
How can i remove dead skin from my face caused my acne?
dry skin patches on face?
What are some good, but inexpensive moisturizers with SPF?
bad acne HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!?
HELP!? Diabetes Related...?
What percentage of Black Africans are projected to die in the next 10 years due to the AIDS virus?
Can you get an STD in your nose?
(FEMALES ONLY PLEASE) Could you be someboby you didn't trust anymore?
what can i use to get rid of a herpes outbreak thats over the counter?
How much do you pay for cigarettes?
How do I differentiate between chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and depression?
What is this pain called and is it curable?
2 hard lumps on my leg groin area?
how to use olive oil to get good skin?
my underarms stink like rotten grapefruit, i can't get them clean HELP?
How to get rid of back-acne?
is shaving doing anything to my acne?
Home remedies for scars?
How to get rid of acne?
if my skin is peeling...?
Has anyone tried the product "Acnefree"?
is the rust on metal harmful to skin?
Help me, how do I get rid of head lice?
How to fade stretch marks?
Help with Acne scars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How to get rid of after acne redness?
Can I use benzoyl peroxide daily with having no acne?
Do you have any natural remedies for getting rid of fleas?
Why am I getting rashy patches behind my knees?
Please help me. My acne is making me feel uncomfortable?
I have a bump on the right side of my head that has recently started growing and hurting. What could it be?
what is the brown creamily color stuff that comes outta the vargina after my period?
can i die ?
neighbor has c-diff. If he pets the dog and i pet the dog, will i get c-diff?
my mother has beed in S.I.C.U. with sepsis for a month now. How does it stay in the bloodstream even with?
I have had hepatitis. How do I find out what type (A,B,C,D) I had? Is there a hepatitis registry?
What do I have? A cold or something else?
Streptococcus suis infection?
Should stop Anti-TB?
Is true that Hepatitis B is not a serious to health-care workers?
What is the definition for infectious disease?
What is Supaglottitis?
Prevalence of Hepatitis A infection in Egypt?
Skin conditions: What are some of the best skin care product out there?
Swollen bumps on lips?
Has anyone else fallen for skin care products and ruined there skin? :(?
could skin psoriasis turn into something else?
Hot and red face at school?
My skin is getting really dry should I stop using SkinID and just go to the dermatologist?
My cheeks go hot and red?
how to get rid of a small spot?
I have been seeing purple blotches. What could this be?
Burned my forehead with straightner?
How can I help my bellybutton get better?
Suddenly started to have rough swollen redish itchy patches on my face??!?
What kind of acne does acne laser treament treat?
I have just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.Why did I get it ?
Can you help me with low blood sugar?
Is a GC culture the same thing as a Gonorrhea culture and if so..?
Rocephin 500mg????
does the herpes on the lip will be more noticeable over time?
STD test results?
what is the differance between cellutis of the mouth and aids?
Caliciviridae. What is it?
Does having AIDS make it harder to get a job?
How serious is it that people get an annual physical?
he has a cold sore?
My sisters both share a gene?
how long does it take for poison ivy to start itching?
Has anyone taken HGH(Human Growth Hormone)?
Very Serious Question for Long Time Alcoholic's Annonymous Members Only!!!!?
How can I get paid to offer possibilities, and refer people to resources for alternative medicine and health?
Are mangetic pads helpful?
open again, welbutrin pros's and con's, didn't mean to close the subject?
Do anyone know about Music-Therapy ? Does it really works ? Where can I learn Music-Therapy ?
im coughing up flem what can i do to stop it?
How do u use honey to gain weight?
Can anyone tell me what a coffee enima will feel like when doing it?
Has anyone ever heard of doing this to pass a drug test?
Can drinking urine cure cancer?
what is moriamin forte?
Could Glutathione Help People With Lupus ?
How many leaves of clematis are needed to make a cup of infusion (tea)?
do you agree that HIV virus is a manufacture disease made from a lab but the experiment went out of control?
fentanyl and drug tests?
What are the scopes for Ayurvedic medicine degree?
Can a pharmacy technician work while prescribed medical marijuana if you aren't intoxicated @ work/ in public?
My back hurts? 13yr. old?
Did I have a heart attack?
I am 20 years old, male, and have clear skin on my face. Any good advice on how to clear up mild body acne? ?
Birth mark developing moles?
what is a planters wart ?
I have a small bump on the inside of my cheek. What is it?
itch cream turning my arms white. help!?
how do you get rid of flakes fast!??!?
What is Peeling Facial and what are the benefits of it?
Why is the skin's PH level so important? acne?
How do you repair a Pink Sock?
Whats this skin condition called?
How to cure baggy eyes?
What is the damage to my body when my blood sugar is consistently in the low 200's? Is this dangerous?
Suggestions for high fasting glucose level?
what can cause me to have a stiff neck with sharp pain on both sides?
Ice cream causes causes severe stomach distress?
the frequently asked question that rarely gets answers...how long will it take to ME to clear my sytem?
Can I change my eye color by doing this?
what's the best food to eat coming off of a vegitarian diet?
What is the best way to get your girlfriend to lose weight?
13 and 145 lbs.?
How to lose stomach fat?
Is it possible to stay alive if you only drink and not eat?
Ladies, would you prefer your Ideal man to be...?
AM i FAT? or overweight for my height. (serious answers plz)?
If i cut out junk food from my diet will i see a big change in my body?
How come skinny people say there fat?
I eat once a day?
I am fat, my husband says that he'll divorce me if I do not lose weight, what should I do?
Is there possibly any advatage of smoking?
Is it normal to weigh 100 pounds when your 5'5?
is caffeine good for you ?
guys,help pleese!?
Do you think I'm overweight? I'm 6ft. 7in. and weight 102 lbs., Should I go on a diet?
weight issue. help?
is weighing 110 alot forv a 11 year old?
How do i get abs like this? (pic inside)?
Liposuction or sit ups which would you choose?
Seriously need to lose weight?
difference between herpes meds, if any?
Spead of herpes?
do you have HIV, would you share your experience?
where to buy urushiol oil?
Can you reccomend any sunscreens for Combination/Oily Skin?
Confused on what acne product to use!?
Blackheads? I need help ASAP! ?
Acne product Retin A?
What can i use for dry skin?? my face is really dry and idk wat to use.. help!!?
I woke up with oily skin?
Compound W Invisible Strip question..Turning Wart white?
Acne!!! HHEELLPPP!!!?
Can someone please help me decided which Retin A product to buy? Can someone give me a review as well please?
How to get rid of scars :(?
My skin feels tender.. what could this be?
how do I get rid of fingernail ridges naturally?
how can i make myself fall asleep?
actually what are the main causes of people commiting suicide?
self inflicted cuts to body???
Is this depression--or laziness?
For those suffering from depression: What do you do when you're feeling sad to make yourself feel better?
Do you believe everyone has at least two personalities?
when you can't sleep, does the "sheep counting" method works for you?
please help me, before i do it and never see the day again, i need help, please 10 points?
darmane tabkhal?
what is wagoners diease?
what kind of disease is caused by not having enough of the protein 1gjv?
What is serratia marcesc? I have it. When my body is cleaned out ,how do I ensure it doesn't return?
What can cause Potassium level to jump?
Is it painful to die from high blood sugar if you have type 2 diabetes?
how can i send my daughter to juvinal hall?Is it possible?
Is 70 really that low for a blood sugar? Mine always seems to be in the 70's or low 80's?
How do i get rid of dandruff?i tried everything,from shampoos to hairfoods?
I am 63yrs.old and have brown spots on my legs,arms, stomach I have been to see three doctors, and don't know?
How do you fix facial redness?
how to get rid of tourrettes?
How do i get rid of ringworm?
What can I do to remove warts on my face?
How did you get rid of your acne?
What Do I Do About Possible Ear Piercing Infection?
Skins always dry. What can I do about it?
Bumps and rash on my ankles?
I have had exema for five years...?
I had surgery 8 days ago developed a small warm red spot right under one of the incision spots?
which cream do i use first?
my face skin is dry and so are my lips....?
Whats wrong with my skin on my arm?
Is this a keloid? picture included?
dermatologist hotline?
Side effects from Decadron and Depo-Medrol medicines?
rhinocort is irritating my throat?
Does anyone else get heartburn from taking Zyrtec-D?
can a toddler be allergic to whole milk if she was not allerigic to cow based formula?
Sansevieria trifasciata in Libya?
What is Indian Bromine and is it toxic? I've seen it as an ingredient of RedDawn.?
I bought some chamomile tea on the advice of some people on Answers! to relax and help me sleep but it did?
How does a person access their full potential?
what kind of steps INDIAN government take to stop spreading HIV AIDS?
Cold sore/fever blisters look like cut? Leave a scar?
Are oral canker sores and cold sores different manifestations of the same herpes virus?
Can i go to a std doctor if i think there is something wrong with..?
I heard about this new treatment for HIV being attempted by Sangamo Biosciences, a company that deals with?
what are the procedures to follow when curing an std?
Healthy diet for a diabetic?
I am a diabetic. Does anyone know where i can get a free glucose meter?
Ewwww!!! My mom has smelly feet!?
How can i ask my friends to stop smoking without them getting mad?
how to get sore eyes?
My daughter has small bumps just like this picture?
How to prevent and get rid of white heads?
does this look like a baby bump?? pics?
What is this rash on my elbow?
How do you stop pealing?
What is Fluocinonide?
I sweat tooo muchhh!?
I need Help with my acne?
Does Proactive actually work?
Is this a keloid?????????
has anyone used the "epiduo" acne treatment?
This itch is driving me insane!?
What could be some causes of low Potassium levels and what kind of problems could this cause?
My mom is urinating blood /: So I'm kinda worried now...what are the most likely causes for this?
Something is wrong with my foot...Is it possible to bruise a bone?
what would happen if i fell off a cliff?
bungang singot in face?
scaling of face.....?
Painless lump on my jawline?
do you wash your clothes seperate from your family clothes when you have ringworm?
what kind of acne is this and how can i get rid of it?
skin on my lower leg is very sensitive?
Accutane (blood work help?)?
Taking amnesteem (accutane) tips for dealing with it and people's experiences?
New job Monday and I'm getting zits!!! Inever have zits.?
how do you get rid of red rough irritated skin?
Any idea what these red itchy rashes are?
Dermatologists who prescribe Accutane with history of depression?
what should i do to a cyst?
Mosbeau Whitening Body lotion and Soap?
i have a mark on my hand from hot glue and the bubble popped and there is a weird thing there what should i do?
What is the average weight of a 15 yr old girl who is 5'3?
I have big legs, I need to make them smaller!! What do I do?
Did I eat too much?
What is the best way to control food cravings while trying to lose weight?
lose weight by drinking water?
had a minor binge, did i mess up my diet?
Do you wish you looked like someone else?
Why is it so hard to lose weight?
Do you think it's possible to lose about 8-12 pounds in 16 days?
Is staying up all night and day unhealthy?
How can I bulk up and gain more weight?
Is it bad to eat a banana on a diet?
Is it possible to lose 50 by October 31st?
how many calories are in a pound?
I am 12 years old. I am 5'5. I weigh 118 pounds. Am I overweight?
I feel so fat & disgusting..I'm 5''2.2 and 114 Ib. I've cutten down calorie intake but I am still chubby :(!?
can jumping frequently make you tall?
is it ok for an over weight child to be put on a diet?
if i lose 20 pounds, will it effect the size of my breasts?
how can i loose weight fast ? like 10 Lbs in 2 weeks.?
Does having a yeast infection delay a monthly cycle?
If mom has Hepattis will baby get it?
Ever give someone an STD?
Why collected & stored blood does not coagulate & why HIV virus does not die in collected stored blood bags ?
Having a hard time coping with the thought of being HPV infected.?
hmmm....How should I prepare my first date with this potential partner?
serious question....i found out i have chlamydia again...because it never went away?
Is the medicine Mucinex non-drowsy? Or will it make me drowsy?
Can any one list the use of steam bath? How many days in a week can we take this?
what is dengue virus?
get the flu go see a doctor ya right?
Is your idea about drugs positive or negative?
What is hypoakalemia? What are its symptoms?
How bacteria becomes resistant to antiobiotics?
how to get rid of entomophobia?
Can we cure immunity disorder & nerves disorder through Ayurvedic medicine?
I have acute gastritis but cannot take anti inflammatories. I also have IBS?
does anyone have any herbal remedies for lymphedema in the ankles?
i can tell how to fight diabities by changing your daily routine success guarnted anyone wanna know?
If someone was interested in Homeopathy, where do they begin?
Should Marijuanna be legalized? Why or why not?
what is this medication for Organotech Reishi it saids that is a Red Reishi Mushrooms. Organically grows, drie
What herb has the most powerful anti-depressant qualities? I have taken Kava Kava and 5HTP and adaptogens....
how much of a gram would 6000 picograms be?
anyone had acupuncture for back pain? Is it expensive?
how do you make a pregnant womans water break?
Does hynotherapy work?
Is it natural to have severe, aching pain in one's muscles after a heavy night of drinking?
i get 6-7 hrs of sleep in the night .still in the morning at work i get drowsy and stong urge to sleep. why?
MY legs have these random bumps and are really itchy!?
How do I get rid of my Stye?
Fix Hollow under eyes w/o surgery?
I have these skin colored raised bumps on the inside of my left arm, what are they?
How can I stop my itchy ears?!?
blue, veiny hands? is this extreme?
Can over exposure to sun have permanent damage like a tan?
How do I get rid of peeling skin?
Best scar cream over the counter?
I have uncontrollable blushing...?
Blackhead remover,home remedies?
What is a good brand to remove acne scarring?
is he trying to get rid of me?
I have chin and nose blackheads and now!?!!?
how bad does retin a make your skin look?
Is it possible to be be allergic to ur partners simen/com?
What are some allergies to sunlight, particularly ones that cause sneezing?
i took avalox and prednisone yesterday and had an allergic reaction?
Wheat allergy, how common is it and what is usually linked with it?
what is the best way to ease emotional pain?
I'm 13 and I can't sleep?!?
Should I Just End It?
what are good ways to handle stress?
i think have bipolar stuff going on or least some symptoms, what can i do about it?
what do I do when i have stress?
I feel so high and energetic at times... Then i go depressed and no self-esteem.. What's wrong?
SELF HARM. Tell me exactly why it bothers you that people cut?
Every day I wake up I have a bloody nose.?
Is smoking cigarettes a sin?
Blueish fingertips with fluid filled pustules..?
should i use normal acne cream or oil to cure my acne or should i just leave it alone?
How contagious is ringworm?
To all who suffer with cracked heels, what is the best lotion or cream you have found?
how can i get rid of a nasty rash?
Vertical ridges on my fingernails? Is this a sign of vitamin and/or mineral deficiency?
I have white circles on my tan stomach?
how do i get rid of back acne?
My dogs scratch constantly. What can I do to help relieve the itch?
Iam very tired my head itchy and fleaking Iam so many kind of medcine iused it is almost one year and half ?
How to get clear of acne , black spots , within a month without using any cosmetics?
Why do my hands burn?
What is the above all best answer for acne?
I a run an NGO in Nigeria focusing on HIV and AIDS how can i get funds for my activities?
Rocephin?Is this needed to get rid of chlamydia??
just want to know about std?
in oral herpes is an outbreak white bumps or what is it?
i have a high risk for hpv. im worried a lot about it. there doctor said that there could be a chance that?
Is this true about STDS?
symptoms question?
can a woman transmit a urinary tract infection to a man?
would u send me some pictures of herpes?
How can you sleep better at night without taking medications?
I keep having horror dreams?
I have been getting little red, itchy bumps on my wrists and the back of my neck? Please Answer!!!!?
How to Stop Chicken Pox?
What's wrong with my feet (specifically toes)? :/?
What should I do about my spots?
When I work out my body gets itchy and hot. Why does this happen?
l glutathione side effects? is it in the skin?
I have a formulation which will cure toenail fungus; how do I sell/market it, what would you pay for a treatme?
Why do I get so many skin infections and other problems?
Moisturizer for dry skin?
help out a 20 year old with acne, homemade/cheep over the counter advice?
What could this be? Rash on chest w/no itching or pain.?
Is HydroVal (cream/oinment) suitable for blisters?
Extreme sweating and foot odor serious question!?
Does the Natures cure 2 acne kit really work?
very small blisters on fore arm?
how elastic is the demand for over the counter pain relivers?
i have atrithis on in my heel, what's the best medicine for this? Does jogging aggrevate it?
what is yakun?
What spider bit me?
once you start high blood pressure medicine can a Dr. take you off?
what are symptom's of a heart attack?
I'm so sleepy I can concentrate in class?
Why does my jaw click all the time?
My teeth are rotting...why?
just got braces?
How can i get white teeth since i love to drink coffee so much??
Does methadone rot your teeth?
how bad do braces hurt?
I like shrimp. What should I do?
What are your favorite colors for braces?
what does blood stream mean?
Whats the difference between type a, b, c meningitis?
how was hepatitis b discovered, and when was it first recognized as a diseases, where. 2nd who name it?
do u think the H5N1 virus can wipe out the entire population of the planet?
When is a fever to hi.Regarding adults?
I have sorethroat infection.?
surgical procedure of musculoskeletal disorder?
What're the first symptoms you detect when you start to get strep throat?
what is milroy's disease?
What is a tph(a) medical test?
AIDS in pregnancy in India?
Urine culture has indicated "E.Coli grown".. What does it mean and wha t is the remedy?
Question about my son's tube and adenoid surgery...?
I need your answers plz?
Idiopathic Anaphylaxis?
puffy wrinkly eyes?
Has anyone tried bio oil on acne scars?
Luminary lotion and level 4 bed, ?
How do I prevent blushing?
Rotating face brush for acne?
Painful zit-like bump on area between nose and upper lip (philtrum)?
My face is really dry and its very uncomfortable because I used this acne medication! Solutions? Help?
What are the little bumps on my forehead?
Why does dry skin itch?
how long does the pinknes after a scab falls off last?
Help me cure my discolored/fungus toenails with home Remedies?
Im itching all over? please help?
Best environment/place to live for people with psoriasis?
Should i tell him i used too..?
pilonidal cyst problems....?
Stubborn acne! Anyone else have this problem?
will human growth hormone make me taller, hgh...(im 15)?
how do i lose wait realy quick?
I think im fat! Tell the truth.?
I have a problem with eating to much. when i like some thing i eat to much how do i stop.?
i wnat to be fat how can i reach my goal?
how can i lose 6 pounds in one week?
Is chocolate addictive?
How To lose 30-40 Pounds?
Is fresh juice everyday a good way to lose weight or control appetite?
Is this a normal weight for a 14 year old girl??????
what is a good diet pill for a 13 year old girl who needs to lose 30 pounds?
how much u weigh?
Can you lose weight by eating only McDonalds?
If I weigh two hundred pounds is there any way I can have a nice body with diet and excersise?
am i fat,answer quick please?
Am I fat?~?
What's the best, fastest way to gain weight?
Is ViSalus a Scam? (ViSalus)?
I have been working out for 7 wks, why has the scale stayed the same?
my daughter .... help?
How much weight would you have to loose?PLEASE ANSWER(bonus points)?
I'm 14 years old and have stretch marks around my leg, thighs and bum area.?
Drinking water - Flush the toxins out of your body?
what are the best diet pills?
How do I treat torn knee ligaments?
hpv and alcohol??????
pls tell me what is HSV 1?
wat are the effects of burning incenses?
If I have hsv-2 & husband has hsv-2, can we spread it orally to eachother. I was told No, cause were immune.?
Could that be my reality???????? help?
Is it a law to be vaccinated for hepititis b now to enter school?
is impertigo the same as cellulitis, and if so what is the diff between borh, when is cellulitis not
Any Idea What Could Be Causing This?
does cocaine go bad?
Do I have an eating disorder?
do you think cutting is normal for teens?
whats the worst that could happen to you if u cut yourself on your lower leg?
Pediatrician, Psychologist...who do I go to about questions about 3 year old's behavior?
Keloid or not? Cartilage piercing!?
Treatment for a cold sore?
Itchy spots, please respond asap?
How to get rid of acne scars from my cheeks?
skin disease unknown?
Sudden, small, itchy, red section on face that fades pretty quickly?
How long does it take for a cold sore to go away?
Information on burns, treatment, healing process, and scars?
Getting blood test tomorow, and getting very paranoid..?
Do you think my boyfriend is contagious?
is there a difference between eye glasses and reading glasses?
I have severe pain in my shoulder and it follows through to my forearm and wrist what could it be?
How do you get rid of ingrown zits?
does acne face people can get a job?
Why do people think that when they go to the hospital for an illness, they are automatically tested for HIV?
what ratio mixed with vitamin e cream do i mix for a cream applied to face rash?
Why do my underarms itch? I am a girl?
can O+ and B+ = O+??????? is it possible?
if the fater is B+ how do you know if his genotype is BB or Bo??
If infected with hiv, is there a treament that could be taken within 72 hours to kill the virus ?
Bacterial Vaginosis?
Why does my surgical incision itch so much now?
Does a Neurologist treat functional disorders?
Would Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away work on molluscum contagiosum?
Can Syphillis be transfered by blood? What about HPV?
Why dose my face burn & its all red?
Eczema around eyes? What do I do about it?
Is it true that Asians get these weird bumps on scars and cuts when healed?
Cure for Staph infection?
Help! knee hurts?! injury!?
Is syphilis a viral infection or a bacterium infection?
How to get rid of a tan?
shape of salmonella typhimurium?
Why is it that before I get the full-blown flu symptoms, I feel run down, achy, and weak for a few days first?
antibiotic cream online?
Why are some flu viruses deadlier than others?
the flu/cold?
can i have a picture of a case of meningococcal nazopharyngitis?
Bucks extension, what is it?
neonatal nurse?
Impentigo Question?
knowing if i have diabetes?
my heart beats 120 times per minute. . .
Re-occurring eye infection, armpit rash, athletes foot, daily hives...what is wrong with me?
Soft, painless lump under skin on top of knee cap?
does Clearasil get rid of whiteheads?
do sleep masks cause dark circles under eyes?
urea cream 10% usable for sweaty feet?
Tender lump on top of scalp?
How can get rid of these acne scars?
what is new treatment of retinitis pigmentosa?
ingrown hair popped...?
How do I get rid of my acne?
What's the best way to get rid of black heads?
what treatments can i get for post acne marks?
should i go to the hospital?
Could contacts be messing up my eyes?
how to prevent a nose bleed?
how old do you think i am?
Where does most Marijuana come from?
Cows Milk: is it good or bad for us?
How To Stay Up For The Rest Of The Night and Day?
Why do yeats and molds require a longer incubation time?
lactose intolerant people suffer diarrhea when they drink milk because?
about eye allergy and redness and exhaustion?
why would a newborn have an open spine or wole in the spine other than spinebifida????????
itchy eyes?
Symptoms of an allergy to whey protein?
Is HP sauce a possible way of getting a sore throat?
Prednisolone for Croup?
what is everyone's opinion on the HPV vaccine? I'm going to get my first of three shots on Monday.?
my girlfriends mom has hiv my sisters told me not to use their rest room fair i may contact the hiv?
Does Pamela Anderson really have HPV or some kind of STD?!?
WHAT STD can you get from a hickey?
SWINE FLU???????????????????????????????
Upper arm pain near shoulder?
why have i had a headache for two weeks straight?
What are the best ways to quit using opiate drugs, and pain medication, especailly to help withdrawel symptoms
best cream in India to treat scars of acne?
i just had a TB test and a sore popped up the same night on the edge of my lip, is this normal?
my husband gets itchy late afternoons. what is the cause of this? this has been going on for a week.?
Can scratches scar? ?
Stiches in the webbing of my left hand?
can u help??im Very itchy!!-maybe spider bites?
Does anybody know a home remedy for angular cheilitis?
i didnt have a problem with oily hair till i moved to a small country town even though the town is on city?
Bulimia question................................?
Do you weigh more at night?
How come I look fatter at the end of the day?
I need to lose 15-20 lbs in three days, any ideas????
why are fat people usually strong?
How can I increase my height?
If a fat chick falls in the woods . . . .?