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When is the best time to exercise?
Instead of swimming....?
I am trying to lose weight but I might be doing something wrong?
i really want to loose wieght... any advice?
what do you when you are trying to eat less but your still very hungry?
I am having blood drawn tomorrow and I need advice?
what if i have seizures and i still drive around do you think it?
Is it possible to get herpes around your eye area?
after you take ur treatment for gonorhea,(in a female) are u suppose to leak some brown stuff?
Im having a hard time with my ex's death. He died in a car accident recently. All i think of is him!!! HELP!!!
Is there any confirmatory test (biochemical) for klebsiella planticola and k. oxytocum?
what is invasive pnuemococcal disease?
Can you give me some information on Yellow fever for my presentation?
Smallpox questions?
My mother has been admitted in HOSPITAL!!?
What effects can MRSA have on an unborn baby?
can I get a flu shot even if i have a little sniffle cold the day before the shot?
What is the incubation period for legionnaires' disease ?, and how can it be contracted....?
What is immuno globulin disorder - is it serious - a 10 yr. old family member has this.?
Tell me if I am diabetic?
what is pseriosis?
Has anyone ever heard of or even tried the body cleansing pills by mdt called Permanent 5 and did they work?
My daughter has an ear ache- What can we do ?
Where is the best place to buy prescription drugs without a prescription?
Can someone answer this please? heart issue..?
swollen lymph nodes?
How does syphilis affect children?
is there any over the counter medicine for gential herpes?
the aids virus?
What kind of diet sodas are good that don't have such a bad after taste?
Could i have diabetes?
How do you tell if your diabetic?
can i drink menastration blood a few drops?
I'm 16 and depressed... Any medications availabe at drugstores without prescription?
I think I might have an eating disorder? Please give some advice and help me?
Why is it better to eat steak over hamburgers? When talking about Escherichia coli O157:H7 ?
what is the bubonic plaque?
A 7 yr old, whose immunizations were up-to-date, was brought to Dr in Feb bc of feverheadachemalaisediagnosis?
Couples with mono?
How is monkeypox different from smallpox?
what kind of respirator is needed to provide responders protection against ricin?.?
bump in my throat?!?!?
my body hurts and i don't feel so good ?
how to stop persistent hiccups?
What are some symptoms of a bad liver?
How can i tell if i'm a drug addict?
My husband has Hypothyroidism. How to get extra iron in your diet?
What is Parkinson's disease?
Alzheimer's disease is transfarable?
I think I am dying of a sickness should I see the minute clinic?
insomnia helppppp?
Help me loosse wieght please?
What is a healthy way to gain weight?
should i worry about my weight?
I think I may have a problem . . Please help!?
how can i get taller?
how can i gain 30 pounds in two months it's that it's not my fault if i am not hungry?
Whats the best way to lose 20lbs?
how do i become a horse? are there any surgical methods?
What's the most number of pounds a person can lose in two weeks? and how?
Is playing on the computer and eating hotdogs all day healthy?
Am i considered bulimic?
i Swallowed one of the pepsi can top?
is green tea bad for the body at all?
Im getting fat, what should I do?
I'm 14, .. is this healthy ?
can anorexia stop you from growing?
Do you exercise?
Why do people like to sleep?
How do I lose 7 pounds in 2 days????? HELP!!!?
How old are you supposed to be to join a gym?
good ideas on braces colors?
I'm allergic to Sulfa Is Iodine a sulfa related drug?
why do my eyes get so watery when i laugh?
Can you catch herpes by towels?
can a person get mouth herpes from a phone?
doxycycline affect HIV oral/swab test?
I have pearly penile pauples. Girls - would finding a guy had the same condition put you off?
Do you die earlier if you have diabetes?
Is there any treatment for Psoriasis at all?
I thought i had severe eczema but...?
Excessive palm sweatness - SERIOUS CASE!! I need urgent help..?
Is my middle toe broken?
did I break my nose?
Any remedies for a scalp rash?
Is a doctor in here somewhere?
What is the difference between steroids and corticosteroids.?
What is size of business of Allergy Diagnostics and Allergy shots in USA and World? Who are main players?
need advice on massage and aromatherepy!!!?
is it asthma?
athymil informations?
Anyone got diabetes and taking diabeticinn - its natural and contains cinnimon. Does it work?
Aanraakmonisme? does this involve massage??
Are contacts worth it?
bacteria- sepsis?
I'm trying to understand the logic behind anti-biotics. It doesn't help that i'm not a doctor.?
Starve a fever, feed a cold? Or starve a cold, feed a fever?
what cure for fungus in my nail finger?
Importance in studying microbiology and parasitology?
I have an infection and I need antibiotics. I have no health insurance. I need to know the price of my visit?
what is the retroviruses?
what does a nurse practintioner do?
Do I have the Stomach Flu?
is there any side effect and how often can we take the vitamin c injection.?
migrating seizures?
wht is flu congestion in infants?
Is it possible to get one or two of the tell-tale "pox" on your skin after receiving the chicken pox vaccine?
How long could the HIV Virus survive outside a human body,..ie. on a broken glass or?
Would the cold or the freezing tempreture kills the HIV Virus ?
what is the treatment and prevention of Acne vulgaris?
im looking for an article about pathogencity of chicken pox and i cant find it .?
What would cause small, white raised bumps, like bug bites in patches all over body?
Hives from viral infection (flu). How long does widespread hives last on a person?
a skin disease that prevents one from sweating?
How will I know if a person is under the influence of drugs?
light sleeper- can't sleep through the night in the city...help!?
how is Chlamydia trachomatis, the bacteria causing Chlamydia, first formed in a human body?
my question is does anyone know ANYTHING ABOUT AIDS and any good websites that can tell me about it.?
In reference to STDs, what is trachomat?
Please interpret this Dream?
Why doesn't anybody like me?
Is it true that certain vaccines can lead to giving your child autism while in the stomach?
Is there a suicide method which will not damage organs?
What are signs or symptoms of a person that takes steroids?
My boyfriend is on acid, help ?
Why Do I feel Like this?...Weak?
im very worried my 12 yr old son had a bowel movement and when he wiped there was quite a bit of red blood?
In the last 3 years I go through stages of waking during the night with terrible sneezing and runny nose?
what is a good bee repelent???
how can dirty and holey tooth can make alergic on skin?
Why do I have rashes?
I have small bumps in the back of my head and they have been there for about 3 or more years.? what is it ?
Had acne forever, done with medications, is there any lazer or surgery that would fix scars and acne?
I am trying to find the home page for st luke's medical bldg in lees summit missouri?
is it normal?
How can i gain weight?
what is the average weight for someone who is 13 and is 5'1 whos bra size is 34 d?
I'm fat and i havent been eating?
Would eating a protein bar after a workout help me to get lean?
help how can i lose weight fast i dont care if i gain it back?
What happens to the fat you lose?
Not eating and losing weight at 143 pounds?
Can you help me lose weight...?
Do pills really burn fat?
what is the best way to lose 15 pounds by May 30. best answer get 10 points tonight?
will people notice if i lose 15 pounds?
How is she a size 2??? (10 points)?
how can i lose weight without suffering too much from controlling my eating habits??
am i fat or just chubby?
does walking help in reducing weight??
How much weight should I lose? pic included?
hi im 12 and really need advice?!?!?1?
what is the best way to sweat???i heard that when you sweat, you also sweat out fat..please dont say sauna..?
What is it the thing that can make you loose your apetite?
what's the easiest way to lose weight in 1 month?
How can I gain weight?
Do they sell distance glasses at the drugstore?
Can water really low your blood sugar?
bloody question?
can flesh eating bacteria be found any where in the world?
Mono or "persistent tonsillitis"?
Do they do spleen transplants in children or at all?
How long am i contagious?
alcohol contains the drug ethanol but why is it counted as alcohol poisoning, not drug poisoning?
Will echinacea help ward off colds and flu?
blood fear- please help!!?
Do you have information about Antistrepolysis?( a form of arthritis resulting from the Streptococcal A Bact?
Who discovered Typhoid Fever?
Is the Renu Multiplus solution ok to use???
what is intrisic resistance? - Bacteria?
hey doctors ! how can you differntiate in the symptombs between the (birds flue ) and the regular flue?
Can laxative give you the same effective result as Colon Hydrotherapy?
how many degenerative diseases are there?
what is the incubation period for meningitis?
what are the signs for strep throat for a 5yr.old?
my small daughter is abrain paralysis patient. who can help?
What is scarlet fever?
Can the food you eat before you go to sleep effect your dreams?
can cows have aids?
What does it mean when doctors say HPV can go away on its own? and in men, can it go away?
Can anyone tell me a medicine or durg that I can use to get taller ?? Serious Answers please .?
Absses on my cats back after reciving a cortizon shot?
Help! Do I have a food sensitivity?
recomended dust masks for emphezyma?
how can i get rid of hyper pigmentation?
has anyone ever got bitten by fleas and got a bad reaction(severe allergy)?
A method of surgery using high frequency electricity to destroy tissue by dehydration or drying?
Acne treatment cream/gel that actually works?
I have shingles, how likely are my children to get chickenpox or shingles?
how to get rid of warts growing in hair?
Help! Rash on Face Desperate for Help!?
Are there any brands of gluten free breads in regular grocery stores?
Redness, itchy, & bumps around my mouth?
Scratched my right hand; it drew blood; little bumps appeared. Is it allergic reaction? I used neosporin.?
Why do I wake up with my hands being itchy.?
Is there a home remedy for toe nail fungus?My sons looks like his nail is dying Not black or green.?
need help identifying an itchy, blistering rash on arms, legs, groin, chest and back?
cellulitist affect eyes?
I had a dysplastic nevus removed for biopsy. it recurred. should I worry?
What are these little burn like marks that I have on my arms?
Anyone ever heard of Tinea Amniantacea? (not sure of last word spelling)read on.?
I have a rash that looks like eczema. What over the counter cream would be best to use?
how long are you contagious after last episode of vomiting from flu?
Have any of you had keloids by where you got your ear pierced?
Father with bad heart may have flu???? I think..?
what is the diagnosis of a patient who symptoms include drowsiness, listlessness, abdominal pain,and anorexia?
how was lithotripsy done?
Is medicare paying for the new shingles vaccine?
Information on strep throat?
what is the std that gets in your throat and can be mistaken for strephthroat?
antineytrophil cytoplasmics antibody what is it?
Does the surgery hurt for the human papilloma virus?
whats a good way to fall asleep at night?
how to detect Fileria in human body . Any test there.?
I lost 10 pounds!! Yeah! After 2 months of hard work, what should I do nice for myself today?
Does apple juice help cure constipation?
Dealing with insomnia?
Always thirsty and tired. What could it be?
Help!!! Cant get rid of hiccups!!!?
I Smell Like Bones...What now>?
Help!!! Im Bleeding EVERYWHERE!!!?
cant afford to go to the doctor -- can anyone help 'diagnose' my problem?
Do you know swami Ramdev , Patanjali yogpeeth ,India who teaches pranayam & yoga, claims to cure all diseases?
Has anyone used Tea Tree Oil for the treatment of Shingles?
Does anybody know how to get rid of heel spurs the old fashion way?
Are california poppies able to produde an opiate effect?
what is health and hypokinetic diseases?
Anyone have a home remedy for poison ivy, oak, sumac?
Peyronies Cure?
Fish OIl Omega3?
What is the best way to locate and massage the teres minor muscle in the back?
Where do i get a good massage done in abu dhabi by males only?
Are 5 minutes in the treadmill enough to stave off diabetes?
What is the difference between Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes?
i have a form of acne (so they say) under my beast can anyone help.?
Does anyone know how to treat or get rid of keratosis pilaris?
Yellow sac spider bite?
have medical question on virus called mursa or mersa not sure of spelling it causes big invected bumps & holes
Why do I get a rash on my hands after I eat high sugar foods?
if i'm on antibiotics, what am i not allowed to take?
what is the best treatment for pityriasis versicolor?
Is this an allergy?
hav red eye and there is a white bump on the white area of my eye near my nose,is it pink eye?
What is the best way to get people to try Vemma?
Benadryl taken earlier?
Are you fat or thin?
Am i Fat???
I'm trying to get ripped. Should I cut the cheese from my sandwich at lunch? Are there any low fat substitutes
Do you think im fat or average?
Is 107 lbs too thin for 5'5 20 year old female?
i am almost 13 and i am 5'6 but i weigh 143 should i start throwing up in order to lose weight?
Why can't I eat late, is it unhealthy?
becoming anorexic?
Is it possible for me to lose aboutt 15 pounds in 10 days??
Should I work out when I am still sore?
What does it mean when you cant stop eating?
how can i reduce my weight?
I'm 5'2 and about 97 pounds, I used to be like 88, I've been gaining weight like crazy what should i do?
does it annoy you when skinny girls are worried about their weight?
how many pounds could i loose in 3/4 weeks not eating just having water and juice plz tell me thanks =]?
I'm amnemic, what is the best food with a source of iron?
Do you think 116 pounds is big for a12 year (5ft 4inch. tall)?
Does anyone have HPV?
Loss of Taste. Could it be fever?
What do you do for the flu???
so my one yr old has had a cold for almost two wks, any advice to get rid of it.?
I don"t have a gall bladder?
How would u prevent any stomache flus and any kind of digestive system illnesses?
Why is penicillin toxic to a bacterium, but safe for a human cell?
What is the most common disease that HIV patients die from?
fragile x syndrome?
how long can a person live with advanced cirrhosis of liver?
what is mono???? I have heard of it but what is it and what happens?
My 14 month old has a cataract.?
is orchitis leads to infertility?
why a pharmacist gives cafein to the patient?
blood test mpv?
can trauma cause or aggravate mrsa?
what diseases are similar to hepatitis c?
Can your white blood cells burst?
what this bump?!?!?
If you were Dx w/diabetes(490) & now you have it down to 118, is that good?
can i pop blisters from athlete's foot?
anyone had laser photofacial foto facial treatment help with Cellulitis or Staph?
roucatain???who used roucataine??
How was your day today?
Does anyone else have this virus thing that feels like bubbles in your throat?
I'm going to get five teeth removed, and I need advice?
is pulmicot allergic to kids? 4 yr old kid developed skin allergy. cud this be due to the medicine?
Celiac travel in Scotland?
There is a cure for asthma!?
Why is all of this happening to me? :(?
Stomach ulcers?
Sometimes I dream about a guy I had a crush on when I was a kid, what does it mean?
why safety cabinets are used during calture?
Does anyone know of a facility in Texas for UV Irradiation treatment? Also called Photoluminescence?
Do you think i have diabetes ?
I have red blotches on my cheecks which my dermatologist says is a combo of roseacea and sun damage. Help!?
Red bumps on my stomach what could it be.?
I am in my early thirty and some times the skin on my hands and feet get slightly wrinkles and even my lips?
What is black toe? Is this some kind of bruising from repetitive motion?
Can you have an ulcer in your mouth? arent they called citrus sores.?
Somebody seriously pls, I scared afraid of something being wrong?
Constipated again? =[ help me!?
Who loves linda finkle?
Can u catch herpes from sum 1 nuttin n ur mouth??
What disease cause these symptoms high fever,chest pain,tight cough,muscle aches,pains,significant fever?
What are the effects of long term antibiotics?
what is xtremely drug resistance?
is there a good home remedy for a bladder infection besides cranberry juice?
I have just been diagnosed with c-diff, have not been in the hospital or on antibiotics?
Are there supplements to take to stop the symptoms of lyme disease?
Is the person having a hepatitis b can be cured thru self limiting and discipline??
wokeup with cold sore &my bf with a tinyBump on his member.no history of herpes 4both.did i give him herpes?
Can rabies virus survive outside their host and live in a dry condition for a long time?
My Son died of a ruptured spleen what could cause this?
What is good medicine for hepatitis B +(HBsAg+)? Any recovery from this ?
doe simple saline ointment help reduce chances of getting the flu?
How is the capsule stain used in clinical microbiology?
Is the stomach flu spreading like crazy in your area? It seems like everyone here is catching it.?
Children normally have higher WBC counts than adults. Why is that?
List and describe the five different types of disease causing organisms.?
fever. upset stomach. headach ears hurt.?
I know Hepatitis B & C can live outside of the body up to 7 days, How long can A can live outside the body?
pathophysiology of dengue fever?
what is a millet seed and tell me about mineral oil?
Zocor and Zetia for Cholesterol - Have you had an allergic reaction? What prescription did you change to?
If a drink is labeled GRAPE and tastes like BLACK CHERRY how can this be solved?
Is there any good eye hospital in gurgaon dear dlf phase -II,Like to take treatment for Eye allergies?Urgent..
People get diabetes from eating too much sugar?
I just ate lunch & I am so tired I can barely stay awake, would diabetes cause this?
Every Summer since I've moved to this costal city I have developed rashes on my face when I go out in the sun
i am getting itching on my skin and the skin is developing marks of my itching why it is happening and what is
Would A Slightly Raised Mole On My Cheek Be Removal able By Laser Surgery?!?! 10 Points!?
Can any women sympathise/advise?
I am looking for a doctor in Miami that specializes in lichen sclerosis?
I have severe acne and very oily skin. What are some treaments?
I hav massivly dry skin.n dont have time to see a dr.about it.does anyone know of a pwrful moisturizing lotion
My son has red bumps on him i thought they were chicken pox but there notThe big ones has green pus what is it
Should I see my lung doctor & Are you psychic?
what should i put on my sunburn?
asprin + marijuana? (bad idea or what)?
should i treat anal warts with lasering them since they are not bothersome?
Can anyone tell me what is the symptoms of getting AIDS/HIV?
As a care giver, what you will do to help the person have AIDS OR HIV situation?
my sinuses keep getting stuffed and then clearning on thier own...?
My nephew has these Red bumps below his waist?
has anyone drank the energy drink roaring lion or had an allergic reaction with a yagarbomb?
how many alcoholic drinks would you have on a night out?
What makes you get up in the morning?
My friend is wanting to commit suicide, how can I make him change his mind?
Do you ever get jealous when you see someone and you wanna be them?
i need some help?
should I see a doctor this is really freaking me out?
what do you guys do when you down and depressed?
I feel like such a failure?
Please!! I'm stuck here!!?
Could You Be Legally Responsible For Telling A Friend To Kill Themselves...?
Where is your happy place?
I blame myself for my dad's death, is it my fault?
i cant sleep my mind just wont stop so any suggestions for me to either get to sleep or waste away the hours?
Is there a cure for depression besides taking pills all the time?
Whenever I am angry or sad?
How do i stop cutting myself?
This movie scared me and I can't sleep?
I amlooking for a certified lymphedema therapist in North Orange County, CA?
Heya. Psorisi/deboriac dermatitis?
can i get rid of herpes - for good?
what pharmaceutical company makes calcort.?
What herbs can you take for hyperthyroidism?
Where can I get info on drugs: legalization, comparions of harmfulness and addictiveness, death statistics?
should stem cell research be used to cure the sick?
could one tell me a remedy for typhoid fever or the antibiotic i can buy, from African v common?
why do fat people always look surprise when the doctor say that they have diabetes, or another disease.?
i'm diabetic and would like to get a tattoo ?
Where can my husband get into the Alzheimer Antibody research study?
How do you prevent diseases?
Can you get Hepatitis from Kniting?
how much will it cost me to consult a doctor about STD?
how can a person acquire herpes?
I have had 4 colds in 2 months, what is wrong with me?
Why is there more people with AIDS in Africa then anywhere else in the world?
How is Magic Johnson still alive after having AIDS for so long?
How can i dry off quick?
Is it possible for a person with AIDS to regress back to the HIV stage?
How can tuberculosis spread? What are symptoms if you are infected?
have fever, since I cleansed my intestines by castor oil. What shall I do? 2 shall I stop cleansing kidneys?
Will there be a flu pandemic? If so, when do you think it will happen? And how bad will it be?
can you prevent sickness? how?
sore throat -it wont go away?
what is mono and the symptoms!?
i am 14 and im am about 40 lbs overweight and i care about what other people think of me,is my situation bad?
AM I FAT??? pleeze be honest!!?
I want to lose weight by September 26, and i need ways on how to lose weight quickly, please help.?
how do i loose wight without excersing!!! Please help ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I weigh 130 lbs is that alot for a twelve year old girl?
Ways to control my eating?
What kind of coffee should I drink to lose weight?
Trying to lose weight (in a healthy way)?
Can fat men play golf?
am i fat?!?!? please help?!?!?
how to loose 20 pound in 2 weeks?
Is it healthy to eat fish every day?
Is it bad to dislike people that are not responsible for their body (obese people)?
what do i need to do to become anorexic?
im 16 and fat, but im not that young, i am a bit older than most 18 yr olds, can i use stacker 2 pills?
what do i do if i want to lose weight but my family doesnt have enough money for the healthy foods and stuff?
Do you think I'm fat / in proportion? (Measurements Included)?
Im always hungry!!?
y is my mom soo worried?
im been eatin 1 meal a day because im been busy alot but im not losin any weight?? & my meals are not high cal
I'm sooooo skinny, what can I do to gain some weight???
what are some of the side effects if you are allergic to sugar substitutes?
Why do I react so badly to red light?
How long should one take Claritin or other meds for allergies??
coughing really bad?
Organ Donors with Allergies?
If you have had athelites foot does it ever go away permenitly?
is there any treatment for Psorasis?
last 5 yrs blisters r spreading under my feet palm-plz help me out any doctor friend?
first time wearing contact lenses ?
Why do my eyes change color?
My contact is stuck in my eye and I can't get it out because my eye is too dry and it really hurts?
I hate putting in contacts in in the morning?
How can I improve my sight naturally?
My eye doctor told me you shouldnt wear your glasses 24/7?!?
Is it possible to have chlamydia for many years and never have symptoms?
Hangovers PLZ HELP!!!?
Dry eyes, please help.?
enriched flour vs wheat?
How to get rid of bad nose symproms as qquick as possible?
Is it expensive to get plastic surgery because of bad skin?
alergic (maybe)?
Someone please help me!?
cow's head brand?
extraV6.com, what happen why it was temporary closed?
Can someone recommend a good Ayurvedic doctor in NJ?
has anyone used the DX 1000 detox products to clean you out for a drug test?
What is the link/mechanism between the immune system and the adrenal glands?
can clavo help with toothaches?
why in the us some surgerys cost so much? ex 200K and more?
midol or pamprin?
How is the noro-virus transmitted? Is the virus airborne?
HIV Disease Can be transmitted by french kissing?
Please help! I have a MRSA staph infection and am very ill, can it be from the MRSA?
i have strep throat. what should i do?
Any continent outside of N. America, what are 5 healthful and harmful cultural factors relating to disease?
What are some good Flu remedies?
I would like to know that after 48hrs of mantoux skin test area look redness not hardening so let me know?
What are some different types of viruses?
URI treated, still uncomfortable.....?
My wife is very ill please find me some ways to get help and advise also?
What are the symptoms of patients infected with TB. What are the treatments?
How does one go about treating Malaria?
examples to compare the structure and function of endocrine and exocrine glands??
What does it mean to have worms in your stools?
What is an example of an easy to find 1. germicide, 2. bactericide 3. Viricide, and 4.fungicide?
what is hepatitis b? how can i protect myself in contracting this desease?
My Mom's boyfriend Herb says my dreams of becoming an Astronaut are silly. How should I react?
Do I have HIV?
My teeth are... weird looking please can you help? ?
Can a person be allergic to their own skin? And if so, what is the technical term for it?
Pulling out a REALLY LOOSE baby tooth with braces??
Wisdom teeth??
does it hurt when they take the braces off??
How to stop your teeth aching from braces ?
DOH programs in Intestinal Parasitism on the Philippines?
i am getting spacers tomorrow and i am really nervous?
whats the best way to deal with a BAD toothache?>>>i can't get in to the dentist for 5 more days!!!
I am getting braces what 2 colors do you guys think i should get any ideas ???? =D?
red ant hill?
Sodomy is unnatural.Should 'gay' guys be prosecuted for spreading disease?We need law changes.?
When you get your braces off.........?
what are some home remedies for whitening teeth?
Do Braces Hurt When They Put Them On You?
Curing ring worm thats been around for a while?
how do get rid of a mosquito bite bump??
Help! How do I get rid of warts?
White spots on face?
Help with infected and swollen acne cyst please!?
I hav loads of boils and spots on my face Im 21 and female?
I have a really big cold sore on my face. Can a cold sore scar my face? Im brown-skinned and it's on my cheek
My hands are in excruciating pain. Please help im 14 years old and worried!?
What condition could this be?
My lower back is KILLING me. What can i do?
How can I wake up in the morning?
is my Weight loss noticeable?
what are good exercises/ways to rid lower body fat?
how do you cleanse your body system of marijuana?
am i going anorexic ?
Losing weight, am i too skinny?
HEY HELP ME PLZ?????????????im always worrin bout my weight n im only 13 is there somethin wrong with me?
what's the easiest way for a 12 year old to lose wait?
i would like to lost 15 pounds by christmas; is this a realistic weightloss; and if so, how can i do it?
If I have 5% body fat, and I do sit ups every day, why don't I see my abs?
How can one become motivated to lose weight?
how to prevent snack-ing?
What do you think of my weight? Is it normal?
whats a good thing to take for lunch ??????????
wat is the average height of a 13 yr old girl?
What happens when humans eat cat or dog food?
Do you gain wieght if you eat anything you want?
how can i get motivated to exercise?
Is 6 days of cardio a week enough to lose weight?
oh gawsh i'm about to cry. help please.?
whats the fastest way of getting a six-pack?
blood sugar fasting was 83 is that bad?
What could this possibly be?
How do you know if your hyperhidrosis (palm and feet) is either mild or severe?
My boyfriend has very very rough dry skin on his elbows......?
I have terrible dermatitis on my hands. Tried loads of creams, wear gloves. Nothing works. Any tips or advice
Skin Condition?
My daughter was stung by a jellyfish while in Italy. A week later she has weeping blisters.What is treatment?
does anyone here have ceriosis??
Anyone else have bumps, dry, itchy calouses that just appear on hands? whatizit?
The Ti plasmid?
if a misquito can transpher west nile why can't it transpher HIV?
What can happen to a person who has staph infection in their blood stream?
are antibiotic's good for an are infection?
chronic otitis media in toddlers?
Even if my cold sores go away, am i still contagious?
what/where is the best trauma hospital?
If a person has had mononucleosis, can they get it again?
an infection from overuse of antibiotics "c.difersel"?
Can Hepatitis C be contagious other than through blood?
What is the web site that allows you to type in a symptom and get a diagnosis if your children are sick?
What are some precautions I can take (for 18 mos baby) to prevent lead poisoning when moving into an old house
how many TB patients in Ethiopia?
Help, I feel drunk all the time!?
my dr said she thinks i have gentailwarts so she gave me a papsmear?
Blood in urine?
What STD would cause one bump every 3-6 months ?
White spots on foreskin?
Anyone know of any effective treatments for developing allopecia universalis?
i have small bumps what does that mean?
what can cause chronically chapped lips?prilosec is the only medication taken.?
How do I get rid of little red bumps on shoulder / arm area?
is there any herbal or DIY remedy for skin infection???
Anyone ever had these? Sweat sores?
16 year olds and pacifiers?
should ur front teeth hurt wen u drink hot or cld stuff?
Am I brushing my teeth too much?
I have really agressive and fingernail fungus. I took lamisil but it's a little better but not gone. help!
how do they call the dark skin appears in different parts of body as for neck, underarms, etc?
i have had sebacciou derrmatis for over 5 years , have to dovtors and tried every thing?
hospital cases in heat & cold application?
Root canal anybody..?
my gum behind my back teeth on left side is swollen and dontknow what mean can someone tell me what it mea?
braces questions...?
Braces when you are older?
should i get fake teeth?
My gum is red and hurts, but only on one tooth?
Brushing teeth in shower?
I got a drunk/tipsy last night & when i woke up?
How to get used to glasses ?
has anyone ever found a proven way to deal with cat allergies? Has anyone tried using allerpet?
I am traveling to Atlantic City and I have Celiac Disease Does anyone know where I should eat?
what is the best treatment for allergy from chlorine water ine pool. itching on neck, under knees etc.?
Can blood tests reveal if you're diabetic?
Where can I find information about getting a flu shot in my area?
agar plates of salmonilla testing?
My boyfriend got food poisoning that apparently was contagious.....?
Paralitic Ileus what is it?
Where can I go to get a free flu shot?
Eczema, OAS and Colitis...could they be related?
A friend of mine has 3rd stage renal failure is it ok for her to be around a treated MRSA patient?
taco bell e coli?
If your yeast infection doesn't have an itch is it serious?
where can you exchange usa currency(Euros) when you are in Europe, and are hotels expensive?
they say aids cant be transmitted thru mosquittoes, but do you think they just say that to keep ppl from going
what are the cold sores in your mouth called?
would u plz tell me what is the full form of RVD in medicine?
i want to know wat can i do?
Dear Friends I have problem with hair growth. I have not proper growth of mustache & Beard on my face.?
Can you sue someone who you were in an intimate relationship with --- and they didn't tell you they had...
Help? Im waking up sufforcating, i think i stop breathing in my sleep.?
I constantly feel as if I am not real?
should i get it checked ?
Can a 11 month old baby develop milia on her cheeks and nose? Is she too old for that?
any alternative to treating psoriasis that is chronic apart from creams you get from doctor?
Does anyone know where I can find dandruff articles for my blog?
Any doctor here?I had a bacterial skin infection. Took antibiotic but after a week it came back.?
Should I be concerned?
What do I do to relieve the stuffed-to-the-maximum-and-it-hurts feeling?
How do I stop my ears from popping on a plane?
which hurts more ?
What will help me sleep while I am on a pain medicine?
What happens if i take 7 ibuprofen at one time.?
How many people in the UK have HIV or AIDS? And, how many out of how many are infected, for example 1 in 500.?
Are you or anyone you know obsessed with HIV/AIDS?
I have bumps in my inner thighs?
I heard that 80% of Americans have oral herpes whether they know it or not. Is this true?
Do you think my teeth are yellow?
does pumps always mean an std?
homeopathic remedies spinal bifida?
is dahn yoga a cult?
aging pulmonary circulation changes "pulmonary circulation changes"?
How can I find a reputable Dr. in the Houston Texas area that does "ear stapling" for weight loss?
What exactly is viagra?
anyone us nova lucid dreamer and think its worth the cost?
what are some of the results of using the renuva product?
Did you know that there are all-natural, nondrug, nonsurgical cures for almost every illness & disease?
How can I get a flat stomach and thin thighes?
am i losing to much to fast?
I would like to start excersising but i need motivation!?
What happens if i don't drink milk?
i am NOT goin on a diet, but i wanna kinda lose some weight, but no diet...any ideas??
Since when is being fat curvy?
How long does it take to loose 4 pounds?
What caused americans to become overweight in such a short time?
How Do I Lose 500 Pounds In 2 Hours?
how old do i have to be to join a gym?
are there any diet pills out there that work?
um, do i look "anerexic"? hope not.?
How to lose 10 pounds in a week?
would you lose a lot of weight just switching to eating one meal a day, perhaps a bowl of cereal?
How can I grow taller fast? (15 years old)?
Tricks to lose weight fast?
How to gain weight in a week? ?
How do i get taller?
Bodyy, (Pictures here!) PLZ help!?
how can i loose weight?
What is the best way to lose weight fast?
help with my sunburn!!!!!!?
What factors would influence a baby not to have symtoms of chicken pox?
how do you get an insurance company to pay for long term IV therapy for Lyme disease?
What could be the cause of a very low white blood cell count?
can a HIV/AIDS person who is undergoing treatment go into marriage?
hiv/aids is eating deep what do we do, expecially in africa?
What is chronic cow sickness?
What is CYTOMEGALOVIRUS and how does it affect pregnancy?
What are black spots that smear on skin?
Whd do my contact all the sudded get blury?
I want a medical explanation of what rosacea is?
Is there a way to reverse hypopigmentation ?
I'm allergic to the blue in my tattoo-have been on antihitamines for 2weeks with no change, any advice please?
My granddaughter has bad eczema on her scalp , any suggestions?
what is a dermatafite?
Can this be a sign of..??
what kind of rash is red bumps on chest, back and stomach?
very sore swollen lymph node in armpit?
Will love cure any disease (or it kills you)!?
wtf? my girl is coughing up blood!?
grossed out and confused!!!! help!!!?
Does anyone know what helps the discomfort from Hidrodentis Suppurativa in the groin area?
Antishistimine pills for ezcema? Any ideas, i thought it was hayfever?
What causes skin discoloration, specifically, whitening of the skin between fingers?
Can using a 1% otc hydrocortisone cream everyday 1x per day really be dangerous or thin your skin out?
college campus with highest std rate?
How many victims have been affected by syphilis?
question about hep b vaccine... please help?
What are some concerens with the HPV vaccine being discussed?
can it be totally cure and with which type of antibiotics,how best can it be cure?
Is there a way to change my iris color to black?
can horse liquid dlso cause liver damage on humans?
Extreme soar throat, achy; what could this be?
Do you think that all the talk over a bird flu pandemic was baseless alarmism?
do viruses ever go away?
is there an over the counter medicine for pinkeye?
what are all of the simtoms of dupatrens desease?
Whats the best thing to do when you have cold sores?and kankers?
My friend just past away in his sleep due to a heart attack at 26 is this possible?
do braces hurt getting them on tightened and off?
NEED INFO a.s.a.p?
what liquids besides water will detoxarijuana in a drug test?
Cold Remedies.........?
what medicine can cure foot crack,itch &bleed have seen dematologist prescribed salicillic acid & hydrocotyone
mosquito bites itch like crazy...is there anything i can do to stop them from itching?
i hate my skin and my acne?
Does anyone have Hidradenitis suppurativa?
i have bug bites along/below my bra line & in the upper & lower creases of my legs-what are they from?
Can anyone tell me anything about erythema multiforme?
what is wrong with someone that has little bumps all over there belly?
am i over weight? what can i do?
how long does it take to star losing wieght on a starvation diet?
How to loose wieght....
can i lose weight from switching to diet soda?
Ways to lose weight?
how can i get myself to think i'm skinny?
Doing this at a meal will make you eat 32% less?
Is weighing 120 perfect,normal,or fat?
I think I'm fat..?
Hi sorry to ask this question?
i am 175 pounds am i overwitaght?
Does candy make u gain weight?
Why is it that people say you shouldnt starve yourself because you will gain weight?
5'7 && weighing 111.2ibs?
How can I lose 50 lbs in one week?
how old do you have to be?
How do I get sick fast?
Would being fat or overweight affect how many sit ups you can do?
Do you eat breakfast or do you skip it? ?
Drug test for job...?
can this happen?
what is pixies as an Std?
i know what aids is ,but what is a challenged imune system?
How does aids virus gets into a male from female. Which medium it uses?
How long can chlomidia be dorment in a male?
Does it test for herpes?
My back is sore and stiff...?
why is my right leg numb/tingling and im only 14???
Serious Back Pain, and im Young!!?
How to treat sore knees that are not swollen?
Horrific Diarrhea - Been Shooting Almost Pure Water 3 Days Now....?
I just got a ankle tattoo. my ankle is now swollen. Is there something wrong?
Does a tumor show infection?
i have eczema and nothing helps not matter wut i cant stop scratching?
Why do I have a dry spot on the side of my nose?
not using modern medicine is there a cure out there for Sirius's a skin infection flaky cracking itchy ?
Black mold, been exposed over 6 months this is where I live & also my job, and I'm getting sick what to do?
Sour Throat?
504 Plan for children with food allergies???
why does a patient with liver problem manifests edema?
birdflue question?
What parts does a bacterium contain?
What populations can be altered by viruses in the enironment?
what is chronic hepatitis B antigen?
how much is the cost for the operation of appendicitis?
Can you contract Hepatitis A from eating at a potluck.....?
what is wores, adults strep or childrens strep?
What are the different bacteriophages of Brucella?
what are the symptons for a stomache virus??
what are vector borne diseases and how to cope with them in country such as bangladesh and india?
Where can you pass headlice to?
i can feel hiv symptoms if i got symptoms then will the test be surely +ve or can the test be -ve?
aids virus?
sore tip of tongue?
what are the possible impairment/disability or any complicatons and failure i could get if i have std remain?
if i got symptoms of hiv then will the test surely come -ve?
Does HPV make you loose weight?
When was the aids started in india?
When is it sore for you??
what if the goverment did this ?????????
i drink about 6 bottles of water a day or more, and am constantly urinating?
chakra balancing?
what can happen if you use cytotec more than once?
Can Homeopathy cure a Stage 4 kidney failure?
where can i find help on perscription drug coverage?
Has anyone heard of a supplement called Wu-Long Tea?
what are the two NEW promising approaches to preventing transplant rejection?
treatment for low hemoglobin level with chest pain?
Does it really matter which is worse between cannibis and tobacco?
what education level needed to be a medical coders?
my face stinks?
My daughter has Alopecia Areata. Is there any effective treatment for it?
The sides of my nose and my eye brows keeps on shedding skin. Any guesses as to what I might have?
Is it heat rash?
I need help! My family and i have had what seemed to be flea bites for 3 weeks now but they aren't going away
I am looking for information on the anti-fungal medication, mycostatine(nystatin)?
My 4.5 year old son has dry eczema. He's a very itchy little guy and has many allergies.?
how do i remove sunspots?
Drug interactions?
Do I need braces or retainers?
if u have braces.....................................?
Braces and Gum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why does my tooth hurt when i eat hard foods like meat and vegetables?
Need a doctor! Got any ideas on what's wrong with my arm?
Ugh Hiccups?
Do I need to seek medical help?
I think I have an eating disorder... What kind is it?
what if i don't eat eat for 15 days??how much weight would i lose??
what the best way to lose weight?
please help me is their a diet i can stick too?
I have to lose 3 pounds by this friday! I just have to lose it for powerlifting!?
How to loose 30lbs by june 2009?
How can I get myself to use the gym I'm paying for?
how long does it take to get 6 pack abs if i have a flat stomach already?
embarrising BO, HELP!!!!!?
how much should i weigh???
My son needs to gain weight. Need suggestions?
How can I prevent myself from getting any taller?
Is it true when your older you can lose this?
312 pounds, how many calories should a person consume to lose weight?
what did you eat today?
Do you think i would lose 5 pounds in 1 day if I...?
How come asian guys are mostly always so thin?!?
what is my body shape.
How can I get a 6 pack?
is using acne spots cream any good?
What causes a rash? Small bumps on hand, they are clustered. How do you fix?
Dry flaky skin on knee. What is it?
will wearing a heavy backpack that will rub on your sunburned shoulders worsen the burn?
Does anyone know what the treatment is for nevus sebaceous?
Has anyone ever used Accutane or had any experience with it?
do you know what this skin problem is or how to treat it?
What do I use for a baby who has ezcema and a diaper rash?
Am i getting the flu?
Any body know about Hep c?
Are there any contradictions between taking flu vaccine and antibiotic at the same time?
What is the cause of High RBC, fever of 103, ear ache, fatigue, and sore throat?
is sore throat due to cold wind infectious?
When I was 17 I went to the doctor w/ my mom..?
what do you do if your daughter has sufferd for 34 yrs w/hpv?
what are names of all types of disaese?
question about an hiv test?
How do STD's get introduced into the human population?
Someone who knows about vaccines???
I went to get the hpv shot and forgot to go back to get the next one. Will I have to repeat the first one?
HElP!! whats wrong with me?
can anyone tell me how to be normal?
does having stress means your crazy?
I like the taste of blood?
i am having trouble with panic attacks, can someone tell me how to control them when they start coming on?
How do I move on after splitting with my husband and then death of father all within 2 months?
If biopolar goes off meds, is it enevitable that he will have episodes?
How can I have a conversation with my husband?
i seriously hate my life... What can I do to make myself happy?
I'm quiting this.........?
BLEEDING BADDLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!a?
help! really! how can i tell if i am internal bleeding?!?
is there a cream or oil that's good for scarring after surgery.?
the weirdest thing happened last night?
is laurilsufate sulfa?
Problem With Scar / or is it something else?
For allergy relief, is an air purifier a good choice? If so what are important factors to consider, choosing?
what causes planters warts?
Nervous habit of chewing callouses on my hands - please help!?
is there a substitute for sunscreen?
Acupuncture and Food Allergies?
Whats wrong with my finger?
Husband has an infection in his gum? No idea wat 2 do.?
How can i sharpen my teeth like a vampires?
what's the best way to get rid of headache without taking medicine?
Is their a difference; if you Brush your teeth before or after you eat breakfast.?
Do braces hurt? Do they hurt when they get put on or what im getting brace on June 21, 2006 and I'm scared.
is there ANY way i can kill myself without pain?
Burning urine and pain in sides?
Does it hurt when the cast is taken off?
Is it safe to give cats tylenol?
Would apple cider vinegar or garlic be the best to kill bacteria in the stomach during the flu?
Peyronies and scar tissue and inflammation cures?
Does anyone know if it is possible to do the Master Cleanser fast while taking Zoloft and Ritalin?
What are the side effects of the Fibromya?
Doctors. Please help? Quick. How do you get rid of an infection faster. I'm supposed to leave for France?
Help i always think there is something wrong with me?
Can someone tell me what this is ?? When i pee it itches really bad after I'm done.?
with your awraeness of HIV/AIDS what is the meaning?( your own opinion)?
anybody know any good statistic websites?
Bumbs around the Vangina?? Yikes?
who was on there knees??
Can you get hiv from this situation:?
how do you know if you have a yeast infection or and STD????? what can a yeast infection be caused by?????????
Do you think the Gardisel vaccine is safe?
do your body get hot after geting aids?
can a doctor refer a patient to a company he may profit from?
stomach flu?
things to do to help flu?
i had a nosebleed earlier then i coughed up blood once and i had another nosebleed tonight. is that bad?
Any docotrs please help! What's wrong with my heart? I"m only 16?!?
Cystic Acne treatment?
i have such an intense itch on my back.no anti-itch creams or lotions work. can anyone help?
how to you treat sea lice bites?
Staph infection?
what is the scientific name of "ignalo"???
How do you cure seborrheicn dermatitis? Has anyone experienced hair loss from it??
this is only for girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is hand-sanitizer OK?
is eating 1100 calories a day a good diet plan?
can starving yourself help you lose weight?
Is jogging really bad for your knees?
Will my breasts get smaller if i lose five pounds?
can you weigh 300lbs
How much weight is healthy to lose per day?
A quick, and hopefully healthy way to lose 15 pounds?
I've been trying to lose weight but I love Choc. Milk. I will drink around a half gallon a day.?
If your muscles are sore from working out is that bad?
is my stomach fat? picture?
MY dad and sister always call me fat ..... am i really... tell me the truth?
Would you let your one year old eat a happy meal?
i had the flu for two days and didn't eat a thing -- will it hurt my weight loss plan?
im 14 should i use diet pill?
How many times do you exercise a week?
Exercises to achieve a 6-pack?
Does drinking lime juice help to lose weight faster?
I'm 5'5 and 96 pounds, am i fat?
is it true that since muscle weighs ...?
okay is bacon bad??????
I am addicted to food and I need help.?
i need to gain five pounds quick?
How come some peoples' breaths smell like poo?
Please help, i feel sick after being hit in the head hours ago.?
What is ment by defatting of tissue?
Are warts still contagious with Compound W on them?
whats wrong with my face? its red and itchy and bumpy?
bumps along upper part of leg, close to panty line?
polymorphous light eruption?
Skin Cancer?
Can Psoriasis affect my dream??
What's the best medicine for ringworm rash on feet?
can anyone name some food items that is considered "good" carbs?
Has anyone had success with lithium orotate?
does marijuana have the same effect on everyone?
What is your opinion on taking Corcidin recreationally?
i found some white pills with P111 marked on them. does anyone know what they are?
If I lightly sweat after eating kiwi, is that a food allergy?
Has anyone ever used a peroxide water rinse for there sinuses?
How does the Aids/HIV epidemic affect our economy?
hepatitis C ..anyone have//know someone who has it or just kno alot about it..???
I'm doing a study on STDs..?
Can anyone tell me how to get rid of anal warts???And when did you learn this?
What is Chlamydia? And how do you get rid of it?
what medical conditions will stop you from joining the navy?
Does sharing needle give the user herpes or HPV, and when do first herpes and HPV symptoms appear?
What U.S. city has the highest percentage of aids?
do you think aids was man-made ?
How to relax when you have the flu?
What is hepititus C??
is the e-coli outbreak due to ferrel hogs?
heartworm contagious?
bacterial infections?
adult ear infections?
how long does it take to recover from mumps?
is wearing contacts scarey do u get used to it?
I wanna die, i wish that i could die in some kind of accident?
i dont want her die ..people help?
i am a type one Diabetic can i give blood and become a organ donor?
Removal of sun(liver)spots.?
What % of people get skin infections from Elidel?
how do i get rid of dark, puffy, allergy bags under my eyes?
Have you had a bad experience with facial injections of botox?
will sweating defeat the scabies lotion?
I have red dots on my feet and ankles, maybe flea bites. How do I get them to go away?
Is it normal to have alot of clear pee?
Should i eat?
What is a good remedy to stop biting your nails?
Where Do I Find Low Cost Testing for Allergies in L.A. area?
what is Tiaoxin Recipe made of ? how is it used?
What is the best College for researching medicine?
I want to make a chiropractic hot pack and need the kind of beans to put in it. Do you know this?
how much longer do i have?
i have another question about cryotherapy ( freezing off warts )?.....?
I always get hungry at night. Are there any food options that are healthy and OK to eat later at night?
Im hungry at school in the middle of class. What Should I do?
im 14 i onl weigh 85pounds but i have belly fat what should i do?
am i fat truthfully?
How much do you think this girl weighs?
Would it be better to excersise in the morning or evening?
treatment for otitis externa?
normal, chubby, or fat?
Is there any such thing as a less than lethal dose of HIV virus, or is any small dose lethal eventually?
Can I lose 10 lbs in 20 days???????
How can I lose weight im 13 and i weigh 227lbs. what can i do?
Would this get me a six pack?
Is It Okay That I...?
lower ab exersizes?
What are some of the true symptons of Lupus?
am i too fat to wear i bikini?
Why do so many african Americans have aids?
Pain after shingles PHN mostly by natural methods.?
I'm a teenage guy/boy who wants to lose weight. I'm 15, about 5' 7" and weigh about 190. Any helpful tips?
How do I loose 25 pounds in two weeks?
Realisticly, can I lose 70 lbs in 10 weeks?
Is this normal? I'm skinny but I eat a TON!?
i'm offered a job in a 40-story building and i'll be on the 40th floor. i have to go up anddown 4 times / day.
how can i get my abs to show if i have a little bit of fat? i have one month.?
what connection is there between psoraisis and joint problems?
Does anyone have Dermatographism? (skin writing) who can tell me?
When is blood pressure too low?
At What Blood Pressure should Emergency Medical Attention be sought?
Which cream would help this friend of mine get rid off some hives that he has on the chest and back?
Could I be allergic to my multi- vitamin? PLEASE HELP!!?
why do cats get sick when drinking milk ?
How many milligrams is each tablet in a box of Benadryl Allergy.....?
If you live on the 10th floor, can you leave your window open without worry of pollen entering?
HELP my sister has a mind splitting headache ?
My nose really hurts?
side pains.....can only take short breaths!?
Does anyone in the medical field know if general pre-operative bllod work tests for HIV.?
10 points for complete info to are there tumors that people are born with?
How Health Informatics could support CH quality development and improvement?
Can a tapeworm decease be passed on?
immune system?
Measles after vaccination??
Any one heard of Margellons disease ?
If you are diagnosed with pneumonia while in the hospital at what point is it classified as hospital acquired?
Blood in stool help...I know, I know...TMI!?
do you think my foot is broken?hurry please answer quik?
what are the factors that affect a person's adaption to society if he or she got body disfigurement?
How do I get rid of sweaty palms?
how do u take the swelling out of a fever blister?
White bumps on fingers..itchy?
welts from scratch?
How to get rid of back acne?
how can i avoid women boldness?
what can i use triamcinolone acetonde creame for?
whats the best way to get rid of poisen ivy on skin?
I was stuck with a briar... my finger is now hot and swollen, what is it...?
seen old indian monk lift a boat on disc. chann.?
how do I make my own foot detox spa? My mother has cancer and I thought that I could make one myself cheaper?