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What natural Herbs boost your immune system?
AM I FAT?????? Please help?
My forehead is always covered in acne how do i fix this?
What can I eat after I get teeth pulled?
Are drugs and medicine the same thing?
I think i have diabetes. What should i do?
What is the best hand cream?
Will anyone please pray for me?
Immune to medicine, any alternatives?
I just smoked some strong weed and now I see?
Serious Skin Care Question?
Really hard small bump on my foot?
Left knee problem help!?
How much do I look like I weigh and should I lose weight?
Is something wrong wiht my eyes?
I'm too young for a stroke, right?
I CANT STAND THIS UGH!!!! anyone help!?
Something is wrong with my mom's hand? (Read details)?
How do you naturally get rid of anxiety?
It hurts so bad, I can’t sleep. What am I going to do?
5 foot 1 130 pounds?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Can a person develop lactose intolerance?
Shocking response to cancer?
Smoked weed for the first time and need some answers.?
Is there such thing as a dream suppressant?
Marijuana for depression?
I want cancer????????
What is a good way to clear your mind so you can sleep at night without using strong drugs?
help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...............?
which gum is the best?
if person peeing out blood then?
sharp pain in stomach helpp!?
How do I tell my parents that I cannot go back to school yet?
REALLY chapped lips???
why am i twiching everywhere?
ok i need this answer in the next 10 minutes!?
Isnt drugs like Marijuana bad?
What is open heart surgery like?
What is wrong with my skin!?
is colon cancer contagious?
What are 'gateway' drugs, and how did they get that name?
Is my ear infected? HELP!!!! PLESE!?
could there ever be an outbreak virus??
This years Flu Shot?
Why isn't chemo used to treat obesity?
Just because you die with cancer doesn't mean you died BECAUSE of it, right?
is it possible to be allergic to water.. ?
red dots help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
would i lose weight eating like this?
is it cancer?HIV?or what?im scared!!?
Throat Pain & A lump on both sides of neck?
What is nicotine?
Nurses Doctors Am I dying??? Please Help!!!!?
my friend has cancer. what can i do to cheer him up?
I know colon cancer runs in the family, and my dad had full blown cancer. What are the chances I'll have it to
My friend has lung cancer. She is in her late '70's.?
Can marijuana make you sick?
Can I get my kids into public school next year without any Vaccinations?
Can I have cancer if I smoked for this long?
What do you think the cure for cancer is ?
I have skin cancer? Should I tan?
survival rate when lung cancer has spread to bones liver and brain?
Is there anyone who is willing to talk a little bit about AML?
freakin out about the swine flu?
is there a disease for being to cold all the time?
I just turned 30. I'm just now noticing my skin (face) isn't looking so youthful. Suggestions?
best brand of.........................................?
I am a 31 yr old male and my blood sugar was at 104. Does this mean I have diabetes?
Im 12 years old and in my life so far i have had 9 x rays. Will i have cancer?
Im 13 and I think i might have breast cancer?
Smoking weed for the first time?
Does aloe really help acne?
How do I get rid of acne?
am i too skinny? pic?
How can I get rid of or reduce the staining BETWEEN my teeth from coffee/tea/cola?
Black dot ; on the left of my pinky/baby toe ?
This is really serious please help!!!!!!!!?
hit the top of my head on the car door?
Hi, I bought hydrocodone from online & they smell horrible. should I take them?
is everything really better with a bag of weed?
My dad's had excessive itching 4 over 6 mos now. What can I do to relieve the itching. Rx creams not helping
how can i tell if i have breast cancer?
If Jesus was standing in front of you, what would you say?
Is bi-Polar a real disease or an excuse?
Can you die from too much drinking and smoking?
Is it safe to chew medicine that doesn't specifically state it?
dose acai berry supplements and colon cleanser really work?
Is anything allowed before a fasting blood test.?
Half of my toe was coming off so i took it all the way off. Will my toenail grow back?
Do you think there will be cure for cancer?
how to pronounce the word "reiki" ?
i need help with acne please!!!?
i feel like i'm wasting my life. what quirky little things can i do to make the most of my life?
Do you think ecstasy should be legal?
if you had no money and wanted to treat high blood pressure, what natural proven supplements would you take?
What's wrong with my nose?
this may sound gross but i have little red bumps all over my arms...is there such a thing as arm acne? &.....?
How can I get rid of migraines?
Drug test in a week.?
what wil happen if i smoke herbal incense that says "not for human consumption" on it?
do you believe that the govt has the cure for cancer?
how can i control my anger ?
can a teacher keep a secret if some one was in danger?
I hit my head on the corner of the mirror two hours ago should i be concerned with the way i feel?
What are some things i can do to fall asleep?
Cigarrettes-Lung Cancer?
Is it possible to have a heart issue that is not seen by EKG or "bad blood"?
can smoking two cigarettes per day cause me cancer..?
Im going to be having a CT scan on my Brain in a few days and was wondering what it involved?
swine flu is not that bad?
I get a flu shot every year, does that mean I’m immune?
I have this bump on my arm ?
Pain on the top of my foot?
Sunburn PLEASE HELP!!!!(10 points 4 best answer)
How many teens smoke? And why?
could i get breast cancer?
What can i do for my friend with brain cancer?
Why and how does cancer return?
Just found out im terminal...?
How can i lose wait ?
Do I have Alcohol poisoning?
Is a sore throat an initial symptom of swine flu?
what kingdom does malaria belong to?
Can I stop my blood pressure from dropping so rapidly?
How can I make myself throw up?
Drugs are bad, right?
Diabetes Question for those that have it............Doctors inputs too.....?
what's the best way to soothe your herpes outbreaks?
Can you get pregnant by swallowing?
Traumatic memory how do I get over it?
pink eye home remedies?
Toothpaste that helps getting whiter teeth???
On a scale of 1-10 Exactly how strong is hydrocodone considred ?
i hate cancer so much!?
What are long term affects of heavy pot smokers??
What's the worst that can happen to me if I keep using bleaching cream?
trouble sleeping! should i take sleeping pills?
What's the explaination for this? My sister experienced sometihing very scary...?
My names Mark im 13 years old and I have dreams that happen later in life. I'm scared and dont know what to do
Is it bad to pretend to have a coughing fit when you walk past people smoking?
Is cancer really a virus?
pain in hands and arm?
Do girls think it's gross when guys use chewing tobacco?
How can I get rid of bumps and blackheads all over my face?
What do you think of a daughter not coming to be with her Mom for a liver biopsy?
What produces the sound when you snap your bones?Y is there relief effect n used by chiroprator yet its bad?
How do you know if your toe is broken?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
What do you call alternative medicine that has been verified to work?
How to get rid of acne?
is this a sign that i'm allergic to milk?
How Do I Deal With My Depression?
How to make Hives stop itching!?
itchy skin under arm?
I believe I may have Swine Flu and my heart rate has been at about 100 beats/min all day...do I need to go in?
I am considering MARIJUANA for Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)?
I have a lump is it cancer?
I always get frequent headaches. could it be Cancer or a tumour? Plz don't just ask me to go to the Doctor!
I have secondary Breast cancer in my lymph nodes and bones? what is my life expectancy?
Should peole be forced to stay alive if they don't want to?
Does lung cancer hurt?
i want to scream but everytime i try no one seems to hear me
What is the difference between all these medical systems Accupressure,Accupunture,Homeopathy,Ayuerveda,Siddha?
I have a question about swine flu?
help me my teeeeeeeeetttttttth!!!!!?
I have a lump that appeared on my lower leg, it doesn't hurt, any ideas?
My husband's poor little bum...?
Kindov embarrasing but is my...?
i have had a headache for the past 3 days! what could be wrong?
Should i go to the doctor?
What home remedy can I use to decrease my sore throat?
Am I being mentally abused?
What kind of things help you go to sleep?
Proactive solution. Yay or Nay?
How do I get Pencil led out of my face?
How do you know if there's something really wrong? (important)?
I'm 14, and I get these headaches every single day, why?
do you think a 22 year old would look bad with braces?
how to unstop my nose?
What can i do to get myself happier?
Are you addicted to something?
Do you sleep with a light on? Why or why not?
PLEASE HELP: I feel like someone's in my house right now...what can I do to ease my fears...?
I itch 'down there'?
What are some safe HEALTHY ways to lose weight, when you're 17, with type 1 diabetes?
Can you overdose on meth?
i am really freaked out! plz read?
please please help me i am so scared, do i have cancer?!?
Can salads give you headaches?
do you think that my son is gay?
hating everything can't stop crying?
Can you get skin cancer from the sun!!!?
Why does this happen when you drink water after chewing gum?
Help, anyone!?
What are the benefits of me getting a tooth out by an oral surgeon rather than a regular dentist??
eye herpes?????????????????????????????????????
I got into a car accident earlier tonight and I have a slight concussion...?
Why doesn't the United States get all of their top scientists together to find a cure for AIDS?
Stabing Pain when i breath?
please help.SMOKING..................................?
What kind of drugs do you like?
I had my ears pierced and now they're pussing...badly?
Why did i feel so lightheaded after i ran and what can i do to prevent it from happening again?
According to the doctors my dad has 6 months to 3 years left to live. I don't know what to do....?
What alternative treatments are there for cancer?
How to easily get rid of severely bad sunburn?
hit my head hard??
Please Help, I Don't Feel Good?
I'm getting braces March ? 2010 and i need to be ready so can u people help me on wat to eat?
tooth pulled out?
I'm supposed to get all 4 wisdom teeth pulled, but only one is bothering me?
What does VD stand for?
(Almost) faking an injury to stay home?
I've had a yeast infection that won't clear up with diflucan it's been 2 mos. can I get sick or die from this?
I always wake uo groggy and cant get out of bed!?
i was needing some answers?
I think I Might Have Brain Cancer?
If someone has Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, is it possible to get life insurance whether it is a term or other?
Every type of cancer is unpreventable, true?
How does cancer affect people personally?
My husband wasn't there for me when I went through cancer treatments.?
is it possible to be allergic to deodorant?
Feeling suicidal on Christmas Eve. I feel like I want to off my self. Can someone help?
what's my green pill made of?
i have been vomiting all day. Can i eat anything? If i can what! IM HUNGRY Argh!?
Does anyone think the swine flu is just?
Can smoking cigarettes cause breast cancer?
Are male masseuses expected to provide "happy endings"?
My friend said that Drano is a laxative, is it true?
is it natural for pee to be black?
My Best Friend Started smoking weed?
What's an easy way to boost my immune system?
what should i go into Chiropractor school or Medical school?
What stops itching from Poison Oak/Ivy?
Does it hurt when you first get your braces?
how long do braces hurt after you get them tightened?
Any idea what this may be..?
Tell me something i don't know?
i'm a 14 year old cutter. what can i do to stop without going to my parents for help?
Is this lactose intolerance?
i have a new mole near an old one. it looks ok to me but my wife is worried. do new moles "pop" up?
is urine good for your skin?
Do some regular contributors to this board really believe the 'shill' accusations they make against sceptics?
i have diarrhea from apple juice?
People from all the drugs you have try which ones are the ones that feel the best?
Possible Overdose? Help!?
are there any home remedies to lowering blood pressure?
i drank a glass of vinegar thirty minutes before my parents peee tested me for marijuana will it be clear?
what works best for an ear infection ?
what is going to happen to my sister?
Recently my eyes have started straining when I use the computer?
Why are scientists taken a long time to find a cure to Cancer?
How do you act around your friend if he mom just passed away due to cancer?
Does Miley Cyrus got diagnosed with breast Cancer?
Sore legs after jogging?
do library books have germs ?
Why do I have little bumps on my upper arm?
Little red bumps on my legs and arms?
how do you make heart palpitations go away?
My subconscious has a disgusting tourette's syndrome. How do I stop it? :(?
How can i pass my drug test?
Is smoking weed bad for a sore throat?
Has anyone here tried any breast enlargement pills/creams/liquids?
Help!!! I need my voice back!!?
I think i have psychic abilities?! Please help?
I honestly don't want to live anymore...help please?
How healthy is your mind?
Is it hard to quit smoking when your addicted?
do i have a bladder infection?
Do I have breast cancer?
chemotherapy question???
I'm so scared?
Does chemotherapy and radiation really work?
If mainstream medicine really works, why are Americans so unhealthy?
HELP!!!!!!! I always wanted to be a bit taller but I don't know what to do???&!!!!!?
why does your breath smell so bad in the morning?!?
do you ever gag yourself while brushing your tongue?
Teeth/braces question...?
Can i get my big teeth reduced in size?
do you agree with my mom & dad?
cold sore or zit? been there for well over 3 months?
Am I dying?
Cant stop trying to commit suicide?
Why can't we remember some of our dreams??
Can I put in my contacts without cleaning them?
I know this is i little bit gross but I'm annoyed?
My friend and I are severally sunburnt?
My grandmother had breast cancer and I don't want to get it also, read description?
Headache for 2 weeks + nausea in the morning?
How can i get rid of acne! Naturaly!?
Why should I stay alive?
What's a really good way to start a persuasive speech on why you should floss your teeth?
Braces Problem. Please help me?
Pains in my knees but my mom wont listen?
Should I use drugs like LSD, Marijuana, Mushrooms, etc. to help my depression?
I have sunburn, and it pains me, i can't even touch it w/o it hurting, what are some solutions?
my blood pressure is always up. I dont eat alot of salty foods. My head hurts alot.?
need help getting rid of a sty?
What is wrong with my arm? ?
Breast Cancer Help plz...?
What do you get your mom for Mother's Day when she is dieing in a hospital from terminal cancer?
is hookah worse than cigarettes?
What is the quickest way to get cancer?
can somebody just answer my fukin question about what I should do about the missing tooth?
How long will it take to have all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed?
I get my wisdom tooth pulled out tomorrow im so nervous!?
what is a good natural antidepressant?
I am addcited to weed. i need help.?
Change the color of eyes with bleach?
I have this bump on my skin filled with blood and it's been there a while. How do I get rid of it? What is it?
is it bad for me if i smoke weed twice a month?
have i got swine flu?
Im 15 & i have a brown-red spot a inch below my lip & im always inside with no sun exposure, what do i do?????
should I smoke weed???
OMG PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP! :( cramps underneath my heart...?
whats going on? heart attack?? stroke? help? I freaking out!!?
nightsweating,chill,bodyache,headache,snizzing,runningnose,cough,vomiting,sorethroat, cough up mucas yellowish
My friends kid is now vomiting after bumping his head ADVICE?
colored contacts?!?!?
Ok, why do people do drugs in the first place?
How Do I Get Rid Of My Bad Breath?
Is marijuana really that bad?
Should alternative medicine change its name?
With so many doctors turning to natural medicines for their patients, Will natural become the new mainstream?
Should i go back to the Emergency Room? Help?
i'm 19 years old. I'm 5'3 and weight 118 lbs. Is 1000 cals enough? should I eat more or less?
My nose stud is stuck inside my nose and skin has started to grow over it, can I get it surgically removed?
every time i cut an onion, i seem to tear up, could this be some sort of allergic reaction?
How do I ease the pain of a burn?
Getting tongue piercedd! Does it hurt a lot? How long to heal? etc :))?
i really want to break my leg?
What do you do about headaches?
Should i go to the doctor?
i need braces so badly?
question about braces?
Painless but large red bump on corner of lower left eyelid?
My boyfriend is is pain help!?
armpit pain?
Will my stretch marks disapear if i loose weight?
How do i stop not eating?
i weigh 165 and i'm 5'3 how can i loose 30 pounds within 2 months?
HOW dio ANOREXIC models STOP hunger pains?
I'm 12 years old and I weight 76lbs. I want to lose weight, should I do it and am I over weight for my age?
Girls like guys with big muscles or no?
What can I take if I'm allergic to amoxicillin?
I need help! I might have heart problems and I'm freaking out!!?
I'm starting to fear that I'm either getting sick mentally or I'm suffering a nervous breakdown. Advice plz?
Who else is scared of the swine flu?
I kissed someone with Down Syndrome. Will I catch it?
Is Gardasil a death vaccine?
how can i catch the flu?
How do i get rid of this annoying cold?
My son ate an earthworm on a dare. Could this hurt him or cause any sickness'??
My sister's had fever for 5 days now...?
Everyone is getting sick, worried about swine flu?
i think i have worms or some other parasite?
I've never been to a orthodontist i want to know what to expect?
This white bump on the corner of my eye.?
My father' has blue eyes and my mother has hazel eyes, I have brown eyes. Where do my brown eyes come from?
What is a cancer removal surgeon called?
Why does my stomach grumble even though i have just eaten?
I cut my leg I need help ??? ?
what percentage of Europe died from the black plague?
how do i know if i have swine flu?
is my toe broken????
is there anything that helps prevent nightmares?
How can I get rid of my acne with out drying out my face?
How long do I need to wear my retainers?
wisdom teeth question?
my father is on insulin for diabetes. He gets his shot at 6:00am. I would like to change that to 6:00pm.?
Is cracking your knuckles healthy?
I can't get rid of this headache!!?
My Grandma died today I need some advice and help ?
I have a really bad Itching problem?
I just threw away my cigarette pack...?
Is it possible for a 22-year old adult to have a cancer of any type?
this is for people who have had cancer?
Has anyone on this site ever survived CANCER?
I gave blood for an HIV test but my doctor didn't call me; does that mean I'm probably negative?
I accidentally put my contact lens solution in the fridge, can i still use it?
am i a freak????????????????????????????????????
I have some serious itchy legs! It's worse at night, and I'll scratch in my sleep until I bleed. Help!
Breaking out in gross bumps after i've been in the sun?
swollen foot from sprain?
i have a small cut on the side of my mouth, how can I get it to heal up?
Swine Flu????????????????
Do I have the Swine Flu?
could my daughter be diabetic?
What colored contact would look best for me?
I am a 22 year old virgin who never drank or did any drugs, am I weird in your eyes?
i cant sleep any advice?
Pain! Help!?
what are the quickest ways of ridding your body of vitamin c?
My mother was misdiagnosed with lung cancer. Should we sue?
in the hospital and you know how they put that finger thing on my nurse kept looking at it because it said 91?
can you drink with beta blockers im on inderal la?
Is Blood pressure 172/0 abnormal?
What are some Flu Like Symptoms?
Don't you think they are making too big of a deal out of this swine flu?
Feel so sick please help?
How did the swine flu spread?
What Is The Truth About All Drugs.?
How to get Youtube to come film me?
It it possible to taste eye drops when i put the drops in my eyes?
can people with a prescription to pain killing drugs legally snort or inject it instead of taking it orally ?
my throat itches and left ear.... also my ear is plugged!?
Why am I such a b!tch?
Braces hurt please help :(?
How long does it take for dentist numbing to clear?
Just Wondering: What does your floss smell like after you floss the junk out of your back teeth?
How do I stay positive while undergoing chemo?
do you think theres something in our air/water or anything that is causing cancer so Many people have it now?
Could I have diabetes?
PLEASE HELP... husbands skin allergys?
wHAT IS WRONG WITH ME ...!?!?!?!?!?!?! PLZ HELP ME...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can you change your eye colour?
Anyone with broken toe experience?
I just took 14 aleve in about 10 minutes... What's gonna happen to me?
hey boys what do you like?
what kind of cream can i put on seat rash (answer quick!)?
Can the Internet give you cancer?
How many cigarettes does it take to get cancer?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth extracted... What can I expect?
Please Help. Do I have Eczema?
somthings wrong with my brain!?
today I went???????????????????????????????????????/?
Why am i allergic to bananas?
What do you do about a bee sting? I was stung on my foot.?
Are we all going to die from the swine flu?
What can I do to keep my breath fresh?
Are there any natural remedies to help make you sleep better?
wisdom teeth.. prom night...help please....?
athlete's foot.remedies?
How do I get rid of liquid-filled bubbles on my hand from my allergic rash?
is this normal??????????????????????????
My leg just fell off - what should I do now?
What do i do about ADD/ADHD?
first day of insulin.... no results?
Do you like when a product says natural/pure/organic?
What do blind people see in their dreams?
How does smoking weed make you feel?
If you've ever done shrooms, salvia, DMT, or LSD, please answer?
i kinda wanna smoke with out my parrents and doctors finding out im only 13?
Getting tongue piercedd! Does it hurt a lot? How long to heal? etc :))?
I can't sleep!! Can anyone give me good tips on how to get to sleep earlier, easier and faster?
What's the most extreme thing you could do in five seconds?
What is the best way to get rid of a hangover?
What's the word on weed....your opinion...?
Does anyone know about a natural cure for Neuropathy?
I want to know herbal medicine that helps HIV persons Stay healthier and their recipe?
I don't want get sick this winter (cold). I am drinking alot of orange juice and taking 1000mg vitamin C.?
I'm looking for a natural cure for head lice?
Best herb for stress relief?
Is there any way to improve my eyesight?
Looking for a good all natural med for anxiety reflief.?
what is the best medicine for a cold?
Is it possible to have reaction from multivitamin?
Any home remedies to help go to sleep early?
i have a loose tooth, how can i take it off without hurting myself?
Should I get the H1N1 vaccine?
What's with the obsession of swine flu?!?!?
Ladies and physicians only please?
Do gastrointestinal cancer symptoms usually show up gradually, or quickly?
is blood acid or alkaline?
I found a lump on my son's arm. They did blood work and it was fine. They don't know what it is?
Getting braces on Saturday..?
Is smoking in a car with Children bad?
How much does it cost to get braces off early?!?
Do you breath through your mouth or nose?
Do I Have ADHD?????????Help?
Ive just Shut my hand in between two tables by accident...help?
Does not taking a shower for 5 days cause Bacterial Vaginosis?
how many of you have head colds here?
Can you catch anything just from someone touching your mouth?
Is it normal 2 get sick after flu shot?
do i have swine flu?! or what else could this be?
Why is it nessecary for wisdom teeth to be removed?
Does braces make your lips bigger or jaw expand when you have them on.?
I'am Getting Braces!!?
Water on toothbrush before applying paste?
If wisdom teeth aren't needed, why do they grow in our mouths?
Okay this may sound weird...?
whats the best toothpaste?
bruised tail bone?
I need your guys help do u know the best way to hurt your ankle?
Should I smoke weed with my friends?
i have a big help please help :(?
Is it true that if I only eat sugar and never brush my teeth I won't need braces? My dentist is telling me yes
Is this a tooth infection? 10 points to best answer?
How can I get over my fear of drowning at the dentist?
my mom's blood sugar went up to 411 could this be the cream she uses in her coffee it has corn syrup in it?
Does my little sister have the swine flu or just regular flu?
what kind of doctor to use to treat shingles?
cold lasting over 2 months?
I have a white scab on my tonsils... ?
Is swine fly curable?
how to reduce stinging on a burnt finger!!!!!!! its killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
No insurance Please Help?
What's wrong with my tongue?
I'm 13 years old & i really want to lose weight?
severe calf pain.?
Any suggestions on treating severe diabetic neuropothy, Neurontin is not working @600mg 3/day!?
My blood sugar was 229 at about nine this morning. Now it is 89. I've eaten two nutritious snacks and?
I need to lose at least 40 pounds in 2 months, does anyone have any suggestions?
Is it normal...?
Did you know that i have 7 fingers on one hand?
Weird bumps on the back of my tongue?
VOTE (= What color braces should i get ? ...?
I would like to know if its ok for a 16 year old girl to weigh 125 pounds or do i need to loose wieght?
why is it so bad if you mix pain killers with alchol?
What is good for menstrual cramps?
I have this pain in my arms and it hurts as if i lifted smthing heavy even though i haven't. What is it?
Am I just falling apart??
I'm having chest and arm pains?
I'm 19 and wetting the bed?
I have these bumps on my sac?
PLEAsE DON'T MAKE ME ASK THIS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can anyone help me put on weight?? I'm lactose intolerant!!
I'm Lactose Intolerant, could I die from drinking to much milk?
Y exactly r drugs illegal?
Why do diseases like cancer pick on the people that least deserve it...?
Is the Swine Flu curable?
Do You Agree With Me About Swine Flu?
I have a 7 year old with a temperature of 39.3 does she need to be seen by a doctor?
im thinking of killing my self?
Witch can you die faster on... weed or cigaretes ?
How to get rid of lice?
My sister is sick! Help!?
what do you know about cigarettes?
my dad smokes how do i avoid it?
is it true that if your hand is bigger than your face it means you have cancer?
How can I help my husband survive colon cancer?
HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i've been having shooting pains in my chest..?
How harmful is marijuana?
need good remedy for coughing?
How to relieve constipation....?
IN PAIN help how do i stop my leg from hurting?
whats the worst surgery ever to get?
Is it ok if I take 8 allergy pulls right now?
How should I prevent acne?
A black eye for prom?
Is it OK to wear other people contact lense?
Braces!!!! =[ Do they hurt? What colors are cute?
does it hurt to get bottom braces?
what should you do if you have a broken wrist?
What's worse herpes or gonnorhea?
Why do peoples eyes change color?
How do you know if you have a brain tumor?
Does using deodorant give you under arm cancer?
should I smoke weed???
Whats the real truth about cigarettes?
What color braces do Y.O.U have? best 5 colors wins....?
How to treat a sprained wrist and ankle?
How can i break my arm as painless as possible?
I slamed my nose on a counter and now theres a huge cut on the outside of my nose wat do I do?
I have this mental fantasy where I go around hitting Republicans over the head with a crow bar...?
Common Cold Advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Some people say eating too much sugar won't cause diabetes, but is it possible 2 use up all ur body's insulin?
why don't people just stop making drugs (pot, coce....ext.) if it is so elligal?
How fat am I?[PICTURES!!!]?
is anyone allergic to soft lips?
Are parents to blame for their child's addictions in later life ie.alcohol and drugs?
I think I have sleep apnea, I don't snore, I do have bad dreams that speed my heart rate?
do braces hurt and if they do how do i get over the pain?
What color braces should i get?
My daughter has bad breath.. Even after she brushes it still smells a little..?
what is the difference between generic medicines and nongeneric medicines?
symptom of STD?
Could I Be Diabetic ?
If I get laser eye surgery can I shoot lasers from my eyes?
What's a good way to heal a cold sore with out using any meds?
Why am I so pathetic....?
Could you use crest whitening strips with braces on?
My teeth are very yellow?
How long do i wear retainers for ?
HELP! I Lost My Retainer!!!!?
My wisdom teeth will be taken out this Friday. I’m now having second thoughts, I'm scared.?
Please help.......i am very scared?
how can I get to the point when I'm going number 2, 2x a day?
A friend has Multiple Sclerosis MS, are there alternative medicines that actually work or lessen symptoms?
Can I drink alcohol while on antibiotics?
I hate the taste of milk!!
Smoking cause [wrinkles]?
I'm randomly seeing flashes of light when I lay in bed at night...?
All of a sudden my blood sugar has soared to as high as 370 in a few hours from being normally around 150.?
I want to be dead. Suicide?
My Nasal pasages are almost always clogged, what can I do'?
Will smoking weed make me dumb?
Does eating kill the high?
Question about smoking weed?
I vainly got my chest waxed and now it's red and covered in little zits, what do I do now?
hi are you allergic to anything (please tell everything you are allergic to and your reaction.)?
I have a very sore and swollen throat, what should I do?
wisdom Teeth??? please help me!! =?
Does it hurt when you get braces or your molars removed?
name 3 things you can eat but not chew?
I've got a bump under my toe nail, what is it?
What drugs do I need to take to cure Chlomidia?
what is an all natural way to get rid of a cold?
how do i get rid of a sore throat, it feels like a ball is in my throat, please help!?
I just smoked some weed but now need to write a paper... HELP?
What would happen if I got high then went for an eye examination?
I'm looking for a strong herbal remedy for trouble sleeping and staying asleep?
what can we do about america's diabetes epedimic besides treating it?
Omgg my finger!!! IT HURTS?
My Doctor's Orders-- What Now?
Swine Flu +mexicans= im scared?
Bump on my nose (Pics)?
Should I take Ecstacy?
How to cure sorethroat in natural way?
why are tea leaves better than tea bags?
I've smoked for years, i was wondering how bad pot truly is for memory??
I need people who know a lot about weed/drugs...?
What are some ways to Relieve Anger?
How do drug dealers get the drugs?
Why am i always really thirsty?
My little boy wants to get a cat how do i know if we are not allergic to one?
my eye just came out of my socket?
Please help!! I need an excuse to leave work eary on fri by 1pm. What is a good doctors excuse?
How does milk help your teeth?
White teeth?
What can I use instead of toothpaste?
what are facts about drugs?
How can i pee my pants at home without being caught or making a mess?
What do you think this scar is from?
i have bumps on the inside of my mouth and bottom side of my tounge, what is it?
What would happen if i ate a whole space cake with an ounce of strong weed in it?
i feel like i'm about to get a cold?
Is weed good for you?
What is the high from AK-47 weed like?
I'm getting tired of being bullied help!!?
how do you make a swollen nose go down?
Wisdom Teeth Pulled tomorrow
I Need Help sleeping, NO DRUGS PLLEASE. Just a natural way?
Hmm...My Brother Thinks...Diabetic??
I've been smoking for almost a year, 3-4 a day. Is that terribly bad?
be 100% honest... am i fat ?
why is my finger swollen?
I am addicted to hydrocodone. =(?
Do you know any secrets to deal with back pain. I don't want drugs, I want ancient secrets?
Do i need braces? If yeah tell me why please (: photo too :L?
How many of you have braces??
What colors should i get my braces?
im allergic to hair down there/???????
My Cholesterol is over 400 and I am 5'7 and 160 lbs. I am about to go on Satin drugs and worried about effects
wats considered high blood pressure?
if you smoke and you run will your lungs stay healthy?
How easy is it for someone to tell if you have been smoking?
Crying all the time..is that normal?
I am having this vision that will not stop!!!! Am I crazy?
Question on ginger for soothing an upset stomach?
what do you do when you have diarrhea and its blood that is coming out?
Does this freak anyone out?
what color braces should i get?
what mouthwash is the best one?
If I get my wisdom teeth pulled and they don't use anesthesia?
how bad do braces hurt?
O.K. My brother and I were eating earlier and both of us burned our tongues. This got me thinking:
10 second brief oral on stripper - HIV transmission ?
bad breath??
My diabetes educator said I can eat what I want as long as I take the insulin to cover it...?
Do I have a serious Illness?
what do you think is the cause of the explosive autism epidemic?
Will smoking a pipe once or twice have a substancially negative effect on my health?
my son's throat infection keeps coming back (started two months ago), he is better when he is on antibiotics?
How many times have you tried to quit smoking and been successful?
is it possible to lose 30 lbs in 2 weeks by fasting?
I'm so skinny, how do I gain weight?
I am only 14 yrs old, and i weight alot, and ppl tell me tht i luk older than my older sister.. HELP!!!?
Treatment for Sunburn....A Bad one?
How long does it take for hydrocodone to leave your system?
Do you believe that much of our chronic illness is due to lack of nutrition?
i am getting a pain in my stomach?
what are the new antiviral drugs ?
What is the best whitening method you've used on your teeth?
Do Braces hurt or not!?
I can never fall ASLEEP!?
How to lose weight? I'm13?
how do i lose my stomach with out going to the gym?
does the diabetes eat the banana?
Are diabetics masochists?
How can I get rid of sleep insomnia?
What causes a sore throat, and how can I get rid of one?
I was feeling fine and suddenly rib pain sharp stomach pains fever and pains lower stomach swollen but hard?
How to deal with hypertension the natural way? i.e. without going for drugs etc.?
What can I take to fall asleep faster without taking any drugs?
does wearing glasses will get your eyes back to perfect vission???20/20?
What do U do when U have a sudden violent mind???
NEED HELP ive been depressed ever sincei can remember and been hospitalized 4 times from attemps of suicide?
i almost died!?
This morning, the back of my knee was itching. Now there are more red itchy bumps. What could it be?
my throat hurts a little would it be a bad idea to make christmas cookies?
Can a 16 y/o get kidney stones?
How do I get my fiance to get rid of his double chin?
i think i may have been biten by a spider but its kinda of a personal spot?
My Grandfather has blue eyes and my other grand father has green eyes and ma parents have light brown eye?
What is the best way to clean my toothbrush after I had a cold sore?
constipation! help me please. suggest some natural ways plz?
What is a natural appetite suppressant? Anyone know?? Hmmmm???
Help falling asleep?
Why do you use alternative medicine?
How do YOU de-stress when life gets ramped up and sleep just isn't good, or insomnia has taken hold of you?
Whats you're worst fear.?
eys hurt from crying, what will help them?
I hit my head against the wall?
having a fear of wearing glasses?
If I spread 1% Hydrocortisone cream on my arm pits for say a week -- soo scrumptious !!!?
i think im anorexic but im not sure?
How long does it take before the HIV virus shows in the blood stream?
what is the best method for quitting smoking?
i am in a lot of pain?
I have an itchy pink area (bump) on the white part of my left eyeball.?
Who hates cigarettes as much as I do?
i think i have something strange going on with me ?
If someone shoots themself in the head, can they survive?
My dentist told me I have to stop drinking soda,but are diet sodas okay?
can contacts get lost in ur eyes?
Help i do not kinow what to do?
Any tricks to relieve severe sinus pain- other than drugs?
herpes can kill?
Is it safe to wear contact lenses when it's raining?
I keep hearing this ringing noise! help!?
can i lose 10-15 pounds by this deadline? and any other advice appreciated! 10 POINTS best answerr?
who do you tell your secrets to????
I can't stop staring at my good looks in the mirror..is this a mental problem?
What is wrong with me?
What's wrong with me?
Tragedy in family, please give me your opinion?
I hit my head, now I feel dizzy.?
Does anyone know what to do about laryngitis?
Can you be allergic to people? Other than perfume creams ect. If yes Why?
hi I NEED HELP.......................?
AIDS pharmaceutical Co. can make more bucks selling an AIDS-vaccin or keep it secret & sell AIDS-drugs insted?
When my braces come off will?
Is dental hygiene a good career choice?
How many cavities have you had?
Where to smoke marijuana underage?
Why does my neck hurt so much?
My jaw hurts really bad and I don't know what I did.?
what can i take for a bad sore throat & headache? i woke up from the pain in my head and i have an exam thurs.
dose it hurt to get an I.V??
what is the number of people affected by STDs?
What are the short/long term effects to the body due to Gonorrhea?
Help! i hit my head..............hard! Now i cant remember anything. Please read?
Do people with a mental illness experience more obstacles making friends?
What to do for a Bee Sting?
Can i put crushed caffeine pills in eye cream?
If you have herpes, does this mean you have other STD"s?
My mommy has Asthma & now a Cold!! (anyone...?)?
Alleregic reaction to changing temperatures...?
Where is a good halfway house that help u learn how to live clean of drugs in VA or NC that admits wo money?
MY THROAT IS KILLING ME D: Pleaseeeee helppp?
Have I eaten way too much today??? I feel like a pig? helpppp?
Where to get motivation to lose more weight!?
knee surgery.. my mom...............................................?
Do you have a scar? If so, what's the story behind it?
Help sleeping problem?
Do you wear underwear when you get a massage?
why people take drugs that are prohibited?
Did I take too much vicodin?
What's your impression on Chiropractice?
Acai berry ?
Stay home or go to school?
ways to battle bipolar disorder without medicine?
How is anatomy important during a massage therapy course?
cold remedy of a vegertarian?
would you let a 12 year old wear contacts my daughter hates her glasses is it a good idea ? also clear braces?
I can't see out of my right eye?
Where can I get colored contacts online?
How can this scar go away?
I'm coughing green phlegm?
What are six questions for the topic of aids?
what are crabs. not the one in the water... hahaha?
What is gonherra?What are the symtons and how is it treated?
am i fat???????
hey I weigh 94 pounds and I`m 5.2 tall am I fat I`m a girl 12 years old?
Am I too skinny?
BE HONEST: Do I need to lose weight?
Do I need to loose weight?
I'm 15 am I too Skinny?
When I wake up sometimes I can't move...?
Can marijuana make your eyes water if you walk in a room where it was being smoked?
what can get you high besides drugs>?
is there a natural alternative to viagara?
What is the best way to reduce your Blood Presure?
Can you get high naturally?
I got a sunburn on my face... how can I reduce redness?
What cure is there for Venereal disease cauliflower?
can i use carmex on herpes simplex 1?
Who'd win in a fight between Traci Lord and Monica Sweetheart ?
will there be onather terrible decease after aids ?
How is gonorreah contracted and what kind of activities can spread it?
Does chlamydia can be transmited by saliva??
How many children have died of HIV in africa?
do u rly not get high the first time u smoke weed? jw?
i have a birth mark on my leg and i think it is embarassing and i can't wear shorts w/ out people knowing it w
staying awake????????????
I got a twitch in my left eye 2-3 days ago and i still have it?
What do you do when your eyes start burning and you got no eye drops?
small bump behind ear ?
help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
um i have green skin?
What is a quick way to treat a cold sore?
what is it!?
whats my risk of getting HIV from a dentist visit?
How can u tell if you have hemorroids or if you have a herpe outbreak? The itch is in the same place.?
where is the los angeles free clinic is located?
wht is herpes? and wht do u know about it?
How to stay up at night without tea or coffee?
Is acidophiles used for diarrhea?
Holistic Remidie for Head Lice?
Are there drugs that can make you like work and think it's fun?
what do sleeping pills do to make you sleep ?????
What's the best medicine to take to get some good deep sleep?
How to cure sore throat fast?
how do i improve my eyesight?
Do you consider me fat?
Am i fat? please help me?
How much weight should I lose?
wat is allergy?
Abnormal Pap Test....?
Aids , HIV, STD?
What does genome and capsomere mean?
When a person has Herpes, can the rash be on their thigh?
How do i stop my stomach from dropping on roller coasterss?
I have a really bad tummy ache :( x?
how do quickly cure a pulled muscle?
my bf choked me and i'm still sore?
I need a recipe for a rehydrating drink that tastes good?
What can I do to feel more energetic?
Best vitamins to combat graying hair?
What Is The Best Way to Fix a Pinched Nerve?
What was my weed laced with?
what is the best natural remedy for a tough cold with cough?
My face is FULL of Acne?
is it possible to get HIV from sharing a cigarette and having a cut on a lip?
what is the prvelance rae of STD,HIV&AIDS in Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu?
i'm 50 yeras old and still having many wet dreams!! need help?
Would whitening your teeth distract people from noticing that they're crooked?
how can i get a flat stomach??????
Am I going to fall asleep if I take 2 vikoden (yes it's perscription) before I go to school?
Is it normal for your braces to hurt..?
What fruits and vegtables can be used to create natural medicines?
Is there any danger in trying Magic Mushrooms?
Experience with Acupuncture? Is it Painful?
Since the moon is made of cheese, why don't we laso it, drag it near earth and solve world hunger?
HELP!!! How bad is abusing cough syrup?
Has anyone heard of Foot Reflexology ?
What are the symptoms of Gonorrhea?
HIV/AIDS? Serious answers only please?
Why are my hips, knees,shins, heels and ankles hurting constantly? im only 18.?
Hit my head really hard this morning, now opposite side of head hurts?
if a mother has secondary stage of Syphilis , is it possible to have a healthy baby ( negative )?
does anyone have any home remedies for headaches?
am i the only one who feels this way?
What does the letters HIV represent ?
when was the last time u have been checked for hiv, hep c, syphilis, lately if not need to...clean here!!!!!!
what if the guy that gave u clymi cheated on u and u worked things out and he knows he gave it to u.?
Will someone please tell me what is up with my mouth?
relief from herpes along w/ antiviral meds?
is PID ( Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) curable?
how do you know if you have herpeas?
Do you think there really is a cure for HIV/AIDS and the gvmt is concealing it?
Has anyone else heard about the vaccine for HPV?
Do the flu like symptoms of AIDS last for days, or is one day of symptoms enough to be worried?
Is it possible for Trichamonis to go undetected with a urine and a culture taken. Please advise.?
How To Smoke A Ciggarette?
What can I eat to have some nice smooth pooh???
How can I lose weight as a teenager?
how tall are you and what do you weigh?
What so good about wine and bear? What can this help you be more healthy.?
i need a cheap sleeping pill?
What's good to take for the following illnesses: The flu, stomach infection, and infected sore throat?
what is a more believable excuse for calling in sick? ?
What steps do I need to take for a healthy liver? Natural remedies only, please...?
I have trouble swallowing pills...any suggestions?
Do I need to get my wisdom teeth out?
Is this still Self Injury?
question about herpes?
what would you call a swelling of the labia? Labiitis?
gynecologist please help?
If someone has gonorrhea and you kiss them can I get gonorrhea to?
hiv person scratched a non hiv person no visible blood washed with antibacteral can hiv be transmitted?
could she have aids?
I've had a dry cough for 2 years now (not productive); it's making my chest hurt and my heart palpitate. Why?
i'm 18, really skinny, n hate it! how can i gain weight!?! foods to eat, drinks, anything?!?
Does Shaklee vitamins work?
What effects do shrooms produce?
what would happen if i use two different acne medications in the same day?
I have HSV II and was wondering if a girl gave me a handjob can she contract the STD?
what is involved in gettin tested for stds?
fingernail + hiv?
can persons with hsv1 and 2 take the vaccine against the hbv without complications?
can precancerous cells stop women from having children... can HPV be passed on to your child through birth...?
non-prescription(?) color contacts?
Does dying from large doses of sleeping pill hurt??
Is my husband diabetic now? I know he is at risk, I can't explain this symptom:?
Is Magic Jordan still alive?
where to do hiv test in singapore?.?
Should I be concerned or should I just brush it off?
hydrocortisone cream usp, 2.5% rub on love handles lose weight?
Why is EVERYBODY lying (or is it just ignorance) about there being no cure for viral infections?
is taking too much medicine bad for you?
How to straighten teeth when you can't afford braces?
The healer needs healing,can you help?
My Fiance and I just got a home electrical shock theapy kit, are these things safe?
how to get rid of kidney stones?
Any safe and effective ways of treating arthritis in the back?
Who has tried Exstacy? What do you think of it?
What is healthier for you, vitamin water or Green tea?
Do you take any vitamins or supplements to reduce anxiety?
What's the best relief for nausea?
Skin under my eyes itches. I've tried hydrocortisone and benadryl, but nothing helps!?
My eye hurts really bad?
May u please find info. on cerebral palsy?
a lady discharges a slimmy thick paste what is that stds orinfectous didease?
With all the medical advances of our day how is it possible that there is no cure for HSV and will there ever?
I may have gonerrhia and have been married 4 yrs. Ive been tested 1 yr ago, does that mean I have been cheated
If someone donates blood, and they have a viral STD....??
After a whole year?
if you put dye in eye drops will it change your eye color?
I have VERY werid dreams......................do you.?????????
Does anyone else think soda is addicting...?
Do Tylenol Cold and Advil cold meds only help you survive the cold or do they actually help cure it faster?
any home remedies for ear aches?
Pre Menstrual Syndrome?
Poison Oak......Any suggestions to kill the constant ITCH....?
can any one tell me a way to stop migrains with out pills?
I Cut myself and i need help?
Kind of a silly question. . . but is there any way to change your eye color?
what kind of doctor do you go see for eye problems?
need help with my retainer!!?
What colour should I get my braces?
I don't floss?
Which is better being anorexic or Bulimic?
HOW can i lose 5 pounds in one week?
what can i get at target for $10?
What over the counter drugs can i use for fungi/flaky nail trauma that is spreading to other nails?
What is the medical definition of "liver flare"?
I sharpened like 45 pencils earlier and now I have a water blister on my finger. Should I pop it or ....?
How do you help your loved one with a heart disease?
I am severely allergic to Vitamin C in all it's forms since infancy what can I do ?
what is the word u coin for dignity of death or people dying with dread ful diseases?
what can an cholmedia do to u?
is having a cough without body temperaute i mean hot temperature when you get sick normal ?
if you knew the person you were dating found out they had an STD woruld u still date them?
My mom thinks I have a bladder infection. Since it is the weekend is there any OTC medicine I can take?
Which is worse, Pot or Alcohol?
Why do I sleep for 12 hours?
Which is the best drug?
what are the symptoms of chlamydia in the mouth?
is there any other way I can help HIV/AIDS suffer's without donating money?
How long can the tha disease Chlamydia stay in your body.?
Can you get Aldara from a doctor in the UK?
How do i treat a burnt tongue?
What should I do about this painful sunburn?
16 years old. weighs 135. 5'2 tall. have to lose weight fast.?
What is an ideal midnight snack? I'm supposed to sleep now, but I'm hungry. Please help me out?!?
could i be diabetic, quick responses please?
this may be a piontless question but im getting 4 cavities filled & im very nervous.anyone know tips to relax?
When you were a child, do remember getting a toy out of a "treasure chest" at the dentist's office?
Reassurance for braces?
I have braces and one tooth is still not straight?
I'm going to kill myself tonight?
can you take the plastic off of the capsules and just swallow the powder?
can cannabis expand your mind?
what do cigarettes do ?
when your high.....!? [a few Q's]?
what are some things to calm nerves....?
Is COPD an indication for montelukast?
Im addicted to marijuana...?
Will baby oil be a good massage oil...?
Is my son using drugs?
natural high energy drink?
Chlamydia reappear without new contact?
Is my toe broken or sprained?
Should I make an issue of my neck injury?
♥POLL♥: What color are your eyes?
Where can I find articles on the relationship between enterobiasis and invasive perianal diseases as fissure?
has anyone here ever had an STD. be open. thanks?