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how do i lower my whit blood cell count?
any other way of eliminating a protruding tummy except gym,diet and working out.ann?
Organic food is the best! I love it who is with me?!?
What can I get for it?
websites for physical exercises?
i'm married and plan to start having babies in about 6mhs, however i desperately need to lose 25pounds ASAP!
Headache that won't go away! HELP PLEASE?
Took the Vicodin and got really, really sick. It says it could be a side effect, but is it normal?
Sudden joint and muscle pains?
how to ease pain?
Can someone explaine pre existing conditions for insurance at a new job.?
Miquitos and aids?
Does Red Cross test for everything? std wise?
HIV Question?
Does anybody know a good way to fade bruises, and make them go away quicker?????
why do people abuse paracetamol?
Is it still possible to have children after hernia surgery?!?
Are green card holders (not citizen yet) elligible for medicaid?
What can you to to help a sluggish circulation?
Is it normal for your rectum to prolapse every time you have a bowel movement?
what is the best way to loose a lot of weight fast?
Weight loss?
i've been loosing inches everywhere except my stomach area does anyone know why?
How can I lose weight without going to a gym?
question on cough meds?
Do men and women really have different eyesight?
What good is having elevator signs in braille if you can't see where to put your fingers to read them?
has anyone that has taken or is taking concerta had excessive weight loss?
what type of hair do you have? (color)?
does self tanning make you thinner?
can blind people see things in their minds?
how long is poison oak oil able to cause a reaction once it leaves the plant?
I'm in the Air Force and want to build some muscle for my PT test in Sept. and my deployment in sept...?
I think I hit a plateau either that or my body is holding on to the fat--?
Weight plateaus--how long do they last?
Which one would you date? 5'5" 140 lb beauty or an less than average looking 5'5" 110 lb woman?
Has anyone ever tryed the diet pill Leptopril? I just bought them and took them, and got a bad reaction.?
Expert Dieters and others who know the ''healthly food/nutrition bars ect. Please help!?
how to get my arm muscle bigger by 2 inches in a mouth?
How much protein should I take a day?
Looking for a dance workout video any suggestions?
I just woke with numb cheeks,?
what's wrong with my leg?
I have pain on one side of my throat for 2 days, should i be worried?
what is the strongest non prescription pain killer you can buy in the US?
what will happen if Arthralgia occur and i don't bother to cure it?
stress fractures,,and the army.?
how far is "islet cell transplantation" is successful for type1 diabetic , what are its side effects???????
If an eye doctor prescribes lenses according to your age, what is the reason for the eye exam?
What's the difference between glass, plastic, polycarbonate, 1.67 (CR39) high index, or 1.71 high index?
How do you know if you have lazy eye?
Has anyone heard of the tablets called "thinstant"??
will drinking too much water make me fat?
eating oats will put down my weight?
How do you get rid of water weight without using water pills?
pregnancy weight?
Whats the best way to gain muscle and still have that toned look?
what procedures would i have to go through to become a personal trainer?
what % of the human body is muscle?
During fever, why does temperature raise during night?
tell me about the precautions for skin diseases?
What type of Doctor is best to see for High Blood pressure?
what herbal tea will get rid of stomach aches?
im looking for super herbs that make you feel better and live longer?
Can someone recommend a diet/exercise plan that works for someone who works constantly?
when dieting?
What is the best quality Protein Powder that still tastes good?
How do I get rid of the flab that is around under my arms on either side of my breasts?
What precautions should be taken while eating grapes?
How can i resist junk food when it is lying all around the house?
What weight is considered healthy for a woman that's 6"2?
how many of u think indians have good looks?
What does it mean when your urine is yellow? What does it mean when it is white?
What do we do to get my boyfriend to stop snoring? It's 3am and I can't sleep!?
Where do you apply self tanning lotion?
Does marijuana increase your testosterone level ?
how do u make your hair grow after it broke off badly and now you where braids all the time?
im 26 year old male, i recently noticed my hair seems 2 be thining out and falling out is there 2 prevent this
am i overweight?
Am I fat or merely?
Who wants to lose weight with SELF CHALLENGE and become my online buddy?
how long does it take to lose 20-30 pounds?
If i lose the weight were my stretch marks are, will they go away? Or what will happen to them?
Should a person exercise everytime around the same time during the day?
Lower Back Pain ?
pain medications alternatives?
taking Naproxen when I have hepatics C?
What is the best way to lose weight when you don't have a lot of time to work out? Any tips for bathing suits?
i want to loose my stomach and my legs how can i?
what is a good way to lose weight .tried working out and fad dieting?
How do you know if u have poor circulation?
ok, important question............?
Slim fast ages?? help!?
I need yur help plz?
What is the active ingredient in the energy drink REDLINE?
what is the best way to lose weight FAST? i dont care if its unhealthy or temporary.?
can i get adderall xr even without im not adhd or add?
does anyone know the average height of an 11 going on 12 year old?
is 72 pounds for an 11 going on 12 year old girl overweight?underweight?just right?
how do people get warts? Are they contagious?
Who is OASDI and why do they take so much money out of my check?
How can I shave my leg's and keep them smoother longer?
what is the reason we brakeout?
Why women hold their mouth open while putting on mascara?
what exemplifies effective customer service?
What do you hate most about clothing?
Can you be safely pierced without going to a tattoo/piercing shop?
how i will find mobile numbers of new delhi?
I seem to lose a lot of hair, every day...somebody knows a natural remedy???
why should you not read under a dim light?
personal limitation needed?
Can You Take Afrin And Sudafed PE at the same time?
What are hiccups caused by?
Is it bad to keep contacts on for over a month?
eyes may be infected or something?
What is it? Is it pink eye?
how much weight can you loose per week on 500-700 calories a day?
Where can i find the website about how to see if you are under-weight?
how can i get will power to lose weight, ive tried so hard to lose and i cant! i cant exercise (health reas.)?
Foot cramps.?
my ears are popping and is causing me to feel dizzy?
where can i order lortab without prescription?
hi Need Help from my heal pain, I have excruciating pain in my heals when i get up in the morning .?
My husband massaged my back last night and now I have a red lump on my back that hurts like a bruise hurts.?
Are those foam memory pillows any good for neck pain or does latex provide better support?
I am looking for rabu di cabay herbaltea from Aruba?
what kind of danger cause x rays?
I need to find Lemon Balm tea or Balm Tea. Can somebody help me where they sell it here in Phoenix, Arizona?
Hi Does anyone know why caffeine makes some teenagers 14-16 very hyper..?
where to find a neti pot in boston?
I need help paying for Gastric Bypass Surgery. I have no insurance, and no money to spend on it.?
What is tennis elbo give full information?
Why does steak give you so much energy?
my husband is32 having a big tummy but dont want to do exercise.how can he get rid of that?
2444 calories how do I know when I've reached the limit?
Are fig newtons good for the digestive system?
How old is denise Austin?
Do calories make us live in a constant fear?
I have never had contact with someone who has an STD, but is it possible that i have one?
How much do disposable contacts cost?
is it harmful to squeeze your nose when you sneeze?
Adrenaline. What does it do?
sometime live is harder then die?
how can the crystal meth user be helped?
How do i get rid of a burnt tounge?
Are the odors from portapotties hazardous to your health?
any with MAGICAL advise how to loose 30kg in 2 month. Yes I know it not healthy etc! But I dont have a choice!
Are telemarketing fitness products the real deal?
im 13 years about 5"6 &weigh about 56 kgs i definitely dont look thin but am i over weight - my mum says so
Can a person loose weight after having their thyroid removed?
How do you now when you are not eating or do something unhealthy.?
Does running early morning help tone and tighten abs?
I am getting some kind of sound when I do sit ups in my knees,but no pain.Why is it so?
Is it safe for a diabetic to wear contact lens? If so, what precautions should I be aware of?
i'm a diebetic (just found out fri.)and i'd like to know whats the best things i can eat to keep my blood suge
Where does lantus come from?
i have radiating nerve pain on my front upper thigh like a sciatic pain. my thigh is tender to the touch.?
is this normal after a steroid shot?
Abdomen pain - Left side?
I went to the gym the other day and I think I pulled something in my shoulder?
pain in right of ribs, which can move to back, 18 wks pregnant, gallstones ruled out?
Do anyone knows how to raise the good colestherol?
How to interpret a 3rd Generation ELISA test for HIV with a result showing 0.036 (test summary says negative)?
The way marijuana affects each person depends on what factors and i need 6 answers pls huge report!!?
y is it so hard to stop?
What causes blood in the urine in men and is past drug abuse of pain killers subject to the cause?
What is the best way of getting rid of black heads ?
Has anyone been affected by rabies?
Whats the best way to remove stretch marks?
What is Hoodia? and is it antything like ephedra/?
does anyone know of an exercise for big hips?? or love handles??
What's the most weight you have lost in two weeks, how did you do it?
Is it better to pre-exhaust the smaller muscles with isolation movements before doing heavy compound lifts ?
What should i eat for dinner that is healthy and low carb?
is there any way I can get in good enough shape for football in august?
does any one no if you can take relacore diet pills while taking high blood pressure medication?
Just played basketball- my calves are KILLING me. Looking for some exercises I can do to heal the pain?
Can you be born with herpes simplex?
How long after HIV virus enters the body it will show itself in blood tests?(please help)?
If i raise money, and i want to give out it into finding a cure for aids. where do i send it?
best way to get rid of crabs? does shaving help?
What the best way not to burn in a tanning bed your first few times?
How do I prevent my breasts from sagging?
i just got a burn from volleyball on my hand, its not bad but is there anything that can cure the burn faster?
does anyone get hair in their bottom holes like from your head and falls down to it but goes like inside?
I woke up this morning with Tina Turner hair and Alice Cooper eyes, what is wrong with me?
Why do I get extreme leg pain hours after a few alcoholic drinks? Percocet does not take the pain away!?
i would like to find a diet for kidney failure?
is there any diet pill that works really fast?
So i love smoothies so does anyone have any recipies for teens?
Should I buy a pilates machine or a total gym?
what is considered anorexic and skinny at 6'0 tall woman?
What weight is considered anorexic/too thin for a male at 6'1''?
Bikini season...?
Always Hungry(Girls Only PLEASE!!!)?
I wear contact lenses with the strengths of -5.5 and -5.25. What would that be on the the 20/20 scale??
why are my contact lenses burning?
flawed eyeglasses linked to major retailers?
Laser eye surgery?
why dont we all die?
What day of the week are you tired the most??
How do you minimize sweating on your back and armpits?
do you go to bed at night and wake up in the morning???
Do you ever get so tired and sleepy that it feels like you are floating out of your body?
Are there studies related to "bedside manner'?
how can i fell into sleep when not sleepy?
y do we sometimes experience sudden pain in ears wen we move 2 a high altitude?
Poor circulation in my fingers?
Can Oxycodone kill you?
I burnt off a bit of my eye-lashes with a lighter today. I need to know if it will grow back.?
do you think Nicole Richie is going to die from her eating disorder?
what is the best exercises to make thighs and buts slimmer and firmer ?
What are the best websites to track my workouts at the gym?
Speed training?
What's the ideal weight for a 17 years old boy, between 6'0 and 6'2? or above 183 cm?
Can someone help me with a health and wellness fair?
Is there a good set of headphones to exercise with that stay in your ears the ones I use keep popping out. Thx
How can you tell when someone's anorexic?
Cure for dry eye ?
child flinches and shakes says body feels strange doesnt know if she can control what could it be?
Has any of you got RASH/steven-johnsons syndrome from LAMICTAL?
What do you do for the itch that follows a bad sunburn?
I just had a c-section to remove a huge cyst on my ovary that happen almost 2 weeks ago, am i ready to drive?
If the "theory" of the origin of HIV is it came from monkeys, why is it called "HUMAN" Immunodeficiency Virus?
what's aids?
Can i get HIV from getting bit playing a sports if the person that bit me has HIV?
Is it true that if you put vinegar on a bug bite it will go away overnight?
what is drug used for? chlordiazep 5mg?
ACNE SOLUTION..HOMEOPATHIC IF YOU KNOW CAN HELP ME. Recently I have also furuncles and I need some remedy!?
does anyone who was cured from hepa b virus? pls. share your testimonies?
Anyone gain weight on Lexapro 5mg??
upper back pain?
Does anyone suffer from Plantar Fasciatis?
When I yawn I get pain in the backleft side of my neck like an air bubble going up inside. What is going on?
physical therapy?!?!?!?
Appendix or Period?
how do i get rid of my enlarged pores?
Is It is ok to be sore after a hard workout?
workout songs?
how can i tone up my tummy?
Help me gain weight?
how much should an average 12 year old female child weigh?
how do you gain weight?
what is the most apporpiate question that i should ark ?
Im looking for a plastic sergent in the city of thousand oaks ca?
what is witchazel?
for african american women-Why is the sides of my hair breaking?
thare is any way to increase height after aged 20 years?
Does anyone have an Allergy to Fluorescent lighting??
which is the best and safest creatine product?
question probably for women mostly?
how can you tone your fingers?
are there callanetics classes anywhere in las vegas, nv?
what is dualids,i know its some type of diet pill.Is it safe and is it used for anything else?
help! are there any websites were i can find pilates moves to download on to my iPod of just to watch on the?
would i be considered fat?
how can i lose weight from my abs fast?
Why do people of mixed races sometimes look one race and not the other?
Is there such thing as autonomic surgery pertaining to the parasympathetic nervous system?
my fingers shake very very very slightly and im in my teen years, What should i do?
Is it true that when you bite your nails and swallow them, they will stay in your body forever and still grow?
do you know of any free clinics in the Central New York area that would cover x-rays?
what is phenergan?
Has anyone else developed anemia taking Vytorin?
Is it true that Black Seed Oil reduces blood glucose ? can you share your experiences, Thank you in advance?
does 1,000 mgs of vitamin C cause blood sugar levels to go up?
breakfast lunch dinner can someone give me some planned meals?
what is the best fat burner out there?
what are the foods that can reduce falling of hair?
How do you get rid of belly fat and midriff fat when you are 60 years old and sedentary?
What's the best way to increase muscle strength?
Looking for people that have tried a supplement called "Gakic" and what their outcomes were?
if all the days i drink morning 1 pinapple jus for breakfast and 1 for lunch only how can i lose kg in a week?
Is there ANY way 2 expant my bust size?
What site can I enter personal statistics to find the best fitness equipment for me?
is there any way 2 increase my bust size?
75% torn rotator cuff tendon. Am I doing the right thing by having the surgery to repair it?
Does anyone know how to treat patelo- femoral pain syndrome?
I am having pain in my left knee. When I stand up it feels like something pops back into place. What is this
Is this normal?
Have you experienced side effects from spinal epidural after surgery?
Throat pain often when i eat...is it my way of eating and what to do?
what are the home remedies for sore throat?
what are the fruits and vegetables enriched with vitamin E?
what are d role of family on care of patient.?
Your comments about Penlac or Lamisil tablets for fungus nail treatment?
I am looking for family physician near Holmdel, NJ that accepts PPO health insurance?
is it possible that some neanderthal bloodlines have slipped through to people of today?
If you had to lose one of your sense which one and why? hearing, touching feeling, seeing?
Will there be available job openings for nuclear medicine technologists after graduation 2 years from now?
Has anyone who have had cataract surgery have to go back in for a laser procedure to clear the lens?
Which over the counter headache medicine is best?
What is this thing on my back?
Is it possible to lighten your skin zeveral shades? Or reduce the melanin production by 100%? If so, how?
Which blood group is universal donar? ........ and which is universal accepter? Plz give refernces?
Reducing size of lips?
whats the name of the va hospital on wilshire blv?
What do I do about my bruised toenail?
What do you think about a guy being a girl for halloween?
how long does you nails groww in 1 week?
Does anybody suffer from Vertigo?
why are people so JUDGE mental of things and others?
Why do white people age at a faster rate than any other ethinic group?
If wanting to get in shape, then would i eat low in calories or fat?
how do i get really fat?
Is it normal to workout and eat less but still gain more pounds.?
how do u get rid of water weight ? help!?
bonemarrow transplant?
does hypnosis work against smoking?
I want to have one of those colon cleansings colonics. I live near chicago. where can I go to have one done?
Is Mylan 457 generic for a 5mg valium?
Is it possible to control your thyroid with natural herbs instead of synthroid?
Herbal supplement information?
Whats wrong with my chest???
Are you afraid to die? I am. Tell me y. It makes me worry just thinking about it.?
about smoking?
To vegetarians : If you think it's not right to kill and eat animals, then why does God create them?
What grosses you out the most?
Numbness and cool tingling sensation in top lip what could that be?
i need a quick weight loss trick?
what is the rapid diet to lose 7kg in a week?
a boy with 49 kg age 24 how can he grow weight?
How do I tell a girl that shes fat?
C a r d i o ???
giv me som exercises that can help to get rid of flabby arms in a month.i am13inch and i want to make it7inch?
what is Omega 3 and Omega 6, could somebody please enlighten me on them?
wat is the best way to loose weight?
Has anyone noticed a slowing of their childs growth with the use of Advair?
I have a feeling of electricity in feet what would cause this?
is it possible to treat drug addiction by purefying the patient's blood only?
Could It Be Allergies??
had multi valve replacement,surgery went fine,but now my thigh area is it normal?
where can i get Stem cells treatment for my ms?
What drug is this? is it illegal or perscription?
I'm trying to stay on a diet. How do you watch TV or be on the computer without a snack by your side?
Is there a good ab exercise for someone with a really bad back?
When will the FDA approve the weight loss drug accomplia/remonabant?
can i effectively burn fat by doing rope skipping???
What are the four areas of total fitness?
how can cabbage soup diet help weight loss?
what is the difference between stanabolics and anabolic steroids?
How many calories should you burn in a workout to loose weight?
Does 30 minutes of exercise per day consist of any kind of physical activity?
my ear is crazy!?
what do u think is the worst way to die?
what is a queef?
Are Hemopheliacs only boys? or can they be girls too?
Do you sleep well and easily ....?
How can I make my voice more powerful?
How can I get rid of my crick in the neck?
occasionally sharp right knee pain when walk or run?
what to do if you had surgury done for nerve damage to wrisk, but wrisk is still hurts bad?
I have ankle pain after I run, I previously had stress fractures on both ankles from running.?
headache cause?
what is the best pain killer?
help with lower back pain?
Numbness on the arm?
How can I get motivated to lose weight?
what is the best whey protein powder for fruit smoothies if you don't want to gain weight?
what is a really good diet to trim your abs working at mcdonalds?
What is the?
what eyeglasses company makes o. people glasses?
do i need a special prescription for colored contact lenses?
where can i get an eye exam for cheap?
Where can i find a cheap eye exam in Mineral Wells TX.?
If I wear reading glasses only can I get contacts with the same magnification?
What does it mean, there r surgical metallic clips in the gallbladder fossa with a previous cholecystectomy?
what is the difference between a blood glucose test and a urine test for Diabetes?
what is the life span of people with kidney disease?
What would you do if you had to have emergency surgery to have your gallbladder taken out and was in the?
define: bronchioectasis?
what are monosaccharides in hum,an diet and how important is that to sustain life?
whats the best weight loss program right now??
what is the best thing to take to build mussel and gain weigh?
i am looking for a good weight loss Dr.in Mesa Arizona?
what diet plans need to be followed by the children of age group8 to 15 years for healthy living ?
Which is worse....scary skinny or overweight?
what should you do if you get burned by very hot water?
What is the number of hours one should sleep everyday.?
is there a regulation requiring tanning salons to change their bulbs after so many hours? if so, how many?
when you're on your period?
How To increse Bone weight in the body? can u Plz suggest can diet ?
unstable period?
Are there any really good tasting foods that are not bad for you?
How did you get a cartoon picture of yourself beside your question?
Does anyone have a solution for excessive perspiration?
what can you do for rapid heart beat..anything over the counter ?
What's in a pain, molecularly?
why do my feet cramp up when I'm laying in bed?
How can I correct my bandy knee?
How do you bleach well water for drinking purposes?
can you kill some one by hitting them in the nose?
Is there a way to get high on mariguana with out smoking it?
Any opinions on pilates in Houston, TX?
Why do I feel bad for good and bad things?
when you have a runny and stuffy nose.. where does all the snot come from? It is never ending?
What exactly is ear wax?
can blinking your eyelids help u lose weight?
why do do we have stess ?
remedy for eyebugs?
Who here is an insomniac? whats the longest you've stayed awake?
Why is it my son only has 2 phalanx in all his fingers ie when folded only one joint instead of normal 2?
how do one test for hiv/aids?
`what exersise builds chest muscles the best?
Im going on a trip next wedensday(may 24, 2006) and I REALLY want to lose about 10 pounds. Any suggestions????
im going shopping this weekend but i wnat to lose a few pounds before. any suggestions? im not starving myself
Has anybody had their toes go numb when running? I'm thinking it may be my shoes, but they're good shoes
How do I get a fast metabolism?
if you take 4500 steps how many mails have you walked?
How do I guide against pain during menstruation?
makeup or not?
How can you get rid of a sore throat that has been there for weeks?
can anyone translate Eruopean cholesterol levels into the American analytical method?
what hours do u have to sleep if your 12 going on 13?
AOL and Zndet is tracking this email about a 10 month old with brain cancer, True or False.?
what can smoke cause? please make the sentences clear and easy to understand.?
How long does it take pot to leave your system?
how do you tell if you are malnutritioning yourself?
L5 S1 so has anyone out there been cured or is it?
severe pelvic pain?
How much acetaminophen is needed to cause liver damage?
What are the symptoms of a injured tailbone?
was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondolyitis, can anyone give me some tips on how to releive the pain?
Can anyone tell me what is good for chronic back pain or fibromyalgia ?
Eye sight contact lenses?
Random splotches of light?
If you use natural tears for your eyes, which do you prefer?
Is it condsidered normal to see colors when you close your eyes, even in the dark?
my eyes look kinda cross eyed for some reason...i always had perfectly aligned eyes all my life till this year
want to go to the gym?
Am I a healthy weight?
Which one is bigger kilo joules or calories?
Is it possible to get FATTER from aerobic excercise?
is there a over the counter diet pill that works and if so please tell me?
What is the nutritional value of watermelon?
what is shortness of breath?
is it ok to put a little bit of surgar in the babys bottle of tea?
What's some exercise tips to lose wieght?
what are the short behavioral affects of alcohol??
Athsma or just out of shape?
Quickest way to loose weight, have a wedding and need to cut down?
I eat a late breakfast, and then don't eat anything until supper-?
How do I make myself throw up?
I want to lose about 5-10 pounds fast!!?
Does an apple a day, truly keep the doctor away?
Do you think?
How do you build self discipline?
how do i find birth cirtifacates for bulloch county,ga?
pain in left side of face and neck/?
muscle sorness PLEASE help?
what was your experiance in the operating room like ?
What can cause ringing in your ears? and pain?
Any advise?
please give me a remedy to reduce weight by using any non toxic home made medicine?
one of my teachers has a huge belly...is it possible to tell her in a nice way that she is fat? aka diet?
How can you tell if your gaining weight or gaining muscle?
If I only eat 1200 calories per day will I lose weight?
how do u do crunches(situps)?
Do any fruits or vegetables have protein??
How long is a large human intestine? Just Curious.?
contest: make me laugh?
Why do muscles twitch, especially your eye and how do you get rid of the twitching?
what is the normal amount of times to urinate per day?
how many time must we exercise?
what is a PET scan?
why do people close their eyes when they are asleep?
pain in right shoulder when i cough?
I was on bed rest during my pregnancy, My muscles are now mush, does anyone know of anything I can take?
Can flexeril cause acne?
how does one live with what they have and except life as it is??
What makes a person's lips get darker in color?
Solutions of a diagnosis for Chronic lower left abdominal pain?
what is the medicine Regian pills used for?
I have hayfever does anyone know of anything that may help, it's driving me mad. I have tried so many tablet
what is thermage? plastic surgery or alternative?
What is the average price of gastric bypass surgery?
what are some exercises to strengthen my lower back?
why are energy drinks bad and unhealthy?
Isnt food just fun!!?
I've got dance competition this weeekend... how can i get a little bit stonger by then?
creatine monohydrate?
do u people believe god created u ?
what is anorexia Nervose?
what is a compulsive eating?
Why do I smell?
Does anybody know about anything that's good for asthma attacks? i have taken many things but nothing works.
should i take legal action drs messed up on sons surgery now he cant walk?
Is XYLITOL harmful?
What's the worst that will happen if I wear my?
eye drops and bad taste in the back of my mouth?
I stared at the sun one day for 1 minute strait (on a sunny day) and now I'm blind!!!!?
how do you get rid of fat?
I am 36 I am a petite woman and I am not over weight. But I need to exercise more. What should I start with ?
If I strictly drink water and tea instead of soda all day for a month will I lose weight?
has anyone heard of a diet pill called THINSTANT?
Young women wearing girdles?
What has the biggest effect on fat, sodium or sugar?
Does your feet smell?
realy hurting foot pain?
my dad i in severe back pain help!?
Does taking a muscle relaxer affect you if you are going to workout?
ileostomy constipation?
body ache...?
can you give motrin and benadryl at the same time?
lose weight?
How much do you weigh?
Jogging or to gym?
Is it bad to weight more than your boyfriend I am 387 and he is like 212?
What is the cheapest website to buy phentermine without prescription?
How can i lose weight?
I work out regularly...does anyone know any good fat burning pills to take?
what brand of diet pill works?
Am I too thin?
How much weight will i lose with this plan? Is it good?
Are there any side effects from taking Anator?
loose weight with slip disc.. how ??
how can i get a curvier body? A nice shape?
To lose weight and gain tone, i do 30m elliptical and then light weights. Shud wts be b4 or after elliptical?
I have arm fat that won't go away!! Anyone had this problem and solved it?
I have very muscular thighs, what are some excercises to help to slim them down a little?
o you really think all those fad diet are working and why are the American people still fat?
How long will it take me to drop 125lbs, and what is the best way?
Blood Sugar Levels / Diabetes unsure / Comfirmed with Epilepsy?
Sick diabetic dad! All symptoms of renal failure! What to expect next?
im a type 1 diabetic nee dways to help lower blood sugar or to remember to test and bolus?
Why do my eyes feel like leather? So heavy....?
what diet pills actually work... i need to loose weight...?
if on diet should coffee be avoided completely?
What is my ideal weight?
What is the best, fastest way of exercising to work lower abs?
what is best substutute for outdoor jogging. is there anyone out there tha will provide me one. thanks?
what is the best way to lose a few pounds with out a lot of workingout?
If you want to lose weight, what is the min/max fat intake?
Is coffee really bad for you?
Massage Therapy License Regulations for New Mexico?
i have bleeding ulcers and im hungry my doctor didnt give me much info what should i eat?
How do you take care of side effects from lice shampoo?
Best Sleeping Tabulates name in india?
can dogs be given colloidal silver?
Phytolacca Berry...need info?
Does anyone know what the ratio of your normal heart rate to your heart rate while doing cardiovascular act...
Any gymnasts out there ever actually taken some kind of pill to stunt your growth? Is that just a myth.?
what diet will alow me to lose fat and gain muscle with work outs?
anyone ever try weight watchers?
What kinds of foods make you lose weight faster?
I just bought an expensive Sealy Posturepedic mattress & my back is killing me!?
I have a pain in my arms and in my shoulder,in my joints that pops everytime I move it, for a long time alread
Scoliosis - Is there a way for me to tell if a pain in my back is being caused by scoliosis?
Does anyone take Endep 10 for fibromyalgia or similiar symptoms and if so does it help?
Leg cramps from my shin down, day and night! Help!?
i have arthritus ...what advices you can give me please?
what is Buscopan?
What is the best way to beat the heat and humidity?
how small can the waist line get?
I'm worried I'm a lost cause. I have to lose weight for health reasons, but I can't seem to commit. I'm scared
Does hoodia weight loss contain any form of caffeine?
My back has broken out with acne since I have been exercising. Any suggestions?
What fruits contain the most vitamins?
Are these people selling real Lipovarin that price it so cheap?
My waist is 30 inches i waan loose and wanna make my waist in 20's what shud i do?
Suggestions Please! I can't get rid of the last 15lbs?
does anyone know why sometimes i pig out for a few days, then other days i cant eat anything at all?
Do I need new glasses.?
Should i get laser eye surgery?
do you have an eye twitch?
am short sighted i dont wear glasses always.i use to wear only during classes.should i wear it always??help me
how to drop 25lbs. that is fast and easy to follow?
Is a diet involving beeing in ketosis is dangerous?
Should I Go Vegitarian?
How do I Keep A positive Aditude when I have had Zero results?
Best protein shake?
I'm not one for excercise but I need to get into to shape. Any suggestions?
Does lifting weights make physical growth slower?
Can adults still be lactose intolerant if they were as a kid?
how to become slim in ten days ?
what would be the ideal excercise to reduce fat from your stomach..???
kidney operation?
what are the vegetables and fruits which is beneficial to diabetics?
Is insulin required for glucose to pass over the blood brain barrier?
why is Byetta not prescribed often to type 2 diabetics?
New mattress, sore back. Should I return it or wait?
why does my knee cap sting everytime i touch the center of my knee cap?
budget planner program?
Is there a Methadone pill called a "disk" with the #'s 54 & 883 on it?
Waiting for pain relief?
pain under left breast..?
What do you know about ergonmic chairs?
What is the best cardio equiptment to purchase for your home?
what does it mean when a 10 year old has elevated platelets?
How can I tell if I have flat feet?
how to guard against "migrane"?
ive been reading alot about natural eye excersises that give you 20/20 vision, do these programs work?
I'm 15 n stand 5 ft. tall n weigh 41kgs. I'm 15. How do I improve my height fast n easy?
What's up with my eyes?!?
Is there a site.....?
Why do i have Double vision after squint surgery?
eye pains?
Where can i find free trial color contacts?
Medical help?
Does the Michael Thurman body make over actually work? Is the money back refund if it doesn't for real?
Swimming or jogging- Which burns more calories ?
who can tell me about their success on Hoodia diet pills?
Has anyone tried phentrazxine to lose weight? Does it really work?
has any one tried a " Grapefruit diet" Does it work?
normal heartbeat?
what is the best and quickest way to loose weight if your not overweight but just need to loose about 20lbs?
If I have a pretty good diet & I'm not overweight to begin with, will walking on an inclined, manual treadmill
how can i bench up to 300 pounds???
how can i look thin when im fat?
How can I lose a little weight, without starving myself to death?
I try a lot of exercise / diet to lose weight. But it keep getting back?
How can I bulk up, and at the same time gain my endurance and cardio, without losing too much weight?
did you ever go on a slim fast diet??
What is the most effective way to trim my tummy without exercise?
What is a good website to buy ephedra online?
Does taking cold showers help you SOMEWAY with losing weight?
how does one benefit from eating apples?
Can I take creatine along with protein for bodybuilding?
diet? r x diet pills? are they good and do you know anybody that has tryed them?
can you recommend a reasonable priced pilates studio in Orange County, CA?
Do you smoke pot on a daily basis? Does it really soothe your ailments, like back pain etc..Do you feel it is?
How do you treat Fire-ant bites?
About B-complex capsules?
What is the best and fastest way to stop chiggers from itching?
Is this safe?
where can I find caregivers/CNAs to do private duty work?
what is the function of vitamin k? what is the source of that?
Blood pressure reading?
extremely dry eyes after long sleep why?
With specialized tests so expensive, why has no one in the private sector started a business to do these?
my doughter was dignosed with xeroderma pigmantoses she is very sensative to UVA&B tell me if there is cure?
do you get a fever from a cold?
Has anyone used the ab lounger?
Can't exercise b/c of pain...any hope for weight loss?
what foods can you eat with barrets esophagus?
How can I motivate myself to diet and exercise CONSISTENTLY when I am going through hard times, or...?
What kind of cardio excercises should I do?
Is there a research study about losing weight and earning up to $1000.00?
I am looking for an excercise machine that uses a belt that shakes the fat.?
What are some fun exercises I can do that won't completely wear me out?
How easily can hypoglycmia lead to diabetes and do people ever recover from diabetes?
how does sodium affect diabetics?
Byetta question?
does the skimmed milk contain the same quantity and quality of calcium present in the unskimmed milk?
If you are diabetic type two, what is the blood glucose level?
I have very, very sensitive eyes. What kind of contact lens brand would be best for me?
can going LOOKING computer make your eye sight worse?
soft/disposable contact lenses - how long is too long?
What is the underinsured population in the United States?
how to cure heat rash?
How do you study anathomy & Phisology?
Q: Why do I smell ammonia (coming from the back of my nose) after exercising?
why does an elderly person go back to being incontinent like when they were born?
Am I fat? (includes details)?
Why does chocolate make my kid throw tantrums?
I don't want to loose weight, just my stomach. What do you suggest?
which is best? exercise in the morning or in the night time?
How do you lose weight?
what is this sharp pain that comes out of no where and affects sometimes my entire chest and left arm?
I have pain on the right side of my chest?
Ever heard of bone spurs on a backbone?
Severe Pain?
What are nice pain relievers that don't need prescription?
peripheral annular tear with small disc protrusion and disc bulging at l5-s 1 could this cause pain?
How can I get rid of cold sore,I tried medicated chap stick but not completly gone.Help me PLEASE!!?
is there any danger when using multi-vitamins pills as dietry suuplement?or any future risk..?
How many calories are there in salted cheese crackers?
How do i stop bloating, because my beach day is coming up and its alot of pressure so HELP1?
i been drinking water nottin else and running and walking evertyday and doing sit-ups but i hvae improved?
What cardio should I do and how often to get lean long muscles w/out bulking my legs up?
how to decrease weight 100kg to 70kg?
How to lose my big apetite!!?
what are some good foods for a diet?
how do i motivate myself to continue exercising and stop eating all those yummy choclates and cates?
How can I develop the ability to lift my knee to my shoulder?
Any tips for losing weight/growing taller?
How to loose 10 lbs in a week?
"Ihave a problem in writing. whenever I hold pen it just skips off , I have to apply full pressure Can u help
Lower right Back Pain Wrapping to Front What Could it Be?
Advice about neck,arm,shoulder pain and cold feeling in arm... Please!!!?
Today I fell due to my feet going numb and my losing my balance (disk problem). Physical therapy no help. ???
how do i deal with cronic back pain?
Back Pain ?
chest pains?
How Can I Be Taller?
I had heart bypass surgery 2 yrs ago. Was wondering, I HAD 4 WIRE going out of my cheast after surgery. Wha
how long does it take for marijuana to leave your blood? urine?
Should we remove tonsils and adenoids for 3 yr old?
nicotine patch allergy?
Can someone please answer how do you know when you are getting a sty and how do you get rid of them?
How do I turn all of my body weight into muscle?
What are some examples of low calorie foods and is shrimp considered low calorie? PLEASE HELP?
does the abs diet work?
how can i lose my weight?
What are some eye exercises?
I need some eye help?
Cheapest Website for purchasing contacts?
Eye colours?
is there a way to change your eye color permanently?
What is this THING growing in my friend's eye???
If i dont wear my contacts that day,do i still have to change the solution in the lens case?
Help, I can't get my contacts out of my eyes, I am really upset! Please help!?
My name is Jason and did you know I sold apricots seeds to cure cancer?
Can a cure for Cancer be founf in our life time.?
i need a good memory enhancer and something that would keep me awake do while studying you know of one?
how can i play basketball again but i had a stretch acl, im afraid to run but im ok what can i do?
I know that antidepressants help some people but will they change your attitude and the person that you are?
Can I just put cinnamon in gelatin capsules for healthy cholesterol?
My mattress is killing me???
i recently peirced my ears for the third time and its been two days and it still really hurts is this normal?
My cousin took Tylenol 3 with codine for her gallstone attack...?
Don't laugh at me !!?
how to get rid of backpain besides visitng a doc.?
what is chamomile?
has anyone ever tried to buy oxycontin online with out a prescription?
what does it mean if i get a constant dull pain in left wrist and arm?
how to heal my neckpain?
HELP! What veggies,fruit, berries,herbs etc are highly rich of CALCIUM???PLEESE ANSWER!thanx?
Will i lose anything?
Does anyone know good web page where i could find aerobic exercises with pictures for the body??/?
HELP!!!!! Is 2% body fat even possible!!!!!?
will jogging daily for an hour in the morning help me to lose weight ?
Is there any way to lose 10 pounds in 5 days?
if a man feels too much chest tightness then doctors said there's nothing wrong with it .?
what kind of antibiotics do i take for a nasal infection?
If I take Ambian to sleep with, is there anything that would intensify the ambian? It dosent work for me.?
hair falling?
Medical treatment and surgery in India?
Are people that rush to their Doctor for minor occurrences such as colds, sore throats, or ear aches...?
What are the side effects of taking sleeping pills.?
what can prolong migraine headache leads to?
I have foot pain, please help.?
Whenever I opem my mouth real wide, or chew, my upper jaw joint and inner ear hurts alot. What gives?
where can i find a picture of methodone wafers?
motion sickness help!!!?
What is this pill? Green with Letter R and number 214.?
how do you make or buy tranquilizers? I do tattoos..The person wants to be knocked out and not feel anything..
Are there any massage schools in Southwest Virginia that give cheap massages?
Is grey bread mold or any grey mold growing on food toxic?
What is Niacinamide, will it give me energy?
A possible side effect from meds a doctor put me on was insomnia. Instead I slept like the dead.?
changing eye color?
What makes people cry??
Contact lense users. Wrinkles?
i need answers please i am in pain and need answers quick!!!!!?
Why are speed and accuracy important when producing documents?
Nowaday all kind of food included Vitamin C, what will happen if we take TOO much? side effect at all?
How do you treat an infected surgical wound from a CS operation?
anyone on Lexapro? tell me about it?
is anyone taking topamax is that working with you?
Ibogaine anyone?
want to know if medicaid covers Zinc Oxide Ointment USP?
Do magic mushrooms show up on drug tests?
whats better blue light therapy or proactive?for fighting acne?
A shot in the spine to help with knee pain?
Are there any treatments for callouses?
what are diebetic shoes?
I am a diabetic and control my condition with diet and exercise.?
I need a salon for pedicures that specializes is working on folks with diabetes.?
Can I take zyrtec and sudafed together?
Can anyone name 2 esential oils which relate to the following 3 colours: Green, Yellow, and Blue?
what is the best essential oil for dealing with mild vertigo?
I'm looking for cookware that does NOT have aluminum in it. Anybody have an opinion on what is best?
how many picogram's would it take to make a gram?
How can I improve my nearisghtedness without surgery?
Charlie Horse!!?
type of surgeons for copal tunnel?
OMG i have my first dance 2morrow and i hurt my tailbone!?
are varicose veins dangerous if it causes pain in my legs?
have you ever seen a person with his/ her two eyes in front?
What eyedrops can I use when I have my contacts in?
I feel like my vision has gotten a lot worse is this normal?
Would you go blind after a while, if you remove your eyelashes?
question about contacts!?
Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel?
Does garlic pills help lower blood pressure?
What is the efficacy of rectal suppositories vs oral adninistration?
What is the medical procedure/ law related to RNs or APRNS in pronouncing death?
Who know the " THERAPEUTIC TOUCH" from Dolores Krieger ?ho has already test it ?
what is pretizone for?
Hi, Im new here, I would like to know what best cure for sore eyes, its my brother having one now lol:)thanks!
Is there some thing that i could take for bi-polar or even a.d.d that is a vitamin instead of of something?
how do you remove a cyst from body?
Anyone taken herbal "Lily of the Valley root" and your reaction?
why do I have hip flexor pain after a total hip replacement surgery?
does any body get nervious?
As a massage therapist, do you typically see a lot of nudity?
I neeed a filipino mathematician, can you help me?
What's the best way to get rid of kidney stones?
Could you live off pills and water?
what are the best herbs that work as mood elevators?
What works for hat flashes?
meditation ?
Can accupunture help high blood pressure?
Is there someone who had liver cancer and was cured by alt med for real?
i wore my acuvue oasys for one day. and i stopped. may i wear them again for the next two weeks?
Have you ever seen someone without eye lashes?
Is there any site where i can order contact lenses without prescription ? i am 00 plano (6/6-perfect eyesight)
I've worn contacts for years, and glasses on the side, ... now I get red eyes?
eye contacts?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Has Anybody Tried Any Of The New Stop Smoking Type Pills?
Does anyone have a home remedy for blocked ears due to illness?
Difference between Internal Medicine and Family Practice?
How do you get relief from hives?
my mom is having pain in her left hand's palm and finger region. does anyone know the reson?
What's WORSE: 1 maximum dose of Tylenol PM or a shot of Whiskey?
how long does it take to get ride of a cold?
how can i get my arches to stop hurting while playing basketball?
I am experiencing great pain and suffering?
not myself!?
My right heal hurts and has not healed properly, any suggestions?
Who wants to do 'shrums with me?
about cheast truma?
Any Preferred Natural or Homepathic Diuretic Ideas Used by Sufferers?
Is anyone taking Arava & or Prednisone & doing well?
why this neck pain?
what is the best remedies for cluster headache?
Pain relief?
Smoking + Throat Pain?
Has anyone else tried colonic hydrotherapy and what was your experience? I quit after I saw the light.?
how can i buy androstein?
where can i purchase painkillers without a prescription online?
i have severe withdraws from oxycotin how can i make it go away?
how do you use tea bags in the treatment of an abcess. i have heard it helps drain it. help needed a.s.a.p.?
my eyes start to get watery when i read.?
I wear a 8.9 BC in contact lenses? Can i wear 8.8 BC if wan to wear a different brand?
How do i get color contacts?
i have a lazy eye ?
is homeopathy as a medical science rational ? or is it just having a placebo effect?
Yoga Question.......?
Aromatherapy for dog?
can aloe vera be taken orally? what is its uses?
how can you get rid of eye floarters?
dose thyotril works?
ho do Compounding Pharmacys work?
I have pain and swollen foot. It itces me too. What is it?
What is the best whay to treat a boil?
Should we worry about soya in our food?
What are some of the most effective, profound secrets to maximizing your health, happiness and well-being?
How do I treat a plantar's wart at home?
Ordering lined trifocals online?
eye problem..what does this sound like to you?
im 24 doc did a blepharoplasty on my eye because eyebrow skin sunk down hood effect my question is why?
does any one know about how much yearly contacts cost?
I wear contacts, and whenever i take them out my eyes turn very red... help?
I have a a question about contact lenses?
does your rheumy prescribe narcotics for chronic pain?
what are the benfits of goji juice?
How do I know if I'm really in the hypnotic trance during my session, or if my eyes are just shut ?
Can drinking NyQuil when you're not sick make you sick?
How much motrin is an overdose?
any diabatic person need help to reduce blood sugar level?
When you are diagnosed with Hepititus C, is it a good thing to take Herbal Life products?
What is "transcriptional regulatory network"? Can you give me an example to explain the term?
Why and how antibiotics contribute to the general weakening of the immune system?
What is the difference between echinacea root and echinacea herb?
anyone know about tenia versicolor?
Do you have a headache? Try this......?
Please help????
Arthritis - Anything better or more natural than mobic?
Is arnica montana helpful for fibromyalgia?
Fractured Tailbone?
ALCOHOLISM...its a disease........?
who has the best health care in the world?
wats wrong w/ my hair?
What is the best pH for drinking water?
Has Anyone TRied HeightgainerPro? does it work??
how much dose a tunny tuck cost?
what are some simple home cures for headaches?
Somethings in my eye. A sticky-yellow-string forms under my-eyelid. I whipe it away, but it comes back later!?
Left eye lazy?
can i start to work in america if i have school degree from bosnia?
Have you ever tried cupping and sliding?
what is r/x/drug loratadine used for?
Migraine Headaches - Suffer from this if so read this? written by Jackie?
Why do some people have knee pain when they exercise ?
What are some good remedies for headaches?
best hospitals for knee replacement in the U.S.?
I have this pain in my stomach that goes the whole way around to my back, should I go to the ER?
what is a "hangover"?
is something wrong with me?
Was this weed laced with something?
What would Jesus do? Medical marijuana?
+10 POINTS! What can I take to get rid of PANIC ATTACKS AND SOCIAL ANXIETY?
What is the best sleeping pill?
What is a natural alternative to having a child vaccinated?
Why do Alternative Med quacks hate science?
Hangover cure?................................................?
Ive smoked weed for the past 4 days?
why does a doctors office stink???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
I Want more energy .. any Ideas?
It's Hard for Me to Swallow Pills...?
Drugs! mushrooms info!!?
i was wondering...................................................................................?
braces and kissing??!??!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
i laugh at lung cancer, i smoked now fer the past 6 years, nothing happened yet, im not going to get?
My 15 year old Boyfriend..Very sick Please help.?
Another chance for skeptics to answer this question ?
I have tried everything for my UTI! From drinking water, to azo, to cranberry juice! nothing is working!?
omg like can people die from swine disease?
How can you tell if the person is a smoker?
i think i had or am going to have...?
How do I get skinny Fast!?
What Does Aid's Actually Do To Your Body To Kill You?
i have a tiny bump on my upper lip?
how to get rid of acne?
sick help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
My husband got stung by a bee on the hand and is allergic, should he go to the hospital?
Losing Weight??
Is it bad to turn a girl down because she's fat?
I fell on a metal stake earlier and it won't stop bleeding should I plug the hole with a cork?
what can i use for constipation?
Need Help Losing Weight and Keeping it Off?!?!?
Does Conventional Medicine only treat the symptoms ?
Can Putting Urine On Your Face Kill You?
crazy trip? bad first high experience?
I cant sleep Help?!?!?!?
Gross. How do I get rid of bad breath.?
Have u ever heard of any of the following drugs?
Help! my heart felt like it skipped a beat again?
Bad Breath!!!!!!!!!!!?
have you ever tryed acid or other powerful hallucinogens?
11 year Old Itchy V!!!! HELP!!!!!?
Itchy red rash with bumps. I have been breaking out for two days all over.no pets or woods. What is it?
Oww... Help head injury?
What method of smoking weed gets you the best high?
If you know you're dying in a month?
panic attacks 7 days in a row?
what are these bumps ?????????????
drinking to much water causes diabetes?
I had left arm weakness out of no where? Please help?
My braces are making it hard to bite i just got my braces a day ago will the pain go away?
What is the best way to treat mild winter depression.?
Is it likely I'll die with a heart attack in my sleep?
PLEASE HELP ME ASAP!!!!!! (Heart Pain!)?
the site of my flu shot is still sore (severely) after 3 1/2 weeks. will this go away soon?!?
Does anything cure an upset stomach besides Pepto Bismo? Friend is allergic to Pepto Bismo; has upset stomach!?
i have a bump that came up by my lip it hurt 4 5 days it has pus but you can't see it dont hurt now what is it
what would YOU do?
What happens if everybody gets the swine flu?
I am very lonely all the time!?
What is the Swine Flu?
I've got a massive....?
I have just gotten stabbed in the stomach, I'm bleeding all over, what do I do?
I have an up coming photo shoot and I was wondering if there was anything to make my smile brighter?
My mom had a heart attack, she has no insurance and the medicine is too expensive. What do we do?
what does it feel like to be on drugs?
Is dirt eating normal for an adult.?
Can you drink or smoke with a Heart Defect?
Vitamin supplements: good or bad? There has been an ongoing debate for a number of years regarding the effecti?
Okay really embarasing....................shy............................................I can't help it...
Braces..do they hurt?
What is the best hangover cure?
should i call my doctor??
Ice cream how many may I have consume before I get heart disease?
I'm i having a heart attack?help really scared!!?
Please help me Im crying and I need help please?
Strange question for anyone who's dealt with facing death. Especially Christians.?
What is your solution to decreasing acne?
When will it be legal?? Lalalala 420!?
Should I go to the ER? I feel so sick!?
Can an Illegal immigrant become a Dental Hygienist?
What are drugs to make people fall to sleep?
What can go wrong with taking ecstasy tablets with hearts on them?
What is the truth about weed?
what color braces should I get?
How can i get my brother to stop smoking pot?
Natural treatment for migraines???
Why do so many people slate homeopathy?
10 points if you answer truthfully :)?
I'm 16 years old and think I have a serious heart problem!?
People that wear glasses: Please answer these eye questions?
My girlfriend has a constant headache?
how can i get rid of acne fast?
What do i do if i burned my tongue?
Braces removal questions?
How are braces removed?
got braces 5 days ago!i only eat soup,marshed stuff & ice cream.when will i b able to eat normally?
Should I support my fiancee's decision not to treat her Cancer the traditional way?
Is it possible to die from weed? Read description.?
Is this normal? Does it happen to anyone else?
why am i going through so much bs!?
What can I do to relieve the pain of an ear infection?
Are there any cures for acne that ACTUALLY WORK!?!?!?
What is the best and fastest way to get to sleep?
For MATURE teens to answer... i need some advice pleaseee?
Im worried about my heart! Can anyone help?
what do you do when you're getting glasses and you don't want some?