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I already know medical coding and billing. I want to work from home?
how do i stop smoking? tried patches and medication, gum etc. what about hypmotism? any ideas?
how much pollution do cars cause?
How can you get your guy to give you pleasure without you doing any of the work?
which nation has the most fattest women?
How do I stop the front of my thighs from hurting BAD after I jog?
Whats the best way to loose the belly bulge?
i have chuncky legs/hips!!! what can i do ????
What is the best website to learn more about brain injury.?
Injury Skiing?
Tounge cut :(?
Whats wrong with my knee?
Foot Injury Question Addition?
what do you eat when you have reactive hypoglycemia?
Recently Diagnosed with Diabetes?
Blood sugar issues?
Can you lose weight by excercising??
How do you know when you are having heartburn?
Is it ok that my Dr prescribed me phenergan and tylenol 3 (w/ codeine) while I was pregnant?
what causes csciatic?
Why do my legs hurt so bad all of the time?!?
How Can I Get Tested For STD's?
Why Do Wemon Get Yeast Infections ??
How do you lose 20 pounds in 1 month for a swim suit party????
I want to buy a tread-mill, which ones don't you like and why.?
How do i get into the habit of running and doing cruches/sit-ups every day?
what can i do to make my stomach flat and get rid of panhandels/love handels?
What's better to burn fat, to run for a long time at a moderate speed or to run faster but less time?
how do you lose "thunder thighs"?
What lbs weights should I use to tone muscle?
what about if my height was 5"3 at the age 12 how much am i post to weigh?
Do i have Carpal Tunnel?
i have a leg injury kinda like an ulcer and i need a medical coverage that can cover people with prior injury?
what could it be?
I think my wrist is sprained!!?
Ankle Help?
Any ideas what my knee pain could be?
how do you catch a coldsore?
Can a person be allergic to their own sweat?
how to make an Autism child participate with other children in activities done? how to make him obey orders?
Do anorexic people ever lose the hunger feeling or do they just get used to it?
Do you think I have an anxiety disorder?
Anyone ever have a blood clot in their leg?
How do you get rid of pinworms?
How do you report a physician that just does not care about people or how they feel?
How do I beat fatiuge? im always tired no matter what I do?
What is the best treatment for the skin cancer disease?
Can a pharmD work for a pharm. company such as Merck?
when can u tell if you are having a girl or boy baby what month?
My sister had a lung transplant, is there anyone out there familiar with the effects.?
allergic reactions to pain killers?
Pelvic is sore?
What is the suggested weight?
how do i get my abdominal muscles worked up?
what is the H57 diet?
do testosterone boosters work?
ughh im not fat i just want to loose some weight?
Ever tried HYPNOSIS?
Do holistic gastroenterologists exist?
Does Doctors Health Press print a homeopathic news letter?
What are natural ways to reduce stomach acid in infants?
I get real stiff wrists and forearms, but no tingling in the fingers, when I play guitar carpal tunnel?
Sleeping pills?
Does Viranol really work?
Is having a swollen lips a sign of having AIDS or STD?
What helps with sciatica?
how long does percacet (oxycodone) stay in your system]?
my left side chest pains badly since two week after eating or when i m under stress?
Can varicose veins cause cramping? or vice versa?
Frequent headaches ?
my husband has pain on left side under the ribs not his ribs they heeld. what esle could it be? doc's stumped.
Carpal Tunnel. What can I use/do to relieve extreme pain from carpal tunnel?
If you got hit by a car and it wasn't your fault, what would you do?
Knee problem. What should I do?
What is causing my abdominal stabbing pain? Please Help?
should I get the gastric bi pass operations?
ok please help ok i weight like around 175 or 185 and its becoming really hot now and i dont like taking off?
When does your body think you are starving, and puts on weight?
i am 145 5'6" and i want to lose weight by the end of the year trip to a water park should i and how?
i am 145 and i am 5'6" and i want to lose 20 lbs in a month and 8 days... is that out of the question?
What's the best diet pill?
5'6" 147 am i ? Obese?
How can you stretch your hamstring?
what about bed sorces?
My sister is really b.i.t.ch.y and i think WELL I KNOW she HATES ME!! what do i do?
Is it embarrassing to have your girlfriend rub your feet as you soak them n front of her? Or she n front of u?
what is the meaning of Rx doctors use?
If you died, what animal would you like to be in you next life.?
Weight lifting help?
what does B.B.C mean in medical term ?
what is a good diet DETAILS plz dont just tell fruits and veggies,...?
i want to go on diet,but my appetite is too strong.how can i stop myself from eating and just take one meal a?
i am 1.58m high and 87kg. how much should i lose?
Why does McDonalds even carry Diet Coke?
i have put on weight on my back so could u plz help me out by givin some simple exercises?
Should one drink half ounce water for each pound of weight or just 8 glasses of water?
tell me some excercises for gaining weight?
what is the 1200 calorie diabeic diet?
Questions on AIDS in Africa vs. AIDS in the U.S.?
Can it be Herpes??
i might have herpes, a lot of pain please help....?
Having Children, HPV, Cesarean?
If you cover one of your eyes for a minute with you hand then let go what kind of changes happened to you eye?
Astigmatism contact lens CHEAP? what are the best contacts for astigmatism? which type are cheapest not 2week?
What am I doing wrong?
I recently played tennis on a hard court surface, after a week theres still lower back pain. Any remedies?
Why is it so hard for people on oxycontin to admit they are addicts?
Do pathologists automatically screen blood tests for cancer or only if asked to by the patient's doctor?
what is bullae i know that it is a skin disorder?
Can human live without brain or heart?
If a person is significantly overweight, do their organs enlarge?
Why do i get cross-eyed while reading?
how can i make myself start dieting ?
Is there a magical cure for stretch marks?
The fastest way to bench press twice my weight?
First 5k run - times?
Less reps for larger muscle groups?
Request for a daily diet helps me to be fit?
If I work out 3 times a week at a gym, what excercises are best (bad back) for firming tummy?
How do i become bigger in muscle bulk in 3 weeks?
dose anyone know some go0d jokes?
I like the texture of my scabs, so I eat them sometimes, is this normal?
is there really such thing as perfect?
What are the chances of getting chicken pox for a second time as an adult?
When you were younger how did your parents get you to contract the chicken pox?
To any smokers read thins i need your help! Please this is homework!?
How do i be more MASCULINE?
Does anyone know how to ease the symtoms of a severe allergy attack once it's started?
Whats a good weight for a 12year old girl that is 5'3"?
If I follow this excecise plan, what kind of results can I expect in a month?
how do i loose weight with no exercise,only diet?
What are examples of fibrous carbs?
wich is better 4 ur body, yoga b4 muscle toning or muscle toning b4 yoga?
how to loose my stomach and not loose weight?
what's the most painful exercise (non-cardio) you've ever put ur-self through?
In general how many carbs are considered alot when you are dieting?
Does anyone know any early HIV symptoms?
Chlamydia question?
can a guy get tested for hpv?
Problem with my elbow....Please help?
does anyone know how long the recovery for knee replacement is?
new contacts?
MY neck is really soar... i think i slept on it wrong?
Can I take Vicodin with Xanax?
Eye pain..?
I have a really bad headache!!?
Severe leg pain for 2 days?
Has anyone tried out Curves?
I am looking for a diet that will reduce my abs with little exercise.?
How does Weigh Watchers determine your points?
Does eating six small meals a day help jump start metabolism?
Which is the best way to reduce abdoman?
i have a strong craving for food and sweets, any ideas on how to not eat, when im hungry alot. i need coaching
Do any diet pills actually work?
why do australians appear kind? is it true really?????tell me WHY?
I am searching for a kickboxing workout video for beginners. Are there any suggestions?
What is the best way to get rid anxiousness?
how do women get rid of breast sweating?
Can taking too many vitamins be unhealthy for you?
I don't understand why people say im STINKY...I WASH MYSELF WITH CLEAN SEWAGE AND BEACH WATER???
How to stop facial sweating?
Are there any solutions to life's stress and tension problems in the religious books, like bible or quran?
how much blood is needed in a comprehensive STD test?
How much do same-day STD tests cost?
What are some of the harmful effect with "yo-yo" dieting?
do you know any foods that have a lot colories, if so how many.?
whats the name of that thing that people get into that spins them around 360 degrees an in all directions?
Do u think i am fat if i am 5ft 3in and weigh 130lbs?
how to get rid of love handles?..help!?
i need help on my abs.?
can anyone help me find a good way to loose weight??
how do i get rid of a zit that is like under the surface? HELP?
best way to foliate extremely dry skin?
Can baby powder catch on fire?
what effect does sunlight have on eye color?
Whats the best home remedy for blackhead removal that doesn't scar?
How do you overcome the fear of thunderstorms?
I cannot get a watch(unless its a really cheap one) to keep proper time while I wear it.?
Is Diphenhydramine HCI bad to have in your system if you have urinalysis?
Is it neccessary to wipe after using the toilet?
will I be able to ride my horse again after tibial plateau fracture? I am well past age 50, female?
Ear problem??
What percentage of A1C one is considered diabetic?
what does 'let your palm be your guide' mean?
what is metformin hcl er?
just got shot in eye to relieve pressure wouldn't shot increase pressure?
i am diabetic2, i am tired all the time and need the loo alot at day and night?
What is the range, in diopters, that a doctor can prescribe you a contact lense?
what is pigment dispersion syndrome?
I got contact lens but I'm just able2 wear them,my eye lids start2 close when I try2 wear the contacts.help!!
URGENT - Swollen Lower Eyelid ?(Right Eye)?
Can i reduce my weight by not going to joging but eating less?
Best exercise for fibromyalgia?
How do you suggest I lose 90 pounds to reach my ideal weight?
i want to lose 15 kgs in a month. is it possible? how?
what could i eat every day to loose weight i weight 225 and i am 5/8?
how to make your self more active and energatic at home?
I eat at KFC and A&W 3 or 4 times a week?
What should I do about major period cramps? They are so bad that they double me over in pain...please help.?
I woke up with a horrible pain?
how to prevent the hurting on the leg?
have a headache, i have flem in my throat, and also my back hurts! what do i have and what can i take?
is there anything i can do to get rid of my back pain?
Why is the vaccine for the HPV virus (causes cervical cancer) only for women up to age 26? Why not all women?
how can u get pregnant after having 2 episodes of pelvic inflammatory disesase?
My friend has HPV and she has one kid but wants another one?
What is IME (independtent medical exam.)workers comp is sending me for it after they refused to pay forsurger
how long does it take a spran to heal?
broken sacrum?
can a plant burn you?
At night I love eating dessert while watching my tivo shows. I've put on a few pounds..?
Do you think eating meat is wrong?
Is it normal for your weight to fluctuate 12 lbs in a day?
How do i sweat when I workout?
Does performing aerobic excercises prevent strength gains when lifting weights?
How do I get rid of arm flab fast????
Does HoodiThin Work????
What does it mean if my eye lids are maroon in color, an no its not makeup.?
Why would our minds see up-down?
will bananas brown faster in the refrigerator or on the counter?
Would you be scared if you saw your own body parts if you woke up during an operation?
What is a good nursing shoe, that is comfortable but looks good?
What are some things that can happen if strep throat is left untreated?
Stinking feet - any solutions?
I am trying to fill out new patient forms on a Dr.'s website.Why wont it let me type any thing on the forms?
what is the phone number for Dr. Paul Ehrlich? 35 East 35th Street, Room 202, New York, NY 10016?
How do you get a drug approved from the fda?
mrsa infections and anemia?
Were does head lice come from?
i think t have an ear infection. Should i go to the doctor?
What simple exercise is effective in losing weight?
how many 9 FL OZ ( regular bottles of water) should i drink a day to loose water weight?
How do i lose fat in the calves?
What is the fastest way to lose weight? I mean besides eating right and exercising.(I am already doing that)?
I'm 17 and 6'3 ? Is that good enough ? Do I need to increase my height ?
knee pain while running?
i have to gain weight.......... what should i do.?
im looking for weight loss centers in aiken,sc?
Woke up Sat morning with blk eye! didn't hurt it, no swelling - what caused it from out of no where?
How to rehabilitate a recovered sprained ankle?
what happened??
My boyfriend fell off the stairs and hit his knee, the doctor said he broke the meniscus (?)?
Have you ever had emergency surgury?
Severe ankle pain began about 5 yrs ago. Ortho doc says 2 bone spurs of the archilles tendon, what to do next?
how do you?
how can loose wait without spending any money or going 2tha gym?
im always hungry.about 8 times each day i have to eat food.what i have to do about it???
What is a good detox diet that won't leave me feeling drained or sick so i can continue to work?
what is the quickest way to lose 20 pounds in a month without starving myself.?
Why is it that you need to eat in order to lose weight? I would rather fast.?
Does stress increase weight?
Has anyone ever tried the South Beach Diet? If so, did it work for you or did you give up?
how do you know????????
how do I relieve bruised heels as quickly as possible?
If I had an accident Children's Hospital took care of-not my family physician, will they have the records too?
i just got my web done; is it supposed to be swelling up?
What does the labrum in your shoulder do?
How do I tend to stitches without scarring?
white discharge?
Cold sores?
Alternative Medications????
how long does it take for methidone to get out of your system?
where can u buy phentermine?
Influenza virus?
question about my pills....?
Does Nexxus Aloe Rid work?
In spite of my diet ,of more than three month; colestherol , and glucose levels are sitll high?
slave to cigarettes?
What will happen if I stop taking Prednisone Oral suddenly?
how long does a cataract get ripe?
how long will it take me to lose weight on a treadmill?
answer this question please!?
How do you lessen a bloated stomach???
how do i keep from getting the munchies through the day?
Is it possible to lose 50 pounds by october?
will imovane show up in a drug test?
is there a medical supply company that supplies ostomy and medical surgical supplies that medicare covers?
Is there a non-prescription method for getting rid of toenail fungus?
pther name for minor heart atact?
I had a nose bleed for the first time and i am 19 years old?
How long to recover from Lasik Eye surgery?
Handicapped? serious problem! please help?
Why does my eye sight change alot?
its hard to wear contacts?
I have this weird eye twitch...what should I do?
Please help!?
Im into bodybuilding and i want to get big whats the best way to achieve that?
Which martial art you recommend for a begginer?
Is it unsafe to use laxatives on a daily basis to lose weight?
I've been going to the gym for 6 weeks, 4x, and eating a little less than normal. Why can't I lose weight??
I am 24,5 feet 5 inches,and 167 lbs.Is that fat?I am also female,and have had 3 babies.?
I have decided to eliminate bread from my diet for a while...can this help in losing weight?
serious Inquires only Please...?
i lost 5 inches becuase i was sick?
What is the best way to lose Belly Fat? I do situps ride the bike 2 miles daily and stretch?
DO really bad ankle fractures usually result in ankle fusion or replacement?
Should I have her re-x-rayed....a year later?
Back fusion seems to be slow healing... any one know how long this usually takes to heal?
what does R/O mean when you visit the doctor or its in yor medical file?
How do you pervent Tendonitis (a hand problem due to typing on the computer) ?
can you get an std if some a##hole spits in your food that has an std and you eat it?
if a dog bites a person who has aids, could???
Does HIV survive in water outside the body?
I had an orgasm! But it only happens rarely. Why?
How does HCV get passed?
Should you lift wieghts before cardio or cardio before weights?
What is the quickest way to lose weight by exercising?
What's the fastest way to lose weight?
How can I get skinnier calves?
what is a fast way to lose weight when you don't have time to work out?
I'm a teenage girl, and I want to lose weight...?
What causes your eye to jump?
Why is there a indent in a Halls cough drop?
How do you keep your feet from being dried out and yucky? For a small amount of money?
Exactly describe, who is considered as a SMOKER?
why most woman r insecure in terms of beauty? Even at the age of 40's?
How can you cure swelled eyes and feeling completely drained and like someone put sandbaggs in your body?
i like to stay in bed when it rains! do u?
help my knee hurts!!!???
Have you ever took the option to stay awake during surgery?
what happens when you hit a vain?
I've got a 51º curve on my back for scoliosis and i'm 14 yrs old my doctor says i mite need surgery&he says..
help me what i wrong with my knee?
Broken hip?
I had a Reiki Attunement and my body moves own its own. My hands move and make gestures like sign language Why
I have gout in my left toe at the ball. Very painful now I cant walk hardly at all. Please help for cureThanks
What is most similiar to Lortab?
my neck hurts and feels sore and like the bones/musules is moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How to reduce the attack of leg or chest cramps?
Pain after a composite bonding...?
What is a good way to help ease the pain of a blood bruise on the finger?
how does distilled water help in losing weight?
is yoghurt bad for people suffering from gas and acidity problem?
tips on loosing weight fast???
what are the side effects of using reductil for weigh loss?
I have a bulging belly I dont drink and i dont eat takeaway foods I walk miles and i need help to lose weight
how to lose weight fast and healthy, I am in a wedding on june 10th and need to lose weight?
What exactly does a pap smear detect possibly?
If a woman has an STD does she still get her period?
Is it possible to revive taste buds when you are sick?
how do i keep my underarms from sweating so badly? I've tried a lot of things. open to suggestions?
if my cholesterol level is good how do lower tryglycerides?
what causes a kidney infection?
what are the affects on our health if we use air conditioners all the time in our homes?
how can i lose weight in about ten days and keep it off?
Has anyone joined up with LA weight loss and if so how much was it to join and get started?
how do i get muscles with out going to a gym?
How do I prepare for running a mile tomorrow?
What is the best stretch for the quads?
I want to lose weight....HELP!!!?
How do i start to train for ms bikini universe and am i qualified?
i feel and look, well, fat.?
Help, I hurt a musscle in my leg.?
Please Help! How do I get an eye lash out of my eye?
How do I heal stress fractures the best and quickest?
i'm a soccer player and recieve injuries to my ankles, how do i go about curing it within a month?
has anyone ever had a "trigger finger" repaired?
Had Lasik - Please help!?
I am running track...?
How many hours of sleep do you get in a usual day?
sorry to tell you all that i am not a little kid so why you mad about it, chill out it's not that serious, lol
Overly Sweaty armpits?
Have you ever waxed your bikini areas? Is it as painful as I think it is?
Bulemics: i have a question...?
If you move your head during a catscan, will it mess up the results?
Urgent prom question!!!!!!!!?
herpes, what are some personal experiences?
can you get pregnant if not treated for chlamydia after 1 years or 2 years that you've have it?
Males Only, Please, Regarding STD Testing...?
Doctors or med field please? What does this mean?
Does herpes ever go away, or is it with you for rest of your life?
How can I lose at least 10 pounds in less than 2 weeks and get a great six pack?
Where is the website www.billyblanks.com/vip?
Why are really fat people considered handicapped? I mean, its there own fault they got that way, right?
whats the fastest gaurented way to lose weight?
How many grams of protein are in a single chicken breast?
can you lose your leg to avascular necrosis?
Whats the difference between oxycodone w/APAP and oxycodone round orange ETH 315?
Fingertips numb from too much computer work?
I have a torn meniscus in my knee. How can I relieve some of the pain when I bend it till I get to my Doctor?
A very weird pain in my leg... Behind the knee?
I have degenerative disk what can be done?
I used to walk 1 hour a day. Due to ankle pain I can't walk. Any alternate exercises with no strain on ankle?
what's wrong with my knee?
why do my knees and elbow crack when i bend them?
Is it instinct?
help my knee hurts?
why have my knees been hurting do badly?
my knee hurts?
how would you define a complication in medical practice?
where can i find doctors excuse forms online?
i need info on trisomy 13?
what is the best over the counter medicine to take for some who has panic attacks?
how long does t h c stay in your saliva?
were do i find address for unc chapel hill n.c.?
is their a such thing as eating too much salad when dieting?
Probiotics does it work?
What is the safest way to lose weight?
How do I lose belly fat in 10 days?
I am 17 years old.. and i am 72 kg.. what do i do to reach 60kg in 2 months?
Reducing fat in the thighs?
What to do for crackling knees?
If someone is anerexic,what happens to their body?
I hear that apple cider vinegar help lower high blood pressure, is that true?
What is a good medical website to find out about medical problems?
Should i use a natural toothpaste containing honey?
do you know about apricot or piparlu?? please give me more information about this fruit. thanks a lot.?
natural remedies for arthrithis?
i was watching an infomercial on relief of arthritis pain and this herbal vit. is suppose to build up cartlide
do dietary supplements(like claraxon)improve vision?
What's the best way to crack a back?
Can someone please help me? :(?
how many of you asked for an STD test before you got physical?
can i give blood when i have herpes?
Whats the best cure for when u r feeling very bloated?
swollen nodes or muscle ache?
wan to by bed, which prefrable hard or soft, present on gives pain in lower back.?
Why shouldn't we shave off our eyebrows?
why do some vegitarians smoke cigarettes and drive cars?
If you drink alcohol on a normal basis can you loose weight just by not drinking alochol?
HI, I just want to know from people that have used HYDROXYCUT does it really work or not and why?
am fat what can i do to loose weitght without stress or miss my favourite meal?
Is anyone interested in becoming a more healthy person?
should you keep working out even if your mucles are sore, or do you let them rest for a few days?
does any body know effective methods to reduce cellulite ? and reduce size of thighs?
Help!! How can I lose 10 lbs in 10 days?
is it true to burn more calories then you eat to lose a pound?
My MRI stated that I have mild disc degeneration at l4-5 without focal disc or spinal stenosis.?
why am i so tired when my sugar is over 200?
whenever i put my lacrosse helmet on my jaw gets dislocated. i tried adjusting it but no luck. any ideas?
knee pain left leg only?
Back Problems. Sore Back. Sleep Position?
Knee is extremely swollen is it dangerous?
I have a constant sore neck on both sides of my lower neck - I had an MRI done and it showed slight?
terrible sinus headache..?
how do i get healthy and not obese...???how do I remove my big belly?
what is a spa cuisine?
i want to get some weight out of me...Help?
is it safe to drink milk insted of water?
is it bad to be too skinny for a guy?
Is diet pills not good for our health?
What's the difference between a blender and a juicer?
Im 18. Im a diabetic patient. what diet should i follow at this age?
I have been diagnosed with wheat intolerance( coeliac disease) what foods can I eat?
i have no strength in my legs at all so i can't stand or walk without crutches?
can cervical degenrative disc diease come from an injury?
anyone a doctor out there?? foot problemos (sry takin spanish)?
Is it better for your body to stand with hands behind back or folded in front of you ?
I am a nurse student LPN on my last quarter in clinical rotations any advise on how to pull through this.?
How do others deal with IBS?
Why does bottled water have a spoil date on it?
how can i get rid of insomnia?
how long does the fever lasts without medication like motrin or tylenol?
How do I get rid of the Mid Drift Bulge?
seeing heat, is this normal?
a doctor attempt remove a liphoma,half way through he realized it was2 much 4 him. Any way to check him out.?
Would you still marry a person if you know that he/she is not virgin?
What is the youngest that a baby can live outside of the womb? 7 months?
Do You Have a Friends Who Has a Problem With Their Weight ? If You Have Say Them to Write Me ? Warranty?
how many of u are actually qualified to answer health questions?
does honey really works to lose weight?
weight problems?
Should I count the calories of sugar free gum?
Eating Disorders?
When lifting weights is it more beneficial to work out many body parts or focus on one or two?
Has this happened to anyone else before?
How can i get rid of hand sweating?
can you tell me about guyabano flower and leaves?
what should i give my 18 month for diarrhea when pedilyte dont work?
what helps tonail fungus, besides going to dr. i have migrains and don't want to take lamisil?
What is it when u have weakness in your right arm?
to check why its hurting?
The question I have is: will I be Medically Discharged with Injury?
The cause of my seizure?
why does it hurt your hand when you throw light objects.?
Can a bone scan determine the age of a stress fracture or just if there is a stress fracture?
How long before I can get stitches removed?
what is the fastest and easiest way to loose alot of weight besides surgery?
I need to lose 25 lbs fast. Does the South Beach & Protien diets work?
How do you get skinny legs?
how good is garlic for high blood pressure and diabetes?
the doctor told me to go on a diet , do yall have any good diets that work?
Teenage Dieting?
i am 18yr,an Indian girl.my weight is more than 50 kg.and my height is 4'11"my thigh are more than reasonable
Cell Cure Booster...cures herpes, and other viruses fro mthe body...destroys them?
HPV and men?
herpes outbreak on a lip?
Can external hemroids hang out of your lower back? If not what would it be?
Is the Rapid Test protocol is biased towards obtaining a positive result?
Why do people faux wash their hands (just water - no soap) in the bathroom?! Is it really take that hard?
What is your opinion of bodybuilding?
How many hours of sleep are required?
I banged my toe about 3 weeks ago. The nail turned black and then fell off?
What do I do if the girl I like Ignores me.?
How long does it take for an average person to walk 1 mile?
Can having protein powder make you not lose weight?
Am i overweight?
Has anyone used Zantrex-3? And does it work?
what are benefits of drinking V8?
girls, do u shave ur legs or wax them? how often ? which one is better? less painfull? anyother methods ?
3rd degree burn aftercare questions?
What are the symptoms of having a concussion?
How long should a person who had surgery wait to play softball again?
I tripped and twisted my ankle?
do your lips always get black when you smoke?
What is this pain in my right breast/chest?
What is the best way to wean myself from caffeine to total abstinence?
my heart hurts?
Is 80mg of Oxycodone alot to take in a 24 hr. period????
I need some help?
cluster headache or migraine?
what is your best way you know to lose a few pounds? about 5 lbs.?
What's the average weight for a 5'8 girl?
what are your views on cellulite?
What type of workout is better for bodybuilding, split body parts, or full body?
has anyone lost wieght on EPH200?
PRECANCEROUS CELLS? help me out!!!?
girl girl chlamydia?
be for you start getting treated, how do you know your positive if you feel fine?
How long does it take to notice signs of aids or stds?
what do you feel if you k now you HPV?
I've been suffering w/ a persistent cough for the last sev'l months (post nasal drip) Nothing is working-HELP!
how can a recovering alcoholic begin to repair the damage they have done to their bodies?
Anyone know anything about Lipo dissolve?
how do i get started on the south beach diet?
how fast can safely lose 50 lbs?
question for eny one?
What did I do to my knee? Please help?
Any GOOD weight loss tips??
My knee has a bruise and hurts, is just a bruise or is it somthing worse?
i am a strong girl i bench 400 pounds at age 13 i can beat any guy and i want to no wat to do about it?
I hate my nose, can it be fixed? it's kinda asymmetrical?
What exercises can tighten up my oblique muscles?
Does anyone know a good diet plan to go by to loose about 10-15 pounds?
What's good for a broken nose?
what do you do to wake up?
Skin COlor Change?
how can i stop grinding my teeth?
What is causing my tummy to bloat after meals???
What's the best exercise for the lower stomach after 2 c-sections?And for lifting and firming your bottom?
My knee X-Ray showed bone on bone.?
My boyfriend found a pill last night in our house that is white,oblong,has a V on one side and 3592 on another
How can I make my feet stink?
How can i get rid of dizzeness ???
Had any drug company or any other scientist ever tried to produce a drug that cud cure all kinds of diseases..
I have recently quit smoking- how long until I can see a reverse in the adverse effects?
I have a question about taking antibiotics.?
Will rubbing alcohol damage my guitar?
I recently (2 weeks ago) had a surgery to repair my lateral meniscus.?
When would someone only need to wear a long leg cast for only 2 or 3 weeks?
I have black spots near the sole of my foot that was not there before?
ear plugged up?
I had an ACL reconstruction and meniscal repair done on 12/21. Now, I feel new pain ...?
how soon after ACL complete tear can I play golf? I'm debating whether to get it fixed.?
Will I damage my eyes by wearing higher strength reading glasses than my prescription ... ??
Contacts = corrective + color?
Is this natural?
Is it rare to pass out while being fitted for contacts?
what is the diffrence between saline solution and contact lens solution?
Do reading glasses damage the sight even further?
why does my eye twitch every ten minutes? and what can you do to make it stop?
how does the church respond or feel towards eating diorders?
I desperately need to flatten my tummy any suggestions. plz help!?
i am going to be a cheerleader soon .only 1 problem im very clumsey does any1 kno of anytthin that can help me
how can I keep myself awake without the help of coffee?
how can i lose stomach fat?
What is the best instant "pick me up" if you are feeling tired and drained?
Hip Exercise/Workout!!!!?
ok how strong are u?
Why would someone move from California to Tennesee?
so im asking what are the chances she gave it to me???
hpv vaccinne?
How has having diabetes changed your life?
Can rubbing alcohol affect a blood sugar reading?
Does anyone believe in the Blood type diet for improving health?
Is there a cure for Metastatic breast cancer?
I fell pressure in the roof of my mouth and the base of my neck on and off?
How can i touch my toes?
Is ther such thing as feeling nausea from having a pinched nerve in shoulder/neck area.?
Tendonitis treatment?
Are interval workouts good at burning fat?
How long should you walk on a tread mill each day?
What is the best diet for 27yr Male?
Does a sauna detox the body?
What is the best liquid diet?
Is soy protein as effective as whey protein for muscle gains?
What are best pain relievers that can help lessen the stress of my muscles after workout?
Weird pain in the front of my neck on the right side and then my left arm went numb?
can a chiropractor help with carpel tunnel and tendinitis problems?
my forearm is killing me?
can you have a missed period from chlamydia?
How many calories do you burn per mile?
how long............... (for gymnasts)?
Healthy weight loss?
Wanna be my diet buddy?
is it impossible to lose 20 lbs by june 8th?
I have an elliptical machine with rubber wheels. How can I quiet it down .?
how much should a 15 yr old 5'11" boy wiegh?
Can swimming help you lose weight?
knee hurts help?
What should I do if I broke a cartillige in my knee about a year ago and it has still not healed?
I have been cutting and cutting up my toes for 14 years what should I do?
Is foot binding good for you?
Sudden Knee Pain?
what can i do to relieve my pain at night so i can sleep i have swimmers ear.?
How has Omega 3 helped you?
Are there any home remedies for a chest cold?
why do my feet hurt??
How do I get rid of a severe headache?
Which is/are the most common nutritional deficiencies in the United States?
what foods contain fiber and protein?
My husbands neck started hurting after going on a rollercoaster...?
How do I operate a Diaper Genie?
how do tylenol rapid release gels differ from the regular tylenol gels?
Why do you need to change your contact case every 2-3 months?
My Hair Is Very Frizzie?
will swiming help in reducing d extra fat in my hips..??
Has anybody ever done Turbo Jam?
what is the best way to put some weight on fast, with workinmg out?
what's the fastest way to loose 16 kg?
what are the best stomach workouts to get rid of stomach fat?
Does anyone know where I can find a fitness bootcamp near Indiana or surrounding areas?
Any popular fat loss program. How do it stack up against other relative program to their nutritional profile?
what is the best diet plan for teens.?
6 months ago(HPV)?
how can I run outdoors without injuring my knees?
I have a torn meniscus and torn ACL and knee is locked 20 degrees to left. Will meniscus removal correct it?
What is the best medical treatment for a burned child? read more?
How many bones we have in oyr body, and whichs is the biggist bone, and the easyest one to break ,?
what's wrong?
how do i get rid of pain in my hands?
How can i loose weight?
does seltzer water count as water on the south beach diet?
what are some good exercises for your abs?
What are the ten dietary guidelines?
What is fat? does it taste good? should i be fat? where does it come from?
Please help!!!?
nutrition for weight management?
What are the best things to do when you are so tired?
us there any sites that are really true for potion for love?
Ladies: am I the only woman who notices that my pad can sometimes stimulate accidentally?
Popular tanning salons in Columbus Ohio.?
Where is the central nervous system? List the 5 food groups? How many servings of each group should have daily
i planed to go for LASIK? ur advice pls..?
What is more attractive? An Italian girl, or a fake blonde surfer girl?
I had carpal tunnel surgery done Dec. 11th. Can someone answer this.?
do you know anything about liposuction?
what do you think is the ideal weight for my height??
i want to lose 20 kilo grams in 2 months before my wedding cananyone help i dont care if its not healthy?
Am I done growing?
How can I lose lose alot of weight this summer?
What kind of sedative do they give endoscopy patients to relax them?
I cannot find any information on enlarged red blood cells?
what are the changes that adults experince? from adolescents to adults?
Chronic pulsating pain emanating from mid upper shoulder down to my fingers?
Does Medicare provide for payments to a nursing home?
Why would two year old suddenly start stuttering for a few days and then it is gone?
can anybody fave aids if lips are bleeding?
if you have used permethrin?
Hiv Test and symptoms?
What is a STD?
I get head aches a lot and I don't know why, it hurts very badly after I run.?
why do i get strong pulsing head aces that feel like brainfreez?
What Do you think?
wut is a good weightloss diet??
How do you get rid of arm jiggle?
Why is there always a donut shop next door to the weight loss center?
I go to the gym three times a week and have built up quite chunky leg muscles. How do i decrease the size?
If ur 12 and weight 112 ibs are u overweight?
Are there any weight loss supplements anyone would actually recommend?
diabetes meter?
Here is what Dr.Ray Strand says about nutritional suppliments, for people who say diabetes can't be controlled
What is the process of brain removal called? How is it done for humans?
how does the hole stay open after the tubes come out?
secale cornutum?
Are there any natural cures for psoriasis?
how long do u bleed and have cramps with the abortion pill?
What do ridges in your fingernails mean?
how do tattoos stay on if you shed your skin?
what are some risks after eye surgery?
whats the health system like where you are?
How much does a breast argumentation costs?
what can people with an stddo in order to have the best chance of being cured?
iwill i still be ok?
What does B12 do for you body??
Why does the tip of my ear hurt when im sleeping?
gay doctors?
how can you tell if you have a yeast infection or an STD?
How much weight do you think you need be able to bench press before you are qualified as "Strong?"?
should i go on a diet yes or no?
What is a website, totally free, that will help you loose weight really good?
What is the FASTEST way to loose wieght?!!!?
About how many calories should I eat and exersize off to loose two to three pounds a week?
What is the best way to stay fit without any work-out or going to gym?
Is obesity a problem in America?
Is there any way I can help my ears heal?
after surgery care for tennis elbow?
What is causing double vision in my 72 year old friend. She has a history of TIA's -70% carotid blockage?
Is it true that a sprained ankle can be worse than a broken ankle?
where do i go if i have a complaint about a doctor?
Im 42, and i jog almost every day and i feel pain in my knee: is better go to spinning class for my knee?
How do Occupational therapists help people with eye injuries/blindness?
Can electronics really hurt your eyes?
can you buy saline solution (salt water) at the drug store?
Should a health care practitioner be able to tell if I was wearing contact lenses?
knee dislocation?
contacts with a stye?
Why do doctors use Versed? For pain, or sedation, or for it's amnesiac effects? Or a combination of these?
Does mucinex help your voice?
my friends chest burns and has been for a few months he's a smoker.?
Peeling fingertips??
How much llbs would I gain eating school lunch? What should be the best thing to eat for lunch?
exercise then eat within 20 min, eat what?
will Kaiser Permanente hmo cover me at another hospital?
What is an ideal healthy breakfast? What is a good indulgence breakfast for a once a month splurge?
what is the best way to keep off weight lost by taking phentermine, exercising & healthy eating?
Is eating watermelon the same as drinking water?
Could it haave been HPV?
zithromax dosage?
You get up early in the morning and your toughs are all for coffee??
Are you hot!!!!!?!!?!?!?!Do you really think so? WHY???
what are the best health reasons to be a vegetarian?Does blood type have a lot to do with it?
How long does it take for a sprained ankle to heal?
constipation to the extreme and foods?
how can i make my arms firmer? they just sog!!!?
what is ideal body fat percentage for an athlete?
Can anyone give me some advice on how to build my core body strength?
I have a good set of upper abs. Now how do I get lower abs????
im very thin hw do i grow chubby????????????
Should I see a lawyer about this?
Has anyone gone through a surgery for having a dislocated shoulder?
What is a widening of the radial bone?
Whenever I land from jumping, I double over in pain from the groin area. . .what is this, and can it be fixed?
I got hit with a fist in my temple 29 years ago,and been having sharp pains.?
What do you recommend for my eyes?
How much do chiropractors?
How often can I have a nerve block?
has anyone ben prescribed cymbalta for pain only?
Exercises for people who do data transcription?
Every time I swallow a pain happens near my ear. What's up?
Which foods are good for helping to develop muscle mass?
My right hamstring is always sore and tight. What can I do to loosen it up?
Who knows where i can buy Bollinger Solar Shorts besides Ebay??
I am 13 years old and I weigh 149 pds. I was wanting some suggestions on how to lose weight.?
weight/pressure needed to break a wrist?
what is the avaege weight for a 12 yr old! and a 14 yr old please read full question!!!!?
I need to learn how to talk to my cousin.. shes bulimic i dont know what to say to her?
which is better for loosing weight, walking or running?
about how much on average does it cost to get treatedby a neurosurgeon?
any remedies for saggy breasts, besides surgery etc...plz help, i need a lift.....will exercise help???
A random question....about general anesthesia..?
What are some good exercise moves for your thighs?
How do you properly stretch?
cant unbend finger....Keep reading!?
what is hpv?
Is human pampllomavirus (HPV) a real virus?
HPV/Biopsy question!?
Any home remedies for allergies?
Whats the name of a medical specialist who specialises in the care and treatment of the nervous system?
How can I get rid of a cramp in my calf?
any kind of financial aid for imigrants ?
can u catch poison ivy from someone?
Does alcohol breath test pose risk to person with CardioSeal Occluder Implant?
How do you convert between contact lens prescription to 20/20 vision?
will it go away?
What are good ear infection remedies/sympton alleviations/ways to deal with?
Smokers vs obsesity? What do you think?
How often could I Work my abs?
Do men prefer women that are a little on the plump side?
Injured my knee while playing futsal.I think i tore a ligament.Can i still be active without operating on knee
i can not move my toes on my right foot i can feel them what is wrong?
What is the best way to relieve pain after a cortisone shot in the hip?
how do you make arthritis not hurt without meds?
I have a pain in my knee what could it be? anyone else has this?
Massive migraines, Sore knees, Sore muscles, Can't straighten knees when i go to walk, Low Stamina?
i got a really sharp pain in my bladder! and it was not a constant pain but a pulsating pain?
growing pains?
How to lose 15 pounds by June 10th?
I have a dance coming up at end of month im 5'7 and im 180 pounds i need to lose soem wieght plz help me!?
how do u lose weight quick if you think you have a slow matabilism..however u spell that?
Ladies: I just started using these new sanitary belts and they're great. Do you use them?
is it bad to drink grape juice?
all this advice now what to do?
How do I healthily gain weight.?
I ran a race and ended up not being able to get my breath?
5'1" 138lbs?
Do u burn calories in your sleep if so about how much do u burn calories just sitting also?
Why do some women prefer thick pads instead of thin ones - even with a light flow?
what kinds of food do you get magnesium from?
how many calories are in fugi apples?
help! i need some good advice on loosing belly fat. Any suggestions?
Help!I weigh 250 pounds & i am 5"4! can someone give me tips to lose weight!?
How do you do a cardio workout?
I keep getting nose bleeds while I'm sleeping. What could be going on?
If you are a flake with dandruff, are you a flaky flake?
diet commercials?
my daughters eeg report showed the right side of the brain sped up during rest, left side normal.what it means
help I'm sleeping on the job.?
Question for experienced massage therapist!?
Neck hurts from snowboarding/traveling...?
can I still jump as high as I was, after I recover from my broken leg bone?
how do you prevent over use injuries?
My question is can I use the steam room after having arthroscopic shoulder to my shoulder a week ago?
Which is the best cardio vascular exercise for me?
What is herpes?
whats the fastest way to get rid of a cold?
I wanna know the difference between fats and calorie which are marked on the packet of every food item.?
can eating 2raw egg whites in a protein shake in the morning make you sick?
Is It Normal For My Body To Hurt That Much?
Six weeks ago I added strength training to my workout to help lose the last 10 lbs, why haven't I lost any?
What are schools doing to promote good health?
my 9 month old baby weighs olny 16 ounds s that a good weigh? he eats really good but he is slow in growing?
What's the best way to lose weight?
does the 6 second abs really works?
anyone have tips for running long distance??
do u know some pills that increase your height fast? that is really effective?
Sharp Pain?
how serious is gout?
I don"t understand how methadone helps heroin addicts? Could someone explain? I don't understand.?
I have a good Pain Mgmt Dr. but disappointed in my prognosis...?
what Happens to a person if they drink peroxide and throw it up like 15 minutes later? what does it do to you?
What free program can I use to lose 15 lbs. in a month?
what exercises will reduce knee injury when running?
is $1,156 a fair price for 8 weeks with a personal trainner for 24 sessions at a gym?
how do you loose 40 pound in 30 days?
What is a good way to lose weight to my goal, once you reach you weight goal how do you keep the weight off?
Does eating too much rice(carbohydrates) will gain u weight?
Protein shake diets or juice fasting? which is better for rapid weightloss?
how to loose weight and become lean ang gain muscles..for a guy?
Important Vision question?
Is there any way for me to improve my eyesight naturally ?
How can I sleep with my eyes open?
My eyes have turned yellow over the last year. How can they be white again?
dkny eye glasses?
would you still give metformin to a patient with uncontrolled DM2 who has a ClCr of 60ml/min?
Is Mega-T Green Tea Supplement (Caffeine free and drug free) good for hypoglycemics?
Does cologne spoil or go bad if you leave it in your car in hot or cold weather?
where can i find rough diamonds buyers contact?
Any one else who has now quit smoking for one Month?
How do you take off fake nails?
Do they put real champagne in the victoria's secret perfumes?
If you were in a car wreck going 5 miles an hour, do you think 3 months of physical therapy enough?
are eggs high in cholestrol?
Is eating too much fruit bad for you?
how to get slim without doing exercise and walk and any medication as well?
Is it possible to put on 2 kilos in 4 days?
could there be a non surgical breast lift by exercise?
Why is it so hard to lose weight, but so easy to gain?
I'm looking for a good diet that a 16 years old could use to keep his/her fitness?
Weight gain??
Can a doctor let me know if this is appendicitis?
I have chronic back pain and last weekend got in a serious car accident, i can't seem to get help 4 my pain
My ear is throbbing and hurts everytime I barely touch it.?
I am middle aged. After playing cricket for an hour my arm joint has started paining. What is the treatment.?
what is voltaren?
can you feel heartburn in your stomach?
i have lower abdominal pain on my right side feels like gas but im not consitpated?
will vitiamins get your skin thin?
Do multi vitamins actually help?
Why do I get knots in my Feet?
How do i minimize ...?
how to treat sinus track on children? can it be treat? what medicine to take and how to prevent from swelling?
Has anyone ever used the AbRoller or the AbToner?
how can i lose my stomach quickly i've been thinking about fasting will it work ?
What's the difference between a "dietician" and a "nutritionist"?
Whats a good way to lose arm flab?
what is the united states recommended daily allowance?
i need to loose a little pudge in just a couple days can i?
What is healthier? A medium size caesar salad, or a turkey sandwhich with just lettuce and mayo?
i weight like 185 and i dont eat anything for breakfast because i dont wanna look fat?
Am i going to be able to be in my best friends wedding after acl reconstruction and meniscal repair?
I get headaches really easy what causes this to happen?¿?
Achillies tendonitis?
Can you give yourself a stroke from sneezing too hard or the wrong way?
ummm help?
What's the best way to get rid of lice?
Ever known or anyone who has "talked off" a wart?
My jaw is hurts. It hurts to open my mouth wide, and my jaw pops. This is only happening on one side. Help!?
What vitamins would I use to prevent hair loss?
I am 13 and want to get a six pack. How??
What can i do if i'm underweight?
for a 6-pack.....?
Is it true that to get a six pack you should do more cardio than ab exercise?
has anybody tried that turbojam product, is it worth the money?
Is there a suppliment of some kind that will give me lots of extra energy?
i have delivered twins nine month ago.i feel like my body has changed alot and i should excersise?
What is average strength?
I get coldsores on my mouth does this mean i have an std!?!?
WHat is hiv and how do you know you have them and how do they come to your bodies?
36)a chancre is a sighn of ....:?
Is the best treatment for a strained muscule rest??
um i tor my rotacter cuff and it end my sr yr last yr and i want 2 wrstle in college my ? s dat shud i wrstl?
Are protein shakes and glucose bad for you?
what are the best excersises for a curved back that is caused by bad posture?
any women here a member of curves?
how can i get rid of my nasty paunch?
How does Atkins help you loose weight?
How much calories does a moderately active 125 lbs person needs to maintain weight? How about a 150 lbs person
what is maltose? such as malted milk. Where does it come from?
my cousin is taking laxatives?
Bottom third of my eye is bloodshot?
Can sunlight really damage your eyes after an eye exam if your eyes were dilated and you didn't wear shades?
What is a healthy alternative to mayonnaise for dieters?
how much are you post to weigh at 6"1 age 17?
How do I loose fat around my bra area on my back?
i need serious help w/ this one?
Why people get rid of egg yolk, are they bad for your healty, if yes, why?
how to exercise effectively?
What name is given to the thick bundle of nerves that run down the spine?
What is the best and cheapest online site to purchase contact lenses?
How fast do nerve signalss travel?
is the word musky good/bad?
Explain the diference between "Voluntary" and "Involuntary" muscles?
combining natural homeopathic medicine with tradition bio-chemistry at a university?
What medical implications for the heart is the meaning for the line in the earlobes?
what is gastrates?
what is PRN when referring to prescriptions?
i have a stomach ache that comes and goes its like a sharp pain .... do i have sour stomach?
How do I get taller?
Vocal cord problems!?
my mom's toes is still growing?
what is the best exercise to do after an anterior cruciate ligament injury?
how do i shed my tommy fat and upper arm?
how can i breakup with my boyfriend? without hurting him?
what is the best diet pill on the market that is safe and effective?
i get head ache always?
HIP JOINT PAIN? (help please)?
how long should i wait inbetween heavy workouts?
Is it a good idea to have artificial limbs?
anyone know where to find the ed coan workout formula?
What is the best women's gym out there?
what iare your favorite songs to work out too?
one side of abs is tightened than other wt may i do?????????
is oxycodone as in percocet the same oxycodone thats in oxycontin? if so whats the diff?
How can I cure pains in the sciatic nerve?
anyone that had or understand enough about laparoscopy surgery?
what are the cons of making the HPV vaccination mandatory?
how did AIDS start?
is fat burner pills good or bad??
I Get Painful Stomach and Intestinal/Abdominal Spasms! Help Appreciated?
Why does it hurt when I Pee?
hyperbaric oxygen treatment? Where are they in Texas?
Does Reiki work?
Is there anything I can do to stop this ringing in my ears ,short of cutting my head off?
how can some1 provide himself with LEPTIN? leptin is a hormone that controls the sense ofhunger and bodyweight
Why is it that as I age, I am so stiff the next day after I work out despite stretching and drinking H2O?
How do you look at someone and tell if they have a fever or not?
Can the human brain light up a city?
why is it necessary to wear a bra?if yes then wat type of bra shud i wear coz my breasts r too heavy?
how can you get rid of a cold?
Anxiety attack?
ADD or ADHD test online?
euthanasia debate ideas?
Give me some tips to reduce my tummy?
Will eating fruits the whole day and nothing and drinking water and going to the gym reduce my tummy andweight
Why does drinking soda pop dehydrate you rather than rehydrate you?
Can anybody be allergic to Okra (Lady finger)?
Why can my friend eat a LOT and still be underweight!?!?
Tummy Tuck?
what's the best diet or fast thing to do to get rid of fat?
What website do I find out what doctors accept Humana for my area?
How can I tell if my hand tingling & pain is from thorasic outlet or carpel tunell syndrome.?
How do you know if you have an ingrown toenail?
How many poppy seeds would you have to eat?
I am having pain in my wrist. Any idea what it could be?
When I wake up in the morning, my right foot feels like it is bruised or sprained. what could it be?
What can I do to stop burning & throbbing pains down the back of my right leg & calf?
i know what an mri is at the hospital,but what is an mra?
i think i have a pill lodged in my chest?
what would be the best way to help someone get off methadone?
I receive disabilty payments from The Hartford Group. Can I still get payments for diabetes and anxiety?
what does a 129 hemoglobin level mean?
i need info about diabetes?
Are Diabetes and hyperglycemia the same thing???
how is natural selection involved with hiv/aids?
women only plz?
How can you tell the difference between leukoplakia and oral candidiasis by inspection?
Eye Stye, ouch!?
Any Eye exercise that would help me improve my eyesight?
i need the website for a free diet that i do not have to but for?
do you think martial arts are cool?
Would eating carrots excessively increase your chance of weight gain/loss?
I stoped eating as much as i should for a while and i think i slowed my metabolism how can i get it back up?
have you ever taken Lexapro and if so how did it effect you?
If you were starving and had no access to food, would you begin to eat yourself?
When you lick a body part, about how many dead skin cells to you consume?
What types of foods stay in the stomach the longest?
Where do most people with herpes live?
Do all people in this world have STD's?
What works on superglue when you don't have a superglue solvent handy?
what are the symptoms of breast cancer?
Where can I find information on a Physical Therapy college???