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is this normal after fracturing a bone? serious answers only please! dont try guess!?
How Accurate is a HIV test after 60 days of exposure, Is Western blot test a better option?
what can i use to cure scabies? without going to the doctor.?
Does herpes reduce your life expectancy??
How do children get pnuemonia?
Free STD client in Brooklyn, NY?
What does it mean if you've have the hepatitus b vaccine and u get tested and it shows hepatitus antibodies?
Can Hivbe detected in other phsical examination blood tests?
what is the sentence for a man with aids that gives it to a minor?
Where are these muscles located 1. Longest Muscle 2. Smallest Muscle 3. Biggest Muscle?
Weight loss. You been at it?
ok i just found a baby tick on me but it was dead. So how long can it stay on a human before it dies??????????
How come some women just don't shave every day?
What's wrong with me?
What's the best way to pierce yourself?
what is decaf ? does it provide energy to body ?
Could dialysis be a treatment for people with Myasthenia Gravis?
Who can tell me about Lupus?
Having some pain and curious as to what is causing it?
How can I quickly get “Fresh” after a sweaty work out?
how can I lose weight fast without surgery or pills?
Are there any exercises to make your arm flab go away?
how do i loose 15 pounds in 30 days?
how long have you gone w/out eating?
Should my lower back hurt every time I do crunches?
i want to lose weight and put on muscle how do think i should do it?
How does a person inherit sickle cell disease??
Can rabies be transmitted to humans via mosquitos?
tick any one?
Is there a possibility of a situation where both parents may be carriers yet birth children who r all normal?
did the chicken pox will affect the menstrual cycle?
Can you get MRSA in the spine? Need as much info as possible!?
I just learned my son has Hep C. He is 21 and alcoholic. What will happen to him over time?
Does anybody know of any toddlers books explaining cancer and death?
smoking and lung cancer?
How common is the Gardasil vaccine givien today?? How long is it effective??
smoking and addictions?
How does a person with no money get funding for a biopsy in Maryland?
what happens if you get cervical cancer?
what is the best medication for back pains?
why am i getting tinngling pains on my skin. when i stretch even on my chest?
body dislocation question?
Do you have to have a fever in order to have strep throat?
need information about scabies?
Is HEPATITIS-C pretty much a slow death sentence?
what is CMV?
I posted a question before but was not clear...?
How long are cold sores infectious for?
How long do antibiotics stay in your system after your last dose?
What is the function of the seminal glands or vesicles?
Stand up MRI?
what is the best way to hide a bruise-or 2?
how do u know if ur wrist is broke?
Why is the herniated disc surgery costing $70,000?
can you bf show signs if i have a yest infection and what symptoms?
How can it be so hard?
Does anyone know which websites are good for information on the human papilloma virus HPV?????????????????????
increase height?
Long leather coats?
I have been cutting chillies. My fingers burn. Please suggest effective remedies.?
What can i do to reduce redness and swelling after injecting methamphetamine?
wat is lacsotive?
what are some jobs in geriatrics?
How much would "1mg Klonopin" sell for on the streets?
Anyone know of an alternative relief for pain of migraines?
2006 spa and skin care expos?
Why is the corpus luteum necessary?
Does anyone here have both HIV+ AND hepatitis C /?
What is the exact name of the gene and protein code for Alzheimer's Disease?
Hepititis C?
Can you get a disease or sick if you give a b.low j.ob?
is there any at home test?
Are there any exercises to strengthen, straighten my back?
How do I get big muscles?
Why do my ears hurt after a strenuous exercise?
What's wrong with me???
can i take hoodia diet pills after having bypass surgrey .?
how can u work out how much water you should drink for your weight?
What should be weight be and the right exercise...?
How do i get more muscles?
how do you lose weight from your face?
how much will having a blepharoplasty surgery cost?
Printable Medication Administration Flow Sheet?
what exactly happens when you turn your neck & get a severe sharp pain on that side of your head & neck?
why am i having stomach problems?
my heels are stinging?
my daughter is 5 years and she have flat feet.....?
how long does maryjuana stay in system with only 2-3 hits and the last time i smoked it was 5 years ago?
ear infection treatments?
can u get aids or hiv if u don't have it and your partner doesn't have it?
What is food poisoning?
What's the minimum temperature that will kill all pathogens?
what r my chances that i would have TB??
After you donate blood and...?
Stiff Neck?
Question about carpal tunnel surgery?
just for the record. i didn't mean i wanted all of the medications i said. just one!!!?
Does anyone have personal experience with laryngeal cancer?
are there oncologist doctors in charlotte , nc that specialize in lung cancer ? if yes please list them .?
Gastric ulcer and Barrett's Esophagus?
Know anyone cured from terminal cancer by Baba Ramdev/Divya Yog/Patanjali?
If someone had breast cancer...?
is mucos in the urine a symptom of bladder cancer?
Is it normal for biopsy results to take a week & 1/2 to come back?
protein spots on contacts?
Red eye won't go away. Why do I have this?
Walmarts New Price cut?
i have eyelid problems would wearing glasses help me?
how do u know if a guy has crabs?
The Human Papiloma Virus?
Are you familiar with Mrs. Gates recent comments?
Any studies/clinical trials on the (possible?) prophylactic effect of the NSAIDs on HIV infection?
what does it mean when my cat's bottom jaw shivers continuously?
What would drinking contaminated water do to you???
Question about thrush?
Can you get mrsa (staph infection) from herpes?
why is the pupil of the eye black?
how can strengthen the weak hands, and make the knees that are wobbiling firm?
What should i eat to get stronger bones?
what will be the effects of scoliosis in the long run?
Signs of concussion?
does proactive work for black people???
Is augmentin antibiotics suitable for my friend?
does anyone know what kind of eating habits causes aggression and agitation in autistic kids?
,My sis wants to know what to do about if she should,file for SIS and Disability.?
intestinal pain what should i drink?
what is the effect of drinking cold water after work out?
why are recommended dietary intakes for groups not individuals?
how many times do i hv 2 carry weights in d gym n how long must i do it?repetations?n iam 17 yrs old..help?
how to loose 10 kg in 6 weeks and look good?
I'm 5'5", 28 years old. What should I weigh to be slim but not skinny? :)?
how can i lose weight easily and free of charge?
what is the best way to flatten your stomach?
A new study says people are fat because of their genes. If so, why are people thin when young & fat when older
Which is the best brand in contact lens?
Are contact lenses ok? or is it safer to wear glasses?
I have to write a paper for school to convince someone, Would you prefer a to take a bath or a shower?
how would you know that you are lack of vitamins? Is it really essential?
Is it better to be real fat or real skinny?
how do i get rid of a headache?
Are vaccinations for MEASLES, MUMPS AND RIBELLA, (MMR) given the same day?
Which is worse? A week-long bad cold or a day-long bad stomach flu?
An ulcer or what?
is complex regional pain syndrome contagious?
Raising body's immunation.?
what are the major functions of the respiratory system?
what is a cold?
TURBURCULOSIS (TB) is it possible for someone to have a negative TB skin test one week?
quitting-& restarting...?
respiratory arrest, how long does it last?
Is it true that one cud get Herpes from a Bikini wax @ a Salon and or a swimming Pool inspite of the Chlorine?
how can you tell if someone has the ricket? answer asap?
AIDS/HIV statistics?
I broke my foot on the 23th of December?
Is it amazing that the stretch marks on my back randomly went away after 4 years?
Chicken Pox?
If I told you my company could produce all the world's e-coli supply for half the price, would you invest?
Is home water filters kills viruses and germs from tap water?
Sore throat?
how safe is hydrocodone bt ibuprofen?
I get this dull pain in my jaw and it lasts all day and night?
how would drinking a coke 4 hours before a cholesterol affect the results?
does anyone know about anything that helps fade stretch marks?
How do I know if a site is secure if there is nothing to prove it?
Anyone up for a late night binge?
Can anyone give me more information on reducing weight?
Hot dogs or Cheeseburgers what do you prefer?
how can she lose 5 kg in a week (plan)?
how do i loose body water and get more dry?
What can i do to keep my weght in balance becoz losing wait is a problem i've gained it since i was pragnent
Are you a breast cancer survivor?
i have a round shape object above my testis?
Success Rate for tratment of Non-Hodgekins Lymphoma? What is the stages and do people survive this?
what can cause your hands to shake?
What is Fibromyalgia? There has been alot of talk about it - what's the latest determination and is it REAL?
Has anyone ever gotten non-diabetic neuropathy from a medication? Should I stop taking that medication?
Is there medication for tinitus?
If someone says they have trouble hearing, what's the most common reason for it?
What is the adjective used to describe a person who can see close, but not far?
Which works better...diet or excercise?
What's with 18 hour bras?
How long does it take for Lyme Disease symptoms to appear?
fevered or fever?
Why are cold sores called cold sores?
If someone is sick with the flu, how long do germs live on stuff they've touched?
Whats this disease called?
I have chronic Sinusitis. My doctor mentioned sinus surgery. Has anyone had it and benefited from IT?
Can a CNA give vaccine injections or any kind of injections????
can i vaccinate my puppy if it could possibly be sick with hepatitis?
How do meningitis get in your system?
Health Related?
i have an upcoming dance rectial i need to lose about 15-20 pounds to fit in my costume?
please could someone tell me what the south beach diet is thanks lisa?
are you put to sleep during a knee tap?
Can a person damage their eyes by straining while weight lifting? I believe I heard of this along time ago?
watery eyes?
How much does optical surgery cost?
what's the trick to putting contact lenses in your eyes?
2 ptosis surgeries 2 chalazion surgeries 1 blepharoplasty need another ptosis and chalazion surgery ....?
any suggestions for bruising around the eye area after eye surgury.?
I had a tummy ache and still recovering what the best food/fruit/vegatables that are good for your tummy?
Pain in hands?
Werid sensation in knee?
Please help! I have a pain below my left rib cage that's not going away. What could it be?
I've heard depression can cause pains in the chest, is this true, and if so, why and what does it feel like?
what is the best method to cure pinched nerve in your neck to include your left and right shoulder?
i spend alot of time infront of computer,what is the right position so u will not have bones pains?
stiff jaw problem?
questions about restless leg syndrome?
does dialysis ever stop working?
why should women with sickle-cell be allowed to have abortions?
Anyone know what MS is???
is bronchitus contagous?
Can hepatitis C be spread from mother to baby?
Is anyone else obsessed with not getting Norovirus?
chicken pox?
Ecoli scare?
Any methods to remove a tatoo (small) at home??
Has anyone had plastic surgery done?
how can i get rid of my dandruff?
Help me please?
What are the side effects of using Meth?
what is mononucliosiss?
What is an easy and cheap way to get rid of ringworm?
Everytime I have a massage, the therapist goes on about "toxins" she has released from my muscles..true?
Leukemia survival rate?
I stopped my Thyroid med.s is that some side effects that I should be aware of ?
I have a PSA reading of 180. Can this be managed?. The cancer has moved to my bones.?
how can i boost my bodys immune system?
how can i lose weight fast and still beable to eat what i want?
how many red jellybeans do you eat easter morning?
How do you loose 20 lbs in 5 weeks ?
does not eating make you lose weight?
What do you think a good weight for me is?
i'm a vegetarian, i want to lose 80 pounds how can i do it? also can i have a response sent to my email?
what am i "supposed" to weigh?
Why so many herpes questions?
What is the legal age for a child in NSW Australia to see a doctor without an adult present?
Is there a probablity of contracting any STDs through massage/body to body rub?
How long can a person live with COPD if quitting smoking, eating right, exercising, taking meds. as prescribed
where is nebulizer placed in the ventilator tubing circuitry?
I had Endoscopic sinus surgery five days ago (on my maxillary sinuses), I've had neck pain since.?
where to get yellow fever vaccine in pomona ca?
If someone caught bubonic plague today, could doctors cure it?
Any stomach flu remedies?
how do I get my father transferred into the ICU departent of a hosptal if they have no available beds?
Is there an easy cure for Hepatitis B?
How can H. Pylori affect the sinuses?
can I get a Hepatitis shot again even when you already got one for A & B?
how long does it takes to diagnose a gall bladder inflamation?
can a person with hepatitis B work as a nurse?
what is the most harmful liver disease?
How to prevent HIV/ HepB from mothers who insist on breast feeding?
how long does it take Amoxicillin to leave your system?
can the flu vaccine cause neurapathy?
I just got a sharp pain in my stomach from drinking water??
I have pain going below my right outside ankle down to my foot, pain when standing on it...Help?
Just a fun question?
I have a really bad pain inside my left cheek. Anyone know what it is ? It hurts really bad!?
has anyone had this before?
omg the basketball sprained my finger ..?!?!?
Broken toe what should I do?
Lower back pain for a tall guy?
my friend just had surgery for a broken wrist?
Should I be worried about a tingling foot?
I accidently bit off part of my tongue and well it didnt bleed but well some is missing what do i do?
I have a swolen saliva gland what can i do?
Do you think if someone has an incurable STD-herpes, hepatitis, etc.-they should stick to a lover with same?
what are some symptoms of jock itch?
Question about yeast infection?
How can i stop having flu like issues without even having the flu.....?
Can a pregnant women get the hep b vaccine?
What do Microbiologists do?
need some advise?
Chances of getting the stomach flu?
What is the one germ hand sanitizer does not kill ?
Help! I've got onycholysis!?
how do you lose pounds fast?
I want to lose 40 pounds by August how can i do this.?
What are the downside problems with diet trends?
have anyone tried the special k diet... does it really work.. anyone have any diet recommendations?
can any one tell me any ways to lose weight when excercising and everything else you try isnt enough?
What's the best tasting, fat free dressing for a spinach salad?
How do I get rid of the fat roll under my bellybutton from having my kids????
What is the best exercise to decrease my waistline?
i have 4 injured discs in my back and 3 doctor im only 27 no one is coming up with solutions to fix it what do
I have a cold, nonstop runny nose, and a 99.5 little fever.I have a cello recital tomorrow......?
a drop in blood glucose will stimulate the secretion of this hormone?
if i get a fever because my wisdom teeth were comming out, is it possible to....?
Is there any surgeries or therapies for avian/bird flu?
Why do you think I spread infections, but don't often have symptoms?
Cartilage Piercing Infection....!?
food poisoning?
how long is food good for the a freezer and can you get sick from it if its in there too long?
I need help converting music files.?
contacts/ should i get them, cost, ur preference?
I am trying to figure out what my vision is? By this I mean 20/?. The sphere of my eye is 850.?
dad blind???me?
Not sure abou it....?
are there any new medications or home remedies for mouth ulcers?
how do you tell the difference between a heart attack and indigestion?
was does it mean to be hypotensive?
Why do I set off metal detectors? This happens even when I don't have keys, wallet or cell with me.?
Do you know a reputable hearing aid dealer in the Philadelphia, PA area?
I have what looks like 10-25 mosquito bites (maybe sunburn blisters) on chest. Should I seek MD attention?
Why do my eyes and ears bleed all the time?
what exactly is the bird flu and how will it affect us?
Wal Mart employee seeking advice?
Permanent Discomfort due to a past injury ? ( sprained ankle )?
How long does it take for a black eye to go away?
Is it possible for doctors to detect a concussion years after they have occured??
How tall of crutches should I get?
Can someone pass out from the pain of a black eye?
i get strange headaches can anyone help me?
What is the best treatment foa herniated disk?
Worried about the pain. Please give insight.?
Have you ever been, prescribed 3000 mg's. of Amoxicillon??? That is 1000'mgs., three times a day???
Why do I get these weird, sharp pains in my stomach sometimes?
Is hydrocodone or codeine available over the counter in England?
How to deal with low frequency hearing loss, are aids helpful?
what should i do to feel better if i have a cold?
Can you catch AIDS from using a liquid band-aid?
My son may have drank after a person who has viral meningitis what symptoms should I watch for?
Which shots should a 17 year old get in order to travel to Mexico?
what is mono?
how can i lose 30 pounds in 2 months?
why am i gaining weight when I've been working for 4 weeks?
calorie awarness?
i'm bolemic can u tell me what to do?
what can you tell me about AS (aspergers snydrome) ?
Help! Migraine pain relief, now! Head hurts, can't think. Need help now!?
What is the best mattress to purchase for people with back pain?
how to takecare of my skin in summer to have glow on my face and as well as for a better complexion?
how Can i prevent water retention?
I want to use a earing. Im a boy wich side do I have to perfor?
I have been diagnosed with COPD caused by, of all things, some kind of yeast growing in my lungs.?
Having trouble breathing - looked like I swallowed a walnut??
Blood taste in my throat?
Chest Pain?
what is the difference between a child having a fever and an adult having a fever?
Is Encephalitis infectious?
can the flu shot cause neuropathy?
My grandson broke out in chicken pox two days ago. How long before the spots begin to go?
Help!! Why is it takin so long to get a final diagnosis?
Are there any Health Insurance Providers/Policies that cover Homeopathic and/or Alternative Practitioners?
how can i get rid of sore eyes?
looking for solution to low good cholesterol...any one out there have any answer....ldl is very low?
negative effect of codiene phosphate on health?
give me a definition of "impaired skin integrity"?
How do you score weed in a new city?
should yahoo answers have a category for epilepsy?
Why do they lock gas station bathrooms?
Is taking a regimen of carefully tailored and timed amino acids useful in Parkinson's disease.?
howdo you get rid of pinworms without medication?
I am a 22 years old computer studies student. Right now, i am suffering from my neck pain.?
can prednisone cause temporary insanity?
is there a diseases that can spread by sharing the same drink as someone? is this disease rare or common?
I have dermatomyositis, is it considered as a disability?
My left ear makes a swooshing sound?
Numbness in hands/arms...?
Very important. Please help!?
i'ved had corpal tunnel before in one wrist, now i have it again! (in both wrists) need some help!?
What is the Medical terminology for a person who kills things to become what s/he kills?
What are the chances I will get stomach flu?
Do you think the Guardasil vaccine should be mandatory?
Rocephin followed by seizure: allergic reaction?
staph disease MRSA?
I'm dieing of hep C...I only have part A on my medicare card...?
I need help?
Please describe the symptoms of mardoditis, causes and treatment.?
What is the main idea of the Atkins diet? Describe the steps and how it works?
What is the most efficient way to lose weight gained by pregnancy?
how to get rid of streched skin from pregnancy or drastic weight loss?
Why sometimes when I run I feel pain under the rib cage - right side ?
how can u make knee cartliage and ligaments stronger?
what is the proper diatery hapits for hypertension client ?
OK so should i see a doctor?? here are my symptoms...?
Why does my leg hurt so much after sitting or laying down for a while?
Is there a new eye treatment/med called lupents?
Why legally sell cigarettes when they lead to your death?
What are the side effects if any of donating your plasma?
is it true you cannot mix loritabs with xanax?
fever without any other symptoms?
What types of infectious diseases do antibiotics cure?
Chicken pox?
I need to know something about chicken pox ??? plz help?
what happened to the flu season?
if you hit someone with a stungun and they have a pacemaker or heart condition, can it kill them?
Please help i have been smoking shisha(hookah)?
How does bacteria cause pain?
which animal are the reservoir of avian influenza virus?
cold sores?
Mouth ulcer question..... help!?
what causes toxoplasmosa?
Strep Throat?
grease burn?
Will NOT mixing flour , fat ,sugar help me loose weight?Like if a eat a big steak alone-not combining it with?
What is Dehydroepiandrosterone and is it safe for a woman to take??
Will the leg press or squats help me more with my jumping?
I have been exercising for 6 weeks now - I haven't lost any weight. Anybody else have the same problem??
is there a way ta lose up ta 50 pounds n 5 weeks??
Does 10,000 steps a day program really work for fitness and weight loss?
Has anyone else tried metabofuel 1000?
if you loose 40 pounds in 2 yrs is that slow?
Are scales always accurate?
eyeglasses online prescription help?
how do you fix a jammed finger quickley?
Bad Eyesight?
I'm 22 and have pretty bad astigmatism...is LASIK safe for me????
Help!!!! I am getting...?
Is there a good solution for getting rid of mouth ulcers or canker sores?
how many days does it take weed to get out your system?
Is hemp made from marijuna, Is it the same thing?
can you give me some advice regarding my painful shoulders ?
who has had an ankle fusion and can tell me something about it?
Herbal Medicines for Lung Cancer ?
Sharp pains when I breathe on my left side?
Do All Chiropractors Try To Rip You Off?
What medicine is best for an ear ache?
I have headaches where the pain is from my temples to my ears for no reason.?
Can I still raise children after two lower back surgeries and limited motion? Has anyone had a similar issue?
I have a bloated face after taking 6 days of 4mg steroids!?
Has anyone ever had their hair stop growing after a series of cortisone/steriod injections?
If all my joints are sore and inflammed what could it be?
my cousin has chicken pox - is it safe to go out shopping with her?
Can HIV attach itself to skin cells or muscle cells?
Is It a UTI or Something Else?
How to treat the flu.?
I have the flu =(?
How to make a home made heroin syringe?
a fever ........i need help?
Has anybody on here suffered ?
I need some help with my health project??
What are Normal figures for Diabetes before and 2 hours after dinner?
How can we find true happiness, while suffering with a painful disease?
how do you get a boyfriend?
Has anyone tried proactive solution? Does it really work?
i really need help with this..?
How thin is too thin and how fat is too fat on a women/man?
How do I look my age? I look way younger than I am! What do I do?
which place is best to date???
Advise on dealing on the bureaucracy of the Social Security Administration?
nostril problems!! help!!?
Nose problem, Breathing problem?
Mucus Problems?
Lump on head after hitting it for 3 weeks....?
I sprained my ankle like 2 weeks ago the swelling is gone, I didn't break anything but it still hurts?
Knee Pain - Meniscal Tear or Chondromalacia?
any information about operations od bones elongation ...?
how many carbohydrates do you burn from walking 1 mile?
what is the mineral intake of an adult?
Waht is the easiest and most effective form of exercising to get rid of jelly belly after having a baby?
How can I cut down on dust mites?
bare-knuckle fighting?
How much time it will take to loose 3 inches in my waist line?
how can she lose 10 kg in 14 days?
Is anyone else fed up of reading about everybody's obsession with women's weight??!?
Whatcha doin' girlfriend!?
Help! i think i have tentinutous!(not sure how to spell it)..?
Leg Problem....Advice needed please.?
Calling all doctors!need help with my eye!!?
What are the best excercises to strengthen your hamstrings?
How do I make my contacts less blurry?
how bad are my eye test scores??
What does it mean when your eyeball "jumps"?
Does anyone know if the quit smoking medication Champix (varenicline) is available in Australia?
How harmful is it for me if I live among active Ganja Smokers? What effects might it have on me? Lorna Nekhoba
what is prodnistre 5mg?
can I damage my daughter's health by giving her raw onion juice?
Severe Throat After Coughing?
what is so fun abt smoking? how many packets you need to get addicted?
Why do they call the hair curling thingy a permanent when it's only temporary?
Is it possible to lose fat in my belly only?What is the best way to get ab muscles?
how can i lose 15 kg in 1 month?
why does the camera put ten pounds on your figure?
What is a good way to lose weight naturally?
how can u lose weight and gain energy?
Have you ever done Weight Watchers? If so, did it work?
am always sleepy... how to overcome it?
At what age should my infant start eating baby food? And what foods should we start with?
How do I lose 80 pounds of unwanted fat the quickest and safest way?
did adam and methuselah and enoch and the other patriarchs really live as long as the Bible says they did?
Which method is best to lose weight?
Is there any treatment for migraine on earth?
how to lose weight?
can I lose 20 pounds safely in a few months?
Does Test Pure Shampoo show up on a drug test?
Is pranayam increases the blood pressure? if yes how?
what equipment for bench press?
Is there a way to lower your cholesterol naturally?
AIDS vs. other diseases?
how can we woo a teenage girl?
What came first disease or man...?
Help needed with chronic tendonitis! Please help, I need to know how to get rid of it for good!?
can one seek legal action when a doctor miss diagnose you with a heart problem?
What do I need to do before I go in for physical examination?
What do you know about gall bladder surgery and gall bladder flush?
OMFG HELP ME i smoked weed like 5 weeks ago?
how can someone with out health care insurance get help paying for an operation?
i run 3 miles a day. how many miles would i have to do on a bike to get the same workout?
Does it matter what time it is when you go to bed if...?
What are free radicals and what are the benefits of anti-oxidants?
The gym is closed fri, sat, sun for easter; what types of workouts should I do at home? got any ideas?
Which is a better workout video The Firm or Slim in Six?
let me know how can i boost my energy....??
loose weight?
What is the difference between hips and thighs? Which part of the body are the thighs and which are the hips?
What is the best fat burner you ever used?
What are your experiences from Snap Fitness?
Diet Pills?
Prevacid....has anyone had that prescribed to them for heartburn during pregnancy?
recurring trapped nerve in my back my Dr says there is nothing she can do about it?
Will removing your tonsils cure snoring?
My son's blood work came back abnormal (high lymphocytes, low hematicrit and hemoglobin) what could this mean?
can i get broncotitis from another person who is sick?
Whenever I cough I feel that hanging thing in my throat vibrating. What is this?
Why does blood oxygen monitor have to clip on finger?
How to cleanse your respitory system of all the gasses and fumes you inhale through the air?
If you wear Depends, how do you go swimming without anyone knowing ?
What's a good and effective way to clear up chest acne?
Why is yawning contigeous?
In which country the most beautiful girls are found?
have you ever?
How do you get rid of acne?
A man not C-sized more at risk at getting a STD?
why am i terrified of getting a blood test?
IF you have a cold sore, does it nessisarily mean you have oral herpes?
is there anything they can do for a broken rib?
Is sitting up straight good for your back?
What is a good Tea or herbal remedy to take while doing creative writing?
need to get healthy? not sure how?
how can i fast to lose weight fast?
Can chocolate be stored as tension in my shoulders?
does any1 have advice on great abs?
How Can I Loose Weight?
why do some boys always like skinny gurls?
I sometimes get these really bad fevers that leave me with really bad headaches what is the cause of this?
I am having severe abdominal pains in my lower left side and they come and go. What could this be?
no phone call to bother my high dollar doctor,i have a legal Rx for lortabs and soma what webb site should go?
What is taking Darvocet like ?
Do prescirption pain pills show with a drug test?
what could be causing my girl to have tingling and numbness in her hands and feet. could it be stress??
im always coughing and mucus is in there too...all the time. do i have bronchitis or something??
answers for asthma???
what are the affects of playing with large amounts of Mercury as a child on an adult life?
What did I do to my knee? Thank you for your answers?
doctors please help?
yellow toe?
Nerve pain, stuffy nose?
How should I do my hair today?
what is the only part of your eye that grows?
Does anybody know a TV channel about the surgery or medicine??
What is the best deodrant to use to stop sweat under the arms?
How to treat a 7 month old infant excessive dry skin?
Why do we get hiccups? And can we cure them? (Can't--hiccup--stop--hiccup--hiccupping…
i got a lip herpes.i got one 2 months ago.these are not the first in my life.but i think this is too often!?
HIV question?
Theres a rumour that the cure for AIDS has been found is it true?And if so where and how?
How long dose it take for you to know if you caught a STD from some one. Do the signs show up right away?
Toric contact lense question.?
Can vintage prescription sunglasses be made into non-prescription sunglasses? I really love their color!?
Contacts to correct near sightedness?
is lasik eye surgery a reputable highly rated procedure?
how not to get viral keratitis again ?
What do you do in a contact lense consultation?
why is my right eye so much weaker than my left eye?
eye contacts?
Calorie intake?
What is a good supplement or supplments to take if I'm working out and trying to gain muscle and lose weight?
Does anyone have a good work out schedule?
Funny/irritating things in the gym.......?
How can I increase my protein levels w/o eating meat?
diet plans for 14 year olds that are kinda overweight.?
Does anyone know any good diets, or better ways to control food intake?
same pain over n over again...?
Who knows anything about hip replacements Mine was done by an idiot. What should I look for next time?
What happened to my big toe?
Can anyone tell me how to remove a scar after surgery?
How do I convince my friend to go get her hand checked out for a fracture in her carpal bones?
bone bruise cause knee to give out and pop?
What does it mean when we say a hematoma is healed? How can we be sure?
What does a homeopathic do exactly?
What's the best way to get rid of a caffeine-withdrawal headache (besides drinking more caffeine)?
Im soked weed for the first time in 2 months on Sat?
Where do I train in acupuncture in UK?
Have you ever heard of ear candles or coning?
home remedy for migraine headaches or web site for this?
Why cant these online pharmacy's ship Non Narcotic Medications to AR, AZ, FL, IA, KY, MO, MT, NV, TX, VA?
do you think i might have asthma??
Can emphysema cause LUNG CANCER?
Herpres but never had an outbreak?? confused??
how do you get rib of crabs?
is fingering good?
my best mates boyfriend was using meth(crystals) for years and has been clean for a year now but shes unsure?
Cure or not a cure???
Is excessive Burping dangerous?
what r the differnt types of blood types?
why do we get allergies?
how long does it take the heart to return to normal after exercise?
how did hunger in africa start?
does drinking vinegar help increase flexibility?
When recruiting Physicians, what is the easiest way to get past a receptionist and speak to the doctor?
My daugther may be a little under weight, what would you say the average weight should be of a 12 year old?
Effectiveness of raw food diet?
what is the name of the face exerciser that you saw on QVC?
what is the easist way to loose weight?
i am 17 yrs old and 6'1-6'2 and i weigh 250 should i go on a diet?
wot does somking do to the human body?
When do Chinese usually take a bath?
who makes head on headach relief that you see on tv?
Anyone else allergic to fragrances ?
How long after gallbladder surgery can I start exercising?
My pastor had his gallbladder removed.during the surgery the doctor nipped his bowel, is this life threating?
how do you cure a runny nose and sore throat?
I have an ear ache?
I got punched in the forehead, the goose egg has been there 3 years. How to get rid of it, or make it smaller?
Is there still a way to prevent slouching even if im in my late 40s? What should i do?
Can you still be treated for a Workman's comp injury if you have been laid off from the company?
Knee problem?
Would you start dating someone who was HIV positive?
Can AIDS mother get free AIDS baby ?
I get terrible cravings for junk food at night. How can I stop this?
i am about 5'3' and weigh 104.5 do un think i should go on a diet?
I've been working out but nothing's changed. Tips?
Help me help my daughter?
I recently have purchased the Ab Lounger, but havent set it up yet, anyone has it and does it work?
Can vegetables think? No... really...?
Can I loose weight like this?
Is it normal for eyes to get lighter in color?
Contact Lens wear and veins in eyes?
I had Lasik 3 days ago and still have hazy vision - has anyone had this problem?
On 1800contacts.com, when ordering what does BC mean?
Very Important Contact Lense Question. Please help!!!?
I have very dry eyes and astigmatism. I just got contacts and want to wear them, but I can't find a good kind.
Along with Urine Therapy can one continue taking medication?
What are the Pros and Cons to SMOKING Marijuana?
How do I detox off of oxycontin?
I have huge pores on my calves, can anyone help?
how do you get rid of parasites (thread worms)?
Help! Has anyone used a fleet enema before?
I have fibromyalgia, and my wife is less understanding than my employer about it.?
what makes my heart rate faster books or video games?
Would taking antipsychotic medications, antidepressants and getting Risperdal-consta injection shorten my life
My granddaughter was treated for head lice by a Dr. but how do i get the eggs out?
is there anyone that shares my fears?
Does it mean that the ear drum is completely broken if air comes out when you blow your nose?
can you get brain damaged by getting static shocked?
Off duty Injured Fire Fighter, town Doctor wants access to my medical records or he will not see me?
Muscle strain, or pull?
My knee cap hurts when on stairs, I did squats on the day before. did it cause it?
some blood in the mucus i coughed out?
what are the two newest respiratory medications to be marketed?
whats BC? here in Egypt we say kilos we say i weight ...... kilos so what is BC? how is tha in kilos?
what s lbc i was asked about my weight in lbc ? what is that? all i know is in kilos so many lbc is kilo ?
Have you ever or do you know smeone that has used diet pills?
What's it like working at Curves?
What's a simple but effective ab workout that can be done at one's home?
i'm courious about how hyptnotism works and how hard it is to learn?
Do you take Methotrexate for arthritis?
Question about Vacutainer Needles?
How come your stomach dose not feel cold but but does feel heat??
I have had a headache for a month now..?
how long is the life expectancy of a HIV positive african american male that is not taking his medication?
How are you tested for Hepatitis c?
How accurate are STD tests that take blood and urine samples to provide results? I set up one through tstd.com
HPV help please explain this to me???????????????
Is a urine test the best way to diagnose chlamydia?
Anyone know how and where to gently grip shoulders and hold for 10-20 seconds and all tension releases?
Nerve pain?
arthritis HELP.?
Protien Supplements for after gastric bypass?
whats a easy way to get my chest and stomach tight without using any medicines or weights?
does anyone spill their yougart when they eat ?
diet questions?
Is it true that a nap after lunch increases ur tummy size?If yes ..why is it so?
Im starting to count calories ?
What would cause numbness, tingling and swelling in both hands with no pain.?
how much does a MRI cost on the wrist?
I had a spinal tap over 2 months ago. Each time I bend or sit, I get burning pain at the site. Anyone else?
How does blood become a scab?
I need to lose weight?
Any ideas on good exercises to tone lower abs?
How does a too skinny person gain weight- othere than eating like a pig?
How do you begin training for a marathon?
whats a good diet for losing weight with in a month?
how do you lose weight in your stomach and thigs??help me please i am 5"6' and i weight 130lbs.?
for guys: is skinny hot or is "curvy hot"?
i would like to find a devilbiss nebulizer compressor model #6710?
It is very humid out today am I am having trouble breathing would using my inhaler help me out?
my friend just found out he has asthma what can i do to help him?
Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer?
Who's a girl that is not a teenager yet can talk to a 9 year old?
how do i get to work on a ambulance?
how to get rid of a sty in your eye?
What do I do to get healthier & stronger Nails?
side effects of hairdye?
I need pill ID, small, round, orange, imprint s 821?
Explain full process of lip reduction/augmentation.What are side effects?Cost of this process.?
I am going through a really hard depression and I take it out on my feet and toes what can I do?
i am recieving workman's comp and now I have to have surgery can someone give me advice as what to do?
Have a chipped a bone?
fell at work,dislocated my coccyx,possibly fractured...SEVERE pain after 1 week. when will i be well enough to
Eye problem?
What happened?
I have big puff bags under my eyes everyday what can i do to make them go away?
Do cleaners work for hair folicle tests?
Should adults take a Colostrom supplement?
what happen when you go to the docter and he now you have a busted ear drum do the give you pill or what .?
How do you feel comfortable talking to your doc?
belly fat won't go away, got a solution?
I wanna lose weight FAST!!!!?
Will exercise help to get rid of cellulite?
What exercises can I do to lift my tush??
how do get rid of Belle fat?
Detoxing your body?
Am 31/86 kilos/always depressed.Am turning into a compulsive eater.Wanna lose appetite & weight.Hate excerises
What can u suggest because my metabolism is so slow...?
What do you think about gastric bypass surgery if all other diets have failed?
If you or your partner have herpes,and you conceve, will your baby get it too?
How many STD's do you have?
after you get a pap smear, do you have to call the doc back fo r the results or do they call you?
Im having an itchy skin. it is now five days ever since it started, what could l be suffering from?
i wake up every day with a great pain in my kidney and my tummy ,Any body knows what's that !?
I have been having weird vision problem...?
Can I just buy over the counter reading glasses instead of filling my glasses rx?
Where can I buy Elegance Opaque contact lenses?
sore eyes problem?
If you are colorblind and the two colors you can't differentiate between are next to each other, can you tell
the different methods of non-smoking aids?
What is a instant cure for dry cracked heals. I tried a sanding stone for feet .?
why people can be so fat ?
How much a knee x ray cost?
Whats the maximum dose of Tylenol Extra Strength - 500mg Tables I can take?
Can't sleep. Anyone know whats wrong?
Had wart removed/ frozen off... hours later still in excruciating pain. Please help?
Ouch I Pulled my Hamstring!?
Is better to go back to gym after 2 days if you muscles are still sore or should wait for recovery ?
Can you help me?
cut deep......................?
so cold, how do you know?
Any advice on dieting?
are there long term effects from using whey protein?
anyone know of any easy ab exercises.....?
What do you do if you had a question removed that you didn't think was inappropriate?
How can you loose weight without doing something dumb to harm yourself?
Is it bad to have pasta salad for breakfast?
how much does a treadmill cost in indian ruppees?
what are the good slimmin gels that are available in the market today?
What is PCP???
How long do Cigarrette withdrawal symptoms last?
can nasal congestion in children be cured?
My friend snores deeply while asleep and really disturbs. Does anyone out there have an idea what tos do?
is 152 fat?? iam that weight...?
What foods contain calcuim oxalate monohydrate and what foods do not contain calcuim oxalate monohydrate?
I'm so STRESSED, what should I do?
bones are cracking!?
SICK how do i get healthy with out medication?
STD testing?
Hiv Testing?
who is the best bodybilder of all time?
Any tips for healthy eating and after school snacks?
what is a good way to gain muscles i want them in about 2 weeks?
does tae boe really work?
How do i keep my leg muscles strong and muscular with a harsh hamstring pull from soccer? I cannot run or jog.
How to save your ACL and Miniscus?
How do I treat a hamstring pull?
Rings turning skin dark colored.?
My eye hurts?
What should I do about a broken big toe?
Sleeping Hands?
Have you ever used honey to heal a cut or sore?
How can I get my sprained ankle healed when I have to walk on it every day?
How did you get rid of fat around your knees?
Can I lose 6kg in a month?
what do you think of people over 300 lbs?
How do i work out successfully with only my body weight?
where do I buy a tapeworm to lose weight?
What is the fastest/easiest way loss my stomach fat?
what is a good way to lose 10 lb. of body fat fast but safe.?
how long does it take to lose a stone if you only eat 1 bowl of cerial a day?
how to stop hi ups?
Iask to exportet of best herbal madicin co of the World?
Are there any herbal or natural remedies for computer caused neck pain at the nape ?
Why can't the AMA work with tobacco farmers to grow medicinal crops to replace tobacco rather than declare war
Who's going to the Pink Floyd concert that's going to be at the Hollywood bowl?
local places to find the ECP pill?
What the heck is Syphilis?! (sorry if spelling isn't right.)?
um I'm really scared here! Cos I've just found out about all those diseases and I recentley shaved my legs w..
could a gyno tell you if you have hiv?
i no a guy who has HIV & I think i got the HIV from him & i donn't no about that, what should i do?
what does the forced expiratory flow in one second/forced vital capacity ratio represent?
when i yawn my jaw locks up why????
Would you rather have a Root Canal or a Colonoscopy?
I have Bloody Stools?
does taking a bath every night has an effect on our eye sight?
Why do i sweat in my sleep? Is it linked to diabetes?
Lactose Intolerance?
Entry into Armed forces after LASIK / PRK surgery? Can it be medically detected if it was done?
where can i buy dry powder shampoo for hair?
I have lots of hair on my head but it keeps breaking making it impossible to achieve long hair, what can i do?
Whats a good exercise to do at home other than the sit ups for my abbs???
ok now i gots to ask if it hurts really bad to get ur navel peirced?
is it bad for your eyes to wash your face when your tired?
Toddler eye excercises for Strabismus?
Does anyone have a tattoo on their toe? and has it blurred by shoe/sock chaffing?
If your not supposed to put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear...?
Best way to lose a belly?
What are the arguments supporting ballistic stretching?
How can I stay fit for free?
how many calories do you have to lose to lose one pound?
How can i get taller - FAST!!!?
what is the best way to lose weight in your stomach and hips to look good in a bikini within a month?
i think my 14 year old daughter wants to go anorexix IM FREAKING OUT what do i do first?
I need to ask a few questions on helping me lose weight and get toned.?
Mind or reality?
where can i get free health insurance?
left rib feels swollen slightly?
My husband has a stent in his heart and due to a shoulder injury they want an MRI is this safe?
I had a surgery 6 years ago because I had a cyst in my heand?
I've heard of water in the knee. Is it possible to have water in the elbow?
i need a good diet plan that i can control (what should i eat) no pills?
Any Advice for Love Handles and Inner Thighs?
anyone have a healthy diet plan that will help lose weight moderatly and safely that they can share with me?
how do people actually loose weight?
how to gain weight by vegetarian north indian diet. any diet plan suggested.?
are apples healthy?
why am i not hungry for days at a time and dont eat because im not hungry?
what is the best way to reduce my body weight?
Pain under my knee cap?
What is the easiest way to loose weight before your wedding? My wedding is in a month?
is it possible to lose 33 kg within 5 months?
is it possible that drinking a lot of water to avoid us from eating a lot makes us fat?
how can i lose my upper ubdomainal fat?not my tummy it is the upper area?
Sweet potato?
what is the best weightloss pill on the market for energy and to curb cravings?
What can I do for a pulled muscle? I need to be able to run again in two days.?
do you think that many teenage girls can bench press 70lbs, or more?
pls, how do i overcome my addict for food?
Can you get the mumps twice?
i have alot of these tiny whiteheads on my face, how can i get rid of them?
any suggestions for getting rid of acid refux without using medicine???
How can I curb my pre-menstrual cravings?
What do you call people that can't smell?
What hurts more Giving Birth or having constipation with bad hemorrhoid.?
Do people with Mullets realize that they look ridiculous?
I got a tatto done about 3 months back, I want to remove it now!!Anyway i can remove it myself? pls helpppp!!?
the other day i felt like there was a boogar in nose then i made it bleed help?
I fell of a horse into a standard hitting my knee, any suggestions as to what I did to it?
What to do about this bruise?
what is the treatment for subacromial subdeltoid bursitis?
will fentanyl show up in a drug screen?
i have heard that there is a medical prescription for people with a methamphetamine addiction true or false?
Alternative treatment for Vertigo?
Ashwagandha Extract and it's uses?
Does anyone know how to use a neti pot?
Any opinions on I Quit Smoking USA Incorporated in Fort Lauderdale, FL?
anyone know???
help me plz?
why do we get freckles as we age?
Is there anything to reduce pressure in eyes?
What would happen if i took "the pill" on a regular basis?
excessive sweating problem , what are the causes and possible cures or treatments?
how can i grow more than 5 feet and 4 inch?
So any ideas on good foods to eat if i have the following conditions?
what does A1-C level in diabetes stand for?
Why does my foot kep breaking?? Doctors help?
how loose extra wieght after a low calorie diet?
Best way to lose 1 dress size in 3 weeks - specific diet and exercise Rx?
loosing weight ??
what kind of exercise you do to boost your stamina and endurance?
does hoodia supplements really help dieters?
How can one reduse its big stomoch(belly)?
has anyone tried hypnotherapy to lose weight?
what should i do?
pain on the hip?
How long does a pelvic fracture take to heal? What can I do to keep him entertained while in the chair?
Due To Pain I am Treating Others Poorly?
I woke yesterday with terrible left arm pain took ibuprofen and last night applied heat - today it's worse?
Knee Question?
"knee workouts"?
do we have to be??
do you think that the strongest 11 year old girl in he world would be stronger than a weak adult male?
Do you think it's possible to lose 7lbs a week ? and be healthy?
my weight is 87 kg .any way of reducing it without food dieting please help?
Where is a good place to get a massage and body wrap near memphis?
Weight Loss?
Exercise ? asap?
Am I overweight 2?
is it dangerous to drink too much green tea?
HIV questions???
Can you get herpes sores on other parts of your body?like you legs?
yeast infection?
what does bedrest mean?
what should I do to get my baby to gain more weight and she's only 2yrs.old and weight only 22lbs.?
What is a healthy/normal discrepancy in pre-birth weights of twins?
how long does it takes for CORNS on FEET to go away.?
How long does alchohol stay in your system?
im thirteen.. can it b possible that i have stopped growing taller?
Has constipation ever made you feel like a walking time bomb?
Sanitary belt article - getting popular again?
How do I find out how many calories I should eat to lose weight?
besides "setting goals", what are great ways to motivate yourself to workout?
If i run 2 miles 3-4 times a week, how long before i lose weight?
what's an average weekly amount of cardio for a fit lifestyle?
does anyone here know a famous person with an ED (eating disorder)?
am i fat shod i go on diet?
where can i order EPH200?
I weigh about 110 pounds and I am about 13 years old but i have done many sports and hiking..is this too much?
What you gon' do with all that junk? All that junk inside your trunk?
does calcium help broken bones heal?
Twisted ankle 6 months ago. Still swollen a little?
Knee Cap Popping out of Join.?
Why does my eye tear when i laugh??
Wat Happens When I Hurt My Back PLEASE HELP!?
Wrist Different?
what is the english equivalent of hindi "dakaar" ?
umm...growth question??
Do you know how to give C.P.R?
What happens to your shin when you get sunburnt?
how can you determine that the insect bites your getting are bed bug bites?
How does a glucosamine dietary supplement slow the progression of osteoarthritis?
Cause of persistant headache for about 2 months?
My hand hurts where the finger attaches to the actual hand...why?
help for broken heart?
what are these pills?
Is there a muscle relaxer out there that's safe for people with low blood pressure?
After a night of drinking my hangover consists of lethargy...and a sore left arm?
can you please give me all the generic names for valium 10's?
What kind of license do you need to be a masseuse?
how do i find financial aid to go to massage therapy school?
the aged and chelation therapy?
Why is my computer screen blurry when I wear my contact lenses?
Provision preminum or acuvue contact lens?
Eye doctors: Do eyes produce extra tears when you wear contacts?
Why do short sighted people see things clearly close up and blurry far away?
What is the main reason people get STDs?
Other than HIV/AIDS, what STD's lower life expectancy??
How can i tell the difference?
What's the easiest and quickest way to get the summer body I want?
How do you get rid of loose skin after a lot of weight loss?
i just want to know how some people eat huge and till remain slim? and also about body metabolism?
what would you do if this were your situation....?
Does drinking alcohol make your face fatter?
Bruce Lee's 2 finger push up?
Does someone know what are the side effects of having laser hair removal?, if any?
I can't get the contact to stick in my eye. Yes my finger is dry. Do different brands behave differently?
High off ADD or depression meds?
Why do people get styes in our eyes?
how to increase the memory of our brain?
lower back problems?
What can I do about my pain?
sprained ankle?
broken humorous bone, age 58, orthep't put n sling which I wore 4 sev'l wks & did the exercises he?
can ur cartilage be swollen?
What is a mass in a muscle at the site of an old injury called?
Bad fist in kumite, now my thumb is sore, what can i do?
How To Get Lower Abs And What To Eat For Increasing The Abs Size ?
im recovering from foot surgery, what's a good form of cardio to do in order to maintain weight?
Does protein help with weightloss?
how can i gain weight?
Walking or Jazzercise?
how to do a protein diet?
what types of food give energy?
I need an online support group for cluster headache sufferers.?
I've been having a problem with extreme nasuea.?
please answer?
why is it important to exercise both muscles in a muscle pair equally when exercising?
Are there any efficient diet pills to help reduce tummy fat?
what diet pills are okay for someone with high blood pressure?
what is the best energy pill?
how to loose fat under your chin?
Ligament sprain/ tear?
Is visine good for eye muscle strains?
what is good to help a sore lower back muscle?
okay, do severe eye muscle strains cause eyes to look kinda cross eyes, will they ever heal and look normal, a
Help with possible malpractice.. maybe?
What are otic drops?
On what basis and evidence does a person believe that a fetus (baby) is not a person?
Why do we lose our sense of taste when we get a cold?
can you spread poison ivy to other people you come in contact with?
Does anyone know of natural appetite stimulants?
What chemical is the refrigerant in an undercounter refrigerator?
what about this vitamin? http://www.dontforgettotakeyourvitamins.com/wattsiii7342?
Anyone know where to get any prescriptions pills (online/locally)?
Whats the the name of the drug that can make you sleep instantly?
cabbage juice and stomach alilments...a wonder drug>?
Are you aware of Ayurveda?
Any good suggestions for treating Tennis Elbow?
What are the best correspondence courses to take in natural/alternative medicine?
How do you cure reacurring insomnia?
which is the most effective chemical used to commit suicide and where would u find it?
pleaz only girls read.?