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What is it about Vicodin that makes it feel so great?
back pain.what can help?
Woke up and my wrist started hurting?
I get pains in my head like really weird ones and i dont know what it is they came from nowhere all of a suden
thanks for answering my last question about raw pork/scented oil ...follow-up will purell work?
I had a flu shot but I got the flu a month later?
C-Diff - Length of Infec?
What is schistosomiasis?
Who has started preparing for Bird Flu?
what dose hiv look like?
How can I get some rest tonight?
does anyone know any websites that have pictures of herpies?
can 3 doctors miss diagnosing herpes?
Does Medicaid???
Who was B.J. Palmer?
Where do you find organic noni fruit?
Ambien Meds?
any one out there has tried chiropractic for slip disc problem?
what component or chemical can give an antiinflammatory property?
i can not straighten my pinky because of scar tissue can i get the scar tissue remove so i can straighten?
Should we consider blood groups while marrying? If yes whats the correct combinations?
What is the best way to gather customers if you work from home?
rest or train?
Is it true that I should not drink grapefruit juice nor eat grapefruits if I take blood-pressure tablets?
in my backgarden i have a realy big piolon, with lots off phone masts, and others,is me or my son in danger?
I am always so tired when I eat ------- Does any one mite know what to do.?
Is blood pressure normally higher at night while sleeping??
has my daughter got thyroid cancer?
medical condition curved spine in adolescent?
Talk to me about non-small cell lung carcinoma?
how do they test to see if you have N H L?
Ongoing Thrush - HIV? Healthy 30 year old male- what do i do?
When a body is fighting off infection ?
Hepatitis C Antibody Test?
Mono and symptoms???
What happened to the bird flu?
what is Asymptomatic?
my boyfriend traveled out of the country and got married to white woman.what can i do about this?Vanessa?
are there any tricks to making your chest really strong really fast?
People say that I'm skinny(105 for 11 years )but I don't believe them.How do I lose weight when I love to eat?
what is proper weight &/or body mass for 69" 52yr female?
What is the economic impact of obesity?
why is water so good for you?
question: 6'2 270 pounds wants to lose 60 pounds any good exercise routine to do he has a fitness membership
What is the best way to get better abdominal muscles?
what are the good things and bad things of marijunna?
I quit smoking 2-3 weeks ago. How long until i start to feel better?
what is the average height of an american 14 year old male?[according to trusted and correct sources please].?
Sharp pains in lower back????
My dad got brain surgery 7 months ago.. but he had a convulsion and doctors decided ...?
If any Dr. please answer me ?My legs(bones) are paining badly specialy in night times.?
Can I give blood or plasma if I am PPD positive?
Has anyone ever had a positive PPD reading?
best way to treat bronchitis?
What could cause mediastinal lymph node swelling besides lymphoma or sarcoidosis?
a prescription for cough syrup and the spelling begins: nov?
What causes fast pulse?
dislocated knee cap?
tongue piercing..will it hurt?
Acupressure for arthritis?
back pain? could it be a herniated disc?
25, Male surfferin from disc prolapse L4-5. traction failed, can some one tell me about spinal decompression?
How do chimps cope with backpain?
what are some ways to help with flu symptoms?
where to get a needle?
Who discovered the vaccine for the poliovirus? (Oral and vaccination)?
lyme disease?
hepatitis b?
I have had extreme fatigue, headache and nausea.?
injury to leg... have a swollen knot on leg... how long will that last?
Blisters on ankles?
I was kicked in the shin during a soccer game 5 years ago...?
Iliotibial Band Syndrome???
How long does it take for a black eye to go down and what can i do to make it faster?
my throat.. it hurts when i swallow anything. and when i talk..?
What should a man who is 5’10” medium frame weigh and why?
i need instructions for the ab lounge sport exercise?
For fitness trainers or those who actually know?
inner thigh fat, ew...?
what's the cornflakes diet?
my daughter... IMPORTANT?
Can you develop neck problems from running? What's actually happening?
What are the diseases caused by the Schistosoma species?
can i know if i have hiv prior to 3 months?
what is the meaning of e.histolytica?
Hepatitis C Test?
1 year old with Fever for 1 1/2 weeks?
What is the easy way to reduce/clear stomach gas.?
Does anyone know what Biochemistry is all about?
Do you know anyone whose life has been improved radically by receiving chiropractic treatment?
who knows about the supplements chromium, green tea extract and calcium and how they help weight loss?
Are pomegranates an aphrodisiac?
How do I get over the death of my dear great great aunt, due to a type of woman cancer?
Do you think I can still?
Radical nephrectomy has been done 9months ago for my right kidney what tests need be done to rule out cancer
lymphatic system is also refered to what?
My lymph nodes have gone crazy!?
I have a pain on my diaphram, whats the best thing to do?
I think I have a sand in my kiddney. Is it curable?
Is pork MEDICALLY proven to be unhealthy?
what does it mean when you are told you have a mild extrahepatic ductal estasia?
if im 15 and still an a-cup ,(im not underweight)does that mean somethings wrong with me?
Bruised Sternum?
hurt ankle help please!?
What does it meen to be sotomized?
breaking your leg?
making own saline?
help me doctors and nurses only pls!!?
What are the risk of predisone steroids for children?
lamina propria?
In Regards to my question dealing with horrible back pain and other issues?
Does alcohol make the medicine you are taking not work for like say, strep throat?
What type of (eye)doctor treats astigmatism?
can you donate blood if you have herpes simplex 2?
What do you do for intestinal flu to feel better?
Is tamiflu safe? How do you know?
Can you have the Hepatitis antibody and never get the virus?
post gall bladder removal?
what is an alternative the insulin i take is not carrying insulin thru the mussles.?
Fleshy mass growing behind the optic nerve-not malignant or a tumor. Does anyone know of a similar case?
Any one know what to do about extremely itchy rash caused by diabetes?
How can I stay asleep the whole night?
Does lantus have a sliding scale?
herpes type 1?
what is the difference between cold sore and the oral herpes virus?
How can I lose tummy fat the fastest and get a flat stomach?
Could I be allergic to "maltitol?"?
Where are new pathogens coming from?
Hey,what is the perfect cure for urinary tract infection?
where can i get a penicillin shot?
i went to work at a hospital and they started the hep 3 part vac, i quit , never received the third. any harm?
Website for doctors to make diagnosis- do you remember the name?
i have bites all over my body from my feet to my hands they aren't on my head but they itch and are red?
Does Claratin Mess You Up?
How can you be allergic to pants?
When I eat apples & cherries I get a sensation near my temples. What could be causing this? Am I allergic?
chromium picosomething? (picolante maybe) promote weight loss or gain?
what are fods that will help lower blood pressure?
natural/ herbal remedies?
Where can I get this chinese med? Zhennaoning Jiaonang?
What is the meaning of STSG?
my right ankle has been hurting since 5th grade (now 8th) what i wrong with it?
what is the effect if you were hit by a ball at your back??
If I broke my wrist?
Flip flops......?
I have developed a seizure disorder, could use some advice?
I do urine very often. I have no sugar. Had visited couple of different urologist...no help...any input?
How do i get taller and stay skinny?
how can i get rid of zips?
has anyone used proactive? does it work? if not, what else does work?
Chewing gum makes me suffocate..what could this be?
what is sxe?
does anyone know what viral meningitis or bacterial l meningitis is ??
how do u treat measles?
What class is the SARS coronavirus?
what are the causes of urinary tract infection?
E coli in urine test?
why does leptospirosis cases are usually in tropical places?
Does anyone really know?
Does anybody take neupogen injections? what are the worst side effects ?
Why are Chemo & radiation the only treatments for Cancer approved by FDA in the last 30-40 years?
does anyone know?
My dad had prostate cancer 5 years ago, and although it was agressive, they completely removed it...?
Does Eatna Medicare cover sleep apnea machines?
Pneumonia question for all doctors and nurses?
Anybody know if it's okay to take Claritin and take Benadryl in the same 24 hr period?
breathing problems?
I have some sort of cold flu thing all in my head and chest , cant breath , thinking its broncitis?? scared ,
What kind of job deals with the digestive system?
what is a treatment that works for canker sores?
diagnosis code 999.0 is this a valid code?
will less salt intake reduces blood pressure?
why do our bodies change as we get older?
has anyone ever woke up and felt tingling in their fingertip. I don't know what the problem is can anyone help
Blistered tattoo???
are ephergine tablets a good thing to take to help loose weight?
how can i make my waist smaller and get rid of belly fat?
How can I loose 10 pounds in one month?
What is a easy recipe for a natural cleanse I can make at home?
questions about syphillis.?
7th Hernia Surgery. Need Advice Please. Work Comp.?
I tore my ACL what's some good advice?
ear infection?
Ankle Sprain Help?
If a person has hepatitis c and has not taken any medication for this.(just found out 2 weeks ago)?
what is mad cow disease is there mad pig disease and stuff to?
what are the symptoms of meningitis?
what does salmonella do to the human body?
i got an UTI, i've seen a doctor and he gave me antibiotics. How long does it take to be completely gone?
what is neurometabolic disease?
I woke up one morning and my face (mostly left side) was extremely swollen and red .?
what is the poisen in a bee sting that people are allergic to and can you buy it in the chemists?
why we experience nose bleeding?
Beer Allergy?
what can you take for allergies related to humidity?
how do I escape malarial attack in Nigeria and Kaduna state?
i had a blood transfussion in 1977 and found out recently i have hep c they can not treat it had it to long?
Why does one get chicken Pox in their Adulthood ?
How much could you get paid if you had a vaccine for the common cold?
How do you know if you have appendicitis or a ruptured appendix?
What is it when you cant feel?
I had Bell's Palsy about 8 years ago...can I ever get it again? Or do I now have anti-bodies/immunity?
Can I be smelling natural gas without a gas leak nearby?
Can adults be diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, or hyperactivity?
Has anybody tried Prolotherapy?
where can i learn hypnotesim on net?
I am an obese person. I want to reduce weight. But I cant resist food also. What sholud I do?
what kind of new diet pills on the market and how do they rate for being effective??
what is the best way to lose weight?
Does green tea promote weight loss?
I have really large leg muscles and i was wondering if there is a way to make them smaller?
Does anyone have some good weight loss tips?
do olive oil had any side effect over new born bay if it is applied to his/her body as a massage oil..?
I have a bad sunburn from the tanning bed. How do i get rid of it in less than 2 days for prom???
Why blood does not coagulate when collected to be stored & why the HIV virus does not die in such stored blood
Grave's Disease?
is this fact true???
Strept Throat?
what is wrong with my wrist?
Do the mucus membranes in your nose ever regenerate, or once they're gone are they gone forever?
Hi ! My left patella got fractured in November , 2006. I hv had surgery and am now undergoing rehab. By when c
should i remove my plate?
Asthma and MOS?
Chronic cough, how do I stop it?
Windex-weak legs?
how would the body compensate to cope with a restrictive lung disease? do the compensation have side effects?
Eyesight Question.?
What is the suitable age to do LASIK?
has anyone used colored contact lenses?
Generally speaking... How much does it cost to buy colored contacts?
I had Lasik surgery back in June. I had dry eyes right after. My eyes are still dry. When will it get better?
what type of doctor deals with bone marrow problems that is not caused by cancer or abnormal blood testing?
lung cancer :(?
How to over come any pain, or especially mentel agony, due to cancer?
I need to have sponsership who cover the cost of treatement b/c i have leukemia (cml) & i am poor.?
i have a hemroid?
question about aspirin? this is serious problem.?
There's any job in pharmacy besides pharmacist or pharmacist technician?
how can you prevent strep throat????????????
Is "mononucleosis" the same as "kissing disease" and "Pfeiffer"???
Can humans get Heartworm from a dog that is infected with the disease, but being treated for it?
tonsillitis help?
Is starting a colonoscopy on your side and then being turned onto your back a common thing?Is it more uncomfy?
How can I keep my face from being so greasy, and at the same time not drying it out?
Does anyone know how to deal when two people you love have passed away recently?
i have burning sharp needle pain in my legs and toes it hurts so bad that i can't move is there anything that
9/11 dust???!!!?
Have you ever had a nose that drips without warning?
is there a cure for a runny nose?
what is dologesic medicine?
how to get rid of a sore throat?
Thrombophlebitis relief?
What is the number of victims of the bubonic Plague to date?
What medicine is good for coughs during the day?
Is it possible to get bird flu by eating a raw egg from a chicken which has it?
Why antibiotics aren't effective attacking the virus? WHy can't it destroy the virus?
tylenol or not?
Does having Mitral Valve Prolapse cause you to lose weight?
How do you know if your chld has Asbergers Syndrome.?
ever (mistakenly) thought you had shrunk a little -as in gotten shorter- or was shrinking?
What are good supportive sites that help you lose weight?
Sets and reps for the Calves!!?
What do you need to do to heal a Pulled Quad Muscle...What excersises should you do?
how to lose 10 punds in a month?
anyone have a list of low carb foods ?
What is the best diet for someone who wants to lose about twenty pounds in a short period of time.?
my friend (guy -friend) is 5'11 and 200 pounds.. how bad is that?
How do you know you have diabetes?
How to control my sugar level.At fasting it ranges from 140 to 160.I am taking Dimicron MR 30mg 2 tablets daiy
Medicare participating pharmacies?
my wife is 35 years old. she got diabetic past 15 year. now inject chb12. she feel dizzy when walk can cure?
Precision Q I D meter, will any other precision test strips work in it?
How do I know if it's broken?
Is my pinky finger broken or sprained?
What is a good treatment to follow for my hip's dislocation?
what happens to someone's body when they burn alive?
Legs are weak...?
How is a pig like a fat person?
What are the health benefits of drinking colloidial water?
what are the common name of the ff. potassium aluminum sulfate and it's formula??
"ecstasy mitsu"?
How long can a Brain Dead patient live?
Remedy for cold?
Chicken pox= board!?
my tonsils are swollen, what is a good home remedy?
which culture group is noted for using rosemary?
Information on breast cancer and statistics on early detection?
How does a doctor determine you have testicular cancer?
I'm only 16 and i think i have a polyp?
Congestion problems help?
'DVT' It claimed more lives than AIDS & Cancer combined together? Who are the Victims?
what does "shadow in the chest xray" mean?
I woke this morning with an extreme headache which almost led me to the hospital..?
I've been sick for three weeks so should I go to school?
I have weird hiccups....?
is this just a cold or something else?
How many muscles are needed to raise your middle finger?
Do I have IBS?
Wat is an MRI?
WHAT do you'll think?? Lortab or Fentynal patch??
do any of you guys have suggestions of how to stop leg pain which i got from running?
Are there any symptoms of MRSA colonization in the nares?
Which is more effective for preventing germs to grow in a cup: placing it upside down or normally?
my son 4years of age has a fever of 104 how can i bring it down.?
course in the ward for the doctors?wat are the procedures done?
please help!.... Stubborn staff infection need home remedies.?
is nose surgery painfull n does it cost a lot..?
what to do about a pressure or water-logged ear ? it reallly hurts?
Have you had this problem ?
eye problems?
clarinex d?
Stop the benadryl...?
Can (or do) allergy shots dry your skin?
What are the treatment options for degenerative disk disease in adolescents?
I have CP and i was wondering if...?
What are the symptoms of low sodium blood levels?
Does anyone know what these may be symptoms of ?: Extreme rapid weight loss and trembling hands? Thank you!?
How long does cold soars, and cancker soars last?
how do liquid diets work?
Any personal experience of any way to loose weight fast?
Do you guys know of any legitimate, effective, good ways to lose weight?
How to diet with diabetes?
what is malaria?
i need a website?
after somebody has the stomach flu how long are they contagouse for????
what are the benefits of using antibiotics?
questions about the flu and fever?
what does chicken pox look like?
What does it mean to lather?
why is lung cancer fatal?
Common symptoms of throat and mouth cancer?
guestion about hair.?
breast cancer volunteer information?
is there a treatment other than vit b6 for peripheral neuropathy - mine was caused by chemo theraphy?
Can in all cases an AB blood group patient can receive blood 4m al other blood groups?
Is there today a new cure for cancer?
i was wearing tight hairties around my wrist overnight and now my hand is huge and puffy..should i be concernd
i cut my finger off, who can give me benefits while i am injured?
Why do my thighs, quadriceps area, cramp up after a long night of dancing?
I was drunk last night&I fell on my face&it's scratched pretty bad...?
what are the symptoms of a urinary tract infection and is it contagious?
stomach ulcer???
When you have the flu, how long are your flu germs contagious?
flu? please help?
in case of having mononucleosis, how much time should I stay home at least?
can you die from breathing in smoke bomb smoke?
Do black ants trigger asthma ?
what medicine is good for sinus infection?
Does anyone know about getting injections to help with thoracic outlet syndrome?
My nails hurt anyone know why?
i bruised a bone in my back how do i get rid of the pain?
Neck Pains!?
arthritis pain control?
what is the best medicine,to cure rheumatoid arthritis.?
is it hurt to have hip replacement?
Homeopathic Colon Cleanse Home Remedy?
does gas cause headaches?
what is the alternative therapy of epilepsy disease?from where i can get the complete information about it?
which symbols to use daily, after attunement of Reiki II ?
how long does it take for bronchitis to go away?
French green clay - I swallowed some mixed with water?
HYPNOSIS? Ever tried it? What did you think?
color eye contancts...can you use them for a long period of time?
Can I have a "lazy eye" and a droopy eyelid (ptosis) at the same time, on the same eye?
Question about house deeds?
I need to lose 50lbs by August, HELP.. how is the best way to do this??
what is the average weight for a 12 year old girl that's 5'5?
What kind of excersises can I do that are easy, take little equiptment and get optimal results?
Is canned fruit still good for you?
Do blisters heal faster if they are popped or left alone?
i always got terrible headaches whenever i go under the sun,including my eyes and nosebridge,why is that so?
Is iced green tea as good for you as hot green tea?
Throwing up Blood?
what is the Q Ribb test for lyme disease? Is it accurate?
i ate to much today annd had really bad lower stomach pains. is that normal?
Can one be allergic to gold?
Runny nose. But only ONE nostril. How can that be?
what are some common diseases??
DENTAL Bone Graft...Cadaver....Very Worried.....?
fever three times in 2 week.dangerous or nor?
is there any cure for hepatitis if you had it already?chances of working abroad?
meditation to deal help with pain?
what is the diffrence between regular Advil and Advil Migraine?
I have a slipped disk at Thoracic T7 & T8.Besides surgery, any other ways to manage the pain?
Why are many more male giants than female giants?
perfume...both for men and women?
can i use a local anesthesia while having a tattoo?
Im am losing alot of weight fast on a great diet how do i prepare for the new me?
Does anyone know a website where I can find the statistics for STD cases in 2006?
How do you catch the stomach flu?
I need information on the Avian flu. (Bird flu)?
Is meningitis an autoimmune disease?
What 3 constituents might be present in urine if there is a urinary tract infection?
help to to quit smoke. i tried to quit thrice. but in vain. what i can do?
Is any men out there 45 or younger dealing with prostate cancer ?
What can you tell someone who found out that has to go through more chemo treatment in order to encourage them
What are the "stools" in which there is blood when you've got stomach cancer??
what is steroid hormone?
Who else is tired?
Does anybody know an herbal/natural way to help heal bruising or....?
Colon cleanse?
What is your favorite type of massage therapy?
Milk Thistle seeds?
what type of doctors treat cushings disease?
i am allergic to cheese, what are some substitutes? i really miss it.?
finger numb?
My wrist has been hurting for the last 2 or 3 months...?
Broken Blood Vessels in my right eye?
Broken ribs?
Is is possible for a lighter to explode in yor face and cause severe burns 1st and 2nd degree?
How can you notice when you have Polio?
10 year old girl with strep throat?
how long does it take to show symptoms of a virus after youve been around someone who has it?
how do people with disabilities contract AIDS?
severe knee pain?
Did anyone ever have aches on your neck, back and chest?
I have a terrible popping/pain on the outside of my left leg in the knee joint. Could it be a torn meniscus?
why are all my body aching even though I have no fever? I cant squeeze, squat or strech my arm.?
i have a stiff neck, ring in the ear, light headiness what is my problem?
what is intervertebral disc syndrome?
how long are vaccinations for measles and rubella good for?
HIV patient?
My 8 month old has chicken pox. Can a doctor do anything for her?
TAnning beds?
depression: causing health problems?
is sunscreen for kids the same as the one for adults?can i use either?
HOw do you get rid of a tickle in your throat, besides salt & Water any advice?
Anyone afraid of getting old?
what are some ways to help me stop smoking?
Help Me!!! I just got over strep and now I can't stop coughing!! How can I stop the coughing?
coughing...beginning to be a huge problem?
Love handles!?
How many situps should be done a day(for how many days) to get a nice 6 pack?
whats a normal weight and waistline for a 29yr old thats 5'11?
Do you know that people are giving advice to young bulmic on how to throw up with her parents around?
where can i find pictures of yoga pstures in a beautiful landscape?
I want thinner, more toned thighs in 2 weeks. What can I do?
what are some food suggestions while on a low carb diet?
Is it possible for a tumor to be benign & malignant simataneously?
Is fibers considered a nutrient?
How do you make yourself stick with diets, and exercise and things?
I need to know what the medical term "suprascapula" is?
Are smokers like drug addicts?
Hurt my foot over a year ago and it still hurts?
How long does it take for a punctured lung to heal?
Weak Thumbs?
how long before you go sterile when having chlamydia?(for males)?
Can you get rid of chlamydia which has been in your body for 2 years and has caused fertility problems?
Gardasil for non-virgins?
i have high fever since last 15 days and docs have not been able to detect anything.blood tests ok.so is liver
which is worst underactive thyroid or overactive.?
What medicine, exercise, food you suggest,for my friend has high uric acid level?
Do any of you use or have used Celebrex?
where on-line can i find the cost of these Afircan diseases?
I have a Chalazion on my left bottom eye. What to do with that?
What is the outcome if you hit your lef cerebellum what will happen to you what consequences may appear?
If you were in the hospital hooked up to an I.V., can a Flu vaccine be administered through the I.V?
Is it normal after a stomach flu?
viral pink eye?
Can you have it twice?
how do you regain white blood cells?
What are some gluten free inexpensive sources of fiber?
How can mold on my bedroom walls effect my health?
Food coloring?
I just found out that I'm lactose intolorant what should I use for a dairy substitute?
Why is my eye red...is it a corneal ulcer?
am i at risk of a anurisum because i am type 2 diabetic?
If stem cell research proves positive, will it help cure type one diabetes?
Is it inevitable?
No other questions, just had to rebuke the previous question I asked.?
does anyone know what kinda pill this is it is a light blue oblong and has 347 on one side?
softening suppository?
What is a home remedy to cure nausea?
what is a natural remedy for the parasite giardia?
Is vodka a treatment for the stomach flu?
foods to avoid if you have sinusitis?
Is it safe to eat leafy vegetables when you are taking plavix?
adapting teaching infant massage for 0-2 year old children?
How many grams of fat you should have in one meal if you want to stay skinny?
why don't Dr's get or spread disease when they are being exposed to them all day long but others on the street
tonsils removed but I still have sore throat!?
what is the best way to lose weight without excercising?
How do you know if you have an Ulcer?
How do antibiotics work?
How or where to order Richard Simmons 1993 deal-a-meal complete set?
i lived in califrona. help me dude?
what is the average weight of a Canadian female?
Does taking metamucil fiber or any other fiber supplement cause you to gain weight in any way?
What is the worst thing about loosing wait?
Toes falling asleep?
Is it true that soy can cause infertility?
Where can i find a private doctor for methadone treatment?
How do you cure a frozen shoulder?
What kind of anaesethesia is given for lower leg surgery?
what causes an appendesitis?
Lower back pain!?
I have osteoperosis and have cracked a rib on the front of my cage and now my back is killing me like?
what to do if i get hurt?
I need a knee replacement my Dr. says?
Back Ache Pain?
When you have the cold does drinking a cold drink prolong the affect of the cold?
On humid day ,chronic repiratory diseases experience difficulty breathing, why?
prescription meds that start with quial?
Please give me a tablets are syrup to get cure the dry cough?
Do you or anyone you know have ever had Lymphoma?
I was diagnosed with Hodgekin's Lymphoma 23 years ago and am now experiencing symptoms.?
The leukemia is back?
What can you tell me about about Cancer's Least Expensive Hope?
what is a good feeling 2 u?
what friuts, veg etc should a person suffering with acid reflux or gerd, eat ????? name it?
what are symtoms gallbladder disease?
I have fibomyalgia, 2 kinds of arthritis and myastenia gravis.If I treat the fibro it affects the myastenia.?
red dye allergy??
they say fungi is also an allergy, can someone advise me what's best to cure and prevent it??
Bird Allergy Question?
What is microcytosis 1+ and hypochromia 1+ ?
How many of you hate kaiser?
what do i have to use to repel mosquitoes?
What is the average life span of an HIV + person (with/without the medication) ?
I've started working about 2 weeks ago and now I have pain in my stomach and my back. what does this mean?
Does it take longer to find out if a person's hiv test is positive or negative in a lab?
Is there any relation between mind and stomach gas?when there is excesive gas in my stomach i feel headach.?
Can one be infected by STD just by putting male organ pressed near the hip of a infected lady with all cloths
color contacts?
Where is info of medical treatment / therapy with drinking water?
What are the fields of study considered alternative/holistic health?
Visual test?
does anybody knows any eye exercise or any other natural way to help increase eye sight?......?
How do I reduce cholesterol . .. prescription free?
Is accupuncture a good treatment to heal excercise induced exhaustion?
Does this help an abcess heal (read detail)?
which is better dettol or savlon???
can any one explain to me the risks of rabies?
what's the difference in a cyst and a boil?
Is it true you can get pregnant from kissing somebody?
I just found out the pediatrician "forgot" to give my infant the Rotavirus Vaccine?
how severe exercise reduce the immune system?
what is the other name for candidiasis and why?
Knee pain after running well beyond my limits?
I hurt my wrist?
does ankle weights mess up your knees?
Im a 32 yr old woman who needs extensive back surgery with bone grafting from the hip.?
Help! stop the midnight munchies?
does anyone know how many calories mcdonalds cesar salad has with extra of those squared crewtons?
what is facial resistance training and what are some good exercises?
How do i motivate myself to wake up early and go fo r a walk?
What is Vitamin B12 and what does it have to do with energy drinks?
I need to tone and trim my thighs........?
How can i loose weight without dieting?
whats the weight loss?
i need to lose weight fast any ideas?
why people get ringing in the ears from taking too many pain killers at once?
What's next after thyroid removal, radioactive iodine.......and still glowing?
What is the success rate of a bone marrow transplant on a leukemia patient?
How long would it take for cigarette inhale to leave ones system?
Ringing in ears?
Always my throat is geting blocked and i find it difficult to sleep as my throat is blocked and no sufficient
I´ve had a very strong cold for a week now...?
what would be the evaluation for breathing pattern ineffective related to hyperventilation?
Can the Candida Yeast Infection prevent one from having children?
chiari malformation?
Can yor eloctolytes grt off balance if you drink tooooo much water?
if you kiss someone and don't get mono the first time can you get it from them again?
What's the probablity of getting this?
Pink eye.....?
My face turns pure red when I'm not even embarrassed. Please Help! how can I stop it from happening?
Ok need some advice here because doctors are idiots?
Why beautiful or handsome people get more attracted than others?
How would you feel if you had bed bugs and the apartment manager was doing a shoddy job on getting rid of them
how do you get rid of fleas?
Has anyone had allergy tests done and if so what were the costs?
Allergic to powdered eggs?
Is it possible to develop a food allergy overnight?
For women only: serious answers only please?
Looking for a remedy for plugged ears?
Anyone out there who was born with a birth defect called omphalocele or gastroschesis?
does being anemic make you itch?
What are the treatments for tuberculosis?
what are the spots we see in front of our eyes?
Any risk to taking last hepatitis B vaccine while pregnant???
Health class questions?!?
how can i get rid of bugs from my room?
I have a sore throat and there is a white spot back in my throat. What is it?
How Do I Stretch the back part of the thigh?
Has anyone had PRK surgery done and how long did you wait to use eye make up?
Hurt?? :'(?
I want an orthopedic cast?
Question about an accident?
when I exercise I get a ganglion in my arm, what can I do?
Can anyone give me information regarding bacteria in your blood?.?
what is the difference between a polyp and a tumor?
What does actinic keratoses do on a cellular level to the actinic lesions?
Are there any leukemia survivers who are pregnant?
What are the symptoms of a person that is dying from Liver Cancer?
What are some good healing foods to eat after cancer is in remision?
help my Grandmother has been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia?
Pls, Doctor or Peds Nurse!!?
how do i get sinus ?
I need some health information on a disease call csrocosis or something like that. It attack your body, lungs,
Sinus trouble during sleep, need help?
why the first of may has been chosen for the world asthma day?
What are the signs of an Ear infection?
H. Pylori infection?
What is the most common type of headache?
Are we equipped to withstand a flu pandemic?
What is 'soap' more common;y known as in America?
Can Purell kill the bacteria that causes bacterial encephalitis?
Does Arthoscopic Surgerys Lead To Knee Replacements?
Does anyone take SuperFoods supplements? What do you think--are they worth the price.?
Benefits of MSM?
What is the difference between a virus and an infection?..Can the same method be used cure both...?
What is trepanning?
anyone know a natural way to cure dry chapped lips?
How long will methedone stay in your system,or show up on drug test?
How do you get rid of dark circles under your eyes?
Can long hours on the computer effect ones color vision? How does it effect ones vision?
If weight bearing exercise increase bone strength, how does the skull stay so strong?
any time am angry or nervous over anything, iget serious pains,cracks and heart skips for days, wot is it pls?
is this an alcoholic problem or not?
What is in an Antiperspirant that helps you stop sweating?
I have a serious weight problem?!!?
I'm a skinny guy and want to get muscular, should I gain weight or just hit the weights?
What should I eat in the morning to stay active whole day?
What is something healthy to drink in the mornings for nutriutional purposes and enregy?
What do you think about to not eat the food you crave?
What is the most effective type of situps?
Why do you think most people resort to fad diets, "weight loose pills"?
is too much gatorade bad for you?
Tough workout or easy?
jumping jack?
What cures shingles?
my 7 week old daughter has endocarditis, should a picc line be inserted?
My friend's son came down with strep throat. How long is he contageous?
does uti clear work for utis?
What can cause hot flushes in the body for a Male?
My cast was removed after more than two months. I'm now in a boot, but my doc says i can practice my ankle's
What should you do if you get Nalene(super glue) in your eye?
I am a a survior of an brain injuryand i walk with a walker . i am looking for a video for invalid for excerci
my toenails are very thin.they are constantly breaking.what can i use other than nail hardener to strenthen it
every time i eat a banana...?
Can HPV be cured? I'm serious.?
Why could you get nauseous only after eating? Not pregnancy!?
Does anyone know of a disease/condition that has the same symptoms as low thyroid, but isn't low thyroid?
Nausea... medications // helpful remedies?
what causes lichen planis and what can be done about it?
is their any research going on in the field of diabetic?
anyone here ever been on wanatuchu?
Is It True?Type 2 or High Blood?
Diabetic: Can you tell me about insulin pumps?
Aseptic technique?
whats a good site on the bubonic plague?
Staph infection?
what does a high lymphocyte level for the last 12 years mean ?
if i have a staph infection can i still get a tattoo?
Are moles on your skin cancerous???
side effects of rutuxin in non-hodgkins lymphoma?
what are the chances of survival in chronic myeloid leukemia??
Borderline Serious Tumor - Ovarian Cancer? Anyone else have this before?
How to Make Your Own Video with a Digital Camera??
Saddle bags?
Does anyone have the Banana and milk diet?
Need to lose 200 lbs by August?
I would like to bring healthy, brown bag lunches to work. Any suggestions?
How to avoid sagging skin and breasts with fast, major weight loss?
how do i get bigger?
Farenheit or Lipo-6?
tratment asthma?
If you have lung cancer, and you get an pain or cough attack, do you take medicine or something?
what diseases are found in the muscular system?
Which structure covers the trachea to prevent food from getting into the windpipe?
Is it possible to speed up tar removal from lungs after quitting smoking?
Should I get a cortizone shot?
Thinking gall bladder contd.?
What is the name of the new pain-killer, that starts w/ a,," L' ??
this is for people who take lortabs hydrocodene??
I have a weird feeling on one side of my face. It is in the upper cheek area, like in my cheek bone.?
Pain when I extend my knee...?
i have had to major back surgerys and the pain wont go away what to do?
Is it normal for a fever to go up and down when you have streph throat? I caught it from a co worker?
Which areas of the world are affected by meningitis?
How does the Plague Reproduce? (Plague as in the Black Death)?
How to avoid colds and flu?
Is it true that carrots improve your eye sight?
what is diabeties?
how do you fix excema on a 5 year old??? hydrocortizone doesn't work and elidrel is too $$$?
Why do they say a males breast can expand by smoking pot?
how much dosage of restyl may kill anyone?
i need sleep can anyone help me i havent slept in a week?
what are the reflexology points on the foot that will aid in irregular periods?
is it healthy to boil olive oil then fry in it?
does prolonged use on antidepressants have a negative affect on the body and organs?
Hi There, I want to know if you see after images when a picture with a flash is taken of you at a very close?
should surgery for catract be done in both eyes together?
colored contacts?
Is there anyone there who has heard of or been diagnosed with Turners Syndrome?
what viruses can cause chronic fatigue?
did andy griffith have guillain barre syndrome?
Where is the pelvic floor muscles? How do exercise them?
shingles disease?
Whats your experience with Lyme disease?
I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)...are there any effective treatments for it yet?
i fell down the steps and i landed on my knees what is wrong with it?
what is the reason for swelling in an injury?
Is it safer to use an ankle brace, or is it better to tape your ankle? Is it bad to do both?
what cause's charlie horses in the calves n thighs?
What is the treatment for a torn pectoral?
Well I have this ear pain...?
do u know if eye surgery is good and help`s u correct ur eye vision?
what is the best remedy for the stomach flu? i need a fast recovery!?
Does anybody know anything about Enterococcus Faecalis?
how many paracetamol does it take to kill you?
Does a person with schistosomiasis infects others?
Is it normal to have mucus leaking from your eye?
when symptoms become present how long have you had sysphlis?
I have had a very sore tongue and now leisions, much like a blister, on the sides of my tongue.?
I heard that they have pills now that can be given to kill hiv at its very early stages in case you come into?
Why does my chair like to spoon with a chevy?
what is the amount of sugar in grams that an adult can have per day?
phentermine, which is most effective 30mg, 37.5mg or 15mg?
I'm 14 years old, will weight lifting (benching,squatting, etc.) stunt my growth? I am only 5'8?
Will the Body By Jake Ab Scissor Ultra help me slim down my belly?
i want be build up my arm muscles, i am unsure how! i cant get to a gym, so what should i do?
Where can I find "Wet and wonderful" water exercise cassette tape?
What is the best way to lose weight without doing a lot of exercises?
Why Bally's?
Is smoking Huka illegal??
Pulomanry Emboism?
what are the first signs of lupis?I need to know..please answer me.?
Can I still use my asthma inhaler If I'm pregnant?
what is aspergillus penicillium?
What else can a psychiatriast do other than counsel and perscribe meds.?
When i retract my elbow fully my funny bone starts to go crazy--Something wrong?
where exactly is 1.2ml my droplet has only 04 and 0.8 on it?
tonsillitis is this normal?
Shingles--- possible side effects?
Can I be a constant carrier of Strep Throat?
Is the Gershin diet safe?
how long can a person live with colon cancer?
Is there any truth to using emu oil caps for cancer?
Lump difference?
So you Like To Sleep aganist a Blanket or A Sheet?
So has anyone here Had Testicular Cancer. how long have you survived?
about eariler question.?
Why is it still bleeding =I?
Black eye??
i have TMJ. wonder if any1 here have it too? whats the worst can happen if u have it for a long time??
Does my ankle need surgery?
What is required for the diagnosis of epilepsy to be made?
is leg swelling a serious sign, i am 28 years in the morning my legs has the normal size at night it is bigger
What is a leper?
My husband has been diag. with type 2 diabetes's.....?
How does "Fortament"work for you?any side effects?
Are you allowed to eat regular sugar sweetened products (eg high fructose cs) if you have Type I diabetes?
I Think I Am Allergic To Mold Spores?
Help me fellow allergy sufferers! I need a good allergy remedy. I have been sneezing non-stop all day!?
are cheaper laundry detergents more likely to cause an allergic reaction?
anybody ever had a bad experience at a nail salon?
What turns a guy on the most?
I fell on my left hand a month ago now my pinky and thumb joints get stuck and will not open unless forced?
I need a full cup bra (36D)with straps thats are not wIde on the shoulder and back area.?
What are features that are considered as beautiful in some countries but not in others?
what is the scientific name for botox?
If blood of a AIDS victim goes into a food item and if you eat that food item do i get AIDS?
what are the different types of diagnoisis for gonorrhea?
how you get hepititis A?
if you had gotten a hepatitis's shot can u still catch hepatitis or any of the other?
what cause inflamation in defrent part of the body?
will mosquito ever evolve to a point where the HIV virus could be passed from one bite victim to another?
Is sputum secreted only by those who have diseases or infections?
stomach flu....?
what is aciclovir al 800 and what does it do?...?
what are calories? how do i loose them? does my "own diet" below help me loose calories?
do u increase wt when u..?
Is chocolate SOY MILK okay to drink if you're on a diet?
ist eating in night will affect our health how?
who knows how to grow muscles not spending hours and hours in a gym and not eating bad stuff?
how does pure protein whey type will help to build musclemass for a regular gym goer ?
how will i loose weight without any diet and exercise?which is an effective exercise for a working woman?
How to form a decent abs?
On a T.E.N.S. machine (used in physiotherapy) what is the significance of the mhz?
What's the best workout routine to follow in order for me to become very muscular?
How long does ear infections last?
Reason for lower back problems after three mile run?
finger joint pain?
i need help. i always get static in everything i touch.?
Who should I report poor treatment in an E.R. to?
for a month now the right side of my forehead behind my right eye down my neck hurts and my neck feels swollen
can it heal?
Can you get fired for having a communicable disease at work?
Can someone give me the history of the disease E. Coli?
sickle cell?
What should I eat after i've thrown up? Should i wait and eat nothing?
Fungal Infection...Need Help?
what is a panic attack from?
Why do i snore & talk in my sleep? Is this a health concern?
any home treatment for bronchitis or breathing problem?
virus, now chest pain??
I am suffering from anosmia ( loss of sense of smell) Is it an indication of another disease?
Can a herpes virus be transmitted by shaking hands?
Blood tests?
What are some of the signs of appendicitis?
what supplements helps degenerative disk disease?
i have this pain in my left hip?
Would my diagnosis with a swollen liver be the cause of pain in my right lower back and right knee?
Is low back ache comletely curable?
Has anyone else been prescribed Lyrica for nerve pain?
What is the cause of aching of bones and especially during the night?
Advise backache relief exercises/stretching?
is hydrocodone an opiate?
Can you tell me why this happens?
how doest asthma attack people?
What's a good website on food allergies/determining if you should be tested?
What medical reason would cause my ears (sometimes my nose) to get very hot and turn red?
How long can it take for a food allergy to manifest?
Problem with eyes?
did hiv dna pcr after 31days was negative am i hiv negative?
what is the difference between staphylococcus ssp. and staphylococcus aureas?
What diseases?
can milk thistle be administered rectally? I recently injured my esophagus?
how can I freshenup my face? iam not underweight but i lack the glow n freshness?
GIRLS what do yall thank of...?
Which tests go with which stopper?
Which health care providers are covered under Medical Mutual?
If people had three of something instead of two, what would it be? Be descriptive?
what can I do to get my hair to grow faster and healthier?
HELP am freaking out!!?
has anyone heard of the diet pill Zantrex? Ive been wanting to try it for awhile but ive heard some bad things
why is loosing weight a sign of cancer is it because of loss of appetite?
Can a non-cancerous brain tumor grow back once it has been removed?
Does anyone know the Bethesda classification for CIN (cervical intraepitheliak neoplasia)?
if an elderly person had low hemoglobin, received 3 units of blood, and after 3 days still has good blood coun
Can a geographical area be higher in cancer risk than others?
my knee pops pretty badly every time i step. What is causing this?
long term concussion symptoms?
knee pain! need as many answers as posible!!!?
How long does it take for a deep wound to heal on its own?
Cracked/Broken Ribs!?
what should you do to your ankle if you sprained it or what should u not do if ucant go to dr. right away?
I need the name of a homeopathic dieting remedy that is safe for diabetics and HBP.?
is ion cleansing real . does it really work or am i just wasting away my money?
in general, how does bacteria spread ?
how many patients do animal hospitals have?
I was diagnosed to have H pylori. I am afraid I won't be able to kiss my loved one. Is this true?
An infant appears healthy until about nine months of age. Then he developes severe bacterial infections, one?
prescription drug?
Can you die from mononucleosis?
Pulomanry Embloism?
Given levaquin for sinus infection?
does pneumonia effect animals, too?
Classic cold symptoms for me?
I am under the age of 25 and I see these spots called "floaters"?
I've been taking Thera Tears over 7 weeks now, no relief for my dry eyes.?
Lasik Eye Surgery Info - Anyone Need Lasik?
Is there a remedy to cure brown floaters that come in the vision?
What's the difference between hard and soft contacts (as simple as the answer may sound)?
What will happen if i didint complete my Hepa B vaccine?
i have numbness and severe burning i my hansd at night . the dr's are telling me i have osteoporsis ;?
What is the best method to prep for a colonoscopy?
Thyroid levels in a blood test?
How long does MS shorten your life?
Is there any way to grow height after 20Y?
Is there anyone out there who is battling "burning mouth syndrome" like me?
tinntus is there a treatment?
Someone in the med field please??
Can appendicitis be hailed with antibiotics?
Does Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) Kill viruses and bacteria?
Leprosy Precaution ?
which type of drug may damage and weaken the immune system?
I am a physical therapist (PT) and an acupuncturist can I bill for both back to back.?
I have a pain in my leg that I need identified.?
Is seeing an eye doctor necessary before taking the medication mobic?
Causes of headaches/dizziness/neckpain/nautious?
My calf hurts when i run, what can i do to help stop it?
what is the best way to loose weight in just a few weeks?
read this! is this normal or extraordinary?
Gas and stomach bloating?
Can I lose weight without swaeting? Or do I have to sweat to lose weight?
At what temperature should you go to the hospital?
Can lime disease kill you?
Can Allergies Make You Feel Like You Have The Flu?
Do I have a fever if my temperature is exactly 100?
Can one still donate blood if they've ever had MRSA infections?
What is wrong with me?
what will get cigerette smike stains out of cloths?
Which era of fashion times should come back in? e.g.legwarmers?
Contact lens wearers: Are you suffering like crazy with dry eyes this season?
What can you do if you get a bad surgeon?
I had a blood test last week and I got a bruise. Can somebody tell me why?
i got a car accident two days ago and still is in my mind. I feel that i cannot drive anymore. I need help?
Can a pet hampster have/transmit rabies?
possibe reasons why patients may resist internet medical portal and health care?
Immunization Question?
At what age should a tb test/vaccine be given?
what does a diagnosis of phosphate crystals in urine mean?
definition of neuronal ectopia?
i am trying to find live chat rooms for people with m.s can someone please help me thank you?
I just had my gall badder removed could gall stone be caused be caused by drug and alcohol abuse?
what is the best way to tell your boyfriend with whom you have been for 2 yrs, that you have epilepsy?
What are some symptoms of myocytosis?
What benefits have you experienced from using coconut oil?
What are the health benefits of red pepper?
How many Iron Pills should i take daily if I am Anemic????
My mom has psoriatic arthritis which is now invading her toes.They're getting painful & going crooked. Help!
information on the medicine strattera?
I snore but don't want to use a mask system any other options ...sleeping on my side with a wedge pillow does
I have been smelling a "cigar smoke" for about two years. Non-smoking home.What medical problem could this be?
is the tar in the lung from smoking treatable can u remove it ?
How can I boost my immunologic system ?
Do I have asthma?
Weight loss ideas for an average body?
Help! I need to lose weight, 15 lbs, quickly for an unexpected family event. This is important to me,?
I am naturally ATTRACTED to chocolate, but now since I quit smoking it is even worse.?
how to loose weight? I have tryed to diet and exercise.?
Would i loose weight if i was a Vegetarian?
How can i get my metabolism higher?
Do weight loss pills have any bad side effects?
im 15 need to lose weigh?
Can I still strengthen my back if I injured the muscles on both sides?
Air in my [email protected]@##%%!!?
Neck pain/ stiffness NEED some answers please!?
What is the best bed for lower back pain? Soft or hard?
Is this lymph node on my neck a cause for concern?
does anyone know if medicaid pays for a morphine pump?
Why is cancer so much more common in some areas (lung, breast) and not in others (like fingers)?
After my bc diagnosis, I often wonder had I been on Timoxosifin (sp) due to family history?
has anybody recovered from melanoma skin cancer?
Few questions about flu?
what does slight serum appearance in hemolysis mean?
Why must someone with conjunctivitis insist on coming to work in an office?
What types of rashes are contagious?
How long does it take for chicken pox to go away?
what is the bacterial pothosynthesis ?
How long does a stagh infection last?What does it look like?
wat is the best treatment for tennis elbow?
how soon can medication be refilled if I am going out of town?
What causes leg cramps? I have cramps in my lower leg at night and in the morning that are so painful...help!?
HSV 1 / 2 Questions?
How is chlamydia typically treated?
is the 28 days hiv test accurate i read its's 99.8% what is your take on this????
AIDS, What really causes it? How does it spread....?
Can you tell me about salmonella poisoning?
cocci...what is that?
What are the side effects of getin your tube's tide?
My Friend had a scan for Hep C and was told this ???
do u have the flu?
Alcohol and anitbiotics?
can drug use cause frontal lobe damage?
Am I the only person who gets hungry after drinking slim fast?
how long has the harpiest Jeff Majors been around?
can you tell me accurately about promotive and preventive measures of skin..?
My 10 year old son has always walked on tiptoes, feet hurt. what could be wrong?
how much blood does someone have? cite your source?
How do people get worms? And what are the symptoms?
What dietary regimen should a person with low blood pressure follow?
Is Lexapro?
Alternative Inhaler Usages?
Can anyone tell me what regular bloodwork checks for?
What body systems are affected by E. Coli?
Is a person still contagious with the flu if they are taking Tamiflu?
i just had a baby, had all my bloodwork done..all negative. can i still have hiv, in the future?
could a person get infection from someone who dont wash every other day?
Are a runny nose and a sore throat aids symptoms?
MRSA....could i have gotten it?
Are you immune to e.coli strains within your own digestive system?
My wrist hurts when i use mouse for a long time....???
my throat hurts...?
Chest pain, what could it be.?
Do you have any solutions for chronic back pain?
had back surgery whats a good walking shoe?
Muscle Cramps?
can you get cervix cancer at the age of 15?
i have a grandchild he has leukemie. he is clean but needs still bone marrow transplant. Why?
Lung Cancer?
Anyone know anything about thyroid nodules. I have 1 thyroid gland left now I have 3 on the other one.?
Dr. Sarno And Back Pain??
which of these are for blood pressure? furosemide, plavix, coreg?
This is a serious question .?
Who is the guy who says that 100% of medicines cause some illness?
what do crystals do?
i want to know how a chiropracter or doctor can determine if a patient is being honest about their symptoms?
where can I get help with buying prisciption medicine?
Hey I was wondering if you can wear eye glasses when you have colored contacts on??
Tired Eyes?
Why do you get raccoon eyes when your tired? (Black line underneath your eyes)?
what type of food can you eat if you are a type 2 diabetic?
What does macamides in the body?
what are residual effects from whiplash?