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what's the rationale behind multi-drug therapy as the treatment for leprosy?
Can ampicillin treat strep throat?
Explain why an Rh-negative person does not have a transfusion reaction on the first exposure?
Multiple colds? and flu?
Could Aides,Cancer,Malaria,Heart disease etc. be erased with enough research money?
I have laser surgery every 3 mon to save my diabetic eyes.Is there a downside to so much surgery?
How do you feel after eating food high in sugar, or when you think that your sugar is high?
If your Diebetic with herpes type II how dose this effect you when you check your sugar level?
Why didn't natural selection didn't get rid of allergies?
Does fish oil help with chronic fatigue and arthritis?
How to make tea with weed?
what is the pinto chakra?
Can a person from the u.s. travel to Vancouver B.C. and purchase marijauana seeds at this time?
how do you keep your white blood cell count up?
mangosteen and xanthones Has anyone ever tried Xango? Any complaints?
Is tylenol arthritis ok to take if you have a heart condition?
i have hypotension..what can i eat to elivate my B.P naturaly?
if i feel i have hiv symptoms but the test comes -ve does that mean i got no hiv?
Herpes Simplex Virus?
Reoccurent UTI's with no symptoms?
Hirschprungs Diease?
How can a person with chronic fatigue syndrome get more energy?
Do Family and Friends Help or Hinder Your Battle with a Chronic Illness?
What can be a cause for severe low blood pressure?
anyone injure thier knee in a auto accident?
what is the reason why finger nails break in the middle?
nurses answer only please. or others with previous experience.?
How can you tell if you have a rotator cuff injury?
How long is the recovery time when having a total shoulder replacement?
Can a person on short-term disability work (not for their employer) while on short-term disability?
Hip disclocation recovery?
Elderly relative had knee replacement surgery, now have soft tissue and nerve damage.?
trouble swallowing?
can dogs get the flu?
What happens when you get Mad Cow Disease?
Can someone get both a cold and flu at the same time? what limits people to getting a bunch of viruses @ once
Duchenne? Euthanasia?
Help scoliosis???
are percocets okay during pregnancy?
Unknown pain... IDK if its bad or not.. please help =/?
pain in the knee?
Can I take Tylenol while I'm on a daily fish oil supplement?
How can you stop nerve pain?
Why is yawning contagious?
About HIV/AIDS life elongated medicine?
What Is an emerging infectious disease (EID)?
i wanted to know if there is a cure for bacteria vaganois?
Can you get E-Coli from Breathing through something contaminated?
why do i keep getting tonsillitis after it is treated with penicillin?
Antibiotics Cipro and Vancomycin...?
pulmonary disease question - please help me out?
Hi! my problem this time is' i some time wake up in the middle of the night i cant breath.?
is lung fibrosis considered a disability?
Any home remedies to help control asthma?
7 facts about asthma?
who invented cigarettes?
Why do my grandchildren have strep throat so much ?
i need help can you help me?
How do you get rid of the stomache flu?
If I have been exposed to MRSA could it possible to develop boils or pustules on my face?
Is there a disease that can wipe out the human race?
I read somewhere that 200,000 people r infected with hepatitis c in England now. and 5out of 6 r unaware .?
Will i get infected with AIDS if i shared shaver?
who would be a better physician?neurological or ortheopedic for my ruptured disk im needing surgery?
whats the best way to stop or ease syaitic near pain? i have a ruptured disk.without surgery?
if I am leaking neurological fluid (from intense back/neck pain) what does this mean and should I do?
I have recently had a spinal mri and got news I didn't like. Herniation, ect.?
help???!! blister??
I have a scar on my arm and i just wanted to know if bio-oil will help?
how fire lazer beams from my eyes?
~EyE QuEsTiOn oF ThE CeNtUrY~?
How can I help someone get free eye glasses in Illinois near Midway Airport area?
how can we eliminate diplopia that apears after strabismus surgery?
Women: Whats the best way to get rid of hair in ur bikini area?
why do guys like skinny women better than fat women? and what about girls?
how can i improve the clarity of my voice ?
Can hepatitis B be passed through giving birth?
What causes leprosy?
I have a severly soar throat, but no cough. Any sugestions?
Im startin 2 get a very sore throat! How can I prevent from getting a cold NOW??
Can pin worms in adults be treated without going to the Dr.?
what is fibromagia?
Can a scientist ever find a cure for diseases like hivs or something?
What is wranglers disease? ranglers? I am not familiar with the spelling.?
How could a sleep walking child be treated?
My nose sometimes get bleeding. Why is it?
are there any lymphedema chat rooms? thanks?
Are they working on any cures for peanut allergies?
Can Zyrtec (Cetirizine HCl) be taken daily all year round to prevent hay fever?
Hydro pulse nasal sinus irrigator for dust allergies?
wheat allergy?
What is it?
when you eat tomatoes including its tiny seeds, it may cause appendicitis.is this true?
Will we eventually find the cure for cancer in near future?
Hair Blower Radiation?
Is Tamoxifen really effective for Stage IIA Breast Cancer?
Papillomavirus vaccine?
pain in my neck?
What are the symptoms to Hyperglycemia?
what can u do to....?
What are the symptoms you get before the flu ?
Can you catch pnuemonia from someone if....?
question about frequency of crohn's disease?
looking for doctor lionel b katchem do upland california?
Why do I sometimes get a layer of thick blood in the roof of my mouth when I am sick?
what are the symptoms of overdosing on advil and tylenol?
how can i calm down a ADHD 2 year old with out meds?
What is a diffusion as it relates to a therapy session or healing?
does any body know how to get rid a cold using products that most people have in their house?
What kind of exercise can I do with a lower back injury and a serious knee injury (over a year w/ no surgery?
What is a typical boxer's conditioning workout routine?
Do people think its hot for women to have huge muscles?
does one absorb calories from food chewed but not swallowed?
i am vegetarian boy. I want to put ON some weight. What should i do?
biaxin xl 500 mg?
the diagnose?
crackling ears?
can complex partial seizures be cause by chronic or acute work stress?
nursing diganosis for a patient with a urinary tract infection that has chronic renal insufficiency?
how many people in the world are affected by glomerulonephritis?
Does the flu vaccine come from pigs?
Questions about the flu virus?
Another flu question?
is there such a thing as a fever smell in infants? It smell medicinal or alcohol like and only with fever?
Hey hey!!! help help!!! lol lol?
Cuba... Drinking and smoking age?
does anyone know what cuz us to be born with no hearing and u have to wear hearing aids but u dont want to?
My MRI shows I have chronic degenerative disc changes w/ disc space collapse at L5 S1.What does this indicate?
Have a fever?
Is fish oil (good since rich of omega-3) safe for people has history of liver problem/ hepatitis (avoid oil)?
What does HIV/AIDS Competence mean?
how long does an infected person with hepatites B suffer liver cirrosis?
hi i m a teenage gal. when i get white discharge it gives me bad odour.suggest me a good treatment?
can i have white spots and not have strep?
Does John Randolph Medical center in VA do HIV testing?
how do we prepare for the bird flu that's coming i have piegons on my roof is that a bad ting?
Can chronic gastritis cause Pernicious Anemia?
After heart bypass can one still be a canditate for kidney transplant?
What are all the STD's that a mother can pass on to her child?
Can herpes virus be detected in blood test even when you don't a outbreak?
Is it true HIV AIDS medicine found in mangosteen fruit?
Why does 'sweating out' a cold or flu work?
How good is your knowledge of medical history?
Is Honeywell A Good Brand For Purifier?
Urticaria (Hives)-help needed urgently?
What causes persistant sneezing?
Should I avoid PORK as a Celicac? Is allergy to chicken the same rash reaction?
i am looking for hairshops in milwaukee that does hairbonding weaving or hair fusin?
How will i feel when im dead? i mean i was contemplating it all day and my school work went wrong :(?
jewlery cleaner?
Does anyone have TMJ?
pain in my forehead?
i hve muscular joints pain?
Discuss preventive measures a contractor can implement to prevent the transmission of HIS-AIDS?
OK who has had tonsilitis or whatever and how do u know?
Did I give them mono?
why dont mosquitoes die wen they consume blood from ppl of diff blood gps?
Bladder Infection?
Laryngitis question?
what's the treatment for roman nose? what will a surgeon do to correct it?
What is "spring fatigue"?
Does An Unconcious Man/Woman Feel Pain Goin Through Respiratory Arrest?
Does anyone else feel like this?
Cocaine - Will damaged mucus lining repair itself over time?
I find it hard to swallow when I lay down to sleep...many times gasping as if I can't breath?
do people who have very dark skin tones get sun burns?
Is the bird flu a real problem or is it just media hype?
what is the best diet for someone with?
Hepatitis B?
can you take asprin and aleve at the same time?
What is Chlamidia?
A Blister on my left thigh.Does it mean I have any STD?
I'm a world class athletes and I think I've torn my meniscus. I've got some questions for you?
wtf is this?
the meaning of entomologist?
what are some servises available if you are suffering with anorexia?
we get colds and fevers from viruses, not from being exposed to the cold outside, right?
I need help with an infectious disease table, can anyone help me or point me in the right direction?
Could you transmit Herpes to a dolphin?
what is cancer?
tai chi fighting?
420 ??? its all wet!!?
what type of procedure is cholangiogram?
My boyfriend was installing tile in our bathroom yesterday and now his eyes are swallen?
what does solitary mean? (solitary white matter lesion) this would be brain related. thank you?
what is Cushing's?
what is addison?
tips on teaching pancreatitis?
TMJ and splints?
does anyone know?
Soybean for celiacs?
EBV vs CMV. In testing for MS, both viruses were found in my system: I need help with blood test results?
will vitimanA be of any harm to a hepititisc patient?
What are the symptoms of Meningitis?
what is the importance of specimen collection in clinical practice?
What is the difference between food intorlence and food alergy?
i have a red nose... Y?
Doctors, please Help...! Loratadine...?
Do those special bed sheets and pillow covers really help against dust mite?
can steroids help me get rid of nasal polyp? It' driving me crazy and I breathe in just one nose?
Any thoughts on new HPV vaccine....?
what is the prognosis of a 66 years male with bronchogenic carcinoma and brain metastasis newly diagnosed?
Do you think I should be seeing an oncologist?
what is a stint?
Got first time eyeglasses with cylindrical correction?
Has anybody ever heard of vision therapy?
Eye number??
how fast does cataracts develop in the eye do to eye injury?...is it within days?
contacts after lasik surgery?
Contact Lenses: HELP!?
Do I have eye deffects?
what makes your skin darker hot water or cold water?
why is it that when little kids- really little- pick up their hands they barely reach the top of their head?
I'm looking for brush, a yard long, with bristles about 4 in diamater, for soaping your bacd to clean the back
How do you get motivated when it is boring to workout by yourself?
why do eye contacs get so foggy and uncomfortable? eyes drops dont seem to work!!!?
How do you get rid of the flab on arms?
What is "last song syndrome"? Is it a real theory in psychology?
How do you prevent and relieve muscle cramp???
Upper respitory infection? Contagious? helpp?
Did you hear about the recalls from the salmonella outbreaak?
What are some flu symptoms? How do you get rid of it?
what has the government in third world countries done to stop the avian flu virus from spreading?
I was recently very ill for over a month.It was the flu and then bronchitis....?
can you tell me what cruetzfeld yakob disease is?
Solanum virus???
Doctor refusing to give me my medical records?
How does a doctor determine a suppression dose of acyclovir?
Can you damage your arm by sleeping on it wrong?
no iam not retarted iam was drunk and horney that why i did it so can i get hiv from that?
A room full of people all without diseases like AIDS etc?
Any information on a Insurance Company in the Dallas Texas or surrounding area, that excepts type 2 diabete?
gestational diabetic meal planning is it different than type 2 diabetic meal planning?
does anybody know where i can chat with other diabetes ?
Diabetics on insulin?
my mother is diabetic, what are the food that i can let her eat and what are not?
help!!!!!!!! no pain reliever works!?
can a person catch lyme disease from a dog?
what are the disease that i can get from entamoeba coli???
Where will bird flu more likely to outbreak?
Help with respiratory track allergy??
i have a nasty cold...?
Has anyone taken Lovenox and developed a clot?
What type/strain of viral pneumonia can be fatal?
causes of pelvic pain?
Has anyone ever put their hand through a busted window?
noticed a pale pink spot on toilet paper after urinating--also, urine residue has been sticky--caused by drug?
Does anyone with Parkinson's Disease have experience with the new drug Azilect(Razagiline)?
Is the shower a mulit-use place for you too?
which foods shall a colostamy patient eat and avoid ,any additional advice?
How much should I tip for a massage?
is it normal for a child with one kidney at eight years old to constantly be bed wetting?
can moss spores cause allergies?
Sudafed before drinking?
home permanent gave me an allergic reaction ,neck and chest itching real bad any help would be nice.?
I am allergic to almost all foods, what caused this?
What's the best sinus headache preventative, or medicine?
Some doctors say hiv test after 45 days is conclusive, then why wait till 3 months?
can anal warts be ignored?are they dangerous?
stomach flu?
what's foodpoisioning?
I bought some used pierced earrings, what is the best way to steralize them?
How many a new cases of VIH/AIDS appear in the world yearly?
What can it B?
Are you typically cold or warm? And what's your gender?
could this mean skin cancer?
how can I set a web for donation for my husbands?
body massage for cancer patient?
is cancer a disease of these modern times?
I have a burning feeling on the bottom of my left foot?
honey for allergies?
I have these two pills with the inscription g on one side and the 2444 on the other. What are these pills?
What are the best quality and effective multi-vitamins on the market?
what is osteopathy?
is there total cure for epilepsy?
I have a 9 month old son who has violent episodes of convulsions...?
How do I find an excellent eye surgeon for Lasik in NJ or NYC?
Who's afraid of getting a shot (or even getting blood drawn)?
Has anyone out there lost a substantial amount of weight by walking a couple of miles a day?
After hard physical work does a hot bath do any good or is it all in the mind?
Is there a way to lose a small double chin without surgery pills and safe for teens?
How do I get fit and lose weight while living in a small upstairs apartment?
massaging cushion for neck?
I keep getting this sharp pain under my left arm, What could it be?
why does our hands tingle when the blood circulation is cut off?
Is Surgery really worth it?
Bulging Discs...?
i sprained my ankle and immediately it looked like a softball in my ankle doc said not to walk on it forthree?
My C56 disc is herniated & surgeon wants to replace it w/ a ceramic spacer.?
any-one know the symptoms?
What should I eat for breakfast if I'm finally getting over the stomach flu?
flu question..?
Where do people go when they have typhoid fever?
If your immune system is at its strongest can you still get sick?
crohn's disease?
how many of you actually have seizures?
What are the symptoms if a person have a hepatitis B?
I have PCOS. I am frustrated and tired of being in pain. All the drs want to do is put me on more meds. Help
what is the real period for HIV window period. one year or two?
2 Question's Q #1 Are humans born with herpes & Q#2 Can herpes spread from tanning bed's?
What is asthma in general?
Went to ER and found out I have Acute bronchitis.?
antidiuretic hormone is secreted by the...?
symptomatic fever with no known cause?
I get the hiccups everytime I take a drink, even if it is water, juice, or pop.?
What is the normal peak flow meter readinf for my 3 yr old?
Will my undereye circles/bags under eyes go away after I get my allergies treated?
Am I having an allergic reaction to these vaccines?
So here it goes I need ways..?
Should i buy a new toothbrush if i have a fever blister?
What is a false positive of hiv? What is the cause?
Are Hb S levels elevated with beta thalassemia trait? Or are S levels only elevated in sickle trait?
i want to loose 12lbs for summer?
Are there any safe, easy diets?
Where can I get a copy of the diet that i can loose 30 lbs in 30 days it is a low carb pre-op diet?
how do i keep my baseball cap from smelling?
Does anybody have the eye and the hair with the same color?
I have a sticky substance on the walls of my spa. What caused it and how do I get rid of it?
Can you get heartburn from not sleeping enough?
Any food or drink that can help stimulate hair growth??
What is the official name of the particles that get caught in the back of your throat?
i am very skinny i would llike to gain weight..can u please help me with some ideas thanks?
what is the meaning of interventions?
Is there a difference between Infectious mononucleosis and strep throat?
I think i have strep throat.....and if you have strep, do you HAVE to have a fever?
what is the scientific name for cold sores also known as herpes 1?
just got my urinalysis result stating my pus cells (hpf) 2-5/hpt and RBC (hpf) 0-3/hpf. Did i have a UTI?
my ear hurts a lot what can i do so it wont hurt?
Has anyone with carpal tunnel syndrome tried the CTRAC?
Can a pharmacy fill an out of state perscription?
Lower Back Pain?
My dr treated my sciatic nerve pain with a depo-medrol injection, is the common?
why won't this knot in my back go away!!???
My grandfather is interested in using Mannatech's Glycentials products. Are they safe and helpful?
Why does taking more than 250 mgs or vitamin C daily cause false positives on guaiac fecal occult blood tests?
Can you drink alchohol while on the ED drug "Cialis"?
What vitamins promote regrowth of hair and healthy scalp?
What is Diverticulitis of the kidneys ,and what can you do to improve it?
Have you ever done acupuncture, if so, would you do it again?
i am crohns patient and i want any kind of help because in our country the problem is not commen i need help
how to control potassium in kidney dieases?
I have Gaout, it creates extreem pain in my right foot. My question is what is good and bad to eat and drink?
Is it possible to get strep throat in the summer? i know it is usually not common to get it this time of year?
can hot tubs be harmful for health problems?? If so which ones???
What do you think would annoy a mosquito ? non-serious answers only please?
what is "cholecstectomy"?
Cancer Survivors only! How do you encourage someone facing cancer to keep fighting?
does anybody know the pathophysiology (schematic diagram) of fibrocystic breast disease... help me!!?
To all Colon Cancer Survivors!?
what is Holistic healthcare?
What is Hemiballismus? My granddaughterhas been diagnosed with it.?
Help I have chest pain and short of breath. Doctors cannot diagnose me. Can you help?
Would A Sleep Apnea Machine Help For Asthma And Other Breathing Problems?
Does anyone know about Soup A-Soup B for the treatment of COPD OR CHRONIC BRONCHITIS?
Just Want To Get More Peoples Opinion On This Concerning Peak Flow?
what would happen to the body if the chest walls becomes less elastic and more rigid?
stop breathing at night problem?
Has anyone ever heard of getting asthma from being exposed to mold?
Can sepsis cause brain damage?
can you get hepatitis c from just being around somebody with the virus?
getting sick from shared microphone?
wearing jeans with hives?
celiax (sp?)?
how do you get allergies?
Why are people allergic to dust?
im Sick?????
Is it impossible to fix adult strabismus without surgery???
No 1 answered yet HOW TALL WILL I BE!!?
How can I have my vision better evaluated?
Explain how oxygen is transported through the body?
Which do you prefer-Avon, Burt's Bees, or Bonne Bell?
is there another way for me to wash the dishes with out using my handsand the dishwasher?
Can you have mono twice?
what does the abbreviation DO stand for?
anyone please help me?how can i make my hair stop falling??
How long can Hepitities B,C & HIV Viruses survive in a contaminated blood transfusion sack collected from an?
why this world is still not able to find out cure for HIV. How long it takes. many are dieing?
Saliva is ....?
can surgeon refuse choledocho-duodenostomy for medicaid coverage?
how is mononucleosis spread?
My 12 year old son has ran a high fever in the evening for three days now. No other symptoms, no complaints.?
How big is the lump in a positive tuberculin skin test?
a dog bitted me exactly one year this day... after a day i bitted, i feel dizzy and weak until now...?
what percent of diseases are caused by what you eat?
has anyone after severing a major nerve to the arm?
I get very hot inside and sweat easily but am cold to the touch. Any one familiar with this?
How can i get rid of my scars on my legs from skiinning my knee?
What is the origin of the hospital "johnnie"?
I go to court tpmorrow i need to prove why i need to stay home to take care of my mother well i have been to d
At 60+, two things trouble most people.One is your spouse, second is your knees. No cure, except ...?
what is the real function of a nurse?
has anyone tried GOJI juice, it so did it help?
Eye problem...HELP?
does any1 exel at vomiting like me? i do NOT suffer from depression, or bulimia whatever?
How can I apply for a job by emailing there company.?
chiken gunya is chickun gunya or chikungunya or chickungunya or chicken gunya... whats is it ?
Any treatment for hair loss?
please can u give me an NURSING CARE PLAN of the disease THROMBOCYTOPENIA...?
how do i postion a patient for a scoliosis survey?
Any opinions on Diabetes Centers of America in Houston, TX?
what are the causes of diabetics and its relationship with high blood preassure.causes of infertility in men.?
Do you know anything more about predisposition to diabetes?
my fasting blood sugar ranges from 125 to 130, is it normal?
How can the yahoo groups be protected from the virus new graphic site virus going around the groups now?
Does anyone have faith in Disease Cures.......?
why do my eyes water when my allergies kick up? which medicine can I take to make them stop watering ?
What is the best way to sleep if you have a cold?
Can you use the spirometer to measure your total lung capacity? Explain?
Does weight gain cause you to snore more?
who discovered asthma?
how long does it take for a urinary tract infection to go away after taking antibotics?
Strep Throat?
How can I be sick from wind?
what is yellowfever?what are the symptoms?what is the treatment?what are the preventions?
What causes people to get teratomas?
If a person takes an antibiotic for strep throat, how might E coli be affected? How might that affect the host
Has anyone tried any of the green tea dietary supplements?If so, how effective were they?
which is the biggest gland?
how can i lose weight fast? i exercise?
how much fat or fat calories should i intake in a day?
How to make myself more confident ?
how do i stop being so tired?
Is anyone taking Phenermine? Does it work for you?
How do I know if i'm getting enough chocolate in my diet?
What was the diet pill that Oprah Winfrey used to lose her wait,?
need stiches?
Shoulder neck and jaw?
what ia amiodarone used for?
is paraplegia a neurological condition?
If a child gets an injury to the head, how much time can elapse before a bruise appears?
What to do if an X-Ray patient faints?
Who's drinking Goji juice?
has anyone ever tried............?
Can you tell me whether Noni Juice can cure obesity, diabetes, heart diseases etc.?
Is there any pressure points in my body which woulk keep me awake and boost my memory if pressed?
Does green tea thin the blood like aspirin,heparin or wafarin?
what are the most recent statistics on aids?
how many aids deaths in usa in 2005?
When did testing begin?
Can HPV be transimitted from giving oral?
If cancer runs in my family could my children get it?
do people cause other people's prostate glands to swell and become unhealthy, are women guilty of distressing
What causes auto-immune deficiency?
how can i know my ovule number that can be fertilized in future?
Does anyone know the price if I get braces done by a dental student?
My housemate has whooping cough. What should I do to prevent getting it too since it is contagious?
My cleaning lady, who is also a friend, just found out she has Hep C. What precautions should I take w/ her?
are all ear infections caused by bacteria?
Should I go to the doctor's for my 'sore throat'?
when a girl urinates then they wipe and theres light brownish blood and it burns while peeing whats it mean?
viruses cause disease when they reproduce within a host cell and cause its?
Do running sports effect Von Willebrand disease?
the way to determine which pathogen causes a particular disease is to? which of the following?
What's are the best meds for bipolar disorder?
does haldal help in the withdrawal of morphine ? PLEASE HELP.my brother is in bad shape.?
want a list of doctors in my area?
I have this abnormal oval sunken-in groove on the upper-back part of my head...should I be worried?
What exercises can I do to help combat carpal tunnel?
B6 shot vs B6 pill?
What fruit or vegetable has the highest amount of vitamin C per serving?
What is in a Calorie?
How do you make your own homemade protein shakes?
I quite smoking 2 weeks ago. Now how do I get rid of the munchies?
What is anthrax?
Connection between chicken pox and reyes syndrome?
Mono question PLEASE HELP!!!! I'm freaking out!?
what is linen management in hospitals?
questions about rabies?
What are the symptoms of HIV?
does this mean im allergic to apples??
Can strabismus lead to complete blindness later in life?
Acuvue Advance Contact Lenses, is it really 2 weeks?
how can you ride a Motorcycle with a lower back pain?
Sore foot, ball of the foot?
looking to get plastic pants?
What is a "hemo-cryque" (sp)?
how many surgeons are there in the united states?
Sore throat?
What are the downsides of eating a Protein Bar for breakfast every day? What are the possible harmful effects?
Is ear candaling safe? Has anyone ever tried it?
What to do to have fresh breath and avoid bad breath?
diagnosis stomach problems?
Fellow Y/Aer's a little help please? Chronic coughing, hard time breathing?
Briefly discuss 3 important factors that influence VO2 max.?
What Causes HIV?
gardnerella an std? and will it go away? and will it ever come back ?
I have a sick dog?
how is Vaginitis contagious?
sphillis it is new durgs?
what is the real cause of h-pylori?
24 yrs male with fever headache and vomiting 3 days past h/o urti + clinically terminal neck stiffness +,?
ultrasound find: Choroid plexus cysts?
My father has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.Know of any support options for me? Im devastated.?
liver cancer?
can some one please tell me exactly what protein s deficiency is?
is there any genuine method to stop hair fall and same time iniate new hair growth?
i have problems sleeping!!!!! help me?
Can you catch any type of diseases from eating slightyly old meat?
What are two ways Escherichia Coli helps the host?
I have had a virus and swollen glands with an ear infection, today my neck hurts?
what exactly is saminila and how does it start...spread...you know what i mean...?
yeast infections?
What Is The Best Excercise I Can Do To Lose Weight From My Stomach?
Sore Neck out of nowhere..?
Percocet and Vicodin?
Why does my heel hurt at night?
are push ups good for your chest muscles?
use of stethascope?
Why am i having trouble breathing?
I need help with my allergies?
alcohol with water?
Are there any potential benefits from bronchoconstriction?
Can animals catch a cold, or get sick from humans?
Why do some vaccinations require more than one dose?
How do i no if I've got salmonella?
Doctor prescribed both Zithromax and Augmentin together?
Can you have mono without a sore throat?
Asthma Question: Switching from Advair to Spirivia - did you experience increased heartburn?
is cough dangerous to first month of pregnancy?
What are the main causes of bad breath? Can bad breath be permanently treated?
Sick!!!Does this sound right?
how many of every 10 cases of lung cancer are traced to smoking?
What is the cost for arthroscopic meniscus repair?
what kind of pill is indomethacin or khalixa what are they for?
about 3 weeks ago i fell in a coffee shop of a large company, did not brake anything, floor was very wet.?
To the ER Doc's out there...Why are you so quick to remove a c-collar and longboard from an accident patient?
if you take tylenol (advil, etc.) does it target pain or numb everything?
i need a pic of the foot for reflexology?
Is pain above the eyes when u touch them or move them upwards mean ur tired?
the name of spinal deformaties other than scoliosis?
How do you use a Biday?
Red spots on Throat?
What is clinically hepatitis B positive?
Why do you get weak when you get sick ?
does alan shuck have a disease?
I had taken antibiotic KEFLEX for an abcess. Will taking antibiotics can delay my period?
what are the chances of getting HIV in a juvenile facility in los angeles?? anyone??
Sore Throats?
How can i get rid of redness and dry skin that is around my eye.?
How do I know which is the correct side to put my contacts in?
eye twitching?
Is it time?
colored contacts bad for u?
I am trying to post an add for a kidney donor.Does anyone know anyone who would do this or a website.?
Contacts help please?
Has anyone been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease?
what things can be found with an abdominal/pelvic CT scan in a woman?
I have high blood pressure. Does anyone know of a herbal remedy that really works?
Whatever happened to the old fashioned chat rooms?
Can deep vein thrombosis damage heart?
what is meant by Active Tracoma disease?
how do i work out my abs (besides crunches and leglifts)?
what is the most effective and safest weight loss tool/product on the market?
is it wrong that i purify my pee and drink it, cuz i like the way it tastes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Where can I find barber hair clippers?
homemade spa products...........?
Whenever i run and such i get pain in my neck around my lower neck and shoulder why?
how do you keep mosquito's away?
Can a California licensed physician (internal medicine)treat depression diagnosed by a clinical psychologist?
What does it mean if your Achilles tendon hurt?
Why does my ankle hurt so much?
Is Yoga good for people with back problems?
Headache From Laying Down Too Long?!?
Why is it vitamin A 400iu given to children with measles?
Why is it that some people feel fine with a fever? When I get 99.5 or 100 I feel miserable and weak?
When was Thalassemia discovered and by whom?
If exposed to HIV, how long can it be in your body before you begin testing positive for it?
what are those medical abbreviations of enzymes?
nose bleed!?
How to quickly heal my muscle pull?
What is a contusion?
Should an ankle still be slightly swollen five months after a broken foot/sprained ankle?
If I had a groin pain that cause me not to be able to walk or sleep on my sides?
What in thee word!?
Do you think that their will ever be a cure for aids?
Is it possible to get an std from a exam?
Though it is blood to blood contact but AIDS does not spread through mosquito biting. why?
Claritin without an allergy diagnose?
how 're nose allergy''s treated?
What is the difference between Clarinex and Claritin?
Need advice from those who work with chemicals?"?
what is upper lobe bullae, or having that mean?
urgent help please!?
Is cellular respiration a part of the respiratory system?
Does anyone know what a scope is like?
what does it mean to have blood in the stool?
my son had knee surgery. now he has a septic infection. what is this?
I have been sick for three days now, I cant hold any food down; what does this mean??
Can my 3yr.old get Mononucleosis?
What kinds of lumps are usually found in neck area?im trying to reasearch.?
Information about Cancer?
question for the doctors about smoking,?
plz May u give me a specific information?
Do growth supplements cause cancer? (in later years after you have taken it)?
Surgical site pain with alcohol?
When you get pink eye, do you get a fevor too?
so what is the alternative medicine that can control the hepa-b infection?
what diseases can some mosquitos spread?
How might one affect change for the people and countries ravaged by AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa?
how long does tthe fevers last ?
how do you change your health care provider?
Is there a non-prescription remedy for toenail fungus? If so, What is it? thanks?
is there a natural cure for trigeminal neuralgia?
I was wondering if anyone is dealing with gerd and what are you sympoms. Do you ever feel short of breath?
What are some medications used to treat tremors?
What is the life expectancy for a person with onset of alzheimers at age 60?
Broken Leg...?
Can I massage arthritis?
Masseuse in Cork?
when can a person start driving after a acl reconstruction surgery?
i just went running, what types of stretches should i do now?
Nail Fungus?
if a man took womans hormone pills would his "parts" change?
What is the best meathod to do "it"?
What should I expect at my first appointment with a neurologist?
sun chlorella?
Is second smoke the smoke from the cigarette burning or that which is exhaled by the smoker?
besides exercise...what can i do to ensure a healthy heart??
Are there any healthy appropriate ways to get an 11 year old night owl to get to sleep before 11 every night?
what are the side effects too zolft?
How does Relacore work to cut belly fat? Does it really work? Are there generic versions which are cheaper...?
Is canola oil healthy or REAL bad?
Diabetic research centres in Germany?
what would happen if i snorted caffine?
I just recently found out that I am allergic to pineapple and?
When i have milk i get bad stomach ache and cramps. Am i intolerant to milk?
How can I tell If I have a cold or allergies?
I have been coughing lately can someone help?!?
whats the difference between ibuprofen and asprin, the effects of them....?
Abdominal pain due to IBS?
How long can viruses live on surfaces?
i just posted a question about bringing a newborn into the house when someone just had mono?
when giving a continuous aerosol tx for 1hr, how would you calculate the medication?
I have COPD from elphysma. I quit smoking for three months but I have since gone back to smoking.?
Relieving the fluid in my chest?
what happens if i take more than one claritin in a 24 hour period.?
im having an asthma attack?
Good BP med for someone with Asthma and Diabetes?
anyone seen the old navy commercial, are normal adults that skinny?
is it bad to eat then exercises ?
How do I lose weight quickly?
how do i lose my belly fat without cutting all carbs?
what Creatine supplement is most effective??
Other than supliments, what is the fastest way to get rid of belly fat?
Hoodia Gordonii ?! what is this 'miracle diet drug' that is being talked abt-oprah, 60 minutes BBC-?
On and electronic scale, what body fat percentage is optimal?
area on spine is narrowing, will this get worse?
I just have stomach cramps, and a little nausea. Could this be a gastrotestinal virus?
what are the diseases that you can acquire in the medical ward?
I was wondering how long is cephelexin good before it expires?
I worry about small things and i find i cant rest till i have done it, any advice out there?
what are the three strains of h-pylori that are resistant to antibiotics?
Can you give yourself Hepatitis?
What disease can you catch from a dirty bathroom?
How long to viruses live?
what part of the body contains the most bones?
how long does mono stay in your body?
What causes immune response?
what do you think about pain?
How can I gain muscle mass quickly?
Tanning help!?!?
if a man was in contact with the agent orange in the vetnam war can this effect his children he had later?
do cancer cell have different charge than normal cell? if yes then what amount of charge do they possess?
Is cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma a common malignant tumour?
What is neurofibromatosis?
is taking naprosyn and sleeping aide ok??
Health Question...?
what are some ways to stop chronic lower back pain?
numb thigh?
lorcet and urine testing?
Contact lenses problem?
What do I do???
Does anyone know if the medicine/drawing salve " Iodex" is still available ?
My ulna bone in my wrist is moveable after taking off the cast, is this normal?
Why does my knee still hurt?
Bruised Groin?
Can u help me w/ some yoga poses?
Is apple vinegar and cider vinegar the same thing ?
What exactly does Tyenol Pm do??
Has anyone heard of a staph infection called "MERCA?"?
are fever blisters or lip herpes contagious?
What can streptococcus do to you?
What is the best over the counter remedy for tight,congested lungs/chest?
Grandma in ICU is extremely swollen?
Is there a speical way of breathing when running?
Do I have to have an antibiotic to get well from this upper respiatory infection?
Is there any truth to the fact that if your taking high blood pressure pills, you should not drink Green Tea's
what are the damages of marijuana for users ? do you advice it ?
where do sneezes go?
i would like to open a business but was told i can give pay check out of my home it has to be from a office?
how do you stop cramp before your period?
My husband and i were prescribed 60mg of Prednisone once daily for flea bites, what should we expect as far as
Why are there so much obesity in this country?
Has anyone tried Lomatrex a herbal HPV medicine????
looking for some drug information named Benicar..........to treat blood pressure?
What happens to a resident of a nursing home whose money runs out?
Male health question?
if i don,t take my Lipton what side effects?
Is West Nile Virus a man-made virus?
What is the way of drawing blood from a baby while still in the wound?
What's The Major Infectious Disease In Jamaica?
what is gloucoma?
What's the fastest way to get rid of "Fever Blisters?"?
Morgellons Disease,need information please .Thank you?
Glasses Prescription Question.?
Stoping dilated pupils?
Alchol and eye...?
What is the best medicine for eye health?
Prosthetic Eye?
price of contacts?
Does anyone here have any experience with workers comp settlements?
Is it possible to shatter your neck in the 2,3 and 4th vertabrea and still be able to walk?
Things to look for after a fall?
i have really bad back pain for no reason.. please read details?
How do I treat a pinched nerve in my back?
how long till a broken arm heals ?
I pulled the muscle behind my leg -- it still hurts, can I make it feel better?
How can i get help with depression with out a psyciatrist?
it puts the lotion on it's skin or???
There is some little dot looked like blood clots in two of my toes recently. What happened?
How do you get a small hair salon to grow?
hey what should i use to get rid of my acne?
Hi , I would like to know if soy milk causes breast cancer and can it be taken when one is pregnant ? thanks?
I'm 19 and I think I have testicular cancer, what should I do?
can you rule out cancer from blood & urine test?
Are you dieing all ready?!?
Where to purchase sodium dichloroacetate?
What is the difference between a gene mutation and a chromosomal mutation?
how can i slim down my calves?
what is the best way to get nice hard abs and to avoid the lose skin?
Should I lose weight?
Can you die from Mono?
Catarr/Mucus in stomach cure?
What is the best OTC cold or allergy medicine to take?
How do you know if you are allergic to raisins?
mold allergies?
Zithromax Help?
Two weeks overdue on allergy shot: making me sick?
Is there any way to calm my allergies to dogs?
I just got an air purifirer and it seems to have maken the air worse in our home?
phone number for questions on stds?
What type of doctor do you see for a numb groin & dull pain?
URGENT! Air pushing up saliva when swallowing!?
Breathing Problems?
I am 18 and i have been smoking for just inder a year. i am at about a pack every two to three days. I also ha
what are the pre steps to be taken to cure asthma?
clogged nasal passage?
Cystic Fibrosis and sports?
why does my dog cough all the time?
what is the analysis and interpretation of a dark amber urine?
Can smoking weed make Gastritis worse?
I have scoliosis. I going to have surgery for it. I was wondering if anyone had any info or advice for me?
I am wondering if this back/chest pain is likely related to my heart, lungs, or a pulled muscle or something?
what is communited fracture?
Is it true that mosquitoes, fleas, lice, etc. do not transmit VIH?
i always get the cold?
What vaccines have been found compliments of animal testing?
Are people with chicken pox allowed to take a bath? How long would the illness last?
What are the symthoms for short term memory loss? and how can you prevent it?
Can getting tonsels removed help with being sick?
how was ketchup used as medicine?
If you could grow one extra arm where would you grow it?
What alternative medicine is best for preventing gout?
Hair follicle test... please help!!?
Can a goiter shrink without surgery?
Aloe Vera thearpy, can you ingest the raw plant? How much?
how to become a certfied personal trainer?
What is more fattening... drinking a mixed drink with soda and vodka or a corona?
if the tips of your fingers are called fingertips, what are the tips of your toes called?
How can i unplug my ear? please read more///?
Does anyone know any cures or reliefs for migraine headaches?
does antibacterial soap kill more germs than regular soap?
How do I ask someone if they do pot without offending them?
Help! How can I get contacts without a prescription?
I feel nauseous off and on throughout the day and I'm not pregnant whats wrong with me?
Where can I go to get checked out if I don't have Insurance?
Can a male with a yeast infection have the same symptoms as a male that possibly has HIV?
What could it mean?
Girls only!!! Do you like a guy that likes to paint and massage your toenails?
how many people live in San Diego and if so what city?
what does a sprained hand/ wrist look like?
may grandson is sick of biliary atresia.he's 2 months old when he was operated.can he be save by the operation
How plausible is the idea that one man is the cause of the AIDS epidemic?
I keep getting sick, and I don't know why.?
My leg hurts! HELP!!??
Leg cramps?
Fibromyalgia sufferers what medications are you taking right now for it?
Feverfew for migraines?
I've been having bad back pains on my left side, what could it be?
I have sudden pain the my right arm with most of the pain above the elbow. I also have tingling in my hands.?
curvature of bone..any cure..esp. from back ache?
Any Relief From Ketoprofen for Migrains??
Can lumbar surgery cause neck and arm pain??
what is bowel movements, what is colon cancer?
What are the possibilities of malignancy?
Glenn Beck talked about DCA a cancer drug on his show last nite.Want more information?
What would happen if your adrenal glands didnt work?
Troubles Breathing?
does anyone know how long the effects of prednisone stay in your system?
why is it when i lay on my left side, my left nostril clogs up and vice versa?
Does a TB shot immune you to TB in the future?
Has anyone given up smoking using Nicorette Inhalers?
What is the nebulizer dose for Atropine?
my doctor called in the wrong med's, will my insurance cover a second filling of the same med's if changed?
Is there a way to reverse being pre-diabetic?
has anybody got good results with the insulin called symlin?
How do I get hold of someone who had answer someone elses question?
Diabetic friendly Birthday cake?
can yeast infections spread to the anal area?
Where Can I Go For Testing?
does viral latency affect genome of the infected human cell?
After effects of the bubonic plague?
Gardasil vaccine!?
if the bird flu does pass from person to person i have to young kids should i worry now and is there a vaccine
What is the scientific name for the bird flu? Genis and Species?
how does polio affect muscles?
Do eye contact lences cause problem after some time?
how much do u get paid to be a docter?
When my arm jolted up and hit something without me thinking, what is it called?
What will i need to do if i have glasses but i dont pass the eye screening test at the BMV?
My rigid gas permeable contacts won't get clean! Help!!!?
i am thinking of having laser eye surgery, could you tell me exactly what happends when you go for it?
i have a whitehead around my eye?
What type of eye surgery would work for me?
How be healthier?
how to prevent circulatory disorder?
Yoga and Meditation....are you in the flow?
what do you think about falun dafa?
Has anyone used chinese medicine called Er long zuo ci wan?
has anyone tried magnetic therapy?
how to lessen pain of earaches?
How do I remove the very strong perfume smell from clothing that has been given to me?
Why does my nose bleed during allergy and sinus season?
any help with ways to get rid of hives or at least the itching?
24hr allergy medicine not last 24 hrs when exercising?
can i do without thyroxine for two or three days?
how often do you exercise your mind?
do u have grose feet?
how should I wear my hair tomm??
what are tampons?*blush*?
are most guys really shallow???
my hair is always wavy and i like it staright! i cant get it straight and look wierd in curly, what do i do???
How can I tell if my glands are swollen in my neck?
how do I find out what kind of pill my teen is taking?
Is the diastolic number (the small number in your blood pressure) the same or close to your heart rate?
is it possible to feed orally if someone is being fed by bolus or enteral without compromising their health?
Can you go on roller coasters if you have high blood pressure but it's under control with medication?
my 10 year old son urinates frequently and gets a stomache ache almost every time he eats.?
Can using two sunscreen products diminish your level of sun protection?
i have areally bad foot fungus and odor?
does malaria affect mosquitos?
What is the contagion period for a "cold" and for the "flu"?
Has anyone been treated for hepatitis C? Like with Interferon?How did you make out?
Is Hepatitis A or E life threatening?
Where does melanoma most commonly metastize to?
can your environment cause colon polyps? we moved to a small town and about a year after we moved there, ?
My brothe had stomack cancer. They removed his stomach and part of his Esougis(sp). Now, he cant eat or drink
Clonal Evolution?
Lung Cancer rare before 1960?
An overgrowth of cells to form a tissue that has no useful purpose to the body is a(n)?
is there a website or a location where i can purchase dca (dichloracetate) please help,idont have long tolive?
is there a vacine for asthma?
i have a report on pneumonia and i need some work cited?
How long does it take for a disability hearing?
mode of transmission of Otitis media?
What does continuous hiccupping mean?
sinus infection and eye pain?
medications to help degenerative disease in the spine and hip?
I need Help with back pain!!!?
what are "knots" in your back and neck made out of?
Can neck pain cause alot of problems?
toe surgery?
Leg problem?
about hydroxicut?
ACL injuries.....?
I woke up this morning way early with my eye feeling like it was on fire. It was blurry and blood shot, why?
what causes botchelism and what are the symptoms?
Why am I bruising?
My pinky toe nail is half-way off I was wondering if I should cut what is about to fall off? Will it grow back
Please only healthcare answers!! These are serious diseases questions happening in the last 6 months! HELP !!
i know someone with a suspected tumor on the brain, what are the chances of survival?
How does a person get infected by Meningitis and how contageous is it?
where can i go to search about `how to loose your weight with healthy diet??`?
When you're in gym/fitness center's sauna or jacquzzi, are you totally naked?
What is the difference between dumbells and barbells?
has anyone heard about the use of coconut oil for dieting ?
does anyone know the benefits of apple cider vinegar?
What are the best food/drinks to have just to clean your system?
Does nutrisystem really work?
symbol virus h5n1 for human?
how can anal warts be obtained?
My wife is allergic to our 2 cats, does anybody take allergy shots and how effective are they?
What are contraindications in physical therapy for Alzheimer's?
my daughter is doing a lab in school with e. coli and pGLO?
Flu or Cold?
Are there any medicines that cure mono?
what are the names of some microbial diseases?
give species of mosquitos that could transmit malaria?
How do I treat infection of the toe nails?
Is anyone familiar with "Hairy Cell Leukemia"?
Why cant you get cancer in the heart?
What causes uterine cancer?
i made fun of a tumor?
What is an herbal alternative to St. Johns Wort?
Out of your system....?
Has anyone tried Mucinex DM?
i have a cat and i just recently got out the hospital the doctor said i have to get rid of him because?
Could radiation treatments cause a cough??
what do I do2?
homeowrk help!!!?
went to chiropractor today found out i have scolliosis and an avulsion fracture vertabrae i had a car accident
Is it supposed to hurt when someone fingers a deep innie?
Why was i cramping up everywhere?
how do you speed up the healing of a foot injury?
broken elbow?
I had a sharp pain in my knee? is it a tear or a sprain?
What is a fistula & what causes it?
Question for high school athletes?
Why might I be experiencing sensitive teeth on one side and a very odd headache on that same side?
Everytime I move my head vigorgously, I get a headache.. ;S Whats going on?
CRACK YOUR KNUCKLEs??????????????
Websites about....?
elevated liver?
Can Strep progress into meningitis?
is it really necessary to wear flipflops into the YMCA steamroom?
does money "ACTUALLY" help cure diseases?
Am I creating a problem or what?
normally when i start weigh lifting my neck and sometimes my back hurt. why?
Can a 45-50 yr. old woman lose 50lb. within 6mo. without exercise using only diet?
I dont have any exercise equipement,are there any other good ways i can loose weight while staying indoors?
Please recommend a daily workout for me. 5'11", 200 lbs. Trying to loose stomach fat and gain muscle.
i am hypertensive. Can i have diet colas. I am concerned about the sodium content.?
Will my new diet/philosophy work?
how do i loose all this weight fast placed a bet 3wks to loose 12lbs?
my husband like skinny,now im gaining weight,what would i do???
Is it dangerous to treat a yeast infection with OTC treatments if you've never been diagnosed by a doctor?
i have a Question about lymph nodes?
I have a lump???????
Would there ever be cure for HIV/AIDS?
eye sight got better but eye is irritating me?
How much do perscription glasses cost? including the lenses and eye exam?
What age is good gfor getting contacs?
Will switching to contacts really slow down the rate at which my eyes become near-sighted?
i need a pair of glasses and contacts?
Can someone tell me a website for I WILL It is a test for people taking Avandia with bad blood sugars?
what is the population of people with type 1 diabetes?
Wondering about Diabetes meds and weigh gain?
Post Accuracy of Mono Test Results/symptoms? Staff Infection?
Who has the FLU right now?
If a person has a dry cough, scratchy throat, and no fever, are they likely to be contagious?
After I do Yoga, I injured my leg...?
Is there any treatment for a inferiour oblequie palsy or Brown Syndorome because I have recently had this eye?
how to hurt your ancle?
my toenail is dropping off, will it regrow?
Sprained ankle recovery???
Help please!.. My mom had a smear test done.. no results came isntead dey say lets discuss.. help please?
could i have eye cancer?!?!?
I need imformation on the drug called tarceva,what is it and its affects?
I had a brain tumor and had chemo and radiation on my head Around how long before hair grows back?
why is my leg still numb 4 hrs after waking up?
Where can I take a hip hop dance class in Northern Virginia?
I got new glasses and when i use my computer things start to get blurry... what should i tell the eye place?
What did you forget to do this morning before you left the house ?
here latly my face has been breaking out really bad what can I use to make it beter.?
how do i stop feeling unattractive?
What is yahoo answers purpose and goal?
What's the best way to get rid of scratches on glasses?
what does an x-ray of a normal knee look like?
Do Boys Have The Same Body Parts As Women?
How can I lose fat in my upper arms without gaining too much muscle?
Any pros/cons, success stories, complaints about the South Beach diet?
Virus that cause HIV?
How long is Strep Throat contaigous?
Do you know about agnihotra, there are thousands of people doing agnihotra around the world?
Can someone help me understand what vectors are in diseases?
i have a lump in my throat, could it be my tonsils??
can u get a liver tramsplant from somebody that is alive that is not a accdent victimpart of the liver of?
Can lactaid caplets ease symptoms on casein intolerance?
I have a cold right now and can't taste anything. What can I do RIGHT NOW to improve my taste?
Food stuck in my throat airway?
what is the extent of an epileptic patient with 3 or 4 jurks after awakening even with normal clinical results
whole-lung x-ray opacity???
Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis?
Operations for chronic back pain"?