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I'm diabetic with neuropathy I want to file for Social security does anyone know how bad you have to be or any
A couple days ago I wokre up with a bite on my thigh that has become worse, does anybody know what bit me?
Is my toe broken or something?
Can you really fix bad eyesight with eye exercises?
Contacts questions?
...Does this mean I'm Diabetic?
Tips on losing weight?
Do I look too thin?..........................?
im 14 and i want to loose weight what should i do?
am i fatt??
OMG!!! my eyes are changing colors!!!?
What's the best way to clean glasses?
what color are my eyes?
Swine Flu. Is it really 'that serious'?
HIV risk from bloody shirt?
is it good to drink milk when you have cold?
What can I do about bad eyesight?
My side hurts while I'm jogging.... WHY?
Warts in the Private Area -?
I need money to go to school. I'm healthy. Is anyone interested to buy my kidney with a buy back option?
I have a teacher who absolutely HATES me for being a Type 1 Diabetic?
how do i gain weight?!?
am i fat...................?
how did you break your bone(s)?
if i had a broken finger and didn't get it fixed what could happen?
Does playing guitar hurt your fingers if so how bad?
how many tylenol pills do you have to take to end up in the hospitol?
what causes, snoring and how to avoid it,or stop it help plzz?!?!?!?!?
Why am I so emotional?
My mom has swine flu symptoms?
Is it still necessary to receive the H1N1 flu shot if you've already had the virus?
hi i know i ask alot about my eye but thats what this site is?
HELP!!!i popped my knee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why does every girl think they are fat?
who is the youngest person to have chicken pox?
is it eaiser to keep up with contacts or glasses?
What's better for curing sunburn: Crisco or Kittly Litter?!?
can you die from second hand smoke?
Are you in favor of flu vaccine shots?
My ankle keeps cracking! Is this odd?
I got a shot two days ago and it's extremely swollen and sore?
I have an ear infection and my ear is still clogged!?
When i smoking cigarette.......................?
what is the best medicine to take to get rid of an itchy throat with cough?
how to put down swelling?
how can i get this splinter out?
Headache won't go away!!!!!!!!!?
I have had a fever of 104.5 and have had it for 2 days.....what will bring it down?
could you die of a UTI infection if not treated?
Possibly strep throat?
Can I catch the regular flu again once I have caught it?
Am I fat??
hi.. i am 22 and 5'3 nd i weight b/n 99 to 101lbs... i want to know if i shld lose more weight cuz...?
my feet itch like crazy and they also hurt!!!?
How do disposable contacts work?
I contracted Bronchitis and having serious breathing difficulties, what should i do?
Diabetics and too much insulin?
why do my contacts feel dry after a nap?
what happens if I stop eating??! :)?
Am I overweight? The details tell you my height and weight.?
Am i overweight? Answer!?
i am clinically depressed and i refused medication, i thought i could manage in my own way?
Is it OK to wear my right contact in my left eye?
should i get contacts??? i need everyones opinion?
How often can I give my 4 year old her albuterol in her nebulizer?
What's the best way to stop a blood nose?
I'm bleeding uncontrollably what should i do?
Should I go to a job interview on crutches and with my leg in a cast?
Should I see a doctor?
I'm sick! Should I go to work?
Left my contacts in at night, now I can't find them?
my dad is 5'8 mom is 5'1 im 5'4 my brother is 5'10 ...will i get any taler ? (im 13)?
Help! I've promised I'd stop cutting myself but I can't. What can I do?
How soon after a lung transplant can I start smoking again?
I'm had chronic low back pain for a year with no improvement after seeing 3 chiropractors, any suggestions?
I have a cut in the back of my mouth to the right side, how can I heal it and do ineed to see a doctor??!?!???
Broken ankel?
help help please!? pleaseee!?
Can I file a lawsuit against the USMC? A handicapp U.S. Marine shot me in the leg, after i spit in his face?
Does smoking an average of 2 cigarrettes a day for past 2 years pose a threat to my health?
Can Laser Cure a Guy With Astigmatism?
Can your vision get blurrier if you use a computer for many hours?
Good stomach ache remedy?
I'm worried about my lungs?
I have chest pain, tighten and it gets hard for me to breath?
i would like to know the best cure for cold... pls answer me... i'm verry ill and i don't know what can i do..
How to heel really bad sunburn?
If you die and have no toes, where do they put the toe tag?
Since I have been home for winter break (dry, cold midwest) I've had a hard time working out/breathing?
My contact lens feels weird.?
My friend is having trouble breathing, is coughing, and it's coming from her chest, what could this be?
I have a very sore throat...?
Why do my knees hurt?
Is it normal to weigh 120 at 5'4?
six months ago my mom died, well, my mom was semi alert, on a respirator, with copd, emphysima and lung cancer?
What are the hairs on Cilia cells called?
Should I go to school tomorrow? Feel sick?
Cheerleader Gets A Flu Shot & Now She Can Only Walk Backwards!?
Why will albuterol not be sold in the US after 2008?
why's asthma considered as a type of allergy??
Is smoking weed bad for a 13 year old?
i have been getting hiccups since 2 days ago and the just don't go away, what else can i do?
is my weight normal for me?
Am I an underweight person?
Help. Suicide...?
Worst injury/injuries you've had...?
please help im in a lot of pain?
I have no idea what's wrong with me! PLEASE HELP?
Do I have Streph throat?
can you have achy lungs?
will i die if i smoke weed? other than lung problems?
could i possibly have diabetes?
Is there a cure for diabetes?
my son has a temp of 39.2, feverish, lethargic and has vomited runny nose and cough. what shall i do?
Dizziness when running?
HIV test and I'm scared?
I work with someone with AIDS/HIV & I feel uncomfortable!!?
my dr prescribe a medi to be taken 3 times a day but they have to be 8 hours apart how can i take it 3 times?
Should our family get flu shots?
HELP! My friend punched a metal door 5 days ago & his hand is still swollen & in pain. Should he go to the ER?
Is it ok to use contacts after soaking in water for 24 hours?
Everytime i breathe it hurts?
Is there another easy, non-painful way to end my own life besides using carbon monoxide from car exhaust?
Dry cough, any body have these symptoms, I can't stop coughing?
Can you get diabetes from consuming too much sugar?
Pain on right side of lower back?
what is your favorite eye color?
Contact Lenses Or Glasses?
Contacts vs. Glasses...?
I have 2 diff. Colored Eyes (pics.) What Causes This?
Is it true that the Green color is good for your eyes?
If i don't have solution, can i put contacts in a bowl and fill it with water overnight?
How does it feel for people to be blind?
Does drinking soda cause acne?
wtf? my girl is coughing up blood!?
i'm 13, about one year ago, i cut my "sack" open in a biking accident.?
I just ran over my little brother's leg! What should I do?
I fell and hit my head about 4 hours ago and cant hear out of my left ear. Permanant? should I see a doc?
Do you think the swine flu is going to take over the world?
[10pt] what is this pain/injury called and what can i do to heal it?
Why isn't my body healing itself?
Will jumping up and down for a million times break your leg?
lactose intolerance..?
Is it possible to become allergic to the sun ?? or I guess UV alltogether in your 20's?
Dose Benadryl always get you drowsy?
what can i do to pass a drug test...i haven't smoked weed for like a week, what can i take to clense myself?
Do you think I have asthma?
I think I have Swimmers ear! Can Someone help me?
I've been getting charlie horses in the back of my calf on my left leg, what would cause that?
I have a really bad cough. I've tried all sorts of medicines, but none of them work! HELP! My throat is dying.
How come certain parts of your body only itch as soon as you get in public?
diabetes type 2?
Devastated,broken and torn apart! Someone please help me!?
Can cutting your wrists kill you?
Is asthma a condition that can be developed?
my Daughter has a temp of 102.7?
Panic attack? Help!!!!?
what happens if i tell my doctor i smoke?
what is the best way to get rid of a headache with out meds?
can i die?
Is it safe to run with a broken finger?
Pain! Anyone know what is going on?
My fiancee has type 1 diabetes since 5 years, its not genetic, so will it be transferred to our child?
My throat hurts, I make a lot of saliva quick, I cough, and theres a lot of mucus in my throat! Help?!?
What will/could happen if you smoke moldy weed?
can you die of clymidia?
I get depressed at night and have trouble getting to sleep?
what kind of eye glasses would look good for a 13 year old boy ?
14 years old, 5'4, and weigh 150, is this bad?
how can i lighten my skin?
My friend has a fever of 108.7! Is this lethal? When should she go to the doctor??? HELP!?
how can i tell if i broke my nose?
I accidentally got super glue on myself, and i do not know what to do! Can someone tell me how to get it off?
Could i have hyperglycemia?
What's the best way to get rid of my Acne?
what is the normal blood sugar rste for a 13 year old boy?
what are some ways to improve blood circulation?
How Can I Get A Flat Stomach Fast?
Am I fat? Please tell me honestly. Im 12 years old, 4'8 and I weigh 86 pounds. Please tell me the truth!?
My boyfriend has been burping constantly...what could this be?
Are there any home remedies for the swine flu?
Do blood tests hurt?
Based on these symptoms, what could be wrong with me?
i have work in 6 hours, so i need to sleep NOW, but i cant take a sleeping pill, cause then i wont wake up?
wat was ur expirience like taking shrooms?
What do you think it means when your ear feels like its on fire?
Is there anyway to reduce severe swelling in my feet?
why do guys touch thier groin?
Is there a way to heal deep cuts faster so they won't leave a mark?
asthma attack with no inhaler!!!?
Please help i have a sick six week old?
Does the FLU shot hurt? If so how bad & for how long?
can you go in the pool with contacts?
how to tell if you're contacts are inside out?
What happens if you have breast implants and you smoke cigarettes?
is it safe to fly with a child with a ear infection?
Should I drive to the hosptial, or dial 911?
i slept in my contacts on accident...?
Is my friend fat? 6 th grade?
would it be possible to lose 20pounds by summer?
Constant headaches (i'm on a diet)?
Do think most eye doctors are honest?
i'm homeless and need glasses and don't have the money what do i do?
I have been experiencing "shivering"-if this term is right in my left eye's lower eyelid since past one week.
i have a very high fever and i don't know what i should or shouldn't eat plz help me?
i gave blood and im all bruised up?
i cant get my contacts in my eye does anyone have any tip?
Wearing contacts more than specified?
Which is worse for my eyes?
how do i tell if someone is playing dead?
I burnt my NOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
August allergies! HELP!?
Is it normal for a 17-yr-old to STILL not have chicken pox?
I have trouble taking deep breaths, i like i have a cold?
Do I have to wash out soft contact lenses that are straight from the package?
What makes your eye twitch?
My eyes turn red w/my contacts?!?
How much weight should I lose? (pic)?
how tall are you?
Can You Lose Weight WITHOUT Exercise.?
How much weight do i need to lose?
How can I be strong enough to walk away and not go back?? ?
the stomach is _____ to the lungs?
i had no verbal interactions with anyone?
Do anti-depressents really work?
What's the fastest, easiest way to remove a hickey?
eating pizza while on diet?
i won't eat?
My weight?
I'm tiny, i want to put on some weight. I find it very difficult to eat. what do I do?
i am 4'8 and i weigh 87 lbs am i fat?????????????
What's the best thing to do if you think you're child has allergies?
General Questions About Contact Lenses?
contact lense help please asap? :|?
How much water should I drink per day if Im trying to clear acne?
what is wrong with his eyelid?
Do people realize that the swine flu attacks certain people?
are eating disorders considered a mental illness?
do you feel happy when you're alone?
What is a good remedie I can do at home to stop sweating?
bitten by some sort of spider..things aren't looking so good. Not a brown recluse, but I am in pain. kidneys
How can people like this think they're fat??
i need to lose weight?
should i stop working out?
How can i gain weight fast?
Do you think I am fat?
I'm extremely overweight. Please help.?
I'm having a difficult time staying motivated enough to exercise everyday? What should I do?
What's the worst pain you've ever experienced?
I got my cartilage pierced a few days ago, and at first it was fine, but now it's an absolute disaster. HELP!
burning throat?
I heard that there is no other flu virus except for the H1N1?
Can't Sleep!?
i need ways to get ride of/express my anger?
Why is it bad to drink diet pop when your not diabetic?
what to do after a panic attack?
This year the flu shot is now mandatory where I work and my question is?
Hand sanitizer or wash hands?
What color do YOU think my eye is?
How do you get your contact out of your eye?
What's YOUR favorite word ??????????/?
Alternatives to niccorette gum?
Is it posible to lick ur elbow?
I am really freaked out about getting my ear pierced!!?
help me please! my legs hurt!!?
Is it normal to have a brown shading on the lips of your vag?
My friend doesn't have her contacts case or her solution. What can she do over night?
What is cranberry juice good for? 10 points?
Constipated from 10 days, tried all medicines, not working, what's worst that can happen ?
What are some signs of schizophrenia?
Can somebody tell?
My boyfriend has the worst stomach pains, what is it?
contact lenses stuck in my eyes?
Why is it bad to wear contact lenses longer than advised?
I was wondering if getting contacts hurt?
this is 4 everyone please could you put capitols in your questions 4 me my eyes are not very good?
Can eating lots of fruit have a negative effect? Is it bad to eat a bag of grapes in one go?
is this a rash??
I have a friend who just cut herself in her left arms 40 times...?
All The Sudden ??
Fever-how high before you get it addressed?
i have been feeling sick for 3days now, have headaches, and a runny nose aswell as aching do i have swine flu?
Which is worse: cigarettes or caffeine?
I weigh 85 lbs. and i am 14. i feel like im anorexic but im not? tell me all the ways i can gain weight! FAST!
I'm really fat...please help?!?!?!?
am i a good weight ?!?
I'm I overweight? Im 17, 5'3, and weigh 130 pounds?
What happens if I starve myself?
THis girl has a bunch of long scratches on her legs but won't say why. What should i make of it?
PRILOSEC & stop smoking pill CHANTIX,.taken together side effects.?
How long after smoking marijuana will it stay in my system?
Wierd spasms, Do I have tourettes?
Should I get the Swine Flu vaccine?
What kind of disease do I have?
numbness in fingertips?
Home remedies or other solutions for dryness on side of the lips ?
How to contract Cold Sores?
ive got a sore in my mouth..between my bottom lip and the gum..its kind of on the side. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Post-Asthma attack: Trouble sleeping?
I'm sick!...I think.?
Can someone help me to stop smoking?
Is smoking pot addictive? ?
I have a led mark stuck in my arm from about 2 months ago from cutting myself in school with a pencil?
how should i treat my broken finger for a basketball game?
Why won't my foot get any better?
Are you taking the Swine Flu vaccine?
What to eat during stomach flu?
whats the best way to lose weight over summer?
How can i take my mind off food??!!?
I am extremely overweight. will it ever end? Will I Live much Longer?
what did the six year old find in her happy meal?
How much weight would you think i lose if i don't eat anything for a month or two.?
what are ways to avoid smoking?
I smoke 2 to 3 cigarettes a week. Is it as harmful as chain smoking?
Do you think marijuana is addictive?
If you had a dollar for every flake of dandruff that fell from your head, would you be rich or poor?
Feeling like going to choke, very scared?
how to not get caught smoking?
Sniffling and coughing nurse at doc's office?
um... am I being questioned by a pedefile or am I paranoid? If you don't help me I might be kidnapped and rape
Why don't people use contact lenses instead of glasses?
Help confused and can't breathe!?
I have asthma, is there a serious danger to me doing pot?
why is my daughter vomiting green bile?
I have really bad bacne I feel like I want to cry?
"Obesity is a western world problem"?
if you wanted to quit smoking,would it lower your chance of getting smoking related diseases?
Dear fellows: I'm having diarrhoea for the past 4 days non stop. Please give me some advise. thanks?
why do i have so many bowel movements?
OMG am I fat?
What does a broken bone feel like?(For those who have broken one)?
whats worse for you a cigar or a pack of cigarettes?
What is the quickest way to get over a sinus cold?
my freakin neck hurts!!?
I have a very oily face, how can i stop the oil from coming out?
how can i get rid of acne?
Oven Burn on Arm?
How can I lose weight quick and easy?
I've got hiccups... will you scare me so they go away?
Do you smoke cigarettes?
Does the h1n1 nasal vaccination hurt?
Best way to treat acne?
what are fingernails made of?
after the mosquito's bite,how to make it not itching?
is it OCD to like all the labels of my water bottles facing the same way???
Reallllly bad headaches!!!!!!?
how do i pretend that i am sick so that i don't have to eat dinner tonight?
How can you sleep if your back itches form a sunburn?
does anyone has breathing difficulty when stressing?
constant mucus don't know whats wrong...?
I took 2 Lorcet(hydrocodone) and 1 valium within 4 hours I won't OD...will I?
Could i have hyperthyroidism?
underarm persperation problem..... =(?
What is the most effective over-the-counter acne treatment for acne prone skin?
what is the best liquid medicine for runny nose & cough?
My son is very congested and I have no idea what to give him his cough is horrible!?
Why is green stuff coming out of my private area.
does someone with swine flu virus have it all their life?
I think i have swine flu. Here are my symptoms.?
Why is it so bad to wear contacts?
under arm sweating issues...?
is warm or cold beverages better to drink in an asthma episode?
What is the scientific name for 'black lung disease'?
Is it bad to smoke cigarettes through your nose?
is there a cure for the swine flu?
what animal did the swine flu come from?
should i become anorexic? I am 13 and overweight. I am at the point where the risks don't matter to me anymore
Am I chubby?? PICTURES?
I lost my glasses at school!?
i have morphine and methedone to choose from, which should i take? and i'm in no pain at all by the way!?
what are things you can do for acne?
How can you carry stuff in school with crutches?
What to do when you're muscles are "hurting" you?
Swine flu but NO fever?
I was diagnosed with moderate emphysema How long do i have left to live?
Is bad eye sight caused by genetics?
got shampoo in my eye?
Why were antibiotics ineffective against this virus?
Swine flu? Do the treatments work?
Am I Overweight? Just Curious?
Does eating a potato chip count as eating a vegetable?
How much should a 5'1 teenager weigh?
Is this true? When you have a cast you aren't supposed to bathe or shower?
Does having your stitches taken out hurt?
Car accident.. two weeks ago.. still in pain (neck and back)?
How do I remove a needle from my eyeball? It really hurts, and I think I'm going blind...?
Help!!! What can Diabetic Eat?
Should I be using my distance glasses to read?
My 4yr old son has abnormal xray?
what do you do when antibiotics aren't working?
what happens when eye contact lenses roll to the back or under your eye lids?
could a sore throat make it hard to swallow? and if without meds how long can a sore throat last?
best way to get rid of acne?
took son in for thrush & Dr. brought up diabetes, my g-dad died from, i was checked for gesta., is it same?
to stressed cant sleep?
my friend is smoking..?
Can you have a weak immune system?
Is it possible to develop Asthma in the teenage years, without having it when younger?
If your really depressed and you go on anti depressants will they make you more suicidal?
Do I have a Pink Eye?
Exercises for toning knees that don't hurt?!?
Reason why people should quit smoking marijuana?
is 12 to young to be smoking?
I'm sick, but I don't know what with, help!?
What are the harms of smoking a marijuana blunt?
Coughing up blood? [Doctors?]?
When doctors tell you to drink plenty of fluids, does this mean only water?
Can a person still sue the tobacco company's for damage of years ago?
First Time User..Contacts Lenses?
are fruits good for diabeties(high blood sugar)?
im 15 and will be 16 in 2 months. I went to the doctor she x rayed my hand and knees she said my knee was ?
Dizzy, nauseous, and shaking after cutting myself?
How much should a 13 year old girl weigh if she is 5'3 or 5'4?
Which people disgust you more: fat people or shallow people who judge them by their appearance?
Is anyone out there having an miserable Valentine's Day?
Help only from somone who has been through this!?
I'm 12...and think I have depression?
Have you ever known of/experienced something like this?
please help me i am so sick ?
just wondering can a person that is about 195lbs. become anarexic?
Is the odor left behind from cigarette smoking harmful?
Woman, what is the best razor you have ever used? I can't seem to find one I really like.?
how many fingers do we have?
HELP!! I'm at school and throwing up bad!?
I got caught wacking it by my grandma, and she told me not to stop, its natural. What should i have done?
Could I get hepatitis or aides from this...?
How long will my grandma live with emphysema?
Is smoking paper bad for you?
what's a healthy alternative to coffee in the morning?
what is the best cure for a headache when nothing works?
How can I gain confidence? ?
why is it hard for smokers to quit ?
why can't i breathe?
I'm catching a cold. What can I do to make it better?
will i get crutches if i have a cut on my knee that would require stitches?
Foods to eat when you have the flu?
What is the best way to get rid of a cold without going to the doctor?
Is the Gardasil vaccine safe?
Swine Flu Outbreak??? Caused by...?
Will I get sick from my boyfriend? Please help!?
i am 5'2'' and i weigh about 140..is that normal for a 14 year old?
am i fat??
i would like to know if i am fat?
What is a good way to lose weight at home maybe besides excersing???
Do you think I am over weight, yes, no, a little, not really?
what happens if you put a vacuum cleaner on your eye?
When I take deep breathes my chest hurts?
What can happen if a human drinks or inhales anti freeze?
Why did she laugh when she hit her head?
i think my finger is broken?
When I look at an object, it starts moving?
How can i pass an at home urine drug test?
i cant get the girl i want; therefore, i have the urge to burn stuff?
Is it normal to like have thoughts of the same gender in a wrong way during puberty?
I drank ALOT of Salt Water what will happen?
What would you do if a zombie epidemic broke out today?
Why are health officials concerned about the outbreak of swine flu?
I am a kid and I dont ned the H1N1 shot because I dont like the idea of doing that! Howcan i not get the shot?
How do I prevent myself from getting swine flu?
I'm overweight, on a diet, and, STARVING! help? :)?
I am 13 years old i am 5' 7 in. i weigh 95 lbs. is that okay?
1.) What is one of the foods that you crave most?
how much do you think i weigh in this picture?
what would happen if you took 20 500milagram tylenol pills?
Chest pains, someone please help, I'm really scared.?
Quitting smoking?
Is it normal for an ankle to hurt nearly a year after the sprain?
how long is weed in your body?
I don't know how to fix my life?
If you kiss a guy that has mono, will you get it for sure?
Can the cold & flu virus be transmitted by going on line & via e-mail?
foggy and smelly urine what does that mean?
Is that save to go back to Los Angeles because the swine flu ?
Is it true that if u get vaccinated u can be really sick the next day?
I am so scared about swine flu :) Can people please calm me down? No Mean Answers Please!!?
Can someone tell me whats going on here? UTI? Yeast Infection? or Nothing?
Is swine flu contagious?
My parents are making me get the swine flu shot How do i make them understand i dont want that in my body?
Having an eye exam at Walmart?
What's this on my stomach (pic)??!?
Okay well this week i havent been feeling well and i dont know if it could be the swine flu...?
why is there a push to change the name of the current outbreak of swine flu to influenza A virus H1N1?
Help Im sick and i don't know what it is it might flu?
hangover remedy?
Should I try marijuana?
i really want a cat but im allergic :'( help!!!?
Urine Test Soon. What are my odds of passing?
how long should I allow for passing of kindeystone before going for medical removal?
Can i get a disease from doing this? please read?
Found dead bat; need to worry about rabies?
Does any one know how to get rid of a cold QUICKLY!!?
Is it better to wash your hands with just water or not wash them at all?
What should I do for my hurt ankle?
Had a cold can't hear in 1 ear for 4 days so far?
Need feedback on this Smoker's cough I have. I am at my wits end...?
stopping smoking cold turkey?
why don't little kids shut-up forever and ever?
Quick! My brother is choking, what should I do?
I have to have surgery in the morning, I shouldn't eat or drink anything after 12:00, Right?
my friend has a wart . =/?
What is wrong with my skin!?
what if your dog bites you and it's not bleeding?
why does my leg feel weird when i got my cast off?
i get heartburn every time I lay down?
what is an aneurysm? what happens to the victim?
I've been coughing for more than a week?
I have the stomach flu and I dont want to vomit..but i know it's coming...help!?
Can I walk into a hospital & order lung xrays without going to a doctor first?
Why did I get prescribed Prednisone for my Asthma?
Quit smoking side effects?
how can I break my hands for a week or 2? So I can't use it?
how do I change my eye color naturally, without surgery or eye drops.?
Is there a Lasik eye procedure that can help you see clearly while drunk?
OMG MY EYEBALL IS DEFLATING (serious question)?
i love the name Allegra. does anyone else agree?
What does a smoker's cough sound like?
Whats 2nd hand smoking?
Chest pain and coughing blood?
i am 21 years old and i smoke weed if i haven't smoked since Tuesday and i'm getting drug tested this Tuesday?
Will Swine Flu end all of civilization?
I told my parents I was gay, and they said it was as brain infection?
how did the swine flu start?
I have had horrible headache, neck, and upper back pain for 3 days, and it won't go away. Any ideas or help?
Why do we not worry about bacteria on...?
i think i have?
I'm sick. How am I going to make it through work tonight?
Where Type of drug is Alcohol?
Ive had 5 bloody noses, one last night,and four already today. I get them frequently. Why?
ummm i ate a spider... what should i do???? Cause it was a dare and like i don't know what should i do?!?!?!?
my 13 year old sister noticed a lump under her armpit in her breast......?
How many bones have you broken?
what should i do to make my swelling go down?
How can I keep myself from eating?
How can I lose 18lbs Before saturday?
Does drinking water really help you recover from a cold?
How do i know if I have pneumonia?
Do I have swine fluu?
Do You Think I Have Pink Eye?
How worried are you about the swine flu?
i cut myself to get back at my mum.help?
What causes you the greatest amount of worry?
I slamed my nose on a counter and now theres a huge cut on the outside of my nose wat do I do?
so i was brushing my teeth and?
I accidentally poked the scissors into my finger ?
What could it be? Daughter coughing continuously...?
when smoking weed occasionally i have a sudden fit of coughing and cant stop for a long time whyhy?y?
What's the best acne treatment that I can buy at a store like Meijer or Walmart?
head lice!!!!! yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i got shots like 3 weeks ago, now i have a rash all over my chest and hands, normal?
Acne from working at a fast-food restaurant?
IS there something I can slip into my wife's juice of food that will get rid of her toenail fungus?
Is it posible to get herpes simplex 2 by masterbating with a girls panty after she wore it?
I have to continously spit the cough ,almost 24 hours a day , if i dont spit ,can't breath, is this a decease?
How can you get rid of spider's inside of your house. I called to have house sprayed they said won't work?
My ear bleeds when I time travel in my storage shed. Is that normal?
Do you think today's society is obsessed with germs?
is swine flu hitting your school too? H1N1..?
Will i die from swine flu?
Is it true you CAN get AIDS from mouth-to-mouth kissing?
What are the facts about the swine flue?
my friend smokes weed. He's trying to get a new job. He is wondering how to get it out of his hair particles?
Is he killing my dog?
What happens if you don't stay off a sprained ankle?
What do you do when the sky is falling?
i seriosuly need an answer?
Have You Ever Had This Happen? Please Read!?
I have had a really bad cold for about 3 weeks ?
I only had ONE cigarette..and I'm ADDICTED (im 14)?
Is swine flue going to kill us all?
Do I have the Swine Flu?
What does it mean when the back of you'r throte hurts everytime you swallow?
Is this swine flu? Do you think I have it?
My eyes get so dry...what should I do?
I have 20/20 vision but i want contacts?
When someone wearing glasses cries do the glasses they're wearing fog up?
blood sugar jumps from 120 to 295 in an hour or so is this ok?
Does potassium help minimize cramping?
I need help. I truly despise shots and needles in general. I need help getting over this.?
Just took an asthma treatment.. still wheezing..?
I feel like I'm only breathing thru one lung, has it collapsed?? HELP!!!?
asthma attack, so i'm having problems breathing and don't have access to albuterol or anything else does
help..im unable to breathe!?
PAIN IN THE LEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
ok the swan flu how do you know if you have it?
I want to know how to tell some one you feel like vomiting.Does it has a name?
do i have a fever or what?
i used my aunt's razor and she has aids can i get aids?
How do i make my eyes really red with out cryin or contacts?
what should i say of some one asks....?
Skinny people only....?
im 12 and i want to know how to lose wieght to wear a bikinni!!!!!!1!?
What are the symptoms of diabetes?
has anyone here had surgery for a lazy eye?
How to give up smoking?
If a person drowned in a hottub would the water be in their lungs or stomach?
Whats the worst injury you have ever gotton?
Contact Lenses?
is it bad to watch tv with the lights off?
Why can i see through walls and my hands?
What color do you think my eyes are?
Am i fat.....................................…
How do I lighten my skin?
Alcohol and medicine?
smoking ?????????????
Is my father exaggarates his condition?
home remedies for a urinary track infection?
how do you know if im not inhaling?
Doctor said I had sinus infection but should I go for a second opinion ?
is there any type of oral medicine instead of insulin to control diabetes? i am altering my diet?
shaving my legs?
How do i stop my stomach from dropping on roller coasterss?
What annoys you most?
Pop corn....is it healthy to eat?
Is 145-150 pounds too much for someone who is 5'6-5'7?
Is it okay to smoke weed every day?
what am i sick with?!?!?!?!?
Do I have Diabetes? Or not?
My 2 years old hasn't stopped couging?
Swelling in ankles for my mom (Hypothyroid)?
Glasses aren't fixing my problem?
I have swine flu.....and need an answer?
what happened on 4/20?
Which diseases scare you the most and why?
My Teacher told us we're all going to die from Swine Flu?
I've had fever for six days now! Whats going on?
i have pneumonia and i stoped taking the medicines...?
what are symptoms of lack of oxygen in a persons body?
what is a good lie for scars?
I think I may have Diabetes?
Self induced vommitting?
Husband is sick all the time?
I got a all around sinus infection, any remedies?
what am i sick with? PLEASE HELP?
i have had a sore throat and coughing up yellow phlegm for a week. but i have had fever of 99 - 101 for 3 days?
Why does my breathe smell like this?
Why can't I stop coughing ?
OMG, help!!!!?
after vomiting?
OK, can be both be carrying the swine virus?
what happen if you ate a bug?
advice on contact lenses?
What is the best way to get rid of zits without blowing my wallet?
Swollen eyelid?
i have a bag of weed, now what?
Could someone help with my sons asthma?
Should i go see a docter about my tonsils?
Smokers only please?
My eye color (pic included)?
Puberty prob!! Help please!?
What's good to put on mosquito bites to make them quit itching??
why is everyone freaking out about the swine flu?
How can I get rid of a sore throat?
what is the main cause of AIDS?
In most jeans I'm a size 1, but I want to loose a little bit more weight.?
What is a good non alcoholic drink to drink when on a diet?
is it possible for someone to have two different colored eyes naturally?
My son has found that cleansing his face with alcohol once a day is clearing his acne, why is this?
What does it mean if I do not breathe regularly?
Does my asthma need more treatment?
I've thought about taking diet pills, what are the most effective, and most natural?
Is there any way to treat a hangover?
Is the swine flu really all that serious? Should i be worried about it?
I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How does drinking alcohol affect a person with diabetes?
Should I get eye surgery? Even though I have 20/20 vision?
if u close your eyes while using a tanning lamp do you have to use protective eyewear?
OMG prettythin is gone :|?
how do i get rid of stretch marks?
anyone have any miracle skin cleanser?
I have a mole above my lip and my parents wont allow it to be removed, is there a product i can buy to do this?
What's the best over-the-counter acne treatment?
What color are my eyes?
are contacts ok for kids that are 11 ?
What is my eye color?
Do you think this is a good way to avoid death?
having a hard time breathing.......?
i have a mosquito bite and a spider bite on the same place, what do i do?
The cause of cold hands...?
What should I do about eczema in sleep?
How do you get rid of acne with just home remedies?
Is Shingles contagious?
urgent : my school has 5 confirmed cases of swine flu, should i go in.?
Anyone know some good natural way's to get more energy?
What is withdrawl from weed like?
Peeing Alot? Do i have diabetes?
I was just recently diagnosed with diabetes, could stopping soda pop fix the problem?
I don't mean to be rude... but..?
I know I am supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but it is SO boring, I just won't do it. Ideas?
Anxiety Attacks...?
what are some common excuses that smokers use to continue smoking?
i am wearing glasses and what to take it off so how can i improve my eye-sight?
What are some reasons that someone would not be a 'good candidate' for laser eye surgery?
For eye/contact doctors?!!! (gas lens hurt)?
i NEED SUNBURN ITCH RELIEF NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What happens if you take antibiotics but you don't have any infection?
if you smoke weed does it clear up your acne?
What is the fastest way to get rid of acne?
How are eczema, asthma and rhinitis linked? ?
Mother had me at 41...I'm 23.....no medical problems...right?
is it wierd that i'm 14 and still can't sleep when my mom goes to sleep before me?
Do you think i need glasses?
Do people smoke and drink regularly to get away from their problems- depression, sadness, etc?
Am i fat? (no joke, please answer)?
What's the best (and fastest) way to lose weight in your tummy?
Having woken up with a bloody nose 6 or more times this Winter without using a heater how many times istoomany?
What are some quick remedies for a sore throat?
how to fix bullet wound without hospital?
How to ease sore muscles?
Is this true about eye contact lenses?
Sleeping with contacts?
Do contacts hurt??????????
I blacked out today and don't know why...?
The pass out/fainting game?
i need to clean my system in 3 days... i've only smoked weed. what do i need to do?
I took 4 or 5 hits off a joint, and I have a hair follicle test in 4 weeks.?
Insulin Dependent Diabetes: Is there any other treatment to reactivate pancreas to generate insulin?
If you smoke and it hasn't affected your lungs negatively so far, tell us how much and for how many years?
Help! I'm coughing up blood?
Ouch! My throat hurts really badly! Help?
What's the worst injury you have ever had?
Punched and still having pain after 3 days?
Here are my symptoms? Is this serious? I'm only 27...?
Can i sue my doc......?
do we got school tomarrow because some people said we don't because of the flu?
Will Swine Flu Ever Stop?
what is the body's normal temperature?
Is Nicotine by itself dangerous?
Would you consider me fat?
if 1 cigarett takes 11 minutes off of you life ...?
What are some reasons to KEEP smoking?
What rhymes with purple. Be honest. Don't lie. I'm serious. Serious like a teen girl in a mall.?
Pus from ear piercing?
A gross question: what does the color of mucus indicate: Yellow? Clay green?
Smokers, would you be ok if your spouse wanted to start smoking?
Curing Pneumonia Naturally?
Is hypoglycemia the same as diabetes?
how bad are my eyes?
I need help with contacts?
I have eyesight -4.00. is that legally blind?
my brother had flu symptoms and today we took him to the doctor...?
I have this unusual sore on my wrist?
Will a cut heal faster if you put on a band aid or not???
how do i admit to a friend that i'm bulimic?
Does anyone know how to forget the past?
what color are my eyes?
Am I Okay To Smoke Cigarettes?
Do I just have the cold? Or is something else? Thanks?
I have sharp painful pains in the back of head, near the beginning of my neck?
Swine flu question: im young and i dont really get sick. i could live with being sick but i wont die right?
how serious is swine flu?
marijuana question . . .?
how do i get rid of a headache? ive had it all day and it wont go away!?
should i give my daughter her nebulizer for bronchidis even though the doctor gave her a stairod?
i keep losing my breath and gasping for air uncontrollably?
i have extreme chest/back pain and im 13?
How can I gain more confidence to talk to people? (mainly girls)?
Ace "accidentally" eat a bottle and a half of Visine, what do I do? ?
How do I get my mom to stop smoking cigarettes?
Here's a weird problem and I need advise?
Should I go buy another pack of cigs, or go get the patch today?
what is the medical term for stop breathing?
I was diagnosed with asthma today, and I used my inhaler for the first time an hour ago, and it didn't help?
why am i so talll???
does anyone have a cure for underarm sweat when deodorant isn't working?
any suggestions?
I think a vampire bit me...?
I just burned myself...help fast!?
Am I fat, i'm 15 and I weigh 85 kg?
I don't eat very healthy, can you help me?
What is causing this?
How to cure depression? ugh.?
could i be allergic to alcohol?
My throat hurts and glands in my neck are sore too. Do you think its allergies?
I am allergic to my boyfriends dog.?
Do you smoke, and what do you smoke?
Anyone know what is empyema or bronchitis ?
Does anyone have a problem with their cpap machine causing nasal dryness? So bad you can't even use machine .
My friend is smoking cigars, what can happen to him?
Poll: Should they illegalize cigarettes/smoking?
Did Michael Jackson have a skin condition that made his skin turn pale or did he bleach himself?
I have dry skin on the top of my hands how can i get rid of it?
wtf is going on with me?!????????????????????
What do you think about people who smoke ?
i put my tongue on a frozen spoon and it feels weird now, and it's bleeding a little, what do i do?
Best way to bring swelling down?
this burn hurts what should i do.?
Razor cut, it won't stop bleeding?
I am 5'8 and 115 lbs. What do you think?
I am 12 years old.....?
What do you take for heartburn; what helps you the most?
i can't breath!?
my husband has horrible snoring! any ideas?
How do you stop someone from snoring? Can I just hold their nose or will that kill them?
what does smoking weed mean?
i tried smoking and im 12 is that bad?
Contacts and glasses?
does a person who cant talk make a noise when they cough?
Marijuana vs. Tobacco?
and you catch herpes from someone that use to have it?
what product do you use to get rid of acne?
Okay I'm getting a weird craving for blood......?
have you ever heard anyone eating vicks vapour?
HELPP!??!?! what can i do?
why do i feel dizzy after smoking a ciggarette?
I was burned pretty badly...?
Do you HONESTLY think the world would be a better place if i was dead?
Why does my vision get really blurry?
Red spots on my legs?
what's the best scar remover?
Whats the worst pain you ever felt?
I'm having some chest pain...what do you think it could be?
a question about advair?
How are you supposed to deal with a foot cramp while driving?
how can i train myself to sit up straight?
i just found a little block of chocolate that has been under my couch for about 3 days..........eat it?
Do I look like I need to lose weight? (pics)?
Do you eat more or less when you are depressed?
i want a stuffy nose?
If a two-pack a day smoker coughs-up blood on one occasion, does this indicate anything "serious"?
How does having a respiratory disease affected your life?
If I have an allergic reaction besides using Epi Pen should I call an ambulance.?
My eye is reddish and is stuck shut in the mornings but i show no other signs of pinkeye?
How to remove residue on the skin left from medical tape after surgery?
hi, when i go to sleep i start throwing up i take acid reflux meds and i am on some other meds?
im 14 and i smoke and i get dizzy?
my asthma is bothering me?
Is it "TOO MUCH" for me to ask my fiance to quit smoking?
Why am I still coughing after I stopped smoking?
Should I tell my mom that I smoke weed?
Did you start smoking because of family or what.?
Why am I always Feeling Tired?
How can I overcome Necrophobia?
Ex Smokers only!!! How did you you quit smoking?
Would this method of giving-up cigarettes work?
How much does one pack of cigarettes cost?
I am not a smoker but the other night I hit the weed a few times how long will it stay in my system....?
How should I tell someone to stop smoking ?
I have a cold. How to feel better?
what is the first part of your body you dry when you get out of the shower?
What is the best way to get rid of dry lips?
girlfriend took 1 bite of potentially bad fish.?
Panic attack?
how can you eliminate morning breath?
I started getting a cold two days ago, and now I have so much mucus in my throat, lungs chest, etc...?
Changing prescription sunglasses lens to regular lens?
Is there any medication for astigmatism?
I have something of a stalker problem...help?
what's the best excuse to use when calling out at work ? i work in a resturant?
if my mom smokes 2 packs 1/2 a day for 24 years...?
is there anything really important i should know about contact lenses?
Relaxing things to do before bed?
Help with soreness?
I'm 22, part time employed and 7.5 months pregnant, is breast feeding logical since I'll be going back to work
How much does the New Color Iris Surgery cost? I want to ge it.?
im 13 and my mom thinks i have sleep apnea?
do black and mild cigars have nicotine in them or are they just tobacco?
I have a cold with a sore throat and coughing.?
PLEASE HELP?!?! There is something wrong with my mom?
how to wake up at 6 a.m without being late 4 skwel?
i need help. GIRLS ONLY!!!?
I am VERY VERY dark? ughh?
What is the best illness you could think of to get out of school?
i broke my wrist!!!!?
I took 80 doses of lexapros ?
I have a cold & need some help please!?
can I smoke one cigarette per day?
is there a surgery that can change your eye color?
the more I wear glasses, the worse my vision gets?
Can you get an STD from spooning?
What are some home remedies for stomach aches?
Does dust affect you in any way?
How can I loose weight?
What's wrong with my knee?
Can anyone tell me whats wrong with my eye or what i did to it?
I am so sick and I have been coughing really badly for two weeks what should I do?
This girls skin is yellow, but for how long will it stay that way?
My Uncle was bit by something, should he go to the hospital?
how do you get rid of acne?
How Do You Take Out Your Anger?
What is wrong with me?
i smoked weed for the 1st time?
Which is the best glasses? (Semi-rimless or rimless)?
Does anyone know a good non-pharmacological way to reduce blood pressure?
how do i make myself a "nose breather"?
Why am I coughing up green phlegm for 2 weeks but didn't have a cold?
how do u stop a nose bleed??????????????
oh hi my dad says that everybody is getting swine flu because i got a D on my math test is this true?
does anyone love the feeling...?
I'm afraid to go the doctor about a rash I have. What should i do?
How can I get rid of my acne?
I'm trying to break my toe. What's the easiest way?
Do i have athsma, or not?
How come my friend and her whole family sleeps with their eyes half open?
how does it feel when you first buy glasses and start to get used to them?
Where can i go to get prescription contacts at a good price?
do you wear glasses full time?
what is better to wear an eye patch or glass eye?
Why do people's eyes change color?
EASY ten points....swimming with contacts?
what is the easiest way to sprain an ankle?
I camr back from the pool 2 and 1/2 hours ago and my eyes are really blurry?
How bad is an eyeglass prescription of -2.00?
how do you get rid of acne real fast?
i have sudden neck pain?
Soo... Swine Flu--I Am Legend, 2012 world ending...?
is anyone keeping there child off school because of swine flu?
Swine Flu will cause Human Extinction?
PLEASE help me!!! What's the name of this virus?!?
Do I have a tapeworm?
Why am I always cold?
What's the best thing to do to clean my colon?
I have a vein constantly showing in my eye?
When I breathe in, I can hear a rattling?
young smokers..what do i do?
How can I get over my fears of putting in my contact lenses?
my daughter 22 years old has a fever 102.2...should i take to the hospital?
Do you smoke in your car with the windows opened or closed?
13 year old boy has been feelin sleepy,thirsty,hungry,and shaking?
I just drank a whole cup of bleach what should i do?
I think I have the flu?
Can anyone please tell me a name for this scary thing that keeps happening to me?
Why is my chest making weird noises when deep breaths?
Sometimes when I smoke...?
Why do I get the runny nose?
Allergic to shrimp?
How would you describe my new eyeglasses? Should I wear them to work at office? How do I look iin them ?
what excatly is a UTI?
When a HIV person sneezes can you get it?
When you're stabbed...?
Scared I'm going to go deaf?
sticky THROAT????? idkkk help?
I just found out that I am 7 weeks pregnant and I had a chest x-ray done 2 days before I found out.?
Swine flu.....do i need to worry?!?!?
What are the symptoms of the 2009 Swine Flu?
What's a fast over night solution to acne?
What should I do about my hairy legs?
i have dibetes and take meds fo it but syill having trouble with b.s.l's need fresh ideas?
The antireflexive coating on my glasses is peeling off. Is there anyway i can remove it?
How much sleep should I get?I'm 13?
If i did get bit by a black widow and i am 13 or 14 what would happen?
i steped on a nail?!?!?!?
What's this pain in the chest?
Why doesn't my son have regular bowel movements?
how to get rid off wort's?
my boyfriend passed out in the shower and i dont no what is wrong with him?
Why does my throat feel funny after eating a banana?
I quit smoking cold turkey, it's only been 10 days. i could breathe better when i smoked than i can now,why? ?
my meemaw can't breathe and is kinda cold, what should i do?
Can the computer kill your eyes?
Is my body shape an HOURGLASS or PEAR?
do eye exercises and such really improve your eye site?
Do I need to see a Doctor if I have white blood cells in my urine?
Can my doctor tell if i smoke. HELP!?
Asthma and Sport - Inhaler?
I am taking azithromcyin for infection, its making me feel sick.?
My GF wants me to quit smoking cigarettes. What are some stop smoking products to help me stop smoking?
so i have this embarrassing problem...help!?
Does any one have any advice for how to get rid of a coldsore on my lip ASAP?
Should I have eye surgery?
How do I tell my mom I need glasses?
is diet soda ok when fasting for blood test?
Super-Chapped lips?
Weird brown stain on my forehead?
How to get rid of a cold sore?
i need to get sick FAST!?
where can I buy a syringe?
if we had flat eyes...?
How do you stop snoring?
What cigarette is the best for a first time smoker?
What do you do to help you fall asleep at night when you're having a difficult time falling asleep?
Contact lense's solution?
What's wrong with me?
which is worse marijuana or cigarettes ?
I love being alive, don't you?
is it bad to sleep with a bra on?
My saliva smells like vinegar. Is it what they called ketoacidosis for diabetic persons?
what makes a 20 year old male just stop breathing?
Does antibiotics do anything for you if you are in the "coughing and blowing out yellow gunk" stage of a cold?
Does cigarette smoking help calm your nerves?
how to gain weight besides eating junk food?
Is working out directly before bed a bad thing?
If someone smoked weed for the 1st time yesterday will it show up in a test next week?
what is the best way to fall asleep when it's hard to fall asleep?