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all of my friends?
Are you or anyone you know on Interferon shots for cancer?
in my papsmear report smears showed many endocervical clusters cells are normal in morphology ?
my mother had a colostomy on 1/17/07 and is still having bowel movements. Normal?
Why do I like to sleep in late?
should a boil bleed?
can uncircumcised men have children easily?
Cold and Flu prevention tips?
How do you get an ear infection? Why does it happen?
what the symtomps of chicken pox ?
my husband gets sick with fevers?
In a blood test report it is found that my blood is reactive for hapetatis B,what does it means?
bacterial meningitis?
Any one else feel this way today?
what is new about Leshmaniosis?
Can anyone tell me how long this virus lasts or what to do to ease the symptoms?
i'm looking for article on amf tuboscope related to siicia and absotos related illiness?
what is a microplasma infection?
What could be wrong with my back?
what sickle disease is the worst to have?
Have a swollen vein in arm where IV was, nurse told me not to worry, should I get another opinion?
Mouth Ulcers?
Natural Treatment for Improving Eye sight?
What causes that some people feel cold more than other? Is it the blood? or not have fat in your body?
what s considered a balenced diet to you guys?
Why do i hav white hair?
Anyone ever had a muscle knot above their ear canal? How do I get rid of it?
Can your resting pulse be TOO low?
what does it mean when i often get and feel numbness and tingleling in my hands and fingers?
Has anyone ever filed for disability with fibromyalgia and won?
Can not breath threw my left nostril anymore after nose surgery?
Are there any over the counter medications that can help prevent Pneumonia?
is water tab filter realy effective and usefull/?
I get fatigued after eating--I feel like I have to lay down or else. Normal 37 yr old guy. What's up?
Is is true that tall people die younger?
are there human illnesses that are caused by rabbits or can illneses be caused by being around rabbits.?
my doctor prescibe me Lyrica 50 mg. How many times a day am i suppose to take it?
why is glaucoma more common in african americans than caucasion people?
how not to get stpictures of what its like to get std?
how do we stop hiv /aids?
is this really bad?
is there a std that causes rashes other than hpv and herpes?
where is the cheapest place to get contacts online?
my eyes are red and irritated?
Ripped Contact Lens?
What does it mean when my left eye twitches?
Is there a way to build viterous fluid in eye to raise to normal level?
How long should i wait before drinking alcohol after a spleen injury.?
How long does a broken callor bone heal, and what to do to minimumize the pain.?
please answer... muscle strain?
What kind of pain is this? (Arm/Wrist)?
What in the world is wrong with my arm??
splenda (sucralose) allergy??
what is the diferece betwen low allergen and ultra allergen dog foods?
How do you differentiate between irritation and displeasure?
Please Help!?
Can the edible sumac herb caust allergic reactions?
rash in my arms?
I cut my tonuge at the salt licks?
Can humans catch pink eye from cats?
Someone please. I''ve got the flu and feel horrible, can you help?
my husband is sick?
I have a diarrhea and a fever. Doctor diagnosed it as stomach flu. Could it be something else?
What dooes non reactive mean?
What causes human diarrhea?
Medical cysts on hand. Want info might be called ganley cysts?
Does smoking make your throat hurt?
Is there any way to find a doctors credentials without having to pay?
what can I do to make my hair grow again? please help?
Why is it that people who snore are the first to fall asleep?
Ladies: do you wear a garter belt daily - or instead of pantyhose?
what aloe vera product helps lower your blood sugar if your diabetic?
how to increase low white blood count?
my height is 5.3 and weight is 45 kg insulin dependaent i am slim but problem is my tummy?
what is followers syndrome?
Have you ever used affirmations to create change in your life? Did it work? Please explain. Thanks!?
what is Oglevie's syndrome? Medical term.?
Does anyone know anything about scoliosis?
Has anyone had a steroid injection in your back for pain?
Do you think that education about how to prevention Heart Disease equals prevention of it?
Can you strain your inner Thigh muscle by running alone?
1.Why is milk fortified with vitamin D? That is, why milk and not some other common food such as bread?
zinc minerals?
Can a person get rabid if he/she got vaccinated against rabies although he didn't get infection from anywhere?
Why does a rabid patient get afraid of water?
Could the biopsy for thyroid cancer be wrong?
Did they or Didn't theyPut more toxins in cigarettes?
Is there an alternative to going to GP to check for breast cancer?
How much does a mammogram cost? I'm not 40 yet, so my health insurance won't pay...?
Prostate cancer?
ESSIAC? an alternative treatment for CANCER&AIDS?
My daughter just started back at daycare and she is already sick! How can I prevent this?
flu question?
is there any way that a child could inherit sickle cell disease if only one parent has the carrier trait?
why computers believed to get viruses and not broken?
Staphylcoccal antibiotic names?
what are ulcers?
Can you request a different emergency room doctor?
What "natural" substance can I eat or drink or take that will guarantee a bowel movement tomorrow morning?
where can i look for g-unit spinner chain?
What foods benefit migraine headaches?
What's the homeopathic way to healthy tonsils?I'm 43 and don't want surgery?
Waist Dislocation, Pls Help Me Urgently?
Could any one tell me how to make a spray mist essence that does not include Lavender please?
suggestions on how to reverse the effects of smoking.?
My friend's blood pressure reading reads 115/60. Is it bad? What are its possible health implications?
Amiocentesis and Muscular Diseases?
My husband has MS and can not work, does anyone know of any organizations that help people out financially?
my child is 7 I noticed when she touches something with 1 hand she has to touch with the other is this OCD?
Arthritis and Alcohol?
Is anyone on Haemo Dialysis or peritoneum dialysis. I need to choose one.?
do some one konw about flasid paralysis?
What is the elastic tissuethat forms a protective flap over the top of the larynx?
how much do respiratory therapists make?
Asthma Question Advair to Spiriva Inhaler...How long untill you feel better?
I think I may have a concussion...but I am not sure...?
Sprained Ankle in the past?
My knee hurts, is puffy, it pops and snappsy. Have you had this. It means???
how long will i need to be on crutches after i have my cast off my foot?
What causes your stool to be an olive green color...????
Grandfather diagnosed with MRSA.....?
Is it werid if you have never got the flu?
Smallpox vaccine redness and pain normal?
DOes this sound like food poisoning or the flu?
What are the symptoms of strep throat?
I've had phlegm stuck in my throat 4 the past few days. I've tryed to get it out but nothin is workin. wat do?
How can I kill bees that my son is allergic to?
Can changes in atmospheric pressure cause dizziness given that I live in Portland, Oregon?
i am allergic to bee stings is it safe for me to eat huney i have bad stomach problem i here alot about huney?
what are the symptoms for liver disease?
why does it hurt on the top of my head for the last 48 or more hours?
why do paper cuts usually hurt more than normal cuts?
How do you reduce the pain from orthondontic elastics without simply not wearing them?
My Throat is swollen i think and went to the dr and alls they gave me was Amoxiphillian and I can't sleep?
is there a cure for colour blindness?
What is your fave. beauty product that you could never give up? why?
Out of breath and heart palpitations?
chronic Neck pain?
What am I supposed to do after getting a shot of cortisone in my knee, Doc never told ME???
Has anyone ever had unresolved Priapism that was never treated?
How dangerous is it for a small baby to have pnemonia?
how to make the eyes better?
i need help help treating the stomach flu..?
Will the unseasonable warm weather in the Northeast create more cases of the flu?
Has anybody never taken a vaccine shot?
it seems like all the girls are talking about giving oral now. if you've ever did it is it nasty?
Is there "A" cure for allergy sickness?
Does acupuncture really work?
can hep c be curable?
Is there a vaccination for toxoplazma(?) I am not sure if ı have spelled it correctly.?
How long CAN it take for an infection to get in your body and start to affect you?
Can an adult in their 40's get scarlet fever??
I've heard if you drink cranberry juice it can help with a urinary tract infection, but?
Does Diabetic Neuropathy cause terrible pain in the legs?
I am looking for a wound care specialist in alb,renss,troy area do you know of any?
Does anyone ever see a black dot floating within their seeing range. What could it be?
How schizophrenia is related to the psychology?
What are the most common serious illnesses in children?
Has anyone ever had a toxic thyroid goiter?
what is free basting when using cocaine?
what are the effects of neurological diseases in children?
what are the ways you die if you have ms?
what causes a bad gaul bladder?
How do hiccups happen?
Surgery didn't save me. I need some advice, please!?
Why does Albuterol makes you so shaky and hyper? What are the ingredients used....anythigng dangerous?
Hepatitis B e antigen reactive, can it be cured?
why fever gets higher in the night when you are sick?
inglese e difficile?
Do high temperature kill HIV virus?
What level of E. Coli is safe for a swimming pool?
what causes a staff infection? and what are some symptoms i can look for?
Normal for transition glasses to turn into seemingly random colors?
Why cant herpes be cured?
i had mono and i was wondering some things..?
How to I get people to visit my forum?
pravachol 40mg what are the side effect?
where can i purchase bilokan medicine?
Does anyone have any proven home remedies for arthritis pain??
Has the medical value of Ozone been proved, scientifically?
cure for allergic reaction to black henna hair dye?
How to grind flax seeds?
How is the medical system in Canada?
How to fight nicotine ?
How long does it take for the creme BioFreeze to start working?
What is exactly wrong with my knee?
what are different ways to help not be so sore all over my body?
any thing i can do to help a pinched nerve in my neck without going to the ER?
What sort of foot excersizes aside from walking can help improve strength, etc. after a surgery?
can i recover fully after orthroscopic operation on my left knee which is sufferred from ACL injury to 80%? ca
are all tumors of the colon cancerous?
Question for doctors?
Are you aware that 3 times more men get prostate cancer than women get breast cancer?
is Acute Mylogeneous Leukemia herediary??
Lung cancer runs in my family ???
How can I choose a breast cancer surgeon, NY and NJ?
Does any one wear a respirator/mask whilst working in th garden??because?
bed mites allergies?
my son ws askin if u can over dose or an allegy med benadryl and i was embarssed when i couldnt answer.thanks!
my kitten keeps sneezing and seems to be congested will this clear up on it's own?
How do people get exposed to a large amount of bacteria/viruses to get sick?
Is a Global Epidemic Really Happening?
If cervical cancer viruses can be contracted from men why aren't they vaccinated also?
gilbert's syndrome..?
Is neurontin a pain medication>?
Tough anti-smoking laws blanket Canada---your opinion?
Can anyone help me out?
Serious ANSwers ONly?
looking for an idea of a capsule found in medicine cabinet?
Where can I find a massage parlor in Oklahoma City?
green and grey capsule what is it?
what is the expiration date of the patent on lamisil tablets produced by sandoz pharmaceuticals?
i have very bad vision. is there anything i can eat or drink that will improve my vision?
I need to know a brand soap for oily skin?
who does marie claire target?
Is it true the Las Vegas Luxor would be a safe building to fall out the window of?
are there glands on the back of your neck? and the base of your skull?
how come my right knee and elbow keep cracking and hurting while exercising?
Question about back pain?
how does it feel to get ur tonge pierced?
when you got your tonsils out did you get bad earaches? did they last like all 2 weeks?
anybody else have reynods syndrome and do meds work for you?
wut r the symptoms of of mono? how do u know u have it?
My mom has a serious health condition. Started with severe headache, 'spinning' head, then could not walk. M
Is there a home test for Candidiasis?
Do you lose weight after having your thyroid removed?
how do I get diagnosed for a mental condition?
I sometimes shake??
If someone is wet without looking or thinking anything exciting what must b done to avoid it?
how do I take care of my liver?
what is the average time off work for a dog bite?
what is the best way to eat an infected bird flu pollutry?
how to get rid of stomach flu/ food poisining?
Do you have the same feeling when you are about to become ill?
why wont the government take responsibility for the disease that is now messing with my mind ?Morgellon's ..
What can you tell me about TTP?
Mercury Question?
can anyone recommend anything for hayfever. i suffer from this very badly. thank you?
Sinusitis arrythmia?
Wat hurts more a bee sting or a spider sting?
Sciatic Nerve Pain?
Medical Malpractice- do I have a case? Or go for 2nd opinion first?
how many of you.........?
help me please?
Broken Nose?
Would you develop cancer if you ate a cancerous human colon?
Do u think that hormone growth, antibiotics, and pesticides found in food feed or trigger cancer in someone???
colors used for clinics or hospitals,send me some images?
cystology Excactly what is this procedure and can it cause side effects?
Danocrine for Endometriosis?
What is in my nose?
Why do people close their eyes when they sneeze?
How do you get rid of throat infections?
Do you know of a cheap remedy that will cure most ailments? Garlic? Or is that a mite?
is the drug cephalexin okay to take if you have hep c?
do I have meningitis?
I have just read about black salve. Is it true that it will help alleviate herpes pain?
are chicken pox dangerous to my unborn child?
What does Folic Acid do?
herbal business? good or bad?
does heroin kill?
what are alternative treatment methods and whats the ailment and treatment?
is bird feces fertilizer safe?
what is the average weight and height of an 8 yr old?
How long did your staph infection last? (Cellulitis)?
when you have a lot of white blood cells what does that mean?
penicillin vk?
How do I know if my antibiotic is working?
i have been diagnosed with fatty liver can i avoid diabitcs ,is there a weekly menu guide to help wieght loss?
What is the Best Medicine for Diabetes 2?
i am looking for a watch with an alarm for reminding me to take tablets?
i have some white oval pills that i do not know what they are and i would like to figure it out?
is a cyst in the brain a huge concern? not a tumor...just a cyst.?
muscle pains?
Not sure about this random pain...?
Please Answer This Question?
Is cracking my back good/bad for it?
broken bones?
About a week ago i woke up with a very stiff left hand side of my jaw?
how can i get rid of this migraine Ive had since the 4th of this month?
contact lenses or glasses?
help myspace question?
Lazy eye??
Why do my eyes change colors?
Can you use underarm deodorant on other parts of your body?
How much urine can your bladdar hold?
Can the temperpedic mattress make your back hurt?
Any tips on fast voice recovery after a cold?
Pain in Foot?
parvo infestation?
Is it possible to give yourself a fever....?
How is strep b cured?
what causes sunflies?
My dog was castrated 4 weeks ago , and since then he has not been himself.?
Tonsilectomy procedures and hospitilization?
Asthma help for a baby ?
What is the preferred diet for someone who has been diagnosed as having systemic hypertension?
Why does my back hurt when I sneeze?
Pain in uper arm?
How long does a person have to be careful of a deep cut on the eye.?
Weird eye problem.?
Has anyone ever had pain here?
What is the best way to get testicular cancer?
Has anyone ever dated someone who was undergoing/survived a bone marrow transplant?
melanoma what is melanoma of the nose?
Can a pathogen cause cancer?
How do you know whether you still have appendix in your body or not?
A few months ago I fell twice. I normally heal up with no problems, but now my right ankle swells up.....?
Seeking help for wet/sweating hands specially in summers and in stressful situations.?
How much do Lamisil Tablets cost?
Why are my eyes always red when I neither smoke nor drink?
Am I Allergic To Caffeine?
I have a runny nose..Any suggestions on how to get rid of it?
Is there an incubation period for c diff?
does anyone know the professional name for a doctor who handles parasites or bacteria.?
what is side effects for aids?
What's the best way to reset a dislocated shoulder without resorting to the hospital?
what are cofee enema health benefits ?
What medicines were being used during the late 1500's to early 1600's?
Where can I find acupressure equipment for feet ?
zoloft 25 mgs?
Is anyone taking Topamax for migraines experiencing sleepig problems, disturbed sleep etc?
This not exactly a question.This is for the person who was asking the pros and cons of immunizations.?
can suffering from gallein barre syndrome result in death?
daughter after club foot sx and bone grafting of right foot, walks with foot at 90 degree angle, help!?
Should I work for my mother in law who is sick?
i have one question, this requires someone knowledge of fibromyalgia. does the heat make you weak and dizzy?
Fibro Myalgia what is learned on this disease?
Whats a good way to get rid of bags under your eyes?
What is the feeling when you fall asleep called?
what is the best solution for very bad breath & jock itch?
Nested PCR?
Was I right to stay home from school today?
Influenza populations??
what is lyme disease?
If you have oste-arthritus in your hips and it is very painful to walk. Could you get disability for this?
Why is it that a sound is heared every time I bend my knee?
My partner is going to have a knee reconstruction does anyone know how long he will be off work for?
How can i Treat my stiff neck?it is since May last year.??
how long will it be before i get feelings back in my leg after surgery?
Pain in my wrist?
Besides giving back massages to my paralized husband, is there anything I could do to help his pain?
I get this pain...?
How do you heel leg and foot pains?
Can I buy cortisone that I can inject into myself?
can someone give me the link/site to a harry potter fansite that has still pictures with funny captions?
what diet will be appropriate for diabetes?
ill just only want to know what are the perfect menu or resipe for a pateint have diabetis and how do i know .
Blood sugar level of a non-diabetic person?
is there something a person can do at home to ease the pain of diabetic neuropathy?
How come whenever i smoke hookah...about 20 minutes into it i feel like im sick and going to throw up?
Does anyone have vocal cord dysfunction?
39 weeks, normal?
Does anybody know where should I go to get professional obituaries made?
High CO2 levels in blood?
do you need a doctor's order for oropharyngeal suctioning?
Is there any over the counter items to help get rid of excess sodium in your body?
Help WITH SCHOOL ?!?!?
do u have leprosy???
safety precaution during preparing blood film?
define hepatitis-c?
Parasites & worms in humans???
Malaria bed nets?
All smokers are not affected by lung cancer. Why?.?
Can the fluid injected into you during an MRI give a good idea as to whether or not a tumor is cancerous?
how long can I live with hepatic encephalopathy?
how worried need to be if a polyp was found in my wife colon 2 weeks for result of lab to much for me?
What does the incidence of cancer increase with age?
what does malignant traits in a tumor mean?
are you breathing?
I took three puffs off some marijuana 40 days ago, and took a hair test a couple of days, me not been a regula
Bubble under tongue???
Did anyone hear the story on the news the other night about why it is dangerous to mix diet soda with alcohol?
I always wanted to know about fasting and pray fasting? How do, you do it?
allergic coughing?
what kind of medicine is this amocxiclub?
what is the best way to clean house if you have POLLEN allergy?
what are the sulfa derivatives?
Is this a known side effect of allergy meds?
Why is my boyfriend allergic to bread past and milk?
I can't taste my FOOD??!?
providencia ,serratia,pseudomonas are what type of bacteria?
can a person marriage with hep c +ve.?
My daughter (26) has strep throat- how long should she stay home?
What illness do I have?
Can you get salmonella from tasting uncooked brownies?
Can you make a full recovery from Bipolar disorder?
Bruising: Is it possible that it could take more than 14 hours for a bruise to appear.?
I was at work the other day and i started to feel sick. then all of a sudden i fell to the floor.?
I had my cartlidge pierced 6mo ago and it has developed into a cyst. The Doc. says surgery.?
What is the best way to prevent movement in a broken bone?
What was your most ebarassing moment in public?
My finger got bashed in the car door and now all the blood is stuck in my nail, how do i get it out?
what does niacin do for you?
How did Aids happen to the very first person..??
name of foundations for jra?
What does low lipase level indicate?
I have serious problem in ear and brain. I can't afford the necessary treatment. So I need help.?
No taste and smell, what to do? Can taste some major senses, but the flavor of food is gone.?
can I get a sample document that documents a patient visit with a doctor, and is sent to insurance company?
What do fat people think of people that have gangrene? Is there such thing as a gangrene convention?
any suggestions on how to handle eczema? {not dandruff or dry skin} medication doesn't see to work?
how long to recover from a mild concussion?
Is it really necessary 2 wait 6 months before kissing after mono??
I have the flu and i feel horrible, what should i do?
If the smallpox vaccine was given out today...?
Excessive anterior pelvic tilt?
Is it being investigated to see if the same viruses that cause cervical cancers also Prostrate cancers?
Why do your eyes sometimes feel gooey when you have a cold or fever?
Is it a concern if a co-worker is prescribed isoniazid (anti-tuberculosis medicine) but refuses to take it?
I am just starting to have symptoms of Bronchitis can I fight it off???
Is it me or do menthol cigarettes smell nastier and stronger than non-menthol?
Deviated Septum?
did you know any book that related to healing with crystals.?
What is a pill that is white and has i think its either LO14 or L014 on it?
will bee pollen help my sinus problem?
i need ur opinion about taking grape seed extract.?
I've had really bad back pain for the past 5 days. what can i do to stop it?
What creates the sound when someone pops their knuckles, back or neck?
Headaches and Jaw Pain... Sleeping Position?
It's been a week since I had my tonsillectomy,is this a good time to start eating normally again?
does anyone know if gerd causes burning in your left breast and rib area?
after 6 hours my contacts fog up/anyone ideals?
My 4 year-old son may be about to have his first experience with death ...?
Is there any exercise I can do to help drop foot?
I was recently laid-off and wanted to know how long my helath benefits last after my last day of work?
I have a cheerleading competition coming up and i hurt my ankle, what can i do to make it better?
Can you see right side up if upside down?
can i still use the cotnact lense container....?
sun damage on eyes??
can ptosis be corrected without surgery?
eye redness?
Can you get mono from sharing cigarettes?
how can aids patients treated n is there full saving medicines for them.?
how can hypoclacemia lead to tetani?
how long can MRSA live on surfaces such as linens, towles, etc.?
How many people in Africa is currently infected with Ebola virus?
Can you give me some information on Ebola and Marburg virus disease?
24 hours after an anaphylaxis reaction to a yellow jacket sting, how will I feel?
gourd a stomach ailment can anyone explain this to me?
What specifically is psoriatic arthritis?
Do you change every full moon night to?
Whats the best help for Bells Palsy?
Why do people always think in absolute terms? Are there truely solutions and cures?
any non-medical remedy to cleaning clogged arteries?
how does pophyria affect you?
what are healthy choices for food?
Anybody know anything that helps with lack of sleep besides coffiene??
what is the three most inportant measures to save a life?
Does anyone know any recipes for iron palm medicine?
why do babys get thrush of the mouth and how do you get rid of it ? how long does it take?
List all types of discharges?
Does onion help with the flu?
lyme disease?
how long does it take to detect hiv?
My dog has herpes...got them from my neighbor...can I sue ?
who u date someone that has HSV or HPV??
what would you do?
Has anyone rewarded themselves when they quit smoking? Did it work?
What is your idea about the phrase An ounce of prevention is better than a ton of cure?
I am a restless sleeper and I often wake up a sore neck, any suggestions to overcome this?
How much weight do you think you could lose if you quit drinking pop/soda?
how to reduce the damage of staying up late?
Is there any relationship between Aspartam and Constipation?
can anyone tell me where to find a height and weight chart from 1987?
how do u get hickys off your neck and fast?
Would you kiss on a first date?
What is the quickest way to lose 20lbs? That won't kill me.?
why do you think yawns are contagious?
How can i permanately cover a freckle without having to re apply things?
Why are women again using enemas so much - what's the upside?
how to treat disconnected toe nail?
I have some questions revolving around shin splints?
Anyone interested in supporting my effort to run a marathon on behalf of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society?
Has anyone had any experience or knowledge regarding ovarian cancer?
Gardasil Vaccines?
Swollen painful lymph nodes groin - for over a week - male?
Lance Armstrong Cancer Foundation?
I've accidentially consumed some 10 year old milk..Do can goods spoil?
whjy rate of golucos in pelasma and searem is verefy?
Can someone tell me abotu hepatitus c?
what are the white spots on the back of the throat causing bad breath?
how often should one receive the hepatitis B vaccine in their lifetime? i have had the complete course done 2x
does HIPAA affect the patient's access to his or her medical records?
what are some exercises to do to get rid of back pain?
i'm having a weird pain in my left ear what could it be??
back right side of head and inside ear hurts?
I have a pain in my right hip when i walk?
Torn Muscle in Chest?
hi,my BMI is only about 15,so i'd like to kwow what kind of diet must Ifollow.?
Should cigarettes be outlawed?
How can we tell if we are really dehydrated?
How do I find a hynotherapist for irritable-bowel syndrome? Also, how do I find a hypnotic sleep tape?
Does the fact that I'm bow-legged have any reason why my Osgood Schlatter knees won't go away? (extra stress?)
what is the cause of excessive mucous in the bowel and stool?
what is an illness in which the patient has the sclera of the eye blue?
cause and effect of cirrosis of the liver?
what are signs of gullblatter problems?
I need a real remedy for severe nail fungus. Tried Lamisil and it didnt work..?
what is the # 1 liver transplant hospital?
How soon do you contract food poisoning?
What about Hepatitis c?
Antibiotics are making me sick?
Can HIV infect animals?
Is it possible I'm infected with leprosy?
I have hepititus c .Is it safe to take tylonal?
where can i find help for my 16 year old son for controling his anger?
what is the life of HIV?
We have an asthma sufferer in the house. What product should we install to clean the air inside?
wanna be a model what would all u gals think is essential for a person to be attractive?
Can the bird flu virus H5N1 virus be destroyed and killed by high temperatures like frying, or roasted?
why do people yawn?
it is a virus called clumetia it it burns?
Question for doctors or nurses please?
cost to get checked for an STD?
Are there some allergies that cannot be picked up from an allergy test but that are just as severe if not more
What sort of things cna you be (food) allergic to (or other ways of being effected by) in...?
On the allergy test, what is the allergen on top of Dust Mites?
Can I get lead poisening from wearing a necklace made from a bullet slug?
hot dogs without nitrates or msg?
herbs that can remove scars and blotches?
what tea stop heatburn?
degenerative disk desease - any remedies or solutions other than surgery?
what medicine can they give you to make you very sick when you drink booze?
I have a break out on my face that leaves me scars and makes it very noticeable what is a good remedy?
Is there a chemical reaction when lemon juice heats?, is it ok for cooking?
how much schooling is required of a medical examiner and a coroner?
what kind of hormones are in medicine?
Is it bad for someone with bad circulation in their hands to wear heated gloves?
ask doc need to know?
what are the symptoms of e coli?
Exposure to Hepatitis C.....?
how do you stop a stomach virus once it has started?
what is the significance of the presence of acid-fast bacteria in the sputum of a patient?
pulmonary respiration?
health question?
husband has shortness of breath?
Health Question? Help please i'm going crazy!?
Sick for 3 weeks, the doctor said I have a sinus infection and an ear infection, my ears are sill plugged- ??
what is the recommended dose for DICLOXACILLIN?
kidney stones?
I color on my hair with sharpies and can anybody tell me if it is possible to absorb the ink through my hair?
Why do I often have bellyache when I feel cold or catch a cold?
What do I have?
what is the duration of an eye surgery?
what you think, which country is most advanced in madical facilities?
why there are no males in nursing line, are they not compassionate and capable?
does nicotine attract mosquitos ?
wat organ is on the left handside of the body?
Pain in side, chest, stomach but results negative. Should I be worried?
what will happen to the breast cancer patient after chemotherapy but no surgery nor other treatment?
how can we get umu oil as suggested for alternative to colon cancer?
Does anyone know of a good Thyroid discussion forum site?
What are effective treatments for periphia neuropathy of the feet?
stem cell therapy for diabetes and its progress?
What is the like hood of transmitting rabies infection thru aerosol when exposed t0 an infected pt for 5 mins?
How much secobarbital is lethal?
what is the best way to reduce the risk of HIV fetal transmission during pregnancy?
How can a vaccine help prevent an infectious disease?
Is Squirrell Feces Harmful?
What problems can arise when viral infections are treated with antibiotics?
what is the different between HIV and AIDS?
A cole sore/fever blister popped up on my lip, why did it happen?
Can anyone please tell me about hypertyroid?
I have just been diagnosed with MS, but haven't been to a neurologist yet. What can I expect in the future
is it nothing?
my son hit his head playin, hes 8 and he says he is seeing blue and black with one eye!?
If you get knocked out, do you automatically have a concussion or are they two separate things?
What did I do to my knee?
knee injury?
what is a pinched nerve & is there a treatment?
how to lose weight ?
what to do if it is either the paint or paint thinner theat you think you are allergic to?
What medical problems does Guaifed treat?
do contacts lenses expire if they are kept in the packet?
what to expect from regular eye exam in eye glasses store?
Question about Dr. Bronner's Mild Baby Soap in eyes.?
Is it ok to smoke maybe around two or three sticks of cigarettes if I have hepatitis?
I don't know if I have laryngitis or what?
What are the precautions to be taken when someone affected by TB so that their family members dont get affect?
wat is hemolysis? pls. discuss its characteristics.?
How mutch Viniger is needed in Drinking water to kill Bird Flu Virus in Birds and Humans?
i just need 2 know?
hepatitis B is the most common type?
what is hepatitus?
What does it mean to have white blood cells in your urine?
the spread of infectious diseases across national boundries is referred to as?
How to stop laziness?
i hurt my knee?
What does this lower back pain mean?
Any help for Rheumatoid Arthritis?
, help--dialysis question?
why is my stomach noisy and what cause?
In TCM, can the spleen have a yin deficiency? If so or if not Why?
is cosmetic surrgery ethical?
what is omega3,6,9 used for?
what is naturopathy?
What is ampullary stenosis?
can hair dye kill lice and their eggs?
Have PVD developed Oedema at ankles relieved by tight bandage but not by diuretic Bypass94 PTCA01 &06 Advise?
Does anyone have a health issue that neither you nor your doctors can figure out? I may have the answer.?
My friend has severe colitis. Do you know anyone who has had surgery for advanced stages of colitis or crohns?
What support is there for a patient with Cystic Fibrosis?
which pain medication works better, mepergan or percocet?
What's the cure for throbbing veins on leg/ varicose veins?
Has anyone ever taken the investigational study medication CG5503 (a.k.a. tapentadol)? Please advise. Thanks!?
Do muscles ache more after working out if I take lipitor?
Recomend a medication to help with pain of CMT?
why my finger will cramps up when I am in the whirlpool for more than 5 minutes?
I have pain in my right shoulder but only when bearing the weight of my arm. What could it be?
what does UA stand for in a medical record?
Need information on a specialist for foot and ankle problem?
how do i avoid hiccups?
What is lecithin?
Can a 6 mos. old infant eat plain rice already?
What are common household spider bite signs and symptoms?
Do you think Michael Schiavo hurt Teri the night she collapsed?
Could Cancer Cell Telemere's be used to extend life?
what is histopathology?
Is being a pathalogical liar typically part of someone who has depression, manic depression, etc.?
Have you ever had a colon cleansing?
My friend has a lice infestation for three months . please help?
why isn't the antibotic drops for my eye infection not working for me?
Can you give a dog human medicines?
Scabie bugs??
Anything to do for the Flu?
What is Pityriasis Rosea?
i have symptoms like stop up ear and runny nose and cough whats the problem and i just got over a sore throat?
How can i stop a rash that happens when im cold or get klorin?
Holding my breath for 2 minutes?
how long could we live for without oxygen?
How do you take care of streap throat?
i think i should be some more taller than now.how shhould i overcome this thought?
How can I get started in Pharmaceutical sales? Sales Rep?
I have a bulging disk in my lower back and my doctor won't help me with pain med. what can I do? If anything?
How can I make my wife able to swallow pills? She has to smash them into food to take even vitamins.?
what is a klebseilla pneumoniae?..what is it symptoms and treatment ...?
Can you die from Chron's disease, does the medication kill you eventually?.?
Can you get mono again after 7 years?
Why do some viruses have a cure when others don't?
what exactly is fibroid myalasia? I was diagnosed with this condition and really have no idea what it is. or h
Anyone out there suffer from lupus?
When is there going to be a cure for Spinal cord Injuries?
What is the prognosis of narrowing of the spine?
what foods should you avoid if you have chrons disease?
how old is the oldest person????
I have trouble sleeping at night...Any suggestions?
How can I remove built up hairspray from my wood dresser?
how to pass an employment drug screening?
Got white heads around my nose any home remedies for that??
Glasses or Contacts?
how can i reduce 3 inches from my tummy without using drug in a month?
Did you know about CFS/FIBRO Upright Test?
I am at work & i am an asthmatic, right now my chest hurts & it feels tight & hurts when i breathe in?
I am not getting a proper sample of sputum to be given to the lab. please advise?
I need a serious answer to this question from a Dr. or nurse?
Does the Blood Pressure goes up or down when the person is at risk of Pneumonia?
How do you manage your diabetes and depression?
is there maximum amount of lantus?
Islet transplant/stem cells in umbilical cord blood?
Is whey protien drink ok to give to a type 2 diabectic it has sugar 2 g and 3 grams of carbs?
Formula for insulin dosing?
Cholestrol reducing program and food but not medicine.?
Serious answers only. Does anyone have a terminal illness and if so what is your perspective on life now?
Is niacin an antioxidant, and if so, how strong is it relative to others such as vitamins C & E?
talking to children about my alcoholism?
what is lung polyps?
seeking a method to discover medicla errors at columbia presbrytarian hospital?
I was wondering...?
what are some home remedies for UTI ? thank you for your answers! :o)?
Is there a possibility of a cure for AIDS within the next ten years what do you think?
When I straighten my right leg, my heel starts to tingle and go numb. Why is this?
What are some of the best methods for managing chronic pain?
i have a stomach ache!!?
My head hurts???
What type of food and drinks make the pain from arthritis better or worse?
How to heal backache?
Constant headache due to cold?
Neck Pain caused by muscles in sternum?
What would be the process to go about legalizing marijuana in the U.S.?
Water therapy?
Is that dangerous????
If chiropractors visit chiropractors themselves, do they allow upper neck manipulation to be performed?
Is there a under/over the counter cure/prescription for IBS? (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)?
Do I have an earring allergy or something?
Is there gluten in coffee filters?
Why does my throat and nose feel weird when milk or soda accidently spews up?!?
What does Staphylococcus aureus cause?
Strep throat viability and transference?
I have NASH anyone know any info about the disease?
my mother (56 years)is having diffusion Osteoporosis how serious is this?
Can consuming a fiber supplement actually give me more dirarrhea?
what germ causes the black plague?
Blood test?
insect bites?
Aids helps?
I have hpv i wanted to know can my boyfriend get it?
when does an AIDS virus die?
so a cold sore is herpes,does it mean people think i have an std?
Farrah Fawcett-cancer treatment?
Should Texas mandate a vaccine that fights Cervical Cancer?
Need suggestions for warm drinks for cancer patients...?
what is first stage cancer?
hipoglossal nerve palsy after radiation of the nasopharyngeal cancer?
my neighbor has hepatitis B that's why i dont want contact with her because?
As far as viruses go...?
Has anyone heard or knowns for sure that hot water kills bleach?????
I have a question about the hep A vaccination....?
At work everyone got sick with flu and upper respitory infections?
i got hit in the eye sunday and my glasses were on now i have a purple brusie above my eyelid and eye?
leg amputation?
My leg hurts.?
owww!! I hurt my eye! help!!! please!!!! now!!!!?
a month ago i ran into a door and now i have a burning pain if i move or hit my knee in the upper left area.?
Tip toe due to prematurity?
Why is there so many people in the world going hungry when there is enough food to go around for everyone.?
whats the best cure for foot fungus?
what happens if you have more than a required amount of vitamins tablets in a day...?
Does anyone else have mother-in-law who is jealous of you, the more he loves me the more she hates me!?
I'm having trouble with Acuvue Oasys, has anyone switched to a different contact with better results?
Cut on my eye?
Has anyone had Surgery for Dacryocystitis?
what is h eye?
why do my eyes burn?
why is KCL 10 cc BID would be given to patient with pneumonia?
what is the function of the endocrine system?
I have silacone inplants, could this cause my immune system to be weak?
What exactly is Reactive Airway Disease?
asthmatic attach - remedy ?
what are some causes of asthma?
does anyone know any good resourceful web sites for info on pulmonary hypertension?
help me please! what is a good and fast way to get rid of dandruff?
how do i get more beautiful? LOL?
What were you doing on April 20th at 4:20 p.m.?
how do you get rid of old stretch marks?
if you were told by your doctor you have 3 days to live what would you do with that 3 days?
Intestinal flu 5 days now, when does it end?
What digestive function occurs in the mouth?
if some one has a cold sore on there mouth and performs oral on you can you get a disease?
Azithromycin + Alcohol?
What is the diameter of a 60cc syringe?
When I rotate my shoulders both of my shoulders pop...why does this happen? It almost feels as if it grinds.?
Charlie Horse... (leg cramps??)?
Could it be tendonitis?
How come my foot is cramping up constantly?
Sharp Chest Pains?
Chest Pains?
what type of anesthesia do surgeons prefer for noselfts or asian rhinoplasty??
Can Aids ever be cured?
My grandma has many skin allergies and i was wondering does anyone know what kind of make-up is o.k for her?
I have food allergies, and my face breaks out a lot. Is there anything I can take internally?
septicimea.blood poisoning caused by what?
Does shingles cause infertility in men?
Is it true that monkeys that have HIV virus don't die?
I have viral ms?
what are the factors that affecting student nurses during hospital exposure?
Does anyone know anything about ki?
Mother tincher of any medicine in homeopathy is lowest power or highest?
What kind of people are most likely to visit a mini health clinic inside a pharmacy or grocery store?
Does anyone know of a multivitamin made with Esta c not plain c ?
What are the benefits of mindfulness meditation?
Restless leg syndrome?
Why do I sneeze when I'm out in sunlight?
Will wearing a WristMaster (wrist brace used for bowling) prevent carpal tunnel syndrome?
what is the life span of a female with parkinsons?
i want to know the reason why my uncle who can write well before ...all of a sudeen cant write again cause of?
Can gastroparesis develop at any age of person? What is the reason for its developing in person who was normal
How much $$$ can an American doctor make on a net yearly basis if: (read on)?
Please tell me all the negative effects of smokless tobacco like(Grizzly long cut)I can't quit. Help?
How do I take a power nap? Do they work?
Is there anyone out there familiar with DRY BRUSHING?
What is the average incubation period for the flu?
the incurable tay-sachs disease?
Which is the lower form of misery: a really bad sore throat or the stomach flu?
How to email WHO about bird flu that happen in Indonesia?
is it ok to take spiriva and advair?
chronic or acute diseases tend to kill more americans today? and why do you think it's so?
Can the spirometry results identify restrictive or obstructive disease patterns? How and why?
where can I buy soda ash, or unbuffered sodium carbonate ? I live in Arizona, thank you.?
I need Help on a report from my MRI?
Can a scratch from an Oleander branch cause a reaction?
Several questions about pain in neck and shoulders from car accident/thoracic outlet syndrome?
how can i get ride of rosasia?
Why does your hair appear longer when it is wet?
How do you get rid of spider bites?
FREESTYLE test strips free samples?
what is anti-gad diabetes ?
81 mom is doing good?
My hands swell when I eat sugar or bread, what does this mean?
where can one locate std statistics for spain?
Can you donate blood if you have HPV??
What US President died of syphilis?
Can you get HPV from getting into a hot tub? I know Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and any internal infections are exemp
Is there an STD that only guys can get?
How many forms of HPV are there?
Can our bodies absorp oxigen through the intestine walls?
How many Tbsp. of olive oil is a good daily dose for health benefits?
What harm could be done by stopping blood press. meds in favor of herbals & alternative meds?
What is hydrochloride?
on death row does the exicutiorer wipe the inmates are with alcolhol before sticking in the death needle? lol?
I took benedryl for my allergies about an hour ago. Now I have a headache is it okay to take ibuprofin now?
Is there a health insurance in PA that covers pre-existing conditions?
I hate fevers!?
sometimes at night my legs start to hurt really bad its like a pain on the inside of my legs?
what are the side effects of piriton addiction?
What is the second most sweat producing activity?
I had a brain tumor and survived. I had to do chemo and radiation so my immune system is low.?
I had a pineal brain tumor and am now cancer free!!!?
Can you provide me with progressive symptoms of lukemia?
Can a malignant Breast Cancer trigger secondary manifestations ?
mother of all colds?
What is the best diet to fight HEP-C virus?
Can you get a virus you've been vaccinated against?
sore throat??
what fever medicine wont interfere with advair i need an anti inflammatory?
can you eat chocolate after having your spleen removed?
How does a person build up their immune system when they've been sick with colds and flue all winter?
what are the signs of a low blood iron level?
Is too much calcium bad?
which works better? saop and water or windex?
Are there any recent developments allowing those with kerataconus to get LASIK?
is there a free hiv test in america?
Can You Get Gonerehea From taking a bath with someone who has it?
A friend is dating this guy and she found out that he has herpes.?
is having unusual painful spot a sign of hiv/aids ?
what are the symptoms, cause, treatment, and history of hepetitis a,b, and c?
Flu or strep throat?
How come it takes 1-2 weeks for bowel movements to turn back to normal after habing the stomach flu?
Can a breast feeding mother take azithromycin?
I was diagnosed with strep yesterday, but i've had neck and head pain all night?
I suffer chronic pain (fibromyalgia and spinal stenosis) Does any one know alternativfe methods to deal with t
What does a HIGH platelet(sp) count mean?
What does the Gall Bladder do in the Human body? How harmful is it if it has to be removed from the body?
How long does an alcoholic need to be in rehab to recieve a liver transplant?
Anyone had surgery for sleep apnea?
Breathing problems for someone who had a tracheostomy?
How long before surgery can I get a tattoo?
Can anyone recommend anything that you can take that will give you a bunch of energy?
whats a good hair style for prom?
Does all types of pinch nerves must go through surgery?
i want to flatten my chest so its toned, what are some excercises? is cardio good?
I am Suffering From Fever 10 days. I have got my blood tested but nothing came Out but Fever is Not Leaving?
Can I contact Hepatitis from vestigial traces left in my grandmother's blood sample?
do you think HIV will vanish on earth?
How do you get ride of the Stomach Flu???????
heating pad and back pain?
Constand Pain when i look to the left with my left eye.. why might i be having this pain?
Does air purifier helps asthma?
I have a question about celiac disease?
Does Anyone Own an Allerca Cat?
why are a lot of people more allergic to short-haired cats than they are to long-haired ones ?
Have you ever taken Allegra D?
Is it ok to use nasal spray if you are taking xanax?
My Dr's Office closed down. How do i ask about my medical records?
any tip????????
How come you always feel better if your in a little ball thing when your sick?
symptoms of Apendicitis?
twice in a fortnight my 4 year old has woke up with blood trickeling from her ear?
How do I know if my swollen, sore, second toe is bruised, stressed, or fractured? I fell on it two weeks ago.?
Why does my right leg has a numb patch just above my knee?
What is the name of the type of therapy where you walk in knee high water on stones?
What if you had a headache for 3 days??? then on the 3rd day,?
I had zoster shingle rashes 20 days back and i am all cured now.I had no pain at all surprisingly.?
rabies- anyone get the vaccine as a preventative?
How often u suppose to get the Hep A & Hep B Vaccine?
HIV & AIDS Biology Question?
why is CSF(cerespinal fluid) important in the diagnosis of disease?
have you ever had a Styes or a Chalazia on your eye led?
is it a painful to operation to get your uterus remove with the fibroids in it.?
has anyone heard of a type of food poisoning that causes a person memory loss and other ailments?
i would like to know about degenerate disc desease?
is there anyone else out there with celiac diease?
What is the best way to get rid of periodontal disease?
Anyone out there have MS and take Avonex? Do you have any side effects from the Avonex?
if a breast have a fibrocystic desease is it normal to have a pain and change the shape.?
In Metastatic breast cancer (Liver) .. my Complete Haemogram says " Alkaline phosphate 223 normal is 15-112 ;
aspartame did a leading US politician ease its passage through food safety legislation?
Any1 out there ever had breast cancer?
how do people get cancer?
my friend had his appendix removed,3 months later the incision area still hurt?
what is a tumor producing insulin, and is it curable?
loosing weight?
is cancer an infectious disease? explain why?
Can kids still get the flu if they got the flu shot ???
What are symptoms of the Stomach Flu?
how far into your nostrils can hiv enter your body? and explain the risk.?
extra pulmonary tb?
y do some ppl have dimples??
Why can't people drink salt water?
Anybody here quit smoking with that laser treatment?
what is the best saop to use?
"What happens to a body when it dies?"?
Is there a way to help your memory?
Has any one ever herd of a #%&* machien?
Hot water and Cold water!Which is better for showering?
What is a good resting pulse rate? What is the average resting pulse rate?
why is it necessary to wash dishes in hot water?
what other acne medications are effective, other than proactive?
??? flu prevention ???
Can you travel (fly) with a ear infection?
How easy is it to spread a cold sore?
Which one of the below is a blood born pathogen?MNPS CMT JCS MRSA?
Can you loose ur legs by gettin hit by a car?
My knees both get really stiff to the point i can't even bend them.?
i hurt my leg and i put a leg brace on it and it still hurts what should i do?
How do I treat my hurt tail bone?
do you think chiropracters really work?
anyone here practice the RAW FOOD DIET?
Can Ekerd Drug do this?
Whats the best thing for allergies..apart form claritin...used everythin nothin works?
is there any product that i can buy to help me a genetic male develop breasts & b more feminine?
Is a national certification/license REQUIRED to practice massage therapy in Springfield, Massachusetts?
Do you know where to buy stickers for cell phones that eliminate the radiation exposure?
Have you ever seen a lion wash his face in the jungle?
pain reliever test?
Why does my sternum hurt? I press on it and it hurts!?
I've been having pain on both my sides beneath rib cage - very sore. What could it be?
my 81 yr. old mom recently had back surgery (discetomy) for a herniated disc. she had the surgery on feb.7.?
what causes cramps in the arch of my foot?
tried almost everything for lower back pain with no relief - help!?
cramp relief ideas?
Can your knee lock with chondromalacia?
Can a person diagnosed with dermatomyositis be cured in a short period of time.. five years?
can a HIV mother breastfeed her child?
dizziness, sweats, high temperature lasting 5-10 minutes?
Can you get chlamdia from getting a b**w job from someone?
newest virus for humans?
kissing diseases?
reason for hospitalization on patient with staphylococcal infection on skin?
How do I get my mother, who mistrusts doctors, go to get her regular check ups?
My 7yr is not feeling good, head and arm, should i give her Tylenol or Motrin for kids??
What exactly does a dermatology nurse do?
what is a peep valve and what purpose is it for also in what type of application should it be used?
how long does it take to recover from an appendix surgery?
What's the best way to stop an addiction?
My friend had an hiv test done, she dosent need it, lately about a week she has random spots on her face,?
how long does it take for chlamydia to cause infertility ???
i am diabetic. which one for control. fasting sugar level or sugar level after two hours meal ? why so?
which plant erupts my then gas? And what is bad things from my then gas?
Can bouncing a leg repetitiously give you Carpal Tunnel of the legs?
can a person get the virus hepatitis c , during dental and surgical procedures in England? plz tell me.?
how does a prion differ fron a virus?
My older brother.. has a tapeworm in him and im not sure if it is contagious? and if so then how?
what are the mode of spread of tuberculosis?
what is Hepititis?
What lies at the core of a virus particle?
On a normal basis how do you like to dress?
I passed a kidney stone this morning... I'm a litte out of it. How is every one else today?
is children's pepto good for diarrhea?
can u catch cancer from a relative?
why can I not find any information on appendiceal carcenoma:?
When someone is diagnosed with colon cancer how long do they normally have?
What is the best symbol for survival, hope, peace andor serenity?
it is young peole lead a more active lifestyle with walking?
Can Oxyclean used to wash bedding cause itching and stuffed nose?
What should I do if the place I work at?
Soar Throat?
licorice tincture can cure hepatitis band c?
How long should Hand foot and mouth disease last...?
Need to know in its simplest explanation can be.?
My father, who is almost 80 has shingles inside his body. He is in so much pain. Is there help for him.?
what does STI mean during HIV?
How do children acquire the Herpes 1 virus?
Tonsillectomy And Eating Afterwards.?
I need answers about the appendix?
Does anyone have an opinion on the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL?
i have a gray ring arond the iris in both my eyes.i am fe,38.is it a symptom of eye problem?
What diseases can you get by sitting on dirty toilet seats?
How do you deal with hypothyroidism symptoms?
cartilage piercing?
Hey out there, how long dose it take a broken rib and leg bones to heal?
lump on left hand?
Help with Health related issues?
Why does my elbow hurt after i throw?
Wrist hurting after i play my bass...why?
can a smoker woma for 12 years aged 29 be treated with clumid for pregnancy ? what is safe work out for smoker
Nebulizer Youtube video question?
A protein produced by the body to combat foreign paricles is called.?
what's angina pectoris?
Is there a correlation in adults between sleep apnea and bradycardia?
what possible skin allergies are caused by asthma and what are the treatments possible?
what type of antibiotics do people get for a bladder/urinary infection?
How long does it take for staph to clear up while on an antiobiotic?
what is the causative organism of cytomegalovirus?
What ar e the symptoms of the bird flu virus?
Anyone know of a reliable online pharmacy w/out the jacked up prices?
My elbow swells and when i sit i feel like my tailbone is broke ?
im sooo hourse, and i have a singing prfomance tonight!!! what should i do???
What is the only fruit and/or only vegetable that you just refuse to eat?
I need to find a doctor that specializes in legs. What is the medical name for them?
weird rash? see details...?
if you knew you had one more day to live, how would you spend it?
I'm looking for a shop called hitachi-magic-wand-shop.com but I don't find them thru yahoo help?
does anyone else get the hungry burps?