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what is quick way to lose weight?
how do i can i lose 15lbs in 2wks?
How Can I lose 30 pounds in II months?
i just had a baby 2 months ago by c-cection. i'm nursing. is there any reason why i can't not loose wieght?
Do protein supplements really help build muscle when you're doing weightlifting?
how to help baby make his first step walking?
new insulin?
sugar test?
Where are PG courses in Diabetology available for doctors to train themselves in Diabetes Mellitus management?
What is the difference between restless leg syndrome and diabetic neurapothy?
Is it dangerous to have 3 ULCERS in the stomoch right next to eachother? What is this called?
any one who lives in Pekin IL, where is the best place to tan?
My 2 year old daughter keeps picking at a cut on her nose.?
how to get a brooz to go away?
Was the £5 tip enough?
why dose he not love me ?
Does anyone wear girdles any more ?
looking for a used trutone electrolarynx?
Can hereditary increase the chances of getting cervical cancer?
cancer or bruise?
Chemo and Prostrate Cancer ? Will it help?
what is hodgkins disease?
shouldn't there be background checks on your health on some job applications?
What is intact mucosae?
side effects from inerfearon?
would it be possible for my sister to work as nurse if shas hepatitis b and she has been diagnosed as healthy?
what is the best way to overcome or cure chronic sinusitis?
The cure for AIDS?
How Many People?
Are you familiar with natural herbs or remedies that successfully suppress appetite?
Detox Patches?
Anybody know of some really good home remedies?
Is there a natural vitamin to aleviate built up gas? I have it everyday and can't get rid of it.?
what is niacin good for?
a client with chills and fever,what do you do first as a nurse.give him tylenol orcover with cool blanket.?
Has anyone tried Natural Cellular Defense for removing heavy metals and toxins? What results did you have?
what over the counter drug best emulates codeine ?
Why can't we get good LSD anymore?
After 10 days of antibiotics (500 mg a day) how much acidopholus do I need to replenish my probiotics TX?
i am having a flare up of shingles and want to know if it could be the reason my left arm is hurting?
Do you advise a second cataract eye operation?
What are the best house modifications that a Parkinson's patient can make. e?
What characteristics make up a reliable kidney donor?
what are long term effects of celiac disease?
slip disc problem L4 L5S1?
pain releiver for rhumatism?
Persistent cough, short of breath, red face, and a barrel chest. What is the diagnosis?
is milk can make rouine pleghm?
Quick question about Bronchitis. I just really need to know!!?
Can a simple cold turn in to asthum?
Has anyone ever died in their sleep from Sleep Apenia?
what the heck is up??
Allergies--Why does this happen?
Does tooth paste really clear skin, lemon juice, ice, eye drops, and if the dont what will using items at home
my daughter has a bite on her that has about a 4-5 inch diameter, it itches alot, it isn't really puffy help!
i haven't been here for over a week because i '' blew'' out my knee,,,have u done that before
where is the best place to go in the United States for ankle replacement surgerey?
Can back pain cause pain in abdomen or groin?
What is the best way to heal a "rolled" ankle?
Do you think this is wrong too?
what is chromes disease?
how do you make pain go away from your legs after running so much??
why did my doctor order a diuretic panel, i do not take diuretics?
Is it ok to drink 3 advils a day?
what does it mean when the heel of your foot hurts?
can you take advil,tylenol,excedrin, etc during pregnancy?
I broke my right hip 7 years ago, I'm still in constant pain. Does anyone have any suggestions to help me?
I want file a complaint against a doctor. Doctor dont believe that I have pain my right arm and hip.I found ou
Back pain from having different size legs and remedy?
Working with somebody who is sick.....what are the chances of my getting sick?
truthinus,are you there??
Need website for medical diagnosis'?
How accurate is the 6 weeks hiv test ?
how many calories are in these two foods and drinks seperately...?
is working out biceps and triceps same day effective as working them seperate days?
can herpes be life threatening and what is the worst scenario?
HOW DID I GET C-DIFF IF I DONT USE ANTBIOTICS 1X in 10years 6 monyhs ago?
Can humans get Parvo?
I had a staph infection about 7-8 months ago and now I have a big scar on my left leg.?
can a grandfather with hepatitis c transfer the virus to his daughters unborn child since both live in same ho
Young female that has been very popular with BET. She has been a victim of HIV since the age of 5. Hediya?....
Does anyone know about the Parvo virus -- My dogs got a vaccine for it; Do humans get vaccines? I caught it.?
can mold spores give you a cold, cough?
Can anyone tell me why can't i get fat no matter how much i eat?
can a positve attitute or positive thinking really help not getting a cancer recurrance?
Is there a whole body MRI for cancer and if so why isn't it used as a standard evaluation tool for cancer pati
Is my friend a freak because she can make her inny bellybutton an outy?
discolor from radiation on breast cancer?
How do Kidney stones form?
how can i reduce my blackheads n contract my pores?
what is the real term for the sand in your eyes in the morning?
does everyone have a form of herpes?
I ask the question of food to avoid with herpes, and was sent the an answer to avoid steak, Why is my question
never had hiv/std test how do i go about when calling health department?
is there any anal disease??
Does Chalymydia come from men and what do you have to take to cure it?
Is there any advice on how to get the nicoderm patches to stick better? It keeps falling off when I'm at work.
I have been diagnosed to have neropathy in my legs.?
my arm hurts where my scar is. does that mean it's still healing?
If i got a tattoo about 4 or 5 yrs ago An angel on my left scapula, the shoulder blade bone?
foot supporters ?
Need help with scar tissue below knee.?
mortality rate in chickenpox now a days?
I was just diagnosed with chlamydia, after 10 days on antibiotics, will it be gone forever ?
Does anyone know anything about typhoid fever?
who has ever gotten a severe headache related from a kidney infection?
staph infection?
what is wrong with my eyes???
Blue circle around the eyes?
I had tiny blind spots in both eyes, and there were glimmering circles like diamonds at the time. These later?
Scratched lenses is there any way to polish out the scratches?
When I rub my eyes, clear stuff appears and I have to take it out...?
I want to know if any body knows the natural cure for ulcerative colitis and which fruit and veg should uc eat
how do i get rid of broncitus?
I have this persistent cough. Cough medicine doesn't help. What could it be and how can I deal with it?
i wanna know more on parry Ronberg syndrome..I hear dat it's very rare?n I wanna see sum pictures if u have em
umm..my bro wont tell me.?
how can we be healthy???
How do you get your sleeping patterns back to normal or healthy?
Have you suffered from back pain? What was the cause and how did it affect you and your family?
what can I eat to reduce Iron deficiency?
How can I break the habit of staying up very late and sleeping in the daytime?
How do you overcome panic attacks without pills?
Where can I buy Placebo online?
mother is 98 with little vision and hard of hearing.she wont wear a hearing aid?
how do you get aids?
What is causing my pinky finger to involuntarily twitch?
how to relieve back-catch(severe back pain)?
i have low pressure. how can i stabilise it?
how do i get well soon?
what is the best allergie pill for watery eye`s?
How come I sneeze when I eat onions but not be allergic to it?
how long would a 6 year old girl's ankle break take to heal?
how to get cured from eye problem i have power(3.5)?
what are the causes to have a VERTIGO, any cure?
I don't have apnea and I don't smoke, but I wake up in the morning out of breath and very tired. Why is that?
Both my wife and I have congestion after eating a large meal. What could be the cause?
Is is bad to pop your neck and back often?
are you a carrier of hep b if you havnt finish ur vac and will star all over again?
Why do they steralize a needle for leathal injection?
How many substitutes are there for any one particular pharmaceutical directed toward HIV?
where is HIV found in nature?
symptoms of cerebral maleria?
How long is hepatitis vacinations good for? Does it last a lifetime?
what does it mean when my knees hurt so bad?
Is there a cure for Wayne Kerrs Cramp?
my foot mucles will sometimes twitch causing my foot pad muscle to cramp?
I cannot take any Medication vit. or natural vit. I breakout in a rash. Is there any info on this cond.?
Colon cleansing products? Anyone try one with noticeable results? Anyone heard of Dr.Natura?
How long does it take to balance ph after years of high acidity? I'm juicing fiendishly.?
Vitiligo Acupoints?
Ear Stapling?
what do we do to keep our houses cear. and make it a better place to live i want to know more about what to d
tips for cold?
Anyone familiar with surgery to the Achilles tendon? I had it ripped 8 months ago and still hurts and limp?
What's the best way to overcome a knee injury?
help i have a scar. just a normal cut scar.?
I need help... I have a hammer toe and im wondering if anyone can give me advice..?
I have tendonitis in my right elbow. What's the best way to help it to heal?
What diseases can you REALLY catch from a toilet seat, and how likely is it?
My name is Holly.I've been dealing with an infection called proteus mirabalis.Does anybody know of a cure?
what kind of argument can you get from Clean needles and how they benefit society.?
Im ridden with bed bugs bytes :(( Help Need treatment?
reliable mexican veterinary pharmacy?
I live in california my apt is falling apart Igot craks in walls you can see out of do you think it safe?
What medical condition has a sudden onset of stiff sore muscles all over the body, especially in the hands?
What makes me want to drink until I pass out or puke?
i resently lost alot of weight i don't want it back scared...?
Working out while pregnant ?
dangerous diets that work fast! What are some examples?
Can you do the gastric bypass diet and loose weight without doing the surgery? If I eat tiny portions/vitamin
Can u suggest some tips to lose weight?
I am facing financial crunch due to family problems (medical etc). How to get out of this. Any answer please?
How can I stablize my lost weight?
Difference between Calories & kCals???
Can you get STD if you eat infected food such as with blood? (restaurant food, etc)?
what can I do to fight a rising PSA with out a prostate?
How can i break my addiction of tobacco? Please Help?
Medical dictionary defines, "supraclavicular" as "above the collar bone." What does this mean?
secondary liver cancer?
What are cigarettes made out of ?
what are the kind of help to help a brain cancer patient?
What are the most common early sympthoms of HIV virus?
what is the meaning of lymphatic system?
2 Tuberculosis Questions?
does flagyl/metrndazole make you pee alot?
what may cause collapse of vital organs in a person diagnosed with TB, not on treatment & vomited b4 collapse?
is herbel treatment effectiv for hepatitis-c?
most recently identified source of the HIV?
how can I get flem out of my thoat?
Do does a baby that is tounge tide take care of it?
what are the hazards of bed tanning?
Did anybody hear about that girl that broke her neck doing the "lean wit it" dance?
do goth people take care of them selfs hygenically e.g do they have regualr showers/baths?
I want to treat my friend to a day of rest,she has had a bad week. How much should I spend?
Scared of frogs?
if spasticity is reduced by botox than what are the chances of improvement in coordination of muscular action?
There is any possibility to completely cure in Kidney failiure?
Can I deduct the cost of electricity to run a home ventilator from my taxes?
For about 3 months Jan-April 2006 my hands and feet and face have been tiggling.?
would like to find religious tract for addiction people?
What if a child is vomiting blood , having sezures and his body is detiorating?
Then why would the sypmtoms be severe abdominal pains with severe diarreha?
do you know about diarrhea?
What causes an ear infection in adults?
Can i get the bird flu from touching a crow feather?
what is a baker's cyst?
Can humans contract diseases from dogs or cats other than worms and toxoplamosis?
Does the insulin pumps work well?
Will you get higher readings or lower readings if you use the wrong code on the meter?
how do you nurse children with DKA?
what are fractionations?
what person invented methadone?
Naproxen and Paracetomol?
Having pain in the left shoulder down the back and chest, what is the possible cause?
rank these things from as most painful to not as most painful?(more details)..?
Can a foot injury that happened a month and a half a go show up in an x-ray?
What should I do about foot, ankle and calf pain when I'm on my feet all day at work? I just got SAS shoes.
Do you think pain is a wonderful thing?
for what condition is the medicine clormadinona use for?
Flu shots that come to your business?
what is chronic infection and how is it diagnosed and treated?
i'm not sure if i have an ulcer or not. what are some of the sypmtoms of ulcers and is it serious?
I just noticed that my 7 year old boy has one foot that toes inward. Is this something to worry about?
how many knee replacements successful first time? How many people have had four knee replacement same knee?
What constitutes an alcoholic?
why do I sit on the internet way past my bedtime even though I know I'll be shattered at work tomorrow?
why do your hands swell up after sleeping all night ? Man or woman's hands.?
Why are my eyes always bloodshot, even though I don't drink during the week?
What are the effects of keeping a (GSM) cell phone in your left pocket next to your heart muscle?
cartilage piercing question?
How can you correct a drooping eyelid?
how pus in urine is caused by in male?
During Seasonal Changes Is It Possible to have an "Eye Flue"?
whats the longest that you can live after contacting hiv?
If you get infected with Legionnaire's Disease and survive, can you get it again?
what is the definition for endogenous nucleoside?
why is it i wake up hours before i need to,stressing about work and what may happen during the day?
has any one personal experience on hypnosis or acupuncture with weight loss?
D0 yiu have to refridgerate water after you open ?
Cold sore Question?
reveal or not to reveal to a patients that he/she are diagnosed with AIDS?
Aren't gay comunities responsable for spreading HIV/AIDS? (of course that includes some doctors)?
HSV2 infected?
Where can I find reliable information about glucosamine chondroitin supplements for knee pain?
Need info on overactive thyroid, around 900, and something else.?
in case of mild scoliosis with pain is it necessary to have operation?
Why do people have brain freezes?
In order to be a kidney donor do you have to have a matching blood type with the recipient?
My dad isrunning a low temperture for 10 days with Tylenol. No symptoms of cold. how to treat, is it normal?
Hopi ear candling for snoring -- does it work?
we now have bird flu, a fairly recent disease, how long before "cat flu" or "dog flu" or "horse flu" ??
what is legionnaires?
what kind of bacteria is good and what is bad?
Are those Kleenexes that are supposed to kill 99.9% of viruses effective and/or necessary?
viral encephalitis?
can you combine 2 fungi tablets for quick results?
where can i purchase mucuna beans?
tell me the history of acupunture?
What do you think of juicing and what is said about it's benefits?
what other drug's do they give you in Rehab for drug addict's.?
I am taking 50 mg of Fluvoxamine . I want to try valerian root to ease my anxiety. Any interactions?
what is belly Rubin?
until what age can a male grow?
Do you bite your nails or clip them?
what is mucus in your stools mean?
why is HIV / AIDS an incurable disease and how can one prolong the effect inthe body?
Is Gall Bladder removal the only option to treat gall bladder stone?
about cellulite how do u get rid of it?
My son has a swollen eyelid face is red so is belly back and legs. Has be scratching some but not bad. Cause?
Pathway by which an asprin overdose causes an icrease in respitory rate.?
is optic nerve cupping always a sign of glaucoma?
herald illinois edition?
I wake every morning with yellow pus in my left eye. What could have caused this?
Are there eye drops equally as effective as Lotemax is, but are not prescription like Lotemax drops?
How do I put in contact lenses?
do the doctor let me sleep while doing the eye surgery for my cataract?
Can any one give me some good hints/tips/tricks for curing and preventing shin splints? Im a track sprinter?
Question about an injured toe... what will happen?
what is red blood cell .?
whats the quickest way to heal carpet burn?
I have athritis in my hips due to a car accident, why is it that it hurts more during PMS?
Why does my throat and jaw hurt?Also my mouth feels has little warts on my upper lip.?
If you can get Salmonella from eating bad chicken, do you get Chicken Pox from eating bad Salmon?
" I don't want to spread some bad germs from my cold over you!?
is prenatal vitamins vitafol-OB safe for women with hep-c?
Medical Problem! Can anyone help? Thank you for your answers!?
who has a diet for low carbs, due to diabetic neurothpy?
RLS what works???
Headache Issues?
Think I damaged my tibial nerve?
What is causing this onset jaw pain?
Is gargling salt water good for canker sores in the back of your mouth?
I am looking for the product "Bite no more" nail biting remedy?
will HIV+ will spread through deep mouth kiss and echange of more mouth kiss?
Is it OK to get a flu shot at the tail end (90%) of a cold, I''m still coughing up some clear sputum?
What are some vitamins (Herbal) you can take to cure UTI and infections and prevent them?
Anyone know how much it would cost to get a Bacterial Meningitis shot?
Why do I need to drink "plenty of fluids" when I have the flu?
how can you not get meningitis?
Elevated liver enyzmes?
trace a drop a blood from the aorta to the superior vene cava and name all parts it passes through?
Can insurance be cancled if you have cancer?
what is hpv?
Are there different kinds of cancer, or are they named only due to the site they invade?
What kind of bleeding does colon polyps/ cancer show?
will there be a cure for parkinson's soon?
Does anyone know of a remedy for HyperHydrosis???
is anyone out there a recovering addict.......?
Should you keep taking antibiotics if you catch a cold at the same time?
looking for anwser on decease with nausea and vomit syntomas if have any inf please email [email protected]?
How do people get or develop Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease as well?
Im a military vet w/ a disability. My doc wont give me painkillers for my pain. How else can I get them?
Nerve damage cont..........?
seasickness cures?
is appendicitis a major operation?
Can rabies transfer in this way?
What is the incidence that HIV patients can transmit their disease to their fetus/children?
what is Mono Sodium glutamate? Is it good for health?
how to get rid of h. pylori without taking antibiotics?
Do you think this would be medical malpractice?
How do I get over the flu fast?
When you quit smoking, do you cough up a lot of mucus?
After you quit smoking does smokers cough go away?
What are some treatments for plantar fascittis?
Gastritis -TEA MILK?
in blood tests what are doctors checking for when they tick the box 'urea/elec/creat'?
i feel very depressed sometimes for no appearant reason, why is that?
how much trans fat do you need?
Question About clartin?
Intolerance or Allergy?
My Lhasa Apso was bathed one week ago with her oatmeal shampoo, rinsed well, yet this week can't stop itching
what causes closing of the urethra?
why does a fever only break when your asleep?
what is the cost of a liver transplant?
how many germs are there on a hand at any given time?
is hight amount of lukocyte in urine tends to hiv positive?are these two related?
Is it possible to show a positive result for Herpes when you have tested positive for H. Pylori recently?
Is two smoking patches too many?
boyfriend tested+ 4 meth swears he didnt use any way he could have a false + and what could make u test +4 met
if u die with braces on do they take them off??
Why do we wash bath towels? Aren't we clean when we use them?
i'm 17,i'm slim and i have relly small breasts, is there anything i can do to make them grow.?
HELP!!! Has any one ever had back surgery for Scheuermann's kyphosis or any other curvature of the spine...
what does vicodin do to you when you take one?
Is there a pressure point that can be manipulated to alleviate cramps?
What are available treatments for hypoxic eschemic encephalopathy?
Anyone felt a sudden hot sensation across the knee?
Fingertip numb on one side.?
Calling Out to All Angels!! Peyronies and cure!!?
Is a torn meniscus bad?
6 yrs ago i had to be taken to the hospital because i has symptoms of a stroke..?
What r the side affects of talking Pepto-Bismol?
pycnogenol i have a question?
how do you heal shin splints?
I have bursitis in my elbow. Draining does no good. What are my options?
how to get a fever?
Is there a cure for TUNNEL VISION?
Recommend the best sunblock?
Do you kill more germs washing your hands in cold or warm water?
what is the best home remedy for a throat infection?
the history of smallpox?
If your cat has roundworms, can it pass on to humans (if so, how)?
how to stop uncontrollable burping?
how to treat a hurt hip joint?
How do the seeing impaired test, and read/determine results of daily blood sugar diabetes tests?
Whats the closest advancement in diabetes?
what is a good health care insurance to get?
Any proven/good ideas to help stop smoking?
whatmedicine is good for sore throat?
my stomach really REALLY hurts!wHAT DO I DO? i HAVE NO MEDICINE?
What's an irresitable quality in a guy?
When I open my mouth to eat, cheekbone cracks and it's really annoying?
Massage therapy session for neck?
HEADACHES everyday??
What would you do for relief if you are tired or stressed out?
what can i do to prevent tension headaches ...?
Is it ok to crack your chest?
Can someone who uses marinol for migraines let me know how much it costs to use per mg?
when is a white blood cell count too low?
When talking about breast cancer, what is discharge?
Foods to raise White Blood Counts?
why pituitary gland in known as master gland?
what is the best treatment for demographics?
How do people get fungas in the mouth?
Why am I a female losing alot of hair at age 24, but I have no blad spot?
Info on colon and intestine infection???
what are the symtoms if your suffering from lupus?
intestine's needed can lone one?
What is mean of Tonsils?
hot to NOT catch a cold/ flu/ illness??
Does anyone know if boost and ensure drinks, if they are covered on Nebraska medicade?
Why are my feet so hot?
What will ease the pain of gout?
What exactly does it mean when u have or feel fatigue? I know ppl with ms feel fatigue from time to time.?
herpes virus?
What disease, although rare in todays elderly, will become more common as today's youth get older and why?
can a macular degeneration patient have an eye transplant?
Anyone ever dealt cocaine before?
Can any one suggest me a remedial measure for gallbladder stone other than surgery.?
Can I handle breathing normal during asthma attack without using my rescue inhaler???
Duoneb vs albuterol?
Do air purifiers work?How much do they usually cost?
What can I do?
Is vaporizing plant materals into your lungs that much better than smoke?
How is Peptic Ulcer bacteria spread?
Survival of HIV?
where did AIDs, HIVs and STDs start from?
How long do virus-causing germs survive?
a) How Health Informatics can improve clinical care;?
Bad reaction to Ricotta Cheese?
Sudden Rashes on arms?
is it okay to swim with a congested nose?
constant colds???
what do i do if i think i have fractured my spine?
What causes your urine to have a strong ammonia smell?Could it be my kidneys? (I don't drink )?
Does the human nutrition will change in the next five years or more? Will it be healthier?
I am not a regular weed smoker but 20 days ago i took about 5 hits. Now i have to take a drug test.?
Do the lines on one's hands hold any significance? how r they formed? n y do they change from time to time?
who would like to stop smoking...i may have an idea and hopefully i can make money out of it?
will a person die if he/she drinks a dextrose which patients use in hospitals?
Carpal Tunnel?
Red Gel Pills What are they ?
What is a sitz bath ?
can i use peroxcide to remove ear wax?
Anyone know of anything that helps to keep face clear from acne?
what does the word leucocytes mean?
About TB, if your mother had it, does it affect your future children?
What kind of services suitable for AIDS victims to do?
how do you treat rabies?
what is Spinocerebellar disease?
Eye problem plz read?
Serious help with my eyes?
Why so pricey to add uv protection to prescription sunglasses; non-perscription sunglases w/it cost $5?
can i wear contect lenses and reading glasses?
does anyone know how a brain ventricle gets dilated if no fluid is in it in a person who has hydrocephalus?
I would like to go to massage therapy school and would like to know if anyone can give me any advice?
Does a potato really take away the pain?
If you......?
How do you tell the difference between muscle, nerve, and bone pain?
Is it safe to put bengay on your triceps?
How do I treat meth sores.?
Why does my face turn so red when I run?
Is it wise for a person with really sensitive skin to get their ears pierced?
what can yall tell me bout "cluster headaches"?
How do i find the nearest hospital from certain point? Thank you.?
what is the best over the counter med for vomiting and fever??
How long ago was the last time you were sick?
Can a person get tonsilitis if your tonsil(s) has regenerated or partially grown back?
future outlook on aids?
What is Penicillin good for?
does anyone know of a home remedy to cure eczema?
During a physical, doctor turned off lights and checked my eyes with a bright light, what was he looking for?
14yo daughter who has shaking episodes, not seizures.?
What are the risks/concerns with being exposed to toxic molds while pregnant?
have high WBC, high neutrophil, high eosinaphil, & high sed rate...been on antibiotics 8x in last yr any ideas
why does an overdose of aspirin kill you?
What causes children to be born with Autism?
in normal terms, what is necro pancreatitis?
Is there a home remedy/food to lower blood pressure?
my throat hurts so bad?
Why doesn't Social Security consider Epilepsy a diddability?
anyone know anyone that can help a cancer survior?
will the radation effects from someone who has just had a seed implant for prostate cancer i am worried i will
How to distinct the Cancer nodes and genreal Nodes in breast?
Once melanoma metastasizes to the brain (multiple tumors), what's a general time frame & what can we expect?
can u pls. suggest any books about hemodialysis?
what is hyperinsulinimia?
What is the balance diets and necessary precautions to be taken for diabetes patients ?
What are some foods low in carbohydrates for diabetic patients?
side effects of (Levofloxacin)Levox; (Fluconazole)Diflucan; and (Cetirizine)Zyrtec if taking all together?
My tounge hurts!?
what does it mean when my ear is clogged and hurts, my nose is bleeding, my jaw hurts, and my head hurts?
I have had this headache for like a week straight?
What is the best treatment for bursitis?
Help!!!! what r some home remedies for gettin rid of lower back pain??
I'd like to know of any support groups for chronic pain in the Eugene Or area.?
Can Cadida be detected by urinalysis or blood test after the syptoms of Candidasis are gone?
How does being cold and wet help catch a cold?
My friend has hep c and i am scared to death?
what is smallpox?
how long does mumps usualy last?
Can Proventil and Atrovent be instilled directly down an ETT?
How can i lose weight if i dont sweat?
My mom and dad need Health Insurance...?
what poisonous insects, reptiles etc. are in wisconsin?
Is Ephedra really bad for you???
how many steps are in a mile?
does diflucan pill really work for yeast infections?
What is folgard used for?
Supplements for HPV?
i have allergic rhenitis, have been using nasal drops to no avail. can you recommend something natural.?
What can an allergist do for me?
who has dry eyes all the time?
Red eyes & dry eyes anything serious?
I'm declaring today "International WASH YOUR HANDS DAY!"?
how can i get over a cold in three days flat?
Do you think the Avian flu will become a dangerous pandemic? If so, what can be done to help everyone?
what are all the venereal diseases for men and women?
How long should a minor bout of stomach flu last?
HELP I have hair in the edge of my eye, ITS GETTING INSIDE,how do I get it out?
Has anyone heard of "merchant's disease" - I think that is what it is called?! Or is it a staph infection?
Does Laser Hair Removal Work?
Marijuana Question?
what do u do when your tattoo itch really bad?
I took a pain reliever pill and i can still feel the pill in my throat. (one of the soft gel kind)?
what height do u think a regular seventh graders height should be? is 4'8 okay?
What are some other possible remedies for dealing with ADHD children besides always medicating them?
does anybody of a good website to get an idea for a tattoo?
rota virus?
typhoid fever pills?
What will you do or react if your hubby/wife is infected by AIDS accidentally?
did u or r u getting ur flu shot this sesaon?
need advice quickly I am recovering from the flu, by Thursday I will no longer be contagious?
How long does it take for a bee sting to go away?
I injured my shoulder 3+ years ago and have chronic pain. Does anyone know if BIOFEEDBACK works?
How did you get your Black Eye?
Why do people sweat more than others?
does smoking stunt your growth from getting taller at age 20?
what is a contusion at lumbar spine?
I am looking for White Hi Top Sneakers size 6 can anyone tell me where I can get them? I have looked everywher
where can i find prayer s for a sick child 14 monkths old?
Will any women like to become a feedee?
Is extreme weight loss typical in very very late stage cancer?
if i have tiny gallstones should i still get my gallbladder out?
my neice got sty onher lid,her lashes are getting thinner(loosing hair on lid) is it serious problem any cure?
I have a serious problem. My fingernails and hair do not grow very quickly. What deficiency is this?
gurls n guys if u have had a?
where do "boils" come from?
Are these online pharmacies that don't require a prescription safe?
info on plif; is it acceptable medical practice to use 8 mo. old MRI? anyone been cut on twice in 3 days?
If I have a paper stating that I have (light) Cerebral Palsy Will I be able to get Disablity somewhere else?
For years I have been haucking up mucus. I don't smoke and I don't have a cold. Why am I spitting up mucus?
Why is there pain on the breast if mentruation is coming?
has any one ever had to be removed from their house by a whale crane from being over weight?
what are 3 symptoms of HIV?
my sister has breast cancer infiltrating carsinoma and radical masectomy done how long will she live?
had colon cancer surgery in 2004, had chemo followup because of one microscopic cancer cell in surrounding?
Does moonlight exposure has the capacity to induce vitamin-D formation in the body?
How common is it for a gastroentologist to see a teenager complaining about blood in stool?
How long has the Honeymooners marathon been shown for New Years Eve/ Day??
is this a type of parasite?
Job and germs?
Is it common to have aches/pains for awhile with being diagnosed as a negative on a MONO blood test?
any tips on weight please!?
Why do I get these pains in my shins?
I would like to hear from some people that have had surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome?
ATTN: Respiratoy Therapist- interview questions?
I had a pe(pulmonary embolism) 2 months ago. My inr is 1.0 what does that mean?
Trouble breathing but no pain. What is this?
Blood pressure question?
my uncle has hc virus. can my anti get the virus from him during physical relations?or can treatment save him?
do flu shots weaken immune system?
how to treat typhoid in kids?
What is the best antiviral cleaner?
what is the medical term for swallowing?
How can I lessen the effects of mono BEFORE I get it?
If a device exits, which could be implanted under the skin to send blood sugar data to a hand held monitor.?
Are allergy meds like benadryl good 22 month old suffering but functional with runny nose and teary eyes?
hyoccyamine : what is in it?
Allergy to Apples?
Can I have sinus problem because of impacted canine ??
Can my throat hurt bad enough from blowing my nose? Or would that be something more like strep?
How is fluid removed from peritoneal?
I have knee problems and i need help?
Treatments for MRSA Staph infection ??
my boyfriend has a cold sore, when can i kiss him again?
can you get the mumps if you've been vacinated?
Can someone give me info on E. coli...like the most important facts and stuff too know?
Anyone know about bacteria and micro organisms?
What is esteoporosis? doest it have a sure cure?
has anyone tried phase four shoe inserts?
How we can make our life very happy with our wife ?
what is the difference between yellow and white xanax bars?
Antacid tablets or calcium supplements, does it matter which one to take?
why do my eyes get very itchy every morning i wake-up?
pelvic part that can be palpate?
Do you have painful TMJ and what do you do about it?
Are antibiotics like augmentin harmful during pregnancy?
I've learned of OCD and of mini symptoms and I have 3 of them. Should I be worried?
who understands life with Aspergers?
What are the syptoms of Hyper acidity?
Do I have a sleeping disorder?
I want to know what disease could i have? i complain from belching, pain in the chest rarely, gas, ?
Can't figure out what medical problem this is...can anyone (or any doctor here) help me figure this out?
How can you tell if an infant is really overdue?
Have you ever been bite by a deer and needed a bambilance?
what is your favorite thing to during the week?
how many guys go for girls with DD cups??
what does it mean if you have a random strand of gray hair?
i am on meds for shingles,that does not interfere with meds,i need sleep ,no seizures,no pain, rest?
whats the coolest thing of our body?
Are there other medications besides antibiotics that you can take to cure pneumonia?
what are the side effects of tetracycline?
what can i give my 5yo daugther for her stomach cramps they hurt her very bad?
where can i buy seeds of calindula,arnica,golden seal and other plants used in making homeopatic remedies?
would u want to know UR FUTURE?
how do get rid of heartburn?
What do you think of Gabriel Cousens's Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia Arizona?
i stepped on somthing and i dont kno wut it is and it turned purple and it hurts so bad.?
Is there any way to make a broken toe "grow back" the way it was?
workman's compensation?
My ankle is cramping.....?
name the vaccine that can control aids?
Personal opinions of tratment for hep c please?
Flu pandemic forecast to kill 62 million?Do you believe this?
my boyfriend got a cold sore and i kissed him, how long would it be until mine would show up?
How can you calculate the dose of an adult through creatine clearence??
how come the flu makes your muscles crampand ache?
An Eye for detail?
I am going to order contact lenses online...does the B.C. number and the diameter number really matter?
what does it mean when your left eye twitches or moves by itself ?
Colored Contacts?
What does the future hold for LASIK eye surgery?
Please Help!!?
Are tremors part of Lupus?
what chemicals and biochemical do we need to protect from terrorist contamination of the drinking water supply
how to heel gastric pain?
i had chest pain a few times and was rushed to hospital all the tests came back normal but i had low bp?
what are all the parts of the circulator system.?
How do you deal with chronic pain when you don't want to take narcotics?
Causes of leg pain?
Upper Chest Discomfort?
shoulder replacement surgery?
Um.. I managed to inject myself with cat pain killer..?
Strange underarm and ribcage cramps...?
i have svt of the heart .question what does the test to shock the heart do? and can you drive after the test?
hepatitis c?
Can black mold cause strep throat ?
How long does someone with end stage liver disease (non alcoholic, non hepititis) have to live?
Ayurveda medicine for hepatitis b and c?
how can you tell if a person has a contageous diesese. like tb people that have been coffing a haking cough fo
What regulates the amount of blood that flow into capillaries?
Anyone have asthma?
whats the history of asthma?
What are some examples on how can you enhance your career as a Respiratory therapist.?
what is mitro prolap valves?
what are the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer???
why does chemotherapy have the strongest side effects on the skin and lining of the digestive tract?
How long does it take for cancer to spread through your body if it is in the lymph nodes?
why do gunia pigs get tumors?
Is there good food to overcome cancer? - Ovarian cancer with ascite symptom.?
Can a doctor charge for an office visit after talking to his receptionist on the telephone.?
what are you doing about indoor air pollution?
after a cbc with diff, urinalisis, and blood tests. on my results page, how would alcohol or zoloft look like
I would like to know the natural remdies for Diabetes. For example, types of food, fruits, veggies, herbs, et
do your feet really get big from walking without shoes on?
Allergies...or Sinuses??...Just moved into a new home...?
does a hospital have to admit you if you have no insurance?
Question for Medical Professionals: After suffering a major stroke,what are the limitations of brain function?
Sinus Drainage can anyone tell me whats going on?
Should I see my doctor? I have aches and pains from head to toe and sore throat and my head feels real heavy.
How do you get checked for Asthma??
Can you develop malignant tumors from AIDS?
what is Sulfa.t.rim ds tab url Medicare used for?
what are the symtoms of alcohol symptoms?
how to made slime?
is it safe if i work for the tuberculosis patients it is a social work program?
what is cat scratch fever?
who can i contact about a drs code of ethics?
i would like to find a site where i can put in the medications I'm on. to look at compatibility?
What is Thalasemia minor?
I was looking for more info on a drug called isoniazid?
What are the best liver transplant hospitals in the nation?
Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a "cherry" aneurysm?
sickle cell anaemia?
Where can I get help to pay for A drug that my husband needs as a Bi-Polar person but can not afford?
what is weed?
what is the proper name for x-rays ?
are there any side effects you might have if you have more than one TB skin test, if positive the first time?
i heard that you can put nail polish remover on cold sores...is this true?
What is Mycobacterium Kansasii and is it related to AIDS?
if my 6 month old cousin has MRSA do my son and i have to get treated for it, we dont have any symptoms?
What are the symptoms of appendicitis?
does chris brown have hiv?
i gave my bf oral for the first time in nov. and like the next day my lips were itching and kind of burning?
What happens when you swallowed a mobile phone???
What is depression?
This scared the sh** out of me!?
Why is it when ever someone mentions dishes I have to use the bathroom?
If you are pale, like me, how long would it take for you to get a nice tan if you start off going tanning toda
what are "cc rooms" in hospitals? whats the full form of CC?
Why is my shoulder making cracking noises when I move it ?
left side pain?
which one is right?
How do you treat a poisonous spider bite and keep it from scarring?
Can Deep Vein Thrombosis or any kind of blood clotting come from an insect bite?
need information about gastric ulcer?
what is the treatment for 'night terrors'?
is it mandatory in ark for health care workers to receive flu shot?
i think i have tonsil stones or Tonsilloliths?
How are you supposed to take flu medicine if you keep throwing up?
Which method or way can we use to eliminate corruption in African contries?
My son is 7 and diagnostic with ADHD/PDD-nos when he was 5.?
Anybody heard anything about Byonetics therapy for Autism?
how can one prolong the health and usage of the skeletal system?
whats a good medicine to treat the throat to lower swelling and pain for mono?
what is yoga and what is it's history?
Cheap Liposuction Destinations in Asia?
Why is it so hard to take pills?
How can I get rid of the hiccups?
I get frequent sore throats. Is this an indicator of something.?
Tension headaches plz help???
Would I have severe back pain after a massage?
What is actually happening when your leg/foot goes to sleep.?
My uvula is swollen but my throat is not sore. Any ideas what this might be? Serious answers only please.?
I have developed arthritis in my ankle?
After work my feet hurt so bad. Is there something seriously wrong? They feel bruised. Can barely walk.?
What's the difference between tramadol hc and just reg. tramadol??
How do I get over the flu and fast?
My Mom has MRSA and a wound vac and wants to come live with me...is it a threat to my children??
are there any over the counter uti medications? or anything to help it?
What are some common and or proven ways to get rid of a yeast infection(for male) other than going to a doctor
What causes dark bruises on extremities of diabetics? Is there anything to correct them?
image of glipizide pill?
With diabetes symptoms, how frequent is frequent urination?
how high blood pressure leads to diabetes?
why have i gained 105 pounds after crohn' disease surgery?
Plleeeeeeease tell my daughter what vomiting means! Will you?
is there a type of mold in a house that can cause migraines?
how do you stop my dog from barking at random people walking?
who else but me is lactose & tolerant?
Please please tell me everything you know about systemic mastocytosis.?
looking for a group that you can talk to about alagille sydrome?
What causes a swollen liver, how is it diagnosed, and what are the symptoms?
Does anyone have Narcolepsy and an autoimmune disease?
What are AIDS?
A TB patient can travel to Singapore ?
Is it true that cats spread a brain virus???
I was diagnosed with jaundice(hepititis a) around 6 months ago.. I took medicine for some time...?
How long can Influenza viruses live on surfaces such as tables and counters, sink handles, etc.?
What is histoplasmosis? and how does one get it?
Tell me about Topamax and how it helped you and about the side affects. Ones you ACTUALLY experienced.?
What is the best way to combat aging?
How long does it take to get sick?
If you have been taking birth control for a month, are pregnancy test results still as accurate?
Question on Flu (bacteria)?
Why is it that people are determined to buy "name" brand when?
how and when would a man or women, tell the love of their life, they have a s_xual transmitted virus?
Why does my brain go a million miles an hour when I try to sleep on my back, but not my stomach?
how do you make your nails stronger?
Are the people who give $12.95 massages at the local mall usually certified massage professionals?
Anyone want to be a living donor?
Is going up and down the stairs several times per hour harmful for Varicose Veins?
How a roman catholic Pope has been choosen?
I've got the flu shot, could I have the flu?
parasite worms for humans?
Which condition is worse?
What are Chillblains ? Pl. explain .I need a quick answer.?
When I get cold my bones hurt?
please explain the reason of unbearable pain of my eyes if i travel in sun light without sunglass. Disease?
Why does my head get itchy when I get hot?
Why do people let themselves go?
Is a persons height genetic, like by family?
What can get rid of scars?
what does level 0 mean in thyroid test?
What are some effects of having the flu and stress at the same time?
Nurses or Hospital Employees: Underwear?
How often should someone have a fever?
can any one name me any brain infections?
Please give me some information regarding spinal meningitis?
Can u get sick from...?
is 72hrs a long enough wait after starting meds for pink eye and getting a facial?
I need help please for......?
If a cervical cancer vaccine takes 5 years to FDA test & 30 to know it prevents cancer are they safe now?
Hi there ive been on this line before regarding my grandaughter (princess ellie)?
what are the probabilities of someone having a recurrence of a stage 2b cervical cancer.?
is it true that cancer patients usually run a tempature lower then 98.6?
Why do we Snore?
Where did pneumonia originate?(country or area of the world)?
what is it if you hear bubbles in your throat when your mouth close?
when i gave birth to my son i was given a drug called percaset how long does it stay in your system?
Is there an online pharmacy that you can buy Loritabs without a prescription?
what is the typical dosage in mg/ml of morphine given to a severe pain patient?
can i get an epidural for giving birth if i have spondylolisthesis?
Can constipation cause flank pain?
i have pulled a joint how do i get the pain away?
what is spinal pathways?
i have lost felling in my right leg what do you think it could be?
sun burn need help?
pain in ear upon waking, what is its' cause?
why do we give most injections only in superficial veins and not superficial arteries?
what if yer head were removeable?
in 80s what was the black cough syrup Creolemotion?
Does anyone know about Ayurvedic medicine?
My son is allergic to Cats...Help!?
Cold and Allergy remedies? Anyone?
my contact lenses dilemma? it aint so clear compared to wearing glasses? normal?
I think i'm going blind in one eye, Please help?
Eye help please!?
I have a friend with hep c should he seek treatment?What if he does'nt will he die?
Cold Sores?
Phlebotomist Policy on Hepatitis B?
I want to know about how much time a person infected with chikungunya is infective?
truth about hep c from other sufferers please?
i have a high platelet count, can someone tell me what this might mean? i am revisiting the DR tomorrow,.?
How many people have chronic pain and are not getting treated and how do you cope with the pain?
How do I lower my ldl?
What kind of doctor do people with hep c need?
can you develop histoplasmosis from smoking marijuana?
strep throat?
a friend of mine has oral thrush, how can she treat it quickly and effectively?
what is the use of kideny diease in albumin?
what is the long term effects of Tuberculosis.?
home remedies for Hydradenitis Suppurativa?
For diabetics: Anyone taking the new drug "byetta" injectible?
Has anyone heard of MODY?
Sprained Ankle?
Can you get Herpes blisters from STDs in your upper hand?
should you have intercorse with a unary tract infection and what about oral?
Is there an STD that will make you steril?
Cure for HIV/AIDS?
aids statistics please?
do you really eat like you should?
we can;t find the cure of AIDS but we can give a artificial immune system to a HIV+person?
What causes actne?
Can u also get sick with the same diesease?
How to prevent your self from diseases?
how do you get rid of sciatica?
How can i get rid of clear phlegm in throat? continuous coughs with mucus. tried mucinex, didn't work.?
is being hypoglycemic the beginings of diabetes? problems with low blood sugar.?
why do i get sharp pains in my side?
What vitamin does one lack when scratches, zits or cuts take too long to heal ?
The ONLY thing I am allergic to PARMESANcheese.I can eat any other kind with no problems.Why? Am i the only 1?
what is mannitol? and what do you use it for?
Can someone get their eyes whitened?
I get very bad headaches.Is there anything I can do?
Is it ok to pick your nose in public?
Can Upper respetory infection cuase fatigue or is it my anxiety?
Can you use peak flow to measure vital capacity at the bedside?what about on a mechanical vent patient?
Pectus Excavatum correction?
Effects of lung inhalents on others?
Does anyone that has ringing in the ears use tylenol?
A bad headache it hurts nurses would be useful?
Are dust mites always in dust?
Does turtles have diseases.Can we kee them or we get skin or other problems?
hiv testing and symptoms?
Elequine is used to treat what infections?
Is this just a cold?
How long does strep throat usually last? because my boyfriend has it and i cant see him until hes better =[?
can rabies be transferred from one people to another?
i have hernia,operated last march 23,exactly 17 days now,what i want to ask is,can i work w inner pain?
How can I get rid of eye floaters?
What is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of a cold?
what vegetables have protein?
shoulder pain?
Is it safe to eat very hot foods or ice cold drinks when pregnant?
Do Slim Fast shakes give u the runs and gas ...lol?
Fibromyalgia success stories please!?
rabies shot question!!!?
gastric flu?
Reacurring flu, Please help!!?
What flu is going around at the moment?
What are all or most of the causes of a recurring fever?
My brother has sugar and now the dr says he is kidney failure what are the symtems?
Honey & Dates good for diabetic patients?
diabetes and oral surgery and prosthetics?
how or why does a person get an ulcer on their eye?
Does anybody have pictures of smokers before and after?
How does diabetes affect the kidneys and the eyes?
European treatment centers for prostate cancer?
Where can I find the pans that help fight cancer by neutralizing oxidation when cooking?
how bird flu sprad?
What are the Signs of prostate cancer in the early and later stages??
What does an suv of 0.8 indicate in a PET Scan?
what is the pathophysiology of hepatitis?
Hepatitis C from bottles of tattoo ink?
I have a cold right now. What would make for a speedy recovery?
whether laughter is contagious?
Double Varicella Vaccination?
Is it true that, if you regularly inflate your lungs full of air and hold it for 10 seconds?
Distrubing Snoring?
what would be the closest thing to Allegra?
anyone ever had chlamydia and was treated with 1 dose of antibiotic. how long does it take 4 symptoms 2 leave
is herpes progenitis curable?
How safe it is to share a hot tub with someone who is HIV pos?
Who discovered the cause of the Bubonic plague?
Does Applecider Vinegar Pills Act As A Natural Antibiotic?
cures for flu with symptoms that include diarrhera, vommiting, fever, and upset stomach?
i have been diagnosed with fibromylgia, about 6 years now has anyone have symptoms of balance unstable or fall
what is alobas holoprosencephaly?
any medecine have for motor neurone diesease?
The nerve (the blue one) on my right hand wrist is swollen and I am I am experiencing pain in the wrist area.?
How reliable are food allergy tests?
Can the ingredient protease cause an allergic reaction (specifically, as used in processed foods)?
Allergy ??
Swollen Hands.... ??
I'm allergic to my engagement ring? What do I do now?
how long can i leave a 14 fl oz of contacts solution open before it becomes contaminated?
what is this called?
Name the body parts of the immune system and tell the function of each part?
What do I have? help?
Could I have caught the flu?
When you have the mumps?
Rabies test cost?
Steroids in Nasonex?
what are the different types of leprosy?
Pains on side...?
why are my fingers purple?
Does OHIP cover Xrays?
My eye's red at the bottom, it looks like I poped a vein but I'm not sure. It's really red. Do I have pink eye
a sling on your arm?
Well, i was riding my bike and i fell, now a have a small red mark that's a little puffy from where i got cut.
What is infentigo?
it's hurting me for almost a year, any medication i have to take?
what is good as food for the a+ blood type?
how do i treat a burned tongue?
What medicinal plants (vegies, fruits, etc) that could prevent/cure or lessen possiblity of having cancer?
How can I get a stress knot out of my shoulder on a daily basis without the expense of a professional massage?
what is a margolis ulcer?
hepatitis c question concern?
can sinis, infection make you dizzy and bother your eyes?
whats good for colds? for congested nose?
How can I prevent from having fungus?
Is acute broncitis contagious?
Stomache Flu!!!?
how long does herpes last on an object?
Is there a way to get rid of the commom cold quickly!!?
How to get rid of a colf the quickest way?
how do you know if someone is malingering a back injury?
achy legs and jumpy legs?
We both have hsv1 oraly, If she has a cold sore and i kiss her will i get it too?
How can we combat worldwide AIDs?
Are vaccinations such as Gardasil going to be given to a large percentage of girls/women in the near future.?
how do u boost ur immune system?
What is a Headache?
What are the symptoms of pink eye?
If a patient with blood group A were to need a blood transfusion,?
what are symptons of the flu?
re-clarification on Hep A.?
How to cure AVN without resorting to surgery?
is there any medication for COPD that can be bought in Mexico that can 't be bought in the USA?
med 4 biopolar?
blood donation?
high fever?
i your sinus is infected, and make you dizzy, with your ear can 2 people have make love.....?
Getting back to the gym after strep?
is it possible to catch another cold right after you've gotten over one?
anyone with artritias?
Whats the best way to get rid of a bad cold?
Lyme Disease - Has anyone heard of "Brain Depleation or Shrinking of the Brain" when gone untreated for years?
I need hepatitis b shot.?
does someone with lupus have children?
Do any of you have hyperhydrosis?
What is celiac? Also what foods contain gluten?
Question's about Down's Syndrome?
What causes vomitting, nausea, abdominal bloating when it's not pregnancy or cancer?
Where is the best place to have a resurfacing hip operation?
What is the difference between a midget and a dwarf?
Dosing formula?
Doctors won't acknowledge medical problem?
Does diabetes cause pain? The left side near my stomach hurts. Is it my pancreas or my liver?
what does hyperthyroid mean????//?
I have a BUN level of 32 should I be alarmed?
I applied for the free program,for my insulin?I haven't heard a thing on it?O am buying my insulin every week
Why are some people more photogenic than others?
Any opinions on local plastic surgeons?
Women and Men?
for chicks- do you prefer tall guys or just guys who are at least taller then you?
Is it okay for a 7 mos. old infant to watch tv?
Is nasal spray really addictive?
information on hyperactivity?
how much pain were you ever in? how long did it take to recover? what was the cause?
can you have acupuncture on your knees for arthritus if you are a diabetic?
I had a lumbar puncture done 8 days ago...?
Is there a home remedy to treat a torn muscle?
ok what is this sickness called? When somebody eats there scabs?
should I have a bottle in front of me or a frontal lobotomy?
I'm creating an ebook about how to stop smoking. What top 3 questions in relation to this would you ask me?
Do I have lung cancer or allergies? or nothing.?
SleepMD/Melatonin and Asthma/Allergies, Safe?
fibre sure...?
Are there any medications as effective as Excedrin without caffeine for headaches?
Varicose veins?
My stomach for the past two nights has been burning, is this heartburn?
What can I put in My bath To relieve soreness?
Why is my left side hurting? It's been hurting since last night.?
I get these sharp pains in the arch of my foot?
someone has chlamydia how likely is it to be passed on?
how did hiv/aids get so bad in Africa? Is that where it originated?
what is the impact of HIV/AIDS on the country?
how many of you got the flu immediately after getting the flu shot?
Why has the common cold not been sorted?
how soon my 4 year's old fever should stop?
Cat Scratch Disease?
Why are we so apathetic about HIV/AIDS? We healthy, negative people need to speak out for the sick, right?
Is there anything to do about TMJ? can it heal?
Doctor's misdiagnosis - should I pay to get a referral now??
injuries from shopping trolleys?
what is a lumbar tap? what is its significance?
what is exactly it that i am looking for in my mri films of my neck that the doctors are looking for?
Where is the best buds from.?
what NANDA nursing diagnosis would you give a patient with metastatic lung cancer who is anemic?