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What are the best natural sources of Vitamin B17?
I have a friend that was diagnosed with Leukemia?
Mother's family with high records of cancer. Myself has small cell lung carsinoma. How risky for my both sons
should mothers be punished for causing FAS?
Is there a way to recover muscles faster from atrophy after an acl surgery?
after injuring my knee at work, i was diagnosed with TENDONOSIS and PATELLAR MIS-TRACKING.?
Does this pain have to do with my appendix?
Sharp pain the the upper left chest area?
Can someone help me with this pain I have been recieving for the past couple of days?
sudden migranes?
I get relly bad ankle pains can u help?
What is a really fast way to lose weight without spending money?
I'm trying to lose some weight...how can I lose some of the "bulk" around my neck?
What is the FASTEST way for a 13 yaer old to lose weight?
Is there any side affects to Creatine?
What is the best beer on the market to drink if one is on a diet?
What's the best food to eat if you're trying to gain muscle?
How can we get more adolecents involved in exercise?
do u think i can do it?
Hi is it possible to live off of fruit only?
'Interstitial Plasma Cell Pneumonia'..what is other term used for it?
What are the effect and mechanisms of action of dead space on the respiratory movement?
Need Urgent Help, I am habitual Ciggeretes Smoker and want to quit ? But .....?
Medical question?
Respiratory System : What is the area where the air is cleaned, moistened, and warmed in the system?
What is Multi level network marketing. How it works.?
does anyone use diovan?
need marriage license application form to get married in elk grove ca.?
snow blindness, can you tell me more?
relation between sport and stres?
Can you get Hep.B or C from another person sweat?
i want a part time job....?
what is good for rheumatism?
weed allergies?
Has any one expierienced side effects when using hoodia with high blood pressure medicine?
Can anyone suggest a low priced Omega 3 supplement without a bad aftertaste?
Can a dog have benadryl?
what do do with my allergies...?
How to get rid of allergies like coughs? Even when medicines help you for certain period of time?
Do u know anything about kids with allergies having digital pets?
Does anyone know a website that has a list of Dairy Products?
Are there any facial hair removers that last at least 4 weeks and won't irritate sensitive skin?
Is it true that dying your hair all the darker colors can give you brain cancer? I've heard it can but, IDK.
how about........... dez is bangin............for a screen name?
how do you get rid of yellowish dandruff flakes-tried all the shampoos and no long term help-any remedies?
Im 15yrs old skinny and somewhat tall how can i gain weight and stop growing?
in the summer witch one do you like skirt or shortpants or pants that come to your knee?
what do you called to III treatment ? it start from M, and the word have 6 letters?
what causes lack of coordination between ones thinking and speaking?
Best remedy for a headache?
lactose intolerant?
Pain to the touch with tarsal tunnel syndrome?
What health conditions are caused by high levels of uranium in the body?
What are the symptoms of bdd?
Why can't drug addicts figure it out sooner, why do we have to hit bottom?
anyone who has had epilepsy since a young child how have u or family felt?
what causes the fingernail to start turning white on the side and separate from the finger?
How come HIV virus survives in donated blood banks, but people says it dies outside the body?
If HIV woman gives birth, what are the chances that the baby will come clean?
Should you be tested after a blood transfusion??
How does hpv harm a male?
can you get pregnant if you have Chlamydia or any other std?
HELP! my eye is burning?
How can i stop my eyes worsening?
When I watch 3D movies my eyes and head hurts, why?
One reason why people who wear contact lenses are more likely to get eye infections is because?
Both of my eyes have alwauys been green, but now one of them looks pinkish. It's creeping me out,?
i just cant seem to get motivated lately...?
Why does the White race have a much higher chance of contracting skin cancer?
can thyroid cancer spread?
Why is there no Foundation for Brain Tumors?
Why is more money being spent Prevention/Detection of Breast Cancer than there is on Prostate Cancer?
How do you get liver cancer?
What causes fatigue in cancer patient who are NOT going through chemo or radiation therapy?
how long does nicotine stay in your system and can be found in a nicotine test?
Pins and Neddles What Is It??
For Biology lovers only!!!what is sytole,diastole,what is blood pressure, what is diastolic blood pressure,???
Adderall xr...my child has experience rapid heart rate since being on adderall.?
What happens to your heart when your died?
Is it safe for me to work out on an exercise bike for a half an hour a day?
cure for chronic cough?
Nasal wash bottle and solution?
What is the most effective treatment for ashtma?
Was proper Medical procedure followed?
what are some pathological diseases?
If are goverment is so concerned with smokers why don't they?
Constant eye spasms.?
My thighs ache constantly....what could that be from and is it dangerous?
What are the dangers of taking expired pain killers?
whats hurting my legs?
I have a rotator cuff/shoulder pain. Why does the pain increase in the middle of the night?
Is it harmful if you handle ecoli cells??
what is the current danger of bubonic plague in America?
How do you know if you need to get your tonsils removed?
I have this belly fat that just wont go away?
How do I get those awesome cut lines on my hips, I'm thin and working with my abs but they arent appearing.
i've recently lost 20kg and have a bit of excess skin. whats the best way to tighten, firm or loose it?
Could you have an intolerance to "hot" milk and cheese, as opposed to "cold"?
How should you work out abs when you are overweight?
Anyone a vegan?
how much sodium is in baked french fries?
Fighting, speed?
What is the difference between yoga and pilates? Which should I choose to get fit?
i have been recently having muscle twitches above my eye what is the cause and how can i fix it? please help?
Can I get arthritis at age 25? or is my little finger just sore for two months for some other reason?
What foods or supplements should you take to aid the regrowth of a broken thumb nail plate?
Advice and Help Needed please?
Blood Blister?
Can getting hit with a paintball close-range cause a blood clot?
How can you tell if you only have a crick in your neck, its for a child?
What is meant by ASOT?(a type of blood test)?
taking valium...?
I want to grow my hair long, is there any solution? and give me some hair care tips?
i need info about herpes (detaile0?
Where can I buy coopervision encore premium contact lenses?
what is the recovery time after a knee replacement surgery on a 78 yr. old?
i'm 30, smart, funny & witty, but become more reserved in social settings. how 2 change that??
Why do I have severe pain right under my rib cage after a long car ride?
What's this pain?
My family just found out my stepfather has Lou Gherig's disease. Can anyone tell me about this disease?
Help! Been...Trying... to ...Log.. Off... for.. HOURS! What to do?
how do you best handle stress with fibormyalgia and 3 small children and a teenager who acts like a 2 yr old.?
how do you help knot on the chin bone?
Any one had similar problem Please help?
Fabry's Disease?
How do I get rid of the itching of Neurodermatitis?. Is this disease curable?
im 7'0'' tall and weigh 5 lbs am i underweight?
what does the letters d.o. mean after a doctors name?
my ears feel stuffed what can i do?????
Junipers Syndrome?
What is a spastic colon?
Does anyone know...?
Has anyone even done the ear candeling?
what are the symptons of heart attack?
heart rythem disorder?
Does Amoxicillin make anyone else nauseous?
Can surgeons sit?
hi is there any effective way of loosing weight other thwn excersise and a diet?
How do stop the skin on near my fingernails from drying up?
My Voice is gone! Help!?
is there is a medical explanation for why did people get hiccups????
why does the skin begomes yellow-greenish when you have hepatitis?
I'm suffering a3x3x2cm Thyroid Nudule over lower pole of right lobe & 1cm nodule on left, do I need operation?
Does smoking Marijuana affect women with herpes?
what happens to your brain fluid if you have a hole in your head?
Does anyone have medical research documents on Marijuana?
How can you clear your mind for meditation?
How can I use gingko leaves and/or fruit?
A Scenario?
Is Durk Pearson dead?
What should I do about a this scummy situation?
what are the normal tests for fibromyalgia?
where can i find the best primary physicians in oakland?
pictures of x-rays of kids with asthma?
Finding it very hard to breath, on an off for past three years.?
what body systems are affected by pneumonia and how?
is normal to get cold too many times after i quit smoke?
What is the life expectancy once you`re diagnosed wiyh diabetes?
how long vessels do we have in our body?
Hangover feeling after working out...?
Is absorbic acid in large doses helpful in detoxing the body?
how long can you stand on your head before everything goes blurry?
How can ultraviolet radiation cause cancer?
Does anyone know the rate of growth (hours, minutes) for cancerous cells?
whats the radiation prevention?
If you could cure a malignant illness, which one would it be and why?
I heard stem cells can cure things such as Aids?
What is the history of Colon cancer?
Mom had colon cancer two months ago. Now she feels a sting or pulling in her lower abdomen when she sits.?
What is the chance of masses around the frontal lobe of the brain being cancer?
Radiofrequency Ablation for cancer?
Sharp pain?
How can I keep my legs from cramping??
What can I do to help prevent barometric pressure headaches?
Has anyone ever tried lidoderm/lidocaine patches 5% for pain?
Is it okay to sweat if I am sick? (fever) (head/neck ache)?
I need help.?
Why do I have pain in my right shoulder?
I have an Achilles strain. How can I make it stop hurting?
How do doctors keep deaths to a minimum during and after the setting and/or surgery of a broken bone?
What do I need to have for foot surgery recovery?
I just broke my wrist...... Cast help?????
Heart Problem?
Does anyone know of a website that I can listen to samples of heart murmurs?
Evening Primrose and Multi-Vitamins causes high blood???
Weird Heartbeat?
Why is my LDL cholesterol increasing?
What is the incubation period of a flu virus which is going around now?
is it possible to get spring time allergies without sneezing and weezing?
Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EE) in children?
wierd allergies..?
Why is my nose always stuffy?
I have had a buddha belly since I was a wee one, what are some excercise that would be the best at flatting it
how many carbs are in liquor?
why do i get out of breath easily?
Benefits of Mineral water over tap water?
how do i lose 5 pounds every week?
I need to lose about 40 lbs as fast as possible....Which diet pill really works??
What are some cheap, quick to make, healthy food recipes?
How much chromium chelate should I take every day?
Anyone know anything about Trigeminal neuralgia?
Hey - anybody had bariatric bypass surgery? What foods are you finding easiest to digest?
is there more than one type of anurisum?
where can a renal failure patient get insurance?
feels like passing out AFTER I eat?
Health - Q-tip, ear?
is there a drug the can take the pain away or make u forget?
will i ever rise above arthritis?
I get stinging shock feelings...Is this normal?
who are the top 10 kidney ( nephrology) specialist in the world.?
wife takes sipro, why does she have to take flagyl?
ok help me out pads or tapons im not happy with pads and tampons feel funny?
Hair Color Confusion...getting rid of red?
What Type Of Ashtma Would You Think A 40 Year Old Man Would Have?
Please give a home remedy for chronic sinus?
could i have asthma?
Anyone know anything about blunt abdominal trauma with upper chests pressure, digestion problems?
TB resurgence. Is it possible, and how likely is it?
help w/ my asthma?
Question about back pain...?
Can we Cure Asthma with Medicines?
Why do you smoke???
what is shoulder pain that ocures when i try to put my arm behind me and try to raise it.also neck pain.?
Wrist sprain or fracture?
My hip is killing....could it be a pinched nerve?
How long does it usually take to recover from a first dislocated shoulder?
If a patient has a lung injury, and you need to give them oxygen, what injury will cause more damage if you...
My toothbrush punctured the back of my thoat, now I feel horrible...like I have the flu..what could it be?
i have a "bad" knee.....would puttin ice on it every couple of hours hurt the nerves?
Anyone out there suffer from hypothyroidism? I feel like death.?
How many continuing education credits must an RN receive to renew her/his license?
does anyone take 5-HTP (serious only please)?
My toe has been numb for 4 days now, what does this mean?
How long does it take for opiates to no longer show in a urine screen?
shingles pain?
Do you use antioxidents to rid your body of free radicals? What Product?
Syptoms of heart disease?
Have you heard of a company called CV Therapuetics & a drug called Ranexa? It's used for Angina.?
ECG waveforms for heart disorders?
why does my hear flutter every so often?
What does the loud squeaky sound during an echocardiogram mean?
Im a little confused ?? I had a heart attack a while back not that it matters now but it was a fully ocluded?
My hard contacts won't stop being blurry!!! whats on them?!?
what's a silcone buckle?
Why do my eyes burn when I read a book? I know I don't need glasses because I have above average eye sight.
Dry Eyes, Can't wear contacts anymore. Help?
why do my muscles ache so much in the winter?
i hav pain left leg from hip 2 shin for 17 days. mri reads disc bulging post d9 d10 indenting thecal sac?
Why do I get sharp stomach pains?
Does anyone here take more than one perscription medication for osteoporosis?
Will you get HIV from fingernail wounds?
any good online support groups for hep b?
Do you think that in 10-20 years, HIV will be as common as HPV (75-90% of people have it)?
Allergy, Haemophilia or something else?
Why would Aspartame be in over 6000 products today when it is a poison?
why does reading in the dark make your eyes worse?
Swollen Hands and Feet?
How do I get rid of and prevent hemmoroids?
I need info on first aid for a puncture wound from my cat's hind feet.?
If you are exposed to mercury as a child...?
Can a B.J. cause rapid movement of the girl's head? If so could that kill brain cells also?
For an ex-smoker of at least 13 yrs (of smoking), how long does it take for the smell of the breath to go away
I burned my knee with boiling water yesterday and its still oozing now is there anything I can do to stop it?
How to participate for distant education to get a certificate on ADVANCED CARDIAC LIFE SUPPORT?
Is it Pinkeye?
Liver function test?
does any one know how to lookup medical cpt codes?
what does medical code dx 349.82 stand for?
What do you think the next big medical advancement will be and when will they put it to practice?
"is there some vaccine to protect oneself from the venom of some women's tongue". (No offence intended).
What supplements are most accepted to protect aganist dementia that is supported by much research?
can you please give me an example of a sentinel report?
What would a doctor see in a sonogram that would warrant a biopsy?
Should the Cervical cancer vaccine be funded by the government? Why?
I heard a lot about quit smoking but.......?
Anyone heard of or has any testimonials regarding the effectiveness of chelation therapy in curing cancer?
How can you tell if you have breast cancer?
Is it bad that I workout extremely hard until my muscles give out?
Has anyone tried any enhance breast proudct that is affective? which one!?
how many weeks did it take for you to build muscles and what supplements did you use?
how do lips get chapped?
Do you think most cows are getting enough roughage?
how do i tone up after reaching 40 not gym or to full on exercise?
Anyone here bulimic or anorexic or both ??
How can i get people to stop making fun of me?
ws splenda removed from the market?
toe problem?
Why does the hand occassionally swell when one has a broken arm?
stop cutting?
Will my 00 gauged ears close up if I take them out?
Shoulder injury possibly while weight training- what exactly happened to me?
Does glucosamine work for osteoarthitis?
is penicillin the best antibiotic for strep throat? If not, what is?
I finishes the antibiotics back in November. Can I still get MRSA again?
IS AIDS in Antarctica?
What's your best physical feature?
Does anyone know the website that has a "pill identifier" on it?
What was the last piercing you got?
If you use shampoo long enough, can your hair become immune to it?
My foot/ankle area hurts me so much it feals like someone is cutting off the circulation to my foot? HELP!!!?
How can I get the swelling to go down?
how do you prevent from biting your nails? help me!?
How can you maintain alkalinity instead of acidity in the human body.?
methods for treating obesity?
How much on average is given out for a lost thumb from workmans comp?
See Dr. about swollen lymph node?
what are the symptons of low blood pressure?
will squinting make your eyesight worse?
What could it be if the right side aches all the time?
I'm looking for a type of MS that is called clypto file enomelad.?
Is there a cure for chronic Hepatitis B?
How bad are allergies in Austin TX?
Allergy Advice: What Works Best for You-- Pills of Otherwise?
my right ear is throbbing and it hurts?
anyone with KNOWLEDGE on Plantar Fascitis PLEASE help?
Did anyone had this when they woke up?
What type of anesthesia is used for nose augmentation(rhinoplasty)???
sometimes when I sneeze, I get a sharp pain in my lower stomach. Is this normal??
could you go to the doctors and ask them how tall you are going to grow?
what is the standard pool temperature for safety purposes?
Sleep Apnea?
where is the closest doctor with experience for gastric band surgery in north alabama with good reputation?
How do you get rid of funky hair smell?
wat do u think?
how do i get diet?
hi im real sick can any 1 help?
I want to know where Urethral Sounds come from?
how do i loose weight of my bottom and thighs?
where can i buy good steroids?
how can you loose 10 pounds in a week?
How can I get rid of my baby fat?
Is it true that meats such as beef and pork do not completely digest and remain in the human body forever?
What type of qualifications do you need to have to be a personal trainer?
What is this lumpy knot in my back?
what prescriptions can a pharmacist write in the state of florida?
Nodules in the thyroid gland, any alternative medicine to eliminate them?
I need information on Cordyceps sinensis mushroom for leukemia?
Can you help me decide on a great weight loss pill?
does laetrile work?
How do I get relief from a red pepper burn on my feet.?
What tests are used by a hospital to determine if one has quit smoking and for long they have quit?
I hurt my ankle pretty bad. How do I know if I tore tendons or if I tore ligaments?
More prayer please for nephew?
i cant stick up for myself?
toenail removal surgery?
is staphylococcus contagious?
help needed for psoriasis?
can it go away?
why do I feel itchy when I wash up?
Why Do W e F art?
where can i take a free cpr and frist aid class?
What are the effects of smoking on physical activity?
what are some symptoms of heart ailments and what are some preventive measures?
Have you ever had a blood clot? If so, where was it and what treatment did you receive?
Does anyone have a child with kyphosis a form of scoliosis?
What cromozones are affected with the alzheimers disease? and what is the age that you get the disease?
Should I undergo rotator cuff surgery?
Can soft water be harmful?
Why does a human's defense system get stronger if his spleen is removed?Could it defeat uncurables?
my mum has a swollen, tender lower leg and nobody can tell her what is wrong - all scans have proved clear?
A president who cures the aids?
Signs of STD?
What is the usual treatment for Pink Eye?
Sinus Headache...?
Nose block?
im sick my nose is runny how do i pervent it?
about claritin-D long term usage for allergies (prescribed).?
dose any one have info on hives from cold?
What's it like to get in a horrible wreck? Do you just pass out and wake up a day later and not hurt, or what
Knee Injury?
How does a chiropractor end up sending you to a orthodontics after your adjustments with him?
What is it?
ouch my toe is killing me..help?
have anyone had knee replacement surgery and it didn,y go so well?
How can I stop my feet from hurting at work?
What is the best way to fight a cold?
what may cause numbness in the face?
Are Detox Diet/Medicines for real?
what is the best way to reduce apple shaped belly?
What is the best exercise when your swimming?
where is the right way to God's kingdom?
how do i lose my stomach?
How much green tea do I need to drink to aid in weight loss?
are hard boiled egg yolks fattening?
im chubby around the waist... how do i get rid of it???
How well does TrimSpa really work? Anyone use it, results? I'm working out and dieting, I just want a boost.
what would happen to a guy if he took a birth control pill?
what are the best daily food diet for a GERD patient?
are tension headaches a bad sign of something else?
What is a rust trombone?
How do I help a friend who is anorexic and bulimic?
How do I get rid of postnasal drip?
Why is it good to inhale through your nose and exhale from the mouth?
Does anyone know any good hobbies for someone with MS? My mother is in her 60's and has trouble w/ her hands.
i dont know whats wrong with me!?
I have been waking up with a tightness in my chest.I am afraid to go to the Dr.,any idea what it might be?
does smoking cigarettes make you throw up?
Quiting smoking?
any tips to help me sleep the all natural way. Im detoxing from tylenol pms and i am at the stage where I have
Does proactive realy works?
Can you help me???what kind of cure or remedy is out there for excessive wart removal FOR CHILDREN??(Age 9-10)
what are the symptoms of lyme disease?
I would like a gastric bypass support group for kaiser perm. in northern calif.?
What is the best Medicine or treatment for Fever and sore throat?
side effects of eating rare cooked meat?
hey does Gastorenteritis go away?
How do you make a finger splint?
How can ulcer be controlled from becoming serious?
What's healthier synthetic or leather shoes?
if u don't get enuff sleep how does it efect u?
hyper hydrosis--anyone else living with it?
My left hand is numb (but just my thumb). what could be the cause?
am i tall? i am a male 14 years 2 months old and 5'6 . am i ok with my height?? and how much mor will i grow?
What is better....?
does income affect healthcare?
Do you look the trademark when you buy clothes?
Any home remedy for a toothache?
I have been told that I need a brain scan due to the fact that my chin reflexes are brisk..any ideas?
Is there any place to live with low humidity and no wind?
how to get rid of stomach burns ?
what is the best anti-anxiety medicine?
How much water is in the 8 glasses you are supposed to drink a day?
Laws relating to diabetes in the state of TN?
does anyone know what the dosage of benadryl is for a 10 month old?
Why do people have high blood pressure?
Has anyone ever had preeclampsia or can anyone tell me anything about it?
Can you get mold poisoning from popcorn?
is it possible 4 a mother to be HIV positive and the child she give birth to is HIV negative? how?
Back pain after UTI?
Pains in the area below my ankles?
I had 2 MAJOR back surgeries in 2005. Lumber was finally fused. NOW have bulging disc on right side, very BAD
Whats the best way to go through vicodin withdrawls?
How do you treat a fractured pelvis?
pain management after surgery?
If not Oxycodone then what pain reliever/ feel good pill should I use?
discectomy two weeks ago?
My 9 year old son asked me this.Help. Why do we always pee when we #2 but don't always #2 when we pee.?
Is it necessary to shave the bottom part of the body? and if yes why? if no why?
Not to be stereotypical but i was jw if Asian people have to have smaller or wider contacts.?
At an average, how much do prescription sunglasses usually cost????
Question about contacts perscription? Can I do this?
I have some grow lights in my home and I am wondering if they are bad for my eyes?
treatment for eye infection?
Oil of Oregano?
Help! I've been really sick lately! Does anyone have suggestions?
i have cravings to eat when im not hungry.........?
what supplement is best for energy ?
Any low fat protein foods?
can we run on the treadmill with an aircond / fan on?
Who decided that garlic is smelly, hmmm?
Any success stories for female weight loss after age 40?
Is it unsafe to drink energy drinks before a workout?
As anyone been on the 3 hour diet and did it work?
can you weight training without having to go to a gym?
As an RN, how much should I charge per hour for in home care of ALS pt.?
What happens when your blood runs cold?
Why when you cough, you cough twice together like cough cough and not one single cough?
how is tachycardia related to pleural effussion?
i usually get bad headaches and dizzyness and pain above the eyes. what could it be?
What is the difference between Anal Fissures & Piles?& What's their cure?
what is AIDS?
I suffer from depression only in the day time hours, is there a name for this?
Has anyone had surgery for scoliosis and had problems with pregnancy? I am 28 and had surgery at 14 and 20.?
If you have been opted how long would you like to live?
Why do u have to remove it??
my daughter often feels like she needs to urinate but then can't when she tries. What is going on?
How long is a respiratory infection, such as a headcold, contagious for?
Has anyone found that Red Bush Tea(Rooibos) causes extreme fatigue the next day?
Who has heard of Picamilon?
hepatitis, meaning of diagnosis?
what do you do when your boyfriend or girlfriend has ADD/ADHD?
How much the strabismus operation cost?
How do you make yourself get sick in one day!?
how do you get infected with gonorrhea?
chicken pox scars can only be corrected by lasers i guess.. is it safe for the skin at the age of 20?
What is the record for holding it?
what's the best treatment for a muscle contracture?
what could course a painful vein in my wrist?
Why do I never bleed much?
Milk allergy and toddler doesn't like soy milk?
Does anyone think there may be a link between aspartame allergy (it's in so much food) and psoriasis?
Is anyone allergic to Aspartame or other artificial sweeteners? If so, does any one have joint pain?
Do allergies cause one eye to be bigger then the other? Please help!!?
Is it safe to travel on a plane for someone with seizures?
how do i control stammering.i speak 3 languages and sometimes use all 3 in 1 sentence.difficult coz of job?
what is an EFFECTIVE way of relieving piriformis syndrome/sciatica problems?
What would you give to sustain pharmaceutical free optimal health?
How do I really get rid of the dark dinfined circles from under my eyes?
Thin Eyeglass Lens?
what are the stages of HIV reproduction?
for those of you that have gone to the good parts of amsterdam?
Is there a difference in respiratory rates between males and females?
this is in reference to hubby with septic shock?
Any over the counter medicine for herpes breakout on my 'little boy'. I need quick solution.?
how do u noe u have asma?
can carbon dioxide, spraying out of a paintball gun, kill you?
having problems breathing and i feel like there is something stuck in my chest or lower?
have had a cough for the last 5 months?
What's Mono?
Is it ok to take tylenol on an empty stomach? What about vitamins?
i have chronic back back pain i cant afford to go to the doctor does anyone know how i to get meds w/o script?
same girl wit left foot hurting problem!!?
sciatica or not??
Your body's natural painkiller?
why dose my right side hurt?
Sorry but I am not good in english: what means french kissing ? Is there risk of Aids from it ?
what is the medical term for a person with extremely bad body odor even though they practice good hygiene?
is hepetitis B curable?
I have VERY low serotonin levels and 5HTP doesn't seem to increase it. What other alternatives exist?
Is there such a thing as urinary constipation?
Medical treatment for pterygium?
want to know symptom of neuritis in hands?
What is the reason for pain in the heals while walking?
what does it mean?
Red dot in left eye.... what could it be?
anyone know about edema on the scapula?
Can I play basketball again after tearing my ligament?
How does a toenail grow?
Why isn't swelling going away from foot injury.?
If you have anemia and you start to take iron supplements, will you have more energy?
in medical terms, what is the triangle of death?
Do you think that I'm fatt? i weigh 92lbs. and I'm 13 yrs. old at 5'5.?
What is a bone bruise on your knee ?
Should i still go for the training tmr?
Is there anything I can do to stop getting sick after I eat or drink anything? I''m pregnant?
Don't cataracts= going blind?
how to move a senior from side to side so no ressure sores start but is quite heavy to roll?
what is Pseudotumors ?
i got a b12 shot yesterday and so far i don't feel a difference can anyone tell me why?
Do tourists to the United States need prescriptions from US doctors in order to buy prescribed medicines?
My sternum is making a cracking, almost ripping noise at certain times, is this bad?
Does taking a shower so late at night cause rheumatic?
i work 60 hours a week, why cant i sleep at night?
What is best age to donate blood for a male person? What type of blood group goes with A+.?
I sometimes find it hard for me to burp...?
i am suffering from a peretual cold and ruuny nose. is there any way to get immediate relief?
what can we do for a bee sting it happen on Thursday and it is still swollen?
where can I find the following herbs & how do I take them (ie-pills, etc.):?
why are my eyes suddenly in a constant state of dialation.beginning about 4 days ago this began.?
What do you mean by legal perspective to medical record access?
anybody every get a stomach ache while using asthma medication?
Is there a alternative to insulin like a natural substance?
What is immunology?
does eating milk prevent lead absorption from work exposure?
How do some people cope with disorders?
how much should you weigh at 14 years old i weigh 130?
Tracheal stenosis treatment--?
discuss the transmission of syphillis?
can u catc it?
what is bacteria?
Does chondromalacia ever heal?
Is there any permanent cure for Shoulder dislocation?
what are the best, cheapest and home remedies to the following??
Are you happy with the life youve got?
How long do doctors/hospitals typically keep medical documents?
How should i reduced my weight without doing exercise?
Besides prayer, what is the best way to deal with the illness of a loved one?
Please suggest some low carb vegetarian diet which is good before a long walk and jogging?
how to maintain my weight without skip lunch and dinner?
Is there anything you can do for a sore throat?
i had my gallbladder removed, but i still get the sharp pains in that area?
want to eat healthy but my life style doesnt help me.need your help?
How many glasses of water are you supposed to consume in a day?
Affects of Detox for brother's addiction?
What are the health side effects of being exposed too ionizing radiation?
Has anyone had an arthopasty of their knee and has problems after the surgery?
can someone give me feedback after having arthoplasty of their knee? Any problems after the surgery?
June 27, 2000, what addiction did the surgeon general name the worst chronic disease?
i dont eat for like 2 days and the next day i eat alot of food then make myself throw it up is that bad?
full-blown AIDs patients life expectancy?
my 2 yearold is very hyper and agressive, he wont listen, he has his mind set.. im 38 years old and a maneger.
Does anyone know what anemia is caused by or how bad it gets?
Really, really, really, really, really, really, really bad heartburn?
I am having knee replacement soon and am wonderiing exactly what is done? Is it a long procedure?
What is this tremendous pain in the right side of my neck, just below the base of my skull?
My 11 yr old son is constantly clearing his throat.?
what does it mean when someone hiccups off and on all day every day for no reason, is this a medical issue?
Aching bones...?
how can you bring a splinter to the surface for removal?
What will happen if i didnt complete my Hepa B vaccine?
can u die from crohns diease?
Do you think a book about my experience in dealing with an alcoholic husband would sell?
Where can I find information about infants born with Osteomalacia?
How long does it take for marijuana to get out of your system>?
Does wireless router in your room affect your eyes? (do u have a wireless router in ur room?)?
Eyeglasses errors?
New glasses range of clear vision?
My eyes are dry when i am wearing contacts, please help?
Can the width of my eyeglasses be adjusted?
how much is lasik eye surgery, what is the procedure, and is it worth it?
How much will i hurt to get a tattoo near my hip area below my stomach??
My dad smoke but i want to help him quit how can i?
how do we get itchy?
what is best way to get rid of acne?
Are there any precautions one must take after having undergone LASIK?
Do pills ,meds show up on a drug test?
how do you get longer, stronger nails?
what is the name of fatest man in the world?
Garlic making my hand sting and itch?
Is there any OTC allergy medicine that really helps with ragweed allergies?
Does Allegra cause nausea?
why is my nose stuffed up on just one side.?
Vehicle accident and implants???
I've had two herniated disks for over a year. Will surgery fix the problem so I can maintain my active life?
Punched in the face, some pain, and numbness, no taste... Any idea?
causes ofdelayed primary wound repair?
I have a concussion...?
Broken wrist?
How do you spell the diease when you throw up to get rid of food?
how is it possible that while our nose is blocked, one nose works? isnt it possible tht both noses are blocked
I have this odd cough?
also can cronic sinus cause you to feel dizy and weak?
How do I stop allergies?
Do you know what would be wrong with me if my knee was swollen and numb?
i need to get slim for summer what do i do i dont drink fizzy drinks nothin no crips but i put on weight?
do any hooka smokers here know of any potentional dangers?
Do you know of any over-the-counter treatments for rosacea?
how do i get rid rid of a wart on the bottom of my foot? it is painful?
How and why do external skin moles develop? Obviously the ones that are not cancerous but why do they come?
If you have low levels of T3 and T4 but high levels of TSH, is your problem in the thyroid gland or pituitary?
the drug........?
will gasoline make your hair fall out?
how do i release blocked energy in my right hip-kidney-uterus area affecting fertility?
How does tuberculosis affect the human body?
how to lower triglycerides naturaly?
my chihuahua legs are dislocated so what can i do?
Are you more vulnerable to Alzheimers if u are bipolar?
what the meaning of hbsAg(MEIA)non reactive?
what is Thanatophobia?
Is there an illegal drug that causes mini strokes?
How can you get a sleep apnea test done without any insurance?
Stomach ulcer?
My age is 31 and weight is 67 KG its OK but my waist is 37 inches so how can i reduce my waist to at least 32.
What is the healthest weight to loose?
how can i learn to vomit?
how do you lose weight within a time period?
how to get rid of love handles around the waist?
exersize for small shoulders?
I like to find diet recepist?
Which is better for weight loss elliptical or treadmill? Why?
stomach ache? head ache? allergies?
Why do you need to discard amoxicillin after 14 days?
i am trying to find a site that will give me lots of information on medical marijuana?
Why does the back of your neck and shoulders tense when you are stressed?
how do i pay medical expenses if my doctor wont let me work?
How to enhance our immunity & what things are taken in abandance .?
Hamstring Problem?
why eyelids throb?
can eye surgery be performed to correct a "lazy eye" on a 10 year old girl?
what is the best way to treat high b,p.?
Anybody know anything about Aquasana water filters? Good product?
can gold produce allergies (ie rings, earrings,etc)?
any new medication for HIV?
Can someone help?
How does a broken neck kill somebody?
How can you sleep if you have a Herniated disc?
Can I get a Hairline Fracture?
Severed Sensory Nerves?
my eye my face?
anything to stop a runny nose?
how do i get rid of chronic eczema?
How did you get rid of skin tags?
All things being equal, how much sleep does a human need every night?
i recently bought acuvue 1 month disposable contact lens, but dont know which is the correct side to wear it?
Has your nose ever itched and.........?
why isnt my coldesore going away? its pussing too...........and its been like 2 weeks.........?
what happens when obese people mate?
What does it mean when a med has DM in it's name?
mosaic attenuation pattern noted from CT scannig (anyone knows?)?
Is bird flu the same with H5N1?
anyone else with sleep apnea finding it extremely hard to lose weight?
How long can smoking induced asthma stay with you?
i live with someone who has copd an she has had it since 2004 how long can she live with it can you help me?
I have been diagnoised with Beta Hemolytic Streptococcus Group B. What is this and what are the risks?
I just took a Home Access test for HIV and I will be getting it back on Monday. What do you think?
Can we make it now?
how can you make your skin (in the face) less saggy?
HI, Does someone have free herbal recipes for all kinds of illnesses?
waxing problem....?
what can be done for a good night's sleep without tranquilizers?
How can feel more awake right now?
does yoga really make u lose wait like they say or is it just a myth to make us go to yoga..?
what test are given to find out why some one might have Epilepsy?
can dehydration cause low platelets?
Is it normal for a 19 y.o. young man (who practices sports) feel heart palpitations??
Where do warts come from?
What are the white spots on peoples' nails?
Can you sprain/pull your tongue?
When I get up in the morning, when I stand up, I'm really dizzy. What could this be?
Dose Any one have a good clean Ida for the air?
What is the meaning of M.D.F.A.C.P.after a dr's name?
Can anyone help me? I had brain surgery 7months ago. And never got to thank the Dr who peformed the operation.
I'm a little cautious of injuring myself playing sports...?
Wisdom teeth Inflammation HELP??
What is causing this sharp pain in my right shoulder?
what is treatment of intra-articular fracture of tibial tuberosity?
Household injuries...?
Does the Hiv virus not remain in contact with air in needles of the syringes. What do we mean by blood product
what is lishmaniasis?
What is the best treatment for geno type 6 hepatitis c?
what is the scientific name for lyme disease?
Which type of stem cells should we advocate for?
Does anyone know what this pill is?
How does a 5 year old child get a Pulmonary Koch's Infection?How does this thing infect other?
its been 6 days. How many DAYS more will it take for the cold virus to get of my son's body.doc says it will
Is Yoga A Science???
A friend of mine who is 80 years old has a right hand that is constantly cold.?
my girlfriend has long term abdominal problems?
What was the name of the second non-narcotic prescription pain reliever mentioned in House?
What is a wick that is used in a medical procedure?
What may cause small hard subtances, and slime in stool? There's been bouts of diarrehia, constipation, cramps
I have been feeling weak and tired for the past few days why?
Who is the fattest person in the world?
what are some of the skill RN need?
Does anyone know a fast but safe way to lose weight??? Any food suggestions that seem to boost weight loss????
who is the perfect guy for the perfect adriana lima so they could have the perfect baby?
How can a 13 year ols child loose up thirty pounds in one week?
i already start running 5 miles a day. do you think i will lose weight?
How can i loss 20lbs in 10 weeks? I'm going to the Airforce and Naval Summer Seminar?
How do you loose your hips?
If you get caught picking your nose in public, what is the best way to play it off? What would you do or say?
Help! I dont know where to start!?
how can i lose weight am a heavy eater but i really wanna lose some excess baggage?
Can someone tell me about the procedure for donating plasma?
What are your instructions to a type1 diabetic in regards to their medication before they have surgery?
newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic. need sensible advice on diet. also alternative aids ie health food etc thanks
Diabetic Neuropathy?
Why it is harmful to diabetic patients if they consume sugar ?
from where "automaticity" of heart came?
what is ventilator support for a patient? what machanical quipments are used for it?
when alfa fetoprotein elevated?
how to die easily and fastly without pain?
Allergy shots vs. Living with a cat - What is the difference?
contour pillow causing sinus problems?
Can You Get Lactose Intolerant In Less Than 48 Hours?
Nasal Congestion?
Smoking questions?
what can I do to make it feel like I'm having an asthma attack?
what is pulmonary hyperaeration?
i just started working in an office...?
Need nursing research articles on Lou Gehrig's Disease?
How much does contact lenses usually cost?
can i get contacts?
My vision is getting worse Is this bad?
ok so I just got some contacts, and I am wondering if they are supposed to be wierd or move on my I or somethi
I just got new glasses with Progressive lens's I hate them does anyone have them and do you like them?
Why are my eyes red??
If a product "expires" at a certain date, does that mean that it won't work?
who has a great hairdresser who isnt expensive?
have a child diagnosed with what was called rotc virus what is it and poss. help?
any insights about hepatitis B?
I cannot sleep well recently, do i make problem with my nerve? thanks for your advice!?
Fitness Equipment Repair Training?
How do you lose your virginity?
How do u pass a UA without court knowing ur cleaning out ur system?
How to get ripped and in shape?
Does any one know how to change a mindset ?
Baily's total fitness vs golds gym?
Are you scared of the possibility of a bird flu epidemic?
My shin hurts really bad...?
How can I minimize my 2nd degree burn scar?
Has anyone had scoliosis? If so, what did you do about it?
Is it necessary to throw away your contact lense case every few months, or is cleaning it sufficient?
I strained my chest muscles two months ago?
I sprained my wrist...HELP?
is there a cure for the happy puppet disease?
HPV vaccin?
whats your personal opinion on STD's?
what is the difference between herpes type one and two??
I have had this pain in my stomach for a few days - it is like a sharp stabbing pain - What is it?
need to find a store that sales massager for back & neck?
sore and stiff neck -it hutrs?
not sure about migraine headaches???
What's the best way to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome? (no health insurance to goto the Dr.)?
Dose any one know of any stretches?
Chest Pain?
What's the best med for Ragweed allergies?
kidney stones?
What is the differance between doctors with an M.D. and doctors with a D.O.?
why is it that when I lay down, one of my nostrals gets stuffed up.?
is there really a conspiracy in cancer research/treatment?
Hi Do any of you?
How harmful is smoking shisha?
I got cough 15 days before and used amoxacillin and berantin syrup but I couldnot get relife till now adays ?
I need Health insurance and, I want to know if there is any that you can use the DAY you sign up?
How do I prevent my foot from falling asleep when taking a duker?
Can u have a beer with dinner if u are taking a carb blocker? It contains white kidney bean extract &isophase
how to reduce weight of 4m kgs with in 2 months?
Coffee or tea in the morning?
fast weight lose tips?
why do taking vitamins seem to increase your appetite?
How do you get an overweight 8 year old to eat vegetables and stop eating bread all the time?
How do I correct my Gluteus Maximus?
Ok! Be honest! How did you get YOUR 6 pack abs? Did you already have them, or....?
how do u get a croock out of ur neck??
Does anybody know where to find Multani Mitti at?
i have white patches in both hands i know about make up but im wondering if theres something else ?
has any one ever ordered any thing off blissherbs.com?
Does anyone know the name of a certain Tea with painkilling/sedative properties?
Why can't I find a stock exchange symbol for Nikken Corp.(they make body magnets)?
can i take in erythromycin for meningitis?
What are the symptoms of cirrhosis?
What can be done for bleeding hemmroids? As it is embarrasing..I would rather not go to the doctor.?
California Girls Only?
what kind of reactions can the skin have to hot wax (eyebrow and mustache)?
Why am i still up after being up for 21 hours with no sleep?
mozzies!!!!!!!!! i hate them how can i stop itching?
Is this stuff for real? Has anyone tried it?
a male 14 years old 5'5 1/2 tall and i still havent got growth spurt.i want to know how much more will i gro?
Why has my 13 1/2 year old male american eskimo dog continusally have seizures all of a sudden?
what sinuis meds will test strong on drug testing?
I am a thin women 55 kg, I want to have more wight, and my appetite is not good.?
Why is it that you can only breathe through one nostril at once?
How do you cure back pain or pain in the shoulder blade?
why can't a person sleep at night because i lie there for awhile before i fall to sleep. i am up at least thrn
My upper back hurts.. around the backbone and shoulder blades.Cannot move my head sideways,backward or forward
What benefits does the grape seed vitamins do for healthy?
Drink any 'diet' pops that harms the bones and brain, is it true? If so, how or why ?
Am I sick?
How many miles a person should run a day?
Help cure my tendanitus in my knees???
Is this a concusion?
Tendonitis, Bursitis or a Clot?
Do I have a good lawyer?
is it better to let my knee fix by myself?
i have a knee injury due to basketball and the doctor wouldnt help me ?
Cellulitis in leg, what can be done??
what if i have a friend that has lice and it still wont come out even though she does everything she can?
HIV/AIDS/safe***, need ideas for a POSTER!!!!-URGENT-!!!?
why are so many males scared to get tested for std's?
HIV symptoms constant?
I have running nose in the day and blockage at night?
how do rs alcoholism effect chemotherapy?
Whats the latest with Bird Flu?
my 3yrs old child has weight 13.5kg caught by chicken pox.what kind of food&fruit give to him?
HIV Virus Help?
Can You Indentify this pill?
i am 21 yrs old and need health insurance now can the state help me?
how long does methadon stay in your system/?
Percocet in Mexico?
home remidies for cluster headaches, HELP!?
What causes the pain of a headache?
I want to get to sleeping with my mouth closed & not open because I always end up with a sore throat when --?
My problem a red skin rash that appears after one alcohol drink, breathing problems, rash on chest and arms?
Is feeling scared or nervous a choice?
What is the proper weight for a 8 year old grl and boy?
is niacin good for you?
I'm graduating in 2 moths and i want to get fit without all the supplements. any suggestions?
I need tredmill help,I have beeen using and seem to be getting bigger?
weightlosstips4u has a great ecourse. Know about any other good ecourses?
What is the best way to lose 10 lbs in one week?
how fast can I run a marathon?
i'm getting married in less than 4 months and have a lot of weight to lose. Where do i start?
How do I quit taking diet pills?
I Wanna build a lean body with perfect shape. tell me How?
My age is 17.5 iam 5ft 9inches.I started trainin with weights when i was abt15 but now i have stopped growin?
where can I find help financing a wheelchair accessible van?
Can you get the Bird Flu from eating a piece of bad chicken?
will medicaid pay for Adult pullup diaper underwear?
how many hours without sleep until your body shutsdown?
what if you woke up disabled or handicapped?
please answer?
I am having a SWEET 16. What should i have at my party?
PLEEZ!!! DO you no any medication creems that could help heal misquito/ant/flea/tick bites?
Do you wash your feet when you take a shower?
what can i do to make my hair grow longer and faster?
why can we send a man to the moon,but can't cure the common cold?
how dangerous is it to work in astore that has a lot of mice and their droppings all over the store?
What is the best calcium tablet to take?
where do i get answers about medicaid in pa?
what are the effects of drug use?
what is family medicine?
why are veggies good for humans?
MRSA Help!!!!!?
does benzyl benzoate contains steriods and is a good treatmemt for scabies?
Will the Bird Flu decimate our planet?
Who can help? What is the best therapy to the disease 'morbus crohn'?
What is hepatitis A?
I am a new diabetic as of 4/25/06. Can the gain of my weight back and insulin shots delay my period 4his month
I am having diabetes,what test I shall do in frequent to check my overall health?
My doctor has just prescriped byetta for my diabetes...anyone know anything about it?
is drinking too much cold water bad like under -5 degrees?
what is the normal range for a childs blood sugar?
How do I kiss my girlfriend who has oral herpes?
Anyone hear about any success with Autism, using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)?
how benificial is the all natural cholesterol lowering alternative cholestasys?
It is ok if we introduce alternative medicine in private hospitals, but how about general hospitals?
Looking for Calci-Osterine, it is medical injection using and get better for children's pneumonia infection!!?
What is the easiest to get into Chiropractor School?
sleeping problem - Sleep apnea?
Remedies for cough?
how do you set the pressure on a resmed s8 cpap?
does any one remember a perfume called madlen Mono? and if i can still buy it?
I hav asthma and i was wondering...?
Does airborne really work? Is it safe?
Have you ever used a suppository?
Why do i have a sore knee wich i was meant to grow out of after a year or so and here i am 10 yrs later and im
why vibrio cholerae don't kill by acidic pH of stomach?
How many people in the united states suffer from antisocial personality disorder?
Do you know of any home remedy for rheumatism ?
I pop my neck and knuckles..am I going to suffer long-term consequences for this?
what does it mean if i get a headache for a few seconds by my temple and then it goes away?
I ordered vicodin 2/1007 & wanted to know where it is.?
problems with my jaw???
With Anna Nicole's body deteriation, what is the process of this, what happens and how does this happen with
Do people "snort" the pain killer oxycodone like they "snort" "coke"? What is this world coming too
Have you ever snorted oxycode? How much and what was it like?
Who has been to a sleep clinic and exactly what goes on there?
Has anyone with (RA) Rhematoid Arthritis had a child and how did it affect you?
When some one says - 'a short course of antibiotics' - what does one mean? Is it ?<5 days or < 7 days or ?
Lymphedemia=swelling of the limbs?
Coccyx pain after injury 24 years ago?
How long does a minor concussion last?
What is your favorite food?
what do i do if am bored ?
has any one thaken the new miracle burn pill for wieght loss if so does it work good?
i am addicted to eating!!!!!!?
How many fat grams equal a pound?
how to stay slim?
calories checker?
Tummy Tuck For Child Birth?
Is it normal that someone snores a sleeping pill(after smashing it and make it powder)Does it work as a drug?
what is a lucas device used for?
Does the chlorine in water turn to gas in the shower?
what REALLY causes people to yawn?
My co-worker uses the restroom for roughly 2 hours out of an 8 hour day. Should we be concerned?
Eye Care and Health Insurance, Clinic Takes Health, I do not Have vision, Am I covered?
I am due to have an epidural in back then anti inflamatory whats generally the outcome?
i am badly suffering from stress. i really in need of some tips that might help me overcome this problem.?
I would like you to share your experiences with shingles.?
how many different strands of staph infection are there?
I have a pageant in 3 weeks and i want to drop a lot of body fat quick, what should i do without pills?
What are the different types of steroids?
Whats better for your neck and back, flat pillows or fluffy pillows?
what way can you clean your system of weed other then pills and chemicals?
Can lumbar fusion neurosurgery cause periperal neuropathy?
What things can be traced in a urine sample?
whats vertical syndrome?
What does this MRI result mean?
what is the "window period" in H.I.V.?
I have what feels like a bruise on my lower back. Could this have been caused by a jacuzzi?
Can anyone provide me with information on brain lesions: causes, symptoms, treatment, prognosis?
I need some information about my situation I have cervical cancer.?
Do you know anything about a Hematoma?
squamous cell carcinoma, is it possible to have this in the lymphnodes without it showing up on the skin 1st?
what courses does one take to be an ultrasound technican or x-ray tech, etc.?
Are my thighs thick?
Are alkaline battery leaks dangerous?
Does your family have a remedy that's used for everything and passed down the generations?
Does the x-ray show just the top level of a bone?
My boyfriend's arm pits stink....I don't wanna be mean to make it short how do I get rid of order on sheets.
how much does it hurts while having a tattoo?
how do you whiten dark underarms?
Would you consult a shaman if s/he were a relative of yours and you knew his/her success record?
Can you develop gall-stones if you have had your gallblatter removed?
lose weight?
can i take a bath with stitches that are 1 week old?
Where can I find a professional who uses ozone to heal herniated discs.?
how do you cure cronic fatiuge?
where can we get meals on wheels, help with cleaning and transportation for seniors in Uxbridge?
please help?
oral Verruca Plana treatment (flat warts)?
i have this spot on my scrotem an it looks like a freckle im worried it might be a cancer or std or something?
Whats the best way to deal with an ingrown toenail?
how does dehydration cause a headache?
What are the pros and cons of medicinal marijuana use?
oxygen concentrator???
What is wearing soft contact lenses like?
I've been taking Prozac for about 3 months and am having visual distubances. Will they get worse or go away?
what is a sunset eyes?
I am having pain in my right Knee due to ortho Artharitis.What are the Best medicines?
Can the heat stimulates the Multiple Sclerosis?
Follow up. How does glaucoma change the size of the eyeball?
how can i find if i am poisn?
why is it important to get tested for sickle-cell anemia?
What can be cause of lymphadenopathy? Is it really dangerous?
what are the risk for the newborn when the mother has an infectious disease?
My rabbit may have skin allergies..?
Swollen And Sore Hand What Do You Think Could Be Worng?
I have recently been healed of a fracture to the 5th metatarsal. I am now getting pain in the side of my foot.
what relief or cure is there for nerve damage in both hands?
Has anyone been in an auto accident and suffered trauma to their chest from the airbag and seat-belt?
Can the bones in your hand shift?
Upper back pain??? Sometimes severe...........?
Should I have back surgery or work on weight loss or get the corti shots?
Where can I get a prescription and glasses for cheap?
What state has the highest rate of morbid obesity in the United States (and therefore probably the world)?
What are the symptoms of IBS?
How long do stents last in an artery?
What are some way I can eat carbs but still lose weight fastly ?
Is Denise Austin still on the Lifetime channel?
How hard is it to become a personal trainer? Is it very competitive? How much does one make?