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Lymph node problems?
my daughter's eye dr. mentioned Graves Disease, does anyone have info on this?
Have you had a tonsillectomy as an adult due to recurring tonsillitis? What was your experience? Pros/Cons?
Some girls lost their temper and got exited when question arises regarding Virginity test,Why so furious?
Do nurses get sick a lot?????
Has anybody had rhinoplasty/nose job? I am curious about splint/pain/recovery time.?
What can I do to stop the pain in my foot?
I got my ears stapled for weight loss?
Why my mouth tastes acid?
I would like to read the classified adds for sunday the 11 th .?
How would I destory medical records from Minnesota?
How many times should we eliminate waste from our bodies in one day's time.?
How do you treat an ear ache without going to the Dr.?
Why do people feel the need when you ask them a question about a prescription your taking to tell you to take?
homeopathy - occult connection?
has any one ever failed a drug test after using a cleansing drink?
my daughter has a water infection and is taking trimethoprim suspension 50mg what is the medicine for?
What about chakra therapy?
Has anybody tried St. John's Wort? Without listing facts about it, what have been your personal experiences?
Can phentermine be dangerous?
why HIV/AIDS couldn't get medication(for perment cure)?
If I have been found medically a suitable candidate for Viagra, can I use Cialis or Levitra also alternatively
What are the signs of nasal congestion?
Could it be Asthma? PLZ HELP!?
I have lo blood ox,(lo 80's active);(hi 80'S sitting),what damage am I doing to my body?
do you know anyone who has the skin rash called shingles?
What medications are available to treat gallstones?
not cured means didnt finish the said treatment for hepa.. doet it mean hepa is still there?
Is a potato bug dangerous to humans?
Do you always have a fever with the flu?
What a symptonsof west nile fever?
how many natural disasters exist. wat are their names. every single one of them.?
can mites get on and in the hair?
lens matter?
How to treat rounded back whith all of the problems that goes with it (forward head, shoulders...).?
Do you think there is a cure for the so called incurable diseases?
Is obesity a disease as is alcoholism?
I have been diagnosed with sarcoidosis, anyone else have this lung disease?
I have a spinal cord injury, now I am having trouble with my feet. Is this normal?
Why does the oral polio vaccine have to be administered in four doses and not just one? Can there be one dose?
I have tendonitis in my right shoulder and arm. Will I have to have surgery to relieve the pain?
I am 14 and 5' how much should I weight?
How do I get lose weight off my face and get rid of my double chin?? I'm thin except for that!?
knots in necks?
My neck hurts so bad.?
Help!! Pain! Do you know what it is?
vicodin norco?
how much does codeine cost?
Im getting pains in my bones my shins foot arms and so on why would this be happening It comes and then goes?
I have a very painful left shoulder, all the way up to my ear and also forearm.?
headache is on , any relieft?
who make plavix?
is there a doctor out there that can please help me about statins?
I have 8stunes in my heart and aorda,has anyone that you know of has gone back to work with this in there vain
what is remmen juice?
why do i feel worse with a different med?
If have chf and you are released back to work can you claim disability?
how can i help save severly chapped lips and dry skin?
what is the prognosis for lung cancer spread to the liver, growing after 2 chemo treatments?
are systs on the ovary hereditary especially when cancer is high in the family?
what is the best treatment facility for the treatment of A.L.L. luekemia?
What is cancer?
There's a guy i want to marry, he says he has a sort of tumour in his neck. Can it be cured?
What could an extremely low WBC be if no other symptoms appear yet? Could it be a form of Cancer?
I wonder why my left foot is tingly and numb--like it is asleep?
Anorexia Nervosa consciously?
can someone help with my diarrhea issue?
What is the difference between oral temperature and anal temperature taking?
is sugar twin bad for a person? any dangers?
best cure for eczema on the face?
Are herbs really effective as food/supplement? What are the best herbs right now?
where can i buy humalog insulin?
what is diabetes???????
How long could the HIV virus survive in a wet bloody object, such as a knife or a syringe ?
are there multiple forms of brain tumors?
I am particularly interested about Parkinson's Disease.. whats the most earliest symptom of it?
What's the AIDS drug azidothymine better known as?
It just hit me out of the blue as I shiverrrr......?
bipolar 1, ssdi stories???
is it possible for infections to spread from one ear to the other in less than 24 hours?
How do we qualify for EFMP?
Is there something other than seroquel I should take for bipolar?
autism treatment?
what could I have? I have multiple conditions, havent seen a dr yet...?
Isn't it scary that plagues and influenza have wiped out millions throughout history?
i keep coughin up a very salty like spit in my mouth any ideas wot it could be dont have cough but very salty?
Why is my appetite declining?
Am I overweight? How much so?
Is Ulcerative Colitis the Worst Disease ever?
how do you treat low blood pressure?
How can i loose around 40 pounds in 5 1/2 months?
Is cherifer really effective?
How much does the BOWFLEX XTREME cost?
What is the best way to get back into a workout program?
whats the best way to lose 20 pounds?
How can i excercise at home?
Need to know more about ketosis & weight loss ?
How long do Flonase and Zyrtec take to work?
Can someone recommend a good allergist in the Portland, OR area?
Sinus infection?
what is type IV allergic reaction?
how do you get rid of ring worms on humans?
itchy lips around the edges?
what's the best home remedy for treating toenail fungus?
What are these spots on my skin???
I have extremely loud digestion. Is this normal?
Where did the concept of "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" come from?
how can one smell good all times?
Why does my skin turn black when i rub a gold ring on it?
I have lices in my hair (head), how i can rid off?
Does anybody know anything about breast implants?
Can I terminate my lease with mold growing in my bathroom?
Is there any way besides time to get rid of a blood blister?
What can you do to stop an ear ache while you fly?
question in regards to the drug Enbrel for arthritus. I'm wondering if this drug causes brusing on the skin
I want to know how I can become a doctor, and in particular a pediatrician.?
anyone ever had tiny ulsers on the tongue ?
I found a pill that had M359 and am having problems finding out what exactly it is. Please help!?
What body part would you like change in you and why ?
why do i have yellow n green eyes like a cat ?
How many calories do you burn playing 18 holes of golf?
Has anyone cured his or her short sightness through any kind of eye exercise?
My Home is full of cobweb including kitchen. What harm it may cause if it is not cleaned for long time?
How is all you older adults today?? alive and kicking?
hemorrhoid and exercising? omg, how embarrassing!?
can tb be a bioterism agent? not to be paranoid but there are alot of + cases in my area?
Can you retrieve medical info on yourself from sites on the web.?
What are these dull pains below my ribcage on the right side?
What would be the symptoms of arthritis in the knee?
IWhat is this painkiller.?
what is compression fracture of the 5th lumbar spine?
I need to know how much is consider an overdose with ibuprofen?
Stress relief?
Numbness on left side of head i always sleep on my left side sometimes my left arm tingles some times?
blurred vision...comes for a week or so and goes..so on?
contacts????????????(PLEASE READ!)?
computer monitor is killing my eyes?
what is the postcode of newyork(u.s.a)?
homeopathic remedy 4 a rough, painful, sorethroat which usually develops into a cold?
how does genetics play an important role in our daily lives ?
What is the name of a condition that makes your right arm shake uncontrolably for 13 hours ?
My husband was just diagnosed with lymphoma. Does anyone know much about this.?
What are the signs of nose cancer? Will one's nose shape changes because of it?
What is the most common cancer that mets to liver (colon or lung?)?
Where can I find information on re-occurent breast cancer?
For those with HPV only?
anyone who is in the health field please help. I have currently taken a std test?
have you ever has the std chylamedia?
Someone who knows about vaccines please.....?
What are some reasons why a wart or mole would change?
I have a condition in which I scratch my hands to the point of bleeding. It doesn't happen all the time but
My nostrils become dry often. What water based gel can I buy to moisten the inside of my nostrils?
What is cold sore?
i have tiny papules on my face, and increasing too. what is safe to do? i have indian skin.?
I am using Acuttane I am getting crack lips and inflammations in my gums. Any advice from previous users?
How many extra heartbeats are too many? I had 300 extra in 24 hrs on a holter moniter.?
Why is the rate of heart attacks more in men than in women?
is this a heart problem?
CK1956 Just Where Is Anthony Colpo Incorrect Specifically?
whats more important exercise or diet for heart patients?
Suboxone in new hampshire- Can I find treatment paying weekly or monthly instead of $5000 right up front?
What can we do to help protect the coral reefs in the world?
why my feet get pain when I stand more than half of the hour ?
i need a detox for opiates i live in Philadelphia and i dint no where to go please help thank you?
My big toe hurts, do i have gout? what does gout feel like?
sodomy is it good for health or got any effect when do that?
phlegm [mucus]?
how long does tobacco stay in your blood and or urine, after you quit smoking?
Help! Blocked Eustachian tube?
Sinus Infection Medication?
Can you die because of hiccup?
Would you be interested in this?
Is it true that being in the dark to much is bad for your eyes? If so, why?
Is there a foot surgery to shrink your foot size?
What's the best way to get rid of cat hair and dander left in a home?
Stuffy nose for 2 1/2 weeks!?
what is a good tasting low fat snack to eat while on a diet?
what impairs iron absorbtion (nutrient, diet, etc?)?
Which diet suppliment works best for someone on the Super Size Me diet plan?
i need to know the best answer to losing weight baby phat belly fat with out losing the booty?
15,000 steps is approximately equivilant to how many miles?
I wear a 6.5 wide or 7 medium womens shoe & want to buy New Balance 843 walking shoes. Will a 7 wide be 2 big?
Which muscles are commonly called the quads?
How long does Muscle Soreness Last?
Do your toes go numb when you are working out on the elliptical trainer?
what is the starting salary for lpn's in illinios?
any ideas to relieve back pain .?
what is the quickest way to get rid of a black eye?
has anyone ever pushed your finger in the garbage disposal wile its on?
What are you supposed to do when someone passes out?
How can I keep my ears from plugging up on an airplane?
where can i find testimonials of parsley users?
What happens if you don't have your vaccinations?
Arthroscopic surgery...what is it?
What is a saliva test and what kind of things can show up on it?
Hard lumps on bones and lump in breast found...?
What could be the cause of soft tissue swelling under my left jaw/neck?
what is scarcoid?
what can I do about my scars from chickpox. I am a black female?
how can i protect my self?
What is cradle crack and how long does it take to get rid of it in a 3-month old baby?
How do I not be tan?
Tinea Versicolor?
What is this painful skin disease?
Is there a quick way to take down the swelling of salivary glands under the jawbone?
How to treat crushed vertibrate ?
Has anyone been able to heal 100% from plantar fascitis?
Why is yawning contagious.?
is there any such thing as percocet 512mg?
My back is killing me how do I make it feel better?
I have a pain on the top of my foot, left side.?
chemical name of asprin/disprin?
what are the dutys of an Occupational Health Nurse?
Need help with a problem.?
Where are some graphs that have information on OxyContin usage?
can you be a bulimic and anorexic?
how do heal aching neck in a few days?
Can yoga help reduce body weight without straining my knee and ankle weakened by surgical operations?
does anyone know about the drug action of Appetason?
My voice is changing.....?
why is it so hard to get tested for stds..?
Std question?
can you catch chlamydia by pecking someone on the lips?
Living With HIV/AIDS?
Can u get tested for std's when your on your period?
Would the same effects be given by drinking 64 oz. of juice rather than 64 oz. of water?
Is it possible not to know you have bad breath or body odor?
my stepson has aids (he said he does) but he gains weight muscles?
I need to write a contract for healthy living with my 15yr old son, can anyone help?
what is the best food to help aid chemotherapy?
Medical question. I have been dizzy, weak, and feel like I'm going to faint.?
Lump under skin on inner elbow?
My son has a lump on his muscle?
who is Kevin Trudeau and does his medicine actually work?
If i were to get hit in my breast would that be considered to be a breast cancer risk factor?
is it ok for my for 6 year old child to play with an hiv positive child?
does anyone else suffer from diverticulosis?
if someone has had optic neuritis three times in five years ...does that mean Multiple Sclerosis for sure?
Has anyone been diagnosed with wrong type of sleep disorder?
i keep getting cracks on my lips on either side, what do i do to heal them. one side heals then the other side
which is the best way to curb dengue in a housing area?
all desease in nervous system (definition,symptoms,treatment, home care?
how long does it take methadone to leave your system?
Can I use acidophilus capsules as my yogurt starter (yogurt culture) when making homemade yogurt?
Anyone that doesn't believe in chemo therapy?
Would an immune system booster help fight psoriasis?
How soon should an elderly senior's head cold receive medical treatment?
bronchitis and respiratory infection with pain in back near shoulders?
Is Bronchitis contagious? I work at a hotel and one of the employees have it.?
has anyone ever heard of a lump being found in your lung? what could it be?
Is there a way I could get the dark circles from under my eyes im thinking im allergic to my pillows ? help?
Is there a medication to get rid of allergies from a cat without going to a doctor?
What are the cure and treatment of Scoliosis?
I am getting allergies....whats good?
I have a rash what do you think it is & what do I do?
does lemon and vinger clean your system out?
I am going to get my body checked at a dermatoligist should i be worried?
why when i menestrate the blood look black or brown do i have a disease or something?
Medical term Candida?
tanned skin?
How can I tell if my symptoms are from hypothyroidism or menopause?
What disease can result when pancreas doesn't make enough insulin?
do you know any cure for amiotrophy (SMA2,3) or miopathy or some kind of neurological disease like these?
where do I find surgeon background information?
do i have a weak bladder (incontinent)?
how long does it take to get naproxen out of your system?
My height is 4.45 ft .I am 17.Will i face many harrasments from the frnds at college,specially guys??
Why can't we just sleep and when we wake up no nasty stuff will be on our bed? Why? Why must we wipe it daily?
what did you mean with botox ? is it a new treatment?
How much will KY jelly cost in India?
I have hepc and my eyes have dark circles under them how do I get rid of the circles?
I'm trying to gain weight for weight lifting. What's the best way to do it?
what cloor is our blood? red or blue?
Which is your least favorite chromosome?
Tuberculosis and Linea Nigra?
sometimes when I open the tap of water ,it makes a roaring sound ,why?
what is chikungunya?
what is albothyl for?
iwant to know the origin of birdflu and how it kills?
How long should it take to see lower blood sugar after beginning to take metformin?
what are all the symtoms of diabetes?
what should people with diabetes's level be?
a good cook book for diabetics?
since i have become a diabetic,when i eat i get very cold.what is the reason for this?
How long does it take to get the results from STD tests?
how long does a cold sore stay active for you to give someone herpes?
I have lost 50 lbs dieting with ww., and low carbs. I just added exercise and cant lose anymore what's up?
Is it safe to take a once a day multi viatimin more than once a day?
do you like slim fast? any ideas on how to make it taste better?
Is there an alternative to doing crunches for someone who has back problems?
how can i become a faster runner?
what can be taken for fibromyalgia pain?
I'm in track and I need to get into shape.?
I just started running...tips?
how bad can it be to be fat?
Vegatarians, can they really turn grey?
What are the best oranges to use to make fresh squeezed orange juice?
What are the best vitamins?
ipsi lateral and contra lateral?
What is a good wheat- free fiber supplement?
what is the best way to lower blood pressure naturally?
can anyone tell me if it is bad for shingles to get near my eye?if i should call my eye doctor or not?
Is Gray Matter disease the same as Alzheimers?
I have a undiaignosed chronic inflammatory disease, with steroids,my SED rate has dropped,w/ meds,?what if it?
How can I explain occurance of Lower motor neurone lesions in Lt Upper limb and Rt lower limb?
Can I take Echinacea along with Antibiotics?
What are the consequences of eating food before a blood test requiring fasting?( Lupus)?
bone marrow and lymphatic leukemia?
What doees it mean in a cancer patient when the white blood cells are attacking the red?
financial suport single mom with 4 children and colin cancer?
A friend has ovarian cancer and receives Nuprigen shots daily. Need info about Nuprigen.?
How do I find help finding finances to help pay for cancer treatment?
My carcino-embryonic Ag has been elevating altho it's still in spec. What r e implications of tis elevation
can anybody tell me were is the best place to treat lung cancer?
How many peole on that you know or even you have cancer?
what is acute livercyrrosis?
Lung cancer two growths on the throat any Info?
Pain in my side, what could cause this?
I have a very bad headache,and tips?
flexoril information....?
Why do my eyes hurt after working at my computer?
Does accupuncture work to relieve TMJ pain?
I often have severe back pains when I wake up in the morning. What pain reliver should I take ?
On a diet to determine allergies, how long?
HELP! I salivate too much!?
Does too much anti-histamine(benedral) cause liver damage?
Left ventricular hypertrophy with some pulmonary hypertension?
im having some trouble with poty?
stiffness in body ?? plz reply only if u hav some idea?
is this safe to use advair will it help for chronic cough that's why they gave it to me asma caused by the cou
Inhale chemical?
after a major heart attack how many days rest require before an airtravelling about 5 hours?
when is the right time to take blood pressure,morning or evening?
Dying Heart?
How do I lower my TSH count?
i have heart palpitations but when i take antibiotics they stop?
How do you know when you have an ulcer from stress?
Why does being in air conditioning make my chest hurt?
What is unusual about the antiemetic drug Marinol?
what the most surgeries you had?
Got skin patches on my arms that itch alittle cant really c em but can feel that they r small&bumpy what is it
I was told that it is illegal for a c.n.a. to sort laundry in a nursing home in Nevada. Is this true?
whenever its late at night i have 2 pee every 5 mins?
What are the symptoms if any of liver lesions and hemaginomas?
My friend is in 5th grade how tall should she be?
What is the best remedy for allergies for a 10 year old boy?
What effect does marijuana have on a person's lifestyle?
how can i chase away lite suicidal thoughts and feelings of doom when you are goraphobic?
daytime sleeping?
How do help young children coup with a mentily ill parent?
what is the best way to whiten the white of your eyes?
I have a toenail on my left foot, it is an ingrown nail, and it is almost black in color, why is that?
Why is it said that mosquitoes cannot transmit HIV when they transmit malaria; is blood not the medium used?
Natural Ways of handeling MS?
Chiropractic: If you looked online for a Chiropractor, what search terms would you look under?
Can a male urine sample be used to pass a urinalysis if you are female?
if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Girls only!!! What do you think?
does cough syrup really make you hallucinate?
Girls only!!! Do you mind if a guy compliments about your toenails?
Ford supermodel search question?
How do you get over losing someone very close to you you love.?
can i obtain my medical records from my doctors office online?
Seriously...Why do mosquito bites ITCH????
Is there any other way besides alopathy,homeopathy and ayurvedic to get a parlaysed person back on her feet?
What is Acute Congestive Heart Failure?
does anyone out there take coumadin?
Atherosclerosis? Heart Disease?
What would your pulse/heart rate be like during a heart attack?
huntington disease?
Anyone have Severe Cyclic Neutropenia or knowledge of?
Cause of low levels of porphyrins? What follow up is recommended?
What does anyone anyone about Hepatitus can you get it by drinking after someone?
why cant you get ink poisoning from writing on your hand?
Is It True That If A Girl Feels A Burning Sensation If Ear Wax Enters That She Has An Std?
can CD4 testing machine gives wrong results?
how can i find the statics for STD's in Union County in Ohio?
Can A Std Live On Someones Hand?
How to get cramp out of neck? When I turn my neck it hurts.?
benicar Can benicar cause abdominal cramps???
when the cherrys been popped.sick pop icy pop?
IMAGE OF YELLOW & WHITE GENERIC SOMA and hydrocodone tablet?
Over exposure to the Computer?
i had a lumpectomy and a sentinal node operation 5 days ago and the pain and swelling are getting to me?
Breast cancer and survival at young age?
How long do I have to wait before getting pregnant after getting 5 milicurie of I-151 in a diagnostic scan ?
I want to know more about practicing radiotherapy?
Is it true that stride gum causes cancer?
stifness and pain in the neck?
How can I help heal my stress fracture in the fibula?
is it dangerous to use my alpine living air 880 ozone generator in my home?
what is the cause of itching and it appears like a insect bite and its read color..?
What can I do to help my allergies? I already get allergy shots, and the medications I have tried don't work?
does saline nasal spray work or is it a placebo?
Fluid retention?
Lungs, Chest are Burning - What's Wrong?
nursing notes?
Is Tamiflu an antibiotic?
Where are the highest paying respiratory jobs??
what would cause a constant dull pain in the appendix with sharp lower back pain at times for over a year?
can you recover from a stroke?
what's a good exercise for lower abs?
I weigh 160 pounds.I am 15 years old.My height is 5.9. How much weight should i lose?
okay... so what should i eat? i am on LOW carb, w/ NO bread, potatoes, pasta or sweets...?
Does anyone use yoga and or pilates for a healthy body and weight loss?
Whats the best diet weight watcher, jenny craig, or nutrisystem?
Is cookies, breads and other baked goods are good for dieters?
Am I working out enough to lose weight?
When did smallpox begin?
whats the average pay for an emt-b (emt 1)?
found a brown round pill with imprint OTC 807.any one know what this is?
Why can't everyone have good health insurance?
what are side efeects of cod liver oil capsules?
Is Pam Spray really safe for continuous use?
Does 20 minutes of sunlight a day coming through windows onto skin count for keeping good health?
i had the flu real bad, and now i can't smell or taste. how long does that last??
what is a ph test?
How Long Could a Human Adult Live Drinking Only Beer?
thank you so much will ask my doc on monday. do you have any suggestions for now??
eye twitching - final part?
i cant have any alternative natural medicine, im on warfarin and nearly everything doesnt agree with it?
how many hours of sleep should children get per night?
How does a pacemaker work?
Is an EKG that shows bilateral enlargement Q waves seen in III, avr, v1, v2 with no ST elevations, abnormal?
heart disease?
what is diuretic therapy?
Fast heart rate?
Tobacco companies defense arguments?
what are some good ways to stay awake and alert?
What do you do when your best friend thinks she is fat and needs plastic surgery?
Are Piranha Poisonus to eat?
How to start online support group for specific eating disorder?
What is the best natural remedy for dissolving gall bladder stone?
I am suffering from typhoid fever?What is the best I can eat to decrease it?
Does pantothenic acid get rid of gout?
is Prozac a good anti-depressant?
What is the best Gastroenterology Hospital in India ?
what is a natural cure for restless legs?
What should I do with a sever ear ache?
can anyone give me some info/facts on the respiratory system?
is bleach 122 out today?
Voice changing?
Can any1 help me with this one?
Anyone suffer from herniated disc?
in side of my body always feels cold why?
What kind of supports should I buy for my shoes to get rid of heel pain?
Can chiropractic treatments cause headaches?
Is it illegal to seek out Hydrocodone or vicodin on the internet?
Home remedies?
Is it right to have pain in this area?
I'm having a Cat Scan but am allergic to the dye is there any other way they can test you?
Can you take anti allergy medicine if you are experiencing mild itching while taking CiproFloaxin 500mg?
is it true that your ears an nose keep growing as you get older my cousin told me that they never stop growing
Would you rather: Be attacked by a shark or Be attacked by a grizzly bear?
why does my eye twitch sometimes?
Am I a canditate for toric lenses? My prescription is.........?
what is thymus?
What is a natural cure for Athlete's Feet?
about glycoscience? seems to me the healthier eating you have to do, why do you need to invest in the pills?
Has anyone heard of or had any experience with sun gazing?
I have a PH level of 4.0 in my urine and 7.5 in my saliva I'm taking milk thistle maybe thats detoxing my?
Can ear candling damage the inner ear?
do you have someone for free to be with a cancer patient while one is at work?
What is non small cell Lung cancer?
What causes cancer to develop in healthy people?
my mum had breast cancer in march last year?
what more life threatening: a brain tumor or a stomach tumor/Wilms' tumor?
can phosgene gas cause lung cancer?
How can we work together to prevent cancer?
If i have high blood pressure and am on meds for it...what adverse side affects could smoking pot have?
HIgh Blood Pressue?
Anybody have recipes that I can make for someone who just had a heart attack and is on a healthy diet!?
Is there a future for children with heart defects?
How wide is a healthy aorta? I know 5 cm is when they start to worry. My son's is 3 cm. How wide i normal?
How do you contract chlmydia?
Where, when, and who was the first recorded case of AIDS?
if you contracted AIDs from a syringe, does that still mean that you have an STD?
what is the highest blood sugar ever recorded and a person survived?
Where can I find a totally free diabetic ID bracelet or necklace?
Are Accu-chec compact test strips good past their expiration date?
I am told that agent orange spraying in vietnam caused me to be a diabetic. How did it cause this?
what happens when a dibetes woman gets pregnant in a young ages, also her sugar levels are out of control ?
does eyeglass.com websites has drew carey eyeglasses do they have them or not?
need to know if can i buy this eye drop without prescription the name is zymar clomofloxacino?
Is it really bad to apply eye drops while your contacts are on?
How do i stop my flu?
How to get rid of chronic indigestion.?
how to cut fat?
I want to lose about 6-7 inches from my waist and hips (actually, all over), how many pounds of fat is this?
What are some good at home excersizes for your abdominals?
I've gained 20 lbs since I got out of the military can my body bounce back quick or will it take a while?
What time do you sleep at night?
I have shingles and i want to know if there is any over the counter medicine to take for the pain?
Concern with taking Vit.E with Lipitor.?
Has anyone had laser sinus surgery?
Anybody had success ridding themselves of nail fungus?
Has asbestos ever been used in the production of household building bricks?
How do you get rid of crusty skin on your elbows - so the skin will be moist and healthy??
How do people become permanently cross-eyed?
When one is drunk,it is believed that his/her visibility gets poor.is it the alcohol or the nerves.?
Can you tell me what the symptons of a fast heart rate, feeling hot and nausea could be of?
whats a good metabolism accelerater?
How can i keep my body in a cool condition? Pls tell me the that i should follow?
serious answers PLEASE! how to stop bed wedding?
What does the "x" in x-rays stand for?
Last weekend i had a sudden fever & flushed look on just my face. it went away, but i've been dizzy all week?
what is the treatment for diabetes?
I am an adult with acne , I refuse to go out without make-up, what's the best make up for acne.?
Heart Palipations and gas?
is this good. blood pressure reading. im 16 overweight. 118 over 62 and heart rate 75???
Atrial Septum Defects: Right to Left Shunt?
I have a slight chest pain and my back muscles hurts,I'm only 19?
how much nyquil can kill you?
What functions do the respiratory and cardiovascular systems have in common?
Explain how destruction of elastic tissue in alveolar walls can lead to over-distension and destruction of the
OK i have a good one,,when was the first successful blood transfusion done?
what is the main cause of various cancers?
Insect bite - which insect??
Allergy to AGAVE leaf SAP?
what are the 5 deadly spots?
when should a T.B patient take medicine? is it after food or before food? how many times should it be taken?
My doctor said i have jaundice, but i have diarrhea and a high fever. He said I don't have hepatitis.?
can you please give me some mechanics about migraine. With possible questions and aswers. I nedd it badly. t.y
Has anyone ever made one of those filled fabric bags that you heat in the microwave for about 3 minutes ?
well im 14 and ive been getting dizzy everyday..it all started since december.wat do you think is wrong????
I can't stop popping my neck?
Is it possible that Acetaminophen makes my cramps worse?
Everyday I get neck pain that some times travel to my head and pains in my eye?
I am suffering with severe cramps from my tummy down to my legs?
Regarding Cindys cancer question?
My wife has recently had a stem cell transplant but we have since heard that all the cells died what next?
Does anyone know about the new cell therapy that occurred recently showing a decrease in cancerous tumors.?
How long should a supposedly healed fracture hurt and disable a person?
Is it possible to have high fever for more than 10 days because of a tooth infection?
does anyone get headaches and numbness in there arms and face if so what is causing it?
what's your triglyceride level (if you know it)? also, what causes triglycerides to be at high levels?
When did you find meaning to your life, or will it always be an ongoing ever changing process?
How does one fit in society with the mentality of a male and the physical body of a women?
can you get geital warts...if fingered my fingers that have warts on them?
can you only get herpies though touching the cold sores?
Hiv paranoia + symptoms?
Why does the government charge for STD tests?
Does anyone know if Abraham Lincoln had Marfan syndrome or not?
i have dvt below knee.I am on warfarin. there is no pain in the calf but the calf remains swollen.why ?
i have a question about lortab?
There is a girl that sleeps continuously for 3 months and only gets up for a couple of hours, what is her name
Home remedy for asthma please?
what are the signs of a heartattack?
does red yeast rice really work in lowering cholesterol? any risk?
what is ment by 'Infero lateral isthaemia' ?
Surgery in VSD after PHT ?
Patients with LOW Cholesterol Had The HIGHEST RATE OF DEATH FROM CHD?
I am about 65Kg....?
I am 20 year old female and noticed that my body hair has gone darker,why is that?
Ear piercing?
What's your blood group?
How do you put in contact lenses and take them out?
what if your about to start your period and u dont wanna tell ur parents what do u do??
Who want to cure from Lyme Disease?
what side effect of tablet furosemide?
I have allergies and I don't know if I should take a nap after I took my medicine.?
diabetic foods that lower your blood level drasticly?
Anyone ever used the Colonix cleansing program?
is there a difference between relaxation and deep tissue massage?
i have amedical question about the presence of an ovarian cyst can u help me?
How can I tell if I have internal bleeding?
Is there a home intestinal cleasing that doesn't cost a furtune?
need a remedy to heal the sciatica nerve?
anything for allergies?
does alcohol reduce the effectiveness of amoxicillin?
smoking ban?
prevention of mold in your home?
can you get unconscious after not breathing for so long and get loos of your breath hold,and start breathing ?
I am having difficulty with my ProAir inhaler?
Help! need help with a respitory question.?
hmm, running&asthma?
i have 5 stents.going monday for 3 more.has enyone had problems with them?
i want to f?
Best over the counter medication for asthma?
does urine trach infections and perimenipause go hand &hand?
is my immunity higher after a cold?
i had a TB test done 4 years ago and it came back positive?
Has Anyone Tested Positive FALSELY For METH That Had HEPATITIS C?
I have a sinus infection how long does one usually last?
My boyfriend cuts himself...?
I need the phone number or Location St. Jan Pawel II hospital in Krakow Poland?
What causes the rumble sound in your ears that you can volunatrily make but also happens when you yawn?
I've started to get an earache, what is the best thing to do?
how do you treat flue?
how can i help my asthmatic, allergies sypmtoms at night when there at thier worst???
I have a lump on my jaw bone. What do you think it is?
What can I do when my allergies act up like this?
ear, nose and throat dr?
When you go to a Dr. and get tested for allergies, what all do they test for and how do they do it?
PLEASE HELP! How do you ease joints locking up in diabetics?
is there a cure for diabetic neroapathy?
when switching from nph insulin to 1 a day lantus is there apecial way to do it and we re a little nervous abo
Is there any blood sugar monitoring instrument for Diabetic patients that can measure sugar without blood?
does GERD go with diabetes?
Are there any free cookbooks out for diabetics?
Migrains? Help?
I am having a colon resection on Wednesday, how bad is the postoperative pain and how long will it last?
Right Heart Catherization at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore MD?
Am I going to get a heart attack?
my father has suffered a severe heart atttack. It has been 9 days an he has not shown signs of brain recovery.
SVT and re entry?
help cataract surgery question!!!??
Does rolling a hot boiled egg over my swollen eye help reduce the swollen area?
Do I need glasses???
eyes s please help!!!!?
Can i take the lenses from one frame and put them in a new frame?
swollen supraclavicular lymph nodes?
i underwent protecomy,catheterization.after my catheter was removed.i m havin severe urinal incontinence.why?
Do Basal Cell Carcinoma's bleed or make the ear feel like leather?
Is there a possible connection between thyroid cancer & lymphoma later?
can prostatic cancer prisent as early as in early 20s ? please i want the answer from experient doctor?
I have a sore on the inside of my lip. after drinking from the same straw as a bunch of ppl. What could it be?
can somebody help me to look for a website about the listing of hereditary diseases with their meanings?
if your two tonsils sore and have wounds its already alarming?
after cataract surgery my vision was clear for one day. Now it is worse than before. What could have happened?
How does leucemia kill you? What do the white blood cells do in this disease?
Why is there a specified age range for Gardasil?
Does anyone have an easy, at-home remedy for motion sickness?
Where can I find out if a drug has a generic alternative?
what age does gout first start?
How can I pop my back myself?
how can i heal ribcage quicker?
how does HIV get into the blood of a human been and how does it break down the immunity of the human.?
does hiv infected people get spots on their face as symptoms?
does people with hiv have a low fever?
If I have a pinched nerve, what can I do about it?
My son busted his lip Monday, how do i know if its infected?
I need back surgery asap but...?
has anybody heard of a wound dressing called surgifix?
I just sprained my wrist, but my fingers feel numb and tingelly. Is that normal?
Doctor said I have tedonitis on my left shoulder, other than orthopaedic what specialist can I go to ?
If a flu shot leaves a large bruise on the arm, was it given improperly?
health benefits/risks between espresso and drip coffee?
how to keep figure?
What is your favourite footwear now.?
what is the most powerful poison ever made?
What type poison is in the plant called Oleander, is it hazardous to humans?
I wish and plan to serve as a toilet slave to a lady who will use my mouth as her personal toilet.Is it safe?
is there any way of removing blackheads permanently apart from having a bath regularly?
How do you change a hospital bed with a patient in it?
If you are on a diet, how many hours before going to bed should you eat your last meal?
Is there any over-the -counter diet pills that honestly work?
Im 13 years old and i excersize Mon. - Fri. I eatfruit and veggies and no soda. but im 120 pound. normal? help
i sthere any over the counter mesicin which realy work for cellulite?
Can Vitamins make me fat if I'm not dieting and exercizing when taking them?
should I drink kool aid again because it came out of my nose?
Hey tell me if Im a good weight 129 lbs 5 foot 2 inches 19 years old size 7?
How can I avoid smelling like garlic other than not eating it?
weightloss on atkins?
what are the different diseases of the pulmonary circulation?
my ears feel plugged uplike when I fly, and noises have a weird electronic feedback sound. What is it?
I have to go for my ear surgr. my friends say it's danerous I m scared what to do?
why does my palm itch?
Knowledge is power. How does someone benefit from knowing his or her HIV status? Why?
Why do people who are treated with antibiotics for virus infections seem to get well sooner?
Does anyone know who first isolated the cold causing rhinovirus?
are you considered disable when suffering with hemoglobin sickle cell disease?
How do mosquitos get malaria in the first place?
I had an abscess removed that had the MRSA in it. Can this come back?
Does an angiogram hurt?
allergic reaction?
high blood pressure?
My mother is getting a catscan. Should I allow this or should I stop the cat before it turns into a hiss-y?
is there a non surgery cure for disc herniation?
what is it when you are lying down and all of a sudden your foot starts to cramp and sort of squeeze together?
Why do people focus on smoking as cancerous when there are so many other things out there worse???
once infected by the bubonic plague, how long did the average person survive for?
Can u keep missing your period if you are anemic?
How do i become healthy becuz i am only 54 kgs in 20 years.?
I would like a picture of the sciatic nerve paths?
what are the side-effects of the hormone steroids, dhea and/or pregnonolone?-disadvantages only please...?
What is a liver abscess?
Any known correlation hypothrydism and epilepsy?
hi can someone help me find out why whats going on with me?
what is alkaline food?
My name is Aadil Ghaffar.I am a student of Pharmacy .?
Acupuncturist or Chiropractor? what is your preference?
I have a chiropractor question......?
What are some ways to lower your chlorestrol level?
Hepatitis C?
What are the symptoms of piles?
do nictoine patches really work???
Did you know?
hiper ative child?
How do i know if i am stressed??????
Does anyone know about the P.A.C.E. program by Dr. Mercola?
a few days ago i had 42 heart bpm today i have over 60 bpm...so?!?
what is Good heart rate and how can I Check it?
Hoodia and Hypertension?
My question is about pulmonary arterial hypertension. Is it possible to have severe PAH with exercise,?
Is this normal when you get a TB shot?
is black mold a reason to condem a building?
Can only one lobe of the lung collapse and not both? How?
what pills do i need or what ever to pass a drug test next week if i only smoked evey 2 weeks for a month?
e-zes way to stop smoking?
Is it possible to have one of your feet be bigger than the other?
can a doctor legally hold onto your medical records if he claims you owe him money?
How can I help a 92 years old lady, who has dementia, and she believes that she can do everything?
Too much caffeine able to cause horrible itching?
Definition of physiotherapy?
renal colic,its causes and treatment?
how much of water we can take everyday?
Chronic anxiety is the worst pain for humans, do you agree?
Do you have any advice that would help me cope with the arrival of spring? read the details please?
My son had a tonsillectomy 11 days ago. What can he start eating now other than the soft foods?
do turds get dizzy when you flush the toilet ?
Is it possible for your tonsils to grow back?
What are the dumbest so-called cold remedies you've ever heard?
How does Goji Juice compare to Pomegranate Juice?
I broke my arm-do they ever really heal right? I have therapy on it once a week.?
should I be worried?
I think I have whiplash?
My husband burned his leg on the radiator what are some signs it's infected and what can he do to heal it?
Question about Baker's cyst?
What would cause someones legs to ache painfully making it very difficult to walk?
I want to lose 20 pound?
can anyone tell me the name of a steroid used to treat inflammation?
what are the risks in safe storage of medicines?
Tell me something about 4life products?
Allergies HELP?
Can you have an allergic reaction to leaches?
how do you stop the hiccups?
Is it true that if you didn't blink when you sneezed, your eyes would pop out?
is it true that coffee contained antioxidant properties?
i know some people who put bleach in there bath water when they are taking a bath.?
i hurt my hand what should i do?
I took vicodin for jaw pain and some tooth pain and I can't eat yet (just got a crown)?
What causes Hiccups?
hmo ppo epo health plans how can i compare ? which one is good for me?how can i know to select for me?
Appendix issue?
Muscle pain from surgery or capsulites still or something else?
Can someone tell me what is this symptom?
Should I be concerned with abdominal pain?
hurt back from a fall in dec 2006?
what is this noise i hear when someone i know is sleeping?
What can you tell me about bypass machines in the medical field and how they work?
Football is plyed as number one game in which country !?
severe heartburn lasting 5 days?
What is the different between trans fat and fat?
Where can you find your child's height and weight percentile chart?
I need opinions and answers from people who are on the insulin pump!!!?
what are the symtoms of late stage kidney failure?
Is it true that if you sleep with the window open you get sick more often?
what is remicade??? some disease?
How is the social life of a person who has tourette syndrome?
What causes urinal infection or are leakage???
How many people are in the litigation against Zyprexa?
My Mom is taking a medication called Remicade for Rheumatoid/Soriatic Arthritus.?
does anyone know how to eat/ drink with strep thraot?
Ecoli FROM taco bell?
Can you contract Hepatitis A from eating at a potluck.....?
Have epidural lipomatosis. Should I fear the worst?
I am looking for the effects of smoking on lab work and how long smoking effects lab work after someone quits?
what celebrities have asthma?
how can we reduce the eye sight number?
Eye pains due to new classes?
Lazy Eye and Astigmatism?
what make tuberculosis worse?
Please help - Son with cough after bronchitis?
can you tell me about mucinex?
what external part of the eye prevents dust or sweat from going inside the eyes?
I am experiencing alot of eye pain after taking off contact lens, no redness, watery?
When I watch movies in 3D it gives me a headache and the movies gets blurry during camera movement why?
Is my contact-lense power correct?
Do you think more people are seeking natural remedies because these days doctors don't seem to care?
Looking for Dr.s covered under Bluesheild Ins. In Phx. Ariz.?
I have 2 back- hernias ( 5 mm and 8 mm). What to do - to be able to live normal life?
Where can I volunteer for paid testing trials (ie. Human testing centres etc..)?
are the human nostrils similar to breasts in the fact that one is always bigger than the other?
how much the world population grows in each second?
Is there a term for a kind of food that burns more calories digesting it than the actual calories the food ha?
Is my friend turning Anorexic?
Is there anything physically addictive that's actually good for you?
Steroid question?
whoa do i get six pack in 4 weeks?
Counting Calories or Counting Fat Grams?
best weight lose pills?
Hay fever symptoms?
What's the name of the allergy medication...?
What am I allergic to?
Why does this happen?
I have been having an allergic reaction, and want to have it tested. Is there a needleless test?
What happens to the body as the liver begins to fail?
my dad has prostate cancer he says he has some bullet type thing in his arm that lasts long what is this?
Lump in 6yr old son neck?
how is lung surgery done?
How can I avoid catching a staph. infection from someone I am caring for who has it?
during swelling of the testis,what anti inflamatory do you give?
what are the 18 identifiable points of pain symptomatic of fibromyalgia?
how do I being the process to dicover If I have allergies that could contibute to unending fatigue?
i have ms can my kids get it?
What should I do, what are my options?
pain in neck down right arm and numb fingers. MRI said mild disc bulge 2 places Mild spondylosis whatsthismean
Doctors say there is no cure, but is there anyone who has a successful treatment for interstitial cystitis?
Drunk Pee...need answers?
what are some possible causes of adolescent snoring?
sinceone month please tell whats that and whai have dizziness t can i do???
i have pain under my right breast that feels like a pulled muscle that comes and goes. I can see it buldging?
What is Music Therapy, and what is it used for?
What makes the back right side of your head ache?
I have been having problems with my knee's?
My ear hurts :(?
Causes of foot pain ???
can i change my facial expressions,body language,laziness?
is good to sleep in then noon or afternoon?
Where cand i find graphs in the progression of neurological physical therapy?
how many teens a year get raped?
how many times per day a normal person go to toilet for the heavy one?
I have been diagnosed with psoriasis on my stomach. Nothing the dermatoligist is trying is working! Advice?
How many milligrams of neomycin are in 250ml of a 1% neomycin solution?
My sister was told that the xray showed a nodule on her lung, what are the possibilities?
Does it help to run a vaporizer w/ vaporizer med when you sleep if you have COPD?
whats the difference between ipf and pf>?
Does singulair help slow your heart rate ?
What are the places affected by SARS?
Question for people who have wpw????
What is a coronary event and or what is a coronary viral infection?
my heart always jumps faster than normal guys !?
medical studies?
Mitral Valve Prolaspe??
I recently had hydrascan of my gallbladder they said my gallbladder is performing 33%.?
Is eating cabbage and fish incompatible?
Why does my toe hurt?
I crack my knuckles and back about every five minutes. PLEASE HELP ME!?
Smoking issue ====={?
Wouldnt you like it if they came up with differnt hair styles for avatars?
some babies are born with a lung disease, what is it called?
how do you get used to biofocials?
Longest you ever slept at one time?
How much pacreatic pancrelipase is necessary to ingest with a meal contaning 3 kg of saturated fat?
Why does my grandmother's bathroom smell like cheap bologna?
What causes Central Serous Retinopathy?
My left eye been red for a month and went to Eye Dr and he said iit was allergy, but still red What could it?
Is there anyone out there allergic to beef like me? If so how do you manage?
Does anyone know why diabetics have a sensation of shaking or trembling inside, other than low blood sugar?
I have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetis?
What is incident diabetes and what is prevalent diabetes?
Is there a home test for diabetes?
need to know the proper serving of food per oz that a diabetic suppose to have per day? snack portion in oz?
i am looking for an oncologist that specializes in thyroid cancers and endocrinologists, can anyone help?
What causes almost as many cancer deaths as tobacco?
I have a pain and tenderness under my arm that appears during ovulation and goes away after my period starts.?
Can simple bloodwork, a CBC, detect a disease like cancer......?
how do I get rid of acne vulgaris?
My wife has suffered for years with what I now believe could be "Lyme disease". Any suggestions?
Is there any harm-other than long term exposure-to not wearning a coat in the winter cold?
How serious is a heart murmur?
Where can I get a listing of gay doctors in New Jersey?
I Have a Wierd Twitch In My LEG!!?
What does dingle-berry mean?
Why are my feet cold all the time no matter what I do?
Can you recommend a good multivitamin?
What is the life expectancy when 1 has ALS disease?
How do a person knows that he/she have HIV?
my daughter 6 months terrible gas 4 a 4.could it b something else or serious?
Is Alzheimers genetic?
I don't seem to be able to sweat...instead my face turns red and the heat bothers my stomach....?
disease that is bad for baby's communitated by cats?
does acid reflux in the throat ever heal or go away?
How to prevent from using eyeglasses?
What causes a "stiff neck?" (and shoulders) and what is the best cure for it?
some middle school students in Cae Elizabeth know the technique to fall unconscious. What is it?
My dog's stomache is acting up, and it has not done this in the past. Any suggestions?
My boyfriend injured his back weight lifting, actually perhaps a pulled muscle?
do accent changes cause any sort of vocal disorders?
Has anyone ordered prescription pain medication(Lortab/hydrocodone) on-line without a prescription?
sharp pain in neck?
lower back pains?
what is the best way to get rid of a charlie horse?
bad gas pains?
I have bronchit cough in my lung, but in good condition, doctors told me to surgery, Can I treat by myself?
is my heart rate to low?
what is "captopril"? for wha desease is it?
Help Me!!!¡¡¡?
how does a hernia arise? restrict what physical activities?
idk ???????????
Skin and HIV?
How long after acute hiv enter the body will antibody be detected?
std testing question?
My former boyfriend told me he has HPV. What are my chances of having it?How do I go and get checked for it?
is a blood test the only way to find out if u have herpise a part from out breaks?
What harm can invisible bacteria do to your body?
Dialysis centers outside of the USA?
what does ogastro do?
Types of ulcers and granulomas?
I am looking for a very easy to follow book about respiratory ventilators; any suggestions?
How do I get rid of BAD post-nasal drip?
is over-sweating is a symptom of desease?
On House MD, a girl has holes punched in her lungs?
Could a sinus infection spread to your lungs?
can you have black colored eyes?
i have a friend that always have stress how can i help him?!?
What is the function of a gaul bladder?
what are the benefits of yoga?
how much do you must walk daily to be in a good health condition?
What kinds of health care does Kenya offer?
4 Yr old chilld has busted blood vessel in her eye??
eye talk double eyelid glue?
My son, 12 years age, has vision difficulty in one eye and he is less matured. What can be the cause?
Is it advisable to wear contact lenses during winter?
Eyes really puffy blurry and yuck!?
mono!!!!!! help me u guys....?
What are your views on the growing poverty in some parts of india which are causing diseases?
I need a picture of a beautiful male face? Please, if you have ...help me!?
what is hypocromia?
can anyone tell me anything to do with how they take caffeine outa tea???
i scratch my body shortly after taking a shower which makes me loose appetite.what might be the problem?
why are hives connected to emotions?
Been wondering which air purifier is best for under £50 any answers?Do they really work?
oh no!!!!!?
Atrioventricular valves are held closed by...?
I have anger Management problems What can I do to help that with out seeing other people because I hate that?
Any new info on defective cartilage in the knee? Can it heal on its own?
2nd opinion, ALS?
Does anyone else here have Aspergers Syndrome?
very important question?
adults diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis?
Please Help: How come this doesnt hurt?
I pulled a tendon, what should i do?
How Much Does it cost for the Phenolization Surgery of an ingrown toenail?
how to break my arm?
What Do I Do with A Bruised Toe?
I punctured my finger on my Meyer lemon tree thorn, now my knuckles are swollen and stiff. Has this happened ?
I know i should have asked the veterinarian about my dogs right?
What are 4 Characteristics of Cancer?
What is 'cancer without disease'?
side effects of radiation pills?
Is it possible that when we work beyond unbearable pain without proper nutrition and communication that we get
Anyone in here, that would like to quit smoking?? visit this site www.whyquit.com?
Is it harmful if I take Excedrin PM?
Panic attacks and cures?
Does anyone know the natural remady to treat Adult ADD?
my weight is 50 kgs and i am fat around the hips and my belly is protruding.how can i resolve this ?
If you were starving to death, would eating your own hand save your life?
What is the number one eaten vegetable in the united states?
how to reduce abdominal fat?
does anyone know a god way to put on weight. I am 5ft7 and weigh 107 pounds i eat like a horse but can not g
How many calories are in Nestle Chocolate Carmel-Filled easter eggs?
i have flab around my waist ,how can i get rid of it , i am in shape also , just got the spare tire?
i need help on geting a cpm machine iam geting a knee replacement?
What should I do during the course of a migraine attack in order to relieve the severe pain?
If you were the one in pain would you choose euthanasia and why?
MY JAW hurts help!?
Sore/Inflammed Throat?
Identify the various forms of communication that exist in the acute care hospital?
Why is it that when we have stomach problems, the doctor usually advises against fried and oily food?
why do we itch?why do we get relief after itching?
how long after exposure to tb would a skin test be accurate?
I need a list of over the counter medicines not to be taken if positive for hepititis c. Please help?
what majors can one take to stop the spread of HIV?
How do I stop this bad habit?
I wanna be more outgoing and like not scared anymore! How can I feel myself without being scared at all?
Why are girls obsessed with being skinny?
What is a "beta-blocker"?
I just got punched in the eye. Is there anything to worry about?
What's worse - giving birth or passing a kidney stone?
Do you wear a windbreaker when you break wind?
why when you sneeze do your eyes close automatically?
Why is it that vitamins seem to give me headaches? Could I be allergic to something in them?
How do you know if your child has pink eye?
My insurance doesn't cover Clarinex-D 24 hour. Where can I buy it at a reasonable cost?
I keep on having dry coughs and a tickly sore throat...?
how do i cure a runny nose post nasel drip?
What does it feel like to have a seizure caused by epilepsy?
I am taking the proper dose of Synthroid, but at times, my heart races.?
what foods should I avoid if I have gout?
what are benifits of alo vera?
Does any one have the elephant mans disease?(neurofibromatosis)?
whats the best non steriod for very dry skin?
Signs of MRKH?
What are the best Quit Smoking sites that really help you quit?
I had a PH study done for my acid reflux, my reflux PH varied from 0.1 to 2.2, what does this mean?
How much force will it take on someones head to have a concussion?
What is meant by Dietary Approaches to stop hypertension?
if you have pain in your upperchest and troat after you eat and go up stairs or down pain what is it?
heart disease tettadogy?
what is a D.O. regarding medical practioneers?
Should I be concerned about having Premature Ventricular Contractions? I have had it confirmed on an EKG.?
statins and Parkinsons ?
my 3 month old has an ulcer, I need info. plaese help!!!?
Is a swollen tonsil serious?
Does drinking sure-jell to pass a drug test cause bad affects later on, like kidney failure?
strange problem?
Do you know anyone with cancer who didn't experience significant weight loss?
Would anybody be willing to share their views on tanning beds and their connection to causing skin cancer?
What type of cancer is early detection NOT a factor?