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Is it safe to remove skin tags with DIY home surgery?
how do u make hiccups go away?>?
Ive only been going out with my boyfriend for 6 months and my b-day is Friday?
Can you get tendenitis of the Spine?
What are the best ways to handle mono?
thyroid problem?
We have a bat in our house?
just ate a cheeseburger that was really pink inside?
are humans the only ones with stem cells?
application of electric current to the heart to alter a disturbance in rhythm?
When taking statins (cholesterol reducer), how often should you get your blood tested?
Pls help.................?
Accutane treatment?
what is a zit? Is it dangerous? How one can get rid of it?
My hands sweat, I cant control it, i need help!?
i tried proactive and it dont work????
What is your reaction to fast foods that are carcinogenic? Is there no way to avoid eating poisons?
swollen lymph node in her groin area?
Skin cancer- how long does a biopsy result take to come back?
Can you have an extra bone in your spinal cord?
wat is it?
-Am i fat??-?
how can i know that a girl is virgen?
How do you get rid of a dry cough?
A place to get a shoe insert that is the mold of my foot.?
WHAT IS proton pump inhibitor therapy?
How do you get more flexible?
I want to maintain my bodyweight without too much exercise. what's the most effective way, in terms of dieting
how much metamucil should you take to increase soluable fiber and are there any adverse affects?
What are some cooling foodstuffs and herbs?
is it true that drinking a lot of water helps a person to loose weight?
Does water with Crystal Light added count as one of your eight glasses a day?
Do i need to increase physical fitness before working on strength training?
If you was a 14years old girl and you ate a normal 100g cadbury dairy milk bar everyday 4 a year...?
How much/whats the most amount of weight have you lost in 1 month?
Is a lumbar punturne painful - I may have meningitis and may require one?
If I already had Hepatitis A as a child, would it be a must to get a vaccin shot for it before travelling?
can mold in your home cause staph, boils, or cysts?
Yellow Fever?
Depression while sick with the flu?
Is cold water or anything cold bad for sore throats?
When you eat, does your body temperature go up or go down? Why?
how many inches is five feet and two inches?
What is the best treatment of psoriasis?
What causes joint and limb pain before waking up in the morning?
Nose Bleeds?
what can cause ruptured blood vesicle in the eye?
Is it true that if you have a broken leg or ankle, exercise for the good leg helps the injured leg to heal?
if someone fell down, and hurt his head(blood all over),how should i stop the bleeding?
How do doctors reattach nerves?
is it possible to have an allergic reaction to something four weeks after the fact..?
Why do i feel like i need to sneeze when i lay in bed?
What are the signs of renal failure in diabetics?
Diabetic Retinapathy?
Which diabetes supply companies (mail order) are based on the east coast?
can fibromyalgia make diabetes worse?
Can anyone recommend a great book for preparing food for diabetics?
what is the difference between cocaine and heroine?
What is a lobotomy?
what type of cancer con you get if using the pink packets of sacarine or other sacarine products?
how can i cure my bulimia? and insomia?
I wanna get a bikini waxing at a salon. What is best to wear and how much does it usually cost?
my baby was born 10 pounds 7 ounces she is now 15 pounds at two months old is she over weight and what should?
What should you use after getting sunburned?
how do u get a friend to not be friends with u anymore?
what do i need to do to stop my armpits from watering?
anatomy help?
Info on Cardio Myalgia?
if you get your legs amputed because of peripheral vascular disease? do you not have the disease anymore?
What is VSD?
what is more common? Chlamydia or Gonorrhea?
Hpv and no warts at all! i only had an abnormal pap...?
what president had/has syphilis?
What works best for black people trying to get rid of blemishes and scars from acne.?
how can my face become whight?
how do I eliminate athlete foot fungus in leather shoes?
How do i get rid of a sevre rash all over my body?
How do you get rid of old scars?
how can i get rid of these?
How can treated my MUCUS , PHLEGM ?
Doctors,med students,anyone who might kno about this!?
what is pseudohypoaldosteronism?
Does Fybromyalgia effect the brain?
What type of drug use requires q-tips?
how long does recovery of a broken back take when no paralysis is sustained?
What are the natural methods to control seasonal allergies?
what is a sure-fire way to get some sleep for insomniacs?
I am 14 and every single one of my joints are bad?
is it true that you mustn't swim on a full stomach (say within two hours after eating a full meal)?
I find it hard to swallow sometimes, then i get all nervous can it be from the anxiety?
has anyone tried laser treatment to quit smoking if so how much did it cost and how well does it work?
Name foods rich in copper.?
I Need Some Info?
has anyone used a fleet enema? How fast are they? Do they work? Do they cause an urge?
I have a prescription for percocet, what do the complete dosage numbers mean?5-325MG?
What do u know about cryology?
if a teenager takes one dose of Ecstasy, does it cause addiction?
What is the technical term for a bong like piece, but you cant bull the stem out, there is a hole on the back?
fixing short sightedness. help!?
Any new cures/treatments available or soon to be available for kerataconosus?
im a new contact lenses user. I can't get one of my lenses in my left eye!?
if someone has rly pretty bright blue eyes and then they get contacts will they still look the same color?
contacts for Stigmatism and Near sited?
HELP! Jalepeno eye syndrome!?
can dying your hair too much get you brain tumor?
can i get brain cancer from talking on my cell...?
is temozolomide good for remeding of oligodendroglioma grade 2?
Does anyone know of an insurance company that will cover patients with pre-existing condition?
Whats the job of RNA?
oral candidiasis?
What is theHTLV-1/2 virus?
how to avoid flu?
what are the 2 main layers of the kidneys?
Had staph in six places. They were drained and antiobitics given. Now i have a cold. Does this increase risk?
If you already have a cold does it matter if you are exposed to someone else who has one?
what is heart valve disease?
How long does a hematoma last after having heart catheterization?
does anyone have experience with pda closures in their kids heart?
What is it in a clot that gives someone a fever?
I recently had open heart surgery... how long does the "bee sting" feeling at the chest incision last?
what is the effect of statins to the heart?
can a pregnant unmarried child be denied coverage under parents health insurance in n.j.?
Why do Mongoloids have longer intestines than Europeans?
can hypnosys help me overcome a serious trauma and forget about it?
I need to lose 25-30 lbs in a month and a half, any suggestions?
I need to lose weight but i havent found a pragram that works HELP!?
Guys, do you have perfect cut pecs?
why do people go on diets people shouldn't be so insecure about htem selves.?
who performs ear stapling in central Texas?
Are you thinking of losing weight 4 the summer?
What is the correct daily amount of calories, carbs, protein & fat if I'm trying to lose 10-15 lbs in 2 weeks?
green tea?
about common warts?
What places, beside your nose can you use pore strips?
HELP...My Neck Is Peeling!!!!?
Has anyone tried using doxycycline?
i am having facial pains behind my right eye and irritation in my right side of face whats the problem?
How do I get rid of a hicki?
This is for a neurology can a chiropractic physician visit cause you to go into a seizure?
when you get bit by a spider how does the wound swell up so much?
Surgery in a few weeks?
i recently dislocated my knee cap and found out that i tore my patella will it ever heel without surgery?
Allergic to my cat!?
Who has had knee surgery?
Why did the Doctor advised me to take Daflon tablets?
We just got a little kitten from the pound and he is coughing and runny nose.He is eating and playing a little
Does pain have the ability to kill?
I have chronic bronchitis and I work in the food industry...should I call in sick? I start meds today...?
i have cough since april06 ,in oct i hav chest congeston and gone for nabulization,now taking derifil?
what is the best way to let loose anger?
is it ok to take mucinex and nasonex together?
what is child mortality?
my fiance has ringworms?
girls what do you think about guys shaving there legs?
is there any way's to cure scar?
tanning in a salon a few questions?
Is "bicarbonate of soda" good for a person on hemodialysis?
Where can I find decent but not expensive unique plus size clotheing?
i can concentrate in school and i don't remember things well what do i do?
what astringent or anything you use or apply to clean ur face?
I'm sick.. can't breathe, smell, taste or hear, my eye sockets are throbbing..any suggestions?
Under HIPAA what will happen to an employee who fails to follow the privacy policy?
Recovery from Rheumatoid Arthritis?
what are the sypmtoms of Nile virus from a mosquito bite?
I live where there is west nile so what way is there to prevent bites?
is parboiled ( or converted ) rice healthy for a diabetic patient?
is anyone prediabetic? i am gaining weight..how can i keep it off in addition to my medicine glucophage?
local application of insuline to diabetic foot ulcers?
Could algae be produced from a child peeing in the pool?
How long does the medication of klonopin (generic is clonazepam) stay in your system?
Are there any treatments for cigarette burns in the skin? (teenager rebellion)?
what makes blood pressure go up and down all day?
Ear infection/Fluid Blockage.?
What causes diarrhea?
how to live with back pains?
How can I quickly get rid of a cold sore?
Cardiovascular surgeons at Presgyterian Hospital in Dallas, TX?
I take lisinopril 40 mg high blood pressure medication for 10 years and my face is getting darker & darker?
Are these a Blocked Artery symptom?
Any cardiologists out there?
Does any one know what to do about Rosacea?
What can I do about my Accutane Dryness?
I have a brown stain on my upper lip?
Why do I have dark baggy circles under my eyes? How do I get rid of them?
is there a way to take a test and see if you have a cancer gene?
Will sacchrin really give me cancer???
basil cell carcinoma?
Has everyone heard of HPV?
if u take a low doseage of chemo.......what is the side effects for humans?
what is causing my lower left quadrant pain?Defacogram=neg.colonoscopy=normal.c… hyst.'00pertoneal cysts
How long after exposure to meningitis do symptoms start showing?
What to do after a deep knife wound on finger as heading over to emergency room?
what is the history of encephalitis?
Why do people say "your fever broke" or "your fever's gonna break". Broke...break...is it medical, technical??
does any one know much about ross river fever?
is ther any way to get rid of swimmers ear without seeing a doctor?
I need info re xanax abuse in teenagers?
magnet therapy for arthritis - does it help?
Why does the lipstick case slips when applying lipstick?
How much should you tip your: 1. Hairdresser, 2. pedicurist, 3. waxer (bikini)?
How do I make my 17 month olds hair grow faster?
Is it unhealthy to drink if you are really skinny?
what is the best way to preserve personal hygiene?
What are some byproducts that vegens should stay away from?
Is anyone else out there upset when you go to the doctor and their nurse practicioner sees you or P.A.?
How long does it take for metabolism to adjust to a chnage in diet?
Can you take asprin with prozac to treat a headache?
Why have R.N.s when you can hire cheaper L.P.N.s?
What are some snacks you can have while on the Atkins diet? Not any of that Atkins brand stuff, other stuff.?
Did anyone hear about the OSIM® uZap™ Oscillating Massage Belt ? Does it help you lose weight in the stomach?
ok..this might sound funny..but how many situps do u do for you tog et that nice abs of yours?
gotta put weight!!?
do nose bleeds occur during a S.I.D.S death?
Why do people produce cigarettes?
where and when does pollen exist?
Is there uric acid in eggplant?
I have burning sensation on my face, mostly on one side. what it can be?
please tell me?
Does anyone know why I sneeze when I eat cinnamon and raisin biscuits?
Can you give me some herbal medicine that can repair nerve damage..?
My mothers nose has turned bluish/purple only medical info found refers to Loopis. Anybody have an idea?
mother age 57 yrs, osteoporisis setting in spine,heart patient, low blood pressure, suggest medicine/vitamins?
Why do feet only smell after a wash?
what is chikungunya fever and its prevention/cure.?
How to get best memory , photogenic memory?
I've been continually sick over the past month, could it be caused by the sun?
Crones Disease?
How can I heal my vocal damage caused by acid reflux?
I overtrained. Now my achilles tendon hurts when I exercise. I t's been this way for months. What can I do?
friend with 2 broken heels?
what are the possible nursing diagnoses for a fractured nose?
what does the word vastus, translate into english ?
I can't sleep at night HELP PLEASE?
what is pulmonary deasese?
Has Anyone Had a Lung Transplant Surgery??
What is the best brand of acne scrub that i can buy from Walgreens or Wal-Mart?
Question about skin lightening?
should you tan while you have staph infection?
I have been using Proactiv for 3 weeks. My skin is considerably worse than when I started! Any advice?
How can I reduce redness?
how do i get rid of ARM ACNE???
Does any one else take a beta-blocker like atenolol?
Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome in 9mo Infant and heart Ablation as a solution.?
will I ever be able to stop taking a beta blocker?
How much is open heart for a baby,?
How do I find the credentials of a doctor?
My doc is testing me for diabetes with Hemoblobin A1C test. I have autoimmune problems too...?
am i at risk for diabtes if my RBS is 138 mg/dL? age 32, strong family history of diabetes.?
name latest effective medicines availble against diabetes.?
Any word on this year's flu season?
What is the best way to sanitize a toilet?
get a flu shot........not the nasal mist........its horrible?
I have slimy yelowish discharge coming from me everyday, what does it mean? Am I sick, is it bad?
Would it be better to have a national health care plan for everyone, or just let uninsured die?
Does basketball makes you taller?
why do mosqito bites itch?
What do you do when you have a itchy ear (hole?)....?
It's REALLY hot in much of the country (U.S.)?
How do I get rid of my juicy boil?
Had my Toenail removed (ingrown) its been 4 days it hurts is this normal?
can you buy products by dermatologic formula in denmark?
which is best martial art to learn?
What's the best way to get over a chronic cough?
I have a boil on my gums near a broken tooth, Is it an Abscess?
Should my psychotherapist be male or female? I'm female, but my best friends are men. Diagnosis: depression
when does the weight gain usually start with the Depo inj?
Why do people with cancer crave foods high in protien?
I am looking for information on a swallowing dysfunction by the name of mrocnorcese?
Does aluminum chlorohydrate use in roll on deodorant causes breast cancer?
what causes breast cancer incidence to increase or decrease?
Would a normal blood and urine test pick up testicular cancer?
every1 amaze ur eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Glasses make my eyes look smaller, How Can I Avoid this when picking new glasses?
what does 30/20 vision mean?
welli got bleach in my eye?
What are your favorite's?
What do you think about Blue Hair?
What is the immediate effect of the first drug use?
How can I get as happy as possible ?
What's the difference between a hangover and alcohol poisoning?
have you experienced this?
Can you still get a tan using sunscreens and sublocks?
Are women with hairy lips gross?
one of my fingernails has turned black after having the door slammed on it?
is there anyone out there with fibromyalgia?
Anyone knows of a good low Cholesterol diet?
Adult ADD: What are the best websites, tips,books- organizations,?
what is CFS?
do i have a lot to worry about when my grandmother (65 years old) has Bell Palsy?
what is psoriasis and can it be cured?
i just have one more question please...t bone..?.?
Over productive sweat glands?
can anyone tell me how to get very dark spots off my face?
can men get yeast infections and how does he get rid of it?
my father suffering from bi lateral hemi parkisnons desease, Can anybody give me suggestion about his medicin?
is alternative medicine the answer for diseases allopathy cant cure???
what is this?
Do i have allergies?
I got bleeding from nose.Nose was dry and could see the dried blood with the white jelly coming out from nose?
what happens when heart gets bigger?
I usually have a little high blood pressure, but today it was 174/112 what should I do?
Cardiac Asthma...?
Husbands Heart condition?
How many miles does the average person walk in a whole day?
how to loose weight fast in 3 weeks?
What is the average weight for a 14 year old girl who is 5'6''?
Please help me gain 15 pounds of solid muscle (I now weigh 143 @5'10") by telling me proper diet and exer's?
What's a good workout plan to really get your muscles toned?
Alright trying to get alil muscle in the abs in about 2 weeks. Any ideas? need alil showing nothing much.?
How do I stop vegging out?
Diet ideas and tips.?
i have a carbon monoxide but it is old i was wondering how to read the readings it's in zero?
i am 55 and i have had throat cancer.now i have acute bronchitis?
Which Couging Medicine is BEtter?
How do you reverse respiratory depression?
What is phone number of "Willammetta Valley " Nutritional Products, Portland, Or?
I just went to a local clinic and was told I have high blood pressure, besides medicine what other ways can I?
what dose a ascending colon do ?
A fall, a knot on my knee, professionals only please?
Slow healing medial collateral ligament...please help!!?
For a suspected fracture, is the R.I.C.E method applicable? If yes, pls explain how does "Compression" help?
What are some things that i can do to help with shin splints? Love to run, but they just kill me afterwards.?
can penicillin make you go crazy?
How long does the common cold last more or less?
HOW to NOT catch a cold/ flu/ illness??
Would gargling h202 have any effect on strep microbe action?
Why does an artery have thicker walls?
male 40, ended HCV tx treatment. is it ok to take vitamins of any kind?
how do you get read of razor burn in 10 minutes?
Corrective Lens? Is it worth it? Anyone knows?
why muslims does curcumcission? do u know the reason?
My newborn baby might be allergic to johnson and johnson baby oil. what are the alternatives?
How can I remove a song that is "stuck" in my head?
I have been clean for five yrs from Meth.?
best hospitals in cleveland ohio area?
What is the best moisturizer for your dry skin on your face?
can a yeast infection cause itching?
What does it mean when you have white lines on your fingernails?
What is the most effective way to get rid of planters warts on your feet?
question about my skin.....?
I have been using Certain Dri and i am wondering if the ingrediant aluminum chloride could make me ill?
Is there a way to remove skin tags at home safely?
How to start funding for dichloroacetate testing in humans.?
Are black moles dangerous?
how can i stop sweaty hands?
how do i avoid cramps and headachs?
best medicine for gas?
what causes dripping nose in elderly people?
how do you get rid of hiccups?
Do you need to have a regular eye check-up even if you don't have vision problems?
what is the good medication or mintenace for heart problem?
Is intense pain in the jaw line really a warning sign of heart attack?
Is chronic bronchitis a deadly disease? does it ave a sympton of vomiting blood? how is it cured?how much cost
I have polyneuropathy in my feet and now it's beginning in my hands.?
about eye disease?
Does anybody know what smells indicate you are having aseizure?
Weight Loss ......... WHY MY WEIGHT IS LOOSING ?
Will i inherit my fathers rheumatoid arthritis?
Strange sensation; pain in shoulder, temporarily unable to move arm?
what is the effect of estrogen on plasma nitrite in diabetic female?
will a afternoon nap for an hour cause your blood sugar to rise to 160mg/dl ?
What is my risk of developing Diabetes?
can you solve the riddle?
HPV versus Herpes?
Abdominal pain and STD?
my three year old daughter has a gray hair does anyone one have any knowledge of what may cause this?
what do you mean by "baby boomers?"?
Does anyone know of any good treatments for psoriasis???
do you think my husband will be able to go on vacation in the summer since he had heart surgery mar 10?
What is in the chicken pox vaccination?
Been In Bed With The Flu For Four Days Now Exercizing Shouldnt I Be Better After Several Days Of Walking?
Can we catch bad diseases from eating something cats have put their mouths on?
What are the cheaper & effective ways to kill the bed-bugs & how to avoid them make home in your mattress?
people has been sayin' that gerard way is hiv positive where has this information come from?
what is priviledge communication and breach of confidentiality?
Can people have chronic mono their entire lives?
Do You Get A Lot of Sore Throats?
What are the odds of getting appendicitis?
How can i get rid off nashing my teeth while sleeping?
get rid of a cough?
medical: my daughter suddenly has bad breath, has unpredictable belches, and belly ache, what could it be?
can deaf people hear nicely and clearly through cochlear?
What does this mean?
Does anyone know any other alternative to sleep apnea other than that awful mask?
Asthma suffers,,,,, still wheezing after taking prednisone....why??
Help!! How can i get rid of my warts on my fingers???
Do my kids have pneumonia?
getting rid of cuts?
How many of you have quit smoking? Any tips?
Cold or flu?
what is the best place to live in arizona for people with asthma?
Can Acid Reflux disease cause sinusitis?
does the pill codeine make you itchy?
I have got thick hair growing on my palms--what is that from??
Does anyone know why my skin is so itchy. Ive never been allergic tp anything. Just my chins and left ear.?
I have such weird proportions . . . . is this right?!? help!?
Why are people not worried about sodium in your diet than calories?
growth hormone?
i lost 5kg in 12 days. is that healthy? btw i REALLY watch wht i eat & i do cardio 30 mins everyday?
i had diarrhea all night and stomach pain.how can i treat it?
Ever had dermabrasion?
What is the symptoms of a bladder infection?
How long does it take for a scratched cornea to completely heal?
if i am covered by v a medical,do i need part b of medicare?
Pain In the...Back?
Cyst in my leg. What do i do?
how do I know if my daughter's arch is really hurt?
I have a black and blue eye today which is real bruised what can I do for it ?
When should I go to a doctor for a sprained ankle?
How can I enhance the tone of my voice?
Pain in left foot on the bottom between big toe and toe beside it and big toe is stiff feels like its jammed.?
Have you ever sprained your ankle before?
What are your workout restrictions if you have an inguinal hernia?
Does ice have germs?
Anyone here been diagnosed with a serious anxiety disorder?
is there any other medicine besides steroids that can help with sarcoidosis?
birthdeffects normal looking except for the abscence of arms but do have hands?
What is GPS virus?
Is munching on fresh garlic really cures hypertension?
Ok has anyone had any success with EDTA Oral chelation therapy?
any cure for "ALS","MND"?
Alternative to bypass surgery?
which one lost more calories, run fast or jogging slowly?
I am retaining water what can I use to reduce the amount of water in my body?
I read that Ginko Biloba is good to improve memory, has anyone had any experience with this?
I hate my job! It's killing me! I'm on prozac, but still depressed. I can't quit, I have a family to support.
are you an early bird, or a night owl?
Does any1 know about a surgery for a visually imaired person?
how long does a person with hepatocellular carcinoma live?
what causes white blood cells to be alleviated?
Who and were could I find a company or person to match the amount of money I make for the cancer foundation?
When u get an eyelash in ur eye and then it goes behind what happens to it? do they build up behind ur eye?
Are there any risks for having a strict VEGAN diet?
Do i have to study to start a clothing line?
how do you get rid of stretch marks?
i have shevering in my left eye and we do not have any treatment in iraq what is the best treat?
What is a symptom of an allergic reaction to tomato?
how can i get rid of my poison ivy? please help me!!?
my 3 year old is having a white gooy formation in his eye ... no pain .. no irritation .. .any home remedies?
What's the name of the medication that can drive the mosquito away?
How to get rid of wrinkles without having a medication?
What's the best way to cure psorasis?
What the heck is up with my facial hair development?!?
why do ankles swell?
how can i find local medical research centers looking for volunteers?
How do I get rid of my really red,dry nose?
how it use?
Can my four and half year old daughter take another course of antibiotic medicine?
Breathing promblems?
My name is Anna and I'm doing a report for school on cystic fibrosis. If anyone has CF, please write back!:-)
What is the resultsof HIV?
what is the results of Blacks and HIV?
How uncommon is it for you to get sick 2 weeks after you get over a cold?
My 2 year old grand daughter has e-coli bacteria infection...Is she in the right hospital?
Taking a dump can cause diseases?
what is cbip in terms of neuro viral infection??
What could have caused my temp. blindness?
What causes nausea?
Is it possible for a 18 year old to not have ever been able to Vomit?
Is Math & the Brain related?
Heart Cath. turned out okay, holter says tachycardia, what's wrong?
what is the best portable blood pressureunit?
Heart Disease?
why can't you normally hear the sounds of Korotkoff in the brachial artery before you inflate the cuff?
Can you help me make this?
are there any natural remedies, alternitive healing for Lupus?
Is there any one in Bundaberg,Queensland,Australia into the internal martial arts who is up for a chat?
why should you not stay up late?
Should I take off the bread while on my Subway diet?
Does anybody have some successful weight loss stories?
Flat Tummy?
Does anyone want to suggest a quick way to drop weight? I have two weeks.?
need to get a unpublished number?? how can I do this??
I am looking for a book or brochure on cleaning your colon by a Dr. Irons.?
Frozen Shoulder ...again. Is it possible that the bicep tendon tear can cause the shoulder to start to freeze?
how can a roach survive nuclear war but cannot survive raid or a foot?
What are the symptoms of scurvy?
How serious is it to have lumps on my legs and on my abdomen.?
Bad heart, diabetes, what can i feed my hubby?
I am a Type 1 diabetic and I'm getting an insulin pump next week...?
What is the FUCTION of these medicines? 1.Tab.ROZAVEL 10mg. 2.TabLOPRIN 75 mg. 3.Tab.MIGNAR 25mg.?
Can you gain weight be over eating? and can it lead to Dibetes?
i recently fractured my left elbow (capitulum). will the elbow get straight?
Is this a hip flexor strain?
Got my appendix taken out 3 months ago!!?
Is it possible to be able to walk (limp) on a broken ankle?
is they any way of speeding up a healing of broken finger?
what is the orange-red spotting in a baby boy's diaper..........the doctor did not know?
which is good for for body slimming and health, social dance or swimming?
need to pass a UA in three days?
If a guy is crossed-eyed, will that be passed on if you have children?
Has anyone ever hear of?
We removed the carpet in my son's room and put down that sticky tile about 5 months ago. It still smells very
Can an ear infection cause allergic rections inside my mouth?
what is in paint other than latex that could cause a reaction?
colon cancer?
how can I identify a skin cancer?
Can Temporal Lobe Basal Cell Carcinoma be found in an eye?
How old are most women when they get breast cancer?
Will breast cancer ever have a cure?
does a high cea test mean you have cancer?
Can a 26 yr old develop Shingles?
acne scars?
Is it okay to do some sun tanning?
♥How to get smooth forehead?
Best way to treat acne?
Home remedies to get rid of a wart..?
how can I get rid of bruises?
If someone is in a coma and they cry when you talk to them, does this mean they are aware and not brain dead?
The difference between Casual attire and semi formal attire?
At what age do you think a kid should be allowed to get contact lenses?
What is the most annoying trait that you have?
Has anyone else suffered from a herniated disk?
Is the ODOR coming out of the SOCKS is a real big issue ?
I heard somewhere that taking fish oil may harm your liver.?
is it true that HIV virus dies when it has contact with air?
How to prevent dandruff and hairfall?
my son has adhd. What do I do?
how do i get rid of my dry cough? (has bit of flam's)?
Do not send me any more answers. sign me out for good?
Can TB meds cure Lung Cancer?
how many seconds it will take between two consequetive breathing and between inspiration and expiration?
If I take daytime tylenol to surpress my cold, will I have my cold longer?
There was a confirmed case of pertussis (whooping cough) at my son's school...?
What is and isn't in control when it comes to preventing heart disease?
what should a kindergarten teacer know (( Medically)).?
Any good books about Vertricular Tachycardia for research?
What is the difference between duplex and Doppler ultrasounds?
What is the difference between and ECHO and and EKG?
I'm 26, and I have chicken pox. What are some of the dangers I face.?
Heres another phlebotomy question What is the best vein to use on an obese patient?
hiv symtoms?
Has anyone heard of Morgellons?
causes of illness?
What is the test for Parkinson's Disease? Or the prelimary signs?
Witch is the best medicine for Crohn disease?
looking for a foot disorder? plantersfacialitis?
What is the difference between "optometry " and " optomoligist " ? Which one shoul treat Glacoma ?
What is a Thyroid Nodule? Pls furnish the medical details esp FNA & what to do after FNA, thanks!?
I have burning, stiffness and lack of normal sensation on my body (more my head face and neck area). Have bad?
How do I get a six pack over the summer?
What is the ideal weight for a 19 yr old female 5"11, medium build?
I am 36 y o housewife, can you suggest a proper diet that worked for you to loose weight?
can you have a good workout without sweating?
Is working out by holding your arms out to the side for6 min and doing 15 diomond pushups evry day good enough
what is the best over the counter belly fat pill?
Does anyone know the best way to lose weight fast and not hurt myself?
I would like to know about the various methods which can be used to detoxify ur body ???
I was given this address:[email protected] to cancel a vitamin that ended up making me sick.I've had no resp
Will drinking green tea before a blood sugar test affect the results?
i have acute acidity..wot do i eat..wot sud my diet....is prune good bad for it?
what parts of the body does pushups work for and tone up?
do you feel itchy when you see insects or pictures of them?
I bruised my rib. It hurts horribly. How long does it take to heal? What can I do for it?
What did I do to my ankle??
Any solutions to reduce swellin of foot quickly?
Is it possible to be on more than one medical insurance?
Allergy? What are these red spots under childs eye?
Anyone familiar with the Q-Ray ionized bracelet and it effectivness?
Is there any shampoo or anything that would make my boyfriend less allergic to my cat?
do i have pink eye?
Can your vision still get worse after laser eye surgery?
Can an albino person with nystagmus have laser eye surgery or LASIK?
staring at computer moniter bad for eyes?
How do I keep eyelashes out of my eyes?
Did anyone else have trouble reading with contacts? versus without them?
I am looking for some essential oils to relieve scarring from a chemical burn?
what impediments exist in integrating alternative medicine into biomedicine?
Does anyone know anything about this XanGo product offered on http://www.prosperyourlife.net ?
how much, on average, do ciropractors make in a year? (Good Ciropractors)?
Are cold sores and fever blisters STDs or are they just a normal viral infection?
is there something rong with me?
Can you build up a tolerance to advair?
chronic sinusitis or nasopharyngeal cancer?
is the lead in second hand smoke enough to cause lead poisoning in children?
Anybody with allergic asthma uses a Nebulizer System?
what would be a pro of getting a lung transplant if you had a serious chronic pulmonary disease?
what is the best medicine of ash ma?
I have been diagnosed with follicular thyroid cancer, how successful are current treatments?
how will i a sieze from a cancerous one?
Do Lipomas generally tend to appear all at once?
basal nodule/lung?what is it and any more info?
How can I check on a doctor for complaints, experience, etc.?
Tobacco: deadly in any form or disguise?
Has anyone heard of experimental treatment for terminal esophageal cancer which has spread to the liver?
how do you know if your a virgin?
myacardial infarction?
i am a 14 yr. male and 5'6 tall. is this height good currently. how much i will reach when fully grown???
Why does it tickle when I itch my foot?
How can you get rid of acne scars on my face??
what is Aspirin?
Does massage therapy have a negative effect on the hands?
If you could bath....?
i am overweight and i tried to make friends but people dont like fat women what should i do?
How many side-effects are there for smoking marujuana?
is there a best time of day to take vitamins?
im lukin for a good researcher in malnutrition that can help me to my thesis pls. be honest!?
Do people with a diagnosis of ADHD overall have more energy than other individuals?
For how many days can a man survive only on water?
Itchy scars?
why do dogs have ticks? And how can the situation be treated properly?
E Coli.. what is going on?
My UTI test detects... MDs welcome?
I have a sudden and intense fear of catching a bacterial infection..such as the flesh eating disease!? help...
Influenza vaccine?
Why does the flu shot give people the flu?
where can I get cheaper testing supplies?
is symmetric neuropathy (numbness in hands and feet) reversible?
A Good project for a graduate student?
initial complaints and long term complications diabetes?
diabetic forums?
What health plan is better, Blue Cross HMO or Blue Cross PPO?
What is the reason of the brain hamarage?
i would like to know of careers in high demand in the US?
I have some brown spots on my face... I guess they're sun spots. Is there away to get rid of them?
If I takIm going to go on this acne medication called acutane which requires blood tests...?
what is the process of aloe vera lotion?
Acne Scares?
Can you add rosehip oil with your moisturizer? I have very dry skin after cleansing. My sister swears by it?
Does anyone have or know someone who has fibromylgia?
Dose of diclofenac in children?
Does anyone know about thyroid problems like graves?
What can stimulate Huntington chorea symptoms?
bowl problems?
how can hypothyroids disease be overcomed through herbals and alternative medicine without taking pills?
What will happen to me if I take (1)2Mg Valium tablet? Also known as Diazepam... Will I sleep easier?
What medications put on weight> I am a diabetic, on insulin, heart pills, diuretics and pain pills.?
Howmuch calories should a 12-13 year old have per day?
ladies and gents??????? help?
which fast food place is the best when on a diet?
where can i buy quinoa products?
What is the fastest way to lose weight?
What happen if happen you eat less than 1,000 calories a day?
what exercise should i do to get speed?
what exercise should i do to get a stronger hit?
does anyone out there have irregular heart beats sometimes having panic attacts?
the doctor told you that you had seven days to live, and you lived life to the full, and then on the sixth day
symptons of irritable bowel syndrome?
is marijuana more dangerous than cigarettes ? or the opposite ?
Worried Questions?
Serizure,Unexpected Bronhospasm,Hard time breathing??
patients asessments?
what is the best thing i can do for a sinus infection,without having to go to the doctor.?
what is the best bed to have when you have sleep apnea?
Coughing Toddler!! HELP!!?
Are there any life-saving techniques for someone having an asthma attack?
How long does it take for penicilin to get rid of syphillis?
Can you get Herpes if you touch someone's saliva and then your lips but don't touch the cold sore?
what causes episodes of hot feet? Get kinda red and feel like 300degrees!!?
What is the stick diagram that doctors use to write down lab results?
about doctor?
Is it better to have a vaccination?
How long will it take for my eyebrow to ggrow back?
What would you do if you lost a limb? For any reason.?
Who is currently the World's heaviest woman?
for guys what is the quickest way to get rid of unwanted body hair?
how do you cope with the pain of constant kidney stones?
can u tell me any good moisturizer for face?
Is obesity and overweight gonna risk you?
Can Lorenzo's Oil help people with MS disease?
What is your best remedy for a nasty, burning sore throat? (Read the comments!)?
how to get rid off wringles or fine lines?
Allopathy, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, or Witchcraft? Which is wiser?
Is this from Provera?
Has anyone out there tried acupuncture for athritis?
my diastolic goes as low as 50.What is the cause.?
Spinal Stenosis, loss of feeling in hands?
I have a fatty liver, is it serious disease ? i am 22 years old !?
A lady at the bank laughed and I noticed her tounge had deep cracks in it, what is that condition called?
Bland foods to eat for a person with inflammatory colon disease?
What Causes a brief episode of cyanosis maybe lasting 20 seconds to a minute with palpitations and tingling ?
during my pregnancy my dr.gave me 3 shots depo provera by mistake to stabilize it.what are effects on the bab?
How do you go about strengthening your Immune System??
what is the average heartbeat of a human being at rest?
Is Cinnamon harmful to the body?
Question about my eyes?
Eye color?
Can you put contacts in eyedrop solution if you don't have any real contact solution?
i have lazy eye?
Eyes....Red spot on the white of my eye?
Contact lenses???
How can i eliminate a sweat problem? i'm embarrased?
Help! Blackhead central!?
Why am I getting sharp pains at the end of my tailbone?
how long does laryngitis last and what can I do to get my voice back?
My daughters docter says she has fibroids on her lower back that need to be surgically removed removed.common?
When is the best time of the day to take vitamins?
what are the best pets?
how long do you live or can have melanoma cancer?
my son has 2years and 3months he didn't thoking yet what am 'I do for him is it normal help me please?
Do all catheters need lubrication?
My daughter had the Roto-virus and about 2months later she got campylobacter. I am worried .?
is tetracycline drug can give intravenously?
Historial impact from tuberculosis?
Can mitral valve prolapse go away?
Sometimes I feel like electricy in my heart,what is this?
do you have high blood pressure if you get a reading of 130/90 What does the numbers mean? Does anyone know?
What is 64-Slice CT Angiography? How is it being perform on a person?
Do you suffer from terrible almost unbearable leg pain?
how come when i test my sugar in my fingers 1 will be higher than the other .2 test at a time 1 is 151 2ND 169
im diabetic and am bored of dull foods what exciting foods is there suitable for diabetics ?
What kind of diet should a diabetic take?
Can someone who has diabetes use splenda?
is love adicting?
why do ppl get a runny nose when they are crying?
What's your opinion on changing allergists?
I feel like I'm hige but some other people tell me I'm not and some others say I am. What do I do to get thin?
What are the best shoes for standing on hard floors for long periods of time?
Does circulation improve at all when a person quits smoking?
Want to slim down without feeling hungry? Have more energy? Look and feel younger?
i 'm trying to find a DI-humidifier?
Why do we snore??
What will cause 104-105 temps.,painful urination & inability to empty bladder completely in a 1&1/2yr. old(VUG
How does carbon monoxide harm us?
how to lose belly fat for a 14 yr old?
I'm training for my first 1/2 marathon. Any tips for me?
what foods can help u gain weight?
Help Please!!!!!!!!?
What happens when I eat a big meal once a day in a week?
dose swimming make you loose weight?
my 5 years old son has no appetite at 4pm he eats two slice of bread one tomato at 7pm a chicolate and water!?
cancer (if a x-ray shows something and a ct scan and die does also whats the chances its cancer?
how many years can a person survive after sufering chondrosarcoma grade 1?
does borax cancerogen?
A family member, 56 yrs female, was diagnosed with Carcinoma left breast in 2001. Underwent mastectomy...(((?
What happens if you eat a lot of food that is high in acidity?
Arm pain???
HELP!!!??? i have crazy chapped, red lips!!!! ???!!!?
Is cystic acne curable?
what is the best way to keep oil from forming on your face?
Have u ever licked a big red wrapping paper and stick it to you head? if u have u know it burns. Why?
Do Tetracyclin capsules help rid acne?
Please help me how do I get Glowing Skin? Laser treatment is beneficial or harmful How it is done pleae help?
i have been on dailysis now for 6 years.they want to remove my kidneys because they are very large?
Tell me what you know about the Thyroid. I have gained weight. I feel tired all the time?
What are some home remedies for Gout?
what r kidney stones?
why feces production stopped in intestine?
What are the signs????
heart disease?
Heart was hurting then drank wine.?
What does smoking pot actually make you feel like?
i am dating a stripper how do i keep my jealous away from her. cause i see her giving guy lap dance al night
how do you get super glue off hands?
Is buying pain meds on line legal?
is tenitus cureable?
What causes muscular twitches?
Can you die if you crack your neck too hard?
different ways of spreading human diseases (viral,bacterial, fungal)-notes?
Are you stockpiling Tamilflu for a possible influenza pandemic? How much? Why?
has anyone heard of corneal ulcers?
can you get a infection in your nose?
What about bird flu?
how to capture avian flu chicken?
What are some chemical effects on the brain that Codeine can cause?
when I clean my ears with a q-tip I somestimes cough. Why does that happen?
Kidney Stones?
i need help to find a place to live and a place to help with my mental health i am in ohio need to stay in oh.
how do i get rid of hang over?
what are the emergency medicinces commonly used in hospitals?
is allergies something that happens at an early age?
I need your help!?!?!?!?!?
How will an allergy medication (Allegra D) affect me if it expired 2 years ago?
August Allergies?
difference between results of blood gases and pulse ox?
pneumonia vaccination can this be given to the patient when they are in athe hospital with pneumonia?
would cleaning the vents in my home help with health issues like congestion? can i do it myself?
How to get rid of constant phlegm?
How can you get poisoned by carbon monoxide?
anyone have any concepts or philosophy on the principles of water?
Does crocodile fat help boost the immune system in HIV patients?
what's a surefire way to get rid of blackheads?
why eyes become red when you get out of deep sleep?
Is this an Oxycotton/Oxycodone? Or could it be Morphine?
how to make a poltice-to draw out ainfected boil?
Has anyone ever had a colonic or done a colon cleanse? What did you think of it? Did it help?
Is it true that going tanning is bad for your skin?
ladies are scars on the face a turnoff?
Lips get dry while playing basketball...?
What is the best and cheapest way to clear up acne?
Best Anti-Wrinkle Formulas for Young Skin?
Is lanolin good for stretchmarks?
Heart beat in your Ear?
I've just found out I have a heart murmur... is this caused by bulimia?
Does anyone else suffer from cardiac syndrome x?
Does Drinking beer contribute to having high cholesterol levels in your blood?
how much does a heart surgery cost in USA?!!?
why my email account is deactivate?
Can get everyones help with my Mom's Cancer treatment?
my dad's doctor said that he had signs of lung cancer; what does this mean?
I have to see a surgen monday.?
what treatment is done for cancer of the breast with calcification's?
lowriders or lung cancer? do you put off quitting smoking in the fear that you'll gain weight?
How serious is colitis in the colon?
I owe $500 in Medical Bills, after going to a hospital outside of my insurance plan. What can I do?
What level of education is required to be a CNA?
scarlet fever!?
has hiv has any cure yet?
This is a health question,I get up every morning with aches and pains in my back and knee caps.?
I am just getting over strep....?
I need a permission form so my son can get info from the Dr. about me?
what can you recommend to remove stains from teeth caused by coffee and tea?
what are some desease that you can get from being homeless?
does anyone know a good diet pill that you could get from a wal-mart store???
well im working out now and i was wondering.. how many calories do i need to burn to burn 1 kg in total?
What are some topics i can talk about in a evolutionary paper about MRSA????
whats a good way to lose weight?
what probs may I have eating a strictly vegetarian diet?
A good FIBER cereal?
is working out 5 hours too long?
Anyone knows of tasty recipes but which do not lead to constipation?
How to stop drinking alcohol on my own?
what happens if u over smoke?
medical journal?
I anybody in the UK taking any precautions over bird flu?
Is Cerebral Palsy a disease and is it hereditary?
What is FiberMiliga?
Any suggestions?
What happens if the tick's head is still in?
Heerfordt Waldenstrom syndrome?
Is it true that people of white decendants do not have sickle cell like Africans?
I hurt my pinkie a few weeks. It has recovered a lot by now but when I stretch my hand out,...?
my friend thinks that this guy crushed up ecstacy pills and put it in her joint that night is that possible?
why people dont wear silk?
eye puffiness?
Maxi pads stimulating - embarassed to ask - am I alone?
Is one side of humans body a few inches longer than the other?
my boyfriend says it wont hurt my first time...But will it...please tell me the truth??
I have really fair skin. How do I get Tan?
My eyes feel sticky when I blink?
Can anyone else force there eyes to blur? Why and how does this happen?
My eyes are really dry?
Large pupil?
Wearing glasses?
Has anyone ever worn contact lenses after RK eye surgery?
Talking eyes.... Is a BC of 8.5 considered flat, median or steep?
Can a myocardial bridging over the left side become a problem ?
why would you give minipress to someone otherthan for high blood pressure problems?
acting differently?
Can you drink Caffeinated drinks with Blood Pressure Meds (norvasc)?
heart supplements?
How long do we fast before the diabetes testing?
i had surgery 8 months bone fusion?
i have a fusion on my lower back?
Why are dried apricots good for you?
Therapist covered by insurance?
I am looking for any information dealing with buggers from our nose?
What is the German name for emphysema?
What information is available re-secondary smoke of marijuana?
My dad is a alcolhalic he can't control himself how should I deal with it?
Do you know what way is best to improve my memory?
are there special gloves for people with eczema of the hand?
can lice really kill you?
I suffer from chronic hives/urticaria. Looking for meds or herbals advice/success for relief and/or prevention
how do you treat poison ivy on the face?
if an african american were kept in a room with no light for a very long time would their skin color change?
i have sunspots on my arms and thighs and back help me b4 summer how do i treat them?
how does HIV infect the body?
why is HIV more difficult to prevent than some other illness?
Are the Illegals the ones contaminating the food supply with E-Coli?
What is the best way to avoid ecoli?
What is bosinophilia?
what is old age eye problem called in english? some white substance comes in front of the eye ball? what isit?
My Mum got an accident and got hurt in eye, now her vision looks any thing it is in double is any solution?
can a person run a low grade temp with either a migraine or a bad gallbladder?
iAm experiencing much pain in bones and joints.I hurt to move & losing strength in hands & arms Any ideas?
Need help for ongoing medical problem please,or advice on how to proceed?
my brother has fits since 14 years old but sri lankan doctors still cannot find the cure?
i had tbuveitus. now cynechic in my eyes. can i operte my eye?
diabetes screening?
what is quail eggs good for?
diabetes is on the increase in the world, especially among the poor. what can we do to slow down this advance?
why is it my blood pressure high?
Does anyone know of a good heart doctor in wisconsin?
!!!Who can give the MOST recent links for information/statistics on Heart attacks?
What causes "intraventricular conduction delay?"?
where can i find stats on elderly people and their ability to tolerate chemotherapy?
what is leukemia?
can i know the type of colon cancer (whether it polyp or unpolyp) if i just did barium enema?
Is anyone on Tamoxifen having side effects and what are you doing about them?
does vodka has an expiration date?
i take a happie pill... but alot of peepul say im over medidikayted what do you think?
I need help with massive chigger bites, how do I get the itching to stop?
How do you get a glass sliver out of m foot?
is there any contraindications against intake of hidrastis canadensis?
Does infrared light therapy really work?
with extreme lower back pain, would it help to stay off my feet?
anyone know a good book on aromatherapy with essential oils?I need to find a book that explains how to use oil
Why are cigarette smokers demonized but morbidly obese people accommodated.?
Whats the cause for sleep paralysis? It's been happening a lot and its starting to freak me out.?
Does being near a computer emit radiation? If so, is it harmful?
When did you last realize your personality had changed?
Can Phentermine cause gallbladder trouble or any other type of stomach trouble?
im getting into bodybuilding and im not having any problem gaining mass but i cant lose bodyfat and ineed help
how do you persuade people and children to do exercising?
what are the side effects of these meds?
whats a good brand of testerone booster for bodybuilding?
Does drinking a mix of apple juice and vinegar help you lose weight?
How can I quit smoking?I tried many treatments, no result. The more I think I have to stop, the more I smoke?
Is there any support groups for diabetes in around macon, mo.?
For a 5'10 male, how much is a good weight -?
How much should a contact lens exam cost?
Why does people cuse??
Is it safe to eat with pewter ware?
What is HPV? Is it a STD? Is it curible?
Can chlamydia or HPV be diagnosed through urinalysis?
how do you remove oil paint safely from human skin of a 4 year old boy who got into his sister's paint?
What is in your ear?
A question regarding Sominex?
How soon does herpes show up in a blood test? Can it take years?
Can anyone help me with my burping problem?
How can I deworm my body without buying some detox product?
What is the inseam for someone 72 inches tall?
Here's a question for the boys to answer....?
how can i get nailpolish off a rug?QUICK!?
as a rule women live a few years longer than men. why is that?
HELP!!!how can i tell if my contacts are lost somewhere in my eye?
Three years ago, I had a brain tumor removed from the center of my brain.....?
Where can I find an antiperspirant with low aluminum levels?
Does Alpha Hydrox AHA 12% lotion work on deep acne scars?
How do you reduce and treat recent acne scaring?
give some natural tips to get white radiant skin?
what part of the body would a person grin with?
does Chris brown have aides?
What is the cause of these symptoms? Could it possibly be Intestinal parasite?
What is the short/long term effects of Hyperglycemia( High blood Presure)?
Has anyone on here Pectus Excavatum? Or know someone who has it?
any dermatology or skin doctors around?
Does anyone out there know of any other diseases with symptoms similiar to Sjogren's?
if i have a ruptured spleen, where would i feel pain?
Do natural allergy cures for cats really work?
Toddlers and hives?
What causes nose bleeds?
why does the pediatrician inquire about the child's diet?
shortness of breath help?
i cant breathe need some advice?
Are there any nasal sprays for people with high blood pressure?
Stronger prescription antihistamines?
Xolair for asthma?
Can you get chickenpox more than once?
is the virus (hiv) present in urine.?
what are the causes of bilharzia's?
in terms of symtoms, what is the difference between a viral infection and a bacterial infection?
how long a kid should not go close to pneumonia patient?
can you buy insurance to cover heart attack and stroke only?
My friends son was born with his arteries backwards and had to have them fixed can anyone explain this to me?
how shall i keep safe my kidney heart&prostate?
What is concrete poisoning? What are the symptoms and treatments?
What is the cure for [email protected]?
question about cold sores???
Pain threshold!!!!!!?
i have shoulder pain that does not want to go away even with a heating pad. any sugguestions?
how to get rid of colitis?
Have you had your gallbladder removed laprascopically?
anyone ever have the 'fifth disease'?
night pain?
Can anyone tell me why I get these popping sensations in my head?
Has anyone used meloxicam for back pain?
What Happens if You Swallow Listerine???????????
is feldene gel a prescription or over the counter product by pfizer?
Is it possible to get a headache right after you wake up from sleeping?
say you are infected with herpes, and you go tested in a week would it show up? how long do you have to wait?
can a diabetic use benadryl?
How long do you stay in the hospital for if you get a lung transplant?
Acne removal, scars?
why does my forehead peel so much?
What causes acne on peoples shoulders?, and how do you get rid of it?
what's the best way to treat a jock itch?
what cases my headache?
If we have a Feline Leukemia vaccine, why can't we make a Human Leukemia vaccine? What makes the difference?
Is it possible to cure some cancers with viruses?
what is CL125 and what does it mean in reagrds to ovarian cancer.?
How many dollars have been spent on cancer research in the US in the past 40 years?
What causes someone to cough up blood with no other symptoms?
Is Morgellon's disease real or factual?
can dandruff make you go bald?in that case what to do?
What are the best songs to download to work out to? What is the best compilation cd to download for w/o?
What is the fastest way to get a six pack?
How long does it take to actually start losing weight while running?
How much does the YMCA charge for fitness membership?
Hoe long does it take for average human to grow?
why do i have to eat peas?
How far can you Walk in 10 minutes?
how do u lose wight can i get some suggedtions an please be brudddle?
how do u tone up ur abs. and legs? i have really bad backfat too.help!?
how to throw up?
I fell asleep last night with my contacts on- how do I relieve the burning?!?
Questions about colored contacts?
Eye dirt and eye itch?
my daughter was diagnosed with a pfo?!?!?!?
what is it called when you hear an electrical sound when your eyes move left and right?
eye problem?
what is pulled pectorial muscle. ?