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How is chronic idiopathic urticaria affected by pregnancy?
Help! I went to the doctor and he said I have water behind my ear drum. So he gave me zyrtec and a nasal spray
How do I stop my palms from sweating?
Does playing the DIDGERIDOO really cure snoring?
What does adjile mean?
i quit smoking 1 year ago, but i gained 35 lbs. how do i lose that weight????
what are some uses for medicinal leeches?
Why do legs swell?
Can Swelling after a few weeks with an ankle sprain be a sign of healing?
my son sprained his ankle playing basketball and there is a bruise on the bottom side of his foot why?
Bone spur in shoulder?
Around how much does it cost for a nose surgery?
could somebody give me the meaning of what is health ethics?
do i have a pinched nerve?
What causes hiccups and does anyone have a sure fire cure?
Possible Food Poisoning? How to make it through a day at work?
do doctors get kick backs from pharmacials company for pushing there free samples on patients?
Why do painkillers make your body sweat?
Any idea wat is the cause of my back ache?
Albuterol inhaler problems?
Can an adult get croup?
How do you relieve a sore throat, and a severe cold and fast??
How do you relieve a sore throat and a stuffy nose, by tomorrow morning? I have a severe/very bad cold passed.
what are some signs of cancer?
recovery from acute pancreas?
does miley cyrus have cancer?
basal cell carcinoma! mohs?
Johns Hopkins has found that plastic when frozen or heated causes cancer. What about PCV piping? It is plast
how do infant thermoregulate themselves?
what diseases can you get from a toilet seat?
Testing for IBS?
How can I stop bile stones?
What are the treatment options and recovery chances for a patient with Goodpasture's Syndrome?
Anyone with thyroid disease... Were you having trouble getting pregnant before you found out?
what is the meaning of pogoniasis?
my cuz has sensitive skin, he cant wear sun block. he loves playing outdoors and swimming, wut can he do?
why is scabies hard to diagnose? and how do you get it?
Does anyone know why eating sugur products makes my skin feel itchy? Exercise, sweat, lessens the itch.?
What could it be?
john hopkins is what?
what produces bile?
When you get blood taken for tests, how long does it take for your body to reproduce what was taken?
Is there anything else to control Hep-C virus.?
Flu shot and antibotics?
What do you think about lint in your belly bottom? How does it really get in there?
Can you be a model, a talented pianist, have a PhD and raise a family before the age of 30?
looking for information on insulin pumps?
If a person has a reading of 20 Keaton's is this a high number?
Do beta cells secrete insulin?
Are there drug companies who offer free or low cost diabetes medications to low income people.?
Why is it harder for me to read with my contact lens than with my glasses (they are both the same strength)?
If an ECG is electrocardiogram, why do we also see it referred to as an EKG?
why is petroleum jelly not recommended for an anal lubricant.?
what wrong with me?
How can I know if I'm allergic to caffeine? Does anybody suffer from it?
burnt smell?
What is smoking?
Why her cough would not stop ?
what is the Bernoulli principal?
how long will an E cylinder of oxygen last if i was on 2.5lpm of oxygen?
why is it dangrtous for a smoker to take a cough suppresant when they have a cold?
over the counter steriods to help you breathe?
do wakamoto dried yeast tablets have any known harmful side effects?
whats the best herbal alternative to xanax?
If DMSO is used on expensive race horses, is it safe to use on people?
does MORPHINE show up as OPIUM in a urine test?
explain the difference between fat burn heart and cardio heart rate?
im a 23/f and i need to get a flat stomach with a two pack what is the best way?
Will i ever grow taller?
i would like to know exactly what tummy belts do?
i am looking gor a fitness center thats also provides child daycare?!?
I ve got acne any tips please, i don't go out just because i ve got it?
Does smoking really help you lose weight?
i really wanted to loss weight...whats the best thing to do except for going to the gym and diet?
is it possible to cure pilonidal sinus succesfully by performing keyhole surgery?
i get flaky skin on my face, what should i do to clear this up?
can you get ringworm from a person who is in the same pool with you and no skin to skin contact?
what is a cankle ?
Cholesterol levels with Crestor?
i have a heart condition called pots postural orthostatic tachardia syndrome dose.?
does diflucan cause restless leg syndrom?
treatment of pancreatic disease?
My little boy ---?
How much do herpes tests cost?
Can the disease AIDS be cured in the initial stage?
MANTOUX TEST RESULT IS "Erythema & iduration present " Diameter:10 Interpretation:positive Blood ESR 67
I begin to sneeze when a Thunder Storm is coming... why is this?
If you have a cold sore and it has scabbed over, can you still pass the virus while giving oral?
When exactly are chicken pox contagious?
how does bacteria affect people?
I need the death projection of variola virus!!??!!?
what kind of diet should my daughter who is autistic be placed on?
how do I clean my house after being infected with mrsa?
is there a special diet to help reduce prostate cancer?
oral cavity cancer (tonsillar)?
Brain Cancer in a Chernobyl victim, young 19 year old girl needs surgery ASAP but has no money for it any hope
I would like to be a bone marrow Donner?
What do you know about Lymphoma???
what is a urologist?
why and how can stress be the enemy?
What is the health aspect of putting your hair in your mouth and chewing on it.?
is one day active vitaimn suppliment enough for me daily i also had arthrits do i need any extra suppliments?
What can be used to get rid of the bitter taste of a child's antibiotic? She is on Biaxin.?
how many buggs do people eat when they sleep?
I know this might sound inapropriate, but what exactly is a G spot??
I CAN'T keep eye contact!?
does hypnosis work to stop smoking and how much does it cost?
How many kids haven't outgrown wheat, milk, soy, and eggs allergies?
Foods I should avoid because I have diverticulitis?
Have you ever picked your nose in public, or wanted to pick it but haven't been able to?
Anyone know whats the cause of a little red bubble coming outside of the head?
What's the best way to get rid of acne?
Does noxzema clear up blemishes and dark spots?
How do I keep the skin beneath my beard moisterized?
what can you do for spider bites?
What is the best Acne Medication??
I just got a scratch from my dog's nail. What medication can I apply to lessen the chance of getting a scar?
My dermatologist pescribed me Accutane for my acne. Is it really dangerous to take?
How do autoimmune disease affect fertility and pregnancy?
what an be allergic to if i get a rash in my arms only?
Dust allergies: Carpet Steaming or Dehumidifier?
My father is having alot of troble breathing he is very congested at night and cant sleep he is on heart?
Why does my cough seem to get worse when I sleep?
Do you know any thing about Exercise Induce Asthma?
I play guitar and lately I have been having pain/numbness in hands/arms.What is this?How do I make it stop?
My son has pains on his left side, close to his pelvic area. Does anyone know what it could be?
I got punched in the nose...?
Why is my hands not as steady as apposed to a month ago or 3 years ago?
Is it safe to get a second nose job?
does anyone know what might be wrong with my shoulder? it kinda aches and i can't move it backward very well?
funny feeling in my spleen?
My friend got the flu shot about 3 days ago and now says it is making him feel sick?
how long is strep throat contagious?
does it sound like i have the flu?
What are the chances of contracting HIV/AIDS from an accidental needlestick?
What is Measles and what are the causes of this desease?
how u should be treated if you get malaria?
how is toxoplasmosis transmited to humans?
If you saw your friend last week, you get a call 2day saying he is dead, how do you handle this?
Someone I know was just diagnosed with Multiple splurosis. Is there anyone out there who can relate to that?
Osteochondritus Dessicans? Will i ever recover?
Is there a medical or psychological conditon that causes people to hate fruit?
Does anyone know about Hypergoaculation?
Would a female hemopheliac die when she had her period?
what is a blood clot?
Can you pass gallstones, like you can kidney stones? If so, How?
whats the fastest way to lose weight?
Does microwaving vegetables reduce nutrients?
is mozzrella cheese fatening?
Any Good Weight Lifting Suppliments?
Work out shoes- what kind?
What is the fastest way to lose hips?
homeopathic remidies fo strep throat? in home treatment?
how do you cover up bite marks?
how can i manage anger???
what are the tasks of an attendant care provider?
What can i do to help an ear infection?
Can smoking aggravate psoriasis?
Flat warts on face...?
Do natural Psoriasis cures really exist?
i bought proactive today, any tips on how 2 use it?
Are medics at their best when dealing with acute emergencies, and at their worst...?
After having a mole removed, how long does it take to recover?
i need a website with info on prostate cancer?
c-diff How can we cure this?
Is halitosis a symptom of gastric cancer?
Need to know the price for breast MRI examination.?
what does life mean to a dead person who suddenly awakes?
what makes us hiccup?
what is the normal size of the breast for a average women.?
What causes hiccups and what's the best cure for them?
headaches and dizziness symptoms?
Where can I find a book by the name of Health Information Management. The author's last name is Hoffman?
i have throat pain and sometimes its hard to swallow.IMy throat also feels itchy.What to do?
why do I get white flakes in my ears?
My leg was burned when i rode on a motor vehicle, what will i do inorder for the mark to vanish?
Are vaccines available against avian flu infection in humans?
Where can I get a Lance Devise that works with the SoftClick lances?
what supplements should i take for Type II diabetes?
How do I take care of numb hands?
how much for a stress test?
How much lower is blood pressure supposed to be for teens?
What type of weather is the best for the heart/cardiovascular system?
could having a slightly disoriented cloudy feeling have to do with borderline high blood pressure?
can hyperthetic patient of 40yrs survives it until old age (70yrs)?
Have you ever regretted switching to a new doctor?
we are raising 10 year old granddaughter.any others out there who are raising ghildren and how they do.?
Is meat really dangerous for human ealth?
Why do my bones click?
How can I get paid to take care of my elderly In-laws?
What can I do if my contacts turned hard and dry?
Whats a fast way to get Stye's off of your eyes?
How do you find out what your allergic to..when you break out in hives?
Contact help?
Does Scleritis really cause permanent eye damage?
My eye is getting smaller and smaller and Im scared?!!?
allergie or no?
How bad will the pollen levels get this spring into summer for people with asthma and allergies?
consuming body ache and painkiller do make someone allergy like eye bag having a packet of liquid?
could tuberculosis be active at anytime even if you have inactive tb and taken medication4 6 months?
first time i hve asthma, how long does an asthma attac last?
who is the heaviest person in the world?
Is there a correlation between heat intolerance and asthma?
Is anyone who is in medicine and speaks french able to translate Brochiectasis into french for us please?
Are lung transplant hopeful patients chosen by need or can a pair of lungs be bought in Michigan?
i keep getting strept throught is there any advice how to not keep getting it?
How can you prevent getting a cold?
I have meningitis symptoms and I feel very ill, but would my neck hurt in the front or back?
Sharing chap stick can get you herpes?
Can steel plates in your head cause headaches?
nerve damage following an injury?
help me!!!!?
ok, I have severe tendenitis in my r elbow. I already had one injection about 4 months ago..it worked great..
Anyone ever had an abdominal ultrasound?
I want to start a rehab facility, how would i go by doing this?
Severe abdominal pain?
I feel like spinning all the time, why?
How do they test for IBS, what is the treatment for it and how serious is this condition?
do we need out gall bladder? what are the negatives in having it removed?
What is the name of the disease you can contract from dried mouse urine?
Does anyone out there experience stress seizures and if so, how do they affect you?
Just had our first child. As soon as she eats, she moans and grunts. Why?
Reasons why foot nails die?
Whats the best breakfast food, thats healthy, and provides you with lots of energy?
Why are muscles sore after exercising? This was asked by my 9 yr old son?
Has anyone actually tried the diet pill - Lipozene? If so, does it really work?
what is the difference between an elliptical trainer and a treadmill?
how many ounces in one pound? 16?
what happens when you o.d. on excedrin?
Food with Proteins?
how do i tighten my stomach muscles at home i am 66 years old?
Is running a good way to lose Weight?
how do you lose fats on your face?
What is oregano oil used for?
how do i lose weight quickly and effectively?
Why doesn't any cleansing site show us real cleansers in action. The only one I found is at HPS-ONLINE.COM
what to do if i have a disc between l5-s1?
What causes this rib pain?
If I don't wear my glasses, will that hurt my eyes?
What is PO q Day?
why do we make hick ups?
What are some common symtoms and panic and anxiety and can someone go crazy from this?
Are sleep aids effective for treating chronic insomnia?
Why is yawning contagious?
is salicylic acid (used in skin care) harmful for breasfeeding moms & baby?
What is the rudest question that someone has asked you?
Hi, teeth turn yellowish in color, how do you make it white?
whats the difference between heartburn and indigestion?
what can I do to remove the shadow after I cut my head bald?
What do you call a doctor who specializes in kidney?
why do mongoloids look alike eventhough they came from different parts of the world, different races and genes
what causes heart disease?
what would cause abnormal cat scan ruselt in left side of the brain. and the Dr say it probley not Banine?
tongue cancer answers?
White blood cells?
can anybody tell me the death rates of salivary cancer in the past 5 years?
hpv vaccine.?
Can you catch the stomach virus two times in a row? we just got over it yesterday and now my grandpa has it?
What is the symtoms of TB and Enlarged lymph glands in neck, ESR 67 feelig weak,mantoux diameter 10 positive?
What are the symtoms of enlarged neck lymph gland, both outerdly or insidely?
I recently recieved some blood work back. My Lymphocyte AB was low. What could this be an indictor of? THX?
If you die of HIV-AIDS..............?
How do I get rid of nail fungus naturally?
Do having facial hair make your skin break out?
What causes spots on the chin?
is it harmful to put some triple antibiotic ointment on a wart and?
34 year old son has no feeling below his waist, both legs.MS? Lupis?
Can anyone recommend a 3-step (Non-comedogenic)?
if you had both privates..........?
what's the most effective drug against urinal tract infection (UTI ) ?
Has anyone ever had an allergic reaction to eating a kiwi fruit?
Can mold be washed out of fabric?
Celiac Disease?
Question About Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.?
Where I can found information about the relation asthma & insects?
what is ALS?
I have an inner ear infection as a result of a sinus infection from a few weeks ago. I am on Augmentin.?
Do any of you have thyroid conditions like I do? If so...?
yes i want to knoow if you think a lady that is 45 years old is to old to be a bountry honter?
Panic Attacks...weaned off Lexapro, any natural remedies?
what are the effects of Hemophilia ??
is crohns disease fatal ?if so what percent of people die from it?
I stop breathing whilst awake is this a form of apnea ?
I have adistanded abdomen and gases what should I do?
26m with height5.10 but my wieght is 58 kgs my food is normal but am not gaining any weight,wat porblem couldb
When is it safe to allow a baby to sleep on its stomach?
Does a recovering alcoholic keep a personality trait that is mean, and seemingly better than thou?
knee pain, over weekend gets better by tues. of the week hurts so bad cant stand it, cant bend it, not swollen
what laws govern the patient and doctor relationship for treatment?
Fake Black Eye?
i have Had an ulnar nerve reposition done and it feels worse than be for i still have my arm in plaster?
pain in wrist and hand?
foot problems?
on a vicoden what mg is 336?
I need help?
I need to lower my cholesterol I am on the go constantly what can I eat?
right lens or left lens?
My vision is changing?
Pediatric optometrist or opthamologist? My 6 year had a weak score for visual perception on school test?
how do we see an object?
What yearly contact lens would you recommend?
Do I need glasses?
what can i do if i suspect a splinter in my finger yet seems recovered & not possible to remove with a tweezer
Is there anything that you can do for seborrhea dermatitis?
How can i stop stressing? I seem to stress out about everything!?
I have my blood veins turn black on the thigh. What is the reason for this?
My 10 yr old has a sore on her lip which bleeds sometimes. Showed her to a doc, no respite. Can anyone tell me
What causes the top eyelid to (involuntarily) jump? Can I stop it? -- New York NY?
Is it normal to make funny faces while taking a dump in the toilet?
its 55F outside, do u think i will be cold wearing a tshirt and a jacket?
Can you put bubble bath stuff into a hottub?
who knows the best treatment for an arm when it has just been removed from a cast?
has anyone ever heard of warming saline to cleanse the wound before providing wound care?
I have developed a bad case of what I think is psoriasis. OTC meds don't seem to work. What can I do?
how can I stop my stuttering?
Ladies...Underwear Question?
Is there a homeopathic treatment for pre-diabetes?
what is the sugar content of a banana?
In measure how much sugar can a type two diabetic have in one day? Example.1 Tbl?
I want to know about the a1c tests and what numbers are good and not so good thanks?
Stomach Flu?
how long can hepititis C survive after exposure to air?
College Students: do you get more sick when you walk into student health?
what prescription do woman take for a Urinary Tract Infection?
I came in contact with blood?
what are the steps u must take to clean your colon?
Why do we hiccup?
How long can lice hold their breath?
what are the health symptoms of to much radon gas in a residence?
Are gallbladder growths/cysts/tumors bad for you? When should I start to become concerned?
does asthma causes blood pressure to elevate?
Does anyone know what it means when an oncologist says a particular area lit up as 10's on a PET scan?
If you had to pick one body building supplement that has best results, which one would it be? For growth.?
I like to get gmail. Can someone be so kind to send me invitation code?
what is the best training workout for biceps, triceps, chest,and shoulders also abs?
Diets? I need to lose alot of weight with minimul exercise...Any suggestions?
I would like to gain weight, what can I do. Can't afford the expensive supplements. Anyone who can help please
How is the best and easiest way to shed 10 pounds?
i need the cabage diet 7 day print out?
my coach makes us squat on the ground for 1 hour straight. is this normal for track?
What kind of sneakers are the best for exercising?
Have you joined a gym?
what is the effect of metalbrite when it accidentally gets in contact with the eyes?
I am having problem of allergy . i gets sneezes repeatably.. what should i do to prevent?
I woke up and felt the tip of my nose and it was hard and tingly. I looked in the mirror and it was swollen?
what is the cure for collitis?
what type of care do people need with bipolar disorder?
I'm Allergic to Strawberries?
why do people usually puke at night?
What is rheumotoid arthritist?
How come after I eat 1 or 2 apples a day my bowel movement in A day is about 4 times,Am i allergic to apples?
i have some problem with my urine repetition?
I just recently found out that I have epilepsy!!?
what helps with severe asthma?
Can a infant get sick from a person with sinus?
Can you acquire Asthma by moving to Los Angeles?
Im not sure (yet) If I have sleep apnea..?
Can I take both flexiril and vicodin ath the same time?
Is there a natural supplement that reduces the appetite without caffeine, I tried Hoodia?
Can Chiropractic work for helping migraine headaches?
How do you determine if someone is obese?
Can hiv, be transmitted through a finagernail ?
if my eyelids fell off, could i use a foreskin as a replacement?
Have you seen someone hurt due to unsafe home conditions. I need your story!?
Getting my tonsils out?
has anyone tried the "snoring ring" and if so does it work?
legalize marijuana?
Besides resting and waiting it out are there any ways to ease symptoms of colotis?
Do any of you know of any type of disease that would cause the left side of the brain to swell with fluid?
I just had arthroscopic on knee, is it normal not to be able to bend it like before?
How painful is it to get a compartment pressure test?
Name of tendon which runs from hip to ankle?
Hi, recently, well lets say a couple of weeks ago I was looking to the extremely left of me just rotating my e
I hurt my ankle but there was no brusing or swelling.?
Does anyone know why Sherpas don't get frostbite?
Whey gives acne? Or does it?
What does it mean if your body produces to much yeast?
My friend had scabies. Could he have gotten AIDS from having scabies, the scabies?
How old.....................?
hematoma home diet or treatment?
Why do white blotches sometimes appear on my fingernails?
which country has the best doctors?
If the air we breath is oxygen, then why do some people carry an oxygen tank?
What causes a swollen knee, on right side, pain, stiffness, @ sometimes it catches under(back r) of knee .?
what is the best time of day to take insulin shots?
Does Herpes lesions leave a scar?
If you eat snow can you catch a diease?
whats the common name for chlamydia?
how many times have you tried to give up smoking?
when will zoloft go generic?
I'm trying to quit smoking, does anyone have any tips on how to fight the withdrawl?
My daughter has passed stool twice this month with white spots all over the stool. What may be the cause of i?
what is lasik?
Is there an otc that works to make me stop eating?
What causes Bells Palsy and what can you do to get rid of it?
can i use babylotion instead of sun screen lotion?
Are there any benefits to drinking Bay leaves as herbal tea ?
which is the deadliest poison known so far ?
when gettin oral s*x from a girl to a boy how long does it usually take to come?
best diet pills with ephedrin or eloea?
Is there a possible way to make your breasts larger without surgery?
what is the defference between hsv,hsv1, hsv2 etc...?
Strep throat.. no symptoms?
Is it possible for a human to get sick from being with and taking care of a dog that has active distemper?
how to spell phlebotomy?
What is the correct abbreviation for penicillin?
Hiatal Hernia?
Who do I contact about Lamictal causing a syncope?
i have diabettes ,hep c,chronic pain in back,cornary heart disease how long does it take to get disabilty n tn
Do certain antidepressants interfere w/heart meds in the elderly?
Has anyone used the product Sauna Belt?
in the past year i got a bunch of stretch marks on my sides and stomach?
Besides not eating, is it possible to lose the fat on your face? How do you exercise that area? lol.?
In endoscopy my doc. said I have short segment barrett's but my biopsy say no?
What is deposited in the lungs of people who are heavy smokers?
I had a ct scan today and on the doctors orders it said LLL Opacity for the diagnosis. What is that?
Do you know any websites that really describes Leukemia?
Why do mosquito bites swell up when you itch them?
WHy ? is so weirdWhy?!?
bloody nose?
I just got stung on the side of my foot yesterday. How do i know if it infected or not?
Dairy Allergy and eye rashes?
Surgery for Crohn's?
What is Crutchfield Jacob's Syndrome?
can chronic use of valproic acid lead to vitamin D insufficiency?
Can pain from kidney stones be felt on the opposite side?
effects of hypertension on the eye?
do you know about kawasaki disease?
Hi,I would like to know on a ''urine test'' what does it mean when you have +1 of protien found in it?
On a blood test,carbon dioxide with a range 21-33 and mine is a 17L,would that mean it's low or better than .
Are bananas good for sleep?
How I can be the best Genetics Specialist in the world?
What is the best online resource for learning about advances in medical treatment, including cancer?
Could it be Athelete's Foot?
what do you do for severe "back acne" outbreak, and back acne scars?
i keep getting bouts of very painful gas?
How can I take care of Jock Itch?
what do i need to do so my cousin can get my medical records from denver hospital?
What process do I go through to donate one of my kidneys?
Anyway to elevate the head of a double bed? matress genie is uneven...any help is appreciated!!!?
Bronchitis and Shortness of Breath?
apico lordotic view?
Help! I have a bad black eye, where dark red has settled into my cheek! Any ideas on how to get rid of this?
Ankle and Knee Problems? Please Help?
Ingrown Toenails?
Car door shut on my hand,xrayed not broken but still having pain and have a knott on top near wrist. Any ideas
is pink eye something different to normal red tired eyes??
diabetic retinopathy?
Anyone knows a way of receiving a natural eye color change?
How do you know if you have your contacts in wrong?
NEW: If someone you were dating gained 300 lbs, would you still date that person ?
Why did my arm scar but not my chest?
How long does 14 alcoholic drinks take to be out of your system?
Is there any side effects from wearing contact lenses?
What are normal oxygen levels for newborns?
what are the benifits of COQ 10 vitamin?
What are the reasons that an elderly person wouldn't get a hearing aid?
Can white coat syndrome eventually lead to consistent high blood pressure?
what causes your aorta to swell?
Heart attack? Please help.?
how to reduce triglycerites in the blood?
How long should a pace maker's battery last?
Where are the kidneys located in the human body?
What exactly are contusions and are they a bad thing to have?
what is a neurologist?
What are some effective homemade cold remedies?
my finger was caught....?
Do I need to declare both insurance plans?
Is it true that it is better to drink a hot drink, not a cold one in hot weather?
where would i look for someone who would be interested in buying a wheelchair or an electric wheelchair?
vitamin e anyone take it? what for?
What are some ways to remove patches ofsun spots on arms?
Why do my feet hurt so badly?
Any suggestions on easing the pain and discomfort of lingering Shingles (eighth week)?
can you love someone with a disease ?
Can a thyroid 'problem' contribute to obesity?
Where can i help kids dieing from starvation in other countrys??
Do you think you can overcome fatique easily???
a guy told me he loves me,but i do not like him.how do i tell him?
Why do my sinus problems kick in when in an air conditioned room?
when i eat macaroni salad i get a weird taste on the sides of my tounge i dont no if its normal or not?
What kind of doctor tests you for allergies?
my 3 years old dauther doesnt eat she eats like bird still on bottle wake up at night and drink atleast 3 bott
what is the stuff that forms in your eyelashes when you're sleeping? does that mean your eyes are irritated?
how do I hire temporary pharmacist to cover vacations, etc?
have you quit smoking?
what height should crutches be?
heart supplement medication?
I need names of REASONABLY priced Naturpath practicioners in Mesa, AZ?
How long is Methadone in your system?
remedy for swollen eye lids?
How common are Brown Recluse Spider Bites?
Is Xango fruit juice as good as claimed?
Trying to help a massage client with evasive lobular carcinoma of the breast?
If you're having a CT scan for, say, kidney stones, would doctors be able to see things like ovarian cysts?
durg test?
Is there a positive correlation between the breast size and the level of oestrogen?
[Lymph Nodes]... Does anyone know?
How to deal?
although my friend has no symptoms of non-small cell cancer doctors say that he has it in its last stage ,how!
what the dangerous if we inhale leakage freon from Air conditioner ?
I have the flu and a major cough!!!Headache?
has anyone had pain in their back behind ribs when they breathe?
could my albuterol inhaler be causing this?
which respiratory ailments can respiratory volume tests be used to detect?
Can't a dissected baker's cyst be cured?
My hair was badly damaged by a perm and on top with an allergic reaction, any suggestions???
what are the things do the women like in men?
why do u a finger that is cut off in a glass of milk/?
anyone else get down in the dumps occassionally and all they want is food to just dig them deeper into life?
can xanthomas be removed from the eyelids?
Does anyone out there in this Vast Universe have any knowledge of a Cure for Psorasis?
how can i sleep?
What's the best facial steamer for home use with the hottest water?Thanxabudle :)?
do you ever get sick and tired of being sick and tired?
best natural solution against dandruff?
can fungus survive in a bottle of nail polish?
Why do guys have so much more hair than women over their body?
i got really bad blisters on my feet?
what is quagmires vain discease?
how do you make a concept map for diabetes meilitus?
Can kidney problems harm my baby?
4. What is the cause of the dyspnea, hypotension, and tachycardia? 5. What type of treatment does he need?
for medical person, my doctor thinks I have something less than diebtes because my count comes in under 116?
What is gluten?
Herbal medicines for Type 2 diabetes to buy in India in Indian rupees?
Can a person with a pacemaker use hot tubs or hot springs?
High Blood Pressure without insurance, how much it will cost?
dr Dean gynogaligist?
Heart stretch or heart attack?
Why do i smoke more when drinking?
Do you not have health insurance? How do you pay for care when you need it? Where do you go?
Pregnancy and Excersize?
do i need shots to go to india for health reasons?
how to check blood pressure,upright ,or,laying down?
what is use to make gylcerin?
what is the side effect of the vit. e high dosage?
does smoking cigarettes effect a dog's health in any way?
Have you ever dislocated your shoulder?
What health risks are common in the Greek population?
Does eye surgery hurt?
I weigh 118 lbs. I don't want to lose weight, but I want to gain muscles. What do I need to do?
what fods are high in carbohydates?
What should I do to lose weight? (detail)?
Does working out your legs in the gym help your speed/stamina on the field?
How do you relieve sore muscles?
Help me!!!!?
can a cold be transferred from a pet to a human or from a human to a pet,am thinking about like the bird flu?
What's up with ecoli these days?
I was on the antibiotics in late October and early November?
can hepatitis c be spread by mosquitoes and bed bugs?
what is parsonage turner syndrome?
Does anyone on this site suffer from Crohn's disease and/or Ulcerative Colitis?
can food leak out of an ulcer?
Experiencing vertigo/dizziness when laying down?
Anybody on eltroxin (Thyroxin) for thyroid disorders?
is there any chances of getting rebies from a slight scratch by a cat (no blood came out) i am worried?
should I be concerned if every day it feels like a vein in my head is twitcing on the left side?
Do holistic methods really cure diseases like cancer or aids?
What, if any, are the natural remedies for an under-active thyroid?
What do i do w/this sore throat !!!?
Is there any over the counter medicine to help anxiety?
what's the best way to get rid of a scar you dont like?
Help! My little brother is a major proctological irritant, so I rubbed Preparation H on him while he slept...?
Help to prevent frostbite?
what could make the palm of my hands rashy looking?
does coffee cause skin problems?
How can smoking for 30 years cause a heart attack?
Stinky Urine, Is it a Problem?
Do any one know if Norvasc causes low potassium levels?
Presentation on pulmonary embolism?
when your heart beats fast .......?
How can my friend overcome his allergies to cats?
Very Drowsy!?
hay fever or sinus infection?
Halitosis is really embarassing.Why is impossible or so difficult for you know if your mouth smells?
how can we get rid from bad breathing?
what is the best way to get rid of acne(my case is not severe)and blemishes?
why do some medications need to be injected?
collen cancer what are the sighns and what does it look like?
how many people died from scarmoa cancer that work at exxon mobil?
lung cancer?
UGH Sinus pressure/runny nose!!!?
Skin cancer?
is there a way or guideline for prostatic care to prevent occurence of cancer?
can anyone explain RSD to me?
Loud constant whirling sound in the ear. Case and cure.?
I Have An Exam Soon. How Long Does It Take For Cigarette Consumption To Be Gone From Your System, Not Counting
How come every time I get exited my stomach acts up?
Smoking...i am 21 years old and have never smoked. i know this is a very bad habit, but i want to try one b/c?
has anyone tried vibe thats put out by eniva?
Is it sulfur in indian ink?
my two and a half year old won't sleep in his new bed what should i do?
Medical People LIE!!!?
If A person????
im REALLY worried!!!!!! :(?
Nose Surgery!?!?
Nail problem?
what does a torn rotator cuff feel like?
How can I strengthen my lower back muscles?
broken finger?
a calcified lymph of the lungs?
Whats up with my asthma?
The other day my middle finger started to go numb so I went to the docter and he said muscle tension. HELP!!?
Does anyone know anything about chemtrails?
what does NOS stand for in medical terms?
How do i improve my posture?
how do you get the flint out of your bellybutton?
(alcohol) i get red blotches on my body ?
history of adolecence?
ear protection for cabin pressure?
How much will my lenses for glasses cost?
are couloured eye contacts for anyone?
odd contact lens prescription?
eye blurriness?
What do you think about these eyes?
My doctor tells me the veins of my eyes are torturous. What could that mean?
HIV related questions. Please help!?
how can you catch Hep C?
How many times a year can you get the flu?
What if you don't get colds in a year or two? Is it good to have a cold every certain period of time?
If someone were to contract herpes, would it be detectable within a few days?
Question about Mono?
i want someone out there to do some kind of psychatric test,help?
Are Chiropractors real doctors?
how can i find medical material on frostbites on the fingertips?
What's the difference between a Glycolic Peel and Microdermabrasion?
wart removal?
What kind of lotion is good for?
what happens it you touch dry ice?
Does anyone know the effects of wrapping saran wrap around your stomach to lose weight?
Is it normal to have some degree of heart palpitation?
how do women get heart disease?
how can i lose 20 pounds in 2 wks need help fast?
is virgin coconut oil realy good for the heart?
Do you find it easier to work out in the morning or in the evening?
People who answerd lose 2-3 pounds for a 12 year old girl whos 105 lbs. and 5'3 ?, look at this.?
Okay I am ready. I am ready to start exercising and change my lifestyle, any pointers on staying motivated?
looking for free high protien,low carbs recipes?
Does doing alot of crunches [because i do] really not really burn stomach fat? or help you alot?
My brother in law has alcoholic hepatitis, do you know someone who has survived with this?
Was recently diagnosed w/Rheumatoid Arthritis.Have had a cold for 3 wks.Is my immune system worse as a result?
where can i buy dairy-free, whey-free protein shakes?
On average, how long does it take after acl reconstruction surgery to be able to bend your knee all the way?
From past few months I gained atleast 20 pounds and the big problem is my belly is really big what should I do
there's this word in spanish is a desease NEUROPARALISIS, I need the translation for that!!?
Can you walk, chew gum, and knurl aluminum at the same time?
i am taking lyrica for carpal tunnell is this medication dangerous?
is it possible to have a seizure / spasm in sleep (without the patient realising) it?
is hepitis and std?
how come i get hiccups?
how to pull luggage while on crutches?
need help with prednisone therapy?
can someone be allergic to preservatives?
HELP! allergists please...how might allergy to gluten affect hairloss?
How can I brush my tongue without my gag reflex kicking in?
Your partner comes home with stuffy nose, coughing and fatigued..?
what does BA% mean in CBC Blood work results?
Does anyone know anything about colon resection?
Do youknow anyone that has been told they have myeloma, then told you just have MGUS /?
if u have a tumore would u hear ducks quacking every now and then i am dead serious guys?
What will be best food whuch we can take after releiving from fast?
Can anyone tell me what are the side effects while using cimbicort asthma pump?
im having a ct scan with and without contrast,tomorrow...i want to know if there are any side effects?
What are the different types of food that can be given to a comatose patient?
can laryngitis leave permanent damage to vocal cords and affect your speech for ever?
Find A Lung Droctor that deal only with Lungs.?
I bought a cough syrup that said NO alcohol, but why did make me very very drunk?
what is homeopathy?
i tried to do the eye operation from 'pitch black' like vin diesel. now they don't work so good. what do i do?
Does anyone have info on natural cures for fibromyalgia/?
Looking into becoming a Xango distributor but was wondering what makes it different than a pyramid scheme?
anyone know about provera?
I walk on my tip toes and getting a surgery, anyone else like this?
I'm having severe ankle pain, help?
very achy bone or muscle?
Why is it easier to let a broken collar bone heal on it own?
I have an anal wound in the internal sphinchter not healing for 2 years. Nothing helped so far. Any ideas?
This guy that really likes to bother me rubbed his hand on my hand when he had poison oak now do I have it?
dark lips???
best way to cure acne /and acnemarks/scars?
How To Prevent Breaking Out as I Grow Out Facial Hair?
can you give me five example of pathology disease?
Do you get annual HIV tests (serious answers only please)?
if a human sees a dead animal on the street and attempts to eat it, the human will get sick...but if a bird ..
Hepatitis b question??
What diseases are endomtriosis & infertility & PMS?
bacterial conjunctivitis?
Can ecocardiogram damage heart if not done correctly ? I had slight chest pain so got eco done & now more PAIN
my hands and arms are going to sleep when i lay on stomach ? why do i need to see a doc. or is there somthing?
Does anyone know how to stretch a baseball cap?
Does sweating help purge the body of toxins?
What is FBSM?
What are the allergy symptoms to wheat?
new diabetes drug called affymetfix-not sure if spelling is right-it is like inhaler?
I can understand the purpose of two eyes (depth perception) and 2 ears (balance) but why do we have 2 nostrils
How much time do you spend washing your hands?
What is the largest amount of urine excreted at one time by a human?
Stomach aches constantly... Help!?
how long will these caffeine headaches last?
Does Blowing Candles on Birth-day cake spread bacteria of blower's expired breath?
How is thymus gland removed?
How fast does food poisening set in?
what about the endoscopic lumbar discectomy?
I am 56 with progressive MS. if a cure is discovered within10 years, will I even be eligible to get it?
How long do cold sores last and what can I do to speed the process along?
does anyone know anything about graves disease?
What medicine is best for sore throat?
the right size clip for a fade haircut?
Is it possible for at least 3 or 4 days can we idiots go out without having to clear the sand between our eyes
How can u tell if one's not virgin..any signs?
How can I ask him for his support?
How do I tell a girl i want them if i'm scared to talk to her cause she is too cute?
If I have an yeast infection can my partner have it also?
My eyes hurt when I move them. What's the cause of this?
Why do bruises turn different colors than your skin?
Is it unsafe, for respiratory reasons, to have live large plants in the bedroom?
Can a person walk without a big toe?
wats de best way 2 control ur emotions when u r excited?
Why is there no help for the working poor?
What is the difference between an opthamologist and an optomotrist?
i think i had an allergic reaction to sushi, how do i know if my symptoms are from the sushi i ate.?
Are there any known sun reactions with long term use of zyrtec?
does saline nasal spray do the same thing as a saline nasal wash will do.?
Does Claritin make anyone else sleepy?
Onions for Under Arms?
What happens during an allergy blood test?
What are the possible ways to remove/lighten dark spots/marks caused by jock itch?
Has anyone heard of "Fall sores" Fall as in autumn... Im broken out with painfull boils?
Could somebody please tell me a good way of keepin ur skin lookin good,smooth and without any marking of acne!
Will chlorine in a hottube effect acne?
what is the treatament for pemfigus (a.k.a.<maybe> pemphigus), at persons suffering from diabet?
I have diabetes and have an ongoing bout with constipation, can you help?
Dager i'm pretty scared : DIABETES?
what side effects of Diebetes?
I need some help on find some low or free carbs in breads and cereals?
Why does blood pressure decrease when drinking alcohol?
Is there a leading heart center in Dayton, OH?
relation of perspiring with heart problems. Is perspiring warning for heart disease?
what is the cardiopulmonary clearance?
Who put forward the criteria for diagnosing SLE?
I am looking for a website for stressed teens that i saw at the beginning of Ice Age?
does bench pressing stunt growth (im 15)?
Which One Do I See First?
Why even a physically fit/normal couple sometimes not get pregnant in the first go?
Is it okay to exercise when constipated?
What is the difference between a mucolytic and expectorant?
If you smoke inside an airconditioned room what are the effects to other people?
I just failed a methachole challange test. but i did not respond to the asthma medications.?
what are the symtoms for gas pain?
anxiety heart hospital patient?
I've had this cold for about 2 months already. Help?
Anyone here with asthma?
thyroid and hairloss?
I have an aunt with terminal cancer who needs cheering up - only wants to sleep during the day. Suggestions?
What is Inflammatory Breast Cancer?
how do i cope with my mother dying suddenly from a brain haemorrhage at 55?
is acuevue ok for people who cant see far waya?? can any1 just buy them?? are they expensive??
Potato On A Black Eye?
Whats wrong with my eyes?
I NEED contacts but I just cant do it.?
Disposable contacts?
My eyes make frequent creaking sounds when blinking this normal?
wight lose Help PLEASE!?
what is physical fitness?
hey,im 14,and tryin to lose weight but just cant do it alone but would stick buy a plan if i had1,any helpers?
Dance Dance Revolution?
What is a good dance workout DVD?
I injured my tendon running recently, and am not going to be able to exercise for at least 3-6 weeks...?
How can I get thinner?
What are some good arm-strengthening exercises?
Ring issues?
How long does it take for a nerve to recover from foot drop.?
Is redness and tenderness a side effect at the injection site for steroids? How deep into the muscle do you go
If a ligament runs out of its place,what should we do?Will it recover by itself?
My arm hurts..?
The growth of your nerves in your finger.?
what is best way to get thicker hair and restore natural color?
Who supplies(who grows it) medicinal marijuana to patients in the states it's legal?
Does anyone know if st johns wort, an herbal medicine keeps you from having your menstrual?
hi! i would like to know if science approve bio - energy?
Anyone know of some good energy herbs to take ?
what can be done to heal knee without surgery?
Is Bayer Pharm even an American Company?
what affect might a prolonged body fever of 40 degrees celcius have on an enzyme structure?
Urinary track Infection?
chicken pox?
Could a donatted blood have an HIV virus ? If so how come it could survive in it inspite the fact it is..?
Marfan Syndrome?
How fatal is nephrotic syndrome?
knee injury: 4 weeks after - can not bend knee, still swollen - what is going on?
I've had a nervous breakdown, how can I sleep?
what is Upper Gastrointestinal Tract. I usualy suffer from acidity....doctor has diagonised for GERD/GIT?
what does dextersclerosis means?
What is a good skin cleanser/mosturizer for an African American woman's face? I need something that works well
is proactiv a good idea?
skin reaction to amoxillin?
darkness under armpits?
Redness on my face..?
Does anybody have this book for acne treatment???
Please help I am itchy?
i itch... bad. doctors dont no why. could it be nerves? i been like this for 7 years?
How can i get admission into any school of anaesthesia?
what is a bakers knot in a medical diagnosis?
does having Myringotomy Tubes as a child have any effect on future military enrollment?
heart murmur!?!?
fluid around the heart?...?
What can my husband do to lowere his triglcerides and raise his HDL?
Why have my fingernails almost stopped growing?
what are the main signs of a stroke?
What is the health condition known as factor 5?
What is the best way to repair a surigcal scar?
How can I stop my blink reflex to get contact lenses in?
if u dont have hair gel, is there anyway u can make it?
How can I finance a tummy tuck with bad credit?
why is it bit difficult for arranged marriaged couploes to have s3x?
What does TA mean on a prescription label?
Need to take something for a mild case of hives.?
What the heck is that commercial " head on" all about??????
Can I take Rozerem and Benadryl together?
effectiveness of antibiotics for sinus infection?
I feel nauseous most times I eat. What could this be from? I am not pregnant for sure!?
oxygenation and maintance of oxygenation in the older adult?
What are the long-term side affects of a large Pulmonary Emboli? I am short of breath and chest pains.?
What is the scientific name for coal miner's lung?
how to spell impentigo?
if you have cancer and may not live pass 10 years, can you still buy life insurance?
What is the cure for metastatic Medullary Cancer of the thyroid?
Id a red capsule with the #'s 83 over 3147. What is this?
Recurring melanoma?
Is it reasonable to think that early pre-menopausal breast cancer is related to having much older parents?
What would cause swelling and internal pressure to the point of extreme pain in the kidney area?
where does scarlet fever usually occur?
Could someone please tell me which is correct Gleevec or Glivec?
what is the etiologic agent Dracunculiasis?
Are you "germ-phobic"? Where do you draw the line?
my kitten is injured?
i want to reduce my thight size and increase my height...what should i do?
sCalp piercing, secretion coming out, HELP!?
Planters worts!!?
Which layer of human skin contains the pigment melanin?
I have the flu. My nose hurts. Help me please!?
my skin is irritated... why?
i'm 2o and already getting wrinkles!! I drink a lot of coffee could that be why??
Why do individuals cough while taking VASOTEC(enalapril)?
24 yr. old female going in for electrophysiology study and radio frequency ablation. what to expect?
how long of not sleeping can make ppl crazy? and why they 'r crazy?
What are the symptoms of West Nile virus?
high blood pressure in pregant women?
someone who has illness guilian barrier cyndrom ,someday can be healty again?
CCU Secretary?
Somone I know had a heart attack. He has some memory loss. Can he make a complete recovery from therapy?
meniere disease tell about it?
what is a good support group, disease knowledge page for systemic lupus?
I saw a orthopedic doctor about a knee injury. He said that nothing was torn and that i sprained it.?
Has anyone tried the cabbage soup diet?
what part of your body is the tri-cept muscle located?
Does anyone know of exercises that will work the glutes and back of the thighs?
how many colories should I attempt to burn in a day and how many days a week should I work out? Thanks!?
I'm a runner. When I run I usually run three miles. Is it okay to run every day or should I take a day off?
had a baby 6 months ago and have problem lose weight in the waist line. pills are not my thing?
what is the best exercise to do to help loose belly fat?
what is vitam b1?
Any advice on alleviating the pain from spasmodic torticollis?
What reduces tumors without surgery?
Have you heard if Evening Primrose is good for a thyroid problem?
Do burning things with magnifying glasses damage your eyes?
how do i become a volanteer counsellor?
Whenever I don't have to set my alarm clock, I sleep for 10 hours?
my friend is smokes crack n we smoke dope together and do coke some times how can we stop and not go to rehab?
is it the memory that is bad? Or is it the emotions attachedd to that memory that makes the memory bad?
where is the "g"spot on a women?
how to get our lips back to its original after years of smoking?
How do you get that hospital smell out of your scrubs?
Is anyone familiar with the side effects after cryotherapy?
What's the best way to remember to keep the back (body posture) straight, while sitting?
What does it mean that I have no sinuses?
what is hypericum and what are the side effects?
What is manorexic?
What's the best way to avoid catching a cold during a long airline flight?
I get a bad reaction with any medication I take. Aspirin, any pain relievers or vitamins. what could be wrong?
Why do people say when waking up drink a cup of water before bushing ur teeth,and why is that?
What is the difference between a wheat and gluten intolerance?
If a individual has two tone skin on ones body what is that called ?
Is there something new with hair dye? Rash?
What could be the reasons why people would scratch their skin until they bleed?
I just spilled hydrochloric acid on my pants.... what do i do?
My elbows are very dry and the skin is much darker, how to fix it?
Why does your left arm hurt before ou have a heart attach?
How could we pursuade people to start giving their children the mmr vaccine?
IS MRSA Staff Infection ever gone?
i am pregnant and have a stuffy nose and sore throat what can i take?
what is the dose of hepatitis B vaccine ?
4 days after triple bypass what does shaking of hands & irregular heart beat mean?
Can Ephenephrin be used more than one time for heart patients?
Lung Surgery?
What are some injections for asthma and what do they do?
My mom's had MG about 3 yrs. The dr wants her to take Pred... but she can't. Is there a nat. supp. available?
Anyone knows what is dyspnic index?
What are some treatments of Chronic Bronchitis? How is it determined that you have it?
Why would a patient have a paO2 of 357?
I have a constant stuffy nose and short of breath and some chest congestion wont go away!?
What does it mean when the doctor tells you that you have protein in your urine?
HELP Hepatitis C?
New drug Combination fuels hope for MS fight?
What's the difference between nearsightedness & short-sightedness?
any no where i could find the best answers to crones diseases?
I recently had cataract surgery on my left eye and will soon get the right eye done.?
how do you treat a hyperechoic lesion on the liver and should it be biopsy?
I lost my voice.......anyone know how to fix it?
My family Dr. Told me the Disks in my eyes are to large.?
What is the name of the phenomena when you unfocus your eyes and see tiny ringlets?
I have a astigmatism, what exactly is it? and should i be wearing my glasses all the time?
Can techs in dialysis centers cannulate grafts?
What is the best way to help diabetic neuropathy, other than watching your blood sugar levels?
Hi ALL,I am looking for some information about reliable blood glucose sensor for my project.Please Help.?
what are potentrial long term alternations in body physiology body system witgh type 1 diabetes?
Can a man have children after he has had bladder cancer???
will vinegar remove material deposits from my bathtub?
how do you get health insurance for a person with a history of cancer?
i have a cyst on my byle duct and must have surgery?
Does ceramic insulation cause cancer?
When is the sleep deprivation going to get to me?
Why do the elderly have brown spots on their arms?
Parfume: How do i make it last?
noses bleeds?
What is polymenorrhea?
What is the best designer for handbag?
What's an easy inexpensive way to help clear up stretch marks?
what do you do when you are bored and have nothing to do?
how to read an MRI of lumbar spine?
what is the mortality rate in Paducha, Kansas?
Suggestions on how to clear up acne fast!?
when u have no medical insurance...?
My father is 76,has rheumatoid arthritis. After the long use of medicine his stomach is upset.?
what is good for multiple sclerosis(ms)?
Runny Nose Problems!?
Does Herpes antibody testing on blood is accurate?
What are the chances of getting HIV if you makeout with someone who is HIV+?
how long can public lice survive?
I like need the answer today. Can you detect color blindness while the fetus is in the womb of the mother?
Does Salivia makes uneasy feel while having mouth-kiss?
Does any one know about different vitamins?
anyone know of old cold remedies for a stubborn cold,that over the counter medicines wont cure?
Can probiotics (acidophyllis) really boost the immune system?
Tell us and also be sure everyone could get all things to remain in the state of utmost well being eternally?
how does one clear their "chakra" to get enegry flowing?
What is an easy way to break a bone?
my husband is going to hosp today at 2:30 for tests on his heart.now i see signs something is wrong.he keeps?
Can a person actually die from pain?
how to cure an ear infection?
Does the Liver cleansing diet really work?
How do I lose wait in a safe way ??
How acurate are the "calories burned" meter on your treadmill or eliptical?
can there b an increase in hight after 24 for girls..through medicines..if ye then which one?
what is the function of diet food and drinks in the body?
Which diet pil really works?
I had ACL recon using my patellar tendon. Should it be as strong as the real thing? cafepress/kneetees?
is gastric bypass the right way to go if you are 150lbs over weight?
if you make homemade vegatable soup are you still getting the same amount of vitamins and minerals?
Can someone please give me some help and advice on Patellar Tendinitis ?
Does ORIF of legbones cause permanent disbility to walk?Eg-Tibia?
I found a pea sized knot on the side of my four month old babies neck. It is hard, but it moves. What is it?
quick effective remedy for athlete's foot?
How many people agree that proactiv is a good acne solution??
bruises are they okay?
I have athletes foot and I was wondering some thing I could do with my itchy dead skin around my toes?
i have this......................?
Do side effects of Inderal persist even after you stop taking the medication?
can chf make your heart weaker?
Can beta blockers stop working?
could getting a virus like the flu virus alter your dna?
what is dirihia, vomiting, no blood, no fever?
Why is it important to keep your leftover chicken salad in the refrigerator?
does ne one know about the bird flu?
I been umemploy for five months, where is the best place to find employment on the web?
can a child develop a resistance to cough medicine?
Move to Florida or stay in hicksville with my child's father?
Who is the best neurologist in the country?
Are their any health issues with prolonged use of electric blankets?
If you kiss someone with a cold sore, what are your chances of catching it?
I have a seafood allergy and i just kissed my bf who has eaten shrimp now my lips and throat burn help?
whey protein allergy?
what are the stages of sleep?
Reflexology in relation to asthma?
can anyone tell me what is?
Nose piercing?
How tall are you? How Tall would you like to be?
where do you go to get a serious make over? i need one really bad. no surgery just hair and makeup?
how long do you have to wait to re-dye your hair?