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How long will it take for...?
what can we do for my mum who went in for a partial shoulder replacement and came out with no feeling or movem
knee pain in right knee, also pain in right hand?
what is ambien cr?
What's the best way to get over my fear of hieghts?
can you get blood pressure meds from Canada through the mail?
where can i get help with paying a hospital bill. i have no insurance. i am 51 years old.?
Are eggs healhy?
why is it i breathe through my nose only when sleeping?
Whats the FDA law, on having to wear ruber gloves, while preparing chickin?
if you could be a different age again, what age? and why?
How do I get water out of my ears?
one of my lymph nodes has been swollen over the past 5 weeks. I went to an ENT at the beginning of December.?
will colon cancer or rectal cancer cause your legs to hurt all the way to your calves?
Ipod's are dangerous?
Are there any survivors of septic shock out there?
how do i get a scab to fall off?
when should I take my 6 year old to the dr. for his cold?
What are the causes of low blood pressure and how can it be treated?
What is Urologic Neoplasms?
Why do i have a headache if i sleep more or less than usual?
my son is 100% when he gets amoxicillin when he gets sick but 2 days after hes off the med he gets sick AGAIN.
How is our phlegm (yellow stuff) made up automatically when we are sick and get coughing?
My daughter needs to get info on the 200 cigarette toxins can you help us?
what shortens the common cold?
I've been smoking for 8 & 9 years. What kind of damage have I done to myself, and will my lungs recover?
What helps or get rid of carpel tunnel syndrome? I don't exactly know how to spell it. It is new to our family
I have an ear infection will putting warm olive oil in it help?
what can help with lack of energy and fatigued..no energy for 35 years...especaiily herbs & alternative health
2 1/2 years old child, when she walks her legs shakes, hip also shakes and she puts her neck often down?
is there any possibility to get high when u drink coca-cola with paracetamol or aspirin?
What's the craziest thing you have done in a sauna?
what medicine pills can be cut in half effectively?
does anyone know of an inexpensive place to buy a massage or reiki table?
How long do ear infections last?
why do we have ear wax, where dose it come from and do we even need it?
Damaged my eye.?
Question about eye floaters?
can you get regular contacts that aren't prescriptioned at rite aid or savon?
Is Pilates essentially the same thing as Yoga?
What exersice can you do to get rid of love handles on your sides and your upper thighs.?
Is it a bad idea to continue to go to the gym and workout if you are feeling under the weather?
How long should I wait after eating a full meal to perform rigorous (running/aerobics) activity?
i recently have been loosin weight and not eatin compul.sively but 9i have started to eat compulsively again !
If your always on the go, what would be the healthiest breakfast you can eat?
Help me gain weight!?
I think my son scratched my lip and I woke up the next dat with a FAT lip. What should I do ?
I have recently come up with a weird cold. *HELP*?
What disorder does Fran have?
How can you relax ?
What is the best body cleansing/detox product out there on the market?
what is the tooth fairy's e mail address?
Why do I nose bleed?
Is there anything harmful about putting vicks vapor rub in your nose?
2 chicken pox vaccines/ 1 kid?
whats wrong?????????
Is it possible to contract herpes through food like at any kind of restaurant? Thanks?
Pap smear accurate for HPV testing?
What would be the slightest changes in the white cell picture on a blood test during early HIV infection?
Heart Palpitations?
i have a thyroid nodule any input?
Looking for information on Huntingston Chorea diesease-hereditary-age of onset-medications-any info.?
my father was diagonised with grade 2 transitional cell papillary cell carcinoma of the bladder.?
how can i find out about cancer?
When the room temperature goes down to the 60's F, I keep yawning continuously. Why?
is it typical for a 2 year old to studder?
Who is the oldest person alive?
How do you treat Carpal Tunnel? OR how would a doctor?
does it take more energy or muscles to smile than not to?
thyroid nodules benign or malignant?
How do you get a stomachache?
My husband has recently been diagnosed with Dysautonomia. Anyone ever heard of it?
What causes foot cramps?
I feel hurt behind the year and my right side of my head is hurting me too.The neck also.What can I have?
how to stop lower back pain?
have had a very "barky" cough for a few days..it is worse at night and in morning..i do not have a doctor or
where do i buy a sinus irrigation system?
What are some..........????????
How did you get rid of your blackheads, whiteheads & large pores?
vitamins for skin?
Why don't you get goosebumps on your face?
Remove these scars pleeeeeeeeeeeesa?
are there any home remedys for scar removing?
What causes an itch?
What can happen if my Superventricular attack doesnt stop?
How worrisome is tachycardia?
Effects of low high density lipoprotein in human body function?
Does sublingual Vitamin B-12 interfere with atrial fibrillation?
how can hyperventilation decrease venous return to the heart and reduce blood flow during CPR?
I have and feel gurgling in my chest. What is the cause of the gurgling?
long headaches for 3 days?
why can't someone who had jaundice be a blood donor?
why do we get arthritis the person who answers tell me what happens then?
is there any virus that is curable? My understanding is that viruses are not alive. How can they be destroyed?
Why did my appetite decrease?
How can I get a free Craftmatic adjustable bed for my disabled wife who is on soc. sec. disability?
How much sleep in a 24 hour period, is harmful to your health?
Germs On Money?
What can cause lumps in the head or behind the ear?
which is better: hydroxycut or stackers?
I'm trying to reduce my waist size, do anyone know of any good exercises that can help?
I can't gain weight... no matter what I tried...?
By any chance, who eats yourgrt?
what happened to my finger?
SCARS.......I was recently in a very bad accident and my leg was...?
how do I help my 4 year old daughter with severe separation anxiety?
How do you stop snoring during sleep?
what are the domunatnts of health?
What causes Lactose of milk in some humans & what happens if they drink milk?
I have wondered the the herb "flax", has only one tried this on thier child or themselves?
Expalin heart attack and stroke.?
What countries still use DDT ? Why do they still use it ?
A friend told me that if you laugh too much or more often you develop facial wrinkles early.how true is this?
What is the best cure for a sinus cold?
why does my stomach always bloat up & hurt after i eat. everyday?? i don't eat that much either?
how does atherosclerosis affect the quality of life?
Are the blood pressure monitors that use your wrist very accurate?
In the future will they still have to do open heart surgery?
Does age and gender effect blood pressure?
abnormalities of heart can be detected more acurately by ausculation than by heart electrocardiography. Why ?
what can you take if u think uyou have ecoli ?
is hep c considered a disability by ssi now?
How many times do you wash your hands in a average day?
Is it possible to get shingles twice, having had it an eye.May I take the new vaccine for this?
24 weeks pregnant with wheezing and coughing...any ideas?
Is it possible for the body to fight off a minor case of active TB without medication?
lump under the skin?
how can I keep my gizzard soft and supple?
Is there anyway to get rid of scars how ? (like burn scars and cut scars ?)?
How can I get my already-removed mole to heal?
are canker soars a symptem of strep throat???
How can exercise on a regular basis help combat burnout in a human services worker?
how long does i take for toenails to grow?
how would you calm high anixty & overwhelming feelings?
tingling hands and weird feeling?
Where can I find a list of almost ALL the medications used for Bipolar Disorder?
My mother claims feet detox at a health clinic actually works for her? Is it a scam, can someone explain?
How do you get rid of dry lips?
i was going through my medicine cabinet and i found 2 meds that i dont know what they are or what they do.?
What kind of foods and drink do you avoid when on homeopathy medicine?
Can calcium w/magnesium and vitamin D cause ringing in the ears?
what is Ferrous Sulf Tab? it is a prescription dtug? what is it used for?
what is pranayam?
Rinsing mouth with milk before bed after brushing?
how does the push-button culture effect health?
how does it feel when your appendix bursts?
is sickle cell disease thromboembolic?
floaters! help me!?
Slightly Blurred Lense?
I have been wearing my new contacts for a little over a week...when I take them out at night, my eyes turn...?
im getting colored contacts but i have almost black eyes. will they still have the same effect?
Why does my eye sometimes make a clicking-type noise when I press the area on the edge of it?
Pro Wrestlers with glasses or contacts?
Is cracking your knuckles bad for your bones?
which vessel leaves the left ventricle?
Hopefully someone will have an idea what this tingling in my hand is?
Lower Back spasms and some questions!?
Rotator cuff injury. Need advice.?
How Long Before a Collasped Lung Heals?
pink bit on corner of eye?
I need help?? Okay this morning i woke up with a pain on my left side and i trow up really yellow?
Has any1 tried the new laser treatment called coolbeam for stretch marks?
HOw do you get rid of toenail fungus?
When you lose fat, where does it actually go?
Belly Fats?
Does non-drowsy medication make you more awake?
What do all the abbreviation mean on "cbc count" blood test?
A friend fell and broke a bone in his elbow. He has no disability insurance or income. Where can he get help?
What do I do about Arsenic and Floride in our well water?
I have the hyperthyroidism. Is it fatal?
I would like to join a gym, but have little money. What are some cheap places/options?
What can I do to make my finger nails grow?
blood pressure, left or right arm?
What are the long-terms and short-terms effects on obesity?
I hve found R599 prescription pills what are they for?
How to get rid of toenail fungus? Lamisil didn't work nor did tea tree oil...?
What can I do to care for my son with asthma better?
Whooping cough: As a pre-teenager in the late 1930's I had it. The doctor...?
Asthma question???
I'm 19 years old and I'm having a difficult time breathing, what do I do?
can a person whom has used cocaine for lets say 5 months get an infection say like ear nose eye sinus?
Compare the risk for contracting HIV through needle stick with risk for contracting hepatitis B through a?
What type of hand illness or injury would a person need suegery for?
how serious is dialated cardiomyopathy?
dental plaque and heart disease link?
What is the difference between the way beta blockers and nitrates work to control blood pressure?
What is orthostatic pressure?
Has anyone gotten on disability due to grand mal seizures?
Why is it so hard to get liquid meds?
what makes your ears ring?
where can i find information on headaches that cause you to pass out?
Does anyone get ever cured from IBS (IrritableBowelSyndrome)?
does anyone know what fibromyalgia is and does anyone have it?
Were can I find a single bed pair of silk sheets for someone who is very sick?
is ibuprophen and diphenhydramine when taken within a few hours of each other harmful?
Why, in physiological terms, does the diastolic blood pressure increase from rest to exercise?
Is there a vitamin supplement to help heal bruises?
My right wrist is broken, and something is wrong now that it is in a cast...HELP!?
How to get rid of blood clot under toenail?
is skelaxin stronger that flexeral?
in pain please help.?
i see mayor of n.y. has contributed $1,25.000 to anti smokeing. how about anti alcohol that maimes and kills m
Where can I find a website that offers translations for radiological (or medical) terms?
Is there a medicine called Soma 350 mg h.s. for rheumatoid arthritis?
does medical diagnostic ultra sound harm human tissues?
ihave a brownish colour arround my motuth is there a treatment for it?
for doctors only about my husband?
has any body developed a cough while using the blood pressure med lisinopril?
Does anyone know how a BiPap machine works? Should it use up the water? How strong should the pressure be.?
Why can we have a headache..what's the trigger?
What does the number of incidents mean for a sleep study? Sleep apnea?
What comes after infusion?
i would like to donate scarfs for chemo patients, how do i do this?
raised lumps in neck?
how safe is the infrared sauna?
What are the chemical contents of ganoderma lucidum?
weired eye conatact?
What is the best contact lenses for dry eyes?
Lasik surgery recovery?
Anyone have a link to purchase online prescription eyeglasses/frames?
Ok i have this cold sore on/in my nose, how do i get rid of it in just a couple of days?
Have you ever seen a child's fingernails (all of them) fall off?
I have a lump on my neck...?
ProActiv information please?
What is the best way to get over cravings when trying to lose weight?
What's the best and fasted way to lose weight ?
how do i lose weight fast? and stay motivated?
What do you know of the supplement Gakic? Does it actually increase muslce size afterwards, help you grow?
I'm 5'4", 135 lbs. I've been doing a jogging routine but it doesn't seem to be working. Help?
what medicine or cure for autistic persons? Any study home programs to improe them as normal?
my brain "spasms" and i don't know what to do. i don't know if i can call it a "tremor". help!
what is asperger's syndrome and how is different from bi-polar disorder typer 1?
how long heal fracture upper humerous?
is it migrainne is the first step for a brain tumor to happen?
What is the good warmup exercise in the morning ?
What are the long term side effects of using Zoloft?? My wife has been on it seven years?
I accidently ate some undercooked chicken and am afraid I will be sick. How long does it take Salmonila...?
ok people we need your expertise this time. stomach issues for my daughter?
how do you get rid of Tinitus?
Be honest...?
okay....now everybody knows about my friend who cuts herself how do we help herstop and get through it?
I just got contact lenses...does anyone have any tips?
is acetaminophen the same as iboprofin?
who were some breakthrough doctors involved in spina bifida?
What is the average weight of a 12 yr. old girl?
Retin-A is it true that it makes you loose elasticity?
what is the meaning of sten caused due to deficienc of vitamin b complex?
what's the difference between bronchitis and asthmatic bronchitis?
how well would i feel if i took a sleep study and started using sleep machine?
I already use Flonase and Flovent for asthma, and was prescribed Advair, is this any more dangerous?
For spinal cord injury patients, are they usually intact above or below the level of the lesion? For example a
In curing people, do you think that the Medical Profession should take over from God & Nature?.?
What is the best solution to astigmatism?
How do you make someone change some of their unsavory personal habits (hygiene)?
As far as immunizations go......?
What happened to Mr.Ahmadi's lower calf?
What is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor?
My ankle is killing me. It hurts when I put pressure on it or bend it wrong. It also hurts to touch it.?
Do you think it is possible to have post concussive syndrome 3 months after a concussion ( falling off a stool
How long can a person be under while anesthesia?
danger of diuretic?
what is n.p.a.?
What is happeneing when your eyes has been jumping for like a week?
Why do I get exertion headaches and how can I cure them?
need to know what causes water in the brain and what treatment is there for it?
name of the condition that results in contractions of the fingers making it impossible to straighten them.?
Any suggestions for snacks while on chemotherapy?
How did Lance Armstrong get cancer?
After a mamogram and ultrasound of the breast, how much can a radiogist tell for that?
What foods and drinks will promote an alkaline body and prevent cancer?
pinched nerve?
Hi. My daughter 15 years had blood test and found out the bilirubin is 21.6 is that normal, should we do more?
Over bleeding every month for 10 days?
My neck's been feeling kinked the last 3-4 days and I can't see a chiropractor. What else can I do?
how can i pass a breathalyzer if i drank last night?
what causes porphyria?
is there anything that can be done for a lazy eye (amneopia)?
what vitamins and in what quantity do i need to prevent hairloss and promote hairgrowth and hair health?
what causes my hands to tremble or shake slightly when i am using them?e.g.when drawing,writing,using de mouse
i have very dad blackheads, or just large pores how do i get rid pf it??
Foot Fungus. What does it look like? What are the symptoms?
My eyes have been slimy, seeing lots of floaters, white squiggly light against the sky,what could be wrong?
What can be done about sacroiliiis?
What foods are beneficial and which are harmful to people with Lupus? (Or Rheumatoid Arthritis)?
how do i delete the web sites i have been on from the adress box?
I have 5 toes, but 6 toe nail, what do i do here?
list or name of clinics in saudi arabia?
what is chemicalformula acetaminophen?
the drug zyban, is it availble over the counter, and what are some side effects?
Does anyone have any suggestions for MS related spasticity. I have tried every medication and nothing helps.?
what is Raloxifene hydrochloride?
what is chicken gunea & dangue?
what are nursing diagnosis for a newly diagnosed HIV patient?
Can you give me information on Cytomegalovirus?
whats meningitis?
5 examples of human viral diseases?
Question for those allergic to dogs?????
What antibiotic is good for Pneumonia??
what are the symptoms of pneumonia when you have asthma?
What can i do to help my Mom with her cold?
I need to stop snoring. Any help for me?
why do we hickup!?
I'm 40-years-old with a body odor what can I do?
massage techniques?
How does hepatitis B spread?
How to treat...chronic pharyngitis?
i have a friend who had a kidney transplant and drank regularly while on dialysis. she is still drinking, help
ok, is there another way tobeat the alcoholism/addiction than the 12 step programme?
i have got cold problem throughout the year for which i take cetrizine tabs,is there any side effect?
i have been sick with bronchitis the last week...feeling some numbness and thinkin i have pinched a nerve from
What's worse, a paper cut or hitting your elbow/knee really hard (to the point of tears)?
tail bone hurting and no more dimples!?
is it possible to go completley deaf due to a loud noise?
Broken muscle *~* anyone?
Has chemo ever been used during a cancerous tumor removal to flush the wound with or without an IV?
how to get tarceva in uk from nhs for lung cancer (i am paying for it myself)?
what is the top pediatric oncology hospital in US?
what purpose does your appendix serve in the human body?
How can fibroids be eliminated naturally?
skin rash- either slimquick or oil of olay tanning body lotion?
what is the best way to cure my foot from having a stinky smell?
gross question. Are any of you fascinated by popping zits?
Anybody know a guaranteed overnight way of getting rid of zits?
I have had acne problem for the past 5 years or so, and I am 30!!?
What is an average shoe size for a 10 year old?
Are there any proven ways to improve your eyesight....safely?
i need to know more about the Vaccenations duirngafter pregnency for the mother and her? child?
Is there a reliable cure or treatment for severe arthritis of the knees ??
Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections?
suffering from double vision only when walking or exercising. WHY?
Does eating soap cause any problem to kids?
What's wrong with taking cold showers?
height & weight of 18 month old toddler?
how do computers help nurses and Dr's?
Need a lawyer but unsure what type. A home health agency I have told my personal business to another client.?
is it normal to feel your heartbeat in your stomach?
for 65 years, friend sweats dark yellow/gold, strong odor, stains bedding, whole body.?
does anyone know what naproxen is used for?
how does calcium affect a person when they no longer have a thyriod?
where can I find a nutrition guide. Please help!!?
Do Doctor's email you results?
Is visine bad for your eyes?
I have astigmasism and one eye is far sighted, the other is near.. will I have to wear glasses for life?
What is the lowest calorie, and lowest fat, conduit for eating salsa?
lifiting weights?
does sleeping immediately after food increase weight?
does anyone know any good toning exercizes for a womans chest area?
wots the best diet and can i have a copy?
What are some good upbeat songs to download on my ipod to energize my workout?
Is there a great home machine to work out my waist and lower abs?
which of the proteins is the best to gain muscle volume without fat and no side efects.?
If I do three days of weightraining a week will I overtrain if I do pushups everyday?
Restless leg syndrome?
Whats your anti drug? ROCK MUSIC MY ANTI DRUG!?
my body itch alot i want to know why?
how often should pillows be replaced?
Will learning to play the piano make my carpal tunnel worse?
How do they do a 'Lung VQ Scan'?
If my son is wheezing in his sleep will he cough a lot?
Can exposure to mold cause pneumonia??
Please help!! Asthma problem!!!!!?
I have just been prescribed SYMBICORT 200/6 Turbohaler?
can i still grow a couple of inches taller at age 20?
If you get nauseous from chocolate is it possible that you are allergic?
any remedies forskin allergies?
worst smelling mold?
what can you do to get rid of hives?
My Dr has diagnosed me with Folliculitis. She prescribed my with Zyrtec. Has anyone had any luck with this?
How do I help someone whose starting to become anorexic?
if you have an ulcer and you eat dairy...does it give you a stomack ache?
What Are The Side Effects Of Ultracet?
what is diverticulosis or itis (sp)?
Does anyone know about Noonans Syndrome?
Has anyone had bells palsy and if so does the movement come back gradually or all at once?
Can a TB carrier pass on the virus to children if the father is a carrier? Should one get tested?
For people w/ Epstein- Barr virus, do u know there is natural help for this debilitating condition?
what is para flu?
what are trigliserates?
is it deadly?
Why do stiches start to itch?
Hit funny bone, now almost a week later two fingers are still numb.?
How long would i be out for?
Has your get up & go ever goy up & went,how long did it stay gone"?
Where can I get a complete prescription drug list and drug monograph to use in my medical website project?
I hurt my disc in my upper neck , now my lower back & legs hurt. Can it be from my neck injury?
i hav alot of lard around my chest ,,im male ,,that embarees me how i can get rid of it?
Why Centenarians live to 100+?
Trying to find a Medicare Part D insurance company that pays for butorphanol Tartrate Nasal Spray for my mom?
I am trying to find out what Ambidrin is used for. It is a mexican antibiotic.?
is sawdust bad fou your health?
Whats a rehab unit?
The Lesser Evil? Which would you choose....?
Has anyone ever heard of kalawalla for people with MS?
I hear healthfood stores have a powder form or pills that skew drug testing. Any Truth To That?
What is brain cancer?
What celebrities have died from smoking?
cure pacreatic cancer?
I am veg undergoing chemotheraphy I would like to know how to increase haemoglobin through diet plan.?
Solid Mass on Thyroid?
causes of apoptosis?
Is it true that if you go outside with wet hair/clothes that you'll catch a cold?
How do you get rid of the chills you get when you have a cold???
which health insurance is best for me?
why do some people look young for their age?
differentiate between diarrhea and dysentery?
i am think about not eating for 2 weeks.?
Am I in danger of becoming anorexic?
Why is it hard to find the time to workout?
Is there anyway you can get a flat stomach without doing sit ups?
I have wide shoulders what kind of tops should I wear?
I have a small belly bulge after having my daughter...I have tried situp galore and nothing. Any suggestions?
i would like to loose 50 lbs by summer is this possibe give me a few hints on how tos?
Hard to Breathe?
I'm own a inhaler combivent @ i smoke yes that is terrible i wish @ wish i could quit my husband smokes that
Do you think this sounds like emphysema?
What is the best medicine (over the counter or prescription) for relieving head congestion?
Need web addy for albuterol sulfate?
what are the symptoms of itching?
If you have health insurance with your job but still can't afford to pay for medicine, is there any other help
how do i get rid of hiccups?
what does TSH stand for?
How can I straighten my hips?
what is ocd?
can any 1 give me a run down on yoga and how beneficial it is to losing weight?
Given a choice to take ONLY 3 per day. Which 3 vitamins-minerals -supplements-herbs would you choose and why?
appetite suppressant, which ones are good one?
Homemade Nasal Decongrestant?
i let my friend pears my ear and its kinda red and swollen.?
The whole inside of my mouth feels inflamed--could this be a food allergy?
how could scarlet fever be introduced and spread?
Should there be 'portable toilets' for street people located throughout every city?
what is beta strep?
In Southern California where is the best place to get a perscription with out insurance?
What is polyarthropathy?
Does anyone know about fallen arches?
How can I find out about cosmetic surgery in Thailand?
Anyone k know anything about Liver cancer..and how long u have left to live..can u beat it?
workers comp Help please?
Why do I keep getting sores inside my mouth?
I have a serious problem, my eye is red?
ok if the person was neg for hiv and pos for chlamydia could hiv should up in anyway?
PARASITES live in your body like tapeworms. What parasite spits slime then travels in it?
phone radiation?
Can a cbc test come back normal if you have lymphoma?
I need some credible information sites about the effects of Pot.?
can a type 2 diabetic drink alcohol? how much and often?
My blood pressure is 106/80 is that normal?
does taking effexor XR improve memory?
vomiting lime green after poping pills. Why?
Whats a good way to stop cracking your knuckles? I have a very bad habit and it hurts if I dont do it. Help!?
i have this everyday headache,it hurts on top of my head.?
i got a mild flu on tuesday im taking medicine for it, should i still be contagious by tomorrow,Friday?
Which of the following allows the greatest amount of exchange between blood plasma and the interstitial fluid?
how do i help a chronically asthmatic child?
Treatment for Pericardia?
Have u used something funny (movie, book, friend) to cheer you, relieve stress or make you well?
If you don't have health insurance, but need...?
when does a pediatrician have a vacation?
what do's the top number in the blood pressure cup mean?
will a person pass a alcohol test if they had 4 drinks and stopped at 11 PM and test was next evening at 7 PM
what is a good home remedy for plugged ears?
Does anyone know what it means to have a baby born with "potential w/s kidneys"?
Why do i get sore throats?
if you have cancer and have radithion you can not have surgury.?
What is the Life Expectancy of someone that was diagnosed with SLE Lupus?
how serious is this?
has anyone used any type of sauna belt ?
Do treadmills convey your true heartrate?
any doctors? i need your help?
what are the best diet foods?
how can i like go on a camp to loose weight for teenagers?
why do skinny people think they re fat?
Why does asparagus alter the smell of one's urine dramatically?
What is worse for you, a 12 oz beer or a 12 oz cola and why?
What exercises can I do in the car. I have a long trip ahead of me.?
I am a vegetarian , What are good vitamins to take for skin , nail, and eye health?
Does anyone believe fibromyalgia is a real disease? Notice the first 3 letters are fib? Or, is it a catch all?
How can I have a stronger left hand?
what are the symtoms of poison injection and how do you prevent it?
why my bodie temperature its 35.8 - 36.2 its a problem?
Are multipurpose contact lens solutions interchangeable? If so, which is the best for daily wear comfort?
What's a good antibactrial, moisterizing bodywash for guys?
What can I do about scar tissue on my spine caused from back surgery?
How bad will Carpal Tunnel surgery hurt?
What is Kapal Bhathi? Is it good for health? How do we do it?
I need help!!?
is it possible to pop a knee back into place?
what is another name for fibular nerve?
Something is stuck in my nose help!?
Ripped off nail?
Why do I get a charlie horse cramp in my stomach when I bend over or try doing sit ups.?
Is there an age factor in how young multiple sclorsis can show up?
How do I heal a split lip?
Coke prob. 2?
can you take relacore with high blood pressure and diabeties?
somebody please suggest a good yoga exercise for constipation and also for releasing gas immediately?
what is an effective remedy for a burned hand? Grabbed a hot pan handle.?
does the medical drug ambien realy cause people to sleep walk and give the munchies?
What is it in moonshine whiskey that causes alcohol poisoning other than lead?
skin cancer?
best place for prostate cancer surgery.?
Questions on chemotherapy hair texture changes?
what are the odds of breast cancer returning?
i have a growth in my head what do i do is it a form of cancer?
Why would I have a sore throat???
Agonizing cough?
do i have asthma? I've felt short of breath for 20 hrs?
what kind of pill for UTI?
Could i positively have tb even if the xrays doesn't say so?
i have a health problem?
How can I get rid of head lice without spending any money?
Could any one answer me about Bachet disease and if there is any cure?
what is glacoma?
Who knows about side effects on long term use of prednisone?
What causes a tumor?
I am looking for any updated information concerning the realtionship between ALS and Vietnam Vets.?
My father has esophagus cancer and is seeking medical consultation in the UK. Anyone know of such surgeons?
Help finding residential care for bipolar/borderline personality 16 yr female in Illinois?
I'm 16 years old and I'm 3 ft tall do u think ill still grow before I'm 18?
what can i do against bulemia?
What soft drinks or sports drinks have the least amount of sugar and sodium?
Can we burn cholestrol ?
Ephedra is back on the market, does anyone know if it is safe and what is the best brand too buy.?
What is the best way to get rid of fat in the abdominal area?
I am looking for a tread mill that doesn't cost an arm or a leg?
Will eating one egg a day wreck your cholestrol?
How do I begin a workout if I want to lose excess weight on my stomach. What should I do more??
has anybody taken amino acid pills?
Prescription for color contacts?
Is there a corrolation between retiring and death?
whats the best way to get rid of hiccups?
Are you all bored out there? If so figure this out!!! Get 10 pts first correct answer.?
what are some consequences with animal research?
what is "sharp angulaton of lowermost coccygeal vertebrae"?
Pianist with wrist problems?
What is a hamstring injury?
What would cause bleeding under the large toe nail?
I'm on TB medication and sometimes I still cough up a little blood every few hours (about a size of a thumb)
anything to do when a bad cold starts?
do you need to go to the doctor for bronchitis, if not what can you do to get rid of it? I get it every year?
anyone know of a cough medicine that works? so far nothing working for me?
What is a good vaporizer that i could buy?
can chest x-ray detect diseases like whooping cough or any other type of contageous cough?
Please tell me?
i am looking for some help for my alcoholic mother but can't seem to find any here in louisiana.?
Is there any way I can reduce the blood-related side effects of CHEMOTHERAPY?
I had a bone scan recently findings were my left kidney was much smaller than the right. Is this dangerous?
is cancer recurrance treatable?
Skin cancer?
Is there only one male reproductive organ?Or are there more?
Is cll leukemia terminal and what are some of the more dangerous symptoms?
how to get rid of a bad habbit ?
How do you cure hemorrhoids?
What are some ways to help my low blood sugar?
Which medical supplemental plan should I get, A through J?
What are bone specialists or bone doctors called?
why do we yawn?
Why don't schools teach the Scientific Method of investigation anymore.?
Accupuncture vs. Allergy Shots for Allergies?
Is it allergies or sinius?
I constantly have a cold. I've tried every medicine for kids yet it doesn't work. What am i allergic to?
I have asked this question before, but more has developed?
do cold sores stay in your lips or they go away with no treatments?
can HIV get in though skin if an HIV Carier's blood splash on my skin?
If your next door neighbor gave her son herpes?
What is the fastest way to lose weight?
Regarding distribution of active ingredients in a pill: Is half a scored pill half a dose? Do regs exist?
Anti-aging pills?
what is the best way to lose belly fat, and get a six pack or close to it?
water pills - weight loss?
what is the best certification to get for being a personal trainer?
i'm 5'7'' tall and weigh 140lbs am i fat?
what is the advantage of putting on tanning lotion in the indoor tanning bed? Is it necessary?
what happens if a woman takes 'muscle milk' or a cretin suppliment mix?
What is the best way to get rid of post-pregnancy tummy fat, 6 years after the fact?
What vitamins do you take?
how to reduce cholestrol?
how do u know if ur bone is broken?
What to do?
What home remedy can you recommend for arthritis?
Do you know of any type of supplements, vitamins etc that can help with low energy?
is the hardest drug "speed"?
anyone know where to get pain pills ->>>???
can human get pyoderma?
How do you forgive someone that came into your life just to kill you ? Part 4?
My 6 mth old has a chest infection & has been put on antibiotics,should i be worried about this ?
What are signs of athsma????
VQ scan and pulmonary embolism?
What is the best soap to use for Eczema?
what should i do to have a smooth skin?
I need nasal removed, I tried laser which worked on the majority of the problem, what are my options?
Had mole removed and now area is sore?
acne around my mouth and chin?
any overnight cures/ treatments for blemishes?
how to get rid of hiccups?
What are the health effects from smoking hookah?
At what point is low blood pressure considered dangerous?
Can the side affects to having precancerous cells not allow me to ever have children?
How do you know you have leukamia?
Have you heard of the lawsuit?
Did you know you can get cancer from using a cell phone?
gamma ray viewed tissue?
how do you find lost contact in eye?
Contact prescriptions?
I cant get my contacts out!!!!!?
eye protection while tanning?
Just diagnosed w/ HSV. Needing to learn to accept, and come to terms. Any suggestions? Ty. :)?
What is are the statics for Tertiary Syphilis??
can sumone explain to me what hep. c is??
How long do allergy shots take?
Allergie sufferers advice please!?
Why does my nose always run?
Is there anyone that has had the gastric bypass and medicaid has paid for it?
What does it mean when a patient is in imu?
information on sow manila poisoning in infants please very important!!!! help?
I Have a metal plate in my wrist.Is There some type of I.D. that i would need to have.?
how to heal carpal tunnel syndrome?
where can i find a good black physician in AZ?
does penicillian cure a kidney infection?
how do i loose wight and keep it off?
Facial weight loss - Wondering how you can lose some fat around the facial region?
how do i get rid of stretch marks?
is the protein megamass 4000 a good one?
how to loose double chin relay fast which people are making fun of?
how do you loose weight fast and easy?
is there a good diet plan that works for people who want to lose over 50lbs?
Lose Weight on the Treadmill?
What is the difference btwn doing reps of an excerise and just doing as many as you can do at one time?
Does anyone know of any books realated to podiatry or the foot? I can't find any.?
i started to run track at school but i have recentally quit smoking...?
Does having bronchitis once make you likely to get it again?
are atlas neck collars for trachiostomies and laryngectomies?
what causes cancer?
Why do I get sleepy as I am passing a bowel or have a full bladder? Also I believe blood flow is constricted.?
when u got blood transfusion in hospital,did u fear for getting disease?
Does anyone here believe in a cure for Multiple Sclerosis?
What is colitis.My stools are sticky.Lost weight around 7 kg during last 4 years.Blood sugar thyroid normal.?
dialysis questions?
why do my veins in my hands get elevated and they hurt me?
do you or anyone you know have autoimmune hemolitic anemia, can you give me any info on the subject?
can cancer cells die without treatment &can i know if i (had) cancer ?
has anybody survivied cancer recurrance?
any long term cancer survivor?
do you get nose bleeds with laringitus?
how can i avoid tonsilitis? because i always get tonsilitis almost every month.?
Is the human body designes for meat consumption?
what is HIV?
can i get rabies from a hamster bite?
by what mecanism does AZT work against the HIV virus?
is boil on face related to hiv ?
Allergic Reaction to Antibiotics?
my boyfriend wears contacts and his eyes become red could he have an eye infection?
Prescription medicines?
Has anyone gotten hives from being allergic to a cat?
What can I do for severely dry eyes?
Which is the difference between herpes I, II and zoster?... symptoms?
Question about Shoulder Injury...?
about 6 days ago i ran into a vacum cleaner my finger was hurt and swollen its still swollen what should i do.
Trapped finger, finger swollen?
Is tap water in California drinkable, safe?
have ACL grade III tear and want to go for surgery in spain.please suggest a reputable orthopedic surgeon?
I'm looking for medical DVD's to play in the waiting room of a doctor's office?
Why am I so tired?
Which of the measurable respiratory volumes be exaggerated in a person who is very fit?
How does the renal system compensate for respiratory acidosis?
i breath loudly?!?
Breathing Problems...it feels like im not breathing, but i actually am of course?
Does Nicotine depress the central nervous system?
Nowdays,young man having a white hair in the head, what the causes and prevention of this matter?
When did u first discover that u had grey/white hair? At what age?
why isn't there an ingredient list in cigarettes?
What is the lowest speed crash to get whiplash?
how to get rid of cholesterol?
should i go to rehab to get off frappucinos?
What is the best and most effective diet pills that really work and controls your appetite?
what are the cheapest fad diets?
I'm 5'4 and weigh 150 what should i do im so over weight?
I'm 5'6" and weigh 160! I'm way to overweight! Does anyone have any good diets?
What is a SURE way to lose about 10 pounds by the end of April?
does anyone have a succsseful loosing weight story ?
Cause/treatment of what my Dr calls "pincher toe nail"?
I have an acute lower back pain... can you advise?
Where can i sell my herbal product.?
Anyone know where to buy Kip Burn Ointment. It has spearmint, bay and wintergreen oils in it.?
what is the differance between acute & chronic leukemia?
what can i buy over the counter for scabies?
What are benefits of anesthesiologists? ex. days off, paid vatcation?
contacts question?
What is the difference between types of cigarettes?
my sister has been feeling headache all the time , even after she has been treated for typoid and malaria, why
e-mail address for Cedar Lake Nursing Home in Malakoff, TX?
Any cures for lower back pain? I'm in my 20's and feel like I'm 120.?
what are the downsides of lapse in healthcare insurance?
why do i still have a pain in the tip of my thumb months after being cut with glass?
Why do small cuts in mouth turn very big and painful?
sinus problems?
Are there any other successful treatment for cancer other than chemotherapy or radiation therapy ?
Skin Cancer or Just Eczema?
is radiotheraphy can kill?i will take this for 3rd times & still scared?
could the cancer tumor shrink itself at the start of the cancer process without any treatment?
Effectiveness of herceptin?
What happens if you do not treat a cyst on your ovary?
Dosage of flu vaccine for 2 year old?
is it true if someone ingest nutmeg they can get a high off of it?
white pill 512?
Give me some real tips for sleep deprived hangover?
Is there anything I can take to make my throat feel better?
cystic fibrosis?
i have some symtoms with my throat... what might i have?
Where can I find the information on children ear infection?
fluid put in artery of my foot.?
sprained thumb?
How long will it take to recover from a sprained ankle?
Does an x-ray show muscle tension?
why do bones need to be popped?
what should i do for a sprained thumb?
How long can tics or Tourette Syndrome last?
what can contribute to elevated bilirubin in adult females?
What Would Cause Severe Stabbing Pain in The Lower Extremities? Any Doctors??
what is degeneration and radiculopathy?
what are the worlds rarest and deadliest viruses?
will the drs,ever let me go back to work??
Anyone know about Raynauds symptoms?
what does it mean when you have foul stool?
Does anybody know any good ways to get rid of dark cirlces?
my scalp itches at the very top only and has little crusty scab like spots to?
My face is getting blotchy areas (lighter skin than the rest of my face) is it from tanning?
does anyone know the recipe for restaurant tea. Like maybe Red Lobster tea?
How can I get rid of excema? I have it on the back of my arms!?
does rubbing lemon on your skin help lighten your skin from a tan?
If you cried, is it possible that you busted a blood vessel in your lower eyelid if it is red and swollen?
what is the best way to keep yourself happy?
How do you stretch/relax your own neck and back muscles?
would someone suffering depression during an extended hospital stay benefit from light therapy?
what is the best way to loose pounds quick?
whats the best way to get abs and lose belly fat other than doing sit-ups??
what is the TOUGHEST workout you've ever done?
egg allergy?
Allergies urticaria?
Is this a food allergy or something else?
what happens if i vacuum with my bagless eureka with out the filter in?
what could i possibly be allergic to?
What is in the air the last 2 days in Los Angeles? Everyone's eyes and nose are burning and itching.?
is smoking melatonin bad? if so, how bad and what would the possible signs be?
I've heard that symptoms of bi-polar disorder could be mistaken for the after affects of smoking marijuana.
What does "cerified bovine sources" mean related to Nutri-West products?
I have a pill with the inscription West Ward 232, do you know what this is?
Is there really urine in acne medication?
Planter's Wart Treatments?
Do you know a natural treatment to get rid of neuroleptics like Depakote,Risperdal?
i would like to see the presure points of the body?
teaching strategies for nurse educator?
Has anyone ever heard of liquid zeolite before and what does it ues for?????
medicaid doctors indiana?
Anyone had any small lumps in there breast?
what age group suffers from cervical cancer. Also have you had it?
What are the coindications for the prescription drug Zolinza(vorinostat)?
Can anyone tell me about their gamma knife experience for brain tumors?
Could it be Cancer again? I am worried?
what is acute viral syndrome?
Is anyone on Enbrel for Rheumitoid Arthritis? What do you think of it? how long have you been on it?
Does anyone else have guillion berea syndrome?
What are the environmental and health impacts of fecal E. coli in drinkning water?
Are the any downsides to using a wound Vac?
For all who know that regular "lotion" is actually bad for skin, please explain why it hydrates decently?
What are the symptoms of kidney disease and what are the thing or ways to prevent it?
Should I go off of my anti-seizure medication for pregnancy?
How Hypo Thyroid affects working of a person?
my son has stomach ache for 4 days now. doctor says it is just stomach infection?
Information about complications after thyroid surgery.?
How do I know If my workers comp claim?
Help my eye hurts!!!!?
Acid-base question?
how much would emphysema affect you if you wanna be a pilot? what are the chances you have?
I twisted my ankel sunday and I have been putting ice on it once a day and been wearing a brace?
loss of blood?
Has anyone ever had a Bone Scan before? What happens when you get one?
what is cyanosis?what does its presence indicate?
Iam suffering from psoriasis on my palm and under my feet. If any body found any cure.?
Is it unhealthy if you go to sleep in this pattern:?
How do I know if my sense of well-being is false?
Why do people, especially guy's become Gynocolagists?
does proctosedyl have negative side effect?
when a person faints how long should she be unconcous before I call for help?
what is the relationship berween Thyroid lvels and cholesterol?
what is danger effict of use cellure phone in human health ?
can pregnant women take ambien, or another sleeping aid pills?
What is bulging discs and what can be done about it?
I need the direction to Gateway to Care in Albany, Georgia?
Sore feet!! Help!!?
Has anyone ever seen a pill like this? Amoxicillin- yellow/burgundy capsule with RX655 wrote on it?
Are animals allergic to penicillin?
driving with keratoconus? please help me?
i have somthing in my eye?
what other body parts does the pancreas work with?
what gives u cancer?
Cure for Cancer?
What is Endometrial Cyst?
Klatskin's tumor?
Does Stacker 3 work?
are creatine supplements worth it when trying to increase strength and size?
Fibercom Versus Metamucil ?
how can i shed 2 stone within 4 weeks?
Is it right that i should feel pain in any muscle trained?
what are the effects of insecticides on non-insects?
I am in the habit of falling down for no reason at all. What could that be?
is there milk for those suffering LACTOSE DEFICIENCY?? OR pills to take safe before drinking milk??
does atkins lower cholesterol?
If a flu pandemic hits and is killing millions are you prepared?
Why does my 17 year old daughter have high level of h-pylori?
side effects of cortoisone?
Have you ever...?
Are there any new treatments for Crohn's disease?
where in the lungs are lymph nodes located?
what is cough variant asthma/cough induced asthma--what is the rreatment for that?
What are the affects of continuously smoking marjuana?
Is there a connection between low lung capacity and hypertension?
inhalers side effects?
how can 1 get rid of sun burns?
What to do for a broken nail?
Can I play sports after a mild ankle sprain if it seems bearable?
Anyone know how to get lead out of the top of my hand?
Bone fractures in my child.?
sharp pain in knee when i lift it?
How To treat back pain?
what happends when we die?
What is a colon(body part) and what are its fuctions?
what is the best remedy for when you feel achy and think you have the flu?
pls give me an appropriate diet and exercise chart for a 66 yrs old controlled diabetic and heart patient.?
My kitten died recently from panleukopenia....=(?
can aids could be transferred to animals?
What is Demadex Mange and can my other pets get it?
What are some good ways of avoiding contracting pink eye if my roomate has it? besides staying far from him?
how did the poliomyelitis get its name?
How many calls doe a paramedic go on?
were do they teach pranic healing?
what are the benefits of a floatation tank/sensory deprivation?
Has anyone used Black Salve with bloodroot for skin cancer with success?
Can hypnosis help combat things like dislike of housework?
what are some natural ways to boost your metabolism??
the procedure when the clean out bile from your intestines?
my boyfriend's work requires staying under the sun,I'm worried that he can get skin cancer and?
How to combat dry heat in the winter time?
How to get rid of eyebags naturally without any surgery and costly cosmetics?
need info on a rash from a dog having fleas?
Why is my female friend growing whiskers under her chin at age 54? Would you recommend electrolysis?
Has anyone heard of acnezine?
Why coffee?
wut do u do if you if you just found out sum1 in your family has cancer?
how are lymph nodes and melanoma connected? I heard you can get it in your nodes. Anyone know what occurs?
does enyone in England has Tarceva tablets they do not need anymore and willing to give them away?
what causes testis cancer??????
sore throat help!!!!!!!!!!?
Why are steriods in meds bad for us? Especially in kids?
How can I reduce my weight and my buldging tummy. I am 26 Male. 5.10" and weigh 75 kg.?
Have you ever heard about the Lipovarin : 3 week diet program, if it works?
get $1000 to loss weight, how?
In the past 2years i gained over 50 pounds and i have tried every diet and nothing works.how can i lose weight
how long can you live with out food?
How to reduce weight in a short period of time?
Are there any doctors in the raleigh/durham ,nc area that prescribes the b-12 shot for weight loss purposes?
how do I rid marijuana out of my system - using home remedies and health nutrition cleansers?
How to remove black color form lips?
meaning of health ethics?
My back has been hurting more since I've switched beds, do I need a firmer mattress?
What is a lens mfg by American lens co, Southbridge, MA, marked hard resin 5.50 2.00 L Base Add Eye?
what is duodenal feeding and its procedures?
what to do if the top of your finger pops in (where the nail is)?
Which injuries are possible: A girl jumps on a guys stomach?
Has anyone else had a bakers cyst that popped?
what is when you have a mild broad-based posterior disk protrusion,abutting the ventral spinal cord.?
I need to find out what programs they have out there to help with hip replacements, financially for my mamaw.?
How do you know when you have a blood clot in your leg?
When people get their limbs amputated, what do they do with the chopped-off limbs?
can i get zithromax if its not perscribed to me?
getting rid of sharp Razors?
Is acne important in a relationship?
can an hiv+ woman have a negative baby?
anyone use airborne?? does it work good??
Can a person with MRSA in his urine and a foley cath share a room with someone who uses the toilet?
how to prevent eye conjunctivitis?
Chicken pox once, twice, three times???
If epi pens just have epinephrine (adrenaline)...?
can anyone tell me how to blow my nose quietly?
How popular is amphetamine in the US?
health benefits of green tea. (Testimonials with permission for class presentation)?
How to relieve pressure in the eye and to stop the bleeding in the eye caused by diabetes?
Hey for anyone out there with or without .......?
a friend has green healimg stones that have fragments of nickel , from wyoming what are they it really works?
told me everything known about Prince Harry?
has any one heard of neurofibromatosis?
Cancer related jobs?
zhen de shou capsule-is that really effective?for those person who usd that medicine?
Is smoking cause to breast cancer.?
i am a 2 year cervical cancer survivor caught hpv from husband. can i get reinfected again?
temp is 99.7, tired, can't sleep well, throat is dry, headache (hurts esp. when i get up and walk)?
what body parts does whooping cough affect?
I have a very low oxygen saturation level. Lows around 70% to high of 88%. What are some possible causes?
Asthma experiment with straws?
How long does it take for a person who had lung cancer to recover from having 1/2 of their lung removed?
Is there any new treatments for Interstitial Cystitis?
Can you help me with my reflux problem?
Anyone ever done a home chemical peel?
need help with my lips.?
Why does my finger go numb?
question for anyone?
Any correlation between Zoloft and dry eyes?
i qiut smoking and my breath is bad ,like metallic,what can i do?
what is the relationship of acids and bases to human system?
how can i increase my stamina so i can run longer distances quicker?
How to burn fat?
how many calories are in a pound?
What are some things I can do to get motivated to lose weight?
A question for weight lifters/body builders?
The reflection in my toaster makes my bottom look REALLY BIG! Should I throw it out ...?
dose anyone know what a good diet to go on that wont cost alot of money?
what are the best and fastest fad diets?
I have big calves - how do I make them smaller and more toned?
I need advice!!!?
My prescription for contacts is -4.75. Does anyone know what my vision is: x/100 ?
I accidently ut Clear care contact solution on my contact and than in to my eye about 7 hours ago?
my thumb has been numb for 1 day.any advice??
What can be done if cheekbone is broken?
Is it normal to have sever pain four years after haveing a metal plate put in my ankle?
How many pieces of paper equals to one inch?
Does smoking make you lose weight?
what do you do about a fractured collar bone?
Knee problems?
How long does it take for your eyes to start hurting from using the computer?
Okay, so I went to an optomologist today and I told her about the incident what happened to me a few weeks ago
my finger was injured and is now numb, should i be worried?
does anyone have advice on carpal tunnel sundrome?i beleive i may have it ?and it's driving me crazy?
I am a heavy smoker. I want to stop it. Is anybody out there to give me an advice?
Is it unhealthy not to sneeze?
What did I eat?
I likely have Mono, but I cant miss work. Help please?
How can one catch fever?
What is a quick way to get rid of sore throats?
vaccination schedule for flu shouts?
How is a vaccine made?
how can i get food poisoning?
If I am allergic to Codeine, am I also allergic to Hydrocodeine?
Does Vitamin C work for Allergic Rhinitis?
Is it possible for medication to create an alergy?
Cat allergies?
Why do I sleep so much?
What is the best medicine for your skin to be flawless?
i have dundruffs which dont seem to want to clear.ihave used even many types of shampoos but no success.?
Can maggots bite a human? If so would they cause red sores that spread on the skin?
is it safe to consume alcohol while on prednisone?
how these diseases or conditioned are diagnosed?
does any one know........?
Has anyone had a blood clot in their lung?
Trouble breathing?
Have you ever had these symptoms?
I can't breath very well & I have chest pain and a cough that comes out here and there?
Is it possible to get mono a second time?
My mother developed strept throat a while after chemotherapy what is the best remedy?
I need your opinion. Please help!!!?
Why do most cancers produce so few symptoms?
Can woman who had an STD???
AIDS defining disease in people with HIV?
Can you contact chlamydia or gonorrhea from toilet seats used by infected person(s)?
what is the remedy for heartburn?
can spondylitis lead to total immobility?
How do I find information on mastocytosis in the UK?
Hi.my name is radmehr.im from iran.i have a pain on mu hed.it is migren.my age is 35.when i eat cheez/icecreen
Cystic Fibrosis?
Do any of you have a parent with Alzheimer's and are very close?
What are the earliest symptoms of Turrett's Syndrome in a 2 yr-old?
how do you know if you have lupus or are allergic to the sun?
I have vertigo how do i get rid off it?
If you had HIV or AIDS would you tell the person that you were dating?Why or why not?
Pro or con use of Noni juice given to infants and children.?
do hair ingested or inhaled pose serious health hazards or they are filtered through any natural process?
Weight is 462, i really want to reduce, but i do believe there are honest programs, CAN U help me find one?
What are the symtoms of meningitis?
Why men have more muscles than women?
does anyone know what is the most common type of hepatitis?
why does antibacterial soap not remove bacteria off of your dishes but it can on your skin?
my ex has mono i how long can u have it in your system?
How long does hiv positive people,basically live for?
Why do most Africans still suffer from poverty and hiv/aids not excluding hipatetis B?
Where can I get help to cope with my sister's alcohol addiction?
depacote - uses, addiction,etc.?
does anyone know of any herbal supplements for weight loss the REALLY work? I need to lose at least 100 lbs.?
which is easier? south beach diet or weight watchers?
Has anyone had their ears burn? I keep having my ears feel like someone is putting rubbing alcohol in them.?
Do you think this is cancer?
is keliods a chronic disease?
can i pass the MEPS even if i have many skin diseases?
how to treat my very dry skin?
What i sthe cause of cold sores but in the lip?
milk can help an allergic reaction?