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whats the best way to lose weight without a bunch of exercise?
Best techno dance songs for spinning?
What is vinyassa yoga?
what is the best diet pil?
Percent Body Fat?
Low-Cal Lunch?
I have a heave backpain ? how to reduce my pain ?
does smoking weed help or hurt people with crohn's disease?
Hey people my high blood pressure meds making me feel lightheaded?
Distemper virus????????
What are the best places for treatment for Fragile X Syndrome?
What may be an antibody? (two words)?
can humans get red mange?
what are the negatives and positives of being a register nurse?
My grandaughter was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2005 stage 3 .?
anyone who knows about colon cancer patients stage 4?
possible to have cancer of epididymis?
what are the functions of the brain,spinal cord,nerves,and neurons for the nervous system?
what are all the hospitals in the upper marlboro area?
What are sores on your lungs?
Can hair loss be a symptom of cancer??
Does the anti-depressants cause impairment in movement of limbs?
Why do people sometimes label fibromyalgia a fake disease?
want to calculate BMI?
How many recieving chambers and outgoing chambers does the heart have?
Meditation - how, and why?
i have a sligth thoracic levoscoliosis, what does it mean?
how many bacteria do we wash off during an everyday shower?
pro activ aint workin here either! lol wat kinda vitmans help the b vit? i think but yea?
My scratch?
how do i stop my oily conditon on my face?
what's the best mobile phone out (but not too expensive)?
How to heal low back pain?
I have flu and am taking antibotic Klacid. to reduce fever, should I take Tylenol Cold or regular Tylenol?
Working with computers, the skin on my fingers crack and bleed. any help out there?
when can I drive a manual transmission with a broken foot?
What ever happened to the woman known as Sybil? Also did the abuse she endured really happen to her?
Do you know someone - or are you, yourself - known to be beautirexic?
is there any natural supplement to grow taller?
What effect if any does staying well hydrated have on high blood pressure?
Can a muscle tear? What are outward signs?
Dangers of falling on stomach?
. That outside bone on my foot ( lateral malleolus) is pointed and sticks out; it really hurts. What's wrong?
I got into a 4wheeling accident this summer, now when I walk on the treadmill the pain is too much to bear.?
who is gary wadler?
How often can u get a b-12 shot? Are they safe? Can u get same result from a vitamin pill?
does anyone know where I can get some info. on drug addicted babies I have a presentation to do?
has anyone had a bad or good exp. with gastric bypass or lap band?
Why is my blood red?
gastric banding?
How come French riddlers never hurt wrists or elbows while turning the 30.000 wine bottles?
is there a way to make marijuana more potent after it has been harvested and cured?
Does anyone like to share their experience with alternative medicines?
What is toxicity and carcinogenicity?
I am in my 18th week of pregnancy and seeking ideas for back pain and heartburn?
random theory for a cure for aids?
How does Claritin work?
Am I allergic to perfume?
Is neomycin related to erythromycin?
Can you build up an imunity to poison ivy?
Best allergy medication?
i have this white raised spot on my face what could it be . it is noticably was i am dark skinned?
whats on the bin??
what is septic arthritis and how can it be cured?
Does internal bleeding cause fatigue?
on what websites can i find wahtare white blood cells?
I need to find a Paris hospital?
chances of pancreatic cancer?
What cancers can be cured? What are the treatments that work?
What is the scientific basis of hiccups? Any definite cure/prevention? -nector_lion?
where can I get the smallpox shot??
if I am taking 1200 mg of calcium and 500u of vitamin D daily , why would I have 25.OL mg/24 hr in urine?
Is it possible to drink too much water per day? Are 4 or 5 liters too much?
How can i lose body fat?
how can i get a better body ?
i would like to ask what is the best way to gain weight because recently i became v.thin and lost my apatite?
I need a good workout i can do at home you know light areobics.?
Are There Any Work-Outs That I Could Do To Build Muscles Without Weights?
how to messure breast?
i have 32 days to loose 10-15 pounds, how do i do it?
how to get rid of the black heads?
how can i get dimple on my cheek without surgery ?
i kinda have chicken legs what do i do to get some bigger ones.?
Can somebody tell the perminent solution for curing acne?
I have a mole on my neck and can't stop picking at it, there is now a little lump next to it, should I worry?
Best acne mark fading....?
Tetnas shots??
i want to know about the effects of ulcer and the treatment for it?
home remedies for gout?
What is best way for breast reduction? Is jogging one of them?
I have a ligering edema in my ankle for a month now. How am i going to treat it. Is there a way to avoid edema
death sick brother?
Throbbing pain in lower back. hands feet and face puffy. Any idea what is causing this?
is there any?
mini heart attacks bad news? bears???
Beta Blockers question?
Can it be a prolonged heart attack?
What are some bruised tailbone remedies?
Anyone with advice on treating a luxating patella (knee/joint)for my 1yr old chihuaha pup? Surgery:last resort
What Could be the cause of My Pain?
Do u knw the exercises for sciatic pain?
every minute about how much air do You breathe in ?
Does Childrens Mucinex help your kids?
what are the chances of gettin a tuberculosis relapse if you were jus given the clear and kept smoking?
Smoking and poverty?
What is is cholesteatoma?
I think I injured my finger?
swollen blackish eye....?
I injured my jaw three days ago and it is still hurting. Can a jaw be "out of place"?
Question about a bad knee?
Is hep-b cirrhotic patients have a GERD complications.?
What types of vitamens do I take to improve my skin?
Does anyone recommend a skin care system that they believe is worth buying??
excessive dry scalp and itching. Help?
What happens if i get pool shock (bleach) on my face (and a drop in my mouth)?
Plantar Warts?
how do i heal a sinus infection?
how can I cleanse my body from the inside out?
Can a "stent" migration cause a mini-stroke?
how do you calculate your body fat?
20 examples of nursing diagnosis and its interventions... =/?
are there any cases of child-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS in the kindergartens?
I love Lamp?
how to pass drug test in less than 24 hrs?
Can chocolate cause a rash?
what is reiki?
Any opinions on A Healing Touch in Monroe Twp, NJ?
Speech therepy? Any known resorces. . . .?
steroids in nausea medicine (decadron), what are they for?
what is the new medicine that helps smokers stop smoking?
I just had a complete blood work up and urinalysis done what do the results mean?
Suddenly Got a Mole on My Fingertip - Should I Be Concerned?
Share your experience....I need opinions?
How to treat osteoarthritis?
medical marijuana -- effective in treating arthritis?
How common is mitochondrial myopathy?
How do you treat tonsilitis?strep throat? and sinusitis? at the same time?
why does a neurologist not give you a straight answer?
can someone have a blood clot in one of their leg for 3 1/2 weeks?
Anyone ever heard of a doctor using chemo to treat multiple therapy sclerosis.?
Edwardian Syndrome???
what is best treatment for ALS?
WHat is Causing My Throat Problem.?
lung pain and tightness?
What's the best way to stop involuntary breath holding?
where are your vocal chords and how do they help you make noise?
How many breaths have you taken since the day you were born? (Remember this is an estimate!)?
Do unborn babies hiccup?/What is the purpose of the mucus in your nose?/ What is this mucus made of?
my child has a bad smell coming from the what is that?
What is the best kind of chair to work on a computer if one suffers from back pain?
How likely is it to get sick from handling money, and what types of germs/bacteria can be found on money?
need a solution for mouth cracks?
need hickey help??
How do you remove stretch marks from a persons skin? please i am dying to know?
how do i get rid of acne scars give me recipies or things i can used at my house to help them lighten up!!!?
If Metamucil only has 3 g. total fiber (2 g. of soluble fiber) per serving, what's the big deal?
any one being reated for Atrial fib and if so what meds on?
If they have CT angiography, do I need a heart cath?
I had a quadruple heart bypass 2 yrs ago and I just had a positive nuclear stress test. What does this mean?
Can feeling weird in the head and light headed also be a symptoms of un-stable angia?
what mean hiv agas?
where can i get a flu shot for free, in katy area?
What disease cause epidemics today in the united states?
What causes a person's crack to itch?
is it hard?
What is optician and what is optic specialist?
Where can I go in Los Angeles 90045 to get a TB shot - i need it for employment at a tutoring agency?
I have sleep apnea.. during a sleep study my sao2 miniumim was 77 how bad is this?
Help!!! Anyone know any good way to detox yourseft from vicodin? I had a bad muscle tear in my upper back!?
What is the best way to feel happy in the life?
is sleeping upright on a daily basis unheathy?
Why do I get tears in my eyes then I talk to people?
my son stuck his tongue to a metal pole and it froze there..he pulled it away and the skin stayed on the pole?
Have lived in acute pain for 2 decades; doctors, exercising and medications don't work. What else can I do?
what do you guys think?
how much are percocets?
appenicitis question again............yea but.....?
I want to know about P & G Pharmacy?
does stomach problems cause a white tongue??? I have it every morning?
i have a stiff neck.?
Where can I do nursing diploma without having to pay fees?
Have Yellow Fever and Smallpox been eradicated?
Is there anyone on Yahoo answers who has a parent afflicted with Alzheimer's?
Does somebody know a good hypnotist?
I always eat raw almond, is that good? will raw almond cause uric acid?
help to find treatment or remedy white patch on lips ?
Does anyone know about "LIV 52" used to detoxify the liver?
Is alcoholism a disease?
what could be the reason of swelling forefinger of right hand - not wound but is painful and hard moving.?
what to do when i have cought a cold, and slime is stocked in my longs?
Is apple cider vinegar REALLY good for you as some say (help w/ weight loss, digestion, prevent illness, etc)?
I Need an e-mail address for grande whole foods in arroyo grande calif. can anyone help me?
Will taking glucosamine make my nose get larger?
Does anybody know what a small round white pill that has Mylan 152 on it is for?
How do you heal a pulled hamstring muscle?
how to remove scar on the face?
What causes Heart Palpitations and is it a serious condition?
If I choke on second hand smoke will I gain weight and have diahrea?
does any body know of anyone who has duane syndrome?
A question about Cipro Fl axon?
Plz HELP me b4 it increases?
Is a leaking ceiling and wet wall paper the resut of black mold symtons?
Medical conditions of clouds in the body?
Did anyone go to tanning beds to get rid of back acne?
what are different foot fungi ? not athletes foot?
What is a trigger finger and how do you treat it?
We did go to the DR. and she thinks it might be his enzymes so they are doing a blood test. He is a triathlete
How do men get tested for S.T.D's?
life expectancy in cancer?
Spot on liver?
Is the Atkins diet really healthy?
i'm not infertility but i want to take CLOMID b'cz i want to get a twin baby, do you think its ok for me?
is there anything u eat that helps LOSE weight instead of gaining?
Is it a bad idea to eat Oranges and Jello at night?
Is it healthy to drink Decaffeinated coffee on empty stomach b4 working out? trying to lose weight?
Proxenol- Any negative reports.?
i really need to lose weight. I am trying the healthy way..but sometimes i can't control myself. What can i do
how could everything never eat, sleep, deficate, etc. forever?
how can one boost immunity?
Can anyone give me a few simple yoga exercises?
what are the benefits of vegetarian diets?
what is the best way to get rid of congestion after quitting smoking?
What are the different methods to get less sleep??
what is a good at home herbal/ intestinal/colon cleansing?
Why is distilled water bad for you? What's its effect on lactobacillus (friendly bacteria in your body)?
what exactly is a trepulsid valve? where is it in the heart and what does it do?
what are the different bones in the ankle?
Sprained foot?
WHat is ankle reconstruction surgery and what does it involve?
Is it possible 2 b a suicide ?
what are some :Hepatitis A,b,c consequences without treatment?
Can you get Hepititis or Staff Infection just by touching something of someone's who has1 of those 2 diseases?
I went to have a physical done and the nurse told me that my liver was excreting to much of something.?
what bacterial infections are caused in the groin by havin sx wth dirty woman?
why does andrew have brown skin?
whats the best way to get a cold sore on your tongue to go away?
Dry Skin......plus its sensitive...?
does clearasil get rid of spots?
why do people get psoriosis?
How many different strains of athletes foot are there?
Why is a part of my skin extremly sensitive and painful to the touch?
Hypocalcimia after thydroidectomy - Want new management?
what is the phobia called when you have a fear of cotton?
What is Hyperactivity?
when a paramedic states that a person is COPD what does that mean?
how to improve blood in body?
How long does vicoden stay in your system? I have to take a drug test and took my last pill 7 days ago.?
i have what look like splinters appearing under my fingernails.any thoughts?
has anyone had ankle surgery and not been able to move their toes when foot is down?
What is the most Nutritious Fruit and why ?
My Asthma has been acting up huge lately. Anybody have any tips how to control it?
Mold Problem?
What is Causing My Throat Problem?
Chronic Pain?
Why would someone suddenly start snoring, when he didn't before?
Best way to get super glue off skin?
what is the best mattress to buy?
how do you treat gout?
where can i buy a proper medical eyepatch?
apart from listening and "being there", what can one do for depressed/burdened friends?
What is a cure for chronic bad breath?
what are the health problems due to the usgae of mobile phones?
Has anyone been successful with the Slimfast Shake?
Has anyone had success with the ABS diet? If so, what were the results?
Is there a way to get a good chest(male) without bench pressing?
How do i lose weight in time for prom ?
How can you lose weigh if your so into food?
Drinking too much soda harms your digestive system, agree or disagree?
How can I stop hair whitening? diet is not balanced and neither is it complete.?
does that special k diet really work?
Can someone please help me planning my diet ?
Does curcumin cure myeloma?
HOw long ca n you smoke before geting lung cancer is 5 years enofe?
Will cancer pain eventually go away?
can you recieve chemo therapy and radiation at the same time for cancer?
how to get strength and energy after chemotherapy?
What did they use for toilet paper in pre-19th century??
my gfs gum bleed.can i kiss her?
swimmer with headlice will be killed in swimmingpool?
why am i so tired all the time?
I have bad allegries.Is their something over the counter that I can take?
How do I go about getting my CNA liscense?
how does your mind affect your body?
how to make postoperative scars to disappear?some homemade remedy?
Can Cows produce medicines?
anyone know how to magnatize hematite?
what health benefits do you get from drinking fresh sugar cane juice?
iam health professional any need help?
i have a bladder infection and i'm allergic to pyridium..what can i take to relieve the burning?
Has anyone ever had knee surgery? (torn a ligament) What was it like?
What's the best contact lens that won't irritate or dry your eyes?
What's good for wrinkles around the lips?
Working out and breaking out..?
A face mask I'm using has given me freckles (I'm black.) I need help and opinions...?
what is the fastest way to get rid of zits and how long does it take?
Big red spot?
how to get rid of stretch marks?
What are some restrictions placed on patients with infectious diseases.?
Help maintaing tabacco free life?
Is it okay to sleep with sunblock on?
Any known long-term side effects from taking Ambien regularly?
Does bathing with hot water makes you go bald?
My jaw hurts!?
Does the recovery period from sinus surgery last as long as the week I am taking off?
My tongue keeps getting bigger and bigger....is this a problem?
Pain Patches?? I need help with horrible pain?
I get strep like 3x a year, should I just get my tonsils out?
Which is better and why? The regular 10 mg. Claritin or the 10 mg. Zyrtec?
When i press anything my fingers stay dented?
how many asprins should i take a day?
How do you know when or if something makes you happy?
Do you know any "miracle cures"? Doesn't matter what as long as you know it works.?
Do u know of a sight I can visit? # to call to see if someone has been admitted to a nashville, TN hospital?
Does anyone have any first hand accounts of family that were in TB Sanatoriums?
How much does an asthma inhaler normally cost?
how to cure dry cough with phlegm?
Any Doc. or Nurses on here that can help me with a few questions?
How can I email to Oprah Winfry?
What's dislexyia?
Are indentations in your ankles after wearing snug-fitting socks a sign of edema (swelling) ?
how big of a problem is it if my left lower eyelid has been periodically twitching over the past week?
back brace?
Anyone a doctor?
what bacteria are there on our bodies?
How to get a docter statement online?
Is it unusual for a style in your eye to make another stye?
Can someone direct me to a site where i can view pictures of persons affected by the aids virus. I need to see
Does anyone knows of a case where a healthy baby was born while the mother was taking ribavarin for hep C?
what is the speific name for a person who searches for cures to diseases?...a scientist?? or something else?
I was told I have lyme disease, I need a doctor to treat me in michigan.?
My donk looks like a gherkin, is that normal?
Aids and ER?
Do you think?
how and where does one get infected by flesh-eating disease? and what are the symptoms and the cure?
Does ProActive make anybody elses skin feel and sometime look Oily?
small rash on cheeks that comes and goes?
What is the Best Exfoliater for Combination Skin?
dose ice cold water help you loose weight?
is taking aspirin everyday unhealthy?
Could these symptoms be anything else other than breast cancer? Read more....?
the relation between breast feeding and breast cancer is it agood topic for research?
clinical trials?
what are the post-operative nursing managments for the patient with abdominal wound?
NURSE! DOCTOR! Any profeesional doc or nurse....?
Any advice I have excruciating pain in my lower back and tailbone?
doctor says surgery on my neck was to risky?
What to give somebody after a heart attack?
Has anyone ever had the pectus excavatum surgery done or know of anyone who has?
What is renal duplex scan?
I have two broken ribs is it normal for the muscles in my back to feel tight?
Does anyone know of any home remedies for, Lumber Spinal Stenosis? Please`help!?
how do i stay up all night without being tired the whole next day?
what kind of medicine do you recommend for someone who had eaten alot and his body couldn't digest completely
how can i prevent psoriasis?
does homeopathy work for poly cystic ovaries?
im the painkiller person im in school right now using school comp but i took total 4?
how to cure dandruff?give me a good prevention on it...?
Whats the best skin care routine for moderately young skin that breaks out?
If a brown recluse spider was transported(IE shipping boxes)to CA would it survive long enough to bite?
how to reduce the affects of aging?
what kind of hair/style will best fit to a slim tall, young lady?
what are blackheads? how do I get rid of them?
i ve dis rash on my chest 4 a long time now and its really embarasin 4me 2bare my chest.how do i get rid of it
I eat good food but i am not solid man i am thin but can i do for some fatness pls suggest.?
Discussion: As long as doctors need to cut people to make them well we are still barbarians.?
Why do my legs hurt sometimes the next day after I drink?
what does the energy drinks like Monster, and Red bull, What are the side effects?
If I take temporary disability for a surgery...is it manditory I use my vacation time for it as well?
why do my eyelids burn after i cry?
Is carpal tunnel syndrom work relative and does anyone have any cure methods other than surgury?
I was taking Humira Prefld Syr 0.8ml 2'S for my rheumatoid arthritis but another benifit was it fixed my psori
What is the effect of Cystic Fibrosis without lungs?Will give 10 points for best answer.?
whats the best natural cure for a chest cold?
How much air comes out of your nose vs your mouth when you sneeze?
Why cant the brain get the nerve signal when...?
What is Hepatitis in Egypt? What causes it? What medicine do i need to get if any?
Can anyone give me any information on cystic fibrosis?
my bro is suffering from thymic carcinoma,expound pls?
What diseases can cause someone to bruise easily?
what is "cd4 receptor Site"?
why US is Fail in the oppratiion of iraq but he also arrest the Saddam too & wts he want to more in iraq .?
May have been duped at Carpal Tunnel Test?
How Do You Know When uve Broken Your Wrist????
do you die from ms.?
I'm getting a lot of fluttering sounds in my right ear for the past 20 days days .. Why ?
is orange juice or apple juice better for growing kids. do they really help in any which way.?
I know I really need to have a colon cancer screening, but I am terrified of doing it??
how long is the statue of limitations on unpaid medical bills?
Took Diovan for awhile starting feeling warm, burning mouth etc. Stopped, still feeling effects how long?
real story in cardiovascular disease patient?
how or who do you report birdflu in animals and humans too.?
how can i prevent disease without taking medicines?
what is the best time to prevent mosquito & dengue fever in Jakarta Indonesia during dry season?
can i use soap and shampoo to shower after a week of having chicken pox??
some common infectious disease?
lacteals are lymph vessels that absorb lipids from the intestine and secrete them as a milky fluid called what
can skin cancer develop on the back as a sore that bleeds and itches?
Can you please share your cancer misdiagnosis story...?
What do you say to an aunt who is dying and lives in another country? I want to send her a card.?
Swollen lymph node in abdomen and severe back pain?
Any suggestions on gaining weight during chemo?
Cancer recipes?
Is liver cirrhosis curable using stem cell treatment.?
i have had planter fascitis since july in left foot .have been to drs cortizone the whole regiment any ideas?
My contacts are bothering me, eye drops help but i just ran out.?
What is DHEA used for and what does it benifit?
i can't sleep and i can't wake up?
I have been waking up with blood on my teeth . does ans one know what this could be?
What is wrong with me?
What would be the cause of my 2yo's bad cough and vomiting?
i have swollen lymph nodes on my neck....?
Chlamydia nad male impotency?
can you have HPV in your mouth?
are their any std's that can prevent pregnancy?
Do you think Pepsi and Coca Cola cause ARTHRITIS?
Anyone know of any good sites for learning about dementia in older people?
how long is mono contagious?
Do I act like I know?
why is there no future of physically handicapped people?
What is EDG for medical procedure?
I have a bad taste in my mouth kind of like metal what could it be?
What are the benefits of taking COQ 10?
what are the popular televised pharmaceuticals?
What is the best way to rebuild the digestive track after taking antibiotics?
There's a really sharp needle-point like pain on the pal of my foot when I walk. Why is that?
Can anybody help me buying an apartament for me and my 1 month old baby?
What is this?
skin lotion?
I have to take a hair drug test,have anyone tried the detox shampoos, and do they work?
Why do people get skin tags as they age and can you prevent them?
It may sound disgustin but I need a natural remedy for flem... Please help!!!?
healing lights?
what is the solution for sweaty palms (hands)?
I am a 54 year old male suffering from severe rosacea on my nose any suggestions?
I am prone to fever blisters and I use Abreva for them but is there anything out there that works faster?
What are the down sides of taking Human Growth Hormone?
Finger problem!?
Why is that I have to use nasal strips to stop snoring at night?
what are the benefits of cupping ? Do you know a German physician ( Johann Abele ) deals with this topic?
Looking for pain center for tmj facial and tmj headaches?
I have a history of kidney infections.?
Glucosamine, does it really make a difference, with joint pain and damage?
HOw do u get kinks out of your neck?
I have a slight pain on the right side of my abdomen.What's causing this?
does anyone know how long lorcet stays in your system?
Whats a good diet for vegatarian?
If I want to maintain my healthy bodyweight of 175 pounds ,what percentage of my diet needs to be protein?
Can people smell themselves?
i am so work alchoholic ,, i do electrical works ,,, if work is not there some i feel frustated?
My total cholesterol is 228...the HDL is 77 and the LDL is 138. Does the high HDL counteract the high LDL?
Are extended wear contacts really safe?
If you knew you were dying, what would your last words be?
reducing stiffness in thigh due 2 multiple sclerosis?
What does the vitamin dosages IU and ug mean ?
i had back surgery done and they had to graft some bone how long the this bother me?
sentences for the medial?
Does hormone therapy prolong the life of men with prostate cancer?
Primary lung tumors or metastatic lung tumors,which one is more frequent as a cause of hemoptysis?
How many breast cancer survivors are out there?
What are the effects of prostate cancer on the immune system?
how dose Bush's wife Got skin cancer?
53 male having lung surgery tomorrow?
Half-dosage flu shot?
What is dengue fever?
What are some similarities between AIDS and the Black Plague?
reason & remeady for mouth ulsers?
if i have a liver disease is't possible that my baby will inherit it?
Can you give your dog the flu?
Why do we sometimes itch?
is there side effects with pancreatitis that effects memory, stability?
how can u tell if u have bipolar?
how/ where can i get discounted medication?
I already have a topic for my human health which is STD's thank you but what can i say about its statement
Ingesting small plastic bits?
Allergy to baked beans?
Sprained Foot?
Any pros on here concerning ankle pain?
How long does it take for a break in your back to heal?
i keep getting sharp pains in my lower tummy can you tell me whats that suppose to me??
what are best city/states for sinus sufferers to live in?
I always feel little stinging sensation inside my ears whenever I use the cellphone.It's very uncomfortable
back pain(doctor/nurse experience please respond)?
foot cramps?
Could soccer player kicks grass please activate his/her email in order to get a response outside of answers?
What is Wilson's Syndrome?
why is the white part of my eye red? No crust, doesn't itch, doesn't hurt. Help!?
The normal blood pressure is 120/80 in human being. It very from person to person and from area to area and?
How would smoking pot affect someone with a heart condition?
i am 27 male.how can i increase weight ?
Does the Lateral thight trainer really work?
Help Please !!! ??
Exercise Bike Opinions?
Has anybody out there ever tried Sea Salt, as a salt substitute? Whats your opinion?
Coughing after each time I eat. Any help...?
Have you heard of whyquit.com 4 quitting smoking?
Chantrix and Emphysema?
does anyone know of long term effects of antibiotics with regard to neurological problems?
can i possibly get my nose bleed because the doctor inserted some apparatus inside my nose?
must you have a fever to have toxic shock syndrome?
Small red spots/blotches (looks like blood mayb underneath skin on palms. Mostly around the edges. Drinking?
what is the best way yo get rid of black heads......?
A sure way to get rid of DARK CIRCLES around eyes?..questi came from Germany?
How do i get rid of a cold sore that is in the late stage?
Anyone tried the Murad acne complex kit and broken out even worse?
How do I get rid of this acne!!!?
Has anyone read a book by called " The Cancer Cure that Worked"?
Can stomach cancer mask itself as an ulcer?
is it unhealthy to doushe?
Anyone know there is a cure for cancer not FDA approved?
what isdifference between low and high cardiac output hypotensions?
How can you lower your systolic blood pressure?
Anxiety disorder and heart problems?
What is a good diet for a 185 pound 14 year old?
A lump on the top of my foot, What could this be?
how can i improve my understanding with others & think better ?
Have been having some serious back pain?
Is there a type of red skin freckle that appears on the human body. If so should I get it looked at.?
Can anyone help me!?
I am looking for a guideline/format chart for OSHA guidelines for Med. Offices. Looking for pre-printed chart
Is it normal for a sleeping pill to make you feel like you have a hangover?
Why is it that when you rub your eyes, you see red and yellow and orange like flames?
anyone know of any good home remedy for head colds and sinus infections?
sore throat?
what is the best alternative ways to make my hair thicker?
What is the cost of cataract surgery with no insurance?
does wearing high power glasses(6) sunken our eyes into the sockets?
looking for a sight that can help me determine these medical systems I have.?
What does a kidney infection feel like, symptoms.?
I am beginning my 8th week with Shingles virus. Isn't this too long? Have been to dr twice already.?
about fibromialgia?
Ideas for a presentation on STD's?
Can kissing pass on STDs if fully clothed and kissing on the lips and no cuts or anything in the mouth?
what does a orthopedic surgeon do?
what can cause abdominal stomach cramps and pain?
My lower back has been hurting lately. The pain is around the back of my hip bone. What can I do to help it?
i'm looking for a back massager?
Pain in my head after a run.?
rod, sphere, and spiral are the shape of what kind of microorganism?
facts about public washroom?
Do body cleansing systems work?
Where exactly does Dr. Phill's hairline start?
I had my toenail on my second toe removed today and I was wondering how long it would take to grow back?
i think i'm developing a keloid on my tragus piercing so what should i put on my tragus?
Is there any way to cure "short sight" permanently by a surgery?
are my ears infected?
how much calories should a person consume according to gender,height,and age?
how can i have a tiny waist?(what kind of physical exercise do you recommand?)?
What are the benefits of whey protein powder when using it as a supplement to diet and exercise?
Is that rubber ball?
How would you loose 25 lbs. in 2 months?
how do you lose 75 pounds in 1-month?
What is a natural appetite suppresant...not some diet pill.?
What are the causes which lead to a unhealthy diet?
im 5'3.5 and 113 lbs is there any way to lose 10 lbs fast?
What exactly is hookah?
if u have a heart prolapses is it safe to use depoprovera?
rhinoplasty cost. pay all up front?
How do I fix a slipped disk in my neck? I don't have enough $ to go to physical therapy.?
hit my hand in a door. what do you think about....????
Is the leg bone really connected to the thigh bone?
i have weak ankles and i am a dancer any sugjestions???
Is there a correlation between attending public school, as opposed to private, and getting sick more often?
Ovarian Cancer is similar to...?
breast questions?
How can we prevent recurrence hodgkin lymphoma?
what is the stucture and function of posterior pituitary gland?
What are the signs of cervical cancer?
pain in the back of my knee?
what would happen from a overdose of lyrica?
is there a web site that i can get cheap lortabs wo a script?
my bones need help?
where exactly can migraine pain be in your head?
how to stop taking lovastatin?
What will happen if you dive into the black sea?
What is good for a person with low iron?
Zithromax, will it hurt anything to have alcohol while you're on it?
Does anyone know about seizures?
If TOTAL can have all those vitamins and minerals..... then why cant they add them to the "good" cereals?
how is spondyloepiphyseal cause?
It is safe to take a flight on a airline 3 months after a kidney/pancreas transplant?
Bupropion, Trazodon, Zocor, Omeprazole,Excedrin Tension Headache, Cyclobenzaprin, Midol, raise a GGT Level?
Back of tounge is a weird brownish white color, doesn't hurt though...What could it be?
what is the clinical term for low blood sugar?
how to cure gastritis?
is there such a thing for plastic surgery if you think your ears stick out to far?
My sister has problem of hairs(burn by hot oil) so i wants to contact Dr Vasa (Stame cell surgeon)?
How do bed bug bites differ, specifically, from mosquito bites?
Which antiperspirant is best for Excessive Sweating ? ( hyperhidrosis )?
Tongue ulcers????
If I am allergic to Codeine, what other medicines should I not take?
High Fructose Corn Syrup?
i constantly have episodes of tachycardia...?
How does constant smoking affect blood pressure and why?
I walk alot in my job, wear good support shoes, but everyday come home with a swollen left ankle.?
I wet myuself twice today, ..dont really want to go to the doctor..any at home remedies?
what are the symptoms of lead poisoning?
Who makes the most comfortable men's dress shoe.?
looking for a website to enter medical diagnosis codes and get the diagnosis in words?
How long should someone with Bronchitis expect to stay home from school?
im having trouble breathing and i have no history of ashtma what is wrong with me?
Bad Breath?
Cold, Bronchitis or pnemonia?
Vhat are vinegar pills taken for?
does anyone know how to get rid of acne scars?
How do corn (in feet) arise?
Eczema Question--Doctor didn't help?
Burning face...?
how do I deal with my wifes menopause?
Why do some people unable to say "r" and "s" properly?How to cure it?
What is the secret of excellent self-esteem ?
Is ADHD hereditary?
i'm in my 20's for some odd reason i've been getting nightmares. so,what causes nightmares???
My fingernails are weak. Is there something I can add to my diet that will strengthen them?
why are fat people so lazy?
what are quick ways????????
Question to anyone that knows about losing weight and nutrition!!?
Why am I eating so much?
Do you have to be 18 to buy diet pills?
how do i get in contact with www.safetrustprocessing.com?
Name the safest antihistamines for long term use?
allergy to own skin bacteria?
On that MRI question I recently asked,,?
Is there any cure or treatments for amyloid/multiple myeloma?
Does anyone know about Prostate cancer???
Does risk of pre-menopausal breast cancer rise if the father or mother was older when the person was born?
anyone have life prognosis on a 63 yo male diagnosed with acute leukemia?
what is a normal blood pressure for a 19yr old girl, what is considered a high blood pressure for a 19yr old?
my friend's eye was burning -- could it be a contagious eye disease that i could get?
whats the simplest way to know if you have the flu or not???
I feel like I always have flu-like symptoms. I take iron that my doctor has prescribed and I do eat right, but
what should i do to treat a rotator cuff tendon injury?
Type of shoes or sneakers for concrete?
how long it take for a maniscus to heal after knee surgery?
I have a torn Meniscus. Is it good to get a surgery done for long term or better to avoid, if I can?
short of breath?
What is the best medication for a very mild case of bipolar disorder?
Does anybodys' spouse take prescription pain meds.?
I have a sore in my mouth located on the inside of my cheek near my gumline -What could it be -its very tender
Will scientists ever cure aids?
Are there any way to get a prescription online or over the phone?
Cold or flu?
Tiny red dot on palm of hand?
can recycle toilet paper provoke itching on the private part of a woman?
what helps against head lice?
can we apply vitamins on our face especially the topical forms of vitamin c which are encapsulated?
Ahh... the attack of the acne!! -plz read-?
ache in my groin area under?
if there was a cure for aids/hiv what is it worth money wise?
Are the atria of a patient with a junctional rhythm contracting?
My baby's eyes have been discharging some yellowish and sometimes gray substance in the morning.?
Has anyone stopped smoking using hypnotherapy? Did it work?
how do i conquer my stutter?
what can be done to reduce scar tissue in the knee after surgery/?
How would Cigarette Smoking cause cancer to develop in the lungs?
When someone has cancer....?
Is cancer a good speech?
When someone gets cancer, then declared cancer free, is a person positively going to get it again?
Research on skin cancer...help plz?
Why do people chain smoke other than smoking is addicting?
how can a person lose weight if they dont eat any vegetables?
I am a 30 something female basically in OK shape but want to lose fat without using fat burning pills; ideas?
How can U lose weight without pills?
is there any safe diet pills for people with anxiety or panic disorder?
Food Sources for Engery?
is it ok to walk, using ankle weights?
i want to lose like 10 lbs in two weeks before spring break?
Has anyone tried those sauna shorts (neoprene)? do they work to lose weight or inches?
my acne is getting worse. is there any way to reduce it?
Explain the difference between sunscreen and sunblock?
I need help getting rid of my acne?
Is there any cure for maniac-depression? What is the least side-effect medicine? What can family member help?
I have been diagnosed with hypothyroid,is numbness in my hands and legs normal, how long does it last?
i have a small problem with health. I have high blood pressure at just age of 25 please give me the solution.?
my doc gave me lexapro but i never take them for anxiety what are the sighs.?
Hi, Does anyone have advice for me on how to deal with the pain of Fibromyalgia? Some days are hard to move.ty
about handwriting?
is there a definite life span after detection of SLE.?
Are there any other ways to help prevent measles apart from having the vaccination?
what is meningitis?several organisms can cause this disease, but which is the most dangerous?
Name the agency that is responsible for control of disease worldwide?
When will flu shorts be given at Schnucks stores?
How long does tobacco stay in your system? Taking a Life Insurance medical test and quit dipping 1month ago.?
Emergency room tests?
Are there any Caner support groups in the Ft. Smith, Arkansas region.?
i am looking for a release form to get x-rays from a facility for myself. these are my x-rays?
my hips tend to hurt and sometimes i get a sharp pain down my leg, please help?
How important is it for families to visit relatives in long term care facilities?
Where can I find info about financial aid for weight loss surgery?
Who is president of the Cobalt Pharmaceuticals group in the US?
how can I get rid of fluid in lungs caused buy high uric acid?
why people with aneamia have shortness of breath ?
I had bronchitis, 2 wks later pneumonia, and now 2 wks later I have a cold. What can I do?
How long does an abdominal CT scan last?
Do you know anything about AVM?
I had a pacemaker put in 2 months ago. I have had a wierd sharp feeling in the middle of my chest.?
What does a rib fracture feel like and how serious is it?
how can you get rid of your nasty scar without having a painful surgery? Is there any alternative?
what s life like after having a lumbar spinal fusion surgery?
Back Muscle Pain?
Has anyone ever applied for ssi disabilty through social security? Tips for applying?
how many kink of e mail?
can laser spine surgery help in relieving nerve pinching back pain,advice me on this issue.?
What causes you to have an itch? what happens in the body thats making you itch?
what exfoliant or scrub a person should use having oily skin?
♥Does on-the-spot acne treatment work overnight??? (opinions)?
What is a good cure for poison ivy?
What is the difference between whiteheads and blackheads...which one is worse?
alternate options for gallstone surgery?
what is chitosan?
Prolotherapy for back pain. Did it work for you ?
What is diabeties, whats are the causes and whats are the precautions. Pls reply in selected words and oblige.
Does anyone know the health benefits to bentonite clay. drinking it?
What is the most terminal and fastest spreading cancer?
can some one explain to me what happens when you get toxic shock syndrome. do you have to get surgery with it.
I would like to find different pictures of tumors,where can I go?
my son's bone marrow report is 5% blast &11% hematogoans what is hematogoans.?
What is a good way to get something out of your throat?
Has anyone ever had internal stiches that are supposed to disolve instead be pushed out by you body?
What is best recommended excercise for lower backache ?
Eye Diameter?
can you use contact solution in your eyes without your contacts on?
Price of acuvue colored contacts.?
20/200 Vision??!?!?
The anti-reflective coating on my glasses is scratched. Can I remove it so I can continue to use my glasses?
Is there any way I can check the front and reverse side of my contact lense?
What suggestins do you have for loosing weight for some one who lacks commitment?
What foods irritate the tongue and can cause it to be sore?
where can I find info. on helping a child Gain weight? All I find is how to lose weight.?
what diet really works with fast results?
my daughter is just 11 yrs old,but she already has this not-so-good -smell in her armpits...?
how do you avoid jet lag?
Health Question?
What could be causing my heal to itch at night?
How does Provigil work?
What is safe water temperature and water level for nursing home residents?
I have cut my coffee consumption quite abit, down to 2 cups...?
what the possibilities?
What is the cure?
What are the causes and symptoms of thyroid?
what is the reason of thyroid after pregnancy?
Have nasty looking toenail - appears there is some sort of fungus growing on it. What should I do?
is there a cure for Aorta-aneurysm ?
What is Parkinson's disease, and what does it do? Etc.?
How do I get help for my prescriptions?
When do low blood oxygen levels become harmful for children with COPD?
Does colour of nasal discharge indicate type of infection?
What if small food particles trapped in trachea w. no aspiration?
How much time do you need for Certain Dri to work?
What is a SUPER quik way to get rid of my acne and i mean QUICK!?
Strange Pore Problem?
i have a oily face so what can i do which r the foods nonoily contents?
Can anyone share home remedies for dandruff?
What is the best way to handle poison ivy?(get rid of it, make it stop itching,ect)?
Does Allegra help with pet allergies too???
Can I swim when I have poison ivy?
what is the most important thing to look for when buying anti dust mite mattress and pillow covers?
I have a friend who has come down with staff infection in her nose. It is like purple and 3 times?
some questions about having a stroke?
i am facing body pain in joint muscles since more than 4 years?
Does anyone know the difference between Cardiac Catheterization and Angioplasty? I appreciate any help you can
How unusual is cardiac collateral circulation that supplies the entire heart, not just blockage areas ?
What are some factual negative effects of chewing tobacco.?
why dose aids doesn't spread through mosquitoes?
What are alt. to surgery for a ruptured disc that is pinching a nerve other than surgery? Did PT,&Celebrex.?
Can someone tell me the best way to treat hands that appear to be severly sunburnned, feel warm and feels tend
whats the best pain reliever on the market today?
I feel pressure in my neck when I turn to the right, especially when driving...?
how do i identify a unknown pill?
i can't get to sleep can you help me it's 01:00am now?
how long does loratabs stay in your system?
How do you accurately measure human height?
How can an Nigerian medical graduate get placement for housemanship in the Carribeans?
gosh!!!!! teenage skin!!!!!!!!?
how can i whiten my elbows and knees?
what is a quick,easy,affective and low priced way to get rid of acne?
My feet and palms sweat when I go outside an air conditioned room. What causes it and how can I solve it.?
Dark Circles, do you know of anything that really helps to...?
How long do brain cancer remission last?
Why don't the doctor's tell you what is going to happen after your cancer treatment?
why do you cough when you clean your ears? Sometimes only.?
I have hcv i need treatment?
Do your saliva glands ever come back after radiation to the throat and neck?
does crestor cholesterol medicine cause kidney damage or failure?
my niece has lost lots of hair is the sign of cancer every 2 or 3 yrs this happens the doc says its stress?
If you shave, does hair grow back faster than before?
Do you have Thyroid problems?
where can I get a TB test in Houston, TX ?
What happens if medication is stored below the recommended temperature?
Has anyone lost their sense of smell following a head injury & then had it come back; if so, after how long?
Are there certain medications that can cause a false positive on a urine test?
Any correlation between increased pain of fibromyalgia and carbs? suggestions?
what does it mean when you're bowel smells foul.?
I need to know if trauma can cause migrane headaches in juviniles?
about herion....?
Question about PID...?
i am a man why is it that when i pee i get a burning sensation?
I want the truth about this?
i need some opinions please....?
I want to loose 8 poundsevery week any suggestions?
how do i slim down? i have huge bone structure.?
My tummy puffs up as soon as I eat. I feel blooted all the time. Help?
How can you get rid of stretch marks after you have lost weight?
How can I become more motivated?
What is the best night time tea for sleep?
what dose colorblind mean cuse im colorblind?
pulmonary embolism? prognosis?
Will a pneumonia shot cause a corneal transplant rejection?
Is it possible for fur to get into your lungs while you are breathing?
What do you do when you can't breath all of a sudden and can't talk because you cant breath or anything.
when you can't breath, is it afixia?
How can a teen gain 30 pounds?
How can I lower my high cholesterol, and bring up my low cholesterol?
hypertesion, obesity, and wheezy chest?
lipid profile total cholesrol 208 tgl 220 hdl 41 ldl 123 vldl 44?
For people who take the vitamin " CoQ10 "?
is it ok to smoke cannabis during high blood pressure?
How do i make home made cough syrup in a village?
Has anyone ever lost weight with hypnotherapy?
terrible throat pain,,ears too hurt ,a slight fever,?
dose anybody no if weed, bud, mary j is adicting???
what is more effective in herbal preparation, whole herb or synthesis from the major active ingredient?
my 4 year old granddaughter wets herself all the time 2day at store within 1hr she peed 3x what is wrong?
Is there any correct feet position like more inwards or outwards pointing when standing or walking?
Is it anywhere near safe for a person to sneeze 50-60 times a day?
if both parents have a good medical insurance plan, which plan do the children have to be covered under.?
What causes bone spurs & WHAT can I do about them??
sentences for caudal?
I have a painful small knot in the palm of my foot(Underneath)does anyone know what it is?
My left Rib Cage is larger than my right, what could be wrong? IS this normal??
Gas gangrene?
What is the best way to get a ring off a finger? besides the obvious.?
does having a mole removed hurt a lot? i am having one removed, and scared about the injections?
best way to get rid of a cold sore?
has anyone tried Burt's beeswax product?
Tanning to clear acne scars?
Psoriasis...what works?
What can I use to help skin irritation on my face?
what is a sliver?
blood pressure?
What is a Cardiac Cath?
teenage heart attack possibility??
Inconsistent Breathlessness?
Harmony What is YOUR Workout?
Marriage and divorce blood testing?
Do you like your bunns toasted?,or burnt?
Where can I find information on surgical removal of Charite artificial spine discs.?
Where can I find efficient information about Bulimia Nervosa?
can working out when you have cirroses hurt you?
Is it true that 1 in 3 people have staph infection?
If someone just had Chiari Malformation surgery a few weeks ago......?
Anyone have a colonic? What's it like?
there was a spot of blood on the cotton that touch my hand. Can I get hiv from that? It was from a finger stic
What are swollen glands From? Think have Thrush?
Could a registered nurse answer? Could thrush produce swollen glands? No std.?
I work in a gym all day, is it possible that my clothing can harbor bacteria, fungi or viruses.?
should one take flu shots? is it worthy? for elders as well as i even have an18month old baby.?
what is red antioxident?
Good Cold Meds. for asthmatics?
Zithromax for Sinus Infection CAN NOT Sleep Anyone Experienced This???
had this dry horse sounding cough for a while??
How long can I expect withdrawals when quitting smoking cold turkey?
What is the cancer?
In what scenarios can't a brain leision / leisions be treated with CyberKnife ?
does having leukemia prevent a person from becoming a nurse someday(even after cure)?
I want my question to be answered by a doctor please: how does liver tumor appears clinically??
What food or Fruit is best for your eyes?
List at least two causes and consequences of HIV/AIDS?
effects of alcohol abuse on pregnant women?
i need to find a list of names for employees at max nursing service in dane county wisconsin?
what fears do people face on the outside of a mental hospital?
what is the posture while working in front of the PC?
If a cheerful heart is good medicine, where can a person get it?
Is there anything that you think you do obssessively (I'm always washing my hands)?
I was wondering if someone faints should you hold them in your arms until she recovers or put her on the floor
the plastic like gelatin that some capules are made out of, is it harmful to the body?
sinus infection/ snuffy nose?
What is better for heartburn, Pepcid AC or TUMS?
what are the compisitions of milk?
Why do I have painful, tingling in my arms and hands?
need consumer advocasy group in NH?
When should we weigh ourselves?
Why human begin cry?
What is a common household cure for poison ivy?
I have a sty in my eye, how can I treat it without taking my contact lenses out?
does dealing with high cholesterol with natural remedies work?
what is the name of the disease?
how contageous is tuberculosis?
If scracting poison causes it to spread, why do you not get it on your hands?
home remedies for eye infection?
i heard it was dangerous to get your tonsels out at 31 years old.?
what does endemic mean?
i have just recovered form malaria (p-vivax) .. can i have any kinda food ? alcahol?
What is the difference between Vicodin and Lortab if they are both 5/500???
Does anyone else feel stimulated when they are feeling sick?
What is the best colon cleansing kit on the market ?
How much vitamin C is in 1 cup of orange juice?
What are some realisitc solutions to 2nd hand smoke?
Black Mold? What are the signs?
I think I have chronic sinusitis?
What is pnemonia?
What are the health benefits of wheat grass juice?
What would one take to counter the pupil-dilation side effects of medication?
how many millagrams are lortab m358?
Dangers of Vitamin D ?
Is Oxycodone 10-325mgs. Good 4 a headache ??
Eternal Life?
I have a pinching pain in my neck sometimes, could it be a pulled muscle?
What should I do I have ran out of options with my meds?
i started taking lyrica for my back today?
what are some ways you know you are pregant beside skip periods?
piereced almost 10 weeks ago? something wrong @ the back of my ear?
Is it ok to take Aleve and Tylenol together?
Is labetalol the best drug for mitral valve prolapse?
when a person can feel their heart beating hard and fast every now and then. Is it normal?
multiple myeloma or cancer that causes back pain?
Who thinks Stem cell should be legalized and and giving federal money to support it?
How do I know if I'm going to die?
thyroid cancer?
what is irritable bowel syndrome?
What is the safest minimum requirement for caloric intake?
Am I Still Skinny?
how can i lose my love handles i work out but they wont go away does anyone know any specific exercises/routin
how can you lose a lot of weight like 100lbs in a yr?
permanent muscles?
How true is low-fat yoghurt in helping weight loss?
Whats the best way to avoid loose skin while loosing weight?
my father 55 is adiabetic with hypertension., is PTRAS safe for him? He is also to undergo heart by pass sur
What is orthostatic hypertension?
is it normal for your heart to stop beating for 5 sec ocationaly?
Can a Heart Murmur affect you in life?
if u think ur having a heart attack, (have symptoms,) wat would ur blood pressure be, high, or low?
Will drinking a glass of wine daily really help with my blood pressure and cholesterol?
does anyone else bruise easily because of aspirin?
Aids patients have a major problem with infections by virsues and opportunistic pathogens. Give three examples
Anybody found cure for bird flu?
a man suffering from hepatitis can have physical relation with his wife?
can you get infected with hepatitis and not develope immunity to it?
knee broken?
Broken Finger...?
Have you broken your knee before?
sprained wrist and numb finger?
HELP, Muscle Spasms!?
why do i get diarrhea from vitamin d?
why would b-vitamins make you sleepy? or caffiene?
How much does an Emergency Room visit (for fever) cost?
how can i get rid of hemmroids quickly?
what gives color to the sputum?
What causes a "tickle in your throat?"?
Can I use Cpap during the day?
about altzhaimer?
I have alot of the symptoms of Lupus, does anyone know anything I should know about the disease? Thanks, Kim?
scoliosis pain?
What is the effect of EDEMA in the body?Does EDEMA has something to do with heart disease? Why?
can you die of severe anemia at any time in your life?
what is organising hematoma?
when your stomach is removed where does the food go?
My daughter will be one on 07-01-06, she has been diagnosed as have a umbilical hernia...is surgery needed?
Have you just now realized you have been depressed?
Can I swim with a ringworm?
Does eating on the floor better the digestion process?
fever blisters...?
what is feedback system?
what can i do to help my heart?
Can someone give me some good instructions to how you clean and maintain contact lenses?
how does oral health affect your mental and physical health?
my mom has breast cancer cells waht is the difference between that and cancer?
is it harmful to inhale somthing that has been microwaved?
Are there cancers that have no side effects?
What are main causes for skin cancer?
Anyone that has gone through chemo with this side affect?
Does Cycling(in the gym) makes u fitter, more specificly, mokes your leg thinner?? or running does the trick?
Do you experience deja-vu? how often? what is you theory? (Have I asked this question before?)?
about defibulaters?
can having too much bananas on an empty stomach cause heart attack?
what is the difference between hemolyzed and non-hemolyzed blood on a urine test strip?
For those who know what pearly penile papules are, is there a way to get rid of them?
what is the best way to lose 7kg in 6 weeks without joining a program???
Inner Thighs!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Has anyone heard of the 6 week body makeover? Does it work? Has it worked for you?
Confusion arises with my weight???
Has anyone ever tried the Apple Cider Vinegar? Did it work and how well? Thank You!?
Tips on a diet?
how to lower body fat intake?
what makes men have big belly ?
Xopenex for a 3-year-old?
how can i get rid of a dry hacking cough?
the human esophagus and trachea share a common passage leading from the mouth and nasla passages. What is the?
why can't you use Advair after 30 days?
can you get hepatitis c from someone who has it that has kidney stones passing blood through hes semin?
Does anyone know anything about the heart problem POTS!?
How does high blood pressure damage your kidneys and eyes?
Why would an obese person pass out after running 1 mile? What, physiologically goes on?
what is a leaky heart?
Is an aneurysm always genetic?
I have lumps in the side of my face just below my hear. Does anyone know what this is?