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I have a lump under my skin, under my right arm pit what can this be?
self tanner?
Is pale skin unhealthy?
what is the best way to treat my baby's eczema and what kind of medicine/ ointment is the safest to use?
I am desperate , what can I do?
How long does it take for Differin to take effect??
Does anyone know where I can buy lamisil 250 for nail fungus online without a prescription for cheap?
can someone help me with my Acuvue Contact lenses please?
I don't currently have insurance and want to order contacts online r/o?
2 contacts in each eye?
Where can I buy contact lenses online?
Has anyone ever experienced severe back pain ONLY at night?
Wut are some good rap songs rite now?
How can I relieve my upper back pain?
What is Darvocet-N?
What do you do if you have to diseases that is no cure and you live in chronic pain ?
What is BT pain?
How long does it take to go off of EffexorXR?
Are there any depression medicines out there that acutally work?
How do you tell your wife that you are feeling depressed?
TEGRETOL USERS,any remarkable weight gain ???
Why is it when at times we feel alone when there is a 100 people around us?
Does Munchausen by Proxy deal with psychological control also?
what is short man syndrome?
having a lot of health problems.. please help?
can urine cure yellow spots on the eye sclera? There must be something in this world to remove this spots?
Can a person with extremely dry eyes wear contacts?
Does Lazer Eye Treatment work for lazy eye?
Why do our eyes close when we are asleep?
cardiovascular and heart questions for anatomy class, cant find answers in my basic anatomy textbook?
could high blood pressure ever go away? Or do u live with it 4 life?
what are the cardiac benefits of statins aside from lowering cholesterol?
what kind of vitamins best for the skin?
I had my 2nd earring piereced almost a year ago & now I am keloids. What's the best way to get rid of them?
how do you stop boils appearing on face?
Is there any good way to prevent razor rash on men's necks who shave daily?
How can I get flawless looking skin on my legs fast,but naturally?
what is the best soap to use if you have psoriasis?
Removing Blackheads?
I was diagnosed today 12-8 with a bakers cyst, Nurse said apply heat, wrap, and prescribed meds.?
pulled a muscle - how to heal?
Help for a very painful back.Suggestions?
I have horrible knee pains...why??
allergic reaction?
Do you ever sneeze so much you worry your nose will fall off?
Again. Can I find anybody with sulfur allergies?
my ear keeps blockiing im using Exputex its not working have u any suggestions?
What to say to my primary doctor....?
When I close my eyes to stretch and then I open them again I lose my vision temporarily and see weird colors?
Optometry Question for Certified Optometrist/Opthamologist.?
Is getting your cards read a bad thing..? Why?
How can I avoid nausia after taking Vicodin?
yes i was wanting to know how many epidural injections that you can have for pain management and how close?
Why do I have pain in the top of my foot?
hydrocodone M360?
How do people get food poisoning?
how would you like to spend a perfect day with your boyfriend and you are both school and father doesn't agree
is ayurveda good form of medicine?
does gastric by-pass really work?
got hurt on job 2 back surgeries workers comp paying. is company insurance liable for anything?
what is the best way to drive people to your web site?
How to approach a peri-menopausal wife, that needs to stop binge drinking without causing divorce?
Does your ego hurt if you change your religion?
How do I learn how to chill out from the stress in my life?
Does someone know how to get through to someone who is mentally ill,could have help and won't get help?
how did u lose ur virginity?
health benefits of drinking beer?
Blood rushes to my head when I get up sometimes?
How hard is it to become a Radiologist?
Health Question About Lexapro?
what causes kidney stones?
How much is an ultrasound imaging device?
Minor Heart Attack?
Are You Aware That Long Duration "Cardio" And Low Fat Diets Set You Up For Coronary Heart Disease?
viagra and beta blockers?
Why is my heart rate (pulse) super fast all the time regardless of my hydration exertion etc...?
What is the best brand of acne medicine that works well?
Accutane users! come here!?
Acne problems - Is using products with micro-beads (exfoliating beads) good for your skin?
Why does gargling with salt water help a soar throat?
Is royal jelly (from bees) dangerous/good for me? If I took a supplement, how much would be unhealthy?
Do these symptoms indicate need for glasses?
what causes hand foot mouth disease in children?
Is this true? Someone told me that if you have too much tattoo coverage, an xray won't show won't??
I am an indian,my brother is suffering from cerebral palsi.Is there any treatment for it?
what causes night-time leg cramps?
What does a high level of immunoglobulin M blood test mean?
what causes swelling of the feet and leggs?
how do you expel negative feelings out of your body?
Zest Or Lever 2000?
What Is Brisk Lemon Iced Tea made out of?
Who is a vegetarian and who is not??
i injured my spinal chord 25 Sept last year and was paralyzed from my neck down?
Another contact lens query?
If I have lasik surgery performed can I still wear color contacts?
What is an invisible tumor?
Allergy-swollen glands?
Im having trouble breathing? Help?
Do I have a Sinus Infection?
does instant rice and instant potatoes really work for killing mice?
Anyone have these symptoms before being diagnosed with cancer?
does anyone know any good cancer treatment places in Indiana or Kentucky for colen cancer?
Why would someone think that cancer isn't preventable?
Scientist on cancer has done any such type of research?
are there symptoms for being low in iron? if so what are they?
MS or Stroke how can you be sure?
Could my vitamins be causing heart flutters?
What are the dietary restrictions on people who have had heart surgeries?
Is age 19 an unusual/rare age to be diagnosed with congestive heart failure?
How many personalities does a schizophrenic person have?
How can you quit a bad addiction to marijuana?
What is the underlying psychological reason for people cutting themselves?
What causes Intrusive Thoughts?
where can i get a perscription for anxeity medication?
headache help?
How does Tylenol with Codiene compare to Vicodin?
Does a bulging disc cause excrutiating pain and immobility?
Surgery for Chronic Hip Bursitis?
My face is dry and am looking for a good moisturizer thats safe for around the eye too. What do you reccomend
Minocycline dosage?
should i stop using proactiv?
What is an efficient and effective way to get rid of poison ivy?
O.K I need cosmetic help!!?
What's the most fast, effecient way to some nice toned abs?
Do Mari Winsor Pilates work and if so how fast...really? I need to know before I decide to do it.?
What is the best way to get REALLY hot Abs for summer?!?
i am 5,4,170lbs what is a good diet pill to loose weight?
How can I lose weight fast?
Has anyone lost weight from playing DDR?
Are shrimp (alone) fattening or toxic for us to eat? What company farms them in clean water with healthy feed?
for girls- about how many push ups can you do?
Does anyone have any idea how to contact Metabofuel 1000?
Does anyone else see a yellow ring while eyes are closed when you rub your eyes?
Can you take naps with contact lenses in?
Cornea transplant?
My 16 year old son has acne. What is the best acne medicine I can get for him - topical only, prescription.?
what does it mean when a persons body odor has a sweet scent to it?
what is the best allergy/sinus medication ?
is there an easy solutions to pains?
anyone can help me get a guide on the Internet for management/rehabilitation of stroke?
Do you think going to a Chiropractor is safe?
my son having protein allergy ,how it can be treated?
has anyone ever bought a pair of those t.v. miricle shoe inserts that claim you save your back & posture?
Dose having surgical staples removed hurt?
what are the symptoms of syphillis?
can somebody get std my receiving a ********?
Should I be worried?
HIV Test by blood.?
my anal warts have become painful and they bleed. They also leak a bad smelling fluid. Is this common?
Real medical advise only please!?
information on: Trace Mitral regurge plumonary and tricuspid regurge?
HCV antibody test positive but HCV count/quality negative!?
Does anyone have Dr. referrals for LYME SPECIALISTS in the nj, pa, ny area? I'm desperate with chronic lyme.
my dog has been snezzing for the last two days could you tell what this could be?
I need informations! mononucleosis tonsils are swollen keeps on coming back!?
How much is the risk of HIV transferring through sport plays such as Football,Basketball,...?
Why is more Mercury allowed in Flu shots than what is legally allowed in a dump?
i recently had a back fusion surgery, and i have a lot of pain in my left leg. should i seek a pain management
Is there anything i can do or take to speed up a cold?
Recurring ear ache?
Why are my eyes irritated in the morning?
I'm having this terrible feeling in the middle of my head everytime I breathe?
How long have you been hearing those strange voices?
where can I find a "sober" coach, that's sober like recovery?
Is there a such thing as a mid-twenties crisis?
How do I cancel a group I started?
Do bipolar people experience mania for the rest of their lives?
What do you think is one thing that I can do tommorow that might make me happier?
Anyone know of a person who suffers from OCPD?
whats the treatment or vitamin is good for white scare on legs?
Raw nose from cold! How do I medicate?
help I have a mole?
What should I do about my acne problems? My skin doesnt react to acne medications!?
i need help with acne. i have a few questions.?
Please im 19 years and left paralyzed(t7 complet) for the rest of my life from a gun shot to the back.?
My ear hasn't popped in 7 days, HELP!!!?
Drink fo drug test?
drug test questionvery specific?
how to get free pictures of sports massage?
best herbal medication for colorectal cancer?
My father's PSA levels are 9. Could he have prostate cancer?
why are you told to stop eating red meats when being treated for cancer?
how does tobacco affect your body?
i have heat to the right side of my face & it itching?
What should my husband and I take as a dietary supplement to stop smoking?
Name five different types of joints in the human body and give an example of each.?
I need to get information about infections from cuts?
how to prevent to fall asleep in the office work?
Feel scratchy all over my body, most of the day since last one month have tried using oil before bath & night?
is this related to lupus?
what causes pancytopenia?
A man has given blood to another person but donar told that I was bitten by a rabid dog 4 days bach .What will
whats the fastest way to loose wait?
how can iose weight?
Which shop in Central London sells adult hula hoop (for fitness)?
Whats the best place to take yoga classes in the Chapel Hill, Carrborro, Durham area?
can having an all meat diet be bad for your health, my bf eats nothing but meat his breath smell alot help!!!?
What is a triathlon?
I am 5'2,170lbs and need to loose approximately 46lbs. I have a Cone or Apple body type yet lean.?
how do u get a six-pack?
In the course of daily activities, what is a good estimate for the range of blood pressure?
I was told i had a bradycardic episode? What should i do?
Why do people have a dilated heart? One of my friends has been detected with an enlarged / dilated heart and?
cardio vasculas system. Can anyone tell me everything that they know on this system?
what is a sociopath?
What do you hate to hear when you come home from work?
Any one taking Lexapro?
Have you ever worried about someone so much it makes you sick?
If it's 240000 miles to the moon.......?????
What happened?
What are the symptoms of Herpes?
I have discovered I have something weird under my tounge. They resemble little icicles and are hanging under.?
Black Marks on Forehead - Headache Balm Burned the Skin?
If you get a blood test for anything other that hiv/aids will they still see that something is wrong?
Keeping a face looking Young?
What to do with itchy legs???
I have embarassing acne on my back..Help?
Is it normal for socks to leave a ring around your legs?
Is anyone in the PA/NY/NJ area doing clinical trials on gastric pacemakers presently?
adhd! is there a natural herb to treat adhd?
Is this n0rmal????? my head always feels really cl0gged and putting pressure d0wn 0n the t0p 0f my head?
what are the trearments for Arthritis?
Aunt's back pain?
Could this be my appendix?
how many bones did lind break?
4-corner fusion and scaphoid excision from www.assh.org?
what areobic excerises can I do that don't involve hip movement?
Pepper Spray?
what is the treatment of chondrosarcoma femur?
Is there any treatment for blood in the white of your eye?
does 7 old day chic really give u cancer?
God's blessing??
need homeopathic treatment for hair falling?any links?
I have Breast cancer and i was just told i also have liver?
I am a breast cancer survivor -will be 65 soon. Will I be able to get Supplement ins. coverage to Medicare?
what is verrucous cancer if its on vocal cord and is it cureable thanks?
where acan i buy something with boric acid in it?
Need help to find "reflexology points" ilustrated...?
points in aericulotheraphy to cure someone with vertigo deaseas?
does anybody hear heard about or have a FIBROID?
Treatments that can be obtained from reiki?
I desire to know effectiveness of Kozmic Energy Treatment for pain relief and its authentic source in India?
how strong is percocet 5 mg?
if a racoon with rabbies died in a fountain. Could the water in the pond be contagious?
I understand that the herbal tincture Lomatium is the best product for fighting the bird flu. Is this correct?
when was funded aids?
socioeconomic impact of hiv infection and its management in south-west local government of Ondo state ,Nigeria
Is the "andalusian flu" a real flu or something made up for the Cosby show?
what good is milled flaxseed and how do you use it?
i woke up and my hearing all day has been ....?
How do you get chlorine out of your hair?
Does Ultracet contain Codeine?
How does sunblock work?
whats the name of the new prescription drug to stop smoking?
How do you get off of Vikodin if you are dpedant on it.....? Wht do I do?????
My nerves movment is fast & i feel it .Please give me advice what i should do?
Do You Love Yourself?
My husband has a history of a gambleing problem.?
Is there something wrong with me that I should go to the doctor for?
Does xanax cause memory problems? I've been taking a low dose for the past 10 years.?
self injuroius?
Could It Be Asthma???
Is their any way to make this burn on my forehead look less noticable i had it for about 5 years?
Where (what choromosome) is the defective gene located if u have marfan syndrome??? :~D?
how does a radial pulse differ from diastolic bp?
Is Vitamin E bad for blood pressure?
my friend told me that she got a hole in her heart. can someone tell me the exact name for this syndrom?
How do I get rid of SEVERELY dry, flaky,chapped lips? Nonstop for months, I don't even lick them.?
What's the best over the counter foot powder to prevent excessive sweating etc.?
How can I prevent my skin from becoming SO greasy?! I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Do any anti-depressants NOT cause weight gain and is there a way to lose the weight gain from the meds?
Possible weird side effect from Prozac?
what scares you and how?
What are the primary features of a Narcissistic Personality Disorder?
what is the earliest age you can remember and what was it?
What exactly is manic Bi polar?
I was in the army 8.5 years and spent 8 months in the gulf war.After getting out Ive worked very hard,?
If I jog every other day for 20 mins, will running on my toes prevent knee injury?
I have sickle cell anemia and I have a foot/ankle ulcer?
My thumb is really sore where the nail meets the skin and my entire arm is sore and painful - what is this?
was injuried @ wrk got pregnet went out in 2/05 on wrkrs comp on new dr says i can work but i moved?
Does anyone know where i can go fix both of my broken wrist.?
If you have a mildly broken middle-toe on your foot, is it ok to just put a splint on it and let it heal?
how do they perform thyroid ablation?
what physical signs does a meth addict exhibit?
how does a stye form? how to treat.?
Can dehydration cause seizures?
My son keeps on getting nose bleeding... any remedies?
Anyone check his blood pressure daily, what to do when it's 155/95 ?
Each human is an example of most perfect machine. Why?
How does involvement in organize physical activities prevent the on set of non- communicated diseases?
Convulsions after cardiac arrest?
Does doing crunches, situps, etc on an excercise ball really make THAT big of a difference? Anybody know?
what is the difference between wellabutrin xl and sr ?
Has anybody out there had any experience with disability claims regarding mitral valve prolapse syndrome?
what is the difference between heart attack and bursitus pain?
Does age and race have an effect on getting cervical cancer?
antivermin removal?
how does smoking marijuana affect your brain?
I'am worried is it dangerous to have a enlarged spleen please some respond??
how many aids victims today?
billing specialist?
why has aids no cure?
Does Minocycline cause a false negative in strep tests?
Anyone on weight watchers and does it work?
There's so many diet pills on the market, which is really the best?
does fish oil help burn fat, lose weight, speed up meatabolism?
stevia tablet formulation?
can coconut oil be used as drops to treat dry eyes?
where can I found out how to stimulate the sigmoid valve in my 7 month old to relieve stomach distention?
how do you get rid of the smell of cat Urine.?
clear conjestions?
What is your favorite Naturopathic Health Website?
can Muscle activation Therapy (MAT) help a tailbone injury?
how would one achive immoretlity?
why do i have lower right hand back pain?
Knee Problems?
INDOMETHACIN? what is it used for ? is it addictuve?
Why does my back hurt?
Why teet ache?
My face broke out with a rash or hives very itchy once last year and again this year ..what could it be ?
whats the best way to get rid of jaw acne?
What's the reason Lamisil isn't supposed to be put on scalp?
what is triamcinolone?
What do most woman prefer shaving or waxing?
does life dependents on how u act or the way u keep yourself?
what is the difference between a cold sore and a cankor sore?
eyes that are red, tearing up with some mucus, what could that be?
What do you know about Magnezium Oxide?
How do you make a person sneeze? Pepper doesn't work. I have very dry sinus' and that's my only relief.
comment on the statement-"Toned Bodies are more in vogue than Rambo's muscles.?
What can you do for restless leg syndrome and what is it?
i had fever 2 weeks back, Doctor gave me Antibiotic.Now am ok,but feelin weak.which is the best food to eat ?
What is funniest movie you could recommend?
Serious question from a concerned dad about visitation?
Oh dear God, How can I stop obsessing about YAHOO Answers?
If a person's IQ is outside average (<70, or, >130) he or she is abnormal?
how does a rn relates to math?
what does anxiety attack means?
When is the best time for people to find their problems?
Heart question?
myasthenia gravis?
Levitra and heart burn. 4 hrs i develup heart burn, mabie an ulser. Im throwing up 4 to 6 hrs later.?
Are You Aware That Statins Beneficial Effect ONLY in CHD Patients And Diabetics HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LDL?
Let me know in details about paralysis?
what does the term neoplastigen mean?
which web site can i find different kinds of people to chart with?
I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, can someone tell me more about this?
what is the anatomy,physiology,and pathophysiology of fracture of left femur its mangement?
Why can't Jehovah's Witnesses donate blood?
People who only had surgery on theri foot/bunions?
cut my finger quite deep, holding it tight but i wont stop bleeding what do I do?
Hairline leg fracture?
Is any one here with run over injury to foot by big vehicle?
medical test before marriage?
What is the most effective over-the-counter acne medication?
What SPF do doctors normally recommend?
y do people get boils and what causes them?
dose nail polish stop itching?
Should we scrub our face with severe acne problems?
How do you get rid of a sty on your eye? Its horrible going to school with it so plz help! Thx much!?
Does Sean Penn have lung cancer?
What happens when a bone marrow transplant is needed for chronic myeloid leukemia?
how do epsom salts relieve muscle pain?
i am feeling a small lump inside my neck?
What did i do to my leg???
has anyone ever tried roll on headache reliever?
colon cancer?
How do I get rid of numbness and pain in my arms?
Is there something that can be rubbed on the skin to control nerve sensitivity?
Having back,neck and headaches...?
new hip revision having pain, what can I do?
Is there a website that will reveal if a physician has any malpractice lawsuits against them?
can you build your immune system back up once its weak?
What do ya think about trying to stop smoking cigs and methods?
what causes megrain?
Question on Hepatitis. Please help.?
Are there any meetings in the Clinical Research field coming up in Mass?
Dear Folks: Is there any way to eat a raw egg anymore; say-mixed raw- in a 'smoothie'?
HCV infected Pharmacist?
what is the life span of someone with AIDS?
Tratment for Ciguatera poisoning?
i was diag. with mono about three weeks ago...how long will it be before i can kiss my husband on the mouth?
does anybody else have a pacemaker here. I have had it since october and?
Can I take Pycnogenol if I am on lipitor?
Is my boyfriend gonna have a heart attack?
how many minutes a day do I use the ab lounge?
has anyone ever used adipex?
Is soy milk more fating?
Can a Person O.D. on Diet pils?
over the last 6 months i have put on 25kg's i dont know why or how, im not eating more than i use to!!!?????
Can't lose weight....?
Have any idea how to get slim within 2 months without using any special equipments or vitamins?
I am 17 yrs old n need to lose weight in2 months can u help me?
what should be my ideal weight my height is 5.2ins i am 63 years of age?
anyone have advice on dealing with anxiety?
what is your opinion of commitment suicide because sometimes i feel that idea ,but i am taking depression drug
how can i get revenge!?
I have a friend that is severely depressed and possibly suicidal.?
why the doctors are cleaning up the nidels before the lethal injection?
Do you have days that you would like to be left alone?
If each person is unique with their own personality and character, what makes a person have a disorder?
what can you do to increase rbcs?
when one is suffering from goitre do the eyes appear to bulge out of the head?
How do you treat a sinus infection at home?
Are heating blankets bad for you if you sleep with them on?
looking for a pillow i saw on an infomercial?
what causes ADD in children.?
my friend just got Bells Palsy, anyone know anythin bout it??
If a person, age 64, develops macular degeneration, should he stop jogging?
Why when i think something about my physical problem, it bound to happen?
What foods causes high cholesterol? What are the symtoms of high cholesterol?
any parkinson diiease patience out there. what do you do to cope?
I am looking for a Dr. Menez at Univ. of Iowa in Iowa, I need email address of office?
Has anyone used Differin, if so did it work for you?
How do I remove calluses from my feet and heels?
can someone touch dry ice I heard that its used on your face?
hey guys is proactive works for acne, zits and acne scars like red and brown stuff that are left and acne scar
What are the causes of feeling excessive heat in the body?
can u suggest me a healthy diet. i am 27 yrs old?
what diet i should take regularly to keep my skin glowing n keep my self healtthy?
Why do my hands get soo cold, and when will someone invent a heated mouse to stop this coldness???
When should I change my Water-bottle, Tooth brush, Shaving brush, shoes and socks?
What diet you should follow after donating blood,in order to restore the amount of lost blood?
Vitamins can make kids 25% smarter says UNICEF and WHO but can you find the source data?
Does lower back pain around the spine area have anything to do with bm problems?
Is it OK to walk on foot stress fractures when they don't hurt?
What's the effect of a too-heavy shoe on your knees?
Broken Knee?
what is foot flexology?
how do you wrap an ankles???
I work on my feet all day and when I get home they hurt in front where the toes meet the foot, any advice?
Why do my joints hurt when a storm approaches?
Upper left jaw pain?
Questions about physical therapy?
what is roxocette?
Where can I buy cheap nasal strips?
what helps astma without going to a dr?
I am a leukemia patient & need a medical treatment which I can't afford. where do you think I can get support.
burns caused by radiation and treatment?
How to deal with pain from cancer?
what does caranatum means?
I'm freaking out here what is this lump?
Cancer Testing?
Please Help!!!?
natural migraine and tension headache relief?
Has anyone heared of Unani Medicine?
alternative medicine can come instead of conventional medicine or just like a helper of?
I am a diabetics for the last ten year & not iundr control.pl help me?
Why do so many Americans have panic/anxiety problems?
What do you do to foster self-worth in yourself?
ack! i need your help!?
how can i stop cutting???
Is there a cure for autism that could cure an 8 year old???
Is it a feasible mental condition when...?
what is respirdal and why do so many people say it really messes them up?
Can people really clear there minds and forget about things? if so how? It hard for me to let go of things?
what would you suggest for losing weight quickliest possible?
back of heels?
what is the best way to remove warts?its under my nose,I feel its lookin very bad,pls help me.?
Small red spots?
I have a red spots or blotches on my upper arm, it looks like a rash but it doesn't itch, what could it be?
Pain in Ears?
How many times in a lifetime does a person visit the Doctor?
Any Nail Biters Out There?
What is Shiva Swarodaya?
what's the best to do in most steressfull moments?
aspirin for my heart?
Is there a correlation between sleep apnea and bradycardia?
what the best home remedy to for a cough?
can I use cough syrup after the expiration date ?
I'm 55 yrs. old and I suffer of Gout Attack for 10 yrs.I start working only 2 days so no insurance.?
Should you take your synthroid with your vitamin in the morning together?
I'm anemic and was wondering why anemics eat ice??
why am I getting cramps in my thighs, I try to walk them out but,the pain is horrible,why am I getting cramps?
Neck aches and headaches linked?
have you used the nicotine patch to quit smoking? did it work for you?
what is the average age of male chocolate eaters?
why are slip and fall cases with injuries hard to claim?
Knee pain?
ways to prevent being sore...?
how do u get rid of a 3rd degree burn scar?
injury question...?
Do torn ligaments always require surgery to fix?
Do you know a website that pictures STD's?
runaway plans? what are the best runaway plans for not getting caught?
has anyone ever suffered depression? how can you prevent it from happening?
I need a legitimate charity in which I can raise money for?
Has anyone taken Temazepam?
why do I wake up to a sore ribcage? I cannot even turn in bed anymore, it is so painful?
is cervical traction safe ??
What are some ways to alleviate disabling migraine headaches?
constipation from pain medications?
Is there a Canadian or Ontario legislation requiring all workers with respirators to be clean shaven?
Can you get poison ivy from a dog's coat?
What is the best OTC pain reliever for a pinched nerve?
I need the hepatitis B vaccine.?
Don't you think that someone in their 4th year of CHF should stop smoking weed?
During this cold weather, I itch and have a slight headache each day.?
Ringwork Like Rash?
how do you get rid of stinky sneezes? And what is it?!?
is there a direct link between psoriasis and acne/abscesses?
Is there such a thing as a birthmark on your toenail?
does proactive work?
Can someone from the medical community Email me please!?
If a person has lung cancer, does surgery on the lung speed up missed cancer cells?
I'm trying to find info about "gold stones" or lung stones.?
Does high estrogen levels cause breast cancer in men?
question for anyone who has had skin cancer...?
If you wear contacts, how dangerous is it for your eyes??
I really like this guy at school his name is Dylan how do i tell him that i want to be his girlfriend?
I think my boyfriend is cheating on me what do i do?
Does anyone know about work-outs for the disabled ?
How can i lose my hips?
How do we conduct lecture on drug abuse among teenagers?
A friend of mime has developed swelling above right ear the size of a large egg, what could it be? No pain?
How can you help to teenager with alopecia totalis?
My father was told he has stiffman syndrom does anyone know what it is and if theres any treatment of test?
How long can an alzheimers patient live without eating or drinking?
does the drug Librax have another name?
What can I do to get my stomach flat?
What’s your daily/weekly workout routine?
Where can I find yoga classes in Arequipa, Peru?
if i eat like meal a day, 2 cokes, water the rest of the time,exercise like crazy for 7 days homuch can i los
News from UK said mixing Potassium Sorbate & Ascorbic Acid in soft drink is causing cancer, is this true?
Joggers, what running shoes do you prefer and any breathing advice that does not involve heaving?
B12... what the heck is it??!!! a dietary supplement/vitamin... supposed to give you energy and help with?
my hands are severely burned from using Greased Lightning without gloves. what can i do?
Do you know if smoking cigarettes slow down your metabolism?
where to find toeless knee high compression hosiery?
What's in alcohol that causes the disease of cirrhosis of the liver??
The wind blew something under my eyelid, how do I get it out safetly and quickly?
how do you know if you have a.d.d.?
can you tell your dr. you feel like dying and not get sent to a hospital?
Do you have any positions available for Psych Tech, Hospital Aides,Float Pool Psych Techs.?
Why can i not stop answering questions?
i need to know were i can find a wrist band for a old person so we can track him in case he leaves?
have you ever seen anyone in the midst of a histrionic fit or had them write you a letter?
after 7 days on welbutrin, I feel like sh.. Is this normal?
Passing the Chicken Pox Virus.?
please how can i put my picture into computer?
Having a hot cough no body temperature with a headache and spots on face what could that be ?
I have just been Diagnosis. with TB. The doctor the health department has taken 4 weeks and counting for med?
If someone who is contantly sick and infected with hiv, would the antibody be detected quickly?
Do I have to disrobe to be hooked up to a Holter monitor?
can exposer of mercury and nitro-benzene thru the air cause neurocardiogentic syncope in children?
Acne type stuff on back and chest. What can I do?
hey, does anyone know if greesie food makes my acne worse?
any doctors out there?
What should be done to a swollen rib?
i have been rehabing a back injury?
I have a painful finger after 10 pin bowling. Still sore after 4 weeks. Will it get better? I'm 58 yrs?
Burning in the hands and feet?
appearance of veins after having blood taken..?
How do I get rid of head lice, ticks, fleas, and dandruff from my hair? It's been a rough week.?
What are the possitive effects of tabacco smoking to human health? (Please healp)?
patient information on Flagyl.?
what is the herbal treatment for bone cancer?
are there any chances of getting any serious diseases due to this 8 years of smoking and drinks?
how will u indentified thos e with breast cancer? can all brest lump lead to breast cancer?
Can a single celled organism develop cancer?
what are some symptoms of ovarian cancer that are not textbook symptoms?
anyone have a nerve condition called peripheral neurothapy?
what is a client or a patient for you?
the hospital won't help me unless i'm in dying need and i don't have the money?
Does fibromyalgia qualify you to go on disability if you can't work unless you take prescr. narcotics?
what can ido about hair pulling?
How do Alzheimer's patients remember to go to their self help meetings?
Stomach Surgery on infant...?
How much should I pay for prescription eyeglasses?
what is the medication or pill watson 779 for?
Oval White tablet 93 542?
Is there a pill bottle that is divided for medicine that you take 1 and a 1/2 of?
How fast will your cold end if you take Airborne?
what is propo-n/ apap used for?
Need to stop smoking..?
Why do i have lots of ear wax?
dyslexic of the world, untie!?
How do you feel about lexapro? Do you too feel it is the greatest drug ever known to mankind?
What are the long term effects of meth use?
Big Phobia: Driving. How do I overcome it?
How can I stop being a procrastinator and stop arriving to work late? .?
is this a teen page? most questions seem to be made by young people. i there another site for adults?
can coffee stop suicidal thoughts?
why does usa and uk ?????
I for some reason have been coughing for some time now, about a week and a half, and I haven't been sick...
Cold Weather Asthma?
I'm being treated for sinus infection and now the crackling sensation I've been having is in my throat?
vytorin,what is it used for?
How much should blood pressure fluctuate?
Atacand 8mg daily vs. Norvasc 2.5mg?
Someone out there posted a homepathic remedy to dark under eye circles, will you please respond.?
How can I become a masseuse?
Is cinnamom good for people with diabetes?
where can i buy rx meds online that doesnt require a prescription and i dont have to send medical records?
how do you stop you eyes from itching?
what are the cures or reliefs for carpel tunnel syndrome if you cant afford a doctor?
can long term antibiotics be harmful for a young child?
Is acne complex a good effective acne treatment??????
I have a acne cleaner that contains salicylic acid (2%) based cleanser?
What kind of disease or illness could I have? (symptoms in the add details)?
Acne Free in 3 Days?
How do I cure my acne?
guys i dont have a scar no more all i have is black marks that were scars so is it still bad to shave it?
is internal cleansing really a good program to get started on? or just another way to make money?
What is the best brand of makeup that sensitive skin people should wear?
What is the best way in preventing a sore throat?
Is corn the most complete food in the world?
A loved one in my family was recently told he had 72 hours to live how can a doctor diagnose this?
Does anyone have scoliosis? Any exersises anyone know to help?
What should I give my 19 month old for diahrrea?
After 6 days in the hosp. for lumbar back surgery I was looking for things to do to help recover best as I can
Why do people freak when some one starts talken to them about hpv?
can you get tested anonymously?
Is it possible for HIV to show up in a urine test,, i mean after few years u think u contracted it?
How many of you ever has had an STD, and what was it?
negative test results but, problem still persist?
Should I go to the doctor if I think I have hemorrhoids?
How many curl ups do i have to do a day in order to get a six pack in around month?
i dont think this is me but....?
I want some spam please?
How does vitamin c work in my body?
I have 98 Kg &my length is 160 How to loose my weight?
I would like to lose 40 pounds by the end of May this year. I have tried everything ,can't not lose a pound?
can you get hep c sharing a cigarette?
Hiv Rash ???
Any way i can cure a stuffy nose?
I felt soooo bad yesterday?
What do you call it when you suddenly can't move, you get a horrible ringing in your ears, and your heart is..
introduction of causes of malnutrition?
Can you E-mail me the web sites of some online pharmacies in Mexico?
examples of herbal medicines?
how to improve concentration?
why I would have pain when you press pretty much anywhere on my body? Like my bones are inflammed?
Height and foot size?
When/If choosing a massage therapist, what characteristics of the therapist are important to you?
how to take the drug?
Besides surgury, what is the treatment for a torn rotator cuff?
I am taking 50 mgAtenlol for hypertension .one tablet in the morning.?
I am 58 years old. And I have problem with my arm muscle.?
HELP please...my girlfriend fainted the other day?
I have been hurt at work and they sent me to the workmans comp Dr.?
Is there anything I can do to make a bruise go away faster?
there is glass stuck in my foot.?
does exist glasses which do not hurts my nose ?
Can you evict neighbors for being noisy at night?
How can I improve the way I speak ? I want to speak more clearly and confidently.?
Does anyone else know someone who died from Zyprexa use ?
How does the color fusia on bedroom walls affect a child's personality?
are the people who keep clicking the "report abuse" prompt wackos?
suicide: i've tried to help but i cant?
How long does Buspar take to work?
What is causing my knuckles and finger joints, hands and forarm muscles to ache so much?
I have pain on both knees and muscle strain on both legs. I can't hardly stand for to long. What causes this?
help me please..................................…
shortwave diathermy?
Question about charlie horses?
My baby Chihuahua, Myla (11 months) just began her first heat today-is she in pain?
List of local doctors who can prescribe methadone?
pain medic?
how to kept sun burns from pealing?
Problem with my lips?
What is the process like when someone is given a certain amount of time to live due to cancer??
can you conceive with late stages of testicular cancer?
What are all the types of cancer?
what is cancer?
Any breast cancer treatment options for the uninsured?
Is it a problem if I am wheezing upon exhalation?
what is systemic asthma?
Is chest pains and the feeling of not being able to breath signs of pregnancy?
Cold Medicines?
advantages and disadvantages of (tracheal)suction machine?
Why is that diabetes is caused by high levels of sugar?
My shoulders get really sore from my job, is there something i can do to prevent/fix this?
Are you effective in managing worries?
where is your appendix located?
how many hairs do people have on their head?
how to reduce the breast size with the help of excercise only?
How many people die from Leukemia (and got Leukemia from smoking)?
How do you take a dump when you really leave one????
Canada has great free health care? Dont you think that America should also have free health care?
what does it mean to have high cheekbones?
I read somewhere that people with hemochromatosis should not walk in the sand?
what does anti-coagulants mean?
Why would urinating in a bathroom sink in someones home be wrong medically speaking?
does auto-immune disease affect getting accurate results in std blood test ?
what is mcv in you blood count?
Are You Aware That The COMPOSITION Of An Advanced Atheroma Is 80 % UNsaturated Ftas?
my dad received a pacemaker and since then he has trouble with his blood pressure dropping sometimes when he?
does Excedrin tabs can cause hi blood pressure?
Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota and Mitral Valve Prolapse?
What test are there to check blood flow to the head?
How do you find the willpower to lose weight?
How to Diet and have a correct work-out program Is this possible? Could Professional reply please...?
How do you get rid of cellulite on your thighs?
A Diet and Fitness regime to lose weight and build muscle?
i like candy, how would i go on a non candy diet?
what is a teenager nutritional needs?
are there any diet pills out there that really work?
My Prom dress is too small, and prom is a month away, is there a way to lose inches extremely fast before prom
What's the best way to get rid of a wart on my finger?
Why my knee sore no getting new skin,became hard and scaly. I learnt its due metabolic disorder. Any one help?
Who is the South-African athlete with only one leg?
what can i do for the dry skin in scalf and dandruff, natural solution pls.?
how to deal with acne?
is vitiligo 100% curable and how much time does it take, which treatment is best homeopathic or allopathic?
iv got really oily skin which doesnt look really good, especially on a hot day, any suggestions????
Has anybody ever bought medication over the internet? Did it arrive?
Why do people use cybering?
what are the solutions to 1.anxiety 2.depression?
does xanax lower your blood pressure?
Why do i feel empty?
My cousin is always saying sorry and excusme or small things?
How do you get out of debt!!!?
I need help with diagnosing my mom?
How do I become healthier and gain 25 pounds?
what causes a person to be an insomniac?
What to do if I take Tylenol PM at work by mistake??
is there any cure for asthmatic patient.?
What kind of sugar appear in the urine?
How can I stop my foot from swelling?
my 4 yr old son has had daily stomach aches and loose stool since he was 2.?
what countries have water you can safely drink without getting sick ?
i have a torn ligament and a hairline fracture how long would that take to heal?
whiplash injury?
why am I haveing a cracking noise when i walk in my ankles?
what are some of the main ways of getting one of your limbs amputated?
What can it mean?
where do i find treatment for toxic black mold exposure?
Do really cold temps cause coughing fits?
Is there any device that will effectively keep your mouth shut while sleeping to better promote nose breathing
what is bronchitis?
what is the newest FDA approved lymphoma drug?
can anyone tell me about a very rare form of small cell round cancer named desmoplasma?
What are the final stages of Squamous Cell Cancer?
i need information on thyroid cancer in English and Spanish. where would i be able to get both on Internet?
I get calf muscle spasms when the nights are cold. Anyone know why i might get them? Any idea what i can do?
How long does it take a broken blood vessel to heal in your foot? My foot was hit with a softball.?
Vaccines have caused behavior changes in young children, what treatment will reverse these behaviorial changes
where can i find a bipolar support group?
what causes a constant sharp pain in your upper stomache area?
What exactly does Green tea do for your body?
How do you do? how do You maintain your health?
How long will it take to germinate new tooth after fallen primary teeth of a child?
is cooking in microwaveoven safe?
What makes your stomach feel better when it hurts really bad?
How many people have died from ALS?
What normally causes someone to pull out their own hair to the point of bald spots?
pros and cons of vaccines?
is there ANY product/procedure that shrinks large pores?
I have terrible acne. Any advice what to use?
Ringworm problem?
how to remove and avoid moles .?
What year was Corn Huskers Lotion developed?
Do you get anxious when you go to the mall?
I have a mental illness ,what are the profiles of you all as far as social life like ?
i am reaching Rorschach inkblot test, do you think that this realy helps or just a quack trying to make a buck
Has anyone got social phobia/social anxiety on here?
I have Attention Deficit, and severe test anxiety. What works for test anxiety?
what are thrombosed internal hemorrhoids?
What's the best way to treat and cure carpal tunnel syndrome?
after you have appendix surgery do you lose weight?
Are there any support groups for families of people with chronic fatigue syndrome?
how serious is the shingles?
can you identify a prescription pill by looking at it?
How can I steady the nerves in my hand?
What time should a 19 year-old female go to sleep? What time should I wake up?
what would cause your right hand to fall asleep all the time?
is this linked ??
what chemicals does the body produce when having a heart attack?
I need these questions answered ASAP!!?
I have prom @ the end of May...but i need to lose weight what is the best and safe way?
I am out of shape and want to start working out and lose some weight. Any suggestions?
Why does lactose-free milk taste a bit sweeter than milk with lactose in it?
What is the best way to tone your stomach and shrink your love handles?
This is embarassing! When I drink coffee, I get gas and have to go "number two". Why??
women: when have you physically lifted or carried a guy? how did you do it?
What's the best exercise technique to reduce thunder thighs?
how can i look fit without adding murscule?
Is it true you can lose weight on a cleansing program?
Another question about HIV?
How do I ask my sister to get open about her HIV status?
Why don't they just vaccinate all men against HPV?
How is a type of neck collar of outer opening for people with trachieostomies stomas some?
Respitarory complications?
I have very strong smelling intestinal gases for the last 3-4 weeks.?
what is a homecare provider?
Has anyone ever had to receive surgery on your lungs to keep them from collapsing?
what are the responsibility of a health provider or nurses in pain control?
Vomiting problems?
What could chronic back pain mean (for a 34yo woman)? I've never really had back pain before until now. My
What is it when your knees are painful and when touched they are hot?
what is the best cure for psoriasis?
♥(^_^) I have terribly oily skin......HELP!?
What substitute can I use for an astringent?
what to do with dry flaky scalp?
natropathic md's in chicago?
will colloidal silver lose effect if mixed with ozonated water?
how do you get the bird flu?
My knee snapped/cracked/popped about 3 times this morning. Do you think I dislocated my knee cap?
which hand do you use to clean up inside your nose?
How long does it take to heal a sprained ankle?
ADVICE on broken foot?
fed up with knee pain any help for a person fed up thank you?
What is the life expectancy of a person that has ovarian cancer?
my husband has brain cancer he had a golf boll size tumor removed in September?
Colon Pain : Colon Cancer?
Is there anyone in NW Tucson on or in treatment??? PLEASE HELP!!?
How do you get lung cancer?
What are the three common medicines during the 16th Century?
what would you do?
What is it called when you chew on things other than food?
how do I use copper healing bracelet?
I have heard that wine helps to build one's blood, if anemic; is this true?
how do you outgrow your asthma?
Anybody else have carpal tunnel?
I want to know if there is a research program here in Louisiana that paids a person to participate.?
need to find identification of medication?
where would i find picutres of pot plant?
chest pain that feels cold?
Percardial effusion ?
are bllod clots always painful?
what is the role of BNP testing in diagnosis of heart failure?
what is the most common deficiency disease for vitamins?
did you hear of babys diing from a flu shot???
For the past 4 days I've been having cold sweats at night, I thought it was the flu?
how important are flu shots for babies under 1 years old?
How do I get rid of this staph infection on the back of my ear? Had it drained. It won't leave. It stinks.
Acne... im 15 and i cant get rid of my acne.. proactiv is too expensive and basicly almost evythings exspensiv
Can psoriasis spread to the palms of your feet and hands?
I walk to and from work everyday and my left foot swells when I sit down. How do I stop it? Yes Ive soaked it?
Help!!!! combination?!! oily skin??
power peel,derma peel,microdermabrasion?
Does your face get red after the first session of laser hair removal? How long does it last if it does?
Need info on skin tags?
what is the best vitamin for hair and skin?
What are ear candles?
what is the best way to get rid of pinched nerves in your neck?
after research study flu shot, arm has been twitching for hours?
What are the effects of cracking knuckles?
Headache, nausea, and slight dizziness?
mold in my house?
What could I be allergic to?
I have been getting sharp pains in my left rib area sorta on the side but not all the way?what could it be?
is it possible to get gas on the left side of your upper abdomen? if so what is good for treating it?
i feel immense pain in my legs after jogging this could be in my veins or in my bones couldu suggsomeremedy?
I have 2 very bad knees , because of arthritis, does anyone know of any relief to help with pain and sleep?
Symptoms of Bronchitis?
Is it wrong to give a person with breathing problems phenegren?
Progonlation of the Qi Interval of the Heart Abnormal Heart Rhythms?
12 yrs rottie, coughing , dry heaving and now asma sound breathing on antibiatics,coughing & a layci HELP?
Is a warm steam vaporizer better than cool mist? Which is more effective and better for allergies, etc.?
how can i boost my metabolism? and if i lose a lot of weight that i gained will my skin sag?
I need to lose 10-15 lbs in 3 weeks. What's the best crash diet?
What is FITNESS?
can a electrode machine help an ankle sprain heal faster?
MACROBIOTIC diet! anyone ? can you loose weight on it ? how does it work?
How do you lose the lower belly fat ?
What is the best exercise to develop your back?
What are the rules for Atkins Diet?
how do you treat lower back pain?
How do you get a paper cut?
need info about eating disorders can any one help?
What vitamin is responsible for absorbing Calcium?
I heard about a new procedure for knee replacements with a 3 in. incision. who? where?
Does taking Zoloft effect the unborn baby?
What is this painful swelling/lump on the back of my neck?
What are some good eye exercises?
iam a chemist.i worked with benzene for 20 days. is there any hace of getting lukemia?
What is the blood test to determine how much a tumor has shrunk during chemo?
How many people out there have had or have Berkets Lymphoma ?
imnuminsystem and chemotherphy?
have heart condition need plan to lose 50lbs?
chest x ray of fallot teratology?
DR D Please Help me!?
Heart pacemaker and skateboarding?
what is your blood count supose to be?
I am trying to find a live donor for a liver transplant that I have to have. I'm 37 now but was diagnosed
Why, all of a sudden, I nod asleep at work and home. I sleep the same as ever, maybe better.?
I have Addison's Disease and will take a steroid for the rest of my life. How can I lose weight??
i need to help a co worker who has just discovered she has multiple escloroses.?
where can I find free help with a sleep disorder?
If corn oil is made from corn and olive oil made from olives, then what's baby oil made from?
Should Stores stop over weight people using the wheel chairs ???
What causes human waste products to be their typical colours: brown and yellow?
Excess belly fat?
Constantly dehydrated.?
what is the number of compressions for an adult in CPR?
Can anyone tell me what the throbbing, sharp pain in my lower left back might be?
Ive had a minor headache for 3 days straight now?
My mom is in a lot of pain!!!?
Swollen neck muscles and pain in my ear, feels like someone is pinching the side of my neck and I can't make m
what is equvalent to percocet?
Why would a patient have elevated PTT levels?
I had episode of loose stoll for few weeks and by looking on line it can mean something very serious. Help?
can you catch a STD if it's been treated?
what could be diagnosis for penile lump?
does anyone know what detox to use to pass a drug test w/in two hours? and it not show up too clean??
Any traditional or home cure way to cure rashes?
how would you explain nutrient density?
What is choking hazard?
I have sharp pains in my left side!!?
how much do surgical technologists make per annum in hospitals ..what is their salary?
what is a healthy and balanced meal?
What is a good way to clear my throught if I have bronchitis?
Why is there suppression of knowledge that colloidal silver is the closest thing to a universal antibiotic?
breast augmentation to female proportions for males?
Can someone plz tell me what this pill does. On one side it has ethex and on the other side it has 303?
I smoke marijuana 3 time last two mouth how long will it stay in my system?
Is there a pill, or medicine that can take away your sense of taste?
Strenuous exercise causing lung problems??
Some kind of resonance feeling in lowest part of lungs especially during my first breath in the morning?
could i really have pneumonia?
could this be pneumonia??
How long will it be before I can return to playing football after reconstructing my ATF ligament?
i've got a horrible cold sore!!!!!?
what can I do about a pulled leg muscle had it for about 2 wks?
Should i pop it?
i had an accident at work and have been back twice but now have a s/note from my doctor.can my emplyer sack me
What is it like to quit drinking alcohol?
Know of any good self massage methods for reducing tmj pain?
How to cure snoring?
If you were told you had breast cancer and needed a mastectomy...?
Help with contact lenses!?
when im on my cruise what can i use in the sun that will get me tan but not sun poisoned again?
What is homeophatic treatment for Gastro Esophageal Reflux Desease, what are the process?
Acids and pregnancy?
Plaque psoriasis - red scaly patches 20 years plus - advice please?
What should I do for my curling iron burn?
back pain related to pancreatic cancer ?
Why are some cancers, like colon cancer rare in young ppeople, like teenagers but common in old people??
CA-125 level to be normal after 3 chemos?
how can i increase my reading spead?
Why do I have a swollen gland?
Has anyone heard of retinitis pigmentosa?
Can you get pseudomonas dermatitis from wearing dirty ear plugs?
What are some good online sites for starting to learn yoga?
Does anyone know about ischemic strokes?
Osteoporosis @ the age of 18?
im trying to find a thyroidologist near my home?
Is anyone worried about the bird flu comeing 2 the U.S., and a change that humans might get it?
Got Rabies?!?
What happen if a person electricuted and it might affect to mental illness?
Heartburn, ulcer, or onset of heart attack?
Good results or bad test?
blood pressure?
Isit possinle to have a petscan with a implanted defribrillator?
i was refered to another dr who handles high risk pregnancy cause of my heart murmur, is delivery dangerous?
constant pain in knees with swelling and they turn red?
Should I go to this chiropractor?
how many days does it take pink eye to heal with drops. do you have any sugsgtions?
How much stronger is a lorcet 10 than a tramadol 50mg?
Soar throat...REALLY soar throat!!?
other than gel heels, what can i do to alleviate pain from heel spurs???
Mucos with blood--symptom of what?
how do i know if its a bed bug?
I have had hepatitis. How do I find out what type (A,B,C,D) I had? Is there a hepatitis registry?
I have hep C, which has now created cirrhosis of the liver, not sure of the severity.?
do you think i need to take an antibiotic coz i had this cough for 4 days and i dont have voice til now.?
Weight gain from steroids?
My mom could not breathe last week 2 days into a cold. What could she have done to prevent this?
I've had this for exactly 12 days. I feel exhausted and terrible...help please!?
Whenever, i start morning walk, runnning etc. In a week or so, i get sinus and which leads to throat soar etc.
what insurence co has the best prescription plan?
What causes you neck to cringe?
i need your help please? what do you call the extra skin behind your chin? Does double chin sound right !!!?
do black people get seborrheic dermatitis?
skin pigmentation after head injury?
Any help for brittle nails and cuticles?
how do you get rid of moles on the face and neck natrualy?
Is there any other way?
my body is breaking out n small welts that itch erribly resulting n sores...started on ankles...now on arms be
how long does it take for a toe nail to grow back?
OMG! this happened so sudden..?
I have had a problem for about 4 months getting worse now but when I lay down or sit down when I try to stand?
What should i do to keep my knees without damage ?
Best treatment for a mosquito bite that works fast? Any advice??
are there any bad side affect with taking strattera?
y do people snore????
How long will the marijuana stay in my system?
What are the definitions of systolic and diastolic blood pressure?
anyone know of a health plan for someone with no insurance coverage that is easy on the pocket?
I live between grand rapids and lansing michigan; how can i locate a physician that uses the drx9000 ?
What Are The Benefits To Snorting Pills Rather Than Just Taking Them....?
Cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Question on Blindness????
Is there any site on the net where I can purchase individual north and south pole magnets?
Planter's Warts?
I've decided to start a diet today ... any words of encouragement?
Question about FAT?