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what to do about abcessed lymph gland behind the ear?
What is the percentage that a parent with color blindness will pass it down 2 their kids?
Does anyone know a way to get rid of back zits?
I have a zit that won't go away fast enough. Any home remedies or inexpensive ideas to get rid of it?
this is kinda embarrassing but i have acne but not on my face...?
Help!!!! Anyone have a remedy for skin tags??
Natural skin or tanned skin?
Do contact lenses protect your eyes?
I am having eye problems?
Weird! Flashing half moon shape spot in my eye!?
i wear prisms and...?
Night and Day contact lenses are not made for toric users?
Anyone got a problem with pink eye?
i have a pea size lymph node behind my left ear and i dont know the cause?
what can you say about pneumonia?
Is this a normal complication from somnoplasty?
I am planning on going skiing this break and im getting over bronchitis im on antibiotcs. can i go?
Which foods can cause infant botulism?
What does BE stand for in ABG results?
what keeps food from going down your windpipe?
what role do red blood cells play in respiration ?
is it unhealthy to be angry often? if so why?
Need Help...?
ok heres another one?
My 12 yr old nephew has ADHD. Would like to hear from people with the same-what is life like for you this?
why am i so sensative?
How to cool my increasing bad temper?
What is the difference between arthritis medicines Mobic and Celebrex?
Chiropractic Help?
MYSTRY PAIN My mom is 65 yrs old and at night i hear her cry out in pain its the left side of her hip down?
Addicted to tramadol (Ultram)?
Does anyone have scoliosis related pain?
Why am I having a sharp pain in my upper chest when I breathe?
My fingertips have been numb for 5 days.?
Thank you for your answer.I have another Q..Can multi-vitamins cause heart palpatations?
what could be the cause of dizzines,pressure behind eyes,headaches?
info on Bailey place retirement in cincinnati?
How often should your exercise?
Can allergies cause eye sensitivity, facial discomfort, and watery runny nose?
I think I am allergic to my cats?
why is just one of my eyes red?
should someone w/ nut allergies eat quinoa?
people are allergic to me?
how do i treat weaklow infection on my finger?
i have a rash on my face bad !!?
Too much acme!!?
Are ringworm pills bad for liver?
Does it hurt alot to have a mole cut out?
How serious psoriasis is?
does anyone know any help for chronic fatique syndrome?
What are the positive and negative aspects of smoking being banned in public places?
whats a psychic?
What is the secret to immortality?
Can Penicillin and Streptomycin be used together?
how to treat hemorroids in a natural way?
How do I get rid of a Kanker sour on the side of my tongue?
Has anyone had any success with alternative treatments for alzhiemers?
are prescription anxiety pills the way to go if the anxiety doesn't seem to be going away by itself?
Where on the web can I find a site that tells me all about herbs & what they R used 4?
Has anyone here ever had rods put in their legs after an injury? I have, and I have a question......?
Can you put a cat on a diet?
what do jennifer love hewitts socks smell like?
why do boys like to have long hair?
is it normal to gain weight after a cholecystectomy?
is there any real program or anything about stoping myopia progression?
Crack in my lip won't heal! I've tried EVERYTHING besides cosmetic surgery!?
to get clear skin do i need 2 change my diet?
What are boils and what causes them?
what are the causes of boils on the skin?
Does witch hazel help your complexion?
What is the recall on Bausch & Lomb Renu MoistureLock contact solution?
is abillium used as a medication?
If a person carries the gene for Cystic Fibrosis, does that mean they can get the disease?
Is gallbladder surgery painfull?
Anyone here have a deviated septum?
i think i have pneumonia?
Is it normal for one eye to see colors more vibrantly than the other?
Will you contact lense "slide of your eyes" if you cry or go for a swim???
how can i protect my eyes?
Information needed on Glasses protective coating.?
?lazy eye?
Are there any attachments to glasses that can make them a little more effective as safety glasses?
I have hep c and I am starting treatment next week. What have other peoples experiences been on treatement?
I have a lower back problem, doctor say's it's strain. Want's to know some exercises to relax my back.
Do PA's sign and prescribe their own presciptions?
Im gonna have surgey.?
If my friend quitted H "cold turkey" for 10 days and smoked 1 time, will he feel withdrawals the next day?
Anyone have any suggestions for Rheumatoid Arthritis?
my tongue is hurting badly?
What causes the needle-like, or tearing pain in the arch of your foot while walking or hiking?
how do you buy hydrocodone from the mexican pharmacy w/out a prescription?
How do I get rid of the wrinkles on my forehead? I may be pushing 30, but how do i stop it for getting worse?
My scalp itches and is full of red spots. How can I cure this? Selenium Sulfide didn't work...?
my sister has had a rash on her neck for a very long time?
How can I get rid of dry skin with out a scrub?
is acne hereditary?
I feel guilty for very little thing..i want to kill my feeling gulit. and move on with lif?
CAN anyone tell me something about the drug prozac???
Do you think the Bird Flu will kill more people than the one in 1918?
can i go to walmart and ask them for a free trial of the freshlook colorblend contacts?
When you have pink eye, what is the best way to clean your contacts and contact case and with what products?
i have very dry skin wat kind can i do to get rid of it?
Darker Skin?
how can u get rid of kankles?
should i continue taking my antibiotic but with an antihistamine even though i have broken out in hives?
Dove beauty bar?
Any good home remedies for mosquito bites?
what are possible side effects of a common spider bite?
Alternative Medications: are they really effective?
What are the symptoms of a long time methadone user at a high dosage?
where do i find over-the counter hormones so i may be able to develop breast? oh, i am male?
How to get well soon from amebic losemotion?
Why is toilet paper made out of individual squares?
I use 500ml of shower gel every month, my roomies tell me thats too much is it?
Could a Plastic Surgeon "Hang" himself ??
Why don't we get itchy teeth?
is glutathione really effective?
does anyone like aromatherapy?some good aromas?
What is the best way to sterilize an at-home nebulizer?
Can you get carbon dioxide poisining from smoking?
What exactly is carple tunnel syndrom? Can you get it from pinching something in your elbow?
how long do soft contacts last?
Itchiness and watery eyes?
What are these white clumps of stuff in my eye?
Girls only.....?
wat kind of homemade skin & face exfoliator one should use?
Is it normal when you do not sweat like others?
i need a recipe for salt solution for the treatment of wounds?
homemade remedies for blackheads and acne. is there any?
a 2000 calorie diet for a hypetensive person?
Am I overweight?
how long does it take to tone your body when you're doing pilates?
How many calories?
Is it safe to take methadone pills and seraquil at the same time?
cartilage peircings?
i have bad sinus headaches when i fly on airplanes, is there anything i can do to fix this.?
Painful foot and leg cramps??
I need some answers regarding a cyst on the brain...?
what is macrocytic anemia?
What is CMT? Where can I meet positive people who will offer suggestions for living?http://cmtushope.info?
Prescriptions for trichotillomania?
my 3 yr old got a bad cough. vomits after. syrup didn't work. what can I do pls?
what does this diagnosis mean: chronic esophagitis, moderate to severe (increased eosophils) w/ parakeratosis?
How likely is it for women like me to have colon problems?
If you look at yourself and your highschool class, are you the only failure?
What should i do here?
how do u know if u r bipolar and or suicidal?
Would anti-psychotics help for paranoid personality disorder?
Has anyone experienced conversion disorder?
Tea Tree Oil-Acne prone skin?
How to avoid sweaty Armpits?
What can you use instead of saline solution to put contacts in overnight if you don't have any?
i suffer from adult acne, ive been using pro_active for over a year and still having breakouts.?
I have a date in 24 hours and have a cold sore. Any quick remedies?
What are some effective treatments for Psoriasis?
How do Aloevera protect from acne without adding chemicals to it?
What is the common eye condition that affects people as they get older?
What are the sources of vitamin B12 other than meat?
what are the symptoms of pollen alergies? im in GA?
Is there an allergy purifier for my house?
I need help with chronic sinus infections :(?
what's wrong with my breathing?
Why do some people not get mesquito bites, while other do?
Did you have the first swim of the year??
how many mgs. of salt per day should someone with high blood pressure limit themselves to?
What are those things doctors place over your mouth?
why shouldnt euthanasia be legalised?
What are aids?
What is the survival time period of STD's after leaving the host?
double vision in one eye please help!?
Cute Glasses~?~?~ HELP?
I have a crusty eye that's sensitive to light, very painful lasts 5 hours, is relieved when i close my eyes
Do eyes change colors?
Eye colour changes?
what is psoriasis?
I was under antibiotic for 6 mths by my doc due to acne prob. It comes and goes for the past 3 years.?
Area surrounding edges of lips inflamed... Help?
My skin is peeling and dry help?
How can men prevent ingrown hair on their face?
dose anyone now what SARS are?
what are SARS?
If you really had the drive could you pass out from holding your breathe for too long?
if i get pneumonia can i live with out the antibiotics?
Sore throat not going away....?
i had a nerve abblation done on faucet joints in my back, are there any side affects i should know about?
when you lose your voice, how long does it take before you get it back? any tips?
anyone familiar with benefits of omega 3 pills?
Do Chinese herbal remedies work for rheumatoid arthritis? And if so, what types.?
What causes people to itch?
What is the best acne product?
Is it possible to get a blister on the hip from wearing pants that are too tight?
anyone have eczema?
How can I remove a bindi-eye that has broken off and left the end in my foot?I can't find it by digging it .
y do i keep getting a fracture?
Is there any treatment to make the white part of my eyes whiter? My sclera is slightly blue in color.?
What kind of glasses do I need!?!?!?
Is reading on a computer screen bad for your eyes?
i've been wearing my contacts for more than 2 weeks.?
Is this a normal symptom of depression?
Do you Hate yourself???
Too much sleep destroy ?
Can we ask question relating to doctors ?
About maturity behaviour?
tel me how to get rid of epilepsy?
how serious is pancreatis?
is there any products available for urinary incontinance?
how does hypertension(high blood pressure)affects the cardiovascular syatem?
Does anyone have vasculitis or has anyone ever heard of it?
I want to know any thing about sars _the desease come with bird?
Will acupuncture help arthritis?
What are the symptoms of having intestinal polyps?
Should people with the aids virus have equal rights in the workforce?
I had scoliosis surgery 3 years ago - now I have slight pain and some problems breathing... whats up?
Is it safe to completely inhale the smoke from hookahs?
anxiety and natural remedies?
What is the best remedy for a stress headache?
Worth getting synus surgery?
why after sneezing am i tired and in a bad mood?
How do you get rid of a cold sore on your mouth? the herpes virus. Not hair piece but herpes.?
what is a sudden sharp pain in one side of the temple that only lasts for a few seconds?
Back problems?
if a dialysis patient had mrsa, was treated for it, now, can it keep them from eligible for transplant list ?
What does the rash of body lice look like?
What is the condition called i f you have to wear gloves on your hands 24/7?
Acne problem...?
What are the inhalor side effects?
is it okay for a 6 year old child to take 4 doses of salbutamol nebulized a day?
anyone else totally in love with the mucinex mucus guy>?
Is Abilify an MAOI?
Cause for prescription of Zaditen?
how to differentiate between psoriasis toe nail and fungus infected toe nail?
Do suicide hotlines have hold?
can a doctor take me off pain meds after 5years with out brining me off slow.?
Men Taking Birth Control Pills?
What are the symptoms for Anxiety?
What's the best way to prevent from catching a cold?
Withdrawals from Effexor XR?
What does a head nurse at a mental hospital do exactly?
Is Ritalin prescribed a lot in foreign countries?
Will a narcissist drop you like a stone after a 6 year relationship and refuse to discuss why?
How to get rid of OCD thoughts without SSRI?
cabin fever anyone?
How we send out our fear?
Is remeron and cymblata in the same family?
What home product can I use to remove dark marks around my eyes cause by spectacles?
when you get your blood drawn at the doctors without a drug test, does marijuana show up?
Where can I learn more about the EGYPTIAN ANKH AND "THE LIFE FORCE ENERGY"?
should i take vailum for my out burst?
How do you tell if a cold is bacterial or viral?
cheese pizza???is it good or bad???
What is Tizanidine HCL 4mg prescribed for?
What is the best home remedy as well as long term relief possible for Sinus problems?
How do you get thru an MRI with out panic attack?
When in ER ask you if you have allergy to any med,is that include adverse and side effects?
why ask about cancer before mri?
Best mosquito repellent?
Anyone out there have crohn's disease?
What's the cure for social phobia?
how many people in the world today are infected with the HIV AIDS virus?
Hemorrhoids? Any Pills that works?
what can I do my husband just got an MRI that said he has spina bifida which he was not aware of?
Glaucoma Problem?
What is the price range of contacts?
Please Help!! Its REALLY important!!?
Why is Aids becoming the primary killer among females?
i need ur help im nauseated to the point every morning of throwing up?
what to do for dry sinus from cold weather?
I cough up mucus all the time. is that bad?
what are the effects of asthma?
Is it possible to mistake nicotine withdrawal for a slight fever?
I am looking for a pain relief gel called Hemp-n-Heat?
Does this sound like a trigger point in the neck?
my aunt is complainig of a neck discomfort?
what are the effects of wearing a higher contacts prescription (in sphere) ?
How to I prevent an occuring stye?
What eyeglass frames are in now for women I'm also interested in Oakley?
Will I not be able to lose excessive weight gain during pregnancy because I had a tubal litigation?
Can you suggest a couple of lower back workouts?
Can someone please give me an easy diet/exercise plan so I can lose a good amount of weight in 3 months? Im 15
What is the best type of calcium supplement to take?
Exercise tips?
losing my gut?
I have a friend who is 5'6 and 160 she thinks she is overweight? Is she what can I do to help?
Who all cuts them self??
What does the diagnosis of Mood D/O NOS mean?
Why are people getting so much enjoyment from being mean and rude?
Have a beautiful life? Need help.?
Itchy eyes...Zyrtec?
How can u get rid of allergies?
Eye Allergies?
anyone know of a good air purifier for a cheap price? i sneeze so much when in my room!!!?
what should i do???
diroticulitus? is that a disease or am i spelling it wrong?
True or false- According to the time dependent factor, alcohol oxidizes about a drink per hour?
what is this a game. i need some answers?
when a person is spinning in a chair for a few seconds. they look up. you notice their eyes are moving? why?
What can i do for my painful arthritis in my hips and knees??
Why cough is so powerful during the nights? when it doesnt work that dangerously in the daytime.?
Lower back pain after drinking?
ssd why was my daughter turn down?
what is the common vector for whooping cough?
Do you believe that children with AIDS or HIV should be allowed in public schools? Why or Why not?
How long after contracting HIV does it take for it to cause a positive test result?
what are ulcers?
Before you get an abortion do they screen for HIV? (Women)?
Who has had more health problems after Septic Shock.?
Know anything about an odd, recurring cough, very intermitent?
Any docs? I have low oxygen.?
baby has bad congestion help?
I don't have a cough but I keep expelling phlegm every day esp. in the morning.?
What is an ER Nurses' usual pay?
Does any one know what China no 1 is and does it really work?
are there any home remedies for wrinkles that really work?
does ultram show up in drug test?
Has anyone tried CHORAPHOR? Deatils, Details?
sore throat?
Help! My Mom just had a stroke, no lasting paralysis ..but my sibilngs are now all at war now...why?
Yeti, are you a doctor?
what is neoplasia?
What are the best exercises for someone with Sciatica and a lower back problem?
does Lupus run in families?
I painted my ceiling one day about a year ago and now I have?
♥How to get rid of oily skin??????
itchy skin??
how do i get ride of my toenail fungus?
whts the best treatment for Acne?
I have a dot on my cornea that looks like a grain of sand. It is very painful. What could this be?
Do you think early termination of people with genetic deffects yields better overall fitness in a few milenia?
Where to find very Dark sunglasses?
I just got new contacts and went up from 2.75 to 3.00 in my left eye and went up from 2.25 to 2.5 in my right?
Anyone ever use Walmart Eyecenter for contacts?
Why do the iris parts of our eyes lighten as we get older?
Isn't PDD-NOS on the Autism Spectrum?
the schizophrenia is a mental desease,which is the doctor who describe it?
How can you cover up scars from cutting?
help! I have a dark armpit. It's not normal it's just getting darker. How can I remedy it?
What is death?
do you think it is chill you teens to where gold grills?
What is the best treatment for hair loss?
I read an article in a website that says eating bananas helps fight illnesses.Do you think it's true?
What are the best brands of essential oils for citrus scents?
Is there a tea that would eliminate excess fat from your body?
How do you feel smoking affects a persons image?
what is bipolar disorder?
Can anyone tell me if there is a natural way to kickstart your tyriod gland if it has stopped functioning ?
can a child be affected by tobacco odors left in clothes and furniture?
where does snot come from??
Is it possible to reattach a tendon if it was torn off?
I have an allergy, and it's not typical - it mostly affects my eyes and face,?
Why does my eye feel really bruised up after wearing my contacts after several hours?
Best progressive lens for bad nearsightedness, astigmatism, mild presbyobia?
Reason For Blurry Vision?
How do u stop building more muscle in your stomach and legs, but still preserve what you already have?
i am fat and i want to slim down and loose 25 pounds for 2 montsh, is that possible? how?
Will a person with more fat gain more muscle than a skinny person?
What do you think is the best way to lose 10 pounds???
Severe bone pain..?
Any suggestions to help cope with cervical stenosis?
Pain in my right side area.It is breathtaking . it feels like something internal. What could it be?
Whats the best way to cure headache without having any medicines?
how did jacuzzi changed over time?
I was detoxing from 80mg methadone,got down to 40 then 5each day after that , few days later did 50mg fentyl?
sore throat?
Does anyone know what the normal white blood count is?
what is ICD-9cm?
Anyone ever been bitten by a rattler? How much pain and how did you get it treated? Ok now?
What is a permanent cure for GERD?
Does a cochlear implant take away from a deaf person's identity in the Deaf culture?
What is the difference between pernicious anemia and megaloblastic anemia (or is there a difference)?
Can a Parkinson's patient take Dostinex?
Can someone explain to me what is hypertyroid dicease is? Is it dangerous? Does it need a surgery?
what's the difference between aids and HIV?
What are signs or symptoms of HIV infection?
Why is the cut off age for Gardasil 25?
Who has HIV or AIDS on this site?
urinalysis test?
Low-gluten wheat for purchase by the bushel?
i have polymorphous light eruption (sun allergy) and sun block wont work.?
What is the best way to get rid of congestion due to allergies?
If you could brainwash yourself, what would you wash away?
how do I have my wife admitted for mental observation?
i found some pills and i need to find out what they are, 2 are white and blue and all they say are 877?
should i see the doctor after 2 years of lasik surgery?
What is the best brand of contact lenses?
What does it mean when your eye jumps?
Is my astigmatism mild? What contacts should I use?
can anyone help me?
what kind of sickness could my friend have?
What is the cure forAADHD?
Fix dry flaky skin?
How do I get rid of body black-heads?
WhAt dO yOu UsE!?
What are alternatives to anti-inflammatories, like Relafen, Viox, Bextra?
how to reduce the hairfall naturally?
i want to know how to choice my answers as the best answer?
What do you use for a fungas on the palm of my hand's. I guess that is what it is. It looks like calliouses.
Is there research towards pineapple enzyme treatment for herniated disc/sciatica?
who first discovered pneumonia?
What causes posterior nose bleeds?
my 7 yo daughter had pneumonia last april since then she has had a cough i have taken her to several different
Does anyone know the effects of having both COPD and hypothyroidism?
what are the main parts of the respiratory system?
How To Recover From Cough Fast?
i want to get transition lenses. what's the newest version on the market?
Anybody know how to make and puffy eyes (around eyes) go away?? and maintain it?
did you have your eye lasered (I don´t know if you can say it like this)?
expain why lifelong exercise is so important to a person's health?
What's the best to eat in the morning?
acid reflect?
For optimum weight loss, is it better to do cardio before or after you lift weights?
how to get rid of love handles and my pooch?
Calorie Help?
Does Diet Soda count for drinking when you are dieting?
Is it possible to avoid getting the flu if your husband has it?
My ear is blocked up i seems like i am in a tube when i listen but it dosent hurt?
For nurses and other medical professionals...what, in your opinion, is the best field of nursing to go into?
when you wake up in the morning, how do you feel normally?
Can caffeine relieve allergies?
when i wake up?
my nose itches?
Dog Allergies - Have shots helped you?
I have a allergy to pencillin and was in hospital as i had an infection I was half way through my pregancy?
where is alzheimer research being done?
Can people with RA work? If so, what type of work can they do?
LASIK Surgery Question: Is it Necessary to get the FREE lifetime consultation?
Has anyone out there actually changed their eye color using this hypnosis ?
Contact lens cleaner for dry eyes?
what's ORTHOK CRT (night only contacts) risk and side effect?
sore muscles?
Broken Rib?
How long does pain normally last from an acute cervical strain?
type of procedure where the doctor kills a nerve in your leg?
Consistent Heartburn :[ help please.?
Please explain why air flows into the lung during inspirations and out during expiration?
what is COPD?
I am a Copd patient can any body help me.?
why de doctor put water in my body?
Anyone else experiencing a big stomach flu outbreak in the Pennsylvania area?
Would it not be more efficient all the scientist in the world?
Has anyone had Hep C and been cured? without interfron?
Can I leave some Betadine solution on my hands after completing disinfection before surgery,without washing it
Is it harmful to your health to perpetually take anti-malaria medicine?
If I put a gun to my head and pull the triger would I die?
Are psychiatric illnesses different in children and adults?
Thanks to all the friends who care abt me?
had a non alcoholic blackout?
Can Magnesium cause High Blood Pressure?
a lists for the doc?
Is there a Dr out there?
High cholesterol?????????(read details)?
can you get herpes by simple contact?
what are the symptoms of hiv/aids in children below 1yr and when can it become a full blown AIDS?
is FIV contagious to other cats? if so how is it transmitted?
can a cat pass on FIV to humans?
Can You Still Take Gardasil If You Are Already Low-Risk HPV?
is this normal what's happening on my arms?
If you ever walk by a stranger with a disfiguring face?
what are white spots...?
if you take eye medication and drink it can you die?
what does it mean if u have an extra little toe?
my brother is dying--is it legal to bury him on our family's property?
i have dark spots in my face due to shaving with a razor. how can i get rid of the dark spots?
i have dark spots on my face due to shaving with a razor. how can i get rid of the dark spots?
how many spoonfuls is 14 milileters?
I need iformation about Mark McEwens brother, Sean's autism?
Swedish Bitters?
Has anyone tried the new Adidas Aluminum Free "Cotton tech" Deoderant? If so how did it work?
My contact lenses keep moving around. They are reordering another size will this work? My eyes were fitted.?
is visiondirect.com a reliable websie to order contacts?
what chain eyeglass provider is best?
Have you had a lazy eye operation?
How do you get rid of bags under your eye? does preparation H work?
How does cough syrup help your lungs clear?
Why should I take singular at night for asthma?
yogurt contains good bacteria. But is it good even for those persons with weak immune system?
What is this pain I feel under my ribs?
I am a 26 year old male and I type on a computer for a living. I have alot of pain in my hands from typing.?
OWE...WHAT is this?
I've had a lower back ache for 2 weeks, When I do finally get rid of it comes back.Help?
I have had muscle spasms in my calf all day...any "cures"?
is chicken soup or "congee" bad for fever?
how long does it take to detox off of 60mg methadone,after2 months of usage?
What to expect from my eye exam for contacts?
Eye color change?
Where can I buy bright blue colored contacts??
I cant move my left eye?
Heart vessels aneurism... stent or bypass?
Why is blood clotting abnormal in patients with vitamin K deficiency?
Can Pulmonary embolisms be caused by stress?
i have bipolar and is it normal to feel like your heart races?
what are some things ppl can do to keep their blood pressure form geting high?
i'm 17 years old and i have heart problems?
which over the counter allergy pills have the most antihistamines?
i think i may have gotton chemicals in my drink at work and now i'm sick - what would be some symptoms of this
Cough last for a long time and won't go away?
I tried inhaling helium and I mean alot, but my voice hasn't changed? Whats the deal?
Why don't all states have seat protectors in public restrooms?
Does your nose, ears, and feet keep on growing until you die?
i think i might have asthma help?
how much a breast implants?
if your knees hurt a lot, does that mean you're getting taller?
who invented cigarettes?
I ate part of a sandwich wrong, and it feels like it's lodged in the back of my throat still. What do I do?
Can I take Mucinex and Nyquil at the same time?? My chest is killing me. . .?
Is there any harm in taking bismuth subsalicylate (Pepto Bismol) 262 mg. tablet a few times a week?
Does anybody else sweat excessively for no reason?
What's the biggest problem faced by SOCKS users ?
2 types of ethics?
why tonsils will increase?
what do i do to get rid of a spare tire....(around my waist?)?
I am so tired!?
why can't i lose weight?
stretch before, after, or during workout? all three?
i won a trophy!?
what is the best work out for legs that is easy on knees and focuses on the quadraceps?
What is the healthiest way to lose weight.Pls reply?
why am i irritaded???
I'm bipolar & I'm going through a manic episode, Ive lost alot of weight my dr. prescibed remeron?
How to battle depression. Serious answers please.?
will a narcissist who just ended a 6 year relationship with you and rebounded with new woman treat her same ?
how can you tell when some1 is on coke? i think my friend is.?
is it worth being friends with someone cuz they're fun to be orund if they are using you?
Do you believe that it is possible to recover from borderline personality disorder?
My eye has got this weird fold near the cornea, and it's bothering me; what should I do?
Until two years ago, I never had a sty. Now I get them frequently. Could it be because of age?
What is Gotch Eye?
colored contacts?
Eye Sight (vision) Problems ??? blind spots, halos, flashes,?
what makes someone wheeze when they are laying down making them wake up coughing?
Question about blood screening results?
is it the flu?
do you ever get rid of MRSA in the bone and joint?
What are scabies? Why do u get them? What are they cause from? Also how can u get them?
somebody please give me somemore ref that says that dengue fever virus' natural host is humans?
can you give a dog a baby aspirin?
Uneven enlarged lymph nodes - cold/allergies + recurring ear infection?
can u trust ur parents if u have a girl frind cause i cant!!!!?
can the kid also snore if the parents have that problem while sleeping?
chronic cough?
I heard that rubbing a sliced lemon to dark armpits can effectively lighten them. is this true?
What do you do when your armpit's skin area is dark?
Can antibiotics cure aural hematoma?
cure to phismosis?
How long does xanax stay in system per a urine drug test?
Metabolism Boosters, do they work?
where can i find all different ginger candy? ex: ginger chews, ginger mints.?
anybody can tell me anything about reiki?
does Kevin Trudeau really know what he is talking about?
Eye disease?
Will a 19" lcd monitor be worse for the eyes?
Treatment for tear in retina?
What should I do?I had 3 shoulder sprains?
i have been experiencing pain at the back of my neck. what is it?
What is this cramp I get in my feet when I'm flexing them?
Should your arm go numb after receiving a cortisone shot in your wrist?
How long can a person hang upside down, to relieve back pain?
is it possible for oral pain medication to be stopped or destroyed before reaching the brain?
whats up with me?
To Loony_Liz or others who have used Seroquel?
why is it when I get drunk, the next day I get really depressed?
Bipolar or Psychotic Disorder Help Request, Any Good Ideas?
what is the difference between having bipolar i and bipolar 2??
Anyone have PVC's( skipped and flip floped heart beats)???
High cardiac output?
Has anyone been diagnosed with Endothelial Dysfunction???
Help!!! Heart Attack?
has anyone tried the nicotine patch, I'm concerned about my blood pressure?
How can I raise my weight?
has anyone tried the cabbage soup diet?? did it work for you ??
i need to lose 25 lbs by may 20th..help!suggest diets please or easy training prog.. i dont have time for gym?
How do your start your workaout routine after a long time of not exercising?
how kate moss is so thin?
Fitness question?
how do you get rid of celluite in your but and thighs?
how can I avoid making my eyes look smaller and bead-like with glasses?
Can I get contacts at Cosco if I only have one of my parents' cards?
Whats the best way to put contact lens in the eye? Mine just stays on my finger.?
Questions about contact lenses?
What are the stats in Africa for AIDS/HIV?
Why is it within one week of receiving my annual flu shot I get a case of influenza.?
1 Month cough?
what is hapatitis B.what is the course,can it be cure?
If you go to teh doctors can a dr. tell if u have 2 hand smoke or firts hand smoke in your system ?
we just got a saint bernard and i am concerned with his breathing at night. is it normal to breath fast and sh
how safe is a rhinoplasty procedure???
One ear of mines is clogged (b/c of a cold), how long will it be like this?
How do I get more sleep at night to get rid of my dark circles under my eyes?
how do u get rid of acne on ur back, chest, shoulders, neck?
what is this???
How can i ..................?????????
what is the best ointment to treat insect bites for a 1 year old kid?
pulled muscle or just extremely sore muscle?
Why is there numbness in one of my fingers after fencing?
Is there any support group for fibromyligia, and any new research being done on a cure?
what are the common symptoms of hemorrhoids?, and what are the possible treatments?, pls help?
Can anyone figure out what's wrong?
can you eat tomatoes and other foods with small seeds if you have diverticulitis?
What does it mean to have a fatty liver?
Need information on a medical condition called "Woody's Edema" affecting a 4 month old infant.
i have recently changed meds for seizures. i was told it blocked pain, i had to get off that drug.i am alot?
when you use plavix in PVD?
chronic fatigue?
is a light stool (floating) signalling something?
Some time i touch any object i feel electric shock.?
how is an arterial occlusion in the arm treated?
im almost 18 ..is it possible to me to make laser for my eyes at this age?
What is the safest amount of aspirin to take in one day?
my gas permeable contact lens keeps falling out of my left eye?
If i wear bad prescription glasses is that bad?
Can I get any eyeglass frames fitted with prescription lenses?
On my eyeglasses it says "49-18-136" What does that mean?
i have a question about eyes appointment?
What are the signs that someone is dying from Congestive heart failure?
How is this condition name?
I need a list of any other pahrmacies other than mylittlepharmacy. I need the antidepressant Lexapro.?
why do i have morbid nightmares ?
Does anyone know what a a yellow pill with A-160 printed on it is?
depression and nausea???
Does anyone else find the weekends depressing?
I am thinking about hurting myself! Should I watch Star Wars and can you send me a picture of Anakin?
How reliable is the DeVilbiss 515 DS Oxygen Concentrator.?
♥Has anyone on here used netrugena...the bar of soap for your skin??????
How can i prevent oily face:_(?
ingrowing toenail...is it serious?
what can you use for head lice for a child under one year?
can surgery correct a too high forehead?
mycobacterium avian complex tuberculosis?
What is the recommended amount of grams of fish oil to take to help kids learn better in school?
any methods to decrease inflammation in elbow joints????
Does anyone actually have a sucess story on grow taller by taking pills?
Base curve on contacts?
My son's school said he failed an eye muscle balance test. What does that mean?
Problem with contact lenses!?
Can cold sores form in the nose and ear?
Is Airborne Safe for kids?
Is Epi-LASIK as good as it claims compared to conventional LASIK?
How can tell if stomach pains are gas, touch of food poisoning or something else?
How do you get certified as a massage therapist in texas?
how do I remove a contact lense that is stuck in the eye?
What do you think it could be?
what makes people eye twich?
what is the best cure for mouth ulcers?
How To Evaluate Your Body Weight?
I am trying to chart out an exercise routine but am unable to do the most basic toe-touching....?
how good of a work out is spinning classes, weight lost, calories burned?
Is it a good idea to take stacker 3 for one month to loose 10 pounds?
i'm a fit 3 sport athlete, last night while running the 100m i couldn't breathe, never happened before, why?
How can I stop my cravings for unhealthy food?
I need to lose my lovehandles within 4 weeks, have any helpful suggestions on how to do that in a healthy way?
Do you think Bird Flue is threat or fiction?
what do you know about the system of morphine pump as a pain killer?
I need a sample hypertension care plan. Can anyone help me with making one or finding a sample somewhere?
Has anyone ever had Tetanitus?
Who else have Hypothyriodism?
I started playing rugby again after a 2 year layoff and I'm bruising very easy. I'm 21 why is this happening?
if I break my nose again will insurance cover it?
i cut my toe nails yesterday and i had a hang nail on my big toe so i pulled it out and now my toe is swollen
how to help the combo of dizzyness and nausea caused by heart failure?
51/20 Vision?
I have a very very important exam on monday and am taking very high strength pain killers for muscle strain...
leg pain and drs advice?
daily headache?
6 weeks post knee replacement surgery.?
OTC antacid?
Neck glands?
A good drug to take?
Do you think a psychiatrist is responsible if there patient commits suicide and how so?
Anybody have any experiences of being on Paxil, than getting off it? Good or Bad?
Is sleeping 14 hours a day normal?
brother suicide, aunt paranoid schitzo daughter depressed and stealing. any ideas for her?
Are you affraid of short, fat, bald college guys?
just curious, how many peeple online rite now have schizophrenia?
Any Doctors?
What can you do to cure pneumonia when antibiotics do not work?
what is the treatment for sleep apnoea?
I get blisters on the inside of my thighs close to my crotch. I know I don't have an STD. What are they?
Hikers/backpackers/campers or anyone - please tell me how to fix backpack problem ?
regarding to my last question...on what is the purpose venous access on hemodialysis...?
UTI's how to get over 'em?
how long should a stomach virus last?
What justifies the wide price range differences in laser vision correction (lasik) surgery?
Can I get my prescription put into my existing sunglasses?
What is the best medicare part d program?
I've been wearing my contacts without taking them out for awhile now..?
Diarrhea without stomach ache?
How often should you drink wheat grass juice?
Seroquel-I have heard with this drug it is very dangerous? I am currently taking it. What Should I ask my Dr?
Does reading excessively cause poor eyesight?
heart sound?
thro' naturopathy, how to reduce plum in lungs when cold attacks?
Can too much sugar raise blood pressure and cholestrol?
does anyone out there know about a diease called MPGN type 2 Dense deposit diease?? my niece diagnosed,plz hlp
What is the bird flue?IN egypt?
My Boyfriend suffers from Epilepsy.....?
My mother has a hard spot on the side of her stomach the skin looks like stretchd leather. its also discolored
I am suffering from alternate constipation and Dysentery and a resulting obese. On taking exercise intestinal?
What is the latest nutritional treatment for phenylketonuria?
i am hypoglycemic. is there anything i can do too control it?
what is an in office trial?
Chances of developing Keratoconus?
2 parter please?
my leg is always sore b4 it rains??
whats the downside of a morphine pump?
Rotated pelvis?
Shin Split Treatment?
can you work out your abs everyday or should you work out your abs every other day?
what types of food are high in iron?
Can anyone describe me a diet to lose in weight?
how to reduce weight?
Is instant coffee less damaging to your body than autodrip coffee or other brewed types?
why is it when most people wanna lose weight the last thing they try is EXERCISE?
Why do Americans follow the "Adkins diet?"?
I suffer shoulder injuries often at workouts with weight. My bench press of 90 kg (own weight 74). Problem?
does anyone know where I can find the hoodia liquid extract formula at a stores besides the internet?
Best Way To Get Rid of Dark Circles (Under Your Eyes)?
Is bath soap a controlled substance in Canada?
How to deal with little growths in armpits?
What do medical doctors do? and Are J.D. or Elliot from scrubs M.D.s?
I have white spots on my toenails, what could cause this and can I cure it.?
what can i do to have a smooth hands.? specifically my palms...?
What kind of lotions work best for Excema?
where can I find data regarding accident rates for different types of industries?
I popped my ankel out, swelled to the size of a softball and 2 months later I cant jump on it w/o it swelling?
what is the best thing that will soften my hair and make it like silk??
Skipped beats question?
Do you have your blood pressure checked regularly? If not PLEASE do so now. My sister just had a stroke & is?
Is it normal to have an army of flying monkeys?
Are there any studies that showing links between drinking soda and depression?
Anyone know what a halfway house is?
Effexsor and pain?
how unusual is it to actually enjoy being depressed and could it be a way of coping with it after a long time?
Are narcissists crazy?
Have you ever felt like running away?
What do you do when you feel alone and scared and you feel this way all the time?
Where can I find some information about Kaposi Sarcoma?
Where can I find a statistic over the lethalty of bird flu?
what is herpes,what causes it,and how do you know if you nhave it?
is there any best treatment to cure glaucoma having field analysis test showing 85% loss?
Children used to have a tapeworm in their intestine that have to be elimanated?
can a guy transfer a blatter infection a woman?
E-Coli in Spinach?
does yellow fever still artound us today?
swollen right eye,dry skin around eye and now its red?
Are these symptoms of papilledema (Please eye doctors)?
i got glasses 2 years ago in febuary.i got contacts this year in june.when am i suposed to get new glasses?in?
Will reading cause myopia?
I cn help ppl who have chronic back and neck pain and tried everything else. Learn from my exprnce.?
does anybody need advice for chronic back and/or neck pain and who has tried everything else?
my teeth hurt! help!?
allergic reaction?
Antibiotic question?
can u actually be allergic to any kind of poodles?
how to check ray ban sun glasses quality/?
i have strabismus/ amblyopia? help? I have no money for surgery, are there any places that can help?
Friend collapsed...caused by diabetes?
were could i find information about cardiac therapy in pediatrics?
I got a rash under my breast with black spot what is it?
Does Sterling Silver bracelets have Nickle contained in them?
what 2 use 4 acne scars?
Any home remedies or treatments for eczema?
what is the fastest way to treat a zit?
how to interview a family member on family diseases?
Feeling of a lump in my throath?
are you happy with the way you look?
Why is it so?
Why do I find it difficult to start any work and end up doing something else ? What to do to stop this habit?
If you are Hyper and Happy at first then 3min later you get in a bad mood and talk bout death, is that bipolar
Why do some people sleep better than others?
Define a bacterial strain.?
ecoli help?
what is a nabotian cyst and is it dangerous?
What are the two main classifications of MRSA?
can you get hepatitis A or B from eating certain foods....i.e. cheese?
Zits on Head...?
what is the "Electrical purification of water " ?
Who said,"First, do no harm." What does it mean?
DNA test??
Well Today I had the trainer wrap my leg with tape, and I would like to know if there was anyway less painful?
I am always scared of vomiting. What should i do?
why it is important to check blood pressure?
Heat exposer to the iris?
how many squats should i do to NOT BE ABLE TO MOVE tomorow?
which diet pills are the best to use for quick but healthy results that i can buy with a workout?
Has anyone ever been really fat as a 15 or 16 year old and lost weight to become very hot looking?
What is a standard dose of creatine for men?
Has anyone ever heard of gastric bypass being fatal?
What is the best over the counter medicine for back pain?
What will help with the itch of poison oak.?
What is the best Medical School in the U.S.?
Anyone know of any legal, over the counter supplements that worknear as good as fen-phen for weight loss?
Hi I have a white oval pill that has the imprint M363 on it. Any idea what it is?
What can be done for severe nerve pain.?
what can i do for neck pain?
Headache and nauseousness?
please i'll even choose a best answer?
Why do I feel sharp pains coming from a vein running from my ankle into my foot?
Left ball hurts?
How do you make a scar more noticeable?
Why is commiting suicide wrong?
Extra Heatbeats???
can someone tell me what is cardiac condition is?
I heard coQ 10 is good? not for me, How come i still get fast heart beats?
I have a hole in my heart and mirtral valve prolapse....?
PIGMENTS ON THE SKIN. i know is some sort of sun problem is their anything else that causes this.?
Why do people have sweaty hands and is there anything one can do about it?
How are skin tags removed?
Do teen girls care about a guys skin?
My Dr recently prescribed Lamictal & it's starting to help but I have also started breaking out in to a rash
My face been oily for a long time after a while it gets real oily. What can i do to reduce it?
Is there a natural way to keep my face from drying and at the same time from oiliness during the day?
Eye presciption wrong?
allergic to puppy and i am pregnant what kind of problems could this cause?
I'm allergic to bees, does that mean I'm allergic to all types?
Are there ants at the beach?
Any help for divorced female, no kids, employed but broke-help with housing, etc?
why alcohol is bad toour body?
My wife's feet always got swollen up during air travel. They returned to normal after we landed. Please advise
Is it true that people of oriental origin do not suffer from m.e.?
i just found out i have hay fever does anyone know what its caused by?
what is the incubation period for the stomach flu.?
sheehands have anyone heard of this?
my question was what is>i spelled it wrong ''sorry'' it is spritzen syndrome?
what can one do to get rid of phantom pains in missing leg?
is there any thing that ties Tricor to causing glaucoma?
What are some tests that can detect brain activity?
How do i get rid of boredom?
Did DDT cause mental illness?
How many of you are as borad as I am?
fact on how to get over phobias?
How are sudden moodswings caused and what can you do to avoid them ?
Eye Problems?
Colored Contacts...?
Why do I keep on blinking a lot?
i just started wearing contact lenses again, is this normal?
Can i wear contact lenses while skiing?
what is the best solution to treating acne?
my 6 year old has skin tags on her legs problem is they have begun to get hard and one of them is inflamed.?
I have athletes foot...ya i kno nasty any ideas on how i can get it to go away!!!?
Why does my *sack* itch?
does anyone know how too ... ?
Acne in or under a mole?!?!?!?
Had an accident at work ( I am social worker) three 1/2 years ago?
broken/sprained finger?
injuries help?
Does fracture reduction to straighten a broken nose cause new bruising i.e. black eyes?
Attention ladys?
Xenical, does it work ????
You eat raw eggs?
What is the easiest and the safest way to reduce weight?
how come im not losing weight?
watz wrong with pepse and cocacola ?
will eating alot of fruit make me put weight on if ive added quite alot of it to a low fat diet.?
infected eye?
What is mold?
what colour are these eyes?
Eyes hurt when I wear glasses.?
Why is my eye red?
Eye COlor?
Q's about deterioration after laser surgery?
I am on long term disability. I am experiencing problems getting health insurance. Any ideas??
How many times does the average person pee in 24 hours?
Doctors, only please.?
I am getting gallbladder surgery on June 19, 2006. How long does the pain last? I'm having laproscopy surgery.
Do homeopathic medicines have any side effects?
Does Salvia Divinoriom have any bad side effects? (Besides smoking)?
can anyone tell me if they have any practical/real (not browsed) info on virgin coconut oil frm kerala - india
What's the best way to find a good acupuncturist in your area?
What do you do when specific upper cervical care doesn't work?
what causes men like hair on female bodies, and what is the best treatment?
does anyone know if there is anything new in the treatment of MS?
Why people killed by AIDS?How can we save their lives?
What would cause one leg to be larger than the other?
Do you have any advice for me? I'm having my tonsils taken out soon.?
what is autoimmune hepatitis, what is bellu reuben.?
what is rare eye fungus?
How can I tell if I'm bipolar or suffer from manidepression?
whats good for stress?
How to ACCEPT the TIME i spent being DEPRESSED?
Self-love is the key to all ills, trust urself 2 know you have the answers. Do you love truly yourself.?
does any one need a place to write their feelings? here's a place.?
i know someone who snorts prozac. is it possible to get high from snortin SSRI's?
no explode?
depression, anxiety and NAUSEA???
achilles heel pain feels like its being ripped?
6 yr old with reccuring back of knee pain?
How many people have actually died from gastric bypass surgery or complications from it ?
Can someone with the heart condition called pulmonary stenosis drink alcohol?
Astigmatism, will it matter?
My eyes water with my new eye glasses?
Is reading while laying down bad for your eyes?
I need glasses. Online help?
i saw a ball in my stomach recently doctors said i had a staff infection what could the ball i saw be?
How long does she have...Living with progressive multiple sclerosis?
If i'm using the acne free three step system, will it still work if i'm wearing make up every day?
I have been recently itching very badly on my legs and arms. I think I may be allergic to something.?
whay causes a sty on the human eye?
how to get rid of clemydia?
All of a sudden I'm getting tiny patches of hard, dry, and itchy skin on my body. What is it?
is there a such disease where your blood can like seep through the pores of your skin?
What causes dry skin? And what can be used to stop it?
I have a black fungus on my toenail. How did I get it and how to cure it?
what are some symptoms of being allergic to beer?
Help me. I can't get my contact out of my eye!?
New glasses?
is it safe to buy eyeglasses online?
what are some website links of where to buy eyeglasses?
URGENT! Clueless about contacts?!?
can you have a fractured skull and not know it?
what do you do if after epedural you have migraiane headaches?
If there's a contact in your eye, but it's on the other side of your eye would you know it?
What is the difference between sprains and strains?
Can early heart failure be reversed? Thank you for any help/suggestions.?
I heard that coconut oil can help a person lose weight, is this true?
How do I get rid of lower belly flab!?
How do I lose weight fast?
Quick Fix Diet, any suggestions?
how much should i weigh if im 14 years old and 5"1'?
What size will I be?
After PRK laser surgery, how long should I expect before returning to work and/or driving.?
i have lice! how can i remove it! i hate it so much?
any cure for dog allergy ?
I'm getting my hair cut today. How short should I cut it?
i have migraine, how can i cope with it?
My friend is a Crystal meth addict. I want to help him stop taking it forever. What should I do?
Has anyone had good results with any special diets for there children with behavior problems?
what is wrong??
I'm so hot that i have to get drunk all the time just to deal with myself what should i do?
any ideas on meditation?
Is there a real difference between sadness and depression and how can you tell?
Has anyone out there ever felt so depressed that you just wished you'd never been born in the first place?
How many times will my wife watch the 7th season of "Friends" DVD before my head explodes?
am i indeed insane?
what is hematoma?
on action my thumb shakes? what are the causes?
Is claustophobia a fear that can be treated?
Could you tell me a good sweet red wine that would be good to lower cholestrol that I could buy locally?
I have been experiencing aggresion when I get hungry or when I get to hot. It is pretty an instant thing. Help
is eye color related to eye shape?
Is there any cure or treatment now for optic nerve atrophy?
colored contacts?
do anybody else's eyes get dry in the winter time?
question about panic attacks?
what does tied do to you?
Jugular Vein?
what kind of treatment is best for acne?
what should i use...for dry skin?
Moles on your skin!?
My skin has been braking out really badly recently....what are some good home remedies?
How can you get rid of excema and dark sports as a result of excema?
ACNE!these websites arent helping nothing works!does anyone know how to get rid of acne.?
how long does it take for cocaine to leave your system?
i need to find the insruments used in craniostenosis?
I have started taking a vitamin called juice for life is anyone else taking it also fish oil with Co/Q 10?
Is the homeopathic remedy apis mel good to help improve concentration?
what type of at home chemicals can be used to keep kiddie pools clean?
In what year did doctors find a cure for "STREP THROAT", and "THE FLU"?
Is Central Heterochromia detrimental?
why is it some people are more prone to depression than others ?
i spend money when im upset.?
how to deal with child who is diagnosed with cerebral palsy?
Is it possible to predict suicide?
help please any sites on panic attack and whats the difference between anxiety and panic attacks?
How can I improve my concentration / attention span?
Anyone here can give me a result on the Linden Method for anxiety and panick attacks?
What does it mean when ... ???
Is there any other treatment for seatica pain except taking rest?
is vicoden a prescription drug?
What is BLIND? Imean is it an employment agency, hospital, or a clinic?
Are all people born with a birthmark??
I am always late! Does anyone else have this problem?
Does anyone take Yerba Mate tea leaves by consuming the leaves?
Weird chest pains...?
I have a hot, heavy feeling in my lower legs and feet that makes it impossible to rest or sleep. Any ideas?
Lately i have been waking in the morning with completely numb hands; should i be concerned?
how long do i need to wait after taking paracetamol before i can take ibuprofen?
what do i do about sore aching feet?
I've invented a product, what's my next step?
my grandson has autism is 5 yrs old speaks only 1 or 2 words at a time any research on brain stimulation?
looking for info on the drug nalmefene to treat gamblers?
whats the fastest way to put on 10lbs?
how many calories does a double cheeseburger have?
why does my foot fall alseep while running?
How do I more define my abs, I have a six pack and the crunches i do now seem to have no effect.?
can you realy drink apple cider vinagar to loose weight, how do you drink it by itselft or mixed with somethin
how fast can I lose 10 pounds?
Can a vegetarian get fat?
How Do You Get Rid of Love Handles?
Is there any harm in taking synthetic vitamin-C and B-complex?
How does the nodes control heart rate?
Will My Gut Ever Go Away?