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This morning I went to toilet, and I found that there was some blood in my excrement, does it means anything?
Is it me or is it my OCD...?
Should I keep losing weight? (pic&info)?
Can anyone recommend a diet that will help me lose lots of weight, but is really simple?
what's the best fruit to eat?
BEFORE / AFTER weight loss pics.... how different do I look?
How Much Do You Think I Weigh & Also Do I Need to Lose weight? *PHOTOS*?
how much should a girl 5'5 weigh and still be skinny?
stessing over nothing?
can a boy give you hiv while on your period?
HELP MEEEEE im scared? plz answer?
Could this be a sign?
sometimes after eating i vomit or feel like vomiting , why is it happening like this?
I'm a single Mom of 3 with serious back problems, no health insurance, any suggestions?
Does someone know about multiple personalities?
my mom feels numb on half of body (right side).she's 45. what could be the problem??
only if u know the answer or don't bother answering this question?
eating when not hungry?
I really want to get in the habit of exercising, but I never keep it up--help!?
Why do I feel so hungry after working out?
what size do you think iam if i weigh 14 stone?
Would there ever be a cure for Cancer & AIDS.?
If you have herpes do you have to tell people you sleep with?
Did I Have To Much To Eat Today?
my mum found some cigarettes?
does anyone out there know what could be causing my hands and feet to go numb the other day my upper body?
Why is it that everything is a disease now?
what else do doctors do?
What can cause Muscle Twitching?
Sick and tired of the doctors. Can anyone help? Please read!!!?
Can you die from herpes?
My b/f as a sore on his lip?
a friend has oral herpes and i shared a drink with them, can i contract oral herpes?
How can I reduce my weight in a simple way?
How can i get rid of my beer gut?
I feel fat...help me please?
What's worse...a fit guy working out in spandex or a fat woman?
I'm not sure if i have.....?? help!?
Can you cry under water? if so how could you tell?
is there a cure for shyness?
Why do my kidney's hurt after a night of drinking?
what are diuretics?
i've been uncomfortable with my weight the past two years. it's resulted in bulimia. can you help me?
i take adderall and im not prescribed to it..should i ask my doctor to get a prescription?
My insomnia has reached new hieghts?
Can I be diagnosed on yahoo answers?
My eyes are always slightly red, watery and sore............ HELP?
Is it possible for a migrane to last for weeks?
what kinds of foods can you eat with a stomach ulcer?
am i over wait!!??
Is this a healthy meal?
Am i overweight???????????
I have been exercising for a week now and am suffering stiffness and joint pain, what can I do?
What body type am I? I am female, 5'7'', and 125 lbs?
what body shape is this?
i'm 5'0, 16 years old, and 90lbs. healthy weight? too skinny? could stand to lose a bit?
why do french women don't get fat?
I have a phobia of becoming anorexic?
Over-sleeping or under-sleeping? Which is Worse?
is 123-125 a thin weight for a 14 year old at 5'5 who runs?
Why is it that when im at home and bored I eat?
will i get skinny by eating like this?
How do you gain weight?
I Am 11 years old and weigh 112 lbs and only 5"3?
Can you drink too much water in a day?
Ok, sit ups and push ups make you gain weight, but will it.....?
Should I lose weight ? (pics)?
Will I lose body fat faster if I eat better and run?
is my face round???
How do people get fat??
how long can you go withnot eating?
Is this bad??
Can skinny people eat as much fatty foods as they want? ?
what to eat for lunch , then run 1 hr later?
How can I drop 20-30 pounds in less than 2 monthes?
I'm one of those people that's never stops eating but never gains weight, I want to gain
if you could eat one any type of food you want for rest of your life, without getting fat..?
How many days can a person live without eating, just drinking water?
is it true..?
When did you realize when you were getting too fat?
How many calories should a 14 year old girl eat per day?
Will I get bigger muscles if I eat more?
how do i gain weight?
am i overweight??????
how can i lose 10 lbs quickly?
Anorexia...Do you think so?
how can i get my rib cage to be smaller?
i'm 11 and 195 pounds how can i lose 90 pounds in 19 weeks?
Is salt bad for you?
Do i need to lose weight?
what weigh's more fat or muscle?
What do you think is the most important thing you can do for your health on a daily basis?
what does eating in moderation mean??
why am i so fat? any advice how i can loose weight?
does this girl look fat?
Can I Loose Weight By Drinking LOTS Of Water?
Yo Gabba Gabba do you like?
I am a single mom whom works full time, I used to be able to work out everyday while my daughter was atschool?
If I stopped eating bread would I lose weight?
who likes strawberries?
Can any one help me? I need to lose 58 pounds before November?
is it unhealthy to drink 2 (591 mL bottles) of diet coke/day?
What is the best way to help drift off to sleep?
what is a good way to force myself to drink water?
whats the best way for a 21 year old 120 pound male to gain weight?
Am I fat????? Please answer me honestly, but do not be mean to me.?
Which drink is better to maintain the body in this hotty summer ?
Judging by this picture, have I gotten to heavy?
what diet can i be on in order to lose bout 8 kg in six months?
whats going on? cause i have no clue?
Help, I've had a 5500 calorie indulgence day and feel really guilty? What should I do?
Is 6.5-7 hrs of sleep enough for a 15 yr old?
If you can persuade me to stop smoking now you can have 10 points!?
Am i fat? i'm 16 5'5 and weigh 138 lbs.?
if i sleep 12+ hours a day is it bad?
How do you get a good night's sleep?
Whats the average amount of calories that you are supposed to have in a day?
Is my eating today ok? Im 17 5'5 118lbs.....trying to lose weight for a beach holiday?
Good weight for someone who is 5 foot 4?
How do you deoderize a smelly person at work that wont take a shower or wear clean clothes?
How likely is it that Coca Cola is making it hard for me to sleep?
is it harmful swallowing gum?
Your kid (age17) absolutely won't quit smoking pot...what do you do?
i have drunk every night for 9 years and stopped 3 days ago i feel awfull but am not bothered about a drink?
Is there a quick way to get over a cold?
Why can't I blow my nose?
Im Having trouble sleeping at night. Any tips to make me fall asleep easier?
Why does my bottom hurt whenever I go on a bender the night before!?
im scared to give up smoking, i dont know why... but i really want to do it... any wisdoms to be shared?
1st time smoking weed!?
Why is good posture and standing up straight good?
As a non smoker do you allow smoking in your home?
If someone can't see, they're blind and if someone cant hear, they're deaf, so what do you call people who can
i have aquestion it's about something to do with womens periods?
Are cold sores around the mouth contagious? What herpes type is this?
Is it true that all humans came from Africa?
is 5'3 small for a 16 year old girl?
I can't stop eating today.?
is it normal if i sleep like 12 to 10 hours every day?
i didn't sleep well at the nights. lot of thinkings come when i sleep. how to make good sleep without thinking
Do most doctors in the U.S. care about America's poor and uninsured?
When I stand up, I black out sometimes?
what is wrong with my tongue?
how to i fall asleep fast?!?!?
Showering too much is bad for you?
I found some pills in my home. I believe they are over the counter but I'm not sure what they could be.?
what job would fit me best?
Hi there, i just was told by my doctor that i have high cholesterol and it's scary .?
How can I increase my energy levels?
ahh i just drank 2 water bottles & i have to pee every 5 minutes!?
How to quit smoking weed?
How to stay awake.. any tired students how there to help?
I'm sick. Any quick cold cure ????
I'm Very dizzy, and my pupils are very small. what could be going on?
My arm hurts when I move it like this. What should I do?
Can sugar be considered a drug?
Why are people saying I won't be a dentist?
I really, really want a cigarette?
how will i quit smoking?
why is my urine colorless?
Water beds.....yes or no?
Is it weird that I sleep under my pillow?
I can't sleep and I don't know why, Could it be....?
Why are yawns contagious? It never fails when some one yawns so does everyone around them?
my friend quit smoking & now shes coughing a lot, what does this mean?
Besides a place for earrings, what's the purpose of earlobes?
really, really scared... what's wrong?
Which is worse? Selling crack or smoking crack?
do you think we will have an NHS in 20 years?
If you draw on your hand, does it give you cancer?
help me i have had diarrhea since may 15th?
how do i fall asleep? im always up till 9:00 am please help!?
INSOMNIA? im havin trouble sleeping....im up all night wanting so bad to sleep but it never comes!!!?
Do you think hypnotherapy really works to solve personal problems?
How can I quit smoking?
can you get "hooked''on prescription cough medicine?
It's nearly 2 O'clock, should I go to sleep now ?
Is smoking weed really bad?
Do you sleep on your side, tummy, or back?
Is expired medication simply ineffective or can it cause ill effects?
Please help. Numb feeling after smoking marijuana?
Massage accidental "happy ending"?
i need to know of doctors who is known to prescribe Valium in the Boston area?
How much water do I need to drink for regularity?
Can fatigue make you feel dizzy?
What's the best way of lifting your mood?
black out when standing upright?
Weird eyes?
Why am I unable to sleep for more than 6 hours of a night time?
Does your stomach make loud noises, when you are hungry? Why is that?
is it possible for coma victims to posess special powers after wakening?
When is the best time to take a mulit-vitamin? The box says to take one a day.?
the top of my nose,and my ears feel blocked and itchy and my throat feels congested?
I have a nasty cold. Tricks, tips and secrets for feeling better faster?
i feel dizzy when i stand up...please help!?
i need help but i cant go to my parents?
Please help....?
How to get a better sleep?
Whats Wrong With me??..i'm always [email protected]@?
what type of cigarettes are the best(smokers only)?
Why do you think people smoke?
I feel like I am having difficulties breathing. my chest feels like tight. And i feel like i cant burp?
I'm sick, but I don't know what I have?
can smoking be a factor?
I'm 13 and i smoke, any tips on how to not get cought doing it?
Piece of cellophane stuck in throat?
You know that clear stuuf in your nose? well its always in my throut! how do i get it out!?
My lips are chapped and cracking...help?
My 15 year old son's chest is hurting. What should I do?
Can be blood becomes green?
Bronchitis? Or something else?
I've always been curious if smoking pot is as bad as cigarettes, lung wise??
HELP! My Husband Snores SUPER loud! Is there anything, med or a trick that can make him stop snoring?
why am i cold???
Why would someone wake up with a "smoker type cough" if they DON'T SMOKE?
What do I have?
Severe nose congestion day after using cocaine?
What could be the cause of a chronic cough? It sounds like I'm wheezing when I'm coughing.?
why do us smokers continue to do this?
What would happen if I take ten Sudafed?
can a doctors office refuse to see you if you cannot pay the office visit?
how to stop yourself from snoring?
Question for smokers only?
Is it OK to smoke pot?
What do i do if my dad catches me smoking pot?
What does flat chest mean?
Question about drinking and smoking?
It's about snoring, is there a cure to get somebody to stop snoring?
How Do I Stop Smoking?
i can't freakin sleep and it's 4:30 AM?
Pneumonia or Pnemonia..not sure how to spell it?
My uncle is in ICU and has been on a ventilator since?
Is there any sleep apnea beds that I can order? Like a pediatric bed or something?
Can I die from bronchitis?
when the both kidneys fails ,is any tratment to revive to these kidneys?
what does it mean when you are coughing up blood?
my 13month old has a very dry cough and you can hear the phlemg in his chest; i am giving him fluids, he ?
What can I do to get of my cough?
My chest and back hurt real bad?
My 1 year old ate black mold!!! help!?
What is the best way to calm down before my surgery tomorrow morning?
Guys i inhaled air duster and im really scared and dont know what to do?
what is this kid smoking?
What happens if you snap someone's neck?
my boyfriend wont stop smoking weed?
I'm being pressured to smoke and I've said no?
This is the second day i've been on this hangover and I feel weak, dizzy restless, fear of death?
How do you stop craving marijuana when it's been over a year since you stopped smoking it?
Is smoking marijuana bad for you ?
Why is everyone so much against smoking?
Chest pains on my right side?
My boyfriend can't stop snoring, ?
Have you ever stubbed your toes so bad that you couldn't fight back the tears?
brother fell asleep we think he has concussion can he sleep?
Can you scare me into not smoking?
My wife has asthma and is having trouble breathing.?
I'm so depressed and the meds aren't helping, what can I do?
Are you missing anyone right now?
Asking again... Chest pains, cough, low temp what is it?
what is the best way to stop smoking?
What is a nice color for contacts (the one's u put in your eye) for woman liking your eye color if ur latino?
can i still smoke a little?
Guys do you prefer a girl who is waxed down there or do you not really care? Girls can give opinions too?
I'm sunburned! what's the best thing to do?
How do you call it when your lung is filled with water?
wat does it mean to cough blood?
Feels like there's something in my lungs? Feel like coughing. Went to see school doctor & she told me ok?
How you feel about smokers?
Help about not smoking cigarettes.......?
Give me some idea to stop smoking...?
nightsweating,chill,bodyache,headache,sn… cough up mucas yellowish
Any tips on giving up smoking?
what are the signs of an ear infection?
My friends smoked Marijuana for the first time?
For asthmatics: When you have a small attack, are you normally calm? How do others react around you?
Diagnosed with Bronchitis, but now I'm coughing up blood mixed with my mucus?
how do i breath without lungs!? help i might die?
how dangerous is pneumonia?
Is it normal to get sick after quitting smoking?
I have asthma, and I've heard that my employer must allow for my doctors appt. Where can I find proof?
How do you stop a panic attack?
I definetly need help...I'm scared I'm gonna end up dead.?
I just breathed in mold from a damp gourd. Help??...?
Coming down with cold, and sore throat!?
Is it safe to smoke the E cigarette?
what is the part of your finger calls that bends...?
what works for ppl who havequit smoking?
Chest Hair Prevention...........?
My ex punched me in the face?
how bad of an injury is this? and if any one has any experiences with this please share!?
What do you think about when you're lying in bed and can't sleep?
is it bad to sleep with your bra on at night?
Smoked weed once 10 days ago and once a week b4 that?
Could this be sinus problems?
OCD? Please HELP!!!!!?
my husband has a drinking problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
I am coughing up phlem but it isn't green, do I need to go to the doctor?
Please don't Google this question...?
If I smoke 3-4 cigerettes a day is it very harmful?
How can I change my voice? Is it possible to change my voice? I am a 20yr old girl & really hate my voice!?
i feel like im going to break PLEASE HELP ME!!!:?
Are there health risks of kissing someone who smokes, or pot?
What do I do? I have been sick for over a month.?
can you suggest something that would make me fall asleep in half an hour or so?
is there any funds avaliable for people who can't afford money for weight loss sugery?
if u smoke grass is it dangerous. what are the side affects?
why do people ask questions about suicide?
How can I make my ear hole not close?
Is this a sinus infection?
my friend is diabetic and i don't know what to do.....?
whats worse.... drinking or smoking?
Is this true about smoking?
I a, never feeling good,i don't know what to ask the Dr,to help me,get better?
Why are hiccups so hard to get rid of?
Sugar can be listed in the ingredients list by different names. What is two other names for sugar?
I am 15 years old and i smoke?
My dad smokes..how can I get him to stop?
2 QUESTIONS ...Is it true that only African American's can get sickle cell?
I cant breathe and I don't have my inhaler. What do I do?
is chewing tobacco a good substitute for smoking?
how can i buy an asthma inhaler without a prescription or without having to see a doctor?
i have been coughing for about 3 months what can i do?
Can Someone Tell Me What These Symptoms Are? PLEASE HELP! BEST ANSWER WILL BE CHOSEN!?
what is worst for you smoking weed or smoking cigarette's?
What does OTC mean? 10 PTS?
When I visit Canada where can I get Albuterol (Salbutamol) without an RX?
Is it normal to not be able to breathe through both nostrils?
My dad is making me smoke weed!!!?
This isn't normal....Where is it coming from?
help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What should i do if i'm suicidal?
My sister just stopped breathing. She isn't answering my questions.?
How long does a sprained wrist last?
What is a healthy weight for someone 5 feet, 2 inches?
I've had congestion & coughing 4 a week & the coughing makes my head feel like it will explode. What is this?
Smoking question.. Inhaling deep after taking puff?
What does asthma really feel like?
I have shortness of breathe and very weak,with sweaty hands?
spitting up blood!! can you help?
At what point do you realize you doctor knows absolutely NOTHING and move on?
Have you ever almost died?
Is yellow mucus a sign that a cold is getting worse?
What's the difference between pnemonia and the flu?
Help?!?! I am dying!?!?!!?
Is smoking weed or smoking cigs worse for your lungs?
Which is better, washing your hands in warm, cold, or hot water?
I am a teenage boy who wants to commit suicide. Should I go through with it?
why does smoking cause yellow fingernails?
My son who is 13 months old had 104' F temperature???
how many of you reuse needles?
Is inhaling saw dust dangerous?
Cry myself to sleep at night?
Why does my left lung hurt when i breathe in every now and then?
Why people can't stop smoking?
My right sinus collapses while I'm asleep and reopens when I stand up straight. What's wrong with me?
If someone has a lot of phlegm in their chest and it's causing breathing difficulties, how do u get rid of it
What's the difference between AIDS and HIV?
Can this be causing my headaches?
I have been sick for 2 weeks!?
the weirdest thing keeps happening to me when im a sleep?
I have a bad cold, how can I speed up my recovery?
Mom died 2 weeks ago, can't sleep?
By doing this, am I being unfaithful to God?
What does this look like? (pictures included)
How much damage does two cigarettes a day cause?
How would you persuade a teen or an adult to stop smoking eventhough they already know the dangers of it?
what do you think of swine flue???????
what is a good place for smoking weed?
How Can I cure Diabetes?
If I'm sick, (throwing up) what can I do to feel better?
i need to gain weight. any suggestions?
I'm always tired and never have any energy.What could be the problem?
operation tommorow...please help?
I was high the other day & i severd my arm. The bones dangling & thers blood everywhere. Should I see a Dr?
Could being anorexic really kill you?
I coughed and...?
can having juvenile diabetes keep you from working?
Is asprin and ibuprofen the same thing?
any one to explaine how to avoid air pollution?
What's this white stuff covering my scab?
My ears won't stop ringing....?
a 72 year old has been smoking?
Has It Ever Occure To You that....?
I have to get up in 3 1/2 hours, will i be more tired if I sleep?
i dont feel very good?
Walking barefoot at home..?
Is 5'3" too short?
Why dont I just crawl under a rock and die?
Bladder question. Embarrassing, but I'm concerned.?
If one starts smoking cigarettes, but don't inhale into their lungs, can they become addicted?
Why do people think cigarettes are so bad?
I believe I have a terrible sinus infection. What else can I do to alleviate my symptoms?
what is albumin?
how can i make my friend stop smoking weed?
for woman only please......?
can texting really be a mental illness?
Why Cant i Get Any Sleep?
I'm 14 and afraid I'm going to get addicted to smoking!?
What does a nebulizer do?
What should I do to reach a "DEEP SLEEP"?
Can diabetics eat sugar?
Is it normal for me to Want a mental disorder?
Is bi-Polar a real disease or an excuse?
Why do people bite their fingernails?
Is this harmfull?
I cut myself Friday, and I have never met with a psychologist/psychiatrist.?
What is the spelling of the career that pertains to the drawing of blood? I know the name, but I can't?
Is my ankle sprained?
plss help its an emergency!!!!?
What's wrong with me?
My 3 year old daughter has a 104 degree temperature...should I take her to emergency?
Stopping Smoking?
My whole body hurts from my matress?
What this might be???????
Crazy question but don't know much about the human body?
does anyone do this??
all of my fingers are broken and i cant write or type what should i do?
OMG!!! IT BROKE!!! HELP!!!!!?
my eyelids twitch once or twice a minute. am I having a stroke?
Diabetics - do you still indulge in candy bars, soda pop, etc on a regular basis?
Cocaine, Weed and alcohol?
How do i tell my parents that i think i have ADHD?
I think my daughter may be depressed, what do i do?
Why are my hands ALWAYS cold?
Whats a good way to look sick?
Are you ambidextrous too?
Can god fill cavities without going to dentist?
can steroids help me recover from knee cartilage damage & removal?
I can go all day without eating, but when I get home?
Why do people ask if a piercing hurts?
how do you calm someone down when they are mad? (10points)?
Why does one worry so much about death?
my throat is bloodshot red.. i don't want anitbiotics or medicine.... what can i do?
Is there something wrong with me?
I have a THC urine test on July 6th HELP!?!?!?
what are some signs of asthma?
i'm having irregular bowel movements and nothing works to help me go to the bathroom. what is wrong?
how do i get rid of the habbit of munching while studying?
Has anyone on here suffered from sleep apnea and have to sleep with a C-PAP machine? What's it like?
I haven't been able to keep anything down today and now i'm starving, what should i try to eat?
Okay, I need help!! BIG TIME!!HELP!!!?
I'm sick and my nose is stuffy. Can't sleep... What should I do?
Do i have diabetes or do i not??
After surgery, which is better; to walk with a limp, or to walk with a cane and no limp?
how do i know if i am done having anxiety attacks and are they over?
my husband says he feels cold inside & he is actually cold to the touch - any thoughts on a cause??
Could glasses make your vision worse?
My Grandma Is Coughing / Vomiting Blood?
In contact with urine on loo seat?
i feel pain in my chest and i smoke 8 cigarette a day?
Is it just me, or does everyone smoke weed?
went to er tonight,i was wheezing away?
will the dentist give me any pain medicine before i get my wisdom teeth out ?
How Did YOU Quit Smoking?
What's the longest someone can go without sleep?
Is an inhaler for asthma still usable once its expired?
how long does a sinus infection take to go away without antibiotics?
Can type 2 diabetes be cured?
How to prevent diabetes (in all types)?
are you on insulin shots for your diabetes?
Gallbladder Attacks?
Does everyone have allergies?
Constant fatigue, Laryngitis, Canker Sores and now a cold sore in my nose...what is wrong with me???
Whats the easiest way to kill yourself?
Why do I always hear 'HIM' (meaning GOD, or the Supreme One, or whathaveyou) talk back when I pray ?
Have U ever hesitated before answering the phone? & then it was someone U REALLY didn't want 2 talk 2?
will drinking tap water cause you harm?
one morning i woke up and could not move my arm ?
Need a PERMANENT cure for bed wetting, for a 16 year old girl!?
who loves chocolate, but is diabetic?
Can a diabetic eat pork?
Is this considered second-hand smoke?
sinus infection, please help. any ideas?
does any one know how 2 get rid off neck pain???
i cirsumcised my peinus at home today, and now it won't stop bleeding. I am to enbarassed to go to the doctor.
what do you think of a women that smokes hookah or cigarette?
When & where do you feel most at peace?
My eyes hurt even when they touch water, could I wear contacts?
what would happen if i hit my ankle with a hammer?
Asthma -- How severe is this?
kinda personal question....?
what is most essential for you to survive ?
chest pain, could this be serious?
Just been told I have sleep Apnea..Studied the CPAP system. How hard is it to actually sleep with this system?
I feel very bad when I smoke.?
Why do my toes become cold and numb?
My daughter doesn't sleep well at night & it affects her during the day - what should I do?
prayers for sick child?
I'm seriously contemplating suicide...?
i've been clean from cuttin myself for a year. but when i get upset or stressed i oten think about doin it agn?
Can too much stress cause someone to have a panic attack?
I need your help. I have been coughing non-stop. And then it went away . Now its back again. What's wrong?
I Can't Breathe Properly?
Why wont my hair grow?
When you really miss someone, what do you do to ease the pain?
What is the correct way to tape a broken toe?
Accidentally got stabbed in the leg tonight, with a steak knife. . .What to do?
I'm 14 but only 5 foot 7 and a half?
help lips are really chapped what is the fastest way to heal them?
how to calm myself and not feel so stressed out?
Tips what to do when u just got burned?!?!?
poison ivy and working out at the gym?
should i inject insulin if my sugar level was 78?
Is there a doctor in the house? My cousin is suffering from a terrible earache.?
How can Phillip Morris preach about the evils of smoking, and still keep producing such deadly products?
what'z the best cure for depresion?
What makes people pass out and go to sleep?
If your doctor sent you a Get Well card after he operated on you, how would that make you feel?
what is the only way to stop smoking?
If I smoke on the weekends?
I sleep, and sleep, and sleep, but still can't get enough?!?
my head hurts really bad, what can i do?
Is smoking 3 month old cigarettes bad for you?
Is this even possible?
exposing your bones is OK?
I stabbed the palm of my hand a couple of days ago and got but?
Is it normal to cry everyday?
The optometrist said my eyesight is -5. What does that mean?
I can't stop coughing?
If I have a 50mg pill, and cut it in half, is it the equivalent of taking 25mg?
anyone who has colored contacts?
Why do contacts need to be replaced every 2 weeks/1 month?
I hit my eye by a stick.?
I have a very bad chest pain and also a very bad cough, what is the matter?
Accidently slept in contacts?
How to improve your eyesight without surgery?
Can pain killers cause long term damage?
What do i eat to get fat!?
COPD & Emphasema?
i was in a fight and then inside of my lip and cheek is busted up how long will it take to heal and what can i?
I cut my toe and its throbbing what should I do?
whats the best way to wind down so you can go to sleep? i am wide awake at 1am dont fall asleep till 2 or 3?
i have been smoking since 18 and im 23 now i desperately want to quit ?
What works better for quitting smoking?
I feel really sick, PLEASE HELP!?
I'm having an anxiety attack! I get weird calls and I think someones out to get me!?
I have a sinus infection and I'm 3 months pregant. My throat is killing me. What can I take? ?
i'm a diabetic what i wantto know is what kinds of food would be foods you could eat anytime?
My friend had an asthma attack. we didn't know what to do, So we just immediately brought her to the hospital.
i get tight chested when i write could i have asthma?
i fed my boyfriend's dog onions. he is a little dog like about 10-15lbs.?
My leg just fell off - what should I do now?
How to help a bad sore throat?
how to stop leg cramps when sleeping?
How can I successfully stop smoking?
How can I catch a cold by tonight on purpose? Easiest way?
What's causes oral thrust? and How do you get rid of it?
How did I develop frequent heartburn?
is it a sin to smoke weed?
Don't smoke , will you or won't you?
How to cure a belly ache?
After a long day of work would you rather have your feet or back massaged?
i just found out i have headlice...what do i do?
Why are people so paranoid swine flu?
We Just Found Out That We Have 1 Confirmed Case Of Swine Flu In Our County, Should We Be Scared?
FASTEST way to heal a sprained leg?
Ever since i've quit smoking i've been very depressed help?
Hookah tobacco in a pipe?
Guys: why do doctors tell you to cough and turn your head?
Why am i having a hard time getting a full breath lately?
Hives!!! So itchy help??!!?
i just woke up! i slept 24 hours straight!?
does smoking marijiuana give you big bags in the long run?
I keep choking on food?
Can't get a job!!! Old job bad mouthing me!!! What to do?
Joe skipped breakfast and hasnt eaten since last night? where his is body getting glucose?
my house is burning what do i do?
my daughter is 6 yrs old ans has low functioning autism and does not speak what r the chances of ever talking?
how to cover up the smell after smoking?
i dont obsess about germs at all ?
Please read, it's important. Is it true?
Please Help i am Coughing up blood and having trouble breathing..?
how can i cure a urinary infection? Help! asap?
Am I breathing properly?
My friend has asthma, but I need help on what to do when she has her asthma attacks. Anyone care to help me?
i am quitting smoking any useful tips?
Am I a diabetic?! 10 pts. best answer!!?
how many of you know smoking is dangerous to your health but you still continue smoking?
Having a poo and passing blood?
i have a headache.?
help it hurts!!!!!!!!!!!?
headache on the tops of my eyes?
Can water go bad??????????
The plural of the word meaning the airtube leading to the lungs is?
Can foul smelling urine be caused by a sinus infection?
Singulair for allergy/asthma in children...?
Have I ruined my lungs by smoking hookah once?
I've got a cold. How can I unblock my nose without using a decongestant? I've tried steaming, it didn't work
How do you prevent your child from getting ear infections?
What's wrong with my daughter?
Blood Clot Releasing From The Lung?
My apartment was flooded?
Am I addicted to cigarettes? Should I keep smoking?
I have asthma, can I still go to a hookah bar?
my 5yr old daughter has black around her vagin help!?
Marijuana abuse? Can I recover?
How long does lice live in your hair............
What are some good treatment options for asthma?
What can cause blood in one's stool?
would you take a prescribed medication that will clearly harm a developing baby?
Is it dangerous to quit smoking when pregnantt>?
i've been coughing 4 about a week, how to stop it?
How come we don't include the nine months we were in our mums' bellies in out age?
Is smoking one Cigarett a day bad for you?
is it possible to have cystic fibrosis if your parents arent carriers?
what are the cons to smoking a cigar?
young smoking!!!?!!?!?
How do you sleep at night?
Do you ever wonder if some of your contacts forgot to take their meds today?
pupils dilated from eye doctor ?
Do I have diabetes??
How do i stop this bad habbit???????!!!!!!!?
i smoke weed everyday and do cokain and pills some times at weekend am i gona go mad ?
Is it possible to have black eyes?
I have yellow eyes? Help?
This is a terrible question....but I'm curious?
I have a lung infection, will I die?
can't tell between a flu is and a cold is?
Why won't this cough go away?
What size diaper is best for teens? (age 14-17 and 160 lbs)? ?
Question about sticking your finger down your throat?
do you hate vomiting?
is it possible to be invisible?
should i take my kids father back we have been together 8 yrs but he is abusive when things don't go his way
Whats wrong with me? like..seriously?
do you think that it is important to quit smoking or not. explain why?
Does it effect a Cat Scan test with Contrast if you don't hold your breath when the machine tells you to?
Does this sound overweight to you...Guys esp.?
Wearing glasses?
How much do your contact lenses cost?
im addicted too pot???
Is it a sign of alcoholism if.......?
Enough is enough; I'm really embarrassed but I need an anwswer?
I am ten years old so is my freind he is 5'8 and im 4'9 what do I do to be as tall as him?
Why do I get a headache whenever I wear glasses?
What occurs during inhalation and exhalation?
Do i have swine flu symptoms?
Do I have a cold or the flu?
Do you think it's lame if a guy does card tricks for his date (on the 1st date)?
My cough is killing me. Am I dying?
Please teach me how to avoid getting the flu?
Smoking Marijuana HELP!!?
um i smoked some weed the other day and well i ate a hole block of Velveeta cheese. Um help I'm constipated!!!
Contact Lense help?!?!?!Trouble!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is it possible to actually SEE the bacteria living in your eyes on occasion because I often see strange things?
I just ate a slice of cheese & I can feel my fingers swell up is that lacto intorence or something else?
is somking paper bad?
Is Suicide the answer?
If you don't love me can't you at least feel sorry for me?
What is the best way to commit suicide?
What's your favorite cough drop?
How to poison yourself with carbon monoxide?
I want to quit smoking?
Can you get addicted after smoking 3 cigarettes?
Best way to cure a common cold, the quickest?
bad burn!! please help!!?
How does one go about not smoking weed anymore?
wanna help a girl out please help me...?
I'm donating blood today for the first time. How should I expect to feel after wards?
k, smoked 5 puffs late sept, drug test in late january, never smoked b4 just that one time, will i test positi
my son has a ear infection but complains of pain in his mouth can this be related?
Is this something to worry about?
Does taking cold medicine prevent you from catching a cold?
How come my urine is yellow?
how can i make sure i dont start smoking too much?
Where are you right now, what is the time, and what are you doing?
why do ppl think i'm bi-polar?????? wtf does it mean?
Please explain what BP is?
Glasses slipping down and pushing them up annoying?
Should I get a flu shot; I'm a 28 year old male?
Ugh Hiccups?
I haven't eaten for 12 hours?
Why am I losing weight?
will marijuana show up on my urine test?
What do you think bit me?
Is it ok for my son to go to school like this?
how can i reduce swelling?
is it okay to put peroxide in your ear?
Why do people that smoke marijuana not like to smoke cigarettes?
what's the best way to get rid of asthma?
Can black people get lice?
Steps to quit smoking?
EVERYBODY SMILE! Hey don't you have something to smile about?
How do I get rid of big warts on an elbow that won't go away?
How to quit smoking through boredom?
Do You Have Really Good Health Insurance...?
I hate myself and I want to die.?
What can I do about my husband's snoring?
Is this a sign of a UTI or something else?
How do you kill parasites that are in your body?
Ever thought of killing yourself just so you don't have to deal with all the suffering in life?
what can i use to stop bad under arm odor for my 9 year old?
How do I keep my contacts from drying out?
whats the worst injury u've ever had?
Is My Ankle Broken Or Not?
on a scale of 1-10, how would you rate pain of your worst sunburn?
is it okay to work out after smoking weed?
whats going on with me?
Anyone else have this virus going around? I've had diarrhea since Friday...can't shake it. Help!!?
Does anyone get this wierd taste in their mouth in the mornings? LIke a blood taste?
My 11 month old sneezed and there was a small amount of blood in the mucous, how concerned should I be?
am i fat?? or what??
my pupils have a funny dialation?
Is pink eye an acceptable reason to miss class?
helpp please?
How can I get my dad to stop smoking?
What should i do if my gf's puking?
I'm Diabetic and Have nuropathie does anybody know any thing that will help the pain???
I have an uncle who has diabetes....................?
Do tampons work for nose bleeds?????
My urine is of milk color and consistency.....?
where can i find an excused doctor's note?
I need someone to tell me what kind of pill I found?
Do you always have a fever with Swine Flu?
How old do I look in my pic?
Marijuana - If you smoke weed through a bong with ice and water in it, is it as bad for your lungs?
How come My ear hurts when I bite my jaw down? 10 points!?
I'm 23 feel like my life is over. Any advice?
Eye buggers?
Please help... need glasses and lens right away but I need somewhere cheap?
is a blood sugar reading of 108 too high?
Is it possilbe for your eye-sight to get better with glasses ?
im 5'1 tall and i just turned 14 is ther any way that i can try to grow taller.?
What are some pros and cons for smoking?
How can I wake up on time in the morning?
I feel constantly exhausted, despite eating healthily and exercising. I dont have any other symptoms.?
How would you find shelter if for reasons beyond your control you found yourself homeless?
I'm getting contacts. Ugh.?
i'm thinking of getting contacts.?
shaky legs?
has any of you quit smoking?
My boyfriend is ill,how do i take good care of him?
What is the best substitute for ibuprofen or aspirin when treating a headache?
You won't believe what my husband does when he walks in his sleep.?
I'm having a problem with my feet.?
How to get rid of a headache?
why cant i sleep?
Has anyone had a reaction to food that may have contained MSG?
i can't stop?
Can you tell me what this disease is called?
Should I smoke cigarettes when I grow up?
Eye infectionnn? 10 pts!?
how do you make the whites of your eyes more whiter?
i have done coke about 10 times in my life about 3 years ago! will this effect me when i am older??
If I drank a Red Bull at 4pm would I be able to easily go to bed at 10pm or would I still be hyper?
Why does my left eye twitch off and on?
smoked weed, 1st time in 6months, might get testd, took 3 hits, how long will it b in my system, tips2getitout
I have panic and anxiety attacks all the time....how do I control them?
omg dude what is wrong with me??!!?
What type of doctor does physical examinations?
A doc said my knee would last 10 years. I am fat. How does losing weight affect its "lifespan" specifically
these gnats are killing me!?
Does anyone know any good interventions for nail biting?
Does it make you sick to see men with bigger breast than you?
does smoking cigarettes (nicotine) kill you?
my husband took our 2 boys camping while i stayed home, our 4 yr. old got a slight sunburn. can i put?
If i cut myself yesterday, will it still be bleeding today?
If a person is allergic to seafood, would it STILL harm him if he took Benadryl & ate it?
help, i'm getting sick!?
what's your shower routine?
what duz a&e mean?
Why do I suddenly feel this way?
Has anyone had the Lasik laser eye surgery?
how will i stop my dauther to stop wet the bed everyday?
I'm a diabetic on a insulin pump and my tubing is blocked.I can't get new tubing until tomorrow morning
My lower back hurts when i get my period?
Have you ever saved anyone's life? Briefly tell me only one story.?
[GIRLS ONLY PLEASE] I'm having bad cramps and it's not because I'm hungry or full. What's happening?
puking blood is it possible?
I have a cold! What should i do to get rid of it?
What is a sure fire way to cure hiccups?
How do you make yourself vomit?
I Sleep for over 12 hours and I am still tired?
can olive oil and vinegar mixed be used for sunscreen?
how late in the day can i drink coffee without it causing sleep problems at night?
my husband snores very badly. any method to stop?
Do you sleep on your side, tummy, or back?
what makes u from having to pee but its not urgent and sometimes it just hits u and have to pee horribly?
i am homeless living in my car, i have not slept for 30 hours, and nearly out of money but i have savings...?
If you can't sleep-what do you do?
Not feeling Well. What do I have?
Do you smoke?
What numbers are considered low blood pressure?
Is 5 hours enough sleep?
Cold sores.....anybody know a home remedy?
smoking? have you ever quit?
can anyone tell me what causes a tingling feeling all over your body?
is downs syndrome contageous?
Is is possible to stretch out a small bladder so that I don't have to go to the bathroom as often?
Can he quit alcohol?
Cracking your joints?
All teenagers plz anwser?!:What causes your teen stress?
How to cleanse system for drug test?
Girls ONLY please, no boys thanks!!!!?
What can be the reason for dizzyness or fainting?
Does restless leg syndrome only occur during sleep?
best QUICK remedy for cold//sore throat?
What would happen if you injected gasoline into your veins?
Acne Solutions?
Do carrots really help your eyesight???
Why are my hips, knees,shins, heels and ankles hurting constantly? im only 18.?
What are some signs of heat exposure?
i cant sleep. This is horrible!?
what could be the cause of breaking into a cold sweat and feeling faint?
Treatment for Sunburn....A Bad one?
Does having a nose job (rhinoplasty) hurt?
What does this disease called?
What are you allergic to??
Your first time smoking a cigarette?
it's there any medicine for anxiety, without prescription?
Which number is greater in eye problem, -2 or -4?
Why do people smoke?
I have been sick for two days and haven't drank or ate anything... what can I eat?
How can I stop my obsession with food?
Is restless leg syndrome a 'made up' condition? Just so a med company can profit?
What can one use that is an affective repellent against mosquito bites?
how to quit smoking for good?
What would you do if there was a zombie outbreak?
If you cross your eyes.....Can your eyes really get stuck like that forever?
girls, need help please........?
What shape is your poo? ball or string?
Is showering every day healthy?
Recently I began dating a girl that had lip piercings. My lips began to hurt and there's something on my lip.?
very dizzy and worried!?
How can I end this cold?
who can differentiate ethics and morality?
What do surgeons do with amputated limbs from patients? Are they put in coffins?
How to have a deep sleep?
Should I go to school tomorrow?
Things to help a bad sore throat.?
advice about a lump?
If you close your eyes can you still hear?
If You Have Glasses, is It important to Wear them at All times?
CAN SOME ONE HELP ME ASAP 10 points best answer! I dont feel so good after....?
Can I bring in an existing pair of eyeglasses and have the store make me a new set of lens? ?
does getting your tongue peirced hurt?
how much pain?
I sometimes get a pain that feels like heartburn, I can't breathe and it hurts. Doc says I'm ok. Now what?
When YOU pick YOUR nose, where do YOU place ur boogie's?
when is flu season??
What is the number 1?
What are some of your favorite things?
When being put to sleep for an surgical procedure does the i.v hurt?
Do MDs only push meds that they hold stock in?
What do i drink to resolve a hangover.. from mixed drinks?
I can crack fingers, toes, knees, elbows, wrists, hips, sternum, and feet. Where else can you crack?
How can I fake being sick without having to go to a doctors?
Sometimes... I see beter with my eyes closed.?
Can I wear two contact lenses on top of eachother?
I keep seeing flashes of light!?
I'm going to quit smoking tomorrow. Any good tips?
What are some important things to have when you are lost in the desert?
Does anyone sleep until like 2 or 3 pm?
do you want to sleep in?
can a sinus infection turn into or just be a staph infection? how are you tested for a staph infection?
What can I do to help me fall asleep at night?
I quit smoking 10 days ago, but I've noticed nothing good--what's the deal?
What can I use insted of sugar that is ok for a diabetic?
hi just a quiery, can diabetes be cleared, pls help :'(?
Does Type 1..and Type 2?
Wasn't feeling well went 2 the doctors and they said I had a STD.Came home cursed husband out and his results
How can I get rid of Cold Sores quickly?
How do I get my very, very, very stuck rings off of my ring finger? Any new, tried and true remedies?
I know this is a bad idea but no rude comments please!?
Peeing on yourself?
how do i get a good nights sleep?!?
Is Tea good for health?
Are we all going to die from the swine flu?
is chewing gum injirious to health??
I have smoked weed for the past 10 yrs, how long does weed stay in my system? I've been clean for 3 days.?
Is it true that people in The U.S.A don't get free health care?
I can't quit pee-ing?
What will happen? Please answer..........?
I am giving up smoking?
Where do babies come from? Im 30 years old and I was never told.?
I have a killer hangover right now, anybody got any good remedies for it?
what can u do to ease stress?
I cant sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Whay am I always tired even when I get 8 hours of sleep and I work out each day?
Will i die from taking 6 nyquils?
I have the Flu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please Help?
What are some good sleeping aids, but I don't want to take ANY pills. I want something natural.?
Hurts when I wear contacts after a while?
What can I do to stop the progression of Presbyopia (old age eyes)?
I need help with ways to fall asleep?
is it still safe to go to America in 6 weeks after all these 'Swine virus' news suddenly surfacing?
How can you ask somebody to quit smoking?
my grandma is throwing up and she has diarrhea for the past 2 hours!!!! whats going on.?
how can you go to sleep at 5 in the morning?
can my boyfriend go to jail if he gave someone herpes and didn't know he had it
What's the best remedy for a cold?
what is the longest you have ever stayed awake ??????
HELP!!!!! I'm going to get beat up!!!!?
Surgery is monday help me .?
What causes foot cramps?
do i have strep throat?
I have diarrhea and I have to go on a road trip tomorrow!!!?
Why does this happen?
Have you ever stung by a scorpion?
My center nut is bigger than my left or right... what should I do?
how do i break my ankle?
Ok then if your stabbed and shot 9000 times will you live ?
How can I fight dandruff?
is high sodium dangerous?
How do you remove wax build-up in ears?
Should I still go to Disney world? I'm worried about the swine flu?
How do I cure the common cold?
What's the best way to treat a blister?
I'm thirteen. 208lbs and 5'2". Ugh, I'm fat.?
can they kick you out of school because of your health problems?
i am addicted to my xbox 360?
help!! Something's wrong with me!?
what is a fast and easy way to get rid of the common cold???? i'm desperate for help! :)?
What do you do when you choke on your saliva?
Is it just me? Or is the flu shot a scam by the drug industry?
i have lower back pain from a fall at work,company dr says no broken bones,still in pain,why?
Is it possible to sue a company for pain and suffering due to a work injury? My lawyer is telling me I cant !!
Hitting The Nose?
Could I be diabetic..?
i've been bathing for 5 hours and..?
my lil brother is bleeding help this is the 2cnd time i posted this plz respond?
When you bleed, why does it stop over time? Wouldn't it just continue bleeding?
Is there a drug you could recommend?
wat are some good stress relievers?
Need Eyeglasses but don't have insurance?
what are 5 ways to transmit HIV?
Do I have the swine flu?
Will you please help me?
I need to stay awake and energized from 8am-1pm tomorow, HOW?!?
Am i cleaning my contacts right?
What's your eye colour? (poll)?
Can someone explain how I got an eyelash in my eye when I was sleeping?
Can your vision become worse after you have laser eye surgery?
I can feel throw up coming, how do i stop it?
I'm really sick-what do you think I have? Please Please answer!?
can i still grow taller at 17? im only 5'6.?
can't sleep?
How do you get rid of sore muscles from weightlifting as quickly as possible?
How to do a backbend then flip my legs over? ?
Can you really catch crabs from a toilet seat?
Is this FAT?
can kids or teens get the swine flu as well?
Anyone have any good migrane remidies? I've tried chiropractor, meds and none work.?
what should someone with diabetes eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack?
I am a type 2 diabetic, is 523 too high for my blood sugar?
Should I feel bad about smoking weed?
I am having chronic diarrhea and after a million tests the doctors still don't know what is wrong...help!?
How can I increase my height?
my ear won't pop- it's been a month?
What's a good way to get rid of a sore throat fast?
What foods will make you sleepy?
my youngest son may have mumps, how do you tell for sure?
What's the best treatment for Multiple Sclerosis?
Can I have a cat if I'm allergic to them?
i've heard allergy tests(to see if your alergic to something)hurt really bad and are pointless, is this true?
Stuffy nose?
My son has bad eczema and I don't know what to do?
Is this girl fat??? (plz answer...picture included)?
my grammas toe fell off! what should we do?
Do I need glasses, :(?
What are some natural ways to get rid of acne?
What can i do to get rid of an eye sty?
How can I get the family to accept that I'm an alcoholic?
My braces really hurt- Just got them on today?
I'm in my 20's and my wife (130lbs) pops my back by sitting on it. Can that do damage now or eventually?
Guys, I smoked a joint now I so high I feel like flying. What do I do?
Is it normal to have a line in you glasses lens?
Why won't the Doctor test my son for allergies?
i have pink eye... in both eyes :|... should/can i go to school?
I smoked weed 4 weeks ago... will it show up in a drug test next week?
my throat hurts everytime i swallow for a week now, usually it lasts for a day or 2. whats goin' on!?
how do you get rid of '' ten chin '' headaches?
Can a bipolar person be loved?
I cannot get my contact lenses out?
Can i wear contacts at least every 2 days or do i have to wear them everyday?
how to carry your lunch tray on crutches?
is it bad if i cut myself?
I allergic to penicillin...?
When I get out of the shower my skin feels like a burning, itch and flares up. Can I have an water allergy?
what is fluoride for?
can cough syrup make you high?
How can I get rid of this zit?