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does smoking pot really kill ur brain cells?
Will psychiatrists prescribe medication for adhd kids at 4 1/2? If so, why?
what does it mean when your second toe is longer than your big toe?
how to avoid knee pain?
what are best envifomentally speaking, tissues or handkerchiefs?
What type of insect crawls under your skin?
How do I clear up the acne on my back?
What causes some of your fingers to break out in a crusty hard rash & bleed, what medicine can be used, Help?
what is mean by heating aid?
why do people stammer? what is the main cause for that and how can it be cured?
why is my left ear twice the size of my right? doctors are baffled!?
Weird eyeball thingies?
In mechainics class when our teacher was wielding he said not too look at the sparks?
where can i get those sports bands for eyeglasses??
Anyone with glares/halos BEFORE lasik have increased problems or lesser?
has anyone heard of hand foot and mouth syndrome?
how do you become spiritually rich?
Pain meds don't help my lower back pain, what can I do?
best treatment for oppositional defiance?
What's alcohol poisoning?
Is it bad for a teenager to take tylenol PM, sunday night through thursday night ?
Can inflammation happen in non-vascularized, necrotic tissue?
should i start steroid treatment immediately then interferon/ribviron?
what are the differences between dengue and measles?
TB -Now in incurable form spreading fast! Is it TRUE?
what causes the infection called cidiff?
I hear sounds like drum beats in left ear coupled with jaw pain what could it be?
Just had stage 1 melanoma surgery done and have a huge wound.?
Dry & itchy skin in cold weather?
What to do for sun spots?
Is it normal for scars to sometimes be a very dark color?
what causes a 3yrs to have blister in mouth besides fever?
Toenail removal?
How can I stop cracking my knuckles? and if I can will they ever get small again?
Anyone know anything about treating Vitiligo? Can it be treated with over the counter meds?
what do i do about the cracks at the corners of my mouth?
If you are on a diet and are planning to eat a fatty meal, will taking laxatives before prevent weight gain?
how to redue body weight to 10 Kilos in two months time.?
Which is the best and most reliable treadmill to purchase ?
why when your dieting do you get to a plato? and what are you suppose to do about it?
What supplements will build strength and lean muscles with 3 day exercise?
working out?
Want to be in shape and fit,want to lose weight?
Does TrimSpa work? And are there any really bad side effects?
Does the public have a right to be told that by breathing the air you could get Valley Fever ?
what is an estimated time to take a person off a ventilator?
Has anyone had a blepharotomy for Graves disease?
How can I learn about certain medications, such as prednisone, and theophiline for asthma and COPD ?
what did you know about stapylococcus infection?
what are hpv's?
Am I having panic attacks?
What do you do when you get depressed? I take Prozac and usually am okay but every now?
Headaches from Overhead?
what is the best herb to use as an antitoxin to eliminate bacteria in the body?
I am looking for an effective treatment for Rosacea. Any suggestions would be appreciated.?
Cold Sores, I get them every couple of months. What is the best way to get rid of them quickly, painful or not
why do pepole become clumsy I know weird question.. like if they wernet before n they become why?
whats the best thing to use to get rid of acne on your back, chest, and t-zone?
How can I get hairspray off my glasses. I've tried everything??
Will a vegetarian diet keep me from having to use deodorant?
is swimming good for your whole body?
what schools in minnesota have nursing programs?
what do you call that part of the upper lip where there's a pit connected to the nose?
Q.? about orthodontic surgery?
I hurt my knee. it shifted out of place then shifted right back. it hurts to bend it. what happened to it?
How do you fake a back injury?
How do you know??
I had a ringworm, infection is gone but there has been scars left on skin on back and neck. what do I do.?
How do I grow young again?
do you always have wheezing with an asthma attack?
is it safe to wash fruit and vegetables with dishwashing liquid soap?
How long does it take for a breath to circulate through your body???
Is there any way to prevent a tension/migraine type headache caused by using a computer or a mobile phone?
Essiac Tea??????????
Is there any linear relationship between bilirobine and yellow color appears in eyes?
Asthma and Massage Therapy?
Whats the best website to be able to look up info and pictures of prescription pills?
How can I fix acne on my chin?
Treating ADD/ADHD without stimulants possible?
I went to walmart and got perscription glasses, is there a way to check online to see if they are in yet?
Is protein build up on contacts only on the side that touches your eyeball?
How come we cannot sneeze with both eyes open? (don't force them dude)?
I don't have insurance and my contact/glasses presciption has expired. How much does it cost for and exam?
What are those clear lumps that appear inside the white of your eye?
Is head lice common in Texas?
what is the best cure for diarrea?
What factors determine blood pressure? How does the nervous system regulate BP?
when should you allow kids to start swimming. My son keeps bugging me b/c of the warm weather in texas??
Question about lupus and it running in families...and Should I be tested?
Weird pain in my back/side right side?
muscle relaxers?
i have a pain on my left side right under my ribcage, its not all the time and not constant.?
i have really bad pains on my sides and i am am unable to walk and always lying in bed because of them.?
an article of about 250-300 words on TUBERCULOSIS?
Is there any cure when lung capacity reduces and blocks?
My Kitten has upper respritory infection I'm giving her amoxicilin what else can i do for her that can help
I have a blister on the bottom of my foot that is very painful, what is it?
What would cause fingernails to grow out bent? As if they are folding over sort of.?
Sore on the roof of your mouth?
What will help to rid dark rough elbow skin?
black heads?
Why do you feel like you need more sleep (or feel tired?) when you sleep more?
what is the best remedy for my achilles tendonitis?
how much weight does a person lose when walking 2 miles 5 times a week for a month?
How to lose your stomach and not lose anything else any tips?
How to make daily exercise a habit?
How to lose 20lbs. fast?
what is the meaning of "thin"?How do you overcome this?
How do you gain weight without doubling your meals?
How can I improve my running endurance?
costco contacts?
What is refractive status?
How to clean contact lens once infected with pink eye?
I just got contacts.. are they suppose to hurt?
I'm 38 female experiencing high degree of fatigue, how can I rid this immediately? Could it be pregnancy?
what is an antioxidant???
I'm interested in plastic surgery (tummy tuck)....anyone interested in sharing there story?
All my life people have told me if you tear a mole off you will get cancer. Is this true?
Ive been really tired lately why do u think so. i have been sleepin but not at regular hours?
Why do women wear lipstick?
i grow my hair quickly?
Pain the day after an EGD?
Can't feel my thumb?
my fiance was in an accident and is now a quadriplegic. he does not what to continue to live. What do I do?
whats up with this pain in my foot!??
Is the Jugular vein easy to rupture?
What can i wear for rib support?
HELP! I got acold sore/fever blister. HOw do i get rid of it really fast??
my cheeks are always red.sometimes it gets worse and sometimes get better.it is not becouse of sun .?
Eyeglasses - Nose indentations?
is it not normal to be able to focus only on one eye of another person?
can pink eye be in one corner of the eye instead of the whole eye?
Why do my eyes always hurt with my new specs?
can you where contacts even if you have astigmatism?
I have had broncitis now for...?
What is sometimes the belief about chewing tobacco versus smoking?
did anybody nows about neuro fibro?
what type of education is required to becon a pediactric nurse?
Which is the best cure for Asthma?
Is there another antibiotic other than Zyvox to treat a VRE Endocarditis and HIT?
My husband was in the hospital 5 days because of a staph infection. The cleaned it out and he is taking?
how should i prevent my partner if i am infected with hematite C?
Is the virus e-coli killed if you wash them with a lot of salt?
My face gets really red when i exercise, is there a way to prevent this?
How do I clean eyeglasses?
what if there is blood in every vowel movement?
when you tried everything for depreesion,including therapy,meds,one on one,what else is there?
Is it better to learn by experience or by the accumulation of intelligence?
Anyone have their gallbladder out? I did. What is your problems now?
What does Vicodin do to the brain if you're abusing it?
what does a pelvic exam test for?
what do you do if someone has passed out? but then they come around in like 30 seconds?
human palates virus?
anyone else been diagnosed with dysphlasia? i have to have a coloscopy and leep?
I cant Get over my ex?
Are you sad and depressed, too?
Anybody been misdiagnosed or been given the wrong medication for the wrong illness?
Side effects of xanax?
why is it that I cannot seem to be happy for my achievements?
Is ADHD present in all cultures and societies? Is it an invention of the occidental world?
best medicine for allergies?
Is it safe to take Excedrin PM as a daily sleep aide?
med. info. help, help me someone please!!?
Who is a nurse and hates it?
Where to buy pneumococcal vaccine for children?
Is smokless tabacco worse than smoking tabacco?
i recently hurt my shoulder it feels weak and cracks but dosent hurt could it be a torn rotator cuff?
I saw this on tv....?
Who makes the Kirkland brand contact lens cleansing solution?
A Search Engine for checking the details of pills & potions?
What is the recommended hours of sleep for a student? Are naps helpful or detrimental? Sleep=better results?
personal hygeine?
Anyone recommend a dependable online pharmacy. hydrocodone. no rx, no medical records?
Can someone please help me with this?
Is there a way to reduce the risk of getting scoliosis?
What can I use to clean the lenses of my glasses?
What should i do about these boils?
Is that true that Vitamin E helps to prevent wrinkles?
My 14 year old has a unusual rash on her stomach,back,neck and under arms...what is this unusual rash?
how to treate broken skin on thumb?
How can you tell when someone is lying to you over the computer?
How can I loose weight quickly?
Does anyone know if Zoloft hikes up your blood sugar?
What helps to lessen pain from swollen gums besides painkillers?
Recommended Dosage of B Complex?
what is the effective home remedy for constipation in kids?
How do I get rid on a passion mark / hickey?
when we are sleepy, is oxygen in our body/blood lesser than normal ..?
why is lung capacity expressed in liters?
how do menthol cigarettes crystalize your lungs?
Jobs for Respiratory Therapists?
What's an optimal tidal volume for a neonate?
What are the nursing diagnosis for bronchopneumonia?
can anyone tell me about aortic stenosis in children?
if you have been in contact with ring worm how long till it breakes out?
How do you soothe a painful sciatic nerve?
what can i use to get super glue off my glasses without scratching or damaging them?
Laser Eye Surgery?
Is reading glasses good for your eyes? Kinda drive with mine though I have 20/20 vision.?
Help me find this website, please!?
Glasses with Transition Lenses??
another option for shortsighted other than glasses?
Can a Herpes outbreak be brought on by exercising and sweating?
Who is the pioneer of the bacteria , Treponema Pallidum?
What are your tips for concentrating?
My wife has mental disorder, that make her slow down and she has a hard time speaking and anwsering question.?
Help! My cousin was pulling my thumb back, and now it hurts real bad.?
Fear? What are people afraid of?
how to sleep only 5 hrs per day w/o getting tired?
Why did the psychologist ask this?
should i see a different doctor?
Is anyone ADD or ADHD?
acute stress disorder?
doctors? nurses? Is my finger broken??
What is the treatment for a broken vein in the wrist?
A metal plate that was put in my thumb has broken in half. Am I in any danger??
Is there anything worse than having hereditary Acanthosis Nigricans?
I need a solution, I get cold sores and don't know how to ease the pain or cure it. Any ideas?
i have a itchy girl area is this thrush or something else?
I always have scabs in my ears, what are they from?
I need a GOOD doc!?
Do I have Scoliosis?
I want an MRI How do I get my health insurance to approve it?
how to get off oxycotin?
I hear a cracking noise in my lower back every time i try a sit up accompanied by pain, what is this??
Has anyone experienced (& what is it caused from) a sharp stabbing pain in the jaw after drinking white wine?
What are the symptoms of sciatica?
anyone out there know where to go on-line to order prescription pain meds (hydrocodone) The real thing???
Outside of surgery, what can be done for a herniated disk?
Closing your eye for a long time...will it be...?
What is laser eye surgery good for?
do chlorine in the pool can result a stye?
how are eyes donated...?can the single eye of alive person be taken out and donoted to a blind person?
What causes hiccups? Could it be air bubbles?
What is the best way to potty train my son?
medical examination for treatment plant employee's?
Is it possible to contract an infectious disease by having eyebrows plucked at a salon?
health i need help!?
I need help with my sinuses/allergies!?
Can asthma be deteced prior to birth?
is tonsil a disease.?
what are good remedies for the stomach flu?
what does a pegnant women need in her diet?
How can I become a vegitarian?
Sportsmen and women do not generally live long enough to convince me that exercises have good benefits. Why?
fast pulse?
How and where can I get smart pills?
Are eating salads everyday exclusively good for you?
does anyone know of a website which shows liposuction that didnt work like it disfigured people?
i want to increase my hight?
Has anyone here utized a fleet enema for constipation? If so what was it like?
What is the Price range on Lasik?
Which are the best toric lenses around today?
just got my eyes dilated?
how much money???
What would cause a very very wide black ring around the iris of my eye? I think that's right... the green part
What are the signs of a stroke?
Is Laser eye surgery for gettin ride of lenses and specs a luxury or necessity?
What/how many vitamins do you take a day?
If water can get behind your eardrum, can wax build up behind eardrum too?
Why does pain increase & become more intense at night?
Has anyone ever experienced Brain Shocks(a tiny zap in your head) and if so, what in the world is it?
Have you ever wondered why you wondered why?
Are you HAPPY? Really, right now... are you happy? If yes, explain- shed some light.. :)?
Since Oct. I've gained 20 lbs, don't want to do anything, hate people, and have no motivation.?
Any teenagers with ADHD?
Why whenever i have a CONFLICT with someone i always BLAME myself?
why didn't the doctors every check for brain damage when he was in his accident?
Is this wrong or what?
What is...?
If I chomp or chew my SOMA will I get faster relief?
back exercises spasms?
my bicept hurts and there is a bruse appering. what could it be andis it serios enough to visit a dr.?
The right side of my jaw hurts why?
My boyfriend has a staph infection?
Hi all you experts out there. I need the best home remedy to get rid of head,body lice there has been a break
Where can staph form on your body, and can you get it from kissing?
what is sleep apthneia?
My Dr. says I have atrophy, Can you explain in Layman terms?
my husband has different symptons of stomach and digestive problems, where can i find out about his condition?
how long do eyeglasses take to make?
HELP my eyes change color!?
Contact lenses!!!!!!!?
What kind of home remedies can you use on psoriass?
How do you blush?
What is the best product for getting rid of acne?
How to walk ?
I stepped up on a common pin. What should I do to prevent infection at home?
is there any kind of therapy i could do on my own for my wrists? i think i'm getting tendonidous from typing.
Ouch! Over the past few weeks i've had a few days when my right leg started hurting...like a growing pain ache
Any ideas about why my knee hurts so much?
knee problems!?
how to remove mace spray from body?
Some people i know say i breathe loud and it annoys them, im not trying i cant even hear it.HELP??
how can i relieve stress.besides going to the gym! i want to stay home and relieve stress! w/ospending my cash
How do you tell someone they are dying?
what is the best stretch mark creme on the market?
why people say that oxygen/air is fresh at morning time?
How do you get rid of a scab on ones face?
im looking for imfo on black mold and its dangers of working at a doctors office with it?
Any one ever dooked in a turkish toilet?
Do you have days that you feel like you are going nowhere and getting there too fast?
What is the best medication for Varicose vein?
My sister just told me the virus HTLV could be mistaken for MS, is this true?
I have been on ritalin for over seven years for fibromyalgia fatigue and now my ins co doesn't want to pay--
is Analgesic a disease or a symptom?
How does Asthma affect the lungs?
When does a cold stop being a cold?
Immune Fizz or Airborne??
eye infection + contact lenses...?
Colored Contacts???
what causes a tender sensitive feeling on the side of my head and neck?
How do I heal a pinched nerve?
Why do they consider acetaminophen cardiotoxic?
Can anyone help me with my TMJ problem?
Sudden lower back pain and pain down both legs?
Are there any exercises for people who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome??
Dark armpits on a fair skinned gal?
I'm trying to find a place that still sells Lanacane medicated body lotion.Where can I find where to buy it?
Is it possible to get rid of Planters warts with topical medicine instead of having surgery?
Everytime i try to tan, my skin just burns, even with sun screan... how can i get a tan with out burning???
Is there a way to get rid of dark spots on your face due to acne?
i used to have excema and i used elidel to get rid of it but i had to stop cause it causes cancer. is it gone?
what are the begginings of aids?
If a mosquito bites a person who is HIV-positive and then bites you right afterwards, is it possible for you t
How do women get checked for STD's...?
When should I wash my sheets and change my toothbrush after getting over a virus?
Is this possible, a genetic immunity to a specific disease and this immunity is carried by millions of people?
Do you think flu shots should be mandated in the United States?
what is a good way to get over a sore throat without medicine?
I have grown apart from my siblings?
what is a mental health day?
fMRI scans used in ADD/ADHD vs. MTBI diagnosis?
my daughter has been diagnosed with bi-polar.Is there any alternative medicines she can take?
I REALLY need to be more confident and control my emos better, any good "tips"?
I just found out that my best friend cuts- I don't know what to think about her anymore! help!?
Does anyone know if Cortaslim really works?
I just had a baby 3 months ago and i do sit ups and run but my stomach stillhas that flabbyness what can i do?
how many calories should a 175 pound woman consume to loose weight?
I have a scar and ive been using the oil from vitamin e how long will it take so i can see some results?
What are the pros and cons of?
How do you put in contacts?
When people say hazel for eye color????
Eyes don't close at the same time.?
lost contact lense?
[Optical] Office lighting: which is better for the eyes?
contacts and Jalapenos?
Hey, if I get lasic eye surgery, will I be able to be a pilot in the Air Force?
Overweight woman eats fatty meal, gets sudden, severe epigastric to right rib pain, what could it be?
my brother has an increase in eye pressure is that a disease that is different from glucoma or what ?
How can I numb my gag reflex or get rid of it completely?
Any recommended healthy energy drinks or herbal energy vitamins?
why people snors.?
How can someone get rid of extremely sweaty feet???
where can i find medical insurance for 70 dollars a month?
Pulse in head is pounding?
type of pericarditis thats characterized by an increase inflammatory exudates?
Why dont they put the obituraries in the living section of the newspaper?
Hair grows under our arms, so why doesn't hair grow behind our knees?
I am 5'10" and weigh 185 lbs. Yet, I have a double chin. How can I get rid of my double chin?
why is that retin A tretinoinis only perscribed by a doc or dermatologist and not able 2 buy over the counter?
Why is the fluff in my bellybutton always blue.. Regardless of what colour clothes I wear ?
What are the name of the dress that the ladies wear in mexico. They are the colorful one the are fluffy.?
is it bad for the skin to take too many showers?
I need the answers science questions Please try to answer them and name the resourse where U found the answer?
does fentanyl make you sweat?
anxiety and COPD???
I start sleeping for long hours what shall I do to stop this problem?
An Asprin a day really good for you?
Why do we need pillow to sleep?
symptoms of multiple sclerosis?
I have a 50% chance of getting Huntingtons at age 35 or older. I am only 21 should I get tested to see if?
Pelvis Question?
Can a blood clot form after getting a bruise and what signs do you look for?
How do I take care of a dog bite after stitches on my hand?
how do u strengthen your immune system?
will EEG show epilepsy indefinetly?
Sprained Ankle July 2nd......still swollen?
Fiber glass gloves?
I have to choose yes or no to Endoscopic Knee Surgery...anybody had it before?
help with eyes?
Has any opthamologist sued another eye doctor for doing cataract surgery in the wrong way?
Can PRK surgery be performed on someone with a perscription?
Can people really kill themselves by taking sleeping pills?
do you think i'm carzy? well maybe i am, but that still doesn't stop me from doing what i do?
Is Cutting??
Difficulty in forgiving. Please give me some practical tips .?
ADD, ADHD, Hyperactive Disorders?? Alternatives to Medicines?
who knows a site for fun personality tests?
I hate the person I've become I hate my life and can't change it is there anyone like me?
a misquito bite a positif HIV and bite another healthy individual, does that mean the other also gets aids?
is HIV a propaganda or reality?
Will any guy go out with me even though i have acne?
dry skin promblem!?
Ring worm treatments?
if u are trying to remove toxins erb from your system & u drink one of those cleansers from gnc does your pee?
what is the best juice or liquid to drink when you are fasting?
Can anyone explain to me the health benefits of coconut oil?
what is the easiest and fastest way to get a flat stomach?
can you find meals that are 400 calories or less?
What's the best walking shoe available?
Fever Blister?
I have raised pinkish to reddish spot on my legs what can they be?
What causes skin discoloration, like bleach spots on skin?
Sports Asthma or Out of Shape?
Sinus Problem?
is it normal after you quit smoking you have breathing problems?
Weird Headache?
any one have some remedies?
How do you know if you should go to a Chiropractor or a Doctor?
My stomach hurts-my period?
Has anyone used this website?
what are some ways to help insomnia?
how old do need to be to feel old?
Why is my sprained ankle so swollen and purple?
What would cause my big toe and the toe next to it to suddenly go numb?
i was held in a multiple angle mandibular pressure point and now i can't feel parts of my face, please help.?
Back pain?? Know anything about Inversion Tables?
What would a young (23) single mother appreciate for a gift? What would she need and want?
how do antibiotics effects STD?
Leg Perthis disease?
it feels like my hip is going to give out? What is going on?
What do doctors think about pro-sero patches for frozen shoulder?
What is a PKU done on the babay and what happens if it comes back bad?
does blood thin out when you live in warmer climates?
If your sufferring gout in your big toe, is it okay to wrap it with warm cloth?
Does anyone know...?
whats ur advice for really dry skin in winter?
bumps on legs just beneath skin's surface that bulge when squatting down.?
what is a good way to remove fiberglass from your skin.?
What is the easiest way to get rid of scars?
How to control Blood Presure without madecine?
Can Ear Infections Really Kill You?
i've been clear of hep c for 8 yrs. and have liver pain when probed-am i relapsing?
Can you tell me about Rudrakshas as alternate therapy?
Do you believe in alternative health care? If so, why?
In the United States life expectancy increased by how many years?
Does hypnosis work when you're trying to lose weight?
what is your description of narcism?
How to overcome laziness or procrastination?
How one could know whether he is in depression or not ?
How can I avoid STRESS? If I having to be in STRESS how can I handle it?
feel insecure what can i do?
How can I stop being sad so often?
What are the Prozac withdrawal side effects and how long it will last?
medical sites for stds?
Loss of vision in eye any ideas?
what happens to the dust in my eyes?
If I focus on them, blue lights seem to move around when I move my head.?
Toric contact lenses?
lasik eye surgery?
Color Contacts..?
How do you know if you have tedonitis?
What should I do to treat a cut on my head that is 2 days old to minimize scarring?
how can i find out how someone is doing in a coma at North Memorial?
Are there any tricks to get rid of under eye circles?
Is this true?
laser surgery?
Is hydroquinone (facial skin lightener) safe?
i have a burn, caused by iodine, any advice?
what does it mean to inhale the smoke and not to inhale it?
gillian,what causes your sinsus to suddenly clog without weatheer change/?
Weather drop - indoor effect on asthma??
I Have A Question About The Skin On My Hands...?
Is there a non-profit organization that takes hair donation for alopecia patients?
Can anyone recommend a good dermatologist in Los Angeles?
Can heat bulbs work for tanning?
Strange Blue around the tip of fingernail.?
How long after LASIK surgery would it be non-detrimental to the healing process of the eye to smoke marijuana?
how come after?
why am i lightheaded, nauseaus, and dizzy after a really intense sprint or workout?
What can I do about pain I get in my lower back?
Ear help!!!!?
I have TMJ, how is it cured and is it painful?
i wanna know about pain killers and what is the side effects for over using it !!?
Can taking vicodin change your attitude to being more aggressive? Help!?
support group for npd?
How do people eat things and not choke or how does it not go thru their body right away?
Friend is having flu like symptons but also burning hands, fever on& off, muscle weakness, loss of appetite,?
can i loss weight and at the same time pack muscle?
What vitamins should I take for hair growth ? Another words, what vitamins are responsible for hair growth ?
When you are still teenagers VS when you are in adult now?
I have a problem with cutting myself?
do i need braces?
Why do people have moons on their fingernails?
what is the best way to have a tatto removed?
Do cracking your knuckles increase the risk of arthritis?
free samples for women that have severly dry skin due to chemo,and radiation?
who and where i can learn for gain of power of mind ?
Do you think Plastic Surgery is right?
Lather, rince, repeat. Did i forget anything?
where can i download or watch online the anti-smoking ad where there is a man with a hole in his throat?
does anyone know what this means????
please help me with this?
What are the pros and cons of "plastic" lens eye glasses?
What kind of pain reliever is suitable for people with high blood pressure....what should I stay away from?
Adult acne: know of any unusual treatments/products that help treat it?
i have sensitive skin. what should i apply to maitain my skin.?
hi this is ashiii, i am using mixture of oatmeal n milk on face from last 7 days,?
Whats the best way to deal w/skin irritation from the med. tape?
is taking doxycycline regularly ....recommended?
Does sugar subsitute make you gain weight? I was told that this is a diet sabitoge.?
What has been the primary motivation for you to stay in shape?
How often should I excercise?
Cant we survive without money?
is turret syndrome a permenet disability?
how can i get over social anxiety. It didn't start until I was 19 years old?
how come some people can't accept your physical self (like being fat) but in that state you grow as a person?
Is it possible to be addicted to sleep?
I havent slept for 27 hours. I'm extremely tired right now. should i take a nap now or wait till tonight..
What's wrong with my eye?
what can i do to get my eyesight back cause i have a -4.70 i think strong lens?
Is there such a thing as superior eyesight or is everybody normal or below normal?
Should I get my eyes checked again?
What's going on with my daughters eyes?
treatment for human hip dysplasia?
what is the latest and best medecine for bipolar?
Any one know about auto immune inner ear disease and any possible causes and treatments?
i want to know about thalasemia?
sinus infection? with no congestion??
How is lung plegm produced?
I need help figuring out what I'm sick with?
i have swelling in the ball sack AND LEGS?
Help With Hives?
healing oils? know of any that really work?
how does a paper bag help hyperventilation?
if you were bitten, where can you get an anti venum serum.?
LASIK vs PRK which is better?
glasses question?
i really really want to get contacts, but i can't get them in!?
What happens if I use the contact lenses longer than it should be worn?
Where to buy contacts online?
Soft Contact Lenses...need help soon?
Our granddaughter has hives what can be done to get ride of them?
Stomach flu treatments, please?
What are the current treatments for chronic hepatitis C.?
anyone with lyme disease.how long for recovery?
Help me by clicking.?
I'm up for work comp settlement, still need meds, what can I do to get the max?
doctors plz hlp?
I just had ORIF surgery, what is the healing time normally?
Ankle sprains? How long did it take to recover?
while teaching the client with a sprained right ankle to walk with a cane, how should the nurse be positioned?
How can I make a miniature fork lift to lift things around my house?
what is compressed vertebrae? and how do u treat it?
How much does laser hair removal surgery cost?
why do backs have uncontrolled itches?
What is the best way of curing Internal Bleeding Piles?
Ringworm advice?
neck pain cure?
suggest some exercise for low back pain?
How does caffeine help as a pain reliever aid?
What legal action can I take against my husbands Doctor?
has anyone had or know of someone who has developed gall bladder trouble from the use of morphine pain killers
what is the product Loratadine prescribed for?
Phenergan for Nausea?
Bates method of eye excerises ?
color contacts...?
serious eye problem question?
Where should I go to get laser corrective surgery?
RGP Contacts. Which one is for each eye?
How do you cure a fear of clowns?
What is Claustrophobic?
I've been taking diphenhydramine for the 2 past weeks..?
How many people do you know that are on antidepressant medications?
What are some of the symptoms of adult ADHD?
Is there any danger posed by an unknown red, powdery substance smeared on the pages of a library book?
Are there any natural remedies for flaky skin?
can cigars cause acne?
First tatoo?
wanna remove stretch marks (on chest & bicheps area due to exercise)?
howcan you fade a carpet burn(on skin)??in the fastest way possible?
How can i remove my stretchmark easily without going to dermatologist?
any1 out there with psoriasis? if so, please help!?
Need Help! Im have a bunch of symptoms wondering if anyone might know what it is ive been to doc and they dont
what is derangement of a knee?
why is my left foot swollen? It has been swollen for 7 years!!?
I have chronic pancreatitis due to gallbladder my daughter has thickened gallbladder what investigation needed
How does one keep from sharting in his drawers?
can you get hiv on the road?
i have a question about cryotherapy ( freezing off warts ).........?
can one get HIV from taking a shower after someone that has HIV?
I've had a chronic cough for 3 weeks now.?
i have mold on my ceilings, and i am having breathing problems, and sines, when i blow my noes there is blood?
Can heartburn induce asthma attacks?
When was Emphysema discovered?
What services are billed on a UB-92? Please don't just say hospital charges. HCFA vs UB-92 charges.?
how many headache pills are available in market?
Can anyone suggest the name of a good protein drink that tastes good and is balanced for dieting?
which brand of Calcium is better, Kirkland Signature or Caltrate?
where can I get a copy of weight watchers freedom plan?
How can I get rock-hard six pack within 1-3 weeks? I mean, I do have abs, but I only have a 2-4 pack.?
what is the best treadmill for running?
I am really skinny. Not like bone skinny, but skinny, size 1... i Think that i would be more attractive not..
answer please?
Eye Injury...?
Does having optic nerve damage present a problem ..at the dentist ?
My skin is developing ashy-like dark patches on my stomach, my sides, and my arms. The dark patches of skin...
How to deal with dry patches of skin on my arms?
ZENO ZIT ZAPPER.. Does it work?
what to do if you have a really sensitve skin. i do...?
I have really bad acne. Any homemade remedies to help cure my problem?
My daughter had a tonisillectomy 9 years ago and has just gone through the procedure again. Is this normal?
I started getting hives after using gain he for my front loader washer. Could I be allergic to the detergent?
Did you smoke? Are yo quitting? Why did you start in the first place?
Just curious what other CNA's are paid.?
why do you hic-up?
On Sunday the 11th i started to feel a bit of a cold coming on.When will i be better? I have a trip coming up.
Cough, nasal congestion, can vitamin c cure?
Do you think that using money in a bet is an incentive to make someone really keep their new year resolution?
my suppositories say to only take 1 a day. my friend dared me to shove the whole package in there. too late???
Fish Oil Pills?
what is the first thing you do when a child is chocking?
If you could have an extra (functioning) eye, where would u put it? And Why?
What is the best way to get rid of hiccups?
Where can I have a bday party?
Problems with my son's eyes?
Allergies to antibiotics have become life-threatening for me.?
Whenever i feel a pain somewhere on my body i always think that something bad is happening to me?
I slept my back into a pinch!?
Back ache........How can I cease it?
Woke up today with both my ankles aching,why and how to stop it.?
I am 23 days post op. complete knee replacement and I take Percocet every 4 hrs I am never painfree. Normal?
Chest Pain?
what does food allergy come about?
Food Allergy Testing?
Are ionic air cleaners effective for allergy to tree & plant pollen?
How to get rid of from cough problem?
What can i do to get rid of dark rings under eyes caused by few sleep??
My brother was diagosed having eczema or spongiostic dermatitis with itchy rashes. How it should be treated?
is retin A better than proactv and or murad?
don't know what i im doing any more?
how can I get more facts about E.coil?
Whats the name of that sleeping related sickness common in the South Pacific.?
Why does having a cold leave to an indetermined test on a hiv antibody test?
average life span of a HIV+ patient??
do you take asthma medication in pill form and do you like it better than inhalers?
Is Smoking regular computer paper, with nothing inside bad for u?
what is tonsillitis? is it contagious?
i have a really bad cough plz help me?
antibiotics won't cure my miniture pinchers cough what could it be? Crackly cough went away and now is back?
when should I go to the doctor for a sore throat?
How can I make a natural earth-friendly body moisturizer?
can u????????????/?
what drug do you think is the most necessary to threat today's diseases?
Homeopathic medicine is placebo. Do you agree?
Is there an over the counter product for stress that really works?
Do people create their own stress?
Know a doc (ortho) who can fix or help my daughter's injured ankle?
radiation in bluetooth?
sign of BV?
Is it possible to catch crabs by sitting next to somebody?
Please Help!!!! Whats wrong with me???
Does anyone know if an inner rib injury is life threatning?
what are symptoms of sciatic nerve problems?
When is the common cold contagious?
What is an abnormally low body temperature? Is 96.5 low?
can adjusting a toddlers spine help with constipation?
My mom has had a lot of pain in her neck. She apparently has some discs out inher neck and has a lot of arthri
how to heel ichynes in private part.?
what happens to a healthy person that takes Alzheimer's medicine and does not need it?
Is it safe to eat snow off the ground? Will it cause any harm to me?
What type of tumor causes hearing loss?
Does anyone know how to help get rid of bruising caused by acne?
i have a blister on right hand and have now developed a very sore knot at my wrist. what is this?
How do i get rid of a huge zit on my face??
Has anyone heard of the acne treatment "Bio Clear"?
Spots, Flashes, Blobs, and Floaters?
help i'm a bit scard?
From today, I wear contact lenses. But I DOn't see so good!!! I Have a fog in front of me for some moments!
contact lense query?
Doctors say walking is a very good exercise for people of all ages.what makes walking good for the body?
How do you get a bigger neck?
Why is improper dieting harmful to the body?
I have a flat stomach..But i would like to reduce my waistline.Can u provide me with an advice?
i m becming fat from thies plz help me?
can someone give me a good workout program?
what else besides creatine can be taken to help you gain more muscle?and no im not talking about steroids.?
What are the healthiest, easiest snacks?
Is running really that bad for your knees?
Any one know how to get rid of sneezing?
If you have a dehumidifier in your bedroom will that also kill the dustmites in your bedspread?
how much does food allergy test costs??are there any cheaper options ,,like centres?
What hairspray ROCKS??
how do u get rid of stretch marks naturally?
What is the best way to remove dark circles under my eyes ?
How do I get the taste of pills away??
Does anyone know of any earache remedies for toddlers?
I've Always Wondered...Why are the expensive products (e.g Clinique) not price tagged?
how many times do you go number2 a week? do you go daily?
Is it true that if your wear glasses too often, your eyes can appear "shrunken in" over time?
I cry when I'm laughing...?
Now I'm 15 years old, I really don't like glasses,if i wearing Contacts, will they make my eyes worse?
i am trying to figure out the name of the earpiece that they use to keep glasses on kids?
How long do you have to wear Sunglasses after a Retinal Scan?
Is always wanting to die a symptom of depression?
what is the difference between wellbutrin xl and just wellbutrin?
This is a totally serious question..?
Regular stomach pain?
what is best anti depression meddicine?
Head Droop:I've a friend who can't raise his head. (rests on chest as if no neck muscles.Anyone familiar with?
Is multiple sclerosis fatal?
Has any had a rhinoplasty done with only local anesthesia??
What to do for a child with Bronchitis?
To quit smoking?
will thier ever be a cure for the aids virus?
Tried to crack my neck, bad things happened?
Quiz. Do you know the 2 times when an HIV infected human is the most infectious in the course of his disease?
I weight train 4 days a week with heavy weights for muscle mass.?
How do i learn to fall asleep in a chair?
does anyone know about the cancer called hopskin's disease?
How can I lower my pulse in order to donate blood?
Will this scar hurt my chances?
Aveeno Lotion!!!?
is skin rash on face ,side effect from flaxseed oil?
I have abdominal migranes, has anyone else had them...know the cuase the treatment?
dry, red scaly skin spots?
green, hazel, brown ?!AAHHHH?
When you get your eyes dilated for an exam, how long do you have to wear glasses for?
We have just purchased a spring water botteling plant; how do we get the market immediately!?
How to remove warts without medication?
Is aluminium foil unhealthy to cook in because of risk of Alzheimers?
I recently red an article on magnets being used to heal and strengthen the bodysytem how real could this be?
Why the suprarenal gland is the first organ that affected by the secondary metastasis in cancer cases?
what is chemotheraphy?
What number of people suffer from stress related injuries?
Any one with a personal experience of Bulimia?
Why does olive oil make me feel sick?
what are sudo sizures?
you're getting little dizzy after a long time on a computer, what did you call that?
Did you ever have elbow pain lasting over six months ?
My doctor has prescribed Fioricet for migraine headaches, anyone ever take this medication?
my whole body aches from the waist up......?
Hear so much smoke vs not, yet so many even on here are wanting.....?
I am on an over night field trip in Wasington DC.i have real bad pain in my shoulder. Read all details please?
Is a oxycodone tablet labeled watson 932 a 5 mg or 10 mg?
does alegra d or amoxyicillian cause loss of appetite i am takin both for strep throat and sinus allergies?
Is anyone allergic to chicken? If so where can I find information on this on the net?
cough for more than 6 months?
Pollen Allergies? Is there a Doctor in the house?
Can I give my 60 lbs dog benadryl?l?
i have a event heart monitor.....and it hurts....details inside?
how to cure sweaty armpits?
any cure of varicose veins?
Do you think it's healthy for me using Retinol and Lanolin on my face?
Anti-Perspirants don't work!?
how can i get my torn earlobe repaired. it has healed up split!?
How can I curve cancer?
who invented cigarettes?
How can I loose weight?
Should I get rid of the 'puter and go and get a life ?
Whats the best product to get rid of zits????
I'm an Egyptian , i want to have health ensurance that covers pregnancy & labour during my stay in USA?
can a urine infection be passed from one partner to another this is not an std?
Why would one eyelid have a near constant twitch?
Do I have a parasite?
when i eat any meals i get flu like symptoms why?
what are some of the health practices?
what is it?
what is the lump in my armpit?
what is a skin boil and how do you treat it?
Lately, my arms and legs have been falling asleep more quickly and easily than they should?
do waterless hand sanitizers clean hands?
Why can't psychologists prescribe medication?
What are your fears?????
Is the world gonna come crashing down on me?
if you have bad eye sight can it make you feel dizzy?
can being shy develope into a psychological condition? if so what can i do? i'm petrified of people?
How much did your therapist cost you? Was it worth it?
My Memory.?
What are some good foods for Bipolar people to be eating?
When using eye drops to "reduce redness", is the effect instant (ie within a few minutes of applying)?
Recently my left eye has begun to twitch, why?
what is the best workout for flattening my c-section tummy?I am a stay at home mom having less time to workout
What size is considered fat?
Pilates anyone?
how much water should drink a human a day?
Has anyone ever tried bidokon? If so is it worth my time and money?
how much water should a person drink a day.?
What is the most proven diet pill on the market.?
Are laxatives safe.?
I'm am tall but so skinny and i would like to gain some weight, what's the effective way to gain quickly?
what is a funneled cervix?
Which is larger a virus or a bacteria?
What is the percent of teens who get STD's in the world? or in USA?
What is the life spam of HIV virus in donated blood ?
does heat causes cerebrovascular accident?
If you go into coma for cancer related illness, then why does death occur? I'm totally lost with this?
red spots underneath chin?
Small red veins appearing on and around nose?
Ear lobes are getting wounded. why?
How long does it take for you to see results after using proactive???
HELP!! i normally have a clear complexion skin!! but i have had a sudden breakout in spots!!help ta kayleigh x
any surgery that can help my allergy?
I am allergic to smt, but don´t know what..,my doctor doesn´t want to test me, because?
Do extended periods of exposure to PPD in hair dye increase chances of allergic reactions in sensitive people?
what is the best way to get rid of acne fast and cheap?
A question about zits.....?
spider veins.I hate these little veins on my legs.can you get rid of them?i'm only 17.?
can anybody give me some information on the acne medication "solodyn"?
What is the relationship between itch on ball of right foot and a medical problem?
my friend was injured outside of work and he had no insurance at work what can he do to get some compensation?
What are symptoms of an Achilles tendon tear....or other injury?
what is the indications of Adrenalin?
can you get resticted work hours if you have high blood pressure?
what is the diagnosis for cardiac asthma ?
Do you think it is a good idea for patients to pay for preventable incidents when getting treated by NHS?
Is too much Opcon-A or Naphcon-A eye drop use bad for you?
Question about cloudy vision and possible dry eye?
does laser surgery work to quit smoking?
Why is it that sometimes the color of our eyes change?
does anyone know of any anti -appetite medicine?
some times im filling such bad scence I need your help!?
Where can i buy vicodin without a prescription?
Wats a website in mexico to order pain killers?
Has anyone had any success with kinesology?
is it plossable for a child to get sick from a puppy.?
Where can i find good informatiomn about aromatherapy?
sprained ankle?
Can O- person donate bone marrow to a O+ person?
In a hospital, what is a "code black"?
What causes someones ears to "ring" or "buzz" ?
Cough all the time?
How far does Cigarette Smoke travel?
I have had a cold for 2 weeks now any ideas on what i can do?
headache help?
Lower abdominal pain?
my wrist hurts when i bench press weights?
Knees Hurting?
gallbladder attacks?
i have swollen lymphoid. AIDS no so why?
What are some of the symptoms from Pink Eye?
what is it called when you blow up from the inside out? something combustion?
I have acid reflux and when I drink I get heartburn really bad. What types of drinks should I stay away from?
how does malnutrition effect internal organs?
Get Older?
What type of shampoo do you use?
Who is to say that delusionary thinking is not just another reality that exists here on earth?
Do I have signs of any forms of Depression?--Read the details--?
Is the Messiah Complex rare?
what is the difference between obsessing about someone and loving someone?
should drug traffickers be given capital punishment?
can the drug oxycotton be used to treat depression?
if you were outside of your house, say in the garage, how long would it take you to get it locked, get inside,
oily and acne prone skin?
anybody ever drank chlorine?
For people that have had acne - serious question?
my lowed eyelid has swelled up what is going on?
chapped lips 2?
my fingernails won't stop peeling. some say it's from nail polish and others say it's from a vitamin
AIDS possibility?
Is sepsis in the body caused by leukemia or herpes simplex virus?
my eyes are constantly bloodshot. What do I do?
Seeing "bubbles" and white irregularly shaped things? eye problem?
How can be presbyopia corrected ?????
what is the chloroquine dose in arthralgia due to chikunguniya?
how does fever develop during dengue fever?
7 months ago our 13 year old daugher contracted Strepneumocous menititis. She got it from a sinus infection.?
How have you responded to Hep c treatment?
need to write a outline on a 3X5 index cards , how would u do that?
sinus infection?
Cronic nose bleeds latley?
Acne on face HELP!?
acne problem and serious mood swings?
My feet are all cracked and hard they are gross any ways to make them smooth???
wat can i do to get rid of the scars on my face?
What should I do about a sprained ankle?
what is the name of the yoga video by steve austin?
how do you increase the size of biceps drastically ?
Why do people think if u are fat ur not hot?
can you chew gum if you are on the atkins diet? and how you overcome cravings ?
If you weigh 196 lbs and you loose weight over the course of 5 months down to 130-140 will there be loose skin
how can i lose 7kg weight in 2 months?
Weight Watchers question.?
what does the current food guide pyrimid look like?
Should I avoid NutraSweet, aspertame?
I have a heart condition. Is climbing up 12 flights of stairs injurious to my health?
what is the scientific term for Bronchitis?
this is about my father's condition.?
Do the pupils of both eyes constrict when only one eye is exposed to increased illumination?
oil gone into eyes?
How can I improve my eyesight??( I wear glasses)?
how to cure farsighted naturally?
Claritin vs Benadryl???
how much does coloinc hydrotherapy cost?
Does the medicine 'Codeine' show up as Cocaine on drug tests?
what does a wheelchair symalize in our culture?
i cracked my head on overhead cabinet, no exterior damage done, but could this cause a blood clot , concussion
how is true love witout seeing each other?
Why do we get birthmarks?
how do i get rid of bad tan lines?
how do you remove a boil?
What's the meaning of our lips getting darker?
I have bad circulation in my arms and legs making it funny colours, but I don't smoke. Wot could be the cause?
hey listen has anybody ever gone through a tough time?
How to prevent mind wandering?
Where is the best place in a grave?
Can mental work be as tiring as physcial work?
I am feeling very depressed right now and want to elevate my mood instantly. Any fast solution?
My neck kills I cant move it with out any pain even now It hurts… plz help.... has this happend to u?
What could be the cause of the long thigh muscles to stiffen and hurt while sitting?
Hi to everyone. My question is what is Lortab? I feel down the stairs Doctor gave me that.?
What could cause swelling of the hands, feet, and face?
What are people allergic to in this season?
Why Can't I taste food at times?
can you use soy on your face?
I have warts from Hpv, Is it okay if I want a c-section? I dont want my family to see.?
Does having a foreskin increase your chances of getting an STD?
How do blood tests determine arthritis is it has to do with your bones and not blood?
Is there a 100% curable treatment for epilepsy?
what will be cost of surgeory of brain tumor?
What is the best way to treat and prevent whiteheads and blackheads?
do aromatherapy oils really work?
What is an EKG and how is one administered?
Any home remedies for snoring?
what causes my nose to keep bleeding?
where can i get colored contacts?
Colour-blind question.?
How is membrane been formed after cataract surgery?
what is the age of the disease streptococcal pharyngitis?
are there any microorganisms existing in a cadaver that is infectious?
i have yellow fever, plz help?
green stains on the white cotton towel?
How do I get rid of dark circles under my eyes, it doesnt matter how much I sleep I still have them?
Terrible horrible ingrown toenail and $0 to spend. Help?
Poison ivy, oak, or sumac help!?
Red Blotchy face after a warm shower?
For those living with someone with sleep apnea, how can you get used to it?
Is combivent the same as albuteral?
what does it mean if you phlegm some blood?
Are there any other treatments for constricted ureters other than stents because of frequent infections?
Joint Support Formulas?
Ok I have been smoke free for 3 days, and now I get a sharp pain when I breathe deeply,,any clues?
Cracking knuckles?
What is this knot on my chin? Should I see a doctor?
How old Do you have to be to be leagly pescribed to vicaden (the Pain Killer)?
41 year women needs to know why she has severe back pain?
why does my arm fall asleep while driving or doing normal activities?
which is the most sensible part of the human body?
ve been smoking fof 5 years and Im only 18. How can I quit without medication?
Is ritalin dangerous for adults?
i had a fever for 4 days. my eyes hurt and i cant think straight. also have weird splotch on toe. whats wrong?
why do we sweat under our palms and feet?
Where can i find a film on colloidal silver?
Are there any wholistic cures for Cracked heels?
recently i was told that soaking in a bathtub with ginger added would draw out impurities from the body?
I have read that Reiki is intelligent energy and goes to where it needs to go. Whats this mean?
i just got new glasses and my vision in the dark is limited i never wore glasses before is this common?
I spend several hours a day staring at the computer screen and i noticed that I am starting to be...?
ever bought eye glasses from walmart? were you happy with them?
What is the best treatment for inappropriate aggression?
I am on Effexor XR for depression?
What do people think when you have violent tendencies?
How to improve intelligence ? Is it possible after 20 years have passed from one's life?
where can i get help for someone who is homeless in gary indiana is there some place he can go to get help?
I think I'm depressed?
Is it possible that anxiety can be caused by another person?
What is Prozac?
what can u do 2 get rid of scars?
What do webbed toes look like?
minor surgery in office?
If your a doctor or you know stuff about the skin pls. read?
fever blisters...how to keep them small and best way to get rid of them soon?
what ia the best free on line diet site?
what makes the "knots' that you get in your muscles? is it fibers or fluids? how does massage work it out?
how to loose 4 to 5 pounds a week?
Need help with losing weight...?
How can I get motivated to start exercizing?
what is the best way to lose weight when you don't have time for exercise?
Could a reaction to nasal decongestant spray mimic symptoms of cluster headache?
deviated septum?
Why is Singulair recommended to be taken at bedtime, is it more effective that way?
is it possible to develop resistanse to "loratadine"?
Home remedies for allergies?
Is generalized body itch, a side effect of chronic use of Vit B complex?
i have a friend hu sufferd in herpes simplex virus ,almost everyday we'v bin together,sharing stuff and foods.
if u had the aids and stds test after 2 years?
Could the HIV Virus survive in wet blood at room temp. & for how long, if so ?
when did you lose your virginity? did you lose it?
I have a high suger in my blood ,how can fix that for ever?
does ANYONE kno what to do when you get braces besides wax and tylonol!! MINE KILL PLEASE SOME HELP!!!!!!!?
if someone has phm at the end of their name, what does that stand for?
how long does ringworm take to clear up?
How can I better motivate myself to go to bed and not browse the web, play Xbox, watch TV, etc?
My hip is sore, what muscle is that?
Health teaching about encephalitis pls? any idea?thanks to all in advance.?
What is maculate degeneration, causes and treatments?
What is the best remedy for arthiritis ??
Is it possible to get a grant to remove lead piping from my home in PA?