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A person who cannot leave their house is called what?
Why does random spots on my body twitch???
what kind of illness we can get to amoeba?
Is it true a person can donate their DNA and get paid for it-if so how much is it worth and how much is possib
what is cartishine?
I am on crutches...and it really hurts my armpits and hands..HELP!!!!?
I have had numbness and tingiling in my left index finger for about 10 days now. Could it be a pinched nerve?
If you have high metabolism, will it ever slow down?
Why would someone have swimmers ear (sounds like water is in there as if went swimming) but didnt go swimming?
when you get bruised, how are black and blues formed? why does your skin change color?
Do u judge a girl by her looks or her personality?
How can u develope allergies?
Why is it good to "let the air get to your wound" and not to always have it covered by a bandaid.?
I have been prescribed Diflucan for the 3rd time in 6 months-is this the same skin infection or a new one?
Eye strain?
could i have gonorrhea or chlamydia??? help!?
what diease can occur (happen) by playing football? or even condition that happen!?
how to cure hemmoroids?
what did you do to lose weight?
The cholestral in egg will be in the yellow or in th white too? does egg whites have zero cholestral?
What is cholestrol?
What is the healthiest food in the world?
what is the best way to make yourself grow taller?
what's the best Martial Art form for women?
I need to get in shape for summer quick and would like the best possible way without pills to lose weight fast
can you hurt your neck doing crunches?
Do you often feel depressed during the summer?
I don't eat lunch or breakfast. I dont like to eat in front of people. help?
if u pick ur nose too much will ur brain fall out?
I'm really shy and never really dated before, or did anything a normal teenager did.?
Can a mind paralyze itself if troubled by something or thinking about a problem for a long time??????
who do you lie to and why?
I quit smoking and have a chronic cough now that I didn't have before. Is this a side effect or abnormal?
Is wifi radiation hazardous?
i wanna gain 20 pounds in a month. how it is possible?
What does it mean when someone says don't pick that cut or it will fester?
Whenever I take naps, I wake up feeling awful. Why is that and how can I avoid it?
what is the best cold remedy for kids?
How ong does canker sores, a type of mouth ulcer persist?
spot problem- help!?
Need some help?
im 21 and i have recently noticed small veins on the surface on my legs. why, and can i make it go away?
What to do about skin that gets very sensitive to touch?
Is the asthma med Qvar a steriod that causes stretchmarks and bad side effects or is that a different form?
what does severevlimitations of functional capacity; incapable of minimal(sedentary) activity mean?
What herbal product is good for post nasal drip?
Do contacts change shape with depending on the perscription?
eye irritation!?
CONTACT LENSES? comfy for first time putting in??
Every night when I go to bed?
What are the effects of over-exfoliation?
eczema plz read?
if i do a chemical peel what will happen after?
I have been bitten by mosquito bites in the ear and 4 times on both legs? give me a cure!!!!!!!!?
okay, I have recently went to an optomologist and she told me nothing is wrong with my eyes?
How long does it take for an eye socket fracture to heal because its been 3 weeks already..?
I smashed my forearm into an elbow! Is it broke!?
Swelling goes down, pain gets worse.?
What if you pull your leg out of socket?
Did anyone know about fresh blood, i get my skin swollen & itching all night , someone knows what i should do
What are the herbs that can be used to help lower sugar in diabetics?
What is the best to eat vegetables that help reduce the diabetic?
Has Anyone Taken The Natural Anti-Depressant Called SAM-E?
what are the guidelines in getting people to buy your product?
do night awake and day sleep affect ones health?
How long should it take to walk off a sore knee?
Is it true that short -haired chuchuaa dogs are great for people with allergies? I mean, do the sympt. go ,?
How would a patch test distinguish between a latex allergy and other possible allergies?
Which lesions would most likely result from tinea?
I know that there are alcohol allergies but could it be an allergy to a certain amount of alcohol?
any remedies for cold/allergies?
Hot Chocolate + Milk intolerance?
Do Woman Perfer men to wear collogne or body spary? Or neither?
Ever wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and say, "WOW"?
Any Help?!?
just curious....?
Can you go face down on a tanning bed as opposed to laying on your back?
I accidently signed up for two different Medicare Part D. Now I am being charged for both plans. What do I do?
how can I increase my calf (human leg) muscle?
what do you know about "chicoungounnia" what are its effect?
Do epidural steroid injections for back pain cause bone deterioration?
Is poison oak contagious?
How should I stop Puking, it has been goin on for all of today, but its mostly dry heaves. What shuld I do?
What are people's experiences with acuvue advance contact lenses?
How should i approach my teacher? OR should i not approach her at all?
Weird eye images?
Colored contact lenses?
I'm getting frequent headaches?
What should I take?
Does YAHOO understand that those flashing ads can trigger an epileptic episode? They give me a headache /?
sciatic nerve pain?
How many pink darvocets would it take to equal one vicodin?
I have this problem....?
Is there anyone taking Fluoxotine for bipolar?
What means being bipolar? Can anybody be?
how to help an alcoholic parent on recovery?
I am not at all outgoing and i stay at home often, what should i do?
How do you overcome a mental block/writer's block and is this a sign of depression?
can drinking strong alcohol on holiday affect your brain?
Does anyone know anything about hyperacusis?
What is the age of the oldest living person on earth?
Chronically sick roommate?
why do they call it pku?
what over the counter medication can u use to stop a running nose before it settles in your upper respiratory?
Respiratory System?
What is correct definition of a glycoprotein?
could being nervise cause you to have a panic attack and cause shortness of breath?
what makes up the skin of the body and the lining of the respiratory and digestive tracts?
I saw a movie that said monkeys give aids is this true?
Why is it that the herpes virus cannot be destroyed by current medications available?
How can you build abs?
What excerises should i start doing to build my entire arm muscle?
How do you stop stretch marks from forming?
Working out routines?
What is the easiest way to lose post baby weight?
When starting a low calorie diet, is 1200 calories to low to start at? What should i start at?
What is the defination of frozen food?
what is the best way to lose baby fat fast?
Why do men fantasized about raping women?
Just about every medication I've ever taken has kept me up all night. What's happening?
What is your strangest Hobby?
what age should an infant be given solid (vegetable & fruit)baby food? how much at a feeding?
what must I do to be fatter?
what is another name for the drug dilantin and what is it used for ?
How many grams of protein should a bodybuilder consume in one day?
Prescription color contacts.?
What do I have to do to improve my child's vision? He has 20/40 on both eyes.?
had retinal detachment surgery a year ago, doc says retina is flat, but all lines are wavy to me, is it common
Whats the best way to prevent breaking out with zits?
psoriasis help?????
for those who has use proactiv?
rosacea acne + chemical peel (4th time) = worse acne?!?
Is vitiligo cured permanently?
Is sudafed PE a pm or an am nasal congestant?
Has anyone ever had an allergic reaction to Tylenol Cold Severe Congestion w/ Cool Burst?
What are your symptoms of chicken allergy?
Can you have an allergic reaction to nitrous oxide?
How to cure nasal congestion causes of allergy ?
I am 57 years old. I was injured in 1996 with a severe head injury.How do I Apply for pemanent disability?
How long should surgical stitches be kept?
My finger?
what is ms disease?
Is the mixture of liquid clorophyll and aloe juice mixed with water or juice good for anything?
what is the cause of LARGE RETRO VESICAL MASS and what is the cure for it?
need help with psoriasis?
I have Rosacia. Any other natural cures that work to heal it? I'm on Anti-biotics. Causes Yeast Infections!
what are three things the antibiotic called ceftin used for?
Which medicines originally came from plants - NOT plants which are used medicinally?
i need all the info i can get on erythrasma?
my dog just had pupies. now she is very skinny and not able to produce milk for the pupies.She has sores&scabs
I'm concerned about an itch in the inner thigh...?
Okay embarasing, what to do about armpit odor? Feels like I've tried everything!?
I have a medical condition that doctors can't seem to diagonise...and too bad, there's no Dr. House...
What's normal to expect after an excision?
How can you get help for a person who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia who refuse to get help?
Do you think people really start smoking to "look cool?"?
i forgot to take a dose of an antibiotic this morning... should i take it right now (2 instead of 1)?
My grandaughter is 15 months old and barely trying to walk when should we worry?
if ther`s anyone affected by scoliosis let me know...?
Underneath my right eye, it is all swollen. I have a cold and the right side of my mouth hurts. What can I do?
If you tear your ACL, is surgery necessary?
What is the difference between these 3 doctors...attending, fellow, and resident?
Has anyone tried Pro-active solution for acne? I want to know if its worth trying like they say .?
What does the inside of your nose smell like?
This is a serious question, I know some will have a hard time refraning?
Is smoking marijuana bad for you?
symptoms of food poisoning with pork?
What to do with 16 yr old who is obsessed w/overseas visit.VERY RUDE TO HER MOM, GOING CRAZY...HOW CAN WE FIX?
Why do eye drops make you vomit if ingested?
What is the best way to treat Optic Neurology/Neuropathy that persists with Chronic Pain?
Why does it feel like there is something in my eye, but there isn't?
contact problem?
How do you tell if your contacts are inside out.?
Environmental influence on allergies and asthma?
Any experience with ZINC LOZENGES for budding colds?
stuffy,crackling ears?
Is chest tightness and congestion a possible side effect of Cipro?
what are some side effects of emphysema?
I have very severe copd, at what point am I considered disabled?
Last year my arches started hurting so i went to the doctor but they hurt again??
leg/hip pain and feet numbness.?
back problems PLEASE!!?
Workers comp accident help?
my shoulder hurts. what can i do?
IF U ARE A DOCTOR (ONLY) answer this question?
Does celibacy have any harmful effects on your health?
What do you do to relive stress?
why do some people's feet smell so nasty?
what to make to leave many years?
I get frequent headaches.....any advice?
I heard that drinking water is causing boils in your skin.?
what is morgellons diease?
what does aids do?
What is considered excessive discharge is it like changing a pad or tampon multiple times a day?
Question about STD Testing?
Purevision or proclear contact lenses? Which are better?
What's up with my eyes?
Are there nerves in an eyeball?
What are the best eye drops for redness/itching/dryness for use with contacts?
Allergy: What is an over the counter decongestant?
nostril blockage.?
What are these painful pustules on the back of my head, that never completely dissapear?
does anyone know what causes reoccuring boils?
what is a pustule on a foot between first and second toe?
how do they decide if a teen has a mental illness???
married to a man that is bi polar sometimes things are realy tough does any one feel this way?
i'm 19 and afraid of old age. is there anything to ease my mind?
I need to stop the voices, anyone have any idea other then a hole in the head?
what does remove anxiety?
What is WHO?
medical question, how can I get a second opinion for my mother? She had two surgery's on her bowel and intesti
Why, don't send me my certificate ? about LPN or RN?
What is a good cure for an earache?
I used to have tolsil infection on the right side and cannot be cured at would like to know why?
I think I have swimmer ear?
i sweat alot, no bunch, tons. any suggestions on how to slow it down?
Toothpaste + acne = burning?!?
i have a sore in noise do u now what i can use to get rid of it?
can vitamin b12 cause skin rash?
I want to go to US and live there for ever,but before that I hesitate to study pharmacology or become adentist
does ice work on a cold sore even when it is fully developed?
what causes an illeus?
What can cause a hole in facial bones near the sinuses?
Do eye lashes grow back after cutting them off?
i need some really good advice?
Has anyone tried what [heightboosting.com] offers?
Is there anything I can do naturally to decrease my breast size...they are 44DD ( without surgery of course)?
Once you have had stridor's after extubation is your chances of it happening again increased?
how much should a 11 year old weight?
i have to go to the zoo and i have the flu and i promised my mom and i have the flu but she dosent care?
If your feet smell and your nose runs.. have you been made upside-down?
Are you on oxygen? Do you wake up in the a.m. with a headache?
what other harmful components of tabacco?
Has anyone ever had topical dermatitis, if so how did you get rid of it?
Do side effects of Decadron include facial acne?
Why are white people getting all these skin cancers?
Anyone else got psoriasis?
Fiberglass cast for ankle/leg?
okay, for some reason..after getting my first glasses a a month ago, and whenever I take them of and just rota
My blister exploded! What do I do?
Scar adhesions...any doctors out there?
When was the last time you had a hard fall?
contacts ?
Prescription change to remove astigmatism?
laser eyes surgery?
I'm 17 yrs old guy and i have spectacles of -1.5 D.....dnt like to wear them?
Why are most shots taken on the left arm?
What is best natural expectorant for chest congestion?
what's wrong with me madre's abdomen?
What is the evidence that chile peppers prevent migraine?
when you are searching for a doctor to treat you, what are the main criteria that you will look for?
How can I treat with a parkinson desease patient and is there any defenite cure for the case ?
did you know that you are probably drinking fertilizer instead of milk!!?
Stomach issues...HELP!?
What is the youngest known case of Parkinson's?
how do you help a friend that has cirossus of the liver?
Why do people's skin on their feet peel?
Bumps on finger that itches and hurt?
What could cause my skin to itch so bad that I am compelled to scratch it until it bleeds?
Is anyone allergic to Root Beer?
I'm not convinced that I have exercise induced asthma. Could there be more going on?
are you or any one you know allergic to xanax?? in any way???
sinus infection or something else??
What are the symptoms of lactose intolerance, and how soon after having the dairy product(s) would they start?
What are the benefits and drawbacks of LapBand Surgery?
help with tooth pain?
Is there a physician in the house??
anybody know exercises that can help with sciatica nerve?
I have pain going the back of my heel when I bend my foot upward. Can anyone tell me what this is. Thanks?
what causes wrist pain??? Sharp pains.?
Lyrica and Fibromyalgia: Has this worked for a long time for you?
How do you clear up an ear infection? Also I get a minor headache when I stand up how do I fix this? Help!!!!
Red eye..blue eye...?
How many FPS do our eyes see?
Will these new lenses even fit my eyes?
RPG Contacts. Left eye is clearer than the other.?
can you become unblind?
how to get rid of fluid in the lungs?
I do have bad allergys.i have had an asthma attack, but would that mean that I would have asthma to?
Nocturnal salivating, what does it indicate ?
Non stop cough?
have addisons disease, also have either cope or ashma.?
Cough Suppressants in children?
I have to avoid salt completely - does anybody know of any substitutes for salt to season my my food?
whats the best supplement for losing weight?
can children take hydroxycut? If not why not its suppose to be all natural.?
How do you lose weight around your hips and upper thighs?
i want to lose 35lbs and i am looking to try a weight lost pill which one works the best and in a short time?
How can grapefruit help weight/fat loss?
I get dizzy on treadmill; do you have any idea why it happens?
what is the best way to loose weight fast and tone inner thighs?
Does vinegar help you to loose weight?
what is the best way to loose waight and eat all what u want ?
do you ever feel like you just dont like the way you look because youre not pencil thin?
what are the diffrent types of burns?
Do i have a.d.d. if i can't pay attention to ANYTHING? Is that bad?
Is anyone bipolar?
Have you ever had dyslexia in your childhood?
Why is it so hard???
Does this guy have multiple personalities?
so there was this spider in ther my bathroom?
i'm a male 50,and 50lbs overweight,i have dark bruise like areas of skin on my upper inner thighs .what is it?
Where can I find salicylic acid+benzoic acid ointment?
Skin pealing from finger tips?
Has anyone ever had lichen plantus?
boils or skin abscess'es?
I have developed a small patch of white skin on my right thigh.It about 11/2 inch on diameter is it dangerous?
can any one tell me how to remove freckles from my face?
why some people cant sleep after drinking coffee or tea and other didnt affect them?
what's the meaning of C.C.U?
what is the goodness od almond?
What are some of the benefits of homeopathy vs modern medicine?
is the insulow really works controlling the blood sugar levels?
why are teeth stinking of chees and onion?
Does the music helps to treat diseases,which type of music & how?
why do people have gastro bypass surgery?
Curious....What is the treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome that is non-surgical?
Can hitting the back of your head on basketball gym floor cause problems?
okay it wasnt a misspelling people its stands for the care of an injury..lol?
I have broken my 2nd 3rd and 5th metatarsal bones in my right foot how long should i keep off of it?
Back injuries from a car accident have led me down a path of medication, anyone have similar experience?
Dark Lips ---I am not so dark but my lips?
Could it be allegery from the sun´╝č?
my colored contacts feel weird, or is it me?
Which would have yield a SHARPER vision: contact len, implant len or lasik?
hi. Are there any better contacts that have superceeded Johnsons acuvue moist brand?
What are the best lenses?
Why is fasting so important?
does hypnosis might help in diabetes treatment?
What are those bitter herbs mentioned in the Bible?
Where can I find diabetic doctors that charge very little in Largo, Florida?
Where can i get free magazines sent to my house about diabetes?
Can you pass HPV via toilets, bathtubs, etc...?? My wife INSISTS those are ways to get it.?
Whats wrong with her?
hey plz help?
dry and flaky scalp?
How to cure back acne?
What is the difference between ringworm and shingles?
how do you get rid of staff if you are a carrier?
I have Hyperhidrosis, mostly on my feet. Please help.?
What is Lymphangioma?
I just had minor surgery on my foot a few hours ago and?
dalmations hip problems?
Arm/Wrist Pain?
Does hiatal hernia cause constant regurgitation after eating?
What is an efa?
how much nicotine is in an american cigarette ?
asthma test?
what is the relationship between cigarette smoking and lung cancer?
bronchitis symptoms?
Is chronic bronchitis ever reversible?
In the medical field what is edenna?
what is the best diet for peson who is hypothyroid?
ct scan results a 3mm mass in my left lung and a 1.5 cm in my pretracheal lymphnode should I be concerned?
Any places that sell the suction things for hard contact lenses?
How well does Laser Vision Correction work?
what are the most comfortable astigmatism contacts?
Has anyone had PRK eye surgery? (not LASIK)?
i am proper itchy when i am in my room, what could be the cause of this? dust mites or something else?
Why do my allergies seem to get worse for the first couple hours I'm awake or at night time?
Eating makes me sick?
the birdies and bees?
Are there complications with being put under anesthesia for surgery if your a drug addict?
what does flatfeet look like?
how can i get free from dandruf?give me a home remedy?
Is it possible the space between your eyes to become bigger especially in the puberty period ?
How would you like to loose weight?
what happens when you don't drink enough water for a long period of time?
Health Question about exercise and food. Please answer?!?
are there walking shoes based on a sandal?
Hi, how can i slim my legs?
is standing a better way to eat or sitting??
try the FITNESS goals?
Is it easier for skinny people to learn kickboxing?
how can i lose alot of weigt in a month?
What causes IBS ?
After shaving my head, I realized that there are areas of numbness on my scalp. What causes that?
What is Skeeter Syndrome? What does it look like?
how do you make hemriods go away?
How do we get dandruff ???????????
What type of hormone imbalance causes you to wrinkle at an early age?
Psoriasis nail problem question?
How do I make yucca extract?
I jammed my big toe playing soccer...I need some remedies to help it heal fast. Anyone?
Can I fix a deviated septum on my own...it just feels like I can..has anyone ever done it? Any meds out there?
Do you think homeopathy is better to treat?
Has anyone ever heard of an Insight Subluxation Station testing device?
How do i get rid of the stye in my eye safely without damaging my eye?
Are there any natural herbs to help my child focus?
can herpes simplex a be transfered to simplex b?
I am writing a book on Multiple Sclerosis and my life before and after. I would like details of a publisher.?
Who discovered Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation? Also, when, where, and how did they discover it?
I got hurt at work approx. 24 years ago,I fell on my elbow extremely hard,...it is giving me terrible pain now
Is my foot sprained or broken? It hurts and is hard to walk on after a week. It's also black & blue in spots.
I hurt my foot about 3 weeks ago and it still hurts!?
Do hernia belts really work?
can cronic sinus cause you to have shortnes of breath?
WBC slightly low, causes?
What are antibiotics?
Cough Question?
what are symtoms of ecoli?
Does anybody suffer from facial numbness?
what are the main pathogens cause Urinary tract infections??
Is it too early in the season for the flu?
What anitbiotic kills Salmonella?
is meningo encephalitis transferrable?
can a std be detected thru a urine sample?
can someone who has herpes die early???
do discrimination and fear related to hiv and aids seem to the united states or common in other countires?
After Shaving your pubeic hair can you give some a bacteria disease?
What are the symptoms of rheumatiod arthritis?
Is there such a thing as a heart shaped contact lense that only goes over the pupil of your eye?
Am I slightly colorblind?
I poke my right eye by accident, what do I do??
How to keep your eyes healthy when you have contacts??
contact lenses? glasses?
Any experts out there on Optic Neuropathy/Neurology?
can grass,mold etc allergies cause upset stomachs?
hey my friend Gina just told me she feels weird. she had chillz, she feels hot and cold. she be sneezing.?
can you get allergies caused by yorkies?
i have really bad allergies which causes headaches and...?
Reasons for spotty hair loss or baldness?
Are people with bipolar disorder dangerous to others?
Can weed calm down bipolar patents?
I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but I do not fit the description of someone with bipolar. Am I?
I dont feel like showering today. How do I find my way to the bathroom?
I have some mental problems, I think, where do I start?
How can I edit my local listing?
Is Xanax Xr just as affective as Xanax since its only needed one a day?
Does anybody know what it means if you have high phlatelets?
if im a hyperthyroidsime will i get lack of pituitary gland's hormones?
How serious is Focal Segmental Glomerulo Sclerosis? Anyone has any suggestions to improve treatment for it?
What are the symptoms of hemangioma of the Liver? What are the causes of hemangioma and how to prevent it?
1.at what age can one be able to determine whether he has sickle cell aneamia or not?
what are the chances for a PVS(persistent vegetative state) patient to wake up completely?
If you could invent a new way of helping other people live better, what would it be?
what is the medical term for constricted pupils?
How can a smoker can quit cigrate who has a habit of smoking over 30 years?
Do shampoos contain human placenta?
what is adolescence?
Is there any way you can change your eye color?
Do I have a shot at talking the doctors into a free eye enhancement?
i'm going for a contact lense teach next week,anyone want to give any tips?
Is there any way you can find out what you will look like when your older?
One Contact?
Is Lasik For Me?
Does it good for health if eat sweets when hungry?
what should be the level of cholesterol in my body to remain healthy?
If Alka-Selzer is so good for colds why can it be used to clean toilets and blocked drains?
How does someone feel before undergoing any SURGERY?
How do you clean your ears?
What is the history of Herpes?
what causes hiccups?
Is there something seriously wrong with me?
are lovebites bad for you????
What is the best way to treat jock itch?
Tetnus shot question? What does the infection feel like?
Skin infections that can be transferred from rats to humans??
Over the past couple weeks I noticed a rash/dry patch of skin in my left underarm..what can this be??
what college classes are required for dermatology and how long will I have to go to school for it ?
Is marijuana really good for health?
what is the best way to take calcium supplements, liquid or pill?
alternative to grape juice & wine for flavonoids?
celebrities who have used steroids? do you know any of them??
Is skin popping herion dangerous?
i want to learn - JOHREI - the ancient art of healing by transmitting healing energy to a diseased person?
Why is being anorexic bad?Can't u just stop when u r skinny enough?
Can anyone suggest a good 5 day meal plan for losing weight?
How can I detoxify my body from toxins?
How long does it take to build a huge chest?
how to stay slim?
what are the compositions of orange juice?
how to get rid of abdominal fats??
Does the human body digest black pepper?
Can a child under 5 get whooping cough even though they recieved their immunization shots as scheduled?
pain on top of right lung ??
whr can i get an inhaler w/o going to the doc ?
Stabbing pain under breastbone after a night of heavy smoking and drinking in the cold of winter?
I have a horrible horrible cough... My PCP put me on Promethazine w/cod syr (acta) 4 days ago...?
Very damaged Nail bed, please, advice?
Does anyone else have a bad blushing problem?
Its about sjorgrens syndrom?
help me please?
What is Toxic Rubella Rash??
Is TV and the computer bad for your eyes?
Contact lenses question...?
Do i have a potential for bad eyes?
Is now a good time to get lasik or waited?
Does HPV increase the chances of having a miscarriage?
early symptons of aids?
Where can I find statistics for the HIV pandemic, that has a breakdown of groups infected?
once you have been diagnosed with aids can you build up your tcells and have hiv instead of aids?
HPV- What is a coloscopy- and what is leep i hear about.?
testing for allergies???
Can dogs get colds, and how do you treat it?
How do you know when you have a cold or when it is just allergies?
What are the signs of bipolar disorder?
Is there a term for someone who's second toe is longer than their big toe? lol?
Ialways slept in church,anytime even morning is that a kind of diseases?
Have you ever been stung by a dead bee?
Is torn meniscus, cartilage, or tendon??
Cast seems loose, should i be concerned? Also i feel a wierd sensation in the leg sometimes, what this?
I want to align my eyes better but withoout surgery, Ive had perfectly straight eyes all my life and recently?
my friend got nocked over whilst at work crossing a road?
why is the back easily injured??
ugh i have a cold sore?
Do you think they only allow to answer 20 questions cuz they know some people can get addicted?
Can 'obsessive compulsive disorder' kill you?
Whats wrong with me?
Do you think depression is just an excuse for laziness?
Is it the true that the most of the woman raping victims doesn't even remember they were raped?
what are some psychological excersizes to go through when up at bat during sofball?
I am having a problem with foot problems maybe fungus not sure dry cracklingfeet and toe nails are discoloring
the top of my foreare really itches. Any guesses why?
Has anyone tried to use Enbrel for psoriasis?
Will burning a pyogenic granuloma with a magnifying glass cause skin cancer?
What is Thoracic Lumbar IVD Disorder?
What are the physical consequences of cirrhosis of the liver?
Does size matter?
Im a straight Male Massage therapist why??
Do Girls have better taste buds or do boys?
stars in vision?
Why is it okay for a man to pass gas, but not acceptable for a woman?
human ear mites?
how does one grow taller?
i have a pain in my left side the very bottom leftwhat could it be?
Is cannabis really an effective reliever of pain?
Anyone taking Lyrica for chronic pain?? Any one else have chronic pain disorder??
How bad can back arthritis be?
Lyrica problems?
If you could change just one or two things about yourself, what would they be?
Why do some people have better eyesight than others?
On the news, today, I saw that Xyrem is now being used to treat Fibromyalgia. Do you have any information abo
Can you wear Contact Lenses while Welding?
opticians phoned and said my contact lenses are ready to collect,but i haven't had the contact lense teach yet
i got hit in the eye?
Lindbergh make eyeglass frames--anybody has them? Review needed, serious answers only please! :-)?
my wound is leaking pus . is it necessary that there is a bacterial infection.?
From personal experiences, which product/treatment works best for chapped lips?
Does anyone have lupus?
how to deal with real severe acne?
what is the reason for having too much sputum when it is not a flu? and sometimes blocked nose at night?
cystic fibrosis patient,born in 1937, now 69,resides in Oakland, CA?
why do i get migrabes so much? and they last a week or so and it so kills!?
how can i deal with my anxiety my hands are always sweating?
whats a good slimming tablet to use?
Who practice Aryuveda out there?
looking for the correct spelling of a drug called kolodepen for deppression?
Stress Management - How do you cope up with stress ?
when was the first blood test performed?
Where's the best place on the internet to get vitamins/supplements AND get the most "bang for your buck"?
Effecs of dieting on kids ten years and older?
what is the fastest way to loose some weight ?
Does a low carb diet work for weight reduction?
how do i loose weight and tighten my stomach and legs quick?
Is there a diet for type2 diabetes?
How bad does eyes have to be that you can't wear eye contacts?
Why are people surprised when a person with strabismus is self-confident?
What is the process of getting contacts?
How nearsighted can a person get?
Do you need to wear prescripted glasses for a certain time or not at all to wear prescripted contacts?
How long does parvovirus last in adults?
Do I have HPV?
is castro oil bad or good for multeese with dry skin please help dog?
How much does it cost to go to a dermatologist? I live in the State of California?
To treat nail infection, my doctor says to mix Gris-Peg & Fungoid Tincture. Have any of you done this before?
i have been diagnosed with lupus what now?
what would a reason be for my thigh to swell near my hip bone that causes numbness down my leg?
stiff neck?
Is there something wrong with my heart?
pain management doctors?
What causes pins and needles feeling over a large part of my body ?
What is the best thing to do when you get a muscle cramp?
ingrowing toenail?
met motorbike accident while going to office I was evading two jaywalkers suddenly criscrossing my path.?
I am a basketball palyer and I have knee pain.?
how long does it take for a torn muscle in your leg to heal?
What is the treatment of maculopapular?
how do you reduce hand/palm wetness?
How to cure leucoderma ( White Patches )?
any household remedies for 'corn'?
What is a good non rx way to keep eczema in check?
Why does the skin on my feet peel off?
Listing Names?
i am going away . out of the country and need a permission slip for my husband to have the boys treated.?
My eye glasses perscription??? RE+0.50-0.50*095 LE balance?
free cosmetic color contacts?
New sunglasses Hurt eyes..?
If an eye doctor (i.e optometrist) has vision problems himself/herself...?
I have read from different websites that pinhole glasses improve vision and some sites said pinholes cant?
Throat Problem At Night. What is Wrong with ME?
Why is mucus worse at night and how do you prevent choking on it?
black tar like thing coming after quitting smoking?
What structures help increase the absorption of food in the small intestine? How do they do this?
Is it really important the strenght of antibiotics?
why is it not a good idea to take medication for depression?
What does the movie The Scent of a Woman have to do with suicide or any other mental behaviors?
Anger Management required!!!?
Anyone have a good remedy for..?
Why do most people hate the sound of their own voice?
i have a boyfriend who is schizophrenic, is it possible that he may be causing my depression?
what is mercer blood infection, how is it contracted and how can it be prevented?
what are coldsores and why do people get them?
duct tape wart smell?
My Mom 42 . She is getng very dark back spot on face. spot gt darknd wen she exposed to sun. Any medication?
i am19.my cheeks are always red sometimes it gets worse.is it rosacea?
Eye trouble-white places under the skin on my eyelid it is getting larger and on both eyes now what is it?
im not sure of the spelling but what is syphacocalytis?
What is the optical difference between using contacts, using glasses and having laser eye surgury ?
What contact solution is best?
Illuminated, magnified page reader?
how do u know?
can,t find eye doctor whom can tell me what golden tears are?
whats the best home cold remedy?
survival rate for stage 2 colon cancer?
The breakdown of bone matrix: (see added details)?
What does THC stand for?
I have experienced a racing heart. It takes a long time for it to transition down to rest. This is new. ?
all about (thermometer)?
The qualities of a good nurse?
what is the best way to heal a bruise?
What's the best way to fight a cold?
What can cause adrenilin rushes if you are not stressed. It is happening very random.?
how much does an epi-lasik surgery cost?
What do you do about a stuffed up nose?
Best way to improve eye sight?
When you have a colonoscopy do they give you any medicine for pain or anxiety?
Does anyone know what works to treat psoriasis?
Will this armpit acne ever go away ?
I need help with a problem?
I got into a car accident a couple weeks ago and I got this serious deep scar on my nose,continuing...?
Can anybody tell me what this is? I think it's athlete's foot...?
Has anyone at 20-30 years old ever recovered of very severe atopic dermatitis / eczema?
Is there a pill you take before eating Carbs so it blocks your carb intake?
Help! I can't gain any weight!?
Have you ever witnessed physical abuse and not spoken up? and why?
My relative has a problem, and while she was talking she just choke?
When you stop taking vitamins can that cause your legs to itch?
Why does my new boyfriend's facial hair stubble irritate my skin so much? I broke out in red hives once.?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a pediatrician?
Does anyone here have Bell's Palsy? Need info?
what treatments work best for an autistic child?
HELP!!! Dad fell off a ladder?
my hand are always numb and weak why is that they have never been that way be4!?
Does it hurt more towards the end of healing for a broken bone?
What is the recovery time for ankle ligament surgery?
Has anyone ever had a bruised toe and what did you do for it?
Anyone else get the burning and fatigue between the shoulder blades from TOS?
what degrees are your glasses?
Closed-eye "vision"?
contact lens?
Upgrading to the transaction lens (once that change color in light)?
i'm wearing an acuvue oasys (prescription) can i also use the acuvue 2 colours?
Need answer now!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
do people still get darker even after a sunburn?
If the breast is small or big necessary to wear inner wear a bra ,or is there any way to protect from sliding
why do some WOMEN CAN'T HAVE KIDS??
Why r so many people thinking about surgery?
Contact trouble?
what is meaning of trustworthly in nursing?
i'm looking for a natural plant from thailand called either nomi are novi something i'm not sure ?
what to do about stomach gases?
How much potassium does cranberry juice contain?
For a female, what vitamin are you lacking if your hair is falling out?
does anyone know if a methadone pill 5 milligrams has a 5 & a etter A on it? please help?
Stomach ache... home treatments?
does anyone know of a good doctor in kentucky that will write pain medication for people that really need it?
What is the most effective treatment for depression and panic attacks?
is lumbosacral spondylosis a disability?
what is mononucleosis?
I've had a concussion yesterday. Is it something really bad? Any recomendations as to lifestyle/food???
i need the advice of a doctor?
Ultrasound found fluid around the kidney, what does that mean? or could mean?
my brother is a drug addict rehab or detox will not work he needs a bootcamp style program can you help me?
back exercises for a pinched sciatica?
How do I tell emotions through peoples eyes?
the cause of sleep deprivation,what is?
I need some serious help...?
Who knows about diabetes blood sugar moniors?
Is anyone that is on dialysis able to stop treatment without complications?
I want to know more on impotence due to diabetis?
diabetic food exchages?
How does cymbalta rate?
Blood Glucose Levels for Diabetics type 2?
Southern California desert dust borne bacteria causes inflammation and death need the name of bacteria/illness
how would oneknow if a pateint has a chest drain in situ?
I would like to know if, there is a cure for Sarcoidoisis!?
What can be done for food poisining?
Do you have to have a fever to be contagious, when you have a cold?
What type of cleaners will kill human pappaloma virus on surfaces?
Gastroenteritis - how do people catch this infection and how does one cure it?
Is red wine bad for those who have BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia)?
I want to get colored contacts for cosmetic purposes... Any idea how I can get them without paying a doctor..
eye help? =]?
does anyone know any good eye doctors around the cupertino/san jose area.?
Lasik surgury...I am looking at custom lasik from TLC for $4,200?
what is the best , and cheapest fruit and veggie wash for produce that isn't organic?
Do you recommend we go for IVF/PGD to make sure we have a baby boy? we can afford it..?
Do pharmacuetical companies make 1000mg Vicodin?
Ideas for improving eye vision?
What's the best way to treat Tendonitis?
How do I get rid of boils?
Granuloma Nanulare?
itchy skin on my elbows?
What is the strongest muscle in the body?
does a mouse have a rabbies?
Why do tags on shirt itch so much these days?
How do you get rid of the hiccups?
on a vitamin bottle what does "chelated" mean????
Is any treatment of rabid patient (bitten by rabid dog) having positive symptoms like hydrophobia, aero phobia
y do some kids get white spots on their skin?
do determentolgist take medical care?
my 5month old son is borking out with some kind of rash on his legs and arms only?
What is the com on cause of Stevens-Johnson syndrome all over the World?
is beer is good for skin?
Sweating...How can you control it?
will there be any side effects if i will use kajal while wearing lenses(only on special occasions )?
Help. Hard lenses to spectacles?
Which way is the right way for contact lenses?
could my contacts be causing my eye lid to droop down or is it just a lazy eye?
Can anything be done for a broken middle toe?
Are you experienced?
Can you feel the love tonight?
help my lill siss is sick she has i hi hi fever and she keeps talking in her sleep what should i do?
I went to go tanning today for the first time , should I go tanning tomorrow, or wait few days?
Is it bad to cut ur-self wen ur mad on perpose?
My breathing is not matching with the effort I'm doing?
Can anyone tell me if?
Did someone with asthma has an experience of moving from California to Maryland?
Why is it hard to breath through my nose? Allergies?
Mom has COPD & HYPERTHYROIDISM what she takes for COPD she can't take with hyperthyroidism.NEEDnatural remedy
Infected Finger Joint from Cat Scratch? Or just Bruising?
I have a weird tingling in my toes...?
Is it possible to pull a muscle without doing anything strenuous?
How practical is join replacement surgery(shoulder),for a 26 yr. old?
does any one know where a good site is to find -ankle tendonitis-?
Bell's Palsy?
what are some of the psychological dependencies of alcoholism?
What do you feel like when you have the brid flu?
I black out,talk "off the wall", stare, drop things and forget what I did. I was told it's seizures. WHAT KIND
How long will it take to recovery from ankle fusion surgery, and what is to be expected?
What are the signs of frequent Urination besides diabetes? I want to know what else causes it?
Why are guys jealous of my looks?
Natasha? Are you here?
What is the best way to deal with nightmares?
Why do people think suicide is selfish?
dealing with anger in drug and alchol recovery?
do you think i have a problem if my doctor proscribed prozak for me,i'm only 18?
whats your diagnoses.? , its ok if its a self diagnoses............?
What does it mean when you have flashbacks of things that didn't happen?
Pls advice?
Dark circles becoming darker?
What's the best remedy for hiding scars?
what do you do 4 a rash that on ur theighs?
is there a cure for excema?
Burning/itching scalp?
how do i help get the swelling down from a welt on my face quickly?
just one last thing?
whats the average cost of contacts?
Where can i find some eye contacts without a prescription ?
safe remedies for headaches?
why do I.........................?
Left side pain had one day with blood in the urine?
I get bad Charlie horses in my feet and toes...?
Lower Back Pain what can be done to help/fix?
Why does pain meds make me hyper?
If a hand, foot, arm or leg gets amputated, what should one do immediately?
Can I go in my hot tub with Poison Ivy?
why does putting an ice cube on a cold sore always make it go away?
What to take on your feet?
how will my skin look if i had to do a chemiacal peel?
how to get rid of hives?
does green tea have any medicnal purpose.?
I suffer from something I believe to be a shin splint according to the symtoms online what can i do ? help!!!
Does anyone else have sleep apnea?
I got three hickeys on my neck I am in the army and this is unacceptable how can I get rid of it?
Any supplements for person in AA after Cocaine alcohol and pot?
Can I get a Respiratory Disease if I sniff a bag of??
what is a herbal prevention for malaria?
How can I relieve these chest pains from pneumonia?
Is hookah really safer than cigarettes? If so, how much safer?
I am looking for a cold remedy product called soothe herbs?
can I repair enphysema by stopping smoking?
where can i find past-life therapy hypnosis in Bangkok?
I have laryngitis and always get it around this time of year what?
I smoked for 46 years and I quick for 6 months Now I'm smoking 3 to 4 cigs a night . Am I done for it ?
why are some people tender headed?
Should one on an empty stomach?
what is that smell?
health or wealth is more important?
long term effects?
What's your opinion on breast implants?
could any1 recommend something for psorisas ive just come down with the worst outbreak everywhere?
what are the benifits of vitamin E to our body?
HIV - confusion over early symptoms time frame?
Whats another name for herpes?
is it really true that it takes your body 3 hours to like rest down before you actually sleep?
i want someone to write my life like a soap opera because i don't know how to live?
How do I react to a person with manic episodes, what should I do?
Famous people with schizophrenia?
Question on MEDITATION?
what is diffrent between sterss and emotion pain?
How do cylindric lenses work?
i ordered lenses a week ago but...?
Why do my contact lenses feel sticky? (Acuvue advance)?
My contacts get dry in the middle of the day. Help!?
my friend just told she has scabies and I've been at her house, should i be treated for scabies also?
I was bitten by a tick and developed the "bull's-eye" rash. Is it definitely Lyme Disease ?
Had my gallbladder out...what are the side affects....Long and short term?????
about what?
Whats Is Spina Bifida?
Is it possible for animals to catch the HIV virus?
what is peritonitis?
i have a torn meniscus. how long am i out of sports?
What is the best way to stretch if your muscles are extremely tight?
Black toe nail?
whats wrong?
This is 4 all yall that answered my is it broken question....?
I had water on the knee two years ago and ever since then, I've had problems with my knee. What's up with this
my bruises?
What are the red spots on a seniors legs?
Over the counter ways to get rid of boils?
how to cure dark skin around lips n dark circles around eyes?
What is a septated cyst and is it cancerous?
I have oily skin.......?
please tell me why??????????/?
how much do u weigh and wuts ur height?
I want to lose weight!!! HOW!!!!!!!!?
It's time to get serious....?
Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs?
i need to lose a couple pounds before graduation night! HELP!!!?
how can i gain 15 pounds fast?
I want to gain weight to gain muscles mass! But what can i eat?
nobody are you there? I have 1 little question?
how many calories should I eat a day?
i need contacts...?
Is it really true that video games can lead to vison loss?
Blurry Swirly Spot?
What exactly are styes (in the eye)?
My eyes have become squinted ever since i started using spectacles about a month ago.What is the reason & cure
what is the best way to wake up early in the morning as in habbit?? coz alarm clock not working!!!?
Explain whats a jmping gene?
What does it mean when your tonsils are swollen?
How dangerous is black mold?
bruises that itch? help?
Is it true??
how about those red skins?
What makes it feel like needles going into my skin?
bleeding under the skin due to brusing, what medication to apply?
why does it itch in the folds of my arms and in back of my knees?
forgot to say that my skin is not dry?........Alice?
My mom has Insomnia && hasn't been getting sleep, what should she do?
Can you get back chicken pox after youve already had them?
what is axniety?
where do I find a list of licenced psychoanalists?
A friend who's thoughts get out of control?
Is there a link between manic depression and schizofrenia?
what is the true definition of a sociopath?
Is it possible to live a normal life when you've been molested as a child?
What's witht he shaking?
What are two STDS for which there is no treatment?
answer plz?
how do you stop your mom or dad thats a health freak buy sugary things?
What is the differece between prescribed contacts and cosmetic contact lens?
my horse has a nasal drainage frequently. it is white discharge. what could this be?
Could sleeping with a CPAP during a test in a sleep lab cause injury to a patient?
what is the deffrence btwn tuberclosis and penumonia? which one is more dangerous? is prolonged cough a siptom
Is smoking a stimulant or what ?
Is it possable i could have pnemonia??
i need to find support services for someone w/hepititis c , dose this exsist?
I have contracted the HSV2 virus within the last week.I read about Quickclear is it worth trying?
I caught pinworms from my kids at daycare. I keep getting reinfected. Pyrantel Pamoate doesn't work anymore.
my husband is suffering from CHIKUNGUNIYA. can we sleep on the same bed?
Any one know where i can get eye contacts for holoween?
Anyone recommend a very good experienced lasik eye surgeon in charlotte nc?
Anyone ever have a Nevis in their eye?
Does wearing old contacts cause dizziness?
How many hours of painting/drawing, reading, internet and tv, respectively, would be bad for your eyes?
Where can I get non-focal glasses?
i sweat when i'm not active and it stains my clothes, how can i reduce it?
what can i do to heal a coldscore fast?!?!?!?
my dog daisy and i were playing she scratched me on the arm looks like a blood blister how can i get rid of it
How do u get rid of Blackheads / Whiteheads?
What are the symptons of fusarium keratitis?
how do i find out information about a surgeon?
I have Scars???
how can you know supplements are not a scam?
How do you stop the pressure pain from airplanes when gum just makes it worse?
does any one know of any at home cures for yeast infection?
What kind of herbal/drug remedies can be used as studying aids?
Has anyone out there had artroscopic shoulder surgery ?
how do u control your nerves?
Is it possible to tear the ACL from a patellar dislocation?
Is it too cold to take an all over bath in the crick?
Which one do u think is the best aerobic excercise?
how long can a severed finger be stored in ice before it is reattached surgically?
foods to eat to gain more weight?
does the woman or man carry the twin gene?
how to stop severe facial bleeding?
what is the worst thing to do for broken knuckles?
I got a fat lip about 3 weeks ago, my fat lip is gone, but i have a lump the size of an eraser inside.whatisit
If skin is a barrier to most substances, then why do we get such a reaction to things such as poison ivy?
how to make a bandage?
only to those who take minocycline-or anyone who know about it?
Is it bad that Ive never used a conditioner in my life? I do have dry hair....?
I have red, dry , red rashes around the edges of my lips? Treatment?
reasons of getting corn on the foot?
Someone sprayed me with mace i think. i don't know what happened to my contacts..?
Is 3 months too soon for someone going for jogging and swimming after cataract surgery?
my eyes are really buggin me now...?
My left eye has shifted slightly to the left?
Nyquil commercial?
Is/Has anyone here ever suffered or is suffering from trigeminal neuralgia?
Can you diagnose this problem?
I was detoxing from 40mg methdone, i was sick so i put a 50 mg ftnyl patch on , legs r sore, is that from met
Patella Chondromalacia, Patella Femoral Syndrome, Arthritis, and Bursitis?
How to fix cracked heals-of your foot?
acne problem pls give advice?
Plantar's Warts?
My daughter has a very dry scalp, patches of oily looking scales.....?
Is vitamin e good for acne?
is there actually a PROVEN cure for bags under eyes???
please help?
How do you make your mind faster and sharper?
Why do some men from the African countries think it's OK not to use deodorant??
Why does my hair become more blonde in the summer?
what is causing dark circle s under and around my eyes plus the bags?
What can I do to get rid of tired eyes? I feel that,they are burning. I sleep for 7-8 hrs. Am a s/w pro.?
I REALLY NEED HELP!!!! This is really improtant!?
My finger nails keep chipping easily. How do I stop this?
i'm always yawning, even if don't feel like sleeping or tired. Is there something wrong with me, i'm worried
how can you get smoth clean face i dont have piples but i guet one or two ones in a wild please help?
I got a cold it dont stop any medicine to help me prevent colds?
What do you call the value in the upper end of the wind pipe or trachea that trap the air in the lungs?
what is hematocrit & platelet count?
what really IS a yawn?
What are the best shoes to exercise in for someone with flat feet(no arches)?
Best time to drink red bull for cardio training?
I joined a gym 2 months ago have lost 30lbs but am thinking of steroids any suggestions?
how many miles should I run while training for boxing?
What's the best way to lose weight quickly?
I have a slightly big belly. I don't want to do very strenuous exercices and want to know what to eat?
What's the best way to gain 10 pounds of muscle mass in regards to weight training, diet, and supplements?
What can I do to lose weight fast?
Does hydroxycut really work?
Blur vision after red eye and pain?
Eczema on lips? Is this what I have? Have you heard of this?
what is eusinasia?
how to increase my height?
what is the probability of transmitting HIV through a needle stick?
Which gym are you going to?
pain in left shoulder?
how to breathe the right way and other way to relax?
is there alternative to hip replacement for osteoarthritis?
How do i get rid of this headache?????
Knee Pain!!!?
squeezing in head?
I would like to set the date and time on my accu chek advantage meter,but I lost the manual.?
Prescribe medicine that are easily available for diabetic?
is there any where someone who has diabetes in Chicago can live under 500 a month?
where can I find low or no cost sharps disposal services?
wut r da symptoms @conitions of diabetes?
i got a boil and went to the doctor and he said i had something called staph infection.?
Company to do reaserch with medications for psoriases?
Whats the best way to get rid of redbugs?
how do stabilizers for aloe vera work?
how do i increase my weight?am just 43 kgs,5 2 in ches tall...i was never like this b 4...don't tell me to eat
Where can I get bur marigold herb for skin care?
How long does normal saline stay in the body?
does eggyolk help with acne?
I'm 59 years old, I wear contacts, (multi-focal) mostly to correct near sightness. Is lasik surgery for me?
outlandish do you know this group?
im 43 want to have surgery on my lazy eye . whats the cost and am i to old?
Ordering Prescription Eyeglasses online.?
Is it safe to read a monitor while wearing READING GLASSES?
Eye Blinking problem?
How delicate are eardrums, really?
strange feeling in my left hand?
What's your stance on the controversial fake blood substitute,Poly Heme?
what happens to the legs when they are amputated?
Can you get herpes by kissing someone who does without a cold sore?
What causes Nats ?
How many people have AIDS in the USA?
What kind of food no good for asthma?
Mobile Portable xray company?
Q about inhalers?
are there any renal causes of cough?
at the end of the bronchi tree, there are alveoli, right?
what causes hypercalcemia with hyperphosphatemia in the absence of renal failure?
how to get rid of dandruff on nose eyebrows neck and back of ears?
I'm really depressed and i don't kne why...?
I am looking for1001 words to say to boost a childs self-esteem?
Photographic Memories.?
I have very very very self-esteem?
does insurance cover visits with a psychiatrist?