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What kind of doctor should i see if i think I have Fibromialga?
will hep b kill u?
There is a new show on ABC called Miracleworkers.Can you help me find their email address?
what is the normal temperature of a 10 month old child?
can coulour blindness be cured?
what is good for allegies?
is there a stem cell cure for diabetes?
i have a gren and black pill with roche 10 on it what kind of pill is it?
Does Zicam Allergy Relief really work ?
can yoga help me in improving nerve tonic of tendons around ankle region that are weak due to spinal surgery?
wher do i get a cure for PCOS in maharashtra,India?
what are shingles? and are there any pictures of them that i can see?
I have been diagnosed with arthritis...and now the heels on my feet hurt! Is this part of arthritis??
Contracting Hepatitis B from kissing.?
what are the top 10 most communicable diseases according from the department of health?
What are the causes of Iron deficiency anemai?
Does a false positive EIA Test, negative western blot test and negative NAT multiplex mean I have HIV?
How do tou completley get rid of head lice in your home?
i have wicked bad heartburn i think?
why do people have doodoo stains in their underwear?
what does an "in service" mean in a medical office?
Why do people with liver damage turn yellow?
what is continuous mechianical ventilation/respiratory?
why are yawns contagious?
Do u believe in taking psychiatric medications? why or whynot?
Ant bite looking sores?
skin fungus pics?
What is the difference between a major operation (surgery) and a minor one?
Where can I find help financing a wheelchair?
How can I get rid of the need to sleep with a fan on at night?
why are chicken pox called chiken pox?
Partial loss of vision due to eye desease - CSR.. can it be fully cured?
Has anyone here had LASIK eye surgery?
How do styes occur?
Sacral dimple?
For all proactiv users!!!?
Small painful lump on right armpit?
anyone have a good chelation for too much iron I suffer hemochromatosis and I don't like leeches?
I'm looking for info on angioedema and any relief measures for the itching & redness of the hands and feet.
HIV/AIDS Research?
Should vegetarians eat animal crackers?
how contagious is HPV?
Has anyone heard of "buffalo ants"?
is it just allergy or what? my eyes feel dry, I get enough sleep but have hard time keeping my eyes open..?
What works faster and better and stays in your system longer....CREATINE or WHEY PROTEIN? HELP!!?
Does anyone know any activities that helps with muscular strength?
I am a 19 year old female who weights 133 pounds and Im 5 foot 2 I wear a size 7 is this overweight?
Please, list all of the junky food that i should not eat!?
When you lose weight, where does the fat go? How does it get out of the body?
Need help losing weight?
how many egg whites should a person eat per day/per meal?
What is the best weight lost system on the market ?
okay, let's try one more time! i'm 17 years old, 5'1 and just want to be a little taller. anyone know how?
burning of eyes.?
ok i was in a car weck and had a head injury i just need a little help?
Medical specialist for suing a pharmaceutical company?
I think my father has injured his Achilles tendons but he cant remember doing so, what else could it be???
what would make your leg senative to touch only in one spot of the leg?
Which of the following fractures occurs when a piece of bone is chipped or broken off?
I have a really bad cold and it's at the point where green mucus comes up every time I cough. What do I do?
Is there such a thing as a portable ventilator w/b-pap, that has automatic suction?
my sinuses are completely blocked, i used nasal spray for too long, how long will it take to recover?
How does one get rid of chronic hiccups?
Just getting over a cold,have been using saline in my nose. This morning both my ears are clogged, help.?
Regarding contact lens prescriptions!?
does anyone know where i can donate my unopened soft contact lenses?
heptic liver?
What can cause intermittent jaw pain?
Varapamil/ Cluster headaches?
I have had lower right quad pain for 5 days now?
how long does it take to know ur infected with hiv virus and what are the symptoms?
how to fix eyeglasses?
what do i do if my bruise has spots?
Should I go anerexic?
i am looking for the michael kors astor handbag in the small sactchel--black---do you know where i can find it
i think i am...?
What do you know about obesity in children?
Im getting little white very white spots on me?
I have large brown spots on my forearms from either the sun or medications. What can I use to fade them??
Can you get scabies from bedsheets?
can herpes simplex virus expose at site of femoral artery area on the skin?
do stridex pads work?
What are the good reason to force feed Anorexic individual?
I have severe pheripheral neuropathy. Has anyone found a cure other than pain pills?
green breast leakage could be a sign of what disese ?
fluorescent tube break and it is vaccuumed how long to ventilate?
Can anyone tell me sumthing worth hearing a/b schizophrenia?
is lithium?
Can you get a sore or scratchy throat when you have allergies?
is darvacet same as percacet?
looking for SARAH who is a GI NURSE, you answered my question about ACID REFLUX....?
why does my stomach hurt?
Why do I get ?
can a colonic help me loose weight?are they affordable?safe?
is there an operation as excretion of multiple sabasius cyst?
howlong does it take forr a person to get ring worms from sombody else?
Is it a birthmark?
ive used retin a micro n it peeled off my skin which left my skin pink..will my normal color return?
I am having aging spots on my hands caused by the sunburn i guess... how can i get rid of them?
Allergic reaction questions?
does vinegar help with chest congestion?
How do you treat jalapeno juice burns on your hands?
acute hospital?
Heard about using cabbage for inflammation. Does it really work?
what is fibromyalgia?
What is the difference between potassium chloride and potassium gluconate?
How to convert 15milligram to milliliter?
Can I use Restasis eye drops while wearing contacts?
Can you seezn with eyes opened?
How to resolve HIV/AIDS problem?
What is Thrush? I never heard of it.?
Which STDs and disease can you get if you get poked by a thumbtac? and what are the symptoms that might appear
mushrooms? (allergy)?
is it allergies?
where can I find very lite portable nebulizers?
How can I make a prayer page for my die-ing sister?
What is pus pockets in the lungs? My daughter has them. Can't find any info.?
What could Right Paramedistil shading on the lung be???
What are the unique features of these ventilators? Servo i, Draeger Evita XL, Puritan Bennett 840.?
what is the fastest way to fight a cold?
want some answers PLZ !!?
what is the ideal weight for 5 feet 8 inches?
I need to lose weight but cannot get motivated to excercise what can i do?
what work out can you do to make your chest huge? like really fast.?
how do i encourage myself to exercise daily?
what is an easy way to diet??
How far can u run without stopping?
What is the distance of a marathon?
How many calories do you have to burn to lose one pound?
Does anyone have a good way to lose weight fast and i have more then 30 lbs to lose?
What is the treatment for combat-related PTSD?
would ibuprofen give the same anti infamitory effect as diclofenac?
how much is it for the ingrown toenail surgery???
what can i do about getting cysts around my wrist? i think the are from lifting weights.?
I got hurt at work and they want me to do physical therapy on my lower back?
is it ok to return to school the next day following a retina surgery?
how do I clear my clogged pores?
how do you get rid of acne fast?
please someone help me immediately?
I just recently started going to the tanning bed...what's the best lotion to start out with?
Does shaving make your hair grow in thicker?
Am i depressed?
Why do I constantly bite my lip?
a skin graph question?
need help finding a dermatologyst and do not have a family doctor that I can trust for a referral. any advice?
How to get rid of my five-year old daughter's hemangioma on the neck which is about 1 cm long?
A natural cure for vitiligo - Maybe?
I have a Fungus on my left foot.?
do you suffer from dry flaky, sensitive scalp.what is the most effective treatmnt you have used.?
Have a small spot the size of a dime on my scrotum sac that itches and burns once or twice a month??
how do you cure the stomach virus?
how immune system is activated?
Does taking a shower then heading outdoors right after that increases your chances of getting a cold or flu?
what are the top 10 communicable diseases in the philippines?
Is histoplasmosis common in Illinois?
I hv already treated with CSR?
Eye problem?
I have horrible eyes and hard contacts are too difficult for me. My eyes are about a 20/90 and my brain hurt?
Can sleeping on your arm and waking with totally asleep be dangerous?
i am 5 mo. pregnant and have ct scan tomorow...what are risks to my baby at this stage?
ems question?
can i have advice please?
Does LIPITOR attack the muscles and brain?
can spondolysist cause you to have blackouts?
How do I stop my hemorrhoids from bleeding?
what is a fear of knives calld?
what is the name of a disease that make you like a dracula?
What standard process vitamins or other supplements should be takin with Prescribed thyroid meds?
i think i have hemeroids, do they really just go away, has anyone else had them? help!!!?
How do you get porphyric hemophilia?
what is hyalind membrane desease?
what is the remedy for puss in the ear,other than surgery?
Is There Such Thing As....?
Acne and Milk Allergy or Lactose Intolerance?
Can you help me I need to know all the facts about Lou Gehrics Disease 4 school?
what is the cause of having a polyps?
My friend has Herpes.........?
Can you get aids from fingering a girl?
chlamydia problems?
I have a mole (flat) on my face and my mom said it looks like it got darker...?
Is this true about head lice?
What's this new condition called Morgellon's disease? Chemical warfare? Genetic farming practices gone wrong?
how do u cure yourself of acne.?
Can someone explain why certain people get poison ivy and others can roll in it without a blister??
how do u get asthma?
i think i had a panic attack the other day,heartbeat went sky high.but my chest/abdomen is still uncomfortable
Violet colored toric contact lenses?
What is it called when someone has more than 1 eye colour?
do contacts help Lazy Eye?
what is used as pharmacutical fillers in pills?
Trouble hearing out of one ear after a cold?
Is it normal that I wet the bed (more than just a little tinkle) whenever I am sleeping at a friends house?
Concering "shin splints". Brief exp.?
what do I do to help treat an upset stomach?
what is best treatment for stasis eczema?
Is toenail fungus painful? are there any otc medicines or home remedies that anyone reccomends?
Skin Problems?
How do I treat a possible fungus (white spots) on my arms and legs?
Whats mange?
What if you can't stop cutting?
Took 8 or 10 hits on a joint, how long b4 i would pass a drug test?
yawns contagious?
my 1 year old has had chapped cheeks for a month what should i use?
Have you ever ordered meds off of the net??
Is there a relationship to how people scar and whether their tatoo is raised?
why do humans have toenails?
can I take aleve by mouth, even though i have on fentanyl pain patches?
i have a pill that P / 75 round light brown what is it.?
Just started taking 5HTD for binge eating disorder, how long before it starts to work?.?
women only with experience?
why u get swollen glands frequently. under the chin.?
catscracth disease caused by ???
Can you find me a non infectious disease web site please?
What are some lasting problems a survivor of Malaria might encounter?
where can I get a form for a hepatitis A vaccine?
I have a sister in-law that has "cress" does anyone know what that is?
lumps in hands and feet?
what does a brown recluse look like dead?
What causes swollen glands in the head and neck area with severe itching; also my nails have become flat?
can warts be black color?
What does Oxytetracycline do after (Help Part 3)?
What is the cause of people getting boils?
I have had a small lump on my left kidney for about ten years but within the last week it has grown and is now
Is the smell from a stinking public restroom harmful to health?
what can pass out ?
well I am a mother of the child aged 3 n I m afraid if she had eaten the tiny piece of fijsh with the bone?
does improper food digest cause allergic reactions?
puffy eyes?
Can I take Dramamine along with Cloratrimaton? Having vertigo from ears filling up so fast with fluid.?
i want to chat with kerala doctors ,bcoz iwant ask then is there any cure for stammering?
Can a 7mm ureter stone pass by drinking lot of water and fluids??
is Wagner's disease contagious >?
is it true that people with auto immune conditions have lower body temperatures?
what is the differences between AIDS and HIV +??
What is cholelithis? And what do you do for it?
I I have Endometriosis and pain you would not believe. I think some new and fun ways to ease the pain.?
Okay, I have had horrible neck pain.....?
migraine treatment?
What are some great exercises to strengthen my lower back and abs?
what causes a boil to come up on leg?
What are some good shoes for plantar fasciitis that are not athletic?
Please help! my abdomen is killing me!?
how long does a sprain ankle to get better?
a rolled muscle?
What year was orthoscopic surgery first done ???
what is the best home remedies for a herniated disks without surgery?
Why are the edges of my contact lenses suddenly becoming damaged?
Contacts, again >_<?
How long does it take for a contact trial???
what virus is the most destractive?
Can people find lots of friends on here?
Peeing on the toilet seat/walls. How can I stop?
if i got the crabs and dip in the hottub for an hour would they drown and die?
What is the best way to lose 50 pounds? I am currently doing cardio/toning 3X a week...?
how many minutes a day should a person work out on the Tony Little Gazell?
iam a 50 something woman with high blood pressure and i want to know how can i lose weight?
If you have low blood pressure, and stay well hydrated, is salt still bad for you? Why?
My husband has a mole on his side that is sticking out abd has turned a marron color?
Does anybody know what this is?
how do u get rid of ringworm?
why do i rub the back of my ear lobes and it smells moldy?
What are the symptoms of chicken pox?
Is Met Tathione a safe drug? What are its side effects?
My son is on predone(steroid) for wheezing. Will it affect him in future?
Is it okay?
I have pain in my left leg and foot with swelling and decresed movment what can it be?one dr says MS?
Looking for a good but fair cost hypnotherapist in Metro Phoenix area. Can anyone help?
has anyone here ever taken zyprexa?
wforhich doctors can i use for mental health?
What is the opinion of ECT?
Do you ever feel the best times of your life have passed ?
how do you relieve incredibly oily areas of skin?
does anyone know why I sometimes wake up with a singe weal (hive) on my arm? always in same spot.?
What are Steroids? What are the different types of steroids? Why do players/atheletes take them?
What are some bad effects of smoking a hooka (shisha)?How many people die from smoking hookas every year?
do you have to have noise to fall asleep or do you like it to be quit?
What are remedies for motion sickness or being seasick?
My blood work results came back, can you help explain?
Can anybody explain to me how Medical Insurance works, please?!?
I have a low immune system and I take vitamins but is there something else I could do also to boost it up?
How long does it take for a sunburn to stop itching?
Is it unsafe to stop your anti depressant?
I have a rash. Consist of 2lines on my side. They are 1/16 of an inch wide x 3 inches long. Super itchy. HELP?
What might be the cause of soreness and swelling of the bottom lip 6 days after a root canal??
What does an adult do when bitten by a scorpian?
What's the best thing to use if you have dark circles because of allergies and anemia?
little boy age 7 has an issue, is allergic to water breaks out in rah and can only clean with baby wipes.?
Seeing colored dots at night?
can helicobacter pylori causes hallucination and depression?
Mole/freckle on the white of my eye?
Why do people buy space pens if they are probably never going to need it?
any alternative treatment to help recovery from CSR?
Suggest some exercises or domestic methods to protect and sustain the eye sight?
which is a lighter colour of contact lens? is it sapphire blue or deep blue?
Russian eyes?
How long can chlamydia stay in your body without symptoms?
Is glycerin used in most hygene products e.g soap, shampoo derived from animals?
How do I stretch my earlobes?
How long does Alcohol stay in your system.?
How can you tell the difference if you sprained your finger or if you broke your finger?
i want to know where i can find like 1 page long health reports or even health articles... any suggestions???
what are the requirements for getting my barber license in virgina?
What body lotion is as good as Avon's Anew?
If you soaked acne in water until it got very waterlogged, wouldn't it come right off?
Finger & Forearm Pain?
is it normal to pee red?
define bipolar symptoms?
Princess Diana being Bulimic?
a medical report is positive what does it mean? the person is suffering with some disease, or is free from it?
What are some natural ways to get rid of a UTI?
Whats the best way to prevent snoring?
I take medication with a corticosteroid. Does the weight gain ever stop?
my girlfriend has chest pains?
Eyes burn, Breathing Difficulties, Excess Saliva, Ear Infection...?
what is the connection of diabetes mellitus type 2 to community acquired pneumonia?
need info on how long I will be out with ACL tear?
scratched myself in my sleep a week ago and it's still very red. How can I get it to heal?
what are the after effects of chocklets on bones ?
It has been 2 wks since I sprained my ankle bad. There is still some swelling w/little pain. Is this normal.?
Offered a settlement, but still in some pain?
Will coughing cause a cracked rib? If so, Home remedy needed?
nerves cause my shingles to flair up what i can do to help ease the pain they cause?
name of a rare skin disease?
theres a red spot on my hand thats hasnt gone away for the longest thime..?
Staph or pioson Ivy?
What could it be?
Why babies dont feel giddy when they stare at...u know those spinning things they hang on top of their cradle?
is there any natural alternative to solve the allergic reaction to pollen?
i have found a tree juice that may be effective against cancer, what can i do to do more research?
whats the average daily intake of vitamine C (miligrams) of an average american individual with a regular diet
How do I find other career options for a doctorate in chiropractic?
I have a bad cause of athletes fot and was wondering how do i get rid of it as it medicene (sorry for typos)?
What is the antagonist of Atropine?
How can you measure the amount of body fat precentage a person/you have?
Does Hot Yoga accelerate weight loss?
how many pounds per week will you lose if you go on an all fruit diet?
Do you think that by taking swimming lessons you would gain abs ?
Does anyone know anything about meningitis i need it for an essay and i dont know anythin about it please help
who would suggest laser surgery?
What is causing a pain in the chest and a headache, both on the left side of the body?
can it be helped?
What is the best overall cardio workout?
What kind of injury causes a sharp pain when my knee it touch, softly on the skin near the outside of te knee?
has anyone heard of this?
My co-workers and i are addicted to yahoo answers, is there some kind of AA Program for something like this?
how to loose weight within 1 week?
Anyone know of any home remedies for ear pain?
What's the most popular way of losing weight?
Is there anyway to "trick" my family into thinkin im sick?
Nose stuffy due to allergies? nose clears during running, physical activity, etc?
What home remedies can I use for allergies and fever?
Does avoiding walking under trees when one has tree pollen allergies help limit exposure?
allergic reaction?
does gay people have the tedency of getting aids?
Does acuvue make non-prescription color contacts?
what is flibitious?
Which is more affordable? Eye glasses or eye contacts?
Contact Troubles...?
What's wrong if my fingers and toes are red, sore, and leak a clear, sticky fluid?
what are these brown spots on my body called?
what would cause your skin to feel bruised when it is not with a slight discoloration?
My five year old has shingles.....what is this caused from?
Does your upper lip excret toxins, when you sweat?
Has anyone ever had severe itching on arms from taking Paxil?
Whats the difference between acne and sebaceous cysts. I have acne on my scalp. Any pointers?
If you had any kind of plastic surgery please share your experience:?
y does moon symbolize beauty?
Does anyone know of a movie in which there is a woman soaking her feet?
what is the fashion capital of the world?
why do people smell their top lip?
what is the best tooth veneer?
I accidently brushed my teeth with Preparation H. How do I get that awful taste out of my mouth?
My friend has been diagnosed with BOOP. What is it, and how is it treated?
my mother uses a c-pap machine every night and has coughing spells in the morning, could this be from the cpap
Where can I find a NORMAL chest x-ray?
Describe one piece of epidemiological evidence that would suggest a link between emphysema and smoking.?
does moking actually cause cancer?
Have anyone ever heard about virgin coconut oil? If so what are the benefits?
How to replace the lack of potassium in ur body in a natural way?
What is Yellow #5?
Is there any solution for dry n rough feet? for good!?
Why do doctors call what they do 'practice' ?
mercers disease?
Are there side from "Spinal Meningitis"?
How long does it take for viral and bacterial infections to be a cold or flu?
what is clostridium difficile?
how expensive is ciprofloxin?
Zinc and copper?
Are the Cavemen from the Geico commercial men with a rare dies ease or are they fakes in make-up?
I have tiny dark spots on my nose. How do I know if they are pores or blackheads?
Medical staff only please?
How do you get a wart removed quick and easy?
My immune system has turned against me. What can I take to modulate the immune system?
Skin peeling on finger tips and palms of hands?
IAny ideas what may have caused this?
Are there any health effects if you roll your eyes too much?
eye and hand cordination?
where can i find a chart or any charts, or diagrams on the progressive disability stages of multiple sclerosis
what is a hepaticojejunostomy/rouxen y loop with a bowel resection , and what is the prognosis?
i have fibromalgia and was looking for ways to treet the pain other than what the dr. advises please help?
What are the symptoms of adult jaundice?
An employee's weight loss?
I am looking for people who are presently taking lisinopril and the results and effects they may have.?
I have swelling in my mouth that wont go away it gets better then worse..what could this be?
Treatment for fracture of ulna?
well you see i got kicked out of school and im finally going back after two month so please help with wight?
I injured my knee twelve years ago. Why does it still hurt sometimes?
I just got my cast off, I need HELP!!?
clearing blood clot?
Can an STD test detect HPV, Herpes, Hpeatitus, and other infections? all from 1 test- using blood?
i live with HIV virus people afraid of me what should i do HELP!?
Anybody knows the effects of drug abuse on the skin?
list the female names that really make you cringe, either from bad childhood memories or just those ones you?
a question about some things said on yahoo! answers?
what is the difference between anxiety and depression?
Has anyone noticed excessive smegma (white stuff that collects under the foreskin) while taking lithium?
Nose started off burning inside, now it is swollen and running alot. Does this sound like sinus infection?
Cure for ringing in the ears?
Hayfever. My meds aren't working. What's the latest on the market?
What is a GREAT sinus medicine?
can there be any home remedy for pigmentation?suggest if any.?
how long does it take for marijuana to leave you body?
what is entailed in measuring patients body thickness for x-ray examination?
Is there a natural, safe sub for Warfarin?
what is the CPT code for Theraputic touch?
How help pineal gland make melatonin? Foods? Supplements? Body work? Avoid fluoride?
i m 29 yrs old and i weight 200 pounds i really want to loose weight faster can u help me with it?
how to lose much weight in few days whithout hard excercise?
how can i reduce the appearance of flabby arms?
what is best to eat for breakfast?
i just had a baby and 20 lbs over weight now i need to go on a diet but dont know how or which one, plz help!!
whats the best machine to use for burning calories?
crash diet?
How many people need health insurance but cant afford it?
Are blueberries good for your memory?
Does/can anorexia cause a bloated abdomen?
Any information on air purification; specifically the Air Oasis?
are house fans bad for asthma?
In your body, are tendons affected by nerves?
I have arthritis in my neck, how do you excercise a neck?
Does anyone know what works.....?
What symptoms is everyone getting with this horrible sickness going around lately???...?
I've had a very servere sore throat for the past four days-- help?!?
gillian,is it safe for your child to snorew like an adult?
what is steriods?
Has anyone suffered from 'Empty nose syndrome'?
how to do cardio exercise?
what are the consequences of using a pacifier?
is this serious ?
what are the health hazards of a falling ceiling?
what stretches are good for your back?
I excersized alot, and I am really sore, how can i get rid of it?
pulsating eyeball??
what is penicillian and how does it work?
im having bad chest pains?
tail bone hurts?
How come i am experiencing extreme head pains in the back of my head, after i attempt to do a push up?
How can I get my body to stop aching?
wat guyz lik krazy gurlz?
What u use to do when u need to get rid of stress???
How do you get super glue off plastic?
What is a good age to take a child off his/her bottle?
True or False?
quitting smoking?
can fleas transmit diseases to humans?
What's the best cure for dandruff?
when i have a incision even a small one on my body,it never heals and it makes a brown scar, treatment?
psoriasis treatments?
Aside from allergies, what may cause hands and feet itching SPECIALLY when I go to bed at night?
Does anyone know a good remedy for eczema?
Blurry Vision in One Eye?
how to have a clear sclera or the whites of the eyes?
is two different colored eyes om a person cool or creepy?
How many people think LASIK will be passed by a better eye system in 2009 or 2010?
My mom has little to no circulation in fer fingers.They turn totally white or purple and a sore will not heal?
I have a friend whos wound never healed after a year,what does it mean?
Is normal to sleep for 15 hours or more? and done more than once?
why is it that some fat people weight is far less than expected ?
from how many years hiv (aids) is in earth?
what is the best cure for lordosis and atheriosclerosis?
Sinus Problems.?
Do dogs get bitten by chiggers?
If Lime(from cement) is eating your skin, what can a person do to make it better?
I have amorphous thick calluses on the tops of both of my big toes. Am I the only one in the world with this?
What causes black marks on the skin ?
Dr Jorrizo dermatologist in wake forest nc?
My husband has just been diagnoised with Scleroderma, can anyone help me?
tendon pain on the palm side of hands?
depressed and angry...again?
principle of medical psychology and its properties?
what is the exact feeling when u get something what u craved for?
Is there a cure for Turkish bone leprosy?
is this expected?
I ran a 4-mile race, and hurt my foot. Any ideas? Located on left foot, side near bottom. Red spot..?
Workmans comp?
What research should I do before getting rhinoplasty/nose surgery?
What are the best things to do and to give for a 64years old with high blood pressure to make her happy?
dose salt cause high cholesterol?
Is it like a sure thing that this will happen to me too???
What are the names of the thyroid tests available? Thanks?
out of contact solution...?
My pink eye won't go away, why?
I found out today at the eye doctor that I have an inflamed cornea and irritated eye. I wear contact lenses?
Is it OK to take a nap with soft contacts in?
Grey spot on the eye white is it normal?
How do I get over the fear of putting colored contacts in?
Is there something over the counter you can take to offset the flu in the beginning stages?
Do you help?
What prescription drug should not be taken with grapefruit?
treatment of an-an?
hamangioma to 4month baby is surgery is possible between nose and mouth one side nose bone is growing big?
What's wrong with my daughter's fingernails?
a question about scleroderma?
adult respiratory distress syndrome?
Has anyone taken chantix to quit smoking and results.?
Does anyone know if incense smoke is toxic?
remedies for chest congestion for infants?
what is bronchitis?
why frequent urination after second bowel movement?
Where Can I get cheap pain medication? Without a prescription. I have back problesms.?
what are the symptoms of lock jaw?
Anyone tried Acupressure? Did this work for you?
How do I alleviate my gout pain using natural medicinal alternatives?
What's home remedy to get rid of cankers?
medicinal weed?
How do you fix sweaty palms? Its real... they are sweating just from typing.?
Tylenol 3?
I am going to have an Epidural Steroid Injection done for the first time . Will I be able to travel next day?
is there any benefit if you run indoors?
Can to much caffeine be bad for you?
anyone try trimspa and it worked for them? any bad side effects?
how can i loose 10 lbs in a week and a half?
Do you know how to lose 30 pounds in 1-2 months?
if a man has a gender tranceplant will he get EVERY girl part on his body?
ok so i want to eat a lil more healthy and lose some of my belly fat. I have a really hard time stayin...?
Any suggestions on losing 5 to 10 pounds within a week or two?
how many miles a day should i do on a stationary bike? I used to run, but I am now changing up the routine.?
Egg Drop Soup?
How much time does it take after beginning a workout regime for your muscles to not be sore after working out?
where could obese kids get support for losing weight?
What are some good yummy snacks for a high cholesterol person?
What is a great workout that help you build abs?
i am diabetic any one else here with diabetes got ideas for snacks instead of biscuits ?
I need cataract surgery in one eye and pressure possible glaucoma. Should I have cataracts removed first?
can you use duct tape to cure plantar wart?
eye twitching??
About lasik treatment, contact lens and implant lens (due to cataract surgery)?
what are the signs and symptoms of pink-eye?
where can I find krema de karacol?
Is it healthy to drink, in one sitting, 1.5 liters of water first thing in the morning everyday?
prednisone for crohn's disease?
I have foot problems due to a bad case of flat feet. Could my knee problems be because of that?
I found a weird lump in my lower back, but I don't have insurance to go see a doctor. What should I do?
whats the best way to detox from methadone?
What can you do for restless leg syndrome?
How do you know if your having a seizer?
How do I stop the pain of a red and sting and how long does it last?
Mole growth?
skin hardens?
Does heat do any good for shingles? It feels good. I woke up on Monday with severe stabbing pain in left templ
Accutane and Liver Damage?
CONSTANTLY dry eyes & I dont wear contacts. Its prolly a combination of cpu-use & not normal 8 hr sleep. TIPS?
My daughter has splotches on her back I think it is called tenia visacolor does anyone know what to put on it?
what are the different aids in easing the pain?
My eyes are a little yellow and I do soemtimes eat healthy foods but I want them really white what can I do??
Lazy eye??
Does anyone know of a brand of contacts that is out there for chronic dry eye.?
Do you know what is TBC (Tuberculosis)?
What can make you stop coughing and vomiting?
what does frothy sputum look like?
How do you get high on life?
Is a surgery needed for the following?
broken leg question?
What is the cause of a blood clot in the eye?
How do u treat a burst blood vessel?
planter facitis (heel pain) as doctor says from last six month. taken streoid injectin but still not well.?
i am interested in having acupuncture done to relieve back pain?
My throat hurts.....?
my neckk! .......?
What are good exercises to strengthen back muscles?
juvenile rheumatoid arthritis?
Question about the neck?
what is the way to prevent the thinning of ozone layer?
Do I have the Bubonic Plague?
oxygen dependent--dangers when losing cannula at night- while sleeping-any suggestions for prevention??
Are we being over-medicated by physicians in the medical community?
Anyone experiencing pain from arthritis?
my daughters has eczema , she wants a kitten, what type of kitten would be suitable or a pet that doesn't chad
Arbonne Question please help me??
will they leave with marks or scars???
How do u get rid of athlete's foot?
my lips are always so red and burning. What can i do to stop this thing?
Can stds be transmitted through smoking marijuana?
Where do some helpful bacteria live in the human body?
how can i maximise your height?
Can perfume "go bad" over time?
Can anybody explain to me what certain haircut words mean?
What should I avoid to have a good night's rest?
exercise for jawline?
fast cures for cold sores??? I was looking for natural ways to rebuild lung immunity....?
I need contacts, how much money do they cost?
i have -4.25 and -5.25 contacts, i would like to know what that is on the 20/20 scale?
Does anyone know where to get 'realistic' wolf eyes contacts? For Halloween.?
Does this pair of cheap aviator offer sufficient UV protection?
is 2 glass of milk a day is bad than secound hand smoke?
I know people can be allergic to cologne, and axe spray also. But what about the axe dry bars is that similar?
does anyone know what allergies are tested when blood is drawn for an allergy test!?
i hve some problem to i am depress some time what can i do?
How is it that one has psychological problems but seems intelligent and good function in her work place?
I have a boil and i messed with it now i have a hole, what do i do?
Where in South Carolina is there a good psoriasis hospital?
how to treat plantar faciitis?
does a strong positive SCL-70 test result mean I have scleroderma?
What's the best way to develop defined abs? Is it diet, specific exercise or something completely different?
how do i lose 4 kilos and tone up at home at no cost?
weight loss programs in maryland?
Lean Body?
Need some info!?
should i eat about 1000 calories a day to lose weight?
Can fasting help lose weight?
I need a manual or instructions on how to put a weider 9655 together.?
looking for joe weider home gym accessories for the Platnium600 home gym?
What can I do to get muscles in my arms quickly? What do I need to eat?
what are your experiances of acupunture?
Oral Dehydration?
Where is the home MD site or how do I get to it? It like a doctor that you can talk to on the computer.?
is the united states going to nuke iran?
i am taking agnus casta, Sonya isoflavens and menopause to help elevate menopausal symptoms?
Is there anyway to fade freckles, maybe something homeopathic?
i hv a sight problem. currently im using spectacles. i would like to know abt laser treatment?
if my eye color changes what shoul i put in my passport? Part II?
Eye problems and work?
What is a good brand of contact lens to use?
Is there a way to speed recovery from eye exam dilation?
My friend have cured from tuberculosis and want to work in UAE, Is this affects his employment?
how long does two puffs of marijuan smoke stay in your system for a nonsmoker?
I have severe COPD Fev1 27% and FEV1/FVC .54 yet I do not cough, just severe shortness of breath.?
what exactly does the fibrosis stage of 1-2/4 mean.?
I want to know which vaporizer is the best for a young child?
Why do I seem to breathe a little better after taking a shower?
what is appendicitis and can it kill you?
strange symptoms after breathing in fumes while sleeping from burned up a/c clutch on big rig, need any help.?
i have sudden attacks of severe pain anywhere on my head accompanied with dull ache in jaw,whats wrong with me
46 male.last 3 weeks I have fever 37-37.8 HR 95-105. Normal values in the morning get worse later on.Diag?
Has anybody ever heard this?
I shake uncontrollably when ever I am in a nervous situation. How do i control this, its embarrasing.?
What references should all eczema & psoriais pts read?
Can anyone please tell me how to cure scabies naturally ?
i went to Mexico cancun and me and a friend end with some burns we think it was an animal other people also?
I used a lipstick which i was allergic to and my lips now has dark patches. Please help me!?
Exzcema on 8 year old by mouth Help?
Spot on my arm that has itched for years. It comes and goes. Does anyone else have this?
Is vitiligo is curable??????????
Can someone in the medical field or who knows about vaccines please help!?
HIV Dating?
What are the symptoms of HIV and how long will it take to detect? Does HIV spread thru saliva.?
Does anybody know a guaranteed treatment to Vitiligo?
Some of my skin look like it is cracking but it not cracking it just lines?
I have just started taking Roaccutane how much alcohol can i drink?
Shingles treatement?
What is the difference between smallpox and chickenpox?
what causes a babys eyes to become all mattted and almost swelled shut?
why do i always have mouthsores?
Should organ donors and/or their families be paid?
what kind of pill is a N 547-300. I have lupas and take pain pills but I found this in my drawer & Im not sure
what would be the reason for a 5 lb. unexplained weight loss and not being able to tolerate cold suddenly?
I'm lookig for a drug store where I can buy LUTEIN manuf.by BIO-GEL?
How bad is blood pressure of 106/63?
How can you tell if you have osgood slaughter?
Does anybody know about Cortisone shots?
How do you deal with heel pain from bone spurs?
What to do about Ear Ache/Sinus Infection Pain?
Don't u feel the same? I spend my time reporting everybody abusers in here because my shyt don't stink and I'm
cause of cellulities? I'm in so much pain and taking my medication still feel miserable!?
Any idea what this is? I feel occasional pain in my eye and back of my upper neck.?
how long does it takes take to heal a sprang wrist??
what does an elevated level of 170H Progesterone mean in an infant?
How do I get help for my son (16) to quit smoking? He doesn't want to but has a health condition.?
how do i settle my stomach when i have a stomach virus?
What's the rule of teachers in Kindergarten Health ?
Do hair and fingernails continue growing after death?
I have VERY bad shin splints, can someone please tell me how to wrap them?
What are your experiences with Tavist-D?
The current pollution, creates more and new allergies/diseases?
Did clarinex work for you??
4 Year Old with Celiac disease?
help for anorexia?
How can you compensate for the lack of love of your parents? Is it truly possible?
I have bipolar disorder and when im on a {high} episode im almost anorexic when im {low} im overweight?
what should i do if i'm an alcoholic?
what am i going through?
Whoa...what's happening?
Why did americans attack Ugoslovia?
Scratch-resistant coating on my eyeglass lenses is wearing off and leaving a mess! How can I get the rest off?
can u play and xbox game on the xbox 360 live if the xbox 360 has live?
Would you recommend Laser Eye surgery?
Eye color changes?
Real or Fake Electric Sunglasses on ebay?
Is it true when a person is left handed they write their check mark backwards, which is the other way.?
any know why my back is burning?
I have pain under the bottom of my feet , near my toes what is it ?
im tired of the teasing at skool what do i do befor i hurt my self?
Have You Tried Botox, Laser Procedures, Fillers, or Other Cosmetic Procedures?
what was the name of the ugliest person you have ever met.?
what would happen if men took womans hormones pills?
what to do if my 8month old has a lympnode infection?
i have sweaty palms, how am i supposed to get rid of sweat in order to hold hands with my boyfriend?
Sprained ankle..?
Should I be concerned?
How do you know if the ACL/MCL is injured?
do you get some sorta disease when you bend your back when sitting?
i have a small cyst on my back before 5 years but it is growing it is not paining is there any problem?
How can you cure a fungal nail infection?
Stop intestinal gases, how?
what activities can you advise to a person that has one lung functioning?
Pertussis (Whooping cough)?
What exactly are the substances contained in shisha tobacco?
Can I get herpes from a dog licking me on the mouth?
how much does it cost to put your prescription in different eyeglasses?
'Breaking in period' for contact lenses?
Can you recommend a cheap contact lens that's of decent quality?
eye contact solution question!!!!?
why do i look so differet without glasses??
I'm facing knee surgery and I can't exercise. What can I do to control my weight besides watching my diet?
how do i prevent my scoliosis from getting worse?
I need to know what Hoffman or Huffman sign is. It is a neurology sign... to do with MS lesions?
what are the efecs on fibromyliga?
I have hyperthyroidism and is taking Ptu. Is a bitter after taste lasting for more than an hr normal?
Does anyone else have or have children with Neurofibromatosis type 1 aka NF1?
I am looking for the medical billing code for "watermelon stomach"?
a real non surgical cure for gall stones?
how do people lose weigh if there obese and keep it off?
how can i cure the hiccups?
I have itching spells every other week. When i do scratch it, it leaves welts on my skin. What is the problem.
What do I do if my left side hurts?
When is the best time to snack on protein shakes? Before or after food? On and empty stomache?
I have fat above my knees,which makes it look like i don't have any knees. How do i get rid of it?
Health question about food & exercise. Please Answer?!?
What are the proven tummy reducing exercises or videos?
What is the best way to lose belly flab? Besides just sit-ups or crunches?
What is the fastest way to loose wight?
can I order these tablets online?
If you've had LASIK done, is it worth the money?
I have a 10 year old with chronic stomach pains and constantly loses her voice anyone else have this happen?.?
what causes a hematoma?
Which is a better laxative? Castor Oil? Or Mineral Oil? Thanks?
who is eustachius?
Maybe Anxiety?
what's up with the storm in new york city?
What does cognitively impaired mean?
Is bi-polar disorder hereditary? If so is there some kind of mental evaluation available without the cost?
how do i move on?
What medication is used to permanently get rid of facial hair.?
Does anyone know why you can't get sodium cromoglycate in the US any more?
I'm from the Philippines and I have perennial allergic rhinitis.What is latest inexpnsiv available treatment?
Aspartame, mild depression, and muddled thinking?
Whats wrong with my head?
Is there a pressure point that can relieve heartburn? If so where is it?
What is Rheumatism or Athritis? What should i do to cure this? Which Doctor should i consult?
Why do we get like charle horses in our legs?
i have a ruptured achillies tendon,and my foot keeps changing colors , is this normal?
am i addicted to pain killers?
i have a backaich i take ativan 1mg 3x per day is it ok to take a percoset or flexirol with it?
How do I prevent tinea versicolor from returning?
What is this?
Why do get boils on my skin and what can i do to prevent them from coming back????
why do i get skin rash in the heat?
My face turns really red and hot mostly in front of people, but somtimes randomly.I'm not embaresed or shy????
I been takin accutane for a week and 4 days and?
Horrible skin rash, anyone had experience with this?
Is this normal?
has anyone evre had bedbugs? i heard they were back. what are the signs?
will i still b able to grow?
Does my hair grown when I get goosebumps?
Are yawns really contagious?
What time would be healfy for me to go to bed every night? And wake up every morning?
Ballet heels?
Whats your favorite perfume or Cologne?
How do I find out what base curve I need for my contacts?
Contacts lenses?
Blind people's pupils?
Tinted contact eye lenses?
eye floaters?
Why do our eyes feel dry when water gets into them?
what's the difference between a cool air humidifier and a warm air humidifier and who benefits from them?
whats considered a very good heart rate?
what shall i do?
I'm in a musical and I have a show in 3 days and I'm sick. What can I do so my voice recovers?
nursing home discharge of a resident?
Does treating a cold with cold medicine prolong it?
What causes athlete's foot?
What are the characteristics of Melanoma?
Vitiligo chats?
I'm starting remicade infusions for psoriasis. I'm nervous about how i will feel after.Is it worth it?
Sweaty palms?
what is the fastest way for my eyebags to disappear?
What is Hepatitis A and B .. is it necesary to get a vaccine to travel to Ecuador?
how many viruses, bacteria, illnesses, diseases..etc. can be spread in total through saliva?
What is the full form of the disease called SARS?
I've been taking a z-pack all week for a bacterial infection and now I can eat anything without getting sick
What is a staph infection and is it contagious?
(possibly) dislocated sholder?
how to eat good diet with Braces?
Are hickey's bad for you? I know that it is basically just a bruise, but are they unhealthy?
lowr back pain..?
Myopia Genetic?
Whats the difference between a blocked tear duct and a sty?
HELP! please...?
i need a eye doctor that takes medicaid?
Can somebody help me? my lips are burning?
Do they makecontact lens that block out light for a degenerative optic nerve disorder?
I have tonsillitis. What i have to do?
what is tennis elbow, what causes it (other than playing tennis) and what is the cure?
Is poor blood circulation a side effect of cerebral palsy?
what is the best management of depression?
does anyone with ms have problems with extreme neck pain that hurts really bad when you try to move your head
sinus pressure?
Does anyone else have a sweating problem?
is a black spider with a yellow dot and thick like a trantula poisinous?
what would happen if excess blood is injected into body during transfusion?
anybody here knows about HEMOFER?
If a person has "heart blockages" -is THERE any way to get rid of them --other than Stents etc?
how long should you wait between taking alleve and advill?
Can Yoga be performed anytime during the day. Advise ideal time and procedure to perform Yoga.Benefits.?
Why is my toe nail peeling?
who wants to know how to cure bad eyesight ???
Where can i buy Valium?
why cant you inject or snort Cymbalta?
Does anyone else here feel that......?
How do I develop my self-confidence?
how can i get rid of psoriasis?
My daughter may have Syphillis...is a regime of Levaquin (750 mg), for 5 days as effective as...?
can u catch chlamidia without the man acctually ejaculating inside u and is it harder to catch if he doesnt?
if u had chickpox as a child, does that mean u have some type of herpes?
Where is a good place to buy eyeglasses on line.?
what is the cost of breast augmentation with dr robert rey ?
Is there any insurance that covers Invitro Fertilization?
is their any natural way to improve complexion?
What is so wrong about chewing on your fingernails?
How do you tackle backache?
Does your poo come out in one solid log or nuggets?
how could i reduce my weight?
where are weight loss ctrs in louisville,ky?
What to do when addicted to Oreo?
Where can I buy ballerina diet tea for under $2 dolars a box?
Are there fat camps for adults?
Does anyone know anything about hoodia? It is supposed to aid in weight loss.?
alright i need a workout for biceps that doesn't use a weight machine?
Eye question....?
what's the name of the condition known as surfer eye?
where can i get drew carey eyeglasses?
i see streaks of light when i wear my contact lenses?
suspected cause for influenza?
well my sister is having sympthoms similar to leukimia and i just want to know is there any cure for it?
Does anyone know anything about Marfan Syndrome?
what is the best cough meds to give a 3 yr old?
i'm getting nasal sinus surgery and i need to go in for a medical evaulation. Will they look for THC? help plz
Are peak flow meters always an accurate indication of an asthma attack?
what is a long acting medication for shortness of breath?
What is pulmonary stasis?(give a website, if u can)?
Does Latent TB ever go away?
I put my medicated chapstick through the washing machine- is it still ok? did it lose its potency?
What is the best way to fade away acne scars?
my friend has red and purple bloches on her body and has been vomiting heaps and has gone really skinny?
what to do about cystic ance?
A couple of times I have woken up during the night and my whole body is red like a bad sunburn.?
That Do you think about Chiropractic for the optimal health of our spino/neural system?
Given the current global intellect on medicine should marijuana be legalized?
when standing normally most of you weight is transmitted to the ground by what?
is it good for a dog to lick a sore to help premote feeling faster?
What can I take to counter the effect of being allergic to Benadryl?
Whats a quick fix to stop pain with an Ear Ache?
you guys happen to know any gain weight supplements that really works?
Why do Asians tend to be lactose intolerant?
what is better?
I have diabetes and am 14 years old.Any tips on how to better manage my blood levels?
How can you tell if you have strep throat or not?
What medicine is best for my 8 month old with a cough and runny nose?
What is the deal with the old tv shows and movies always talking about a sodium bicarb??
Can someone tell me about this medication ...what is hydromorphone . It has been in medicine cabinet?
Sharp lower back pain?
help my sprained ankle?
What should I do about my wound that has not healed?
What to do with a swollen leg?
Can sneezing give you a concussion?
about my eyesight?
I am a new contact wearer and I realized I am starting to get a bubble on my eye.?
HELP. i just took out my contacts...?
What is wrong with me?
Is it bad to sleep with your eye lids up?
Why is my right ear ringing so much?
what causes a hamster to have an inflamed sinus cavity?
What ingredient in dog food causes more problems for a lot of dogs?
Anyone heard about a connection between flu shot reactions and allergies to nail polish?
my friend wants to know where u grow hair?
Rash on eye lids, eye bags and around my lips?
What Happend if you dont sleep?
tell me about your bi polar experience?
has anyone just had one of those days when you say F$$K them all I cant take it anymore?
so i found a new way to help get rid of acne?
What do you think of your life?
Do the General Public Think People With Bi-Polar are Crazy?
What do you know about Reiki?
anyone here ever been on or addicted to lorazapan?
Constant Itching?
Even the skin continuously producing new cells,why don't wrinkles disappear?
Is body lice common in a dormitory setting?
how long does it take for anal warts to resolve in their own if left untreated?
My friend works at a hospital and....?
Question about HPV...?
Why would my hands swell right under my thumbs when I do a specific motion with my hands?It's painful!?
What is better for long term pain combined with an addiction to vicadin? Suboxone or methodone?
How can I daid without pain?
my left arm has been tingling for about 3 weeks--any ideas?
My back hurts and my doctor can't figure out why. What do I do now?
I just got braces and they hurt wicked bad..any advice on what to do??
What medical treatments will you look back at years later and laugh at?
what are some good stores where I can find some quality men's clothes?
What is your most embarrasing potty experience?
why does you eyes close when you sneeze?
up for round two???? lol?
Is it safe to have Laser Hair Removal treatments?
my left arm has been itching for two week and now i'm getting little sores?
What is the best home remedy for poison ivy? I am pregnant, so there is a lot I can't take - medicine wise.
Hardining and darkening of skin on one hand?
what are the side effects if I breathe in smooth resin fumes?
how is steroids treated in hospitals?
Is the Valley Eye and Laser Center open on Sundays? Is the glasses store right next to it open too?
At the contact lense teach, do they give you a mirror?, to help you put the lenses in?
Contact lenses reaction....?
Is there much less caffein in tea than in coffee?
wha products containing ephredra are sold in north carolina . what stores in the rtp area?
Anyone taken Hydroxycut 24? How did it work for you?
Does yoga work for weight loss?
Are mini thins dangerous?
What is the best excercise for loosing weight in your upper thighs?
Which is better frozen or can veggies?
how much shoul weight a teen of 13-years old?
What is the easiest diet to be on ?
Can someone sue an ice skating rink for breaking their ankle? What if the ice skates were faulty?
What is antihormone?
What's the best remedy for a sore throat?
sometimes i found my heart beat 185 per min. what is it? and what i suppose to do?
why do i get hiccups?
I am looking for disposable filters for slim cigarettes?
Why have I randomly developed an animal allergy?
How can I find out if I am allergic to something? (please read)?
Does stress cause you to have life threatening allergies or even anemia?
How often should you use a neti pot to help get rid of a sinus infection?
what are carbuncles?
Does anyone know how to treat a toe nail infections without lamisil?
my mixed daugther has VERY VERY VERY FLAKY,DRY SCALP?
Dermatology question..Vitiligo?
how long do hives last and how will I know it is getting better?
dont know what this rash is. can anyone help?
Men and HPV?
To "oh its Me"?
i sprang my ankle?
What do u suggest?
scratched eye irritation?
What to do when lead gets into skin?
Will it scar on face? Do different ppl scar more easily?
6 weeks after careract surgery I just ended taking the drops. I find that my eye feels tender and?
New Contacts?
In need of individual dental/eye insurance plan?
concerning cataract....?
My Eye is looking really weird...?
how to get rid of a stye quick?
any home remidies for getting bud out of your system?
Are there really pressure points on a persons body that have different effects, and where are they?
I have a big problem.. Cannot hear well. Do you know how i can naturally enhance my hearing?
Do you know any home treatment to minimize production of my whiteheads?
What is the most effective cough syrup right now?
Can you leave scratch marks on peoples eye ball?
Where can I find a place on the web to look up a pill?
hip joint pain after baby delivery?
I have pain from the ball of my foot up into my knee, it is getting worse, what could it be?
Medical term for slow breathing rate?
medicine to give to 4 year old for cough/congestion?
what is E.coli infecting spinach?
Can a person with hepatitis B virus go abroad for work?
does the bubonic plague still exists?
Is there any way to get rid of chicken pox scars?
Have you ever heard of a chemical called beetlejuice? Used for warts?
What can it be...??
I have a round thing on my lip.?
Seborrhea? What are the causes, cures?
A question about hemangiomas?
what is the reason for ankle pain specialy during walking age after 40 and its medical aproach and cure?
what is spondylytis?
I Take 0.75 mg of Xanax daily, can u plz tell me whatis the exact witrawal dose to take?