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would you use topical steroids on a 7 month old?
was aosept discontinued?
How will I get employed overseas?
What makes you burp after eating?
what do you do with shoes that have no marks on their soles?
What is the best way to explain metabolism in human?
any medicines you know that can make me taller?? i am ONLY 5 ft tall. i am 21?
I recently got Anti-Glare and Anti-SCRATH ON MY GLASSES (pREC. 3.50 3.25 hOW WILL THIS AFFECT MY EYES?
how much does an eye exam cost?
Why does everything turn blue?
hey can u guys help me?
Sinusitis question?
What's the easiest way to put on contacts?
what is the fastest way to get rid of an upper respiratory infection?
Has anyone else ever had one of their eyes disattached?
i have gained about 40 pounds but all of a sudden i am having shortness of breath could it be asthma?
sepsis on blood?
What are symptoms of being prediabetic?
what is the incidence of bilateral central retinal vein occlusion?
Is pepsi harmless?
what is the name of the machine that uses a belt around your waist and vibrates .?
I love red onions, what is the best way to get rid of the bad breath?
How effective is a LASIK (or similar) eye surgery?
what is stress?
Follow up.Momis 6 mo.off & on in NGT feedingI suspect this isdue2her nonsmallcell cancerWhen canshe eat normal
Is www.outletdrug.com the best place to get prescriptions?
how healthy is honey?
Ring worm in pets?
why I feel very itchy during the allergy seasoon??
does anyone else here hav eczema???
i have a problem in my lips it is so dry and some times maybe once a month i get scars and it hurts?
what causes birth marks?
Is there any home remedy that are know to cure Psoriasis?Sorry if I spelled it wrong..?
How does Cefazolin work?
how long can the hepc virus live out side the 'host?
i heard that antibody ususally appear in blood about 3 weeks 95% is that true ? this is for a friend?
is stomachach and very light bleeding common with UTI?
Coffee milk makes my stomache hurt?
why does this happen?
Itchy Ear?
why do people close eyes when talking instead of looking you in the eye?
Severe Cornea injury?
I jammed my finger about 3 months ago....?
What can I do to help my elbow bursitis heal?
Can you crush Oxycodone (not OxyCotin) pills?
Can your gallblader erupt or burst?
Lower Back Pain - Sudden onset?
When u have tendionitis in your left shoulder can it hurt in ur upper chest area when u bend ur arm?
Can yoga help straighten my pelvis?
Best way to soothe back pain?
How HIV injected to human body? Is it sweat can injected that vires?
what is the total number of deaths caused by AIDS ?
Has any one out there been cured of herpes 2? I found a website that claims that it does Is this for real?
Can a man with AIDS have a child w/o it?
I have Celiac Disease and I want to know what are some good microwave foods that dont taste like garbage? thx?
retinis pigmentosa(RP).....is it true that.......?
What are AR Lenses??
is it possible to get a pit bull see and eye dog if so does any 1 know how?
How to get Reading Glass Rx from Bifocal Rx?
what's the best reading glasses for contact lens wearer?
i become too nervous in the airplane, I have a long trip coming any advise on how to overcome my fear?
where are the facet joints in the body?
What medicine should I be on for hypothyroidism?
What is the relationship between Mad Cow Disease and Alzheimer’s?
what is gray matter disease?
my 4 yeas girl has vertigo she only say i have vertigo and her EEG is normal what can i do?
What product(s) can you use on your skin to use a tanning bed upon getting a tattoo?
how do you get rid of static?
pku food ideas for 2 yr old?
what is lotrimin?
Hairy Problem!!!!!!?
does anyone know how to reduce the redness in keratosis pilaris?
Why does my skin itch/burn sometimes when it gets wet? (especially after showering or sweating)?
botox injections for excessive underarm sweat?
do cold sore make herpes if you drink after that person that has one?
Argggh! This itch is maddening!?
what is purpura?
When your foot gets numb, why does it hurt as its gaining back feeling?
what do you call the airborne disease that passes around hospitals?
My husband was precsribed Spiriva today.?
how long dose it take the effect of the smoking to go from the day you quit???
What is the Etiologic agent , mode of transmission, source of infection, period of Communicable of emphysema?
x-rays and cat scans?
Has anyone ever heard of EAR STAPLING????? If so, how were your results with it??
Is there anything that can be done about tendonitis(in the hip area), other than going to the doc?
i have been having back pain 4 almost 4 years very painful but cant find the causes what can i do?
What is the difference between speed and crystal meth?
What's the main ingredient in Efforex XR?
I want to quit smoking pot, what is the best way to detoxify?
Does anyone know of a natural fertility method?
A cold or allergies??
Just took one Allegra 180mg for the first time. Tongue feels like it is burning! What can cause this?
does pet dander go away or die after some period of time?
What is a good way to keep allergies down this time of year?
What are the symptoms of tarsal tunnel syndrome and how is it treated?
Pain in my left side and upper abdomen?
why are contact lenses so cheap on internet ?
What happens if you drop a pen in your eyes?
Is that a scratch in my contacts?
Do wearing eyeglasses affect/worsen your eye sight later on?
Meaning of Grade 1 Left Ventricular impairment?
Feeling a Pain in Neck When Swallowing?
what is ekg(ecg) what kind information we can get from it??
What are the common threads for dietary recommendations for heart disease, cancer and diabetes?
Thyroid Disease and Tachycardia..........?
Why does it seem when older folks fall and break a hip after the fall they are never the same mentally?
Y cant i sue mentally health people? when they abused their rights, how can we stop or prevent them fr hurtin?
what are the best acne prevention?medication?
how could i prevent my face from getting all oily in a natural way.if i take a bath and wash my face,by an hou
Antioxidants are good in preventing ACNE... Coffee and Red wine are anrioxidants... will it prevent ACNE?
can you use wart remover on skin tags?
aloe vera for acne. how can I use it?
do acid in the blood have anything to do with septicemia?
should i ice or heat my ankle?
Should I get a second oppinion?
What can I do to correct a severe neck pain?
What can I do to cure a blood clot on my toe?
NordicTrack CX 938 Elliptical - Any Opinions?
I am 5'4 and 125....Fat or not?
How can I reduce the size of my breasts?
Does anyone have billy blanks bootcamp? It says to add the cardio section in, but what dvd is that on?
diet pills....?
im a male, weighs 86 kg, and my height is 173 cm, i want to reduce atlest another 10kg, pls guide me, my diet?
What must I do to grow tall? Does eating medical enhancing herbs/tablets help??
How does alcohol produce dyspnea to asthmatic patients?
Are you bothered by smoke or snoring?
what is this. constand coughing for a week worse at night some wheezing sneezing and little pains in chest?
When will my lungs clear?
I have phenmonia?
Every summer!?
what other tests can be administered to know if i have tb?
wat is the best way to treat dandruff?and acne??
Red color on my arms?
stanly creme?
does any one know if there are certian foods you can eat to make yourself more fertile? 4 men and women please
I have hypothyroidsm and i havnt been taken my synthroid medicine what do you think will happen to me?
Is it possible to pass a drug test at 12 PM tomorrow if the person was exposed to marijuana at 12 PM today?
I am having a really hard time!!!!?
Is it dangerous for young teenagers to drink coffee?
What is the role of the nurse in working with people with learning disabilties in the community with peg/pej .
i have a kanker sore on the inside of my lip, and it rubs against my gum when i talk or eat?
If you are cold, do you tend to urinate more?
where can I find Jovan musk powder?
What is the South Beach Diet???
It wont stop itching?
What is the best way to get rid of a runny nose?
How do you use an Epi Pen?
Nose Problems?!?
Is there a way to get rid of a stomach ache while at work if you don't have any kind of meds with you?
foot problem?
i have this hip pain when i walk alot or run, how can i stop this?
When i breathe hard it sort of hurts not much but a little whats wrong?
is there any medical solution to persistent backache in a teenager?
What does it mean when you have the flu, blow your nose and all you get is blood?
health insurance after a heart stint?
is ther any asbestos in cement?
Serious question: How can pharmacists play a more active role in helping patients mange their health?
is there information on drug abuse linked to multiple sclerosis, or other nuerologicol disorders?
What over the counter pill can I take when I really need to sleep within 1 hour.?
Is Bronchitis "catching"? Can you give it to someone else?
who do i need to see?
can sub-cu stitches that don't dissolve cause an allergic reaction like hives?
what are the good kind of anal fissures?
What is that when the nerves attacks to shock me on my back near neck continuely?
where can i look up swelling & leaking sores. know anything?
What is a canker sore? Is it herpes simplex?
are there any other reasons for facial weight loss and weight loss in the forarms besides hiv and aids?
how long will someine live if they have anal cancer?
Cancer Statistics?
Facial Flushing, nodule on thyroid, what is wrong with me?
hey guys i am a lady aging 27 years old in love with a 40 years old optometrist.?
I was diagnoses as agorphobic, what can I take that does not coz weight gain? I now take paxil.gained 50lbs...
Tina,how you can deal with your mother?
why dont i get results afterhaving studied so hard?
i'm on efexor and to tell u the truth it's working great 4 me but the problem is i can't cry at all WHY?
Why is it when we talk to God we are praying, but when God talks to us we are put into the loony bin?
how to lower the systolic part of high blood pressure?
What is the criteria for having low blood pressure?
Question on normal blood pressure and pulse?
Has anyone else noticed that upon awakening from an afternoon nap your heart rate rises alot when your stand?
mode of action of sudafed?
important question?
does a chemical in asthma inhalers make you lose weight?
Spitting up blood?
can taking acidophilis while on strong antibiotics make a person more ill?
I just finished taking my AIMS test, and figured out i passed two out of the three. but I'm TIRED!?
Looking to find out what a diagnosis of Rhabinolysis could be.?
Has any had an irine test for lortab and it came back negitive when it sould had been positive?
could someone pls help me?
I asked this already, but I might get more answers here, What's wrong with my knee??
Why couldn't I move my neck, I randomly woke up and couldn't move my neck one morning. What's it called?
anyone know about this?
how are bogeys in the nose formed?
What does this sound like to you?
What is the best tasting gluten free bread?
how can i help my allergies with out taking medicine...?
Hay fever help...?
How do I relieve swelling of my legs and ankles? I am not pregnant.?
"do chiropractors visit chiropractors?"?
Is there any vegetable or fruit substitute for viagra?
How can I get him to stop?
What does FL on a pill mean?
What is a Tibetan mashroom?
How do I find out my contacts prescription from over a year ago?
What are the disease caused by pollution?
Can someone who has had hepititis infect others?
Why does blood pressure bottom out with sepsis?
what is yersinia?
Bone spurs cervical spine?
L4/L5 bulging disc?
My earlobe is suffering !!!!?
Any ideas about wrist/hand injury?
Worried about my shoulder?
what's placebo patients?
Are there any good ways to sleep better?
Does listening to headphones/ipods make you deaf?
Where can I buy Pariffin Wax in the Budd Lake section of Morris County?
what is a opeisiotamoy?
what are the required vaccinations for today's babies?
what is the best drug for loosinig weight.?
Where online can I find a printable food diary that is free?
Tai Chi vs Yoga?
What do you think a truly healthy lifetime diet is?
How long does it take to lose weight?
What's the longest distance you ever walked on a SINGLE DAY?
Should I exercise when I'm sick?
my ankle is burning in pain for the past 2 weeks??
How do I lose weight quick with my busy schedule?
Is it really true that 80% of people by age 50 have or had hpv?
Does anyone have Bipolar Mania how do you feel with it?
can you alter a medical super bill by adding dx after the patient leaves to support paymeny of labs ordered?
What does it mean when a tip of a fingernail turns downward?
what are natural ways to rid of mosquitoes, cause the insecticides are killing me?
can you contact hepatitis a, b , or c from air contact?
Is it normal for a third grader to be 5'1?
My son (12) needs spinal fusion surgery. I live in Philly. Dupont or CHOP? How bad is it?
Are perscription glasses and contacts tax free on tax free weekend?
Hand Ezcema?
What is the average cost to have a mole removed?
What do you do to bring out a carbuncle?
I was awaken by two very itchy spots on my skin - what's going on?
skin rupture on the exact same spot on both toes?
has anyone here ever had sun poisoning? What are the symptoms and what does it feel like?
Skin allergy, Allergen could not be found till now?
Allergies and eyes!?
My spurm drips how can I stop it?
what is the mode of transmission for primary complex?
how do i clear a post nasal drip?
Why eyes are become red when i wear contact for the first time??
What do eye exams cost?
need a good search engine for medical questions.?
Conspiracy Theory? AIDs Caused By Meds?
I have been having large (hemolyzed) blood in my urine for at least2-3 months. I was prescribed Cipro and the
I know that chlamydia is an std but what i am unsure about is what causes it. Can it come from not washing?
splotchy skin?
how can i erase marks of chickenpox?
Doctor prescribed cefadroxil Droxyl - 500 for acne infection. Will it be ok?
any home remedies for scabies?
what is the best treatment for chigger bites?
Natural treatment for Exzema?
my little girl has a rash on her tummy,she said when she touched it I hurt?
How come every time I pick my nose it gets full again in a couple of minutes?
can you give me a list of brands and products not tested on animals?
What is a really great deodorant, that WORKS?
Improving longsightedness?
Acuvue 2 help?
Any ideas on what's wrond with my ribs/shoulder? I have done nothing unusuall, physically, lately,?
Pulled groin or hernia?
need help quick. knee pain?
knees hurt after stairs... any ideas?
Has anyone out there,find their health at risk from the use of ZELNORM, I have used it for almost 5 yrs. scare
Dying from heartbreak?
What symptoms are you supposed to have with a torn meniscus?
how does 1 prevent his hands from sweating?
Why is it that when I'm out in a group I'm the only one bitten by mosquitoes?
Mederma n Scars?
antimicrobial effects of detergents on bacteria and fungi that cause skin infections.?
I have problems with getting a silicon pad for my prosthesis in Malaysia. This is causing my stump problems.?
anyone have secret ways of curing poison oak fast!!?
Would Weights Watchers help someone to learn to eat healthy?
What kind of disorder does this sound like?
does anyone know the web site that Montel williams promotes on help with $ for medications?
How can burning asbestos affect someone who breathed the smoke for about 5 minutes?
At what Age would you like to live (healthy) to?
how do i naterally grow taller for free?
What do you know about xenical tablets? Are they gonno work for loosing weight?
is there an easy way to stick to a diet?
What is the best diet pills on the market?
Is Splenda bad for you?
What would autistic parents teach an autistic child?
what can i do when i'll become so fatty....im 19 years old?
Flat abs...any one acheived this after being overweight?? How?
What's the best exercise for getting ripped abs? Crunches???
why did they change the old food pyramid?
disease asthma?
what's Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilico?
What is an asthma attack?
I currently take singulair and hista-vent. Can I also take benedril?
Allergy Relief from Vicodin?
can doctor discover sinus digestion/inection without doing CT scan ?
is it true that i shouldn't eat dairy when i have a cold?
How can I prevent ear infections in my infant?
I have a skin problem that I need help with?
I have these small "black heads" on my arms, then they turn into a bloody gash which scar. What are these?
How Long does cellulituis last?
i have this red rash aroud my nose and on my chin? what could it be? i wash my face regularly.?
What is the solid substance that is at the core of a boil?
do they put u 2 sleep 4 lasik eye surgery?
What % of people who get AIDS are democrats?
hv a family members that has AIDS, and is still sleeping with people and not telling them about it what sould?
Is it OK to go for STD testing when you have a cold (ie. on medication/antibiotics)?
Would anyone go out with someon that had Herpes?
The most effective homeopathic cure for skin warts?
how do you get grease out of the cracks and nails in your hands??
What is the problem with my feet? They are severly dry and craked and itchy scaly Anyting i can use to help?
Why are vitamins required in such small doses compared to other nutrients?
girls body question?
haircolor mistake?
what would cause a lump on an eardrum?
i had a surgery that went bad now my hospital records cannot be found?
Food poisoning or....?
Home remedies to control type 2 diabetes?
How dangerous are computers to our lifes?
i m 21 years old girl my height is 5.4 n weight is 48 is it okey or i have to increase it n how?
who was the longest coma?
If using keflex for syphilis, what is the dose and for how long?
once vaccinated from hepatitis. Years later can your test results show that you have the virus hepatitis?
Is it true that if you don't wear your prescribed glasses...?
Oakley Shades?
help ripped contact jazzy?
My boyfriend just had an eye exam and the Dr. found he has a mole growing on the inside of his eye........?
How far can a pair of eyes see?
I have a growth in the outside corner of my left eye.?
what can be done for an eye injury due to welding?
How long does it take back pain to go away?
shoulder injury?
is aleeve, the pain medicine, safe?
how do you cure a headache if you do have a recipe for a medicine tell me?
What are natural remedies that speed up heroin withdrawal / detoxification?
Where can I find a mattress and box spring set for 300-400 dollars?
Has anyone ever cured their vision/eyesight using the Bates method or other tecniques?
I drank 1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper in 1 C water 4 times & now I have trouble swallowing.?
Does anyone know of a black capsule that says ICE?
How long does it take for a broken ankle to heal. Out of the casts?
what is the cause of rhuematic arthritis? the cure/remedy/treatment?
Fibromyalgia in teenagers..help?
what is the normal INR number? is it 1, 2, 3, or 4. or zero. you have a 1/4 chance?
I have vast knowledge in yoga and healing, how can I teach and help people best?
Alcohol problem - help & advice needed?
Is there any hope for gluecoma patients to get good sight ?
I am trying to find out when and where the "Relay for Life" is, in Medina County,TX?
Does mice affect people with asthma?
Why does mold make me sneeze?
Does anybody know where I can get Respiratory Therapy CEU's online?
could any one please tell me a link about respiratory system pharmacokinetics or at least send me an article 9
which ventricle pumps blood to the lungs? and to the body?
Can elevated Troponin levels be related to Thyroid or Infertility problems?
Heart Bypass surgery- how permanent is it?
blood clots?
Is the single blood test for allergies available?
I have dry hands, is it an allergic reaction?
asthma question???
could this be an allergy?
i got black spots under my arams does anyone know why ? and what to do to get rid of them?
i have had psoriasis for 10 years.right now am controlling it with clobetasol propionate ointment.?
has anyone ever taken accutane? did you have any issues/side effects or know of anyone who had them?
What is the football shaped pill, that has "S21" on it?
Has anyone else heard of Brownwood Acres Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate??
Headaches - a common phenomena...but what actually causes them?
who's better, ashley tisdale or hilary duff?
what percentage of americans are infected with herpes?
¿when will we have the cure of the AIDS?
If you have a coldsore...?
How does one function with herpes say with a full time job?
hey everyone pls help me regarding this one: does VDRL check for chlamydia?? hope you can help me.... thanks..
Firefighters and glasses?
Is not treating cataract dangerous?
why do i have numbness in my outer thigh?
How often is too often (Antibiotics)?
Can you give me the importance of health, or the importance of being healthy? Thank you very much.Nice day =]
before i used steroid on my face skin, and after one year my skin is totally destroied. i really hope someone?
is it normal to gain weight at the begining of an exercise program?
Do I have an obsession with self-cleanliness?
how do I get rid of warts?
Shingles, do we have to disinfect clothing and furniture if one has shingles, if yes, what should we use?
Question about moles?
I Have Atopic Eczema?
Have You..?
was anyone had a spider bite like this?
Is it considered cheating if the one you're cheating with is a dog, literally?
can rivotril cause muscle twitching,nerve and muscle pain?
Are any of you familiar w/ pyoderma gangrenosum ?
Can staph (MRSA) be passed to an unborn baby??
Pill absorbtion? I would like to know how long does it normally take for pills or tablets to be absorbed by?
my wife was just diagnosed with Shingles, how worried should I be for her?
what is ethilon suture?
I'm trying to improve my eyesight ; any suggestions?
Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Sauna slim belts for reducing waist really works?
Does EPH200 works like they say it does?
what diet pill makes you loose weight fast..that not harmful to you?
My dads eye?
Wearing a different power?
How do you gain weight?
What has more nutritional value Soylent Green or Tofu?
What is the fastest, healthiest way to lose weight?
do carrots have carbs?
Do you get the same benefits from yoga as you do from strength training?
Is a freakish to putnon sun block everytime i go outside even if its for gym in school?
why do red head have freckles?
if you throw your back out what can you do to relieve the pain?
What can I put inside of my shoes to keep the straps from rubbing my feet raw?
How do I get tiny glass splinters out?
Is LASIK better for me or is LASEK?
What would you do if you could get away with it?
how do you stop a runny nose from home??
What are some natural ways to promote sleeping through the night?
I need to know directions for taking tavis sinus medicine, I lost the box. one every 4 or 8 hours or 12?thanks
where can i find help regarding skindesease. Our kneighbor has a skin desease,she can't afford to buy.medicine
what is causing my itching peeling hands?
i discorved a weird mole pinkish moleon my arm?
whats a good shampoo that deals with dandruff?
i think i got a spider bite. after 2 days on levaquin, i still have numb arm and legs breathing is difficult?
can high cholesterol cause dry skin and/or irritation?
is there any side effects if a person was to drink shirleys lactol dog milk?
Sore in the back on my mouth...?
grandma is on oxygen for emphysema and doctor says she can't use any makeup with oil in it. what why?where buy
Questoin about tickling?
Alternating stuffy nostrils each day....what to do?
Does anyone have any information on black mold and it's effects on a 1 yr old?
best cure for hypertension?
Why does Percocet cause itching?
headaces?? getting ride of them??
my wrist is starting to hurt alot! i think i have carpal tunnel.?
My doctor prescribed me to lodiene today.....?
carpal tunnel pain?
how long will it take for my hearing to fully come back?
Why back pain typically accompanied with muscle spasms?
What is the proper way to heal my knee injury?
How dangerous is a swollen eye?
Where can I get information on iatrogenic injury to colon while removing gall bladder?
dogs and chlamydia?
transmitting HPV?
i have herpes.. if someone gives me oral what happens to them?
does it include???
Bypass surgery 5yrs ago.How long will these grafts last if healthy now?
how low is down??
Can alcohol reduce cholesterol?
Thallium / Stress test found a scar , what is that?
with the diastolic pressure, is the right ventrical filling with blood?
what is the hardest working chamber in the heart?
Does anybody know a sure way to give up smoking? HELP!?
What are the symptoms of lactose intolerance? Anyone here experienced this?
op ions on the best stethoscope to use?
why are alchoholics considered to have a disability but drug addicts aren't?
Why is that my one foot swells more than my other foot?
Is autism more prevalent in males?
How do I get over the fear of flying. Most of my fears I feel are heights and being closed in with no control.
can stress cause kidney stones?
My scalp is always numb when I wake up. What's wrong with me?
what you know about..lexapro..this is a pills..?
what is spinal menegitis?
Is there any way to get rid of a fever real fast? How?
Does anyone know any places where they sell Coach eye glasses?
Does anybody have ocular migraines?
"add" on eyeglass rx?
What's wrong with my eye?
Will contacts/contact solution go bad if it's been sitting in a hot car for a while? Is it still safe to wear?
how do you get colored contacts without a perscription?
What is eye kiss?
white spot on arm and one on tummy what could that be?
What's the most effective medications for generalized anxiety disorder that aren't addictive/min. side effects
Has anybody come off venlafaxine (effexor)? How did u cope?
What is a good method to quit drinking without having to turn to groups like AA?
I work in close proximity to others. I have a bad case of gas. How do I stop it?
What is the best solution depression?
my wife is 6 weeks from giving birth, her back hurts along w/her stomach. is this common?
what keeps on flying and never stops?
I have candida, got a treatment but it got worse. What can I do?
What is wrong with my 19mo old?
How can I warm up my feet?? I think I may have a circulation problem,?
How does one prevent stretch marks when lifting weights?
any doctors in the house?
how to treat a chronic cough?
Can diesel fumes cause scar tissue and fribrosis - if the diesel fumes are in the work environment?
Whistling/Wheezing Cough with Asthma?
Is intersitial lung disease the same as pulmonary fibrosis?
why leg cramps occure due to cholera?or do leg cramps?
How are the symptoms of strep throat different than those of a bad cold or the flu?
whats on the key board??
a person previously infected with HepatitisA can infect another, still carries the virus?
Would soybean oil be the most concentrated form of soy?
Does anyone else have more sinus/allergy problems when it gets humid? Why do you think we do?
OK I'm lactose intolerant?
whats hay fever ???
when i stand for 20 to 30 mins. i get a burning neddles and pins type of pain in my upper legs?
Problem with my left leg...?
I have a very sharp pain on my inner thigh that comes on quite suddenly, leaves when massaged - what is it?
iv been felling weird not myself?
I have a sore throat. Any quick remedies?
My friend had discs fused in his back years ago, still has daily back pain, is there more that can be done?
colored contacts?
Eyes that water all the time?
Are there any Bariatric Clinics for weight-loss in Louisville, Ky?
what is the best book on clearing clutter and getting organized?
Help me, my neck hurts.?
Where do I get Vicodin online from with no prescription?
How do you treat extremely dry eyes?
health ...has anybody experienced their hands falling asleep at night?
I am taking a pain pill for my back and it says on the tablet watson349 what are these?
my 3 year old duaghter has a weird rash..?
I had hpv i don't have it anymore but..?
what can you do if you have vaginitis?
What are these things on my skin?
Tattoo or no tattoo?
bedbug complaints in hotels?
what is the pathophysiology of stab wound in the head?
How do you get rid of a long stomach cramp?
how long do black eyes last for?
Back pains?
If most all children are vaccinated, is it really worth the risk for parents to vaccinate their children ?
strained muscle need help?
Has anyone gotten blod clot from a foot surgery?
prognosis of infected aneurysm?
how to lower my BP and cholesterol?
Is Red Yeast Rice of benefit in lowering high Cholesterol?
which is worst?
Do I really need glasses?
Moving up to progressive lenses.?
My contacts get foggy/hazy why?
colored lenses which ones are the best?
about my eye?
my husband has a high count of Eosinophilia (8.9%) with high Creatinine and SGPt counts, what does it mean?
What do you know about Multiple Sclerosis?
What is Cranial Rectosis and are there medications for this disorder?
In last 8 weeks I have had 2 Arthroscopic Knee procedures. Now I keep having swelling in both legs.?
Dose Meth stay in the babys system even though the mother is clean?
lou gherig's disease?
High &low blood pressure is not a disease,with medical science so advance,WHY stiill no cure???
What does it mean if you suddenly start bruising a lot?
what is some information do can you give me on a 10 page paper on skin diseases?
What can i do to rid myself of emotional red blotchy rash i get? PLEASE HELP ME!!!?
what is the beast way to treat cellulitus?
can vitiligo on eye n eye lids can be cured thru any treatment?
How do you fight or cure allergy...?
if someone has taken large amounts of darvocette over the last 3 weeks,would it show up in blood work tomorrow
how long does THC stay in your system?
does taking allergy medicine make a person cough?
hives?? alergic reaction?
How does the nicotine in inhalers impact your lungs?
i work at a little boy with bee in in awakening coma.?
How soon to expect asthma relief?
( never cry for any relation in lif ) is right?
Will a person fail a drug test if they inhale second-hand pot smoke?
how do you get rid of bad breath?
Is it true that if you're anemic gold will leave a black or greenish mark on your skin?
I am a male and have thin lips what can I do to make them a little thicker that does not cost alot/?
Does anyone know a remedy for getting rid of freckles?
are there any kids salons in georgia?
Why do some people faint at the sight of blood?
How do I get rid of a sty in my eye?
How do you choose men's suit styles and colors?
About how much does it cost to get cataracts removed?
Has anyone had custom PRK eye surgery?
Ciba Clear Care contact lens solution- What is the metal gear for?
EYESIGHT HELP PlZ!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Whats a good way to help the pain for trench mouth?
What is MRSA and if you had it what would the symptoms be?
Where was the Mt. Wilson Sanitorium in Baltimore, Md. located?
immunizations hep b are there side effects?
what is the name of the liquid released from the brain that is excreted through the lower neck area?
Will eating Dairy Queen Dilly Bars cause my private parts to shrink ?
If evolution is based on survival of the fittest, what effect do current medical practice have on the future?
Do LCD monitors emit radiation?
I'm interested in gaining weight but I run track so how do I eat and still maintain my athletic physique ?
Is there any replacement for PREDNISONE for treating asthma and skin problems?
Is spanking a good discipline tool or is lecturing better?If lecturing is better can you give me a sample one?
Is cinnamon bark really good for you?
get rid of kidney stones?
Has anyone ever heard of imusicseries or brain entrainment? Does it work?
my mom has fibermyalgia only thing helps is orudis stores here have quit carrying need a website or phone of c
What does Triaminic, Dimetap, Equate, and Tylenol mean?
What is the best treatment for a bad sunburn?
What is the best vitamin or any other treatments for IBS sufferers?
how can I get rid of my peeling sunburnt skin quickly?
WHY do I ITCH when I get in the TANNING BED??? Is there anything I can do/or buy to STOP ITCHING & get a TAN?
Anyone know how to treat scalp psoriasis?
How can i gain some weight?
what is a good heathly vegetarian diet?
i just joined a gym can someone tell me the do's and dont's.what to eat before and after going to the gym. thx
only for women: Have you ever lifted/carried a man? What made you do it?
what is the best remedy for high trigylcerides and cholesterol?
I want to know what's the nornal level of sugar in blood?
What's the best kind of running shoes to get to prevent your knees from getting injured while running?
my eyes have been really dry for about a year and eye drops never help. why and what do i do about it?
is there any sort of contraption that will help keep your eye open to put contacts in?
Is this normal??? I got a tetnus shot 2 days ago, and my arm feels....?
Is there anyway to get rid of weakness of eyeside?
What is the average weight for 13 year old girls?
What could this stabbing pain in my head be?
why do I feel like something is crawling on me when nothing is on my legs or arms. Its a spooky feeling?
Recent studies indicate that, in limited amounts, sunlight is a good source for vitamin "D". It has ALSO BEEN
how long does...........?
Shoulder/neck pain - What could it be?
what is causing my back pain ?
Is this the beginning of appendicitis?
Physical therapy exercises for back and abdominal strength?
Does anyone have a problem with their thyroid medicine Synthroid?
Fatal stomach bleeding........read on?
Besides going to the doctor what else can you do if you think your bipolar?
about blood transfusions?
my doc said only ultrasound blasting & no other medications can get rid of kidney stones. Is it true ??
Pysciatrist? should I go to one?
Which of the following vaiable has the strongest effect on blood flow? Radius, Length, or Viscosity of blood.?
What kind of Dr treats amyloidosis, and what is the treatment for it ?
What is the substance called that keeps a donors heart alive while awaiting transplant??
I had a MRI done on my back, and I need help to understand the impression reading.?
Do unscented Bounce dryer sheets work the same as regular bounce sheets to repel mosquitoes, mice, and bugs?
Anyone know anything about kids sniffing cleaning products.?
why does my lip keeps swelling up?
How can i get rid of seasonal cough ?
How can you tell th difference between allergies and a cold?
What are OBGYN's?
what are the symptoms for herpes ?
can having an STD cause a false positive on a pregnancy test?
What is.....?
Does anyone know what the current protocol is for an accidental arterial puncture during routine blood draw?
Did I break or dislocate my toe?
Can you get nerve damage from a deep cut in the finger pad?
Do parapelegics have a normal life span?
What causes a sudden freeze in breath and a near blackout?
I had sinus surgery and I developed a sinus infection afterwards. Is this normal?
What can an asthmatic do to alleviate chest soreness?
What are some of the symptoms of TB?
In "Silence of the lambs" a doctor had a white product in his nose during autoposy was it vick's vapor rub?
Dxed with laryngotrachebronchitis (croup), but doctor said "it's not croup"?
Who has had Lasik eye surgery?
Does liquid nitrogen leave permanent hyperpigmentation/scars when freezing a wart?
Any remedies for getting rid of acne blemishes? White heads?
I have a stressful job and lately its been getting to me, my nose is broken out?
Is eating sea food bad when you have a flu?
can diabetics donate blood?
what are the simptoms of pregnency?
Is it true that the longer the hospital keeps a patient on a ventilator, the worse the situation is?
What can I do to make my BF rumbling/ gassy stomach stop---no it isn't hunger pains.?
What's the best type of light for an office that has no windows, health and stress-wise.?
Is it dangerous for health to drink uv treated water and to eat food cooked in microwave oven?
What will taking 8 extra strength ibuprofen do to you?
How do you get water out from behind your ear drum.?
how to calm and focus when under imense and constant stress?
what would cause a blood pressure to be 70/40?
Cure For CORNS ???
Is chlamydia 100% treated with antiboditics even thou your pregnant?
Can i have hay fever?
does chalk contain gluten?
Environmental Allergies!! Please help me get rid of them!!!?
have you notice they keep changing advill sinus package?
find tropical medical hospital lagos/nigeria?
How do you get rid of fleas in the house without using chemicals?
what specific time does the dengue mosquito bites?
What is the truth about rabies shots for humans?
Possible to lose 50 lbs in 10 weeks?
how do i improve my body shape, and look good and fir?
I'm 5 foot4 weight121. Am I fat? should I lose weight ?
What would be a healthy choice of food at a mexican restaurant?
How can I get my husband to work out and eat healthy with me????
strongest man ever?
what are the signs and symptoms of pertussis?
how can i build up my lungs after a bypass?
Athsma: Do inhalers...?
Does the common cold cause tightness in your chest?
what are the side effects of methocarbamol?
is tylenol ok to give with benedryl?
how much is propoxyphence compared to say percocet or darvocet? how good are they?
Can I buy Thyroxin tablets from a website?Do you know the address?
Any down sides to getting a pneumonia immunization if you have multiple sclerosis??
my eye site is going to be weak day by day and i also have problem in normal angle of my eyes?
what is " Fatty Liver "?what are the symptoms? How about the treatment?
is exposing to hazardous chemicals can make u sterile?
What vitamin or herb is good for overcoming anemia?
What should I do with a leaking pus-filled broil?
how many bacterias are in a carpet and on your skin?
What can be done to get rid of skin tags without having surgery?
Do you have psoriasis?
what are the side effects of the herb pau de arco?
what is JHACO and how can you prevent them?
What is better for you rice, soy, or cows milk?
in a 100unit insulin syringe how many units equals 1 mg?
Does anyone know the medicinal properties of chamomile?
jicama´s properties?
Any funny, embarassing, or helpful contact stories?
Contact lens make my vision worse?
hair problem?
how can you change an innie to an outie and still be ticklish?
is it safe to get a breast reduction?
Do you need to tip when getting a haircut and what is the tipping rate?
What kind of lotion will stop the burning from a tanning bed ?
Can anyone give me remedies on how to soothe bad sunburns?
Situation what should I do?
question about missing heart beats need some advise?
Endometriosis and Mitral Valve Prolapse?
blood pressure???
Is it possible to induce an arrhythmia by accidently taking too much of an electrolyte (i.e. potassium)?
which is the best dewormer for humans?
I'm having trouble finding a site with information about lung and skin cancer. I need info & statistics. Help?
Can you go swimming with pink eye??
my uncle died a few years back and had me wondering how and what caused his death.?
Does eating too much rice make you bloated?
Cold or Flu?
if the definition of gay is happy then aren't we all gay at some point in our life?
does anyone know how long for the sensation on the arm to return after...?
whats the best way for me to land myself in the hospital quick i need a vacation from work?
why is it important to behave in a calm way when handling an accident and how would you do this?
how common is it to get arthritis after an ankle sprain?
With increasing number of elderly, whats the impact on the healthcare system?
does anybody self cut ????
Is there any way for a person to recover from severe video game addiction?
I am 22yrs and i weigh 90 pounds.i would like to gain some weight.Helpppp!!!!?
I know eggs and protein are good for your hair. Does washing with raw egg enrich hair? Any negatives?
How long does nicotine stay in your system for a nicotine urine test to detect the nicotine?
what is genotype?,tell more about the AA group?
any recent developments in cure for kileoids(thick scar tissue)?
How do you discipline a young bully who can't be spanked?
quick remedy for fiberglass on the skin?
I just got a wart frozen off, how come there is another lump growing?
How can improve from PRURIGO NODULARIS skin disease ?
wat the heck do i have on my stomach?OMG!!its spreading!!?
i need the fastest way to get rid of cold sores!?
Best pillowcase for someone with a dust mite allergy?
Girls only, allergic to your....?
does any1 kno anything about epilepsy?
What is the way to master English in the short terms?
i need help..xanax?
Eye color changing?
Anyone wear contacts while playing Softball/baseball? Looking for a solution.?
What is scables and how is it transmitted?
Question for osteo arthritis sufferers.......?????
I have had pain in my left knee, now, for about 6 months or more. X-Rays show nothing. Any suggestions?
I have been suffering from pain in the back of both knees. What could it be?
What is a pill marked 10/325 on one side and M523 on the other?
what can periodic pain around the navel area in a 7 year old mean?
When you are in pain, how does "painkiller" know which part of your body to work on?
What is the best mattress topper?
My son got a rash which is caused by an infection that is going around in MI does anyone know what this is?
have any problems having coffee, tea, fruit juice one after other. Let me know the cons and pros.?
Help! I need to lighten up some scars on my arms and legs that are from a bad rash I had. What can I use ?
My 14 yr old daughter has developed a rather large sized blister on the back of her neck.?
What will happen to a person's health if the only have a bowel movement once every 2 weeks?
Is taking two Tylenol everyday bad for your health in any way?
How long does it take the body to break down and absorb a pill (like a vitamin)?
When people suffer from arthritis and joint pain?
Are hospital's really trying to keep people from giving patients flowers?
Snot flinger ?
How often is de-worming done for kids & adults? Is Albendazole tablet safe ? Is it taken after dinner ?
Why is passive smoking worse than smoking?
Possible cold help?
about squats!!?
Is a recumbent bike a good form of exercise?
I loose my breath when I run fast ..this happens to everyone but I get REALLY short of breath. any advice?
this is the international surrvey........ how do you lose 10 punds REALLY REALLY fast???
I have severe Fatigue, is there anything i can do or get to help me with this?
My son has a virus in his stomach and we have been up all night. He can not keep anything down and he cries?
I have lupus, And I have the common rashy redness on my face...?
what is the best way to deal with someone who has an eating disorder?
What causes you to BLEED from your NOSE and SPIT BLOOD from the MOUTH? SOMEONE REPLY ***ASAP***ASAP***?
Do males also get Anorexia?
heart rate?
where can i fix this? its 1 of my ears?
How do i get rid of the awful spots on my face?
What is this?
I have a tendency to sweat on my nose and upper lip, how do I stop that?
is anyone familiar with cystic acne? what are some at home treatments?
is skin asthma curable? or prevention is the only cure to it?
What is a great non-surgical way to get rid of swollenbags under the eyes..?
Why are yawns contagious?
What natural foods can i eat to make my hair grow faster?
Why do you not get allergies around winter, but in spring you do?
Why do we feel so blah and sleepy on a rainy day?
i was watching 11 news but didn't catch it all, does Bausch & Laum contact solution cause blindness?
Any recovering heroine addicts reading this?
is there a shot. for cronic pain in the neck which causes my headaches?
How long does it take for a fractured radius bone to heal completely?
swimming contacts?
Video Games imrpove eyesight?
does grow hair after suturing of eyebrow due to trauma in my 7-years old dougter?
What should I do about a bruise that appeared out of nowhere?
Is it normal to have headaches everyday?
New glasses but dominant eye is weaker then other... help!?
My Lip And Cheek Have Swelled Up!?
How do I cure Allergic Conjunctivitis?
Advice for an eye allergy?
What side effects are possible from taking benadryl with chlortriplon (Chlorpheniramine)?
After eating licorice my stools are bright green for a day. What causes the green?
How do scientists theorize the creation of HIV/AIDS?
Does a test for chlamydia for men involve an object being placed inside the penile crack?
Does anyone know of a way, to take an STD test through the mail?
How accurate are EEGs? I mean, if there's a nuerological problem, will an EEG always spot it?
Can a fall down a flight of stairs or from a second-story window be enough to cause temporary blindness?
What are prayer stones used for?
What is happening to me when I feel a sudden heat surge through my body during emotional moments?
how can i get sleeping tablets off the doctor?
What is dextroscoliosis?
anybody has had a kidney transplant?
what is the prognosis of a malignant tumor?
is giving soyabean milk harmful in anyway to a six month old child?
What are the various vegetables having Anti Oxidents..?
i suffer from chronic upper back pain and stiffness any advice? not getting anywhere w/dr's or chiro. thanks
What has brought you the most joy this year?
What is one thing that you could do that would make your family think you were out of your mind?
When you relax, do you feel guilty?
With what decision are you struggling at the moment?
When was the last time a situation looked hopeless and it completely turned around?
what term is a microorganisms that live and grow normally on the body?
what term is to reduction of the number of germs?
how long does it take for symptoms of hepatitis to occur?
did hepetitis B can cure?
ok what if they have that person on antibiotics, and then the infection occured?
does acupuncure help neck pain?
what is a natural/herbal remedy for depression?
what are the benifits of body scrubs and masques?
What type of ear candles are better, Paraffin or Beeswax?
My Mother is suffering with joint pain that inables her to lift her arms. Dr. calls it joint freeze? Any idea
What are some ways other than chemotherapy, surgury, and radiation to treat existing cancer?
my daughter is two and she has a fever she doesnt want to eat and she looks flushed the doc want to wait 4 tom
What is the best way to get rid of pink-eye???
Is your blood blue before it touches oxygen?
If you are prescribed Singulair what results have you experienced?
Nighttime Cough and Asthma in Children?
Does anyone know what the cause of a shortness of breath mixed with a severe muscle pain along my neck is from
Where or how can people get the virus/bacteria that causes pneumonia?
i always have a red nose?...?
how is vitiligo cured??
What are good OTC treatments for Onychomycosis (toe fungus)?
How can you tell if you have chicken pox?
Any opinions on Lane, Judy C MD - Lane Judy C MD in Englewood, CO?
Could this be asigmatism?
how much do you pay for your contacts & where do you get them?
When getting contacts does the optician have to give you a prescription for the best possible vision?
comfy contacts?
Question about Darvocet?
Muscle spasm in lower back??
what could carpal tunnel syndrome?
Its hurts my back when I reach for my shoes. Can anyone suggest a product to make it easier?
Is there anywhere on the net that I can get prescriptions written?
I have not been to a doctor yet, I am having painfull lower back pain, by my tailbone.?
ok well i am always sick and always stressed what should i do??????? please i dont like it?
I have what seems like an infection in my lacrimal caruncle(corner of eye). It is hard and white. Possible?
how do i find groups? I understand that there is an Autism group for Houston Texas a message board or somethi
what's hiv?
what is the best management for heel pain?
Besides WLS, are there other proven solutions to obesity? (Need citing references and no "just diet" answers)
how can i remove a sty?
I have a mark on my back that is irregular in shape and color. It sometimes disappears?
Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)?
What is the worst sunburn you have ever had?
If I take a flucanazole (Diflucan), will it cure ringworm? Or does the anti-fungal have to be topical?
any allergy remedy that isn't from the store?
Is there a way to rid my dog of allergy causing dander?
I have an anatollian shepard who is itching badly, has had steroids, benedryl and otc allergy pills What else?
can you feel nasuas if there was mold in the house?
i'm a women and my hair is thinning. what can i use to regrow my hair?
Is it true that your ears ring becuase of high blood pressure?
why do i sneeze repeatedly 10 or 20 time in a row?
How can a person, make cellulite go away?
How do I stop cracking my knuckles for good?
What is the first part of the digestive system?
Is it okay to wear black up North this time of year?
my 22 month old daughter was bitten by some fire ants and now she is running a high fever is it from the ants?
what are the chances.......?
If you have astigmatism, do you automatically have to wear toric lenses?
my dogs one eye is swollen and its pupil is really small?
Why can't I read with my contacts on?
Question to eye doctors?
who knows , what would happen if bird dies , while i am thinking of that ??
how can i find out if i have schizophrenia ?
Do you feel good/secure about the future?
Are you a little "insane in the membrane"?
Sometimes I have spells where my eyes feel like they're shaking back and forth and I cant focuss. What is this
I've seen shows where people's hands and feet sweat excessivly?
Is Herpes/HSV-1 something I should really be worried about?
will getting a cold sore/having herpes(hsv-1) have an affect on me being able to get married?
Chemical burns?
HOW can you make your skin very soft just like those with celebrities?
what type of rays (UVA or UVB) would my table lamp produce?
Should I worry about boils?
Anyone know any helpful ways to treat a scalded hand?
Why does a sprain sometimes hurt the same as a break?
Right side of my leg where my knee hurts?
sebaceous cyst?
I have small patches of dry skin which is exzema, what can I do for itching and dryness?
I dont understand depression.I used to make fun of it,but now guess what,it has a hold of me and I dont know?
Last night I walked during sleeping?
what does it mean?
Why is it that dark soda like Coke or root beer makes my asthma worse?
Can I sue if I have been infected with tb from work?
Final stages of terminal mesothelioma...?
is there cure for hamangioma between nose and mouth for 4 months baby. Or suggest for some medicine?
What's the best way to get rid of a skin rash???? Looks like if I had a alergic reaction to something :(?
How do I identify poison ivy?
Whats the cheapest place online to get contacts? I still wan't them to be the popular name brands though!?
do i have an eye infection?
Colored Contacts??
Why do blind people rock their heads when they talk?
What is the name of the foundation where children who have serious illness or injury can ride horses?
can you show me a picture of a punnett square for the genes of fanconi anemia?
Is the plague curable now?
What prevalent means!?
What's meningitis? What are some of the types, signs, symptoms, and treatments for this?
what is bull's eye fracture of windshield?
any one know the pectus excavation?
my son who is 18months old, controls his breath, while crying, sometimes he also faints, why is this?
How many alcoholics are there in the U.S.?
I am a physiotherapist Iam living In iran and applied for immigration to canada how can i find a job in canada
How do you soothe an upset stomach?
I'm serious people...the local hospital is filled with wounded guyz...is there such a virus?
Recurring allergy - swelling and redness - have been checked for all possible allergies - responds to steroids
what does goldenrod look like?
if someone is having a allergic reaction what are the symptoms?
correct spelling for insufulitas?
my wife has small varicose veins at multiple places and surgery is not recommended. Is there a permanent cure?
soft tissue swelling that moves to different parts of my body.?
i had blood work done to check my thyroid,and it was normal can i still have a goiter?
how do you know when you got a tumor in your knee?
Why does my 6 year old daughter get shin pain every other month or so.?
Who is hotter Me or Rachel MCADAMS?
Do you think I can do Dance because it has been a long time since I haven't been signed up?
Can you sunburn through cloth?
I just took 12 benedryll and i just drank half a bottle of straight peach snopps... what will happen now??
Isn't the Human Body Amazing?
I have some red veins in my eyes...?
How does one self motivate ones self??
I'm going to the eyedocter tomorrow what should I expect? This will be my fourth pair of glasses.?
Can you get sick from being manic depressant?
About how many people in the U.S.A. or UK have Athsma? Any other info on Athsma???
I have COPD, and I need a source of Albuterol, Proventil, Atrovent, Flovent, and Spiriva inhalers. Thank you.
nursing diagnosis for pneumonia?
i have a bad cough.my chest hurts when i breathe and i have shortness of breath.?
i have trouble getting up in the morning?help?
the father has "B" bloodtype and the mother has "O", can they have a baby with "A" blood type?
What sort of over-the-counter medication will help in the pain of Sciatica?
i have problem in my right knee with a piece of bone?
what are some good pain killers for 12 year olds that are chewable?
has anyone had this kind of foot pain, & what helps?
Signs of a carpel tunnel?
Knee Pain? or growing pain?
Anyway to rid of the pain?
what is sodium and what harmful things will it do to you???
how do i speed up my metabolism?
Where can I get good prescription eye contacts?
what can i do to gain weight ?
how much do colored contacts cost?
seeing things outlined in yellow and blue?
Do you guys wear your glasses when you are swimming?
When using a facial cleanser, toner, and lotion, how long should I wait between using each?
I'm about to start a Jello diet. Has anyone ever done this and if so what has been the success?
Why do you think is there so much discripancy on the Cost of Lasik Eye Surgery?
How many calories does California sushi have?
I found lotion (Olay) that won't clog pores, and is oil-free, but contains glycerin, is this okay for acne?
what is the difference in appearance between shingles on back and poison oak in the same place.?
What is up with my chapped lips?
I started working out about 1 month ago, specifically working on my abs.How can I get rid of the belly fat?
Does the franchise Curves really work?
What are the side effects of Creatine?
Which tastes better Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig?
How do I get rid of all the side fat?
Im 30 years old 5'5 and 192 lbs. How many lbs am I over weight?
Rosacea Help Needed.?
What would cause a 7 year old girl to get a boil?
admiinistration of eye drops or ointment pictures?
what to do for an ingrown hair?
I have post nasal drip, and cough up a soft rubber-like secretion?
What are the best colon cleansers and body detoxification programs to buy for internal cleansing?
Sudden sweeling of hand and forearm?
Shocked or Splinter?
i broke my leg and it is in a leg brace it still hurt wat should i do?
yahoo messenger?
I hurt my ankle, is it a cyst?
What is the pain im feeling in my elbow?
Any dermotologist here?acne problem?
Brown spots appearing on my back?
my son has a ringworm in his hair he is on antibiotics can he still pass it to some one else.?
Acne and Benzoyl Peroxide?
Why are boils, or staff infections becoming so prominant to so many people?
How can you get rid of skin tags without paying a doctor?
Wrinkled skin on one foot from swelling?
planned parent hood, do you need to make an appointment?
How do STDs get started?
I am couging nonstop to the point my uvula is swollen and touching my tounge. What should i do?
Other then prescribed & otc medications, what home remedies does anyone know of for allergies to pet dander?
how long does it take if i order contacts from 'Hour Eyes'?
I have very dry eyes and I'm trying contacts. I can't find any that are sturdy and breathable. any ideas?
How do you get rid of Crohn's Disease?
I am having severe pain in my right temple. What causes this?