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Which is better Leptopril or Lipozene for weight loss?
what about treatment of hypovolaemic shock?
how can i get customers for my bottled water business?
is there any herbal relief for vertigo?
my hair is falling off rapidly .........what do i do?
Can someone tell me about infrared therapy?
Doesn't water temperature exceeding 116 degrees alter the molecular structures in green tea when brewing,...
how do i get my breasts to grow using vitamins or herbs? or something like that?
i have a pain pill that says SL on one side and 80 on the other what is it?
Am I able to get a State license in Texas with a misdemeanor on my record?"?
shisha better?
what is cyclosporin and what is it used for?
What's going to happen to me? Ran out of three medications six days ago.?
have a sleeping problem and was prescribed 40tabs of rohypnol. cAN I SMOKE IT?
Has anyone had surgery for a deviated septum and/or a turbinate "spur"?
3 months ago i found my upper thigh was turning red, and it still is red. what is this? can i get rid of it'
Recurring skin rash on inner thigh?
How do you get chicken pox scars?
What is a lipoma and is it harmful?Codo?
LIPOMA is dangerous?
Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy cost?
Does anyone know what this is?
Foreskin hurts?
Bad staph in finger/arm, suggestion?
what causes a gallbladder to go bad i dont have stones?
Did You Know That 40 Years Of Low Fat/ And Or Low Cholesterol Diets Has NOT Lowered Incidence ofCHD One Iota?
**Best** type ever of contact lenses (Monthly Diposbale) for my >Dry eyes. Please help...?
How often do you need a touch up or enhancement after laser eye surgery?
Advice on getting eyeglasses for the best vision?
I had a facial & the lady got some products in my eyes by mistake.?
what can i put on a infected lip piercing?
is it posible that i can have hpv and my partner not?
Is there a drug that is less expensive and can be used as a alternative to humira for rheumatoid arthritis?
Is there any free help out there for people that have hypothyroid?
Do All V........................?
my daughter aged 3 yrs. has strong hairs on shoulders. which medicine i use to remove them permanently?
what are the remedies for stopping the blood from the nose ?
what is epstain barr?
Do you think the US can handle an epidemic, lets say, if the bird flu virus spreads among us humans?
i need differential diagosis for supra clavicular mass?
Can anyone explain the pain they go through everyday with lupus?
can someone out there tell me, how to get rid of constant constipation?
I am a doctor in Guatemala Central America but I would like to have a work experience in USA. What can I do?
Throwing up blood?
i never recieved my cna certification lisence and i need another one to start working?
How can I stop fleas from biting me even after spraying/vacuuming my house/cats? They love my blood.?
Where can I find the WV Medicare Fee schedule for 2006?
does peppermint extract contain gluten?
What is a good allergy medecine??
When I laugh hard or talk a lot I have to cough?
I think my conjuntiva tore or has liquid or air in it?? anyone know about it??
Do you have sinus problem?
wear is located toxoplasma?
What is the best medicine to relieve the pain and discomfort of scabies.?
What kind of infection can be detected by my eyes doctor?
I need to get the contact information for this company in Indonesia.?
What makes a person hot natured?
How does someone get rid of strech marks?
How to combat a stinky ans slimy fanny and a smelly willy?
Prescribing medication to a family member?
How many people taking eye drops for dry eyes? Statistic?
How can I correctly balance my glasses frames?
How much are astigmatism contacts?
Bi_focal contacts as good as bi-focal eyeglasses?
How can I get more Z's?
Give 3 reasons why cosmetic sugery is bad?
what does peri care mean?
use of thory in health pormotion practice?
is massge therapy a good career choice?
if i cut off my arms and had them reattached left on right and vice versa...would i still be right handed?
I fell in love with someone that only likes me as a friend?
Why do people physically cut and hurt themselves?
What has been your experience with Depakote ER?
Klonopin 2mg and lithium 450mg?
How many people are taking Effexor or another anti-depressant?
What American city has the least amount of depressed people?
Is Psoriasis a communicable disease?
What's the Best Face Lotion to Use while on Accutane?
why are bed reeded patients on the hospital get rotted every hour?
Why is it that when I get exposed to heat my body becomes itchy?
Does Tea Tree Oil and soaking your feet in bleach really work for toenail fungus?
is it painful to get a wart removed??
can two couples AS and AS get married?
My left eye hurts... and is red and sensative to light... ?
left eye jumping?
Is abalone very high in cholesterol?
My uncle, 89 years old, is going to go in for Mitrovalve replacement and Quadruple bypass.?
Chronic cough .... whats the remedies when 4 doctors tried everything?
how are oxygen and carbon dioxide gases exchanged in the lungs and in the body tissues?
bpap machine for emphysema?
how much research has been done to determine the effects of secondhand smoke?
Help! Cold Sore!!!?
For the ones that have herpes?
Finding Cure for Aids.?
sciatica is it curable??
How long can percocet addiction side affects last?
My dad is a disabled veteran and would like to try kayaking. How can he with use of one arm?
WILL takin ibprohen help the pain of gall bladder pain?
What are the best Mattresses for a L5-S1 Post-Op Herniation?
Restless leg syndrome?
allergy on my lip, tongue and roof of my throat. what is it??
Tea bags over my eyes last night, and now my eyes are red??
How do you clean a house focusing on my husband's allergies?
This is my eyes I have been sufferring from insomnia any suggestions on what I should do?
does anyone know about color contacts?
Should I get strabismus surgery so can I wear contacts?
I had laser surgery to correct my vision may 2006 when do I need to go for routine sight tests again.?
Is it unhealthy to wear disposible contacts for a long time?
help me my skin have bad problems plz tel me witch clinic are the best in the world or in your country?
Why is there a blotch of skin on my neck that is lighter than the rest?
I have a small patch of dry skin & want it to go away...?
started itching, and then swelling on hands and feet, anybody know what it is?
Any ideas on what to do about the hyperpigmentation on my legs (darkened discoloration)?
How do I get heathier looking skin?
to evaulate if someone is deaf would a person go to ear, nose and throat Dr?
what can i use to help my damaged hair get repaired?
I just got contact lenses for the first time. I can't get them in! Does anyone have any special techniques?
What is the best mattress for lower back pain or sciatica?
Is anyone gonna wear those tapered leg jeans that are back in style?
why do people need a degree to be a pharmacy technician?
how can you find out or tall how tall you are gonna be when ur fully grown?
what is the quickest effective remedy for backpain?
How can a person increase their lung capacity other than not smoking and other activities such as running etc.
A question for anyone who has been on Lexapro...?
Do men use only half of their brain?
My boyfriend thinks I'm Bi-Polar- my mother is too?
Where can I get information on treatment and rehabilitating Marijuana addicts in India?
Do you sense danger?
Clonazepam Prescription Question?
Can I be happy again?
How can I explain, why people need counseling, when some person dies in a family?
Why is marijuana illegal in the United States? A. it's bad for you or B. It's not taxable.?
What are other methods of examination for a Subscapularis tendon tear other than an MRI?
how much does a nurse practitioner make an hour and a year.?
how can we provide our hair becoming white when we r getting age or make delay ?
effects of long term use of fioricet use?
If chronic rhynitis disease have any cure without surgery;if any medicines priscribe?
Are there any other working mums out there who suffer from M.E.?
what is the difference between a biospy indicating celiac disease and difenatly having celiac disease?
What's wrong with my finger?
The doctor told me i ve Shingles...anybody had it?is it bad?
how do you care for a sty?
information about skin fungus?
How do I get info on this week's ABC "Medical Mysteries"?
I been suffering my skin asthma for years......Whas is this disease?
Skin blisters that peel and are very painful. Have come back for the second time. Not spider bites.?
How much does it cost to get colored eye contacts if you have a stigtizma?
Sun contacts?
How Thick is a 1.57 Index Lens?
Does all laser eye surgery use a microkeratome? Sounds like a razor blade to me.?
chances of me getting contacts again?
To quit smoking?
wholikes exercicing i do but onli 3 times a week?
Why do I wake up throughout the night with phlegm in my thoat?
Puffy eyes for a while now????
Anhyone have advice on air purifiers? Are they safe? I've read they generate high ozone levels.?
what should i do so that my calcified granuloma will not in x-ray negative?
anciaty attacks?
do hepatitis make your skin itch?
What is the pathophysiology of the calf pain in patients with leptospirosis?
Can u hv Scarlett Fever without the rash?
is it true that Usher has aids?
can keflex be used for syphilis in place of penecillin?
Who is responsible ?mosquitos??human mosquitos?
What is the Relation between common cold and HIV ?
what are signs of Chlamydia for a teen/woman??
what kind of test do they do to test for stds?
Do I have a cold?
I love spinach...?
how long does it take to find out if you have HIV?
What is the best remedy for keloids?
black legs?
what do you call a doctor that deals with human parasites?
Any suggestions for migraines besides pills?
my bowel only seem to work correctly when I drink regualer drinks?
vitamins made from PLANTS ??!!!?
I accidently drank 2 doses of Centrum in one day, one in the morning and one at night, is this okay?
What are the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal?
Can I continue to use advil if the expiration date on the bottle is 06/06 or should I buy a new one?
Is it bad to have scabs in your urine?
My left ribcage has always protruded more than my right one. Is there a problem with me?
What is yellow jondus?
What can a double stranded DNA blood test indicate in a person?
How H.Pylori bacteria can affect our digestive system?
Swollen hand?
How long does an ankle sprain last?
I hurt my hip is there a way to make it good again.?
What is the best treatment for a jammed/swollen finger?
what are common side effects of teething?
What are some of the health affects of caffiene addiction?
I swim laps 5 days a week for about 30 minutes but feel breathless and cannot do more that 2 laps at a time?
i am having joints problem, like knee joints , when playing football. so how can i prevent this, any medicines
is it possible for a wasp sting to still hurt months after?
Is it ok to leave the light on in the babys nursery 24/7?
Is it true that one can get temporary facial paralysis from sleeping with a wet head and the window open?
If i turn a tanning bed on high how long do i have to be in it untill i die?
What is PMS?
what is the stuff in our eyes when we wake up in the morning called?
i have a pink capsule zenith 100mg aii so with the number2131 dont no what it is?
i need help quitting smoking cigs?
hey i have had this head-ach for like 2 days and it wont go away wut can i do? yeah i have taken Advil and Tal
what would you do if you got a deep cut and no one was around to help you?
How long does it take the heart to die without oxygen?
If you have heart stints replaced what does recovery look like? hospital stay, medication etc.?
how do you know the difference between heart palpitations and or fibulation?
messed up question read this one top nyc hospital malpratice attorneys?
Does Anyone here have seborrheic dematitis?
How can psoriasis be cured?
medicine, neomycin?
What are your experience or info about bipolar disorder?
Does Lithium intake on a regular basis have any effect on memory?
does anyone suffer from agoraphobia?
why do people make fun of people who have mental problems?
I'm a 31yo guy and am Very shy around women.......?
who makes trazodone?
Help for Physical Symptoms in Eating Disorder Recovery?
feeling out of it?
what happens if you don't get treated for hypothyroidism?
Is there such thing as mosquito disease?
How can I really fix my heel pain without surgery?
I feel nautious...what do i do?
For a woman, what difference in results is obtained between high weight/low reps and lower weight/high reps?
Does drinking 8 glasses of water ea day really aid in losing weight? Is there proof?
I workout-step aerobics for 30 mins, 10 mins of abs,& 10 mins of legs. 3x a wk. Is this enough to lose weight?
What are the possible dangerous side effects of lipsuction? Would you have it done?
can chicken liver help significantly in the prevention of vitamin A deficiency and risk for infection?
what is the easiest exercise or diet to get rid of the belly fat?
how much does a personal trainer earn on average?
How do i get superglue off my transitional lenses? PLEASE HURRY!!!?
Other eye surgery besides lasix?
My vision is getting worse, will it continue this way?
Why do some old black men have eyes like this?
how do you try not to blink wen ur getting contacts?
does ne know what vicogin is (it's like a genertice of vicodin i was told)?
Which states have passed laws prohibiting smoking in automobiles in children are present?
Why do i get chest pains before a bowel movement?
My 7yr. old keeps complaining of a stomach ach everyday.?
my dog was hit by a car several years ago has arthiritis need input as to how to treat?
Is it safe to take Claritin everday? Thanks.?
Where is the best place to live if you have arthritis and asthma?
Is any one using a Spinal Cord Stimulator for chronic pain. I needed for my ankle (r)?
Whats the best way to end gout pain?
What's the best natural remedy for leg cramps?..?
what chemical is in turkey that causes sleepiness?
How dangerous is it to take morphine if you have asthma?
What to do with repiratory track allergy for baby 4 months old?
I had the hepatitis b vaccine 10 yrs ago and...?
Does Abreva Help after severe cold sores appear??
When will the cure for HIV in Africa be proven. People are dying everyday in hundreds?
is it possible?
i need help with something?
White blood cells that increase in number during an allergic reaction or in response to parasitic infections a
how many different kinds of seizures are there and what are they called?
can you give me some information about "Novantrone"?
i have a problem with my jaw i think it might be dislocated?
Does anyone have any experience with glucosamine?
is 'Centrum' good for Health to fulfill Vitamins Requirements?
decreased frequency of urination in children?
Anyone have any experience with D.M.A.E. (Dimethylaminoethanol)?
what is imptigo with folliculitis?
i have diabetes why is my reading in the morning 20 or 30 higher than when i go to bed?
Is diabetes a genetic disorder?
How to help a child fit in when she has been a diabetic all of her life?
am I Hypoglycemic? Or........losing my mind?
How does a person who has diabetes qualify as disabled as part of the work force?
what is nature's answer to diabetes?
if blood is red, than why are the veins blue?
is there anything that can help me stop grinding my teeth at night?
Why do my nails have brown streaks in them?
Contact lens are blurry?
Getting contacts fitted.?
Am I going blind?
do lymp-nodes cause pain?
what is the couse of Trigeminal Neuralgia and how can it be cured or controled.?
best way to beat the flu?
what are your feeling about the bird flu? thank you?
Where can I get support for panic disorder online, such as message boards?
can somebody help me how should i control my anger?
how do you get long hair?what to use to get it?
Does it totally discredit a doctor if they condone murder, in your eyes?
how can i make my 8 year old more comfortable as she is sooooo afraid and she has a tooth that needs to come o
is it true that while cutting onions we should chew chewing gum???
what are possible causes for paralysis of the left fingers?
why do we sneeze?
How can potential benefits from embryonic stem cell extraction outweigh its moral costs?
can aids transfer by frenchkissing?
I had GI surgery on 1/30/06 and thought I was fine and today my incesion is red and hot, should I worry?
Does Proactive work, I've heard good and bad?
What's wrong with my birthmark/mole?!?!?
skin irratations that look like a chemical burn?
what is the cause of dermatitis? Will it ever go away?
I posted about my grandaughter who has a rare sking condition.?
My great grandmother died from a skin, phe. Can anyone explain this?
do i have infection??
elbow surgery?
Any ideas on reducing bruises from my toddler's fall?
HELP PLEASE crushed TOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
four year old fell from monkey bars. cant put pressure on ankle. no swelling. doc said xray noshow break?
how long does it take for claritin 10mg to take effect? and can i take two?
Allergies: main symptom is a plugged nose - not runny. What allergy medicine has worked for you?
My first springtime in No. Virginia. My eyes are burning so bad!?
what is JB's middle name?
How acurate is the ELISA test at indicating HIV at 8 months after a possible exposure?
my stomach hurts :(.....?
I was working out then i got this massive headache rush.?
How do you get rid of a wrist cyst?
Epidural steroidal injection?
How do you stop back pain after having 2 kids with epidurals?
What can cause pulsating in my ear?
i had Bell's Palsy two years ago, but i'm still getting sore,still face muscles when i'm overtired.
How can a deviated septum cause sinusitis?
i'm looking for info on chiari's network of the right atrium. what is it?
what would be considered a normal pulse?
Heart question....?
incidence of death related vsd?
dear doctor, im 26 year old girl. I have no hair growth in my public areas.is that aneamic.? whats the remedy?
Favorite tennis shoe brand?
For those who lost their 'goal' weight- how long did it take you to do it?
how do i increase weigth in a short time,especially to have bigger breasts?
Is selling Mary Kay a profitable business?
Hi there I am wondering if anyone knows an effective way to get rid of stomach noises&wind!I suffer from IBS?
Does anyone have an explaination for pungent sulfur like flatulence lasting more than 2 weeks?
my breast size differs , one is 36 C other is 38 D what do i do?
Had LASIK operation....?
20/20 eye sight with exercise and throw away glasses?
Plus lenses? Do they work?
Are +2.00 and +2.25 rimless glasses supposed to feel heavy?
difference between Methafilcon and ocufilcon D for contact lenses?
How do blind ppl use public restrooms?
How to treat KP- noncontagious skin problem?
My 9 year old daughter keeps getting lice from her visits w/ her dad... do I have to send her?
Do you think Proactive would work on a 12 year old boy with eczema?
How do you get an infection in your finger, when you don't have any cuts on it?
I have had hives that turn into welts can you tell me why this happens?
how to get rid of acne n acne scars without surgery?
What moisturizer could anyone suggest that will not irritate my face.?
Has anyone used growth supplements that has been effective?
How do I avoid getting gout without taking any medication for it?
how do i get the ringing in my ears to stop?
Suggestions for giving blood without passing out?
how do u get rid of a hangover please?
How do you get rid of acne using home made products?
can i lose my hair when my twin brother nis having chemotherapy?
what is yoga?
where can i buy cow's ghee (other than the internet) i heard they were good for your eyes?
How can you buy Sodium Pentothal?
What is Steavia?
Is there any complete treatment of keloid in Indian medical system???
how can i treat eczema using natural methods? I have been on countless medications.?
i know this guy (whos in his 50's) and he has small white spots on his legs...?
What's better to cure ringworm on my back and arm. Lamisil spray or Lamisil Creme?
"dermatology" pale lips with little white spots on the?
Why does a sunburn only show up after you've taken a shower?
In what ways are you still childlike? In what ways are you no longer childlike?
are u afraid of darkness?? why???
who is doctor phil's doctor?
My nephew is 20 years old and is mentally ill--can we have him committed legally in MD?
Would u eat someone to survive?
i tend to feel in a daze and quite often am not to sure if im awake or asleep.?
i think about suicide constantly, is this uncommon?
What is encopersis .. its causes .. symptoms .. treatment?
What's Lyme disease? Where does it come from?
stomach problems noises and bloated?
how many people have 3 kidneys?
i am 19 m suffering frm total hair loss eye brows , eyelashes, head for the last few yrs. no treatment wrkin?
Is it easier to get into colleges with a state board certificate rather than cbse/icse?
Question on eyes getting fussy?
Whats a good way to help your hands not feel so stiff?
difference between diagnosed FOR & diagnosed WITH HIV insurance question?
can cipro; an antibiotic, cure or clear up chlamydia?
I need an allergy medicine that works for seasonal allergies, as well as cats. OTC or prescription.?
How can I minimize my friend's allergic reaction to my cat in my house?
Can Sinus Problems Or Allergies Cause Nashua?
Can you get crypotsporidium from working at a hog barn/factory?
What do you think about Bausch & Lomb?
Is there a shot to take care of STREP throat?
What is pulmonary alveolar proteinosis and lymphangioleiomyomatosis?
Looking for people that quit smoking after 20 plus years?
Does doing press-ups give you breathing problems?
How long does it take for parkinson's disease to cause you death?
I am 41 years old and was diagnosed with PKD. Both my parents tested negative, what is my prognosis?
Has anyone had a rash from taking the medication dilantin?
whats the best way to get smoother skin! on any part r your body!?
Is crying good for the eyes?
Surgery question?
When I look at bright screens, I get a shadow in my eye that starts at the side, and moves to middle. Serious?
anyone who wears contacts??
What causes a blind person's eyes to go cloudy?
I need some training in preparing food for seniors, who are diabetics?we feed about 80 people.?
what are some potential nursing diagnoses for diabetes type 1?
can a diabetic take royal jelly as a supplement?
what are the herbal remedies for cold and can it be given a five year old child.?
best herbs for type II diabetics?
want a doctor office that gives shots to help stop smoking?
What are the causes & Treatments of dropping hair, lymphatic cancer, Lupus, Ptimal Epilepsy?
do you think you eat right?
what is superventricular tachnycardia?
Do u think that you eat right?
How can I remove a stain from my contact lens?
I have a degenerative eye condition. how do I deal?
name two types of cast?
i think i sprained my finger...help!?
How do I heal my strained hamstring?
Why are my collar bones so visible?
How long does it take to change a pacemaker battery?
A heart patient has suffered from gastrointestinal bleeding due to ibuprofen. What is the right treatment?
What's the difference between Arterial hypertention and Pulmonary hypertension?
What year did the cholesterol test start?
clogged carotid arteries, My dad is 85,has low blood pressure, and 40% and 20% on both sides?
My heart feels funny... is something wrong?
going on a bus trip through the frazer canyon.Does high altitudes affect high blood pressure?
Why do i have pain and stiffness in my neck?
Tongue hurts after Altoids Cinnamon gum?
I need a neck & back adjustment bad!! Can I get treated by a Chiropractor without a doctor's request.?
How do i get thru to my friend who has a drug addiction?
Anyone ever try a colon cleanse? Did it make you feel better? Which did you use?
Self Hypnosis tape by David Lee?
what can anyone tell me about chiropractics? does it work?
how do you spell kalotapin the pill?
Did anybody hear for succesful alternative method of healing multiplex sclerosa:advices,suggestion. thanks!?
how do i measure liquid hydrocodone?
What is the best remedy to get rid of the stomach flu?
Hay fever symptom?
Fumigation question - I've been living in the same house for 10 years (not the owner)?
mood swings and allergies?
Are saline nosesprays effective in dealing with sinus problems caused by allergies(ie. congestion, headaches)?
What part of the body is effected by the left lateral ventricle in the brain?
will a person really die within a week or two if they stop dialysis?
How many people were diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1995?
Has anyone had the cervical cryosurgery?
what are the symptoms of tmj?
Well there every be a cure for people who already have the form of HPv that causes cerivcal cancer??
What do you think of the rectum as a hole?
What are the symptoms of syphillis?
what are the first signs of bolimic?
what is the first sign of HIV? And how soon does it show up?
When is the network movie showing about avian flu?
i am at the beginning of menopause and i have terrible itching all over my body. any suggestions on how to c
Why do people seem to get colds more often in the winter?
Can seasoned firewood contain spores or other matter that can cause a person breathing problems?
Is smoking hookah more harmful than smoking cigarrettes?
what kind of doctor study's the respiratory system?
i had npeamoinia 3 weeks ago now i'm coughing up mucus what can I do to stop it.?
Eye damage with laser?
Does this kind of glasses exist?
are there any eye excercises to improve my sight?
Should I get sunglasses for astigmatism?
i am 13 and i want and need contacts how can i convince my parent?
what are the simtoms of aids?
What is meant by metadoxime?
Can bird flu be transmitted through chicken eggs?
how much count of bilirubin is bad for jaundice?
If I have athletes foot, how likely is my 6 year old to catch it from using the same shower or tub?
is it possible for a person with B negative blood group to receive blood from person with AB -ve blood group?
Will me acne go away?
how a underweight person can increase body weight without taking medicine or supplements?
what is the strongest bone in the body?
Is tanning in a bed as bad for you as tanning in the sun?
Has anyone tryed FreedermHC for eczema? How can you tell if you have nummular eczema (coin shaped patches)?
What does a boil look like?
Should 'skin cancer' be called 'hair folicle cancer' instead?
What percentage of your daily food includes chicken?
Is it unhealthy to interrupt a yawn?
how many people in vincennes Indiana are registered with the aids virus?
What is cellulitis and how do you treat it ?
Prescription coloured contacts?
What does it mean if the nerves in your eye are red when they are normally not?
How do i clean the contact lens case that i get with clear care contact solution?
Do you have a callus from what you do daily at home or work?
best medicine for keloids?
How do I get rid of moles and warts that are on all parts of the body?
Please help...i have red blotches from heat?
i need to know if there are dermatologists in rl who who accept medicade?
Did you watch the Weather Channel today and what is the "Allergy Du Jour"?
any one ever used a netipot for their sinus/allergy problems?
how long does it take, on average for Singulair allergy pill to take effect?
please read gonna ask 2 questions here!?
Why would capilaries die in fingertip? HELP!?
Bad pain in the joint of toe? Any suggestions. Medical professionals or experience preferred!!!!?
if you take keppra and you have any side-effects: what are they and does it hinder you in any way?
What is the best way or treatment for an adult to stop biting their nails?
Anybody use Dialectic Behavioral Therapy to deal with their schozophrenia or Borderline Personality Disorder?
Support groups for victims and their families of pedophiles?
I want to know if you know anybody who is so disabled from the panicattacks?
How is somatic experiencing therapy similar to or different from bioenergetic analysis?
do you ever feel depressed for no apparent reason? If that ever happens, do you do anything to help yourself?
what is lupus?
what is impetigo and miliaria?
What are the different types of terminal illness?
I have a horrible headache!!!!?
Has anyone been cured of rheumatoid arthritis? How? Does Remicade work?
Is it possible to have a reaction to Nexium after taking it for over 6 wks.?
can I get my CDL being on perscribed oxycontin?
feeling weak in muscles, light headed and legs seem to cramp up and want to give out. What can be wrong?
I have a pain in my left side. It's not my ribs. Any ideas?
muscle pain relieve?
Methadone Clinic Whereabouts?
what does prn stand for?
my grandson has me playing a game with him. head-ache/spitting headache. help ACUM i don't know?
What tests are done to diagnose neuro fibromyalgia?
antibiotics for chlamydia when tested negetive?
can hiv spread through finger contact?
can u still transmitt a decease even though you.....?
my friend told if you kiss someone with lip gloss or any lip baalm you can not get any stds?
can creatine cause shortness of breath?
Can you help me find information on the subject pneumonia please???
Why isn't my inhaler working???I'm having a hard time breathing but my inhaler doesn't seem to work.
Why do I feel very dizzy after smoking?
Can swimming after a mantoux test cause a false positive?
I have sleep apnea and CPAP isn't working any more anyone else have this problem?
can i growth up my body?
what does a 11 year old girl wear?
how do i cure an ear ache?
How do I get rid of ingrown hair , probably from shaving... its been there for probably a month now.?
How do I get rid of my runny nose?
How do you pee in space?
Why is it when you take I take a bath i come out feeling rejuvinated and not as sleepy as i did when i got in?
Why do kids with ADHD act the way they do?
Do taller people run faster than shorter peple?
Can you tell me where I can get good erotic massage by female in chicago or northbrook?
Is there a natural option to Adderall & that kind of thing for ADD & ADHD kids?
What is Atenolol used for?
How can I avoid tonsil removal surgery for my son using natural alternatives?
jewish culture and medicine?
I have reddish brown lesions they are not contagious they do not itch they are rampant on legs back help?
I recently found out that i might have bed bugs. My legs are filled with red spots. How can i kill the bugs?
How do I lower hormones?
anyone know anything on the acne med called differin?
do you know of any dermatologist in Lagos, Nigeria?
My paticular boil seems to be open,i can see the mucus or whatever but it wont come out,the head is open?
Is there birth control that is safe and does not cause blood clots or cancer or heart problems?
I am taking ibuprofen 800mg and want to know if its harmful to take two pills at one time?
Should I go to an optometrist or opthamologist for my eyes that are red and burn?
i don't feel nervous but everytime i talk to someone my face would just go red?
what is positive health?
Has anyone heard of a piece of contact lens being stuck in your eye?
Explain my eyeglass prescription?
EYESIGHT: What can cause sight in one eye to change one dioper in 2 years with little change in other eye?
Blurry eyes....?
Are rodents more susceptible to contracting Avian Bird Flu than humans?
can mild sinus problems or allergy worsen if left untreated???
Can Allegra Slow A Person's Growth Rate?
allergies :(?
how can you catch a diease?
i have herpes but am taking medication?
Can you get gential worts from masterbating with an open wort on your finger?
if u have HIV, is it possible to get re-infected with another strain of the virus?
When are pregnant women in the US tested for aids? is it at the beginning of pregnancy, middle or throughout?
Dark circles... any ideas??
what do you do when shingles pop?
skin problems?
Would I worry about the blue dot on my skin?
My face got burnt with some acne medication. What can I do/use to get rid of the dark spot?
I had a xray and showes I had a bad c5 and c6. What does this mean?
hey, about the suicide question yeaterday, i was in a really bad mood.?
What is the best way to stay awake when you get short sleep?
What is Neurontin?
What happens when you wear contacts that have been overworn already?
if my contact prescription is -4.25, what is my acuity (20/ ? )?
How many hours constitutes overwear for soft contact lenses?
wearing contacts?
non-prescription coloured contacts?
Natural Supplement for Sinus and Respiratory infections?
burred vision?
what body organ were 44,989 us citizen on a waiting list for by april 30 of 2000?
what is asthmatic bronchitis? the best prevention or remedy for asthmatic bronchitis?
what are effects of tuberculosis after it has been cured ?
I would like to know if you increase your odds of getting sick from air conditioning? Real facts or studies?
relative to my question blazing pains in my bones. I am 68 yrs old. This hs been going on for 1yr now.?
My 10 year old girl has an extremly high heart rate.?
my mother ad heart attack last month. Angioplasty was done, but she have pain in her heart and hands.?
OK! cardios let have some humour, what does CAD stands for besides coronary artery disease?
low blood platletts what does it mean?
High Blood Pressure?
Cannot bend wrist backwards only forwards?
Doctors, nurses...any medical professional..please help...?
As you were driving down the highway, you observed a one car wreck...?
I get these nasty cold sores like 3-5 times a year, I've been using abreva but is there anything better?
I had an IV in my hand Monday, and I smacked my hand by accident today?
my skin is now 'bicolor' due to 2nd degree burn. Is there a way i could bring this back to normal skin tone?
West Nile?
fibers found under the skin on face?
Has anyone had a hard time getting started on the iPledge program for accutane?
vitiligo cure?
I have rashes all over my hairline. What is it? help?
How successful is Lasik Surgery?
what is the remedy or drug for hyperactive salivation.when i am talking to somebody my saliva sparkles out .?
Worn out from sleeping!?
How much clonazepam would it take to fatally overdose on it?
please tell me how can i long my hair which is best shampoo?? which longs my hairs tell me please tell mesoon
my wife is a pain in the neck can anyone help me out?
Will Cigna pay for hip resurfacing, specifically the Birmingham procedure?
can multiple sclerosis cause chronic pain?
What do you do if you have a headache?
Can you diagnose me?
cause of burning sensation in right side hip and right leg?
need doctor to repair holes in ear lobes from plugs.?
can any one tell me what the correct name for "when body problems show up as black dots in the iris" is called
homemade remedies for acid reflux?
How do i get rid of acne on my chin?
I've had gastric bypass and need to know what pain medications i can take for pain. Dr. wants me off vicodin.
what can i do for really thinning hair??
I don't have any contact solution?
Did I scratch my eye?
HELP! My left eye's been twitching for the past 4 days?
Anyone have allergies fron living on a gravel (dirt) road?
What is the treatment for red, itchy swelling?Complementary medicine suggestions will also be appreciated.?
does eas 100% whey protien powder work?
How many calories are burned, doing a standard crunch?
Can the tropical fruit sorrel help to lose weight in any way? If so how.?
Will using ephedra, in a dietary supplement show up in a urine drug test? How long does ephedra stay in body?
I would like to know if anyone has ever tried the grapefruit diet? If so how much weight did you lose?
how to get tall?
anyone tried yoga booty ballet?
Apart from anti acids, what else can i use to induce belching???
what is the fastest way to lose 100 pounds?
What are some sypmtoms of having hiv or aids or stds or chlymedia?
Generally how long after you get STD's do you start to see symptoms?
A question about health needles that are given to you?
Morgellons Disease...the new bio-terror? Severe outbreak? These patients need recognition?
can epson salt cure my nail funga infection?
I have a home remedy that wipes out ezcema how can i use it to my advantage?
What are the systoms of the measles?
Morgellons...the new mystery disease?
I am allergic to ant bites. What is the toxin? Do all ants bite? Major ant problem in our home.?
does anyone know the long term effects of a fundoplication?
Why do our bodies release histamines during an allergic reaction?
What are the best web sites to get information on lung transplants?
what is a hypoplasic lung?
what is squint eye?
On average, which type of contact lense is more expensive?
is tickling at your own will?
When I rub my eyes for too long. I see a residual doughnut in my central vision. What IS That!?
Is StressPac a good treatment for depression?
Panic attacks, any great answers on how to overcome them?
Such magnetic Heavens’ signs?
Anybody feeling sick right now.?
what's the difference between a migrain and a headache?
Ever been to see a shrink?
How to help my b/f to quit smoking for good?
Can a person get a calcium overdose from taking 1,800mg a day? What are the signs of overdose? Thanks. Dariya?
how long should a warm up last?
What if your nails don’t itch/bleed or hurt but are discolored. What could it be?
What is the best way to quit smoking?
Is it possible for u to cough up an organ?
How do I deal with sister's addiction?
Does anyone out there have Retinitis Pigmentosa? How has it impacted your life?
what is camel toe?
which type of deoderant works best, stick, gel, spray, etc?
Have you used a Netti Pot to treat sinuses or allergies? How did it work for you?
Has anyone seen ADHD symptoms disappear since you eliminated allergenic foods?
My eyes itches, i feel like some sand is inside then produces some string-like muccus; how do treat this?
What do you think is this hard lump on the bridge of my nose?
Are there any treatments for Neurofibromatosis?
My three year old Daughter had a small wart on her left big toe. Tonight, it somehow was ripped off her toe.?
why are the bottom of my feet so red? This looks terrible with sandals.?
Has anyone who has eczema ever tried taking zinc supplements?
My friend has a skin condition. Does anyone have an idea what it might be??
knee injuries, what exercises can I do?
Name of Specialist for bones and muscles? Is it orthologist?
Can any one tell me about Muscle Spasam... I have BAd pain in Left Shoulder?
how long does it take a torn rotater cuff to turrn into a frozen rotater cuff?
How does one get a compression fracture of the vertabrae without falling ?
Why does my foot hurt when I swim?
What do the numbers in your blood pressure results mean?
how does blood flow is maintained in arteries and veins?
what is the external cardiac massage ratio for 1 rescuer in cpr?
What is and are the cause of Sinus Arrhythmia?
Myocardial perfusion scan Normal. Coronary Angio shows blockage? Please advise...?
I live in a desert and my eyes get dry a lot, but when i put in eyedrops, they just seem drier the next day...
Have you tried Sam-E and what did you think?
usually, about how long should it take?
What are the best brand of eye drops for dry eyes? (I live in the UK)?
Does anybody have any advice for taking ur contacts out?
Aren't transition lenses(with prescription) supposed to be as clear as regular prescription lenses?!?
colored contacts?
what happens if u dont wear ur glasses only sometimes?
Anyone know where i can get an airtight vile for holding blood???
I just get a sickness called "Pneumonia" and what I have to do?
is herbal medicine just as valuable as hospital medicine?
what is the best over the counter acne medication?
my 6 yrs daughter 's face has darkened alot,with some patches on her face,after a holiday at maldives.help
how do u get herpies?
can a pap smear determine wether you have chlamydia? and how long does it take to get the results?
If your french kiss for the first time, does your throat hurt you?
getting cold sores since middle school.?
does anyone have psoriasis? I have the right medicine?
abscess - general surgeon or plastic surgeon?
Nasal spray on eczema?
what kind of luck have you had from the sun for psoriasis?
what can you wear to stop yellow flies from biting?
distinguish between autotrophic bacteria and heterotrophic bacteria???
When did the AIDS virus transmute from blacks to whites?
could someone intentionally carry a disease on their face until they are ready to pass it to you.?
i have human pappiloma virus, and i'm pregnant, what is the effect for my baby? and how i get the cure?
Anyone who has taken the chicken pox vaccine and still had chicken pox?
A friend has parasites through her body after a visit to Brazil. What can she do to get rid of them? Help!!!!!
can hepetitus c be transmitted by saliva?
How can one who suffers from incontinence deal with this embarassing problem?
what is remedy for the dicease " GOUT " ?
I'm always tired...how can I get a little extra boost of energy?
Alcoholism-is there an over-the-counter med/supplement/herbal remedy to fight withdrawal symptoms?
What is the best way to deal with the pain from "Fibromyalgia"?
show i be concerned about my 10 month old baby?
is it common for a female infant to have multiple bilateral ovarian cysts with breast development at 10 months
can we use homeopathy and allopathy medicines at the same time?
what is the best site for information on prescription drug side effects?
I cant smell.Is it my nerves of smell that died or did the doc who operated on me error?
Can you get the same amount of oxygen breathing through your mouth?
Has anyone else had ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) and have come out of a coma?
I have Advanced emphysema, been on oxygen for 3 yrs. now at 4 liters, what are the prognosis?
What is the fastest way i can loose weight???
Has anyone tried Tony Little's Gazelle exercise machine?
Why does one feel sleepy after a heavy meal in the afternoon?
Is there any way I can lose muscle mass or at least not gain any more?
How successful have you found Weight Watchers to be?
What is the Quickest, most effective way to lose about 20 lbs even if it is unhealthy?
What can you do so i can run faster and longer than usual?
i maintain my weight without dieting, will lose weight faster than average if i workout?
I have a small keloid on the back of my earlobe. How do I know when it will stop growing?
White Spots Are Appearing On My Skin!?
Why is it so hard to get a shower and wash my hair when I am depressed?
Can you rid yourself of depression without medication?
What do you call a person who can't stay in one place for more than two months?? is it a mental disease??
how can i find a therapist that realy understands my problems?
Who would be better to talk to- a clinical psychologist or a certified counciler?
What are the side-effects of taking Ambien for an extended period?
Has anyone experienced anaphylactic shock?
sun allergies?
Am I a weakling because of my allergies?
Where is a Clinic in Baton Rouge La that does an abortion in one day?
are acuvue 2 color as good of quality as acuvue oasys?
How can I keep my eyesight perfect?
eye glasses question?
Anything being developed for reversing blindness?
I'm freaking out. Removal of contact lenses?
Becoming Vegan?!**read details please***!?
I feel more active in the night, and i dont like bright days. Is anything wrong with me?
why we have hairs at other places except head?
why i fell sleepy?
what is flushing response?
Girls.. who taught you about make-up and hair styling... fashion... ?
Good Skin??
Why is tea good for you? What's in it?
i have a blue cross blue shield card and i lost it but i need the numbers where can i find it online?
why do i alway feel sleepy even when i had a good nights sleep?
is tylenol with codeine over the conter or prescription?
Is it possible to get high off of cough drops?
I am in Washington State. Can my 16 yr old go to a Dr. appt by herself if I call it in and approve?
Is Naproxen a pain killer?
my mom has sciatica pain in the back an leg. What do Ido?
What major category does orthapedic surgeon fit into?
I get really bad headaches......?
why the pain?
Hand and Elbow pain?
how do you solve a dandruff problem?
What is the cause of reacurring boils.?
how often do you get cold sores?
Can anyone explain AIDS in pregnancy?
Does anyone know if L-Lysine will help with clod arteries, someone told me this bit of info?
How can I get impartial reports/ratings on hearing aids?
There's a small sac of fluid on my right eye, right of the retna (and to the corner).Is this an emergerncy?
why do my eyes get watery when i run??
how can I heal a strained muscle?
how tall is the tallest man you met?
How can I get sponsor to do a research in copd.?
Help,looking for the web site just for fibrotic lung disease, and info about Mi.State Program 4 this disease.?
Heart Strain?
Is it possible for a PDA?
why is my heart skipping after mitral vave surgery?
How come sometimes i wake up and my top lip is swollen!?
my husband is getting sharp pains in his leg. says it feels like a bone is growing or broken.any idea why?
Whats wrong with my pinky toe?
whats the best way to keep from getting shin splints when i run?
Whats the leading injury in the construction field ? (falls) (eye) (back) etc.?
Does anyone know anything about shoulder injuries?
Know any good exercises to speed up my recovery time?
Did my eye sight increase bcz i have -1in right eye & -.75in left eye i can use specx continously or for a ce
my eyes are always red they pain once in awhile i dont have any problem while writting or reading what could b
do you have to go to a doctor for pink eye?
i have flacky skin on my neck how do i get rid of it?
what are those black moles on some people faces??? how do they form?
will washing my face with soap make me break out?
How do you get insulation out of your skin?
Whats the best way to treat a cold sore?
Who can I call to help me pay for a RAI 131 pill that I need for hyperthyroidism. I have Graves Disesase?
Do you know what this is?
what is digoxin?
I have a bad cold I want to feel good tomorrow and sleep all night any herbal remedies?
Besides conventional medication, what kind of non-traditional medication reduces triglycerides?
what is the drug zenabrillatol?
what is the cause of infected lymph nodes? and how long do you recover from them ?
Give me the Pathophysiology of Dengue Fever?
What are the symtoms for "Anxity Attacks"?
I itch everytime I sit in my recliner. Dust mites? What is it?
what should i do when my eyes getting red due to allergy?
Anyone using Pataday?
Is it really true?
Why does a person smell like urine al the time, they say they do not pee on themselves?
I think I have a yeast infection can you help me?
How can a person permanently remove his or her B.O.?
Muscular pain! How to get rid of it?
i woke up 3 days ago and the white part of my eye has blood in it any suggestions as to what it could be?
Girls,do you think that boy's that shave their underarms are gay?
are there pictures on the internet to find before and after pics of meth addicts?
help with contcat lenses???
Is it possible to have a cold that goes away and comes back, or is it a different cold?
What is the bst way to get abs?Ive tried evything and stayed with it but i just dont see any results.?
Cronic urinary infections.?
How do I find an online wieght loss buddy?
Does adderall affect the atkins diet?
What color is blood inside the body?
What foods will make you gain weight healthily?
what the effects of birth control on fetus development?
Can Chiari 1 Type Malformation cause Sciatic Nerve?
Does anybody have a good way to cure poison ivy ?
what are the effects of human growth complex in female atheletes?
What is the best way to eat health and stay in shape while attending college?
how to read a brain mri white spots?
Graves disease/hypothroidism?
How to loose weight quickly?
what can be the cause of sever headache when standing?
What is brain haemorrage and what causes it?
Is it better to eat many small meals (or snacks) throughout the day, or three larger meals?
Yoga,Martial Arts or Boxing?
Should Yahoo make a diet section?
I have this thing on my leg that is as big as my palm, Help?
Can anyone tell me what to do, other than a eye lift to lift eyelids? I seem to look tired all the time.?
How safe is it to drink while taking Wellbutrin 300mg?
what causes nightmares? can you do anything to stop having them?
How do you cure insomnia ?
I beleive I have milk allergy....?
why do we cough during sick with a cold?
can you get addicted to cigarrettes from second hand smoke?
can you smoke mota with a tobacco pipe?
How well will the quality of life be for a 57 year old woman with one lung?
infection of ear or sinuses?
I want to get contacts bur anyway plz list 10 good reasons why teens could have contacts and whatever?
when you get a pair of glasses how long does it take to get them back?
What type of sunblock is more affective?
What's the best home remedy for heat rash?
what causes the uvula in throat to turn black and swollen?
My step son has exema real bad. Does anyone have any home remedies that we can apply to his skin?
What does alcohol do to yours blackheads?
can you get vitiligo back?
what do you know about angina pectoris.?
what is treatmentsfor high potassium for infants?
My son has been treated for Aortic Stenosis he also has a mitral valve in parachute. Is the operation serious?
Can the heart hurt from nerves/stress?
Each of the following changes will result in increased blood flow to a tissue, except?
Weird stinging on my back and underarms.?
How do you get rid of ring-worm?
Is anyone allergic to sulfates in shampoo? Can you recommend a shampoo without them?
Device to flush nose and sinus?
Every time I get sick or my allergies kick in I loose my voice. How can i get this to stop?
can anlergies cause just a headache for 2 months withouth any other symptoms?
Whats the possiblity of my BF having herpes?
broken leg set in a cast not flat?
How do you handle eye strain?
If a toenail spilts can it grow back together?
Werid question...?
arteries in legs?
I cleanly broke the radial bone in my forearm 2 inches from the distal end - how soon can I do pushups?
i have fatty liver and diabetes,i am overweight,i also am anemic....serious or not?
what is infarction of the right basal ganglia?
How to counteract sinusitis most efficiently?
Four years ago I tested positive for hep c I've been using heavy ever since. Recently I got my enzymes checked
what are the nursing care plan of having elephantiasis?
Why won't the developed world allow the third world the ability to use DDT to erradicate Malaria to save lives
i need cheap insurance for self employed?
Should doctors work in pairs, so you always get an immediate second opinion?
how to control hair from greyness?
I have arare problem.I pull out my eye-lashes. There even a name for it.anyone have ideas how to stop.?
Is there any special medication or home made formula to loose weight and fats?
Does anyone know how recovering from major surgery affects the body's needs for calories?
what tea can help me get my voice back?
Generic over the counter medicine VS name brand? Which is more effective?
I have upper leg and hip pain for the first few steps when getting up after sitting a while. What can I do?
How long can a "High" or "buzz" last?
what can i do to help my bone heal?
Can extended contact lenses' life be "extended" by not wearing them occassionaly?
My eye doctor wouldn't let me get contacts before glasses. Is that common practice?
What is the remedy for stomach...Clearance.. Urgent...Plzz?
why mesothelioma so talked about cancer these days?
what is the tagalog meaning of pneumonia??
Is ARDS realted to fever, high pulse rate and respiratory rate. What is it? the outcome?
Pulmicort weight gain really "the" reason?
Why do doctors not use Cortisone for asthma patients anymore?
free hospital in chicago... NEED HELP!!?
where to buy kava kava?
What is the best herbal or natural source(s) to increase a very slow metabolism?
In what areas or topics that nurses have inadequate knowledge or skills?
What is the homeopathic perscription of Lac Loxodonta Africana used for?
is honey safe for diabetics?
why do i overeat and over spend?
Do guys prefer girls thin or meaty?
what is the nutrional value of the kiwi fruit?
is pho soup high in cholesterol? my dr. tells me my cholesterol level is up and i eat alot of pho soup?
whats a good diet that works?
How do I lose weight without losing muscle?
whats the fatest way to loose weight?
medical symptom-on arms, lumps on skin, severe itching for 2 weeks, from elbows to wrists?
Are there any non perscription methods for exzema?
What is the scientific reason behind sun tans on skin. How can sun tans be avoided.Please suggest ?
does anybody have any info on granuloma anulara?
My 1 year old grand daughter has a rare skin condition, I was wondering if anyone else knows about it.?
Does anyone know...?
Should I go to the dermatologist 1 more time?
I have psoriasis and I know that it is genetic what are the chances that I will pass it on to my son?
How do you get rid of sweaty palms and feet?
what is bads skin?
is that MINERALWATER good for health?
What are some over the counter elixirs?
arthritis question?????
Why do I have upper back pain, especially deep in the ribs muscles? I work on a laptop daily for 8 hrs.?
my pain in my lower back?
does foot drop syndrome need surgery?
If I I've been working at my desk for a long time my back starts to hurt and I feel nauseous. What can I do?
Why endometriosis develops and what sort of cases are predisposed to it?
Have a lump on my back?
Is it true that drinking alot of softdrinks and eating junkfood can cause UTI?
is there a cure from fibromyalgia?
Has anyone had the HPV vaccine, Gardacil?
What is a healthy amount of time to spend on the internet each day?
Okay If I buy glasses online can you bring them to your eyeglass place to have lenses put in.?
How to protect and rest your eyes from the computer?
is it safe to use pure saline on contacts?
im on metorprol for hight bllod pressure?
A friend told me!..I have a Sick sense of Humor??..Will Chicken Noodle Soup make it Well??
how long does it take for allergy symtoms to appear after someone is stung by a bee..?
Does anyone know about a wheat free all purpose flour?
How do I soothe chafing near my eyes?
At work i have to use bleach water. i think i am alergic to it....?
what is an over-the-counter cure for ringworm?
what is schamburgs?
Can you take Accutane if you have high cholesterol?
How many of you get out of the bathtub to pee?
How is it possible for me to get a bigger but?
wat info is contained in DNA?
I would like some tips on growing taller?
what's the difference between soft contact lens and hard contact lens?
What are the effects of not sleeping for several days?
what are lower respiratory infections?
What is a parietal occipital subarachnoid hemorrhage?
what is wrong with my foot?
what nerves are in the C4 to C5 region of cervical spine?
My calf corked by someones knee - How to heal quickly?
What effects can handling items that were infested with mice have on your health?
What are the treatments of depression?
Are Doctor`s excuses legal for proof of abscence from work in Illinois? My Work Does Not Recognize It.?
hyperventilating question?
is there an herbal way to help asthma?
can you get legionnaires disease from a leaking air conditioner if it is in a large building office?
CPAP mask without latex and silicone???? Does it exist?
best rowing machine?
what are the organs in the four quadrants of the body?
How to avoid Shoe Bites?
What is the best treatment for cut on lips?
can any one let me know how to stop exceesive sweating?
Acne, proactive?
whats the cure for staph????????????????????
Does anyone know if a bull's eye rash is only caused by a tick carrying lyme disease?
generic eye drops?
Can I be a lifeguard (leisure pool) if I have prescription refrative lenses (glasses to help me see)?
Eye problem?
Is it normal to stay depressed over Chris Farley's death?
What is the term used??
does this help with depression?
Claritin, 24 hours?
how long should a food allergy last?
there is this pain in my stomach, feels like acid. I ve taken meds such as antacids and anti spasms?
which medicine can block the appetite center in the brain and I can not eat a lot ?
my age is 20 and my height is just 154 cm, there is any possibilities to grow to 157 cm ?
how can you stop a sour throut if you dont have any medication???
What muscle relaxant is closest to Skelaxin?
i just fell on ice and now i got a major headache. i fell on my cheek bones. is it serous??
why do my knees ache just before it rains?
When I was little, I fell down a hill at my dads. I have since then been having problems with my ankle?
Reason for sharp pain in upper back/ chest area, radiating into left arm and elbow?
how can i get breast enlargement with natural components?
I have a horrible pain under my nail...how should I stop it?
How effective is the co-enzyme called Q10?
too many aleve?
What are Hiccups?
what do you do for a concusion?
Is there a Liver Transplant Center in Alaska?
what is the cause of joint clicks?
why would a baby have a odd shape head?
Please! One of my teacher got leukemia. What should I do or tell her. She need O type of blood every week.?
What does it mean when one's pulse is high but their blood pressure is normal or low?
What Kind Of Foods And Stuff Should You Avoid With Arrhythmia?
How should I treat stubborn corns on my toes?
can anyone recommend the best way to fight athlete's foot?
anyone know any remedies for eczema in babies?
can mt dew cause skin allergies?I get red spots on my face that itch. Can too much Dew cause this?
oMGAh I Have a Big Burn On mY Arm and It Hurts What Should I do????