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Does Ancel Keys Seven Countries Study REALLY Support The Anti-Cholesterol Paradigm?
What does "MEAN" means or stands for on the blood pressure reading on the machine?
Once you have a baby with Hypoplastic left heart syndrome what are your chances of having another the same way
what effect of a decreased intake of iron have on the hematocrit?
Why does my heart race after I take pain-medications? Anxiety?
what is tetse syndrome?
Any one hooked on Zoloft?
Can you please give me websites where I can find out information about anorexia?It is for a paper for school.?
Legs getting stiffer and stiffer at young age ??
where to find a podiatrist which specailizes in diabetes in the Los Angeles COunty?
i have chronic pancreatitus why do they make sugar coated painkillers.?
How can I find diabetes educational information printed in Greek?
I fasted from 8:30 pm to 8:30 today, and my blood sugar was 79 after two hours it was 96. What does that mean.
what is the recent measures of blood glucose according to latest studies for diabetec patient?
whats is a diabetes screening tests?
I've got 3 linear 3" blisters on my side and back what are they?
When I exercise, I get hives from sweating. Is there anything I can do to prevent them or treat them?
what do I do about the skin around my nails?
What is the best medicine to get rid of plantar warts?
whats the best way to treat hidradentitis?
any method tostop baldness and start hair growth?
Can we turn someone in to HR for having Body Lice?
what is rosceola and what is the virus that causes it? Where is this virus usually found?
Do you or a significant other suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPT)?
Does Lexapro make anyone crave sweets and feel TIRED?
how dose water relate to our bodys??
lumbar disc buldge/herniation?
Whats the best way to get rid of a tooth ache without pulling it?
I have severe pain on the back of my leg behind the knee. It's only painful after I stand up after sitting.
swollen tonsil and ear ache???need help....?
what cause bad chest pain?
Need nonsurgical pain relief for hip dysplasia/arthritis pain.?
What is the likelihood that full vision will return after you've had a leak in the retina?
remedy for dust allergey of eye?
How many actual contact lenses are in the box where they are held?
Help!! I just got stung by some fire ants while mowing the grass!!?
Is the chance of getting more moles and skin tags linked to heredity?
is the use of diphenhydramine tab during pregnancy result to urticaria pigmentosa in newborn?
Is there anything out there for treating psoriasis?
It's been two years and the skin on my face and neck is progressively shedding and turning black. Any ideas?
what is a cerebral hemmroid ?
I have some weird bites or rash and I need some pictures to figure out what i is?
which is worse he rps or anal warts?what are the differences?
how to get a virus out????????????????????????????help?
Please Read This!!!! Everyone!!!?
Am I allergic to something in bananas?
Really bad allergies =?
Terrible spring allergies?
what the answer for an itchy throat due to allergies?
Laundry detergent Allergy...?
Is there a good website to enter in medical symptoms and get a good diagnosis? WebMd does not work well.?
What is the best activity that you can do for your arthritis?
If my eye color changes what sould i put in my passport?
What does having a "dry heart" (mean medically)?
Cigars/blood test?
I have no risk factors for heart disease. My total cholestorol is 184. My bad is 123. Am I okay?
could you suffocate from laughing?
how does the nervous system work with other systems?
what is the new medicine to help smokers stop smoking?
I want out of yahoo 360 it has caused to many complications!?
How bad can a damaged muscle hurt you? What is the worst that can happen?
Saliva contains enzymes that begin the digestive process of?
the purpose of having a blood donations?
I'm always tired. What could cause it?
How do i heal my raised scar?
Does anyone have Hypothyroidism? What are your symtoms?
What website is this from?
what are the features of brain death?
wht is colour wht it do if it come in our life?
Have you stuck to your New Years resloution so far?
Can i perform CPR on my wife to roleplay between a 'doctor' and a 'patient'?
i have a problem when i study or think?
what is the most effective and low costing product for cellulite removal?
how to tell if you have a concussion?
how do i find out more about the staple to lose weight?
how do u cure pink eye?
What Medicine should you give to someone if there back, stomach and head is hurting?
does massages release toxins from the body?
i took metronidazole with alcohol and feel fine.....?
is mother cells treatmemt effective for cancer. is it legal?
Last night I saw a very small purple mark under my left eye.?
What makes a person Healthy?
jt66250: what is a life coach?
If you could instantly change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why.?
What can I do to stop a cold from coming on when I have symptoms?
What can I do when my has a bad astma attack and I dont have a michine?
what is homeopathy?
I have really dry skin what do I do?
what is the name of using electrical sessions on the brain?
Has any Bipolars ever see things that arent there?
Self Esteem around women?
what do i do?
Is "Depression" over-diagnosed?
what does macnaughton say about the psychopathic personality?
idon't know how to act when someone make me mad i am so nice the time it is happen but aftar that i'm mad
Have you parents ever stress you so bad that you completely lost your mind.?
why can't any1 go 1 week being happy, other than being sad or angry?
how to firm your body?
is there a cure for lactose intolerance?
What is the fick principle?
what is the best muscle building progam to use at the gym?
how fast and how long should i run a day?
Will my same weight routine continue to achieve results all year?
what's the best diet to lose abs fast?
how to lose excess fat in my tummy and tighs in jst 5 days or jst 1 week?
how can one reduce hips?
what can i do to get nice abs fast??
can i put my contacts in after they dialated my eyes??
Are there any optometrists that will polish the lenses?
how to get rid of lice, i tried all store bought help?
Help me understand?
Is there an immunization for Malaria and is it effective?
why they spray you on the airplane on the way to South Africa? and what is that?
Any solutions to what I think to be severe athlete's foot? If its not athelet's foot, what is it?
what is means to fungus?
what are bacteria infections of the skin?
Is it possible to be allergic to juice from "concentrate"?
how to get rid of my bloody noses?
I am breaking out in hives, and not sure why.?
How come after a night of drinking my voice is so much lower in pitch.?
i need help...?
how is lasik eye surgery done?
After cataract surgery, how long for Econopred Plus and Nevanac drops?
What is the best medicine to take for sinus trouble if you can't take a decongestant?
Has anyone with COPD heard of using Glutathione in a nebulizer?
Why is it that when I'm at the mall, an arena, or a any huge place my vision goes very blurry?
My face had started to flush (get red and hot) randomly for the past 7 months. I've cut back on caffeine.?
My thyroid level is .04 according to my blood work. Can this be a fluke? I am 56.?
i have breathing problems,right now ,what should i do?
is there any alternantive in dealing with psoriasis other other than what is currently medically approved?
my scalp is peeling but its not a burn what i wrong?
I found a bald spot on my head, about the size of a quarter, pink in color. Can you give me an idea about it?
has anyone had a white patch in their nose? what is it?
how can you make a flyer about suicide?
Does eating fish cooked in vegatable, corn or canola oil add to cholesterol in the body?
why is iv cephalosporins given at higher dose than oral cephalosporins?
What is the average blood sugar count for an adult human?
Are there such things as invisible bruises?
Why do mesquitos bites itch?
No beating around the bush, will drinking a bottle of rum cause serous health problems in the future?
where can I get a replacement for tylenol severe sinus containing Guaifenesin pseudoephedrine acetaminophen?
Can taking Vitamin B17 prevent cancer?
pulmonary emboli?
Will I receive my disability and do I have cancer?
bulging eyes for almost a year,male, 48 y/o, lab test, CT scan normal. What might be the problem? Thnks.?
what are the causes of insomnia and what are some of insomnia's related study?
What's the best way of getting rid of spots?
y is that vegetarians don't eat meat because they don't wanna kill animals, but they kill plants to eat?
When gettin your eyebrow pierced does gettin it pierced on a certain side mean your gay?
For the people of India :?
did i sprain my ankle?
How serious is a herniated disk?
What is a normal settlement for 2 slipped disks and a tear in back..?
If a part of your fingernail brakes off in the corner, does it grow back normally, or will it be deformed?
How do i drain a blocked middle ear?
does anyone here have a mold allergy?
is a stuffy nose, snezzing, coughing, and itching on face allergies?
Scratchy feeling in bottom of throat....like I need to constantly clear it, but nothing happens?
Has anyone ever heard of creases or dents appearing on a person's head while they sleep?
Can I get a std by using suppositories for the treatment of hemroids?
HPV! did anyone kno?
What pathogens are involved in hiv?
Is there anywhere in Norman, Oklahoma that sells organic bedding---pillows, sheets, and/or mattresses?
What's the fastest working (non prescription) diet pill on the market?
can you get lead poisioning from being stabbed with a pencil and a piece is under the skin??
what are the do's and don'ts when a child falls and hits thier head?
where to get a flu shot in orange county california?
what is he lookining for?
Can somebody talk to me about Bausch and Lomb PureVision contact lenses?
Is it harmful for children to sit in front of a computer at the age of 8 years?
S.A.D. and Bipolar Disorder...?
Have you ever suffered from fatigue while having asthma symptoms?
is it possible for a 19 month old to have anxiety related asthma?
Whats the difference between sinusitis and rhinitis?
why is the right lung bigger than the left?
Other than chemotherapy and a disease called Alopecia, what can cause a person't hair to fall out?
I have cyst on both kidneys is this a common thing? 1 on the left several small ones on the right.?
what type of exercises can i do to flatten my tummy besides sit -ups????
Ab workout while standing?
I want to firm my arm, legs, stomach and waist. So whats the best exercise?
Do you think hypnosis can really help with weight loss?
Is it possible to remove fat from our body by echupuncher ?If posslble how much it cost?
How much water is too much?
when on the treadmill should u move your arms or hold them onto the bars?
how many water pills should i take before my drug test tomorrow??
how do you ge rio of hiccups?
how do I get rid of the hiccups?
how do i get rid of the hiccups?
Why do I look so much like a kid? It's so annoying.?
How do I prevent razer burn in my bikini area?
how to get rid of puffy eyes after crying?
Why can't I straighten my knee all the way?
what is the medical term for a pca?
have lower back pain, feels like nuckles popping?
i have a really bad neck pain what can i do??? please help?
TERRIBLE pain at night in my back and right side? Also Pregnant.?
What makes muscles ache?
remedy for sores in nose from a cold?
Is there any history if allergic reactions to wearing bulk cleaned vendor provided uniforms?
How do you develop Allergies?
Chances of an abnormal mole being cancerous?
What is Hensen's disease,what is it's causative factor?
does anyone know what you call white patches you have on your skin???
injurys caused by repeated kicks to head?
does tea tree oil really get rid of scabies?
i am 16 and i have an acne problem...is chemical peeling suitable for my age?
How can you put people (namely family) at ease and treat you like a normal person?
How many of you where raped, abused, or molested in the past and how did you deal with the healing process?
How do i get rid of annoying phone calls from telemarketers?
What to do when you tell your family you are seriously depress and they don't believe you &........?
how do i get ride of quick dots/floaters in my visiion?
acuity glasses eyesight?
When I close my eyes I hear a thundering sound, what is the cause of that?
What´s the best contact lense for a beginner?
Am a 79 yr. old male withspinal stenosis, it is affecting the use of my legs, what is the prognosis.?
Who is a famous person that had Addison Disease?
what are the side effects of a perscription called Hydroc/apap?
Has anybody had right side abdominal pain, also in the right center of the abdomen and no elevation in enzymes
stomach ULCERS?
My daughter is turning 14 this summer, but she gets this weird acid reflux type thing that leads to vomiting.?
what is the definition of heteropsia?
what could be the cause of my index finger to be swollen and painful? I am a 43 year old male?
i fill cold and i have cold what will i do?
how to cure a scared face coused by acne?
what is the best remedy for psoriasis?
what does darvaset look like?
does acupuncture help with ankle injuries. i have a bone bruise that the doctor said may need surgery.?
What if you don't swallow a swallowable pill? As in what if you chew it and then swallow?
free home remedies for kidney stones?
What skills do doctors need.?
how do i get rid of wet hands and feet?
I have a had a sore throat for 3 days, I recently developed a post nasal drip with a little bit of blood in it
My father had a lung biopsy a week ago and his lung collasped and it is not healing -?
I have had a chronic cough for a month and hospitalized for a week. How can I break up the cough and get betr
Can daily consumption of cough drops be harmful to my liver?
What do my fingernails tell me about my health?
Do americans/canadians have the NHS (National Health Service)?
My boyfriend has terrible pain in his leg due to his sciatic nerve, what can we do to give relief?
how do u spell convanethealth?
I am trying to trim down my body. Are there any suggesions on what my goal waist size should be?
can mushrooms be poisioness when handeled?
what are the types of fracture and also its classes?
What is the best way to treat psoriasis?
can someone help?
How do I get rid of blood boil that won't go away?
Oxy products?
is this normal?
I've just experienced my first episode with Shingles and am concerned about others getting the virus.?
wat r de food should be been taken to bring down the white blood cels?
Does a MRSA staph infection ever go away?
i got bit by something 2 days ago. I think it might be a brown recluse bite, what do they look like?
Please - this query is only for those who have severe edema & CHF?
Is there any way or sort of test to see if you have ever had a mild stroke?
how much it cost?
I have been taking Claritin-D since I was seven years old. I have been on it for many, many years.......?
Nasal Passages and Tissue Question.... Help?
Can caffeine help with seasonal allergies?
Does a manic depressive's metabolism change as their mood changes?
how much medical training do podiatrists have?
what would be your aims if you are studing collection and disposal of garbage?
What is the best way to relieve stress?
Does a sip of cafine help if an astma attack is coming on? Should it be hot or cold?
What does clonidine do?
Acuvue 2 or Acuvue advanced?
If you wash your face after long hours of studying, would it damage your eyes?
I have a 16 months old baby. I noticed that she is so hyper active child. How can you help me to deaal with it
how do u tell if ur pinkie finger is broken?
How do you grow eye lashes longer?
How to locate Novartis Opthalmics?
Trying to quit smoking, any suggestions? Was up to 3 pk. per, day. HELP!!!!!?
What are the best contact lenses?
I would like to hear from people who have had gastric surgery please?
Does anyone know if thyroid supplements work?
does anyone think that mushrooms give muscles pain or back or leg pain?
Can you retain water without being swollen? What are the symtoms of retaining water?
I.Q or E.Q ? which is more important for you?
why is my left ear popping?? and keep the answers respectable, this is really something that is bothering me.
i had acne for years and cant seem to find the right product. what should i do.?
can cellulitis reoccur?
How to prevent ringworm from getting larger and also to prevant it?
food ideas...?
I need to drink water a lot but i dont like it what can i do?
how do i lose weight safely & very quickly? i cant hadle it anymore( weightgain)?
My weight is 97 KG and my length is 176 cm?
Could you ever go vegetarian?
how do you lose weight but still keep your curves? (booty)?
Where can I get a cheap copy of weight watchers food companion and dining out companion?
How to convince someone that he/she is suffering from a depression.?
How to get over regret?
Anyone know how to cope with work stress?
Advice for a depressed female who wants to give up?
Does anyone have experience with social anxiety disorder?
What happened in your life unexpectedly in the last year? Were you able to handle it very well?
i stress out about every little thing. any ways on how to help chill out?
How do you usually react when you fail?
what are some good forums to visit for people with depression?
can i grow still grow taller ? I m 24 female and I wanna be 3 inches taller.?
what is the longest you have ever gone without sleep?
How do you get ride of Phobia's?
Does anyone know of a way to lighten dark circles around your eyes?
I feel awful and miserable since i had to wear glasses.?
do you think online pharmacies are legal?
Gentital Warts and Herpes?
Will zithromax cure chlyamdia.?
Trying to be Smart and i need help?
what is fibro-cystic?
my husband has been coughing for over a year and the doctors do not seem to be able to figure it out.?
Does anyone know how to purchase a Bivona tracheostomy tube?
I have a chronic cough what is it????
I have a deviated septum. Has anyone had surgery for this?
Anybody have experience with premature baby diagnosed with RSV , having extreme complications?PLEASE HELP ME
what is pneumonia?
does anyone have an idea about stopping loss of hair? i mean bald hair!?
i contantly sneeze with severe itching in my ears and inside the nose more especially in the night?
If I have never had allergies how can I recognize symptoms?
Is the low blood sugar can cause allergy ?
Is milk dangerous for our health?
What is the most effective way of treating acnes?
juice plus?
My throat is sore.?
when patient says no never stop encouraging there's a reason behind it?
Has anyone used a at home chemical peel?
Does anyone know of a reliable over the counter drug, or online drug treatment for scabies?
does anyone know a home cure for poison?
does anyone know what brown spots on the back of knees or forearm are ? or a cure?
Blisters on my right cheek and right chest, what could they be?
Treatment for Vitiligo?
what is the reason for swelling of the feet?
what is the treatment for syncope lvh?
what are the ischemic changes in the heart caused by poor, weakened, or deteriorated small blood vessels?
Scientifically, why does obesity increase a persons chance of a myocardial infarct(heart attack)?
racing heart?
Has anyone tried the medication Zanaflex for muscle spasms?
Does anyone have Osgood Slaters in their knee and play sports, too?
sharp pain?
major back pain?
The gentleman in the drive-thru at Pop-eye's Chicken told me my navel smelled like Mango Relish.?
Is Vitiligo curable?
dry itchy scalp, hair thinning what's a girl to do. Has anyone had any luck with over the counter products.
what should my friend do he has been suffering from statis dermatitis for 3 years now he refuses to see a doc?
Does eye visiblity plays a part in our concentration span?
What is AIDS?
my dad had a stroke, he can't speak, or write either, but can do everything else. Why is that? Will he recover
what does it mean if your cholestrol is too low?
Why do I fall asleep everytime i eat a meal , no matter how large or small the meal is ?
Can anyone suggest a cheaper replacement for albuterol, inhaler?
This is a health question??
How can I tell if I pop my lung?
To treat asthma, is it better a plastic spacer or metal one?
can bronchitis cause pneumonia?
Hives are driving me crazy! Help?
what works best for red itchy swollen eyes/?
if there is something to change about your self what would it be and why?
What's the best way to remove a wart?
If you shave (legs, arms), will you become more hairy than before (not just new hair, but MORE new hair)?
what is a small round mint colored pill that says Mylan 477?
do salt or crystal natural deoderants really work?
Why do tissues make your nose dry?
what do you do when you are on antidepressents but you can not stop crying none stop because you hurt...?
what do u do when your angry all the time?
Is there a website forum for people to discuss their phobic conditions?
if u could have someone else's brain whose would it b.. & y?
my hair is thinning again. In the past it stopped and grew back. Now it is still coming out. I am 65.vitamins?
Acne problems any nutritional solutions vitamins?
If you get a cold sore does it automatically mean you have herpes/HSV-1?
What prescription medicines could cause hirsuitism on a woman's facr?
Mouth problems?
can heat make a earache worse?
What exactly is a stiff neck?
Lump in the right side of mt throat?
How has living with chronic pain changed your life, limited your choices, altered your lifestyle, etc.?
I have spinal stenosis disk bulge etc. I am trying to avoid back surgery or am looking for info on the surgery
How do I soothe aching hands?
Speaking out of context..if a 2 litre of water was open and a hiv person spits in it..and a non hiv person?
what is nash as in health?
How to fight a non-developed cold?
how long can heptitus b live on your hand?
I need a no money involved way to lose weight in a short period of time i do workout but it seems to not work?
One of my friends weighs 154 and she is 12,Is that fat for her age?
How can I get fat?
how do you get rid of a beer belly?
Have you lost over 100 pounds? If so, how did you do it?
Over weighted American . Some people say that Americans are over weighted . what's rong ?Is it food or what ?
what does it mean when one day u wake up and see blury and da next day u see clearly?
Can I still wear contacts?
are contacts available for most eye prescriptions?
How far away should your computer screen be from your eyes?
Is there something wrong with my vision?
What is a carbuncle?
What types of food should you eat if you have HDL cholesterol?
I have started buying from a health food store some tablets that claimed to clean out arteries with blockage?
Could I have permanantly damaged my heart with RELPAX?
i m not do much physical activity,when i m rest or sleep my heart beat is 56,is it normal or no?
Where can I find a natural cure for really bad allergies?
The eyes are moved by several.....?
Anyone out there with a gluten intolerance problem?
Is Amaranth healthy?
whats this?
how long do you have two wait to go into the ocean after 2nd degree burns close up?
What are Methi (Fenugreek) Leaves?
Whats pandel hydrocortisone probutate?? from a RX.?
is it possible to get athlete' s hand? (serious)?
Does anyone know where i can find a hospital or doctor in Virginia that fix's and treats burns?????
How do I treat a poison sumac rash?
What is an STD?
can we have AIDS by smooching infected person?
If you have an STD can you still kiss your boyfriend without him getting it?
What exactly is tubes in ears?
Is it possible to have Pulmonary Scar or Fibroid PTB even if you didn't suffer from TB?
Heart problems, respiratory problems, or anxiety?
What is the malay name for "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome"?
low IgE levels in an 18 month old?
Can dogs get aids? If so can it be passed back to a human without aids? Does it afect them the same as humans?
Where is the best place to live in the US if you suffer from Migraines?
My antibiotics are not working! What gives?
I'm curious. Can depression begin by hating yourself? Or maybe by just disliking your own personality?
I've been diagnosed as bipolar II, and i'm so so sick of the swings. :-( anyone know what to do?
I'm recovering from food poisoning but i still feel extremely bloated and gassy. What do I do?
has anyone ever been healed of retinitis pigmentosis?
Weird bodily feelings on a computer?
How long does Acid Reflux last for an infant?
what does omega 3, 6, and 9 do?
what are foods and liquids for arthritis?
Nurse or Doctor responses only!?
How to put contacts in?
why does it make my eyes hurt when it is overcast out side (cloudy)?
how many frames per second does the human eye capture?
Can I bring eyeglass frames to Costco?
Why do my kids have mucous on there eyes when asleep now they cant open there eyes?
Is it possible to get spiritual healing for all diseases, if so from where?
how can you get your bottom smaller than the way it is ?
What kinds of therapy is good for Anxiety?
I feel really sad lately even though life is good, can someone give me some cheering up?
can head injury cause depression?
Is glutaphos really works? what vitamins do u recommend for memory booster? thanks!?
What could this be?
Does anybody else get freaked out by pool lights?
Are there any people out there that know how it feels to have depression?
Anyone ever dealt with Anxiety and Panic Disorder?
Is there any danger in getting a tatoo?
How can get the remaining hair off my arms?
Can any color tattoo ink go over black tattoo ink?
Anyone ever hear of MRSA or is anyone out there dealing with it?
what does it mean if suddenly your 2 big toenails turn brown and the other toenails are not brown????
How do you cure a feverblister?
Do you judge people by how fat or skinny they are?
So how are you doing?
is it ture that untill you reach the age of 4 you can not remember anything?
Hey any one tell me what is the dermographisam ?? it's realated to any serious skin problem or any danger prob
Is being a RN as hard as the schooling is?
Stop smoking X Becomming fat!?
i woke up with pain at right neck. it means i slept on left or right side?
Hip Pain? Help me please!?
How can we make shots less painfull for little kids so they don't get as scared?
what to do if your hair is thinning?
does anybody recall if and when they use to let patients bleed as a cure for an illness. I need to reference?
what is the best home aid for asthma?
how do you obtain a medical marijuiana card in san diego?
jobs in the US for non residents particularly on sales or professional healthcare representative?
what is the home remedy for wheat allergy?
How can I get rid of acne blemish fast?
Hi! what is the best sunscreen protector? my skin type and color is very sensitive and gets discvolored easily
I'm 21 and experiencing some major hair loss right now. HELP?
What are some simple, non-prescription ways to cure a blackened toe nail that is infected with a fungus?
Should I have not cut my skin tags?
How long does a skin irritation last?
i have a fungal infection on my left arm (tinea corporis) -should i worry?
what is it?
I need a nursing home that takes obese patients and also has rehab located in the southeast area Ga Tn or Al?
what is benzocaine and what is it used for?
How do you know if you have high blood pressure?(without going to the doctor)?
what are the symptoms of benzene poisoning?
I have a lingering head cold. Coughing, congestion etc. How do I speed up recovery?
How do I know if I am bipolar? What should i do if i think I am? What kind of treatment will i need?
how to kill the dust mites? can normal machine wash do that or?
Where is Parkland Hospital located at?
How is it possible for your nose to run if it's congested?
Does anyone have any reviews on ionic pro turbo?
Has anyone developed allergies when moving to a different country?
whats the difference between PCR-SSP and normal PCR?
The Liberian Aids Trial???
can children over ten have std?
can you drink alcohol while on medication for herpes? The name of it is Zovirax.?
Does any1 no were to get cheap & cool contacts & contact checkup( in the USA)?
contact help!!!!!!!! asap!!!!!!1?
I am visually impared. My eyes tick and I dont know if I can wear contacts.?
Does it hurt my eyes not to wear optical glasses if I have a sigmatism?
a question?
how long is tilt table test performed at heart cliniques?
Help me with this heart problem!?
How come retired surgeons are so silent?
Chronic Cough with Plem?
I've got an awful cold!!!?
How long do chest muscles take to recover after bad cough?
Why Doesn't La. have Air Quality Standards to Protect our School Children from Dangerous, Neur. Damaging Mold?
What is skin-TB?
what do i do about scrachy throat, cough...?
I have Guillain Barre, how do I cope with the longevity of GB? is there anyone else with GBS and coping well?
do high cholesterol cause rashes on the arm of young children who have high cholesterol?
How do you perceive dry cereal as a convenient and healthy food?
Who invented liquid soap and why?
swallo gum is it bad for you?
Does smokig cigarettes in yours 20s really form a health risk?
how can i lose weight with a disability?
is http://fatloss4idiots.com/ trustworthy?
Workout wear and lines!?
what is the point of protien bars?
hi, it hurts in my legs when ever i start jogging?
I am 29, do I have chance to increase my height? If yes, please point me to the right resouces. Experts Reply.
how can obesity affect people's education?
Is Ephedra in diet pills going back on the market?
What is the best and fastest way to loose 40-50 pounds?
I have just gotten poisen oak all over my face and eye lids and very miserable,any suggestions?
What exactly is eczema? What causes it? Why does it only effects certain areas of your body?
why did kamikaze's wear helmets?
What can I tell myself to promote good thoughts?
How Easy is it to live with someone whos a Manic Depressive?
what is best way to control yourself when you are in pressure by others?
Guys: Ever cried over a girlfriend/wife who left you for whatever reason it was?
what is wrong with this person.?
is the IQ of people around the world the same,or is it equal ?
naproxen and medrol pack?
Swollen eye and swollen/sore throat what is it?
What test do they give you when you go to boot camp?
contracted syphilis a year ago,I was treated.My hair is still falling out and patchy.will it grow back normal?
does washing underwear get rid of chamydia or do i have to buy all new underwear now?
Can I still transmit HPV to my partner?
Regarding bed bugs, is it a good idea to leave windows open for fresh air?
can tetracycline make acne worse before it gets better?
How would you get rid of ingrown toenail/ toenail fungus? Can you help me find a home remedy ?
what is tinaversacolla?
How can I deal with sleep apnea without cpap?
my friend has been on methodone for two years and she was wandering how it would affect your internal organs??
can anyone give me any tips on quitting smoking?
Pain Management...?
how do 0ne avoid back ache?
Can Anyone help?
Does my Cervical MRI show evidence of Stenosis?
What exactly is the difference between a 100 mg patch and a 1600mcg lollipop ?
Fibromyalgia and sweetners?
help,,who is better as a treatment for the main blood pressure,the medisene (micardis)80mg,or (atacand) 16mg?
Does age and weight affect one's heart rate?
What is the content of egg white that makes hair shiny?
For 9 days. Low grade fever. Vommitting, intense thirst. Also stomache ache high up.Does anybody know what is?
are vaccines only for kids?
How long is viral meningitis contageous?
What is all this talk about the bird flu? I it really that serious?
what is the treatment for Coagulase- negative staphylococcus?
about my joint pain?
how can i get rid of my allegies?
Will vitamin c help my daughter stop coughing, runny nose etc?
How do you get rid of hick-ups?
(sniff) Cold (sniff) Help! (sniff)?
how is spa different from massage?
do people still use soapsuds enemas?
Does Apple Cider Vinegar help acid reflux - and how much and how often??
What to do for the stinky burps?
How can I find a book on anorexia and bulemia (Guize books)?
what are the symptoms to anemia?
what is meningocele?
Has anyone experienced burning in there foot or feet following spinal fusion? If so do you know the cause.?
if u dont wear the eye protection when u tan in a tanning bed, does having contacts in lessen the eye damage?
Eye infection.?
Wearing Contact Lenses after corneal eye ulcer?
I need glasses can i get contacts instead.?
questions regarding contact lens and regular lens prescription?
Are there any good treatments for psoriasis on the bottom of feet?
is there a natural cure for cold sores?
My 4.5 year old son has dry eczema. What helps the chronic itch?
Skin Sores?
herpes type 1 - can it be confirm by pap smear test?
what kind of weight loss program i can find for diabetes?
Do I have a problem?
complete complex epilc brain?
where can i find examples of questionaires to be used in stress management groups?
Does anyone know anything about colors and the moods they create?
Can anyone tell me the bad long term effects of Lithium ?
I feel ignorant and need some expert advice from you fabulous people...?
how do get your mom off your back about things?
My daugter has A.D.H.D,She won't sleep at night what should i do??
What piece of excercise equipment should I get?
is all fiber alike? yes or no?
how can we reduce fat easily?
What's a good way to lose about thirty pounds quick and healthy?
Is lack of exercise harmful to your immune system?
i need to lose weight...?
Does yoga lead to weight loss? If so, which method is best?
how many of you acually eat right?
what is the best cure for mumps?
anyone know of any better sleeping pills than ambien, and dont say lunestra i want something better?
salt is out?
Why do parents even ask health questions?
Best soother for a head cold?
how come when i swallow my food i can feel it going through my heart?
i need to know this what is a irr level in heart patients and how dose it do with the couagulin level?
Chest Pains?
Holter Results Question?
which medicin is the best for cough(respiratory tract infection) and cold?
I have been experiencing tightness on the left side of my chest?
how many litters of air can ur lungs in your body hold?
is someone can save from hiv?
Can mailc acid improve or help fibromyalgia? What other foods or natural things can help?
what causes itchy yellow eyes?
small painful lump on back of head causing shooyting pains, pressure and severe headaches?
i get ankle sprained.. can u help me?
What are symtoms for a fractured heel?
What is the meaning of the medical abbreviation Rx?
Is there any other wrist conditions that mimic the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome?
Do i have asthma?
Has anyone heard of people just getting extremely sleepy when exposed?
is is true that if you are allergic to milk you MAY get eczema ?
need to find out how to correct my hair color, and how soon I can color it again?
Can I get Lasik if my eye are over -9.00 diopter for myopia?
teenage growth?
ORECK air purifier?
i am 88.6kg i have sometime go gym my height is 153 how to become slim i never eat breakfast?
what is the best hair color to use when you hair is going brassy wanting a nice blonde?
If i sweat due to hot weather, do i burn calories??
i have painful knots in my upper back, how do i get rid of them?
pain in leg?
what should we eat when we have arthetic pain?
Loud ringing in my left ear?
stomach pains!! HELP ME PLEASE?
what to do about shoulder pain without pain pills?
How did chicken pox get its name?
Are there any home remedies for acne?
Why is the skin on my hands shedding?
if i had ringworm on my ..............................?
how is a hemangioma removed from the tip of the nose?
herpies from my in home health patient! help!?
what is the biggest threat to marines when it comes to contracting hiv?
yeah about da second question i have um i have cold sores so can i get infected?
i have a question about herpes? nothing negative!!!?
I'm depressed and afraid to seek therapatic help, please help!?
always dominated by others ! help!!?
I need an specialist to answer my question about C.V.A patients.?
how will theh life of theh person affected with pku be different from a person who does not have it?
what is muscular dystrophy and what are the symthoms?
eyes?plz answer!?
what does this eye prescription say?.?
tracheal and larynx malaysia in kids????
how much does Zyrtec cost?
How long does it take for an allergic reaction to go away?
mouth possible allergy diagnosis?
I have psoriasis and nothing seems to work. What can I do?
what is this cyst ? the word sounds like sa - bay - sis?
what percentage of your body weight do you lift when you do a push up?
how can differentiate between lsa and vitiligo clinically in case of well differentiated penile lesion.?
I want to know what courses an allegy.?
Is blepharitis contagious?
how do you know if cellulitis is going away?
can u pls tell me the host of the parasites causing malaria?
whats the best product to get cut and lean with?
what is the difference between creatine and cratinine?
What can it be detected by eyes doctor in her office?
What's the best way to get over a cold??
How serious a medical condition are panic attacks?
Why do Q-tip boxes say do not insert in ear canal??
My girl has rumitoid artritis and always is constipaded I am wondering what can we use herbaly which can help?
What is teen suicide??
I need to know does any one suffer from wavy lines in there vision?
is there a stomach virus going around?
I got my lip pierced about a month ago, the ball has fallen off twice now, how do i put it back on? it's hard
my ear is super swollen and It is engulfing the earring. What should i do?
are there certan foods one should not eat if they have a ringworm?
dose getting ur belli botton pierced hert a lot?wat dose it feel like?how do u clean it?wat do u clean it wit?
my daughter two skin tone-pediatrics?
Does anyone else have Vitiligo but me? How does it feel when its real bad?
My body itches when im suppose to sweat, but im not sweating instead my body itches, what should i do?
do you think perspiration salt residue acts as a antibiotics on your skin?
Can adults catch hand, foot, mouth disease?
Does an excess of Uric acid causes heart burn?
Hi all, how are you, I would like to ask about a person that is going on trial soon, close to me...?
I am willing to try out stem cells introduced into the heart; who can I contact?
what do you know about heart murmers?
Why do people pass out sometimes?
How do you make strech marks less visible?
How long can AIDS and HIV live outside of the body?
How many People in North America Have AIDS?
how many people are infected by HIV in usa?
can you test possitive for marijuana even if you were just around it?
Do contact lenses get thinner as you wear them more?
what are vial contacts?
Is it possible to wear fake colored contacts w/out a prescription?
Has any bad effect smoking cannabis after PRK surgery?
What would be the best remedy for Spring tree/flowers allegy?
wife had a ct/scan in am .five hours later she broke out in welps, face swelled badly,eyes closed. got c?
surrport groups in the albany area for add?
insomnia for years. How can i get to sleep?
Do we really need sleep?
How do I communicate to my parents without getting angry or over emotional?
Is there a disorder that would cause someone to become aggressive during a certain time of year?
sudden depression?
Has anyone taken Airborne pills for travel or anything else?
How do i know that i have asthma?What are the symptoms?
Does anyone meditate? if yes has it helped you in your life?
spider bite?
What is goldenseal (Hydrastis Canadensis) called in hindi/indian..and where can i buy it in india?
What do you feel about homeopathic vaccines for children?
What is ecstacy(the drug)?
what is the better way to treat adenoids?
what natural method would i follow to hasten hair growth? i like to grow my hair fast.?
How can a person find out if they have clogged arteries? what can be done to unclog them besides surgery?
has anyone heard of a medical condition called Mercer, and what is it?
can an infected ear lobe piercing cause gangrene?
Where can i get medical help in the internet using photos for diagnosis?
Around What Age Should Eczema Go Away, And Any Cure/Treatments?
My son bruises very easily, is he lacking in a particular vitamin or what?
I know eye colours are supposeedto be able to tell you what you are like, what do my green eyes mean?
Hey People! Does anyone know about any Operations that can give you better Eye sight?
can an M.D. perform comprehensive eye exams in Illinois?
can an M.D. in Illinois bill the following CPT codes: 92004, 92015, 92020, 92100, 92081?
While in hospital was told I needed a cholenoscopy cuz what I had could lead to cancer. Any idea what this is
What is edema?
Post polio residual paralysis?
where can i see those graphic pictures of meth addicts?
why is schizophernia a disorder and whaat are the mental, physical and emotional changes of a person with it?
toddler has had a fever ( ONLY symptom, until petechiae) on and off for 3 weeks?
im 5'3.5 and 112 and i have flabby thighs and a flabby stomach any ways to get rid of this by may?
Is it alrite to go to gym everyday. I normally do treadmill & cycling. But b4 tat i wil jog or play badminton.
what is the best vitamin brand in the world?
how to grow fat?
Are there any side effects of a protein only diet?
am an 18 yr boy.inspite of my age i weigh just 45kgs and am thin.so my question is "how can i get fat?"
what is a good workout plan to get in shape for the NAVY?
What is a good workout plan for the NAVY?
What exersizes are safe after a c-section?
Has anyone heard of anal bleaching?
What's the reason that AIDS is such an epidemic in Africa?
Who loves to eat Philippine mangoes?
why some old people have spots on their forehead?
Have you had Allergic contact dermatitis? How long did it last?
fuzzy looking growth on toe?
HELP...my feet and ankles are puffy, legs have whelps, blisters on my legs and feet. What is wrong here? HELP?
what is an ishiam?
Can by hitting your foot & getting a bit knot cause you to get gane green if u r a diabetic?
What is Scoliosis exactly?
Can really bad bruises leave scars?
any one allergic to alive i got one stuck?
Swollen tongue after sweet food and drinks?
Is it possible to have contact allergies (itchy skin) from one cat and not another?
seasonal allergies? or some type of viral/bacterial infection?
does urine therapy really cure allergies?
What type of vinegar is the best for your health?
How can one treat glaucoma successfully?
Colored Contact Lenses Risky?
Has anyone had the LASKIK eye surgery?
need new glasses -- who are the doctors in my area?
about how much glasses from sears optical, or sight for sore eyes, for anyone who as bought them there?
Astigmatisms and Contacts?
oxygenwhat are the dangers of adiction to the use of oxygen?
Can subsegmental atelectasis stem from being recently stressed out and maybe just not breathing deep enough?
What Can I Do For A Constant Cough?
fastest way to relieve a cough?
How do you tell your parents that you are suffering from depression?
if the mood is constantly changing &we know itis bad but cannot do anything what to do?
Have you ever felt there was something in your life you had trouble moving on from?
Do you have a mild case of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)?
how do you knoe when you are ready?
How do I get hubby to accept he is bipolar?
I get sick almost every time we eat out...any one else?
where can i get a tuberculosis test done in san diego?
How does a 5yr old boy contract hpv?
I have an oily skin and also acne prone, my question is what diet suits my condition?
Why do more people have acne now than when our parents were young?
My five year old son has scaly patches on his scalp...?
Anyone being treated for petechiae or purpura? If so, what has your doctor prescribed?
Will midrin show up on a drug test?
Short sharp pains in chest.?
can a ruptured disc in your neck cause a loss of bladder control?
can someone give me a link that has chiropractors that come to your house?
Why does my arm tingle when I purt pressure on it?
what can i do about corperl tunnell syndrome?
I need to find a diet plan for hypertension from a hospital?
how dose cigaretts affect heart valve replacement?
can smoking cause heart pounding?
What could this be?
I have problems with my knee?
what herbals can i take to pass a drug test?
I've been spotting for the last 3 months in place of my period and this month i'm spotting for 2 wks.and clots
ACne question...tazorac?
What is a large red rash on the top of a foot looks like a group of many red circles with a lite centers?
how can you get rid of pustular psoriasis?
what is hiv and aids ?
what std can make you bleed a little bit from white sores???
Are people with Aspergers Syndrome at risk for STDs and what do they do?
help! allergies!!!!?
Can you be allergic to antihistamines?
Why does wholemeal bread give me a worse reaction than white bread?
Natural Allergy Relief?
How does haaving OCD affect the human body physically?
How much do most brands of hard contacts cost?
Eye Sight is weak. Effect on job?
Trouble seeing purple?
Having a hard time seeing?
Is any ony out there looking to sleep better and have more energy?
Reputable Canadian Pharmacy?
I wake up with congestion and coughing every morning. Do you think a humidifier would help and what kind?
how to reduce fat on tummy the fastest way?
Rising before Dawn benefits?
Where can I get Icthmol?
What should I look for in an air purifier?
what are the health benefits from a sauna?
how can i stop my boyfriend from killing himself? Besides just listening to him?
my 9 month old son.his eyes shake when he is looking @something at a distance but not close worry about it?
What is Seratonin and what does it do?
how long should i take vitamin supplements?
How do i stop wasting time and just do what i have to do?
What is the best way to get rid of?
When I stand or walk, my lower back muscles twist up into a tight, painful knot within 5 minutes.?
should i have limit motions after total hip replacement?
What is the best mattress for someone with back pain and restless sleep. I had surgery last year!?
Can my scoliosis be causing other symptoms? Help!?
Has anyone ever taken too much Excedrin and had intestinal upset?
what are the dangers of bursitis?
clonazepam withdrawal?
tb test???
Where does snot come from and how does it accumulate so fast??? ugh!?
what kind of medicine dissolves mucus and phlegm?
With all the air purifiers out there what is typically the best for asthma and allergies?
which humidyfier to buy for stopped up noses?
Constant Cough?
i have strep throat and im at home board out of my skull what should i do?
What is the best way to relive heel pain from standing on your feet while working long hours?
I'm so tired....What can I do to get energy?
Does anyone know much about emu oil?
My wife has the flu. Can I get it even though I am taking vitamins?
i keep hearing the term "queef." what is it, and why is it called that?
when u have your period is it all right to where lite pants?
What are freckles?
What does the color blue mean in an echogram of the heart?
Dilated cardiomyopathy?
how bad are non-stop heart palpitations?
what kind of results can expect when taking phentermine?
I jog three miles a day five to six times a week but, I have gone from a size 8-10 to 10-12 ?
bike or walking?
what would happen to you if u didn't eat for 3 days?
how long should I wait after I have taken liquid aminos to take whey protein?
Last night i was sleeping and my nose piercing fell. Did the hole close?
I Sprained my ankle?
Is it possible for a suture to remain under my scar?
My 3-yr-old just tripped up the steps. She bit into her botttom lip, I have ice on it, what more can I do?
anyone here on effexor xl? If so did you notice any side effects?
is the rate higher in male than female in suicide?
can u help me with this terrible problem?
Cannibus smoking?
I am telekinetic?
how long does it take to get sunburn if its 9 uv?
My odd discharge?
Does anyone know any alternative remedies for athlete's foot?
What could the dark, flaky spots on my skin be?
What happens to your eyes when you get on the computer too much?
Were your eyes really red and bloodshot the first time you put in contacts?
Is it possible for my eyesight to get better?
Why would taking frequent breaks from computer screen help avoid eye strain and problems?
STD's!? question!?
Will any hospitals hire nurses with an STD?
Is it possible to catch HIV from an infected bloody syringe left outdoors for days ?
Is it possible to have a needle tested for HIV?
What happens if you go a long time without knowing you have an std?
AA meetings in Yuma AZ?
Do hiv transmits if i sleep close with a child with hiv ?
can domestic house cats carry head lice?
are there any treatment for eczema that include seawater?
Eye drop law suite?
What does my friend have if she has a bad rash and her hair is falling out?
Chigger bites?
what is the most effective treatment for poison ivy?
what is the best way to treat cystic acne with some scarring?
Got a crazy home remedy for an illness?
My legs ache all the time..........?
please help...i kinked my neck ,iam a bus driver...have to work tonite...ice or heat??
Anyone know about tendinitis & bercitus of the wrist joint & what if start to lose feeling in finger(s)?
what is RA?
Does this happen when your on the computer?
I have severe upper left quadrant muscle pain, I have never had this before. I have a hiatal hernia and reflux
help iam in serious pain!?
Cold or Allergies?
If I am not allergic to anything, why do my sinuses act like they are having an asthma attack daily?
Overdose on fexofenadine & loratadine?
if you pop ur bones can any thang bad happen to you?
can i still gain heights even though im 23?
What causes returning boils?
what is the numbe of people who do not have enough insurance?
Why is it so hard to live life after an addiction to crystal meth? can you really have life after that?
whats the best way to get rid of a headace?
My daughter has tonsilitis and with antibiotic still 103 fever 4 days later, is this normal?
is emphysema the destruction of cilia true or false?
if one's cpap (for sleep apnea) setting is too high, what symptoms will they notice?
Hi, Singulair is helping my asthma a lot but making me angry and irritable?/is this temporary?
What's STD?
natural supplements for menopause, kidneys recovery, anorexia recovery?
Is there alternatives to treating asthma without having to use an inhaler?
How rare would it be to get a second blood clot in the same leg as the first?
what is thalessemia?
Does anyone know anything about Epilepsy?
What is hypothyroidism? how can I controll it without medication?
I want to know about gallstones has anyone out there ever use a home remedy to get rid of them?
What effects does heroin have on society?
whats the reason for heaviness in heart ?
Why does you doctor ask you to take deep, slow breaths while he listens with a stethoscope?
Can a 'bruit' detected in the neck arterey cause a stroke?
how do you cure an ingrown toenail?
I have astigmatism. Glasses make me more cross-eyed. What's going on?
Does anyone know if any of those over the counter diet pills really work?
HIV related rash?
can hpv cause hiv or vice versa.?
Do Chimps carry STDs? if so, where can i go for help.?
what causes low defenses in our bodies?
Does anyone have Fybromyalgia and what are your symptoms?
whats wrong with me, im nausious my head aches and my neck and back are sore, also when i breath my ribs hurt.
What medical condition is oxygen contraindicated in?
is there a scientific paper that proves that hypothyrodism can cause severe psychatric issues such hallucinati
Slight fracture-4th metatarsal-any runners out there who recovered from this type of injury?
making dinner for a stroke person?
What's the difference between schitzophrenia and multiple personality disorder?
help for hurt knee?
What is this disease called? Read more on details.?
I hurt my knee..help?
how do you speed nerve regeneration?
i broke my ankle and had fixation on it how long should i keep the plate in and what other steps should i take
what is a cankor sore?
i get migraines all the time.?
Is my aviator slouching or slumping?
I had a gastric bypass three years ago. What is a good pain killer to use for arthritis?
Does anyone know any good wives tales that really work. for and ear infection.?
Has anyone had sinus surgery? If so, did it help?
what are the symptoms of sciatica, i have sevier pain in my low back on the right side and it runs into my leg
I have a red rash on my hand what is it? it's only on my right hand.?
can my skin tag be irritated?
does your toddler take Singulair chewable tablets? and is there a generic that is more affordable?
why does your nose get blocked when a person gets sick?
peanut allergies?
has anyone lost there since of smell due to nasal polyps?
Are there other cures/ remedies to sleep apnea besides a breathing machine?
What's the solution for gas problems in the digestive system?
how do you avoid varicos veins aka spyer veins?
Chicken Pox?
Can little intake of protein cause allergy?
Is there ayurvedic treatment for Schamberg's Disease?
How well can i treat psoriasis?Any shampoo to use?
I am curios to talk to people 13-30 who has aids or hiv for personal reasons?
Can people develop eye problems from computor glare?
is Amo complete moisture plus solutions safe to use now ?
If you get your eyes checked at an adjacent optomertist to a store, are you supposed to buy from that store?
Is warmwhite or daylight lightbulb better for indoor home use, especially for kids?
I need your opinion?
whats should i use instead of RENU for my contacts? im using vertex toric weekly soft contacts?
HAPPY 4-20!! Does anyone here use marijuana for symptoms of Multiple Sclerois or depression?
What is a disease called Bird flu?
do guys just go for looks in girls?
why does my skin get so dirty?
when washing your body do you use a rag or sponge or luffa?
Do you know of any natural remedies for arthritis in the knees?
How do I stop obsessing about my nails? I bite clip and chew them till they bleed sometimes.?
Smile Or Relaxed UnAltered Face?
Hygene question:?
Something's wrong here?
My daughter is on accutane,has been for 1month it seems to be getting worse, has anyone been through this???
does anyone else feel so overwhelmed somtimes that they wat to just stop caring but never do?
To medical people, How do you deal with patients that are hypochondriacs ?
for doctors in the EU. have you diagnosed AD HD in Europe, does it go by the same name?
carbon tetrachloride/Ramey air force base puerto rico?
Can i get skin antifugal pills for tinea versicolor with out a perscription?
What causes buning in a persons chest or breast?
Just diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on my face....?
what causes a person to have high insilin levels?
what do u think are the best way to prevented a wet armpit?
What Disease would you like to have?
hi, please answer my quetions..what is antigen HLA? the function is T n B lymphocyte? thx?
The right side of my throat hurts right after I swallow no fever hopefully its just allergies?
Has any one noted a gastrointestional upset from ingesting cinnamon?
allergic reaction penicillin?
Could I do this?
Crazy eyes?
Uneven Eyes in Picture Taken With Flash Photography?
bleeding in my eyes?
Will colored contact help sensitive eyes?
sun contacts???
Is cracking your knuckles bad for you?short&long term effects?
I have totally lost my voice after a severe cold and now my throat feels swollen and hurts very bad.?
What do I need to do to avoid sore muscles on my right hand?
i have a very sharp pain in my left side...?
My sister had a partial knee replacement five months ago and still has significant swelling and pain.?
how do heat pads work?
Doctors say its 50/50 if I have an appendicitis..my stomache still hurts what should I do?
should I be worried?
My lower back hurts and I bought a good back support brace from the store.?
Why do my fingernails hurt so much. I don't have any injuries? It's like they've been bruised but there are no
i need to find an eye doctor who accepts passport in louisville ky?
How to Reduce My Weight Faster and Health ?