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Cancer and Ultrasound?
find out about a medicine called e 64?
how long will the hiv.....?
When is the right time to tell someone the I have herpes?
What is the best and easiest way to lose 5 or more pounds in a week?
are my scabs from creapy crawly crabs?
if a nurse reuse a hiv tained needle on a non-hiv person to draw some blood out would it show up on the test?
if you workout to hard can your stomach hurt?
Do Video Games ???
Does anyone know some hip-hop or pop dance moves?
I got a Elisa test 2 days later of a risky behavior.?
So every women that had a abnormal pap means she has hpv?
Can HPV be detected with a blood test for life insurance?
How do I lose weight around my stomach in the shortest amount of time?
What exercises should I do to tone my hamstring?
Is this training regimen good for body building?
my hair is brown and my beard color is red why ?
Why do our voices sound different to us?
I want to conceal the tattoo on my arm without using make-up. Options?
Has anyone been cought in the act of self gratifcation and lived to tell about it ?
What's the healthiest food?
experts recommend we eat fruit, is having a large serve of fresh fruit a day too much?
when a funeral homes prepares a body for viewing,how do they dress the corpse?
I TOOK MY SOON OFF OF HIS ADDREAL XR25MG,due to side effects what else can i do?
name a drug to help aperson stop smoking.?
Is it true that you shouldn't use soap to wash your face?
how can oriental medicine cure cancer?
How often do you cut your fingernails ?
How can I clear that "clogged" ear feeling you get after a flight? I've had it for 5 days! Am I goin to die?
What is homeopathy?
what's the best homeopathic treatment for flu-like allergy?
How to find out about herbal products, on the net?
Can vinager give you extra energy?
is there a cure for esherichia coli?
Non-dairy cottage cheese?
Nasal problems too much?
what is the treatment for Steroid-induced osteoporosis (SIOP)?
Which air purifier should i buy and why?
how many times have you gone back to the optician when you first got glasses?
What is depth of field in relation to vision?
Lasik with halo effects?
Wow i'm amazed by what i saw, echo location used by human !?
I need a diagnostic about an eye problem.?
an eyelash fall in my eye ???
Looking for website that sells lortab without Rx.?
what causes numbness in fingers and toes?
hemmroid operation?
Dehydration headache?
Why do my shoes ware unevenly?
why do we hiccup?
what vegetarian food gives you large quantities of vitamin B COMPLEX?
Does chicken pox lead to weight gain?
can we get the vitamin D in a tanning bed or just directly from the sun?
What do you think about a healthy breakfast???
Why do i get blisters in my mouth everytime I eat Oranges or drink orange juice?
Is there anything that will easily get rid of small little sweat zit things on your upper back?
How do I hide the redness and scabs of a cold sore on my chin?
When quitting the drug Paxil--what are the withdrawls that occur?
Toddler blinking alot more often, is this a symptom of something else?
is it that if you keep eating small quantities of food in equal intervals of time you dont tend to gain weigh?
Does smoking make you feel tired?
how do you say burnout in spanish?
How do i treat to a person who has paranoid desease and i have to live with himher?
If you were being decapitated, would you feel it when it hit your neck?
What is your opinion on free clinics?
What is the best way to get rid of an ingrown toenail?
what could happen if I waited to long to see the doctor?
has aids,doomed to die,get out of hospital,refused life meds?
does anyone know about a flesh eating disease in north carolina caught by 6 students in the past couple weeks?
Did the Taliban put E-coli bacteria on our spinach supply?
Anyone have more info. on HPV, like websites????
ECT Treatments/Anyone on them?
I've been taking Lexapro fora little over a week. Are these side effects normal?
i have a horrible headache on my right side?
why does my back hurt when i have a very bad cold?
what causes the weather to affect arthritis?
OCD in the knees??
my knees crack alot...what is this?
can adjustments by a chiropactor cause esophagus and spinchter problems?
When teaching swimming to mental handicapped people what two things should you do?
I sprained my neck yesterday morning and it wont get cured, what should I do?
I underwent chemotherapy in 1993? Can I donate blood?
I am looking for an affordable Clinic/ Dr. Dermatologist for psoriasis in LV area for appt.online no insurance
what is a "low grade" lymphoma? My Dad's bone marrow bx was "loaded" with lymphoma, but he's only rec'ing Epo
What kind of test can I ask for to make sure I don't have lung cancer?!?
Besides bloody stools, what other symptom most commonly sent colorectal cancer victims to the doctor?
how many people have stds. i mean the numbers i have read....?
Herpes, can it be mistaken for a Cold Sore near the edge of the mouth?
recurrent sinus infection?
Where in the US or Canada could a person travel to in August & September to get away from ragweed & goldenrod?
What is White dust?
What should i do?
How long does it usually take people to start and finish deficating? Does anybody finish in under two minutes?
what is the best way to drop a few pounds?
how does the respitory system get rid of wastes?
Need help learning to lift weights?
what are the long term restrictions after a herniated disc?
What kind of weights should u start to lift and in what pattern if ur 14 and just starting out?
Is it better to work out in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Why?
What can I do about a nose so dry it hurts?
What is a good excercise to get fat off your legs?
Who makes the best multivitamin?
My face gets red when I work out. Is this a problem?
With the exception of avocados, olives, and bananas, do any other fruits or vegetables contain fat?
what is a 1 set rep?
Why is it that when I do stomach crunches my stomach doesn't flatten, but gets bigger?
Which prescription diet pills work the best?Not over the counter?
do you get warts from kissing a frog?
one night i puked after that my face turned red but it wasent a sun burn red it was tiny red dots all over why
has anyone had a child w/ chicken pox that received the chicken pox vaccine?
I get itchy hands and feet only at night, like seriously itchy! But I don't have eczema or psoriasis!?
i have Warts on my hands?
my wife eye vision has turned white in her left eye due to metal in her eye,plz read details for more?
are these the signs that i need glasses/spectacles?
Corrective eye surgery for myopia?
Are there more than two ways to walk??
Why do we hide when we are getting off , are we a shmed of it , why don't we have fun with it ?
What over-the-counter medicine can I give my 2-year old for heartburn?
Can a limited number of over-the-counter medicine affect the pancreas?
does mary lou richmond independent mary kay senior sales director have a website?
What is the biggest weakness in your personality that you are working on ? What are you doing to overcome it?
what are the signs of growing pains?
could be addicted to meth...?
is magnesium good for hurting muscles?
bigeminy, Does anyone know what it is, and how severe it is or isn't?
what is the best way to ease the pain of a boil?
Foot pain?
what would cause you to have diarria and make you have severe pain in the abdominal area?
i have a pain on my right side of face near ear just where ear end?
is there a link between meth labs and pnemonia in children?
Why is it that when I sneeze only snot comes out of one nostril not two??
Diagnosed with Asthma 7 years ago but never have any symptoms?
what is pulmonary scars?
Does anyone had positive results with ear stapling for wgt loss or smoking?
Anyone have any personal knowledge that oxygen(ozone)therapy is effective as a cancer treatment?
Whats the best way to get rid of congestion, due to a cold?
Is herbal product suitable for health as compare to medicated Medicine?
how do you use the herb, Oil of uceleptuis for interal pain. I have M.S. and I get lots of pain in my legs.?
Is there a place that still sells Rawleigh Mustard Compound?
what vitamins can lower blood pressure?
What are the symptoms of diabetes?
Regarding blood glucose level: What does A1c stand for? I suspect that "A" stands for average; & the 1 & c?
dietary benefits from mangosteen?
In urine Glucose reagent strip test is specific why?
what is the treatment for pancreatitis and type-1 diabetes?
What are the effects of a glucose level over 1000?
how can hepatitis B be treated?
Is there a natural way to treat depression & mood swings?
what cold medicine should i take?
The 4times per yr family planning injection i'm using has stoped my menses for over a yaer now, what do i do
could taking a diuretic (water pill) cause someone to have a positive drus screen test?
what are these bubble rash/blister type things on my leg?
What is a cure for poison ivey??
What is the cheapest way to remove the scars due to acne?
I have this itchy rash in the middle of my arm one arm is worse than the other.?
what is elapesha?
Do melanocytes produce melanin or do they produce pigment protein melanin?
Everybody tells me to just be myself. How can I do that if don't know who I am?
i cant seem to go to the gas station without some sort of physical harm being done to me. why gas stations?
Can/should I take Amoxicillin & Allegra D at the same time?
It's allergy/asthma season. Any tried and true natural remedies for my 1 year old?
should students with life threatening allergies go to public school?
Can anyone tell me what might be the cause of the burning sensation below my rib cage?
Was Popeye a gassy sailer?
Can any one suggest me some exercises to strengthen my joints.?
how many milligrams are in vicodin m357?
How do I cure a crick the my neck?(stiff neck)?
how yu know yu have a inflamingtion infectious?
does it prevent outbreaks ?
how to strenghten the nerves?
Should a nuclear stress test be the first step if a patient has been diagnosed with "white coat" syndrome?
Does the prescription drug Valium lower a persons blood pressure?
Diorolgeum Trichide?
Anyone experiece PVC's?( skipped and floppy heartbeats)?
I have this white speck on my eye, by my pupil. It won't come out.?
My eyes move independently. I'm a bit worried. Any ideas?
i think i'm alergic to the solution my contacts come in?
Going to a water park but wear lenses/glasses need some suggestions?
Is it safe to use the computer while your eyes are dialated?
How do you clean the white part your eyes?
what can be the reason for sagging of the skin below the lower eyelids?
Red face disease?
What do I do when I get sunburned?
I have a bad skin problem all over my body. What do I do?
i just want to know how abscess happen,its relating to skin or blood tkx?
How to treat Malassezia furfur (tinea versicolor) in humans?
how can i cure arthiritus which is 6 years old?
why are so many people hooked on oxycontin?
Has the govt putting graphic pictures on cigarette packets stopped you from smoking?
My wife left me after 8 years of my chronic illness me were together 14 years with 2 kids why?
what is anti phospholipid anti body syndrome ?
what is cromes disease?
is mesothelial hyperplasia a precurser to malignant mesothelioma?
why does the body ache when we get the flu?
can flonase cause depression or rapid mood changes?
why does reflux cause nasal congestion?
I want to lose weight in a safe manner, which is the best company,products?
my nail is dropping off and i don't know what to do!?
what are the symtoms of allergy caused by chemical contact to skin?
what is the best medicine or remedy to stop nerves getting dried up due to age?
How do I get rid of my child's sty when warm compression and prescribed ointments fail.?
does anyone know anything about mole removal?
Please help!?
Does Lupus cause liver problems and is it a type of cancer?
Remedy my back pain, please!?
is swimming good for sciatica pain?
Woke up in middle of night with a sharp pain inside my left ear?
why do I get severe headaches after running?
What are some effective home remedies for neck and back pain and stiffness?
what is a ligament problem in the knee?and what is the remedy?
how to stop allergy cough?
How long to allergic reactions resulting with difficulty in breathing generally last?
all muscles in tour body gets tired and neeeds to take a rest for sometime.Why not our heart muscles?
why some old people after getting from sleep could not see anything while even if the light is on? medicine?
is vodka alergic to sinus?
what happens when i am bitten by a stray cat?
vinyl gloves protect from hiv?
why do i get so cold at night when I sleep?
what happen to your body when you get hit?? and how and why do bruises form???
Is it healthier to drink distillate water than regular pure water?
What are your best tips for losing weight?
should I over eat to become a size 4?
I worry....?
who do you think decided theoredicly that thinner is more beautiful than fatter?
how can I use 5lb. hand weights for arm and upper body excersizes. I am 60 years old. Pictures would be nice
What's the fastest way to loose weight?
what is lemonade diet?
My birthday is coming up and i need to loose at least 25 pounds in 16 DAYS what should i do?
what is "burnout", in a work-related setting?
What would be the outcome of UN treated Bi-polar?
what is the term for "fear of birds"?
i need advice from anyone who is or knows a woman who is schizophrenic and has had a child?
what causes toliet disease and how to find lasting solution to it?
Has any one ever taken Erythromycin? If so did it work? I'm taking it now for pharyngitis?
eye problem?
Just got my new perscription...?
How long does it take a person to learn Braille? - with no instructor, on their own....?
Is Lasik surgery pretty safe at this point?
i have filamentary keratitis in my r eye due to injury in march?
How do you focus your eyes when getting an eye exam?
Electrical shock stimulates what type of muscle?
How do I find a low cost Doctor in Jacksonville Fl?
what does this heart monitor test show up?
I have had Micro Maze procedure but back im Atrial Fibrillation? Now what????
do u ever feel your heart flutter like a really hard beat?
will 3 pills of hydrocodone hurt me at all??
Does taking Caffeine with Tylenol help it work better?
Sudden back pain?
My chest near my heart hurts, can you tell me why. please read?
why does my knee hurt?
Why does it hurt the side of my head when I push between my eyes?
what are symptoms of gonorrhea?
my legs ache. does it have to do with aids or stds?i tested negative by the way?
Is it possible to test positve and negative for HIV ?
i need to get a ramp and safety bar for my dads house.he had a stroke. need lots of help?
does anyone have the cheatcodes for residentevil outbreak?
What are some major STD's? The signs, symptoms, and cures.?
What shows an early stadium of leukemia?
Why does my stomach get upset when I try to drink even a sip of water, spring or tap?
What is your favorite mantra?
Multiple Sclerosis alternative medicine?
Whats the source?
Is Osteopathic manipulation of the spine, especially the upper cervical spine, safe?
What does it feel like to have a urinary catheter put in? Male and Female. What do they do?
how to tell what a pillis by the numbers and size?
I went to the Dr. today and she told me that I suffer with sinuses?
Is there anything available to remove monosodium glutamate from chinese food ?
any food sug for a dog that suffers from allergies?
what are three major complains of the digestive system?
Why is your funny bone called your 'funny bone?'?
Is there a home remidy for asma?
When will I do not want any cigarette, if I can quit?
i'm looking for a website that deals with grieving/ coping with losing a love one.?
What is the best way to get rid of a headach? (if its worth trying ill give you ten points)?
What you will say if one advise you " STOP EATING AND SMOKE WELL ?
what dose a brokin coller bone feel like?
Why is it important to chew food thoroughly?
Does any one know??
How to I stop voimitting?
Contacts or Glasses?
Are poping your knuckles bad for you?
Will Medicare or Medi-cal cover the costs for height surgery aka limb lengthening in the USA?
is there any cure for sciatic problem?
is blood blue until it comes in contact with air?
have small painful lumps in my glands in neck any one have anything similar or hear about this before?
Can someone give me the name of a portable heating pad that i can wear aound me while i'm sightseeing?
Is it Osteoarthritis? Solution?
why wouldn't I be able to lift my arms above my shoulders without pain in the muscle?
Back pain?
why do your toes cramp up when standing?
I am black, and my lips are white, sort of pale looking, I guess its lip discoloration. I also have On my uppe
Wat is Eczema? Wat is cure for it in Homeopathy?
information on cellulite?
How do you remove whiteheads on an eyelid?
How could I remove a big whitehead without leaving a deep scar on my face?
What is Leucoderma? Is it hereditary? Why there is so much mental trauma attached to it?
What happens that makes a child be born with cystic fibrosis ??
Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis. Dying. Please help!?
Which vision is more accurate? contact lens or glasses?
Are contacts dangerous if they are not prescription?
I've been having a SEVERE bowel problem .?
what exercise can I do about my sore muscle on right hand?
symtoms of tuberculosis?
Is it "starve a cold, feed a fever" or "feed a cold, starve and fever"?
what are seven types of wounds?
what whould happen to someone who had high blood pressure if they smoked marijuana?
can you explain the tantra massage?
What are the first aid steps to treat a laceration?
What to do with a chronic?
What is the hardest drug addiction to recover from?
do you believe in cosmic connections?
How did doctors come up with bipolar/depression when they don't have actual prove what causes it?
What is the most effective, low risk ADHD medicine available for an eight year old?
How safe is tylenol for arthritis?
i have a severe burning pain in my left shoulder, and flows all the way into my mdle fingers?
pulsating arm?
what is the cause for swelling all over the human body?
I keep waking up with a series of 3-4 itchy red splotches on my upper body. What could it be?
Suggestions for neck acne/ ingrown hairs?
How do you get Help to pay for perscriptions?
Does anyone know of a website with the list of different types of Human papilloma virus (HPV)?
Chlamydia after Treatment?
My GYN said I Had Hpv But?
free std clinics in houston, tx?
Where can I get information on ADHD/Fibromyaligia?
i just joined a health club and i plan to change my body. what is the best way to gain muscl?
How many calories would I have to burn to lose 20 pounds?
Is there anything i could do to get rid of belly fat?
If I dont drink sodas for a month how much weight should I lose and will it make me healthier?
Why are most americans fatter than any other people in any country?
Do you recommend Weight Watchers or Atkins diet? ..and Why?
How do you avoid a stiff back in the morning?
what are low glycemic index foods?
what is the best & healthest way to lose weight?
does factive 320 mg have sulfur in it?
Is there any Latex in Henna Tattoo ink? I have a latex allergy...?
Has anyone ever had a hemoroid lanced?
What can prevent the Black Plague?
what happened to our world today and about the solar system and about the galaxy this new generation..........
Im concerned skin rash, allergy, disorder???
Cigarettes are a form of population control.?
when was the time when pulmonary tuberculosis is not contagious?
I would like to know if a terrible desease called Pulmonary Hypertension could be solved soon?
Is there a Dr. on line that,could ans. my ques.I have asthma my treatment helps some my coughing is bad.?
Dark circles under my eyes?
Does it matter if I brush my teeth before or after breakfast?
where can i purchase a good otc sleeping pill and a good migrane medicine??????/?
what is kundalini energy.How to activate it.?
Where can I find info on Facial procedures. (Homework)?
Do you have pain from nerve damage in the leg and how would you rate it? What do you take for it?
Appendix had pain?
non-medicinal heartburn remedies?
Does anyone know a cure for sciatica?
painkillers causing headaches?
What's the strongest pain killer that you can buy over the counter?
How (or why) does a sore throat cause an earache?
What is the "normal" blood pressure for a woman age 70?
woke up with unknown body ack?
Use windex (geniec or store brand does not matter)?
eyes hurt in daylight but it is a cloudy miserable day ?
What would be the problem if one eye pupil is smaller than the other?
if I have hydrogel contacts can I use solution that in not ideal for hydrogel lenses?
How do I stop the ringing in my ears?
Can you wear Acuvue Advance w/ Hydraclear overnight?
Rebound Hyperemia Help Please!!!?
what would happen if we could only see withe the retina of the eye?
Dilated left atrium and diastolic dysfunction, stage 3.. what was it?
Heart attack? COPD suffer..?
Is It Angina?
Has anyone had surgery for Mitral Valve Prolapse?
Are You Aware That The AHA Is A Fraudulent Organization That Only Puts Its Sticker On Those Who Donate Thousa
granddaughter is 3. Has alopecia areata. Any suggestions/information?
When I was cooking grease splattered on my face and I got 2nd degree burns. What can I do?
is Cardiomyopathy an infectious disease?
What is the best treatment for calcium build-up in Aorta artery?
please help?
Can a person survive if their face is peeled off? Just watched movie, "Scarred" and it freaked me out.
Does aldactone help with female adult acne ? What are the side effects?
why do they inject radio active fluid into your viens when you get an M R I scan? and what exactly takes place
Strange eye allergy?
im taking rhinocort, could this be contributing to my throat being sore?
Question About Air Purifier Use?
I know someone who has Hepatitis C....?
Swollen Lymph nods and blisters on fingers?
why does the flu take so much time to cure?
How does a drunk man looks like?
Is there a kind of prescription medicine that can help me put on weight and keep it on?
I healed it and it game back bigger than before, why?
what to do about my thumb?
I have a chronic shoulder pain with no relief, how do i get rid of it ?
How do I get rid of a bruse?
What are some benefits of apple cider vinegar?
What is a natural cure for rosacea?
what is the fastest way to get rid of hic ups?
How can I get?
Is there any proven connection between ambient urban noise and unhealthy stress?
I recently posted a Q about state of mind after being raped - did you answer?...?
How do i find out if i have the Bipolar Disorder?
I saw 3 nuns walking towards me but they looked like floating.Thy wore a black and white nun-suite.What r they
Best way to releive canker sores?
I have a small area on my hand that feels like there is a hot drip of water on it. What is that?
whats wrong with me? (skin problem)?
how many calories dose an orange have?
how do I help my mother in law to walk?
what is the best way to flatten abs?
Is there an example of someone who is the epitome of agility?
what's the best weight loss over the counter pill and why?
How can i lose like 10 lbs. in 1 week?.... i have to hurry and do this!!!!!?
Do you take green tea supplements? Do you find them effective?
I need to loose?
how can i get rid off my fats without taking any exercise?
Gas-leak odor okay?
latest findings about cholesterol and its effects on the cardiovascular system?
where can i get needed surgery for an uninsured person in houston texas?
Injury settlement? I anticipate and injury settlement - will ins. co. pay further claims related to injury?
Is there anything like voluntary reflux?
skirts or shorts?
what will happen if a piece of glass was left in your foot for over a year?
I have TWO alarm clocks, both set to loud, about 5 feet from my bed, yet I still never hear them. WhatCanIDo?
What tissue injuries occur in prolong smoking?
I just releived myself and i feel loads better-is that nice to hear?
Can I go tanning at the tanning salon if I have Lupus?
What does bloating mean?
what is hypotherapy?
Some of skin become white patches is there full cure or not why not to create that medicine to help suffering?
i was not kidding?
how to stop the growth of warts?
Top ten STDs?
Are you alone after get std?
Just how much HIV is contained in saliva??
Do allergies contribute to eye twitching?
how do i??
Any reccomendations on a really really good over the counter allergy medicaton?
soft contact lens?
having contacts in for a long time=dizzy?
Tanning beds...welps on torso....did not use any lotions!!! Help!!?
what causes cold sores?
does anybody know what is leucoplakia simplex vulvae?
i have little red dots on my skin some of them have little white heads but they are still quite small.?
black marks on skin?
Why does scratching make an itch feel better?
What is an effective way to treat head lice in my kids hair?
i m a 22yrs old male. my hair are becoming white. plz suggest some medicine or hair oil?
bird flu more threating or aids more threating to world?
What are the side effects of sinus infections?
what are a few yoga positions I can do?
What is existential counselling?
why is it that when I ask the same question but worded differently people give opposite answers?
Some thing weird happened to me?
Is anyone experiencing intense derealization/ depersonalisation right now?
what is the difference between the right and left caritoid arteries?
What's the best way to dissolve throat phlegm?
My incision from heart surgery 4 months ago is red, itchy and raised. Is this normal healing?
i got blurred vision and chest pain for no reason. what causes this?
How a person who suffered from stroke can be cured?
How do you control Hiatus Hernia without undergoing any surgery?
What is wrong with me? Weak wrists, sciatica....?
Heart Rate?
What can you use?
About 20/20 vision?
Where is the best place to go for an eye exam and prescription?
How much do prescription lenses cost at Pearl Vision, Lens Crafters or even Wal*Mart?
Has anyone got a clue on why my husbands pee test came back negative for loratab?
what is better for pain after shoulder surgery, lorcet or percocet?
what is the medication valacet?
Why do my heels always hurt???
Does hydrocodone make anyone else ill?
I keep my stress as tension in my shoulder muscles. Could I relieve some of it with an ice or heat pack?
sleeping too much weight gain and depression?
zyrtec? possible overdose?
Allergic to allergy medicines...?
Has anyone ever experienced or know of anyone who has ...?
how do you get that mucous stuff out of the back of your nose...the stuff that feels weird and clogged up when
Do adults have soft spots??
My left hand is recently broken. How do I tie my shoes with only one hand?
I am in gymnastics?
My earring hole has a reddish ring surrounding it and it stings, too. Is this a specific ear infection?
I have the most awful skin in the world-too sensitive..hives with any makeup, without makeup my skin is blotcy
How do you make the bath tub less slippery...those mats don't work!!!?
Do you have Herpes?
why take a good food balance habits are good for us??
what is lesbein?
How do i loose weight?
how do i calculate how much calorie intake i need daily?
What is a good Glucosamine brand ?
best manifacturer of recumbent exercise bike?
how many pounds of food does the average human consume in a day?
guys- do really buff, strong muscled girls scare you?
Can I find Hoodia, the appetite suppressant in any store like Walmart?
does hoodia h57 diet pills work?
Does whey protein powder go bad or spoil?
If HIV is so hard to catch (1 in 1,000 per act) why is it so common?
What if any thing can be done for thin skin?
I Need Advice On Not Getting Sunburned While In Florida This Week-I'm Allergic To The Sun & Have Lupus?
where can I buy a vitamin E oil product to lighten my scars?
My husband has Epidermolysis Bullosa and suffers more and more each day, any suggestions to ease pain?
what is the name the skin disorder that causes a very fragile skin that falls down and gets bruised and scars?
is there any effective treatmet to cure nail fungus, anyone have evre tried teatree spray with success?
Is there a cure for Toxoplasmosis?
looking for hep c victoms with low platelet count who has tried or knows someone that has tried oprelvekin?
Anyone at the HIV/Aids conference in Toronto?
what are the symptoms of a infected person by HIV in windows period ?
I use Lantus Optiset Insulin Injection, How important is it to use new needle everytime?
Are there any Type I diabetics who have children who would share their experience w/ me?
what are the symtoms of diabetes 2?
Does carrying the recessive gene for diabetes have any heterozygote advantage?
my friend has diabetes and she is in the hospital what should i do?
I need the customer question site for CORICIDIN HBP?
how to get US diabetic patients emails?
Does smoking cigarettes have any effect on a person's sweet tooth?
sometimes right before waking up in the morning i can't move or even talk, what does this mean?
Question about Contacts?
Is there a difference between contacts and corrective lenses?
When I order cantact lens online , are BC and DIA important?
Can Advil cause excitability?
Please help the FEET!?
eye pain!!!?
After being on a 4 year addiction to Hydrocodone, and quiting (CT) 1 month ago, how long to exit the body?
I have some problem with my eyes?
Ok so i just got a new pair of eyeglass frames. the EA 9229 006. it's the armani frames.?
What is wrong with me?
Since it's always so painful & bruising to find a vein in my arms, can I ask for a pediatric needle to be used
Is my cervical neck pillow hurting me?
What is it mean if you get a small bag of blood forming in the inside of your mouth?
behavior 4 science project?
tinitus is driving me bonkers......?
how can we avoid angry?
Can you be a closet claustrophobic ?
Post nasal drip and horseradish?
Bacitracin Sinus Infection Question?
how to deal with cistic fibrosis?
does weather changes affect COPD patients and if so how?
Information on Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis?
What effect would a hypertonic glucose IV have on ADH and urine output in a dehydrated patient?
can you name a deadly virus or any deadly illness that would be cured by just taking some anti biotics?
wht is the incidence of nervous system disease ?
What is intussusception?
Could this STILL be a sinus infection?
Rice Allergy?
Is Prednisone dangerous?
Any good ideas to control localized psoriasis on my hand?
What's the difference between sun burn and sun poisoning?
is it psoriasis?
I have tiny red dot underneath my eyes and at the topside of my nose. What is it?
Why do children have eczema?
aorta aneurysm and aortic stenosis?
what are moles?
How do you get rid of heal spurs?
What causes gas within your back?
I need a blank template to list current medications I am taking?
what are the non-life threatening situations of a woman throughout lifespan?
What is unhealthy about staying inside in a dark room all day at a computor not eating much? please answer!?
Everytime i lean on my elbow it hurts like a needle being stuck in it this has been going on for over two?
Acupuncture headache question?
Should you see a Chiropractor for back and neck disk problems or not?
I broke my back for the 5th time and im in a lot of pain all the time. What is the best pain meds?
i have pain in the back of my eyes,could it be allergies?
Is eating catfish bad for cholesterol?
Hypertension? Abdominal pain due to stress? I'm worried about my health...?
Where can I find used medical text books in good condition?
Any remedies for nausea/dizziness?
need someone to tell what a pill i find?
When you die...... are you really... dead? (Physically, Not spiritually)?
What are the ways to improve vision naturally?
how can i fix my painful sour throat with house hold items?
What is Ssanghwatang, the Korean medicine, and what does it cure?
Whats The SideEffects To Codeine If you Are Allergic?
Any natural, homeopathic cures for chonic sinus problems?
How can you hypnotize someone?
I drink a glass of fresh home made carrot juice daily.?
Wearing a prom dress?
I found a pill and want to know what it is can you help?
What is the best way to get rid of tennis shoe odor?
my finger nails are dry, ridged and brittle, do you have a remedy??help?
What is the best way to get rid of the flu bug?
Why do people sometimes spit when yawning?
What do u do about breakouts?
why do we snore when sleeping but not awake?
what are the chances of getting skin cancer?
I heard that it is important to get checked up for skin cancer signs. Do you just make appts w/a dermatologist
What can one do to control sweaty palms??
There are these white patches of skin on my stomach and on my back.?
What can I take for hives besides an antihistimine?
Can someone go for lasik AGAIN when he gets Presbyopia?
Ways to preserve vision?
How to stop Eyesight deterioration?
I can see perfectly ....?
reasons for cerebral palsy, if child did not cried at time of birth, he is haveing lack of oxygen?
Chicken pox - what food to avoid during the 2 weeks?
Is there any medicine or method which Piles can be cured completely?
does anyone have the e.mail address for the M.E society?
Horrible sideeffects from prednisone...help!!!!??
pain from inside shoulder blade, up thru neck, tthache, side face, sinus?
Why do I get a headache when I limit my carbs/sugar/salt?
what are the advantages of pyysical fitness??
I WEIGH 65kg. i want to loose at least 10kg.?
What age group do you find more anorexic people?
how i decreas my wieght?
What do you think are the best bodybuilding suplements?
whats your favorite kind of diet?
What is the healthiest&quickest Brakefast to prepare.?
What is the fastest way to loose about 25 lbs and tone thighs and stomach?
I was rained on, caught a cold and after taking antibiotics for two weeks!!, its turned like an allergy.?
Why do you think some of us are more predisposed to have sinus trouble? Is it genetics, the place we live?
Splotchy shoulders?
What household items can be used for bad acne?
what is the easy way to erase scars of chicken pox?
dose it cause problem if the fore skin is tight of penies?
why does a sunburn start to sting after a couple days!?
spinal injury?
Can Fenobarbytal kill a person? i mean, if she takes an over dosis...?
How many packs andyears of smoking does it take to cause permanent damage to the lungs?
Oxyge masks?
Help I have sleep apnea. The problem I am having is that the masks they have fitted me with are too big.?
dose the bcg test for tb last forever?
Is it right to emotionally and verbally manipulate an elderly person with COPD to quit smoking?
When water of food goes down the wrong way what keeps it from going in your lungs?
What are the side effects of St. John's Wort?
I have an aunt that collects dolls.(shes 45) wat shold I do? P.S. she calls them her babies?
Can i get a case study of a shcool student who is suffering from stress .?
What can I do to fall asleep?
if your judgmental then don't even look at this. now, what can i do?
What are some commonly prescribed medications for anxiety?
can a quadroplegic feel anything in their limbs or from the neck down?
my lower back won't stop hurting?!?!?
which is a stronger medicine? vicdon 10/325 or oxycodone 5/325?
My Heart Rate?
Heart and Valium? Tried to stop, but BPressure 170/100?
What's the name of a doctor that deal with the pulse of the artery?
Long QT Syndrome?
what is antiandrogen therapy and its effects?
how can i protect from bird flu?
Does anyone have any tips for healing dry heels?
what exactly does the kidney do?
Indian celebrities who died of AIDS.??
What is the specific name for Psorais on the bottom of your feet?
stye treatment?
What can be done to help heal prurigo nodularis?
how can i make the swelling in my hand go away? (broken humerus) can't get it above my heart............?
LASIK eye surgery question, please enter.?
dose anyone have eyes that do this?
When do you know when to change out your contact lenses?
my vision is streaky when i look up at lights...?
why do old people wrinkle???
would 800mg of amoxicillin bid be to much for a 77 pound child to take?
How do I convince my parents to let me get my hair cut?!?
what dissolves superglue when it's on human skin?
anyone ever killed someone?
I have a dark spot on my toenail, what is it?
sleeping techniques anyone??
Is it safe to use benedryl daily?
What are child symptoms of torrets syndrom?
Anyone else having horrible allergies this spring?
Can you get food poisoning from calamari?
can accupuncture give you a bold spott?
why there is a need of two kinds of antibioticsto be administer?
I need some info about Hep C?
What is E. coli?
how does a person get boils on their face and how can they be treated?
How do I disinfect couch, chairs, etc. that might have ringworm on them?
Parasitic invasion are they comon?
what is the physical difference betwen a mole and a wart?
I have white spots on my nail. what does that mean? Some health problem?
eczema blister?
please help i have 4 bulging disk and hip problems!!!!!?
i have really bad back pains?
Uncommon cause of back pain?
i have osteoarthritis and i drive against my doc's wish. is it advisable?
pains in right side of head?
Any words of wisdom on how to live happily with a spouse who has A.D.D.?
how to get proper sleep in the night?
what is love? what is pain? what is life? what is reletionship?& what is frds?
how to overcome from negative thinking and lack of confident?
Hard to sleep these days?
what can I do to help someone who is going through a trauma?
I'm suffering from a mental disease, i feel like i become like bad guy , what should do?
What could cause severe Arterial bleeding after a Tonsillectomy?
Does the legal system require that a team of doctors carry out an appendectomy?
how many hours of daily exercise is required for a normal human being to stay fit?
Chicken Pox?
In India which is the best place to retire where the temperature is always between 40 to 80 degrees "F",
dense deposit disease what is it?
when do I go to get information on bi-polar?
are there any symptoms for autism?
What should I do about dried-out contacts?
Have you ever accidently knocked a friends eye out?
My eye has beartracks on it?
vision question.?
My friend needs help!!?
Eye Redness?
what is "lobar panniculitis"?
doubling up on birthcontrol pills?
painfull swollen knuckle is there any thing to apply for to help the pain??
does accupressure and accupuncture helps cure deasease??
what is the best herbal for somebody with rhumitiod arthritis? need something for pain without using narcotics
how long does lortab stay in your body for a urine test?
Any suggestions on how to get air out of ears?
Have you ever participated in a Relay for Life?
can too much milk cause pale skin in children?
Why do you get perspired when you climb upstairs and not when you go downstairs?
what's the easiest way to reduce the waist size ?
Is there any exercise that actually brings out "pot-belly" in people....!!!???
whats the best way to lose weight?
got a qiestion for .YOU?
Is it ok to reheat food more than once after its been refrigerated again.?
Is it good for me if I go to gym before dinner?
How to gain weight??
Raisins-good or bad when u trying to lose weight????
what is the best way to recover from a separated shoulder??
Another diet one -one of my weaknesses is fried food?
How can I have a dog when I have numerous allergies?
The health problems of itching inside the throat and disturbance for the concentration in the work due to pain
What is the reason that antibiotics make the birth contol pill ineffective?
What is the best way to remove earwax?
I have a question about sleep?
Can you die from being tickled to much?
If your had to loose one or the other...arm or leg?
I couldn't put my lenses in?
Why does my nose ring continually get infected?
can we implant air-filter-systems into humna-beings? to make sure that we all can smoke without health-risks?
How can you get rid of saggy cheeks/jowls and get a firm jawline back?
How do I get rid of dandruff of the eyelashes?
What is your back skin care regimen?
does anyone know???
Does mederma really work for scars?
how do u get herpes ??
agencies whre people can find information that is relevant to Hepatitis C?
Changing of pacemaker battery?
heart bypass operation?
When your heart stopped?
Angiogram - Risks of kidney failure?
list of orthopedic surgeons in pa?
what is strict aspiration precaution?
What's the best cough medicine with least side effects?
pneumonia-Is pneumonia contagious?
Have Sharp Neck Pains After Coughing????
When I wake up, I spit out phlegm that is brown, and later in the morning it is green.?
what does a hole in the lung do to your system/health?
Years ago I was bit on the arm by some insect. I'm still bothered by itching, stinging, burning. Any ideas?
my baby boy(15months) has eczema ,what is the best way of treating it?
My son was diagnosed with Keratosis Piloris (a body rash).Any suggestions to remove this rash?
what is nerofibromotois?
Dermatologist says my niece is albino. How can that be?
Scar help/advice?
Since the brain does not feel pain, why do we get headaches?
Where are Alzheimer Day Care places in Oakland, California?
i am not sure whether my golf ball landed in some poison ivy but my friend went to pick it up for me...?
What is Nail Patella Syndrome?
what is the new drug"dixion"?
what priorities would a nurse have to a patient with a pressure ulcer?
Why is my eye red , swollen and watery?
My nose has been getting really itchy in the past few days. I don't feel sick though.?
Can laptops cause people to go barren?
Fruit and Veggie Allergy?
I have a friend who sneezes uncontrolllably, what's wrong?
Why is it important academically that a child recive proper nutrition?
why people drinks alcohol as on bed tea ?
By shrinking the hippo-campus prolonged stress inhibit what process?
Were you abused in any way at school?
How can you tell if therapy is working?
I can not show my feelings , because of that I think that I am not popular what can I do?
I have nightmares, any methods that might help to alleviate them?
if i had meningitis as a baby will it affect me as an adult? how will it affect me?
I got poison ivy for the first time (couldnt get it before) and its horrible. ANY good working remedies?
why is my bruise spreading?
how can i stop the rash i get on the inside of my thys.?
Why do I have pain in my shoulder when sleeping?
Pain in my hip after jogging?
have fibro and shoulder blade hurts and under arm?
online pharmacy?
can't get the result of the roentgen yesterday?
wht is the right position for sitting long time when on work, precautions to avoid piles(heomeoheriods)?
i am 15 and 155 pounds and i dont want to go to the gym and workout what should i do?
Inspired at times, but lazy when I get to it...?
my muscles to tight!?
Give me weight loss links?
Help! Need to lose 30 pounds by April/May. HOW?
Is it true that if you eat breakfast, you lose more weight than not eating it at all?
whats the quickest way for me to get really cut? not too ripped just really cut.?
An honest question for those with weight and or physical appearance concerns.?
is it true if you drink decaffeine coffe far more healthier than drink regular coffe?
what is the history of mali?
what's the function of the urinary system?
How much do you tip at a massage therapist at an upscale salon?
what is the best to still smoke after u became old or stop it ?
My height is 5'6" tall, i want to add even 2 inches to it, could you give me advice how to increase my height
What does the I in blood typing stand for? You know like type a blood being Ia blood?
Can the new HPV vaccine?
This is not a question, but some advice.....?
I want to find out more about the consequences of HIV/AIDS.Can anyone help me?
What does herpes look like?
How does one get motivated to exercise?
Could my sons' vomiting and other symptoms be more than the flu?
what can cause compression of the right atrium?
Can someone tell me what supraventricular tachycardia is?
non-invasive aneurysm surgery, or open heart operation?
My mother-in-law has been told she her colon is too long & this is what is causing her pain; is this possible?
growth hormones??work or no??
what to take when you have a fecal smell?
Has anyone taken "VERMOX" (Mebendazole)?
why when I turn my head a certain way my body goes numb and I almost pass out?
Nail fungus.......eeek!?
is it true that if you go outside while its cloudy, that you are getting more sun damage?
what dos it mean when you have a boil that has stinky pus in it?
What is the rate of staph infections at Mary Black Hospital, in Spartanburg South Carolina?
some one know something about transfer factor ?
What is the best way to treat poison ivy on a 6 year old?
i cant move my right fingers?
Do you think drug addiction is a choice or a dissease?
When I start sweating from being in the heat my face starts itching and breakin out in hives?
need a healthcare clinic in houston i can get to see a doctor...no insurance same day?
Allergic to false tan?
What's the best over the counter allergy medicine for pollen?
Can I sell my kidney?
My Yorkie is highly allergic to grasses & flea bites. I'm out of work . does anyone know of a home remedy ????
Does anyone know of a dog food that without question has no peanut allergens? I suspect Ol Roy does. Thanks!?
Why does a person get run down?
does the grow taller pills work? have anyone tried it and it was a success?
I have a question about the Braden Scale...?
I've been feeling queasy lately...?
the common initial sign of rabies?
Why do I keep getting infections, colds, and rashes?
Can serious cold or influenza result in jaundice (in case of an adult)?
my friend passes urine only once a day?why?
how do i get rid of dark blue colour growing around my ears???
Any food, water, or bug diseases I need to kno about before going to egypt?
Is lortab 10 (500mg) stronger or weaker than percocet (325 mg)?
Carpal Tunel!?
When did Focus Night and Day contact lenses become available to buy?
What eye conditions can prevent you from getting contacts? Please be specific.?
How did you go about finding a good eye doctor?
How do you go on with normal life living with anxiety disorder/attacks?
lexapro pill?
Can the SCA or role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons be harmful to a person?
After a person stops consuming alcohol, not a daily drunk, but still stopping, what can be be expected ?
How do you know if you have OCD?
Is it wierd that I still sleep with my security blanket?
What can I do?
Does anyone know what could cause my wife to itch all over her torso? There isn't any rash or visable irritnt
need opinions on small skin melanoma. remove all?
I need some advice here?
Is vitiligo a form of leprosy? Please don't answer just yes or no. Please provide a reference. Thank you.
swollen lymph node?
thyroid cancer?
What is the difference between Non Hodgkin's lymphoma and Hodgkin's disease?
can you get radation effects from someone who has had a seed implant for prostste cancer?
Do children of smokers have a greater chance of lung cancer even though they never smoked in their adult life?
which is an example of multipotent stem cell?
No symptoms or anything but how and where to get tested?
how can people get aids without using protection?
how long till outbreak of herpes appears?
does takinga showever really affect you when your sick?
anyone taking raw pancreas and do you know anything about it. is is good for type 1 diabetes to take?
what are some good herbs for IBS?
can somebody tell me a cure for rhematoid arthritis? or at least ways for its symptomatic cure?
i was around loud noise all day how do i get the ringing out of my ears?
Do foot detox treatments really work?
whats good for coughs?
when i cough i have raised lumps on the left side of my neck.. what are they?
is it right to terminated someone because of there illness heart problems that don't ocur very often?
Where can I get rid of medical supplies(unopened)? I live in Minnesota.?
Problem exhaling while sleeping?
What are the initial symptoms of Whooping cough, otherwise known as Pertussis?
what cause egg allergies?
sore throat?
All allergy minutes seem to make me tired, any suggestions?
hamster with one large eye?
Eye allergies, when do they start to go away?
what's better? neosprine or mederma?
how to get rid of acanthosis nigricans?
How to heal a sunburn quickly?
Has anyone ever had scabies,?
i got a mri and it said i have buldging disk 3 concecutive in cervical spin c-45 c-56 c-67 with diffuse-kypos
How to extract Hydrocodone?
is migraine at all fatal??????
Why does my tongue turn black over night after taking a pepto bismo chewable tablet?
I have acid reflex and I just want to know does it make your chest hurt with pains and your back .?
where do u have the flushot ?
Shin Splint... see details for more?
USC Hospital emergency optometry telephone number?
I have small "holes" in the palms of my hands along the lines, what are they for or from?
what do we need toenails for?
My friend told me today about some skitzophrenic name rally shakers or something, is this the correct spelling
What causes extreme thick blood in vomit?
What is Corneal Abscess??
Doea anyone know anything about novacaine rub for tatoos?
What can you eat to help reduce Poison Ivy after you get the rashes?
During a lifetime, how long can one's hair grow if the person never cuts it?
I'm thinking about buy contact lenses....?
Tired all the time?
who wants to just want to rip ur hair out sometimes?
what is grading the muscle strain?
how can you get rid of a little belly & make it flat again?
is xenical effective?
Why are skinny people more accepted than fat people when both have health problems?
How do I get over my self consciousness at the gym?
How can I be sure to lose 1 pund a week?
I wanna hear from xenical users if it is really effective in losing weight.?
my sister has rashes in her body due to an allergic reaction to food what can she put on them?
Is there any way to get your face and body tattoo a tan color.?
tinea versicolor?
ingrown toenail, need some suggestions, last time, doc he cut half the toe away! anyother home remedies?
a rash on my shoulders...?
how does weight affect lung capacity?
does having more fiber in your diet keep you blood sugar down along with weight loss. Is this true?
will it help improve weak bones by taking didrocal for life or is there any better remedy?
My mother aged 50 has Mildly dilated LV,MILD TR, MILD PAH . evrythn else normal ,wat is the danger involvd?
ck1956, Are You Aware That There Are Exactly 18 RCT That Directly Contradict The Lipid Hypothesis?
How low is to low?
Where is coumadin clinic in new york city?
I have triglyceride level of 1125. my age is 32. What should I do to reduc e it, what are diet reductions?
After eating food white color substance is formed inside stomach and when coughing it comes out by mouth why?
I think i have pink eye? but i also can't here in one ear. plz help?
I need help with a research project?
Help! PAINFUL herpes!?
Treatments and vaccine against aids?
i need info on stds like: what r the signs, symptoms and methods of thansmission for each common stds?
Who doest feel useful?
What are some of the stronger muscle relaxant prescriptions available?
I have this pain on my left side,mid section high what could it be?
Sore Ribs?
What is the pill that has L522 on it?
Really terrible back pain. Any suggestions?
I'm kinda down. how do I push my self-esteem?
“Do you think introducing E.I.Q to our schools will be beneficial for students?”?
Amnesia?! Can you help me?
what is the state of health facilities?
What's wrong with my toe?!?
What is the difference between an M.D. and a D.O.?
what can happen to a person if they eat tobacco?
Is marijuana/weed worser than cigarettes?
RX on line without dr. exame.back pain control.i have three discs hurt im 69yrs. drs. think i will get hooked.
what is trigger finger?could i lead normal life?
how does social engagment prevnt alzheimer's?
how to cure heel spur?
can a doctor confuse the symptoms of lymphangitis and rsd?
What causes the little red speckles or red moles to appear on skin?
Does anyone have any experience with protopic ointment for the treatment of eczema?
Is there any medicine found for pcsoriasis?
do you know any facial disease?
One of my contacts is shifting and appears to not rest on the eye?
What can I do about this eye redness? I've gone through 7 prescriptions and theres still a problem! Help!?
eye surgeon?
What is a good outfit for skool?
is long neck is sign of beauty?????
How many showers do you take per week and how long does you shower take?
How do you go about gettin a phlebotomy externship?
What beauty regime or exercise can someone recommend to maintain a youthful appearance?
Do you trust in Herbal Medicine of Chinese?
What's the best remedy for spring fever?
where did you here that from. about the grape jelly?
Hiv-2 seroconversion period i.e. time for antibody to be dectected?
how can i build up my white blood cell count?
what disease(s) causes hair to fall out?
skin burns/itches if I get in the sun (spf45 & umbrella) also fatigue/nausea after exposure. syndromes?
How much is too much sun for my son that was in the pool today and would he be dehydrated after 9 hours?
Why my skin turns red when I touch anything?
Best dermatologist in Houston?
Abuse reported immediately. What would cause head to swell so grotesquely?
Sinus Surgery?
My 9 year old dachshund has nasal discharge coming out of her left nostril.?
infedelity test exist?
Are std tests confidental?
what do they test for on a std tests?
is england and UK same like UK and london?
does adipex have codiene in it?
If you're too skinny and food doesn't help you gain weight, what can you do?
How is it possible to INCREASE the body mass with NATURAL FOOD.Specitfy some vegitable items.?
nutrient density is most helpful in achieving what principle of diet planning?
the safety of raw/rare meat,safe to eat?
How much low carb bread should I eat in one day on a low carb diet?
i ate a lot this month & my waistsize change from 24 to 27 how will i make my waist thinner like before?
help,i weigh 92kg after child delivery,use to weigh 70kg,want to go back to 70kg,help me with a diet.pls?
Eye glass prescription: Can somebody explain what my P.D. reading means?
Contact lenses?
Why some say scratched sunglasses won't protect eyes?
Possible Dangerous Mold in Elem School in Lafayette, La. How to make school test building as kids are sick?
Can anyone tell what is the real effective treatment (cure!)? for aspiration pneumonia in old aged?
Coughing for 1 month, cough goes away for a few days then comes back, aluminum taste in mounth?
anyone have specific problems with C.O.P.D.? Problems sleeping? Side effects to meds? etc.?
Should you use ice or heat after a few months of recurring tennis elbow pain?
how do I get rid of conjestion in the back of the throat that has been there 3 weeks.?
will anything bad happen if i take antibiotics with beer?
What country is known for having people who live the longest.?
How can a person lost their sense of smell?
I know someone who had a clot removed from her leg by surgery.?
I have beeding hemorrhoids. What should I do about them?
what is an occulator?
how can we prevent mild scoliosis from becoming worst?
Which is better as a study habit?
what can you use to get a dark tan.. thats around the house? I have the sun just need a boost..?
how to relax the tension on my neck?
my son (2 months old) has a hole in his heart, can he still fly in a plane?