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I have had eye issues for over a year and now I am virtually blind for several min. when I wake up?
what does low latent inhibitions mean?
how bad is Zyprexa Zydis?
is a bipolar person hard to be around people ?
how do i know if my baby is a genisus?
How do I learn to relax?
Where is the local health clinic in Denton texas?
how to traet the back and neck pain?
why to drink cold water makes your headache?
I m wondering about my 17th month old girl who has been drooling so much sleeping I have to change her shirt?
is plantar wart removal surgery painful?
How do i get rid of a keloid or minimize it with home remedies? its like small its on my ear n barley noticeab
i am a vegetarian,but i still have acne ,what is this mean??
Can silent aspiration during general anaesthesia cause bronchopneumonia and mortality?
cpdt is short for what heart condition?
Are there immediate side effects of smoking menthols with asthma?
is it an ailment?allergy?or what?
Why is isnofilia in medical terms?
best treatmnent?
Question on MRI of the back?
what are the risks?
Anyone in their thirties have hip replacement and can offer any suggestions?
I found a pill in my purse...I don't know what it is..It is green, oblong shape,it says Watson 504.what is it?
If a teenager has a HSV1 or 2 can it be spread through the family by washing her under clothes with the ours?
Which one of these is least harmful?
is the durg phenergan a narcatic?
Teens & Whiplash?
know about the hepatitis type a to z?
Anyone take Karate lessons?
I soooo need to lose 50 lbs by April 2! Help!!!?
Does hiv symptoms come at one like each one every day ? this is not for me i am doing a debate and can't find
what kinds of food to eat to fill you up while dieting?
can people who are lactose intolerant eat food with cooked milk as an ingredient?
Do any diets out there rewally work?
how can i strengthen my knee?
got a big belly,wat can i do in order to get a flat one,help please,i have taken up some weight lately,?
What are the best and most effective supplements to take while training for a figure/bodybuilding competition?
Is it ok to do three full body workout three days in a row?
What is the best toothbrush to prevent cancer of the tongue?
How long after you stop smoking are you considered a non-smoker?
Swollen painless lymph glands?
any good news on cervical dysplasia? i hear very treatable.?
How can i learn to adapt to only using my left hand since I broke my right wrist?
If you use your hand to support your head while sleeping will this habit cause any nerve damage to the hand?
what is it when you have a broken ankle ?....?
Which medicines/vitamins/herbals can help with people who have had a stroke or brain damage?
Has anyone had a car accident with ,as the doctors say, unexplained injuries from it?
Accident Settlement?
I had a black eye and my cheek bone is out of place for 8 months Will i need surgery and what kind?
anyone severed a nerve in the forearm regained function and feeling in the course of a year after surgery?
i jammed my finger badly playing football. how long will it take to heal? will it be ready for basketball play
Have any of you ever been to a homeopathic doctor?
herbal cure for stones in the bile?
how do you know when u hav breast cancer?
Does taking the drug Erythormycin for acne really work? If so, does its effectiveness eventually wear off?
does anyone here suffer from tinea versicolor?
Hair Problem?
Anyone itch?
I have a rare blood type and I know nothing about it it's called RH Negitive and know has any info on help
I'm a germphobe. How can I avoid germs?
what are the side effects of massage therapy?
Please inform me which is the best treatment ever for keloid scars?
how can i get rid of a red scar?
Has anybody ever had a headache for more than a month?
the best way to relieve foot pain after being on your feet all day?
Where can I take a class on anger management?
Does smoking cigarettes really make women look older?
Central Serous Retinopathy-wot now?
What is the most expensive type of glasses either sunglasses or presciption?
How many pounds of blood does the kidneys purify each day?
I need some halp?!?
What should I do when I am being teased???
Does using the computer make my vision weak?
Who needs a dog but can't have one because of allergies?
why does hair turn gray?
how can i look stylish?
I react too sensitive to the sunlight, and it gives me pain. Is there any solution for that?
I been feeling achy?
What other Antibiotic other than 2000 ml dosage Augmentin would be as effective for severe sinusitis?
I get allergy symptoms every spring, now I'm taking Claritin D...?
What is Cramp?
Teeth/Dentist question?
Has anyone ever taken Zoloft?
Where is the best site to buy online meds with no prescription?
headache remedies?
i have dull headaches!!?
How dangerous is a hemoglobin level of 6.0"?
what is the scientific name for that dreaded inconveniance called stink foot?
what is gout and how do you know if you have it?
What cause an elevated liver enzymes?
is there a treatment for bone spur's?
What are the different forms of orthopedic impairments?
How quickly can u get rid of acne??
Whats the best way to heal an open wound that is infected?
Is there a difference in the number of rib cage bones in men and women?Do Lt & Rt rib cage have same bone no's
what does that mean?
How to get rid of smoking?
What can I do about a tight congested feeling I have in my chest?
Tuberculosis? Should we be checked?
can you recommend a website that has recipes for helping to strengthen the immune system of someone with breas
i need to find a former procedure for cancer that they don't do anymore?
Can severe recurring headaches be a sign of cancer?
the drs have run every test to see why white blood are low. now cking for leukemia (fluid in bone) chances r ?
does cancer of any organs cause backs to make cracking or grinding noises ?
how do u get rid of poison ivy???????
Why does your face get pale when you're sick?
I suffer from rosecea and need a good home remedy. Have been to several dermatoligists?
How do you cure a cyst?
Rash from the dry heat of Arizona.?
Hotfoot.. my feet become very red & hot at any given time when I wear soxs and shoes why?
what are the benifits and the disadvantages of wearing contacts?
my left eye bag area hurts when I blink my eyes..?
Does lens crafters sell non perscription colored contacts?
how to 'make' my eyes bigger? also, i am not sure if i am blinking often but how do i reduce that?
chlamydia? how long can you have it before scarring the fallopian tubes?
I have had mildpainin my lower stomach for a week or2?
what is the pill APO 20?
neonatal infection?
is spots related to stress and i do not mean acne?
packaging diagram for infectious substances?
details about herpes?
i started a weight training routine and am SORE the next day, how long should i wait to do the same body parts
Ok, has anyone diet pills, like trimspa (baby), or any? What have you tried? did it work?
To people who have a lot of weight to lose?
how can i get web link for woman ball busting?
how can i get slim but neither diet nor exercise?
whats the deal with most american girls wanting to be thin i mean arent most of u happy?
Which "diet" is better? Low fat or low carb?!?
Ladies-How do you run? important?
What beers can egg be found in as an ingredient?
What is Klenfelter syndrome?
easy way of breaking free from phensydyl cough syrup addiction at home?
What to do for a colon problem?
should i have carpal tunnel surgery and is it worth having done?
the best way to build muscle is to eat extra protein. false or true?
what do you do if you were bitten by a rattlesnake?????
how is the pumping action in the heart regulated?
Where are the best locations in the USA for clean air?
What is enterocolitis?
multiple sclerosis?
Do you think bird flu.will be a huge disaster in the world and both U.S.,Canadian govt. can handle it.?
My stool is fluffy but black. Should I be worried?
Is there a cure for encephalitis?
Is it normal to urinate normally when you have an Spc in?
does anyone know of a cure for chronic vertigo or meneiers disease?
What is it when you take a very deep breath and it hurts?
How do I get water out of my ear?
where can i get an hair extension in hyderabad?
what is the equation for measuring vision, in 20/20 vision or 20/something else.?
Is Ivory bar Soap available in Scotland?
What drug is known by the street name "ice"?
What is Alesse?
how come some people bruise easily?
Crack in ribs?
Cant get insurance for pre- existing condition and SSI denied me?
What do you do for a pulled hamstring?
Burning in the hands and feet?
I didn't have sisters or female cousins growing up- can I still turn out ok? Am too curious about girl's bods
How can a girl who is told she's really pretty have low self esteem?
need words of courage for me right now, i feel real bad because my boss yelld at me today for second time?
Are the cuts on children who cut themselves similar to scratches or different?
Have you ever liked someone you see all the time?
what is hypotherapy?
whats wrong in the minds of mad people?
How do you go on in life after you've lost all you have?
how could rX change that fast?
Once a day contacts - the kind you wear one day and then throw away? How are they? Are they worth the money?
neck pain I have had pain in my neck for about a week now it seems to be going down my arm .what can i do ?
I have this really weird thing, happen with my ears in the cold! Help!?
I have a headache?
Sometimes I wake up from a sound sleep with terrible leg upper muscle pains. What can this be.?
How can I get rid of foot cramps?
How do I stop the pain from a foot corn?
Migraine treatment suggestions?
What is the disease where one cannot be exposed to sunlight?
i have a one year old son with eczema. My husband and I want to have one more child will they also get eczema?
I have a fungal ear infection that I have been fighting for leat 8 months.Am evr going to get rid of this help
skin care for children esp. for wounds?
How often do people die from a "non aggressive rash" four days after the rash first began?
what would happen to my allergy face rash if i soaked my face in cold water?
how do you heal sun burns?
Why are both palms of my hands always red and hot?
I used to have warts so i froze them, but now there is a like scar on my leg, how can i get rid of them?
How many calories do you lose during an average intensity orgasm?
what is a back doctor called?
any advice on treatment of a bladder infection in a 20 month old?
How do I help my sister - 2,000 miles away - overcome depression?
How will avoiding consuming fruits and vegetables affect the skin?
I get excessive phlegm in lungs after meals - choking sensation and Asthma?
looking for chat rooms or support groups for post lung transplant patients?
How can you tell if you have lung infection ?
Causes and treatment of allergic cough?
What causes Bloodclots when flying on an Airplane?
Are these all related? are am i unlucky are both?
question about mold and allergies?
colds everyday?
After-massage headache?
what is the medicine of tonsil which totally hill it?
Do Homeopathics work?
how can i treat the sinusis,nothing is working?
hi should i get a job as a rn? How long does it take in a community college and how much does it pay?
Is alkaline water better for health?
Does the size of eye ball increase?
does wearing glasses make your eye condition worst? since you you will get use of wearing them?
Can x-rays ruin contact solution?
I want a good picture for the backgrond of my power point about heparin induced thrombocytopenia?
Why would a very healthy 45 yr.old female ...?
How do you search yourself for testicular cancer?
How many years of smoking can cause lung cancer?
Cyst turning into cancer?
What can you give a sick 9 mo old for a runny nose and fever?
why are metalic fragments present after surgery?
I want to know everything about SHARCOT MARIE TOOTH disease.?
what diet should I be following with PKD??
How long does it take to find out if you have a STD?
does sea water help psoriasis? will it get better or worse?and what helps it go away?will it ever go away4ever
who have eczema and can eczema cure ??
why do mosquito bites itch?
What if you could see an "itch"?
Is Lamisil the only "cure" for nail fungus ?
my friend has had toe nail fungus for more than 7 years?
What is the medical term for wolfman syndrome?
What are the signs and symptoms of ear drainage?
How can I do a massage therapy cover letter?
I heard Viagra is covered by some health ins but Birth Control isnt, WTF?
How can i overcom on depression.?
whats another way to get the wax out of my ears ive tried the ear wax kits at rite aid this is no joke?
Is it legal to require staff -in a health care agency-DDA- to pay for their PPD?
are UTI's hard to clear up? I took antibiotics but it didn't go away?
How are companies monitoring the avian flu situation?
The other day I had one H*** of a Headache!?
Chest Pain?
unusal chest pains?
Back proplems in teens(now)?
My Tongue Hurts any reason why?
How long does loratabs stay in your system?
pain left side chest?
My 21 year old son has an anger problem. He will get angry and break things. Then feel guilty and hurt himself
What are some of the causes of depression in kids?
what is homeopathic remedy for irrational persistent thoughts?
where is the best place to live in the bay area?
I've had blepheritis for over 4 months; is there any antibiotic to clear this up?
why do i look so different when i put on my glasses?
What eye drops for contacts and sensitive eyes would you recommend?
how does your eye vision get messed up?
Does anyone use Clear Care for their contacts?
Why do humans have five toes and five fingers?
if one side of nose is stopped up while laying down turn over it will clear and vice verse?
I received a mild concussion on Friday, i still have a headache, is there anything else i should look out for?
What should i do?
What do I do if I minorly sprained my wrist?
fastest way to heal a pulled or torn hamstring/glute?
What is a S.L.A.P Lesion?
could an MRI be of use in determining the seriousness of lateral epicondylitus?
I need some serious answers please.?
what is the best possible way for me to loose 10 lbs by saturday?
What are the best sites for body building learners?
What is the best way to grow taller?
how to lose weight by dancing?
I lift alot of weights, and my period stopped, how can i fix this?
Is 9 half stone over weight???
how many calory I should to lose for a day I running on machien and how long that I should to run for 24hours?
Does hyperpigmentation of the skin resolve itself following cryosurgery for lesion removal?
How do I treat a spider bite?
Is neosporin bad?
difference between antibiotic & antiseptic for topical issues?
how do i relieve an infected toe?
Do your feet smell bad because you have cheese culture between your toes?
Too many symptoms?
Why is BUN, Creatinine,and electrolyte levels ordered with a patient on a ventilator in ARDS?
How long can a person in the advanced stages of emphysema expect to live.?
Benifits of Spiriva Inhalers?
Steroids in children and health consequences?
how much money does one person spend a year on cigerettes buying 2 packs a day?
what online pharmacies are legimate?
Urinary Tract Infection-Cramping?
What is the coffee allergic ? Is it true ?
Any tips for being sick????
Is there any fruit that is made by microorganism, if so which one and what are it's symptoms?
I am having a sharp pain in my chest... how can I ease the pain or make it go away all together?
Why isn't Floricet considered a controlled substance?
how long does poison ivy rash last?
Can anyone tell me the name of the purple liquid that was used for Athletes Foot? [Before the brands today]?
In the medication bactrim, is there any sulfer in it?
Abcess, How do you treat them? I have one on my arm.?
what can i use to draw out a infection on the back of my hand?
i can see a bright halo around the edge of my right eye?
does anyone know how to make a natural eyeglass cleaner(solution) at home?
why cant you see something in the dark, but when you turn around to look at the side ot it, you could?
Is wearing old contacts bad for you?
O2-Optix (Air Optix) by Ciba approved for two weeks wear in USA but monthly wear in Europe. Which is reliable?
I subscribed for Freshlook Contacts?
How do u now if ur losing ur sight?
Is valtrex safe during pregnancy? POSITIVE ADVICE ONLY?
im so afraid about aids that i need to know how long the virus lasts on a infested syringe even if frozen.?
Friend diagnosed with breast cancer....?
What is Hyperfunctioning Adenoma of the adrenal gland?
cause of brain tumors?
is womb cancer deadly?
Does anyone have experience and can tell me how to open an apricot pit?
lump in children's neck?
best product for cold sores?
what are the benfits of wobenzym n a enzyme supplement?
what is body cleansing?
What is Feldenkrist?
What supplement is better, green tea, or green tea extract?
What kind of treatment does I use to remove scars on legs?
my neck/shoulders hurt and i have headaches?
i am experiencing pain on my right thigh, it appears fromtime to time... what is the cause and the cure?
I've been on hydrocodone for about a month for an injury. Should I expect any withdrawals?
can anyone give me advice on knee pains ?
Looking for formulation for SILVER NITRATE eye drops for use on racing pigeons other birds and animals?
I have bipolar disorder & am raising a son who has just been diagnosed w/ adhd did he inherate this from me ??
what is a fear of husky dogs called?
Touretts syndrome and ticks..anyone know how to get rid of them?
Wellbutrin XL 300?
does anyone feel half as happy as I do today?
Is a 5 year old child too young to be diagnosed with A.D.D.?
Can a person be alone yet not me alone ?
why is clasical music so depresing?
Is Zymox 600mg used for the fight of MRSA and E- coli?
what is Cytomegalovirus CMV ( WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS )?
diseases caused by polythene?
can you test for hep c in?
I need to know if u have ever gotten a mole removed? From your face please tell me any side effects?? its flat
What causes the yellow discoloration of the skin?
I had a mole removed months ago & now a new one seems to be growing in its place.Has anyone had this problem?
what is the cure for poison ivy?
What causes brown spots to appear under your arm pits?
Why the doctors will write"Rx" in the prescription?
i am 21yrs old...i am 5'3"...i want to grow tall naturally...plz help..?
if you like a pretty girl,but you have been married,what should you do then?
Is it true that you stop producing brain cells after the age of 25?
Is it just me or has anyone elses allergies been living life to the fullest lately?!?
where can i obtain a certified copy of my birthb certificate if i were born in the state of california? & how?
how much cholesterol is in a slice of raisin bread?
Is Manuka Honey any good in asthmatic children?
eyes' health on gamer?
Help me out please...........?
When I wear contact lenses........?
contact lens question?
Hi i have an emergency question about my eye!!?
I need a suggestion for a knee brace?
I sing and about 3wks ago lost my voice from singing. Need help recovering it. Any thoughts?
Does anyone have a vagus nerve stimulater and has it helped?
How long does it take for a bruise on the ear to fade??
aching muscles in my calves and back of the knee?
Will knee injury cause swelling in the calf and ankle?
Ankle/ heel pain?
Muscle Spasms?
what to do with dundruft?
where does the word "diet" come from?
What is the best exercise to firm up the thighs?
Is there a simlpe way to measure my own body fat percentage?
people pleas ehelp me?
How much responsibility the fast food industry has for the obesity epidemic in the US?
Does poping your back help or hurt it?
How do overcome chronic nerve pain(neuropathy?
I really dont feel good, and the following is hurting...?
Medication should be taken in the mornings or nights?
how do i quit smoking?
how to make the friend with honest and trully ?
why do people study nursing ?
i'm looking for a product that seals your pores so you dont sweat from underarms?
Does pain medication make pain go away?
What will I do to prevent acne problems from occuring? If I have one what are some herbal cures?
update on skin condition VITILIGO...?
does anyone know how to help psoriasis on your head??
I have a stye that won't go away, what should I do?
safe treatment for scabies during pregnancy?! PLEASE HELP!!?
Just got contacts today.. trouble getting them out..?
quiting tobecco possible?%of people sucssesful?can nicotine withdrawal symptoms serious or fatal?
Can you please help?
What is Feverfew??
what is this pain is my rib cage?
Excedrin, Cephalexin and Clindamycin?
Back pain - what should I do?
I have Neck Pinch Nerve, numbness in left hand index finger, no strenght in left hand, any solution?
Has anyone in the US ever been prosecuted for buying Ultram Online?
first documented case of breast cancer?
How many of you can...?
Breast Cancer Support Group name?
How is cancer in the abdomen diagnosed?
signs of syphillis?
Why are some people allergic to wool?
Is it possibly to use a Epinephrine Aerosol inhaler in place of an EpiPen?
What is involved in debridement of pressure ulcers or decubitus?
How can I clear up acne scars?
What is defacation?
Does anyone else have Vitaligo?
whats the best way to remove keloids from the skin?
how do you get rid of scars?
Why is hard for schizophrenics to realize the truth about their bizarre comments and thoughts?
How do i improve my concentration abilities?
Tell me again your fears of clowns, and why...?
Do you believe in ghost? If so, here is a question - - -?
Anyone taking Lexapro?
Do any of you know anything about Aspergers syndrome autism???
Bipolars are good people?
Information on migraines after a head injury?
i need seroiuos help.?
Does acupuncher help a herneaited disk at all?
i'm an esthetician and want to learn more tricks about skin and makeup?
well my 4end is suicidel,and im afraid,lately, hes been more sad than usual, and he cuts. im really scared,plz
Is there a cosmotology school were i can attend even though im not 18 yet??
Is hashish addictive upon first use?when?
How can I get rid of a sinus infection?
can tuberculosis come back?
how much air accidentally taken through intravenous drip would kill?
how do u differentiate between rhonci and crackles in a patient. They really sound alike.?
What is sensual massage? Do they teach it while learning Massage therapy Course?
Where is the best Health Food Store in Des Moines, Iowa or Southern Iowa?
Why we don't have red,orange,pink,yellow eyes?
Strabismus and glasses?
free sample of color contacts?
My eye lashes keep falling out.?
What is the best treatment of Seborrhic Dermatitis?
legal rights of indigent patients when seeking emergency care?
for those whom have used the product "proactive"?
How do you get rid of corns?
what do you do / use on your skin when it itches to the point of insanity does anyone have a magic answer.?
i have this boil on my side under my are,how do i get rid of it?
What are boils caused by?
bulimia- How does it affect the person, physically and emotionally?
I'm looking for a shop which sells ingredients for herbal remedies in oxford,UK,where can I find it?
What are the benefits of a coffee enima?
What happens if I take an antidepressent10mg ciraplex)in the morning and I drink acholol at night occasionaly?
what can be done to stabilize a person's blood pressure after trauma?
my feet hurt when I get up in the morning and walk to the bathroom why?
whats the best cure for gout ?
my stomach acid is coming up every night, what can i do?
Whats the best way to heal a sprained toe?
What happens when surgeon says torn rotator cuff can't be fixed?
What is a great produce to tighten up the face?
Blood blister in mouth?
I recently got my hand slammed between two doors?
I tore a tendon in my knee, need surgery, live in Houston TX, don't have health insurance. What can I do?
I feel like I have a fish bone stuck in my throat. What should I do?
how does SALAD effect loosing weight?
Ok... what should i do??
what is a good weight lifting routine without the use of a bench?I'm working in the aftermath of Hurr. katrina
How do I gain weight without it all going to my tummy?
Story followed by a question below....?
How do you treat shin splints?
ihow can i put on more weight?
How is AIDS transferred ?
My dog bite me but it's like a half in. bruise/punture wound wat is the best way to get rid of the bruise ASAP
Is Minoxidil(Rogaine) effective in treating hair-loss? If yes, Must i continue using it for life?
why is liquid nitrogen used to remove lesions like warts?
what is scarlett fever?
What are the white spots on my legs?
How common is idiopathic Anaphylaxis?
Iodine Allergy?
Is it safe to take 2 zyrtec allergy pills at the same time?
contact lens??
Lazy Eye with weird light reflection in pictures?
how many of you are double-jointed?
Is Lodine anything like Codine?
my neck cracks from the right side when i tilt it to the left periodically throughout the day, is this normal?
pain in both arms after sneezing?
Do you have a memory foam pillow?
i am 13 and am having a tonsilectomy TOMORROW! Any advise?
pain around rib cage?
How painful is a Bone Marrow Biopsy?
does anyone of u believe that stem cells are responsible for cancer formation?
could it be ovarian cancer?
What is the best way to make people accept Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) to prevent Malaria?
Can rabbits catch chicken pox from my children?
What can be done about the extensive amount of geese droppings around the reflection pond in DC.?
what is the EMN virus? What are the symptoms? Is there any offered medicine or treatment?
What are 3 breathing emergencies ?
What is Krone's Disease?
hi they are?
I was exposed to TB and I want to know does that mean I actually have TB like someone who is active?
What type of disease extremely increases sensitivity of all senses: hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste?
I am really feeling sad today. What can I do?
I am looking for an ex and i'm having a hard time at it. Anybody know Robbie Aills?
My son's girlfriend had a baby @ three months ago she is not the same she's mean and crys all the time help
is urine cold or hot?
How do I go about getting donations for our self help center?
A mentally disabled woman was arrested in 47130 area for trespassing how can i prepare before we go to court?
why do my veins stick out from my hands?
What's the best and cheapest way to remover corns and callous?
My underarms sweat a lot. I've tried everything. Best remedy please?
This maybe a strange question to some people but it is serious?
Contact lens prescription verified by Doctor?
Can your vision go back the way it was after laser eye surgery?
What is my vision? 20/40, 20/100?
can you get an STD from getting a ********?
Herpes virus!!!!!?
i am trying to get to the website of st.vincents medical center in jacksonville, fl. can you help?
Does anybody know how to relive an aching body caused by gymnastics?
Eyes water very easily in the wind?
Should I have it?
How do you convert my brother's height into centimeters?
Where can I find Medicare allowable payments to physicians?
how do you get rid of a ear infection?
I have been diagnosed with Bilateral Ganglion Cyst of Synovium, what is it?
Does anybody knows any organik drink or food, about pain in small intensitines? No medications at all pls,,,?
How much is Vicodin on the street?
Is my knee okay?
How does aspirin and Tylenol or acetaminophen interact or do they?
tongues hurting?
I'm a runner, so what are the best ways to protect my knees and to prepare for running to reduce pain?
My strange headache..?
I need to know about Schleroderma (?)?
Will Hydrocortisone 1% get rid of a rash completely by itself?
Are there foods I should avoid if I have eczema?
How can you cure rashes?
How do you get rid of a big cyst-like zit on your face?
hair pulling?
environmental toxins?
Where can I find latex-free products? Like Mattresses, clothing. . .?
my eyes are too watery, if i use eye drops, will it take off?
What is the best way to stop a runny nose?
I had "bucket handle" knee surgery 2 1/2 months ago and lately its really bothering me?
Information on knee pain?
what is cervical myofascial pain syndrome?
Ever Have Shoulder Tendonitis?
My mother has pain in her legs and can hardly walk. Could this be a sign of PAD?
I think the cure for Headaches is Dehydration?
if i have lasik laser treatment done and get 20/20 vision .will the power change in the future?
I am 22.Can I have laser done? i wear 8.00 can I get 20/20 vision? wat kind of laser shud I get?
hi i injured my foot a couple months ago it was a severe sprain they told me to go back and have it looked at?
good ways to avoid injury in soccer?
How should i heal my ankle?
Burn Question?
Knee Surgery Recovery?
I have heard that Red meat is really Bad for you, is this ture?
What is the fastest way to loose belly fat (other than exercise)?
Can a person live on McDonalds food only?
I have eczyma with dry and itchy skin,wht is the best traditional therapy, I fade up with doctors medications?
what is the best way to lose weight?
What will help a rash with blister heal faster?
How do i detoxify after several days of eating bad food?
i have sinusitis what can i do about what should a take?
How do i treat canker sores in the mouth?
how can magnets improve blood circulation ?
birds and bees, what does it mean?
im looking to lose125 lbs with bariatric surgery ,can anyone tell me if this is safe?side effects?
I need to know the best way to quit smokeing?
What is addictive in cigarettes nicotine, or the other stuff in them?
what are the advantages of contact over glasses?
i was looking at the "in the news" section of yahoo about pain relief. it is now gone how can i see it again
What is a reasonable amount of time to allow a teenager to spend in the shower?
Anybody heard of a type of cancer that causes face and ears to redden? Something syndrome.?
What does sinus odor smell like? Does the smell just come from your nose?
Can You Get Asthma even when your older, or what do you think i should do?
how long does it take for subcutaneous emphysema to be absorbed?
When you sneeze, does more air usually come out of your nose or your mouth?
is cancer genetic??
How can you tell if the phlegm is coming from your lungs or post nasal drip?
I am an LPN and work in Med/Surgical unit. Looking for a less stressful area. Any suggestions.?
what could this be? a rash?
raised area on back of neck that is very large and tender don't feel well and have chills?
Is there any way to keep a sunburn from peeling?
What is a good way to ease swelling for a insect bite?
does anyone know of anything to keep no see ums from biting?
My best friend has had a rash for 6 months.?
What makes the human heart make the thump sound?
Why do we get hiccups?
what starts scabies besides just being unclean and how exactly does it spread?
If everyone on the planet passed gas at once, what would happen?
I am a female with badly hurting wrist (and lower palm)that kinda feels like pressure but also pain any ideas?
which medication works best for GAD? thanx?
tell me the exercises or yoga exercises to keep my self relax?
I've seen a lot of Qs about these--Who wants to know more about panic and anxiety problems?
Does Medicaid (NY State) provide coverage for office based opioid therapy using Buprenex or Suboxone/Subutex?
What books can you recommend on the topic of multiple personalites?
How do you deal with not knowing why bad things happen to good people?
i have been suffering with a migrane for two weeks,can someone give me any advice on how to ease the pain.?
i'm getting pain just 2" above naval area on both left and right side..if i press there also i feel pain..what
Is temporomandibular joint disorder severly?
can cold cause swelling in my fingers?
I'd like to get laser eye surgery in Vancouver. Would it be much cheaper than getting it in California?
People with bigger eyes:Can bigger eyes cover more area?
Is eating Cocain bad?
When I was ten I got glasses then at 13 got contacts..?
Why do our joints and muscles ache when we have flu?
information about kidney stones and treatment?
Could this mean there's something securely wrong with me?
Has anyone had nasal polyps removed before???
what is good way to get rid of flaky scales behind the ears and the outer part of the ear?
I have really sweaty palms and feet... I tried botox and other medications..nothing worked please help......?
quick question about cold sores?
how can i get rid of phsoriasis?
What kind of treatments are effective for blepharitis, a disorder of the eyelid margin.?
anyone here with something new on the market for psoriasis?
how do i file a complaint against my old slumlord (land lord)?
What does formaldehyde smell like, and how can I detect if it's gassing out from my new wood floor?
what can help you get rid of a stomach virus?
What is the best treatment for improving joint function?
Is there a schedule to start practicing jogging for those how've never done it before?
Anybody else have leg edema out there? What do you do to relieve it?
hydrocodone bt-ibuprofen tbtev?
What causes knots in back muscles?
How do you avoid/cure bursitis in the kness?
Stomach Ache question - please help?
Lortab or Tylenol 3? Which is preferred?
how to buff out scratches on eyeglasses?
Why is my blood pressure reading so different in each arm?
a list of providers that except share of cost medicaid in florida?
What treatment/procedure is best after 3 back surgeries-including fusion to relieve pain?
Which alternative healing method is better?
how do you cure a severe case of bad breath?
is hydrocodone stronger than oxycodone?
Charlie Horses?
I just found out I have osteoporosis and should take Fosomax, I want to try alternative medicine instead,help?
how can you avoid getting coldsores?
I live in WA state. My mother has lymphedema in her leg. Where is closest lymphologist to Whidbey Island?
what's the best cure for poison oak?
How do you remove calists on your feet?
why were lice created?
Home treatment for a boil?
What are Carcinogens ?
why it is said that sodium lauryl sulphate can cause cancer? is it true?
I havent bene able to spell ptoperlt since i got into a fight. why is thos?
Bowel cancer?
can brain tumors go undetected ?? even with an mri??
Can you have a back problem because you worked to hard?
driving after shoulder dislocation?
does removing your ovaries reduce your chances of breast cancer?
if i were on a wet wooden deck and i slipped and fell on a step up would i brake my humerus bone???
what's a good cough medicine for people with asthma?
My central air spews mold(dried mold)HELP!?
Problem with Snoring?
why there is a risk if i use hashish??
I injured my foot just by walking..?
Excessive Mucus, Shortness of Breath????
Hoodia and Asthma?
After losing 15% of body weight, if existing sleep apnea were to disappear, might it do so after some delay ?
My vancomycin peak and trough is 60 and 18, is that good or bad?
what's the best cure for nasal staph infection aside from using antibiotics?
has anyone visited Ayurveda centers or yoga centers in India? Is it worth visiting?
identify yellow small pill. has GG 25 scored in it?
Any natural cures for Anosmia?
is full service massage safe? how can I trust if i will be safe,these people are usually annonymous?
Hypersensitivity vs. Allergic reaction?
Am i allergic?
Any natural home remedies that helps reduce swelling in nose?
I think I have post nasal drip and its killing me?
What's the best equipment to chest workout?
how to burn calories indoors?
How To Gain Weight????
Exercise questions..??
how to GAIN weight?
which is better, the ab scissor or the ab lounge ultra?
Where can I find modifications for pilates?
Does Any One Knows About An A successful nutrition system For Losing Weight ?
Are growing pills considerd steroids?
rt sided chest pain?
if i am taking blood pressure medicine, can i take tylenol?
does arthritis spread from leg to another?
Does anyone have Adult scoliosis? If so have u had surgery?
how do i find out what may be causing loss of appitight dissyness and lung pain?
Canh cataract be cured without surgery?
Little Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
where can i buy a razor?
what kind of surgeon will fix a bad scar from a skin abcess?
Help my legs are driving me crazy. They itch I scratch they come up in a rash. I also have hayfever.Ideas?
what does it mean when a person is radioactive?
i m 29 and stand 5'7''. can i grow any taller?
Do girls who have nose rings have problems with getting boogars caught in the posts?
how can I strengthen my nails they have always been weak and break easily I have tried all the usual hardeners
I need picture exercises for senior citizens?
I dropped a pretzel down my shirt....?
Y my eyes are not purely white i mean some times yellowish??
i cant get my contact lens in!?
does anyone know how to make the glasses cleaner you can buy at wal mart eye glass places?
what is osteoradionecrosis?
is arthritis, a auto-immune disease ?
Do physicians in a psychiatric unit of a hospital routinely test their patients for Hepatitis C?
A question about eye infections?
what actions do you take when people go into "grand mal " seizures?
Is spina bifida a rare disease?
what is the eye conditon where your eyes are shaped a certain way, like a football and you see very blurry.?
Can stress cause a brain anurizam? What are the symtoms of one.?
what sort/kinds of food are probihited from a person with goiter?
What foods should sufferer's of Gout avoid?
what is resveratrol?
is formaldehyde harmful if it is used for food preservative?
what would cause burning, aching, and tense sensation throughout neck, head, shoulder, back, and arms?
how to increase height even if your already 26 years old.?
why is everyone after mcdonalds?
how do i clear 10 year old spots on my legs?
Help please!?
What are some home remedies for ringworm?
Do spiders have stingers?
Why does my whole right arm, wrist and shoulder start to hurt when I am doing this?
How much does an uninsured Doctors appointment cost?
surgery question?
my younger sister recently told me she was growing hair in unusual places. should i be worried?
Have you ever been in the hospital? First one to sound real to me wins.?
When an odd grey hair is pulled out of its follicle can a new non-grey hair grow out again?
Should I put a humidifier in the babys nursery.?
What initial mesures can i take when i have cough & cold?
I need to know the statistics of African american children with Autism in the city of st. louis?
i will have my 4th surgery for scoliosis..help?
how many people like dnr orders?
How to get rid of a sore throat fast?!!?
how can i hide my EDIT AND DELETE .........in aswering question?
Anyone familiar with oregano oil for health? Especially allergies and sinus congestion.?
is there a permanent solution or remedy to combat male boldness these days?
Would a 75" mattress cover fit an 80" mattress?
Why does only one lung collapse in Pneumothorax?
what diesease or bacteria from your resiratory tract can cuase bad breath.?
Do you snore?
what are the effects of exposed fiberglass insulation on the lungs?
what is 5.5 percent of 24 ounzes?
What medications can you use for Eczema?
what dose shingles look like?
Does anyone know a vitamin or supplement that decreases the amount you sweat?
what is a simple way to get rid of a boil?
How do you cure shingles?
where could i get a free documentary film of anorexia nervosa?
Liver lesions?
how to overcome depression & mental stress????
Sleep make you smarter?
No motivation!?
does anyone know about xanax?
Why would anyone in their right mind want to "think positively" every last minute of the day?
lymphomas and itching?
They claim cervical cancer is viral, HPV, how do we know all cancer types are not or are viral as well?
does any on know how breast cancer is rated?
does smoking cigarettes really stop body growth?
Does anyone understand "Spinal Fluid" Cancer?
Simian Immuno Deficiency Virus?
How do people live with HIV/Aids?
what do you think about breast implants?
Is there a cure for tennis elow that really works?
sleeping problem can you help?
If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea... does that mean that one enjoys it?
Is it true if your feet smell and your nose runs, you've been made upside-down?
Why does my knee hurt after kicking field goals?
this is a weird question?please look if you will take this serious?
i smash my finger at work and it swallon what can i use for it to get better?
Where can I go to get help for getting a job when I am on crutches most of the time?
How long should it take a 'runner's knee' injury to heal?
ankle problem?
why when you wear a protective cup and you get hit there it still hurts?
cut my forehead and now have stiches--advise please?
What is the proper dosage of prednisone for poison ivy.?
Why does aloe reduce sunburn?
my grandaughter stepped on a thistle weed,,is there anything to put on it to help the pain?
Why do my gray hairs itch until I pluck them or dye them (every week)?
What do I need to spary on my bed and furniture to kill scabies?
What are the side effects of Vicodin?
Why is it....?
How do you know if you're chronically dehydrated?
What room-size air purifier really works, to remove airborne particles?
Do I have to sleep my sleep only in the night?
is obesity a medical condition?
What are the typical symtoms of a tomato allergic reaction?
What is wrong with me? I can't eat certain vegetables....?
Can frequent allergies cause cancer? e.g: can throat allergies like pharyngitis cause throat cancer?
Can you give kaopectate to a toddler?
ordering glasses online?
O2Optix Voluntary Recall- Is the voluntary recall also valid for Air Optix? Coz I have a box topic of VR!?
do HIV/AIDS have curement ?
How does a water pill help lower blood pressure?
how much do you know about MS?
i didnt defecate for 5 days already, i'm sick worried, what should i do besides going to doctor.?
why does sickle cell anemia effect mostly african americans?
a 68 yr old man with a history of atheroschlerosis and hypertension has upper abdominal pain with pulsing mass
what is the cure for baby's gripes?
What food or activities will cause cough and how to get rid of it without taking medicine?
What can you tell me about air embolisms?
can i get breathing problems due to inhale of cement ash?
Has anyone had the problem of weight gain from Zyrtec? Did you lose the weight? How?
I often have dryness of mouth while on my bi-pap machine what can I do to eliviate the problem?
how can i treat arthritis, i have one at my hips joint of the right legs?
Why after two days of heavy drinking your jaw bones hurt?
Where can I buy hydrocodone LEGALLY online? Please answer only if you have had success with this.?
How can I keep the tongue of my laced-up boot from slipping to the side causing discomfort on top of my foot?
I have a pill that has a cursive V on 1 side and #'s 35/94 on the other. Is this a vicodin?
Pain in lower bacC?
how do you get over a cold fast?
are there any websites that i could get painkillers without a prescription and not get ripped off?
Has anyone ever tried Hypnotism CD's for weightloss? Has it worked you and what product did you use?
Does anybody here practice yoga?
where do i need to go to find out on pill dicriptions?
What are the effects of Ecstasy on a person?
how to detox ureself the easy way?how to have flat stomach?(feels like it is full of toxic inside)?
Ricardo Ran Submit what the heck is this?
Can chicken poxs turn into impentgo?
Is it possible for humans to shed skin like snakes?
i have wierd lumpy thingies in my earlobes... what are they?
RE;Scabies thanks for all your answers. I got it in England visiting my Grannie, not by rats or furry animals?
i suffer from astma and at the moment have exma as well just wondering what the best way to treat it is?
Why does the package on Retin-A tell you to apply it to dry skin? It is much easier to apply on damp skin.?
how do icut down my weight the fastest way possible?
What is a good weight for a 5 ft 5 in 21 year old woman?
I want to reduce my appetite,but i don't want to use medicines for that matter?How can i do it?
Are you tired of trying to lose weight?
how to deal with sleeplessness?
What are some really good hints and exercises to get a flat tummy?
When to eat?
How many hours can yogurt be Ok at room temperature?
How is pesonality linked with your central nevous System?
how do you control seizers caused by sugar imbalances?
What's a natural way to reduce panic attacks?
online counseling....?
If someone has a great talent into Composing music. But also making fall into depression...?
wht should a person do to get out of a mental depression?
I started out the day by dropping the whole coffee pot on the floor?
Can seeing a therapist help with a broken heart from an affair, yes I'm married.?
what is the affect of neurontin on nerve damage, does it repair the problem or just mask the pain symptoms?
find pain killer dollitted or similar spelling?
help with back pain.?
restless leg syndrome?
Ancle Pain. What's The Cause?
Is one likely to experience more pain if one thinks of part of their body being in pain?
Do you have multi-chemical sensitivity?
Allergic to mango and sunshine?
how to cope up with the dust alergy specially in the people in the gulf region?
What can make you allergic to a type of food?
Skin Picking ! How do I solve this ?
what is the difference between cool and warm mist humidifier and when should they be used?
help little white spots all over my body what are they????
I would like to see pictures of Shingles adult chicken pox. what does it look like?
What do I look for in symptons of west niles diease?
How do I treat a heat rash?
Is there any solution for really bad night eyesight?
Can it cure Herpes? Has any one tried it?
When I was giving a B.J. to my Fiance I saw a tiney pink spot on the tip of his privates. Is that herpes?
does anyone know how you can have a baby if you have HPV and your partner doesn't?
Has anyone ever heard of leukoplakia?Know anybody who has had it, or throat cancer?If so, what were symptoms?
swollen groin lymph node, help!!?
how do we use radiation?
does radiation for a tumor have any side effects?
how can i get rid of acne fast?
what is the most recommended time to keep your first belly ring in?
Jogging and smoking?
men-do they shave or wax??
d0 you care if I try to go back to sleep?
How can I improve my Flexability & Circulation?
What is psoriasis?
Is there any method to control or stopping the height rise of a person?
how many times would a person normally pass motion?
what are recommended treatments for dermatomyositis?
what is the difference between a 2 and a -2 eye glasses specification? which one sees long distance and short?
what is chromes disease?
Anybody here have Tuberous Sclerosis?
What kind of disease affect your lungs and how?
What were some of your earliest symtoms of MS ?
How accurate is the 6 weeks hiv test ? Most doctors say its very reliable if so why wait for 3 months?
List five AIDS-difining conditions?
wat happens to the body when its infected by rabies?
When it comes to health issues, do you get most of your info from the media/internet or your Doctor?
How do you treat bad sunburns?
How to minimize side effects of blood donation?
YMCA Program called Silver Sneakers How can I find out about it.?
length of intestional tract?
how to Quit smoking ?
how many calories does the human body burn daily without excersise?
problems with earring post, how to remove from back of ear safely?
where do I complain about a pedicure that was done so badly that I have to have the toenail removed?
Broken Crowns?
what is the longest muscle in the body?
How long does a split eyebrow to heal?
Has anyone else had a herniated disk before?
what is ganglion diseases.where its usally comes,give me some idea on it.?
About scalp disorders? like severe dundruff problems?
White blotches on skin what are they???
what is the best way to remove plantar warts?
I am suffering from severe cough.Actually i have sinus(fever from cough in nostrils)what i can do to overcome?
Treating sleep apnea?
i am an international living i boston.the electrical heating indoors creates sever breathing/sleep/si problems
what's a good way to stop post nasal drip?
i got sick last night and threw up, i popped some blood vessels in my face. How long untill they go away.?
why does only one side of my nose block at night?
Whats the best over the counter item for sinius dranage and congestion.?
Is it safe to take vitamin E ??
1- How can I avoid airsick 2-How van I avoid migren headache?
when i was asleep i felt a stinging feeling on my upper lip.it is swollen and feels bitten?whatis it? solution
How can i cure my insomia?
What is the cause of joint pain, when having fever?
I have a small chest or breastbone pain! Fairly central and feels just beneath the skin and bone.?
severe sudden onset of multiple joint pain?
I have been dropping things, my hands have been tingling & the joints are swollen. What's wrong?
why do Drs prescribe meds that people can get hooked on an then deni refills after the damage is done?
my problem is !?
Post nasal drip and Rum!?
Difference between hay fever and colds?
What is the best home treatment for itching & redness of keloids?
Where do the Chicken Pocks come from? I mean how do you get them and how did they come into the world for the?
I have a cyst on the back of my neck and...?
what is a good creme for skin cancer?
how do I get Pasco Super glue off my fingers?
How can i prevent sweat?
What is 'pitting on pressure test'?
TOE FUNGUS...any cure?
Do suicide hotlines have hold ?
Wanna play Russian Roulette?
where can i buy canned shicken on the internet?
Narcissism or Narcissistic?
is having a phobia of any sort deadly for some people?
Help me prove them wrong!!!!!?
types of moderate and vigorous exercise?
What is the best way of getting just a flatter stomach and losing upper body weight?
do you use rowing maschine when you exercise? is it still popular ? how good it is for you?
what is alpha lipoic acid?
What is the best over-the-counter weight loss supplement?
Why do people drink warm milk to help them sleep before they go to bed?
Weght Problems Help me!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can I strengthen my weak arches?
What helps Restless leg syndrome?
How long does a kink in your neck usually last?
Can Tylenol and Sudafed be mixed?
how to quit norco?
Why isn't this working for my pain?
My 17 y/o was very sick with vomiting and got dehydrated but now feeling.......?
I just had a left knee arthroscopy two days ago. My knee feels like I will never be able to bend it again.?
Is anyone familiar with surgeon's doing a bone marrow test at the time of surgery to remove cancer?
what parts of your body and/or organs can you live without?
Have you ever been miss diagnosed for squamous cell cancer of the lung ?
has anyone ever hear ed of someone brain shrinking,and if so could you please explain it to me?
Alternative headache medicine?
Women exposed to chlaymdia show simptoms how soon?
in your experience, has squamous cell lung carcinoma ever been miss-diagnosed?
how do i save?
whats a life coach?
how to choose right soft lens for your eyes??
does a new kind of eyedrops called brighteyes really help people with cataracts. it is made in switzerland?
Where can I find out places that test ADD?
when somone gets their arm cut off where does the arm go?
what tatoo kind of should i get next?
I have an unwanted fetish in which a woman soaking her feet turns me on. How do I get rid of it?
does penile enlargment pills work do they ve side effects?
A tree in Brazil called the devine tree?
what to use to take swelling out of eye lid from a cold?
how much money does a physical therapist make?
I am new to aromatherapy. I need a substitution chart for eo's. Where can i find one?
How can I naturally improve my eyesight?
If you were a quadriplegic, would you want to live?
Some of the do's and don't after Lasik surgery?
My eyes are swollen, itchy, have a thich discharge, not watery and no redness?
What is that stuff?
medical encyclopedia?
sinus congestion?
Is it normal to have gristle come from my nostril following Septoplasty and Turbinate reduction?
I need my voice back, i have a cold with congestion and thick phlegm cough..?
recommendations for dermatologists in atlanta?
how do you get rid of poision ivy?
for the guys,,seven year inch?? is it true or just a saying?
What is the best way to treat eczema?
what are good natural or non-prescription treatments for eczema?
Time For A NEW Prevention Strategy?
what makes the swishing sound in my head with every heart beat??
Has anyone had Ablation done for Supraventricular tachycaridia? I may be having that done soon?
i have this pain in my chest?
how do you get perscribed to valuim?
compared to older days, our right hand is too much more used and fingers too, for typing keyboard / clcking?
Corn Problem?
I think I pulled a muscle in my back help?
has anyone had disc replaced in their neck if so was the surgery worth it?
how do you heal plantar fascia?
Why does acidophilus have to be refrigerated?
Do I have Anorexia?
Is there any need to visit a physiotherapist when arm cast is off?
what kind of problems do you have to have to get on diseabilitie social securiety?
whiplash injury too long?
Broken Pinky?
Nose problems?
which is the best weight lifting exercise to use when have pinched nerve in back?
how could my knee joint got twisted?
how do you know if you are dieing in pain after a car hit?
Anyone now any good websites on allergies????
Can trimethoprim cause itchy ears and scalp?
How can I stop my eye from watering?
Anybody know why the majority is sick now in California and across the states?
how long does my grandaughter have to live with chari malformation#1. what are the states?
If Myasthenia Gravis gets worse after surgeryTo where you can't breathe on your will you survive?
what is best way to rid varicoe veins?
How long does hives last? Do they scar your body?
what organ system cotains the eyes?
Wht should i do when my boyfriend is so suspecting and has made my life difficult?
Does anyone take lamictal? Have you noticed (if you have been taking it for a while) that sometimes when you?
can adults contract chicken pox?
Are there any dermatologist in uk?
Have a red, flaky lump on my cheek. Anyone experience this?
Having trouble finding meaning to my life?
What do you do to prevent yourself from going (compleatly) insane?
Does anyone know where is the best and reasonable price for a Lasik surgery in the Mid West?
is there anything wrong with using eye drops everyday?
what isl leg pain?
sore hip what to do?
I use a pc mouse a lot. I'm getting a sore hard spot on the wrist joint to the outside of my hand.?
Chest pain?
I have a lot of problems with pain, I have a t1 compression and my whole body is in excruciating pain will pot
Got a prescription for Soma. wondering if it's too much?
My hamster has large lump on chest. It is getting bigger and darkening. What is it? Cancer or tumor?
can i feed my baby if i have fibrocystic cysts?