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how long did it take your torn achilles tendon to heal?
What to do in order to increast the eyes vision?
Any tips that could help me with my lower back problem?
My son wants to grow a little taller. How can this be achieved.?
how low can a body tempature go before you should worry?
who was the first person to get aids?
What is the best oral treatment for syphilis in its last (third) stage, am 40 years.?
Is there a blood test that will find out if you have HPV? Especially in men?
Does anyone know any good sites about syphilis?
How many African Americans have H.I.V. in America?
sutures have been in too long.How are hard to remove sutures removed?
i have alopacia... im very depressed abot it, can someone help... is there any treatment... ?
Can spread herpes to my kids when our washing clothes in the same machine, not together?
If you have ringworm, is it suppose to peel?
what is cellulitis?
Can anyone give me a website where I can ask a dermatologist questions before I go to one?
Free trial pair of contacts:?
too much tears, in emotion or joy. what do I do to reduce or get rid of it?
Are these signs that my two-week lenses have maximized their life span?
Is there anyways to lower your blood pressure without medication?
My son had open heart surgery for a severe ASD last June, any chance he could still have complications?
What is the best diet for hypertension?
Did i have a heart attack?
what is the best treatment for a scratched face?
what is remycin and the side effects?
Does proactiv work?
why do people rub their upper lip when i come around are they trying to tell me something?
what is philippino wound called pigsa ?
i need more info. about Fungal ssp. (Bactria)?
What can I do about my allergies?
is there a easy way to clear up your nose cavity (left and right) ?
how to cure nasal obstruction?
how is breathing controlled?
Asthma misdiagnosis? Have been diag but am never short of breath?
do i have a chronic bronchitis?
i have ADD - how do i read past the first paragraph in a book?
Any Homeopath doctor there ? what medicine tobe given to a one month old infant for cold and chest congestion?
what is idopatic parkinsons disease?
if a really close friend of yours died would you tell all of his/her im friends that the person died?
spinal fusions anyone?
If a patient has severed their spinal cord at the neck, will he/she ever feel the urge to urinate?
how does valtrex help herpes?
What are the treatment of piles apart from surgery?
when do people go to doctors for second opinions? Cancer? Illnesses? Diseases?
cervical cancer?
has anyone had any bad side effects from Tomoxiphen after thier breast cancer treatments?
I'm gonna do a Project on Creating a low cost cancer detecting equipment.I expect your ideas for that.....
anyone severed their nerve at the arm and regained the strength and sensation back into thier hand?
My husband had the whipple procured. How much time of life will he have. He is 65yrs?
Help... Twisted ankle...?
Can anyone offer some tips on taking care of a patient with a broken leg with a tibia rod inserted?
Broken finger surgery - scar tissue?
Talus fracture?
do people get paralized by getting hit on a muscle or a bone?
My flu shot was injected into the wrong spot. How can I ease the pain?
I have numbing of my hands quite often, and neck pain. I want to know if anyone else experences these symptons
how to clear the history of webaddresses i have entered?
How long should a skin graft take to look normal after surgery?
how do you heal an ulser on the ankle?
How do you apply ointment to your back when you have to do it yourself?
How do you get rid or ringworm?
What is the quickest way to get rid of poison ivy?
Is it common to get a dull pain in your head when you hold your breath while lifting weights?
free infant formula? free diapers?
why do people get shoulder pain?
Which fruits are best served in the bedroom, during intermission?
How to i gain body weight?
What would be a good bedtime for a pre-teen or teen?
If the fatty stuff builds up inside your artery, is there anything you can do to get rid of it?
can you help me find a nursing position as an LPN?
What's the best herbal diabetic supplement?
What are some common signs of diabetes?
Have you ever heard of a diabetics pancrease starting to work again?I havent had a shot in 2 days i feel fine?
Where can I find a support group for a woman who is going to have part of her foot amputated due to diabetes?
Are there any connection between diabetes and menopause?
Would you like to know more about Diabetes? Things that your doctor have not told you.?
can the blood pressure medication lotrel be detected in urine samples?
Why would the price of an inexpensive medicine Atenolol go up in price almost double in 25 days?
Please tell me from your personal experience what heart disease feels like on a daily basis?
Are You Aware That Even ONE Observation or Experiment That CONTARDICTS A Hypothesis Is Enough Evidence To Dis
Can having a virus, or sinus infection change my blood pressure?
is a stye in the eye catchable?
Do you think I need contacts?
how can self-esteem affect a person's level of stress?
Is anyone scared of vomiting?
how does lack of sleep affect your level of stress?
Why do I have such bad memory?
does it seem silly to suggest that infertility is genetic?
Fighting Punching, To Get Rid of Anxiety?
Do you get irritated when you have to wait in long lines? What's the longest you'll wait before losing it?
what happens with excessive or deficient testosterone?
How do you get rid of a zit without getting holes in your skin when your older?
How can a company maintain customer satisfaction?
How Do You Get Rid Of A Migraine Headache?
Americans seem ti be obsessed with their health these days. why do u think so? how did this obsession start?
what is radiopathy?
how to remove warts?
What do you do when you get grass ticks on you?
I have warts on my face especially on the chin left and right side and also on right fingers.?
soaked foot over a long period led to pain and blisters under my foot. this is from construction work what to?
What's effective in treating psoriasis?
My hand skin is very dry when I get up in the morning. I hate using lotion. Any ways to make hands not dry?
can valtarex takin for much more one year be always takin forever its save or no i am tired from hsv2&1?
How long does it take for Gonorrhea to cause infertility ?
Tell me about your heart stopping?
plaese send me a frog heart pic?
Irregular Heart beats & ghost murmurs?
how to become a good physics teacher?
how can i a teenage girl, lose weight and lose the fats at my upper body?
What is the best home fitness equipment to purchase for daily use?
how to get thin?
how to get good abs?
What are some of the positions of ab exercises on the exercise ball?
if i do 100 crunches everyday for a month how much weight should i lose?
Is wheat/gluten bad for your health?
What would you do if u break the arms of your glasses ?
could I be having an alergic reaction?
Hay fever, ragweed, rose fever … your allergy treatment experiences, please?
Sofa materials for allergy sufferers?
can Vitamins make you improve your eye sight?
medicine allergic reaction?
Sunburn questions?
hey what would be the best scar medicine...?
Blood Pressure: is it ok?
at what age should newborns start their immunization?
Missouri Spend Down. How does it work?
Today is Non Tobacco day ?how many of you have planned to quit smoking?
Does Accutane really work?
how can u tell if u have a ringworm?
How do I get rid of stretch marks. I got them on my shoulders from working out. Thanks.?
how do i get rid of a ulcer on the side of my tongue?
How to remove keloid from the ears?
What are the white marks around my toes?
does anyone know the after effects of cellulitis?
how does smoking effect your meds?
What is the treatment for persitant dry cough. Is this due to smoking?
Has anyone found surgery for snoring works?
Back Pain?
I'm not slow i just wasnt raised by females?
My childhood immuniztions list TB tinc as one of my vaccines. Could that cause my TB skin test to be positive
Why my pain for the tolsils removed on the right side is more painful?
Where can I find a list of hospitals that use the "door to balloon" procedure?
What is wrong with my head? Feeling of pressure in my head and can't think straight at times.?
how many of you know about T.A(transactional analysis)?
I've been taking airborne for 2 weeks straight and now I'm getting headaches. Are they related?
how do i get red of cold sores?
Is there a way to get a permit in oregon to grow medicinal marijuana?
is virgin coconut oil a good carrier oil for a massage oil recipe?
Is reiki massage dangerous?
i need a at home remidy for fluid in the ears, keeps poping, feels like im under water.?
what is liver sirosis?how it can be cured?
Can chemo (taxol) affect your kidney's?
can anyone give me a name of a book that will help me explain cancer to my 3 year old daugher?
Does soy really cause breast cancer?
Has anyone gotten off of pain pills and if so how?
What is the shelf life of Hydrocodone?
how to eliminate back pain?
Heat rash on legs?
why do i have lumps beneath eyelids?
what is lertamine?
my husband is 53 yearlold having itchy arms and legs. what kind of disease is this? thank you.?
Anyboby knows a cure to ring worms that really works?? my girl has them and i would like to help her.?
Anyone have suggestions on Natural remedies for Excema?
please ,help-- my eye/.....?
i have strabismus that is corrected when i wear contacts,can i get lasik?
How much should I expect to pay for cheap eyeglasses for 7 year old.?
dissolvable stitches?
If you smash your finger real bad and it gets a blood blister, does that area usually come off after it heals?
I got a cigarette burn on my thumb that has turned black and bruised?
unexplain bruises and symptoms?
What is your aphrodisiac of choice?
Do allergies affect a childs behavior?
what are some gluten free foods?
Is it possible to be severly allergic to pizza but not any of the individual ingredients?
what is the bast thing to give my kids ages 10 years old and 2 years old for allergies?
I have this irritation on both of my lips that is really scaring me, what can it be??
Severe aortic bicuspid valve?
do u think people with herpes will ever feel the same about them self?
Why Do I Worry So Much About My Heart?Been Told Its Normal?
what is the main importance of burn surgery?
What keeps the heart going?
what is onychoposis or onychophosis (not sure of spelling)?
why is glaucoma a contraindication to every medicine ?
why do band directors get frustrated so easily?
OK,if life is what 'we' make it,,then why is it so hard for some people to be happy,and so on?
need help paranoid schizaphrenia?
Why am I unable to go forward...?
whats wrong with me and my mood swings?
what is the difference between CPAP and PEEP?
help my lung!?
why does acid reflux make you cough?
My 2 year old has had a cold now for a week.?
What can i expect from my contact eye exam?
I am looking into getting new eyeglasses.?
how to maintain a good health for eating, exercise and sleep well?
what ia a dyslipida test?
I have learned that if you can't pay your medical bills, that it cannot go on your credit record. Is this true
I was resting this afternoon and my chest was feeling tight, like being squeesed this happened severl times?
i want to reverse the tuballigation i did 14 years ago, plis if there is anyone who can reffer me to a MD in S
Does a female heart beat beat faster than a male heart beat? or is it the other way around?
can i have some facts?
How long does it take tumors on the intestine to go away?
Why are mushrooms only a cure for hormonal receptive breast cancer, why not non hormonal too?
how liver cancer can be cured in the best possible way?
Which type of skin cancer is uncommon, but often causes death?
Consider how socio economic status and education play a role in a person's fatalistic belifs about cancer. Why
Does it seem like everyone has been sick this month?
My son is allergic to cats, mold , and dust. I know they are all very hard to avoid, but he has just recently
Do you think science is not doin a good job in curing fat people?
I have a friend who has more than 100 pounds to loose, is there anyone to give suggestions?
I heard that "one-a-day vitamins with weight loss" is not good. is that true?
I don't mind exercising but I can't stop eating sweets and I don't like sugar substitutes.?
I'm still hungry after I eat and I am trying to loose weight. What can I do to feel full w/out eating more?
where do you buy virgin coconut oil?
ways to get thinner?!?
im on diet and i gained weight please help me i can`t look to my self in the miror anymore!!!!??
what's the best and cheapest way to get rid of bed bugs?
if u have a fever blister how do u get rid or it?
how can i cure a boil?
What is the best medication for Athletes foot ?
What do Whishbone Spider bites look like?
please tell e its for my home work?
Can you get poison ivy from somone rubbing thiers on your skin?
I play soccer and Im having knee pain. What can i do or use to releive the pain? any home remedies or tips?
Can you get the stomach fluagain even though you had it 3 months ago?
Can you have growing pains if your body tries to grow too fast?
How does one's food pattern over time contribute to the development of the diseases such as heart disease, can
What is the definition of the expression "you are what you eat "?
How can I become a health care spy for the state? I currently work for a facility & seen many terrible things!
how long does a colonoscopy exam take, and what else should my mother expect?
how do i find out about a certain Dr in elkin NC?
I have a slight irritation of what I believe to be my heart.?
explain how the heart works?
How many times total can you shock someone with an AED in San Diego County?
what is the success rate for someone going in for angioplasty?
I look like Pope Benedict when I wake up?
What gives the eyes different color strands.. like hazel eyes having green and yellowish strands?
What measurements should be on my contact lens prescription?
This thing in my eye...?
herpes testing.?
Hey you people?
How does the Herpes Simplex virus develop when neither partner has the virus?
on line hpv medication?
what is vipera?
what home remedy is good to treat stomach worms?
What is a PD Analysis?
whats the best working cold remedy?
how to get rid of warts?
how do healthy people get vicodin online?
when can we lift weights after cesarean?
I fell from a bike 2 months ago... till now my hands still hurts, does it matters?
obturator nerve damage, how long is the healing process?
I have a lower back injury. Left leg weakness, numbness, sharp needles if i move a certain way.?
have l4 l5 disc rupture right side had epidural injection now have pain and numbness in left leg?
how much does aflac pay if you broke 2 bones in your foot. i cant find out this out? i want my $?
Is there still weight gain quitting smoking on Nicorette gum?
what is intra medullary lesions?
Question abt barium X ray?
is it dangerous to inhale the smoke coming from pharmaceutical companies?
what is the pathophysiology of a fractured nose?
Why does the pharmacist need to see my drivers license when i PICK UP MY PRESCRIPTION?
is the genetic disorder cystic fibrosis considered to be lethal?
duane's syndrome?
what is retina biopsy?
Do you know what a ginger is? Are you a ginger?
has anyone been diagnosed with ms but found it took forever to get results???
Is it normal to have marks in my throat & swollen tonsils long after strep throat is treated with antibiotics?
how long does a virus or bacteria have to be exposed to a ultraviolet light before is killed?
What is the BEST over the counter sinus congestion medication? I need to get off of nose spray.?
Sinus infection?
what is paronychia?
What are sties caused from? Is there any medication to treat them?
what are the remedial measure for the " PSORIASIS" disease?
Why is my face always red? I used to use alot of acne medicine but I stopped and my face stayed red, not rosce
Moderate/Minor Burn Reief?
psoriasis all over body type?
i have patches of dry skin on my hands pls can someone tell me what it is?
i want to help in aids AND CANCER CAN U HELP ME?
How do doctors test for lung cancer?
should a man with esophageal cancer a low hematocrit of 28 and low albumin of 3.1 have sauruated fat or lipids
negative blood test?
Pathlogical myopia?
Out of how many people have the eye thing Heterochromia?
why do i see things in my perripherial vision but when i look to see it dead on i dont see anything anymore?
is it possible to wear hard contacts if you have astigmatism?
tell about a time when you felt emotionally isolated, when you thought no one could understand you.?
What does carpol tunnel feel like? (or however you spell it)?
what can i do to get a darker tan from a tanning bed faster?
Can tanning in a tanning bed dry out your insides?
what causes hair to stop growing?
how do you remove calluses from your feet and keep them gone?
Does Conditioner really make hair like fall out? My Global sub told me that on Wednesday...?
im a 19 y/o guy from manila stands 5'7" only how can i gain more height w/o taking any vitamins? pls?
How to wean from smoking?
What is a good home treatment for lower back pain?
I am a disabled person & I also agree with all these ppl who are disgusted with the lazy,cheating,cons.?
would garlic be good for molluscum contagiosum?
Anyone with info about loss of fingernail and toenail in 5 year old with no sign of infection?
What's the Best Way to Treat a Burn on the skin?
Does pantothenic acid (B5) get rid of acne?
i have a dark rash on my neck what could it be?
how does ice help to reduce swelling?
Has anyone ever heard of a product called Women of color?
Smoking and allergies?
How do I recognize asbestos?
What is a doctor who looks at ribs called?
how does lung cancer affect the respiratory system?
Is there any medicine for perfume allergies???
what is rsv?
Why do my eyes blink badly after playing video games?
How do you hold your head when you administer Ponaris into your nose?
is it true that coffee is antioxidant and anti aging?
I need to find out if my blue cross blue shield PPO policy is cancelled. How do I do this?
I have a reducible hernia, what is the best I should do? Surgery or just watching?
Am i the right weight for my hight?
Do your metabolism decreases when your calories intake is low? Why???
How can we calculate the BMI in Kg?
Baby Fat!!!!?
What can I do? my 4 yr old daughter weighs 68lbs, her mother and iI aren't 2gether, she needs to lose weight.
food or fruits that are considered negative calories- are these real? what are these?
What part of your body does jumping jacks target?
I would like a list of foods high in cholesterol.?
women:how long can you lift/carry a man who is almost your weight or a bit heavier?
is walking a good form of exercise? in the morning or afternoon?
Is loosing 15 pounds in 2 months an unrealistic goal?
what would happen.....?
How dose of insulin is calculated?
What is the chemical mechanism involved that causes cramps and thirst with an elevated blood sugar level?
Where can I find a chart for recording testing records, etc. for someone who is diabetic?
Out of work because of Diabetes........Help?
what are the harmful side effects of insulin?
Best process to correctly set my basal rate?
If a wound you have bleeds, does it scar or not?
define (Lost Time Injury) and (near miss)?
can i move my wrist even though i had wrist injury 2 weeks ago?
hey a alittle health help here please?
non-injury hand problems?
I've been having horrible side aces the last 4 days, what could it be?
who out there has had the nissen fundo surgery for gerd? I am scheduled to have mine in March i am really sca
What is the best over-the-counter pain reliver for painful joints and/or arthritis?
Where can i purchase vitiam B-6 & B-12 shots?
As a doctor, how can i convince adults not to be afraid of a vaccination shot?
what is functional disability in bilateral knee osteoarthritis?
what are the sunniest locations in North America?
Why do my fingers tingle when i grasp something (like a spatula) or when i touch something cold?
I have been diagnosed with sciatica, can anyone tell me what I can do for the pain?
If 3rd & 4th back discs are bulging, putting pressure on nerves, is that a situation for filing disability?
My shoulder!?
does acid relex cause you to vomit alot? and does it cause stomach?
How long do knots stay on you?
What is a foot skin rash with large water-filled blisters?
name for a blood pocket undre the skin that you are born with?
What is the fastest and most efficient cure for acne?
Can anyone give me more information about Accutane or Roaccutane? Are they the same thing?
Why does one underarm perspire alot more than the other ?
Fungus on your tongue?
pink eye for graduation!!!?
Can color pigmentation in the eye be removed?
sore/puffy eye?
What is best to Relieve eye strain and headaches when wearing Glasses?
Something in my eye & great irritation, can't seem to find anything wrong, no lash, speck, etc. eye drops are
symptoms of enlarged colon?
information on leukemia?
Do swollen lymph nodes hurt?
I have been on DiovanHCT for 6 weeks. I have developed itchy red eyes and a red navel.?
can anyone give me some tips on how to boost my self-esteem?
how can I stop the spot on my shoulder from rubbing against my brastrap?
Breast Implants. Has anyone gotten them and were you able to breastfeed after??
Have you ever been aroused but thought it was bad for your health?
Why do I get charged extra for health insurance because I smoke?
If someone were to have never smoked marijuana and did once, would it show up in a urine test a month later?
smoking cravings?
Hair color gone bad!?
what does a client look for in a salon.day spa?
what are some of the topics in an aa meeting?
How do you supress or help allergies until your doctors appointment?
Does plain Pseudophedrine make you sleepy? The box says non-drowsy?
My 22 month old has a thick, runny nose, no fever. Which cold medication can i give 4 symptomatic relief?
Is there a site that will tell me if prescriptions will have bad interactions with vitamins if taken together?
What company can my 19 yr son (partially employed) find some health insurance?
How can I get my 9 year old to stop biting his nails? I need more ideas...a solution! HELP!!!?
what can i do about hearing problems caused by water?
wat do i do about my hairfall... i ve tried all kinds of medicines but nothin seems to work....?
My 16 weeks old Mini Schnauzer is coughing as if he has a cold. The nose is warm and dry.What can I give him?
What does it mean to have a sore throat down where your chest is?
does the american red cross charge for CPR recertification?
What illness would cause you to not be able to smell or taste anything despite being able to brethe thru nose?
Why is it important to monitor blood presure?
my heart sometimes feels like a bowl of jello?
how does it feel when you're heart beat is fast or when it skips beats?
what can cause ankles to itch? there is no visible rash or dry skin..?
Any suggestions to prevent chicken pox scars for areas where the pox already burst due to scratching?
Exzcema behind my ears?
does any one know of a permenent cure for shingles? what product to use etc?
if ui have no money how will i be able to pay for hiv meds?
i hve hair lossand my hair become broken and they miss their real color ,whats the problme?
what is rosacea, and what can you do for it?
can u get std's of any kind if u are in the bathtub with another person that has it?
what does herpes look like and how do you know if you have it?
help the baby, could have been infected with chlamidia?
how do i know if a person has aids?
can you get oral herpes from sharing lip gloss?
What is the total number of std's and i need the least to the most common?
Need recipes with low sodium & low fat for people with heart problems. How many mg are in a low sodium diet?
Does the radio interfere with a pacemaker?
Is Rogaine safe to use? I heard it causes heart problems.?
Need your opion?
need to fine medical definetion?
if u have a light myopia and u do not wear glasses is it going to increase?
why is the whites of some people eyes very white and some people have almost beige ?i asked because i noticed?
what am i? riddle?
looking for pictures of pharmacy meds?
which would you choose, either explosive diarrehea or intense constipation? and Why?
what is the best thing for a childs congestion?
What's the best foods to eat if you want to help your white blood platelet count go up?
What is the best home remedy for fingernail fungus?
is absenice heathy for your mind?
does wellcare offer nerve medicine under the medicare part d coverage?
I need to lose 10 pounds asap?
Is H57 Hoodia good for you?
Becoming vegetarian-is it good or bad for your health??
i walk or jog for a half hour every other day and cut fatty foods. am i doing the right thing to lose weight?
i want to reduce around 20 lbs which drug is most effective?
How do I gain weight?
Ideal Daily Diet plan?
Arm-toning exercises?
I had an MRI and my doctor found that I have two bulging discs and fluid on my spine!?
How can you make swollen cheeks not so puffy? besides using ice?
This is for doctors?
What specialist doc. should I go see?
how do you know if you have a broken knuckle?
can you be allergic to hives?
How to cure the after effects of pineapple allergy?
Can allergies cause redness to the throat?
pineapple and milk...recipe for disaster?
No Such Thing As "Good And "Bad" Cholesterol -NO SUCH THING- FACT?
how to get a rose thorn out from the finger nail?
what does it mean when your heart is working at half capacity?
Has anyone had a fungi conditon on their skin, like on the torso and if so how did you get rid of it?
Pulse rate vs Medicine Emergency?
Heart Obsession What Can You Do About It?
What nutrients can stimulate Angiogenesis?
What helps to get rid of acne?
Ancel Keys Cholesterol Theory TORN APART At Geneva Convention When Proposed?
what is it called whenyou can feel your heart beat under your skin in random parts of your body?
How to Cure boils?
how to help a friend with an eating disorder?
Does accupuncture treatment helps?
Are you going to throw away your non-stick cookware?
my thote seems to get tight?
Whats bad about crystalen lens.?
I need help with back pain...?
how can i cure huntington disease?
How do you contract Herpatitis C?
Does anyone know about Clear Cell Cancer ?
What foods boost white blood cell counts?
How often should you have your colon checked?
what are the chances of surviving?
Does this increase chances of cancer?
How does non-organic food cause cancer in the body?
Wisdom tooth....im in pain plz help?
I had a cervical fusion over 1 yr ago & still in constant pain. What could it be? Can someone help me?
my feet hurt and get stiff hard to walk after work 8hrs could it be artheritis?
What is the status of the law on narcotic prescriptions being repeated.?
Irritable Bowl Syndrome & Gas Pains?
how can i get pain relief from back pain?
How to deal with back pain from a car accident?
initial choice of mechanical ventilation?
can there be pain with COPD?
my ear is clogged.. its not water.. could it be sinus?
does juelz santana have herpes? on the bottem of his lips,you can tell but im not sure.! what do you know???
Are we here only to suffer?
What Happens If You Get Scared Half To Death Twice?
Whats going on?
i wrote a harry potter fan fiction on www.harrypotterfanfiction.com and nobody read it?
Does Seroquel or Lexapro or Lamictal cause weight gain?
Whats the quickest way to get rid of the blues??
how does one overcome shyness or lack of confidence?
What do you do when you feel sad and want to feel better?
what causes little blisters on hands?
Dose anyone know how to gert rid of acne fast??? PLEASE HELP!!?
Dryness, scalp, dark circles devolop around my eyes regularly, if I apply HYDROCARTIZONE then it vanishes.why?
I got cut by a shrub while pruning it and got a rash. WHY!?
what color would the fluid be thats in a cyst...i know its a gross question, but i need to prepare....?
What is wrong with my dog?
congested and annoyed..please help?
contacts question?
red...from contacts?
Floaters in eyes?
Is there an injury/condition that can quickly make someone paralyzed + mute, but the brain still works?
What are the chances of a person who dislocate her CV-3 is not equipped with any kind of ortho. equipment?
what could cause my toe to become black after corn removal by doctor?
Knots in the center of my arches?
How do you get the swelling to go down from a black eye?
How do you stop the itching from chiggers?
what is a contusion?
Does anyone know of a home remedy for eczema?
How can I Tell If I Have A Broken Toe Or Stubbed Toe?
my outer labia is itching and peeling and red, what can it be from?
hi....could you tell me how i can dilute pure tea tree oil so it can be safely applied on the skin??? thanx?
my friend has heart dieses 90% blocked LAD, doctor Recomm PTCA to LAD,baloon angioplasty, if any one can help?
how do you get rid of stomach flu and diarrhea?
how to get rid of hiccups?
what is the word for the procedure of making the noise when u press your fingures?
Do any girls like blonde hair on a guy?
how do i cure toenail infection?
Are you happy?
What is the best name brand walking shoe?
im tryin to find A FITNESS CLUB WITH An indoor gym locATED IN northern nj?
What are the best low impact exercises that I can do to loose weight?
Help me lose weight. I am 5'5" and 188 not fat mostly muscle?
Can drinking too much water make you fat?
when losing weight does all the calories that i ate have to be burned off by excersizing?
What is the best time to exercise if I want to lose weight?
is there any food that we can eat as much as we want but don't get fat?
What is rotovirus?
is having trouble breathing one of the side affects of scoliosis?
health care?
diaphragm pains after eating?
what is the pink pilled drug P.B.?
I have painful headaches emanating from one temple to the other temple. what could it be?
Has anyone ever had traction therapy for their spine/neck?
Philippine nurses are the best in the world?
I just bought a vicks warm steam vaporizer but i don't know where it's safe to put it, any ideas??
Where can I buy a good portable car humidifier?
Quitting Smoking?
What causes severe itching and burning on lower legs. Also, skin is turning black.?
What is better treatment for nail and skin fungus Lamisil or Sporanox?
How do i get rid of blackheads?
what does skin fungus look like?
Is there any way to lose a suntan?
if a cyst is solid then can you still pop it? and if not then do you need to go to the hospital??
OTC product for children's seasonal allergy?
Does eating honey harvested locally in your living area help with preventing allergy flare-ups?
When your blood sugar drops too low?
Are YOU Aware That There Are EXACTLY !8 Clinical Dietary Intervention Trials And 26 Prospective That FALSIFY?
Pink eye problem....?
people think i'm crying / tearing but i'm not?
can u check for all std by urine?
Can earwax detect std's?(myth or fact)?
Can a virus called costrocondritis cause cancer? Where would that cancer start?
What causes costrochondritis?
Why is some underarm deoderant dangerous to your health?
Can someone give me information on lichen?
Anybody out there with a family member with Asbestoes cancer?
can you have surgery when you have shingles?
my back has some zits. When I pop them my shirts get dirty. I'm embaresed. what can I do about?
how can i be flawless without spending big money and not undergoing surgery?
how do you get rid of hives?
Do nudeists get skin cancer in painful places?
how can one have cardiomegaly without blood pressure?
I have a question about bloodpresure?
Has does anyone know anything about the Women & Stroke Dialogue program?
I am on Toprol 25mg has anyone else had this side effect.....?
what are the causes of hearty palpitations?
I have a headache everytime after i kickbox...?
i am going to the dentist tommorrow to have surgery done what should i think about when the surgery is taken ?
nerve damage pain?
I suffer pain, how do I get pain management to approve my pain medicine?
Where do I get the most authenticated information on Migrane?
What could cause a pulsating pain in left side?
is it possible to suffer from IBS with out having pain?
What is recovery time after a "vitrectomy" for eye to well enough to be lens in after a cataract surgery?
do you think this is astigmastism?
trial contacts?
For people who are dependent on their glasses!?!?!?!?
Doctors/nurses - Any Other Treatments for Pseudomonas?
what do u do when u have huge break-outs?
Any great solutions for healing psorisis?
Do you know what does produce a lot, bigs and red circles in the back of a person? What kind of disease is it?
how can i get rid of very thick veins which appears all over my hands and feet..?
is it acne?
What are some effects of alcoholism?
What does it mean if my 6 month old has slimy slug-like stool?
What is als?and how is it diagnosed?
I am looking for info on parathyroid surgery and have been told to look up endo consultation..what is this?
how do u stop nail bitting????
Has anyone ever been cured of Emetophobia and how?
Does taking prozac always cause you to gain weight?
i get nervous all the time how can i calm myself down?
What is involved in a labotomy. and do you still function normally?
mole on abdomen what could it be?
Can anyone give me a brief synopsis of the infection MERCA? Also, perhaps some photos of how it presents?
any internal medicine types out there? i have hep C, genotype 1, have probably had it for 35 yrs.?
Are there any free testing labs for Hep C in Brooklyn, NY?
Eye Problems?
What type of monkey frpom Africa carried the Aids virus?
allergic reactions?
should i get medication?
Are OTC allergy medications just as good as Prescription?
how to treat cat allergy?
what is this????
What Is The Scientific name for pneumonia?
Is their any way to slow down or stop tremors in my hands?
i had spontaneous pneumothorax 1month and 2 weeks ago,is it alrite if i swim now?can i fly?
not trying to be gross but what is snot? and why is it that when you are sick your body tends to produce more?
Got Zyban from the doctor, worked 2 stop smoking-lost loads of weight taking them, is this normal?
What do you wear in tanning beds and if you do go nude, is there anything you cover up?
What's my favorite exercise?
My cat got my leg what should i do?
is it possible to live without food and water?
How do I relieve heel spur pain without seeing a doctor?
shin splints?
cut on my eyeball!?
do anyboby kno if a back injury can swell your knees?
I have numbness in my left side, ribs and back?
Strained Muscle?
The part below my left eye really hurts, what could it be?
why does my tounge hurt when i smoke weed?
What is the best way to handle painful corns on toes?
Cancer patients, external methods for symptom relief?
I get a sharp pain in a small spot in my ankle, does anyone know what this is? and a good treatment. thanks?
i have Very Bad knee pain, . Surgery is out of the question.!?
does decaffeinated coffee stain teeth?
if i was taken ill in a forign country how would the doctors know my blood type or medical history?
is acupuncture a viable answer for back pain?
Where can I buy ORUDIS KT?
what are the long term effects of drinking no milk? what are the short term effects?
He's always sleepy. Why?
wat's the benefit of aromatherapy?
what is the difference between cigarette and tobacco? how do they affect health?
ok how do you heal you ankle faster if it's the second time u twist nad or sprained it?
Where can I find ear covers to keep my ears from being burned while using a curling iron?
Why do I always seem to sneeze in threes?
Do epidural back injections work to relieve pain from herniated discs? If so, for how long?
what are the different types of syringes and IV tubings? How do one administer self-insulin injection?
my palms and fingers have started peeling and the tips are bleeding. What could this be?
My 14 year old daughter is complaining of soreness & has moderate swelling at the base of her neck. Any ideas?
Nursing teaching plan for 3rd degree burn?
Anyone else have excema?
what is thimble pitting of the finger nails?
i have read spot very tiney started in my chest is going to my arms but it does not itches?
What is meant when they say your prescription eye glasses may need slopoff (sp) ?
To Sanjee... her right eye is swollen/Doc doesn't know why she can't see right though...?
My eyes feel gummy (allergies?) and eyelids hurt to rub what can I do?
Should I get grey colored contacts?
Do doctors take Medicaid?? how can I know?
I need help I have pain in the base of my head on the right side that goes into my neck and shoulder,?
is it safe to be pregnant even if a woman has Mitral Valve Prolapse?
Help with Echocardiogram results???????
Is there anything I can do about my Blockage?
what is the job called when you draw blood from Patience?
which vessels enter the right side of the heart?
When I squeeze my nose what's that white stuff that comes out of the skin?
What is homeopathy?
how to make antiseptic out of guava leaves extract?
Cronic Headache help?
Any thoughts on Valerian to help with sleep for 11 y/o boy w autism and disabilities caused by brain damage?
which the best way to rest in the less time possible(techniques or exercises))?
What drug is in Coricidan that makes you have the "high" feeling?
hi all can someone tell me if a tumour is anther question for a lump they dont know the name off ta peeps?
Cancer or just ulcer symptoms?
Can a hospital discharge you too early and if so how can you fight it?
Had abd. CT scan 6 mo. ago. A spot was there. Redone last week and they now know it is a solid mass.?
do those weight loss pills like relacore and trimspa really work like they advertise?
Some on help me loose 30 pounds in 30 days... as a teen?
What is the quickest way to get rid of the pouch around a womans waistline?
how to put on weight i am a thin person and want to put on body on it?
i am 20 w/2 kids and i use to be a athletic. i have baby fat im trying to get rid of . i need work out tips?
What is the vitamin B12 shot? And how does it work?
tongue hurts?
Stiff neck?
What do I do about the pain in my foot?
sharp throbing??
diklofenakkalium (medication)?
I have a knot on the back of my neck. It comes and then it goes way. It hurts, could this be serious?
can someone tell me what is wrong heart anxiety stomach?
How do you cure long term shin splints?
how do i get rid of chigger bites ?
What are the spots/blotches on someones back called when they are inherited from their native ancestors?
how do u get rid of stretch marks that has been there for a long time aside from laser or surgical treatment ?
As soon the member's question come it will be redirected to particular expert's e-mail box or to every expert'
What problems, if any, will a tick head left in the human skin cause?
help!!!!!!!!!!!!! got poison ivy and no calamine lotion!! what do I do now???????????
why is cholesterol good?
High blood pressure: "the silent killer" What do I do?
What is the best diet/fitness plan to lower cholesterol and triglycerides?
My 3yr old son has pacemaker since birth for congenitive heart block have concerns about battery change soon?
If I drank Bleach would I die?
Everytime i sneeze more than 3 times it's always followed by a lot of phlem in my throat.?
How common is OCD?
apart from bill w how was the doctor.?
Why is it that I don't want to do the things I used to love doing?
What do the blood tests NEU, LYM, MON, BAS mean?
i have meniers does alchol affect this?
what medications would you give during a acute meniere's attack?
is a doctor of podiatric medicine a fully trained MD?
what is a 8am cortisol level test for?
being a kidney transplant reciepent, can I take laxatives?
If parents wear spectacles will their childeren also wear it?
Swicthed Contacts?
How to control tears from eyes while working in the computer?
What aliments are the best for the eyes? Or what other things keep the eyes healthy?
Having trouble buying glasses online at Goggles 4 U .com?
Is my astigmatism that bad? And am I able to wear regular contacts with this prescription?
what is Emphysema?
Lung problems, please help?
What is Muscle Cystic Fibrosis?
Has anyone ever experienced a sensation throughout their body only could be described as your blood turnd cold
Lung disorders?
Does anyone know what Lung Adhesions are and what they are caused by?
Did i have a heart attack?
I am 22 and I want to get pregnant..but I have Mitral valve Prolapse?
Cardiology question.?
Low blood pressure?
is oyster bad for heart patient?
What is digitalis intoxication?
air case for ankle?
My back has been hurtin me for the past 2 weeks. It wont quit and it moves up into my mid back,?
I have degenerative disk disease any natural ideas?
i have a pain in my wrist?
Continuing on from my last question....?
How do you crack your knuckles one after another?
how do you use listerine to get rid of dandruff?
I was wondering if petechiae can bleed on the surface of the skin when squeezed?
i was wondering what causes someone like myself to bruise so easliy. should i be worried?
why is the antibiotic zyvox so expensive! My niece is taking it for a staph infecion and it was $698.00!!?
Is Urine a remedy for atheltes foot?
why do we have does white marks on our nails and what are they called?
Why do old broken bones and old spranes hurt when the weather changes?
i sustained fractures on my patella and calcaneus (ankle) this cold weather makes it hurt! what do you recomme
Muscle Strain?
Knee problems from soccer.?
I think I strained my ACL. What should I do to heal it?
Back ache problem?
how come after you take off the bandage is whiter then your skintone?
Elbow still hurts pretty badly after bike accident...?
will I ever run again after having ankle surgery???
Can opticians perform refraction where u are from ? and do u think that this is within there scope of practice
eyesight problems?
how may stds can you get at one time?
Can the human eye be affected by computer screens?
my allergies are bothering me and my temperature has been going up and down . the highest it has been was 101
Retinal Detachment...?
what can you tell me about sodium trypolyphostate, a food additive?
Do Bee Pollen Dietary Pills make you lose weight? Should people that are allergic to bees not use this?
reading problems cause my eyes?
Can chlamydia be transmitted by someone who's test comes back negative?
The corner of my eye has been very itchy for about 2 weeks now. I don't think it's allergies.. what is it!!
why does my right stomach hurts?
I do not have pain with my bunion. Developed hammer toes. They are uncomfortable. should i have surgery?
During lower back pain keeping the area warm can make any help in reducing the pain?
How come sometimes when I go outside and the sun hits me, that I sneeze???
aching pain in my stomach for weeks sharp pains usually after i eat and constant burping/gas?
Reaction to bee/wasp stings in the mouth?
What is recovery like after a rhinoplasty?
My eyes won't stop watering. How can I make them stop?
How do I cure my gallstones?
Can Raynaud's Disease get debilitating?
Nose Bleeds (no trauama, etc)?
what causes sudden blurry zig zags in the shape of a crescent in the peripheral vision of the eye?
discuss autism?
What is the least painful way to get off methadone?
what are the withdrawal symptoms of clomipramine and how to avoid them?
I'll ask it for him, I always wanted to do this anyway... Is Dave's avitar hot?
acinic cell adenocarcinoma?
is B5 possible treatment for brain tumor?
Gardisil- the new vaccine to help against cervical cancer or Hpv??Please clarify im confused?
My baby will die if he doesn't stop vomiting!?
a good pick me up after breast cancer?
pancreatic cancer?
How can i get rid of bed bugs/dust mites bites on my body? how to get rid of the mark? some1 please advise! =(
What do chicken pox look like on a toddler who had the vaccine?
I have acne on my face and back. Will working out help?
How do I treat a bad case of poison oak?
How can I get rid of a wart on my hand?
i found out my mom has ringworm today. it came out last night.if i was in the bed with her do i get it.?
I have Vitlgo.Is there a cure?Please help.I have had for 3 years.?
HELP....... . i need help finding a doc for my hep c treatment?!:(?
i have a bad cough with spot on my face and one of my neck can any one tell me what this is and not to forget?
what are the effects of marijuana and other inhaled chemicals to the family?
can a bruise of a large size harm the muscle? or the area of the bruise?
does anyone have fibromyalgia?
I have been monitering my blood pressure for the last several weeks.?
Severely Depressed Heart?
If you are on the drug Warfarin for the rest of your life do you have to pay prescription charges for it ?
Tummy exercises...Which ones?!?
I show something on Tv that takes the place of sit ups. It is call "cross" something. It only takes 90 sec day
Whats best way to get Abs?
Whats a good way to lose stomach fat?
Why is it so important to have a healthy heart?
I'm going to the gym and I will follow a high protein diet. Any adresses where I can calculate protein, carb
Is there any way to gain height at the age of 21?
what is negative calorie diet?give some foods under this category?
chantix has anyone used it to stop smoking ? did it work ?
I have had sinus congestion for a week. how do i get rid of it?
I have emphysema.At least 2 X a month I start shaking my whole body from head to toe I am freezing for 4 hrs.
I read that sabal serrulata helps to increase the breast size. Is it true?Is it safe?
why do my nose is closed all year long?
why the neck is cracking? just on my left ? i have a protusion leading to the left may be that reason?
Has anyone ever tried Gastrizyme for acid reflux, bloating...stomach problems?
warm spot back of right leg?
Can a chiropractor align the spine above an L4-5 bone fusion which was done 2 years ago?
Do dermal fillers like Restalayne really work?
How to get rid of infection in leg?
boil of oils???
how do I find medical advise websites?
Why am I in constant pain?
what is the best option?
What is the dosage and how much different is it?
Why am I tense all the time?
how to unclog your ears?
canker sore?
why does my calf muscles ache when stretch my legs forward?
what is cause of pain in back of thigh and calf?
Is there a pain reliever that won't hurt your liver and is easy on your stomach?
Although I wear loose shoes, I feel big pains near the base of my toe bones?
De Quervain Tendinitis? Anyone?
where can i find affordable eye care?
Why do my eyes always hurt?
Are there such things as permanent couloured contacts?
Safer for the eye, LCD or CRT Monitors ?
nuclear stress test?
I have been taking warfarin for about 13 yrs what can I take to replace it ?
does your heart skip a beat when you sneeze?
does heart attack also makes your blood pressure rise up?
What is slf- cath?
hair graying it is the problem?
Are hand tremors caused by allergies?
Allergy meds overdose?
Help with food allergies?
Cold- sickness????
this is very annoyingwhy do i geta achill fromthe top of my head to me toes?
can a headless body walk?
Are you aware of any new treatments (traditional or otherwise) for Alzheimer's?
What type of foods can be eaten with gastroparesis?
what degree of curvature in scoliosis in an adult merits surgery?
I have lupus. Anyone hear about a special shirt?
Anyone know if the Jo-1 antibody is common in fibromyalgia?
headache off n on..?
Not sure, but I think I might have Gout?
Sharp pains in ribs?
Why do I get bad ear aches in the wind?
how do you manage multiple disc herniations and nerve root compression at l1 l4 l5?
Tightness in the chest and a pulsing abdomen?
if a muslim woman needs to cover her head all day, would'nt it be better if she just shaved her her head clean
What makes your skin crawl? I saw an e-mail today that showed a woman's breast with supposed bacterial holes
callus on scalp what could it be?
I have been diagnosed with a lipoma and I have to have it removed. What is the recovery time?
what precautions should be taken not to pass the herpes simplex to my life partner?
causes of skin cancer in adolescents?
How can I prevent my skin from getting more paper thin and easily torn?
how does health insurance work if you get it from your job?
does anyone know themselves or a website where i can make a homemade colon cleansing?
ANY free health clinics for families in Milwaukee WI?
Is it legal for a doctor to require a fee before he/she will release medical records? I woe no bill to the doc
Can somebody tell / give me statistics on plastic surgery gone wrong or bad?
How do i get a cast on my hand?
I can't see in the lower right corner of my right eye!?
swollen foot and ankle with some redness and warmth in certain areas?
what is the name an agency that picks up used Sharp needles from hospitals, etc?
where do you donate hair for cancer patients?
I know that there is Make A Wish Foundation for kids under 18, but is there a foundation for adults?
How many people die from cancer each year?
Does using teflon coated cookware cause cancer?
testicular cancer?
My 8th month old son has severe dry skin on his face that we can't seemed effectively treat. Any suggestions?
White Heads?
how do get rid of a plantars wart?
do all ages of people get eczema(atopic dermatitus)?
What is the best treatment for adult acne?
DX with COPD, what can I expect?
can medications seeming the same differ province to province?
healthy 195lbs male 37yo asthmatic correct dosage methylprednisolone ?
does anyone knows someone that have the disease sarcoidosis?
when do pollen levels decrease every year?
Is it possible to be allergic to the see men of some people and not others?
Is it common to be allergic to eucalyptus?
Is anyone else allergic to turkey?
If I have an allergic reation to kiwi fruit would it be safe to eat strawberries?
Is swimming in a pool good for alergies , or will that make them worse.?
Is West Nile Virus a regular everyday virus?
Can a human get aids transmitted from a mosquito bite?
I smell garlic on my body. What causes that? I do not eat garlic or season my food with it.?
what do you know about Guillain- barre syndrome?
what is the medical condition known as G6PD?
what kind of doctor to see for narolepsy?
how to increase serotonin level of the body?
What is the remeady of Migran ( Half Headache)?
what do numbers mean for eye vision?
Anyone know of any deals for an exam and glasses?
Sometimes my right eye gets blury when I blink and when I blink again sometimes it goes away but......?
If toxoplasmosis (?) eggs (?) get into the eye fr cat feces traces in food, wd laser tech help?
Can You Excercise your amblyophic eye??
Marijuana Medical Program, can you help me out here? Venting P2?
what is the best remedy for lordosis?
I am having severe pain in my lower left side along with nasuea which is even causing pain down in to my leg?
my knee cap becomes tight and sore if i have been sitting down for to long why is this?
I have a pain in the right side of my leg , it developed after back surgery. What can I do to stop the pain?
knee pain help..?
The skin on my knees is several shades darker (I am fair skinned). How can I lighten it?
i have these spots on my skin that dont itch. they're dry and they flake a little anyone know what they are?
I have non-stop itchy skin on my feet and hands, also some on my leg. It can leave rashes.What is it?
i have shingles. i heard that it can take up to a month to get rid of. any tips on how to ease the pain?
what is chicken pox?
my feet always itch?
would tetracycline work to fight boils?
what herbs can you buy over the counter to clean out your system?
what causes mid back spasms to occur while I am laying down?
Where can I look up doctor's records and success rates?looking for an occupational psycologist in Long Island
what retail stores carry noni juice?
After treatment with a chiropractor, how to I ensure my back doesn't slip out of place?
I have just stopped smoking. How long will it take for the cravings to stop?
looking for a good water treatment for home use we have very hard water we live in hudson florida?
Where can I find the nutritional value for reduced fat Pepper Jack cheese?
Would like to know where to find pictures of the human anatomy.?
I am looking for an ointment you can put under your nose to eliminate odor?
how much water must one drink to be in good health?
How much do steriods cost and are they worth it?
what is an unhealthy diet?
LOW CARB RECIPES???? Fast & easy food on the go????
grapefruit diet?
I drink a shot of vodka first thing in the morning. Do I need help?
are there any diet pills that work...read more-?
Shouldn't you have complex carbohydrates in your diet?
If you were FORCED..........?
what's a good heart moniter to buy?
Can a retired chiropractor help with a disability question please.?
Sharp pain in leg?
I have severe pain in my left side just above my hip bone, any ideas?
Back Pain...?
I have really bad pain in the bone of my legs it just started a week ago someone said it was ostiperous?
acid reflux?
glycosperine 1% eye drop, any body knows about it & where can I buy it (wether online or from the stores)???
My eyes were dilated last Monday, and 5 days later, I still feel pressure in my right eye.?
Are contacts right for me?
Is there a website where I can get colored contacts without going to the doctor?
Should I use Clear Care contact lens solution or use the old plain kind?
Nose Allergy?
What's the best OTC allergy medicine besides...?
How can I stop my nosebleeds?
What to do if your have a allergic reaction?
pressure in my chest..?
What is the disease called where you have lung, nose and skin inflamation?
Is there any relationship between hic cups and an elevated CO2 level?
how can a person with ms get help with a hand control car,school. the work's?
What is the supplement NAC and why does it help my bronchitis?
skin rash! see details...?
Is it a serious problem when your skin becomes dry and tight after sitting out in the sun?
How much less radiation is usually used for Child CT Head scan?
how can i get rid of athletes foot on my own at home without a Doctor?
Leaukemia stats? (read below)?
Slightly pulled eye muscle?
I have red splotches around the base of my neck. Some large , some small. What is going on?
hey some medical help please?
I minorly fractured me elbow 1 week ago i have a soccer game tomarrow should i play?
i have an itch near between my top leg and it's red like rash, what can I do to stop the itch?
cataract removal?
today told my mother's brain has metastized what does this mean and is there anyone with a similar experience?
skin cancer question?
knee help?
how can i fade this brush burn from rubbing my head up against the carpet???by monday?
what is the normal life span of a human being?
I am 43. I have broken eardrum(left). Doctors advice for operation. Any side effects post-operation?
what illness can occur with low red blood cell count?
Has anyone with fibromyalgia tried Lunesta? or Ambien?
whats the most common stds that men will catch?
what the std that white people will catch?
women only...Please answer if you can?
Is it possible to catch herpes or any STD From the bed of someone who has a disease?
there is a loss of signal of the disk consistent with dessication and end plate signal changes at this level.
What's the best type of massage ?
Strange Knee pain?
why is my elbow sore?
Joint Pain (fingers, elbow, hip, shoulder, & wrist), Fever, Back of Head Pain, Age 54/Female/Normally Healthy?
What could be some reasons for dark blood spots in the whites of ones eye?
My daughter had her tonsils out last week, what happens when the scabs come off, how do they come off?
I have sores that develop only on my face.They are not acne.They itch and look like chicken pox. What are they
Are nausea and high temp symptons that go along with cellulitus?
QUICK cure for tinea versicolor!! desperate!?
I'm peeling so bad, that when I get up, skin comes off from up under my clothes. How can I make it go away
Does anyone know how to cure rashes gotten from fiberglass?
Will there be any medical problem if a married couple have same blood group?
whats the best quit smoking method or kit??
Why Is Welbutrin Prescribed To People Who Are Trying To Quit Smoking?
has anyone had experience with a spinal cord stimulator for back pain or pelvic muscle spasms?
what is the treatment for cronic liver disease?
adrenal insufficiency?
is there a support group for ppl whose spouses have kidney failure and are involved in dialysis?
My mom is struggling w/ her health & the means to keep her alive how can I help her find financial help?
is it better for the man or the woman to be sterilized?
Right eye is lazy and Left eye perfect?
Can one go blind from crying too much?
I see black text on red background as 'sticking out' of the page.?
GOD bless the USA, I want to know...?
Is there a naturopathic doctor that knows if silver biotics really works?