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can probiotics repair damaged cells?
What do you think about the Bayer scandal?
Do you have to take medication for Herpes simplex virus 1?
Should you have burning sensation after an appedectomy (Sp?)?
Does HIV/Aids spreads by face massage /Bleeching?
What are some outlooks on aids?
trying to find out if this doctor has ever been suied?
What constitutes a medical emergency with kidneys?
at any age a treatment of nocturnal enuresis must be started?
Can you sneeze with your eyes open?
what is a capsul pill with G441 on it?
How do I releive arthritis in my neck?
How can funds be generated toward research for Kidney Cancer and other cancers that are rare?
How many deaths have been caused by the chemo drug Avastin?
How much does a single carboplatin chemotherapy treatment cost?
what is angioplasticoma?
1st visit to cardiologist?...help.?
what is vascular inflammation?
Can chest pains be caused by toracic spine problems?
Bifocal Contact Lenses Q ?
When first putting in a contact lens, how do I know which side is the right side?
Contacts irritating my eye?
Why aren't our eyes damaged when the eye doctor shines that bright light in our eyes during eye exams?
What causes headaches outside of caffeine or drinking, I mean physically.?
what state is best to live in for indoor/outdoor allergies? I am allergic to dust, dust mites, ragweed,mold...
Anyone ever have this happen? I began to smell something in the house that was making the feel sick.?
Egg crate foam mattress pads bad for dust allergies?
Which has the least harm-full effect on my air quality burning incense or candles?
the skin of my bikini line got a bit darker than my normal skin, it disturbes me ,how can ı cure this?
any idea to make a scar look better?
Do you often were flip-flops in the streets?
What causes bloody noise?
I have a bad underarm sweating problem. Can I solve this problem without surgery or it costing a lot of money?
Anyone have cardiac ablation have good results with it?
does anyone know about non hodgkins lymphoma?
What is the risk factor for twins if one twin has breast cancer? What is the best way to check if the other?
What is a radical vulvectomy?
What is the difference betweeen psychiatric and neurology?
if i go see a doctor and she prescribe me with anti depressants, what it would cost me?is it expensive?
I'm looking to know the name for this condition...?
panik attacks : Concerned?
Increase Self Confidence?
What is the difference between a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Psychologist (PsyD)?
my neck hurts after i look straight for like more than 15-20 minutes, wats up?
What causes kidney stones?
Has anyone tried the product "headon" for headaches?
I have Rheumatoid arthritis would a knee brace help the pain and help the pain when i;m asleep?
Help me diagnose my shoulder pain!?
what is a heel spire?
do people with Tay- Sachs fell pain?
How percent disability is calculated?
what are the symptoms of bird flu in domestic animals, such as cats?
what are the diseases that have symptoms of lightheadedness and headaches?
What is Diabetes type 1?
Do you know how many diabetes can we found?
What is the best treatment for diabetic retinopathy? Like retinal detachment!?
what foods and drinks are good for you when you are a diabetic?
whats the medical term for the accumulation of fluid ion your knee joint?
Need advice on a drug called Provigil. Is it safe?
Are there any health risks from taking Proxenol?
Is drinking coffee bad for you?
Has anyone heard of Botox injections providing relief to migraine sufferers?
Has anyone out there ever experience a lung collapse?
i just had a pacemaker put in. i am 21 yrs old, any advice?
What is the difference between a beta blocker & a ace inhibtor pertaining to cardiac actions?
What is the spot inside the nose that swell up on the outer inside of your nostrils?
I only had my new pair of glasses with new prescription for less then a month?
ive had bad eye sight for years eve with my glasses i still dont see the way i should.im only 29 i dont drive?
how to convince my parent I'm ready for contacts?
what is causing my eyes to be red? Doctor has given me 3 types of drops none work!!!! Help!!?
Dust.. burning lungs??
Herpes Question?
my friend has been diagnosed with having a nervous breakdown, how can i help her?
what are some foods that trigger your herpes outbreaks?
what exactly is the condition called Mercers?
I fear Chikungunya is contagious, is it true that it spreads through air?
Where can I buy underarmer?
im not a model, I dont have an agent, im a country girl, how do I become americas next top model?
How many people would go on a first date with a fever blister? Or how many would cancel until it is gone?
How to kick the nicotine habit?
what is bone densitromity?
my hair is very straight, hot can i make it curly with out using a curling iorn?
Do french women now shave their armpits?
If an oven gives out Carbon Monoxide when left open for heat, do the burners as well?
How to lose 100 pounds fast!?
What are the top 10 energy drinks?
What's the difference between whey protein, casein protein and egg white protein powders?
how can i get rid of muscle pull?
What are some tips to lose weight from now?
Where could i find a good rowing machine?
heart arrthymias?
Can a person live on a heart that is only working 35% ?
Sucess with beta blockers?
How does one truly distinguish between facts of studies when oncologists don't own up to damages from chemo?
what are some cancer fighting foods?
is that true??? mineral oil and paraben can cause cancer?
can heartburn cause cancer or kill you?
I am getting worse in my disabilty. I can no longer walk to my car. Can I get more money for that?
Which foods increase memory?
How do u cope with the lost of a loved one, esp. your parents?
Do you ever feel to tired to sleep?
I have a question about my Athsma......Pleaze Help!?
is a warmer climate better for a person with a cronic lung complaint.?
What kingdom does pheumonia?
Can you tell me what the results of my MRI on my knee are? What exactly do I need to do?
How to stop the hurt?
If you break your nose...?
Is there any way to speed up the healing process for a stress fracture?
What is foraminatomy?
Can you see a heart beat?
Can someone have a long life with a cardiac arrythmia?
How long to see beta blockers results?
Help me help someone important to me!?
What is profusion defect with reverse redistribution?
Itchy eyes should i change my lenses?
My eye has been red for two days, but does not hurt. Should I be worried?
If a Stage IIIC non hormonal receptive breast cancer went from nothing to this in 8 months, is it aggressive?
What is Mohs Treatment?
What are Lytic Lesions?
What is the logic behind an asthmatic/allergic person sleeping without the fan on?
how do you know if your getting a blood clot in leg?
why do kids develop allergies to foods and how are they going with a cure?
what is staging?
how can you get over a sinus infection quicklike?
what color eyes do guys like better on a girls?
is there a forum for people suffering from Chorophobia ? Does anyone else suffer from this?
What is the best time to get a letter of recommendation for medical school?
what is the difference between fraternal and identical twins?
how do i get rid of my kyloids?
does lazer eye surgery solve eye problems?
what can we do for cracks which is over the leg?
how do you make saline nasal spray?
is there a product in canada that will detoxify and cleanse the bowel?
does bitting your lip relieve leg cramps?
What normal hose hold items can I use to delimish my acne?
Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
How to use vicks vaporazor. I have the unit but I don't have the instructions.?
Does zicam (cold remedy) really work? is it approved by FDA?
Could this be...?
Do you think theres a natrual cure for herpes?
Best treatment for Molluscum Contagiosum?
how was HIV virus discorverd?
my son he is 2 years and 10 months old. He can't speak very well.?
I have two kidney stones in my both kidneys.stone sizes are 6mm and 8mm.?
why does my left shoulder make loud clicking noises and feel better when i have 'clicked it'?
Relationship between epidemiology and statistics?
what are inequalities in health?
what is the exact location of the human lungs? which stinum?
Does a baby feel the umbilical cord being cut off?
Would anyone be interested in live online counseling via chat or instant messaging?
why i am unlucky person with almost everything i need or wish?
how to come over depression?
How do you manipulate a blood pressure cuff test to result in lower reading?
My husband had a heart problem atrology aflow when born wants to get tattoo on chest. will that be ok?
Lazy eye treatment?
Don't know whats wrong !?
what are some things that ignite asthma, does climate? What are some medicines for asthma? is it only in kids?
BIPOLAR Disorder, What do you do when the Father of the household doesnt realize he is manic?
How many americans have Bipolar Disorder?
is any person cured from cerebral palsy?
why is malaria carrying mosquitoes would be brought back because of our advances in transportation?
what is the hemophilia disease.?
How do I raise Chronic Fatigue syndrome awareness ?
What are the symptoms of Mono? How do I get better fast? I have fever of 101, aching, exhausted, sore throat?
Can the MMR vaccination cause or contribute to ADD, ADHD, Sensory Integration Dysfunction or Augsburg's?
why do you need to report diseases like syphilis to the health department for each state?
why is some metastatic cancer curable or can go in remission and some incurable.?
Mobile telephone towers creating cancer to peoples?( social awareness)please all particpate?
how does shark cartilage help prevent cancer?
where can i look for an agency to get a lady to germany because her daugheter has cancer?
can any one suggest me which one is the best hospital at low cost for treatment of breast cancer?
Does Mastectomy is the only option of treatment for Paget"s disease?
How is breast cancer influenced by both genetic and environmental/lifestyle factors? Please help mee! =[?
how to put a person unconscious for surgery?
What does ground glass appearance on the chest x-ray indicate anybody?
Cold & cough: do you think that is rude to spread the disease with your family and friends?
does vicks dayquil raise blood pressure?
Digital thermometers - anyone else having problems?
how many days do you have to sit after getting your tonsils removed?
Is it true that smoking cigarettes lowers your metabolism?
Do women like cyclists?
A desk hit my achilles tendon, how can I tell if I really injured it?
i fell and head my head what do i do?
I have had a big toe amputation this year and i would like to know if there is a good prosthesis that anyone m
how do i get a sliver out from my finger nail?
What is a good allergy spray for the house?
cold allergy for the past four years.recently losing hair due to allergy too.please help!!!!?
Any Ideas On Epipen Carrying Case/Pouches?
What is the best cleaning solution for soft or rpg contact lens?
im getting contacts?
I think I have a sty.?
is there a way a cross eyed person could get there eyes straighing out??
My doctor found a rock hard lymph node in my neck this week. I didn't know it was there.?
what defines a person being disabled?
has anyone quit smoking using nicorete gums?
I'm worried about my grandpa.?
I'm a woman and I am short,5'1 height.is there any medicine for this?
Is there anyone out there with a SUCCESSFUL back fusion at L2-3, L3-4, L4-5 and scolioses at the apex L2-3???
whats the best hangover remedy?
What is a natural cure for sinus infection?
If a person with diabetes loses weight, will they eventually get rid of the diabetes?
how do you get your insurance to pay for gastric bypass?
does a long torso account for a slouched back?
Sharp jaw pain when I start eating!?
what is this operation called endonopric retrograde?
Lifespan after dissecting aortic aneurysm?
Do I have a weak heart?
what degree do you get when you become cardiologist?
Why won't my mind stop thinking which prevents me from falling asleep?
Has anyone ever had an anxiety attack? (panic attack)?
i was wondering if can anybody explain to me wh will happen if u have a multiple sclerosis?
why do we insult other people even thought v didnot intend to do so?
What are some self help ways to get out of the house if you are agoraphobic?
Are benzo's ok for long-term use?
why the popullation dosent deceace?
What exactly is obituates???
What causes a person to have herpes outbreak after having just 1 oubreak for the 1st time. Symptoms???
Enlarged cervical node above collarbone in neck, (update) Help?
Are there any signs indicating a kitten/cat would have leukemia/ feline leukemia?
what are the signs of throat cancer I have been horse for about 3 weeks?
worried about biopsy?
does anybody think 197 is a fat persons weight?
Does H57 really make you lose weight?
is it true that life gets harder as you get older?
I get skin Irritation That almost anything that comes in Contact?
can u walk/run every day?
Sleep troubles..?
I noticed that my legs are scaly. No moisturizer/lotions helps? Any idea to make this go away?
Why do we get bugars for in our nose? What causes it?
Can anyone explain wut atopy is?
do you have to give blood for mono testing?
how can i get a sinus infection?
what is fluconazole?
Im 42 years, with Rigth bundle branch block?
White round prescription pain pill with either "LP" or "LM" and some numbers on it?
i have a cartilage problem in my left leg?
What is the difference between Cervical Disc Herniation and Cervical Disc Encroachment?
what supplements can i take to help reduce the popping sound in my joints?
My legs hurt!?
i have just swallowed a bob martins tablet in mistake for an asprin,will there be any side effects?
do you feel good about your self Idon't, Ihave been going down hill every since I fond out i have hepc?
My son has orsa and the meds so far used hes allergic to. What comes after that or worst case scenarios?
is the hiv 15 minute test acuurate?
If someone found out that they had HIV would they have a slimmer selection of meds to take?
Burning Eyes and Contact Lens?
What is phacoemulsification? Is this laser? Does it involve cuts on the eye to remove cataracts?
Is there any pill that can stimulate a woman's libido? I.E. a viagra type of drug for women?
Who wears bifocal contacts?
what function does the spleen do in the human bofy?
What is the roho virus?
why we have to drink a lot of plain water?
What do i do to gain wieght?
What do YOU do to fight the "blues"? (besides eating chocolate)?
what is acites precox?
what is the best cold medecine?
My friends stool was green....she's kinda worried, what should she do?
what medications should i stay out of the sun when i take?
Help! I have always had really dry lips. This happens even after I use chapstick. I think I am allergic to?
can anyone recommend a good chapstick? i have sensitive lips and i am allergic to most chapsticks. They make?
during summer i get red spots, like mosquito bite on my skin. is this due to extreme heat? any solutions?
how can u cope with depression without medication?
how many people have ever had a nightmare and couldn't wake up?
Where is the best college to go to be able to get a nursing degree?
how do I get over my depression?
Why do I feel depressed in winter, even though I enjoy the scenery of snow and also the festive season?
i am bi polor my husband thinks its all in my head what to do aahhhhhhh?
latest advances in diabetese mellitus treatment?
Can you buy insulin pen needles over the counter in NY state?
i am looking for stores that carry zo micro amb for canker sores?
does everone like zanax like I do?
what are the side effects of cat's claw?
Has anyone worked in dietary?
"can you trip on robitussin?"?
Can a person walk after a big toe amputation?
What is the therapeutic value of virgin coconut oil?
Does anyone know a home cure for ezcema?
Has anyone had acupuncture to help you quit smoking?
how do you know if you have the stomach flu vs food poisoning?
Can appendicitis symptoms come and go?
what is haemochromatosis? How can it be cured?
can gout affect or cause back problems?
What are the symptons of needing dialysis.?
Will a cardiologist see self pay uninsured patients.?
i lost a great deal of weight 3 years ago (gastric by-pass)?
I have questions about long term ephadra use?
I had blood work done for sugar results was cholesterol 176 HDL 29 Triglyceride 742 what does this mean?
malaria, how does the treatment of malaria cause hart complications, like hart attacks.?
what about the trend of salt lamps in Europe?
do we really loose weight by walking only?
dull pain and discomfort?
if u have a deviated septum after u get surgery to fix it will ur undereye circles go away?
Black mold?
If you are severely allergic to cats accidentally swallow cat hair, will this cause you have allergic reaction
What is the price range for contact lenses?
Does Anyone Know Where I Can Buy Large Print Checks For The Visually Impaired. Her Bank No longer Offers Them.
0_0What' wrong with me!! HELP!!?
Best OTC meds to stop a cold??
Whats the best way to train myself to stop breathing through my mouth while I sleep and use my nose instead?
Simple Definition for Negative Pressure Breathing?
in the respiratory system what are the steps in inspiration and expiration?
What is a steroid?
A person's vital capacity was measured in the standing and supine position.?
Are the fitness benefits of the YMCA worth the high cost of membership?
does anyone know a good remedy for heart breaker?
since i have been on Cozaar,july of 06 my boewlmovements are very loose and such a strong odor,what can I do?
Track the flow of blood through the heart starting with the superior vena cava and exiting through the aorta?
how to reduice fat,i am 45 yrs of age and want to reduce 10 kg weight also i got asthama?
Worried about palpitations of heart?
preexisting condition?
you need an operation and you have no money, or a job, what will you do?
How do i compensate for Night shifts when working out? Is rest very critical to muscle growth?
how long does it take to....?
i need information on pit. tumors. it is messing with my daughters vision and she has headaches all the time?
What do deaf people that read lips understand when someone speaks to them in a different language?
what is guy-arrhea?
can a 3 year old have imodium?
Can we give blood transfusion through an arterial femoral line?
how do i revoke consent to my medical records ? without losing health coverage?
Is it possible my future baby get some bad effect?
I have a son with MITOCHONDRIAL desease,please let me know about it and treatment.thanks ,andam?
What do you think about the new campaign the Big Tobacco companies bringing out saying that cigarettes are...?
Help! What is a good Team name?
Describe exactly how the anticancer drug, Cisplatin®, was discovered.?
where can i get financial aid for medical test(Port Arthur/Beaumont/Galveston residents)?
heart palpitations and headache?
I think I tore my ligament?
what is agood way of healing a dislocated shoulder?
i cant straigten my arms... they hurt really bad, what do i do?
In 2000, I blew my right knee ACL. Dr. said I don't have one anymore. What happened to the "pieces"?
If a weasel bites you on the leg how long before he falls off?
how serious is a collar bone fracture in babies ?
So contact lens applicators help you keep from blinking?
body rashes?
I have astigmatism and I just got contact lenses yesterday, am I suppose to notice a difference in vision?
B12 shots!?
Unequal pupils?
Bad Vision Anyone?
any witchdoctors out there with advice for my chronic allergies .i cannot inhale or exhale from my nose...?
Do you find rainy days make you very tired?
My eyes hurt, and i have been getting headaches lately does that mean i need glasses??
i have a red vien across my eye its bothersome any ideas of what it may be?
how long does a flu shot last before you have to get another one?
Can a person with disseminated Lyme disease transmit it to another via a blood donation?
If you have to goto bathroom while showering what would you do?
What does the “Mumps” do?
Does the bird flu caused by eatin the chicken or by breathin ?
hiii, does prostate problems is related to systemic candida or it may be from normal candida in the git?thnx?
How do you get rid of a scratchy sore throat and a bad cough?
what is the latest fashion??
Lariam or Malarone? Which one should I take for Malaria?
is it ok to wash your face after you woke up?
i need to stop smoking... plz help me?
How do I get over my great grandmas death?
is their anything i can buy to stop excessive sweating even my face and for a woman it doesnt look nice?
why does my sweat smell like ammonia?
we need help getting a special needs aide for our 7yr old in greeneville,tn-any auggestions?
how do i transfer my nursing license from massachusetts to florida?
I don't have health insurance and have been ordered to wear a heart halter for 24 hours. How much for that?
what is cardiac murmer,what is the treatment,what kind food we have to eat?
how can i identify a pill without the bottle?
Does anyone know what the benefits of drinking chinese green tea? Any ill effects?
Is Mastrubating injurious to health?
I eat a lot of fruits,vegetables,but less of beef and pork meats,whatelse should i do to get fat or add weight
What causes the hair to turn white overnight?
The body has special natural defenses. List five?
I get really dizzy everyday to the point I feel like passing out,why is this?
Whats a good way to get rid of really bad nausea?
How many litres of blood has a human?
Does our bodies know when to wake up on its own early in the morning with out using an alarm?
best strategies for stopping self destructive behaviours. they are secret still and i can't just open the bag
can long term cocaine use lead to nerve damage?
what's the best n the most effective thing to do when you feel that you r very much down?
physical sysptoms of anxiety and stress?
why can't I stop thinking about my ex narcissistic partner who ended relationship on Jan ist and has new girl
I have an 8 year old son that is on several anti-psychotic medications and I need advice?
Foul, incurable breath. Cancer?
How or what are the affects of smoking tobacco?
Do patients that have recovered from ARDS get ARDS again?
Good day… may I ask if you’ll be able to bring me in to a website where I can be able to hear audio clips of
what are the consequences for a unborn baby if his mom has chlamedia?
can Lactoserum kill Chlamydia trachomatis, N. gonorrhoeae (or other STD agents?)?
IBS question?
what are the effects of the brain getting smaller ate a constant, fast pace?
what is fatty liver?
To the people who have used mucinex, how quickly does itstart to work?
if my doctor prescribes lenses for me should i tell the doctor i prefer colored contacts?
Collidial Silver properties.What are they?
What is a natural way to regain loss of taste & smell?
Anyone had a blood clot in the lung?
what to do in the case of a scorpion bite?
Arthritis at the age of 25?
I need to know if lupus disaes is in harited my sons father has it he just found out a told me he had it?
why is baldness more common among men than in women?
In which country we easily find kidneys' donators in consideration of money?
What natural remedies are good for arthritis?
When a female has something going up and down in front of her throat, does that means she has an atoms apple?
is there something really called long term nerve damage?
Does oxycodone cause edema?
Why when I have a head ache I do pressure on the bone between the eyes and....?
I have this pain around my knee cap?
What are the top 25 pain meds?
if someone is brain dead and on a ventilator how can their heart continue to beat?
Why did my contacts fold up in my eye?
how many pounds in weight is 450 liters of diesel fuel?
What do cataracts look like and is it possible for someone in their 20s to get them?
Is it normal to be tired waking up from falling asleep while wearing my glasses?
Have a friend that when he blinks his eyes don't blink at the same time.?
I have really bad eye allergys..... help me!?
I live in NY..when is allergy season?
how can the plasma triglycerides concentration continue to be elevated despitew the very low fat diet?
herbal cure for liver cancer?
Anyone ever had thyroid cancer?
I recently was diagnosed with a PE with no history of this or what causes it in my family,what's the deal?????
serious answers please, i'm looking for men between?
How does smoking affect every part of the human body?
how can i stay motivated to lost weight?
when fiber is listed on a food product and doesn't specify soluble or insoluble, which is it?
Does drinking luke warm water with half a lemon and a tbl spoon of honey really work?
How to get slim in just 2 weeks in a healthy way?
When and how should surgical staples be removed?
My 7 yr old granddaughter has a broken arm with cast from shoulder to wrist. How do I get her dressed?
Can using whey protien make you go bald or speed up the balding process?
should i go to the doctor for an eye scratch?
How can I lose 15-20 lbs by Saturday???
I have a hard time lossing weight what can i do .?
Has anyone lost over 50lbs and how did you do it?
if i run 3 miles a day, and wanna lose about 2lb a week, what shoud i eat ?
How much weight can I gain in 2 months, and how?
play video, i suggest "full screen"?
help! I'm going to go crazy and i need advice!!?
I got raped and for some reason I CANT get over it. I really need help. Anyone got advice?
How do i get over my stage fright?
I'm desperate! and i need your help or advice, ANYTHING?
What do you do if you like your best friend and you don't want to tell him because he may not like you ?
WOW- I woke up one day---OLD! When did this happen?
What is the Sedona Method?
is there a disorder in where people are attracted to their therapist?
Can eyes be deceived? How and Why?
what is it like to have to stay up all night?
do contacts get bad if they don't have anymore liquid {the one they use}?
Do any people in their 20s still wear eyeglasses? I got a corneal infiltrate on my L. eye & cant use contacts.
Is there such thing as vision contact lenses that come in color?
what does heterogeneous mean?
is primary complex (tb in young children) contagious?
Chronic Sinunitis Support??
What are the warning signs of heart disease in women and easy prevention?
Chest pains?
i take metoprolol,fosinopril, and diltiazem what is my doctor thinking?
I have unspecified st depression does this mean I will get heart disease in the future?
If someone you know has herpes, if you drink after them can/will you get it?
my friend has herpes and she is married and has been for two years.?
is it possible to get cold sores in your throat?
can you find chlamydia in a bloodtest??
how overweight do you have to be to qualify for gastric bypass?
has anybody tried sharperbrain program does it work?
what can beriberi do to el human body?
I'm really worried about Bird Flu, is it anything to worry about?
is there a website where i can chat with doctors?
does taking calcium have anything to do with painful heel?
what does it look like when someone is smoking crack?
Are there any good treatment options for Post Nasal Drip?
what is the difference between an antibiotic rash and a hives rash?
Why husband turns pale when he inhale perfume smell?
Could there be allergens in my linen closet, right outside of the bathroom?
I always sneeze blow my nose every morning...help!!!?
will i definitely contract mononucleosis if i kissed someone infected with it?
how accurate is the p24 hiv test?
Hi im a student. I have an tumour in my ear canal in da outer ear i tink and it starts to bleed sumtimez.help?
Mitral valve prolapse..anyone familiar with it?
Is it true that eating onions will help treat a cough?
If i take a sleeping pill, will i be able to easily get up in 6 hours?
Out of thses things what is CHF related to ?
Grandfather had a heart attack...?
Why do doctors say they need things "STAT". Does it stand for something? Why not just say "I need it NOW"?
is toprol the same as atenolol?
how do i stop my bouts of sneezing ?
How can I change my pessimistic outlook?
I was prescribed Paxil CR today for anxiety, has it worked? Side effects?
tried almost all medications for bipolar and ptsd, see a phsyc. nothing is helping?
Can ECT have an affect weeks after treatment?
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Share your experiences.?
Can any body tell me what Vertigo disease is?
Preventable cause of death ?
What scoliosis and what happens as you age?
what is dimethicone?
I am looking for a company to help fill a cancer medicine called nupergin?
what are characteristics after chemotherapy?
is and what is the difference between chimotherpy and radiation therpy?
What are 10 negative affects of using tobbaco products?
What is Dysplacia ?
Anybody has taken for long time Concerta o Ritalin or any kind of methylphenidates?
what happens to people that die?
why do you think Africa suffers from diseases more than anywhere else?
Is there any heart blocks which cannot be treated by surgery?
Why am i feeling depress for no reason?
non prescription?
how do u get something back 4rm ur x?and he wont give it back?
my grand son 10 years old is making gestires with his hands clapping or striking with eatch other?
How can I solve acid reflux?
how long dose it take to get oxeycoten out off your blood system?
what's the best place to get Thai massage certified in Thailand? Serious study only!?
what makes vicks vapor rub work on toenail fungus?
where can i get a good blue crystal? (no eBay)?
One eye deeper in than the other?
How long dose a asthma attack last ?
What is the difference between a cold and flu?
Pulmonary edema age range?
What is sedimentation?
What causes your eyes to be yellow?
has anyone been diagnosed with..?
What causes us to sneeze?
Why is nasal spray addictive?
Does cleaning carpets work to remove cat dander?
what is the best air purifier for med/large rooms?
are scientists close to finding a cure for asthma?
Polycystic Kidney Disease from both parents?
Any one afflicted with laryngorrhea?
I am a nursing student, and I have to do a speech on any medical subject, what should my topic be?
what is spinea bifida? how does it affect a human?
What are the early signs of herpes?
listings colleges with *latter day saint* standards?
What is the best cure for insomnia?
Are carrots bad for you?
does after six diet works?
I want to gain weight but that seems impossible .im 30yrs 6.0ft tall and weighing 48 kgs.and in good health?
Does wheat grass cause anyone to have excessive gas?
which company's creatine is best?
what are some good foods high in fiber but low in carbs?
how can i lose weight if all around me is food?
has any one found a weight loss plan that works?
Is it possible to be self aware and yet oblivious at the same time?
i am having suicidal tendencies, and wish to talk with someone. any free online services that chat with people
organization information on wernicke's disease?
In what instances does a psychologist break confidentiality?
Have you ever smelled yourself down there?
ECG and coarctation of the aorta?
palpitations after eating? i have a pacemaker.?
Managing Low BP???
what is the diagnosis for stroke,i know there is screening for the brain ,and others i want it in details.?
has anyone heard of a fatty lump on the heart?
What are the effects of Diabetes?
Where can I find a Calif clinic to help get diabetics off meds and lose weight ?
what is good for an itching skin.?
my question is why does it take 5-6 hours to come down from 180?
How long should I wait to check blood glucose levels after exercising?
what is diabet?
How Can I Fix The Pain.....?
what other pain in your life?
Back of leg pain?
I have really bad foot pain? What is the best way to get rid of it?
How do i seperate hydrocodone preparations contain analgesics such as acetaminophen?
Did anyone ever woke up in the morning and your one ear just hurt so bad you can't even hear out of it?
Knee Pain Remedy?
What happens to the disease after a person dies from it? Does it die also? stop growing in the body?
What SPF is recommended by most dermatologists?
my friend died from liver cancer?
cancer/ temodal?
Does it ever get easier for breast cancer survivors?
is a prosthetic eye to see like a normol eye?
where is the cheapest place to get eye glasses with a eye exam?
what dose it mean when you wake up and half of your white part of your eye is total red?
what are the best contacts for eyes?
Has anyone had lasik at the Lasik Eye Institute in Atlanta, GA?
My contacts sting my eyes when I use eyeliner. Is there anyone else with this problem?
is threre any over the counter allergy product safe to take when you are pregnant?
PLEASE HELP!! What am I allergic to?
How can I find out if Im allergic to wasp stings (without getting stung obviously). The reason I ask this?
I am interested in hearing any natural cures for seasonal allergies.?
over the counter for asthma?
My eyes get red from contacts because i have eye allergies?
Does anyone have any fast cures for blemishes??
My 25 year old brother was just diagnosed with LVH. How common is this in someone his age?
How many people in the US with hypertension (high blood pressure) also have diabetes?
how do you give yourself a homemade enima?
what are good ways of improving posture?
how to control sugar?
Is it bad to use vicodin reulary?
What is the most effective over the counter pain reliever for arthritis?
who wants a weightloss product that really works and is good for you made by Nobel Lariate Doc at UCLA ?
does it mean a person has high blood pressure when his face is red?
What is long term effect of unprescribed insulin intake?
dog peeing on shed how to stop?
Lungs Described As Swiss Cheese????
I get chest pains,had blood tests etc and been up the hospital for x-rays but still dont know what it is......
Pneumococcal vaccine?
Congestion; PLEASE help me!?
Pain when breathing: lower ribs to mid-back, after massage?
why would someone bruise more easily than others?
Does a broken collar bone affect my future career in baseball?
cyst where does it come from?
Thyroid results are back. I would like to ask for prayer.?
How can I increase the blood flow to one of my kidneys and thereby increase its function?
Blood Under Nail?
How long does it take for a broken toe to heal?
what is the difference between a contusion and a hematoma?
do oscar mayer hot dogs contain gluten?
if a person has swelling on his face after the sleep and often complains about the bad health , swollen eyes?
drug addicts reaction to dextromethorphan, guaifenesin and pseudoephedrine?
help help i dont know whats happening to me?
why do we get sick when it's cold?
How is anesthesia applied to the patient?
Should I be Concerned with Body Parasites since I'm not a pet owner?
Medication questions?
Over the counter meds for people on prescription meds do you know ?
what happens when the blodd pressure rises up very high?
Home health care career?
how many Personalities do U have?
How long does it take for you to be addicted to Xanax (it is prescribed, not abused)?
what's the color of the sky?
What is clingy?
do i have bipolar disorder? or is it the fluvoxamine?
can someone give me an indepth detailed account/example of bipolar disorder?
what are defferences between male and female?
I need help somebody anybody?
Does anybody know for sure the pros and cons of extirpating the amigdalas? I am a 38 years female very scared!
My dog has coccidia, has anyone heard of this?
What does active hep B mean?
should i sleep with my clavical brace on?
Can you buy IV solutions and tubing for home use without a doctor's prescription?
Can a healthy woman get infected with HIV if the baby she breastfeeds is infected (not her own baby)?
How do we treat "Otitis Externa with a perforated tympanic membrane"?
I want to know more about the "bar of soap at the foot of the bed" theory?
Whiplash + Tempur Pedic= neck pain?
can anyone help me with lower back pain?
My best friend and I both noticed , what looks to us like a sti in the middle of the top eyelid ,?
if a hiv person scratches a non hiv person with his fingernail, can the non hiv person be infected?
what are the uses of flax seeds?
why do we feel sad,happiness,love,angry,weak,and fearful?
Why is there a Diet Green Tea??? i dont think it can get any healthier!!?
should i excercise or rest an ankle bone bruise?
What is the function of hydrogen?
my hair is falling off what should i do?
How do you "snap out of it" after losing a loved one?
hi, i feel pain on my left side body, pain comes from my shoulders ,backbonone,to my legs,i work as cook.?
how to remove thrombosis from RCA?
Which blood vessel play key role in regulating blood pressure?
How clear should things appear for a person with 20/20 vision?
So, to make a long story short, I was born 3 months early and I have Glaucoma in the eye I can't see out of...
Why do I see sparks of light whenever I look outside during the day?
Can i substitute hydrogen peroxide for expensive eye drops like visine?
super sensitive eyes?
How to stop getting posion ivy ?
Drug allergies - Why do I still have hives over 2 weeks later?
Possible blepharitis?
wwe steroids?
how can i have a perfect body after pregnancy with out lazy skin?
what can be expected with a diagnosis of cancer of the esophagus?
London Hospitals dealing with trachea cancer?
thyroid cancer?
can smoking lead to hair loss?
is it true that if a person maintains teir weight with no effort they will lose weight easier if they workout?
Should I go to a treatment center?
Is there any cure for cancer without having chemotherapy???
How much is too protein?
Pro ana/mia?
I have some dead sea clay and I was wondering how to make like a mud bath with it.?
Is being "thick" good...?
What is muscle synthesis?
what do i do to be more muscular and more length?
need to lose weight. how do i do it with out fallin back.the prob is i really love food?
Is it healthy to drink metabolism pills?
what is the best dietary supplement....?
My hair and white stuff buildup?
COPD and other lung complications?
Does a lung infection include a dry, sore throat?
Is this asthma or something else?
I'm in Agony?
I'm getting pain in my legs and I don't know if its growing pain or just pain. Can you help me?
Can a vicodin test determine if the med. is being taken as directed or in excess of the doctors order?
What is Combaren Diclofenac the medication, and for what is it used?
I've had a sore throat for over 2 weeks now. What is up???
When u wean off Prozac, does ur depression return?
what is the true meaning of life?
Why do I keep messing everything up?
are you full of hatred or sadness?
ok y does the man in charge keep lying and u all keep buying it, thank god a president can only serve 2 terms?
heart problems?:?
what is tortuous aorta and what are its implications?
what medcine can use to cure blood pressure?
what are the contra-indicators of using alternitave therapy to treat back pain?
Alternative Medicine Survey!!!?
Burning feet & Palms and becoming very hot.?
how do i get rid of pink eye?
Do u know how i can get rid of a canker sore besides the tea bag's and and medications, Like a house hold item
what is the best prescibed acne medicine for nodular acne?
Can I put myself in an ambulatory nursing home if I have medicare and medicaid?
what is the english of asthama ?
is it Possible to Implant a retina in a person who is suffering from Retinal Degeneration?
can one get HIV thorough saliva?
what is guilambres (gee-ohm-brays) disease? where do i find info on it?
is methotrexate a form of chemotherapy?
How good are BiFocal Contact Lenses? Easy to get use to? Like wearing glasses?
what would cause eye blurring if there's no blood sugar and an eye exam shows no problem with eye or vision..
how can we protect from Dango Virus?
Can you get a yeast infection from someone even if protection is used?
ALL 18 Randomized Clinical Trials FALSIFY The Claim That Saturated Fat Is Bad Are YOU Aware Of This?
Are You Aware That The War On Saturated Fat Is POLITICAL And NOT Backed By Science?
Heart rate and blood pressure too low?
Stress Test?
apartment air is making me sick?
what's the differance between inhlaer and advair??
can allergies be prevented?
How is the best way to boost your immune system?
I ahve a concentration problem. I might have ADD. Know any exercises I can do to help myself.?
How do you reduce knee swelling?
I believe I broke my nose, again --- hockey?
How can i heal my busted lip quickly and effectively? (this is an ongoing problem)?
meniscus tear...?
I have facial weakness due to an accident my neck, back, and head has been hurting for 30 days?
Has anyone tried an Ergomatic Keyboard to help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Which one works best?
What do I ask for if I want to get a check up for?
three effects of smokeless tobacco?
when was lung cancer discoverd ?
im 19 and having breast pain in both of my breasts?
what are the simptoms of colon cancer?
Where to go to get help, for renal/bone cancer woman with no insurance?
What is the average cardiac recovery time?
What happens to people who die from a heart attack? Do they die from not being able to breathe (asphyxiation)?
Dear I have 8 years old son who was born with heart disease, potent ductus arteries "PDA". At?
Is my heart okay?
If you have a low level infection in your eyes from streptococcus for a long time, will it ruin your eyesight?
Question about Lasik eye surgery?
Is my vision bad? Is there anything I can do to improve my eyes?
How did the bird flu start and is it in the chicken or in the air????
What exactly is herpes,is it treatable,can it be cured.?
i have mono & wanted 2 know how i know if my spleens enlarged, like describe how it would feel?
I need counterindication infomation or web sites on hyperbaric oxygen theripy.?
what is indomethacin?
Ear Pain when the weather changes?
Does it sound like gall bladder problems?
how to get a perfect posture?
I ran out of my lortabs that I use for my headaches. Now I am extremely hurting. Already took 3 ibuprofen?
concerning my daughter?
I have Tendernities in my shoulder. I am going to have a "Cortisone Vaccination",any one out there had one? ,
Hey everyone whats better for lifting weight...many reps with low weight or little reps with high weight???
How do i know what my weight has to be?
what are best foods to speed up metabolism?
Do Farenheit diet pills work?!?
is men more pron to obesity or it's just in the genes?
Lose weight?
Is eating raw dried cuttlefish or squids good for health?.?
I have a question about exercising - read all the details below, there's too much to put here...?
How many people in the DFW area have HIV/AIDS?
Constant Ear Pressure and Allergies?
Question about pollen and mold counts.....?
hot rox and allergy med reaction?
where can i buy these eyeglasses?
Colored Eye Contact Brands?? DO YOU know any?
congestion, allergy or cold?
Eye color change.?
Reading glasses fit to the user based on her/his eyes. So, can you give me the list of it?
Has anyone ever had.....?
lasik eye surgery Filutowski in Orlando, Fl?
what are normal side effects of lithium? and at what point in my treatment is normal to have them?
I get ssi and SSDI. Can I get paid for going to school or rehab? how much do I get?
Does anyone know about the hair dye and tattoo allergic reaction warning?
how can i remove my belly?
What are the positive and negative effects of coffee physically, psychologically and socially?
How do i get rid of facial hair permanently?
is disability living allowance available for raynuads sufferers?
France's contribution to the fashion business?
Im feel depressed What do I do 2 get back to myself?
i need information about the care and prevention af athletes?
How effective is birth control really?
Can anyone tell me of how to cure anxiety other than with prescribed medicine,and alternative methods for chro
How to get rid of cough?
how do i treat a burn on the roof of my mouth? (it's been hurting for about a week now)?
I please want to send oprah a mail, is there anyway i can do this ? please let me know if this is possible,?
why does people feet stank?
can some one overdose on mucinex?
What is up with my coughing?
What is the meaning if there is any abnormality in the XRAY?
Can I ask for a nother question about lymphomas...?
Would you purchase through mail order if you have no prescription coverage, to save half on meds?
Do comps. damage the eyes more than the TV ? WHY?
foot problem.can not walk when foot is not warmed up.?
I am pregant and i am positive for anti-e. what does it do to baby?
what is concentric left ventricular hypertrophy?
Why am I having chest pain?
why is lower back pain i'm feeling going down to my left foot?
Dealing with a horrible, long Migraine .....?
Does anyone have a home remedy for Athletes Foot? I can't get to the Doctor until Thursday.?
which good anti-inflammatory medications can you buy over the counter?
have you ever heard this story?
What is a safe Pain releiver, fever reducer for those of us who have more than 3 alcoholic beverages daily?
2 days now I get a very sharp pain lower right side of back below waist?
I accidently hit my friend with a hammer.?
My contacts cost a truckload, does anyone know where you can find them cheaper online?
I have one near sighted, one far sighted eye?
i have a very bad problem with my eyes! i need help?
help any ideas what to do?
IS there an alternative medicine way to reduce blood platelets without using chemotherapy?
Who said "if you don't smoke by age 20 you probably never will"?
A question on Cervical Cancer?
What is the process for an iodine scan?
what actually is asthma ? Is it allergy or or a convulsion or just a moon reflection.?
Can a child have nasal pollups and not cystic fibrosis?
my throat has stuff in it and my nose is stuffy?
3.What ways does cholesterol in food contribute to arterial sclerosis?
Someone I know goes off on tangents in everyday conversation. Is this a sign of mental illness?
what kind of person is passive aggressive?
How can cure my absent mindedness?
I am a mental health provider needing help with completing a HCFA 1500 form.?
what is the meaning of "hypo depression"?
Am I abnormal if I feel the need to tell an acquaintance to back away from me, he's invading my personal space
Does Zoloft antidepressant actually work and does it have any bad side effects?
Is pressure what you make it or does it just happen?
What does it mean to have a geographic tongue?
importance of the health?
i smoked last sunday (i know never again)... please help?
has anyone had success quitting smoking while using the prescription "wellbutrin"?
What is the appropriate rehab for a dislocated finger?
Is there any way to remove a cataract without eye surgery? painlessly?
what does herpies look like and where do they show up?
having usual spots and itchy ?
I need to know about chlamydia pneumonae....any doctors out there who've treated it, or anyone who's had it?
How great is the risk of contracting HPV from performing felatio?
How do I donate medical supplies that are no longer needed.?
i have a kidney stone...?
Just recovering from a Fracture in my index finger. What do i do to get the full range of movement ?
i had surgery on my left knee. but my right calf i am having bad cramps. it has been a couple of weeks.?
I am a substitute teacher and I often have a child in my class who has a deep croupy dog bark like cough.?
Which involves more discomfort-Sinus draining or Rhinoplasty? how should one mentally prepare oneself for Rhin
Is it true that inhaling or ingesting small quantities of lysol or other aerosols etc. on spray?
how long does it take for a person on 20 percent of oygen on the vent?
What causes you to all of a sudden to start choking?
What exercises can I do to build my glutes?
Is high protein really vital for weight loss?
Is it true that eating pulses and lentils regularly by aged persons may develop arthritis?
can you tell me about wheat grass and what it does?
does dexatrim really work and what side effects are there?
I want to loose weight,but not gain lean muscle, not until I loose 45lbs, how is the best way to loose weight?
how much caffien should you have in a day?
how many carbs can i consume on the atkins diet per day?
help me to quit smoking?
i had a few unsual nosebleeding in the last few days. does anyone know why could that happen?
What is something you no longer can do because of your health?
When you lose weight how do you keep from sagging, after the weight lost?
how do i keep from eating between meals?
what is an optimal diet for a soccer player?
Nutritional value of honey for Infants to older aged persons?
is any home remedies for cure of diabetes?to replace medicines?,any treatment 2 reproduceB cells in pancreas?
how can i lose weight FAST????
my question is there anybody that suffers my illness, brittle diabetes. If so does your Dr. allow you to work?
NLD (Necrobiosis Lipoidica Diabeticorum)......... do you have it........?
dejavoux what is it?
Where in the U.S can I find a Stem Cell clinic that performs implantation to treat cardiac patients?
how is massage beneficial to heart disease patients?
medicare pays for blood pressure monitor?
I have seen those livestrong bracelets for cancer survivors, are there any items for heart patients?
what is a-fib and is it fatal or can you get blood clots?
left ventricular hypertrophy/ with normal left ventricular function?
How can I get my friend to brush his teeth, without shoving the toothbrush in his mouth myself?
headaches, anyone?
I have a crick in my neck does anyone know any remidies?
Why do I feel shaky?
Feeling of strainging your eyes?
How many contacts are there in a pack of them?????
Ophthamology Appointment tomorow, what questions should I ask?
Pressure on eyes?
what herbals best mimic estrogen and progesterone hormones?
Where can I get a special bowl for heating essential oil. Not a diffuser. The oil goes in top of bowl?
Recommended over-the-counter remedies for Anxiety ????
tinnitus treatments?
is it safe to treat a client who has cancer with massage therapy?
is there any natural remedy to get rid of the cataracts other than surgery?
what is your opinion on blood electrification?
At what dosage does someone overdose on anti-histamines?
Can I develop a more serious peanut allergy?
how to shrink swollen nose?
help! allergic reaction to nair!!!??
Do people die of asthma ? if u know some please let me that /?
I've lost all my ambition, how can I recharge it?
What is savantism?
Why can't I feel better?
Can you develop dyslexia or are you born with it?
Why do people sleep walk? Or sleep talk?
How dose Abilify 15mg and Ambien CR12.5mg, combined or tacken togeather, react to the body?
where in manhattan can i gound a therapist for couples ?
What exactly happens to our body when we get an accidental electric shock..?
how can i get sick? I'am writting a test tomorrow , i havent had any time to practice for it,i want to be sick
I've had my nose broken about four times over the years?
What would you call it ? Dead or not.?
how does someone who is quadriplegic go to the bathroom?
What are the long term effects of a sprained ankle?
Why does my daughter get every single sickness and weird rash I never heard of? Does she have an immune deff?
where can I find nad's waxing kit?
how to get rid of this?
How can you find out what your allergic to?
If shampoo comes in so many colors, why is the lather on your head always white?
i was watching a show now i have a question....?
Does anyone know the best OTC products (makeup and cleansers) to use on skin with rosacea?
During a really hot shower do u ever feel like you are going to pass out?
What is the name of the new cervical cancer vaccine?
can i get Miatake mushroom in bangalore?
Where does aggressive non hormonal receptive breast cancer mastestisize first usually?
if a person is born or develops an abnormality by genetics, how would he/she live his/her life?
whats better?
which is best o2 optix or purevison contacts?
Who makes those glasses Jamie on MYTHBUSTERS wears?
Why do people have dirty elbows? Are they aware people behind them notice this? YUK!!!?
Shortness of breath after short face paced walking?
For COPD and bronchitis-has anyone here used a flutter valve or device for removing mucous?
Whats the difference between ulcerative colitis & colitis?
how bad is smoking a black and mild cigar?
I have the flu?
do u get heart palpitations due to indigestion and gas problems,if yes where can i get info on this?
What does an echo cardiogram show pertaining to the heart?
does anyone know what it means to have a eccentric heart?
how do you read a blood pressure and what is considered a good number?
does the drug soma have codine in it?
I have Chronic Seasonal Allergies, help!!?
What would happen if you got food coloring in your eye?
Hypoallergenic dogs??
Are even half of these so called "confessions" people write true? Do these people know about STDS and Aids?
Please help me ? http://www.blink.org.uk/print.asp?key=7773 , i went to have a hiv test there..i?
Does white spots on face a sign of an std....?
If you do excercise enough to make you really tired such as running.?
just 'cos i'm paranoid it doesn't mean people aren't following me, right?
Is 42 kg a normal weight for a girl aged 13?
Tummy Tuck Anyone?
how much should a 5'10" female weigh?
Immediate way to feel energized when u r feeling sleepy in the noon?
I want Free diet plan for fast weight loss?
How can I loose pounds without getting muscles?
Is fruit fattening?
does anybody knows the side effects of B-Fit Coffee,the body slimming drink and what is the age limit?
how do i target my lower abs?
Does anybody know the symptoms to having diahhrea?
who is to be blamed when a patient who refuses blood transfusion, dies?
how women become attractive?
I just had surgery 6 days ago for a diviated septum, when will I feel better?
Ocassionally, I feel very "itchy" all over. doesn't seem to be detergent, perfume, sweat, etc. Any ideas why?
whats the best way to quit snoring?
what are the main reasons why people get plastic sugery?
Can you take Tylenol and Ibuprofen at the same time?
beauty soap definition?
how do you properly apply a splint to an injured thumb???
what produce anti-gravity in our body eg. the body fluid not come all out when lower body part get cut?
Bruise & Contusion?
Tonsils R killing Me HELP!!?
I need the phone number for Dr. Beck at Allegheny General Hospital For Colon Rectal surgery.?
Are there any exams I must take in order to get into a program for a Doctor of Pharmacy?
What do lymph nodes filter?
What makes a persons skin color darken when their not try to tan?
What are some of the common remedies for cold, flu and respiratory problems you grew up with?
Went to the doctor..but still...?
what is hookah?
Any answers out there as to get rid of a cough, a remebdy maybe?
what pulmanary level do you need to use oxygen?
Is there a way to increase the rate the lungs detoxify after quitting smoking?
39 developing wheezing noise on exhaling what could be the cause?
why does our eyes twitch all of a sudden?
Left Eye Black Spots?
I need to find (eye) glasses for my wedding?
Post Hodgkin's, swollen lymph nodes?
Does having TOO much barbecued food cause cancer?
why should we need to study breast cancer?
What is liver disease?
What would be the best medical career and highest paying?
what effects your mood other then light and the basic stuff ?
Are there any fruits or vegetables that have the pleasing chemicals that chocolate does?
does anyone know a cure for the pain of post herpetic neuralgia that is left after shingles?
What is the best way to cure THRUSH and prevent it in the future?
foods that contain policosanol?
Do you think the bird flu will become a pandemic in the US within the next year?
how can reduce black spots on my skin?
Why does my left foot feel like it is asleep-tingly and numb?
are people who are alergic to cats usually also to hamsters too.?
i have scabies no money what do i do?
Tell me more information about Eminem :) ...?
Why does diastolic blood pressure remain relatvely constant from rest to exercise?
how do i get a application to medicaid?
how do i stop cutting?
how can i relieve the pain in my hands and fingers due to long hours of computer typing?
Where can I find hansen disease (leprosy) brochures for a project?
Do you know anyone that has had to have growth hormone injections for their children?
Wich finger has more stress when using a mouse?
my lower back hurts when i go to stand up after sitting for five minutes?
my son 9 years old refuses to eat . How can I make him eat normally to grow?
how can i make my ears pop after an airplane flight?
how do you losses what with out starving your self of making a huge effert?
I was told I had a pancreatitis but none of my test say that and none of the medicine work has anyone had this
How much phosphate is removed on peritoneal dialysis?
what is your pulse rate suppose to be?
A person with high cholesterol, how is it dangerous? what level? what about person with normal cholesterol?
Why Dr suggests daily one 30ml peg of whiskey is good for heart patients ?
Can you live without taking medicine with PVC'S?
will hyperexol help my high blood pressure?
what are the symptoms of latex paint allergies?
Why didn't the nurses use ice or elevation after surgery for a broken femur?