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how do i not be so scared about this?
How can you lose weight in your face?
im a 5'3 13 year old girl who weighs 103 lbs.. i'm slim but my friends are slimer.....what do i do?
did i just get electricuted?
what is this?? pics included?
Can human beings choke on air?
what do u use to keep u motivated to slim down?
i have been hit with a soccer ball in the ear and can't hear. (4 hours ago) should i be concerned?
I collasped last night?
I'm really Overweight. . . Help me NO rude answers please?
5'4", 145 pounds... i know i should be dieting... but i don't know how..?
will this work? or am i just plain stupiiid? CONSTIPATED!?
what if I just eat one meal every day?
Is it bad to smoke cigarettes if you have Asthma?
how to get rid of warts on my finger?
how do i stop nail biting?
What's your most effective sleep aid?
Can you get crabs if...?
i have to get a blood test :( im terrified, im am scared to death of needles?
is cigarette smoking a drug?
Blacking out and feeling dizzy when I stand up?
Gross medical question?
Why can't I sleep?
Is this normal, what is it?
Losing weight (not eating)?
Best way to get bigger arms?
I'm struggling to put weight on?
Are citrus fruits ever bad for you?
how do u get kids to eat healthy?
Is it important to sleep more than 6 hours at night?
Foreign objects are up my nose...what do i do ?
why i always get a sore throat in the morinning?
What may cause coughing up blood after I eat ?
How to lose weight in a fun, enjoyable way?
Do you know that people are still dying of insect bites? It's unacceptable!!! Why can't malaria be eradicated?
how can i get rid of my bad smell?
Tolerance and pot?
Am i weird because i have blonde eyelashes and eyebrows?
Is it possible to get a second herpes outbreak within a month? ?
I have drank a lot today and have 3 500mg parecetmol tablets, can this kill me?
do i have swine flu????
height question !!!!?
im a 16 year old girl. i want to buy a punching bag, just to exercise and relieve stress. harmful in any way?
What does asthma feel like?
i feel like i cant breathe right?
Acne type spots on my chest/back? How to get rid?
What can you do for a migraine when you can't be somewhere quiet?
how often should this be happening?
want does it mean when you feel pressure in you head?
hi i'm a 18 yr old frm karnataka , my mother is suffering from severe chronic migraine , she is in the hospita
There's a blood-red spot on the white of my left eye. It's quite large. Anyone know what it might be?
Can squeezing your eyes make you go blind?
My 87 year old grandmother has taken to heavy drinking and ?
if food(diet) doesn't cause acne in teenagers, what does?
Does smoking add to skin ageing?
my skin is peeling very badly on the palm of my hands!!?
AIDS from a paperclip?
is it true to don't sleep with wet hair,because it will cause blindness?
Loads of dead skin on my lips! Suggestions?
when someone has a seizure, is it bad to touch them?
is it true that if another person...?
Muslims w/ same situation??
am i anorexic? im almost 5'9, 17 and 103 pounds...please i really need advice?
I'm Starting A Diet tomorrow And Im Almost set To Go But one More Question...How Often Do I Need To Weigh.....
I'm craving Twinkies sooo badly!!! Will ONE Twinkie kill me?
How do i stop smoking? Lozenges and gum are no help?
freckles, unattractive?
Does anyone have alopecia areata?
Scabby zit-like skin sore refuses to go away?
What are some things I can do to help curb this craving for a cigarette?
Why do my ears smell so bad?
Why am I always cold?
can a person recover if he's brain dead?
Help! I can't sleep and it's one a.m! ?
Plz Help Me Its Very Urgent.?
What is the quickest, and easiest way to make a wart fall off?
Does Picking Scabs Count as Self Harm?
Does popping your fingers contribute to arthritis?
oh my gosh, i'm gonna ralph?
I know someone that doesn't like to bathe?
I am 13 and i am 5-6 and i weigh 132 pounds am i over weight?
if you saw a fat person working out in a gym would you make fun of him?
can you tell me if im fat please?
my bigest pet peeve is old people in there 40's and 50's?
Is it possible to get an Std when your partner doesnt have one?
do vaccines cause autism?
beginnings of carpal tunnel?
What is the best remedy for heartburn that doesn't just mask the problem?
what is best method to stop smoking?
Help me :( this is really stressing me out and making me look pale!!?
Is smoking REALLY bad for your health?
I've been sick for almost 2 weeks?
i trust smoking rather than loving coz somke damages my lungs but not my heart, as love does !!!!?
I don't smoke.. but am i effectively smoking 40 cigarettes a day because of where i live?
I tried crack for my first time, what damage can it cause for just one time?
I can not sleep?
I am not able to quit smoking?
How the heck do you quit smoking?
How do i wake up when i don't have any reason to?
I can't loose any weight and i play sports like 24/7! Any advice on how to loose any weight?
drinkin water loose fat?
What happens when u do sit ups?
Do I need to gain weight?
how to make a sunburn a tan?
I have tiny black pores in my nose but it makes it seem like ifmy nose is dirty, how do i get rid of it?
could stepping on a rusty nail potenialy lead to an amputation of the leg?
What's a good hangover cure?
what should I weigh?
sleeping on the floor... weird?....as opposed to my bed?
If you are tired all the time, but dont want to or can't fall asleep, what is it called?
I think I have pneumonia but i am not sure.?
whats the down sides to smoking weed?
Am I getting the flu?!?
Anxiety chest pain, random chest pains?
Do people normally look paler during an asthma attack or when their asthma has been acting up?
Do you need to fast for blood tests?
does any one know a good home remedy for hemorrhoids?
good ways for a 13 year old 5'1 girl to lose weight????/?
Am I to skinny? Please answer?
Will eating this ruin my diet?
im 15 and i want to lose weight any tips?
what do you recomend for a really bad sunburn?
Why is HIV/AIDS so difficult to tackle?
ive tested positive for chlamidya how ca i tell my new bf?
How do you force yourself to get up early in the morning?
What are your best tips to optimise a diet to take care of your health?
Is their Anyway For Me To Avoid Smelling Like Cigarette Smoke Even Though i Do Smoke?
do you think smoking is hot?
Tylenol - Her mom can't breathe right ASAP?
I have blackheads all over my nose and around my nose?
ways to help cure dry skin?
what will help take away pain from sun burn
How do i get rid of this?
how can a blister kill you?
What's the best way to remove blackheads??
what is the best way to get rid of warts??
I am vomiting blood!! help?
Shivering, nausea / low appetite, headache and tiredness?
can you help me make my sore throat better by tomorrow night?
what is the best thing to put on a minor burn?
Wheezing shortness of breath and confusion after running?
Does it hurt to pee after the first herpes outbreak? basically does every outbreak hurt you when you pee?
My mom dropped a heavy metal chair on her foot.help!!!!!!!!!!!Hurry!!!!!!!!!?
Insomnia Issues, best answer!?
Why do people feel sleepy after having a heavy lunch..how to avoid sleepiness ?
i have a really sore throat right now...?
need some really good answers serious answers only please?
is psoiasis contagious?
Black, hard,brown dandruff????.?
Well I have to get GLASSES and I do not like it what should I do cause my mom well not get me contacts????
i can't stop eating?! 10 points for best answer.?
am i fat?(picture included)?
why's it important for teens to be physicallt fit?
How do i know if i broke my leg?
How do i get my mom to stop coughing all the darn time!?
can autism be cured...?
How to get rid of a sore throat?
Do you think I'll get herpes?
why does my nose hurt?
I accidentally breathe some smoke from matches...?
If black mold is growing on my ac unit does it mean that I am breathing it in?
chapped lips?
OK so i don't believe in marriage and I'm 14 is this bad?
can you die from a cough?
My friend's mum has been steadily going blind over the last 6 weeks?
Should I take him to the ER?
my nephew's body went into some kind of shock what was it?
does anone know if crohn's disease is gentic? (so if it can be passed on)?
i want to smoke but i am scared of what will happen the first couple of times?
Can a bricking to the face kill you?
Is my ankle broken or just sprained?
i'm confused about something. if someone has hepatitus c or aids and has a baby, won't the baby be born with
Poor circulation, How could I improve it?
fun ways to loose weight?
i am 14 and weigh 172 and 5'5. is that really bad?
Morning excersize...or night excersize?
Any suggestion for treatment of High cholestrol [LDL].?
how do i get a good bm i eat veg fruit am constipated all time sticky poo hurts help?
is it bad for my fiance to be off his meds for ADHD?
Why don't more adults ride bicycles?
Is an oxygen level of 85% really bad?
Body Odor problem, Please help?
What message would you send to a mole with a broken arm?
I'm Fat and Lazy. How do I get motivated to get in shape?
can this make you fat?
Why does my neck always itch!?!?
what are the chances of dying in surgery?
do you know what autism is?
what wil cure insomnia?
Im bout to smoke weed for the 1st time and im NERVOUS.?
What's the best way to rid of a sore throat??
Epilepsy? Could it be?
What causes depression?
Is it worth going to the doctor's just to ask about ridges on my nails?
I have a small piece of paper stuck in my throat. How can I get it out?
how to relieve a tight chest ?
Does Asthma have a negative effect on a person's sense of smell?
which is more dangerous, smoking cigarretes or marijuana?
How can you tell if you have broken your toe, the toe next to the big toe?
what cures for hiccups have you found work?
Can smoking weed give you extreme insomnia?
coughing up blood after smoking weed?
Bad Reaction to mosquito bite?
I'm extremely depressed I've consulted a doctor but no help can you help me?
what diesease or condition is this? (long and no rude answers plz)?
Need some help on body acne?
Have hives all over! HELP!?
EMERGENCY QUESTION about cuts! I need an answer really soon!?
Im 13 years old and need to lose weight can you help?
Is this considered anorexic or just strict dieting?
How to unplug my ears?
if 2nd hand smoke kills how is smoking legal?
ankle injury help please! not sure what is wrong?!?
What should i do?? it hurts soo muchh !?!!?!!?
Have you ever broken any bones?
hi i some times get a lump at the bottom of my back jus above the craic of my bottom that swells up some times
is 5'3 a good height for a 14 year old?
What is the average weight for a 13 year old?
Can You Get HIV from kissing and....?
AIDS question?
How is Alzheimer's fatal?
is it true that...if u accidently consum ear wax....ul become a mute?
CRAZY muscle + joint pain!! Whats going on?
chest pain??
What keeps making me fall asleep when I've had a good nights sleep already?
I get up at 5 sorry 5.30 AM & try to go to sleep by 11 PM. Then Why m i always drowsy and runin out of time?
Son had ATV accident with partial spinal cord injury. Big life decisions coming up and i'd appreciate input.
What kind of infection/disease/sickness could this be?
A question about Alzheimer's?
Okay so this weekend I'm taking Ecstasy for the first time ?
What are the signs and symptoms of pneumonia?
breathing so fast that you choke on air.. do they call that anything?
my daughter is finding it hard to breath she is only 11 she has to gasp allot whats wrong with her?
How do doctors remove stitches if they're sewed into the skin?
What is this pain I have in my hip?
sweaty hands?
help dry lips!?
Is giving a guy a bj safe?
Nose Bleed, wont stop?? plz read on?
Any cure for flat feet?
Prescription pills to get rid of cold sore?
Itchy scalp with lots of flakes. Advices?
If you swallowed a boiling liquid, could it make you mute?
I just slammed my finger in the car door, should I be worried?
whats wrong with my ankle?
do you know anyone who has glued their ears to their head?
Would you consider a girl, who is 5'5", who weighs about 150 to be "plus size"?
how much weight should i lose? (pic)?
What did you eat today? I can't think of what to eat for dinner before my work out.?
Why is second hand smoke not bad for your health? I need websites!?
I cant breath!?
Can I interview a smoker please?
I started loosing blood... what that means? what's the disease? it's something serious? what should I do?
Is AA helpful or harmful?
my chest hurts when I breath in. Please Help.?
i've had a cough for 3 weeks now and it won't go away!?
do you reckon i have asthma?
Huffing and smoking question ? can smoking kill you immediately?
How to get my dad to stop smoking...?
How serious is schizophrenia?
trouble breathing? how do i stop?
can i claim compensation?
Every time I stand up I get very dizzy! Do you know what this could be?
Why do I want to sleep all the time?
Is there a diagnosis for this?
I've just been diagnosed with lupus how do find the strength to keep fighting this for my fifteen year old?
what is it called when they "pull the plug" when you're in a coma.?
is it natural to hate my ex hubby whome i was wed to for 20 yrs after he had an affair for a year and i gotrid
i am i fat ppl tell me im not and want me to stop losing weight?
What is this pain in my chest?
some one with asthma who can help me ?
you came upon a man clutching his chest,face frowning with pain,perspiring and gasping for breath..?
My nose is not stuffed, nor is my throat, but I am wheezing?
Is a sinus infection the same as a cold?
if you are pregnant and you are hiv positive or you have aids will it developed in your baby blood streem?
abnormal pap test result comes back positive for hpv?
which anti-persperant works best?
My stomach is in pain? how/why? :S?
Why does my scalp itch?
how to permanently get rid of warts?
Sometimes when someone gets a stab wound, why does only one lung collapse?
My Baby has a really stuffy nose!?
What's better for aches, pains, and fever: Tylonol, Advil, or something else?
how long will it take me to loose about 60 pounds?? im 15 years old and weigh 245. height bout 5'9?
For smokers only or who knows about them?
if smoke a piece of paper will i still cough when smoking cigarettes?
My friend punched me in the ribs and I have a number of things wrong..?
I dont know if i have swine flu!?
My husband is killing me.......every night he snores and snores and I can't get any sleep. What can he do?
What are the symptoms of strep throat?
I have copd but am still smoking, will the dr be able to tell?
My stomache has been upset, all day & night, since July. I'm not w/child and Doc has no answer. Anyone?
Lump in throat under jaw.?
how can you get rid of a sinus infection naturally?
is jaundice hereditary?
What should i do about this sore throat???
Where can i find home remedies for the lower back and pinched sciatic nerve.?
i am 5'3 and weigh 126?
How do you get rid of bad acne and blackheads?
how can i improve my immunity system?
Hi I'm 19 and I've been experiencing strange symptoms, but my parents and doctors don't believe me.
I have this shaking problem in my hands and I'm only 20 years old?
Can u get acne anywhere besides ur face and back?
how to sale my kidney?
what causes ringing in the ears?
Why am I getting knee pain and how can I make it stop?
What is the best good luck charm?
havent' eaten in 36 hours?
Who here thinks smoking should be banned yet owns & drives a car?
I've been having diarrhea for the past 4 months everyday. What should I do?
Why shouldn't the cigarette company's foot the bill for us to quit.They didn't mind us paying to get hooked.
I'm 19 and wetting the bed?
how do you get rid of cold sores?
what is that white patch thing on Kara-Louise's forhead?
I have a painful blister on my little toe, how can I get rid of it?
My acne wont go away!?
If you occassionally get a cold sore, do you have to tell everyone you date?
I've got The aids how do i get rid of it ?????? HELP ME ?
Help with stopping my dandruff?
remedies for an eye sty?
i got a really bad hangover. ant cures apart from water i've drunk loads of it errgghhh!!?
How much sleep do you need?
how can u get rid of acne without spending money?
is poison ivy contagious from person to person?
what can i do about my chapped lips?
besides cold water, is there anything you can find in the house to cure a burn?
All I have been doing is exercising and eating normally, but i keep gaining weight! Why am i still gaining?
what is the average weight for a 12 year old girl who is 5'3?
Are you fat and happy or would you like to be slim?
Will a ten foot drop break your leg or ankle?
How much you think it's possible for an ex-alcoholic to drink with moderation?
What is the best acne medication?
Has anyone actually gotten rid of or reduced the appearance of a scar?
what are some of your stories about going to school...?
still hurtz after over a month? HELP?
I have noticed several small skin tags on my eye lids, how do i get them removed?
what does a kidney stone look like?
I'm always thirsty?
I've had a sore throat for 7 days, now there's a big white line on the back of my throat, is it strep?
Why is alcoholism considered a disease?
how to tell if my daughters ankle is sprained or broken..?
Could depression be causing a poor appetite?
I spranged my ankle today how long will it hurt?
Offered compenation?
reallly emberassing question?
It's been over a year since I've quit smoking...?
My daughter sprayed cologne in her mouth. Should I contact poison control? It didn't say anything on label.
i have a cast on my leg /my ankel i have had it on 1 week iand it is getting softer is this supposed to be ?
Should I go to the emergency room?
Did "AID's" really come from a green monkey in Africa? Did a man do the unthinkable?
I just got a blister in my finger?
Will cracking your knuckles give u arthritis in your hands/fingers later?
Does anyone wash their back in the shower?
whats the best way to lose weight?? i lost 10 pounds in 4 weeks..lost it all in lower area?
i'm 5'3 , 16 & i weigh 114 lbs am i fat if iam how many pounds do i need to loose. please help?
height matters????????????????????
I burnt my leg,because my cat scared me.?
How do I stop holes in my socks where my big toe's are?
I am recovering from a toe injury,I'm going to see my dr On Monday?I am worried he might give me the ok?
i broke my arms and my parents are out of town for a month and i can't drive need to make a cast how do i?
Serious AIDS question? Help please?
is there a way to cure an urine infection without going to the doctor?
Broke my big toe 8mths ago!!! ?
Any Other Girls on Crutches?
I have strained my pectoral muscle on the right and is hurting like mad - what can i do?
Fingers slammed in car door?
what's wrong with my ear?
What are those pieces of skin that rip up beside your nail called?
Is my right 4th toe broken?
Is it possible I have a concussion, and should I go to the doctor?
Is it normal to imagine myself hurting random people I see?
Dry skin solution for the face?
How long should chigger bites last?
Can going off your medicine cold turkey cause susicide?
I ahve a important medical question. Pleaseeee help!!! its an emergency?
Someone I recently met has a dark spot on their eye, right on their iris, next to the pupil, what is it?
I plucked my hairline!!!Pleeeeeeeeeeease Help me!?
Help! Standing up gives me the usual blackouts but I also fall and my head shakes.?
My throat feels like it's tightening!!?
What is the meaning of life?
Can you get Std's from a toilet seat?
what's the best instant relief for shin splints?
What's the quickest way to heal my little finger?
I have Patella Tendonitis. I've rested for 10 days - Now What?
how good do you feel right now?
Why is alcholism or drug addiction called a disease when in fact it's a choice?
Is fibromyalgia an excuse for pain-killers?
stomach problems....?
I watched a movie about drug addicts.. will i become a drug addict?
is this the cold/flu or something else?
My skin has been SO dry. Especially my face.. What's a good moisturizer?
how can i unwind and sleep better?
m 30 yrs old. i had an accident in 2003. i had a rod in my right side hip area. its possible to remove ..?
i slammed my finger in a car door yesterday. is it broken?
my ankle hurts :( help please?
Where do i get crutches?
I shaved my pubs with hair removal gel an after i used it i've been havin pain urinating an disharge. wtf?
what should i do? Friend with a tumor?
OCD?please help me.?
I need a really awesome disease?
I broke my wrist, now I need a story?
I injured my ankle and I can't go to school?
(easy 10 points) how long should i be on crutches for?
Is My Ankle Sprained?
How dee does a cut have to be to get an infection?
What's this thing growing out of my foot?
I need ur help ASAP!!!?
I feel dizzy when i walk?
Have U Ever Had Surgery or an M.R.I?
excuse for a big scar on my arm?
I have IBS and can't work!!Is it possible to get some type of benefit..like?
my bro got hit by a car and broke 7 bones and got a ticket and the person that hit him got nothing is this rit?
how do i sprain my ankle?
Do you ever feel like you are running on only 3 batteries as opposed to 4 get up and go , got up and went?
How can I quit smoking?
i think i cut to deep?
What causes puss when you get a bad cut?
best treatment for trapped nerve??
i need some help with a wound i have?
How many forms of herpes are there?
I just fell to the floor and my esophogus popped out my mouch!!!! What do I do?
I have difficulty swallowing. It's embarrassing when we're out to dinner. Help.?
why do i see stars when i stand up?
Apparently, i have fractured my finger, if i go to A & E or similar, what will they do?
How to carry books in school while on crutches?
Is it okay to cut or do i really need help?
A box fell on my head/neck/back at Walgreens, what should I do?
I think i rolled my ankle today? i heard/felt a popping noise.?
Hurt my foot.. what's wrong with it? What should I do?
Should I go see a doctor or just ignore it?
How do i bring the swelling down?
What happened to my ankle? I landed wrong, and thought i sprained it, it hasn't swollen up but it still hurts.
How did you guys twist your ankle?
I don't know if I sprained or broke my ankle?
If i am 13 years old, 5'6", and 107 pounds ......am i fat?
Is it a symptom a brain tumor?
Is 'short man syndrome' actually real?
Can I die from hitting my head on the corner of a wall?
Did I sprain or twist my ankle? What will help it so, I'm in less pain?
Okay going to sound crazy!! but..?
My 13 year old is 5'2 almost 53 and about 115-117 pounds,she wants to lose weight.Should she?
How can I get a 4 pack?
Is it true you can tell if someone cholesterol is high by looking at there eyes?
I'm 3months pregnant and extremely constipated, how can I relieve this?
do you feel confused if you have low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)?
I fainted today...i saw black while tryingto do a pull up. i sometimes see black dots and cant see but...?
when is a good age to go to the gym?
What is your approach to combating obesity in your kids?
AM I FAT? I am 110 lbs!!!?
i need motavation to loose weight ?
How do i stop myself from getting taller?
how dangerous is it to cut your wrists?
if i use the computer can i get carpal tunnel?
what happens to you when you don't have a bowel movement about a month or two?
Sometimes my feet really stink! Im going to a sleep over and i have this problem (HELP)?
Though I sleep for 7 to 8 hrs, I keep yawning during the day's work. Is there anything I can do to stop this.
OMG!! I can't...?
What Doctor do you dread seeing?
Should I take my own syringes with me to India?
Can't Sleep...?
is it bad for you to keep 'wind in?
Is that enough...............................?
What did i do to my knee???
What is the best cure for being decapitated?
my 6 yr old has gets the usual scratches and cuts but they take ages to heal and form small scars. why?
stitch has opened up what should i do?
im 16 and my weight is only 100 pounds im 5'7 and i eat everything in sight but gain nothing?
Is it possible to sleep for only 3-4 hours per night?
could his arm be broken?
should i go to er 2morrow?
broken toe needs surgery?
what can i do for my neck?
I'm afraid of dying and I'm only twelve?
I think I caught an STD from my friend's wife? You can cure crabs right?
I've hurt my ankle :(?
Why do we instinctively put our finger in our mouth if we've hit it on something hard?!!!!!?
There are fragments of bone in the elbow of my broken arm - what happens next?
what's wrong with my ankle?
what is the fastest way to go to sleep?
I don't know were babys are made from and i'm already 16.?
I am 5'10 and weigh 118 pounds?
How can i loose weight in 2 days?
how can i get a flat stomach??????
who pays for medical treatment of uninsured people?
Is it normal to play with your poo?
is sleeping pills if it became habitual will worsen your insomnia?
how serious is early signs of liver failure?
What would bother you more?
what causes cold sores? Please help! I have been getting them really bad the last 2 months only on my top lip.
my friend thinks she's fat?
Flat belly, best way to get it?
15lbs in a month, help.?
How long does it take a person to drown when they are unable to escape from water?
Do You Feel pain if you Get Blown up or Shot in the Head and Instantly Die?
If you punch a wall hard enough would your knuckles bleed?
I've had really bad wind today... have you?
My toes talk to me, should i talk back?
Should I go to the doctor I think my finger is fractured.?
Just found out i'm HPV postive, is it the end of the world?
is this weird, i'm 20 and i NEVER EVER....?
Should I worry of this happening?
How go get rid of ringing in ears?
Is my blood pressure a concern?
Have you ever been diagnosed with anything before?
Smelly Urine does anyone know what causes this. Food and medication has been ruled out.?
i think i cut a vein?
My friend cuts what do i do?!?
where do u always get hurt?
Does this sound like I have broken my foot?
i'm pretty sure my toe fell off... is that good?
Is it best to stay completely off a lightly sprained ankle until it heals?
My daughter has scratched my eyeball. Which helps to heal it faster, keeping it closed or open? Help!!!?
look at this picture and tell me how a doctor doesn't think something serious is wrong?
does this "cure" for HIV/AIDS work?
Help? Whats wrong with my foot?
Whats wrong with my scar?? Why is this happening?
Can someone tell me if these cuts are infected?
Be Honest! Do you work out because you're health conscious or because you want to look good naked?
I haven't long to go before death happens for me. Will anyone intelligent and compassionate be a friend?
What is the statute of limitations for sustaining an injury in someone's home?
Is it normal for your chest to pop?
PLEASE HELP!!! what to do when someone drank too much alcohol?
is it possible to fall a sleep sitting up right?
What works for you when you have a cold?
There is a one-in-a-million chance you will die in the next day if you answer this question?
How do you get weed out your system in 24 hours?
INSOMNIAC! i have trouble sleeping!?
Help I found a lump?
I'm a weak person, and I want to know what I should eat to become physically stronger?
400 calorie a day diet?
Long legs....wanna build some muscle...? *PIC INSIDE*?
If you could only eat 1 food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
What's your favorite ways to burn calories?
Am I gonna die????? :(?
will my parents find out?
Whats the damage of 3 cigarette's?
Whats a good love song about drug addiction?
If I don't have stds, then I don't have hiv?
Why am I usually tired?
My baby is 2 months and is constipated can I give her a enema?
How are you supposed to clean out your ears?
What could be the cause of frequent headaches?
Whats the best way to get rid of lice?
WIll i pass my drug test??
can HIV tests be positive even if you don't have the virus?
should the government show a list of people with std's?
What does it mean when I urinate often? It's always clear or light yellow and I drink plenty of water...?
will smoking joints occasionally get me addicted?
Are their black kids or mexican with Autism?
If your thyroid is borderline low, would you bother taking medicine for it? or go alternative i.e.foods to aid
can a daily dose of garlic really help in controlling cholestrol?
Are you overweight? Underweight? Happy with your weight?
How do i get up for 5.00am when i have been so used to getting up at 12.00pm?
Can painting your nails a a lot make you sick?
if you don't eat ..?
im 14, 5'9", and 103 lbs.?
i feel guilty for eating a donut... is it ok?
how do i loose fat under my chin?
What's the difference between fatigue and drowsiness?
I have an STD but I cant tell my mom. What do I do?????
Is hep c an STD or no?
What do you think of Autism?
How can a pregnant woman w/ HIV reduce the risk of passing it to her baby?
What do you think about the statement "good girls don't get STDs"?
what are signs of any STD's?
what can you do to cure yourself from STDs if you have it?
I've just cycled 18 miles & feel exhausted, whats the best way to...?
13 and 270 lbs help me please..?
Hi i'm 16 5'8 107 and want to lose the last 7lbs any ideas....?
If I became vegetarian would I lose weight?
What are some good healthy snacks i can have when i come home?
daughter wears t-shirts and the weather is still cold?
I have a 2 1/2 year old child that constantly blinks her eyes & fast. What could this be?
how contagious are stds?
Are Ramen Noodles fattening?
i am 16 male...and i weigh 115 lbs.. how do i gain weight i am skinny.but i can eat up Mcdonalds all day HELP?
7 day starvation. Is it a good diet?
is it bad when i take frequent breaks when i exercise?
If I didn't eat anything all day today....how long would it take me to lose weight?
I've been exercising for about a week..how come I'm not seeing any results yet?
Does anybody experience increased hunger in the winter?
PLEASE ANSWER; am i underweight, average, or overweight?
Is 5"4 and 125 pounds fat?
is this a healthy meal plan??
I will go to the doc's if it carries on, but....?
Is it possible for me to lose 40lbs in 4 months?
I don't get it?
What are some food very high on calories?
Would you consider this fat?;?
Are you Fat or Skinny?
What are mosquitoes attracted to?
I am starting to make plans about going to the gym but...?
is this good food to eat to lose weight...?
I have been abusing laxatives a little, and I think I may have messed things up?
headache worst ever?
My Big Toe on my right foot feels numb, i can feel it, but it's half numb, What does this mean?
My girl friend always gives my a love bite on my neck how can i make my neck test yuck?
I don't want to be on meds anymore?
how do we reply to people who answer our questions?
May sound silly, but is there any way to make yourself taller?
I need sleep?
Does my belly look chubby or toned? Pics?
Will a hospital release a patient to get home by themselves if their not able to care for themselves?
I Need tips on how to keep calm?
My friend's tongue is swollen to about 3 times it's size and black. What is it?
I need to QUIT!!! Can you offer some good advise????
I've been jumping and skipping around?
What condition is your condition in?
I found 3 lumps on my neck?
I'm constantly tired, but I'm young! what's wrong with me?
15 hours of sleep unhealthy ?
Do I have appendicitis?
When I take a deep breath my chest cracks sometimes?
allright well i have a problem i cant go to the doctors cause i dont have insurance i have a yeast infection?
Do I hav mono? Does the mono test hurt?
Is this a tumor and what can I do about this?
How bad can this damage my brain?
Doctor says I'm fat?
If I Only Eat 1 Cheese Crisp and 1 bowl of pasta a day, will I lose weight?
if ur 5'5" or 5'6?
Guess my weight? (pic included)?
im 13 & started workin out 1week ago 4 2 days a week but ive gained (noticable)weight .y? and how do i stop?
(pictures inside) how much would you guess i weigh?
HELP!!!! My best friend WANTS to lose weight desperately!?
is subway really all that healthy?
Whats the best form of exercise?
nicole richies diet?
How long til i turn in a Vampire?
My grandmas get a lot swelling in her left ankle and won't go to the doctor
Should STEM CELL research be allowed in the US?
mucus in my throat-- can't breathe
I am 108 lbs and 5'1, am I skinny?
What do you do when your trying to lose weight and are tempted to eat chocolate etc?
If you are 5'8" and 150lbs about what size pants would you ware?
Guess my weight?
what cigarette is the best to start with and how much do they cost?
I have a sore throat.....................?
I'm 18 and and i've had severe headaches for three weeks now and sometimes on one side what could it be?
How to stay calm when having anxiety attack?
I was tested for depression, How long does a blood test take for results to show?
What are some symptoms of the swine flu?
What is it called when someone always thinks they're sick?
can I use lip balm for my lips and eyes?
About selling kidney.?
Does anyone out there suffer with GOUT?
Does coffee make you feel nervous all of a sudden?
what happens to incest babies?
Is eating raw meat bad?
how many calories should i be comsuming a day if i am 5'3'' and 180lbs and am trying to lose weight?
Can you live without your spinal cord?
Blood Test Tomorrow - Needle Phobia! How Many Vials Will They Take?
Does anyone know of a good cure for gout?
I have a large rectangular lump on my right lower neck area what could this be?
How to build muscle without weights?
How can i loose 15-20 pounds?
What's the normal height and weight for a 13-year-old girl?
How can I fall asleep quickly??
I feel like I am high when i haven't even smoked?
If I'm 5'10 and weigh 155 am I overweight?
PLEEZ HELP........................I NEED A DIET........Thanks?
Why fat people in US cannot loose weight?
Is she good looking even though she's fat?
when was the last time you had head lice?
Daily constipation??
How do you tell your daughter to lose weight...
What is the best diet plan when you can't Exercise?
I put vinegar and it's burning?
what should i wear if im fat?
What would be a better lunch choice?
Do u think that kids are getting fatter abd fatter by the min. because of electronics????
is my body fat???????
how can i get fat thighs and legs?
Do I look overweight to you?
how often should i do sit ups?
how do i lose fat on my thighs?
Did you know my husband found the cure for hiccups?
if a smoker showers and puts on clean clothes is there a risk of being exposed to 2nd hand smoke?
Will i feel better tomorrow?
Why am I always sick?
Is green pee normal? ?
what are some of the side effects of smoking i probably didn't know?
i have just taken 12 paracetamol on an empty stomach what will happen?
when i swallow, i've been swallowing mucus with every swallow, going on 2nd day now?
Why does my side cramp when I run?
Water fasting?! How long? is it a good idea?
Is it bad to have gone 52 hours without sleep?
How can I sleep past 5 am?
I am 13 years old and neeed a way to lose 20 pounds in 2-3 weeks..?
im too skinny how can i gain wieght fast an easy?
hi! rate from 1-10 (10 is t best)?
why do people hate me because I'm skinny?
What is the best anti depressant? I am really depressd; feel hopeless all the time and feel like there is no r
how much should the average person weigh at 23 and 6'2 tall?
am i fat or thin??10 points best answer!?
How can I get shorter in height?
how long does it take for HIV to develop into AIDS?
can you still give birth if you have herpes and during medication?
What happens if you give head to someone with an STD like gonnerra?
I have not eaten any carbs in four days, but still have not lost any weight, any idea why?
What is your view on 'bug chasing'?
i think i'm going to get aids.?
Just because someone has a cold sore,doesn't mean it's herpes,correct?
how do you give up smoking, when you don't really want to?
I'm 5' 7" and at the age of 24 my weight dropped to 3st. Does that make me a size Zero?
I can't think straight, please help me!?
how can you get a flat stomache in two weeks?
I am seldom hungry. How can I increase my appetite?I am already exercise for 1hour everday?
Question for girls please?
How can I go jogging without feeling embarrassed?
If I am on birth control & I have hpv can it be transmitted or no?
I have a Pain in left side of stomach..?
I'm 6'1", weigh 208 want to get down to 200. I've been lifting for 6 mos, 5-6 days wk. No impruvmnt. help?
I'm a 13 year old girl and I'm 5'6 and I weight 110 lbs...is this weight far for my age and am I short?
if you are bit my mosquitos enough, does your body get use to it?
I've been on this nicotine replacement program, but i'm stuggling a bit because i smoke cannabis?
what is a tape worm??????/?
getting a six pack before june?
should you go to the hospital for food poisoning?
Is staying up all night studying for a test better than getting a good sleep?
What is a good way to get stronger and fast..?
Please, I need to reduce my weight?
would giving up coffee help me with weight loss?
Is there a way to stop ringing in the ears?
what are home remdies for bags under your eyes?
what exactly is wrong?
Losing voice but no sore throat!?
Is infertility hereditary?
What is the best way to approach a teenager who is possibly anorexic?
how can i get rid of my lisp?
Do you think it possible that as a disease, anorexia nervosa can run in one's family?
how confident are you about NHS treatment in hospitals?
how to get a deep sleep?
Can anyone tell me how to stop nail biting?
Is there a disease that causes bad body odors?
if i kiss and saliva got exchanged with girl having HIV, will i also get HIV ?
Where do you think HIV & AIDS came from?
Can you get HIV/AIDS if someone stabbed you with a needle?
whats the best and easiest diet to lose weight?
Is it safe to loose more than 2lbs a week?
am i fat be honest??????
Whats The cure For AIDS?
Help sleeping problem?
Is it really necessary to be rude when answering questions?
I have been haveing servere panic attacks and i dont know what the best meds for it is could any one help?
what disease are medical conditions matches my symptoms?
im 12 can i have...????
Two week diarrhea?
3 years after surgery for Carple tunnel, my scar is swelling and it hurts! Any ideas on what might be wrong?
What is the benefit of having breakfast every morning?
How long will it take to lose stomach fat by running?
just need your opinion please ;)?
im 217 5'7 how much weight to lose?
Is this healthy for me?
Skinny or fat which one is worst?
wot should i weight.......?
Are there any ways to come off kidney diyalysis?
How do I tell if my sister has high Cholesterol?
i have the flu, and ive noticed that when i wake up either in the morning or after a nap my body is wet?
i suffer from severe constipation...any good remedies?
my mom is sick and I think shes depressed . i wanted to know if there are any good doctors that are bilingual
I want to know about Ganglion on the wrist and its cure?
i'm 13yrs 89pounds 5"1" and feel fat is this a bad thing?
Burger King: this or this?
my doctor has prescribed me metronidazole and i am unsure how to take the dosage caus there is no instructions?
Are there any good non presciption remedies for acid reflux?
How should I treat my Bipolar Husband?
What would cause me to feel disoriented and shaky?
what cause the restless leg and it feels numb it's like paralyze?
Whats your cure for the cold?
what is wrong with me?
Which is the most deadliest diesese in the world?
How do you know if your appendix needs to come out?
I have a pain in my back on the left side, right under my last rib, just under the tissue. It only hurts or fe
This is gonna sound gross I know but...?
What happens when you take antidepressants and you are not depressed?
I have pain on the side of my big toe, but I only feel it when pressure is applied to it. Any ideas.?
I have a fatty liver, what food am I supposed to avoid?
want to give blood but iron too low?
I've had hip pain for 2-3yrs; now it clicks when I walk. Should I rest? Or exercise as much as I can?
my boyfriend wants me to lose a few pounds?
How can i lose some belly fat?
How can i make my calves bigger?
im about 195 lbs. 6'1 i get made fun of everyday and i need help to lose weight and become a strong young teen
Why Do Fat Girls Think They Are Skinny?
im going on a water fast, hopefully the full 60 days, jus wondering if anyone who's allready done it has tips?
What is the right weight for a 13 year old girl?
Okay so I have an STD but I don't have a car to go to the clinic, or a doctor or health insurance. What to do?
if any body's blood touches our tounge. is their is any harm.?
can a blowww job give you herpes?
can you all help me find brain tomer?
What is your height and weight?
What kind of doctor should I go to for this?
I need help with my insomnia, and I don't want to take prescription sleep aids! Any ideas??
wot is this smell?
My ultrasound showed the intestines on the outside of the baby's stomach?
Can n-e one help?
Water infection?
Is my brain leaking?
i have been urinating a lot lately and not sure why?
if you fall asleep with headphones on playing really loud music is this damaging to your ears?
hi stopped smoking 3 days ago.need advise?
I'm having problems eating as it makes me feel really sick any ideas why or how i can get myself to eat??
How can i increase wait as i am underweight.........?
anyone can give me tips to gain weight?..?
do i seem fat? please be honest!?
If you truly want to stop a drug addiction do you think the withdrawls will be easier?
Anyone with Thyroid problems?
Does a doctor have a right to disclose treatment to you're family doctor?
Has anyone dealt before w/ a severe case of constipation?
What foods can I eat to cleanse my colon and get good bowel movement?
First day not smoking how can I keep busy to avoid cravings?
Why do they have shocking images on cigarette packets nowadays?
What is the best cure for gout?
what is the medical term somnolence?
is high blood pressure communicable disease or not?
Does anyone have RLS (Restless leg syndrome)?
My son has tourette, he is 9. how will it afect him in the years to come?
The medical condition named LUPUS?
Is it normal to vomit up a little bit of blood?
Acid Reflux?
Do you think I am skinny?
How can I gain weight?
what kind of drink that will help me loose weight?
Why do you exercise?
Does a can of coke count as one of your 5 vegetables per day quota?
severe headcache, dizziness, blood vessel burst in eye should i go to the hopsital?
8-week-old with acid reflux?
What do i do now? My boyfriend has a disease?
I have floaters in my eyes, does anyone know what causes them?
How much does 5 mg of aderall cost on the street?
what are some really deadly yet interesting diseases?
How can I control what I eat and how much I eat?
Why if i miss a meal do i feel nauseous?
Does this mean that I am fat? (Photos)?
I bought a pack of panties and one pair had been used I think......I had wore two pair out of te pack so now..
Ok, I know this is out there but I have this burning feeling when I pee, and I have tried it all, please help
My dad won't buy or use whole grains. How can I convince him to?
why are girls so fat these days?
My Sister Thinks i have OCD?
Is is possable to get an std when both people are virgins?
am i overweight ? (too short)?
HELP! im addicted to fruits!!?
I want to lose weight. Should I go on Atkins? Or Slim fast?
i'm 5"2 15 and 114 ounds i'm fat right?
Is it better to exercise in several small sessions or one large session?
Im trying to lose weight but i keep eating to much after school.?
Is it ok that I split my vitamins in half?
If one is tested for HIV and it's negative after 7 months, does that mean that everything is fine?
Do you think I'm fat/overweight??
Do you think my daughter is overweight?
food that is good for your heart?
My friend said that taking too may pills each day will damage the liver. Is this true?
I have some some trouble swallowing and i feel that something is stuck in my throat but there is nothing there
Did medications affect my brain?
My Bf has HPV, what should I do?
newly diagnosed w/ lupus, any tips on coping?
my daughter is 6 years old and when she gets a blood nose it bleeds 4 1/2hr each time, she gets 2 each month?
will smoking weed once affect my body?
how many calories are there in one pound?
What is the average weight for a 5"4 14 year old girl?
What weight should i be?
I licked out five girls a few days back, what should I have done to protect against STI infection?
Is it possibly to loose 10 lbs in 1 Day?
I am almost sure I have arthritis (20 years old.) At what point should I see a doctor?
What's wrong with me?
Will walking 3 miles everyday help me loose weight?
I have always been flexible, and can still get my leg over my head....?
I want to lose 10 pounds by summer?
how do i get a FLAT BELLY!!!!!?
don't really like drinking water any way to learn and like its tasteless ness?
How can I stop overeating? I gained almost 10 lbs in about a month.?
How do i get a killer flat stomach?
I really need to loose weight but I hate to exercise, I mean HATE, but I MUST loose the weight Pl help?
How can I lose weight fast?
What if I want to become super extremely fat and flabby?
**Look at this pic and tell me what you think**?
Guys, do you like a girl with some curves?
I have a serious question about my weight.?
How can I get myself to catch a fever?
Green stool what does it mean?
How will you mark World AIDS Day?
is there a cure for AIDS?
I'm 16, and want to get tested for HIV without letting my parents know, is that possible?
Do you think I should have my gallbladder out?
Does scaring a person take away their hiccups?
It hurts when I go to the bathroom?
What's the matter with my left big toenail?
How do you lose your stomach fat and gain abs?
What is the fastest way to lose weight in ur opinion?
how do you lose weight?
Can chlamydia be transmitted to your partner if you've had for years without knowing?
why doesn't Magic Johnson have AIDS anymore?
I know a girl who said she caught HPV. Then she said the doctor's told her it went away. Is that possible?
what is being bullemic?
im 14 and i want to lose the belly fat :)..?
Am I Overweight For My Age,Height,Etc?
Is this a healthy breakfast?
how should i lose 5-10 lbs?
what is the best way to loose strech marks on belly?
Nine year old with epilepsy?
Brain hemorrhage?? please help!?
Is 45 beers a week too much?
can anybody tell me what's wrong w/me?
If someone gets stuck w/ an hiv needle how likely is it they will get it?
epilepsy question please help!!!!!!?
If you suffer from migraines what symptons do you get?
My Son ate a lithium Battery!!!?
What is the best treatment for ageing?
I have a few health problems but I love my life and think I'm lucky?
help- is my weight unhealthy?
i need to lose weigth?
I'm trying to lose weight....?
Help! I've got hiccups and they won't go away - how do you cure yours?
i have a yeast infection and im only 15 what do i do? i don't want to tell my mom?
My friend took a lot of Klonapin help me!?
what is wrong with me?
question about my body.. girls probably know more about this subject.?
Affects of long term sleep deprivation?
I've got the hiccups now and spilled water everywhere trying to drink upside down heehee..what can i do?
Can you get any kind of disease from a lap dance? ?
How much should a 13 year old weigh if they are 5'1"????
Which is the "FASTEST AND SAFEST" way to loose weight ?
What will happen if I eat nothing but vegetables & tofu for 2 weeks?
how much weight could I loose in a week?
what vitamins stimulate hair growth?
Someone peed in my orange juice then put it back in the fridge. I unknowingly drunk a glass of it.?
how do u cure bacteria vaginosis w/out seeing a doctor?
i'm never hungry for breakfast?
Would I be ok if I didn't eat for 3 days????
i want body like shakira?
Am I eating my Egg Whites right?
My little sister is 11 and she is 80 pounds. Is she overweight?
What actually is THE best exercise for getting fit quick?
PLEASE help me lose weight, spammers will be reported. Here are my measurements, help me plz?
FAT cheerleader possible??
Can you really drink "too" much water? If so what is the maximum amount a person should drink?
Is walking 30mins a day can really help you lose weight?
Kidney Pain? I ache really bad on my lower right back side, Any Ideas what this could be?,Thanks.?
I have very slight swelling in my ankles, what is this from, does anyone know?
Can exercising 2 much make u so skinny u die????
Why Do They Keep Calling Me Fat?
How can I ween myself off chocolate?
what can i take to supress my appetite?
Am I fat? (pic)?
17 and just been diagnosed with Fybromyalgia, any tips on helping me cope?
What do these symptoms sound like they could be of?
Does herpes in your mouth stay wit you for life?
Am I above average for weight and height?
a strange question...?
Is the mosquito a carrier of AIDS causing virus?
Can a love bite and touching intimately lead to AIDS?
Who know what "Citalopram 20 mg" is? How to take it? I need well be advised!?
are some mental illness permanent then others?
please help, should i go doctor or not?
bipolar symptoms ??
i think i have the symptoms of anorexia! do you think i do?
I want to lose weight!?
Way to get six pack?
how to loose weight slowly without harm.?
How do I reduce the size of my Buddha?
Has anyone lost 10 pounds in one week, the healthy way?
How do i lose a little weight? Bikini problems.?
How do i stop throwing up on porpose after eating something?
would you say i am over wieght?
what is the quickest way to get rid of a yeast infection?
How do I lose 10 pounds by july?
is she fat?
how do i lose fat without eating?
Is the Starvation Diet harmful?
Is it okay to exercise at night ?
what is the best diet pill and how much?
Does anybody out there know any cures for diarrohea?
HIV-AIDS question.............?
I think Im addicted to food...what should I do?
Why are black men in the USA 7 times more likely to get AIDS?
i have promblems i am16 years old and i have a eating desorter i was a 112 but now 65 ibs. wat shuld i do?
If you have a tumor on your thyroid and don't have it treated can it kill you?
what's the fastest way to fall asleep? ?
Help me lose wight please?
My cousin called me and said she tested positive for HPV?
can you get hiv if someone with it prepared your food ans some of their blood fell on your food thn you ate it
If it is not 100% sure that a person has TB can he/she be put on medication for TB?
Do people really sell their organs?
Sleeping Problems...?
What can i eat or do to vomit , or have a high tempreture ( mainly i need to vomit wut must i do )?
Serious help, please! What do you do when "you can't get away from yourself"?