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Does anyone kno wat hydrogen peroxide is for?and alcohol also..?
why do i feel heaviness in my ears?
What can high ALT and high alk phos levels mean?
I have hemiplegic migrains that cause me to have mini strokes. does anyone k now anything about these?
Neck problems?
Carpal tunnel again, or something else?
The effect of taking 3 Amoxicillan and 4 Tylenol?
Which anti-inflammatory works best on arthritic joints, primarily shoulders?
Can sore muscles cause heat like symptoms?
what causes your plaletes become low, my mother is a renial pt. and is it serious?
What Body system/structure does diabetes affect?
How to lower HbA1c?
Are there charities that help pay medical bills for diabetics?
Why do I get tired/sleepy after eating a candy bar or food high in carbohydrates?
why do diabetes test strips cost so much?
Is there any information on the web dealing with radiation damage to the cervical spine?
what do you think about?
please describe the reason of cancer in short and the best way to prevent?
Is there any way to receive SSI with out going off your income?
i have a constant muscle spasm in my lower and upper back what could this be caused from?
My Tubes Tided How to lose weight in the stomach and tighten the muscles.?
i want to find articles that were in the news about people with genetic disorders where can i find that?
Can you have more than One mental Illness?
If you take the perscription drug Adderall, will a urine drug test show a positive for drug use meth?
Who Thinks Fire is awesome?
Are people with mild mental disorders aware of their problem?
After being clean and sober for 23 years, can one safely have a glass of wine with a meal?
what i the best antidepressant?
I was electrocuted, and was told imay have a conginitive impairment, what is that!!!?
What is the most advanced/effective medicine for psoriasis?
what does it mean when you have what looks like ringworm on your scrotem?
Can a person have shingles more than once?
What's the beset solution for a stubborn ingrown hair? Over the counter, preferably.?
I saw a show about bed bugs on TV. My question is - how does a home get bed bugs and where do hey come from?
What can I use for the pain from an earache?
What is the best medication for bad nerves?
what is restricted vision?
Can I be allergic to heat from a radiator?
Does Chicken Soup Work?
what kind of vitamins help to grow taller?
Are there any symptoms indicating non-HIV infection?
Should I use latex gloves and finger cots to avoid getting a STD?
Do I have MVP?
I was diagnosed with a "slight sinus arrythmia" by my doctor. Is it ok to jog??
I would like to find out about Genetic links to heart disease.?
How do about becoming a Children's Hematologist??
there pass a power transmition line from my home.distance:14 m.power:65 kv.any negative physiological effect?
Has anyone had side effects from radiation treatment on the breast?
Using ice packs during chemo?
How do I start a Relay For Life team or American Society team?
I tend to sneeze and have running nose in the early morning. It's so irritating.. Any help?
Pollen allergy help?
could excessive sweating be a symptom of allergies??
help please?
safety %.... ___% on yourself? ___% on experience?
HI. I need help. my father got bittin by a brown recluse spider and i don't know what do do.HELP PLEASE!?
Has anyone had hip surgery? Were you happy with the outcome?
Does anyone know a website where i can order nerve & pain meds C.O.D. withOUT a prescription?
how do i aleviate knee pain while i run?
What are some ways to make an ear ache less painful?
Goody powder & Excedrin Migraine question?
To qualify for military veteran's compensation, should I send them my ssi disability letter?
Have you been able to improve your eyesight through alternative methods?
Using antibiothic Tablets to a child for fever & cold is good or not to its health.?
evidence that you can still grow taller after puberty.?
How long does it take for vitamin E to get rid of chicken pox scars, and how often should you put it on??
About RN's and LPN's (Question Inside)?
Medical Billing and Coding question....?
How does aromatherapy stop Bird flu?
name at least six diseases that can be detected by gentic testing?
Any opinions on Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, MO?
Tounge squamous cell carcinoma - expert opinion needed!?
Is there a type of liver cancer?
Do stretch marks gross men out?
how to clean your system in a couple of days?
Have you ever been very scared of real life,?
I am a recovering addict, can Klonapin ( Clonazepam ) help to stabalize me from further meth use ?
Do you take any prescribed medication?
Where can you get help for prescriptions for lexapro if you do not have medical insurance?
how can I treat bipolar naturaly?
Cholesterol levels, are these normal or low/high?!?
Are embryonic stem cells the only way to cure?
what do you know about thickening walls of the heart?
I used to use Metabolife, before they banned ephedra and it worked great. Has anyone tried anything that works
Is there a good way to calm down after a very intense workout?
Has anyone ever tried Slim 4 Life?
What is circadian rythym?
Is it fact that,if we keep cellphone in breast pocket, it harms our heart?
Is Mt. Dew addictive?
What is a great workout to increase endurance and build muscle at the same time?
I am facing headache after sitting of 2/3hrs in front of my PC's monitor. Any Remidy?
What are side effects of Smoking?
what constitute key issues in the health of nigeria?
I weant to lose white?
anyone here ever cured themselves of cancer?
any psychatrist online?
Is MS considered a form of cancer?
What are some renal toxins?
Can Amoxicillin used by itself cure chlamydia infections in men?
what is inoflux for?
Can you get a fever blister without having Herpes Simplex I?
how do people know when they have PID?
ok my mother was diagnosed with a cat allergy about 20 years ago how do we know if shes still allergic?
What is syphilis?
What 4 fluids contain HIV?!?
my allergy starts like an itching on the body and ends up to red big patches it also swells up.?
mango bark use in any sickness?
if i dont sweat, can i still lose weight, HELP?
How do you treat ring worm?
What's the most recommended med?
How can I increase my ejection fraction?
Can i die from smoking weed if i have right bundle branch block?
Can ortho tricyclen-lo raise blood pressure?
can anyone tell me in simple terms, what the Pancreas & duodom do together? or about removal of duodom?
I need to obtain the book "Guide to Surviving Prostrate Cancer" (Dr Patrick C. Walsh). Where can I find it?
what causes thyroid cancer?
risk of colon cancer relatives?
can a small child get radiation from an adult person that has had radiation treatment?
how long does oxycontin stay in one's system?
I read where someone had burning sensation in lower leg i have just lately been experiencing that do u know?
I have periodic tingleing and numbness in the left side of my body and back on the right side what could be it
What Vitamin can be takin in place of 200mg Celebrex?
Where can I find support for adults with Asperger?
i think i might be having panic attacks...please help.?
What is the best over the counter medicine for anxiety?
false suicide attempt and public records?
Is it dangerous to have bipolar and go on not treating it?
do people suffering from serious depression work in office coz i think it bcmes very diffcult wth all medicine
How can a cough medicine claim to be an expectorant and a suppressent? Aren't these different things?
What exactly is a coughing jag?
Anyone suffer from fluid (saliva) 'aspiration' diagnosis?
Very Serious Question???
Do people with COPD can still apply for a job?
Can they somehow expose blood to air (the elements), and light, long enough to kill cancer or deseases?
How can we prevent breast cancer????
Can losing weight help with neuopathy?
How long does morphine take to get out of your system?
what is the best diaper?
Anyone ever get "Whithdrawl" symptoms from not drinking the usual amount of coffee?
Is there a list on how many times a Dr.. has been sued for malpractice?
Are there any free teen clinics in Illinois where you can get birth control?
What would happen if i drank 5 tall cans of Monster Energy drink within a 30 minuate period?
Is it better t o quite smoking cold turkey or can you just ween yourself off slowly?
How to shout out LOUD and CLEAR?
What can night sweats be a sign of?
Who is likely to have bad posture? boy or girL? and why?
Has anyone had shoulder AC and rotator cuff repair surgery? What's up with the PAIN??
How long does it take for bruised ribs to heal?
Has anyone had a broken elbow before?
I have a bulging disc and degenerative disc disease has anyone had success with an inversion table?
what is home remedy for migraine?
How bad does it have to be before I see a doctor about hemorrhoids ?
i wanna know on how to contact a certain salon that requires schooling for a hair dresser?
I am seventeen but my height is five foot.What should I do?
how is it possible to avoid of face wrinkle?
My Conair hairdryer just blew up in our faces while I was drying my daughter's hair?
swolen knee what can i do?
i have a cough all day and night and a scratch throat with nose running sometimes help no relief what can i ti
my doctor perscribed zyrtec 10mg 1x per day for poisen ivy. Can I take 2 tablets or use something along with?
Can hay fever irritate your vocal chords?
what is meteocopramide 10 mg?
How is blood flow to the various regions of the body controlled?
any feedback on total immune booster?
where are some places to hide medications?
what promotes coronary revascularization (natural bypass)?
Is it bad to get an electric shock when having a coronary artery stent?
Atenelol and blood pressure?
Any Multiple Myloma survivors I could link up with?
My friend has leukemia, received strong chemo, a bone marrow transplant, two months ago.........,?
What are the natural remedies to counter side effects of chemotherapy?
Who is the BEST PLASTIC SURGEON that you know of?
HELP !lung cancer dr needed in michigan for my 46yr old mom?
What should I do to gain weight?
How long can you do a BRIDGE for?
Is there any diet pilss or products that actually help you lose weight?
wat is the cause symptoms & precautions for bird flu?
can you get bird flu from bird droppings that may fall on your car?
Please tell me everything you know about HPV, and please don't copy and paste.?
What is the maximum amount of time it takes for symptoms of herpes to show.?
Does magnet therapy really help with sore muscles?
Can misaligned bones in your neck cause pain around your tailbone?
has anyone ever had a bad experience with plastic surgery?
What is the best washing powder to remove la seamen?
what is the mechanism of the vitamin C drug?
is it possible to take the codien out of cocodamal/?
what is socialized medicine?
why should I use digestive aid?
if you had occured mild brain damage due to meth use how long does it last and when will the symptoms reoccur?
where can I find help and advice for the medical condition known as RSD?
who do I ask about donating my brain to study migranies on when I die in oklahoma or kansas?
Isn't it scary that the word "therapist" is the same as the words "the" and "rapist" put together?
Why do people call psychologists shrinks ? or psychiatrists ?
What are some of the side effects of Paxil?
Misteriously, I've slept so well today, and for so little time (3 hours). I wonder why nd if I can do it again
Is there a medicine for treating nymphomania?
Is there such a thing as a reversed Oedipus Complex?
Is there a doctor out there who can tell me why a cough usually gets worse in the evening? I Googled this?
I'm really concerned my mother has bradycardia and low b.p and taking high blood pressure medicine???
what would make blood pressure spike then fall to normal range within 10 minutes?
Heartattack Cardiac Arrest?
Which medication contains Alpha-Methyldopa? (Hypertension)?
Are there any mailing lists dealing with hepatoblastoma?
Why don't critics leave Eddie Van Halen alone?
My Uncle was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. What are his odds and options?
how can i get pain releif from scar tissue?
whats up with a lot of guys wearing there pants below there waist do they like showing off there underwear?
can i still get pregant with my tubes tied?
How do you write Therapist Driven Protocols for Respiratory Care?
Why do people use Meth? Is it because it is so available?
How do I know if I have a broken rib, or a pulled muscle?
How do you tell the difference in black mold and mildew? The contractor is saying I'm a troublemaker,?
I've noticed that drinking beer, especially hoppy beer, helps my allergies. Any ideas why this may be?
Does anyone know of a site where you can get the ingredients list of any food?
anyone else on here on excedrin becasue that stuff is great?
Can anyone tell me about a bone scan??
My pain is bringing me to tears HELP?
help i ahave a pulled muscle in my left leg what should i do!?
what is the half life of vicodin?
What are some at home treatments for torn neck muscles?
High BMI has lower heart failure mortality compared with low BMI?
my patient has to under go CABG and surgery for abdominal aneurysm simultaneously.is it life threatning?
Heart slow down with shock?
What percentage of pts with newly diagnosed with left ventricular heart failure have no previous medical Hx.?
Has anyone called that 1-888-lipo-zap number?
what happened to Dr. Maureen Salaman? when and how did she die?
what are clues to heart problems?
12 year old chemo/radiation - 2 bone marrow transplants developing necrosis of the growth plate in the knees.
Im confused with Agent Orange, cancer and chemo. Isn't Agent Orange in chemo?
I'm having a BIOPSY done to a lump on my upper arm. What can I expect?
why would the government give a tax exemption or write off credit to people who have celiac diesease or gluten
what is diabetics and what is its best medicine?
How does the diabetes drug glucophage help a person to lose weight?
what causes high protime levels?
what causes nerve pain in the face if you are a diabetic?
does my baby have a eye hemrige?
Is it Possible if you Rub?
how long does it take 4 a dislocated shoulder to heal?
How do you make a glove gun?
Why does wearing flat shoes make your knees hurt? What can I do to prevent it?
I need therapy but I dont have any money or insurance?
How to handle time pressure effectively?
Can brain of a man with Psychiatric problem be transformed thru operation?
I just can't stop asking questions! Will it hurt my brain?
What do you think he meant?
Please give me your thoughts?
Lithium Toxicity?
What should u do when u are so angry? (sleep, shout, ...... or what?
My gf said to have a std?
my homecoming date?
does stress make you gain weight?
what is your clothing size?
how do i get smaller calves?
I am coughing and just now getting over being sick but everytime i exhale all the way it like gargling sound?
Its 3:05am, im tired but i cant fall asleep. Any suggestions on how to fall asleep?
How do you know if someone has a panic disorder? Does it have something to do with a high blood pressure?
How to cure lactose intolerance?
is it wrong to eat fish with yogurt at the same time ,and why?
1 yr old male baby suffering from high fever with severe cold. Pls suggest treatment/therapy.?
what do i do if my child does not have a health visitor or GP?
Is it really safe to use a q-tip to clear the wax from ears?
Nose bleeds?
What kind of allergy Medicine is best for children under 3 with sever allergy probelms?
throat cancer cure for painful sores in mouth?
malignant cutaneous adnexal tumor...it's rare, i got it. what is it and what's the treatment?
Does T cells and B cells mean Cancer?
would u please tell me about liver metastasis,how long is possible to live?
Smoking Ban Takes Effects, Indoors and Out.?
we are always sick after moving into newly built home?
Answer to seeing spots and floaters?
Can you have eye lid surgery when ur 13?
What kind of medication can I gave to make my son eat he only soup.?
Is it possible to make a soft mattress firmer? We just bought ours and it's giving me backaches. Any ideas?
my child has temper tantrums all the time and she is azmatic and is causing harm to her hernia?
Free medical coverage?
When starting a massage do you push towards the heart or away?
Micro-bacterium Avian Complex - Very Serious - Anyone Know Anything About It? Too Close to Home.?
What's the best Bird Flu mask?
Is there a web-site on which I just have to put my medical symthoms to get a list of a possible deseases?
Anyone been treated with high-dose antibiotics for Fibromyalgia?
My bf just took some of my medication. What do I do?
Why are crazy people also called," Fruitcakes" ?
my father has dry gangrene below knee. now has open sore on shin.left untreated what can we expect?diabet & 87
My son has a spinal cord injury and a Baclofen pump. He has been having trouble with spacticity. Please help
do herbal breast enhancing products such as grobust and natural curves really work?
How do i lose weight within a month? And what can i use for my face to be smooth. I have black patches.?
im looking for a legal meth alternitive?
can someone give me a good science fair project idea?
what can happen to you if you drink alchol when taking zoloft?
Can cancer be transplanted accidentally?
what is your experince with Stevia products?
Has anyone had a Discectomy?
How did they treat cancer in the 1800's?
What kind of food should I eat before gall bladder surgery?
how do you treat tarsul tunel syndrome?
How long for an 8 year old to recover from tonsillectomy?
i was diagnosed with a polyp 2 inches in diameter. is this very serious?
has anyone had or heard of Cervical Facet Joint Injection?
i took 2 paracetamol an hour ago is it ok to take 2 ibroprofen now i have mega toothache?
I need a Specialist on Back Pain?
What are the essential nutrients for the human body and what do they do?
I'm a 27/f who needs a natural cure for acne. I'm healthy,not on meds,eat organic foods,& have done cleanses!
what is ayurveda?
How do you know if you are depressed?
Does anyone know if Ambien is supposed to become less effective over time?
How can I make myself stronger emotionally?
Looking for a pill with an R onone side and a 57 on the other side.?
how can i smile more?
What are some good memory exercises I can do to improve my memory relatively quickly?
cancer question?
Is there a cure for feline leukemia?
can you tell me a specific pay out on cancer paients?
Does anyone know where to get intravenous vitamin c treatments in Texas? Or anywhere for that matter?
How can I get free psychiatric treatment and medication in San Bernardino County?
what would be a good air purifier to buy for my bedroom?
why do i get red splotches on my legs after i smoke a lot?
What does "guarded condition" really mean?
recently i developed cough dr says it is irritational due vto elongation of uvela back of my toungr need treat
can someone transmit bronchitis from person to person?
what cardiopulmonary condition show signs of dry cough, opacity on CXR, vesicular B/S, decrease air entry?
What is Presidents Bush's opinion on HIV/AIDS?
what statistical tool do i use when i want to find the concordance between the results of two tests?
How do physicians handle Hiv Patients?
Why is Aids Called a?
Use of 2300mg of sodium bicarbonate a day on a patient with CHF, Kidney Failure, and Hypertension, also has a?
heart palpitation ?
What are ventricular couplets? and are they dangerous?
where can i find ideos of medical procedures.?
ihave boule moment problom iget hard stool not regularly i have diabities also what is remidy.?
just finished shower, accidentally got water in my ear!! what should i do??
Why is that some people don't wear deorant?
how do I stop my bad flu? I ve geo a really bad sore throat too.?
I have daily headaches?
are there any celeberties willing to help people with dental bills?
Are there any side-effects to nair hair removal?
What is the best way and the fastest way to get your nails to grow?
Could my wedding ring be wearing away?
how can you prove stenosis by an echocardiogram?
does anyone know what psorioris is and if you do who did you go to get it treated?
how can i stop my baby's fusiness?
ear candles?
What is a Harrington Rod for your back?
best way to get to branson,mo. from lubbock, tx?
I have 2 bulged disk in my lower back. Are my running days over with?
How long should it take to heal my hip?
Infected knee?
when I stand after being seated for a while, my left leg is numb?
how long does it take for a sciata problem to subside?
I suffer severe muscle spasms from fibromyalgia. What type of treatment will medicare pay for this ailment?
I've hurt the bottom of my foot?
THere is PAIN in my head above my ear on TOP of my head on the left hemisphere?
Whats causing the pain in my left ear, jaw and neck?
"i'm on stage 3 of the patch to quit smoking... i have been on it for 2 wks. why do i still want to smoke so b
I'm scared I have Ovarian Cancer?
Looking for a few suggestions on CANCER testing procedures?
Who knows what biliary cancer is?
My friend has cancer and had the cancerous tissue removed at Sloane Kettering...?
If you have stage 0 breast cancer, and you are taking tamoxifen should you be seeing an oncologist?
What are some indoor, non-weight-using activities I can do to lose weight?
what are some ways to pass out? and describe the steps please (read the details)?
how can i loose 5 pounds in a week?
Does anyone know when can i see results on the ab lounge and if i should buy it??
What is the fastest yet safest way to lose weight?
anybody knows about focal segmental glomerulosclerosis?
low calorie menues for free?
What's the best energy/weight loss product on the market?
Are protein shakes bad?
im a high risk for a stroke what are some symtoms to be aware of and are there early symtoms?
If taking a shower/bath is cleanliness,then why does the towel get dirty?
I have been having trouble with my eyes, one will go blurry and I see lights on 1 side?
How long can a person live in a confined space?
How long does it take for crack cocaine to clear out of your body's system?
Where can I get a free vision test?
what you think of tom Cruise's psy opinions? from a nurse?
Difference between mere hyperactivity and ADHD?
In a couple of words....?
does zoloft 25mg cause weight gain? If so does it slow down the metabolism?
Hardly leave house much. How do I get over this.?
can acute lymphocytic leukemia be caused by first cousin marriages?
This goes out to all DR.'s, Can I dye my hair with having a Thyroid problem?
What long term side affects or damage should I expect from 4 rounds of Taxotere, cytoxen& neulasta chemo?
Need someone w/medical background to help decipher diagnosis?
I had a 2nd chemo treatment yesterday, experienced a reaction due to them trying to push the 1st drug through?
I have had hives for 4 months, my child is 11 months; need advise!!??
How come every time I blow my nose it makes me sneeze?
what company supplied the wheat gluten to menu foods?
aetiology and treatment of pneumatocele superior basal region of right lobe in a male child four yers age?
how can I stop having panic atacks related I think with eating desorders?
what is the procedure to repair a partial collasped lung?
what does narrowing of the gullet linked with asthma in infants mean?
Why do we sneeze when we are sick ?
gangrene dad in nurs home.near death from ailments. dr says do nothing he has little life left.wonder how long
how can i overcome my IBS?
What is the best way to get the poison out?
is it safe to drink caffeine while suffering from hypothyroidism?
why am i getting blood in my excrement?
What causes splotchy and tingling feet?
is there a cure to high blood pressure using ONLY natural food ?
What prescrption drug is prescribed for skzaphrenia????
when will lucentis be launched?
What is the best way to clean out your inner ears. I believe it is earwax, however, what are your suggestions?
I get camel toes all the time; I've tried duct taping it and everything. Can anybody give me advice?
what is wrong with my arm, i am gettting a lot of numbness and pain?
Does Cannibas help bi-polar disorder, medically?
what is nutrigenomics?
any problems taking Lipitor for high cholesterol ?, and Losartan for HBP?
Is it possible to go back to "working out" while having a herniated disc in the lower back?
Is it, "Starve a cold, feed a fever ?", or the reverse ??
Are viruses living organisms. and from where I can get information about virus?
anyone had mrsa repeatedly and any luck getting rid of it?
Without doing an AIDS test what flags in a general blood test might indicate that we need to test for AIDS?
why do many brands of aspirin not have a child saftey cap on their 100 ct. bottles?
How can i make my hair sligthly blond by using a natural product?
my 5 month old baby cousin has the hiccups...what do it do to help him get rid of them?
Why do we sleep longer in summer?
Does the red in an egg mean its dangerous to eat?
what could be causing so many kidney stones for my female friend?
lump on bottom of right foot?
Does anyone have an actual Tempurpedic bed?
I have pain in lft hip joint, range of motion limited, no ins. who has these sympt. & what can I do without dr
I have pain just under the left shoulder blade what couldit be?
Help with knee problem?? I have had these problems since I was 11 I am 16 now!! Please help!?
Has anyone every taken Ultram to get messed up??
If chest tightness feels better with strenous exercise, can it be cardiac related?
When your stomac jumps, it really mean what?
My mom had a stroke in Oct 2006 does any one know if there is a good treatment center in MO.?
How can you get herpes?
Does anyone have an ideas to help night sweats and hot flashes. My sister has cancer and went into menoplause
what is breast cancer?
how life threatening is markel cell carcinoma?
can chinese medicine cure cancer?
if guy has a stomach cancer does it have any effect on having kids or no?
what is proapoptosis?
hey peps need some help?
i have been researching intestinal detoxification, has anyone tried these ?
what is dysphasia?
Is there anyway I can be positive that I am bipolar disorder?
I have a question help?
How have your worries changed over the years?
Swollen Eye?
Should I file a claim?
Advice needed?
teen depression question?
What is the best treatment for a bone bruise on your foot?
when some tendons n the forearm being severed and then surgically stitched together...?
Knee Problems due to five year old injury never treated or diagnosed?
My MRI results revealed a possible cyst on the Head of my R humerus. Is this something that can be aspirated?
what time of the day is the best time to run outdoor during allergy season?
medicine used to keep people from drinking alcohol?
need a prescription of coneflower?
how many bottles of benedyrl could kill a person?
is there any store close to milwaukee that sells essiac tea cheap?
what is the best product for burning fats?
Should a pregnant woman receive a reflexology treatment?
How do you know which diet is best for you?
is anyone else here a fan of macrobiotic diet?
What is the best diet for a 27 year old male that is 6'5" and 290lbs. who wants to get down to 220lbs?
is all saturated fat the same?
Does running make you sick?
What is an effective exercise routine to get firmed up and lose weight?
Does drinking milk help you grow taller?
What gives you energy throughout the day?
is there a website that will tell me howany calories are in what Im eating?
dose anyone know?
What High risk strains of Hpv cause cancer cervical?
I need a bone specialist in Indianapolis Indiana?
what is the main cause of diabetes and how can you reverse it.?
My friend was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic, melanoma yesterday. Has anyone lived through this or...?
Are there any "free" children hospitals in the USA accepting patients with leukemia from abroad?
What is inhaled insulin?
What is the cause of type 2 Diabetes?
what does diabetes type one and diabetes type two have incommon?
Type 2 Diabetes--The Cause??
what a person with type 2 diabetes who doesn't take any medication, can eat before night sleep?
pain in lower back help?
What are the foods that are contraindicated when you have a cough?
Is Mucinex a good way for a singer to remove phlegm?
why (failurenotice)appeare when i send some messages?
Why is it important to have standards and guidelines in a healthcare facility?
how can i control my hiccups?
extreme sinus congestion behind eyes and cheek?
Which vegetables are best for lowering blood pressure.?
Results of Cholesterol test.?
Adderall worth side effects?
does using a cold laser to quit smoking work ? testimonials and what it cost will help?
How is MRSA spread in NICU?
Nurses--What is Non Alcoholic Statio Hepatitus (NASH)?
What is the diffrenct with being a carrier of Tuberculosis and being contagious?
my father has a bypass surgery before 3 days, but still he is unconscious ...doctors are confused to answer?
In MRI test of brain nothing abnormal was found still at early morning when I got up I am fetting giddiness?
how long a person with ACUTE LEUKEMIA OF B CELL could live?
is it true that a cigar is like 200 cigarettes???????????
Chronic Pain (Musculoskeletal or something more serious?)?
i went with aperso one time and i never went with anybody?
Is it possible to have a false positive on a Herpes blood test?
is it true that when u receive the std hpv then it can go away by itself.?
I know herpes is a std, but can it be in your system for years and come out through depression and stress?
Is there a difference between HIV and AIDS ?
why is AIDS widespread in africa?
can a man get trichamonas from getting a b.j.?
How can a typical allergic reaction be induced in a person with no known allergies?
Has anyone had a allergic reaction to MSG a food additive?
Vitamin B effects?
What can you do to help sun burn blisters?
can too much red bull cause you to collapse, have heart attacks and/or die?
what is the cause of dark circles around my eyes ?
I think I have arthritus in my hands and wrists. I can't see a doctor until next week.?
What are eye crusts / eye gunk ?
What is meant by remission in Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma? When is the disease declared to be in remission?
Is there anyting I can say that will disuade the young people in my life from smoking?
Does chemo cause bleeding?
Cancer Cells?
Pelvic Fracture - Care / Equp / Info?
how much does an ER doctor normally charge for a broken femur that does not require a cast? (in alabama)?
does anyone know where i can find a site to help me read (understand) my M.R.I results.?
if i accidentally poked my ear with a chopstick, and it bled, would i risk being deaf?
How long does it take for a black and blue big toe to heal?
anatomy and physiology of respiratory system?
Whats bronchitis athsma? And can you die form it?
Am i over? plz answer!?
How do you get rid of dry scaly skin?
what is the best way to lose 10 lbs fast?
what is the best way to treat rosacea?
my boyfriend is itching all over with a rash. the dr. says it's NOT scabies-what could it be?
Scalp psoriasis?
need to loose 5 more lbs fast help mee please?
what does "septum" mean??? or what is it???
not feeling well, blood pressure?
so whats the fastes and best way to get rid of a rash?
How do you cure Leaky gut syndrome?
small blue tap about the size of an aspirin with L490 on it...what is it?
What is a ''Soplo'' in English ?
What is the alternative product / medicine of viagra effect in India?
How can I cure my insomnia without medication?
what is the best over the counter medicine for the flu syptoms?
which is the best brand for cod liver oil? fish oil?
I'm having a problem eating uncook rice, I know the has to be related with some vitamins defficit, what kind?
natural cure for dry, burning nasal passages.?
where is the cheapest tramadol?
has any one ever heard of Wells migraine (headache)?
what is a ncs/emg?
What is the best thing for a tension headache??
I hurt myself in gymnastics! am i ok?
how does the intestines fit in our bodies?
Is epilepsy hereditary?????
doing chemo again?
Survival Rates for Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer?
nose bleed when i sneeze?
What is it call when you were hypothyroid but became hyperthyroid?
cat allergies?
What are the steps in how to unject a person with a syringe?
what do you think(virus) life or not?
how does a human immune system works, and how does aids/hiv virus destroys the same?
herpes ??????!?
i feel like i have a special purpose in life a greater good am i crazy?
are people good or evil by nature?
Who are Psychopaths, How can I identify them and Can Psychopaths be cured. If they can be cured, how?
Does anyone always notice the number 222?
where could i buy L L magnetic clay in the philippines for my autistic child?
helping a child with brain injury?
What's the most effective and least risky (with regard to side effects) treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis?
what is pmj?
why would a childs ear all of a sudden smell really bad almost nausuating?
My wife got head injury. She is Rheumatoid Arthritis patient. Is it true that she will get well from RA now?
bitter taste in my tounge without a fever?
does the liver regenerate?
Is there a high risk of contracting Malaria in Bangalore?
what ecological value do mosquitoes have? can we eliminate them completly to get rid of diseases they cause?
colon stuck to the diafram?
Are there any natural ways to get shorter?
What chemistry/chemicals cause happiness?
the part of my eye that should be white isnt, it is more of a milky colour.?
Where can I find informationon the nutritional composition of common foods?
list of manufacturers of internal cardiac defibrillators?
can a woman get pregnant when she has systemic lupus?
What does the CA 125 test for? What person does this test work best for?
What is a atrial septal defect?
my wife and i want to have a benefit for ovarian cancer and have no idea where to start any ideas would be nic
I seem to have chronic fatigue does that mean i have cancer or due to my tablets?
Do you have a primary brain tumor?
recent nursing journal?
MOLD.i smell a moldy smell in my house? when my kids go to their moms?
what is cycrodosis?
aias there something they can do for infiltration of the lungs?
Anyone had an MRI and know about how much they cost????
My bestfriend recently had surgery....?
Chronic back pain since i was 13 years old,i can i get help for this pain?
after gallstone surgery anybody experience pain on right side? some swelling as well.?
What is Chronic Arsenic Poisoning?
any suggestion to relieve pain ? frozen shoulder?
Where can I find information about bulimia in overweight people?
Why do my friends consider me bathing high maintenance?
what causes rigormortis and why does it go away?
How long after you quit smoking?
how dose a Foley catheter work?
but theres two eyes in this cathrter?
My Mom was taking Steroids for a medical condition, now her hair is very frizzy unmanageable and ideas?
Ways to reduce cat allergy symptoms after leaving area?
What is the best flour to use for making bread when you are Gluten intolerant.?
can germs live on dry surfaces? blood too?
Do you need salt to process alkaline water?
My husband's triglyceride level is 800 - how can we lower it?
what drug to use inother to make me fact?
have you ever been grateful to someone for saving your life?
Which Antidepressant ????
Anyone know of a site where i can talk to an MD for free online?
What do you consider your bravest moment? What made you so brave?
do only depressed people ask u questions?
is it easy to train myself not to talk a lot for no good reason? note i am now over 22 yrs?
What would happen if I drank alcohol while taking Gabapentin?
anxiety, depression and now thoughts of suicide?
I have a painfull lump on the inside of my ear, HELP?
what are the dangers of living near electrical substation or pylons?
Is there really such a thing as 'growing pains'?
what causes yellowing eyes and constant bloodshot?
what is the best way to relieve migraine pain without prescriptions?
Do you smoke? are aware of its risks? (survey question) American Cancer Society?
What meds do you use for bad headaches?
How2 feel elert,energetic,confident,ratherthan fatigued,dehydrated,headache after running 4 an hour.suggest.?
what are the benefits will i get when controlling mosquitoes?
my weight changes daily by one pound or so, is this normal?
Causes & cures for leg & foot cramps ?
What has been your experience of breathing exercises?
how to quickly cleanse the body of impurity.?
I have sharp pains what could the cause be?
The veins in my hands are swollen what does that mean?
why can animals eat raw meat off a dead animal and not get sick?
how can i stop having migraines?
Are people with fibromylgia able to get disability ?
What is a Rife Generator and how does it work?
does anyone knowwhat kinda pill this is,it is a white capsule with pfizer on one end and pgn 50 on the other?
Is this true that if u drink 1.5 liter of water every day first thing in moring with out burshing teeth and?
best cleanses for colon?
Looking for ideas for making frozen meals for someone undergoing chemo, particularly packaging ideas.?
Which is the #1 treatment center for Bile Duct cancer?
when is surgery possible in cancer and when is it not?
what is metastasis?
Any reason other than cancer for PET scan to light up axillary lymph nodes? Have dissection biopsy in 2 days.
Can I have melanoma is more than one spot? supeious?
What are the first few symptoms you can experience from cancer?
acute swollen painful highly sensitive lips, sun exposure? need some answers?
recurring ringworm?
how do I get rid of tinea - versicolor (fungus) that shows up when i tan?
Ihave oily skin what kind of make up should i use?
I was recently bit by a spider, and I am trying to research what type of spider it was. can you help me?
What is the best food to eat leading up to a huge track and field competition?
I get smelly feet, every day, even after daily showers. What is the best cure?
what's the best exercise for sciattica pain?
what is happening with me???
How does exercise help to lower blood pressure?
What does a depressed T wave mean in an EKG?
how can we prevent another chest pain?
what does traverse means in medical term?
Can anyone tell me the symptoms you had before having your appendix surgically removed?
what causes the slight pain of the right ball?
ways to kill the pain?
Tramadol 50mg or Co-Codomal 30mg?
All of a Sudden i have a wierd pain in my arm?
do you get nauseous from levaquin?
what describes a Celiac condition?
what additives and preservatives in food can cause these symptoms?
how do I change injection times for diabetic dog?
What is the most accurate glucometer for diabetes?
Is there any validity to : coffee drinking helps control blood sugar in diabetes?
What is the basic principal of eating as a diabetic?
medicine(Type II). I take Actose and Ive gained weight and my eating habits are the same.?
What can you tell me about MRI's?
Are normal urinary protein excretions the same for adults and children , or are they different?
Id like to create a web site for Small Cell Cancer Awarness, can anyone help??
can a advanced stage of stomach cancer completely cured ?
stage four lung cancer taking tarceva which caused terribel rash especially on the chest any tips what to take
I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer, is their anyone else out there on Q&A with the same diagnoses?
Where can I look up a cell number and get information on who called threatening me?
I want to be a mental health Therapist what classes should i take and what college should i go to?
I would like to know what you think of this?
Overcoming the Fear of Driving?
Why do some counsellors make you feel like you want to hurt yourself?
what can i take to relax besides xanax that is over counter medicine or vitamins?
Can someone help me make my mind stop racing?
How can I overcome my moodiness? It affects my work and friendships. How can I MAINTAIN my normal happiness?
I am getting a pain in my left eye which's stabbing& mobile going into d head. REason& cure? Doctor not near.
what could Botox do to straighten Spasmotic Torticollis? I am 35 years old.?
What is the difference between an HIV+ patient and an AIDS patient?
how can you prevent the transmission of disease in massage therapy?
Antibiotics good for stomach infection?
how much does an organ transplant cost?
What causes ADD or ADHD?
please answer?
Has anyone had a close friend who has found out they have AIDS?
intestine palupes?
What is endotracheal lesion mean?
Is there a bacillus F----------?
Who and where are the Best Doctors for kidney diesase??
how can someone be infected by "typhoide"?
what is the average life span of someone with lupus?
Throat scratch from food very painful, how to relieve the pain??
Are EKG tests accurate every time?
How can I relieve TENDONITIS in my shoulder??
What all do doctors prescribe loratabs for?
how long after bunion surgery can you wear shoes?
I'm in chronic pain in wrists and shoulders, need to find new career that won't cause me more pain?
Physical therapy for post immobilisation stiff joint?
how do i make my cramps go away?
does alleive really help with arthritis?
Have you ever tried a diet pill that works?
my mum has breast cancer and going thro radiotherapy?
Weird lump. Testicular cancer?
Has anyone ever heard that oragano speeds up metabolism?
Are there treatments for low thyroid besides the regular medicines ?
Cancer question---After a breast is removed, how do they check it to find out if there has been a recurrence?
My son is in county jail, and they won't let me be with him during chemotherapy, what should I do?
What are the chances someone who smokes will get lung cancer?
bone cancer for a 15 year old...?
people, don't panic, it wasn't that serious or I would of gone to the e.r. he coughed it out, it was a tiny
Do individual apartments have their own vents or do they share?
Post nasal drip?
what's the treatment for post nasal drip?
i need help with a virus problem?
If you suffer from a chronic illness, are you trusting of your traditional doctor and medications only?
I worked in a forge in the early '70s and used alot of friable asbestos to pack the molds when we poured metal
Can you inherit Chrones?
I noticed the other day that I have had the same bruise for quite?
how to mke a drink for autoimmunity?
Has anyone else taking Depakote and/or Nuerontin experienced easily been extremely angered?
Why can't I see through people, and how do I stop believing the lies?
my girlfriend has been diagnosed as schizophrenic, any tips or help?
What do you do when you think waaaaaaay too much? Ay methods on overcoming this?
How do YOU get rid of your own depression?
how to come out love?
ADD is there anything good inside ?
why do we do ecg urinalysis hematology xray before doing an operation on 40yrs above?
Are You Aware That NONE Of The 18 Clinical Dietary Intervention Trials To Date Show Any?
What is the average resting heartbeat of a 7 year old boy?
Pulse Rate?
stroke med to revers stroke what is the name of it?
what are the resons for getting exess water in human body?
wanted a solution on reducing my dandruffs?
i have a brown color spots at my upper thighs left and right and in my under arm.how can i remove them?
Is 27 years old too late to switch career paths and become a doctor?
how can i leave smoking ?????? plz?
Can they detect if someone substituted female urine for the males urine on drug test?
stomach /digestive problems..please help?
how do i tell between kidney stone pain and constipation and depression stomach pains?
I would like to know if Chloropyll turn bowel movement green?
what is an avarage workers comp settement for a back injury?
Are there any homeopathic cures for Alopecia areata?
How can a doctor know if a patient has cancer in an organ?
development in cancer?
When first diagnosed with cancer,a couple of friends said in support that they would shave their heads?
my mother recently beat cancer, having scan today....??
Any home remedies?
what shampoos contain violet for people with grey hair that are sold in the mass market?
What's in store-bought bath powders?
Can underactive thyroid cause BP problems?
How do you pick a good chiropractor?
my does my girlfriend not care to look good anymore?
Do you think that homemade remedies works all the time?
What if I am not good-looking?
I don't think i'm pretty but other ppl tell me i am. how can i boost my self esteem?
My 13 mth old son hardly eats like he needs to. Is there any advice so that I can spark his interest in eating
Guys, what do you like in a woman?
Is there any known cure for bacterial vaginosis because I can't stand it anymore?
What's going on with my wheat allergy?
does anyone own aoreck air purifier or any ionizer?
How to cure temparature sensitive sneezing and running nose ??
Why does my chin, throat and back itch when my asmath is coming at me?
Broken arm?
Back Surgery--Microdiscectomy L5S1?
serious hip question about a teen??
Sharp Pains..?
Dull arm pain?
Pain in Arm?
What is spondylitis?
i have a pain in my right side head hip and toe it is not unbearable but contneous is it a serious problem?
C! and C2 in my neck is fused and C Spine Reversed?
Looking for knee pad made of gel, for someone who has bad knees....?
What are the chances of a moderate VSD closing?
Looking for feedback on EECP?
Why does constriction of the veins helps to increase arterial pressure when blood pressure falls?
How to control blood pressure and how to measure perfect blood pressure using digital monitor?
if a patient is taking a medicine which dilates systemic arterioles,did the venous return decrease ?
What is Mesothelioma?
Can a pacemaker be put into someone who has 2 veins into the heart that are 100% blocked?
What is the best diet for colitis?
What foods are high in hdl?
A hole in his heart?
What do you call those scientist that try to find a cure?
does exercise increase heart burn?
Is two gallons of water too much to drink on a daily basis?
Are weight loss pills really effective?
Is it wiser to stretch before or after lifting weights?
What is occurring when a woman coughs up or taste blood every month in conjunction with her cycle?
What would cause a postpartum dry cough??
Health Related Question?
can hiv virus be killed by congultin k?
I got scratched by my neighbor's evil cat. What diseases (if any) do I need to worry about?
What is perception of risk of STD/HIV?
wot is mrsa?
what are the causes of temporary one-eye blindness?
what is the danger of breeding mosquitoes at home?
can dogs transfer worms to humans?
what percentage of crack addicts reach 10yrs sobriety?
How to eliminate gas in my digestion system?
how does meth effect liver blood test?
looking for depression, bypolar support groups?
Does anyone know how mental illnesses work genetically?
Is love really a disease?
Inflamation of thiatic nerve?
What is a good way to work my brain hard?
Depression Dilemma?
why has Meth become such an epidemic?It seems like it has become the thing sweeping the nation?
What is the best way to make someone understand your depression?
scientists who contributed in the field of medicines.?
Stress Causes Ovarian Cancer?
help with breast cancer?
what is a tumor?
what is preserved left ventricular function?
what are the side effects of stopping the simvastatin (zocor) drug?
Allergic 2 Water?
are daschunds really good for allergies?
In reference to an EKG on the heart, what determines a long QT?
what is kavachi disease and how do you get it?
How do vitimins deficiences onset heart disease?
crusty Sores in my nose?
If you were diagnosis with HIV?
What are the health values in eating Hawthorne berries?
Does anybody know stroke issues?
i am very tall and thin its very hard to find pants that fit /marfans.where can i find pants?
When it is hot outside my heart is going fast is that normal?
what effect does apple sider veniger has on the body.?
can i make money with acupuncture?
does anyone know about ruputured disks in the lumbar area my husband has 3 all in a row ?
What is best treatment to cure eczima?
fastest and most effective way to cure nail fungus?
just had gall bladder removed 6 months ago how long for scar to stop hurting?
can baking soda and lemon juice get rid of a hickey?
Is there anything you can buy to stop the growth of facial hair?
Is there anything I can take besides antibiotics for a sinus infection?
i got a friend who has dark underarm.any suggestion how to whiten dark underarm.?
indegestion remedies?
When we were a kid, when we were teenage ... what you have experienced?
I have a bad sciatic nerve problem. What can be done?
can anyone tell me about the best Physiotherapy i can take after disk surgery, since i have very muscle spasm?
Why do my hands get when i try to sleep?
why is it, that when I lay down at night, my arms, hand, and fingers get numb?
How long does it take a broken foot to heal?
Examples on how someone can sprain twist or fracture/break an ankle (teaching a class about broken bones)?
Is there anything you can do, pre torn ACL surgery to help speed the recovery process after surgery?
when a nerve to the hand has been severed...?
????prncessang228 Are you a Doc???
does one recover from loss of taste and smell?
How can sopeone stop having suicidle thoughts?
psychological management of maxillofacial prosthetic patients?
what are some life lessons you have learned the hard way?
What is a non chemical induced cure for depression?
how can the memory be improved efficiantly?
How do you stop OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)?
What causes UTI(urinary tract infection)?I just got treated for UTI last month but i think its back?
i have seizures will it triggers??
Where can I get a kinda cheap air purifier?
why don't cigarettes go out?
Are there any sph therap out there? I am having troub swallow almost choked1 time. Barium done/ENT all norm?
how do you get kidney stones?
Is there anyway around lactose intolerance?
Is there a CURE for Hypoxemia???
I have a problem with a snapping and cracking in my neck and shoulders, what causes this? Thank you?
What do doctors call Sickle Cell Anemia?
Which of the following causes a drop in carbon dioxide concentrations in the blood?
Too much Magnesium cause heart palpitations?
pathophysiology of tuberculosis?
May I please have a medical opinion?
does marijuana affect your blood pressure?
If you have one mild HEART ATTACK???
what does normal to borderline hyperathyroidism mean?
which is better for ur health refined coconut oil or virgin coconut oil?
My 70 year old mother gets a bright pink ring around her scalp. She has High BP. Is this a bad sign?
If i took an ecxstasy pill one week ago is it still in my system?
Have you ever ordered a prescription medication (without a prescription) from an online pharmacy?
I have allergy with house dust and carpet mite. What medicine will not make me sleepy?
I have got a black spot in my right eye. is it dangerous? is it need any surgery?
Is diabetes a fatal disease?
If research has shown a link between hydrogenated vegatable oil and diabetes, why doen't our FDA do something?
how do u get rid of thrush?
what is the best montier to check my blood sugar with?
diet dan pemakanan untuk pesakit diabetes?
what are the obvious symptoms of diabetes?
can diabetics eat brown rice or not?
what is a division of the trachea?
Is Starvation Of An Elderly Stroke Patient Humane?
Any suggestions in dealing with night sweats, hot flashes, whatever you call them?
What is HER2 positive mean?
One out of four will get cancer?
What is the nicotine content in canadian cigarettes?
Can a person with Coeliac disease eat 1442 food number?
Where (chain) can my parents go to buy an expensive hypoallergenic air purifier?
I am allergic to milk, but not cheese.. Why is this?
Is anybody else allergic to Splenda (sugar substitute) and what happens to you?
how do you know when your newborn has allergies even she is 5 weeks old? huggiebear0005?
Why does it seem that no matter how much you exercise and eat right, none of the weight is coming off?
is crab meat healthy for body building anddoes it have high protein values cause i dont want fat due to crab?
Can showering make you hungry?
how sodium affects the body shape?
How can I gain weight quickly?
how do I loose weight quickly?
I need your HELP!!!?
what is the best way to start excercising, i want to lose 30pounds...?
how do you get skinny?
Does anyone know the long term affects of Serratia Marcescens if found in the throat?
How long an HIV+ can survive ?
If people get gum disease and there gums have receded will they grow back?
Can you list me all the bloodborne pathogens?
How many human tuberculosis tests are given in the United States each year?
is there any risks for familes with heart problems or will there be complications for taking this pill?
What cardeologist recomends chelation therpy?
what,s the normal dose of statins?
what is relationship between oralcontraceptives and myocardial infarction?
patient with diastolic pressure of 100-109. what does it reffer to and how can it be treated?
pregnancy and heart condition?
Can you get aids from salvia if it doest have anything bad such as blood in it?
PLEASE HELP!!! with identification of.....?
Anyone here survive breast cancer? how did you do it?
Do you have a bowel Cancer/ Colorectal Cancer? If yes please can you continue answering the questions given..?
has anyone out there survived uterine cancer that also involved some regional nodes??
cancer in bone or stomach?
do 2 months old baby snore?
What is the best method to treat Anxiet and Depression? when to get help of medicine? any other suggested tips
I afraid of car driving , How canI resolve my problem?
What is the best way to do abdominal excersize without hurting my back?
Do you think thatmedicinal herbs can provide releif and cure?
How does one effectively control one's?
I need to find a practioner of Holilistic health in Utah.?
Do people enjoy a longer lifespan in cities or in rural areas?
how to stop thinking about a person who meant a lots in ur life who is no more in ur life now ??
how do I get out of a funk?
does anyone agree with the dumb blonde theory? if so, are they all dumb??
If you've dropped out of high school...?
If you already suffer bouts of depression, are you more likely to get post-natal depression?
I'm on anti-depressant lexapro & I thought I was all better but I feel a little bad again, whats going on?
How do I cope with this stress?
When does the patent for lipitor run out?
Living with Congestive Heart Failure?
what does the adrenal gland look like and do?
Has anyone heard of something that helps chronic fatigue.?
What causes excess clear mucous or saliva to accumulate in a person's throat.?
I know a few people including myself who have a bizzare condition. Help?
Drug addiction........Cocaine...........?
what H5N1 in virus type of bird flu signify?
Should I go through with the surgery to heal my broken left hand?
Broken Bone?
how do you get rid of dark circles around your eyes?
Is it normal to have your throat be harsh after drinking all night?
If I am behind in sleep for two months, will I ever catch up?
i dont have self confidance , how can i get a help online?
Why do certain people get hay fever in the morning?
If a person has an allergic reaction to something in one way......?
Can drying up your sinuses using antihistamines like Benedryll help open them up?
Are there certain "degrees" of lactose intolerance?
What does the respiratory system do?
does the environment play a role in cystic fibrosis?
what is best to use??
has anyone ever had a deviated septem surgery?
what does the brain tissue look like after choking?
what is called when your frontal lobes start to shrink?
what is reflexology?
how does pregnancy reduce risk of cancer?
Why get upset over asbestos because it causes cancer?
When you sleep on your side after not doing that for a long time for lumpectomy, can you get chest wall pain?
best test for bladder cancer?
I am in a weight loss slump help...?
Does corn flakes digest fastly ??? within 4 hours ??
Is ephedra legally available in the US?
how do i find a place called FAA?
i want to know how to eat heathly?
Bloating and weight gain even when I eat heathy and excersise 1 hr a day?
Pole Dance?
What is a pharmacologic class of drug Ritalin?
What afflictions or ailments can energy healers help with?
How do you feel about euthanasia?
what does cpr stand for?
what if a broken toe doesn't get the proper care?
how to find a clinical trial for cancer?
migraine cures without medication?
okay, my friend has this spots on his face, it like normal spots but i don't know what caused them any ideas ?
Sudden Arthritis/pain in the extremieis?
what is an "empty feeling"?
when the people erated u to say many time u r made then what should v think and say to other to shut down mout
why is my wife so phsyco!!!!!?
Is any body bipolar and what meds do you take for it?
What is the best depression medicine to take?
what are cognative disorders?
pysicians that treat adult add?