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What is the difference between ischemic heart disease and coronary heart disease?
how does the heart move blood through the valve?
What are the benefits of a kiss?
Serious life changing heat intolerance, help needed pleaseeeeeee?
I just accidentally gave my 10 yr old son 2 tablespoons of nyquil nightime istead of 1 tablespoon!!!!!!?
what does methadone do?
Is cleanliness an issue for you?
Metabolic fate of isopropyl alcohol in man?
what is the best way to shape and pluck your eyebrows?
Has anyone ever had :?
How can I use Alternative medicine to help with Migraines?
State of Maine Law says about doctors withholding narcodic pain meds after a pain specialist says u need?
Has anyone used Dual Action Cleanse? It's a herbal product for cleansing the colon.?
Do you get fever blisters?
What can you take or do naturally for rosacea? itching on my face and neck...?
can you overdose on marijauna?
do you know of a great heartburn remedy?
what medicinal uses are there for clove??
I am looking for natural cures for ADD OR ADHD?
what are the symptoms for hoof mouth(humans) or hand-feet-mouth disease?
How long is the IV of vancomycin take for a patient with mrsa ( only boils 3-5 times a years)?
Information about the disease called quinsy. It is throat related anyhting would help.?
No vitamin D in me! What are the symptoms,& what foods do I eat ?
Is it possible to SPEED up lung detoxification from smoking?
Legal problems? Auto accidents, criminal, immigration, divorce, free consultation.?
why do people cut themselves to make themselves feel better?
Jammed finger?
Why did this happen? I woke up at 4 am with a bloody nose and fainted and had a mild seizure?
Why is it everytime I stand up and try to wlk my legs get stiff and I can barely move?
What is a good treatment for plantar fasciitis?
Head aches while pregnant?
bone tumor in the leg question?
I sufferring from Planter Facia. I have lots of pain on my foot that goes till the lower back.?
Currently I have 3 herniated discs in my neck and 2 herniated discs in my back?
How do you know if you really want a tatoo?
what is the most effective way to treat stretch marks?
What is the best face wash for oily, acne prone skin?
Does my son have Asthma?
How can I get hair dye out of my hair after I have dyed my hair? Is there an inexpensive way to do this?
what is good for acne?
If any of you actually HAVE CHF & severe edema - then please inform me?
can you have MS and Rhuematoid together?
Heart Rate?
can pacemakers help slow a heart rate down?
can peyronie disease be corrected with pumps?
Is there a way where v can stop cancer?-asked by Miss Miysterious...?
I know what different stages of breast cancer are, but what about the grades of cancer what does it mean?
what is a colon infection and what causes it?
How do I start a non-profit organization for acute leukemia cancer?
what are the new aids/hiv infections?
How long does it take the anti acid drug, Prevacid to work?
How soon after taking an antibiotic could/should oral thrush develop?
Do I need a referral from my doctor to get an appointment to see a neurologist?
does steve smell?
Have you ever caught something from a toilet seat?
what does a lump mean on the thyroid and what problems can there be?
IS there anyone online with epilepsy right now?
What is acute inferoposterolateralMI?admitted with post infarction angina.with possible exention of infarction
How long before my mother can come home from mitral valve repair/replacement?
When they take your blood pressure, they say "you are ____ over ____. OK why is that important?
What is the heart beat per minute (HPM) during a heart attack?
What does high hemoglobins mean?
Is there anything that i can do to speed up chicken pox?
What works best on ringworm?
Has anyone here ever had hives? (Also known as dermititis)?
Poison ivy or poison oak?
Is there an allergy shot for someone who is allergic to cats?... do you have to be a certain age?
i'm an african american/dominican i get these wierd discolored marks above my chest..it's like a scab, or rash
anyone out there have sebaceous cyst excision?
Is there a treatment for vitiligo , which has been proven to work, for kids ?
Cat Allergies?
is there anyone allergic to lip balm?
can u break your Cornea,(pop your eye bubble)?
I have a problem with my eyes but cannot remember how to spell it.?
my no. of specs is +2.0? is this too much for a children of 14 years.i m really feeling very depressed.?
please give me some websites...?
i want details of palliative care. what is its style of treatment?
PLEASE HELP ME!! Question about tumor/cyst and biopsy results!?
long term lung cancer survivors with stage four what treatment did you have how long you are a survivor for?
My mom recently had a CABG surgery...?
How much time do the doctors (crash team) gives to revive the heart bit of a patient that stopped?
How do beta blockers reduce the heart rate?
How would I find any info on the internet about a pulse rate being different in both arms? (tried everything)?
Is it safe to eat anything that doesn't have cholesterol and trans fat?
Some times I lost my balance and collapsed I knock my head vigorously down resulting plenty injuries?
How do i get a flat stomach. I have only 30 mins for xercise in my schedule?
can stress be a cause of chronic bronchitis - does yoga help?
Could my lung be damaged?
hoodia with green tea full strength all natural extract is this a good product to use for weight loss?
How long do you think it would take to lose 50 lbs but in a healthy way?
i need to go on a diet. i'm 5ft and weigh 107lbs. what do i need to do?
i am thin but think my tummy is a bit big how do i get rid of it that doesn't involve buying anything?
I would like to find out how to order off of fingerhut on the computer?
What is the best exercise?
HELP! I am on ATKINS diet and on the second day of it I ate all the bad stuff? how to avoid that?
what is the best way to get abs?
Lower back pain?
I have muscle pain in my right arm ,my eyes feel like the skin around them is burning,any ideas?
Restless tingling feeling in my right arm?
Burning Sensation In Upper Middle Back Between Shoulder Blades?
Breast cancer:?
I voted for you?
Should I worry about colon cancer?
what is well dinminsional squeamous carcinoma?
Why do we have fingerprints?
Is normal to be able to twist your wrist at a 45degree angle after breaking it in 2 places?
4 days 4 me. how many days can u stay awake str8 without resting, laying down, drug prescription, how many day
where can i buy percocet or lortab online without prescription?
Should you be taken to the funny farm if you can't stop laughing?
why are tattoos addictive?
What kind of tanning lotion do i need to use if i have fair skin?
I returned from a trip to Africa and now I'm on deaths edge. The doctors dont know what to do. Help me?!?
Is it safe for a woman who has hepititus c to have a baby? Will the baby have it?
is there such an illness as hepititis x?
What kind of herbs can you use to treat mumps?
Is there any medicines I can get for fungus toenails without a prescription?
What's with this Mumps outbreak? Anybody have it yet? How do we prevent it?
low resting heart rate?
Can anyone explain to me: EXactly what is Cardiac Rehab?
what is arterioscierotic cardiovascular disease.?
relationship between smoking with stroke?
ATTN! Peeps with Peanut Allergies or Parents of kids with peanut allergies?
Any NURSES OR DOCTORS When can I take a bath?
does ginger really prevents cancer?
What does it mean to have more isotopes on the left side of your brain?
what is the best health coverage for cancer patients?
why does cancer kill people?
what is swap fever?
If and when you feel lonely, what do you do about it?
what std can be checked in a day?
what is it like getting tested?
Where can I buy Wheatgrass in powdered or tablet form in Cuernavaca Mexcio?
do many get 2 hip replaceed at same time?
what can possibly cause a woman so much stomach pain who also has back and chest pain too?
How can I get rid of acne without spending alot of money?
natural cure for strep throat?
who is hulda clark?
How easliy can you catch the flu?????
Bothering knees?
I have heard that standing on your head helps circulation to the brain.?
What are the overall effects of DHEA in women?
What is a good holistic cough and sore throat remedies for my one year old?
does coconut have anything to do with making your blood or cholesterol gettin high?
how to treat Trichotillomania?
can anyone tell me of their experience with the multiple sclerosis drug Avonex?
How long does it take to form a kidney stone large enough to cause a problem?
What is a good inpatient anorexia clinic or hospital?
My mom has a stomach pproblem that has to do with digestion as well as the intestines. Please Help me!?
Foreskin doesnt retract, help?
Why would someone take Wellbutrin?
how do u get rid of ringworm?
why do I crave chocolate, and how can I quit?
i just found out that my friend sneezed blood. is that normal.?
Tinnitus.....Any new cure for relief?
What's the best way to prevent/heal foot blisters?
'CORNS' on hands and feet? 'CRACKS' on feet?
how do i get rid of dandruf??
Should I tell anyone that I was just bitten by a spider?
have wedding tomorrow feeling really run down and sore throat what can buy to help over counter?
My Hairs are breaking and I think its falling with roots. What can I do to stop this and to have healthy hair?
heard that we burn calories when our metabolism is high.But how to increase the metabolism?Thanks?
I have a fused vertebrae in my lower back. I am not sure if I should go through surgery....?
How long can I stay awake without causing illness or injury?
Are plastic kettle jugs safe?
I need info on Cancer Trial Studies asking for volunteers?
lumps in spine?
Walter Payton?
What are the Chance's of a past Cancer Patient's Cancer coming back ?
Do you think I have Cancer? My doctor's secretary called and said he would see me Friday.?
anybody pls interpret.. what does a 7.25 leudocyte count 0.43 erythrocyte vol. means in hematology?
whats a good over the counter energy pill that wont make you fill shakey and nauseous?
Questions about wearing glasses or contacts?
is there any way to lose weight but stiil keep fit?
What is the maximum amount of Vitamin B12 I should be taking each day?
what color should I paint my nails?
How many of you have given your hair to Locks of Love?
What can you do or use on your feet if they are dry and crusty like around your heels?
Is wine and cheese , nature's own viagra?
Sticky PITS?
If only the HIV virus is contagious by contact with "alive" fluids, then how was the first human infected?
What is appendicitis?
what are some diseases that are resistant to pencillin?
what are some diff. disease's that are caused by orgaisums in the humen body?
where is the first place you see the disease rabies(in your mouth,ear,ect.)?
i want to known the best OTC prescriptions for different health disorders?
What is sensitivity and spesifity of the HIV-PCR test?
What can i do with eczema and metal allergy?
what is angel clouser glucoma?
Can common allergies in children, such as pollen, dust, etc. cause the child to run a mild fever?
What does it mean if your urine is green?!?
my finger nails always grow very fast is there a way of reducing the growth???
Which works better: Tylenol 3 or Vicodin/Lortab?
whet does darvocet look like and color?
enhanced pain while drinking alcohol?
What is your best routine for gym?
What is the easiest way to loose 10 pounds.?
What is an avg amt of calories,fat,cholesterol,sodium ,carbs,protein in grams per day?
What's a good way to excersize in the winter? What's a good diet that works?
What are some good songs to have on my ipod for running?
Whats the fastest way to get a 6-pack?
What type of suppliments can a jogger take?
is the b-12 shot effective for losing weight?
do i have testicular cancer?
Who was the Emma that died from cancer?
circa 1900-1920, what did the medical term 'manition' mean?
is cancer ailment has chances to be cured?
why does long life milk have so much salt in it? or is this typical for milk 2.5g per litre?
what kinds of foods have fiber in them???
when i was hungry?
How about a diet that works, that is risk free and best of all, FREE?
Stimulation of the cardiac plexus involves stimulation of the what?
Which of the following will occur first after the T wave?
How does wine prevent heart attacks?
The Circulation system consists basically of medium called?
What is the meaning of Posatron and what is the use of it in Cancer Diagnostic?
how long does it take to recover from thyroid cancer surgery?
What is a sessile polyp?
what treatment is normally used for stomach cancer caused by cervical cancer?
What are the signs to Hodgkin's Disease?
Can anyone tell me how to start a foundation?
i have this lump on the side of my shin, it does hurt.....?
What if you kiss someone with an std?
circumcicion and HIV/ AIDS?
Is it possible that I go 3 years without knowing that I have chlamydia?
sneeze cough hippccups in the same way when eating sth struck nasal cavity we tap on top head what is it?
How does increased estrogen cause post nasal drip?
My mothers first child had a colapsed lung is it possible mine will too??
Does anyone know about how many cigarettes the average smoker smokes a day or a week?
cosmetic allergy?
Hives in reaction to Amoxycillin...taking Prednisone and allergy meds...how much longer until they go away?
marching band accident?
If cholesterol and trigly are kept in normal condition,can a man have blood pressure or die? In what ways?
does cholesterol lowering medication clear cholesterol deposits already there in the arteries?
Cardiac contraction force?
Plz help me cardioalogists! What do these medical terms mean?
What is the difference between hemiparisis and hemiplagia?
I have developed a tiny bubble on the lid of my right eye.It is painless and soft to touch?isit dangerous?help
how to last hours in bed?
What are the benefits of epsom salts ?
I am 35 yr old female, I take Depokote (mood stabalizer) and eat right, and am healthy. Can someone tell me..
How do people with bad B.O. not know they have bad B.O.?
what do you do to avoid bad breath ? how do you know you have it ?
How can I stop biting my fingernails?
Been diagnosed with Inflamatory breast cancer?
what is the difference between colon cancer and diverticulitis and what are the symtoms of each?
Can long term bulimia occuring everyday lead to anything serious such as cancer??
Does anyone know if it's possible for 18 years old boy to have cancer?
What is the best diet for one surviving kidney cancer?
why can't eat after the midnight before liver ultrasound testing?
Do you feel your insurance coverage overall is adequate for you and your family?
why does Lil Kims looks change right in front of your eyes?
what is a lump of camphor? Where can it be obtained?
What is the best stand-alone air purifier on the market?
If you choose to take Pain Medication against the reccommendation of your Dr, how can you LEGALLY obtain it?
Quit smoking, why do you gave to gain?
I need good medical advice/opinion?
If I had flesh eating bacteria would I be dead now?
What's more serious Intensive Care or Critical Care?
how does the size of the heart change under conditions of chronic high peripheral resistance?
How can the heart compensate to maintain proper blood flow if there is a constricted semilunar valve?
What is supporting the heart at the mediastanum?
how much does an average heart weigh?
i need to find a physician that has recently relocated to north florida i cant find a website to help?
best remedy for over the counter sinus or allergy medicine?
I have a sinus headache, is there anything I can do to ease the pain while waiting for medicine to kick in?
How can I stop sinuses from draining down my throat?
Is it dangerouse to put on lotion before taking a bath when you have check pox??
Do you believe in massage?
all natural treatment for a six year old child that is very hyperactive. No real sings of addh?
looking for best alternative medicine for asthma ?
why give hydroxurea for patent with aml?
What are the symptoms of Malignant gastric problem?
God bless" locks of love"!!!?
Does leukemia affect the organs in your body, or is it caused by chemotherapy?
can food allergies cause arthritis?
What is the difference between Gluten Allergy and Gluten Intollerence?
question for anyone who has had sinus surgery, deviated septum or a rhinoplasti?
I'm having an allergic reaction?
I have a cold, why is only one nostril affected?
My baby has RSV I have been feeling ill as well?
is paroxetine 20mg for my nerves?
where can i find a list of the top 10 cystic fibrosis centers?
After angioplasty, I developed cholestrerol emboli in my big toe and third toe on my left foot.?
My question is about angio-seal vascular closure.?
whitch item in protien only food?
Threshold in pacemaker calls is marked by............?
Occlusion of which of the following arteries would damage primarily the right ventricle...?
After my husband falls asleep at night his legs shake. Anybody know what causes this or how to treat ?
what causes mi grains? and what is the best way to get rid of them?
in the medical field what does EGD stand for?
one of my friends ears are swollen . Any suggestions???
i have bad constipation problem any home remedy?
swollen feet and upperlegs?
what are the altrenative treatment of anal warts?
How can you wake up early every morning, and not go back to bed after that? I really need some help on this?
what is the best way to loose weight fast?
what exactly is the milk diet; something 'bout drinking 2 glasses of milk per day?
When i was fat every one complained abt that.Now i was lean and they comlain now also that i was so leen?
How do I stop my carvings. Cause I cant stop eating.?
Question about strength training/weight lifting?
What can I do to get thick legs?
to have clean skin?
How long does a back strain leave you practically immobile?
what do generic lortab7.5-500look like?
Anyone knowledgeable about knee pain?
How do overcome chronic nerve pain(neuropathy)?
Can a disc bulge be corrected?
pain in head and neck?
What painkiller is stronger? Solpadol (Codeine) or Tramadol?
What causes painful pins and needles on your whole entire body?
what could cause...?
does the return of breast cancer mean you have to have a mastectomy?
Lymphedema/Self esteem/Body...?
what are the long term effects of radiation therapy on bone?
wherw do i find recent news about both the skeletol system, and the cardio vascular systems?
what does night sweats and chills mean in stage IV pancreatic cancer?
treat hangnail on foot?
how do people get 6 toes?
What's the most painful thing that has ever happened to you?
I am a 20 years old famale and I'm 5'3 tall. I want to grow taller. what should I do?
Which is better?
how does bifocal contact lens work?
how do you know if you are having withdraw systoms from prescription pain med.?
why do other people have bellybuttons that are hanging out and some have the ones that are tucked in?
Does anybody have proof that the "See Clearly Method" of vision improvement works?
is caffenne bad for my health, more like drinking strong coffee everyday?
what is your suggestion for black spots on the skin?
What can be done with shoulder impediment?? Wakes me up at night when I sleep on it. Very painful.?
extreme fatigue?
eating in an abnormal position?
What does pain in right upper quadrant (stomach) ?
How do you "fix" a hamstring?
Can you die from hanging upside down for too long?
doctor in the missoula, bitterroot valley, MT who will write medical marijuana prescriptions?
I would like to know if Sulfacetamide Sodium clears up red irritated eyes?
hep-c positive with normal alt what to do?
Why can't we cure cancer? We can test the atmosphere of a planet 8gazillion miles away...and cancer? Why Not?
10 eyes sickness?
how could magnets and accupressure treat my acoustic neuromas? I've heard of it being done, but does it work?
what causes differant types of cancer?
Is Lymphoma connected to hair dye?
What is the survival rate of someone with bladder cancer?
Herbal Supplements for Allergic Rhinitis?
Is anyone else allergic to Dextromethorphan?
heart related chest pain?
what is a heart surgen called?
Viral Myocardities - is stem cells possible cure?
heart murmur produce cough at night?
I have a huge blind spot on my right eye why?
How to reduce burning sensation of eye?
I have a question about my new glasses?
What's the safest contact lens solution?
does anyone know the symptoms for fluid around the heart,i cough up mucus alot but not blood?
Has anyone heard of an inhalant called rush? What is it?
what is sopanex?
cystic fibrosis?
What is a medical conditon LEMS?
Does anyone know anything about melanoma eye cancer?
I am looking for Holistic Doctors that treat cancer patients. Lung cancer In the Detroit Area. 69 years old.?
ewings sarcoma?
What kind of Heart problems are these?
Hi i just want to know wether its true that if you suffer from high blood pressure you can not use contracepti
Which 1 should I use? I get a higher BP on my left arm when I use the aneroid sphyg. but lower w/ DIGITAL.?
When i sneeze i get a sharp pain in the area of my left shoulder/neck...is this a pinched nerve?
how do u stop the pain from a sprained ankle?
Will hyperthyroidism, allergies and a bad diet help make the progress to AIDS faster?
can you get AIDs from two different blood types combining?
um fudge um my girlfriends kissed a old guy with herpes um but she didnt have cold sores um and she has kissed
I have a difficult time relaxing. How can I learn to relax?
is it true that laser operations to correct short-sightedness have no side effects?
Have you had Bariatric surgery?
Is really yawning a sign of hunger?
what is the symptoms of stomach cancer?
what can you do to forget about wanting to smoke?
is there any chat-rooms or website about heart diseases??
If I eat it will it give me immunity to the pollen of that plant?
Is it possible that once you've outgrown a food allergy that it could come back because of your history?
Is it true after heating Olive Oil, it looses all its properties and becomes like an ordinary refined oil.?
I opened a benifit account for a friend with Cancer whats a good way to let others know about it?
can adenocarcinoma of esophagus be caused from asbestos exposure?
If your friend G-d forbid got cancer would you want her to let you know?(serious question)?
I have a dent in my left leg. It is located right on the shin bone. Are there any explanations to this?
What is the best diet for a patient that had a tumor & kidney removed?
a spot on his lungs, growth on adrenal gland & spleen found during MRI?
BY "WHO" and "HOW" did it come clear to the government that Marijuanna was able to help with relieveing pain
I bruised my toe a while back. Now it is oozing clear liquid. What can I do to heal it?
how do you get rid of cold sores or fever blisters?
Broken femur1988, car accident. Moderate back pain. Need surgery 2 remove scar tissue. No ins. WhatdoIdo?
Is it possible to get the Indian ayurvedic medicine "forty Plus", in UAE?
I want to find colonics in my area?
what can a diabetic patient expect to experience after a reflexology treatment?
Do they sterilize needles for letal injections?
have whitney houston had cancer?
How does one get infected by kawasaki virus?
do spider monkeys carry rabies?
Where can I find Yoga clothes for cheap?
Wha is the best diet ?
how to reduce body heat my body condition is too heat tell me some remedies for this?
How should I exercise to keep fit?
realistically, can walking really help lose weight?
does anybody know effective exercises for breast enlargement and fine cleavage?
How many Calories need to be burned in order to equal 1lb of loss?
What is the best way to lose weight?
which weight loss drog works?
do Oranges really burn up fat????
What effect does cocaine have on the brain?
Lower stomach pain that wakes me from sleep?
has anyone out there had a disc decompression?
postthrombotic sindrome treatment?
what organs do impacted bowels destroy?
what is neurovascular disease?
My right eye-lid has been twitching constantly for the past couple of weeks, why?
what happens when you get a colonoscopy?
urinary retention in bladder?
What is considered early detection for melanoma (skin cancer)?
can people die from overheating under a electric blanket?
Does constant fondeling of the breast make them bigger?
why some doctors wear a green uniform, others a baby blue or blue one?
How come my lags hurt during the night while trying to sleep?
Does anyone ever spit when they talk? I sometimes do this. How do you stop it?
will a person die if detol is consumed?
What is this on my private?
Is anybody on here an Albino?
Can anyone get me a shape or image of the protein affected by porphyria?
unexplained freckling?
large open pore on forearm that appears to be clogged somewhat. how can i inexpensively be rid of this problem
Does anyone know about Shingles? I have a patch on my face & it has been since 2-3-06.?
I have spots on my arms and legs,they get dry sometimes. I've been to a doctor before but they didn't know
how to cure the sore throat, and flue ?
Passive smoke,fear of lung cancer death?
my sister home was burned down, i planned to send out cards asking for donation, is this a good route?
Is chronic bronchitis contagious?
The medicine expect-px is taken for what illness?
any body! I have this problem everyday when i wake up i can not focus my eyes they move in circular motion.?
Cracking your knuckles?
please give me nursing intervention for postoperative...immediate and extended... any kind of procedure...?
Chronic Foot Cramps?
Does Lyrica cause memory loss?
I am an outgoing 38 y/o female dx in 2002 with sarcoma?
surgery of liver?
what are the causes and symptoms of breast cancer?
Has anyone heard of this new research labratory thing, a vaccine for lung cancer in Canada?
answer me..........................?
Is it possible to have a skin irritation/allergy from down feathers?
Allergy eyes?
Am I allelrgic to chlorine?
why is it everytime i blow my nose, i start to sneeze four about 5-10min everytime?
shud i were contacts with smptems of allergic pink eye?
Is there a link between the ears and heart problems?
Should I seek a second opinion?
Where would a guy go for STD checkup?
When does the gardasil come to Greece ?
My hamstring is achey and sore and I have a severe limp. Is it okay to wrap in an Ace bandage before bed?
Govts will soon make ALL OBESE DIE? abandoned military bases are fema? SOLDIERS will GAS AMERICANS? Govt EVIL?
i have a swelling on my cheek (details below)?
how do i raise my sodium levels in my body as they are low and are giving me cramp in my legs?
my partner is kinda fat, how can i encourage her to slim down ? is there a pill that works ?
What do you do when you cant hear out of one ear,no pain, no water in it, just can hear...?
Does St. John's Wort mood enhancer herbal supplement pills work because i am feeling depressed lately?
How do I know if I have intestinal parasites? What are the sypmtoms?
What could I do or take for major anxiety. I mean MAJOR anxiety.?
What could this pathology test be? My husband left work 1 1/2 hrs early?
Girls: TSS!?
How do you cure poison oak?
define disease?
what stage is tonsil cancer tumor 2.2 centimeters with one lymph node involved at 3.2 centimeters?
What are the signs of non-hodkins disease?
I picked a lump off my skin, and it bled. I'm worried it was a melanoma or squamous cell carcinoma.?
what are micro nodules are they of form of cancer?
What is wrong with my friend's mother?
robotic surgery on aortic heart valves?
do u think my doctor will still let me play softball with a heart murmur?
How often do you bathe or take a shower?
I no i have an attitude i try 2 stop but it's hard wen ur friend is talking behind ur back!! wat 2 do??
sould smoking be baned in front of pulic places?
where is the best place to get a tattoo?
Are there any products out there that seems to be effective in getting rid of cellulite?
how can i stop my hair fall even after having fruits & lots of water?
Why is it that when your fat and you excersie you lose weight but not enough.?
I would like to ask you all for help on finding information on Ozonucleolysis.?
what is monoclonal anti-CD52 in layman's terms? re: CLL?
how long does it take to reach stage 4 of melanoma?
I was diagnosed with a cyst in my brain, near my pituitary gland, Does anyone know anything about pineal mass?
If my carcinoembryogenic antigen (CEA) level is 2698 ng/ml how bad is my prognosis?
Is there anything I can do to help me breath easier?
what is the diffrence between a warm air and a cool air humidifier? is one better for your sore throat ?
I need some answers on Asthma! Please help me!!!?
My nose turns red when I eat hot foods. I look like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer! Why does this happen?
i was bit by some kind of spider/insect saturday and its still swollen on monday?
allergic pink eye, help!?
why do athelete train to have a high heart rate?
What does triple bypass surgery cost in WA, full cost if you don't have insurance but want to go private?
They say panic attacks cant hurt you..BUT..can it?
how will you know if you have a heart problem???
How long does it take to recover from an Oxford Partial Knee Replacement?
Loud ringing in my right ear... could it be permanent hearing damage?
I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and also problems with my kidney, how can I know which organ is aching?
Why does it still feel like I am getting gallbladder attacks, even though I have had it removed?
what can be the cause of chronic arm tiredness in overweight adults?
Can propoxyphene (darvoset) help treat a migrane?
What can you tell me about chronic coldsores in infants?
what is the best treatment for skin tags?
have had hives for three years and no one knows why. any thoughts?
Why am I getting brown spots on my face after tanning?
Why can jock itch, athlete's foot, and diaper rash all be treated with the same medication?
what can I do for alopecia?
why does scratching an itch make the itch go away?
Is Yoga a great exercise for beginners?
best way to get rid of fat and excess tissue around chest (breast and area under arms) for men?
How can I loss 10 kg in one week ?
Whats a good way to loose weight, with food and exersize that a teen can do?
to all formerly fat people....?
why do i get fatter when i exercise? i went from a 0 to a 4?
What's your ideal weight?
what arethe top fifty muscle gainer supplements?
is it good if you don't eat lunch. I trying to lose weight?
How common is it for melanoma to spread to the intestines? What are the symptoms?
what is a mutagen?
Prostate Cancer Surgery?
Can Diverticulitis "hide" colon cancer?
Has anyone had problems with their salivary glands and what forms of treatment have they received?
Have you had a kidney removed?
What does a hepatitis C AB reactive, reference range-nonreactive, and HCV AB ratio H 9.70 mean?
Who can explain the bird flu to me?
but what if there was a history of it. and have undergone treatments and then had stopped. ist not yet cured?
what pathogen can cause diarrhea?
is there any medicine for Bell's Palsy.Is it due to virus?
what is the difference between bulemia and anorexia?
what is a white tablet, oval shaped, with B366 on one side and the score on the other????
What will help me to sleep and stay alseep that is all natural, and why do I have problems sleeping anyway?
whats the best home remedy for a raging sore throat?
what is acupunction?
is reiki something that needs to be repaid like one has to give offerings for a wish to come true?
Has anyone tried an ear staple for weight loss?
if you have smoked a little weed and need to be drug tested, how long before it is out of your system?
I am looking for foods that are good to eat for a hypoglycemic.?
what is going to happen in the hiv aids after 10 years?
Is oyster bad for your heart,and has bad cholesterol or good ?
structures of the intrinsic cardiac conduction system and explain the function of each part?
panicking all the time.. how do i control itt? i...?
how can i examin the heart?
Is anyone here familiar with hypothyroidism? I need help...?
11 years old girl have acontineous urinary infection by eschricia coli. asking for an end for the coli?
who are famous people with bipolar disease?
my father inlaw had eye proble, it digonised and name is AMD . please let me kniow full details of AMD and the
I have to have blood drawn today - I pass out every time. Advise on how to avoid passing out?
what would cause phlem to drain down your throat?
what happened to spotlighthealth.com?
What is the best natural remedy for insect bites?
A bar of soap under the sheet? How does it stop restless leg syndrome?
What food items not to eat together?
What will eliviate ringing in the ears?
is there any fruits or vegetables or drink that helps with your kidneys? no medicine?
how long is recovery from vascular surgery in the legs? varicose veins operation?
the pros and cons of medicinal marijuana?
Ok, what's the big deal with the Green Tea lately? Is it bad or good for you?
what causes grey-headedness?
i have a friend that is having probleeding?
Hubby had tonsillectomy Tues -really painful throat, he's on oxycodone/acetometophin but still pain. Any ideas
how can i reduce falling of my hair?
what does it mean if a 2 month old babies brain is different on one side?
Do you pee in the shower?
What do you think of "night and day" contact lens?
What is a good shampoo and hair gel to use for dry scalp?
18 months after a concussion, my left ear has begun to bleed pretty significantly.... is this serious?
what is smoking?its harmful effects and results?
how do I make my finger/toenails grow bigger and stronger?
What can i do about dark facial hair that you can see really well?
Hiw do you get rid of cancer if your mom is taking you to the doctor to get a growing pill?
What are the colors of ribbons major charites use and why isn't there one for male breast cancer?
Throat/chest cancer can be spread..... ?
What is a Urachal Tumor?
how many people use chemotherapy?
I'm in a real funk.....?
my son has broken 2 bones in his upper spine t 2 & t3 ,does anybody have info on having them cemented?
Knee Injury?
Bat bites ankle?
Are you ever afraid that you might bring dangerous spiders into your home when you bring your plants back in?
what do you do to fix a torn/strained groin muscle?
My son had an infected finger, cause he has a bad habbit of chewing his nails and hangnails... he has taken?
Is it okay to take a benadryl and a sudafed togeather?
Allergic to cats? ive been exposed to cats & animals all my life, im getting red spots after contact with cat
I have asthma. How do I track Montserrat's volcanic ashes and the Sahara dust? I'm in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
itchy, irritating in the corner of my throat and a horse cough im in school too! help please?
Airbubble outside of lung?
Is it safe to breathe in some of the ashes when someone is throwing cremated people into the sea?
why does my toddler keep having a bloody nose during the night?
doctor to treat orofacial pain in hartford, connecticut area.?
Whenever i move my stomach starts to hurt...?
Is it safe to take 500mg ciprofloxacin with 300 mg wellbutrin XL?
Is it proper to do the yoga squat while waiting in public?
why does my jaw and ears hurt?
do you know any quck ways to get my foot feeling better?
what medication is stronger than dilaudid?
hey i have sharp in my my left side and stomach what could it be?
What are the two indents in our lower back?
What effect would a loss of blood have on blood pressure? Explain.?
Slow Heartbeat or in my head??
can gas cause heart palpitations!?
what is the diagnosis of the pateint with spleenomegaly, anemia, no bleeding , has mild fever?
How does a bone marrow transplant help someone with brain tumors? will the cancer eventually come back?
Do tumors have inflamation?
Hihow long does it take to get pathology results back on a brain tumor?
What mean CEA in blood test?
Skin Cancer help?
what is exercise?
How are you able to tell if you slept-walked in the middle of the night, without somebody else telling you?
What's the best cure for hunger?
will the dissolved limestone in our well water provide usable calcium to my diet?
Mattress, what is a good one, Tempur, Air type, regular ones?
What are possible causes of sudden bouts of dizziness?
Are glyconutrients any good?
whats is vitamin E oil?
why do yeast infections look like cottage cheese?
Chinese people say while a broken bone is healing, you should avoid sour food. Do you agree?
Will staring at a computer screen all day for many years damage your eyesight?
What is the reason for Mouth Getting too dried?
How can I get more sleep?
Whats an effective way to get rid of a sore throat?
Tell Me about an Osteopath. They seem much more Holistic about Meds and procedures. Thanks?
Where can one find dried blueberry leaves?
My dr did a HPV test on me and it came back negative... but why do I have a plantar wart on my foot??? is'nt
I was reading an article and it made reference to a HIV lifestyle, what is that?
How do people cope with herpes? Can you live a full and happy life?
does Molluscum Contagiosum cause reashes??
What are triglycerides?
How most females have higher heart rate than males?
Question about Tachycardia, PLEASE HELP!?
Is it okay to ingest Benadryl and Dramimine at the same time?
Allergy Quiestions?
AMO complete moisture lense cleaner, i used it.My eyes have been itchy, Is there a number i should call?
can you wear colored contacts after lasix?
about how much does it cost too....?
Question about contacts?
Eye contact lenses to make my eye lighter?
Who has the most advanced Doctors and medical knowledge the USA or Canada?
i just finished chemotherapy for hodgkin's is my life going to be the same again?
stone cancer?
vincristine is an anticancer drug?
My sister has been diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and she went for a thermography?
A quick and safe way to drop body mass?
Whats the easiest way to get a flat tummy?
How do you get rid of arm flab without exactly getting to much major muscle?
Do girls like guys that have muscles?
i weigh 90 k.g i want to reduce to around 70 by april first week !!! what should be my daily routine?
I'm obese and my metabolism is very slow and I don't eat a lot. 37 yo black female. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you maintain a healthy body weight on a vegan diet?
Will a high protien low carb diet work to lose weight and how much is good if I weigh 260# at 5'10'' ?
hyperhydrosis (sweating) problem?
How can I get rid of keloids after the burn?
post thyroidectomy symtoms. What are some of them?
why do women get yeast infections?
what is the best cure for acne?
Skin Sores?
what is the best way to remove a corn without going for surgery?
Have you had a hip replacement?
could my cell phone be causing my headaches?
what is the different strengths of hydrocodone syrup 7.5 MG and hydrocodone pill 5MG?
please answer...gas pain?
I have severe jaw pain, what works for relief?
Is Tramadol like lortab ?
Physical therapy-type exercises for mid-back?
Does anyone know about "sleep threapy"?
what is the signs and symptoms for primary complex?
If every time I coughed I had to throw up, what symptom do I have?
Does anyone have any tips for recovering from liposuction faster?
is it possible to pump oxygen in the lungs filled with 100%carbondioxide gas.?
Does mastubation cause dark circles around eyes, or other problems, when done once a day?
Did your tongue turn white after you got your tongue pierced?
how to treat a hiccup?
How do I find a competent cosmetic surgeon?
Do you sweat in the spa?
What are the best vitamin, nutraceutical, supplements to purchase?
how can I design my own internet web site?
Will I have food poisoning if I have eaten dirty things like sand?
What is Reiki and how does it work?
who has info about the benifits of fasting?
Melatonin or Vallerian root?
Is it possible to heal dental cavities without drilling?
what is diffuse Hypodensity liver?
heart failure?
Is my resting heart rate (40-50 bpm) too low?
breast cancer,radiation what can i do for this severe itching?
thyroid nodule?
why kids with donw sindrome don't get plastic cirguries by doctor to get a better cuality lafe?
a friend just found that he have a cancer in his brain.want to go to USA .who best doc in this field ?
how long can someone live once cancer is on the spine?
My dad is overweight with a serious medical condition. Can you help me find a hospital with a petscan?
Has anyone ever had inflamatory breast cancer?
can i continue to walk on a pinched nerve in my big toe (tingling) without making it worse? How can I heal it?
How exactly do you break youe arm?
how many babies die from shaken baby syndrome each year?
we are doing homework,i need information on body mechanics,the subject is health science?
What are percacets?
I need to get financeal help for my mother with finding a mental health ward that can help her with placement?
What are the effects of drinking alcohol with antibiotics?
what mechanism is activated when there is cardiac overload caused by IVFs?
What kind of music should I listen to on my portable music player while jogging?
How do I get rid of a backache? Nothing has seemed to work..?
I am having problems to memorise anything, how can I solve this problem?
i was positive with tb i took my x ray but it didnt come back?
what are the most common problems in nursing a diptheria patient?
I suspect there may be a relation between tsunami and chikungunya?
anyone know what a septic infection, How could U get this inf, inside U? Please read this one,I'm scared HELP*
The bood vessels that carry bood away from the heart?
My doctor says that i am having a big heart,how does this happen?
What is the ingredient in Augmentin that people can have an allergic reaction to besides the amoxicillin?
Anyone got any ideas to help allergies?
what is Anti oxident?
does enough money go towards cancer research?
is it true that welding causes breast cancer?
how has raising awareness of breast cancer helped? was there a decrease of people dying of breast cancer?
If you have Herpes symp. 1 can you also get herpes symp. 2?
what can i do about constant pins and needles in index finger?
Can carpel tunnel syndrome cause your upper arm to be sore and hurt?
I slept well yesterday and in the morning my neck hurts . How can I cure it?
When I am sleeping, my feet sometimes have a cramp in the toes?
have anyone ever had an hip and knee replacement done at the same time? if so what was the experience like?
what is a puffer belly?
Can anyone comment on TB?
can I lead normal life as i have B. Asthma.?
is smoking rolling tabaco better for you than smoking cigarettes?
What is the proper Medical procedure?
Why are cats so prone to Urinary Tract Infections? & How can I prevent it from happening again?
I was on Augmentin for 10 days for Post-Nasal Drip - From Nov. 7-17. Now the same thing is back.?
How much would I weight if i wore a size 3 in pants?
what dose dyslexia mean?
How can i get rid of a corn on my foot?
how can i sleep without closing eyes?
i need to find out methods to wash kids hands?
why is yarning contagious?
My daughter is 6 and she has eczema. Do you know any anything that will stop her form scratching.?
who's a hotter guy? leonardo dicaprio (when he was younger) or jesse mcartney?
Do the pop tabs pay for cancer treatments at the ronald mcdonald house?
Is it Possible to find how long a person has smoked from their blood sample? or any other indicator?
Where do the majority of people that have cancer live ?
Does Mayo Clinic have a free email newsletter?
Is the bile of fox useful to cure any kind of cancer?
which diagnostic tool provides the most detailed view of any of the body's tissues?
I just wanted to hear from Heart attack victims & those with CHF & edema.?
How can I lose weight, specifically around my thighs?
what is the best diet to lose 20 pounds please help me?
Ladies who have lost weight, or experts: Can women ever really get rid of excess belly fat?
I have lost weight this year by exercise, But I can't seem to loose my under-arm fat. Any suggestions?
what type of cancer have vaccines? what type of vaccine?
I have hyt c. and now today i found out i have breast cancer. Does that mean im gona have a short life?
For the cancer months and weeks....?
what is the diagnosis for having tumors attached to the nervous system?
How long does one live with stomach cancer.?
I am looking for pictures of the cranial nerve placement in the brain---Can anyone help?
What kind of health risks does Stevia have?
How can I strenthen my immune system?
How are the sinus allergies in Costa Rico.?
who else is excited for linkin park's new cd coming out may 15th?
How do I get rid Of Congestion?
what are bilateral shin splints?
anyone out there who has severed a nerve.....?
My knee hurts on the side when i put pressure on it for the last few weeks after i crashed my dirt bike?
whats the percentage of osteogenesis Imperfecta in the United States?
what is storming?
How much water should a person with a BMI of 43 drink daily?
Any alternative remedies for a hietus hernia?
what could be the cause and what symptom it indicates if someone suffers frequent urination problem?
where can i find a list of foods that do not digest?
Why are people in the US getting cancer if they don't smoke? Any research to back belief of air polution?
How do I deal with myself having cancer?
i cant stand to go through that again.!?
Where is the best place to go to treat Hodgkin's lymphoma?
cervical and breast cancer cure?
What is the meaning of life?
What kind of mood are you in today....and Why?
what is the active pharmalogical ingrdient of t.LYRCA from Pfzier?
I just got a blood report back. It has a co2 level of 31. would this make my face & chin sweel..???
can i talk to doctir online and get a perscription for my pain meds with out leaving the house?
what can a doctor do for a/c separation of or in the shoulder?
Pain from ear down to voice box?
do you build an immunity to tylenol?
i have a vein on the joint of my leg and it's sore?
whenever i drink wine my head hurts and my shoulders, and my tummy hurts..numb pain?
How do I know if i have syphillis?
Massage Query?
Hi whats the meaning of AUD?
where does HIV/AID's come from?
Does anyone know what Keratosos Pilaris is or how it can be treated?
My skin eats away the finish on metal watches. Why??
What is the best way to treat psoarisis?
Heavy duty medical tape residue on arm?
i have been diagnosed with levido reticularis but don't have lupus. is there a cure or any help for this. help
What is a hydrogel wound dressing?
How do you get rid of the hiccups?
how do i get rid of burn marks on my arm?
how do i get rid of my spots?
how can i get rid of the hiccups?
know of a good daytime moisturizer?? I need 1 that can take care of dry spots without causing breakouts/shine!
what is the medical symbol called with the cross and snake?
when in surgery why dont you bleed to death when your body is totally cut open no blood is there its weird!!!!
how many years total will it take to become a doctor?
why does my chest burn when i cough?
what states have the best air quality?
will acetamenophen cure indigestion?
tobacco packets:what is the order of colours on them from the lightest to the strongest?
how can you tell if and when infection is gone on your toe after nail being rmoved?is there a color or someth
Is there an OTC medicine available to treat dizziness?
What does the liver function test consist of?
what is exacly the proccess used for acupuncture? how big the needles are? where do they usually insert them?
does anyone know any good meditation techniques, or a good web site to go to find information?
what is pranic healing? define.?
why coffee is not good for homeopathic drug savers, wht does it do?
Do you know a therapy to mucos in the brochial lungs by complementay medicine?
I have sinus more than 10 years and still feel pain. How could i relieved from the pain?
How do you treat Coagulase-negative Staphylococci?
Can sepsis cause oxygen saturation levels to fall?
How can residual pain from shingles be mitagated?
is eupatropium perfoliatum used for preventing chikungunya disease?
whats the name of the treatment thats kinda like kemo, a friend of mine is gettin she wont tell me what it is?
Does vitamin B-17 prevent cancer?
How can children help the Breast Cancer Organization?
why benign tumors doesn't metastases ?
Melanoma mortality rate?
Do cancer leaves gene from older generation to younger generation ( in a family)?
I've developed a sensitivity to the Chlorine we use in our hot tub. Any suggestions?
My 2 yr old is pale?
How effective is grapeseed to one's health?
I have a really bad cold and my nose is getting really raw. How can I stop this?
can taking vitamins before bed affect your sleeep?
what causes your taste buds to get inflamed to the point where you dont want to eat coz it hurts?
natural way to get rid of headache?
when do you need surgery for tennis elbow?
Where does a person age 65 or over get health insurance in the US?
What is the best way to help a back suffering from muscular scoliosis?
What are some good ways to boost your imunne system?
Does hair grow back in the radiation field after therapy is over?
Why is it?
what are some treatment options for lymphoma in elderly patients?
What are some symtoms of breast cnacer besides a lump you may find? How would you even know?
Are toxic household chemicals poisoning your family?
Please! Info on high grade non-Hodgkins lymphoma. 94 yr. grandma, good health. Newly diagnosed. Thanks.?
Is anyone out there experiencing intense derealization/depersonalization right now?
this is weird and serious?
My and my boyfriend cutt??
Can you reinvent yourself?
Has anyone had panic attacks and anxiety while taking Trazadone?
Does anyone know how emetophobia is treated?
could a person get over a vicious rape just after a few months?
Tendonitis Execises?
My sides and lower back hurt when I wake up. what is the problem?
How long do you have to wait until the warnings on perscription doesn't apply.?
Is it normal for my shoulders to hurt and to have slight upper back pain after sitting for a long time?
what makes muscles feel pain and cramps after excercise?
anyone familar with knocke knees I need some info?
what is the most natural way of curing pinched nerve?
pulumunary fibrosis?
is there anything taking orally that causes voice loss?
diagnosis doctor?
number of times one can take an x-ray in a month?
Has anybody ever had?
Do our eyes breathe?
Hit my head on Thursday, the same spot that I did one week ago, left side temple area.?
How can I get help for a little girl in South Asia who is severely crippled. The family is extremely poor?
daughter has epilepsy, fell and dislocated jaw, if mouth needs to be wired shut, how would that affect seizure
i experience burning sensations under my skin from my neck all the way down what could cause that?
can warts be in your throat????
what causes urinary retention with multiple myeloma?
hemorhedging of the bowels,what causes it?
what is the best diet while on chemo?
How long can a person survive after being diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver?
stomach reflux?
Is it true that going to work even if you're sick makes your immune system stronger?
What are the dietary needs of a very stressed 27 year old?
what are the purpose of studying malnutrition? what benefit that we get in studying malnutrition?
Is is true that am light is the only affective light to combat the effects of seasonal affective disorder?
If I take Prozac does it mean that i cannot drink at all or just not too much?
Is there food that can relieve inflammation? If so what foods and how do they work.?
What's the proper way to maintain a healthy sKull?
Why are women so opposed to 3-somes with 2 women and 1 man?
is it bad to take ibuprofen every day long-term?
what liquid to use for an enema?
I keep getting nasty painful toe cramps----what can be done to prevent themor stop them?
How do you have hypnotic eyes when hypnotising people?
Vitamins, can you take w/ a glass of milk instead of water?
Does anyone know a cure, or at least treatment, for tinnitus?
My whole body , especially stomach and legs, swell due to water retention or something.?
Does anyone have any information on beef allergies in infants?
when i cry my nose gets all stuffed up, why?
why do your eyes swell up when you have allergies?
What is a quick, safe way to lose 30 pounds?
Has anybody lost 5lbs in one month just by exercising?
is there any exercises that can help me get taller?
i want to gain weight. im 15, really tall (almost 6feet) and weigh 103. HELP?
Where can I find a list of the AMA and the DSM numeric diagnostic codes?
what do you do if you are a cutter and u wanna quit but ur afriad to get help?
Does anyone know what if feels like to have a blood clot in the leg- ie symptoms?
I've been fallen asleep during daytime?
What does "your white blood cell count is a little high"mean?
Is Myelodysplastic syndrome genetic?
Anybody knows any herb that 100% cure of intestine cancer? If yes where can I get it?
Whats happens when you start, stop and start Chemo?
would a cbc test detect cancer?
heart pains?
If you are already taking med for high blood like atenolol does taking Zantac for heartburn make your BP worst
what is angiotensinogen?
Could it be heart related or am I just cuckoo?
Is dying with dignity(lethal injection)a good thing to use, when pain management fails?
I have very sore thighs, im just wondering what should i do to relieve them??
pains pains pains..?
i feel like i have pulled something in my leg from the top i dont know what it is and i have alot of pain move
I work at a horse barna ll year round, how do i keep my feet warm?
How many miligrams of tylenol can i take every 4 hrs. since i am 7 mon. pregnant I need pro. resp?
disc out in neck can you please help?
how do you know for sure that you have depression& what can you do to feel better without a doctor?
Can Prozac make you extremely tired?
Can a man have both narcissistic and borderline personalities?
Has anyone used drumming for stress?
i wanna crawl out of my skin what should i do what anti depressant is the strongest?
What is a good decontaminating chemical for viruses like the bird flu virus?
What is the medicine for "Chicken Pox" where will get?
When are you not contagious when you have had viral tonsillitis?
My friend has been out of work for about a month now because of a heart problem, how does he get paid?
Can people with MVP (mitral valve prolapse).....go for extreme sports like skydiving, gliding, scuba etc...?
I am worried about my husband's health-----NaCl freak!?
What are the causes of Renal Failure? and how other organs may be affected?
my heart is racing unbelievably fast and i keep shaking. is this the result of mediciene or of caffeine?
Has anyone heard about a possible Cure for Cancer by S.R.Burzynski down in Houston, TX?
these tests if your mother, aunts, etc., had breast cancer...?
what are the most common symptoms of hodgkins disease?
what do the letters GAP stand for as it relates to chemotherapy?
hi anyone had cancer in neck or that area like under lower jaw,or anyone had just lumps,and what were they.?
Anyone out there had a robotic prostatectomy? Prostate Cancer removal. How long was ED present?
Who has, or someone you know, beaten the odds of cancer that runs in both sides of your family?
Urgent help for transplant patient?
explain why a broken neck at C2 can cause respiratory paralysis and suffocation?
is dr. gary ross'7 day addiction elimination plan real?
Are colon cleanses and gall bladder cleanses safe?
Does marijuana help preserve the myelin sheath in demyelinating diseases?
When someone is under anesthesia after surgery and says something?
What's the best cure for strep throat.?
does vicks vapor rub really help an infrown toenail?
is there a site where you can id meds? by the number shape or size?
What is a good at home remedy to get rid of minor rashes around my elbows?
does anyone know where i can get free samples of chewable Singulair 4mg.?
Hives are gone but hands still itch?
Is my doctor full of s hit?
So what is this IBC about. No not rootbeer. The breast cancer that is so agressive and kills just about all.?
how can rhumatoid arthritis and cancer in common?
what is lukhemia disease?
What percentage of lung cancer patients have never smoked?
when a pathologist looks at cancer results are they sometimes different what they see from a biospy?
when i get an adrenaline rush my heart has an extra beat, it feel like a skip though, what could it be?
mitral valve prolapse and yaz birth control?
Does anyone know how good (or bad) these Trucker's Choice Nutritional products are (cardiac complete, esp.)?
back pain, having a rib displaced?
What was the treatment for broken bones pre civil war?
I got hurt in my knee when I played tennis, every time I run now, it hurts! So how can I have a treatment?
two weeks ago, i swallowed a duck bone n has been feeling the discomfort ever since.will i die?
Lump on ring finger, top joint. Any ideas?
How do I treat a pectoral muscle strain?
what is the differance in a pumice stone and loffa?
How do you build your immune system?
Help i fell really hyper and think ive taken something any advice ifell realluy ill and keep cing things?
warm sensation running through my veins?
Help! I have foot numbness, calf muscle pain......?
Headache relieved by walking?
Chest arm pain TMJ?.?
For the past few days I have been having head aches. It seems alomst every 3-4 hrs. No pain meds helps.?
Is there over the counter medicine for lactose intolerance?
How does the eye focus light?
Is colloidal silver useful to get rid of eye floaters?
i'm using -5.75 prescription lenses. what's my vision acuity in snellen fraction?
Whats could be wrong with my mothers eye?
What is Zoloft? how strong is it?
I have a problem with memory...sometimes I will read and as soon as I am?
My family thinks I'm a horrible person, would they be happy if I went?
I am working as a sales executive in a MNC. But my conffidence is very low. how should i improve it ?
st johns wort?
I would like help dealing with disapproval. I tend to speak my mind, and it can alientate people...?
what are the classes or types of HASCVD?
who discovered heart disease?
Can a family member donate the saphenous vein for heart bypass surgury?
Heart condition IHSS?
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