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Credentials of Dr. Thomas J. Vasdekas who works at Palos Community Hospital?
chest pain with breathing problems???
What is causing my eye twitches?
What is this medical condition "Ber-sides"?
can anybody give me a web sight where I can go and check what my blood test results mean.?
epilepsy foundation.com where to find it?
what is the surgical treatment for bonion?
what would you do if you took a drug test and failed but then they sent the resulsts to your parents?
are there any AVON reps out there?
Could chiropractor take care of it?
what is the most common medication given to children for depression and anxiety.?
how can i get larger breasts without a transplant?
Is there any way to prevent sweaty armpits, other than antiperspirent deodorant?
What is good for my skin?
www.neutragena.com (looking for Neutragena Company Products) not an EBAY site? Can you supply web for Neutrage
Allergic to 1 cat, but not another?
Could there be even worse effects to sinus allergies if you're exposed to them for prolonged periods of time?
Is there anything you are alergic to? Why do you think one person can be alergic to something and not another?
Is Aleve a good product to relieve pain?
Can someone please give me some foot advice?
sudden lower abdominal pain?
burning feet?
I get dizzy spells and tightness in my neck and shoulders.They say it's stress. Can a Chiropractor help?
weird headache??
I am 17 years old, and every once in a while there is a very slight pain i feel on my chest. Any ideas why?
If you were DX w/Fibromyalgia-what meds have worked best for you?
Has anyone taken tumeric capsuls and if so, have they helped you and in what way?
how to stop hicups ?
what is the best treatment for Panic disorder?
what is phentanol?
what are some good meal supplements to take, when to take them and why?
How do you get rid of ringworm?
I mislocated by arm and don't know what to do about it. Any ideas?
what is a curandera?
I need printable information about emphysema?
trouble breathing when cold outside?
Is a 5mm nodule on your lung considered cancer?
What is the best way to gain weight?
How long will it take to see results after beginning a workout regimine?
can you drink too much water?
What is the best way to exercise? Morning or evening?
how to lower or decrease my metabolic rate?
Does drinking a lot of water raise my metabolism?
Is natural carbonated WATER (like Perrier or Pellegrino) as healthy as plain, normal water?
have the time to loose weight UNTIL SUMMER ABOUT 10 KILOS?
does anyone do this.....?
how is HIV transmitted from one person to another?
My son (32 months) is having eyesore. Please advice the safest medication on this matter.?
Who created the vaccine for chicken pox (varicella)?
can you locate Comprehensive health Center in Loma linda CA?
Why is there a flu season and not flu all year around?
how does heart attack affect the body's ability to maintain homeostasis.?
How would sonography be of any use of these patients?
what is Cerebral Embolism?
What is a reguritating heart?
Can anyone tell me what the treatments are for left sided heart failure?
Is HIV medcation free for anyone in the UK?
One more improtant question?
could i be at the risk of hiv if i was positive for chlamydia?
What universities have the highest STD rates in the country?
Effects of large Guaifenesin doses?
What is a good way to find a primary care physician/doctor?
can anyone share with me a sample of a hospital evacuation drill? [email protected] fax 318 728 9844?
what I can do best to fresh up in the hot days!?
Problem Voiding?
Is it that easy to quit cocaine use?
Is blood really blue til it hits air?
why does my knee hurt?
How personality, life style etc related to Alzheimer's disease?
Has anyone heard of Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiecny??????? WHAT IS IT??
Medical question - what is ABI?
What product is best for wasp stings?
can someone tell me what these reults mean?
i get really bad leg pain in the night when my day is over even if i dont really do alot of walking during the
Who has had back surgery for a herniated disk???
Does anyone know where i can find a hospital or doctor that fix's and treats burns?????
some of the interview question and answers on why you want to be a hospital attentend.?
how do you get rid of gallstones without surgery?
how do you get a bug out of your ear? (example a silverfish)?
has anyone treated an L5 herniated disc with physical therapy or surgery?
my 4 years daughter is normal her eyes r fine but some time she looks that way that her eys looks twisted help
the back of my knee randomly hurts throught the day what should i do about this?
Latex allergy and four year old!!!!!!!?
What are the mechanisms by which the immune system produces allergies?
my daughter has a runny nose thats pretty bad?
What makes you sneezy?
puzzle games?
can you get legionnaire's disease from a leaking air conditioner?
laryngitis! And I have to sing!?
why passive smokers are at higher risk of lung cancer?
Why do we have an appendix anyway?
Anywhere to buy contact lenses online without a perscription?
how can i reach the vital statistics such as 36-24-36. mine is only 34-27-34?
do medical students visit yahoo answers?
Doing what for one hour will increase the bacteria in your ears 700%?
where can I order clear care contact cleaning solution by ciba vision? Only finding site to buy contacts.?
Why is the U.S. the only industrialized nation without a guaranteed health plan for its citizens?
Any advice on family with history of cancer?
To any oncologist out there: just undergone colonic surgery, would you agree on me having the mosaic protocol?
First-time user of toric contact lenses with some questions?
The bottom eyelid of my right eye has been twitching over the last few days, it also looks slightly swollen...
Where should I go for laser eye treatment?
What is the best color combination on my computer to reduce eye strain?
I was infected with an STI on last week. It left a pain in my scrotum area. what is it?
what kinds of food have potassium in them?
How often is normal to have a bowel movement?
after you do alot of push-ups and your arms near your shoulders and ur triceps burn wut does that mean?
All of a sudden, I gained about 15 pounds and wonder why. Is there any reason for this?
i want to know the best way for slimming?
Do the pros really outweigh the cons when it comes to the Atkins diet?
What are good pectoral workouts?
how many chemo therapy cycle needs for non hogdkins lymphoma?
why beta radiation can be used in treating skin cancer but not cancers inside the body?
Throat cancer?
I am on thyroid med. should i avoid foods with iodine or salt?
how do i stop hiccups?
is there alternative medicine to shrink a thyroid nodule?
what is photophobia?
How do I get rid of sinus problems?
How many colonic irrigations per week is safe?
what causes nose bleeding? how to cure it?
anyone use cranial electro stim with success for treatment of fibromyalgia?
What to do about wearing contacts while suffering from eye allergies?
my elderly mother lived after anaphylactic shock from nsaids product (rubbed on her skin). Prognosis?
My preemie neice has been diagnosed with a collapsed lung...?
Has anyone had problems with a cast rubbing a blister on your toe, what can I do?
Authoscopic surgery?
Drummer with a wrist problem...?
How do you get rid of a sty in your eye?
how do i know if my eye is scratched?
If you break your neck, can you walk or move? How do you know if its a serious neck injury?
how do i get paid for missing one week of work due to a work related injury?
Got any good "self help" ideas for plantar faciitis?
Lump on Forehead.?
Has anyone ever tried 'Focus Factor'?
where can i find an electromagnetic therapy device to buy for clinic use?
Is anyone generous enough to donate kids wigs?
What are the chances of someone dying from a brain tumour?
I want to find sites that I can talk to cancer patients i.e. Caringbridge.org?
what can you use for chemical burns on hands?
Can drinking urine really cure Psoriasis?
What can I use to get rid of Ringworm on my arm and leg?
How can i get more comfortable...i have shingles virus?
Does anyone have any tips or cures on how to get rid of rosacea or diminish it?
an unstable metal that reacts destructively with human tissue?
I had a boil lanced and stuffed?
My hip hurts. just the left side. but its a constant pain and it is annoying.?
why do girls have Rubella (German measles) vaccination at aroung the age of 12 or 13?
Migranes and medication?
Would taking one or two pills over the recommended dose be too dangerous?
can you give tylenol before drawing a blood culture?
My brother went to give plasma and they told him he was HIV-ALT and couldnt donate. Does this mean he has HIV?
Why the birdflu originated in asia?
why are Drs. stockpiling water & food in their own homes in case of bird flu?
can toilet infection also lead to pelvic inflamatory disease?
immunizations Please help?
Does anyone know the side effects of stopping Prednisone all at once? I was on 30mg a day and 25mg of imuran.?
Why am I Lightheaded?
why am i invisable?
how are boils on the bottom caused?
I have gas under my shoulder bladeand it hurts to move. What can I take to relieve the gas and pain?
Why is it that when you have cold the inside of your ear becomes itchy?
Does anyone know how to get rid of carpal tunnel syndrome.?
what can cause jitters and nausea?
Do taking pain pills cause your urine to smell really bad? How do I get rid of the smell?
What affect will drinking have on a person recovery from a bleeding ulcer?
has anyone using lyrica had weight gain as a side effect?
What can you do if your having seizures and you find out your brain is shrinking?
when your arm feel funny?
is possible that a 29 years old person can have UNICAMERAL BONE CYST?
what could be the diagnosis if the blood smear analysis shows the myelocytes 30%, metamyelocytes 25% and blast
How long is it normal to be affected by severe (asthma-like) cat allergies?
do you get knots,swollen spots, or soreness where there are blood clots in a vain?
If you have high blood pressure can additional excersise substitute for eating too much sodium?
Can you work after a heart Transplant?
Herpes 1 symptom is cold sores. I have a red throat and red dots on my mouth, though, and zero cold sores. ??
I JUST GOT DIAGNOSE WITH A SMALL LUNG NODUL.Does anybody knows any herb or natural suplement ot clear noduls i
My daughter gets bronchitis every winter. Will relocating to a warmer climate help avoid this?
Everything in the body happens so fast, so why do some cancers take 20 years to manifest?
why dont colored contacts affect sight???
how can i get rid of scars fast?
can i improve my eye number?
What are some ways to avoid nausea?
How can I detox marijuana out of my system?
How to have nice skin?
I want information on Asperger's Syndrome.?
is there any way i can get taller?
what is the best way to get rid of stretch marks?
leg cramps from exercise...how do i get relief?
Is going to sleep with a full stomach bad for your digestion?
describe some measures you can take to improve memory in an older adult who has decline in cognition?
How can I lower my cholesteral without medication and I am a fussy eater.?
why after acupuncture should you refrain from alcohol?
What is best to substitute for is the best toilet paper, newspapers or dried corncobs?
I got fungus on my toenails and i ve traied everything can u help me??
how do you have a family member in Tx. commited for evalution for mental problems? An adult!?
i have severe snoring how can i come out of thi my wt 74kgs/ht 174cms.friends complaint its horrible. pl help?
what are the main symtoms of heart disease???? please...?
I would like to know how many weight watcher points I can have daily without meetings?
why can I not be thin?
Does the Adkins diet really work?
diet for IBS?
Please tell the Tablet whcich i can take to increase my height?
What's a good restaurant that is cheap, fast, but healthy enough so you can eat there several times a week?
body mass index?
how to drop 10 pounds quick?
what is the best way for a man 45 years old to loss a pot belly?
Cause of rectial cancer?
What does it mean Intramammary lymph nodes poistive for mestastic andenocarcinoma?
why this drug( Augentropfen) used for?
Why is the Multiple Sclerosis virus so prominent in Northern Washington and Idaho?
what is fuch's endotholial dystrophy?
What is Thrombophilia?
Anemia and recovery.?
Do you need surgery for a frozen shoulder?
How do you know when alcohol withdrawal needs medical attention?
Is Cetirizine good for children with asthma and running nose?
what are the symptoms of wheat allergies?
Is it possible to develop an allergy to cigarettes after smoking for many year?
My Type 1 Pre-Teen is Sneaking Candy and Snacks?
My son 7 yrs is type 1 diabetic since 2 years. He has been often complaining of stomachache.What is the reason
my pet cat has diabetes and is on insulin but doesnt have much of an appetite, what can i do to stimulate this
What is a common prescription prescribed for a systolic blood pressure with an average of >150?
What are the effects of taking too much synthroid?
What is OS in funduscopy?
Does my child have diabetes?
diabetes issues?
Test shows than my left ventricle is slightly enlarged. Is it very serious??
Any stories involving eyes?
How many times our body can repair?
A strange Swelling in my feet..Please Help!!?
I can see this unusual stuff in my left eye, what is it?
How to heal perfectly from dislocated shoulder without any helps from any doctors?
How do i find the top caner centers in the country?
my wife is being treated for cancer and cannot work. she worked in connecticut which has no workers diability?
ovarian question?
How long does it take for breast cancer to go from Stage 1 to Stage IV?
What type of pain can be described for a terminally-ill cancer patient?
blood tests?
what does it mean when xrays show white spots on liver?
How can I find a list of nephrologists in the chicago area?
is it ok to get the rabies shot around 24 hours being bitten in the hand? unvaccinated dog? or is it too late?
When was AIDS first diagnosed? Who was its first victim?
Does taurine help prevent macular degeneration?
whats the best book on mudra?
How to increase my breast size?
how to get rid of black under arm?
is there any herbs besides valerian for anxiety/stress?
what are the iingredients for vitamin pills?
my girl has migraines with bad neck pain why?
What are symptoms of cedar allergies?
alternatives for borderline personality disorder? herbs? hypnosis? psychic healer?
sudden failure of eyesight in children, what could be possible causes?
How long do I have to wait to get the lazer eye surgery?
The cross from the light of street lamps at night?
I already have glasses how can I not get 'blinder'?
Odd vision problem. Looking for some help.?
test results show serious blockage of carotids,?
What hospital has the best CHF program ?
Are you interested in Cardiovascular Disease Treatment in Thailand with 1/3 the price back home/intl standard?
When do people normally get the MMR vaccine?
Why dose the body need to sleep?
is it possible to get a higher threshold for pain?
Has anyone stopped their cholesteral medicine?
Is it recommended not to jog when you have a cold and are majorly congested?
what are health insurance options for foreigners in the US?
What is "sheet bleeding" in medical terms?
calcium and phosphorus?
how do i set the presher on my bipap pro machine?
recently had a visectomy, loosing weight, can't sleep, taking meds. for depression. what could cause this?
A cough that refuses to go away....?
How long does seroconversion take?
How soon can you tell if you have contracted HPV?
can worrying too much cause chess pains and diahrea?
what is MANO?
How many Hydrocodone 7.5/500 can a 250lb male take and be safe?
What are some treatments for ear ache pain?
help!! pain?
if you step on someones back to crack it, will it mess their back up?
How long will i be bloated after gall bladder surgery?
what happen if a person swallow a gum? will the gum stay in the intestines?
What is it really like to be shot?
whats 107.7 number?
how do u get spots off of your legs?
i live in pakistan. just started export business, please guide me for;?
what is the deffintion for-Fast-twitch muscles?
How to avoid stress?
can any1 give me the tips on how 2 increase my height as soon as possible and now i am 5'2 feet?
Wine and blood pressure?
How harmful dead skin cells and dandruf flying around your breathing nose?
My friend was just dionosed with lung cancer. if his lung is removed, what will his quality of life be?
Has there ever been a brain transplant?
What does the medical term keytonic mean?
How's my health?
Do you agree that a cure for aids could be found if three months and 20 top biologists were put to the task?
Is it safe to get a Tattoo...?
Can croup cause a heart attack in a 40 year old person?
what is ISE?
Pregnancy and Atenolol?
Eye Floaters at age 20?
Where can I get a HEPA fileter?
If Don't get Sick runny nose and sore throat any food what you get????
I wish to buy Benadryl® Allergy Ultratab Tablets, i have checked with many pharmacies in UAE, but not availabl
Gout or reaction to chemo?
who is affected by obesity?
what is the percentage of teens drinking?
sorry if sound gross i seem to itch badly before my period and i can bearly walk its all over after my period?
Have you been diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma?
what is mycloprolifration leukocytoses?
Lung problem??
how do we get know that an extremity is in jeopardy,w/o?
what is first line drug choice for Left sided heart failure?
what are ethics and can i get 5 examples related to hypertension?
does anyone know physicians or arrhythmia clinics that use medtronic paceart in central pennsylvania?
when is it appropriate to administer a cardiac CK test.?
remission? What is the life expectancy for someone with Hodgekins and non-Hodgekins lymphomia?
What is Microdosimetry?
can breast cancer be inheritied if yes what are the chances that it will be?
what are the body systems affected by leukemia?
psoriasis diet?
Tattoo Question, please answer!?
What will happen if you do not treat ringworn?
What is Psoriasis?
what country did scabies start in?
any suggestions for radiating leg pain from a herniated disc? I don't want to have surgery again.?
What is best for sunburns?
Why does my head still hurt?
Any answers out there for me?
Pain on pinky side of wrist when I swing it outwards. Radiates up the outside of my arm to just under elbow.?
Has anyone experienced an incident with Wal-Mart where their was a customer injury?
Can I get information about the running event in Ft. Worth, Tx in February 2006?
What is the difference between cholesterol and triglycerides?
what is the fastes way to lose the pounds?
what are all the chest exercise without weights and stuff?
If i watch my eat and do some mild exercise like dance appoximately how much weight can i lose in a week?
Hi, I would like to know how to lose weight fast. :)?
is it true that sweetcorm has no nutritional value and just passes through the body?
is it possible to stay the same weight over a period of time but slowly look physically overweight?
can you tell me about gallstone ?
Possible Allergy or Intolerence?!?!?
Can you address a registered physical therapist by the name doctor??
What is face transplantation?
what is bad for your hair?
what does it feel like to become intoxicated?
Has anyone ever used Bare Minerals makeup?
what is tattoo ?i mean what it is made of?and how it works?
Is it poisonous to heat up a cup o' noodles in the microwave in the styrofoam container it comes with?
lip and chin wax tips?
what causes a stomach ulcer or what if you are having hunger pains all the time, is that an ulcer?
Define the word rigors in medical terms?
What do you think about pain medication and the people that take them and have you ever used any?
what if my eyes are not as white.?
Who knows anything about rumitorid arthitas?
How much time does one take medicine for TB?
what is the best way possible to relieve allergies without the high cost of edication?
what's a good cost effective air purifier to decrease the amout of dander in our home?
Have you purchased a mask for bird flu? Did you wear one during sars?
what is campolobactor?
what is a lfe threatening condition?
Are there any paid HIV studies or surveys happening in Toronto right now or in the near future?
what are the symptoms of somenella?
Do you meditate?
Does a hemroid hurt when coughing?
Is there any herble way to get rid of hemroids?
What is ear candling and how do you do it?
My back hurts a lot lately what could be wrong?
hi! how do i treat my foot, it's been a year that it is inflammed,itchy, and it has open wound already?
how can i stop taking the drug herion?
is it possible to take antibiotics with my soma and percocet?
My wife had a stem cell transplant at U OF MICHIGAN for AML Leukemia and if you have had one please share?
do you get to feel pain when you are getting simptons of skin cancer?
is josh peck(drake&josh tv serial actor) is no more???
if you are a stage four lung cancer survivor please let me know?
What website I can find a lot of information on breast cancer?
what do you do for stuffed ears?
can you take zantrex-3 while taking seroquel?
What is this i have hot one moment & then cold the next and i'm only 21?
what is pneumonia?
What is the difference between a black out and a white out?
what are causes of fatigue?
does ginsen raise the blood pressure?
I live in a town that has very bad tasting water... what works best to fix this?
Why does the systolic blood pressure increase from rest to exercise?
What does the MRI rule out?
Pain on Left anckle?
taking a dozen norco 10/325 pills per day,for back pain,am i a candidate for the pain patches ?
I am getting headaches over my eyes and/or the top/sides of head frequently!?
How do I relieve neck pain?
Is it normal to feel dizzy after chemotherapy?
after thyroid cancer, and removal of thyroid, and kemo , now my body is making thyroid again, ???? cancer?
Does anyone know where to buy the Scotch Pink Duct Tape for Breast Cancer?
Is there any treatement for cancer by water without detrium ?
how long after a 6 way bypass open heart surgery on a diabetic patient before you have to do it all again?
can taking vitamins interfere with certain prescriptions?
why and how does hyperglycemia makes CVA worse?
I have hashimotos thyroid disease and take synthroid. Anyone take T3 as well?
Is there any herbal product that i could use during chemo treatment to avoid side affects?
Does kidney dialysis hurt?
how do we cure cancer in children?
who has had hyper thyroid or thyroid cancer?
? about cancer?
has anyone had experience with taking nattokinase to dissolve blood clots in cancer patients?
How can I get rid of these nagging allergies naturally??
Can the artificial scent (such as in chocolate body lotion) cause a reaction to people allergic to chocolate?
where can a family diagosed with both mood disorders and adhd get responsible health insurance in virginia?
Fashion is just a hobby or it is our need in life???
where can i purchase american palm oil (elaeis oleifera)?
Can you give me any information about tobacco dangers, etc. I need to know for a science fair project.?
how do I get pomade out of my teenagers' hair?
does anyone have any ideas how to come about an odour problem?i wash but still get no results?
my stomach has had that feeling you get when your nervous really bad and i was nervous but it didn't go away.
How do I get rid of acid refux? Diet?
have you or anyone you know ever had bacterial meningitis? How bad is this disease?
which are the best lens?
Is it true that if you consume chocolate with your milk, your body can't absorb the calcium?
If life is precious why isn't health insurance free?
Does everyone in Canada really have health insurance?
How can you remove skin tags? Are there any natural remedies?
What are the causes of body stretches and what can be done to remove them?
what is parasitism?
How do u heal?
I have a red spot on my shin, started with a few dots now is 1inch across over 2 years. Ocassionally itches...
What is going on?
my sister has sore, red, chapped looking patches on her knees. she said even water stings.what could this be?
how one can make a girl freind?
SI misalignment? Intended for Physical Therapists.?
Does anyone know where to get a arm or leg cast without breaking bones?
How do u fade a mark from being scalded by steam?
male or female PCP?
how can i get rid of this cold????
my wife has pneumonia and just finished a 7 day supply of biaxin.?
Asthma symptoms or just being out of breath while jogging? (Lungs hurt, chest tightened, coughing).?
what is mycotic lung disease?
Any home remedy for sleep apnea?
have a cough ,it has started to taste like coughing up metal what could it be ?yes i am going to the doc today
What is cardiac reactive protein?
need a website to get info on recovery and diet for bypass surgery?
How Do You Know For Sure If You Have A Heart Problem?
Could this be bad or just me worrying?
herniated disc???????
do you know where to get Tarceva for about £1500 in UK my primary trust care refused to fund it. lung cancer?
Are there any body parts that don't get cancer?
How aggressive is pancreatic cancer?
Can leukemia be cured for man who is in the 70 year old range?
If You Get STD's, AID's, or HIV what effect does it take?
I'm on my fourth day of azithromycin for chlamydia and my symptoms are still here? Why?
MY BP is 126/84 and my MD wants to lower the diastolic to the 70's?
I cannot talk because of a stroke. Is there any produt that I could use to communicate with?
Is it safe to use nicoderm cq patch while taking high blood pressure medicine?
ok from age 2 to 9 i strugged with Hydronephrosis and so during time i got teflon put in me for that?
Is it true?
can the beachbody give the results it guarentees?
has anyone done the Master Cleansing 10-day cleansing fast?
what should i do my doughter is anorexic?
Are body supplements harmful to body? if yes which parts do it affects?
If a person with hep-c gets bit by a dog, can the dog become infected?
What is the best way for a seventeen year old guy to get in shape?
Why do I feel lightheaded after working out?
what is the major ways to break the chain of infection?
Likelihood of HIV infection/ transmission if infected blood comes into contact with finger cut?
pink eye ??????????
find a dr, located in oakland ca. Dr. Jerome Kaufman. He is more of an expert for workers comp cases.?
have been on peginterferon and all of a sudden blood work came back abnormal levels of iron. why, how whattodo
I have fat cheeks (face) is there a way to get rid of these?
Does Dexatrim Max actually do anything to reduce appetite and is it safe?
best plastic surgeon for flap surgery for bed sore?
what is the best state to live in for someone with chronic pain/arthritis?
My daughter has the following problems...is this a syndrome?
What is good for a big blister caused by a sunburn in the lips?
Psoriasis Can Be Cured?
does stomach gas cause dizziness?
What is the cause of cancer?
How do you cook for someone who has no lining in there stomach?
Need hopeful stories of survivors of Inflammatory Breast Cancer?
nursing board exam?
Who had a type of cancer and.....?
what is a easy way to treat a UTI with out seeing a doctor?
how can myoma be cured?
Laughter, the best medicine. How good is it?
I am looking for a shipping company tht goes by RRDW. Can you help me?
what is a good alternative eye treatment for dark circles?
How to cure flu?
Where can I buy an Neberlizer ?
How do I get rid of a urinary track infection?
how do you correct hair that grows in 2 different direction on your head?
Why do some women have an "apple shape" and some women have a "pear" shape?
Why can some people not read in the car?
is there anything i can do to make my hair straight in natural way?
How can I make my nails grow faster. Is here a thing for that?
What is the meaning of nightmares?
What is a TENSION headache?
What it means "cardiac memory"?
my heart beats only for you in spanish?
Which red wine is the best option for reducing cholesterol?
pulmonary valve stenosis in my eight month old daughter.?
Those who have experienced chemo treatments for breast cancer, what was your worst day(s) like?
How can i help/support a person who has depression because he has cancer? To help him pass the depression?
what is t-cell rich lymphoma?
Does anyone know any alternative treatments for stage four colorectal cancer?
I have a cold. Why do my nostrils take turns being stopped up?
Chest Congestion?
what is the term meaning bleeding from the larynx?
Is it possible to permently damage your vocal cords from a persistant hacking cough?
What happens with COPD?....?
What is the best treatment for a sprained ankle? And do you have to see a Doctor?
Hope physical therapy houston?
Could I still play soccer with a tear to my ALC?
About my question.. what is biscupid aortic valve with my six week old son.. what can I expect?
Bruised Shin Bone?
Are there any cardiologists or doctors who can help me?
Occasionally I rupture a disc in my lower back...?
what is the typical amount of time spent in the hospital following a heart attack?
Dose ACTOS intrefear with waight loss?
When you give blood, do they test it for diabetes?
What is a normal blood sugar level?
I am looking for a diabetes dr. in hopkinsville,ky?
effects of self-compliance of diabetes mellitus?
we just found out that my neices have diabetes they are 5 yrs & 3yrs.?
Cold sores?
can you get herpes from sharing a cigarette with some one who has herpes??
What are the chances of having herpes?
How can I help?
Lymph nodes removed totally under one arm and 5 under another?
what is the procedure for turning patients after surgery?
I want to get a special gift for someone...?
Skin Cancer?
Lactose Intolerance - Any way to build up tolerance to lactose for those who have intolerance?
cheese reaction.what is it?
How do you know if you are gluten intolerant?
Hi, Question about eye contacts.?
Can Contact Lens help hide Lazy Eye?
wear contacts?
Why do disposable contact lenses only last a day?
as light energy enters the eye what does the cornea and lens focus on?
Is it okay to wear contact lenses? My eye has broken some capillaries...?
Why is venereal disease called "the clap"?
Any particular way to stop an anxiety attack?
What is the best and easy way to start to live an organic lifestyle?
I am looking for a diet to prepare for a 24 hr urine test. do you have one?
my dad had a stroke?
Can High Cholesterol in the blood makes your left chest pain occasionally?
why is it important for the heart that children exercise regularly?
What is the best alternative way to treat Mitral Valve Prolapse?
I have coated stints,3 in my heart.?
Brought back from atrial fibrillation.?
What the best treatment for vitiligo?
Have you tried Sebo De Macho on scars? How long did it take before the scars disappeared?
im 27 male suffering with Hair Fall, Coz of Dandruff, how can i stop hair fall??? is there any home remedies.
im searching for the adverse effect of detergnt in shampoo on the skin?
My sister has a bald spot on her head. what could be the cause for it.?
what happens if a person eats their own feces?
Can someone give me some infortion about German measles? how long is the incubation period and contageous prd?
If you had a course of treatment for hepatitis C and are not "cured" when can you try again?"?
how to handle post disease trauma ? TB?
I'm a coffee addict with the flu;how bad would it be if I had a cup or two today, would it make the flu worse?
what is the best herbal diet(a herb that makes you loose weight fast)?
why is there a current trend in using natural ingredients (papayas) in soaps?
waxing leaves red spots on my legs for weeks? whats the best hair removal option for me?
how can i get taller naturally and fast?
This is my first time that im getting a piercing what gage should i get?
Breast Implants?
Can people really meditate, as in rise up in the air and float?
How do we stop the HIGH cost of Health Ins.??
my cousin developed tumor in abdomen because of undescended testi....?
Question about smokers and throat cancer- medical professionals please!?
Help... please advice?
Best cardio running or elliptical or stair master?
What's the best and quickest way to flatten one's tummy?
how do i get great abs but still enjoy the foods i like?
How does it feel to be a vegetarian?
Is it wrong to skip breakfast if you don't feel hungry?
how can I flatten my tummy?
any weight loss programs that work or should i feel comfy being chubby?
I need to lose 40lbs!?
Would going at a pretty steep elevation help work my rear end?
what dose it mean when you fail a methacholine challange test???
what is tobacco?
Which results in a lower respiratory rate?
treatment of asthma by fish in hydrabad?
helph in orance county for poor american people with terminal breast cancer?
Anyone aware of any studies showing that maggets introduced into the body will eat cancer?
hows does having prostate cancer affect .... (Stated below)?
Is there any medicines to bring up White Cell count?
My husband constantly has an overabundance of phlegm and hacks and coughs all the time.?
Dose eny one know about fairys?
how does anyone cope with bipolar on an everyday basis?
i am 17 and totally healthy now, is there a possibility for me to suffer from genetic diseases when i grow old
Is there a physiological or psychological reason some people eat bugger?
what natural herb can help with quitting smoking?
What is the impact for eating too much MSG? Is there any research for that?
Why do you get ulcers in your mouth?
any one know online help for people sufering from stress?
What percentage of the American population is infected with HIV/AIDS?
where would you go to get financial help if you have hiv/aids?
What are the symptoms to presume that a patient has been infected by HIV?
Loseing my hair due to Medication,stoping meds. not an option at this time.Any natural cures?Want MY hair back
I need to talk to people who have had stem cell treatment that worked for them, my brother needs it badly?
Is there an alternative to Provigil (for energy and wakefulness)?
how to oavercome from baldness?
I need u to help me stop burping excessively. Plse tell me if there are any traditional herbs that I can use?
Does anyone know any alternative cure for psoriasis?
Question about a hand strain problem!?
I got hit in the eye and the swelling isn't painful but irritating?
Please help! should I go the er for my elbow?
what is the best way to lower blood pressure?
What is the best way to cure asthma?
What are the effects of tea overintake?
what type of doctor would you see if you have suffered a concussion?
caughing up little white smelly deposits.Why?
Urinalysis shows squamous cell present?
Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma?
what is edometriosis? if there are any doctors out there, i dont know if it is correct spelling?
I have a 5 1/2 year old who still potties on himself, he said sometimes he doesn't feel it, what's going on?
is it true that europeans are very dirty e.g they don't take regular bath etc.?
What can i take to gain weight besides fatty foods? I've tried a lot and nothing seems to work.?
What is an external fixator?
What is the best way to break the habit of biting your nails?
does frequent mastrubation effect health adversly??
why does a person yawn when they get up?
Need Diet Recommendations - 30yr vegeterian male?
Where can I find a cancer support group in Indonesia?
What's the easiest way to get healthy this New Year!? My fav. is http://www.everybodyDrinksCoffee.com !?
my father has shingles what do we wash them with?
etiology,pathophysiology,Tx n rationale,Dx n rationale,incidence of MRSA?
Do TB patients hear better than the rest?True of False?
GET me a list of standing order on universal precautions for health workers and ward maids in hospital wards?
What is skin lupus?
whats the best way to get rid of acne without formulas?
what kind of rash do ihave onmy upper body ?
i have these white marks on my lower lip ,,like dead skin ,i remove daily but comes back.i use a lot of chapst
has anyone ever heard of ringworm of the scalp?what causes it?and how do you get rid of it?
What is meant by the term 'healing ridge'?
can one feel a bit drowsy after consuming "orange pekoe and pekoe cut black tea"?
Is a BlueAir 201 Air Purifier just to over the top to help my mild allergies?
is there an allergy test for different kinds of antibiotics?
Id like to know why my eyes swell after I go running?
Has anyone had a baby with soy/milk protein intolerance that grew out of it in a few months?
any one can give me the purpose of venous access on hemodialysis, ireally really need it guyz..!!1 thanks..?
How bad is bone cancer?
any info on fybromialgia and it,s treatment?
Do cellphones really cause cancer or is that an old wives tale?
Is it alright to exercise if you have a cough and chest pains?
My daughter was hospitalized for RSV when she was 7 weeks old, she's now 10 months old......?
New job and a persistant bacterial infection dilema... read for more details?
How come when you start smoking, you smoke more and more.?
is it possible to live with bilateral carotid artery occlusion?
how many calories are there in a pizza slice?
Is there any way to lose 20 pounds fast?
Anyone know of a good fat burner pill. not really looking for an appetite suppressant, maybe combo. thanks?
Are Frosted Miniwheats mostly good carbs or bad carbs?
Why is it that fat people are being treated differently than skinny people?
How do you get and stay motivated to lose weight?
What is the best AB workout machine inn the market?
How do you get rid of love handles?
I am really thin and slim I want to imporove health become more fat what is the eaiest way ?
what could cause left side pain?
My foot hurts. Please help.?
cronically feeling hot regardless of ambient temps everyone around me is cold and i am hot and sweating?
after knee surgery ...Do you have sparatic swelling and pain?
how can i reduce my sciatica pain without surgery?
i'm taking methadone for chronic low-back pain--is there any long-term damage that may occur to my liver?
what could be the cause of my palm feeling numb?
Chlamydia symotoms?
How do symptoms from gonorrhea in the throat (only) differ from a normal sore throat?
I was tested three months after possiably have been infected with HIV and it was negative.?
can herpes be a big lump without being a sore?
Can someone give you herpes symp. 1 by kissing?
How can hiccups be stoped in Asthmatic patients?
What's worse for your health? stress or cigarettes?
Does it cost me any money when paramedics respond to my 911 call?
where are the V A Hospitals in Texas?
why does my body tremble and twitch so often?
what could cause numbness in your fingers?
what type of general anesthesia was used in 1958?
what should i do?
Dental cleaning after heart surgery ?
If a person is dieing,how long can they live without food or water?
42 year old women, is throwing up, all night. Could it be food poisen? Has low grade fever, white count normap
does walnut control bad cholestrol?
Why do people from the West have allergies??
how can i find a pediatric ear nose and throat dr who excepts medicaid?
Can vaccines cause communicable diseases?
i had blood in my faeces this morning what could it be?
How to treat sinusitis headaches?
what is rotto virus?
is hepatitis c can be transfered to another person through air?
Why am I still weak following Chemo?
For what do you use cesium?
What types of fungal infections are Bone Marrow Transplant patients susceptable to and how are they caught?
How young can some one get breast cancer?
Did people die of cancer before the Industrial Revolution?
Mercury poisoning?
is euthanization a word?
Can you burst your appendix if you laugh to hard?
what problem would this be? PLEASE answer!!!!!!!!!!!?
Has anyone used the new drug , Chantix to stop smoking?
i have a bipap pro machine. i would like to adjust the pressure myself up or down to see what is most comforta
any home remedies for cleaning a cool mist humidifier?
Is there a valid test available to the public for low-level carbon monoxide posioning?
I only blow approx 350 on my peak flow monitor, is there anything i can do to help me increase this reading?
what can i clean the filter of my cool mist humidifier with.i cant afford a new filter right now?
Is asthma a hereditary disease?
someone i Know was just diagnosed with san felipe syndrome spelling questionabl and i need some information?
what is fybromilga?
multiple sclarosis.com?
how can this happen cancer?
mother cancer?
What is Chemotherapy and Radiation?
cancer metastasizing???
how to cure chronic dysentery without the use of medicine?
why do they say Cannabis gives you the munchies, and if so!!??- Why?
where can i get help to get surgery on scoliosis. i am 30yrs old without insurance, any suggestions?
what is the best solution for snoring?
I need scholarship to Study in the UK i am a Nigerian how do i get one pls help me and i need a full one.?
Laws for Indian Head Massage?
what causes a stomach flu?
I am wonering which multivitamins are best? Is it worth the money to buy expensive ones?
Eye donation brings sight to blind person.Can the beneficiary donate after death his eye to somebody else?
What did you lay awake and think about last night?
I was never one for late night partying with clients. I need 8 hours sleep! How should I handle this?
I have a question about blood transfusions?
Do you think the environment that we live in has had an effect on our health?
how many stages are there for breast cancer? are there any other ways to kills the cells without having chemo?
How many men died of prostate cancer in 2005?
new Breast cancer talked about on the news...?
what is a borderline tumor?
Can I get a free trial pair of contact lenses if I've already had an exam?
Does right or left matter for color contacts?
what causes and what can we do about the sweating of the hands?
cheap way to cure eczema?
i have two bruise on my leg since november 2005, is that normal?
what are oral treatments for ringworm?
Hi- My feet are peeling on the bottom with no redness or itching. if wonder if anyone has solutions for this?
how to resolve an agressive acnee?
What causes rashes?
Does anyone know how or what to treat sebhorric dermatitis (with), listing from least expensive to most?
What is hypertrichosis?
Is is possible for a female to have chlamydia for over a year maybe 2.?
Was looking for a story on AIDS to make me feel like my chronic kidney illness isn't the worst?
what type of infection is this?
Here in TX the weather is bad and ........I don't feel so good?
Going to Lisbon with severe fish allergies, need advice from people who live there preferably with allergies?
I sneeze more times than I can count in a day, any suggestions to get rid of the burning nose side effect?
What's the best air purifier for horrible dust allergies?
i have insomnia what are some some suggestions to help me snooze!?
can some women give me the feelings detail for wearing bras's, and tight pantyhose.?
Is there a product that will cleanse the body of nicotine?
how do you stop peing in the bed!?
Does honey have many health benefits?
what is the feedback on sprinklethin?
i'm not being racis or anything but what colour skin are u?
calcium and iron supplement will be given simultaneously to children?
Does cashew contain cholestrol ?
why do u feel mentally tired if you havent exercise for a long time?
I drink about 2 quarts of green tea a day.?
calories chilis chicken fahitas?
what is the average wieght for an 11 year old girl?
I am 27 years old female my weight is 80 and my hight 165 how can i reduce my weight?
What should you eat before a cardio workout?
what does the term ATypical mean?
Can someone explain this to me?
Boston Scientific Taxus Stent?
Can someone have a bad sinus infection with absolutely no pain?
after blwing your nose, do you look at the contents of the kleenex, except for when you are sick?
my stomach feel nauesa sometimes at night and ive had a upper gi test but still nothing. no dig=agnose?
Can mono be spread by sharing acoholic beverages, or does alcohol kill it?
can pancretitus as a child be linked to epstein-barr virus infection as adult?
is there any help with the cost of the hiv medicine 3 meds are 1300.00 w/insur?
Is consumption of alcohol effects ur IQ??? What is the maximum amount of alcohol permissible for a man??
i feel tired... lazy too... get it off me!?
what is the cause of hiccups and how can it be stooped?
If someone knows where I can take Electromyogrphic course?
what is the correct spelling for the muscle disease fibra magelia?
what is the cause of incessant night urination (especially during cold) and how can it be treated?
if you put a whole bunch of nicotine patches on your body, would it really kill you?
Is Kaposi's sarcoma deadly? How pecent can be cure?
How can it spread so quickly?
stomach cancer change it stage after how much time?
How to speed up shin injury?
I have a scar on my leg for the Doctor? what to do? Should i take to some one in the lay to see if i need help
ok I have asked if your eyes would pop out if you sneezed at the same time. Can yo prove it to be impossible?
one and a half years ago i was struck by lightning at work. i am looking for any information on lawsuits?
Being the parent of a 16yr. old can I Do a Medical Power of Attorney giving my sister thoes powers?
how to teach children to cut their nails correctly?
Is it possible that a high tolerance for alcohol will cause prescription pain killers to be non-effective?
Do cigars contain nicotine?
What are some signs of appendicitis?
back surgery- has anyone had lower back surgery?
I had a hip surgey when i was a child. My parents did not realize that they did the surgey on the wrong side?
Does anyone have CLL?
Why does the Cancer Society pull in more money than General Motors?
Where can I find candies made from aloe vera to fight drymouth?
ii need help...and fast....anyone know where is a good place for bone marrow transplant?
Which are some good research topics about cervical cancer?
how many mutated genes does it take to cause cancer?
what is the best way to cure acne?
what are the different signs of pregnancy and pre-menstral semtoms?
what is your favorite perfume or colonge?
are slimming tablets bad for you?
do you like looking in the mirror?
I'm a guy and Iv'e tried waxing, and it is extremly painful. How can I reduce the pain?
My friend has HIV she stop taking medicine now?
what is being done about AIDS and why isn't it working?
does anyone know the best way to deal with chronic ear pressure?
any websites with interesting facts of hemophilia? its 4 a research paper...................?
i have adhd,ocd and tourettes..wot r the chances of me passing it on to my unborn child?
I have catract what is the best treetment?
hi what is irritable bowel syndrome and what is the treatment ?
does anybody know of a really rare cool mental disorder?
Do you believe that Second Hand Smoke Kills or is just a myth to make money for Pharmaceuticals?
removal of the prostate?
Hi. Does anyone knows of any new development with smoking cigaretts, with in the last 6 months?
my mother has been on coumadin(Blood thinner) since Aug. 17th and is still out for breath? Is that normal?
How men get testicular cancer and what cause this?
dose beef cause artheritise?
could (untreated) dust mite allergies (night time allergies) affect sleep?
Allergical rhitinous?
Nose bleeds?
every time im around cats.........?
Oh, the pain, the agony!?
Wrist pain.?
Can hydrocodone and oxycodone be taken together?
pain in both uppermost part of limbs after working?
What are the symptoms of a bone spur of the foot?
Pain in my foot!?
I have back pain and cramping down my leg. My Dr. prescribed Tramadol.?
what is a ct scan?
What causes air to move in and out of a persons lungs?
what is croup?
Is bathing a child (even infants) causes weak pulmonary?
if you have tenitus: What should I do? I have tenitus (ringing in the ears) too & I don't know why.?
What is Bell's Palsy?
what are the different diseases of bones?
my niece has a yellow nose what is this ?
is there a cure for rosacea for african american male?
What can cause quick changes in skin color (other than sun damage and smoking)?
How can you get rid off dranduff if special shampoos do not help?
am having rashes on my belly. what could this be?
what is the treatment and medicines for albinism?
What are the recommended sleeping periods for different age groups?
what are the acceptable amount of time allowed for kids age 5 and 3 years to watch TV?
Can you die from getting s small amount of powdered ajax in your ingredients before cooking?
How to cure snoring?
Do BMI calculators work?
Am I fat and/or Chubby?
Does exercise increase your life expectancy?
What is Ginecomastia.?
I need to gain weight but i do not know what to eat. Help............?
How can I slim down my thighs fast?
can i lose 5 inches from my stomach in 4 days?
Remedies sought; Prolonged mild tummy trouble, nausea, reflux, occasional vomiting & diarhea?
Why is there a media blackout about the Bird Flu?
could i get hiv by splashing blood to my conjunctiva?
anyone concerned of bird flu?
Can humans get Parvo Virus from dogs?
human body?
Paul D. Arko tea for cancer patients?
any advice in ovarian cancer? I find out monday about removing my ovaries : (.?
why is hb level of 11.3 considered low?
Anyone have a cure for allergies,and migraines?
What if your eyes hurt every time you look at light or are in light?
I need to know what percent of Americans or people in the world have allergies .?
impacted sinus how do I get rid of the problem?
If you lack Melatonin can that be the cause of allergies, particularly Solar Urticaria?
food allergies?
what happened to my lower back that causes pain? how to cure my lower back?
what can be the cause of extreme pain and discomfort extending from my right shoulder(in the back) down my arm
How Jimmey Kimmel is doing after he has been biten by a snake during his show on Thursday.?
when you burn your tongue, do those taste buds die?
how hard is it to get disability w/ a dx of fibromyalgia? any info on this area would be appreciated.?
punca osteoporosis ialah apa?
What is the meaning of health?
all techniques in brain surgery?
what is the best way to cure a cold?
Severe anxiety is the worst pain for humans, do u agree?
Does anyone have MS?
when do u find that you want a beer the most? That s if you are drinkers!?
Anyone know the side effects of quitting Klonapin(Clonazapam)??
need information to do a report on comparison of growth between boys and girls?
my friend has this bad odor inside of her shoes how can she get rid of the awful smell?
Why does cold air make my nose run?
natraul hair ricipies to make hair growth?
Is it possible for a contact lens to disappear in your eye?
can smokers get organ transplant?
Is anyone taking Gleevec for Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia? How is it working for you?
can the combination of taxol, herceptin and a flu shot cause a headache 102.1 fever and chills?
Where do we usually donate our blood in California?
Please answer and Save my life.?
If a pap test shows cancer, how quick will you get results back?
About Contacts?
How do I keep the film off of my contacts once I cleanse them?
Has anyone heard of the callback on some contact solution???
Can eyes rapidly change color?
Contact lenses & eyeliner?
Which is the K+ sparring diuretic?
does anyone know where im going?
whats the difference btwn bacterial n virul?
what is the cure for AIDS?
my mother has fibromyalgia, anyone have ideas on treatments?
What are the ingredients of hookah? What does it contain?
chest pain, No fever?
Lump below right ear?
Business Phone No. for Dr. James B Laroy MD?
My sister has a rapid growing cancer and is doing cemo, her last cat scan showed no new tumors, tumors in her?
I'm 24 and scared I have ovarian cancer?
is there any plant which release oxygen for 24 hours?
what helps depression?
what's the best remedy for split skin on fingertips from masonry work/?
I drink upwards of 15 bottles of Diet Peach SNAPPLE per day. Is this bad thing and if not, how can I quit..?
Do those silent air purifiers really work?
i have drop foot from a brain infection. Can exercise or therpy cure it?
what is a blockage between the heart and the arm?
my mothers non medicated renal artery stent keeps blocking up?
Aortic Stenosis?
What is Asymptomatic WPW?
Need a list of food and equipment for 2 months supply while waiting for Avian Flu outbreak to subside.?
is anyone else sick right now?!?
do you suffer with very bad headaches when you have food poisioning?
doctors are scared of bird flu are you ready?
Constant Runny Nose?
what are some foods that are gluten free?
What is the best cure for lower back pain?
Is there really any cure for migraines?
Creepy noise from knees?
18 yrs old and I have kidney stones....??
Difference btwn heart attack and gas?
why cant i be helped ?
What is the easiest way to lance (drain) a boil?
How can fever blisters be prevented?
do pet lizards cause skin irritations?
dak and rough skin on elbows. is there a cure?
what is it called when u only have two valves in the aorta instead of three?
im taking 100mgs of toprol xl, when is the best time to take this?
Sponytheodylosis degenerative?
Coronary angiography is advised to diagnose which disease?
How to over come work stress?
anyone know anthing about a childs leg being longer then the other what treatment is available?
how can I live with bi-polar disorder?
What is the standard of care for administering a cervical epidural steriod injection?
I am looking for a list of foods that are high in vitamin k.can you provide this list?
Can you Use of GLA 120 capsules as treatment for numbness of feet?
Anyone know of a good LUPUS doctor in or near Phoenix, AZ?
is there a home remedy for a carotid artery?
I'm going to a chiropractor for the first time. What should I expect on my visit?
are there any home remedies for headaches?
How do you choose the correct amount of supplements to your daily diet?
what is an ultracet?
I live in Il. and am looking for a homeopathic pediatrician, or at least one who doesn't believe in vaccines.
how is the essential oil lily of the valley used?
Stone in left Kidney of size 4.7mm and 7.6mm. Is operation avoidable? Can these pass through urine please?
mt friend has just lost her adult daughter to cancer i woukd lije to find a supprt group in elizabeth city nc?
genetic condition caused by point mutation?
What defines Skin Cancer?
My friend smokes what should I do?
Has anyone ever been treated with RADIOACTIVE IODINE for Hyperthyroidism?
i'm having back and chest pains, sometimes chills, i noticed blood on my sputum, could my tb have gone back?
what is a laminar airflow room?
How Long Should a Cough Last?
How long does it take to recovery from pneumonia?
has anyone heard of bone islands? I was told I have them.?
I had cancer a few years ago..........?
which parts of our body dont have its cancer like nails?
It is impossible for me, DIETING and exercise I give up! now what? death?
Why do most people not know which blood-type they are?
what does the color of you urine represent? is it bad if it is too yellow?
Did the green tea can help to burn fats?
what is aqua therapy?
I need suggestions on how to lose 10-20 pounds in under a month without pills.?
i walk up a moutain for 2 hours 3 times a week?
i`m on a diet program right now, is eating french fries good for my dietary program?
what are the benefits of using a steam room like do you lose weight?
how can i loose 50 pounds fast and easy if im lazy and obease?
I sprained my ankle about 2 months ago and I still have a big swollen ankle.Their is no pain Just a huge ankle
Can you get an infection from an untreated broken nose?
Post ACL injury knee problems?
how long does it take to get over having a concussion?
Ankle complications?
is it true if you got your knee opened and it has closed by itself can pools harm it because they've been peed
How much does it cost for a person diagnosed with AIDS?
Anyone ever pull a back muscle?
can adults get roda?
how will the bird flu reach the USA?
does anyone know of an alternative cure for hepatitis c?
could i pass type A flu to my boyfriend or spouse even if i don't have it?
what can i do to alleviate swelling?
does having your adenoids removed help allergies?
what is Dr. A Claveria phone number located at 2222 W division in chicago?
Blood sugar count was 156 is this good?
which gas is released by peepal tree in day and at night?
what is the max. daily i.u. for vitimin d.?
I need my CPR card updated as soon as possible?
what should we do to have good eyes?
How many onces are there in one litre (of water)?
Please read!!!PLEASE HELP!!!?
Is it a bad sign to not have gone "# 2" in over a week?