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What are natural or soft(easy) medical ways to lift blood pressure from 90-60 till 120-80?
how do I know if I have correct posture?
What part of your body do you dislike most? And what part do you like the most?
I am looking for a product to use for dry scalp. Any suggestions?
what do you call a hand doctor ?
why don't they make more attractive dispensers for clorox wipes?
what do you think the best deodorant is (not antiperspirant)?
how to use a loofah bar?
What is a hearing is it like court or what?
How do I prevent from getting sleepy late in the night and early in the morning?
staph infections in the elderly?
what activities would you coordinate in helping young children deal with their loss due to HIVAIDS?
what test would a doctor be interested in using if a child has pink eye-like symptoms?
what is the best way to get rid of cold sores?
"what are immunocompromised adults"?
Can bird flu spread through cooked chicken and eggs?
why there is an increased in intracranial pressure in meningitis patients?
can i & my family drink milk from an animal suspect to has foot & mouth disease ?
what colors are xanax for different dosages?
Where can I take a free IQ test?
My 4 year old has ADHD how do i help her?
At what point should I seek help for bipolar?
First time mammogram, ultrasound showed cyst with growth inside, surgery is scheduled.?
How much does removing moles reduce chances of skin cancer?
How do you get (flat) moles removed at the doctor?AND are all moles PERFECTLY round?
Sinus Wars - Anyone ever tried?
Can I give my Shih Tzu omega-3 supplements for severe skin allergies?
Is there a generic for Advair 500/50 diskus yet? If so, how much?
What's peanut allergy?
What does anorexia and dehydration cause to your health?
What helps medication resistant depression, anxiety and ocd symptoms.?
any "Food for Thought" today?
i feel so depresed what should i do??!?
What causes you to move in your sleep?
Where can children go for counceling in Northwest Indiana.?
I am addicted to hydrogen dioxide what should I do?
inpatient mental health facilities in the northeast?
How do you clean your colon? Any home remdies, or food you can eat?
what is making me SOOO nauseous???
Acid reflux????
What do you need to do if you fall down and can not move a limb?
Does the cabbage soup diet work?
does having too much grape or cranberries juice give effect on body?
Ways to cleanse lymph system and get it working better?
How can one deal with Depression?
How to deal with an positive std result?
What's your worst injury?
How does someone NOT know they have had a stroke? I don't get it...?
I had a shoulder replacement and ended up w/ severe nerve damage to my lower forearm + left hand. What do I do
stitches? should they keep bleeding?
does anyone know what the absolute maximum dose of Tramadol a person can take per day?
How do people categorize different types of headaches? (i.e. tension, sinus, migraine, cluster, etc.)?
Earache Relief?
Tendonitis Question?
Do you know anyone who has been shot?
Does anyone know how long Norco...?
I just started taking Adderall, 10mg per day. I've noticed this weird tic like movement...?
Can plantar faciliitis heal? How long does it take?
Can a small metal pot burned for about 2-3 hours cause cancer or any hazards to health?
I'm a bone marrow donation match to a patient. I'm going to donate if I am able. Has anyone done this?
how long has the average person lived after finding out they have stage 4 throat cancer?
Does anyone know all the symptoms of bipolar disorder?
Why is Emotional Freedom Technique not working for me?
Is tremors genetic?
why cant i tolerate people not trying there hardest in anything, especially sports?
Any ladies ever had EXCESSIVE menstrual period WHILE taking ZOLOFT (an anti-depressant)?
Why arehumans so hung up on parents? As a species it seems rare yet everything in life revolves around childho
why is hydrocodone syrup used to treat cough?
asbestosis lung disease? My dad is dying from this, is there anybody out there familiar with this?
has anyone tried alternative treatments for allergies?
Could I be allergic to chlorine?
vitamin c allergies,,symptoms of allergie?
Does this sound like bipolar???
How can I stop being depressed and isolated?
I cannot feel happiness, what should i do? Just answer, maybe you have a good opinion, please?
what is the fastest way to loose weight?
how is the best way to get rid of bloating.?
how do i loose weight in a 20 minute workout with no video or equipment? and get a six pack?
how can i loose weight?
someone in my family has high cholesterol but at dinner we still heat foods that are high in it. What do i do?
What´s the best exercise for gaining stenght in the triceps?
Would marching in place inside burn a similar number of calories as walking outside on flat terrain?
Does anybody have an easy way to lose weight, without an actual diet?
if you are, why are you a vegetarian?
Are we able to treat Autism?
Constipation Issue?????
What vital organs does epilepsy affect?
Is Glucoma cureable? The present condtion of eyesight is very poor.?
why does toenail turn brownish to black?
I am trying to find any groups that suport people who have been diagnosed with Central Pontine Myelinolysis?
My Blood pressure usually remains 120/95, Doctor has prescribed Tab Zestril 10 mg daily?
what are some ways a person can get bradycardia?
Fast aging ?
yogurt whith active yeast culyures what is can i get explanation or example?
help me understand ecg for paramedic?
Brused ribs?
is being right or left handed determinded before birth?
whats the secret to happiness?
whats the difference between a tendon and a ligament?
Does soy sauce cause cancer? Explain, please.?
any advancements for stage 4 coloncancer treatment?
working in center of breast caner?
Free Advice on Urinary Bladder Cancer Report?
Is computer radiation safe for pregnant women?
How to survive birdflu? Or how to not get infected with it?
Through the blood test when I was pregnant found out that I have secendary stage of Syphilis?
Concerns about liver failure.. is there any doc to work. or any website which can help me..?
Is it possible to control AIDS completely around the world in near future?
What are you thoughts on eye and cornea donation?
Blurred Vision in my Eyes.... Help!!!!?
Does anyone have dry eye? What drops are best?
Are all eye charts (snellen) the same?
Why is it that when I feel my eyes, this contact lense feeling thing moves a bit?
loss of sight?
Celexa for anxiety?
Is there a way someone can catch herpes by drinking behind u if u are a carrier of the virus.?
thank for all your support her result turn out negative?
how long can you stay dilated at 3 cementers?
Rate of blood flow in a vessel increases if:?
Higher heart beats when sitting up compering to laying down...why?
I.C.D.what's it like?
can high blood pressure?
colon cancer was removed but now found in liver in late stages is it treatable how long can a person live?
Does a rising PSA after a radical prostatectomy mean I have cancer?
what is a critique when it comes to writing a paper?
generic equivelents for advair andspiriva handihaler?
Do you know anyone that has tried zolair?
whooping cough?
Does anyone know about expecterated necrotic neoplasm?
i am allergic to eggs and was told that egg whites are used in the clarification process in coffee is this tru
sometimes my face and eyes swell up my nect rashes and itches .?
My doctor put me on Prednisone?
What is your number one flaw? What steps are you taking to overcome it?
In what ways do you feel really blessed?
i have social phobia fear of people fear of social situations) does anyone know how to get over this problem?
Does anyone Have an anger problem? & How do u deal with it?
i have borderline perosnality disorder what should I do?
Are you boycotting Tom Cruise Movies?
what city has the most psychiatrists per capita?
How do i keep track of Doctors behavior????
I accidently goy cut by a knife while cutting an apple?
Any good sites to get pain meds with no rx???
After Umbilical Hernia surgery, how long can I expect the pain to last?
Diagnosed herniations, but do you understand the leg raises?
What is a TLSO?
the majority of colorectal cancers are?
is it normal for a 20month old to have a heart rate of 200 and up after having chemotherepy done?
Does anyone know where intravenous vitamin c is used to treat cancer in the UK?
anyone done a biofeedback before? more..?
its the next morning andmy oscar is still alive.any one have an answer to why he is fighting so hahrd to live?
I have a heart condition and am getting severe panic attacks... Any correlation... Severity...?
what smoking can do to your circulatory system?
what is the accurate reading for a persons blood sugar level high or low?
I'm unable to excerise. I have problems. How can I help burn off fat without much excerise.?
What are the side effects you have experienced while taking Trileptal?
Smashed Finger?
what is a flail splint used for?
Anyone have any tips for quitting smoking cold-turkey successfully? I have a week until my quit day!!!?
Are there any soaps and lotions recommended for cancer patients and survivors?
what is pyrite and how does it affect your health?
meaning of the word psychosocial?
I had not slept well since one month. Something is going on in my mind even though I sleep.?
What is the best therapy for a mental patient ?
If you had to be famous, what would you prefer to be famous for?
im an introvert, i hate it. help me overcome probs by myself so i can prove somthing to myself??
Does anyone know about epilepsy?
effexor to cymbalta?
is there any Brain condition that interfere with falling in love? and if yes is this treatable?
what does chemistry have to do with perfume?
glasses too strong +0.25?
WEED should it be legal?
What's the longest time that you can wear disposable contact lenses?
How can i relax the mind after a stressful day's work?
how to get rid of sweaty hands?
does anybody know how to get rid of stretch marks??
iam worried about my complextion which is a little bit dark & my dark circles. u suggesst me.can?
i got this cold sore?
looking for a physician located on profeesional Blvd in evansville Indiana zip code 47714?
My daughter has JRA in her knees & finds it hard 2 walk can she get help getting 2 & from school?
Can you reccomend a shoe?
What is left sided heart failure?
Can anyone tell what it was like having left sided heart failure?
Sometimes when I walk, my ankles start to hurt and its hard to walk.?
What should I do for a VF?
blood pressure?
can you get hep-c if you swallow their blood?
how to interpret a result of a urine analysis?
what medications are used to treat infetigo?
What is the disease known in Elizabethan times as "the sweat"?
WHAT other PRECAUTIONS R THERE AGAINST BIRD FLU? (one is eliminating the birds)?
(hep-c) If swallowed blood by kissing; wouldn't the blood be hit by stomach acids & no longer be dangerous?
how long will you live without dialysis after your body rejects a transplanted kidney?
wen u have crabs...?
what r some ways to get rid of a headache?
Can a person have levels of being a sociopath? Or is is always "full blown"?
God I totally detest asking questions about MANIC DEPRESSION but there is one more thing I need to ask?
help me plz...i need ur opinion.?
where can i find information on: affective disorder and somotaform disorder?
medical uses for lithium carb?
when can u call ur shrink?
how do you cure a black eye?
I do have white little points on my lips, Do you know anything about it ?
how longs do hemroids last?
what is good to use for psoriasis over the counter?
Is there cure for vitilgo?
what is the talc powder hazard for children?
What causes acne to form on the face? I know it has nothing to do with what we eat, because I have read that.?
How would you know if you were allergic to an animal or a product, such as detergent?
Does your head itch when you eat chillis?
I have a cold but why is my nose hot?
I need holiday treat ideas for children with nut allergy's and for children who are diabetic?
who was founder of colgate co.?
i have this idea of manufacturing toothpaste!?
Is it necessary for a two year old to get her teeth repaired if they are starting to decay?
Can a person get braces on the top row of teeth only? as opposed to getting them on top & bottom?
is jessica simpson's teeth veneers?
how do you stop grinding your teeth while asleep?
anyone have a tumor in the fourth ventricle in the brain,?
has anyone had a colostomy and had a reversal? please share your experience with me?
i am getting radiation for breast cancer has anyone ever experiencd teeth to hurt while getting radiation?
Side effects of Channel TURP - Metastatic Prostate Cancer?
i am 13 and i am 80 lbs overwieght.i want to lose 50lbs in 5 mon w/o dramatically changing my diet.?
Can I live off of centrum vitamins for a few months (3) to lose weight and not lose my menstrual period?
Iis it true that the Jaggery is not harmful for diabetics ?
Can Caffeine boost your Metabolism?
how can i loose wait fast?
As i wanna keep my shape,then how can i control my appetite when i see the foods i like?
Is exercising on a recumbent bike as good as a work out as a treadmill?
hi there how to loose weight fast?
which vitamins are in the milk?
Diaphragm paralysis?
what are the causes, pathophisiology & management of subcutaneous emphysema?
emphazima and panic attacks?
what do you think about the medication management by the respiratory therapist and not by nurse departmet?
how can i buy an ellipse compact spacer for my asthma inhaler?
How can you tell the differences between the types of COPD?
Has anyone heard of Vitamin D causing difficulty breathing?
is lasser therapy available to stop smoking?
What's the bast way to cure hiccups?
does Nancy Ajram had bad accident?
what is good to take for a SINUS HEADACHE It's really bad in the morning HELP....?
what is EFT?
why do people think acupuncture is so scarey when it doesn't even hurt?
atrial fibrillation and seizures?
My brother is 56 yrs old, and has congestive heart failure?
after the open heart surgery how long to continue,dilzem,storevas,clopivas,and reconia?
Can chelation therapy help reverse arterioschlerosis?
I need a hospital in USA where they can do a operation on my heart?
Have you had angioplasty or stents for PAD, or other arterial blockage ailments?
if someone has depression does that mean they are weak?
What is tobacco?
Do you feel as if you have neglected yourself in life to take care of others?
Do Secrotonin have something to do with your brain lacking it which cause depression?
what is an agoraphobic?
metastatic colon cancer vaccine clinical trials.?
after chemo and radiation to the neck will my taste ever return to normal?
why do people walk fast and smoke ciggerettes at the same time?
fi somebody develop some mental power and loss them some how with the time, how can that person recover them ?
is buspar an anti-depressant??
has anyone had a panic attack?
I have asked a number of questions about depression here in the past...?
leaving high school?
what is the difference between a realistic goal and an unrealistic goal?
Why do people call my brother "roach"???
Can eardrums heal?
hydrocodone and the military?
Has anybody's eardrum popped and had an infection after that?
My bruises won't heal, what should I do?
Is reversal of heart diseases a truth?
how many arteries are there in the human heart?
did there any parmenant cure for blood pressure?
Where can I buy instructional videos about Heart Surgery?
is there a website where you can have an online chat with a doctor for free?
Help! Persistant painful "Charley Horses"?
Will my bf grow anymore if he's about 15?
My son was hospitalized for Asthma, upon his discharge I notice possible ringworm in his head. any relation?
The whole world is adopting national heath-how do we?
I have suffered from insomnia for years; prescriptions don't work anymore...any advise? I would love to sleep
stop snoring?
Are toes really important?
what is the best way to releive stress?
Do you hav acid reflux?
what is better an HMO or a PPO?
Can a person with a long leg cast travel on an airplane from nj to texas?
where does snot come from and how does it reproduce so darn fast?
I think for gals out there, do you think a sense of security is to own? do you agree?
i have a brown complexion and i want to be more white what product can i used.?
if i have to go for a colposcopy does that mean that my hpv wont clear up on its own?
did you get that thing I sent ya?
A relative has AML, too weak for chemo, sleeps all day on morphine, is this the last recourse for treatment?
oil refineries and cancer?
What causes kidney cancer ?
medication chemotherapy Colfax?????
How can I stop stressing about everything?
How can I always stay positive and happy ?
Is there anything inside my Brain?
How do you break away from your abuser when he has ultimate control no matter?
how can I improve my communication skills.?
how can i learn hypnotism by myself?
paroxetin long time use?
What can you do to help someone who's having an anxiety attack?
My husband is diabetic with a boil on his chest. Could this be serious?
I am looking for food products for diabetics.?
what is the natural cures for type 2 diabetes?
what is the unlabeled uses for Biguanides?
Is it possible to do pancreas transplant?
where do i get a glucose meter i do not have insurance?
How can I get rid of ringworm?
how do you get rid of soriisis?
What's a good remedy for fever blisters?
used tea tree oil brooke out in a rash now how do i treat the rash?
roscasea any OTC products that actually work?
has anyone any idea to help me fight rheumatoid arthritis ,diet,new medicene anything thanks?
does anyone know anything about a disease called Myasthenia Gravis and a cure for it? My mother was diagnoised
Recently I had blood drawn from my arm. The next day I noticed blood in my stools. Any connection?
Anyone out there with ITP?
Is it safe to use Flucticone nasal spray for long (say 1year) for Rhinitis? Won't I become addicted .( Age25)
Can I take Radiology classes over the computer?
How response to pneumonia treatment is monitored, including the use of vital signs, markers of infection.?
what is Kapok is it asbestos how was it used?
I have Asthma?
I Have COPD-& swelling in my feet but very noticeably more swelling in my left foot and ankle,Normal????
what is coronary occlusion acute,arterio-sclerotic cardio vascular disease and acute myocardial infarction?
are hemmoroids contagious.?
how long will mrsa infected stay in somebody skin?
What if any is the gestation period of hepititis B?
Whats wrong with my tonsils?
DOSE Abody know what the drug PRAZOLAM is used for and why a friend I know would be taking it.?
If you had the problem of something being added to your car without your permission. What would you do?
dose anyone here have any experence with Disacociated Identity Disorder?
I am taking Zanax and Prozac and still not feeling better. Any Advice. Also drinking the Wu-long tea for weigh
How do you find a good psychotherapist?
Is it possible to cut so much in one place that you have to cut deeper to bleed?
What is one thing about yourself you are trying to improve?
The case of the "missing" GOLD teeth...?
who agrees with me here? v?
if a person didnt eat for a week how much weight would they lose?
what's up with hydroxy cut? the diet pill, it seems different like it helps build lean muscle.?
What do you think about while you are walking?
how can i loss weight iam 14 years old?
what is the fastest way too loose weight?
How can u lose weight when feeling hungry 24 seven my mate needs the help?
What is the universally accepted safe range for eye pressure?
dilation/ contacts or glasses?
What would happen if u put food coloring in your eye?
LASIK eye surgery Treatment?
How come i can see better out of the corner of my eyes, rather than head-on?
what is the best brand for contacts?
Is there anything (food or vitamins) that I can take to raise white blood cells?
low red bone marrow in your lower back which causes terrible pain?
do you think I have bladder cancer?
i need more information on CNA?
I am having a pain .......?
I have recently had constant Headaches?
Blood test : TFT ?
Why do I get abdominal pain right after eating a banana?
I been getting a Headache right over my eyes for like a week?
Meniscus Pain (I think)?
if you have bladder cancer, how do doctors treat it.?
How do i get rid of a Can-cur sore?
what is the rule of statins in MI?
risperdal, and have u been on it?
how long before you begin to feel better when taking buspar?
Why do some people lose the ability to cry?
Where does a 150 IQ place me in comparison to others?
are there things you do?
Is chocolate really good for you in moderation?
whos hotter a euroasian or a blonde?
How young can you die of old age?
Tips for relaxing?
Is there oral medication for sun defense?
what would a burst appendex cost?
are breast enhancers sold in the market really effective?
My knee is clicking when I walk...?
Do I have a torn ligament or tendon?
tib-fib fractures?
what is the sign of fractureof hip?Is it adduction or abduction?
Insurance settlement?
Is it a broken little toe should i go to A&E?
anyone ever broke there femur and have knee injuries too? did full range of motion come back in leg?
what is a "black code" in hospitals?
Which vegetable keeps our kidney healthy?
Any home remedy for Cracked heels?? Please suggest..?
does a tissue massage release poisons into your body that can leave you depressed?
whats the most effective treatment for a staph infection of the skin?
I need a good remedy for ear pain?
what is the best home remedy of osteoporosis??
how do i lose weight through fruits only?
heart beat increases while excersiceing,heart beat increases when we are put to preasure,what 's difference.
how long does heart bypass surgery take?
Is Ambien CR OK for heart?
How would a doctor test to see if i have a deviated septum?
i have a friend with copd is there a cure for this disease or will she have it for life?
symptoms of respirtory infections?
how many days can a person stay lethargic?
special kind of cancer...?
i am sick, but i work till i'm tired, can i get benefits?
What are some good self-esteem building activities you can do alone?
how to respond to an im from a suicidal person?
any ladies HAD bipolar--for several yrs. & took med. for it and THEN later do OK without Med. for it?
What is considered hair loss and what can you do about it? Also have a skin problem?
is leprosy contagious?
How much do dermatologists charge to remove a cyst on the scalp, if the patient has no insurance?
stye cure? Can it be caused by allot of microwave popcorn?
pus filled sores under armpit?
What is the best treatment for dehydration?
I have a large irregular mole. Should I be worried?
Will you please name me a herb which can act against these diseases which is caused by staphylococcus aureus?
Can you take any antibiotic for a sinus infection? Or will taking a particular kind work better than others?
what are the causes of cigarette smoking?
I cannot donate blood due to being in Europe in the eighty's. Does this apply to donating organs as well?
What is Blastomycosis?
how do I know if I have a broken nose?
can bats carry avian flu?
what is the connection beteween HIV and AIDS?
What over-the-counter remedy can help a sinus infection + swollen eye + toothache?
Is watching TV while you are eating bad for your health?
what is the best cure for the commoncold?
Are u aware of any Good effects of SMOKING on health?
STDs Through Urine?
when ur hpv positive, at high risk does dat mean u probably have cancer?
hpv.......what are the sores?
Recent discoveries on HIV/AIDS?
My friend is suffering from severe depression. Need advice?
How can i trust others ?
How is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder treated?
I left a question for you yahoo'ers to answer and I recieved alot of feedback , thank you.?
I had problems with trusting people..?
What effect does radio and micro waves have on our mental behavior as humans?
Is thin air good for the heart?
do teeth whiteners really work? which is best?
is there any way to get restorative dental work done when I have no income?
Are there any negative side effects from using a hydrogen peroxide and water solution for a regular mouthwash?
I'm getting a new set of dentures, anything special I should ask for?
What is the best way to remove bad breath?
What are the consequences of not taking an antibiotic when a bacterial infection is present?
is fluoride toxic?
brain tumors?
Prognosis for positive lymph nodes?
Why might population or individuals with low dietary fiber intake be at higher risk for colon cancer?
Anyone here been diagnosed with having Synovial Sarcoma?
Does anyone know about non hodgkins lymphoma?
Need Some Help.?
Do you know anyone who takes their beliefs to the extreme?
What are ways of improving memory?
What should i do to become famous?
what social activities are available for children with autism?
Mental Health Question... PLEASE HELP?
which behaviour is normal and which is abnormal.?
I(Chinese male 20) am obsessed with Caucasian/White or Western girls,Do you think I have to see a doctor?
how to deal with pain from a deranged c-5?
Are there natural remedies for painful stomach gas?
I have really bad heel spurs....?
anyone been stung in the privates ? if so how did you get the swelling down ?
Can submerge your feet in a basin of warm water cure headache?
A Pinched Nerve?
How much do I have to tip someone for givin me a massage?
Is that your mom's real hair?
Do you thing that we live in a world where people are overmedicating?
Should I quit eating so much circus food, ie cotton candy, pop-corn, pork rinds,soda pop and hot gogs?
Which is better bangs or layers?
what is microdermabrasion and benefits thereof? Does it hurt? Will i be left with a splotchy face?
is epsom salt good for helping with ance?
I blend baby carrots and mini tomatoes for my breakfast every morning. What good does it do for me?
my mom has infiltration of the lungs which she has fluid around her lungs?
What was the treatment for pneumonia in 1938?
what is pseudomona?
what is the air to oxygen ratio for delivering 60% oxygen?
Need diagrams of sinusitis for a report I'm doing.?
I'm active 33yr old female, 5'5", 130 lbs but want to get super lean. What exactly should I eat?
How many Grams are in a Pound?
I want to see pictures of the human anatomy?
What are some "negative calorie" foods?
How can i lose 15 kilos without the help of excersice ?
When trying to lose weight what is the best choice of alcoholic beverage?
anyone heard of the vitamin/mineral drink called reliv?
Are you working on your bikini figure? I am, and am almost there. You bikini will be what color/s?
What percent of smokers actually wind up dying of lung cancer?
has anyone lost a love one to leukemia?
Fight or Flight, whats the meaning?
How do I know if I have adult add?
Why don't I find comedians funny?
I have a dissability. I am seeking to go on dissabitity. I cant pay my bills. What can I do untill They settle
I have an anxiety disorder, does any one know how to help me stand my panic attacks?(without medication)?
Is it normal to feel really down when you don't get a promotion you interviewed for. My best bud got it?
Does anyone have panic disorder and zoloft has helped a lot?
is flouride a anti- bacterial?
flying with a herniated disk?
sometimes my pupils are differnt sizes from what i know thats not good Do I have drian bramage?
Do the "natural" quit smoking cures advertised on tv really work??
What is binge drinkin?
is being over weight a danger to the heart?
what are the nutrition facts for an egg?
HGH (human-growth-hormone) suppliments - do they work? Are there any risks?
what is a bruise? where do they go to? what would one look like if we cut into it?
Are all Arrhythmias treatable if detected before a massive heart attack?
what does heterogeneous perfusion mean when it is dealing with radiology reports for the heart?
what is the meaning when doctor writes E.C.G- wnl ?
What could cause an ECG pulse rate and a pulse rate measure on the wrist to be different?
what herbal medicine is there to cure severe acne?
How are warts formed and how can you get rid of them?
Why do I get rashes on my hands when I use certain yellow-colored perfumes and soaps?
What is the best way to cure ingrown hairs?
skin condition cellulitys treatment etc?
what causes a skin rash in a swimming pool?
Can tremors turn into a seizure?
can you take coladapin and xanax together?
SINKING LOW...deeper by the minute?
Does anyone else have no life?
what will u gurls do if u woke up a boy?And what if u boys woke up one day a gurl?
How do songs have the ability to change your mood so drastically?
survival time of non hodgkins brain tumors with no treatment?
am having thyroid. here are my test report values. am 19 years old.anyone experienced it.?
Does the word Carcinology exist...I?
Have you ever donated bone marrow?
pray for death or beg for mercy ?
what do i do when workers comp has stopped doing anything all togeather?
How long do cortisone shots work at relieving the pain?
I strained a muscle in my neck/trap, it's been 4 days and it's still hurting, I've been applying heat and
My shoulder made a loud pop, but seems to still be in socket... how can I care for it until tomorrow?
Arm aches/pains from broken finger?
what is Sjorgen's disease?
i need journals on physiotherapy on parkinson disease but i just cant find them online...help anyone ?
What is most dangerous sport per-participant and per-hour of activity?(Loyola MedSch:B-ball&bicycle overall)?
cite some possible diseases it may cause if we will not chew bread and potato thoroughly?
how soon after you take the dose of metronidazole does it clear up infection?
i want to ask how to apply as hosemaid in italy?
Blocked Carotid Artery...block is high up in his head...?
How does mega doses of vitamin C help angina?
dose a surgery flaw cause a bone infection?
what causes menengitis?
What's the difference between a viral and bacterial infection in terms of symptoms?
I would like to know about tuberculosis.?
what exactly is mono?
how do you adjust a cpap machine to get warmer air?
Has 9/11 had a negative effect on your health when you helped to clean up & rescue and how?
When will Advair go generic and be more affordable?
in the pressure control mode on the 7200 ventilator with simv can you also have pressure support?
Relief for Laryngitis?
White blood count and leukemia?
Any extensive informationon the Chemo drug Avastin.?
What's a Polyp? How does it start? Is it bad? (detailed answer please)?
rizoli institute bolony italy?
Brain tumor? Or just psyching myself out?
has anybody heard of a genetic disorder called achondroplasia?
what can i do to help my two year old niece to prevent her from having asthma?
Any pressure points that can be used to relive nasal congestion?
how can i use alternitive medicine to get rid of a toothache?
how can I get rid of my arthritis?
how to get rid of a sore throat without going to the doctor?
how do i give a neck massage?
How do you prevent nails from breaking?
if im trying to grow my hair out do i wash a lot what do i do i grease my hairwith do gro but plz tell me?
how do I give myself a good manicure?
How can I get rid of my permanent tatoo?
how to increase height at the age of 18?
what is the cure for the aids virus?
My parents are totally against me getting contacts...?
Where can you order contact lenses online and not have a prescription?
lazer eye surgery?
sinus problems?
Does taken Zinc along with Vitamine C help prevent and or shorten the duration of a cold?
nose bleeds?
some question about my mouth?
What is the best home remidy for a toothache?
where can I get help to get my teeth fixed, hurt very bad, but no money to fix them. please help.?
What is the average cost of a rootcanel?
how do you temp re-adhere a crown to your tooth?
How can one find out which are the best Mexican dentists?
how soon should you take a baby to the dentist?
My himoglobin level is increasing. in Last three months it raised 16.8-> 17.4->17.9. What do it mean?
what is the analysis (contents )of healthy drinking water?
charge nurse's position in relation to other nurses?
If you're waiting in traffic do you rub or pick your nose, use a tissue for your nose, or drink coffee or?
What is the stomach virus.. yeah i know what it is but what maked you throw up?
Can I possibly work in Australia? Im a nurse from the Philippines,with 12 years experience in RuralHealth Unit
How can we medicaly test child for his father ? what is required ( blood, Hair,???)for testing, what is cost ?
What is a good exercise/diet website?
Do you know any specific websites that help you cope with an eating disorders?
How do I tone my muscles.?
Is it good or bad to sweat a lot during cardio exercise?
Hydroxy Cut pills, ephedra free......Do they work??
red meat is the single best source of protein? true or false?
what seafoods are high in cholesterol?
Is an enlarged heart due to myxedema reversible? When to see the doctor, if you have all the symptoms?
what is nuclear medicine?
Should I continue taking Zoloft?
When is the best time to take a vitamin?
WHat are the common sickness you get when you work on a call center?
does McDonald's hamburger really have red worms and if so how much?
Quick remedy for stye's?
what is the best remedyfor a toothache?
What do you recommend I buy in place of chocolate?
Colon cancer, genetics, genes and teens?!?
Is there a syndromee with biliary atresia and fibrosarcoma?
Does Melanoma cancer attack years later internal organs?
need information on pain in the back when I twist the torso and difficulty to breath or sit up?
i just found out that i have water in my joint?
What climate promotes longevity...tropical or cold?
pulsating knee area?
Does anyone have experience with compression fracture of the T-12 vertebrae or similar?
compensation for broken bone in foot in work accident?
How bad is a bulging disc in your lower back?
how do ppl make an affect on me?
Are you empowered or powerless?
Why every time i sit down to study my left chest area (near the heart) becomes painful?
Anyone suffer from anaphylaxis who can explain if....?
what causes a cold nose & feet?
Any resources/suggestions/websites available that....?
Everytime I wake up I have nasal congestion and always end up couphing brown mucus.?
What is band atelectasis????? Re Chest Xray?
How have people felt after being sick for 4 months with intestinal parasites?
what is bird flu? how does it comes to human being out of bird?
hiv positive leading a normal life but i am scared to disclose an ex rejected me after telling him..pls help?
what are the systoms of inner ear infection?
What is leishmaniasis? and how do i get checked? Can i die from it?
How do you get Mononucliosis? Known as the kissing disease. I am 65 yrs old Dr said I have it.?
What is synus? does any part of our body can be affected by it.?
what is varicocele?
I have been having left sided numbness from above my eyebrow to temple to crown of head ,headache, pain in ba,
Can you train your own service (guide) dog?
What could elevated cpk levels (as high as 3400) without muscle damage indicate?
5 days ago a dog bite me i'm afraid please tell me if i can take any medical protection?
If I were to Pluck all my Scrotem Hairs out,Would they grow back,maybe even Longer?
how do you get asthma?
How can i learn 50 stats and capitols???HOW?
Do I have Multiple Personality Disorder?
Why do you sleep at night and not day?
relationship between creativity and depressive disorders?
What do you do if you suffer from depression and you dont want to stop drinking?
What is a NYS DOH RC Certification?
How much alcohol is too much ???
Have lung cancer incidence decreased since people begun to smoke much less than years before?
throat cancer?
Effects of atomic warfare are buccal ulcers,colon ulcers&lung infection is this because of leukemia ?
what is the best treatment of ewing sarcoma?
Can anyone help me on a very uncommon case of lymphoma cancer?
Why don't you get heart cancer?
What are the causes of prostate cancer?
for people who have had cervical cancer?
What is the normal blood pressure for a 40 year African male lawyer of 80KG weight and 5ft 11in height?
atrial fibrillation vs, ventricular fibrillation?
anyone know about this?
Does sotalol cause weight gain?
why is it that during brain surgery patients do not feel pain and can be awake during surgery?
What is the best way to handle a Corn on your toes?
Wrist Problem?
what is the best way to get over a head cold?
chiropracter who believes they help us?
I have a slight pain on my left side just below my ribs.?
Is there a possiblity that Kevin Trudeau book is true?
why are doctors' shrubs green or blue?
What is the best natural remedy for returning gray hair back to its original color?
what is socil health? What indicates that you are or aren't socially healthy?
what is the most great medicine?
Does echinacea cause infertility?
I have i birth mark and i want to take it off using the laser system. is that ok? have i got any other option?
How come in Biblical days ,before The flood ,humans lived longer that to day?
I have noticed that i have very strong mood swings not just because of pms but everyday. waht can i do?
How can I deal with a panic attack, while at work?
What can help me concentrate?
what is the remedy to get rid of migraine?
how can i stop smoking if I AM nerves?
How do you maintain friendships while getting used to an anti-depressant. No one understands.?
No Insurance/Lymphoma?
worried I have rectal cancer?
what is the treatment of cancer in Homeo pathic?
Can malignant tumor in the duodenum be treated by chelation therapy?
What could be wrong with me?
Are there old persons suffering from leukemia (AML), could you please respond?
While going through cancer treatments & paying med. bills & still gainfully employed, do cc co.'s,others make?
My son has VERY mild (barely notable) aortic stenosis and mild aortic leak How bad is that....?
What is the significance of placing the leads in intercostal spaces for ECG's.?
anyone else have a pacemaker?
i have a problem that is it possible that once the platelet plug or clot is formed can it be dissolved?
whats the best to cure ring worm?
How to get a free medical help in US?
Why do I get hives in January,February and March?
Why do my palms sweat and what can i do about it?
what are the affects on colored hair?
Can alchohol drinking be causing my fingernails to lift at edges or is it a fungus?
is my tonge white becaue i ate too much bread?
If you punch sum1.......does a really big forearm help?? how.........?
could my daughter have asthma?
Mosquito bite allergy?
Can you overeat on veggies? I drink 2 cups of about 6 different kind of veggies and eat my usual meal.?
Is it true than peeing on athlete's foot helps kill the fungus?
i want a flat tummy fast help me how many crunches a day should i do?
how do i lose my belly fat after a c-section birth?
How to clear up a sulfa reaction and its effects on spreading over a new tattoo?
I need to lose 15 lbs by May, does anyone have any suggestions for a fast, but healthy diet or pill?
is it possible to make a mistake on an HIV TEST?
STDS and endometritis?
how long can one live if infected with HIV and can you have children who are negative?:?
Wat do u call that condition when a person looses their involuntary control of their breathing? GermanFOLKLORE
Am I the only one that gets Dysphonia from Advair?
Can you see endometriosis on or in the lung, by taking a chest x-ray?
what is chikungunya?
I have a male yeast infection under my groin area and in between my legs. What is best oral meds and treatment
what are the symptoms of a birdflu?
Does anyone have any knowledge on rare bacterial bone infections?
does anyone know if the Ontario Health card cover to burn off planter warts?
There is a common belief that you get sick when you get cold. Is this true? If yes, why?
My daughter has been diagnosed with Mersa (a type of staff infection) what information do you have on it?
Healing time for rotator cuff sprain?
torn muscle?
what are long term affects of a sprained ankle?
does the american cancer society administer nicotine drug test?
How do you get knots out of your back???
somewhere around my ribs hurt, help?
info about pain med,clled norco?
how can i improve my vision?
Eye Question?
Where can I donate unopened contact lenses boxes?
Could a cheap blacklight LED damage my eye?
Should I still have blurry vision and be seeing white spots 2 days after an eye exam?
Can anybody tell me the proper method to diagnose the pharygneal(Throat)cancer?
Is milignant melanoma the same as melanoma, or is it a type of melanoma?
What are the 5 major types of cancer?
severe breast and side pain?
my child have tuberculosis terapy,?
how to tell a person who has bad breath without hurting yourself or them?
I recently found out i need extensive dental work done. I'm a single mother. Are there any resources out there
How long do I have to wait after a dental filling to eat?
Where can I get low cost dental treatment in Canada?
Do some people require more than one root canal in a month?
What is Cladosporium?
is sugar not good in the juices?
where can I get help for fibromalgia?
what is the allergy center phone number in Islamabad Pakistan?
What disease affects one in a million people?
Is Deslor a steroid?
what is static electricity and how it is cured?
i have a 13 yr. old brother he hasnt had the chicken pox yet will he eventually get it?he had the vaccine.?
What is an ovarian cyst and what treatments are available?
Treatment for ALS patients?
What is the best way to keep curves, but loose stomach fat?
Has anyone who has deployed to Iraq have the same problems I do?
What is the best way to lower the high blood pressure? What foods to eat and what to avoid?
Whats the best way to keep yourself awake during an 8-10 hour shift at work when you know you didn't get sleep
cancer again?
can i play sports while i have sarcoid disease and on treatment?
Rare lung desease?
how does the oil and gas industry pose problems to human health?
Eye Tretment?
i'v heard that going from the sauna into the plunge pool at gym is healthy,is this so?
Lump In throat?
need a picture of eeg markings or electrodes on head?
What is the public's view of the U.S. health care system?
What areas need improving in hospitals and why?
Recently diagnosed with Bi-polar II, can someone direct me to a good site that tells about this disorder?
How do you fall asleep in this bad sleeping weather ... way too hot where I am?
why mental handicapped is discriminatory language?
What do u do if u have memories that won't go away?
Can Anxiety disorder be easily treated?
How can i help my friend who has low-self esteem?
What is HBV DNA?
since cats get herpes and chalmydea can humans get it from cats?
What is the name of Typhoid Fever authentic test?
what is an infection?
what is the description of the bacteria shigella dysenteriea? (Dysentery)(Its a bacteria)?
what could cause bleeding in the upper roof of the mouth near the palet?
Why do HIV tests sometimes come out false/positive and what could be the cause?
is herpes the same as boil and does herpes cause pain in the nerves of the legs?
GuYs Do U iTcH dOwN tHEiR???If So HoW oFtEn???
should i get tested for hiv and aids?
Hand fell into Public Toilet.....?
what is the purpose of this forum?
I have a tumor on the back of my head, it is not going away. Is this a sign of cancer?
Did alternative meds help cure your cancer? What did you do?
what are STD?
i need a dress for 8th grade social it has 2 be cheap and cute and not to reveling straps plz and somewat long
what is the danger of having a high pulse rate?
what kind of mosquitos actually bite?
Do you believe addiction is a disease or a maladaptive behaviour?
what's the largest amount of fingers one person ever had?
what supplements, products, are safe for detoxifying and cleansing the body, i.e. colon, liver, and organs?
why i use enameled container to boild the leaves?
Why do people believe that Medical Doctors are more educated than Doctors of Chiropractic?
I everyday have swollen legs, Ive tried too many pills but they just makes me feel better for a certain time?
I seriously need to gain some weight. Can you'll?
i am 38 and wish to reduce weight ... i workout in gym ... i need to know a good diet plan... can u help me?
What foods are natural diuretics?
I am trying to eat healthier and want to falter at lunch someone talk me out?
How does treadmill incline work? No actual work of raising self up elevation, just running with angled foot?
am i fat??????????????????????????????
where to buy clenbuterol, locally, tx?
If I already eat low carb and work out, why can't I lose weight. I'm female age 43?
never stung by a bee??
i broke my upper left arm...how long does the pain stay? heal?
pain in my vein?
Neck surgery?
Can workers comp stop payments when your employer says your restictions put you at nothing for them for you ?
cancer doctors in illinois, who are they?
What is the prognosis of lung cancer?
Are YOU Aware?
Can viruses "attack" your heart?
what is this in english losartan potasico?
I need Dr. Ronald Ciubotaru tel. # at St. Barnabas Hospital in N.Y it's urgent thank you?
is the lead in the colours you use for porcelaine painting dangerous for us?
Can you make a candle out of your earwax?
Die or not to die,that is the question?
To maintain current weight How many miles to run every week. Current I run 30 miles/week which I know is 2 mch
Can lungs become dependent on the drug prednisone?
How to Call in Sick When I Just Need a Day Off?
what is the best medicine for cough that is always on and off.?
if someone that has COPD works in a heat treat steel company can this job make COPD worse?
I had blood drawn and it looked frothy why?
Hi all, I was wondering is someone knows someone who has survived NONSMALL LUNG CANCER. Any treatment choices?
elevated gamma protien levels?
why do I have a pungent smell in my nose, is it the smell of my lungs, been smoking for 35 years?
anybody had a petscan for a suspected tumor in the abdomen area?
Without macrophages, wound healing is delayed. why?
What infectious deseases can go undiagnosed for a very long time?
What is the size shape and ect of shigella dysenteriea (Dysentery) PLEASE?
How long does contagiousness from a cold last?
can aids or the heps be passed by eating food that someone with aids that is kept at a hot temperture?
I'm looking for an old Wallstreet jounral artical on ca msra staph where can i look?
what rhymes with hepatitis?
does smoking weed kill brain cells?
WHats the real color of my eyes?
Must Answer plzzz!!?
what part of the day do you take your shower? Why?
I want to change my gender into a male, where or how can I find the hormons I need and a doctor on line?
Info on Colon cleansing?
what medicine to people with ovarian cancer take?
Does anyone know if there's a high rate of children with leukemia in Chicopee, Massachussets?
what foods should i avoid if i have a gluten allergy>?
Are hearing aids any good? Do they really make a difference?
how do you know if there is something wrong with your appendix?
what side effects would i be having from mercury poisoning?
What is the best way to live with Hypo-thyroid?
Anyone know what Ataxia is? And how its treated?
my friend is anorexic and she told me and me only and i don't know what to do. what should i do?
For what ailments were mercury injections administered?
What is turbinate resection? does it help you breath better?
can allergy medicines cause depression when used for a long time?ex..clarinase.claritn.aerus,,thx .?
Why do I get rashes all over my body whenever I have my period?
is there mercery in doretos?
How safe is large doses of vitamin C?
Is unsteadiness and constantly staggering and falling a symptom of a skull fracture in a 4 to 5 year old?
Natural remedy for a really sore throat?
how does ingrown finegernail surgery work? Does it hurt alot?
What is the best medication for a Spinal cord injury and spasticity?
why does my ear itch?
How do I fix my near-crippling RSI pain in my wrists?
how does breast cancer feel different from fybrocysts or does it?
Does aflac cover pulmonary embolism if so what is it under?
Nasal Polyps -Why the polyps recur again and again after FESS surgery?
what is long term care for people who have been diagnosed?
how can you get stronger withoun working out and if you are a vegiterian?
What is a good diet if you only want to lose 30ibs?
does the atkins diet really work and how much weight can the average person lose during the first week?
how can i slim down, especially my tomy?
Howcome they said if you take herbs that they are not healthy for you?
rehabbing a weakened ankle.?
Is there aftercare for stitches on the forearm?
does anyone know a doctor familiar with cerebral palsy in southeast Michigan?
I am looking for infromation against children wearing bicycle helments. Do you know where I can find anything?
About how much should a glucose tolerance test cost in a doctor's office?
can a chiropractor help in neuropathy (i.e caused by diabeties, affecting the nerves?
Do you have any billfolds that inform of medical conditions?
How does the blood glucose monitoring system work?
what are all types of insulin and their dosage?
Breast Cancer - Pink Ribbon?
laser therapy stop smoking?
Can you get mononucleous twice?
I need a clinic to have a school physical done in northwest fort worth, TX?
what kind of body lotion should i use for allergic skin?
Could the pain relieve drug Aleve have severe side effects like bleeding?
facts about uric acid?
need monny for bills just had heart surgery cant work?
Do you think people are treated differently when they don't have medical insurance?
best over the counter eye drops?
is it safe to eat eggs now in India after bird flu reports ?
he did give me hiv/aids on purpuse can i press charges befor i loose his address in prision only address i got
how do you get a sore throat?
can you take benadryl while you are taking Feldene?
I have hepatitas C and also bipolar, which mood stabilizer w/o the side effect of acne would be beston my live
How can you tell if you've had an allergic reaction to your hair dye?
How do humans get the avian flu?
hey i have a problem with my scalp it become greasy and that cause hair fall wat can i do?
hi.how do i get rid of acne specially a greasy face and falling hair?
any non-medical tips for a psoriasis sufferer?
How do you cure a boil with home remedies, and how do you keep it from coming back again?
ho do you get rid of ringworm on a person & how long does it take?
k..this is gross, i know, its for a friend, she was scared to ask..?
I have seen an informercial for natural looking makeup. I can not find the website?
i am some times depresse what shoud i do??
Where and when did the slang word "Zit" originate?
How would you control the possibility of increasing dependency if the drug was made legal?
How do I get rid of a stye without having to go to the doctor?
How long does it take for cocaine to exit your system?
Is there any permanent remedy for Tinitus (ear ringing)?
what is the name of a medication shown on tv for psoriasis?
How to increase resting heart rate?
with myelodysplastic syndrome why does the body stop producing blood?
where is the supravesicular region?
after discontinuing fentanyl patches(gradually), is pain in legs and arms normal?
what are the syptoms of hiv to fullblown AIDS?
I'm a surfer and I just got Herpes. When i go in the ocean, is that bad for the herpes?
leg pain and weekness?
Can you buy meds online ?
Does repeatedly sleeping in open air in humid/cool evenings cause body ache or any problems?
carpel tunnel?
Can someone tell me what happened to me???
Why would our doctor send pathology reports to OSU after they've already been read by another lab?
What makes someone's voice "carry"?
can mastrbation cause blindness?
What makes a man handsome or a woman beautiful?
What's the best remedy for arthritic hands?
Please HELP i cant stop itching?
How do I quite smoking?
Do you have OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)?
what is cirrhosis?
What is a lesion on the liver? Why do you get them?
What percentage 15-25 year olds do you think will have moderate to severe hearing loss by the time they are 50
How worried about Bird Flu should I be?
Does anyone know if it is ok to get a tattoo after having a kidney transplant?
what is responsible for muscle twitching?
Need to get help for father with dementia & doctors are syaing he is not ill, what do we do?
What fish oil should I use?
If a couple is suffering from the rhesus factor is there a remedy, even if they had miscarriages already?
what state in the US has the most high paid nurses?
colonic irrigation anyone?
Is it possible to pass drug test without buying expensives pills or teas?
My boy is two years old and he has not uttered one word=what should i do?
Can I have foot massage a month after a surgery?
allergic reactions to shots?
Currently on meds for sinuitis?
I think we have a mold problem, how do you tell?
What are the different contagious excretory diseases? PLEASE LIST SOME!?
is tuberculosis a chronic disease?
i am a 29 years old woman with chronic hepatitis B.Can i have a healthy baby?
what is the natral carrier of strep throat?
what is the best mask to wear to protect yourself from bird flu?
Why are there so many types of cancer?
husband has lung and adrenal tumors treating with chemo on since sept 01. radiation 4 brain worked?
FINDING UPTAKE in a ct scan, what does that mean exactly?
could i get an online interview with a breast cancer survivor ?
how many calories are in a medium sized pork chop, steak, thin burger pattie (92% lean) & is 1200 to 1500 cals
How can coconut oil help you lose weight when it is so high in calories?
i went one week without eating?
is chesse really fating?
I am trying to lose weight am fine during the day I eat well but when night comes i"ll eat everything what Ido
how can we reduce fats in the body?
I need help in trying to lose about 50 pounds in 5 months. What's the fastest/most effective way to do this?
I need to lose 20 pounds in 35 days,how can I do it?
does acrylic nails cause fibromyalgia symptoms, in someone who has fibromyalgia.?
How many times do you sneeze in a row?
If they say over scrubbing is bad for acne, why does ProActiv have those little sand things in them?
what does it mean when there is blood in your feceis?
Why are there more males than females that are left handed?
do water purifiers really purify the water like heating the water does to purify?
Any tips to thicken my hair?
Have you ever done yard work, then chug a cold drink and pass out on the lawn?
Contact lenses????
Why Do My Eyes Burn After Taking A Nap?
What if the lazy eye does not have bad vision?
Can hpv virus be contracted in an one on one relationship?
can someone help me find a support site for parents of HIV infected children?
Whats the site that gives you AIDS/HiV data for you specific city?? thanks?
For school we're doing a project on HIV...?
My Father has cancer, kidney,?
My husb. has squamus cell cancer of tonsils (radiation 2 x a day for 5 weeks 5 FU/ cistplastin.Treatmnt next?
My throat hurts and I have bad allergies right now......?
plumeria, I am allergic to plumeria, it makes my what hearburn, or race, so?
What does a Yellow/Orange watery mucus discharge mean?
Dynamic Air Filters?
What causes one person to have an allergic reaction over another person?
will a 1 month old cerebral contusion show up on a ct scan or MRI?
Hi I am 7 days in from an ankle fusion.?
Can anyone give me advice?
Knee Pain Question: I have had mild pain in my knee for 7 weeks. It has gotten better but still nags me...?
what are the effects of taking antihistamine long term?
what is the name of the tool doctors look inside of your ear with?
is it advisable to take ascorbic acid (vit. C) for stronger immune system if I am acidic?
how fast can three bottles of water go through your system?
how do you get rid of varicose veins on your legs?
Any suggestions on how to pop a back? (Other than going to a chiropractor).?
What are the contagious nervous system diseases? PLEASE LIST!?!?
I need to know about low white cell count?
When you have strep throat or a sore throat are cold drinks really worse or does it matter?
Do Amoxicillin's side effects include dizziness and headaches? Im using it for strep throat.?
i like to know where hepititis came from and who first found out about it year, person etc.?
Will the avian (bird flu) mutate and cause a pandemic among humans?
Does Proactiv Solution really work?
can you get jock itch on the eyelid?
where do warts come from?
why is the skin on my hands feet elbows and kness peeling?
what is the epidermis?
What makes your skin hurt?
Who thinks Orlando Bloom took too many baths during Pirates of the Caribean?
how can i get rid of heavy dandruff?ty?